jetsaredimmaybe i should just wait till i hear back from the maintainer00:00
jetsaredimit seems to work in principle anyway00:00
jetsaredimjust the versioning to sort out00:00
Ubulette~svn or +svn depending, after that, either just the rev (+svb1234) or date+rev (+svn20080222r1234)00:00
jetsaredimit builds just fine and all that00:01
asacyeah, but would be great to add the svn revision asap ... otherwise we don't know which revision the upstream sources are from00:02
Ubulettethe thing is, if you got the source from svn, the version should indicate it, including the revision so people can fetch the tarball from upstream if they want to.00:02
asacand you can easily foget ;)00:02
asacjetsaredim: ^^^00:03
Ubuletteand then you should add a get-orig-source target in debian/rules00:03
asacUbulette: couldn't we do something generic in .mk files?00:03
asacfor svn maintained sources? e.g. just specify the branch url in the rules?00:03
asaci think svn is pretty common soproviding that would be good00:04
Ubuletteyes, i have something like that already00:04
asacmaybe lets review how to integrate that00:04
asacmaybe we should put the versioning scheme then into some more generic .mk, so svn.mk can reuse that00:05
asacor is there already a base.mk that firefox, et al import?00:05
Ubuletteff and all are cvs based00:06
Ubuletteplus bonsai magic00:06
asacUbulette: right00:07
jetsaredimok - so what am i supposed to be doing?  and should I wait to hear back from the maintainer and just re-instantiate the upstream too00:09
asacjetsaredim: for now just fix the version and push that to bzr00:10
asacthen we wait for maintainer to see what to do00:10
jetsaredimin the upstream or ubuntu00:10
asacuse 1.1.0~b11+svnREVISION00:10
asacin ubuntu00:10
asacaeh the upstream verison part of the package that is00:10
asacuse 1.1.0~b11+svnREVISION-0ubuntu1 is the full version00:11
asacREVISION should be the svn revision you exported and imported to bzr00:11
asacjetsaredim: all clear?00:11
jetsaredimpushing now00:12
asacjetsaredim: and revert the change to install.rdf :)00:13
jetsaredimerr oops00:14
asacno problem ;)00:15
jetsaredimpushed again00:15
asac"revert change to install.rdfwq" :-P00:15
asacjetsaredim: "to 1.1.0~b12+svn317-0ubuntu1" ?? why not b11 ?00:16
asacok its just a commit e log typo00:16
asacin changelog you have the right version ;)00:16
asacgood ... now wait for upstream ;)00:17
asacthanks a lot!00:17
jetsaredimi'm in the middle of eating dinner and talking to my wife00:17
asacsure ... have fun00:17
Ubuletteasac, if you care to have a look: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-3.0.head00:17
jetsaredimasac: I may work on mouse gestures too tonight00:18
asacjetsaredim: great.00:18
asacUbulette: does gnome-support work stil?00:20
asacdoes tbird 3 have typeaheadfind by default now?00:20
asacotherwise you might want to explicitly build that as an extension00:21
Ubulettei'm not there yet, i'm stuck at make install00:21
asac(if it still builds --- in the past this required some hackery)00:21
asacUbulette: how does it fail?00:21
Ubuletteit doesn't00:21
Ubulettethere's just no debian/tmp00:21
asacah ... it just doesn't install enough files?00:21
asacUbulette: mail/installer/windows/packages-static00:22
asacmaybe we need that for unix as well now?00:22
Ubulettebut we always --disable-installer00:23
asacUbulette: trunk uses the installer packaging code anyway since they killed the "Normal" make install a few month back00:23
asacthere might be another hook missing though00:24
Ubulettehm, so i got it wrong with my installer patch00:24
Ubulettedamn url, they should make it shorter00:25
asacyes ... you just killed it :)00:26
asacwe need packages-static for unix anyway i guess00:26
asacUbulette: i agree for the url length00:26
asacits ridiculous00:26
asacjust path?revno=xxx would be good enough00:26
asaclets see if the installer is invoked in the same way for browser00:27
UbuletteI did that because it ftbsed00:27
asacah right ... maybe because of missing packages-static ?00:27
asacor missing unix install dir?00:27
Ubulettesomething like you need a "--enable-static --disable-shared" build to create an installer00:28
asacright .. the install:: target uses the meta info of installer, but performs a real make instlal :)00:28
