jarosserim just curious is ebox going to be with the next release of ubuntu server04:24
mralphabetjarosser: I believe so, there has been a lot of work done to get it ready.04:33
jarossercool i played around with their live cd and it does make things easier04:33
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MajorPive a question, why should i use ubuntu server insteed of debian? is there any security significate special fetures?04:55
MajorPi only know sudo and that is not the best solution, i think so04:55
MajorPive read some docs but no page describle the sec features04:56
MajorPwould be nice if u can say why u use ubuntu and no other dist04:57
ScottKOne factor is do you want a steady release schedule and support window versus a release every year or two whenever the stars happen to align.04:58
MajorPokey the cycle from debian's new versions is not the best, but they are the fastet in bringing new fixes, on a server i dont need the newest apps, they must be rockstable and do there work for years05:00
ScottKMy experience is that Ubuntu and Debian are both pretty quick on security fixes.  The two distros do cooperate.05:01
ScottKThere are some differences in kernel hardening, but I'm not really qualified to discuss.05:02
ScottKUbuntu has apparmor well deployed and SE Linux sort of deployed.  Debian has about the same SE Linux as Ubuntu.05:03
MajorPwell right, ubuntu based on debian. i'am also not a profi but i love debian, and cant understand why there is such a hype around ubuntu, its the same on server side05:04
ScottKFor me I need to be more cutting edge than Debian Stable for a variety of reason on server and desktop both and so Ubuntu serves very nicely as a stabilized Unstable.05:07
MajorPlol stabelized unstable :P05:08
MajorPok well thats a reason05:08
faulkes-well, there is the recent addition of ufw05:09
faulkes-which makes managing iptables a trivial task05:09
MajorPok thanks for u're input, i think ure in right, ubuntu is a modern server os05:09
MajorPand is out of the box the better choice than debian05:10
faulkes-well, I think the overall philosophy with ubuntu is that it should be easy to use05:10
faulkes-and that applies to the server edition as well05:10
MajorPsorry what is ufw?05:10
faulkes-that isn't to say debian isn't easy to use05:10
ScottKfaulkes-: But if you know what you are doing, Debian is easy to use.05:10
faulkes-ubuntu firewall05:11
faulkes-ScottK: re: my last comment05:11
MajorPmh i lern linux about 1 year and i think debian is easy to use05:11
ScottKMajorP: CLI iptables helper for those that need it.05:11
* ScottK too.05:11
* faulkes- makes not argument otherwise05:11
MajorPhave started with suse and in accord to debian is suse a horror trip05:12
ScottKMy first mail servers were Debian, but then I needed Postfix 2.2 and Sarge only had 2.1.05:12
* ScottK used opensuse desktop for a while.05:12
ScottKNever again.05:12
MajorPok on desktop i use ubuntu05:12
faulkes-my first mail server was uucp ;)05:12
ScottKPostfix still support uucp, so you can have that now if you want it.05:13
MajorPcause it's ready to use after installation and very comfortable05:13
ScottKThat's where ubuntu-server aims to get.  We're getting closer.05:13
faulkes-ScottK: yeah but I'm not really going to go digging around for uucp maps05:13
faulkes-although I did love bang path addressing ;)05:13
ScottKJust saying ...05:13
MajorPwhat is bang path?05:14
ScottKYou used to have to specify mail routing back before it was all one big happy internet05:14
MajorPahh so long time ago?05:15
MajorPwell not in years but in it ;)05:15
faulkes-yes, in a galaxy far far away05:15
ScottKIt's essentially a compound address scheme that stores forward and reverse path routing info in the address05:15
ScottKIt's actually still supported in the RFCs, but seriously deprecated.05:16
* faulkes- g protocols ScottK05:16
ScottKSort of anyway.05:16
ScottKIt was deprecated in RFC 821 if that gives you an idea how long ago.05:16
ScottKGotta run.  It's late here.05:16
faulkes-aye, although there is still some use of it in areas where telecom infrastructure is not up to snuff05:16
faulkes-night ScottK05:16
MajorPok thanks for the explication05:16
faulkes-speaking of which, I should probably hit the sack as well, I have to be up early for a meeting in the city05:17
* faulkes- hates meetings05:17
MajorPhow long ure doing linux faulkes-?05:17
MajorPok cya ScottK!05:17
faulkes-since kernel 0.99p105:17
MajorPha not bad05:18
MajorPwhen was that?05:18
MajorPnice, while i was playing in the sandbox ;P05:18
lamontScottK: uploading 2.5.1-1 to sid, pls poke me to ask for the sync once the alpha gets out and unfreezes us05:19
