ToddBrandtMithrandir: you online?06:47
MithrandirToddBrandt: yes06:47
ToddBrandtMithrandir: what does this mean:06:48
ToddBrandtSigner has no upload rights at all to this distribution.06:48
ToddBrandtSigner is not permitted to upload to the component 'universe' of file 'moblin-keyboard-manager_0.51.dsc'06:48
ToddBrandtI tried to upload that package to ubuntu-mobile and it still complains to me that I don't have access06:48
ToddBrandtThat message was in the email sent to me after I used dput moblin-keyboard-manager_0.51.changes06:49
ToddBrandtI just tried uploading 0.40 of moblin-applets and I expect I'll be getting the same message in a few minutes06:50
Mithrandiryou need to upload to the ubuntu-mobile ppa06:52
ToddBrandtMithrandir: this is my .dput.cf file06:52
ToddBrandtfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net06:52
ToddBrandtmethod = ftp06:52
ToddBrandtincoming = ~ubuntu-mobile/ubuntu06:52
ToddBrandtlogin = anonymous06:52
ToddBrandtallow_unsigned_uploads = 006:52
ToddBrandtpassive_ftp = 006:53
ToddBrandtMithrandir: is that what controls my uploading to the ubuntu-mobile ppa?06:53
Mithrandiryou need to do dput moblin-ppa moblin-keyboard-manager_0.51.changes06:55
Mithrandir(or have something like:06:55
ToddBrandtoh ok06:55
Mithrandirdefault_host_main = moblin-ppa06:55
Mithrandirabove it)06:55
ToddBrandtok, I just retried both06:57
ToddBrandtMithrandir: ok, pheww, finally they are accepted. Thanks07:11
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dholbachgood morning08:42
tonyespyFenario: I'm working at the cafe for an hour so, then headed in... when do you have time today for me to fiddle w/your laptop?14:08
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dholbachLibrary Packagin Session in #ubuntu-classroom19:14
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ToddBrandtdavidm: What's the default translation file we need to create? en_CA.po is canadian english and en_BR.po is british english.20:32
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