mok0_Man we are nerds :-)00:00
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LaserJockmok0_: yep00:04
RainCTgood night00:04
* jdong cries00:04
* RainCT hugs jdong :P00:05
jdongEclipse is telling me there's 2^32-1 possible constructors to java.Exception00:05
jdongguess that's a good excuse to use my own laptop and not these lab stations00:05
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slangasekyour laptop is 64-bit and will give you 2^64-1 possible constructors?00:07
jdongslangasek: perhaps :D. Because I don't see ANY Exception constructors that I like00:08
steveireLaserJock: mok0_: Still here. I was away, just read back. The previous version in gutsy backports was 1.1.8-2ubuntu2~gutsy1. The hardy version was 1.1.10-1ubuntu1. I should have named it 1.1.10-1ubuntu1-1~0ppa1?00:32
mok0_steveire: yep00:32
LaserJockwhat package is this?00:32
LaserJockmok0_: that wouldn't have helped in this case00:33
mok0_LaserJock: no?00:33
mok0_steveire  1.1.10-1~0ppa1 if you ported 1.1.10-1 from debian00:34
steveireit was from hardy. Same thing?00:35
mok0_not if the convention for backports is what LaserJock said ^^^00:36
LaserJockI have a thought00:36
LaserJockthe Hardy version is not 1.1.10-1ubuntu100:37
LaserJockit's 1.1.10-1build100:37
mok0_Ah, the Build distribution :-)00:37
StevenKNo, build1 is a no-change rebuild00:37
LaserJockso that means that the base version was 1.1.10-100:38
LaserJocksteveire: does that make sense?00:38
* Hobbsee wonders hwere the current policy on UVFe's are, including those of native packages00:40
steveireLaserJock: You''re right. The version is 1.1.10-1. So I should have done 1.1.10-1~gutsy1~ppa1?00:40
mok0_So a rule for PPA owners could be: find the base version-release, append ~0ppaX to that00:40
steveireOh right that one.00:40
steveireWhy is it a bad thing to assume a backport will exist?00:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about uvfe - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:41
ubotuuvf is Upstream Version Freeze.  For an exception, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#head-9523bc4076ff011324d67cddc97969ec609618d600:41
Hobbseepersia: ping?00:41
mok0_steveire: I don't think it's bad00:41
LaserJocksteveire: the problem is that you don't know if it's gonna be a -backport or not00:41
LaserJockif you did 1.1.10-1~gutsy1~ppa1 it implies that 1.1.10-1~gutsy1 exists00:42
mok0_But you want to make sure (like you said, steveire) that IF it appears in the archives, that version will take presedence00:42
mok0_LaserJock: right00:43
steveireLaserJock: Isn't the alternative going to be a version bump to a major release? so 1.1.10-1~hardy1. mok0_Exactly.00:43
steveirecool, thanks for the info. making a lot more sense now.00:44
mok0_ScottK: ping00:52
neskiemdoes anyone have any free time to look at a package on REVU?01:14
mok0_neskiem: url?01:18
mok0_neskiem: I am not a motu but I can take a quick look01:19
neskiemmok0_: thanks01:20
mok0_neskiem: is this package in debian?01:21
neskiemmok0_: no it is not, but i would like it to be at some point01:22
mok0_neskiem: ok01:22
neskiemmok0_: i based it on the packaging from ttf-sil-gentium by Nicolas Spalinger01:23
stdinif it's not in debian it should be -0ubuntu101:24
mok0_neskiem: good idea01:24
mok0_neskiem: debian/changelog: like stdin said, release is -0ubuntu101:25
mok0_neskiem: open a needs-packaging bug in LP, and close that bug number in the * initial release line01:26
mok0_distribution: intrepid01:27
stdinthat name is going to take some getting used to...01:28
mok0_debian/control: get rid of the empty Pre-Depends: etc.01:28
mok0_binary package, get rid of maintainer, priority, version, provides01:29
stdinand Uploaders01:30
mok0_Use universe ! maintainer convention01:30
mok0_ubotu, ! maintainer > neskiem01:30
mok0_copyright: license is found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-301:31
mok0_get rid of debian/docs01:32
mok0_debian/rules: I don't think you need to delete debian/files01:33
mok0_(in the clean rule)01:33
mok0_what is debian/TODO???01:33
mok0_neskiem: I'll paste those comments in REVU for your reference.01:34
neskiemmok0_: i think that was me thinking I would have stuff TODO eventually but I don't need it01:34
mok0_neskiem: ok. (get rid of it :-))01:34
neskiemmok0_: thanks for the comments01:37
mok0_neskiem: np01:37
bddebianHeya gang02:00
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mok0_bddebian: gang's asleep02:14
bddebianmok0_: So I've noticed :-)02:15
mok0_pretty boring around here if you ask me02:15
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* jetscreamer waves buhbye02:59
KasimirGabertI'm having troubles uploading to REVU, would somebody have time to help me?  The file appears to upload correctly through dput, but nothing happens; I receive no email, and I see no uploaded file03:16
toresbehey guys03:19
toresbeI've got a problem with the wine package in Hardy03:20
toresbeit segfaults03:20
toresbeon all EXE files I feed it.03:20
RAOFtoresbe: Known issue.  Let me see if I can find the bug.03:20
toresbeRAOF: cheers03:21
RAOFYou'd be looking at bug #191575, the second bug on Wine's bugpage :)03:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191575 in wine "wine segfaults on winecfg" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157503:22
Hobbseeah yes, that thing.  that's annoying03:23
RAOFHobbsee: Want something more annoying?  I suggest trying bug 194214 :)03:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in compiz "Keys get "stuck" down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421403:24
toresbeyep, I'm reading it03:25
toresbeHow do I pin a certain package to a certain repository?03:25
RAOFtoresbe: I suggest reading the documentation for "aptitude forbid-version" :)03:26
toresbeI'm talking about the preference settings in /etc/apt/preferences03:26
RAOF(Add the Gutsy winehq repository; aptitude forbid-version wine=0.9.55-0ubuntu1)03:26
toresbefine, I'll use forbid-version. :)03:27
RAOFHas the advantage that aptitude *will* upgrade to a (hopefully) fixed version.03:27
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Hobbseedebian bug #46695604:28
ubotuDebian bug 466956 in compiz-core "compiz-core: Program committed suicide" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46695604:28
RAOFHobbsee: Uuuum, WTH is that doing on the BTS?04:31
HobbseeRAOF: some guy on crack, already been told numerously not to do that04:35
RAOF That sucks.04:35
RAOFAlso, unsupported kernel.04:35
LucidFox_Hobbsee, please restart build for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/celestia/1.5.0-0ubuntu1 on hppa04:37
HobbseeLucidFox_: done04:39
Hobbseeyou're welcom04:39
ScottKmok1: Pong.04:47
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RAOFIs there any reason at all for debreaper to be in Ubuntu?  It seems to be simply a duplicate apport with the added bonus of reporting Ubuntu bugs on Debian's BTS.04:54
StevenKRAOF: I just saw the description. Kill it, and ask for it to be blacklisted in the bug04:56
RAOFOh, someone has already filed that bug, but not followed through.05:00
StevenKRAOF: Bug number?05:00
RAOFbug 19366205:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193662 in debreaper "RM: debreaper sends crashes running Ubuntu to Debian" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19366205:01
bddebianAnyone know how to fix the Distribution.Simple does not export 'compilerPath' issues?05:02
AnAntpersia: I think the status of bug #191662 should be Fix released05:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191662 in ubuntume-gdm-themes "New package for ubuntume-gdm-themes" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19166205:20
LucidFoxWhat will happen if two versions of the same package are building at the same time for the same architecture?06:42
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z5000manI gotta problem with my Gutsy Gibbon install, can someone help?07:13
RAOFSupport for Gutsy is in #ubuntu.07:14
lifelessajmitch: mapwow.com07:37
lifelessajmitch: *good* crack07:37
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warp10Good morning!08:12
dholbachgood morning08:42
LaserJockanybody know how to remove files from a CVS tree that are not actual in the repo?08:42
LaserJockmorning dholbach08:42
dholbachhey LaserJock08:42
LaserJockman CVS just doesn't make sense08:50
slomo_LaserJock: hm? you want to remove files from a CVS tree that are not in the repository? "rm"? :)08:53
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db-keenwhat do I call a package of documentation intended for developers?09:48
db-keensiretart: but the main package is not libfoo, it is foo and is intended for end users10:01
slytherindb-keen: foo-doc10:20
db-keenslytherin: but I already have foo-doc10:21
db-keenfoodoc is the documentation for end users10:21
slytherindb-keen: what does it contain?10:21
slytherinWhat kind of documentation?10:21
db-keenI'm trying to package additional documentation intended for developers10:21
db-keenAPI docs, papers about program design, etc.10:21
slytherindb-keen: Why do you think documentation for end users and developers need to be in separate packages?10:22
db-keenI suppose they don't have to, but it seems like a reasonable split10:23
db-keenfoo, foo-dev, and foo-doc could all be in the same package10:23
slytherindb-keen: or if you still want to have to packages how about foo-help for users and foo-doc for developers.10:23
db-keenbut it's a logical split between them10:23
db-keenis foo-help a policy-compliant name?10:24
db-keenI've always used foo-doc.10:24
slytherindb-keen: I don't believe there is any policy about package names. gimp has a corresponding gimp-help. By the way which package are we talking about?10:25
db-keenI had just assumed -doc was policy, being so standard10:27
db-keenslytherin: one not in Ubuntu. I missed the Feature Freeze :(10:27
