mysteriosoand I got more files in that folder00:00
mysteriosoill try it a third time just to see what happens00:00
iceswordnicubu, what about restart x?00:00
ScuniziAnyone ever try google's "reconstructor" for creating an Ubuntu Live Cd with you're program pics and tweeks?  Might be good for giving away to friends. http://code.google.com/p/reconstructor/00:00
kelliss So where does that leave me? I've installed gsynaptics before00:00
si would try to get the synaptics module. but it should work just off the main install as a basic mouse.00:00
mysteriosook guys its workin.00:00
xybreThere it is. we've been having routing issues all day. Bleh.00:00
nicubuiceword: Well, I've tried restarting my computer and its the same. Would restart X help?00:00
mysteriosoi just had to double click it 2 seperate times, then run the realplayer active text thingy00:01
iceswordnicubu, just give it atry00:01
sin a word - creek (up a)00:01
kelliss I'll give it another go. Thanks00:01
twosouls82xybre: where can I upload a file without registering (a pdf print of the page)?00:01
nicubuicesword, What should I type to do that?00:01
ssorry wish I could help more.00:01
nblraceris hardy 5 out?00:01
mjw-!hardy > nblracer00:02
iceswordnicubu, ctrl+alt+backspace00:02
Grezeranyone know how to check to see what CD roms are working ??00:02
nicubuicesword, ok brb00:02
twosouls82xybre: http://w15.easy-share.com/1699651628.html00:02
iceswordGrezer, pardon?00:02
Generalizedcan somebody help me please00:02
Generalizedi cant install anything00:02
ethan961only thing with reconstuctor is the ISO size, it would be hard to keep is acceptable for a cd00:02
skellis remeber there are other mfg's of touchpads, you might look into those.00:03
GrezerI need to see if my usb DVD / CDRW is working00:03
Generalizedi have no clue whats wrong00:03
mjw-!repeat > Generalized00:03
Kuninblracer: Alpha 5 got delayed until tomorrow for some reason00:03
GrezerIm not using a GUI and I dont know how to check00:03
kelliss Will do, thanks00:03
nblracerthanks kuni00:03
KuniGrezer: "lsmod | grep cdrom"00:03
Kunino problem00:03
ScuniziGrezer, install elinks.. pretty easy command line browser..00:04
ethan961lots of lag00:04
GrezerThanks Kuni00:04
xybretwosouls82: thanks00:04
Kunino problem00:04
twosouls82xybre: so the transfer worked, nice00:04
iceswordGeneralized, do you use virtual machine00:04
machee"-bash: ./q3ded: No such file or directory" does this mean the file isn't executing, or it's executing and having an error?00:04
Donkey718666hello all00:04
evindoes anyone know much about how to adjust the screen resolution in ubuntu, i'm having a terrible time with it00:05
Generalizedi dont think so icesword00:05
dhon_I'm having trouble with the screensaver activating on my external screen repeatedly, anyone seen this?00:05
Generalizedit started happening after i updated00:05
Donkey718666well i am trying to install ubuntu on my partitioned drive. when i go onto ubuntu is it the drive that says free space?00:05
Kunievin: go to System > Preferences > Screen Resolution00:05
Starnestommymachee: it means that the file "q3ded" does not exist in the current directory00:05
iceswordGeneralized, it said cannot open device,what device00:05
* xybre reads00:05
Some_PersonIs there a streaming MMS recorder in the Repos (not for KDE please)?00:05
Kunievin: if that doesn't work, make sure your screen is set up correctly in System > Administrator > Screens and Graphics (but be careful)00:05
Generalizedyour guess is as good as mine icesword00:05
Generalizedthats all it outputs00:05
twosouls82xybre: I haven't tried it, but he mentions he addressed the bugs00:06
macheeStarnestommy: but when I ls, it's right there00:06
Scunizievin, http://www.usefuls.net/2008/02/05/3-ways-to-fix-a-bad-ubuntu-screen-resolution.html00:06
evini've done that, but i can't find a great res.  i have a 1360x768 screen size and i can't select the correct screen size00:06
xybreLets try.00:06
evinalright, i'll try that00:06
GewoonM2some_person: try vlc, also called videolan, it can stream nearly anything00:06
Donkey718666well i am trying to install ubuntu on my partitioned drive. when i go onto ubuntu is it the drive that says free space? I have 2 ntfs partitions and then a free space partition. Is the FREE SPACE partition the one that i install on??????00:06
Starnestommymachee: are you sure that you're using the right cases?00:06
Grezerhere is something else I need ask, I also hooked up a zip drive to my server ( so I can back up to the zip drive ) is there a way to check to see if its working ??00:06
Kunioh, a tv resolution...00:06
Some_PersonGewoonM2: I want to record the stream00:06
StarnestommyDonkey718666: it probably is00:06
macheeStarnestommy: positive00:06
skellis - if your still her go into vista and see what driver ms is using for the touchpad...00:06
Generalizedwhat does E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) mean?00:07
n0greenfxhey every time i install my second video card ubuntu freaks out and puts me in a command line on boot??00:07
ethan961Donkey, yes, free space.00:07
Donkey718666is it probably or or 100% sure?00:07
iceswordGeneralized, seems it cannot write to your disk00:07
machee-rwxrwxrwx 2 q3user q3user  749504 Feb 21 04:41 q3ded00:07
Generalizeddo you have any idea how to fix it icesword00:07
Generalizedi cant install anything00:07
nickrud_Generalized: it means the real error is above that line00:07
GewoonM2some_person: vlc can do that, file-->open network stream--> "Stream/Save"00:07
Donkey718666is it probably or or 100% sure?00:07
Some_PersonGewoonM2: Alright, I'll try VLC00:07
Generalizeddpkg: syntax error: unknown user `postfix' in statoverride file  nickrud_00:07
StarnestommyDonkey718666: almost 100%00:07
iceswordGeneralized, du /00:08
Generalizedthere is no user postfix00:08
Donkey718666and what program is for MIRC on Ubuntu that i can download?00:08
GewoonM2some_person: good luck :) I use it all the time to save streams!00:08
StarnestommyDonkey718666: xchat, konversation, or irssi00:08
Indiadev_TechieDonkey718666: thats already in ther >>> Pidgin00:08
Some_PersonGewoonM2: I guess I can use it to record the Democratic Debate on CNN's stream00:08
FlannelDonkey718666: xchat is most like mIRC00:08
Donkey718666irc is on pidgon?00:08
Generalizedwhat am i looking for icesword00:08
soulburnerDonkey718666,  use pidgin or xchat00:08
Generalizedor do you want the output in pastbin00:08
Starnestommypidgin's irc support is rather incomplete00:08
nickrud_Generalized: put the complete error on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org00:08
Some_PersonDonkey718666: XChat (but not xchat-gnome)00:09
twosouls82Donkey718666: apt-cache search 'irc client'00:09
Donkey718666kk thanks00:09
Generalizedhttp://paste.uni.cc/18371 nickrud_00:09
nickrud_someone who's running postfix, could you tell me your uid for it?  ( grep postfix /etc/passwd )00:09
iceswordGeneralized, run du / in terminal00:09
GewoonM2some_person: I guess so, try first with another stream to check if you figured out the correct settings! Good luck!00:09
Generalizeddid icesword00:09
Generalizedits still going00:09
Some_PersonGewoonM2: thank you00:09
n0greenfxanyone help with my graphics card??00:10
iceswordGeneralized, sorry,i told you the wrong one,it should be df / (diskfree)00:10
n0greenfxim searching forums and finding nothing00:10
GeneralizedFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on00:10
Generalized/dev/hda1             37721596  34021624   1783824  96% /00:10
TrustNoOneDoes firestarter just manage the windows firewall, or is it required to be started for the firewall to be running properly. (im asking because before i started the firewall, i could share network drives, then after i started it i had to configure it to allow those ports through otherwise it wouldnt work)00:10
tamn0greenfx: ask the question as someone might know00:11
DrBanzaiAnybody here willing to help me get a software raid setup?00:11
SimplySethTrustNoOne: it starts and stops with the network :)00:11
n0greenfx+everytime i installl my second card ubuntu freaks out and puts me in a commande line at boot00:11
Bruno_i need help with blutooht00:11
icesword!bluetooth > Bruno_00:12
nickrud_ Generalized try    sudo apt-get -f install   before you do anything else00:12
BlueEeln0greenfx: easy solution: stick with one card... what kind of cards are you using ?00:12
n0greenfxmy nvidia works fine as long as i dont put in my ati00:12
n0greenfxid really like to use my ati card tho00:13
Bruno_icesword: more specifically, with BlueProximity. could you help me with that?00:13
DrBanzaiI've tried setting up a software RAID 5 in both Ubuntu and CentOS, and they both fail while trying to format the RAID.  I've tried using ext3 and JFS...any ideas?00:13
iceswordnickrud_, who took your nick,:)00:13
Xorothaln0greenfx: seriuosly, ati and linux don't mix00:13
noolnessati  sucks though unfortunately :/00:13
iceswordBruno_, i am sorry ,no idea00:13
nickrud_icesword: I own both, I'm too lazy to ghost the other00:13
n0greenfxsome im basically screwed on that end huh00:13
Bruno_iceword: ok thanks anyway00:14
cubexombianyone else have problems recently with flash vids on youtube.. google vid's fine but on youtube i get no audio. (installed libflashsupport and changed the dsp to "aoss" and nothin)00:14
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
nickrudicesword: you happy now ;p00:14
Generalizedno difference nickrud00:14
n0greenfxis it possible to install lmce over ubuntu instead of kubuntu?00:14
nickrudGeneralized: do you get all the X errors as well?00:14
iceswordnickrud, hehe :)00:14
mad_max02is there any need to defragment ext3 partitions ?00:14
Generalizeddpkg: syntax error: unknown user `postfix' in statoverride file00:15
Generalizedi tried deluser postfix00:15
Kunimad_max02: no need. It handles it on its own00:15
Generalizedit says there is no user postfix00:15
arekkusu14I need help getting my printer to work.  I've tried everything I can think of.00:15
mad_max02Kuni, :D great. It would take me bout 2-3 days to defragment it :D00:15
macheeLooking for how to fix a "No such file or directory" error when trying to run a binary that definitely exists.  I'm running 64 bit.  Could that matter?00:15
Kuniext3 keeps itself defragged as much as possible.00:16
Flannelmachee: what command are you doing exactly?00:16
BlueEelwooohoo! download finally at 100%... now, where are those blank cd's ?00:16
mad_max02no need for any extra tools or maintance ?00:16
iceswordmachee, you tried chmod +x file00:16
Kunimachee, make sure it's executable (chmod +x)00:16
Xorothalmad_max02: nope00:16
macheeFlannel: ./q3ded in the folder where ti is, and it's definitely got execute permissions00:16
redf1shmachee: If your 64 bit, a 32 bit binary might be looking for the wrong libraries. That prints out "no such file".00:16
noolnesshmmmm what do people consider the "best" linux filesystem at the moment?00:16
mad_max02one more plus for linux00:17
Generalizeddoes anyone have any idea how to fix this00:17
Xorothalmad_max02: though I would consider switching to reiserfs00:17
Flannelmachee: and `ls -al | grep q3ded` shows it?00:17
noolnessi know ext3 is pretty junky00:17
macheeFlannel: yes00:17
mad_max02Xorothal, why ?00:17
Flannelmachee: Mind pasting that line, just for yucks?00:17
noolnessfor example if you overwrite parts of a file and your computer fails or reboots, you could corrupt the file00:17
macheeredf1sh: that makes sense... any way to know what libraries it may be?00:17
mad_max02and why is ext3 junky ?00:17
iceswordnoolness, you creat a fs yourself,then it is the best00:17
Flannelnoolness: No, ext3 is journaled.00:17
GewoonM2arekkusu14: what kind of printer do you have? Have you tried google-ing: "<printer name + type> linux", to check if others have gotten it to work?00:17
Xorothalmad_max02: It's just better (ie too tired to explain)00:17
arekkusu14Yeah, I'm doing that now.00:18
noolnessFlannel: only the inode table is journaled00:18
macheeFlannel: -rwxrwxrwx 2 q3user q3user  749504 Feb 21 04:41 q3ded00:18
=== arekkusu14 is now known as AlexKibler
nickrudGeneralized: not sure about what I'd do on your system. I'd be willing to do it here, cuz I'd take responsibility for messing with users and groups. Not so sure I'm ready to do that on yours00:18
redf1shmachee: I strace things, but I'm a dev. You can probably get it to work by doing an apt-get install ia32-lib*00:18
mad_max02Xorothal, I asked much people about file system and whats the best for etc00:18
redf1shmatchee that installes 32 bit compatibility libraries00:18
mad_max02Xorothal, I got so many diff answers00:18
Generalizedwhats your idea nickrud00:18
redf1shmatchee pretty slick really.00:18
mad_max02Xorothal, so I went on and formated in ext3 since I'm most familiar with it00:19
johndbrittonhow do you find the UUID of a drive00:19
iceswordGeneralized, i recommend you try sudo apt-get clean00:19
Flannel!uuid | johndbritton00:19
ubotujohndbritton: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)00:19
Xorothalmad_max02: it's your choice00:19
noolnessi used ext3 on linux just because it's the default at the moment ;)00:19
mad_max02Xorothal, I dont know about other but I'll try to read as much as possible and learn00:19
macheeredf1sh: i will try that out, thanks!00:19
AlexKiblerAh, googling shows that not much can be done00:19
redf1shmachee: I'm palying quake wars with that, generally works.00:19
nickrudGeneralized: add a postfix user and group. But, since I don't have postfix installed here (and have no intention of it) I don't know the correct settings for the user. Things I'd do on my machine that's unorthodox I won't do here for others.00:19
redf1shmachee: cheers.00:19
mad_max02Xorothal, is there any way to later convert to any other file system from ext3 without formating ?00:19
Generalizedcan i remove postfix safely?00:20
noolnessi don't know i watch some demo for haiku and their filesystem seems interesting. it's basically the beos filesystem, which means it has cool stuff like search built in and stuff00:20
nickrudGeneralized: yes.  I'm gonna go have a cigarette, and think a bit00:20
Xorothalmad_max02: to reiserfs, no. I created a separate reiserfs partition and copied everything00:20
macheeredf1sh: gotcha. i'm actually trying to setup a Quake 3 dedicated server, hah00:20
noolnessto do that on linux though you would need to have all new command line tools for a lot of things00:20
noolnesslike the standard find wouldn't be good enough to exploit a more advanced filesystem00:21
mad_max02can you imagine how much time I spent on formating over 2TB from NTFS to ext300:21
Mightypeoguys - i got a hardware question ? sorta00:21
Xorothalnoolness: No I just did my /home partition with cp -avx00:21
Kunimad_max02: don't worry about it. EXT3 isn't going to destroy your computer or anything if you already installed.00:21
redf1shmachee: Check google if that don't work, I'm sure someones had to.00:21
AlexKiblerNope.  Lexmark offers no support for my printer.00:21
Xorothalmad_max02: 50GB took me ~30mins00:21