Ubulettewhile I requested  --disable-installer like xul00:28
asacthats most likely just a confusing follow up message of the real problem00:29
asacmaybe it tests if the make install succeeded and if didn't just pump out some obscure message like that ;)00:29
Ubulettewe have --disable-installer everywhere, sm, sm2, xul1.9, ff3, tb2, ...00:29
asacUbulette: --disable-installer is correct00:30
asacthe patch is just not correct :)00:30
Ubulettenow i see that00:30
asacah ok :)00:30
Ubulettethe message confused me00:30
asacyes, i vaguely remember that i saw something similar confusing at some point when things started to change00:31
asaci really find the new way "hacky" ... though its faster and less fragile - which isn't that bad00:33
Ubulettei can rebuild with --enable-static --disable-shared, let's see00:34
asacoh better don't try00:34
asacas i said, its most likely a bogus message00:34
Ubulettei really need sleep00:35
asacme too00:35
asaci will drink a tea and then go to bed ;)00:35
asacsleep well00:35
cheguevaranight asac and Ubulette00:39
jetsaredimanother packaging question00:48
jetsaredimhow do I tell debsign what user to sign the package as00:49
jetsaredimwhen I run debuild -b it appears to be using uid@mymachine rather than what is in the changelog00:49
asac[reed]: bug 193877 ... any idea?00:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193877 in firefox-3.0 "C-z undo keyboard binding doesn't respect non-qwerty layout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19387700:57
asacjetsaredim: usually it should use the email in changelog00:57
asacdo you have a secret key for that in your keyring?00:58
asacgpg --list-secret-keys afaik00:58
jetsaredimi figured it out00:58
jetsaredimjust not seeing it my ppa building00:59
asacdid you upload to ppa?00:59
asacin order to upload you need to produce an orig.tar.gz and build the sources:01:00
jetsaredimdput my-ppa ../firebug_1.1.0~b11+svn317-0ubuntu1_source.changes01:00
asacwhen did you upload?01:00
asacare the sources already there?01:00
jetsaredimit uploaded them during the dput01:01
asacah ... you have to enable the PPA i guess01:01
asacdid you do that already?01:01
asacso you built using debuild -S -sa ?01:01
asacdid you get a mail?01:01
asacyes ... include orig.tar.gz in upload01:02
asacthat means01:02
asacsince its the first upload, you need that01:02
jetsaredimi just did -S01:02
asacdid you prepare a orig.tar.gz ?01:02
jetsaredimfrom the upstream01:02
asacok ... so you have a .diff.gz now?01:02
asacthen you just miss the -sa01:02
asacok so you didn't01:03
asacyou have to put a orig.tar.gz next to the directory01:03
asacthe name needs to be:01:03
asacso fir your case: firebug_1.1.0~b12+svnXXXX.orig.tar.gz01:04
[reed]asac: I'll look later... doing homework now01:04
jetsaredimyea have that in the tarballs dir01:04
asac[reed]: sure ... take your time01:04
asacjetsaredim: tarballs dir?01:04
asacdo you use bzr builddeb01:04
asacthen do bzr bd --merge --dont-purge --builder='debuild -S -sa'01:05
jetsaredimthat was where debuild -b was looking for it01:05
asacdidn't know that debuild does it01:05
asacif you don't have a .diff.gz it probably didn't find it01:05
asacput it next to the source-tree you are building from01:05
asacthat should work if the version is correct ;)01:06
jetsaredimerr yea - builddeb is what is looking for ../tarballs/x.orig.tar.gz01:10
jetsaredimif i do that builddeb and then bd - i get an error saying that ../build-area exists01:12
asacjetsaredim: just that line should work01:12
asacbzr bd --merge --dont-purge --builder='debuild -S -sa'01:12
asacif you have an orig in ../tarballs01:12
asacmaybe remove build-area first ... but usually you don't need to do that01:13
jetsaredimsame error01:13
jetsaredimif i remove build-area01:14
asacyeah ... amybe a good idea01:15
asaclooks strange01:15
jetsaredimno i mean - i did and still got the same error01:15
asacwhat are the contents of the orig.tar.gz?01:16
asaccan you pastebin that?01:16
asace.g. tar tzf name*orig.tar.gz01:16
jetsaredimhmm - i need to get rid of the .svn dirs from the upstream01:18
asacah ro01:18
jetsaredimok - maybe not then01:18
asacjetsaredim: but yes, putting svn stuff into upstream branch is not that great ;)01:19