siretartdb-keen: here is not much point in unnecessarily splitting arch:all packages, unless we are talking about several hundreds of MB of space savings10:31
murrayc_Hi. I have a package that needs reviewing/fixing/doing-properly. It's gnome-lirc-properties - a GUI for remote control configuration. Would someone like to take a look? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19236810:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192368 in ubuntu "Please add gnome-lirc-properties" [Wishlist,Confirmed]10:37
mok0_Who the fsck is this Valyander, he's subscribed to every LP bug I've looked at?11:03
murrayc_What's a "native package"?11:06
mok0_murrayc_: It's a package written especially for Ubuntu (Debian)11:07
slytherinmurrayc_: Few comments. 1. Your program expects that a file '/etc/lirc/hardware.conf' which I believe is part of lirc package, but your package doesn't have a dependency on lirc. 2. A .changelog.swp has made its way in debian directory, remove it11:07
dholbachmurrayc_: a native package is a package where all the source + the changes to make it build in debian/ubuntu are in one tarball11:08
dholbachmurrayc_: non-native packages use upstream's original tarball and call it <software>_<upstreamversion>.orig.tar.gz11:09
tbfmurrayc_: ping11:09
murrayc_So how would I avoid that? I just followed a how-to on ubuntu.com11:09
murrayc_tbf: Hi.11:09
murrayc_<slytherin> murrayc_: Few comments. 1. Your program expects that a file '/etc/lirc/hardware.conf' which I believe is part of lirc package, but your package doesn't have a dependency on lirc. 2. A .changelog.swp has made its way in debian directory, remove it11:09
murrayc_I wonder what that .changelog.swp is.11:09
murrayc_<dholbach> murrayc_: non-native packages use upstream's original tarball and call it <software>_<upstreamversion>.orig.tar.gz11:10
dholbachmurrayc_: dch creates it when you're still editing it11:10
tbfmurrayc_: vim's swapfile11:10
slytherinmurrayc_: It is created by vi11:10
tbfit's really strange that debuild packages hidden files11:10
murrayc_<dholbach> murrayc_: a native package is a package where all the source + the changes to make it build in debian/ubuntu are in one tarball11:10
tbf...like swap files, or .git repos11:10
slytherinmurrayc_: another thing, your source package should be gnome-lirc-properties_0.1.0.orig.tar.gz and you should remove debian/ directory from it.11:10
dholbachmurrayc_: if you rename the upstream tarball, then add all the debian/ bits, then call debuild -S it will create a .diff.gz for you and it'll be non-native11:10
dholbachmurrayc_: be sure to use a version like    <upstreamversion>-<ubuntu revision>  in debian/changelog too11:11
dholbachmurrayc_: as mok0_ said above: they are often used for stuff written specifically for Ubuntu (where there's no clear 'specifically released' upstream tarball)11:11
murrayc_That's odd. /debian is not in our upstream tarball: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gnome-lirc-properties/0.1/11:11
dholbachmurrayc_: if you rename the upstream tarball to gnome-lirc-properties_0.1.0.orig.tar.gz, then add the debian stuff, then rebuild the source package (debuild -S -sa) you should be fine11:12
murrayc_dholbach: And will it then be correct in future by just doing uupdate?11:12
dholbachif the debian/watch file is set up properly it should, yes11:12
murrayc_dholbach: Thanks. I'll try that now.11:12
dholbachrock on!11:12
dholbachnice to see you guys here :)11:13
hellboy195dholbach: ahoi there ;)11:13
dholbachhey hellboy19511:13
murrayc_I like to avoid doing packaging usually.11:14
murrayc_It's like talking French. I can just about do it, but it's not pretty.11:14
dholbachhehe :-)11:14
mok0_dholbach: I'll format your native/non-native explanation and put it in UbuntuDevelopment/FAQ11:15
dholbachmok0_: thanks a lot for that11:16
db-keenWhat's the difference between /usr/share/pixmaps and /usr/bin/icons ?11:24
hellboy195db-keen: my ubuntu hasn't got a /usr/bin/icons. Normally there are the binaries of applications ,..11:31
db-keenwhoops, I mean /usr/share/icons11:31
murrayc_dholbach: So you mean, rename the upstream tarball to gnome-lirc-properties_0.1.0.orig.tar.gz, extract it, put the debian/ directory in that directory and th rebuild the source package (debuild -S -sa)?en11:35
dholbachmurrayc_: yes11:36
persiaHobbsee: Not then11:36
persiaAnAnt: Please feel free to close your bugs manually if you forgot to close them in the changelog11:36
persiaLucidFox: The build with the higher version wins when the publisher runs11:37
Hobbseepersia: ?11:37
HobbseeScottK: i've found the answer11:37
persia(09:41:25) Hobbsee: persia: ping?11:38
persia(this is why I don't like to play virtual table tennis)11:38
Hobbseeoh right.  i thougth that was a strange pong11:40
norsettobuenos dias a todo el mundo11:41
warp10Hola norsetto!11:42
norsettowarp10: Hola el membro!11:42
proppyoy norsetto11:43
* norsetto hopes it doesn't sound in Spanish as it does in Italian11:43
warp10norsetto: ROTFL11:43
norsettoproppy: goede morgen mijnheer!11:43
proppynorsetto: I'm not german !11:43
proppynorsetto: are you attending fosdem ?11:43
norsettoproppy: yes, that was dutch ;-)11:43
proppynorsetto: ahah11:44
norsettoproppy: nope, how are you btw, long time no see11:44
proppyare there motu attending FOSDEM ?11:44
proppy*or hopefull*11:44
norsettoproppy: there is huats that I know11:44
proppynorsetto: nice thanks you11:44
proppywill ask him about that when he come by11:46
norsettoproppy: he was in yesterday evening, I think he pops in pretty late usual11:47
proppynorsetto: thanks for the tip11:47
proppynorsetto: and you how are you, are you a successfull and beloved mentor ? :)11:50
norsettoproppy: all my pupils are like you, so you can guess the answer ;-)11:51
proppyaouch :|11:51
norsettoproppy: do you want by any chance to have a look at bug 194112?11:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194112 in no-ip "package is not upgraded on hardy upgrade" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19411211:53
proppygrepping debian policy for virtual package howot11:58
norsettoproppy: if you want to look for some examples just do an "apt-cache search dummy"12:10
proppynorsetto: thanks12:10
norsettoproppy: the only thing of relevance in the policy (I think) is 7.5.212:10
proppyoups update-maintainer removed the maintainer field of control :(12:12
LaneyIs there any document explaining how shlibs:Depends works? I got the build-dep for a package and didn't have all the right deps12:15
LaneyOh no hang on, that's not the build-depends ;)12:17
* norsetto -> lunch12:19
proppyI attached a patch to bug 19411212:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194112 in no-ip "package is not upgraded on hardy upgrade" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19411212:25
proppyfeel free to review12:25
proppyhi zul12:58
murrayc_dholbach, slytherin: I uploaded a new (hopefully now non-native) gnome-lirc-packages package. Could you look again, please?:13:00
slytherinmurrayc_: where?13:00
dholbachmurrayc_: sorry, I'm quite busy right now - I hope you don't mind if somebody else takes a look right now13:01
murrayc_ok. thanks.13:01
slytherinmurrayc_: What are all .ex files? I believe those are example files, right? I guess you won't need All of them.13:04
murrayc_slytherin: Such as ./debian/emacsen-install.ex? I have no idea what they are.13:05
murrayc_I'll remove them.13:06
slytherinmurrayc_: How did you create this package?13:07
murrayc_slytherin: With dh_make, using the cdbs option. Which seemed to be the kosher way to do things.13:08
norsettoproppy: I think provides is not necessary anymore since there is a dummy-package now, so it should just be conflicts/replaces13:09
slytherinmurrayc_: Do you mind if I do the changes to your package and send you modified package? But I won't be able to do it right now, I will do it over weekend.13:09
norsettoproppy: I'm not sure if we need to version the conflicts/replaces, can you perhaps test it?13:10
murrayc_slytherin: I would be immensely thankful if you did that. Could you add a note here saying that you plan to do that? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19236813:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192368 in ubuntu "Please add gnome-lirc-properties" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:10
slytherinmurrayc_: There is no need to add a note, if someone else does it before me, even better. :-)13:10
murrayc_Unfortunately it's a bit rushed because we hope to get into hardy. The note would just be to let the others know that it's not going unnoticed.13:11
murrayc_Feel free to email me if I'm not online. Thanks.13:12
proppynorsetto: you're right13:13
proppylooking at Package: gaim-guifications' scontrol13:13
slytherinmurrayc_: I am not a developer, so it won't matter. :-)13:13
proppyit seems that it versions Replace and Conflict and do not add a Provide clause13:14
murrayc_slytherin: You are more clueful than me though. Thanks.13:14
norsettoproppy: ok, and the version should be << X right? Where X is the version in gutsy in this case13:14
norsettoproppy: hmmm, no, it should be <= then, otherwise it won't work13:16
proppygaim-guification specify Conflicts: gaim-guifications (<< 2.14-2)13:17
proppywhere 2.14-2 is the version where is transitional package was introduce13:18
norsettoproppy: yes, iy should be (<< ${source:Version})13:18
norsettoproppy: the only problem is that this way the transitional package has to be manually removed, but I think we can't do it otherwise13:19
proppybut as the transitional package depends upun noip213:20
proppyand noip2 conflict with the transitional package13:20
proppyit will get removed right ?13:20
norsettoproppy: not if we version the conflicts13:25
proppyhow it's << and not <=13:26
proppyyou're right13:26
proppywhat about putting <= then ?13:26
