tonyyarussothanks for the edit LjL 00:09
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
PriceChildnalioth, did you get the cloak request from earlier btw?00:16
LjLat least the alphabetical order means you don't have to hunt for the US ;)00:16
tonyyarussohehe, true00:18
naliothPriceChild: how much earlier?00:23
PriceChildneversfelde i think...00:24
PriceChild14:48 utc00:24
ubotucredible called the ops in #ubuntu (buttbot-mini)00:27
* LjL chuckles00:28
LjLperhaps i shouldn't but i do00:28
PriceChildHow long have they spent on that? for seconds of fun.... was it worth it?00:30
PriceChildhehe I think so00:30
LjLmneptok: ... why?01:15
mneptokLjL: i asked him nicely a few times to throttle back a bit01:15
naliothmneptok: yes, WHY?01:15
* nalioth wishes mneptok would quit disconnecting him01:15
mneptokLjL: the consistent stream of nothing but "i like ponies" and "sequins are shiny" and "GUY FAWKES IS PROTESTING OUTSIDE MY HOUSE" got to be a bit much01:16
LjLuhm yeah i see you asked a few times01:16
LjLbut... that's what *everybody* does in there all the time01:16
mneptokLjL: and they need to learn to dial it back when asked nicely.01:17
mneptok20:15 [msg(recon)] when i asl you to throttle back the random comments, please do so.01:17
mneptok20:15 [recon(n=recon@unaffiliated/recon)] also, i wouldn't define my ramblings as "non sequitur"s, per se, since the (obviously fictional)  premises would lead logically to the conclusion if the first, impossible premises existed.01:17
mneptok20:15 [recon(n=recon@unaffiliated/recon)] oh. i'll come back in a few when i find my sanity.'01:17
PriceChildI'm amazed no-one batted an eyelid in there.01:17
PriceChildpeople normally shout and scream whether they agree or not01:18
LjLPriceChild: well, some of them might have learnt that gets them banned01:18
mneptoklet's see if a time-out and a juice box got him settled01:24
LjLmneptok: if you think he should stay banned a little longer leave him banned though, i didn't intend to urge lifting. and i didn't notice he was so stubborn at keeping to mock you either01:26
LjL(and you've removed the wrong ban)01:27
mneptoki did?01:28
LjLyeah you added a ]01:29
mneptokthere we go.01:29
mneptokthanks. my fingers seem to be protesting Kosovan independence or something.01:29
LjLthis weird "vlt" in #ubuntu, who's jesting with "pingu", appears to be on a host that google somehow connects to Tor01:35
mysteriosomneptok oookkkk 01:58
mysteriosooh hey01:58
mneptokwhat, exactly, about "do not repeat" was unclear?01:58
mysteriosomneptok ummmmm the ""01:58
mysteriosoill be good01:58
mysteriosoi promise01:58
mysteriosolemme back in01:58
mysteriosowaddya say?01:59
mneptoki'll reconsider in 24 hours01:59
mysteriosoi just have 1 question02:00
mneptoktrust me, we all know what it is.02:00
* nalioth waits in anticipation . . . 02:00
mysteriosowell ill just post it ONE more time and sit quietly with my hands crossed02:00
mneptok20:49 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:00
mneptok20:50 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:00
mneptok20:51 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:01
mneptok20:52 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:01
mneptok20:53 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:01
mneptok20:54 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:01
mneptok20:54 < mahmoud2> !repeat | mysterioso02:01
mneptok20:54 < ubotu> mysterioso: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You  can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:01
mneptok20:55 < mysterioso> is there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen02:01
mneptokasking the same question *every single minute* is uncool. and now you're banned for it. next time the bot gives you advice, i suggest you take it.02:01
mysteriosoi have learned my lesson02:02
mysteriosoim uncool02:02
mysteriosoim a loser02:02
mysteriosoim not worthy02:02
PriceChild!guidelines | mysterioso 02:02
ubotumysterioso: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:02
PriceChildmysterioso, read those then come back in a day or two.02:02