asacmaybe remove them in .upstream branch01:19
asaccommit that (and when doing that remember to name the right version + svn revision in commit to prevent further confusion)01:19
asacandthen merge that to the .ubuntu branch ;)01:19
jetsaredimnow i'm confused01:20
asacyou have two directories:01:20
asacaeh firebug :)01:20
asacin firebug.upstream01:20
* jetsaredim following01:20
asacyou remove all .svn directories01:20
asacthen you commit that (with a good log message ;))01:20
asacthen you go to firebug.ubuntu and merge the new upstream changes into that branch01:21
asacbzr merge ../firebug.upstream01:21
asacif there are conflicts you have to fix them, if not you just commit that merge:01:21
asacbzr commit01:21
asacand provide a good commit message stating that you are merging changes to upstream branch and maybe summarizing what those changes were01:21
jetsaredimum ok - there shouldn't be any merges since I already got rid of the .svn in the ubuntu branch01:21
asacconflicts you mean :)01:22
asacwell ... its also a manual merge ;)01:22
asacthen just merge + commit :)01:22
jetsaredimi should be able to checkout the upstream; remove all the .svn; then commit/push and make an orig.tar.gz from that?01:24
asacif you have both branches next to each other you can produce one (in build-area) with:01:24
asacbzr bd --merge --dont-purge --export-upstream=../firebug.upstream --builder='debuild -S -sa'01:25
asacyou usually want to copy the .orig.tar.gz to your tarballs dir after that and don't export again01:25
asacto prevent eventual md5sum mismatches01:25
asacjetsaredim: ^^01:26
asacbut before you should merge from .upstream => .ubuntu ;)01:26
asacbut i think thats clear01:26
asacok. i am out now for real01:26
asacits getting late here01:26
jetsaredimi'll have to touch base with you about this tomorrow01:27
* jetsaredim still doesn't quite get what's not happening here01:38
jetsaredimi'm able to run the bzr bd --merge command just fine01:38
jetsaredimbut that doesn't generate a source file to upload to a ppd01:38
jetsaredimerr ppa01:38
=== ]reed[ is now known as [reed]
Wulfie_roadumm dunno if this is the right place to ask - where does thunderbird store its address book?03:48
jetsaredimI don't know if this is the definitive answer, but I seem to see it under .mozilla-thunderbird/<randomstring>.default/abook.mab03:51
jetsaredimfyi - I went to file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/firefox-extensions/+filebug and there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for that05:31
jetsaredimnot setup05:31
asacjetsaredim: the --builder='debuild -S -sa' is the important argument to produce the sources with bzr builddeb09:18
asacjetsaredim: ok i enabled the bugtracker for the firefox-extensions project09:19
asacsorry for the confusion ;)09:19
asacUbulette: all fine?10:19
asacdid you receive an invite recently?10:20
Ubulettepart of it, my greylist blocked google10:21
asacUbulette: huh? from google? not from canonical?10:21
Ubulettei think i missed the initial invite10:21
Ubuletteit has been posted through gmail using an @ubuntu.com address10:22
asacwho send it?10:23
Ubuletteat least the visa part10:23
asacjcastro: ^^^10:23
asacdo you know which mails went out, so Ubulette can check if he has everything?10:23
Ubuletteoh, got it10:24
asacdo you have  folder where grey list filtered stuff end up in?10:24
asacok good.10:24
Ubulettenope greylist is a temporary reject at the smtp level10:25
asacright ;)10:25
asacso it should be redelivered at some point10:25
Ubulettegot "Subject: Ubuntu Developers Summit Invitation" and "Subject: A quick note one UDS/FOSSCamp and visas"10:26
Ubuletteis there something else ?10:26
asaci have no idea ;) ... does the Invitation tell you how to proceed?10:27
asac(i guess visa doesn't matter for you)10:27
Ubulettei does tell how to proceed. I just think it lack a bit of context of what UDS is about but I figured it out10:30
Ubuletteabout tb3: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4887/10:31
* asac looking10:35
asacUbulette: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4888/ ... please give me credits in commit :-P10:37
asacwe need unix/packages-static though10:37
asacto start copy the browser/ packages-static over and add/remove the diff files ;)10:37
