npurcifuli dont know00:01
AtomicSparkhello. so i am curious. what is mythtv for? is it just for recording tv programs or can it be used for more if one doesnt have a tv tuner?00:03
npurcifulmusic, weather, rss00:03
npurcifuljust to name a few00:04
AtomicSparkinteresting. so its like media center for xp?00:04
npurcifultake a look at the plugins page http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Plugins00:05
lime4x4is it possble to check how vnc is configures thru command line?00:12
superm1Rigolo, oh that's less useful00:20
superm1at least submit it with a copy by hand then00:20
superm1of /var/log/installer/debug00:20
superm1and /var/log/syslog00:20
superm1in the installer00:20
npurcifulhows it goin superm100:21
superm1eh alright00:21
npurcifulcool, man it is dreary here00:22
npurcifuland cold00:22
npurcifuli final got my sound setup right in mythtv, so it send dts raw to my reciever00:23
npurcifuli been screwing with it for weeks00:24
npurcifulrhpot1991: you there01:02
rhpot1991npurciful: whats up01:09
npurcifulallright back01:16
npurcifulhey rhpot1991 i been using dd_rhelp and it created 1.5gb log file01:16
rhpot1991sounds like your disc is in bad shape maybe?01:16
rhpot1991how big did the iso get?01:17
rhpot1991is that how big the disc is?01:17
rhpot1991it gets to a point where it will only hit errors, and you can ctrl+c it at that point01:18
rhpot1991and it should be good then, you don't need to let it run all the way01:18
rhpot1991it will skip over gaps when it encounters errors and revisit them later01:18
rhpot1991sounds like its prob about done, try the iso and see if it works01:18
npurcifulokay it is like 99.8% parsed and 60% sucess / 40% err01:18
rhpot1991let me see if I have any logs01:19
rhpot1991my logs are much smaller than that, yours was prob just grinding on errors for a while01:22
rhpot1991how long did you let it run?01:22
rhpot1991ya, thats a bit much01:27
rhpot1991I normally run mine when I go to bed and stop them when I wake up01:27
rhpot1991so like 5 hours give or take01:27
TelnetMantaAnyone know what could cause myth to crap out when trying to display video. This is on a (previously) working system. I use DVB and cant even get my unencrypted channels to display video now.01:55
TelnetMantasuperm1: ?01:55
npurcifulfrontend logs01:57
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Rigolosuperml: I updated the crash bug report with the /var/log/syslog and /var/log/installer/debug files07:51
Rigolosuperml: I updated the crash bug report with the /var/log/syslog and /var/log/installer/debug files08:14
Rigoloan update on the DVB-C issue that I'm dealing with08:43
Rigolojust did an clean install of mythbuntu 7.1008:43
Rigolothat is using mythtv 0.20.2-oubuntu1008:44
Rigoloimport of channels.conf gives my the 6 channels as expected08:45
Rigolothe channel numbers are now correct (as in they use the numbers as given by my cable operator, not the serviceid that is shown in alpha 208:46
RigoloI can not watch tv ... again the channels are linked to the incorrect transports08:46
RigoloALL transports have netid 1000 ... some transports are double in the list08:47
Rigolothe double transports are the ones that are really needed (based on the channels.conf data)08:48
Rigoloupdating the channel table to point the channels to the "correct" transport in dtv_multiplex DID NOT solve my TV watching problem08:48
Rigolonow going to update the netid's in the dtv_transport table to the correct netid for only those 4 transports that I need08:49
directhexchannels.conf doesn't store full network id info, which is one of the reasons it's disrecommended for digital tv08:53
Rigolodirecthex: I know .. but scanning gives me even worse results I guess ..08:55
Rigoloupdating the netid's in the dtv_multiplex also does not give me lock08:55
Rigolodouble checking now ith czap if I can still get a lock08:55
Rigoloczap can get a lock08:56
RigoloI could try a full scan .. let's see what that brings08:56
Rigolojust noticed that the 4 "correct" transports do not hava a symbol rate .. going to fix that and then try again to tune :-)09:00
Rigolowell .. that did not help either ....09:05
Rigoloso now going to remove all transports and do a full scan ...09:05
richardhave a question about schedules direct...09:07
richardworks fine except not showing channel names or call signs... schedule otherwise fine...09:08
patrick_The greeter application keeps crashing.  Attempting to use a different one.   ?09:09
Rigolofull scan only scans one frequency .. and adds a couple of transports but not all .. so that also does not help09:26
RigoloI think there is nothing else to do then to manually set up all the transports and channels09:26
Rigolowell... going back to alpha 2 ... and continue testing there :-)09:31
