michaelrammhello to all16:50
michaelrammhow are things on this Friday?17:02
excid3school was canceled due to weather, so im doing great :)17:10
michaelrammthat is COOL17:12
excid3yep just about to go play some Counter Strike Source :D17:12
michaelrammi wish my work was closed, but I am just on IM/IRC so it is not so bad today.17:12
excid3haha thats awesome17:12
michaelrammcool, i remember that game17:12
michaelrammused to play it a lot17:12
excid3yeah my buddy found Half Life 2 and CSS together at walmart $5 ;)17:12
michaelrammthen i found WoW, and well, the rest if history17:13
excid3i played WoW for a week and a half17:13
michaelrammi have played since launch17:13
excid3i have dialup at home so i was out at a friend's playing WoW for like 50 hours17:13
excid3in the week and a half17:13
michaelrammI played it for 1.5 yrs on dialup17:14
michaelrammplays just fine17:14
excid3i dont bother doing stuff on my dialup except IRC and forums17:14
michaelrammexcept the BIG dungeons with 15+ people17:14
excid3yeah i bet17:14
michaelrammthen not so good17:14
excid3i also didnt want to spend the $17:14
michaelrammyeah, i am growing bored with it17:14
michaelrammi haven't played in almost a month17:15
michaelrammwill probably cancel before next cycle17:15
excid3maybe thats a good thing :P17:15
michaelrammwhere are you in school?17:15
excid3im a freshman17:15
excid3i got to southern illinois17:15
michaelrammcool, i was born in Peoria17:15
excid3oh thats awesome17:15
excid3i was born in springfield and moved to jacksonville17:16
michaelrammmy dad is from Normal and my aunt still lives there17:17
excid3where do u live now?17:18
michaelrammin Tuscaloosa, where the University is located17:19
michaelrammcame here for school in 1990 and never left17:19
excid3haha sweet17:19
excid3how old are you?17:19
michaelrammso do use ubuntu on a laptop (i gather from your presence in the channel)?17:20
excid3haha yes i do17:21
excid3ive got a dv9000t17:22
excid3i wrote a tutorial back around when feisty was released17:22
michaelrammcool..my sis works for HP in their corp offices17:22
michaelrammi have a thinkpad T43 that is going full ubuntu this weekend17:23
michaelrammit is my work one, so I will have to run XP in virtualbox17:23
excid3ah yeah17:23
excid3im sadly dual booting hardy and vista17:23
excid3my printer kills xp every time17:23
excid3the drivers arent compatibile with sp2 for some reason17:24
excid3and then it kills services.exe which in turn shuts down windows17:24
michaelrammwhat printer17:24
excid3hp c318017:24
excid3wroks perfect in linux which is fine with me but id rather use office 2k7 over OOo17:25
michaelrammthat is strange..is that an all in one device?17:25
excid3ive researched it17:25
excid3its a known problem with HP17:25
excid3downloaded the neweest drivers...same thing17:25
excid3have you tried out hardy?17:28
michaelrammno, not proficient enough in linux to mess with alphas17:29
excid3i have found it better than gutsy all around so far17:30
excid3well until the update the other day...it broke a bunch of things17:30
excid3but i think that got fixed yesterday or the day before for me17:30
excid3i havent tried to fix anything...ive just been updating it daily seeing what breaks what doesnt17:31
excid3i use vista as my main os because i find it easier to use office 2k7, visual studio and my games in it17:31
michaelrammalpha 5 is supposed to come out today17:31
excid3well im off to go play some old school quake3 arena ;)17:44
excid3ttyl guys17:44
michaelrammwelcome back19:26
michaelrammexcid3:i took a whole lunch hour while you played.19:26
excid3haha i went to lunch too19:27
excid3i played for a little while and then downloaded some montages of quake 319:28
excid3i love that game soooo much19:28
excid3what kind of job do you have?19:29
excid3its ubuntu time...i cant take this damn vista anymore19:31
excid3ok back19:39
michaelrammI am an IT Manager for a small municipality in alabama19:40
excid3thats pretty sweet19:40
michaelrammit is ok19:41
excid3what do u have to do?19:41
excid3i love programming so hopefully i can score a good job with some company19:41
excid3ive been doing C++ and Qt lately19:41
michaelrammi am redesigning our network now19:46
excid3thats cool19:46
michaelrammimplementing a wide area network19:46
excid3i never really got into networking too much19:46
michaelrammplaying in cisco routers a lot19:46
excid3i took cisco in highschool19:46
excid3well hey im going home for the weekend...back to my good old dialup19:50
excid3ill talk to you guys later whenver i get back...19:50
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