* faulkes- is an old old man05:19
faulkes-evening lamont05:19
faulkes-man, I'm really enjoying playing with fusesmb05:21
MajorPwhich dist u would use on a 1gb usb stick?05:23
MajorParchlinux or is there smt better out there?05:24
faulkes-it has never occured to me to do so05:26
faulkes-other than to have usb emergency recovery stick05:26
* faulkes- enjoys his laptop05:27
faulkes-although I need to buy a new laptop soon05:28
ScottKlamont: OK.  Or I could just ask.05:28
ScottKfaulkes-: How old?05:28
ScottKOr did we have this conversation already?05:28
ScottKAnd I'm old enough I forgot.05:29
MajorPok :), dont have enough money for a laptop but i have a nokia e61 its a good compromise, i can surf, write mails, tel via voip and also can connect on a server through ssh when i need in emergency05:31
robc4faulkes, thanks for answering my question so promptly about ebox on the forums (I am e30power on there)05:31
faulkes-glad to have helped05:58
faulkes-ScottK: don't remember if we did or not06:00
faulkes-35 in actual years06:00
faulkes-well, what I really want is to get a new dell xps fully loaded06:00
nijabagood morning08:30
_rubena collegue just a 7.10 server install .. 2x 250GB sata, with s/w raid + lvm .. which had the OS end up with lilo instead of grub .. my own installs (with slightly different partitioning) do have grub10:27
_rubenthis new install is one big raid1 with lvm on top it10:27
_rubengrub cant boot lvm on top of raid?10:27
henkjanguided partitioning with lvm does create a separate /boot, not on lvm10:28
henkjanso thats what i'm using when im doing it manually10:29
_rubenhmm .. i used to have seperate /boot partitions as well .. thought the werent necesary no more .. might have him do a reinstall then ;)10:29
henkjans/w raid + lvm rocks btw :)10:30
_evert_hi all10:32
_rubenhenkjan: yup .. been using it for quite a while .. thought i'd get rid of the various mdX devices tho .. initialy i had md0: /boot; md1: /; md2: lvm; md3: swap10:33
_rubenroot on lvm isnt a problem these days .. guess /boot remains a bit special10:33
henkjanit was just recently i discoverd the +lvm option. At first created way to much mdX devics (for every partition)10:34
sorenDoes anyone know how to move around extents on a physical volume? I want to shrink a pv, but it won't let me because it (in its infinite wisdom) apparantly alloceted a few of the very last extents on the pv.10:43
sorenOr if I could just figure out *what* is allocated there, that would also be helpful.10:44
sorendmsetup table ftw10:48
_rubenwhat's "recommended" method for building 32bit packages on a 64bit host (also taking in account the output of uname, kernel versions, etc)?10:51
_rubeni want to create some sort of sandbox on a 64bits host in which to be able to build 32bit stuff .. or is a vm the desired approach?10:51
nijaba_ruben: why don't you use PPA?  it should do the cross arch building for you...11:08
sergevnfaulkes-: morning11:26
* _ruben googles for ppa .. seen it mentioned numerous times, no clue what it is ;)11:41
_rubenah, but wouldnt using ppa slow down the whole process, can imagine there's a queue you'd have to wait on11:42
faulkes-iirc you can build your own cross compiling environment although I don't think ubuntu has anything out of the box which does that11:45
faulkes-and certainly, if you create a 32bit vm, that would make things quite easy11:45
_rubenvm will probably be the way to go .. especially on the longer term .. later this year i'll be deploying a vmware esx environment11:49
_rubenmy current vmware machines have some performance issues disk/cpu wise11:50
soren_ruben: Setting up a pbuilder is not very difficult.11:57
soren_ruben: There's certainly a howto on the wiki somewhere.11:57
soren_ruben: #ubuntu-motu is a goot place to start.11:58
_rubenhmm .. hylafax is in ubuntu .. hylafax+ isnt .. there a source tarball/deb/rpm/srpm avail .. no mention on how to build your own .deb .. bah12:01
_rubenok .. lets look at pbuilder12:01
_rubenpbuilder looks rather trivial12:02
_rubenccache looks nice as well12:02
mok1Grrr. My nismaster can't bind to YP server :-/12:47
normanmhi all , I'm using ldap to store user / groups . Now i want to allow all users ( ldap ) in a specific group ( ldap ) to execude all commands via sudo . so i added the %group config stuff to suoders file. But sudo just keep telling me that the user was not found in sudoers file. if i add the username directly it works. Any ideA ?12:48
mok1normanm: look in /etc/nsswitch.conf12:48
mok1morning, zul12:49
normanmmok1, there is allready: sudoers: file ldap12:49
mok1normanm: what if you move file behind ldap?12:49
normanmmok1, same12:50