ScottKHobbsee: I'm interested in your answer.13:27
norsettoproppy: it won't work13:27
norsettoproppy: apt will just say that there is an unresolvable conflict13:27
proppynorsetto: ok13:27
norsettoproppy: which is one of the two things which happen in the bug as you can see13:28
norsettoproppy: you can test it if you make a gutsy chroot with no-ip and dist-upgrade13:30
proppynorsetto: bug updated with a new debdiff13:31
proppybug 19411213:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194112 in no-ip "package is not upgraded on hardy upgrade" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19411213:31
norsettoproppy: just a little typo, it should be noip2 not no-ip2 (in the dummy package description), otherwise looks good. If you test it is even better ...13:32
proppynorsetto: debootstraping gutsy13:33
proppynorsetto: nice sight (for the typo)13:34
proppy(btw the way there are .DS_Store files in the orig tarball)13:35
norsettoproppy: remember that you need to add the new package to your local cache to have it picked when you dist-upgrade13:35
norsettoproppy: no idea what they are, do you?13:35
kirklandzul: howdy, you around?13:38
norsettodholbach: "... for requesting someone participation *cease* participation ..." :-)13:38
zulof course13:38
kirklandzul: I'm looking at Bug 19431813:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194318 in php5 "strtotime doesn't support 64 bit timestamps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19431813:38
kirklandfixed in upstream PHP13:38
dholbachnorsetto: this is not my day *brown paper bag*13:38
* nijaba just lurking around13:38
* dholbach -> dogwalk13:38
norsettodholbach: hehehe13:38
zulkirkland: yep you know where to find the patch?13:38
proppynorsetto: these are files autogenerated by macosx13:38
RainCTdholbach: are you happy with bug 191905?13:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191905 in alexandria "[sync-request] Please sync alexandria 0.6.2 from the alexandria-team PPA" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19190513:39
kirklandzul: snapshots here http://snaps.php.net/13:39
kirklandzul: i could dig the specific patch out of CVS13:39
zulkirkland: yep however since its one patch I would get it from the php-cvs mailing list13:39
kirklandwould that be better than rebasing?13:39
kirklandzul: gimme a minute, let me find it13:39
proppynorsetto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.DS_Store13:39
zulkirkland: sure...13:39
dholbachRainCT: i'm about to leave for a dogwalk and lunch now - can you ask somebody else to look at ti?13:39
proppynorsetto: I've never done that added a package to the local cache13:39
kirklandzul: looks like it's a total of 3 small patches13:40
kirklandzul: 1) http://marc.info/?l=php-cvs&m=120367364419375&w=213:40
kirklandzul: 2) http://marc.info/?l=php-cvs&m=120367365119401&w=213:41
proppynorsetto: cp *.deb chroot/var/cache/apt ?13:41
kirklandzul: 3) http://marc.info/?l=php-cvs&m=120367371119481&w=213:41
zulkirkland: yep but those are different brances head/5.2/and 5.313:41
RainCTdholbach: I'm asking you as you had some concerns about it.. But no hurry from my side (I'm not interested in the package) :)13:42
proppynorsetto: bug 194112 updated13:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194112 in no-ip "package is not upgraded on hardy upgrade" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19411213:42
norsettoproppy: I'm afraid is a bit more difficult than that (not much though)13:42
kirklandzul: oh, gotcha13:42
zulkirkland: you should be fine with the 5.2 branch13:42
kirklandzul: I see13:42
kirklandzul: yep, okay13:42
kirklandzul: so on my hardy machine, I "apt-get source php5"13:42
kirklandwget http://marc.info/?l=php-cvs&m=120367371119481&q=raw13:43
kirklandzul: strike that wget13:44
dholbachRainCT: just re-subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors13:45
kirklandzul: actually, just add quotes, & got me ;-)13:45
proppynorsetto: do you want me to attach the log of the test ?13:46
zulkirkland: then apply the patch and make a diff13:46
norsettoproppy: could be nice13:47
kirklandzul: yep13:47
kirklandzul: doing that now13:47
zulso you have the patch?13:47
proppynorsetto: that's free when launching command from an emacs *shell :)13:47
\shhas anyone tried to print on a dell 3110cn printer? I didn't find any reference for it on lp.org / cups.org13:48
norsettoproppy: believe it or not I hardly know what emacs is too13:48
bddebianHeya gang13:49
proppynorsetto: nice quote13:50
norsettobdebian: heya gang-ster13:50
norsettobddebian: heya gang-ster13:50
bddebianHeh hi norsetto13:50
kirklandzul: patch not applying cleanly, investigating13:51
norsettoproppy: this: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-basico.en.html#s-dpkg-scanpackages tells you how to make a local repo13:52
proppynorsetto: reproducing the upgrade failure now13:52
kirklandzul: CVS id tag string doesn't match13:54
kirklandzul: ours from 2007/07/2013:54
kirklandzul: theirs is against 2007/12/3113:55
zulI just edit the file manually since its only like 3 lines13:55
kirklandzul: is it bad to cherry pick just the code we need?13:55
proppynorsetto: thanks for the link thought13:56
kirklandzul: okay, so i jammed those 3 lines in13:57
kirklandzul: what about the 1-liner comment from the developer who fixed this?13:58
kirklandzul: I'd just as soon apply that to NEWS too13:58
zulwe will just mention that in the debian/changelog13:58
kirklandzul: so leave out the NEWS line?13:58
kirklandzul: okay, u da boss13:59
zulkirkland: ok so next mv the patch to the debian/patchs directory14:00
kirklandzul: let me grab my notes for generating a debdiff14:00
zulpatches even14:00
proppynorsetto: dist-upgrade failed with E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on tzdata14:00
kirklandzul: go ahead with your instructions...  move the patch to the debian/patches dir, name accordingly?14:01
zuladd it to the series file that is there14:01
norsettoproppy: ah!14:01
kirklandnumber it toward the end?14:01
zulsounds like a good idea :)14:01
kirklandmv 1.patch 122-fix_64bit_time.patch14:02
kirkland echo 122-fix_64bit_time.patch >> series14:02
kirklandzul: I should probably tell kees that I skipped this step on another debdiff he approved of mine....14:03
kirklandzul: now this isn't a cleanly applying patch14:03
kirklandzul: so is it misleading to put it in as-is here?14:03
zuloh crappers...14:03
kirklandzul: make a new clean patch?14:03
zulyeah you will have to find out why its not applying cleanly14:04
zulprobably due to Error14:04
zulwhoops...i meant 108-64_bit_datetime.patch14:04
kirklandzul: it's the cvs string id that's not matching14:04
kirklandzul: we have an older snapshot14:05
zulyeah can you post your patch somewhere?14:05
\shhmm....xvidcap is neither in debians nor ubuntus archive...wow14:05
kirklandthan the one that the php-cvs list diffs14:05
=== ScottK3 is now known as ScottK2
zulkirkland then I would do a cp -rp php-5.2.4 php-5.2.4.orig apply the patch and do a diff -Naur14:06
kirklandzul: http://pastebin.com/m1778060314:06
kirklandzul: sure, I can do that14:06
zulkirkland: easier14:06
kirklandzul: okay, here's what I'm doing14:10
kirklandmkdir php5.orig14:10
kirklandcd php5.orig14:10
kirklandapt-get source php514:10
kirklandcd ..14:10
kirklandcp -a php5.orig php5.new14:10
kirklanda pair of identical trees, now14:10
kirklandvi ./php5.new/php5-5.2.4/ext/date/lib/timelib.h14:11
kirkland(add 3 lines of significance)14:11
zulkirkland: nope this is what I would do mkdir source ; tar -zxvf ../php-<version>.orig.tar.gz ; cp -rp php-<version> php-<version>.orig ; edit the file ; diff -Naurp php-<version>.orig php-<version> > patch14:11
kirklandzul: that works too14:13
kirklandzul: okay, http://pastebin.com/m165132cf14:14
kirklandclean, simple patch14:14
zulkirkland: sweet14:14
kirklandzul: is there a standard # of subdirs that should be stripable?14:15
kirklandfor that series of patches?14:15
proppynorsetto: I'm afraid I don't manage to do a dist-upgrade14:15
proppynorsetto: it keeps failing on tzdata configuration14:15
norsettoproppy: its ok, just subscribe u-u-s14:15
zulkirkland: not sure14:15
kirklandzul: I'll make it match the other XXX_* patches in that dir14:16
sistpoty|workhi folks14:16
ScottK2Hello sistpoty|work.14:17
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work14:17
sistpoty|workhi ScottK2 and bddebian14:17
kirklandzul: okay, it looks okay by me14:17
zulkirkland: ok brb I need to help my wife for a sec14:17
proppynorsetto: np thanks a lot for guiding me on this one14:18
norsettoproppy: was a pleasure, but please keep looking in the bug tracker for more ;-)14:18
proppyare sync request to late for hardy ?14:19
proppy(if it's a new package)14:20
proppy(in debian unstable, but not in hardy)14:20
sistpoty|workproppy: you'll need a featurefreeze exception (and a good reason, why this exception should be granted)14:22
proppysistpoty|work: there is no good reason apart the awesomeness of that piece of software (http://packages.debian.org/sid/shoes)14:24
zulkirkland: back14:25
kirklandzul: okay, I updated the changelog14:25
kirklandwith debchange --increment14:25
zulok what did you put?14:25
kirklandi'm getting the build dependencies now14:25
kirklandapt-get build-dep php514:26
kirklandzul: changelog entry here: http://pastebin.com/m431bdee914:27
hmuhi evrybody14:27
zulkirkland: looks good to me14:27
sistpoty|workproppy: still quite a number of open bugs: http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/shoes/report/1, so *shrug*... you can of course file an exception request, but I won't make any promises if it will get ack'd or rej'd14:27
kirklandzul: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us14:28
frenchyHow does the whole FF thing work?  What if I've got a fix for a bug but it's in an upstream version, with some new minor features?14:28