asacthe credits was just kidding10:38
asacmakes sense?10:39
Ubulettethink so, i'll try that10:40
Ubulettebtw, sm2 install is broken too10:41
asachmm ... there is a problem though10:41
asac--enable-libxul doesn't work, right?10:41
Ubulette(something with missing wallet locales)10:41
asacthats borked10:41
asacbut at least make install works in general for sm2?10:42
Ubulettei haven't tried, just started that tb3 thing yesterday eve10:42
asacUbulette: ok, use http://paste.ubuntu.com/4890/10:43
asacthats what sm uses10:43
asac(as LIBXUL can't be used)10:43
asacbut that is in line with my perception that "tbird cares even less about unix than sm"10:44
asac[reed]: bug 193108 ... is that known? reporter claims it happens with fresh account with mozilla.com build as well. i couldn't find anything in bugzilla, but that might be again my incompetence to use that beast11:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193108 in firefox-3.0 "Word spacing issue in Firefox 3" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19310811:07
Ubulettehm, tb3 is still using xpm, not png11:11
Ubulettesounds bad for libxul11:12
asacwhere is the xpm code?11:12
asaci thought it was removed11:12
asacfrom libpr0n ;)11:12
Ubuletteyet, they still ship:11:13
Ubulettewhile sm2 has only the png for those11:13
asacok ... i think even ffox still has the .xpm files11:14
asacthey are not used though11:14
asacbecause there is no .xpm code anymore11:15
asacUbulette: but tbird has the .pngs as well?11:15
[reed]asac: landing patches before nightlies... I'll look in a sec11:15
asac[reed]: sure11:15
Ubuletteasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4891/11:17
asacok depends on the code then i guess11:18
asachard to tell by just looking at the images11:18
asacok we are down to 54 not-forwarded bugs against firefox-3.0 again11:31
[reed]so, ask the reporter to try a nightly for bug 19310811:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193108 in firefox-3.0 "Word spacing issue in Firefox 3" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19310811:42
[reed]if a nightly is still showing the issue, definitely escalate11:42
[reed]you could try asking roc / dbaron about it11:42
[reed]since that's a layout regression11:42
asac[reed]: ok will do11:43
Ubuletteit's a pain in the *ss to create mail/installer/unix/packages-static11:47
Ubuletteit's so different from win11:47
asacUbulette: yeah ... i think a bunch of files should be similar to browser11:48
asacthe rest you need to use find in dist i guess11:48
Ubulettei don't really know which bin/components/*.so are needed11:49
asacafaik the idea is to install all thats in dist/11:49
asacUbulette: whats in dist/bin/components/11:49
asaclet me see if we want all11:49
Ubuletteasac, .so only: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4893/11:53
Ubuletteasac, and my current version of the fix: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4894/11:54
asacUbulette: .xpt are needed i guess11:54
asacand all .so11:54
asacUbulette: i wonder why we can't dump all this during make ... i mean each component knows what it exports, so that could be just written to a file ;)11:56
asacanyway ... this looks not too bad11:56
asacjust check if you have all files and if you miss some look if you really intend to skip them11:57
Ubuletteyou mean between dist and debian/tmp ? i still need a lot of files then11:57
Ubulettesame for sm211:58
Ubuletteand probably xul as well11:58
UbuletteI have a compare2 module for moz-devscript somewhere doing that comparison and the diff is huge11:58
asacnot complete dist12:00
asacthen for dev: dist/include12:00
Ubuletteyes, that's what i meant12:00
asacwhat kind of files are missing for xul?12:00
asacare those of the same kind12:00
Ubulettei don't remember exactly, i'll recheck12:01
asacif you have a list that would be great12:01
Ubulettei didn't bother much because it was working like it was12:01
asacupstream isn't that good at this. they don't use install on their own. so it might even be the case that there is something missing.12:01
asacyeah, but we should definitly check.12:01
asaci can do that as well, but i think i need a bug12:02
asaclet me open one12:02
Ubulettelet me finish that tb3 patch 1st12:02