normanmmaurer is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.12:51
mok1normanm: id maurer?12:51
normanmmok1, its works via ssh and login12:52
normanmroot@dmz-pf:~# id maurer12:52
normanmuid=10000(maurer) gid=20000(staff) groups=20000(staff),20002(website),20003(fwadmin)12:52
mok1normanm: ... and you have %staff in sudoers I guess12:53
normanmmok1, yes:12:53
normanm%staff  ALL=(ALL)       ALL12:53
mok1normanm: weird. That gid number is awfully high though. Perhaps there is some convention for that?12:55
mok1 For example, if uid < 1000, lots of things dont work right12:55
mok1(for users)12:55
normanmmok1, you are right...!12:57
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normanmit works with 200012:57
mok1normanm: heh! It'd be nice to know where that is documented...12:57
normanmmok1 true.. I not found any docs telling so12:58
ScottKfaulkes-: You are a youngster, BTW.13:24
sommermorning all13:25
kgoetzhey :)13:25
nijabamorning sommer13:44
nijabafaulkes-, sommer: limesurvey bug just fixed.  Will open testing soon13:44
sommercool :)13:47
coNP[uni]Hey everyone!14:00
coNP[uni]What should I make to start iscsi before mounts?14:01
coNP[uni](Ubuntu Gutsy)14:01
kgoetzer, whats your question?14:02
coNP[uni]I want to mount a filesystem from an ISCSI disk14:04
coNP[uni]But it seems that fstab entries are mounted _before_ open-ISCSI service is started14:04
mathiazcoNP[uni]: that may be a bug in open-iscsi then.14:05
kgoetzmost likely yes.14:05
* coNP[uni] tries something else first14:05
mathiazcoNP[uni]: when is open-scsi started ?14:05
kgoetzisnt iscsi done in kernel? filesystems need to be mounted to load most modules14:05
mathiazkgoetz: the iscsi module should be in the initrd14:06
kgoetzmathiaz: i'd more or less agree.14:08
coNP[uni]Actually we also need to start the ISCSI service14:08
coNP[uni]So that /dev/sd? becomes available14:08
clustyis there a mod_gzip apache module package?14:38
clustycan't seem to find it14:38
zullibapache-mod-gzip or something14:41
coNP[uni]are you sure an external module is needed?14:41
clustyquite sure14:45
clustyat least for suse i needed one14:46
clustyi better just try :D14:46
clustythere is nothing in mods-available14:47
clustythere is a mod_deflate14:50
clustythink that replaces it14:50
AnRkeyhow can i get my intell dp35dp board to work with raid 5 and Ubuntu server?17:16
mathiazdantalizing: are you working on the monthly report ?17:33
dantalizingmathiaz: i am17:40
mathiazdantalizing: great. Thanks for doing this work.,17:40
dantalizingmy tiny tiny contribution17:41
mathiazdantalizing: As you may have noticed I've brought up the question of status reporting during last meeting.17:41
mathiazdantalizing: I'd like to stream line the process of reporting so that everything is integrated nicely.17:41
dantalizingi did see that in the minutes, i missed most of the last meeting due to my  own meetings17:41
mathiazdantalizing: np.17:41
mathiazdantalizing: so - the idea is to ask members to update a wiki page with status on their work done during last week17:42
mathiazdantalizing: could we use the ReportingPage to do that ?17:43
dantalizingyeah, that'll be better than trying to cull what is going on from IRC and minutes17:43
mathiazdantalizing: I've looked over the MonthlyReports.17:43
mathiazdantalizing: the mobile team does a report using section per week.17:44
mathiazdantalizing: I think that's a bit too precise.17:44
mathiazdantalizing: so I thought about having a section for each week on ReportingPage17:44
mathiazdantalizing: and then when we prepare the monthly report we just collapse the section into one and merge activities reports17:45
dantalizingmathiaz: ok17:45
mathiazdantalizing: so that the monthly report is a summary of the weekly reports.17:45
dantalizingmathiaz: ok17:46
mathiazdantalizing: so the workflow would be to copy MonthlyReports to Archive/Month17:46
mathiazdantalizing: do the editing in Archive/Month17:46
mathiazdantalizing: and copy Archive/Month in the MonthlyReport17:47
mathiazdantalizing: does this work for you ?17:47
dantalizingmathiaz: sounds good17:47
dantalizingmathiaz: you own it, so its up to you.. i'm just helping out...17:48
mathiazdantalizing: great !17:48
mathiazdantalizing: I'll document the process.17:48
dantalizingi can do this, np17:48
mathiazdantalizing: well - you do the real work...17:48
mathiazdantalizing: so you know what's needed and how to improve the process17:48
dantalizingmathiaz: so each section of the roadmap will have an update, theoretically, correct?17:49
mathiazdantalizing: yes17:49
mathiazdantalizing: I'll keep the ReportingPage up to date17:49
mathiazdantalizing: with a list of sections where status reporting is needed17:49