mamessner_Anyone there?10:56
Rigolonot many10:57
mamessner_I have a question10:57
Rigolotry me10:57
mamessner_Is it easy to set up MythTV if I don't need to record TV?10:57
mamessner_I just have videos, pictures, and music on my computer I want to view on a TV10:58
mamessner_Is there a better program for something like that?10:58
Rigolomythtv should be able to do that ....10:58
Rigolothere are add-on's for pictures etc10:59
mamessner_It's so hard to set up, though - is there anything easier?10:59
Rigolowhat are you using to set it up?10:59
mamessner_I added the frontend and backend, and it was looking for a MySQL database for something10:59
Rigolowhat distribution are you using? what linux version?11:00
mamessner_I'm using the package manager - that's about all I know how to use11:00
mamessner_Ubuntu 7.1011:00
Rigoloand is this a dedicated machine? or your own desktop ?11:00
mamessner_I guess I could make it a dedicated machine.  RIght now it's a desktop11:00
mamessner_I want to use it for broadcatching with Miro, though, not recording live TV11:01
mamessner_I just want to have it download videos and view them with a nice interface that I can use a remote with11:01
Rigoloif you want to make it dedicted to mythtv and make it a combined front and backend machine then you can try mythbuntu11:01
mamessner_I saw that - might try it tomorrow.11:02
mamessner_Is it easy to set up?11:02
RigoloI think it is ....11:02
mamessner_Are the plugins easy to do?  They're not documented well in the instructions11:02
Rigoloyou can have mythbuntu with all the plugins installed already I think11:03
mamessner_Are there any other programs you like to watch videos?  I just need a GUI for xine or something11:03
Rigolowhen you install mythbuntu then xine is also installed (with a GUI)11:03
Rigoloalong with mplayer and vlc11:04
* Rigolo has to go now ...11:06
Rigologood luck ....11:06
mongr0lhi folks12:13
mongr0lis there a known problem with mythfilldatabase not running automatically from 7.10?12:18
mongr0lworks ok from a shell12:18
MythbuntuGuest23Need some help with 8.04 if possible14:39
MythbuntuGuest23im trying to setup a DVICO Dual Digital 4 based on these instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DViCO_Dual_Digital_414:40
MythbuntuGuest23But I am getting some errors when it comes to the 'make'14:41
MythbuntuGuest23htpc@htpc:~/v4l-dvb$ make14:41
NikasMythbuntuGuest23: sudo make menuconfig15:07
Nikasgo into sound and disable ACI Mixer15:07
Nikasexit and save kernel config.15:07
Nikasthen make and after that make install15:07
NikasMythbuntuGuest23: Ah, you need to get and unpack the source for... the kernel.. hm15:10
MythbuntuGuest23ok will have a go15:36
rhpot1991anyone see this today: http://www.woot.com/15:40
Nikasi want Woot in sweden ;)15:47
shane__hi all is anyone here using mythtv in romania?16:04
sshirleyCan anyone tell me if the latest version of Mythbuntu is optimized for dual-core amd64 processors?16:07
sshirleyOr do I need to compile it on my own?16:07
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tgm4883sshirley, what do you mean by optimized?16:35
tgm4883for dual core that is16:35
directhex|worktgm4883, threading enabled on the compile16:35
directhex|worktgm4883, there's a config flag to do threaded decoding, iirc16:36
tgm4883wouldn't that be a kernel option though?16:36
tgm4883or specific to mythtv?16:36
sshirleySorry. Was in a meeting. Optimized meaning to be able to use both cores for different threads.16:38
sshirleyI think that an application has to be aware of the multiple cores16:38
beaksterive just set up mythbuntu, but I'm having problems getting the channel listings17:42
beaksterXMLTV is getting stuck at retrieving listings17:42
beaksteroh wait, its working now17:46
beaksterit just took 25 minutes to retrieve the data :)17:46
beaksterjust installed18:09
beaksterwhen i reboot it seems to load about 5 copies of the front end18:09
beaksterwhere does mythbuntu launch the mythfrontend from?19:29
beaksterit seems to be loading it too many times when it starts up19:29
hugolpanyone has experience with surround on Ubuntu?19:47
hugolptoorima:  hi, I read the alsa webpage and it seems like surround should be enable by default, but Ive downloaded some 5.1 wav and ogg files and they play as stereo only20:06
toorimawhat setup do you have, i use spdif out to my amp20:07
toorimaand had to edit one config file to get it to work20:08
hugolptoorima:  no, Im using the analog out20:08
hugolpI just got some cheap creative speakers20:08
toorimai think it should work oob then but there might be some setting you must do to enable it20:09
toorimahave u tried googling your soundcard20:10
hugolpno, its just the internal one20:12
hugolpI will try that20:12