mysteriosoill just sit and wait and post once every 10 min.02:02
PriceChildNo you won't.02:02
mneptoki rather doubt that.02:02
mysteriosoyour pretty tuf02:05
mysteriosogood work02:05
PriceChildHey mysterioso, can I help you?02:05
mysteriosoyes please02:05
* PriceChild wonders what is with the alt nick.02:05
mysteriosopricechild can i ask an ubuntu question here?02:05
PriceChildmysterioso, no. Please type /topic02:05
elkbuntumysterioso, we only need one of you02:06
band4lifei was tryin to be sneaky and get in 02:06
* mneptok hands elkbuntu an "n"02:06
PriceChildband4life, the ban i placed was a mute.02:06
elkbuntumneptok, for what?02:06
PriceChildband4life, it would not stop you joining, only speaking.02:06
mneptokelkbuntu: that "one" you typed02:07
elkbuntumneptok, heh02:07
band4lifeevery time i try to join, it puts me here02:07
PriceChildband4life, please /msg ubotu guidelines, read it, then come back in a couple of days.02:07
band4lifepricechild i read it.  i was bein impatient02:08
band4lifeand i read !patience02:08
LjLvenus days02:08
PriceChildband4life, read the second part of my last sentence02:08
band4lifeeveryones a comedian02:08
band4lifehow about 1 day02:08
band4life2 is just harsh02:08
PriceChildband4life, tbh I don't care. I just want to see a change in attitude.02:08
LjLyes, 1 venus day02:08
band4lifeya know, my dads a senator02:09
band4lifebarach obamah 02:09
mneptoki *so* love when my judgement calls /join here immediately and prove me right.02:10
PriceChildmneptok, :)02:10
PriceChilddoes it make you feel warm inside?..... oh wait no i don't want to know what that is02:10
mneptokthis does - http://flickr.com/photos/sepultura/2282088722/02:10
mneptokI AM RISEN!02:11
naliothstdin: don't feed the trolls, please02:11
stdinnalioth: I know, you're right02:11
elkbuntumneptok, holy glory hole, rofl02:11
PriceChild<speeddemon8803> has been on my watch list lately, bit too enthusiastic occasionally, especially with the bot02:12
LjLPriceChild: then i'll leave him on yours, mine's way too crowded already :P02:14
mysteriosoHow do I start a room and make it MY room?02:34
mysteriososo I can be an OP02:34
naliothmysterioso: this is not for support02:34
mysteriosowhat room should I go to to find out?02:35
mysteriosowhat is this room for?02:35
naliothmysterioso: this is for administrative stuff02:36
naliothand where you go is up to you02:36
mysteriosonalioth i just need a hint02:36
mysteriosochannel for help starting channels?02:36
naliothevery network has a help channel02:38
mysteriosouhhuh ok thanks02:38
mneptoklooks like Greg is finally ready to move to the attic02:43
PriceChildthat guy is constantly asking me how the ban is set etc.02:44
PriceChildbecause he doesn't want to evade it02:44
PriceChildif he used a different wireless? etc. etc02:44
LjLmysterioso: can we help you again?02:58
mysteriosoljl sorry just went into the wrong room 02:59
mysteriosotalk to you tomorrow to beg for mercy03:00
naliothno0tic: please don't encourage the behaviour03:02
no0ticnalioth, sorry03:03
LjLhe what?03:03
naliothno0tic: do you want to help him on his way, before i break several guidelines?03:06
no0ticnalioth, point him to #freenode?03:07
naliothno0tic: #help preferably03:07
naliothby that name, too03:07
naliothy'all watching #freenode ?03:10
mneptoknot i. should i be?03:10
LjLtis fun enough03:11
naliothmneptok: PM03:11
LjLlook, a mass join03:13
elkbuntuwhat did i miss?03:13
LjLelkbuntu: the above idiot aka mysterioso asking how to evade his ban03:13
elkbuntucomplimentary k-ticket flicked his way yet03:14
LjLoh gawd, PM: [04:14:15] <mysterioso> I feel like you are being somewhat abusive torwards me.  And although I did deserve the ban, I do not think that I should be mistreated just for seeking out some fairly illicit knowledge.03:14
elkbuntuhe already admitted to attempting to ban evade03:14
no0ticthere's circus this night in town03:18
naliothmneptok: please stay on topic in #freenode 03:24
mneptoknalioth: i think i need to walk away for bit.03:24
mneptokjust .... walk away.03:24
elkbuntuyou have been assisted03:26
nickrudbada boom03:26
