evandargh, wish I could say the same02:05
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evandxivulon: Are you sure Wubi is working for you?  I've done several installations on two different copies of Windows XP and in all cases I end up with ntfs-3g causing a panic.05:56
evandmind you, I've done a chkdsk on the Windows partition and a fsck on the ext3 filesystem to no avail.05:57
evandI've removed the Wubi announcement for the time being.  I'd like to confirm that this problem is somehow isolated to my computer and that Wubi does in fact work in at least most cases.05:58
btmis there a preseed for sending a key for 'd-i mirror'? (not d-i apt-setup/local0)06:05
evandhrm, maybe it's just amd6406:55
evandok, it definitely appears to be amd64 only07:35
z5000manive got a problem with gutsy installation, can someone help me?07:54
evandz5000man: what's the problem?07:59
cjwatsonbtm: top tip, you need to stay for more than eight minutes08:21
cjwatsonevand: still up? :)08:21
evandcjwatson: ja08:21
evandtrying to figure out why amd64 hates wubi oh so much08:22
evandand all of the sudden08:22
evandthough I imagine it has something to do with this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/tmp/ntfs-panic-1.png  :)08:22
cjwatsonlooks related :)08:23
xivulonas mentioned to evand, amd64 works for me on real iron09:40
xivulondidn' try vm09:40
xivuloncjwatson do you mean have to wait 8min for udevadm settle? I waited a few mins not sure how long. Will try later on today.09:41
cjwatsonI wasn't talking to you, I was talking to btm, who asked a question, stayed in the channel for eight minutes, and then left09:42
xivulonxivulon2 with latest build I can only boot when I disable acpi AND usplash09:42
xivulonah sorry09:42
cjwatsoncontext is rather vital :)09:42
xivulonthought btm was some acronym... :P09:43
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xivulonNext week I am going over Wubi translations and will try to generate a new pot file13:42
xivulonI would appreciate if native english speakers could review the text in wubi (and umenu)13:43
evandxivulon: will do14:26
xivulonevand there are a couple of minor issues in wubi/custom-installation/hooks/fauilure-command.sh14:28
xivulonthere is a typo in /var/log (/varl/log)14:28
xivulonalso the msg does not mention the original error msg (or rather ubiquity should still display the error msg before running failure-command)14:29
xivulonanyway that is not urgent but basically there will be no log.zip file.14:29
xivulonit does not affect normal functionality of course14:30
evandubiquity cannot display the error message before failure command14:30
evandas that requires user intervention14:31
evandand failure_command is for preseeding, which normally is used for unattended installs14:31
xivulonat the moment I have a dialog that says: "Going to reboot, you'll find log.zip in c:\ubuntu" +/-14:32
xivulonas we discussed14:32
evandindeed, I ran into that one once during testing14:32
z5000manevand you still here14:32
evandbut as you said, there's a typo and it produced no log14:32
evandz5000man: yes14:32
z5000manwhat happened was, i installed ispconfig got all the way through the installation14:33
z5000manand afterwards you have to reboot the server, right?14:33
z5000manwell now it doesn't take my un and pw14:33
z5000manwont let me login14:33
xivulonwas thinking about having the error msg a bit less generic, what about leaving the last error in /var/run/ubiquity-last-error or something like that?14:34
xivulonwe can do that after alpha of course14:34
evandz5000man: this channel is for issues specific to the installation of Ubuntu itself, using the installer found on the desktop and alternate CDs.14:34
evandIt sounds like your problem is with a specific software package, is that correct?14:35
z5000mani'm just asking as many sources as that of which will talk to me, this sucks.14:35
evandz5000man: my suggestion would be to look for help on the ispconfig community section.  It sounds like ISPConfig either changes your password or adds an authentication method to PAM that's required and is failing.  Of course, having never used this software, I cannot say for sure.14:36
evandI hope that helps you find proper assistance.  Good luck.14:37
evandxivulon: I'm not exactly thrilled about that idea.  You could just as quickly scrape the bottom off of syslog, but it would be just as ugly.14:39
cjwatsonz5000man: you can also select recovery mode in the boot loader to recover your password (should be help about this on help.ubuntu.com somewhere)14:39
xivulonevand I agree14:39
evandI'm not sure the lack of a specific error message in the UI is a bad thing.  I imagine most users (and I can already see myself getting in trouble here) do not care what causes the install to fail, just that it does.  We're the ones that care about why, and the reasoning for that is always placed in the logs.14:40
xivulonwhat I am thinking about is the following case:14:40
xivulonsay there is a previous installation detected (i.e. disk images with something in there)14:41
xivulonthat will trigger a failure14:41
xivulonbut what we really want here is just a warning14:41
evandah, hrm.14:41
evandI see your point14:41
xivulonsaying: "Hey you already have an installation, do remove that first please"14:41
z5000manit's a remote installation on my server hosted at layeredtech14:42
xivulonSaying "Error, see the log.zip" is not as helpful in such case14:42
xivulonbasically when it is something the user can "fix" by himself we should have a warning14:42
evandz5000man: you have root access to a machine that they did not also provide you with ethernet KVM access to?  Odd.14:43
evandxivulon: right14:43
evandthe easy way out would be to add another command line switch and kernel parameter, but we've been doing that a lot lately.  I cannot think of a better way to solve this, though.14:44
xivulonwe'll do after alpha, have a good rest firts14:45
evandxivulon: anyone reply to the amd64 testing requests?14:50
xivulonwill ask on #ubuntu-devel...14:50
evandalready did this morning14:50
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xivulonevand http://www.thelittlerock.com/ubuntu/lastpage.jpg14:58
evandas always full logs would be helpful, as would knowing if C:\Windows\system32\config\software actually exists.15:00
evandoh, is this vista?15:00
evandma-search-users failing would not under normal circumstances cause the install to fail.  It should cause it to jump to the next OS in the list of possible migration targets or if there are none, skip past m-a.15:04
xivulonthat's what I thought15:05
xivulonnot sure what to make of that: http://www.thelittlerock.com/ubuntu/error.jpg15:05
xivulonmount -t ufs...15:05
evandit's os-prober15:05
evandit's trying to determine what operating system is on the partition15:06
xivulonAh, I asked the user to fix failure-command.sh and post the zip file15:06
xivulonI will have to leave soon, can you monitor the thread/forum for any interesting bug reports?15:06
evandwill do15:07
CIA-44debian-installer: cjwatson * r878 ubuntu/ (7 files in 4 dirs):15:07
CIA-44debian-installer: * Remove powerpc/cell subarchitecture altogether; support for these15:07
CIA-44debian-installer:  systems is now integrated into powerpc64.15:07
CIA-44debian-installer: cjwatson * r879 ubuntu/ (build/pkg-lists/netboot/powerpc.cfg debian/changelog):15:09
CIA-44debian-installer: * Make ubuntu-modules mandatory on powerpc again; it was only made15:09
CIA-44debian-installer:  optional for cell.15:09
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CIA-44oem-config: evand * r417 oem-config/ (debian/changelog lib/frontend/gtk_ui.py lib/zoommap.py): * Fix zoommap import, references to ubiquity (LP: #194491).21:22
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