mad_max02Kuni, I hope so coz I have a lot of data that needs to be safely tucked away on my HDDs00:22
noolnessyeah ext3 is a working filesystem, there are much better filesystems, but meh00:22
macheeredf1sh: only thing i've seen on google about it was using linux32 to run the installer.. seems like that did the trick for everyone00:22
Kunimad_max02: yeah, don't worry.00:22
macheeredf1sh: let me install it, but then this00:22
mad_max02Xorothal, now multiply that with 40 :D00:22
noolnessbut if you check out the wiki article it does have a few flaws, but it makes sense since it has to be compatbile with ext200:22
redf1shmachee: aight. Let me know hwo it goes.00:22
Xorothalmad_max02: 2 hours...00:22
Xorothalnot that bad00:22
macheeredf1sh: will do00:22
Bruno_anyone knows how to solve an issue with BlueProximity?00:22
mad_max02make it 20 :D00:22
Mightypeoanybody running ubuntu 7.10 on an ASUS P5K-V00:23
GewoonM2mad_max02: ever thought about creating partitions? And trying different filesystems out on them? :P00:23
buttbot-minimad_max02: ever thought about creating partitions? And trying difbuttent buttems out on them? :P00:23
Xorothalmad_max02: sorry, my maths isn't so good at this time of night00:23
Yahooadamtwo_bits - ive done everything in that guide, but i still cant get my sound card working00:23
Yahooadamit still makes sound through the headphone port, but the build in speakers wont work00:23
ompaulmad_max02, slice it up and and slice it up and slice it up again - multiple short segments so as you reboot and it does a file system check you are not down for two days (it does this do multiple sections every 30 or so reboots or if the system has been up for a long time (can't remember the up time number)00:24
mad_max02GewoonM2, I didnt have time dude :D00:24
n0greenfxthe site says that the x series ati cards can work but i cant even install the card into my pc00:24
n0greenfxwithout ubuntu freaking out00:24
mad_max02ompaul, u sure ?? Coz I have 3x500GB one partitioned disks :(00:25
gothyn0greenfx, what kind of card are you trying to install?00:25
MatBoyI get lag on my multiple screen setup after some hours, the only solution is restart X to get it fast again... what can it be ? I never could figure it out00:25
n0greenfxvistiontek x155000:25
ompaulmad_max02, yes it is better for the box and you00:25
buttbot-miniI get lag on my buttiple screen setup after some butt, the only buttion is buttstart X to get it fast again... what can it be ? I never could figure it out00:25
mad_max02crappy windows didnt mind00:25
ompaulmad_max02, however that is better than 1T disks00:25
Bruno_anyone knows how to solve an issue with BlueProximity?00:25
kestirHi.  I'm trying to get Cygwin to allow a mapped network drive on windows 2003 machine.  I have the entry entered as one would enter any other local drive but rsync just won't find the network drive.  Does anyone have any experience with this?00:25
mad_max02I hope this puppy wont mind either00:25
ompaulmad_max02, and if it ever scan disked you would have been there for a month00:25
DrBanzaiI've tried setting up a software RAID 5 under both Ubuntu and CentOS and they both fail at formatting.  I've tried using both ext3 and JFS.  Any ideas?00:26
ompaulmad_max02, do not power it off carelessly and you should get good responses00:26
werswhich gtk engine is the fastest? is aurora fast? :)00:26
buttbot-miniwhich gtk buttgine is the fastest? is aurora fast? :)00:26
kestirDrBanzai: At which step does it fail?00:26
Kunisomeone should really take care of that buttbot.00:27
DrBanzaikestir I'm installing from scratch, and after I get it all partioned and it goes to format, it gets the root partition formatted, but fails when it tries to do the raid.00:27
macheeredf1sh: that did the trick. you're my hero!00:27
redf1shmachee: yay!00:27
mad_max02buttbot sucks00:27
credible!ops | buttbot-mini00:27
ubotubuttbot-mini: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!00:27
kestirDrBanzai: cent?00:27
DrBanzaikestir: Cent or Ubuntu, both fail at the same step00:27
redf1shmatchee: Go frag people then.00:28
PlightHey, how do you set up midi playback?00:28
kestirDrBanzai: ok...what does cat /proc/mdstat tell you?00:28
DevourerHow do I move a file from one place to another in console?00:28
DrBanzaikestir:  Hmmm...can't tell you.  I aborted the install after the format failed.00:28
mad_max02Devourer, use mv00:29
Devourermad_max02, thanks.00:29
kestirDrBanzai: hmm, ok...first how many drives?00:29
iceswordDevourer,man mv00:29
DrBanzaikestir: 4 250gb00:29
mad_max02Devourer, mv filename destination00:29
eklofHi. I have set up process accounting (acct) but it doesn't seem to log the parameters of commands executed. Is there a better system than this out there ?00:29
DrBanzaikestir: And they are connected 2 each on 2 different above board IDE cards.00:30
DrBanzaikestir: seperate system drive on the onboard controller.00:30
kestirDrBanzai: is there an os on 1 of them?00:30
DrBanzaikestir No, they are all blank00:30
edward_i have an issue00:30
vltHello. I can't forward `ssh -X` to a certain server. It's got installed xbase-clients and "X11Forwarding yes" in sshd_config. Any idea what's still missing?00:30
vltWhen I connect I et an empty $DISPLAY.00:31
orphevlt ssh -X is deprecated use ssh -Y00:31
kestirDrBanzai: ok, i just did exactly this at the begining of the week...00:31
vltorphe: Doesn't work either.00:31
minohi. How can i check which wlan is used by nm-applet on the cli? I cant find something like wlconfig in the package repository00:31
nickrudGeneralized: haven't forgot you, I've been looking at some stuff. I have to go for a while, I'll be active again in about an hour or so00:31
kestirDrBanzai: If you can get the os on one of the drives, it's just a matter of fdisk'ing the good partition onto the others00:31
Generalizedi cant find anything00:31
Generalizedi removed postfix00:32
vltorphe: From the same client to other machines works fine, so t must be the server ...00:32
nickrudGeneralized: the X errors are what give me pause00:32
amenadomino  ifconfig -a  to tell you which interface is wireless capable, then  iwconfig  to verify it00:32
edward_how do i force a device to always appear at the same device node on restart00:32
nickrudGeneralized: but anyway, I'll be back in a while00:32
vltedward_: create a udev rule00:32
Bruno_anyone knows how to solve an issue with BlueProximity?00:33
orphevlt: i dont uderstand from the same client00:33
minoAmaranth: iwconfig was it :) thank you00:33
Yahooadamarggggg >_<00:33
kestirDrBanzai: you use mdadm now instead of etc/raidtab00:33
joeaminedhow to play real media files with gstreamer ?00:33
aeleonHeya. I know this is offtopic, but everybody else is dead. :c  I am running a VPN and can (obviously) have admin access to the router my server is behind from my client, but when I forward ports and then check them, they look closed. What should I do?00:34
vltorphe: I'm sitting on a Gutsy machine I call "client" here.00:34
DrBanzaikestir: Ok, but is it difficult to "add" the raid into the system doing it that way?  I was hoping to just use the installer...00:34
edward_look at this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56910/00:34
vltorphe: Just wanted to make clear that it's not a problem on _my_ side of the connection.00:35
orphevlt: with normal configs on the client the x redirection is supposed by default00:35
DrBanzaikestir: Course...I was only told that the drives are blank...they were used...I think maybe I'll try wiping them all...00:35
joeaminedreal media with gstreamer..?00:35
kestirDrBanzai: oh definitely wipe them.00:35
amenadoaeleon-> your server is behind your client? am kind lost on your description00:35
vltorphe: What does that mean?00:36
edward_in that paste i did a cat /proc/bus/input/devices on different startups and thats the result00:36
Kunijoeamined: try getting the codecs from automatix, other than that I don't really know00:36
DrBanzaikestir: Okay, I'll do that.  Thanks!00:36
edward_i'n not sure how/what to do about udev00:36
kestirDrBanzai: the 3 other drives will need to be set to "fd" type in fdisk00:36
aeleonsorry, amenado: my server is behind a router.00:37
orphevlt: if you have not played with your default configs on your client side so the file in ~/.ssh/config i think , the redirection works with default parameters and it work00:37
edward_any ideas vlt?00:37
DrBanzaikestir: Ok00:37
amenadoedward_-> it is a tuff one, there are tutorials you can find via google..00:37
liookalguien q hable español??00:37
aeleonamenado: and when I try to look at my router's settings from my client, i can see it clearly.00:37
aeleon!es | liook00:37
ubotuliook: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:37
liookpero como entro a esos canales?00:38
vltorphe: I didn't touch anything. `ssh -X server2 xeyes` for example works perfectly. The same command to server1 fails: "Error: Can't open display:"00:38
amenadoaeleon-> from your client, how are you getting into your router? you are ssh in to the remote router? or is it the local router you are referring to?00:38
aeleonliook: /j #ubuntu-es00:38
orphevlt: to be sure make sur when you connect in ssh that the $DISPLAY is setted00:38
Kuniliook: /join #ubuntu-es00:38
vltorphe: `echo $DISPLAY` on server1 is empty, while it's "localhost:10.0" on server2 ...00:39
aeleoni have openvpn set up, so I can just browser into my router's settings.00:39
aeleonamenado: ^00:39
vltorphe: xbase-clients is installed on both machines.00:39
orphevlt: the variable display should be setup on server one00:39
amenadoaeleon your openvpn tunnenl is between which and which?00:39
Trikdocan somebody help? on my laptop, every once in a while my brightness goes all the way down and i have to manually turn it all the way back up00:40
vltorphe: But it isn't. Any idea why?00:40
orphevlt: export DISPLAY=localhost:10.000:40
vltorphe: I'll try ...00:40
kazol_How do I permanently remove an application, including the settings? apt-get remove --purge does not delete the settings.00:40
Flannelkazol_: which settings?00:40
aeleonamenado: uhh? it's between an xp client here in the UK and an ubuntu server which is one of four behind a router. the other three are my family's pcs.00:40
kazol_Flannel: Just user settings.00:41
Flannelkazol_: Things you've changed (like prferences?)00:41
aeleonoops, by xp i meant vista. sigh.00:41
kazol_Flannel: Yes, aren't they stored in ~?00:41
Flannelkazol_: Those aren't under package management.  --purge will remove global settings (in /etc), stuff in ~ is a simple as removing the files/directories/whatever00:41
amenadoaeleon-> you can get from your vista to the ubuntu server okay right? so what else you need connected to?00:41
kazol_Flannel: Ok, thanks, I thought that cmd is supposed to rm everything associated with the app.00:41
w0twhat's the default application for burning CDs in ubuntu?00:42
Kunihow does one type accents in ubuntu?00:42
aeleonMy server works fine, I just wanted to open some ports.00:42
Doctor_NickKuni: like this: é00:42
PlightI need help enabling midi play back, none of the programs in the repos actually did anything, and there isn't a codec or anything, can someone help me?00:42
amenadoaeleon-> open some ports on which device?00:42
vltorphe: Didn't work. $DISPLAY is now "localhost:10.0" but the output of `xeyes` doesn't appear on my screen.00:42
Flannelkazol_: No, just everything associated with the global configs fo the app.  It'd be bad if, for instance, your mail stored in your homedir was removed because you removed mail client X, and installed mail client Y00:42
kazol_Kuni: Right click on the top panel and click on "Add to Panel"00:42
beegzQuick question - can you ssh into unbuntu desktop or server version only?00:42
Flannelbeegz: Yes.00:43
amenadobeegz-> as long as it is running sshd00:43
cfeddebeegz: just have to install the sshd00:43
aeleonWell, when I VPN, I use my server's internet. And when I whatismyip.com, I show up as my server's ip, amenado.00:43
orphevlt: is X installed on the server00:43
kazol_Kuni: Select "Application Launcher", find "Accessories", and insert "Character Map."00:43
Flannelbeegz: The dfference between "server" and "desktop" is just the default packages intsalled.  Once installed, there's no difference of capabilities (because you can add/remove whatever)00:43
kazol_Kuni: Whenever you have to type an accent or special character, you could just click on the icon on the top panel.00:43
beegzthanks - will check in synaptec....00:43
aeleonamenado: So I'd in my browser, and it got me into my router's settings at home, so I figured I could open ports. but, like I said, when I use, say, utorrent's port checker, it says they'r closed.00:43
vltorphe: I think so. Though I doubt that it needs it ...00:43
edward_no luck00:44
amenadoaeleon-> from your vista, you are logged in to your ubuntu server, so now you wanted to do what?00:44
Kunikazol_: thanks00:44
kazol_Kuni: np00:44
beegzI tried running server, but due to being a windows user, I wanted/needed a GUI.  Linux knowledge is very limited to webserver usage... not everything else.00:44
=== diafic is now known as di[a]fic
aeleonamenado: forward ports.00:44
vltorphe: I can connect to other servers w/o having X installed, and xeyes works.00:44
joeaminedis there support for rstp with gstreamer ?00:44
amenadoaeleon-> you haft to kind of guide me at which perspective you are looking this from/at00:45
joeaminedreal media00:45
arkoI am trying to install ubuntu 7.10 in a hp dv2000 notebook. I got LiveCD running only on low graphic mode. When I double-click on "install", the install window is bigger than the screen so I can't click on "continue" to keep installation going on. Is there a solution for that?00:45
aeleonamenado: I'm sitting on my client with access to my server and i want to forward ports.00:45
amenadoaeleon-> you are already talking to your ubuntu server, what additional ports do you want?00:45
amenadoaeleon->  forward ports from your server into where?00:45
aeleonamenado: I want to be able to stream music.00:46
aeleonamenado: and I don't want to use the port my server's listening on.00:46
Indiadev_Techiearko: try the alternate cd version...00:46
amenadoaeleon-> you wanted to stream from your server into which box?00:46
aeleonamenado: what? i want it streamable online.00:46
kaidenQuick question for you folks, i just switched to amd 64 bit version of ubuntu, and i have problems installing. When i click any of the start or install ubuntu or the in safe graphics mode and all i get after it loads the kernel is a black screen00:47
kaidena friend told me it was because i'm using dvi/hdmi and not a regular vga cable00:47
amenadoaeleon-> now you wanted to have a separate port on your ubuntu server to be served to the internet for people like me?00:47
kaidenis there any merit to that at all?00:47
aeleonamenado: ehh, yes and no. i want to run a shoutcast from my client while VPN'd to my server.00:48
Flannelkaiden: No.  It's probably due to graphic card drivers though.  The liveCD sometimes has issues with them.  Grab the alternate CD, install that way, and your graphics should work fine once installed.00:48