npurcifulerr, crap20:34
npurcifuli cant seem to get sound20:35
npurcifulwell i do with MPEG2 if i passthough but if i listen to mp3 or oggs i get no sound20:36
npurcifuland this just started20:36
toorimanpurciful: have u tried with a .asoundrc file?20:37
npurcifuli havent had one before20:38
toorimai never got stereo sound without one20:39
npurcifulhold on i was playing with it yesterday, let me touch it and see if that fixes it20:40
npurcifulhum that didnt fix it20:44
npurcifulspdif raw out works but nomal digital out doesnt (not in raw mode20:45
Em0ry42I switched from Ubuntu to Mythbuntu and now have crackly audio, I've tried OSS, ALSA and ESD none of these is making a difference.  Any ideas?20:46
npurcifuli think i got it20:48
npurcifulsomehow alsa is no longer sending stereo to spdif20:49
Em0ry42I switched from Ubuntu to Mythbuntu and now have crackly audio, I've tried OSS, ALSA and ESD none of these is making a difference.  Any ideas?21:01
npurcifulgot it, i created a .asoundrc to send all sound though spdif21:18
toorimanpurciful: and it works for ya now?21:26
toorimawierd that it worked without it before21:26
npurcifulyeah, but know there is a 1.5 sec delay21:28
npurcifuljust on start up though21:28
toorimawhat does your .asoundrc look like21:28
toorima pcm.!default {21:29
toorima        type plug21:29
toorima        slave {21:29
toorima                rate 4800021:29
toorima                pcm "spdif"21:29
toorima        }21:29
toorimalike that?21:30
npurcifuljust like it21:31
toorimahmm mine works perfect21:31
npurcifuli can see the equalizer move but now sound for a second21:31
npurcifullet me reboot21:32
npurcifuland i bee back21:32
npurcifulalright i am back21:38
toorimak any diff now21:38
npurcifulyeah it is still doing it, the 1sec thing, i know because at the beginning of Seether - Rememdy there is a feedback squel and you cant here it unless something is playing and you switch back to it21:39
toorimak so no sound for the 1st second but then its in sync or21:40
npurcifulyou it is insink21:40
npurcifulit did this before and then i just stopped, now its back21:41
npurcifulcrazy thing21:41
npurcifuland i only have 5.1 on 5.1 sources21:52
npurcifulwhich isnt nessaryly bad21:53
hugolpok, got surround working22:05
hugolpnow, anyone knows how to make that the volume up and down aplies to all the channels and not only to front channels?22:06
toorimanpurciful: what you mean you only got 5.1 on 5.1 sources? with stereo sound do you only get sound from 2 speakers or do you get stereo sound from all speakers, the later is what you should get22:07
toorimahugolp: sorry cant really help ya there, i only send all my sound to the amp then adjust sound on the amp22:08
npurcifuli get 5.1 on 5.1 sources and 2.1 on stereo sources22:08
hugolptoorima:  ok22:09
toorimanpurciful: so only sound from front speakers on stereo source?22:09
npurcifulhugolp: i beleave that there is a seting under setup > general > audio for MASTER for volume22:10
npurcifulyes toorima22:10
toorimanpurciful: i guess it depends on how your amp is setup maybe22:11
toorimahugolp: yeah what npurciful said sounds right22:11
hugolpnpurciful:  where is setup?22:11
npurcifulit is a HTIB (Home Theater in a Box) and doesnt up mix22:12
npurcifulhugolp:  on mythfrontend22:12
npurcifulat the bottom right22:12
hugolpnpurciful:  ok, but would like to have it working for all gnome22:13
npurcifulhugolp: i dont know then22:14
npurcifuli use kubuntu22:14
* Rigolo is going to sleep .. been a long day today ...22:14
npurcifulsomewhere along the  lines system systems > audio maybe?22:14
Rigolodvb still broken .. probably need to set the channels by hand for the moment22:15
npurcifulthat sucks22:15
Rigoloit does ...22:15
npurcifuli manage to break my sound so22:16
Rigolo0.20.2 is also broken with dvb scanning ... but it sets the channel numbers correct, something that 0.21.something is not doing22:16
Rigoloand complete the bug report on the alpha 2 installer with geforce cards ... it complains about an encoding that is set to utf-8 when it can not or something22:17
Rigoloso .. bed time ... continue wrestling with it in the morning ... see if I can make a dvb import script based on scan and dvbsnoop output :-)22:18
Rigololaters ...22:18
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hugolpnpurciful:  you were right, gnome has a gui to control wich channels the volume up and down controls22:21
hugolpsometimes I just think it will be dificult and dont try the simple way22:21
npurcifultoorima: just read where asla state my be messed up http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38819122:36
npurcifulso i guess i am downloading live cd22:38

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