asacbug 19434212:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194342 in xulrunner-1.9 "review make install target and package-static files" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19434212:06
Ubuletteyou can assign it to me12:07
asacoh cool12:07
asacUbulette: i made it a beta blocker :)... so release managers will nag us in case we don't get this fixed12:07
Ubulettei'll refresh my compare2 module (need a better name) and commit it12:07
asacwhat i compare2?12:08
asac Launchpad 1.2.2: faster PPA builds, enhanced bug subscriptions and more12:08
asacfaster, faster12:08
Ubulettecompare is debian/tmp vs debian/$pkgs-*/usr/*12:09
asac * Faster PPA builds: we've cut the time it takes to build12:09
asac   packages in PPAs. The moment you upload your source,12:09
asac   Launchpad starts building.12:09
asac \o/12:09
asacthats good news for you i guess ;)12:09
Ubulettecompare2 is dist vs debian/tmp12:09
Ubuletteso compare really check that our *.install are complete12:10
asacdist/bin you mean?12:10
asacdo you consider dist/include and dist/idl as well?12:10
Ubulettewhile compare2 check that the installer is correct12:10
asacor are those beneath dist/bin/ as well?12:10
asacmaybe they are in dist/sdk?12:10
asac * Karma fiends take note: registering branches and linking12:11
asac   branches to bugs or blueprints now earns you karma! Want12:11
asac   to know more about karma? Take a look at12:11
asac   https://help.launchpad.net/KarmaCalculation12:11
asachope that just "registering branches" won't give any karma12:11
Ubulettewhat about commits ?12:12
asacdon't see anything about that12:14
asacwent to devel-announce12:14
Ubuletteimho, commits should be more appreciated12:15
asacwell ... commits are hard to value ;)12:15
asacfixing bugs in commits are better ... but all this isn't perfect anyway12:15
Ubulettei've subscribed to that list, at last12:15
asac14 messages this month so far. thats handable12:16
asacUbulette: does bug 190334 work for  you?12:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190334 in xulrunner-1.9 "about:config doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19033412:20
Ubulettenope. I have the warning, and when I click on "I'll be careful, I promise", it doesn't do anything12:22
asacdoes nsIJSContextStack.h exist in latest trunk xul?12:36
Ubulette          -rw-r--r-- root/root      9839 2008-02-21 19:23 ./usr/include/xulrunner-1.9b4pre/unstable/nsIJSContextStack.h12:40
asac./ ?12:40
asacis taht in -dev package as well?12:40
asacok root/root shoujld explain it i guess12:41
asacbut why ./ ?12:41
Ubulettebecause i paste the dpkg -c that my bot append at the end of its logs12:42
Ubuletteyep, it's in -dev12:43
Ubulettei'll try to give you access to my logs when I have time12:46
Ubulettedo I need to change appname for tb3 ?13:06
Ubuletteprofile migration is a pain13:07
asacwell ... i assume that it will eventually kill profiles13:13
Ubuletteso ?13:17
Ubuletteyou want it ?13:17
asacyes, but not sure about "when"13:29
asacnot sure when we will upload to official archives13:30
Ubulettei know it's too late for hardy13:30
Ubuletteand it's still a1pre so it's young13:31
Ubulettebut some people asked me about it13:31
asacno idea ... if its just a few, you could instruct them to backup the profile directory before starting 3.013:35
asacand if they experience _any_ problem after returning to tbird 2 they should reinstantiate that profile before filing a bug ;)13:36
Ubulettehm, there's no -dev files in debian/tmp13:43
Ubulettedamn, i can no longer paste an url into a tab in ff3.13:48
jetsaredimasac: I must not have done something right - my ppa build has been stuck in "build for superseded source" for about 8 hours14:04
Ubulettejetsaredim, it means you pushed a version lower than a previously built version14:05
Ubuletteyou can now delete things in ppas, try that14:06
jetsaredimsays my PPA does not contain any source packages published14:06
jetsaredimyea fun14:08
jetsaredimin case anyone out there cares - the amazon gold box deals today are all going to be wii games14:09
jetsaredimfirst lightning deal was Fire Emblem and was gone in like 5 min14:09
jetsaredimanother to be posted at 1PM and 5PM EST14:10
jetsaredimerr oops14:10
jetsaredimwrong window14:10