ScottKfrenchy: Then you have to ask for an FFe.14:28
ScottKfrenchy: It'll likely get approved in such a case.14:29
proppysistpoty|work: yep shoes is at its very early stage, so I guess it can wait hardy+114:29
zulkirkland: now you basically sit back and get a coffeee14:30
* kirkland is ready for a coffee14:30
zulI need coke14:30
kirklandzul: back in 5?14:30
frenchyScottK: Awesome, now I assume that if there are no new features then you can just do a sync request, right?14:30
ScottK2kirkland: Minutes or hours depending on the size of the package.14:30
ScottK2frenchy: Yes, but you need to (in addition to the usual debian/changelog entry) also include the new upstream changelog entries in the request.14:31
zulkirkland: sure..ill be here14:31
frenchyScottK: Ta.  That clears it up.14:32
proppynorsetto: looking a MOTU/TODO seems a lot of bug are already taking care of14:34
proppynorsetto: (I mean bitesize one)14:34
ScottK2proppy: You can always search LP for bugs tagged bitesize.14:34
proppyScottK2: searching14:37
=== asac_ is now known as asac
pochunxvl_work: hi, will you request a FF exception for terminator 0.7.1, in case it works fine?14:42
zulkirkland: still building?14:47
proppylets try bug 17961414:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179614 in xcdroast "xcdroast requires icedax but not installed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17961414:48
kirklandzul: yeah14:49
kirklandzul: I had a mistake, something I didn't understand...14:49
kirklandthe patch as it stands in the debian/patches dir is what will be applied at build time14:49
kirklandI had already applied the patch14:49
kirklandand put it in debian/patches14:49
kirklandso it was doubled up14:49
zulah whoops..14:50
kirklandand that was causing a build failure14:50
kirklandso i backed it out14:50
kirklandand sent it building again14:50
zulok good14:50
kirklandzul: it's rolling through gcc'ing now14:51
proppythe debian bts already provide a patch that fix the issue14:53
proppyshould I apply the patch to a specific ubuntu revision14:54
proppyor wait for the debian package to be published ?14:54
tbfis there some explaination of lintian error messages somewhere?15:00
man-ditbf: lintian -I15:00
man-di-i sorru15:00
proppydebdiff attached to bug 17961415:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179614 in xcdroast "xcdroast requires icedax but not installed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17961415:01
norsettoproppy there is no cdda2wav in hardy so just add the dependency to icedax15:01
tbfman-di: ah, thank you15:02
norsettoproppy: and add the source of the patch to changelog15:02
tbfhmm.... how do i prevent this warning? package-installs-python-pyc15:03
tbf...since it is automake that installs those files15:03
man-ditbf: dont put them into the binary package15:03
brettaltonCan someone help me understand the process in making a .deb? I want to compile KohanaPHP into a .deb. The install process should be similar to phpMyAdmin where it installs to /usr/share/kohanaphp15:03
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
tbfman-di: i am not aware that i __explicitly__ put them15:04
man-ditbf: do you have an install or package.install file?15:05
proppynorsetto: I've applied the debian patch15:05
proppynorsetto: wich replace cdda2wav by icedax15:05
norsettoproppy: yes, so just quote where the patch is coming from in the changelog15:05
tbfman-di: no15:06
man-ditbf: okay, then you install them implicitely15:09
man-ditbf: I dont know much about python but shouldnt it be possible to disbale the compilation of pyc files?15:09
kirklandzul: okay, build done15:09
kirklandzul: now debdiff?15:09
zulkirkland: yep15:10
tbfman-di: well, when running "make install" manually it makes very much sense to install those pyc files15:11
zulsince you do have access to the archive yet the next thing to do would attach the debdiff to the bug and subcrive ubuntu-main-sponsors15:11
man-ditbf: not in your case15:11
man-ditbf: I mean, not in a debian package15:11
proppybug 179614 updated norsetto, should I subscribe u-s-s ?15:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179614 in xcdroast "xcdroast requires icedax but not installed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17961415:13
sistpoty|worktbf: then you can either patch the makefile(.in/.am?) to not install these or remove these in debian/rules again15:13
norsettoproppy: yes15:13
norsettoproppy: I would really add the author though, not just a reference to the bts15:14
proppyboth or only the authors ?15:15
norsettoproppy: both is fine, but just the author would do15:15
tbfsistpoty|work: yes, seems i should mess arround in debian/rules15:17
* norsetto thinks its cookie time15:19
zulkirkland: and when you get a chance submit the bug to debian15:19
kirklandzul: yeah, i'll need a couple of pointers on that too...  hold that thought though15:20
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
proppynorsetto: patch updated u-s-s suscribed15:22
* proppy looking for more https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize15:24
kirklandzul: so now I moved over all of the deb's i just built15:24
kirklandzul: I want to test my deb's15:24
LaneyHrm, if i'm patching aclocal.m4, is it appropriate to call autoconf in the patch rule?15:25
zulsudo dpkg -i php5-cgi should be sufficient15:25
kirklandzul: erg........15:25
mathiazkirkland: if you're testing php5, you should run the unit tests.15:26
kirklandzul: i built the packages on my i386 system15:26
kirklandmathiaz: sure, point me to 'em15:26
kirklandzul and i were just talking about that15:26
mathiazzul: https://code.launchpad.net/qa-regression-testing15:27
slicerWohoo! I got my first bug report. .. Erm.. Is there a "maintainer's guide to bug reports" somewhere? I've assigned it to myself; should I also set it as "in progress" as long as I'm investigating what's going on?15:27
mathiazkirkland: ^^15:27
kirklandzul: so i'll rebuild on amd6415:27
zulsounds good15:27
ScottKslicer: In Progress can mean both triaiging (investigating) and working on a fix, so that's reasonable.15:27
emgentdebian #46556715:28
ubotuDebian bug 465567 in cacti "please apply various patches from cacti.net" [Grave,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/46556715:28
mathiazkirkland: the qa-regression-testing has a directory for php515:28
slicerScottK: Roger that.15:28
proppynorsetto: btw I updated juce package in revu15:28
mathiazkirkland: it keeps a list of the test outputs for each version of php5 published in ubuntu.15:28
kirklandmathiaz: i'm reviewing now15:28
mathiazkirkland: it also has instructions on how to run the tests.15:29
norsettoproppy: good, we will have it in hardy+1015:31
proppynorsetto: foxy ferret+12 would be just fine :)15:34
* proppy wonders what will happend to release name when the 'z' letter will be reached15:41
* InsClusoe suggests Zestful Zebra15:42
slicerOk, another bug marking question. The bug reported is due to a bug in libqt4-sql on amd64, which has already been reported. How do I mark "my" bug as depending on that one being fixed?15:44
proppyInsClusoe: +1 ?15:47
InsClusoeproppy: Taken.. :)15:48
ScottKmok2: You have mail.15:48
emgentheya people15:48
* mok2 looks15:48
mok2ScottK; I agree15:50
proppyInsClusoe: wonders what will it after Z thought :)15:51
mok2ScottK: who is good to consult on the i18n stuff?15:51
ScottKmok2: Dunno.15:52
* ScottK knows he isn't the one though.15:52
mok2ScottK: I've never bothered with that stuff.15:52
mok2ScottK: I have another one on LP for motu-release, did you see it?15:53
LaserJockmok2: what do you need for i18n?15:53
mok2bug  19421915:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194219 in collectd "[needs-merge] collectd  (4.3.0-1)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421915:53
mok2LaserJock: I need someone to explain it to me :-)15:54
* InsClusoe is so worried about the future. Proppy is a doomsday cult follower. :-)15:54
* mok2 wonders why he's not mok0 as usual...15:54
LaneyCan anyone take a look at my patch on bug #188489?15:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188489 in darcs "darcs 1.0.9 FTBFS in Hardy" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18848915:54
LaserJockmok2: that's a pretty general questions "explain it to me" :-)15:55
mok2LaserJock: I ran into a package (WxWidgets using) where upstream wants to put the locale stuff in $pkgdatadir and not in /usr/share/locale15:56
ScottKmok2: Did you see sistpoty|work's comment?15:56
LaserJockmok2: hmm, interesting15:56
mok2ScottK: ah ok15:56
LaserJockmok2: do you know if the system finds it?15:56
mok2LaserJock: I don't know how to test that15:56
LaserJockuse a different locale? :-)15:57
mok2LaserJock: I don't want to screw up the locale on my system .-)15:57
mok2LaserJock: But if I can do it for just that one process...15:57
slicerbug 193808 (in a program) is due to bug 178084 (in a library the program uses). Does this make the bug a duplicate?15:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193808 in mumble "mumble refuses to start" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19380815:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178084 in qt4-x11 "Missing SQL drivers in libQtSql.so" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17808415:57
mok2LaserJock: how? Set LC_something?15:58
LaserJockI think something like export LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 && <program to run>15:59
* mok2 realizes he has a whole bunch of pidgin instances running...15:59
mok2LaserJock: OK, noted, thx15:59
=== warp10 is now known as warp10_
LaserJockmok2: did wxwidgets actual change where it puts the locales?16:01
=== warp10_ is now known as warp10
mok2LaserJock: not sure16:01
mok2LaserJock: I only know that upstream wants to put it there, and they must know (I figure)16:02