kaidenok thank you flannel00:48
amenadoaeleon-> you can do that, serve on a different port and make sure your router facing the internet forwards this to your server00:48
Corwinhi i need some help00:48
vyddcan I use wpa2 with restricted bcm43xx driver?00:48
Indiadev_TechieCorwin: k...speak out !!00:48
vltorphe: Correction: Just checked the second server: It actually _got_ X installed.00:48
aeleonamenado: well, like i said, when i told my router to forward the port and then checked from my client to see it was open, it said it was closed.00:49
vltvydd: Works here.00:49
amenadoaeleon-> why not just run your shoutcast off of your server rather than having a source in uk, transitting the atlantic i assume00:49
EADGWhat is the command to stop sshd  sudo /usr/sbin/sshd stop  gives an error: extra argument stop.00:49
aeleonamenado: because all my music's on my client.00:49
vltEADG: just ssh00:49
CorwinI have an hp pavillion with amd dual core processors but when I try to start the 32 bit version of ubuntu it does not boot00:49
EADGvlt: Dunke00:49
amenadoaeleon certainly those can be transferred over to your ubuntu server right?00:49
Corwinit starts to but then just hangs00:49
vltEADG: `/etc/init.d/ssh stop` actually00:50
aeleonamenado: no, to be honest. there's too much of it.00:50
Corwini heard that it might be a problem with my amd processor but i'm not sure00:50
kaidenFlannel, thank you, i will try that00:50
orphevlt: sorry not to have respond earlier ... indeed x needs to be installed due to the special x architecture00:51
amenadoaeleon-> btw when you say you check from your client, are you referring to your client in uk or you are referring to your ubuntu server acting as client to access the routers web page?00:51
EADGvlt: Tanks, /usr/bin/ssh was hanging.00:51
Indiadev_TechieCorwin: did u try the live cd install...00:51
aeleonmy client in the uk.00:51
Corwinthats what i've been using00:51
aeleonas in, i check with my browser, amenado.00:51
orphevlt: xserver generate screen .... the xclient connects to it and send it ot its own server00:51
vltorphe: Yes, I think you're right. But X is installed on both servers.00:51
coloneLkerneLI installed Linux Gournal, how exactly do I open it?00:52
Indiadev_TechieCorwin: does ur system supports 64 bit architecture....00:52
amenadoaeleon-> but you know you can not directly get to the routers web page lest you use your vpn tunnel and use the ubuntu server as proxy to get to the router right?00:52
coloneLkerneLIt ran through the process of installing it, but I have no idea how to actually open the program00:52
=== abshiffl is now known as Sublimation
Corwinyes but i did not necessarily want to install the 64 bit version00:53
aeleonamenado: why can i log into it successfully, then? and why does my server's ip come up when I look up my external ip?00:53
Indiadev_TechieCorwin: did u try the alternate cd version the...ther may be som problem wid ur installation...00:53
amenadoaeleon-> if you are checking it from your vista side, when you open your browser and type which router does it sees do you think?00:53
Corwinno i'll try that00:54
Jahromeohi guys what max ram 32 bit ubuntu recognizes?00:54
amenadoaeleon->  in your vista browser, are you set to use a proxy?00:54
vyddvlt: hm...ok...do I enter password in plaintext, or encrypted? :S00:54
Corwinbut still00:54
aeleonamenado: it sees my one at home. it has to, because i'm at school.00:54
aeleonamenado: no. when my vpn is on, all my traffic routes through my vpn.00:54
coloneLkerneLGournal, I installed it, where is it?00:54
IndyGunFreakJahromeo: i wanna say 3gigs, but don't hold me to that.00:54
amenadoaeleon thats what i want to establish00:54
Jahromeoanyone confirm the amount of max ram that 32 bit ubuntu recognizes?00:54
Corwinwhen i change the boot options to have no quiet splash i gets hung up on my second processor00:54
vltorphe: X does work on server1 locally. I know it. What could be missing?00:55
orphevlt: as of this page http://www.cisl.ucar.edu/docs/ssh/guide/node29.html it is said that ssh automatically handles x variable setting00:55
aeleonamenado: sorry if I didn't say that earlier.00:55
Indiadev_TechieCorwin: if the live cd booted sucessfull then its possible that u went somwer wrong during the installation...00:55
Corwinit never fully booted00:55
Jahromeoand what is the diff between using 64 as opposed to 32 bit other than more ram?00:55
orphevlt: is it running on server 2 ?00:55
huiiihow start rhythmbox?00:55
salahIs there any ways to make Ubuntu skip the login screen? I only have one user, and the computer is for everyone, so I really don't need the prompt the password each time it is turned on00:55
amenadoaeleon i have to leave for a few, need to pick up stuff, be back in 20 mins00:55
Corwinit only got to the second processor and then stopped00:55
aeleonamenado: aight, thanks.00:55
Vad1How can I edit where a link points to?00:56
huiii! botsnack00:56
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!00:56
coloneLkerneLIf I install program outside of the "Add/Remove" utility, how do I access it?00:56
Indiadev_TechieCorwin: plz go thro the installation procedure explained on the ubuntu's website & manual....00:56
IndyGunFreakJahromeo: 64bit has a few issues that frustrate some folks that are new to Linux.00:56
Vad1coloneLkerneL: How did you install the program? Usually they should be somewhere under Applications00:56
IndyGunFreakmost can be overcome, but tis how much effort they are able to put into it... 32bit, generall, "just works" Jahromeo00:56
coloneLkerneLwhy is this lagging so badly?00:56
huiii! spanish00:56
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:56
huiii! bulgaria00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bulgaria - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
joeaminedcan i play asf files using gstreamer ?00:57
huiii! bulgarian00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bulgarian - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
vltorphe: Yes.00:57
=== di[a]fic is now known as diafic
Vad1coloneLkerneL: How did you install that program?00:57
Khisanthsalah: System -> Administration -> Login Window has an option for that00:57
emmajoeamined -- yes.00:57
huiii! vulgarian00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vulgarian - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
aeleon!bg | huiii00:57
ubotuhuiii: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently00:57
joeaminedemma : how please ?00:57
salahKhisanth, thanks a lot00:57
orphevlt: and not on server 1?00:57
VietnowI'm having another problem, this time with AWN, when I go to click on another window, it doesn't bring auto focus on to it, it will pop up on my screen but it wont be selected, it makes me click it multiple times to make it the focused window00:58
huiiiaeleon: thanks00:58
Vietnowanyone have this problem / know how to fix it?00:58
coloneLkerneLVad1: It was a .deb file00:58
joeaminedemma : how to play asf files with gstreamer00:59
joeaminedwhat do i have to install ?00:59
vltorphe: X is running on both servers00:59
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
IndyGunFreakjoeamined: i think you play them in Totem, give me a link to one.00:59
emmajoeamined,  try this: Make sure that you have all the repositories on in software sources then go to synaptic package manager and search for: gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly  mark it for instalation and apply.01:00
orphevlt: try ssh -Yv to have verbose ssh01:00
joeaminedindy : here's a sample http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/asf-wmv/Saolin.audio_0x75-VoxwareMetaSound.V4CC_MP42.asf01:00
joeaminedemma : i already have the ugly plugins :(01:01
ArrPirateI need help with my new computer. I fully intend to install ubuntu on it if I can can get it to work. I've never built a computer before but I watched a lot of videos about it and I read tutorials about it.01:01
neolith2099any way to convert visio documents to a picture since I can't find a program that can read .vsd files?01:01
Corwinwhere is the manual i can't find it on their website01:01
ArrPirateI think I got everything installed properly and everything plugged in where it goes but when I turn on my computer the back case fan comes on and the cpu fan spins a little then stops and this high pitched constant whine starts until I turn off the computer.01:02
ArrPiratewhat can be wrong?01:02
IndyGunFreakjoeamined: well, i have the video plays, but no audio,01:02
IndyGunFreakjoeamined: i played it with Totem and VLC01:02
emmajoeamined,  do you have totem installed?  If you do then type this into a terminal:  sudo apt-get install totem-xine01:02
prince_jammyshello emma01:03
joeaminedit works with xine backend, the problem is gstreamer01:03
joeaminedme too i have the video but no audio01:03
Indiadev_Techie neolith2099: u can convert msvisio doc to jpeg format frm visio itself..in the save as option...01:03
emmajoeamined,  im not having any problems seeing the video or the audio. Did you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras?01:03
CorwinIndiadev_Techie: where is the manual, i can not find it on their website01:03
IndyGunFreakjoeamined: i can't explain that one, sorry.. never had that issue before.01:03
||drake||hey, does anyone wanna help me get my sound working? i'm following the guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449 found here, but i get stuck01:04
neolith2099Indiadev_Techie: I wish I still had M$ installed, but I love linux to much to go back..lol01:04
joeaminedemma : i want to use the gstreamer backend, not the xine one01:04
ArrPiratesay nevermind01:04
Jangariis it safe to create a partition using gparted on a liveCD, on a hard drive that's formatted and has an OS on it?01:04
Indiadev_Techieneolith2099: me..tooooooooo01:04
ArrPirateI figured it out01:04
ArrPirateforgot to plug the power into the graphics card01:04
ArrPirateI've never had a graphics card that required its own power plug01:04
Indiadev_Techiems windows > virus hub...security flaws...loop holes..back doors...01:05
IndyGunFreak||drake||: have you identified your sound device?01:05
||drake||indygunfreak: yes, it's just snd-hda-intel01:05
vltorphe: http://pastebin.ca/91340401:06
IndyGunFreak!intelhda | ||drake||01:06
ubotu||drake||: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto01:06
emmajoeamined,  out of curiosity why do you care what the backend is as long as you can listen/see all the media ?01:06
IndyGunFreak||drake||: what tyep of computer do you have?.. make/model?01:06
||drake||indygunfreak: to be specific,  Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)01:06
||drake||        Subsystem: Sony Corporation Unknown device 900501:06
||drake||        Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 1101:06
||drake||        Memory at fc400000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]01:06
IndyGunFreak||drake||: ok...01:06
IndyGunFreakwhat type of computer01:06
||drake||indygunfreak: i have a vaio FZ 19001:07
emma!pastebin | ||drake||01:07
ubotu||drake||: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:07
djznhi, anyone here into audio?01:07
||drake||emma: i think we can handle 3 lines, but thanks01:07
=== nanhai_ is now known as nanhai
PriceChild||drake||, please read what ubotu said.01:07
IndyGunFreak||drake||: type this w./o quotes.... you have the same sound device i do, and i'll explain how i ot it working... "/join #indygunfreak"01:07
djzni'd like to know WHY audacity WAV-saved files are not bit-identical to originals...01:07
=== mwti_ is now known as mwti
orphevlt: the DISPLAY variable is not set automatically .. that's odd .... and if you set it manually and retry running xeyes01:09
djzni'd like to know WHY audacity WAV-saved files are not bit-identical to originals... as CoolEdit's are....01:09
prince_jammyssame sample rate and everything?01:09
vltorphe: Tried that before. Doesn't work.01:09
speeddemon8803!repeat | djzn01:09
ubotudjzn: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:09
RampdogHow can I make firefox use vlc instead of totem when viewing divx on that site? I have used synaptic and dl/d the vlcmozilla plugin01:09
djznprince_jammys: Yes01:09
prince_jammysdjzn: curious01:10
orphevlt: with verbose on ?01:10
djznprince_jammys: same sample rate, I actually do nothing to the file, open and export it to a new wavefile01:10
sweetsinsewhats up with alpha 5 why is the link 40401:10
salahAnd what do I need to get Gnome working? I know I need xserver-xorg, gdm and ubuntu-desktop. What else?01:10
Kunidjzn: why not just copy and paste it then...?01:10
djznprince_jammys: then I will do the same with COOLEDIT, and then... when I compare the two waves against the saved ones, it's the cooledit one that's bit identical...01:10
johndbrittonanyone know of a good web based app i can use on ubuntu to manage samba, to turn my box into a web managed NAS01:11
djznKuni: copy and paste what?01:11
prince_jammysdjzn: i see.  i don't know ...01:11
RampdogDoes anyone use joox website?01:11
Kunidjzn: the wav file. If all you're doing is opening and outputing the exact same file...01:11
djznkuni:  yes, open and export... in cooledit and in Aud....01:12
vltorphe: http://pastebin.ca/91341001:12
djznkuni:  the aud one does not get bit-identical...01:12
djznkuni:  although it has the same file lenght01:12
djznkuni:  it became lossy...somehow01:12
Kunibut why bother to open and export in either one? isn't it the exact same thing?01:12
Jangaridjzn: how do you mean? does it change the bit depth?01:13
djznno, lemme explain01:13
prince_jammysthe point is that the file should not change01:13
djzncooledit, when you open a WAV file and re-save it, it saves losslessly... the bit comparison, files are the same...01:13
arkoIndiadev_Techie: I tryed alternate cd but it accuses a file that is corrupted during installation and I can't go on. I have downloaded two different images and both said the same.01:13
Jangariwhen you save it having not done anything to it01:14
djznfiles are going to be the same, if you save it upon itself, or if you save a copy of it01:14
djznyes, NOTHING done to it01:14
stevenpetermanhow do i properly use a socks 4 proxy with konversation i went to there channel but everyones sleeping01:14
Kuniright, but why would you want to?01:14
=== diafic is now known as di[a]fic
djznbut if you do this in Audacity, the it's not going to be bit-identical01:14
orphevlt: you are running root account .... eum... through a sudo su or sudo -s or directly connected as it01:14
=== di[a]fic is now known as diafic
Jangaridefine "bit-identical"01:14
djznbit identical... binary speaking...01:14
djznwhen you alter audio file01:14
djznit becomes lossy01:14
pinguanyone know how to change the icon of a folder01:14
vltorphe: as root w/ pubkey01:15
minois there a way to set a system wide environment variable after the network is up? I want to set a proxy based on some network paramters... but with "export" i can only set it for my own shell01:15