mathiazdantalizing: and before each meeting I'll send an email asking developers to update the section.17:50
dantalizingmathiaz: so we'll have to add a section for things like the mentoring program... an 'other' or 'miscellaneous' to catch stuff outside the roadmap17:50
mathiazdantalizing: correct.17:50
dantalizingmathiaz: ok, np17:50
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electrolitehello all19:36
electroliteanyone know if the apache2.2.4-3build1 ubuntu .deb pkg has an issue with mod_ldap? As soon as I enable the authnz_ldap.load mods-enabled, apache flakes with this error "[Fri Feb 22 14:07:45 2008] [error] Module mod_ldap missing. Mod_ldap (aka. util_ldap) must be loaded in order for mod_auth_ldap to function properly". I think it be that the aforementioned ubuntu deb pkg wasn't compiled with mod_ldap parameter enabled? Any ideas?19:42
sommerelectrolite: do you have libapache-mod-ldap installed?19:45
sommerand enabled19:45
electrolitelet me check real quick...19:46
mathiazelectrolite: make sure it's enabled.19:46
mathiazelectrolite: libapache-mod-ldap is not what you want19:46
mathiazsommer: it's for apache 1.319:46
mathiazsommer: for apache2, you'd have to look for libapache2-mod-ldap19:46
sommermathiaz: ah, seemed the most likely from apt-cache search apache | grep ldap19:47
mathiazsommer: but that doesn't exist because the ldap module is part of apache2 IIRC19:47
sommermathiaz: gotcah19:47
mathiazsommer: right. libapache == 1.3 - libapache2 == 2.219:47
electroliteyep, it is for 1.3.....19:51
electroliteI think that mod_ldap is a compile switch that wasn't set on the precompiled binary pkg from the ubuntu repository for the apache2.2.4-3build1 pkg19:52
electroliteI'm trying to see if there's something I've overlooked before I'm forced to download the source for apache and compile it myself19:52
mathiazelectrolite: which swith are you talking about ?19:54
mathiazelectrolite: --with-ldap=yes is used to configure apache219:55
electroliteYep...I don't think that is enabled in the the .deb in the ubuntu repository. I'm trying to load authnz_ldap.load and it's dependent on mod_ldap19:57
electroliteI think that they (ubuntu apache2.2.4-3build1 developers-pkg makers) didn't include --with-ldap=yes19:58
electroliteI'm running ubuntu 2.6.22-14-server19:59
mathiazelectrolite: did you enable the ldap module ?20:00
mathiazelectrolite: there is a ldap.load in /etc/apache2/mods-available/20:00
electroliteyep...let me confirm it's enabled20:00
mathiazelectrolite: is there a symlink /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ldap.load ?20:00
electrolitethere is now. excuse me while I go bury my head in the sand.20:06
electroliteThank you Mathiaz....apparently, I missed the ldap.load sym link.20:07
electroliteapache is loading now.20:08
electrolitemy conf file's wrong...but that's ok...I'll fix that now. Thanks20:08
achandrashekarHi posted up on a ldap issue causing my system not to boot. Hangs on klog. It appears to be posted up on bug reports. Can someone help out?20:18
mathiazsommer: what do you think about the ServerGuy wiki page ?20:35
mathiazsommer: s/Guy/Gui/20:35
sommermathiaz: I think it's okay, still pretty rough20:36
mathiazsommer: I think it's ok. I've just quickly read it and it's good.20:36
mathiazsommer: I think we can remove it from the Roadmap or may be ask for a review ?20:36
sommermathiaz: no I think it covers what we were looking for... I've actually been meaning to remove that :-)20:37
mathiazsommer: ok - I'll remove it.20:37
sommercool thanks20:37
mathiazsommer: could you add a section about in the ReportingPage ?20:38
mathiazsommer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/ReportingPage20:38
mathiazdantalizing: I've reorganized the ReportingPage a little bit.20:39
mathiazdantalizing: I've moved all the archived report directly under ReportingPage/20:39
mathiazdantalizing: I've also update the ReportingPage for the month of March and start asking people to update the wiki page with what they're doing.20:40
mathiazdantalizing: so the content of the page is about the month of March20:40
mathiazdantalizing: for the month of February, you still have to go through the meeting minutes I've sent.20:40
sommermathiaz: report updated20:42
mathiazsommer: awesome - Thanks ! :)20:48
dantalizingmathiaz: ok, i'll the report updated soon21:06
mindframe-is there anything in ubuntu that would affect firefox sending dns requests through a socks5 proxy?22:14
mindframe-no matter how i configure firefox or foxyproxy dns requests are still done on the client side22:14

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