LaserJockwell, my thought would be that if it's done that in the past and we didn't get any complaints it probably works alright16:02
sistpoty|workLaney: maybe geser would like to look at it? Otherwise, I'll take a look at it once I'm home (and have finished the developer week session)16:03
mok2LaserJock: ... and my guess is that no one uses that locale stuff ;-)16:03
LaserJockmok2: no?16:03
LaserJockshould have caught the ;-)16:04
mok2LaserJock: Anyway, I can't get the language to change16:04
LaserJockyou could ask -devel16:06
LaserJockI've just don't it for stuff with lang packs or install to /locale/16:06
mok2LaserJock: You've just don't it??16:07
LaserJocksorry, *done it16:08
LaserJocktoo early in the morning over here16:08
mok2I am trying to get an ordinary KDE app to start up in french16:08
mok2which I can't do16:08
LaserJockso you have the french locale installed?16:09
mok2LaserJock: I don't know... I assume16:10
mok2LaserJock: Aren16:10
mok2't they all there?16:10
LaserJockhehe, no16:10
LaserJockthat would be huge16:10
mok2I see16:10
proppydpkg-reconfigure locales ?16:10
mok2Anyway, man complains16:10
LaserJockyou need to install the french language packs to get french16:11
mok2can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct16:11
mok2proppy: I don't want to screw up my box16:11
LaserJockpfft, what's a little french gonna hurt ;-)16:12
LaserJock"oh crap, how do I type sudo reboot in french?" ;-)16:12
* mok2 shudders16:12
LaserJockwell, see that man message is right16:13
kirklandmathiaz: sorry, but I not finding instructions for the php5 tests.  i've clicked all over that launchpad link you sent.16:13
LaserJockif you set $LANG to a language you don't have the locale for it'll complain16:13
proppymok2: try it in a chroot then :)16:13
proppylocale-gen fr_FR.UTF-8 ?16:14
mok2funny, I install the french language pack, and it says libsoup is no longer required16:14
LaserJockyeah, proppy's got a good point. Doing it in a  chroot would be easy16:15
mathiazkirkland: let me check16:15
mok2LaserJock: I guess. But getting it to work isn16:15
mok2't :(16:15
proppymok2: after a debootstrap you usually have to locale-gen or dpkg-configure locales to get rid of that warning16:16
mok2proppy: I thought I could do it by just changing the locale of one process16:17
mok2(konsole, for example)16:17
LaserJockyou should be able to do that16:17
LaserJockbut you need the locale available before you can do that16:18
mok2Well apt-get started speaking french on me16:18
mok2Souhaitez-vous continuer [O/n] ? O16:18
mathiazkirkland: if you look into build_testing/php5/, you'll have a README file16:19
mathiazkirkland: that explains how to run the php unit tests.16:19
RainCTScottK, ScottK2: Is the new python- package in ubuntu-dev-tools okay for entering Hardy or does it need a Freeze Exception (it's not a new feature, but just moving some stuff out from an executable and putting it into a Python module by itself)?16:20
LaserJockmok2: awesome16:20
mok2LaserJock: I will do this in a chroot env.16:21
LaserJockRainCT: it creates a new binary package?16:21
RainCTLaserJock: yes, python-ubuntutools (which contains the module ubuntutools.ppaput)16:22
LaserJocksounds like that might need a FFe since Ubuntu Archive will need to process it16:23
LaserJockalthough maybe they don't care16:23
sistpoty|workRainCT: what does ubuntutools.ppaput contain code for?16:24
sistpoty|work(out of interest)16:24
ScottKRainCT: It's a New package, so it does (impacts archive admin workload).16:25
* ScottK really wonders why we need a script for dput name-of-ppa 16:25
RainCTsistpoty|work: stuff from ppaput (the executable one) which could also be useful in other scripts16:26
RainCTScottK: I don't use it myself, but I think it also handles bug reports and such16:26
RainCTLaserJock: okay, I'll file a bug then. Thanks16:26
ScottKHow can you have a bug report for a PPA upload?16:26
RainCTScottK: "man ppaput" knows better :)16:28
RainCTor ping dholbach16:28
RainCT(well, once he is back)16:29
ScottKRainCT: I think it should be removed from the package.16:30
dholbachScottK: why?16:31
ScottKdholbach: Is PPA part of our agreed sponsoring process?16:31
ScottKWe've talked about this before.16:31
ScottKWe have a process and PPA isn't in it.16:31
dholbachwe did and I've changed the documentation16:32
ScottKThis tool puports to support our sponsoring proces, but is an entirely different one16:32
dholbachI'm not sure I understand16:32
ScottKFrom the man page: "This tool aims to help with the sponsoring process ... and is written by the MOTU team"16:33
ScottKThis is not true16:33
dholbachthat's no reason to remove it from the tools package16:33
dholbachI can certainly change the text (or anybody can)16:34
ScottKdholbach: Why should it be in the package taking up space on my hard drive?16:34
\sh0.9.56 is released...16:34
LaserJockScottK: well, that's not a particularly convincing argument16:34
LaserJockthere is a *great* many files that are taking up space on your hard drive16:34
ScottKLaserJock: The tool claims to support our sponsoring process, but is actually irrelevant to it.16:35
LaserJockso more of a description/usage problem16:35
LaserJockI'm not really sure what ppaput is useful for16:35
ScottKIt seems like it's off topic for Ubuntu Development Tools16:36
LaserJockwell, it's useful at least as an example16:36
LaserJockthough I'm not sure I like the idea of creating a new binary just for it16:36
ScottKFrom the package overview it doesn't seem to have any other purpose.16:36
ScottKWe've got clear working processes for New packages, upgrades, and new revisions now.  This isn't any of those.16:37
LaserJockdholbach: do we have a clear use case for ppaput?16:37
ScottKdholbach: If I touch the package I'll just remove ppaput.  Someone with a different interest might want to clarify it then.16:38
LaserJockI must confess I'm a little sketchy on what it does16:38
RainCTLaserJock: the new package is intended to get more stuff later (see http://paste.ubuntu.com/4899/)16:39
LaserJocktbh, that seems a little weird16:40
ScottKRainCT: Then it should go in a package called launchpad-dev-tools.  It's nothing to do with MOTU processes.16:40
LaserJockor it should provide a "general" abstraction16:40
LaserJockit seems odd to me to create a whole new package and "abstraction" specifically for PPA16:41
sistpoty|workactually, I've just looked at the gutsy ppaput thingy, and imho it doesn't make sense to have it in ubuntu-dev-tools as long as we don't adjust the sponsorship process. if we don't do the latter, the only thing that is not buggy imo in ppaput is the dput call16:42
dholbachsorry, in a call right now - be back in a bit16:42
sistpoty|workand for testing purposes, having ppaput lying on a ppa seems the best option for me :)16:42
sistpoty|work(or in bzr)16:43
sistpoty|workdamn... I *must* stop procrastrinating *g*16:43
RainCTScottK: neither the package's name nor description (talking about python-ubuntutools) say that it's for MOTU (and when I said that it's intended to get more stuff I ment other non-LP related stuff..)16:43
LaserJockhmm, I'm just getting a bit confused by all the "helper packages" with seemingly overlapping and/or trivial content16:44
* RainCT agrees that the ppa module should be more general, btw16:44
* RainCT will stop now discussing about this as he isn't neither interested in ppaput nor has he ever tried it16:45
LaserJockso we'd have at least python-ubuntutools, ubuntu-dev-tools, bughelper, python-bughelper, python-launchpad-bugs, and five-a-day packages for "work in Ubuntu"16:46
RainCTLaserJock: isn't the 5 a day stuff in a PPA?16:47
LaserJockbut there is a "needs packaging" bug files16:47
sistpoty|workLaserJock: that's FOSS at it's best :P16:47
RainCToh, I don't know what it contains but wouldn't it be suitable for ubuntu-dev-tools?16:48
LaserJocksistpoty|work: hmmm, I think I could debate you on that one16:48
LaserJockI would argue that having lots of nice little tools is great, but scattering them all over everywhere isn't so nice16:48
RainCT(ubuntu-dev-tools and python-ubuntutools don't overlap, the first one has executables and the second one modules -well, until now only one but there will be more- used by some of those executables; and their are the same source package)16:48
ScottKWell this kind of stuff is the kind of thing that was really concerining me when I pulled back at the start of the Hardy cycle.  I thought it'd stopped.16:48
LaserJockespecially when the keep changing names, don't seem to have stability16:48
ScottKI'm going to go calm down now.16:49
sistpoty|workLaserJock: heh... I guess I'd even go as far to say it's software engineering at its best... :)16:49
kirklandmathiaz: http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?diff=m1e055dfe16:49
kirklandmathiaz: there seem to be regressions, i'm chasing those down16:49
LaserJocksistpoty|work: I don't mind the software engineering part nearly as much as the packaging part16:49
RainCTScottK2: hey, no need to overhead just because you don't like a script ;)16:50
LaserJockif they are in different packages from different sources16:50
LaserJockit's easy to break stuff16:50
* sistpoty|work just wonders, why it's so trivial to write code doing roughly the same things twice and cleaning it up is much harder (while cleaining up my own project)16:51
jpatrickRainCT: he's not here :p16:52
RainCToh right16:52
kirklandzul: see http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?diff=m1e055dfe for test differences, -before +after16:53
zulwhy is there more tests failed?16:54
LaserJockRainCT: whether they are executables or modules is basically irrelevant16:55
kirklandzul: I'm looking....16:55
kirklandzul: and I'm running on i386 too16:55
RainCTLaserJock: Python policy :)16:55
LaserJockRainCT: no, hang on a sec there16:55
LaserJockPython policy does *not* state you have to have a new package if you have modules16:55