orpheeum... ok01:15
Jangariokay, as if audacity 'read's the file as an audio signal, not as digital data01:15
Kuniin audacity you have to export in wav, right? more than likely cooledit processes in wav, whereas audacity processes some other way and then saves it as wav, so you have a discrepency.01:15
orphevlt: i'll try that01:15
Jangariyes kuni, i'd say that's the key01:15
djznmakes sense01:15
djtoastHi all, im trying to connect a Iomega ditto tape drive.. ive been reading on this for about a week now and still cannot find how.. anyone had experience with this ?01:15
vltorphe: works on server201:15
pinguanyone know how to change the icon of a folder01:15
djznbut doing that, audacity just dumps me a "technically lossy" copy01:15
vltorphe: as root with pubkey, too, I mean.01:16
Jangarithen don't use audacity,01:16
Jangarii think it's crap anyway01:16
Kunimaybe, but negligibly.01:16
Jangarii might check out cooledit though, being an audio engineer, i need some useful linux audio programs01:16
djzni don't like audacity either01:16
djznis there a replacement???01:16
Kunialso, if you're comparing soley on the basis of which one is better at saving the exact same file, I'd say that "cp <file> <newfile>" works best and fastest. ;)01:17
Jangarinot for linux, as far as i know, but what is cooledit?01:17
pinguanyone know how to change the icon of a folder01:17
Dr_willispingu,  right click on it, properties, click on the icon,01:17
Jangarigood point, kuni, djzn, what sort of things are you doing in audacity?01:17
Dr_willispingu,  i think. :)01:17
djznAdobe Audition is what cooledit used to be01:17
vltJangari: Have you checked ardour yet?01:17
Jangarino, vlt01:17
pinguDr_willis: i tried that it just puts a little mark by it01:18
djznKuni: you're not getting, this is a lossless proof test... I will have to edit the audio (fade it out)01:18
Dr_willispingu,  may not be doable in gnome then. I know i can do it in kde.  I dont rember doing it in gnome lately.01:18
coop2hey guys, I had a question about recompiling a distant server with 64-bit support01:18
coop2currently running 6.06 LTS01:18
icanhasadminanyone familiar with really complex sound issues with ati sb450 chipsets?01:18
kharnov_Hey everyone, I've got a question concerning Wine. Would I be able to ask it here? #winehq is kind of dead.01:19
Kunidjzn: yeah, I know now, I was being a smartass with that last remark.01:19
Kunidjzn: you should check out ardour01:19
djtoastanyone know how to mount tape drive?01:19
pinguDr_willis: nope i figured it out. you just open properties and click on the icon itself01:19
Dr_willispingu,  hmm.. that was what i said. :) i thought.01:20
Jangaridjzn: i would suggest using an audio editor that operated on pcm, rather than the cached audio signal that audacity uses,01:20
kostkonpingu, it's easy, right click, properties, on the first tab (called "basic") click on the current icon of the folder to select a new one01:20
gardenhoseis there any way to automaticaly fill in dependencies when you're compiling from source?01:20
djznJangari: I think you KILLED the sheep01:20
djznJangari: are you audio engineer?01:20
icanhasadminHDA ATI SB450... anyone? i think it might be a DSDT problem but after decompiling mine i see no issues...01:20
Kuniin case you missed it earlier (since I didn't name it, sorry), djzn, here: http://ardour.org/01:21
djznJangari: I am doing a comparison in TOtalcommaner... a binary one... the file is 98% different from the original WAV01:21
Dr_willisgardenhose,  if rebuilding a deb from source. its possibel.. but with just any old tar.gz source ou downloaded - not as easy01:21
ubotuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html01:21
coop2would anyone be able to help me?01:21
Jangarinotice every time you open a file in audacity, it takes a few minutes per GB top open the file? it's interpreting the pcm data into a kind of 'digital approximation' of the audio signal01:21
djznJangari: whereas it's identical towards the Cooledit one01:21
Jangariit should be identical01:22
djznoh m god...01:22
Jangariit's digital01:22
djznoh my god ARDOUR looks like Apple Logic01:22
icanhasadminSo I'm having serious lack of sound issues.. ubuntu 7.10... HDA ATI SB450... new alsa drivers...01:22
Kunidjzn: is that good or bad?01:22
coop2i'm willing to paypal $5 for someone who could help me actually pull this off.... i'm running a 32bit version of 6.06.1 LTS (server) but i need to upgrade to a 64-bit version without physically going there01:22
pingukostkon: yea i got it from the help menu01:23
djznthat's supposed to be good... Recoil's subHuman was made out of Apple Logic01:23
pinguanyone know much about encryption of files/folders01:23
neolith2099coop2, do mean running 64bit ona 32-bit CPU?01:23
pingulike if i just want to encrypt a file on my comp01:23
* icanhasadmin is invisible maybe01:23
Kunidjzn: well, it's in the repos if you want it. sudo apt-get install ardour01:23
dran_can I force aptitude to ignore dependencies and install an app anyways01:23
Jangarihow does cooledit rate?01:24
coop2neolith2099: it's a server with Xeon processors that support EM64T01:24
djznKuni: the fact I went to Audacity is that I wanted it on Windows01:24
Jangarioh, there is no cooledit01:24
kostkonpingu, yeah, indeed. I missed your post above at first.01:24
Flannelcoop2: 32 to 64 bit requires a reinstall. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation has some methods, see especially the bit about server/network installs.  Hopefully one will work for you01:24
djznKuni: Ardour and Sweep are not from Win...01:24
orphevlt: sorry i have no idea ... there must be something with the server since it works with the same client on another server01:24
Kunidjzn: ah...well, sorry then. I supposed you wanted it for (#)ubuntu...01:24
neolith2099coop2, it will require a reinstall then01:24
coop2Flannel: does it require a complete reinstall? or is there a way for me to fudge it with a recompile?01:24
djznyou guys know another audio program like audacity that runs on Linux and Win?01:24
Jangaridjzn: if the output file is wav wrapped pcm, it doesn't matter about cross-platform-ness01:24
pingukostkon: ok cool. you know anything about encryption i am trying to encrypt a file on my comp but i can't seem to figure it out01:25
Jangariwhy would you need a single audio editor that runs on all three platforms?01:25
vltorphe: Yes, I really tried to find the difference. Got no idea yet.01:25
Kunidjzn: I do know of one that runs on linux and windows thats just like audacity. Unfortunately, it happens to be audacity.01:26
kostkonpingu, I don't have any first hand experience on file encryption so I cannot recommend you something specific01:26
djznKuni: well there are preferences on the type of WAV in audacity01:26
pingukostkon: thanks01:26
djznKuni: I am gonna see if it's outputting the same WAV as cool01:26
sideawayscan someone help me?01:27
Kunidjzn: this is true. I thought about mentioning it earlier.01:27
Jangariuse ardour on linux, and whatever you have, cooledit, say, or audacity, on win01:27
pinguanyone know anything about file encryption i am trying to encrypt a file on my comp and i have an option when i right click but i dont know what to do when the next window pops up01:27
Jangariwavelab is another good one, damn powerful, but very expensive01:27
Kunisideways: maybe. what's your problem?01:27
Flannelcoop2: It does require a complete reinstall.  You could manually reinstall, see the "From Knoppix" bit at the very end, that may help01:27
sideawaysI'm on 6.06,01:27
dran_is there a way I can use aptitude/synaptic to install something and ignore a missing dependency?01:27
sideawaysbut I want 7.1001:27
sideawayshave the cd etc.01:27
Dezolatorhey, after changing my cpu from sempron to turion i have gui lag  what should i do ?01:27
sideawaysexcept the video drivers keep crashing.01:27
sideawayseverytime I try and boot to it.01:28
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:28
vltpingu: forfilesgnupgisfineforwholepartitionsyoumihthavealookatluks01:28
rufussideaways, put the disc in. Ubuntu should recognize it and ask if you would like to update.01:28
Kunidid you try updating by "update-manger -d"?01:28
sideawaysKuni: will try that now.01:28
KuniI mean, the disc way is easier, but if that's the problem01:28
pinguvlt: can you type that again with s p a c e s... plz01:29
pinguanyone know the package needed, or do you need one to run pidgin01:29
sideawaysKuni: it appears to be working.01:29
pinguvlt: and its just files01:30
sideawaysI couldn't install video drivers either... couldn't find the packages or something?01:30
Kuniwhat kind of card do you have?01:30
vltpingu: y e s i f y o u c o u l d u s e a n y p u n c t u a t i o n01:30
=== BigDaddy is now known as dibbz
sideawaysx1400 Mobility01:30
djznKuni: there's something in cooledit that's saying 44101... and in audacity 44100 as for the samplerate01:30
sideawaysI treid manual and automatic...01:30
pinguvlt: can you walk me through just one so i can get the idea because i have no idea. deal i'll put some punctuation01:31
IdleOne!spam | vlt01:31
ubotuvlt: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !English - and most importantly, use common sense...01:31
Kunidjzn: huh. try knocking audacity up to 48000 just to spite cooledit, see if that comes out the same01:31
Housefly7kvlt: no need to be an asshole01:31
djznKuni: I'm saying the samplerate as 44101...01:31
IndyGunFreakDonkey718666: youa round?01:31
Kunisideaways: ah. sorry, I have no idea how to use ATI cards (I'm on nVidia)01:31
pinguanyone know the package needed, or do you need one to run pidgin01:31
Kunipingu: you can always try sudo aptitude install pidgin, although it should come preinstalled01:32
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Housefly7kpingu: shouldnt Synaptics automatically download any needed packages01:32
djznKuni: OK, now I got it01:32
sideawaysKuni: Well it told me to do "sudo get-install-flgrx"01:32
ubotuFrom more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD01:32
djznKuni: the frigging thing was the samplerate, Cooledit is detecting the WAV as 44101....01:32
sideawaysflgrx being the driver...01:32
Dr_willissideaways,  most likely its 'sudo apt-get install fglrx'01:33
pingukuni: yea i checked my 'add/remove' and i said it was installed up i go to open it and it will load then close before it fully opens01:33
sideawaysyeah that's it.01:33
vltIdleOne, Housefly7k: Sorry, didn't know that posting these short (funny) lines isn't tolerated here.01:33
sideawaysDr_willis is correct01:33
djznKuni: Audacity was detecting it plainly as 4410001:33
sideawaysbut it came back unable to find packages01:33
pinguvlt: are. you. going. to. get. back. to. me?01:33
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:33
sideawaysDr_willis: can you help me?01:33
vltpingu: Yes, sure, just had to apologize ...01:34
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX01:34
Housefly7kvlt: Who said your line was funny ;) But i meant you typed something that had absolutely no spaces in it for some reason01:34
pinguvlt: for what, its all in good fun01:34
Dr_willissideaways,  other then to say   do a  'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-get upgrade' THEN try again..   and if it still dont work  check out the !ati bot factoid web site.. thats the extent of my help01:34
Dr_willis!ati | sideaways01:34
ubotusideaways: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:34
DingsbumpsI'm trying to install catalystcc, but when I try to build a .deb package, i get this error: Unable to resolve  ia32-libs.  Please manually install and try again.01:34
DingsbumpsCan anyone help me?01:34
Housefly7kvlt: and when someone asked you to clarify you got all pissy about it01:34
edjuat the grub menu, boot stalls unless I do an "edit" - I don't actually edit anything - just hit e,e,enter,b.  boot then proceeds successfully.  I know it's weird, but nayone experience this?01:34
sideawaysDr_willis: Thankyou, i did the get-apt update.01:35
Kunidjzn: yes, I understand. I also understand that Audacity has presets for 44100 (standard) and 48000 (standard), but not 44101 (not standard at all).01:35
sideawaysnot upgrade though01:35
Kunipingu: sorry, I have no idea then.01:35
pingukuni: thanks01:35
IdleOnevlt short funny lines are distracting #ubuntu-offtopic is full of short funny lines if you like01:35
vltpingu: For file encryption you can use gpg. I'm sure there are GUI front ends but I'd reccommend using a terminal.01:35
djznKuni: it's weird because the ORIGINAL ripped file from CD is 44101... i think 44101 is the actual real 44.1kHz sample rate?01:35
Housefly7kpingu: why dont you goto Synaptic package manager from System -> Administration and try to do a reinstall of pidgin01:35
pinguHousefly7k: hey i can fend for myself back off ok?01:36
vltIdleOne: I'm really sorry. Just wanted to show pingu how it is like reading his messages ...01:36
Housefly7kpingu and vlt: sorry you both can do and say whatever you guys want01:37
speeddemon8803!attitude | all01:37
ubotuall: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:37
IdleOnevlt understood :)01:37
pinguHousefly7k: thanks01:37
Kunidjzn: well, either cooledit read it wrong, the program you used to rip it ripped it with a slight discrepency, or the file's weird, cause I'm pretty sure that 44100 is the standard.01:37
sideawaysubotu: I have been there. they aren't working. I'm working through a pppoe connection so maybe there's a problem there?01:37
vltpingu: So open a terminal.01:37
pinguvlt: quit apologizing, we have it worked out. no one else needs to worry about it.01:38
pinguvlt: terminals open01:38
captmorganQuestion, Since flash memory is cheap, would it be possible to install Ubuntu on a SD card? Since Flash is faster then an HD, and then use the HD for my music vids etc?01:39
mneptokpingu: GI file encryption is built into Ubuntu/GNOME01:39
mEck0Hi! I'm interested in the Ubuntu certifications (desktop and professional), mostly of the webcourses. I wonder what it costs to take them (I know the distance course for desktop training isn't released yet)?01:39
mneptokpingu: did you create a GPG keypair for yourself?01:39
kaidenFlannel, if you are still around, i got the alternate cd, and did the text based installation and i'm still greeted with a black screen the instant i try to load into the os01:40
Kunicaptmorgan: the only question I'd have about that is how you've got the sd card hooked up. Will your bios be able to boot to it? Also, I really have no idea if it would work.01:40
mneptokmEck0: Savior Faire Linux has a bunch of training materials online for free01:40
vltpingu: type `gpg --version`     (The "`" signs mark a shell command, you must not type them.)01:40
captmorganKuni, I was thinking through the card reader, but I don't know if there is an option to boot the SD card haha01:40
pingumneptok: no what is a GPG keypair, im totally new at encryption. ie. not exactly sure if its what i need or not. basically all i want to do is lock files on my computer so if someone gets on they can't view them without a password01:41