elkbuntuunagi once again shows his intelligence...or lack thereof03:29
mneptokso nalioth, just out of curiosity, how does my conduct warrant a ban, but mysterioso's does not?03:31
naliothmneptok: you are stirring stuff03:31
LjLi have long been aware that feeding trolls is regarded badly on #freenode03:32
LjLi do it anyway, but usually stop after staff asks ;)03:32
mneptoki'm not feeding.03:32
LjLnot ignoring is feeding under certain definitions03:33
naliothmneptok: it was only a 10 minute quiet (you were supposed to take 10 to walk the dog or something)03:33
mneptokthen please don't ask me if i'm watching a conversation? i mean, that's a bit unfair.03:33
* nalioth sees a train a'comin'03:34
elkbuntunalioth, you'd subject a poor pup to mneptok?!03:34
ubotuIn ubotu, matthias said: how is ubuntu 6.06 better than 7.10 ?03:35
naliothubotu: tell matthias about yourself03:35
elkbuntuok, who gave the red cordial to the kids03:48
* Hobbsee raises hand03:48
elkbuntubad Hobbsee, bad03:50
* Hobbsee looks innocent03:50
elkbuntunalioth, is keeb a regular troll?05:09
elkbuntunalioth, are keeb and _oz_ a known tag team?05:13
naliothnot to my knowledge05:16
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warp10Hi all!09:36
Myrttihow can we help you today09:37
warp10Is there anybody here that can add me to the ubuntu-irc-cloaks team?09:37
warp10Hi Myrtti!09:37
MezQ: How mnay channels is ubotu in ?10:29
jpatrickMez: as many as you (set +i mate)10:31
Mezjpatrick, lmao - I thought I did ...10:31
MezI'm just curious as to how mnay channels it's actively providing factoids in10:32
jpatrickMez: /set usermode +i - just to make irssi does everytime10:32
Mezjpatrick, I dont use irssi10:32
* Mez sets mode +iQw10:33
Mezshould be in my connect script10:33
jpatrickwhat's Q?10:33
MezQ is er10:33
Mezyou never get forwarded10:33
Mezmeh - It basically means that if you hit a channel that trys to foward you, you get an error, rather than being forwarded10:34
dgjonesHi, just a quick question, are bots allowed in #ubuntu, I remember seeing bots being kicked in the past & just noticed an away message which mentioned the user being a bot - 10:28 xoRock - * xoRock status: [Away: BOT was idle for 60 minute(s) Auto Away] [Since: 17:30-LMJ] [AwayPager: on] [AwayLog: on], just thought I'd mention10:35
tonyyarussodgjones: There are a select few that have approval, but generally speaking, no.10:36
tonyyarussodgjones: Especially, if they are talking bots they and their owners will be banned in short order, with the exception of ubotu of course.10:36
tonyyarussodgjones: We just don't notice 100% of the time ;)10:37
dgjonesok thanks, that was what i thought, just thought it worth passing that on10:37
jpatrickMez: I thought all the debian channels were on OFTC10:41
Mezmentors stayed here, as did the people in -offtopic10:41
Mezthe others - meh - relics of past, but sometimes it's useful to be in them10:42
jpatrick#debian-mentors is on OFTC :)10:42
tonyyarussoIt seems to me that #debian exists just to be a channel where you can be guaranteed to be told to RTFM, and be told that Ubuntu bears no similarity to Debian in any way.10:47
warp10I would like to request an Ubuntu cloak. Is there anyone who may help me?11:54
tonyyarussonot at this hour, I'm afraid12:02
warp10tonyyarusso: could (late) evening be a better choice?12:03
tonyyarussowarp10: I'd say try again in 6 hours, whatever time zone that is for you.  Or just idle your client here and see if someone notices while you're away.12:04
tonyyarussowarp10: Granted membership at yesterday's CC meeting I take it?12:04
warp10tonyyarusso: thanks for your advice. Yep, I am a recent member :)12:06
tonyyarussowarp10: You may want to drop a link to your LP profile in here too.  You might have to wait until the CC adds you to the ubuntu-members LP group, btw.  (can take a few days)12:06
warp10I have been added to the LP group a few hours ago (pretty fast, indeed) -> https://launchpad.net/~warp10/12:08
jpatrickpoor nalioth :(14:20
PiciLjL: Have you made any recent changes to the floodbots? They just set -zb on someone who was flooding.14:30