jetsaredimsorry bout that14:11
jetsaredimin any case - I suppose I should try to re-upload then?14:11
asac_jetsaredim: did you sort the upload out?14:26
asac_hi phoenix24 ;)14:26
phoenix24hi asac_  !14:28
asac_any sessions today?14:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194375 in firefox-extensions "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor firebug extension" [Undecided,New]14:33
Ubulettebut i guess linux distros dont count14:40
=== asac_ is now known as asac
armin76Ubulette: hard to track :)14:57
armin76besides yours is not firefox :P15:00
phoenix24A lot of ff-extensions have been packaged since yesterday.15:15
Ubulette_[reed], are all the .xpt files in dist/bin/components needed? the various installers only list a few so I'm puzzled15:16
Ubulette_phoenix24, really ? the wiki hasn't moved at all15:19
phoenix24Ubulette_: Am I confused.. or is the same :https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3ExtensionsReview ?15:19
Ubulette_hm, i read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions15:20
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
UbuletteFirefox3ExtensionsReview is older15:21
Ubulettelast edited 2008-01-31 16:10:49 by AlexanderSack15:21
phoenix24Ubulette: a lot of extensions on the Firefox3ExtensionsReview, do not list any "Upstream Contact ", or other details.15:22
phoenix24is that ok ?15:22
Ubulettei think this page was a previous attempt to list all the candidates. Now, the real work is listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions15:23
Ubuletteasac, do you confirm ?15:23
phoenix24So, one could still work on some of those listed extensions ?15:29
asacphoenix24: yes thats an old page15:43
asaci started once ... but then figured that its better to just add those that people are interested in15:43
phoenix24ok! thanks15:44
asacanyway ... if you like any of those, go ahead and package that ;)15:44
asac(of course look at license first ... a bunch is non-free or unlicensed afaik)15:45
Ubulette4th time i freeze ff3 today :(15:48
Ubuletteusing launchpad15:49
jetsaredimI took a quick look at a couple of those extensions and a bunch of them are binary-only15:49
asacjetsaredim: a good point to get new ideas from is the top 50 projects list of mozdev.org15:58
asacthey should all have sources15:58
jetsaredimso - the policy is not packaging extensions that are xpi-only?16:02
asacjetsaredim: no ... if its a good license itworks16:23
asacbut usually the license info is not available in .xpi; so we have to ask developer to include the license info into their xpi or to at least state the license in the source headers16:24
asacout for a while16:27
cheguevaraasac, you around17:59
Ubulette[Fri 17:27] <asac> out for a while17:59
cheguevaramissed that17:59
cheguevaraany idea if n-m 0.7 is gonna be in hardy or is it too late now18:00
Ubuletteno idea18:00
cheguevara14:37 < pochu> asac: will we see NM 0.7 in Hardy?18:09
cheguevara14:37 < asac> pochu: we decided to not do it.18:09
cheguevara14:38 < asac> we kept the option to reconsider if upstream does a final release soon18:09
cheguevara14:38 < asac> (but unlikely)18:09
cheguevaranever mind...18:09
Ubulettewaa, ff3 crashed when i submitted a bug on launchpad18:18
Ubuletteasac, i've answered bug 19434218:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194342 in xulrunner-1.9 "review make install target and package-static files" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19434218:22
cheguevarabug 18203818:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182038 in xorg-server "Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18203818:43
jetsaredimhow do I make a package that has multiple resulting binaries from the same source?19:09
jetsaredimwant to try to tackle the webdeveloper extension19:10
jetsaredimbut there are different xpis for firefox and for seamonkey19:10
jetsaredimwhat about extensions that only work for FF2?19:41
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Ubuletteasac, mozilla bug 41657120:31
ubotuMozilla bug 416571 in NSPR "cp of prcpucfg.h in dist/sdk/include causes rebuilding of tools" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41657120:31
Ubulettemozilla bug 41293720:32