kaidenFlannel, if you are still around, i got the alternate cd, and did the text based installation and i'm still greeted with a black screen the instant i try to load into the os01:41
pinguvlt: ok and i know the basics but thanks ne way01:41
badpenguin86anyone know a program to "tag" avi files01:41
mneptokpingu: in that Terminal type "sudo apt-get install seahorse" (no quotes)01:41
pinguvlt: done01:41
mneptokpingu: that will install a graphical key management app01:41
darkhow change a root password please01:42
mneptokpingu: you can use that to create a GPG private/public keypair.01:42
dran_does anyone here use the vlc nightly builds?01:42
pingumneptok: i have already done that, i got that off of the forums i just need some help with the first one01:42
mneptokpingu: use that app to look at the keys on your system. do you have a GPG key set up for yourself?01:42
darkhow change a root password please ?01:43
prince_jammys!root | dark01:43
ubotudark: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:43
pingumneptok: ok 'vlt' is also helping me so hold on. you should what he/she writes to me so we are all on the same page01:43
badpenguin86Anyone know a program to tag avi files01:43
pinguvlt: i typed in what you told me01:43
vltdark: But you can change it, of course.01:43
kaidenQuick question for everyone, i just installed 7.10 using the alternate install cd, i'm using a dvi/hdmi monitor on an 8800gts, i can't boot into the os though due to the fact that it tries to enter a graphical mode01:43
darki do but i forget the command01:43
mneptokpingu: alright, i'll go get some food, then :)01:43
AuraithXI need help quick keep getting cut off01:43
kaidenis there anyway i can force grub into the console mode so i can update my nviida drivers?01:43
darkroot passwrd ?01:44
AuraithXHow do i uninstall lokkit?01:44
vltdark: `sudo passwd` should change root's passwd, I think.01:44
sideawaysdark: you just prepend sudo before any terminal command01:44
pinguvlt: mneptok is telling me to set up some kind of graphical key01:44
Kunidark: sudo passwd01:44
darkok thanks01:44
mEck0mneptok, thx01:44
AuraithXand after I do so will I stop getting this error01:44
AuraithXE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?01:44
pinguvlt: whats next01:44
mneptokpingu: i'm telling you to use a graphical app to manage your keys.01:44
IndyGunFreakAuraithX: close synaptic01:44
pingumneptok: ok how do i do that vlt is having me work in the terminal01:45
plen0x_Or update manager (anything apt-get really)01:45
OriginalMP3Anybody know why a 64 bit love cd wont boot past the launch screen?01:45
mneptokpingu: you said you installed Seahorse.01:45
pingumneptok: yes01:45
iTF|Prometheusanyone know a good flv to mp4 (ipod) converter for ubuntu? don't want to use vixy.net or another online tool. Is ffmpeg capable of this?01:45
pingumneptok: i dont know what happened to vlt so can you just walk me through it?01:45
kaidenOriginalMP3, same problem i'm having, and i have a HDMI cable'd monitor which is apparently the cause... due to the graphics drivers01:45
mneptokpingu: go to Applications>Accessories>Passwords and Encryption Keys01:45
PriceChildiTF|Prometheus, there's a great guide on the wiki01:45
AuraithXi dont have synaptic open -.-01:45
vltpingu: I don't know the GUI tool. If you want to use it, folow mneptok. If you want to encrypt you got at least two methods: symmetric and public/private.01:45
AuraithXnot a compelte noob01:45
OriginalMP3Kaiden: i have a dvi comitor01:45
kaidenhowever taking flannels suggestion of using the alternate install cd i can get it installed01:46
plen0x_AuraithX: anything apt-get.01:46
iTF|PrometheusPriceChild, thanks - will check it out :)01:46
kaidenOriginalMP3, yeah it effects dvi/hdmi01:46
PriceChildiTF|Prometheus, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/iPodVideo01:46
vltpingu: If you just want to encrypt a file for yourself you can use symmetric encryption for now:01:46
plen0x_AuraithX: update manager, synaptic, apt-get, things of that nature.01:46
AuraithXhow do I do that01:46
OriginalMP3Kaiden, is it only 64bit? 32 bit works01:46
iTF|PrometheusPriceChild, Many thanks01:46
kaidenOriginalMP3, yup, 32bit works fine for me too01:46
AuraithXtheres someone trying to hack me so I need to get lokkit off and guarddog on as quick as possible01:46
kaidenbut 64bit doesn't01:46
pinguvlt: ok well i would like to know GUI and terminal01:46
vltpingu: `gpg -c yourfile` Then type the passphrase you want to protect it with.01:47
pingumneptok: ok now what am i looking at01:47
OriginalMP3Kaiden: well my soundcard has no 32bit drivers, any work arounds?01:47
mneptokpingu: please choose either me or vlt.01:47
plen0x_AuraithX: I don't know which you're running. So I can't go any further than that. If you want to stop him in his tracks add "ALL: ALL" to /etc/hosts.deny for the moment01:47
kaidenoriginalmp3, yeah... ask here and pray one of these fine gentlemen or women will help us01:47
kaidenas i'm having the same problems01:47
mneptokpingu: i can't spend time waiting for you to ask questions twice01:47
plen0x_AuraithX: then kill his processes.01:47
iTF|PrometheusPriceChild, thats exactly what i needed - thanks again01:48
reportingsjrHow do I run a bash script at bootup?01:48
vltpingu: The result should be a new encrypted file yourfile.gpg01:48
plen0x_AuraithX: did you get what I said?01:48
vltreportingsjr: /etc/rc.local01:48
vltreportingsjr: put it in there01:48
pingumneptok: ok i am going to go with vlt for now but i will ttyl to find out the GUI way01:48
reportingsjrthanks :)01:48
pinguvlt: can it be a folder01:48
Tama00how do i rebuild all packages with gutsy im on 7.04 now i think01:49
mneptokpingu: be aware that the advice vlt is giving you is not secure unless you delete your shell history file every time you encrypt a file.01:49
mEck0mneptok, do you think it's a good/large benefit of taking certifications (e.g. ubuntu, linux, programming) when you for instance are searching for a job? (in the computer science field)01:49
reportingsjrvlt, that's before logging in, correct?01:49
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:49
pingumneptok: what is shell history?01:49
Dr_willisit pays to pad your resume.. because everyone else is. :)01:49
mneptokmEck0: i know for certain that it is01:49
vltpingu: No, gpg encrypts files. But you can pipe tar's output into gpg.01:49
vltreportingsjr: Yes, on boot, as you wrote ;)01:49
reportingsjrthanks a bunch!01:49
pinguvlt: what do you mean by " you can pipe tar's output into gpg"01:50
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:50
mEck0mneptok, ok thx, because I'm studying computer science at the moment, the 3rd year, and have though about certs.01:50
mneptokmEck0: i can *guarantee* my employer would be more likely to hire you if you are Ubuntu certified.01:50
vltpingu: `tar -c your_whole_folder | gpg -c`01:50
darki have a big question please i need help now because i think i'm hacked i tell a friend my ip and my root pass for he connect on my computer with ssh but i cannot see what he search01:50
Tama00i really just wanna format but i cant ack up all my data01:50
pingumneptok: can i talk to you later i think your way will look better but i like to know things in the terminal01:50
Tama00maybe over a network01:50
darkso if u can tell me what is the command to see the screen please01:51
mneptokpingu: i make no guarantees about my IRC availability01:51
mEck0mneptok, thx! :D01:51
pingumneptok: ok01:51
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:51
vltpingu: `tar -c your_whole_folder | gpg -c > your_folder.tar.gpg` to be correct.01:51
mneptokdark: that's why you don;t set a root password.01:51
vltpingu: You know the meaning of ">" on command line?01:51
mneptokdark: if you just gave someone the root password to your machine, time to shutdown and reinstall.01:52
pinguvlt: no i dont know what > means01:52
mneptokdark: and next time, don't do whatever some random friend tells you to do.01:52
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:52
darkbut can u tell me how see the screen of ssh01:52
mneptokdark: you can't01:52
FloodBot3dark: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:53
darkwell thanks for all01:53
pinguvlt: hold on, im not very good a the terminal01:53
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:54
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:54
mahmoud2!repeat | mysterioso01:54
ubotumysterioso: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:54
rufushow do I find what version im on?01:54
=== badboy is now known as b4db0y
vltpingu: "tar" is an archive tool. It's used to store several files and folders in one "tar file". You can save tar's output to a file or "pipe" the output to the next tool, gpg in this case. At the end of this chain (that could be even longer) you redirect the output of gpg to a file. That's the ">" for.01:55
pinguvlt: my terminal just tripped out when i typed "tar -c home/michael/energy arc"01:55
mneptokrufus: lsb_release -a01:55
DarkmystereCan some one PLEASE help me get networking working in My ubuntu install..01:55
AuraithXhow do you uninstall lokkit? I am only getting about 30sec on the web at a time01:55
mysteriosois there a way to have a terminal go fullscreen on the startup?  It already opens on startup, but is not full screen01:55
pinguvlt: my terminal just tripped out when i typed "tar -c home/michael/energy arc"01:55
mysteriosoare you threatening me!?01:56
anderswcdoes anyone know of a "nice" terminal package manager?01:56
anderswcas in one that you can search etc01:56
vltpingu: If you don't specify an output file, tar will print out what it did ... You can nearly always abort with Ctrl+c.01:56
vltanderswc: aptitude01:56
anderswcok, thanks01:56
DarkmystereNetwork Manager Applet doesnt load.....How can i fix this?01:57
darkmneptok,  how many time u get to configure grub for boot really ?01:57
=== blink148 is now known as auraithx
pinguvlt: ok lets try this again i have " tar -c home/michael/energy arc" how do i specify where it goes01:58
auraithxim on the mac now01:58
auraithxI need help uninstalling lokkit01:58
captmorganHey guys, I remeber seeing a friend of mine go through and reset my Xorg file, it looked like Bios screen and asked questions which in result updated the xorg01:58
captmorganhow can I get back to that?01:59
Dr_williscaptmorgan,  i think you are getting the 'console' confused with the 'bios screen'01:59
varsendaggrDarkmystere: run nm-applet in console01:59
Darkmysterevarsendaggr, tried it it just hangs for a while..01:59
DarkmystereWell..guyess theres no fix01:59
auraithxu still here01:59
pinguvlt: ok lets try this again i have " tar -c home/michael/energy arc" how do i specify where it goes01:59
captmorganDr_willis Bios screen was just for a lack of a better word01:59
Dr_williscaptmorgan,  alt-ctrl F1 through F6 for the consoles. F7 to get back to X.01:59
Dr_williscaptmorgan,  the word is 'console' :)01:59
mEck0mneptok, have another question, on the site you linked to above, it says that Ubuntu Pro Course 1 (online version) costs 250 $US. Does this include the exam or just the course? And do you know how many exams is included if so? (I mean if you fail the first time or so)?01:59
mneptokmEck0: no idea02:00
vlt!repeat | pingu02:00
ubotupingu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:00
mEck0mneptok, ok02:00
prince_jammyscaptmorgan: are you talking about the command    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:00
auraithxhow do I uninstall lokkir02:00
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,   most likely you are refering to going to the console and using the command prince_jammys  just mentioned.02:00
auraithxwhat file02:00
pinguvlt: sorry02:01
auraithxi keep getting cut off i didnt get any messages02:01
CaptainMorganDr_willis, no I'm not02:01
chris062689Is Kubuntu a lot bigger than Ubuntu once installed?02:01
vltpingu: You can create a (still unencrypted) tar file by telling tar the output file with option "-f outputfile". Or you can pass (or as we say "pipe") it directly to the next tool using "|".02:01
plen0x_auraithx: I gave you the answer on how to get this "person" out. Google will tell you how to remove the kit.02:01
vltpingu: `tar -c yourfiles | gpg -c > the_end_file.tar.gpg`02:01
pinguvlt: ok i think i got this is what i have "tar -c home/michael/energy arc | gpg -c > home/michael/energy arc.tar.gng02:02
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  then i guess we got NO idea what you are talking about then. :) thats the normal command to reconfigure the x server from the console.02:02
auraithxi didn tget any of it :S could you repost02:02
CaptainMorganDr_willis, wake up.02:02
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  some other disrtos have other tools.02:02
prince_jammysspace in file name!!!!02:02
chicagonpgHow long should memteat run on a 4GB system?02:02
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  i just woke up. :) gotta love 3rd shift.02:02
vltpingu: the space in the output file is not allowd.02:02
CaptainMorganDr_willis, first I was joking.. but come on.02:02
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  No coffee for me yet today.02:03
zarath76_anyone know if there are ubuntu packages somewhere for subversion 1.5 beta?02:03
CaptainMorganDr_willis, wrong handle!02:03
prince_jammysand in the input file02:03
chris062689Anyone know how much bigger Kubuntu is compared to Ubuntu?02:03
pinguvlt: ok02:03
vltpingu: So wait, energy and arc are not two files?02:03
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  Heh . Im  not suprised. Sorry. :) I gotta get the java brewing.02:03
eagle-101chris062689, "bigger"?02:03
CaptainMorganDr_willis, :)02:03
chris062689Like, after intallation.02:03
* Dr_willis puts some rum in his coffee02:04
pinguvlt: no its the name of one file02:04
eagle-101as far as I know, the two liveCDs are the same size02:04
=== auraithx is now known as AuraithX
eagle-101the only difference is that kubuntu uses KDE while ubuntu uses GNOME.02:04
chris062689Right, but I'm talking about post-installation.02:04
prince_jammyspingu: energy_arc  change it02:04
chris062689I know that..02:04
vltpingu: Then you have to tell that the terminal.02:04
vlt!quotes | pingu02:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about quotes - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:04
pinguvlt: just did all that02:04
chris062689I just have a hard-drive of only 4 GB, and want to know how much Kubuntu would take up compared to Ubuntu.02:04
Dr_willisI still think nick completiuon on irc clients should be able to default to the closest name of the last person who spoke first.02:04
plen0x_AuraithX: <.<02:04
chicagonpgDoes memtest ever stop? It has beem 2 days so far02:04
vltpingu: You can put quotes around file names ".../energy arc".02:05
* genius just donated to Perl foundation :) 02:05
mahmoud2chicagonpg: it never stops02:05
prince_jammystrue, you can work around it.  but if it's ok to change the file name, this problem wont persist in the future02:05