LaserJockit would be perfectly fine to ship it all in a single package for now16:57
RainCTLaserJock: neither if those are public modules?16:57
LaserJockthey shouldn't *be* public modules16:57
LaserJockthat's my point16:57
LaserJockwhy would you make them public modules and do a new binary package at this point16:57
RainCTLaserJock: well, the idea of even having those modules is for them to be public. and afaik there's at least 1 person interested in them (right, 1 person is really not a good argument :))16:58
LaserJockif there is need for them to go public then great, but it should most likely be in a different package16:58
LaserJockunless we have a number of things we want to make public16:59
LaserJockit just seems odd to add the maintainence overhead and complexity for such a narrow and small library16:59
* \sh <- EoB16:59
LaserJockwhich in fact, at this point, has really not much of any bearing on MOTU16:59
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
RainCTLaserJock: well, I'll leave the module in the same binary then until there are more modules, if dholbach is OK with that17:00
sistpoty|workwell making such modules public would imho only be a good idea, if the api has become stable... otherwise it's no fun depending on it ;)17:00
LaserJocksistpoty|work: exactly17:00
LaserJockthis is a fairly common thing I'm seeing17:00
LaserJockpeople putting out public libraries with before they reach any stability, then everything breaks on the next upload17:01
LaserJockideally I'd like to see only 2 packages17:03
LaserJockpython-launchpad and ubuntu-dev-tools17:03
LaserJockand let python-launchpad handle all the abstraction of LP we need17:03
LaserJockand then ubuntu-dev-tools being the actual tools and scripts people would use17:04
kirklandzul: before and after on i386 look good: http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?diff=dc66f64a17:14
zulkirkland: so what changed? :)17:15
kirklandzul: nothing on i386, which is good17:15
kirklandzul: but tests are failing on amd6417:15
kirklandzul: I'm retracing my steps17:15
zulok sounds good17:16
kirklandto make sure my test runs are identical (save the diff)17:16
kirklandzul: what's scary is that the failing tests are all strtotime related :-/17:16
kirklandzul: potentially test cases need to be updated17:16
kirklandnow that 64bit time is properly supported17:16
zulI was about to say that :017:16
kirklandany idea of this php developer is on irc?  derick@php.net?17:17
zul#php maybe?17:17
* sistpoty|work heads home17:18
sistpoty|worklater folks17:18
tbfwhy doesn't lintian consider this entry:17:25
tbf# Override this warning, as we do not have message catalogs yet.17:25
tbfgnome-lirc-properties: package-contains-empty-directory usr/share/locale/17:25
tbfwhen i add it to debian/gnome-lirc-properties.lintian-override?17:25
kirklandzul: okay, i'm going to work against the upstream PHP tar balls, in case the tests have been updated themselves17:26
zulok with me..17:27
kirklandzul: this rabbit hole is far deeper than I might have expected ;-)17:27
zulit usually is :)17:28
kirklandzul: bingo, those tests have been updated17:35
zulnifty so they work?17:35
kirklandzul: i'm rerunning17:36
kirklandzul: if they do, i'll roll in the patch17:36
pochupersia: midi support! \o/17:44
pochupersia: good work with wildmidi ;)17:44
LaserJockoh man, I guess I need to stock up on polaroid film, they are ceasing production17:47
dholbachRainCT: do you need the ppaput source in ubuntu-dev-tools for it?17:49
* RainCT doesn't understand dholbach's question17:50
dholbachRainCT: do you need the ppaput source in ubuntu-dev-tools for your module?17:50
* RainCT still doesn't understand :P17:51
dholbachRainCT: you have a module in ubuntu-dev-tools right now, right?17:51
dholbachis it necessary for the module to have the ppaput script in ubuntu-dev-tool too? I guess not, right?17:52
LaserJockhe didn't write it I don't think17:52
RainCTdholbach: the ppaput module that is currently going into python-ubuntutools (which isn't mine; rexbron worked on it)? it doesn't require the ppaput command, but the command needs the module17:54
RainCTdholbach: is this what you were asking?17:54
dholbachyes, thanks a bunch17:54
* mok1 wonders why all config tools require X to be running :-(17:55
LaserJockdholbach: would it be feasible to merge the bughelper and 5-a-day stuff into ubuntu-dev-tools?17:55
mok1There *really* should be tui's for all config tools17:56
dholbachLaserJock: I have a session coming on right now, for bughelper best to ask bdmurray and thekorn - I'm not that much involved with it anymore17:56
dholbachLaserJock: for five-a-day I'm not sure17:56
dholbachMOTU Q&A Session in #ubuntu-classroom in a bit17:57
dholbachLaserJock, RainCT: ppaput removed for now17:58
RainCTdholbach: what's with the ppaput module?17:59
dholbachRainCT: I left it as it is18:00
LaserJockwell, a general library for dealing with packages may indeed be helpful18:00
LaserJockbut it should certainly be more than just for PPAs18:00
LaserJockgotta run, bbl18:01
RainCTok, I'll remove python-ubuntutools from debian/control and comment the module stuff in setup.py and such for now until the module gets improved and properly documented18:01
RainCTbtw, stdin got a new dgetlp version ready (with support for native packages and a bug fix), if someone wants to try it before I commit, http://stdin.me.uk/dgetlp18:02
tbf.oO(the ppa build services rock)18:28
jdongsiretart: poke, bug 194226, I believe a while back you said you had a ffmpeg staging from experimental... Would you like to comment on that bug?18:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194226 in ffmpeg "Outdated FFMPEG version impeding HD video playback" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19422618:39
=== afflux_ is now known as afflux
tbfi keep getting rejects like this: "MD5 sum of uploaded file does not match existing file in archive"18:47
tbfis that because deleted packages just are hidden, but not really deleted?18:48
tbfi wanted to keep the release number, since package building failed18:48
norsettotbf: you talking about PPAs I guess? In that case please ask in #launchpad18:51
tbfnorsetto: ok. thank you.18:51
pochutbf: (deleting them seems to take a while, maybe an hour or a few hours...)18:53
pochutbf: hello, btw :)18:54
tbfhello pochu. ah, ok.18:54
stdinit happens on an daily cron job iirc18:54
tbfstdin: uch, how inconvenient18:57
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
tbfbbl - hopefully i've got all build-deps right this time18:59
=== tbf is now known as tbf|afk
emgentheya people19:00
dholbachLibrary Packagin Session in #ubuntu-classroom19:14
siretartjdong: well, I got a response from slomo that the package from experimental had an ABI break19:17
siretartjdong: I didn't find the time to investigate it properly. most likely we should do an sobump19:17
siretartjdong: if you are willing to convince the relase teams that we can just go with recompiling depending packages, I'd vote for it19:18
nareshovI have a package-request: Please package this http://rubygame.sourceforge.net/ Thanks!19:22
hellboy195nareshov: please file a bug on LP19:23
nareshovhellboy195: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19446319:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194463 in ubuntu "[Package Request] Rubygame" [Undecided,New]19:26
dholbachnareshov: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages19:26
dholbachbest to tag it as 'needs-packaging'19:26
nareshovDone re-tagging19:27
* dholbach calls it a day now - have a great weekend everybody19:27
james_wbye dholbach, have a good one yourself.19:31
dholbachjames_w: "ROCK" ON! :-)19:31
IulianHave fun, dholbach.19:33
dholbachbye Iulian19:33
RainCTdholbach: good weekend :)19:33
dholbachbye RainCT :-)19:33
dholbachsee you monday :)19:33
dholbachbye emgent19:33
emgentbye dholbach ^^19:33
gouchiHi there19:37
gouchiI'm gonna try to package a software with wxwidget lib19:37
gouchiI compile it with codeblocks19:37
gouchiI was wondering if I can compile it with codeblocks when doing the deb package process ?19:38
gouchior I must make it work with autotools , cmake .... ?19:38
LaneyI need some advice. If I have a patch which modifies aclocal.m4, I need to run autoconf somehow, right? So I've put this in the patch stanza in debian/rules. But then I have to build-dep on autoconf, which isn't really ideal. Can someone advise me on the best way to proceed?19:48
slangasekLaney: one option is to capture the changes resulting from running autoconf in a separate patch19:49
slangasekbut build-depending on autoconf is common enough, and not really frowned upon19:49
slangasekbtw, you say you're editing aclocal.m4, not acinclude.m4?19:49
Laneyslangasek: It's an upstream patch which modifies aclocal19:50
slangasekwell, ok19:50
slangasekbad upstream, they should be making their changes to acinclude.m4 :)19:50
slangasek(aclocal.m4 is also supposed to be auto-generated)19:51
LaneyActually there isn't even an acinclude file...19:51
LaneyMaybe they've just hand written an aclocal19:51
Laneyslangasek: Anyway, you don't think that build-depending on autoconf is a problem? I'll go ahead and do that if so.19:53
slangasekyes, build-depending on autoconf is a common practice.  Please be sure to remove the modified configure script in the clean target, though19:57
LaneyAs in `rm configure'?20:01
slangasekLaney: yes20:04
slangasekthat way you don't end up with a lot of interdiff churn for each new version of autoconf that's used20:04
LaneyAh, ok :)20:05
* LaserJock hands sistpoty a cold drink20:10
sistpotythanks LaserJock20:10
LaserJockis anybody still using dgetlp?20:17
=== phoenix24_ is now known as phoenix24
* ScottK2 understood it's not needed anymore, but I'm not sure.20:21
LaserJockwell, it's been modified recently according to debian/changelog20:22
LaserJockbut I think all it does beyond what we can do without it is dpkg-source -x the downloaded source package20:23