ubotuMozilla bug 412937 in Security: PSM "Update Mozilla trunk to use NSS tag NSS_3_12_BETA2" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41293720:32
Ubuletteasac, it was supposed to read "Bug 416571, Update NSPR to 4.7.1 beta 1 r=wtc, blocking1.9=mtschrep Bug 412937, Update NSS to NSS_3_12_BETA2 r=rrelyea, blocking1.9=mtschrep"20:32
Ubulettetold you the debian naming of nss/nspr was a bad idea, we're doomed now20:33
Ubulettemozilla bug 41877520:37
ubotuMozilla bug 418775 in Build Config "ubuntu configure bustage." [Blocker,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41877520:37
armin76Ubulette: why?21:03
armin76!info nspr21:04
ubotuPackage nspr does not exist in gutsy21:04
armin76!info libnspr-421:05
ubotuPackage libnspr-4 does not exist in gutsy21:05
armin76Ubulette: what's up with debian's naming?21:08
Ubulette!info libnspr4-0d hardy21:08
ubotulibnspr4-0d (source: nspr): NetScape Portable Runtime Library. In component main, is optional. Version 4.7.0~1.9b3-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 118 kB, installed size 324 kB21:08
Ubulette!info libnspr hardy21:08
ubotuPackage libnspr does not exist in hardy21:08
Ubulette!info libnss3-1d hardy21:09
ubotulibnss3-1d (source: nss): Network Security Service libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 3.12.0~1.9b3-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 969 kB, installed size 2540 kB21:09
UbuletteNSS_3_12_BETA2 should be 3.12~b2 but that doesn't match with 3.12.0~1.9b321:09
Ubulettewell, maybe 3.12.0~b221:10
armin76happened to me with nspr-4.7.021:10
armin76i had it as nspr-4.7.0_pre$date21:10
armin76but was released as nspr-4.7, so it thought it was a downgrade :D21:11
Ubulette"NSPR to 4.7.1 beta 1", is it a typo ?21:11
armin76no, why?21:11
Ubulette4.7 is released ?21:11
Ubulettereally ?21:11
armin76really :P21:12
Ubulettelol, even my bot got it: 4.7.1~cvs20080220t1852+bbot-121:12
armin76bad bot21:12
Ubuletteno, good bot21:12
armin76bad asac21:13
armin76better? :P21:13
Ubuletteyeah ;)21:14
armin76and nss-3.11.9 as well21:14
armin76and 3.11.8 :)21:15
armin76!info libnss3-1d gutsy21:15
ubotuPackage libnss3-1d does not exist in gutsy21:15
armin76sigh :P21:15
armin76!info libnss3-0d gutsy21:15
ubotulibnss3-0d (source: nss): Network Security Service libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 3.11.5-3 (gutsy), package size 700 kB, installed size 1648 kB21:15
armin76upgrade now! :P21:16
Ubulettei don't do gutsy21:16
armin76you do now :P21:16
armin76and tb-.12 is not released yet21:17
armin76really sad...21:17
Ubulettei've done tb 3.0~a1~cvs21:17
armin76last tb candidate is rc1 from 15 feb :/21:18
armin76and it has security fixes :D21:18
asacanything up?21:20
armin76you broke all :P21:22
asacnot more ;)?21:22
asacarmin76: those sec fixes are not important for tbird21:23
asacthey are of theoretical nature afaict21:23
jetsaredimasac: I looked at webdeveloper extension21:32
asacjetsaredim: \o/21:32
jetsaredimdoesn't work on FF321:32
asacdid you try to force compatibility?21:32
jetsaredimapparently its imminent21:33
Ubulettethe author of webdeveloper has a version working with 3.0b321:33
jetsaredima new version that is21:33
jetsaredimyea - but he hasn't released it21:33
asacis it available in svn/cvs?21:33
jetsaredimi didn't see any trees21:33
Ubulettemozilla bug 41181721:33
ubotuMozilla bug 411817 in Extension Compatibility "Web Developer addon not available/working for Firefox 3" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41181721:33
jetsaredimyea that21:34
asaccould you contact him and ask for info? maybe tell him that we will release in april and would need firefox 3 compatible version by mid of march ;)21:34
jetsaredimhe does the user-agent switcher too21:34
asacjetsaredim: but thats compatible?`21:35
jetsaredimthere's a similar bug21:36
jetsaredimI didn't check, but I assume not21:36
asacjetsaredim: ok ... apparently he planned to release for beta 3 ... please just ask him about both extensions :)21:38
* jetsaredim composing email at the moment21:38
asacif you want you can CC me mail: asac@ubuntu.com21:38
jetsaredimits a webform21:38
asaclets try that now. if it doesn't work we should figure something better ;)21:39
jetsaredimwas looking into greasemonkey21:39
jetsaredimand i still can't seem to get firebug to build into my ppa21:40