vltpingu: There's another way too, but this would be too much for today ;)02:05
chicagonpgOh my really and dumb me I was thinking it would02:05
CaptainMorganDr_willis, I like it... >> if (user.spoke(last)) { list recent users of the same or similar handle } or something to that effect would be nice02:05
chicagonpgHow do you know if it check all the ram?02:06
iceswordhow to play wow?02:06
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  yep. ya only really start having issues when they got 1000+ people in a room :)02:07
AuraithXhow do you identify02:07
namegamei'm trying to figure that out now icesword...02:07
AuraithX i thought it was /nickserv identify pass02:07
speeddemon8803AuraithX:  /msg nickserv identify pass02:07
vltchicagonpg: AuraithX /msg nicks...02:08
AuraithXplen0x_ yes i cant PM until i verify02:08
plen0x_AuraithX: read above02:08
iceswordnamegame, give me a site that teach me up to level 70 at fastest speed02:08
linxuz3ranyone using vmware02:09
linxuz3rdo you guys know02:09
=== mohadib_ is now known as mohadib
plen0x_AuraithX: just message me when you're ready.02:09
linxuz3rwhen i double click on the icons under windows xp guest the folder wont open or the shortcut wont launch the application. can someone help02:10
AuraithXargh im trying to figure it out lol02:10
=== icesword is now known as firesword
AuraithXwhat do you mean /msg nicks02:10
pinguvlt: ok its telling me my files dont exist02:10
plen0x_AuraithX: type "/msg nickserver identify yourpassword"02:10
plen0x_Without quotes02:10
LUISLOHi all. What's the latest stable version of ubuntu? I wanna give it a try02:10
linxuz3riceswords genius can you help02:10
vltAuraithX: Three dots are normally used for abbreviation ;)02:10
geniuslinxuz3r:  try right-click02:10
plen0x_AuraithX: nickserv, rather.02:11
linxuz3rright click works02:11
speeddemon8803!ubuntu > LUISLO02:11
linxuz3rbut why not double click works?02:11
vltpingu: show me your command again, plase02:11
namegameLuis: i think it's 7.10 gutsy gibbon02:11
AuraithXthere we go02:11
geniuslinxuz3r: meybe double-click speed set to very fast in mouse settings?02:11
pinguvlt: "tar -c home/michael/Pictures/energyarc | gpg -c >  home/michael/Pictures/energyarc.tar.gpg02:11
speeddemon8803Luislo please check private messages :)02:11
LUISLOspeeddemon: it's hard to find in the website... thnx namegame... is 7.0 also called gutsy?02:12
speeddemon88037.10 is Gutsy Gibbons :)02:12
leongooDoes anybody know, is there a way to set user name to display a desired hostname instead of ip address?02:12
prince_jammyspingu: /home02:12
vltpingu: I guess it's "/home/mic..." rather.02:12
geniuslinxuz3r: some buttons can stay "pressed". for example control or shift when you are pressing it and going out of vmware window. so try to click alt, ctrl, shift buttons02:12
linxuz3rgenius it didnt work02:12
anderswcis there an open source version of vnc in the ubuntu repos?02:12
anderswcI couldn't find one02:13
LUISLOspeeddemon803. I have another question, I have the dvd (or cd) of 7.04... will I be available to update to 7.10 once installed the previous version?02:13
linxuz3rchanging the click speed doesnot work02:13
speeddemon88038.04..the next release will be called Hardy Herron, LUISLO :)02:13
DrBanzaiAnybody know why, on a fresh Ubuntu 7.10 install, it seems to take forever for any program to launch?02:13
pinguvlt: yep got it, rookie mistake02:13
speeddemon8803Sure LUISLO.02:13
willianalgum brasileiro?02:13
anderswcDrBanzai, old computer?02:13
box_any reason that a server wouldnt allow me to connect out on a port such as 7325 ? just auto says cannot connect however all internet etc.. is working fine02:13
speeddemon8803Go to your terminal and type in Gksu "update-manager -c"02:13
LUISLOspeeddemon8803. Ok, I'll try it. See you in a while with a new desktop, I hope :D02:14
DrBanzaianderswc: Nope, all brand new.  AMD X2 64 5000+, 2gig ram02:14
vltpingu: You can just use the path relative to your current working directory. Then it's `tar -c "Pictures/energy arc" | gpg -c > "energy arc.tar.gpg"`02:14
geniuslinxuz3r: so whaty?02:14
speeddemon8803See you in a bit then ;)02:14
linxuz3rchanging the click speed doesnot work02:14
pinguvlt: ok i did. now where did that file go?02:14
=== ruffleS is now known as Intrepid_Ibex
geniuslinxuz3r: some buttons can stay "pressed". for example control or shift when you are pressing it and going out of vmware window. so try to click alt, ctrl, shift buttons02:14
anderswcDrBanzai, I haven't had that problem on my new computer, but did on an old one, so that's why I asked02:14
DrBanzaianderswc: Ok, thanks.02:14
vltpingu: To your current directory, /home/michael, I guess.02:14
AuraithXcan someone help me remove that lokkit02:15
Al2O3any ruby folks here?02:15
anderswcmaybe try #ruby ?02:15
linxuz3rnow it works02:15
Al2O3have done so02:15
Al2O3works great.02:15
mEck0which app can I use to create mixes of music? Ardour? Rosegarden? And is it legal to for instance create own mixes from tracks which "real" artists has made? not for selling purpose, just for personal use. I'm looking for an app which doesn't require that you have music instruments.02:15
Al2O3just want to let ubuntu/ruby folks know that I'm doing the 2008 IORCC and they can check it out if they like.02:15
prince_jammysit's probably illegal in singapore02:16
pinguvlt: im not seeing it anywhere02:16
TrustNoOneHope someone can help: its with my sound. Sometimes I can't hear video sounds like on youtube and porn sites, other times I can, and most of the time I don't hear my login/logout sounds02:16
vltmEck0: ardour can do it. In most countries it should be legal.02:16
pingumneptok: are you still on?02:16
mEck0vlt, thx! Hmm, but now when I'm thinking a bit, I think I've tried Ardour some month ago, but it couldn't open mp3's?02:17
vltpingu: type `ls -rt` to list files ordered by date02:18
vltmEck0: Just read your last sentence again. Maybe you're looking for a sampler too.02:20
pinguvlt: it gives me this "Examples  Templates  nautilus-debug-log.txt  Documents  Desktop02:20
pinguVideos    Public     Firefox_wallpaper.png   Music      Pictures02:20
mEck0vlt, I'm kind of a newbie in the music creation/edition field :P why does a sampler do?02:20
vltpingu: hmm, any error msg?02:21
pinguvlt: this is all it gave me after i excuted the command "tar: Removing leading `/' from member names02:22
prince_jammysvlt pingu sorry to intrude --- can you paste the command you executed   here once more?02:22
AelatisLANAnyone here in the Lower Mainland area of BC looking for a LAN party this weekend?02:22
pinguprince_jammys: yea hold on a sec02:23
pinguprince_jammys: " tar -c /home/michael/Pictures/energyarc | gpg -c > /home/michael/Pictures/energyarc.tar.gpg02:23
vltmEck0: A sampler takes small samples of sound, sometimes just a snare drum, sometimes 8 bars of drum solo or speech. Then you can "compose" a new track and use samples from the sampler program ... I leave the rest to your own creativity ;)02:23
mEck0vlt, aha, now I'm with you :D but I assume there is one in Ardour?02:24
vltpingu: So it's in Pictures/ (and probably got a small bit of its own in it ;)02:24
pinguvlt: ok wow i feel dumb i opened it again and there it was staring me in the face02:25
vltmEck0: I don't know. I doubt, for Ardour is more a multi track audio editor and arranger ... but maybe there is.02:25
pinguvlt: thanks so much! thats awesome.02:25
=== AelatisLAN is now known as gmoney
mnnenceHi I am looking for help with my wireless madwifi keeps disconnecting. have tried everything i can find and no help . am i in  the right place?02:26
mEck0vlt, okay, thanks for the help :)02:26
=== gmoney is now known as graemedergousoff
werswas there a recent abiword update?02:26
wersI noticed that .odt is the default format now02:26
=== graemedergousoff is now known as gmoney
wersand .abw is not among the choices02:26
jafaHi, newly set up Gutsy server running Apache2, static filesystem (CIFS mount to Samba server)... Apache reports correct content length to a client but after about 10k sends a FIN. Client attempts resume from 10k, apache sends another 10 and FIN... any ideas on where to start tracking thsi one down?02:27
wersoops! sorry! I didnt notice that I was using oo.o! LMAO ROFL!02:27
=== AelatisLAN is now known as gmoney
AuraithXhow do I uninstall lokkit :/02:28
zamarronsteinhi friends02:29
AuraithXwhen I try to uninstall it it says it's not installed.02:30
=== gmoney is now known as AEgmoney
Tama00yeah just copying 300GBs over a 100mbit network02:31
pikachuAutoMatriX, then it's not installed02:31
Tama00so what are you doing all afternoon02:31
Tama00yeah just watching my 7 hour file transfer you?02:31
AuraithXhelpppppppppppppppppp :|02:32
pinguok my pidgin isn't working any ideas02:32
AutoMatriXpikachu, I guess this was an error ?02:32
AuraithXmy computer is uselss until i can uninstall it02:32
zamarronsteinAuraithX, hi02:32
AEgmoneyanyone in the lower mainland wanna go to a lan party?02:32
Tama00AEgmoney, you should post it on the forums02:33
AEgmoneywell, it's coming up really soon02:33
AEgmoneythis weekend02:33
Tama00AuraithX, if it says its uninstalled why not install it and then uninstall it02:33
IndyGunFreakAuraithX: how do you figure its useless?02:33
AEgmoneyso i thought people might see it here first02:33
Tama00AuraithX, i think what u might be looking at is another programing depending upon it02:33
AuraithXrpm -e is what im using02:33
AuraithXthe settings are stopping me from using the internet connection02:33
Tama00bah u using ubuntu use apt!!02:33
Tama00not red hat02:33
IndyGunFreakAuraithX: are you usingg Ubuntu, Ubuntu does not use RPMs02:33
mneptokpingu: back now02:34
ubu2how do you incrementally scroll in links2? I can only scroll a page at a time it seems02:34
AuraithXsudo apt-get install rpm02:34
AutoMatriXsince I'm here, can somebody tell me wher o find the configuration file of Streamripper ? I'd like to change the DL directory from my /home  /home/music02:34
geniibah rpm02:34
IndyGunFreakAuraithX: no, try sudo apt-get remove lookit02:34
Nubbiedeb > rpm. end of story.02:34
* IndyGunFreak agrees w/ Nubbie02:35
wersi had the older nodoka engine installed. I decided to remove the old version of the gtk theme then installed the newer engine and the new themes. now, the themes wont display properly. is it because i didnt remove the older engine? :)02:35
EADGubu2: ctrl+n/p I belive02:35
AuraithXthats it cheers02:35
AuraithXrpm is what it said thru google :S02:35
Tama00AuraithX, ubuntu handels the programs you install with apt-get install, if you use rpm thats another package manger from redhat/fedora each set of distros has its own package manager and you should use that02:35
IndyGunFreakAuraithX: RPM is fine, if you're using an RPM based distro, you're not, your'e using a debian distro.02:35
vltI try to connect to a server via `ssh -X server1`, but $DISPLAY isn't set there, and I can't forward apps to my screen. The same command to server2 works perfectly. xbase-clients is installed on both servers. Any idea what's missing on the first machine?02:36
Nubbieif you MUST install foreign packages, you should probably build your own debs from tar releases.02:36
ubu2EADG: ah, that would make sense, wouldn't it?02:36
ubu2EADG: thanks =)02:36
EADGvlt: enable X forwarding in the ssh_config on server102:37
vltEADG: It is.02:37
sideawaysto upgrade from 6.06 to 7.10, can i do that automatically or do I have to uninstall my 6.06 version?02:37
EADGvlt: I'm out of ideas then :002:38
ubu2EADG: btw, did you see my message earlier? that link you sent fixed the problem02:38
vltsideaways: I think, you have to do it release by release.02:38
Nubbiesideaways: yes you can ONLY upgrade to concurrent releases.02:38
vltsideaways: Maybe you can go from LTS to LTS in April.02:38
AuraithXI dont suppose theres anyway now to see who was making the attacks ? :(02:38
NubbieAuraithX: sure there is.02:38
EADGubu2: No, sorry I didn't. Got quit afew screens running. What did the link fix?02:39
Tokaylawhat are the configureation files for samba?02:39
underwatercowwith 6 GiB of RAM, is it to be expected that only 3.2 GiB are detected on a 32-bit install?02:39
pinguok my pidgin isn't working any ideas and i tried reinstalling it in the synaptic02:39
geniiTokayla: /etc/samba/smb.conf02:39
AuraithXfirestarter keeps closing02:39
Tokaylai have two identical samba confs .. on two ubunut servers ..02:39
sideawaysvlt: I can't even get 7.10 to boot =(02:39
Nubbieunderwatercow: i believe ubuntu uses a hybrid kernel, so you should be fine.02:39
ubu2EADG: the framebuffer issue I was having, couldn't get 1024x768 going in the console without breaking X02:39
Nubbieunderwatercow: try a livecd.02:39
sideawaysthe video driver keeps crashing.02:39
anderswcdoes anyone know how to use the vnc4server?02:40
Tokaylai used differenet net bios names etc.. but one works fine without login but the other asks for the guest password02:40
anderswcI want to be able to access my linux box with my windows computer02:40
grandpacan someone help me install adobe flash...and remove the gnash player :( ?02:40
underwatercowNubbie: What do you mean? There is a 32-bit in install and a 64-bit install...02:40
vltanderswc: I'm sure anyone knows02:40
Dr_willisanderswc,  run vnc4server  - thats about it. :) you may want to edit your .vnc/xstartup script to run a window manager you have intalled. It defaults to twm i belive.02:40
Dr_willisanderswc,  then connect to the server with a vnc client program.02:40
EADGubu2: Ahh, right on.02:40
sweetsinsegrandpa do you have firefox02:41
anderswcI tried connecting and it said connection refused02:41
grandpasweetsinse, yeah02:41
Dr_willisanderswc,  be sure you dont accidently spawn more vncservers then you need.  Check the logs in .vnc to see whats going on. It may not be starting properly02:41
vltanderswc: did you run vncserver?02:41
geniiunderwatercow: With 32 bit install the kernel can only understand about 3.2Gb. The 32 bit server kernel can see more with PAE extensions. The 64 bit kernel can see more than the 3.2Gb right off.02:41
sweetsinsei have a script i wrote that will do that for you02:41
Nubbieunderwatercow: i doubt you'll find many people in here who have more than 2GB ram, so i suggest you check out the livecd.02:41
AuraithXrequest for AOL service even though there are no programs open02:41
vltanderswc: and does it still run? check `ps`)02:41
grandpasweetsinse, really?02:41
AuraithXthat anyting to be worried about?02:41
anderswcvlt, ps?02:41
sweetsinsegrandpa, yeah... i just need to modify it quick because it does more than just that02:42
grandpasweetsinse, k02:42
arrrghhhhas anyone managed to get into a pptp vpn from linux?02:42
underwatercowgenii, Nubbie: Thanks... I was lead to believe that 32-bit addressed up to 4GiB, but as long as 3.2 is what the 32-bit is supposed to show, I can assume the 6 GiB work fine until I get around to installing 64-bit.02:42
sweetsinsegranpa, fist open a terminal so we can remove gnash02:42