geserLaserJock: dget -x unpacks also the downloaded source package20:28
LaserJockso there we go20:29
LaserJockperhaps we should have a "ubuntu-dev-tools hackup/cleanup" session?20:29
* ScottK2 is seriously wondering if the launchpad cookie alternative to a GPG signature for PPA uploads is really a good idea.20:44
LaserJockthe what??20:44
* ScottK2 wonders if it's really a security hole and ppaput is a working model of the exploit20:44
ScottK2According to the ppaput man page I was annoyed about earlier it appears to me if you're logged into LP and have an appropriate cookie from LP, you're PPA uploads don't need to be signed.  I'm not certain of this yet, however20:45
* ScottK2 has it on his list to investigate later.20:45
LaserJockwoah, I would be very surprised about that20:45
polopolohello all20:46
polopolocan someone help me?20:46
ScottK2Dunno.  Maybe the cookie this is just for bug filing.  I'm really not sure.20:46
norsetto!ask polopolo20:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask polopolo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:46
norsettooh well....20:46
norsettopolopolo yes?20:46
LaserJocknorsetto: you need to pipe it, | or > ;-)20:47
polopolohow do I add my ssh code in launchpad?20:47
polopolohow do I add my ssh code in launchpad?20:47
norsettolaserjock: :-)20:47
thekornScottK, the cookie is just for bug filing20:47
ScottK2thekorn: OK.20:47
norsettopolopolo: you mean key I guess?20:48
polopolono, ssh code20:48
polopolossh key yes20:48
norsettopolopolo: ah ... in your launchpad page, the menu on the left?20:49
polopoloyes, but how can I know my ssh code?20:49
hellboy195norsetto: does a motu has to have a ssh key?20:49
norsettohellboy195: no20:49
hellboy195norsetto: k, thx20:49
norsettohellboy195: but you need it if you want to use things like bzr20:49
polopolohmmmmmm, wait a sec20:50
norsettopolopolo: are you arsenepaul?20:51
Laneyblueyed: Can you take a look at my new patch on the darcs FTBFS bug?20:59
=== Gunirus_ is now known as Gunirus
pochunxvl: hi, did you read my previous message regarding terminator?21:18
nxvlpochu: Ng is writing the Freeze exeption21:18
pochuoh, cool21:18
blueyedLaney: builds fine. I wonder though: if you now have changes in "configure", do you need the autoconf dependency/rebuild in rules?21:18
pochuNg: good luck ;)21:18
nxvl(or al least that's what i think) i'm kind of busy right now on the work21:18
Ngpochu: thanks ;)21:19
pochuNg: I'll open a bug regarding how the links are highlighted if you put the mouse over the domain, to see what people thinks, if that's fine with you21:20
nxvlpochu: 0.8.1 is already in debian21:20
nxvlpochu: and 0.9 will come with some surprises, so stay tuned :P21:20
pochunxvl: yeah, I saw it in debian-devel-changes, that's how I realized 0.8 was out ;)21:21
pochuas I can't subscribe to terminator@l.l.n unless I'm a member of ~terminator...21:21
pochuhave to run, bbl21:21
Laneyblueyed: I think I do - the new configure file referse to the state after autoconf has been run. Unless you're suggesting that I include the changes in the patch, which is a bit messy in my opinion. To me it's pretty clean currently - has a nice small debdiff ;)21:22
Ngpochu: sure21:23
LaneyI'm trying to build darcs on sid now, to see if it works or not21:23
Legendariohello everybody! I would like to know: how am I supposed to pack something that doesn't need to be compiled, like a script? I couldn't find such an answer on the guide...21:24
blueyedLaney: I've seen the changes to configure in "debdiff ../darcs*dsc", but missed the "reverted".. there's currently no configure in the source, correct?21:25
blueyedLaney: you are trying to build it without your patch?21:26
Laneyblueyed: Yeah, just to check if it's necessary21:26
LaneyBut man do the deps take *ages* to download and install21:26
Laneyblueyed: There is a configure in the source21:27
Legendariodoes anyone know the answer?21:27
LaneyLegendario: I think I saw something about packaging python scripts on there, let me look21:28
LaneyLegendario: Sorry, I can't see it :(21:30
geserLegendario: just use cp where you would use make install and cp them to the right location21:30
blueyedLaney: I'm only seeing configure.ac.. Maybe because you delete it in clean?21:30
LegendarioLaney, what about other scripts like perl and bash???21:31
Laneyblueyed: Yes, that was per slangasek21:31
Legendariogeser, i want to pack them.21:31
geserLegendario: yes, and make install usually uses /usr/bin/install to get the files into the correct dir below debian/ from where the deb is build later21:32
geserso you just need to make sure you do it too21:32
Legendariogeser, sorry. but i couldn't understand what i am supposed to do exactly21:33
geserLegendario: are you familiar how the deb building works for a package which needs compilation?21:34
Legendariogeser, i am giving my first steps. Have created 3 packages so far...21:35
blueyed...which is quite good already :)21:36
blueyedLaney: uploaded.21:36
geserhave you looked at the dirs below debian/ which appear during package building?21:36
geserLegendario: ^^21:36
Laneyblueyed: Thanks!21:36
Legendariogeser, sure thing21:36
LaneyUrgh, I should be more generous in allocating space to my VMs21:37
geserLegendario: from those dir the deb is packed in the end21:37
geserLegendario: so if you don't need compilation, you just need to make sure that the files are in the correct dirs below debian/ so a deb can be build from it21:38
geserLegendario: btw: doesn't it have any install script or a Makefile?21:39
Legendariogeser, one of the sources i am trying to pack have, the other doesn't21:41
=== ianc is now known as IanC
geserLegendario: there is no big magic between package a software with a makefile and a software without the makefile, the makefile helps you with "installing" the software so you don't need to have to do it manually21:45
geserso if you don't have a makefile you need to the things the makefile would usually do21:45
Legendariogeser, what are those? I only know how to pack ones with makefile. Install scripts don't work with me too...21:47
geserhave you tried to look what a Makefile does?21:47
geseryou need to cp the script(s) into debian/<packagename/... where ... is the path it should have later in the package21:49
LaneyLegendario: I find that looking at how existing similar packages work helps my understanding21:49
geseroO( someone should add a chapter about packaging script to the packaging guide who can explain it better than me )21:49
Legendariogeser, i agree with this guide adition...21:50
Legendariogeser, would it be, for example: debian/usr/bin ?21:50
Legendarioor debian/usr/bin/packagename?21:51
geserdpkg-deb takes at the end the contents of debian/packagename/ and makes a packagename.deb out of it21:52
Legendariogeser, so. the script goes on the end of the path debian/packagename/usr/bin ?21:54
geserand the deb will contain it later as usr/bin/scriptname21:54
Legendariogeser, and I build the package as always: debuild -S -sa21:55
geseryes, everything is nearly the same like in other packages21:56
Legendariogeser, thanks a lot man... I am going to try it right away. But i think someone should add it on the wiki21:57
geserthe only difference is that you don't need to call make in debian/rules (as there is nothing to compile) and need to replace the make install call with the correct cp call(s) to get the script where it belongs (if you don't have a Makefile which does it for you)21:57
gesere.g. some python modules don't have a makefile but a setup.py script which does the building (if needed) and can also copy the files to the correct location when called with install21:59
Legendariogeser, so, if i am using cdbs, i take the line: include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/makefile.mk22:02
Legendarioout, and what should i place?22:02
gesersorry, I don't how to best to do it with cdbs22:03
SeveasLegendario, there's a distutils class22:03
LegendarioSeveas, /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/distutils.mk?22:04
SeveasLegendario, here's a simple debian/rules for cdbs+distutils:22:04
Seveas#!/usr/bin/make -f22:04
Seveasinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk22:04
Seveasinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/python-distutils.mk22:04
Seveasnot sure if it's still necessary to define DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM22:05
LegendarioSeveas, i my case, it is a perl script... so, can it be perl-distutils.mk?22:06
Seveasah sorry, didn't read it all, from gesers comment I though tou were dealing with python22:07
SeveasLegendario, if what you want to package is just simple files, have a debian/install and use dh_install22:09
hellboy195Seveas: cdbs seems to be very easy. why hasn't replaced it the other things?22:10
Seveashellboy195, imho it's too much black magic22:10
Seveashellboy195, but I use it for all simple packages I do :)22:11
hellboy195Seveas: ^^22:11
sistpotyhellboy195: easy != you know what's going on or have control of it ;)22:12
LegendarioSeveas, how is the sintaxe of dh_install?22:12
hellboy195sistpoty: for me is the easiest way the best way ^^22:12
SeveasLegendario, man dh_install22:13
geserhellboy195: cdbs works well with packages using autotools or python-distutils, but you have to fight it in the other cases22:13
mario_limonciellhellboy195, i'm personally a huge fan of cdbs, but still feel that you should learn to package with and without it (so you learn what the underlying things its doing are)22:13
Legendariogeser, i agree.22:13
geserLegendario: iirc there should be chapter describing packaging with debhelper in the packaging guide22:14
sistpotyhellboy195: when reviewing packages I often found out that people had no clue how to do a simple thing I requested, because they didn't know what's going on or how to change it22:14