PiciLjL: 09:28:32 >>>> mode/#ubuntu [-zb %Jonathan_L!*@*] by FloodBot1, FloodBot214:30
PiciAh..: 09:28:22 <FloodBot1> WARNING: Jonathan_L floods, but emergency mode is on14:43
jpatrickemergency mode?14:44
PiciYeah, shouldn't be perpetually on though.14:45
jpatrickwhat is it tho?14:47
PiciOne of the floodbots is on nal's connection so its probably triggering that when it times out.14:47
Tm_Tnalioth: hi, ubot3 is where?14:56
jpatrickTm_T: network problems from his connection I think14:57
Tm_Tjpatrick: roger14:57
jpatrickTm_T: DaSkreech not here..14:57
naliothTm_T: i have a tech coming out any time now15:25
naliothhaving line issues 15:25
LjLPici: if a bot is out, emergency mode stays on15:34
PiciLjL: I gathered that after actually taking a look.15:35
PiciLjL: Also, the bots seem to be allowing more paste lines before muting lately15:36
LjLPici: the intention originally was to not have permanent emergency mode if *only* one bot went out... but given that two of the bots are on the same connection, i think it's wiser this way15:36
LjLPici: there's some bug in the paste detection that i haven't been able to track down... sometimes they ignore pastes completely. do you have an example?15:36
PiciLjL: Just now 8 lines before it did anything15:37
LjLPici: that might have been lag15:38
LjLnot sure, it's hard to debug since i don't store the lines or their timestamps15:40
LjL(and would rather not start storing them if i care for my hard drive space)15:40
warp10I would like to request an Ubuntu cloak. Is there anyone who may help me?15:56
Piciwarp10: Are you an approved Ubuntu Member?15:57
Pici/kubuntu/motu(er, I think(15:57
LjLapproved yesterday15:57
PiciOr rather, whats your LP page?15:58
warp10Pici: I am. I have been approved at yesterday's CC, and approved into the team today --> https://launchpad.net/~warp10/15:58
Piciwarp10: ah, congrats :)15:58
warp10Pici: thank you :)15:58
LjLwarp10: ensure you have an alternate nickname set up and linked to your primary one, and an email (you can set it as hidden)15:58
warp10I should have... let me check15:59
PiciI think I'll work on my bantracker fork this weekend... I'm going to be stuck at work for at least 4 hours in the middle of the night with nothing to do.16:00
=== warp10 is now known as warp10_
LjLPici: like i am every night?16:01
=== warp10_ is now known as warp10
warp10LjL, Pici: Ok, done16:01
PiciLjL: Nah, I need to go in from 00:00 to 04:00 because one of our vendors is moving their datacenter and I need to point our interfaces at the new IP addresses.16:02
LjLwarp10: you will be cloaked shortly16:03
warp10LjL: great! Thank you so much :)16:03
naliothcuriousity'll get you a kline sometimes, Pici 16:30
Picinalioth: roger that16:32
naliothPici: if you join a channel with a bot problem while the staff is cleaning up, it can get fun (not)16:47
Picinalioth: Yeah... Like they say... curiosity killed the cat.16:48
* jpatrick wonders what a d-line is16:59
mysteriosoMay I please be allowed to return to #ubuntu?16:59
mysteriosoI am in the channel right now, but I am not trying to evade your ban.17:00
mysteriosonickrud am I still banned?17:02
nickrudmysterioso: not sure, I don't have access to the ban list (and the channel ban list is bloated)17:04
mysteriosonickrud I dont want to evade the ban and get kicked for good.  But Im in the #ubuntu channel right now.17:08
mysteriosoCan anyone tell me if Im banned?17:08
HuffalumpI set to 8001.  I'm here to ask for the manual test.17:08
Picimysterioso: I'm looking.17:08
nickrudmysterioso: asking here is the right thing to do, someone will be along17:09
nickrudquickly, even17:09
PiciHuffalump: Please read the topic in #ubuntu-read-topic again. 17:09
HuffalumpThanks.  I see.17:11
mysteriosopici i think i am currently under a different IP17:12
Picimysterioso: You have not been unbanned.17:12
mysteriosopici may I please be unbanned?17:12
Picimysterioso: I don't feel comfortable removing or dealing with the ban without knowing more about the situation. 17:15
PiciLjL: ping? ^17:15
mysteriosopici I could tell you all about it17:15
PiciI'd rather another op who is more familiar with the situation take a look at it.17:15