sweetsinsegrandpa, fist open a terminal so we can remove gnash02:42
grandpasweetsinse, there02:42
geniiunderwatercow: np, you're welcome02:43
sweetsinsetype:   sudo apt-get remove gnash02:43
vltanderswc: The command `ps` shows you running processes.02:43
H4ck3rxI have problem with Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller. Can you help me?02:43
anderswcvlt, ok02:43
vltanderswc: There should be a process "Xvnc"02:43
grandpasweetsinse, huh..it says its not installed.02:43
anderswcyeah, it's running02:43
Nubbiearrrghhh: there is a vpn extension for network manager, i forget what the package is called though.02:44
anderswcIt looks like I have two servers running to :(02:44
anderswchow do I stop one?02:44
sweetsinsegrandpa maybe you didnt istall it then?02:44
grandpasweetsjnse, guess not02:44
destrohey I'm having trouble compiling the newest alsa-driver02:44
destrocan anyone decipher these error messages for me?02:44
vltanderswc: Then check it's listening port: `netstat -tuplen | grep 590` should show you smth.02:44
sweetsinsegrandpa you have gutsy right02:44
grandpasweetsinse, yep02:44
arrrghhhNubbie, network-manager-pptp?  yea... i'm using kubuntu, and knetworkmanager i guess sucks or something.  there's a crappy suggestion on the bugs list that suggests using network-manager-gnome and network-manager-pptp to setup the vpn, then use knetworkmanager to connect to the vpn.  i have yet to get that workin.02:45
vltanderswc: You can have dozens of processes running ...02:45
anderswcyeah, I actually only had a few02:45
anderswcso how can I stop the server and start it again?02:46
Dr_willisanderswc,  ps ax | grep vnc --> shows my vnc server  6319 ?        S      0:00 Xvnc :2 -desktop MythBox:2 (wi02:46
Dr_willisanderswc,  vncserver -kill :#02:46
metrixI used xen-tools on ubuntu to create a xen-guest, when I start the guest server and do a xm display I see that the gues has locked at: "lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions"02:46
grandpasweetsinse, you have a url for this script?02:46
metrixI have gone through the logs, by mounting the lvm partition, but I can't find any useful errors..  any ideas?02:47
grandpasweetsinse, i prefer not to transfer via irc..02:47
destrohey I'm having trouble compiling the newest alsa-driver02:47
sweetsinsegrandpa i will upload it to google02:47
destrocan anyone decipher these error messages for me?02:47
grandpasweetsinse, k02:47
Nubbiesweetsinse: pastebin.... ?02:47
vltanderswc: You can see the # of the server from `ps -w`, too.02:47
PC3hi all :)02:47
PC3I cannect connect to the internetwhen I installed ubuntu02:48
PC3can't *02:48
pikachuPC3, hi02:48
PC3pikachum hi02:48
NubbiePC3: you're going to have to be more specific with your set up and your problem if you expect satisfactory suggestions in here.02:48
arrrghhhPC3, did you have internet during the livecd?02:48
destroanyone, anyone?02:49
arrrghhhu use wifi, ethernet?02:49
arrrghhhwhat does ifconfig in a terminal yield02:49
grandpasweetsinse, yo02:49
arrrghhhPC3 - put it all in a pastebin02:49
sweetsinsegrandpa:   http://sweetsinsemilla.googlepages.com/installflash.sh   :follow the prompts02:50
grandpasweetsinse, is this legal?02:50
mnnencecan anyone help me with a atheros txpower issue?02:50
sweetsinsei have no idea02:50
sweetsinseits the same package used by the repos02:50
arrrghhhflash is free02:50
arrrghhhnot completely free in the word like free beer02:50
sweetsinsethe script just finds your firefox install dir, and downloads flash, and starts the installer02:51
arrrghhhgotta be careful throwing the free word around with linux... but it's free in the money free sense.02:51
PC3I'm not on ubuntu now should go there and get u the results of ifconfig02:51
Oloughlin75its not open02:51
vltanderswc: If you don't know: Every vncviewer command creates a new clear "virtual" X server. If you want to access the "real" X that drives the real screen you may want to look at x11vnc.02:51
arrrghhhPC3 - uhm... to diagnose this problem we are going to need to actually do some troubleshooting on the machine itself.  c'mon now.02:51
sweetsinselook at freenx02:51
sweetsinseabsolutely phenomenal02:51
PC3arrrghhh, kk brb :)02:51
arrrghhhfreenx is awesome02:51
grandpasweetsinse, i also i'm trying to get freenx working..02:52
sweetsinsei found some packages i bokmarked02:52
=== AelatisLAN is now known as AEgmoney
PC3arrrghhh, u need just ifconfig result anythin else ?02:52
cfeddePC3: you can look in system->administration->network tools and check that you get an IP address and use some low level tools to check stuff out.02:52
arrrghhhx11vnc suited my needs better.02:52
grandpasweetsinse, i know the flash is legal...and the codecs are not in the u.s....but, i'm only installing the flash on this script correct?02:52
AuraithXwhat is the thing that clears out the apt-get02:53
AuraithXapt-get remove all?02:53
cwilluIs there a recommended way to install firefox3 such that you get the latest beta?02:53
arrrghhhPC3 - well you don't have another machine you can use i'm guessing... ifconfig is all i want for now, i need more information as to why your internet isn't working since you didn't give us any info.  like are you getting ip, link, etc.02:53
Oloughlin75apt-get clean02:53
sweetsinsethe script i wrote just downloads flash from the official site for you and starts the installer02:53
Oloughlin75apt-get autoremove02:53
sweetsinsefreenx gutsy:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=620057   :very nice02:53
arcticchill360hey whats up?02:53
Nubbiecwillu: use the firefox3 package from repositories.02:53
figuringouthi, i have having problems logging in to my GNOME session. I've figured this is because my PATH variable is not getting set.02:53
PC3arrrghhh, ok brb02:53
figuringoutAny help?02:53
AuraithXI'm getting that locked thing again02:53
arrrghhhcwillu, just copy over your firefox-3.0 directory.  mine is in /usr/lib/firefox-3.002:53
Oloughlin75!ask | figuringout02:53
ubotufiguringout: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:53
AuraithXapt-get clean doesnt work02:53
AuraithXand something/one keeps closing my firestarter02:54
sweetsinsegrandpa:  aside from that my script just tells you where firefox is so you can enter that in when the official installer asks you02:54
arrrghhhNubbie, that's not the neweest beta.  when b2 was out they were still on alpha8.02:54
Oloughlin75AuraithX, whats apt-get clean tell you?02:54
genii!apt-fix | AuraithX02:54
ubotuAuraithX: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:54
=== Audio is now known as Audio_1
AuraithXthat its locked02:54
cwilluNubbie, arrrghhh, nvm, did notice that the backports had a b3 build (nubbie, standard repo ff3 is out of date; arrrghhh, copying a binary build was exactly what I was hoping to avoid :p)02:54
Oloughlin75AuraithX, do the above02:54
adrian_does anyone have voices coming through there speakers like someone is broadcasting products02:54
AuraithXlol gonna take me a min to copy it over to the other comp heh02:55
grandpasweetsinse, it says: Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape, or Opera browser02:55
AuraithXdo you need that facy A?02:55
adrian_its like a virus i guess but i don't know how its working02:55
arrrghhhcwillu, i just extracted the .tar.gz file and moved it over my older firefox-3.0...02:55
grim76adrian_, sounds like you are getting interference from a local station.02:55
Nubbieadrian_: i recommend you seek psychological help.02:55
grandpasweetsinse, it doens't seem to be liking my entry of /usr/lib/firefox02:55
Nubbieadrian_: i'm serious.02:55
grandpasweetsinse, it keeps putting the tmp prefix in front..02:55
sweetsinsegrandpa scroll up...  there should have been a prompt that told you what to put here02:55
Oloughlin75damn... i keep pressing f2 to open a console and im on windows ;(02:55
adrian_how would u pick a radio singnal though02:56
geniiadrian_: It may be a TV tuner or radio tuner you have on your system02:56
* speeddemon8803 is now on my best behavior since grandpa is here :)02:56
cwilluadrian_, got a couple firefox tabs open?  it's probably just a flash ad02:56
NubbieOloughlin75: for windows support, please see #windows.02:56
adrian_thats the thing they are all closed02:56
AuraithXwtf is going on here02:56
Oloughlin75Nubbie, i dont have any problems...02:56
adrian_i only have one open02:56
AuraithXcan you PM me that code02:56
AuraithXmy client fucked up and had to /clear02:56
anderswcI'm trying to install something with apt-get from the terminal but I get this error. "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)" and "E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg), is another process using it?"02:56
grandpafunny speed.02:56
Oloughlin75!adeptfix | andatche02:57
ubotuandatche: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:57
Oloughlin75!adeptfix | anderswc02:57
ubotuanderswc: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:57
cwilluanderswc, make sure apt isn't running anywhere02:57
cwilluanderswc, synaptic, update manager, etc02:57
geniianderswc: Make sure the update manager is not running, or that you do not have multiple copies of the package manager open elsewhere02:57
MrKnightsqestion: what nice level is the lowest, google isn't helping me.02:57
geniicwillu: Damn, beat me to it ;)02:57
speeddemon8803i try to bring a *little* humor into the room...just enough to make us all realize..were human..not drones :P02:58
grandpasweetsinse, i actually have freenx installed...but, i have no idea how to configure it so my other box can reach it....would you be able to help?02:58
geniiMrKnights: 102:58
adrian_do you think if i reinstall linux to where it would quit doing the bradcasting from my speakers02:58
speeddemon8803well, most of us are human, i myself am a drone ;)02:58
sweetsinsegranpa do you hav sshd installed02:58
geniiwait, -19 or -2002:58
MrKnightsgenii: whats the highist, for future?02:58
NubbieMrKnights: 1202:58
* nickrud backspaces 02:58
sweetsinseadrian_ that is the strangest problem i have heard yet02:59
grandpasweetsinse, i believe so.02:59
MrKnightshenil nubbie: thanks guys02:59
=== loden is now known as Pr0nStrGeek
NubbieMrKnights: in terminal type nice --help for more information.02:59
geniiMrKnights: It goes from -20 to 20 with 0 normal, 20 highest -20 lowest of course02:59
adrian_its like a signal but i have no other tabs open02:59
genii(just checked man renice)02:59
NubbieMrKnights: yes i just realized i was wrong lol.02:59
AuraithXi dont have that facy A02:59
adrian_so i don't know how they are picking me up through it02:59
Nubbiethanks genii.02:59
sweetsinsegrandpa are both computer on the same subnet...   so we dont have to deal with port forwarding02:59
* genii hands Nubbie a nice large coffee03:00
WillieDaPimpi downloaded a dvd iso of Gutsy and when i tried to burn it i got an error talking about its a java script and not to run it is it possible for it to malicious ?03:00
MrKnightsgenii: thanks, i know where to put mysql now lol03:00
sweetsinselike are they on the same side of the same router for testing03:00
warriorforgodadrian_: That is truly interesting03:00
AuraithXuboto ; how do you get that A at the end03:00
geniiMrKnights: np03:00
grandpasweetsinse, actually the other box is very far away :)03:00
Nubbiegenii: i'm a tea drinker.03:00
figuringoutthis is my environment file. My PATH variable is all screwed up when I login. http://pastebin.com/m54de7ff3.03:00
MrKnightsgenii: :D03:00
sweetsinsegrandpa do you have a way to test locally?03:00
bastid_raZorWillieDaPimp; where did you get it from? releases.ubuntu.com is the official releases03:00
geniiNubbie: Imagine it's tea then ;)03:00
speeddemon8803Ubotu is a bot, its not intelligent, can only give information that it has in its database, cant actually hold a conversation.03:01
AuraithXsudol fusor command not found03:01
grandpasweetsinse, i have no idea :)03:01
NubbieWillieDaPimp: what program produced this error?03:01
AuraithXbash sido command not found03:01
Nubbiespeeddemon8803: speak for yourself, ubotu and I get along just fine.03:01
sweetsinsegrandpa where is the server box? is that local?  do you have another computer like a laptop local03:01
Oloughlin75AuraithX, you spelled sudo wrong03:01
nickrudAuraithX: don't you mean sudo  ?03:01
AuraithXwhat about the other one03:01
WillieDaPimpbastid_raZor, the linux torrent tracker site03:01
WillieDaPimpNubbie, Nautilus03:01
speeddemon8803now if we were in offtopic, that would be different, ubotu has different stuff for different rooms ;)...but...im not gonna go deep into that :)03:01
sweetsinsewhoopsie daisy03:01
Oloughlin75AuraithX, you spelled it wrong twice03:01
grandpasweetsinse, this is the only box...but, i want to let my other computer connect to it to do work...b/c vnc wasn't cuttin it.l03:01
NubbieWillieDaPimp: oh rly... that's strange. try burning it with gnomebaker03:02
AuraithXsudo: fusor command not found03:02
AuraithXi didnt spell it wrong twice, I copied it over back here wrong03:02
WillieDaPimpNubbie, i did and it spit the dvd out and said something about the media not being correct03:02
AuraithXit was right in the terminal03:02
speeddemon8803!info fuse03:03
ubotuPackage fuse does not exist in gutsy03:03
anderswccan the x11vnc server be connected to on windows>03:03
speeddemon8803!info fusor03:03
ubotuPackage fusor does not exist in gutsy03:03
Oloughlin75AuraithX, it is spelled sudo03:03
Oloughlin75AuraithX, not sudo1 or sido03:03
AuraithXthats how I spelled it.03:03
zzzHello, is there anybody who uses a 2.6.25 series kernel?03:03
AuraithXsudol was a typo copying it back over here. im on a different machine03:03
_Oz_HALLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ubuntu friends!03:03
sweetsinsegrandpa how did you install freenx03:03
sweetsinsedid you compile or use a package03:03
speeddemon8803hello oz, welcome back.03:03
grandpasweetsinse, .deb package03:04
* _Oz_ roars into #ubuntu like a red-hot cannonball launched from a pirate ship in the bay.03:04
Oloughlin75AuraithX, double check the spelling for everyting, and what package are you after?03:04
sweetsinsegrandpa do you know what version you instlaled?03:04
_Oz_speeddemon8803: thank you!03:04
AuraithXwhats that before the info03:04
AuraithX! ?03:04
* nickrud watches _Oz_ sink into the harbor03:04
m1chaeli have a laptop that i want to install ubuntu on... it's got a built-in sprint modem... i'm wondering.. if i install ubuntu, could i configure it so that i can plug a router in to my laptop and share internet?03:04
_Oz_I've been on the road for about a week; I miss my Ubuntu machines.03:04
grandpasweetsinse, it was about a month or two ago from their website..03:04
figuringoutcan someone please look at this and tell him how to fix it? http://pastebin.com/m495be9cb03:04
Nubbie_Oz_: that was unnecessarily disruptive... and hi!03:04
_Oz_I'm thinking about buying a new PC so I'll have an extra PC to play with Ubuntu with.03:04
grandpasweetsinse, so, unless their version changed...the latest i believve03:04
speeddemon8803a week? dang...seems like just yesterday you were here :)03:04