hellboy195sistpoty: yeah I understand :)22:14
hellboy195mario_limonciell: because of that I'm doing merges without grab-merge ^^22:14
sistpotygranted, cdbs is very powerful though, if you do know what's going on22:15
Legendariogeser, i've read it all. I am trying to pack with all the options22:15
hellboy195geser: unfortunately there is no *one way* :(22:15
gesersistpoty: even if you know what cdbs does in the background it's not easy to get cdbs to do what you want22:15
sistpotygeser: it's not straightforward or easy, but I guess it can be done... however /me prefers to not use cdbs because debian/rules say what is going on (even if they are longer)22:16
=== tbf|afk is now known as tbf
gesersistpoty: do you know how to get cdbs to specify a build-indep target for arch:all package?22:21
sistpotygeser: no... as I wrote, I prefer to not use it (and used it actually only once for a python package)22:22
* geser looks a the bad work-around done to the clipper FTBFS on !i386 by moving B-D-I to B-D22:22
sistpotyimho it was a bad move as well, to diverge from debian's cdbs (with the symlink thingies)... oh, I must report a bug for this still22:23
ScottKsistpoty: It was by design though, so good idea or bad, it's not a bug.22:23
ScottKgeser: You might use that as an education opportunity for mok0 then (clipper).22:23
sistpotyScottK: imho the current implementation is a bug, because it allows bad symlinks (but I looked more closely at the implementation 2 weeks ago, maybe it's already fixed)22:24
geserScottK: I know the taken approach is wrong, but have no idea how the correct fix looks like22:24
ScottKsistpoty: OK.  Fair enough.22:25
=== emgent is now known as carlo__
sistpotyScottK: luckily, it omits debian/copyright from symlinking... if that was done, it could lead to serious license violations :)22:25
ScottKgeser: He's pretty sharp about a lot of stuff, just still learning Debian packaging.   With a little pointing, I bet he could solve it.22:25
=== carlo__ is now known as emgent
* tbf wonders if there i some guide to muve stuff from ppa to universe....22:34
tbf...now that lintian accepts this gnome-lirc-properties package....22:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192368 in ubuntu "Please add gnome-lirc-properties" [Wishlist,Confirmed]22:36
ScottKPPA is pretty much irrelevant to getting a package in Universe.22:37
ScottKIt's the same as any package.22:37
tbfScottK: well the build service helps alot to fix issues without bugging motus22:39
ScottKtbf: Yes.  It's likely a better package to start with, but the process is the same.22:44
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
Legendariogeser, what about java software without makefiles or install scripts... is it the same process?22:55
Legendarioi don't think so...22:55
sistpotyoh, anyone with gnome and an nvidia card who could test a debdiff to sensors-applet for me?22:57
hellboy195sistpoty: here :)22:58
sistpotyhellboy195: excellent... http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12022921/proposed.debdiff is against the latest version (imo)22:58
geserLegendario: doesn't java use ant?22:58
hellboy195sistpoty: ähm. I *make* debdiffs but I don't know how to *use* them :(22:59
Legendariogeser, i don't know what it is...22:59
sistpotyhellboy195: öhm... apt-get source sensors-applet22:59
sistpotyhellboy195: then cd into the top source dir and do23:00
sistpotyhellboy195: patch -p0 < thedebdiff23:00
hellboy195sistpoty: k :)23:00
geserLegendario: some java apps use ant (Java based build tool like make) and there is already a cdbs class for ant23:00
sistpotyand funny, to see an ähm btw. :)23:01
hellboy195sistpoty: germanism ^^23:02
sistpotyhellboy195: Ich weiß :P23:02
hellboy195sistpoty: ich bin ein Berliner ^^23:03
paultaghey guys, I am interested in becoming a MOTU, any tips?23:04
sistpotyhellboy195: /me is from Franken (near Erlangen/Nürnberg)23:04
hellboy195sistpoty: ah sry. I thought you are from Berlin ^^ /me is from southern Austria23:04
sistpotyhellboy195: ah23:04
paultaghellboy195: My family is from Hallein, and I have an exchange student in Munchen23:05
hellboy195paultag: nice :)23:05
Legendariogeser, i found a page that says i need ant and java SDK, to build it... does the ant class able to handle it?23:05
sistpotypaultag: maybe there some bitesize bugs left, you could look at wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/TODO23:05
tbfguess i'll have to change the package's version number from 0.2.0-0ubuntu1~ppa3 to something different, before uploading to REVU?23:06
hellboy195sistpoty: what do you want to know about sensors-applet?23:06
norsettonight all23:06
hellboy195norsetto: night :)23:06
geserLegendario: I don't know, I try to avoid cdbs when possible23:06
sistpotyhellboy195: does the updated one show the temparatures of the GPU?23:06
tbfprobably "0.2.0-0ubuntu2"?23:06
hellboy195sistpoty: k, still building23:06
sistpotyhellboy195: that's what I hope, since it's built with nvidia support now23:06
sistpotyjdong: do you happen to know if there is a debootstrap in gutsy-updates (I know, I'm lazy :P)23:07
jdonggrep 'jdong:.*bluekuja.*' ~/irclogs -R23:07
jdongsistpoty: gutsy-backports always has the latest23:07
ScottKsistpoty: There is23:08
sistpotyjdong: excellent, thanks!23:08
jdongand while I'm here, anyone heard from bluekuja recently?23:08
Legendariogot this: You must specify a valid JAVA_HOME or JAVACMD!23:08
sistpotyLegendario: iirc, this should be provided by the right java package... but that was *very* long ago, when I last had seen this23:09
hellboy195jdong: it seems that he is fine23:09
hellboy195sistpoty: only cpu :(23:10
sistpotyhellboy195: do you have l-r-m installed? and are using the restricted driver?23:10
jdonghellboy195: that's what I wanted to know, I hope he's alright, just too busy to contribute to Ubuntu23:10
hellboy195jdong: luca phoned him last week23:10
jdonghellboy195: that's good to hear23:10
hellboy195jdong: well he is my mentor. So *I* miss him ^^23:10
jdongI was just worried that he hasn't shown up in IRC for more than a month23:11
hellboy195sistpoty: sry. l-r-m?23:11
jdongmplayer http://www.computersoc.com/video/radar/22108_ka.wmv23:11
sistpotyhellboy195: linux-restricted-modules23:11
jdongwow I really suck at focus today23:11
hellboy195siretart: +1 , +123:11
* sistpoty must install gnome *g*23:12
hellboy195jdong: whats the video about?23:12
hellboy195sistpoty: gnome should be installed ;)23:12
jdonghellboy195: oh it's just a radar encounter with the Valentine One radar detector23:12
jdonghellboy195: the guy just wanted to know if his detection distances were normal23:12
sistpotyhellboy195: *g*23:12
hellboy195jdong: xD, keep contribution to ubuntu! ^^23:13
hellboy195sistpoty: I leave soon, if you need me to test it again tomorrow - just ping me23:13
sistpotyhellboy195: oh, do you have nvidia-settings installed... if so, could you start that and see if that one shows you the GPU temperature?23:14
Legendariosistpoty, any hints on how to deal with it?23:14
sistpotyothers than that, I have no real clue where to fix it w.o. trying myself23:14
hellboy195sistpoty: the restricted driver doesn't install the -settings so no, but I can install it ...23:15
sistpotyLegendario: what do your build-depends look like?23:15
Legendariosistpoty, cdbs, debhelper (>= 5)23:15
sistpotyLegendario: you'll need s.th. that provides a java compiler in there... I wouldn't know what actually though (maybe gcj?)23:16
sistpotyLegendario: and "ant"23:16
hellboy195sistpoty: 47° :)23:17
sistpotyhm... damn again *g*23:18
* sistpoty installs gnome23:18
hellboy195sistpoty: gnome should already be installed ^^ xD23:18
Legendariosistpoty, gcj and ant?23:18
sistpotyheh, not for a kubuntu user (who purged gnome partly once)23:18
Legendarioonly this?23:19
hellboy195sistpoty: I don't understand what's so cool about kde/kubuntu23:19
sistpotyLegendario: it might be worth a try... but I can't really say that it is sufficient to build a java package with these23:19
Legendariosistpoty, what about this package: libjaxp1.3-java-gcj - Java XML parser and transformer APIs (DOM, SAX, JAXP, TrAX)23:20
tbfthat linda message seems bogous to me: http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/gnome-lirc-properties-0802230010/linda23:20
sistpotyhellboy195: I found out how to assign a shortcut to launch a shell (back in kde1.something, where it was really hard work)... since then I never switched, so this very shortcut is broken right now :/23:20
hellboy195sistpoty: xD ^^23:20
sistpotytbf: yes, it is... linda is quite outdated on revu23:21
sistpoty(or rather outdated in general... but she still spots some errors lintian won't find)23:21
hellboy195sistpoty: wouldn't it be the best to merge these 2 ?23:21
slangaseksistpoty: which errors are those?  I'm sure the lintian maintainers would like to know about them23:21
tbfsistpoty: ok - pew23:22
sistpotyhellboy195: ask StevenK ;)23:22
hellboy195sistpoty: away atm :( ^^23:22
sistpotyslangasek: I don't recall right now... and actually my knowledge of these dates back to when linda wasn't outdated yet :P23:22
slangasekright, ok :)23:23
sistpotygrml... either I'm stupid, or gnome2 is still not installable (note, that I'm one day behind, mirror)23:24
hellboy195sistpoty: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ;)23:25
tbfpochu: fresh meat: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gnome-lirc-properties :-D23:27
sistpotyhm... why is there a gnome-desktop-environment in universe?23:28
sistpoty(which fooled me)23:28
LaserJockprobably from Debian23:28
sistpotyit is from debian, but is it needed (meta-package)?23:28
LaserJockwe sync many metapackages from Debian23:31
LaserJockthat it is in Universe is the first indicator that it's probably not what you want ;-)23:31
hellboy195gn8 :)23:37
emgentheya *23:50

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