naliothmysterioso: please wait for LjL 17:15
mysteriosoljl what do you think?17:23
jpatrickmysterioso: please wait for him to come back :)17:24
mysteriosojpatrick ok17:25
mysteriosomysterioso  waiting patiently17:25
naliothubotu: tell mysterioso about msg17:40
naliothmysterioso: please be patient17:40
warp10Is there a freenode staffer that may enable my Ubuntu cloak, please?17:48
jussi01oooh, that would be a nalioth :)17:50
* warp10 thanks the good soul who enabled the cloak :)17:54
mysteriososoooo, about that ban.  17:56
no0ticmysterioso, wait for LjL, as said before.17:56
mysteriosocan I leave a message for LjL, I am leaving soon?17:57
stdinI'm sure he'll read the backscroll anyway18:00
LjLhere i am18:01
jpatrickhey stdin 18:01
mysteriosoljl good to see ya again!18:01
* stdin tips proverbial hat to jpatrick18:01
LjLmysterioso: what is the question?18:02
mysteriosoljl may I please be unbanned?18:02
LjLmysterioso: no18:02
mysteriosoljl when can I be?18:02
LjLthere is no fixed time, but given the way you behaved yesterday, i'd say noticeably longer than a couple of days.18:03
mysteriosoall i did was repost once a min.18:04
LjLi'm not talking about what you did in #ubuntu18:04
mysteriosothe only reason I asked about evading was so i didnt do it.  like today when I switched wireless, and entered #ubuntu.  If I hadnt asked I wouldnt have known I was doing it.18:04
mysteriososo I came here and explained i did not mean to enter.18:05
PiciLjL: I set a ban for that fyi.18:05
mysteriosoI think that you are being unfair.  18:05
LjLmysterioso: you asked *how* to evade, and plainly stated that you *would* do it. also, you were pretty absurd in here even before that. really, you're not fooling anyone.18:06
mysteriosoljl not fooling?  So when I came in here and told you that I switched i.p.s and did not use #ubuntu I was fooling you?18:06
mysteriosoI did not say I WOULD do it.18:07
mysteriosoI asked HOW to do it18:07
naliothmysterioso: would you like to see the logs?18:07
LjLmysterioso: that might be interpreted as a way to show us that you are able to evade. anyway, that's not the point, the point is that we have every reason to believe you were trolling us and are trolling us18:07
mysteriosoif you gottem18:07
band4lifethanks guys.  18:08
LjLyes, that's a good grep keyword to use for the logs18:08
naliothmysterioso, why are you trying to evade? you're not banned18:08
band4lifenalioth i am banned from #ubuntu18:09
band4lifeand I am not trying to evade.18:09
LjLthen why did you just change your nickname?18:09
band4lifeI use diff. wireless routers18:09
band4lifeljl i thought this nick was more appropriate18:09
LjLyou won't be appropriate no matter which nick you use, believe me18:10
band4lifeljl have I not been polite?18:10
LjLabout the logs18:11
LjL[Fri Feb 22 2008] [04:09:52] <nalioth>  mysterioso: your ban will not be removed by bringing it up here, either18:11
LjL[Fri Feb 22 2008] [04:10:06] <mysterioso>       nalioth im not trying to remove it18:11
LjL[Fri Feb 22 2008] [04:10:09] <mysterioso>       just get aroung it18:11
LjLhere is your admission that you were trying to evade18:11
LjLfooling us by later lying about it is not polite.18:11
band4lifeljl miscommunication, I was just seeking information to "just get around it"18:11
LjL[Fri Feb 22 2008] [03:08:55] <PriceChild>       band4life, tbh I don't care. I just want to see a change in attitude.18:12
LjL[Fri Feb 22 2008] [03:09:14] <band4life>        ya know, my dads a senator18:12
LjL[Fri Feb 22 2008] [03:09:21] <band4life>        barach obamah18:12
LjLlying to us with an intent to make us afraid of some scary personality is not polite.18:12
mc44you'd have though he could spell his Dad's name correctly18:13
LjLband4life, do you have any further questions?18:14
band4lif1sorry, got disconnected18:15
LjLband4life, do you have any further questions?18:15
naliothband4life: you are violating freenode TOS, btw18:15
band4lif1if you do not intend to lift the ban that is your deal.  I believe you are being mean and unfair.  I will return tomorrow to try again.18:15
