mjg59Keybuk: Yeah00:00
Keybukmjg59: fprint seems a little ...00:02
Keybukwell, it's clearly a much better design00:02
Keybukbut not that finished yet00:02
Keybukthe pam module gets stuck because it doesn't actually produce a password prompt00:02
Keybukbut then thinkfinger is evil and uses uinput to poke ENTER to clear the password prompt it does produce00:06
mjg59Hm. I got a password prompt with my finput, IIRC00:12
Keybukwith pam_fprint I get a generic "Swipe your right index finger" prompt that only allows you to swipe00:12
Keybukyou can't enter a password instead00:12
Keybukand this doesn't work with gdm, gksudo, etc.00:13
mjg59Set the modules lower down the stack to try_first_password or whatever00:16
Keybukhow do you mean?00:18
KeybukI did it as:00:18
Keybuk  auth sufficient pam_fprint.so00:18
Keybuk auth required pam_unix.so try_first_pass00:18
mjg59That worked for me00:19
mjg59I could just type a password at the first prompt00:19
mjg59Though I was running code from ~ November00:19
Keybukthat's the current code00:20
Keybukthat gives me:00:20
Keybukwarcraft scott% sudo -s00:20
KeybukScan right index finger on UPEK TouchStrip00:20
Keybuk[cursor here]00:20
Keybukonly entering a password suffices00:21
Keybukonly swiping a finger suffices00:21
Keybukpam_thinkfinger instead gives me00:22
Keybukwarcraft scott% sudo -s00:22
KeybukPassword or swipe finger: [cursor here]00:22
Keybukand I can either enter a password or swipe my finger00:23
mjg59Well, sounds like a trivial amount of code to fix00:23
Keybuktrue, but then you'd need the same evil thinkfinger uinput hack to press ENTER at the prompt00:23
* toresbe just submitted https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/194196 00:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194196 in linux "Fails to insert nVidia SATA disk modules on boot causing boot fail" [Undecided,New] 00:57
toresbenow correct me if I'm wrong, that goes to you guys, right? Not the kernel.org folks? I'm not familiar with launchpad.00:57
toresbecool :)00:59
bwlang_I'm seeing some lockups on my laptop (lenovo t60p)... i don't have a serial prot and the sysreq keys are not working. How can i debug this?05:19
clever[rev]bwlang_: can you crash it while in text mode?06:00
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lkolbemacd, thanks for the suggestion. I never managed to get the kernel build directly with pbuilder at all :(. 13:16
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bwlang_clever[rev]: it's pretty intermittent... i have not yet seen it without X running, but I don't spend very much time without X.14:51
Kanohi rtg , how about updating the xpad driver for xbox 360 controllers? i just bought gh3 pc and want to use my guitar15:33
rtghow about sending a patch once in awhile?15:33
Kanoagainst kernel?15:33
rtgI have no idea where that driver lives. I assume its the kernel.15:34
Kanoyou basically could update the xpad files15:34
Kanofrom the cvs15:34
rtgKano: I don't want to know, nor am I interested in researching it. I want to be spoon fed the patch while I get on with other (much more critical) bug fixes.15:35
rtgsame with aufs.15:35
Kanowell will try to update the kernel later15:35
Kanoor should i try it external in lum?15:36
rtgI'll leave that up to you.15:36
Kanoi thought i could directly play frets on fire now that ;)15:37
Kanodo you know that game15:37
rtgwho has time for games?15:38
Kanoit is fun ;)15:38
Kanowhen you need to relax a bit15:38
rtgwhen I need to relax I get my ass outdoors15:39
Kanook, thats another way15:39
johanbrmjg59: Is there any chance I could ask you to take a look at bug #124797 (second core loses cpufreq support on resume) ?17:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124797 in linux-source-2.6.22 "CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet on dual-core doesn't work after resume" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12479717:05
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rtgtjaalton: ABI bump to -10 in git repo. I uploaded a bit ago, but -10 won't appear until the Alpha thaw happens.18:02
tjaaltonrtg: thanks, I believe there'll be a new nvidia blob soon, since they released new chips (9600GT, Quadro FX3600M) today/yesterday18:28
rtgtjaalton: are all of the flavours represented in lrm now? virtual/xen/rt/server/generic/386/lpia ?18:29
rtgtjaalton: we also need to think harder about getting lrm under git control. that would make questions like this moot since I'm too lazy to download that ginormous package.18:31
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tjaaltonrtg: virtual & xen are missing19:46
tjaaltonrtg: if git works with large binary files, then I'm all for putting it under git19:50
amitktjaalton: git has no problems, but the meta date is huge, so you end up with a repo that is twice the size of real files. We need some way of decoupling the various binary tarballs from the build info in LRM. This build info needs to be in git, the binary tarballs - not really.19:52
tjaaltonamitk: ah, ok. we've had some discussions with tseliot to revamp the packaging anyway (for ibex), so maybe it would be a good time to consider git19:59
bwlang_damn... just hung again... this is the 4th time in 2 days.  I didn't see anything in launchpad about this.  Is there any way to debug given that I don't have a serial port on this laptop?  And magic sysreq doesn't work.20:06
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rtgtjaalton: my suggestion for putting lrm in git is to commit everything except the binaries, and perhaps create and commit a script that pulls the binaries (the correct versions, or course) from their respective web sites.20:33
rtgtjaalton: I've been experimenting with linux-meta in git, and it works OK as far as having to rename the directory every ABI bump.20:34
tjaaltonrtg: ok, that could work. maybe we can discuss the details in Prague ;)20:51
amitktjaalton: rtg: good beer should definitely help ;)20:55
tjaaltongood ol'fashioned coaster-design ;)20:56
dade`I have the "rescheduling interrupt" bug22:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177895 in linux "Kernel 2.6.24-2 causing ~1000 wakeups by "Rescheduling Interrupts"" [Medium,Fix released] 22:17
dade`and i'm using 2.6.24-8.1422:23
dade`so it's not fixed22:23

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