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mysteriosois this a good room to learn about the IRC03:00
mysteriosoneone even monitoring?03:01
mysteriosono0tic what is a good room to learn about the IRC03:01
no0ticfirst of all they are channels, not rooms :)03:02
naliothmysterioso: this is not where you're looking for, either03:02
mysteriosoim not ?03:02
mysteriosoi just want a good CHANNEL to talk about the IRC03:03
mysteriosoand seein as how this is called ubuntu-irc i thought this would be a fine place03:04
no0ticmysterioso, /topic03:04
mysteriosowell will someone jsut help me find the right channel?  or tell me how to find a channel in general?03:05
naliothmysterioso: most networks have a HELP channel03:05
mysteriosodidnt work03:06
no0ticmysterioso, /j #help03:08
mysteriosocan i create a channel called #ubuntu-banned?03:33
mysteriosoisnt there supposed to be some type of coucil vote here?03:35
mysteriosowill I get in trouble for creating that channel?03:35
naliothwhat do you think?03:36
mysteriosoif it doesnt exist why cant I create it?03:37
naliothbecause this is freenode03:37
mysteriosoand that means?03:37
naliothmeans you should read http://freenode.net to see how we roll03:37
mysteriosoit says that topical or reference channels are a first come first serve basis03:41
mysteriosothe way i see it , is  that since my channel name would be #ubuntu-banned  and the topic would be about being banned from #ubuntu.  not only does it coincide it seems like its my right03:42
mysteriosonot tryin to be a bully or anything03:43
mysteriosojust curious03:43
mysteriosoand humurous03:43
nalioth##topical ##channels ##are ##named ##like ##so03:44
mysteriosoyeah just read that03:44
nalioth#project #channels #are #named #thusly03:45
mysteriososo who do i actually get permission from?03:45
mysteriosohow do I get permission to create the channel #ubuntu-banned?03:48
jpatrickjussi01: yo19:21
jpatrickno0tic: having fun? :)20:35
no0ticjpatrick, no.20:35
no0ticjpatrick, connection works, it seems to have a problem with routing http20:36
no0ticand other protocols20:36
no0ticirc works perfectly20:36
jpatrickah, odd..20:36
no0ticjpatrick, odder, some sites work others no20:42
jpatrickdns problem?20:43
no0ticsmtp, pop, ssh work20:43
no0ticdig works fine20:43
no0ticping too20:43

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