LjLoff the record, if there is such thing... that will only make your ban longer.18:16
LjLbut, what you prefer.18:16
ompaulbanned for life?18:16
ompaulband4lif1, I strongly suggest you understand what the freenode TOS are 18:16
* ompaul walked in a moment ago18:16
band4lif1ompaul what ?18:16
band4lif1ljl what will make my ban longer?18:16
ompaulyou have been informed that freenode have terms of service18:17
LjLband4lif1: coming in each day to ask about it, when you've plainly been told it won't be lifted in one day.18:17
naliothband4life: you returning each day to poke us over it18:17
* ompaul wonders what is going on 18:17
ompaulbut aywa18:17
band4lif1ljl when should I return?18:17
band4lif1ompaul what are the TOs?18:18
LjLband4lif1: http://freenode.net18:18
LjLband4lif1: i suggest, at this point, you return in about a month.18:18
band4lif1ljl ok 1 month it is,   you are just power tripin18:19
ompaulMyrtti, don't sigh have a hug in its palce18:20
ompaulplace even18:20
ompauljussi01, thanks ;-)18:20
* ompaul did a huge amount of travelling for someone in Dublin on a Friday Afternoon - and did not pay any traffic penalty -- so strange18:21
ompaulthere was none for me the opposite direction was bad 18:21
ompaul*not my usual route*18:21
jussi01ompaul: :)18:21
Myrtti/me is listening to the soundtrack of The Commitments18:22
ompaulI called into a supplier - had said I would last week - but things went against me - so while we were talking I made them some bootable iso sticks18:22
ompaulstrange - very very strange18:22
PiciMyrtti: ooh.. I was thinking of finding that the other day18:23
ompaulMyrtti, I have that CD beside me here18:23
MyrttiMine was shipped today18:23
Jack_SparrowHope you guys and gals are all doing well, I expect to be up to speed in a week or two..18:46
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:05
LjL!no pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:06
ubotuI'll remember that LjL19:06
jussi01hmmm, bandforlif1 just turned up in #kubuntu 19:16
LjLhe's been there before yeah19:16
jussi01ahh, ok.19:17
Pici!no pastebin =~ s/lines texts/lined text/19:18
ubotuI know nothing about pastebin =~ s/lines texts/lined text yet, Pici19:18
jussi01LjL: yeah, after the previous discussion, I thought it was relevant to mention19:19
LjLjussi01: got him on highlight. but surely, ban if misbehaving without thinking about it twice...19:19
jussi01LjL: sure19:20
jpatrickhe's in #ubuntu-irc19:20
jpatrickok, he was, read the channel too fast19:21
* jpatrick wonders why many people have: "ircname : purple"19:22
Picijpatrick: pidgin19:22
jpatrickah, that explains it19:22
stdinLjL: how about ~= s/#ubuntu/$chan/ so we can remove !pastebin-#kubuntu ?19:25
stdinheh, yes, that works too :)19:26
* jpatrick just did /bans in #k19:28
jpatrickanyone mind if I remove ardchoille's bans? Since he's no longer around?19:30
naliothjpatrick: go for it19:34
jpatrickhere goes19:44
jpatrickmode/#kubuntu [-bbbb *!*@c-71-227-16-131.hsd1.mi.comcast.net19:47
jpatrickopps, my mistake :)19:47
jpatrickthought so I just unbanned went straight back in19:48
ubotuIn ubotu, nickrud said: no metapackage is  A meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions. Removing a metapackage does not remove the packages it brought in.19:56
ubotuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.19:57
LjLwell, as long as it actually is in the topic... i think i put "#ubuntu" there originally because people complained it wasn't in the topic at all in some other channels20:38
LjL!no pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)20:38
ubotuI'll remember that LjL20:38
Seveasjust got this in pm:20:51
Seveas<kahrytan> What kitofhawaii said about me last month was lies.20:51
Seveaswhat did I miss?20:51
naliothSeveas: it's all in the channel logs here20:54
naliothSeveas: also check out the same person in the logs of -offtopic20:55
Seveasnalioth, I know kahrytan is a jerk :)20:55
naliothSeveas: yes, but you should /lastlog it anyway20:58
stdinI got that same pm yesterday21:03
Seveas<johnny2008> now I understand why the peopl;e you dealt with with your old host, didnt get along with you :)21:04