jetsaredimthe other thing about web developer that I wasn't quite sure about is that there are different resultant xpi files for firefox and for seamonkey21:43
jetsaredimand also localized versions of each too21:43
asacjetsaredim: there already is a greasemonkey package ... we could just update that21:43
jetsaredimasac: not listed on the extensions page, so didn't realize21:43
asacjetsaredim: yeah ... you can specify a fixed XPI file in the makefile21:44
asachmm ... looks like webdeveloper uses ant to build21:44
jetsaredimright - but I wasn't sure if it would be desire-able to have two separate packages - like web-developer-firefox and web-developer-seamonkey21:45
asacwell, seamonkey is still a mess for extensions21:45
asacthey don't have a real extension manager21:45
asaci would just ignore it, but if you want you can produce two packages of course21:45
asac(out of one source)21:45
asaceasiest would be to just build firefox with command: "ant build.firefox"21:46
jetsaredimand just have the one package21:46
asacyeah for now that would be good enough i guess21:46
asacwe even don't know if the firefox 3 compatible version will work with seamonkey 1.1.x ... which is firefox 221:47
asacmight as well be incompatible in which case we cannot package both from one source21:47
jetsaredimwhy don't we just wait to hear back from this dude21:47
jetsaredimso - yea - firefox-greasemonkey21:49
jetsaredimlooks to be an older version21:50
jetsaredimthere's a newer version in their svn than even what's on a.m.o21:53
jetsaredimhow does one go about updating a package?21:54
asacjetsaredim: i think i alreawdy have greasemonkey updated here ... because of bug 6275823:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 62758 in greasemonkey "Package firefox-greasemonkey is incompatible with Firefox." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6275823:25
Ubulette[reed], so code freeze for b4 is in 3 days ? that's short23:31
Ubulettewe have so many crasher bugs in launchpad23:32
Ubuletteand corruptions too23:32
Ubulettei'm running trunk and it freezes several times a day (started after b3)23:34
Ubulette[reed], is system sqlite stable now ?23:35
[reed]as long as you have the right version23:35
[reed]I think the version setting might be a little low23:35
[reed]need to check on that23:36
Ubulettei saw it broke earlier today23:36
[reed]well, there was one problem23:38
[reed]it got fixed, though23:38
asacUbulette: the amount of crashes is moderate i would say23:39
[reed]lots of new Tango icons landing tonight, most likely23:40
Ubulettechecking for sqlite3 >= 3.5... Requested 'sqlite3 >= 3.5' but version of SQLite is 3.4.223:43
Ubulette!info libsqlite3-0 hardy23:44
asacyeah ... most likely we won't have system sqlite because of this23:44
ubotulibsqlite3-0 (source: sqlite3): SQLite 3 shared library. In component main, is important. Version 3.4.2-2 (hardy), package size 207 kB, installed size 464 kB23:44
Ubulettetoo late ?23:45
asacif there is no pressing reason, yes.23:45
asacjustifying with system-sqlite in xulrunner won't be enough i guess23:46
Ubulette!info libsqlite3-0 lenny23:46
Ubulette!info libsqlite3-0 sid23:46
ubotulibsqlite3-0 (source: sqlite3): SQLite 3 shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.2-2 (lenny), package size 205 kB, installed size 424 kB23:46
ubotulibsqlite3-0 (source: sqlite3): SQLite 3 shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.2-2 (sid), package size 205 kB, installed size 424 kB23:46
Ubulette!info libsqlite3-0 experimental23:46
asacthere are too many rdepends that might break23:46
ubotulibsqlite3-0 (source: sqlite3): SQLite 3 shared library. In component main, is important. Version 3.4.2-1build1 (gutsy), package size 206 kB, installed size 460 kB23:46
asacexperimental has it afaik23:46
asacoh even not23:46
Ubuletteit's gutsy23:47
Ubulettewhat is the nickname of experimental ?23:47
asacthere is none23:47
asacjust experimental23:47
asacexperimental has23:47
asacexperimental (misc): A command line interface for SQLite 323:47
asac3.5.6-1: alpha amd64 hppa i386 ia64 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 sparc23:47
asac3.5.4-1: arm mips mipsel powerpc s39023:48

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