Seveas<johnny2008> no wonder they gotg rid off you :P21:04
Seveas<johnny2008> im going to ring you soon, on on +31 252 353 4621:04
Seveas<johnny2008> and all my friends wil be rining you using a special phone dialer21:04
Seveas<johnny2008> you will start receiving phone calls 24/7 soon on on +31 252 353 4621:04
Seveas<johnny2008> bye bye :)21:04
Seveassomeone kick that loser from forums and -au21:05
jpatrickelkbuntu: around^^?21:06
* mc44 orders some pizza from Seveas21:06
Seveas<johnny2008> I am goinjg to personally ring +31(0)20 712 5600 and tell them you are involved in illegal activities21:06
Seveas<johnny2008> your employer will be interested in what I have to say to them :-)21:06
Seveasinteresting, where did he get that from21:07
Seveashe must be actually trying to find things :)21:07
Seveas<johnny2008> bye, have a nice day asshole21:07
jpatrickSeveas: website registery?21:07
Seveasjpatrick, neh, work phone number isn't on there21:08
Seveasmust have found my blog, followed link to work homepage and search for contact21:08
TheSheepsome people are bored21:08
ompaulwill I invite that fool here?21:08
Seveaswhy on earth?21:09
MyrttiI pity the fool21:09
ompaulto pity them21:09
Seveasneh, just ignore21:09
* ompaul is re ripping my full collection - never did get it right the second time - start from the beginning 21:10
ompaulohh the fun21:10
TheSheep.oO( 2nd system syndrome )21:10
ompaulhar har21:10
ompaulnada3, you can go and change your real name you21:12
ompaulwhere is pricey21:13
ompaulPriceChild, ping21:13
jpatrickthat guy needs to change he's ident21:13
ompauljpatrick, well I lied to him ....21:13
ompaullet him work it out himself21:13
Seveashmm, I still haven't received a phonecall... geee... haw can that be...21:14
SeveasI can throw 281 fax lines back at him, I want his number :)21:14
mc44I'm just routing a chatline to you, Seveas21:14
Seveaserr, 278, not 28121:15
mc44the last three make all the difference21:15
ompaulSeveas, one fax for him and one fax for each of his pals and you will have 275 left21:15
Seveaswell, I might be able to grab some voice lines as well21:15
Seveasompaul, :)21:15
Seveashmm, I forgot 38 faxlines..21:16
Seveashe can make some more friends now :)21:16
ompaulSeveas, you got to do something about that faulty ram in your head21:16
ompaulyou got dodgy memory21:16
Seveasompaul, yeah, sleep21:16
Seveassadly some fuckers pretending to be from qatar decided to ddos us a few times this week21:17
Seveascausing headaches21:17
elkbuntumaybe you should set them onto johnny200821:26
ompaulwe moved to his IP ;-)21:31
LjLSeveas, obviously you've tried to make him repeat that on a channel?21:33
Seveas<seeking1> Seveas, just letting you know... your real name and your employers address and phone number is being advertised on a myspace website urging ppl to call your boss about some illegal activity you doing.  23:11
Seveas<seeking1> you must have pissed the wrong guy off dude23:11
Seveasstill going :)23:11
Seveastrying to 'disguise' by changing nick/ident/realname23:12
Seveasbut of course forgot IP address23:12
Seeker`Seveas: Can't you get him K-lined for threatening you like that?23:20
SeveasSeeker`, neh, it happened before23:21
Seveaseven if they actually start calling (which also happened) freenode won't k-line23:21
Seeker`that sucks23:21
Seveascouldn't care less23:21
jussi01its entertainment :P23:22
SeveasIf I cared, I shouldn't put my phonenumber on my website23:22
PriceChildI'm back, still want me? I assume for a removal in forums?23:24
PriceChildhmm last nicks don't show up there23:26
jussi01PriceChild: yeah, get rid of jdong :P23:26
jussi01!puregnome is <reply> If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>23:48
* jussi01 wonders why the bot doesnt forward requests anymore...23:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about puregnome - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:51
PriceChildhow odd23:51
jussi01weird huh23:51
* jussi01 wonders if PriceChild will be nice and add the factoid...23:57

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