_Oz_Nubbie: heh, heh.  Thanks!03:04
Nubbie_Oz_: you can play with ubuntu now.03:05
_Oz_speeddemon8803: I've been here anyway.  But I'm using a windows machine right now.03:05
AuraithXinfo fusor works03:05
Nubbie_Oz_: download yourself a livecd.03:05
speeddemon8803oh, i see :)03:05
AuraithXand its spelled right originally03:05
adrian_so does anyone have any ideas to get the strange voices out of my speakers03:05
_Oz_Nubbie: yeah, that's okay.  No realy need.  This laptop is not going to be a dual-boot deal.03:05
_Oz_Nubbie: four of my machines at home are running it, two of them are dual boot.03:05
_Oz_This laptop is just too critical to risk messing up with an ubuntu install.  Besides, I only have about 6gb free.  Have a ton of work stuff on it.03:06
Tama00_Oz_, you have 4 computers :o03:06
m1chaelis my question possible???03:06
speeddemon8803are the linux partitions slowly taking over oz? :)03:06
Oloughlin75adrian_, are you sure amarok isnt on the taskbar? or any other music player?03:06
_Oz_Tam00: actually I have seven03:06
adrian_i'm sure03:06
sweetsinsegrandpa.. i spent awhile mesing with it and finally got it w3rking perfectly becasue of that link i posted earlier.  that guy made custom gutsy deb packages with freenx 0.7.1 latest version, i would uninstall the deb you have and follow those directions03:06
adrian_its weird03:06
nickrudAuraithX: are you sure you don't just get the default info page?03:06
adrian_its just like a frequencey03:06
_Oz_Tam00: but 2 are my wife's (1 is a laptop, 1 is a desktop) and the rest are mine -- a laptop and three desktops03:06
Nubbie_Oz_: i said LIVE cd.03:06
AuraithXuhh proably i just noticed it came up03:06
AuraithXassumed thats what you were after rather than "NO INFO"03:06
Tama00_Oz_,  whoa! that like breaks the space time curriculum03:06
warriorforgodadrian_: is it still talking03:06
_Oz_nubbie: yeah, I don't get much out of running it off the CD.  I like customizing the interface and messing around.  LiveCD is pretty slow.  Good for eval purposes only.03:07
Zodiac`anyone here know how I can find a server by IP (and not name) in XQF?03:07
coreymanshackIs there a way I can view the command line interface from ubuntu without installing gnome, from a windows machine03:07
AuraithXno menu item fusor03:07
_Oz_Tama00: heheh.  I have an old thinkpad too, but it's worthless, so I don't count it.03:07
grandpasweetsinse, could you repost the link por favor?03:07
Tama00_Oz_, i used to have an old thinkpad but it died03:07
Nubbiecoreymanshack: SSH....03:07
sweetsinseyeah np03:07
grandpasweetsinse, i can't find it :)03:07
geniicoreymanshack: putty on the windows side and ssh server on the linux side03:08
AuraithXI've been up for ~85hrs03:08
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/03:08
nickrudAuraithX: I did a check, there is no fusor . What is it?03:08
Tama00_Oz_, sister was playing music with it in the barthroom while she was having a 1 hour shower03:08
AuraithXshadows re starting to become 3d03:08
Tama00yeah it wasnt pretty03:08
sweetsinsegrandpa:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=620057   :w3rks03:08
AuraithXI dunno theyre tellin me to do it03:08
tomvolek_hi all :  I have new PC with Intel E8400 CPU,  where can I find the 64 bit Ubuntu for install ?03:08
Oloughlin75AuraithX,  they want you to fuser03:08
_Oz_my thinkpad works okay, but the fan keeps dying.  I replaced the fan once for $40 (ebay!) and then it died again a month later.  The computer is too old to be worth keeping up with.03:08
coreymanshackNubbie: genii: For some reason I was thinking that SSH was GUI based.03:08
_Oz_One hour shower? Insane!03:08
AuraithXfont is very small on this mac  :P 2sec03:08
prince_jammys!install  | tomvolek_03:08
ubotutomvolek_: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:08
Nubbiecoreymanshack: ssh is the anti-gui.03:09
sweetsinsegranpa did you get flash w3rking?03:09
craigbass1976I've got desktop effects enabled.  I can't seem to move a window to another desktop though.  Usually I right click on the title bar and get an option to do that.  Is there some other trick?03:09
sweetsinsegrandpa did you get flash w3rking?03:09
geniicoreymanshack: With freenx for instance you can tunnel X apps over ssh03:09
AuraithXokay thats done03:09
AuraithXthen sudo apt-get clear?03:09
Nubbiegenii: you don't need freenx.03:09
grandpasweetsinse, ah yes! thank you.03:09
mneptokcraigbass1976: ctl+alt+arrow keys03:09
coreymanshackNubbie: genii: That is GOD.03:09
geniiNubbie: True, X forwarding also works03:09
tomvolek_thanks Prince,  i was surprised at the file name once I make a section on the Ubuntu site, it called amd6403:09
_Oz_craigbass1976: you have to drag it onto the other desktop03:09
AuraithXwhats the command to unlock it03:09
AuraithXsudo apt-get what03:10
prince_jammysAuraithX: locked again?03:10
sweetsinsesweet, i am using that script for end user setups.  i plan to charge ppl for custom ubuntu installs and configs.  ive had alot of good feedback so far03:10
genii!apt-fix | AuraithX03:10
ubotuAuraithX: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:10
MrKnightsDoes anyone know of a program that can limit memeory usage of a process03:10
craigbass1976_Oz_, no love.  You mean down to the lower right "different desktops" area?03:10
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:10
AuraithXoh right did that fuser ting solve the lock03:10
sweetsinsehaha thats funny03:10
Nubbiesweetsinse: don't charge too much, or you won't see much love in here.03:10
warriorforgodadrian_: What is it talking about?03:10
grandpasweetsinse, sorry..i'm really tired....i should know this but, what is the simplest way to remove that .deb freenx?03:10
_Oz_craigbass1976: do you have the 3D cube enabled (compiz-fusion)?03:10
geniiAuraithX: I suspect the update manager is running a lot on your box and causing this03:10
coreymanshackNubbie: genii: Thanks so much for your help.03:10
sn00zeranyone her use irsii?03:10
craigbass1976_Oz_, Yep03:11
sweetsinsewell the amount of time i spent learning all the little tweaks, ppl are more than willing to pay me to set it all up03:11
AuraithXits that firewall thing03:11
adrian_it did a count down it went 5 4 3 2 1 then it make a gurgling sound and quit lol03:11
_Oz_craigbass1976: then just drag it to the left or right edge of the screen and keep on going03:11
geniiAuraithX: The firewall won't lock your dpkg database03:11
Nubbiesweetsinse: make sure you know what you're doing, especially if you involve money. don't give ubuntu a bad name.03:11
craigbass1976_Oz_, wow....03:11
sweetsinsegrandpa use synaptic:  system > settings > synaptic   : search for freenx03:11
adrian_well like a care noise03:11
AuraithXwtf its still locked03:11
AuraithXafter I typed all that fusor stuff03:11
_Oz_craigbass1976: pretty cool, eh?03:11
AuraithX*fuser :P03:11
geniiAuraithX: Please copy and paste the exact error message03:12
speeddemon8803ahhh, fuser, no wonder ubotu kept freaking out, it was a typo ;)03:12
craigbass1976_Oz_, insane.  I like this better every time I use it.  I thought a few months ago it was just eye candy, but alt+tab and Ctrl+alt+uparrow are pretty handy.03:12
AuraithXdifferent comp03:12
sweetsinseyesterday i set this guy up with arabic language and hotkeyed it so he could swicth languages on the fly, kinda cool.  no man, i let ppl know its free, the pay me to do what they do not understand yet...  thats the nature of consulting :)03:12
AuraithXlocked with 13 permissions03:12
PsynoKhi0hey, anyone familiar with both (x)ubuntu and puppy?03:12
_Oz_craigbass: yeah, very handy. I'm addicted to it.  Try Super-Tab (super = windows key)03:12
AuraithXvar lib dpkg lock03:12
evilbugi need someone to help me out with setting up wireless on my 2g macbook pro.03:12
kaidenstupid question for ya'll, how do i get out of Xorg to install the nvidia drivers from the nvidia website? ctrl-alt-backspace puts me back to the login screen, but i can't seem to close the session and enter a console runlevel03:13
_Oz_craigbass1976: also, try Super-E03:13
AuraithXi put gksu infront and it worked03:13
craigbass1976_Oz_, when I do a "switch desktop" though (gdmflexiserver) these effects got all screwed up and I had to stop using them03:13
geniiAuraithX: Are you using: sudo apt-get <BLAH BLAH> or just: apt-get <BLAH>03:13
craigbass1976_Oz_, what's super e03:13
speeddemon8803super=your windows key, if you didnt know that :) craigbass197603:13
_Oz_craigbass1976: super = windows key03:13
adrian_i'll just reinstall linxu tomorrow see if that helps it03:13
craigbass1976Nothing happens03:14
AuraithXjust clear03:14
warriorforgodadrian_: Is it still doing it?03:14
warriorforgodadrian_: What is it talking about?03:14
speeddemon8803windows key + e..nothing happens craigbass?03:14
_Oz_craigbass1976: not familiar with gdmflexiserver03:14
arrrghhhkaiden, you have to do ctrl-alt-f1.  but the "official" ubuntu way is thru restricted drivers manager.  have you tried that?03:14
craigbass1976speeddemon8803, right03:14
AuraithXnow a gksu apt-get autoremove03:14
speeddemon8803ok, just making sure we were on the same page :)03:14
pikachu_is there any reference to MagicSysRq ?03:14
geniiAuraithX: sudo apt-get install somepackage <- correct for instance            apt-get install somepackage      <-- incorrect, needs sudo in front03:14
grandpasweetsinse, uh i don't have freenx but nx client for linux....is there a difference?03:14
adrian_test about somthing03:14
kaidenarrrghhh, ctrl alt f1 doesn't do anything at all03:14
_Oz_craigbass1976: do you have an nvidia or ATI card?03:15
adrian_omg lol03:15
adrian_its talking about metal gear sold again03:15
warriorforgodadrian_: What?03:15
wease|super E is pretty sexy...sad you dont have it03:15
sweetsinsegrandpa do a search for nx03:15
AuraithXyein this case i needed gksu sudo03:15
craigbass1976_Oz_, It's a command I run by having an icon pointing to it on the Desktop.  Quicker than System -> Quit ->switch user03:15
glamhi, I just upgrade grub to grub2 on Gutsy, however, when I boot, I only get a grub rescue prompt, any help?03:15
AuraithXfor some reason03:15
AuraithXdidnt work with just sudo03:15
grandpaswwetsinse, i have nxserver , nxclient, nxnode03:15
geniiAuraithX: Please don't improvise commands mixing GUI sudo commands with command-line applications for instance.03:15
craigbass1976_Oz_, whatever is on board this Dell 240003:15
arrrghhhkaiden, did you listen to a word i said?03:15
sweetsinsegrandpa remove them all03:15
arrrghhhor read for that matter...03:15
AuraithXI can't even rememember what I'm doing - will this fix the firewall crashing?03:15
sweetsinsegrandpa you need the commercial client but you need a certain version as per the guys instructions03:16
grandpasweetsinse: really...03:16
kaidenarrrghhh, yes, read quite well, problem is.... you didn't listen to what i said :)03:16
craigbass1976wease|, my wife would probably get angry if the computer started being sexy all of a sudden03:16
arrrghhhkaiden, did you try it with the restricted drivers manager?03:16
AuraithXcan anyone remember what I was doing? :S03:16
_Oz_craigbass1976: probably a built-in intel video card...  should work pretty well with compiz03:16
kaiden#1, ctrl-alt-f1 doesn't drop out of xorg to a console, #2, the restricted drivers manager, has the one that is installed from apt-get03:16
kaidenthe apt-get version is old03:16
sweetsinsealthough i have done it successfully with ltest commercial client03:16
evilbugi already installed everything using a tutorial,it's just that when i try to connect it'll ask me for the network key a couple of times and then doesn't connect at all.03:16
sweetsinsesome issues with shadowing03:17
wease|craigbass1976, gotta love a lil graphical sexiness...compiz, beryl, and small things like super E make it pretty sexy...03:17
_Oz_craigbass1976: if you're going to keep playing with linux/ubuntu I recommend migrating away from manufacturers like dell who put proprietary hardware built-in to the mobo03:17
wease|build the comp from the ground up03:17
evilbugit actually showed the signal bars for a little while (which i assume meant it connected) but the internet still would not work.03:17
wease|thats the best way03:17
craigbass1976_Oz_, This is what I had.  I recen'ty bought a new dell with ubuntu on it, but the desktop effects don't work at all on that.03:17
wease|one more month to go for hardy03:18
wease|im stoked03:18
sweetsinsein reality, with the monitor, keyboard, mouse, EVERY little thing including heatsink... a comp has about 14 parts03:18
craigbass1976I do like this dell I'm on now though--been with me since fedora103:18
arrrghhhkaiden, the restricted drivers manager is the way to go.  it works great (in 7.10... it was *ok* in 7.04.)  and ctrl-alt-f1 kicks me back to a console in a HURRY.03:18
_Oz_craigbass1976: dell desktops actually seem to work okay with ubuntu but in general you want the ability to put exactly the hardware you want into the machine, and you'll have more fun with alternate OS'03:18
orionrHey im trying to setup a smb share on my computer. for some reason this isnt working though.03:18
Viktorioushow do u remove a program03:18
arrrghhhi use kubuntu tho.03:18
craigbass1976orionr, what exactly is screwed up?03:18
PsynoKhi0my USB works great in Puppy linux but Xubuntu won't cooperate, what do I need to tweak?03:19
_Oz_craigbass1976: did super-E work for you?03:19
arrrghhhViktorious, there's tons of ways.  how do you install programs?  apt-get?  add/remove programs?  synaptic?03:19
craigbass1976_Oz_, nope.  What's it supposed to do?03:19
arrrghhhViktorious, apt-get remove.03:19
_Oz_craigbass1976: it's an 'enhancement' over alt-tab which I like a lot03:19
orionrcraigbass1976: i added this to the bottom of my smb.conf file. DOes this look right? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56919/03:19
_Oz_it gives you a 3D view of your desktop windows, standing on a pane of reflective glass03:19
wease|its pretty dayum sexy03:20
_Oz_it's like alt-tab but you can easily see what each screen has on it03:20
AuraithXfirestarter is still crashing I think its the gksu thats crashing - can you run firestarter any other way03:20
_Oz_it's sexy but more importantly, useful03:20
kaidenarrrghhh, then i must be stupid, because in the restricted drivers manager i hit ctrl-alt-f1 and nothing happens03:20
wease|oz, agreed03:20
_Oz_there are a number of really useful compiz-fusion enhancements03:20
craigbass1976_Oz_, and it's not like ctrl+alt+up or down?03:20
orionrcraigbass1976: then i ran smbpasswd -a orionr and set a smb password03:20
_Oz_craigbass1976: no, it's not03:20
wease|not the same thing03:20
arrrghhhkaiden, not in the restricted drivers manager, anywhere.  the restricted drivers manager is where i installed the drivers for all my nvidia cards.03:20
CarbonfluxI use the window rules stuff a lot in CCSM03:21
_Oz_I really enjoy my ubuntu desktop blowing away my XP desktop03:21
nickrudcraigbass1976: you can move windows from desktop to desktop. Pretty03:21
Carbonfluxas much as I do the eye candy stuff03:21
_Oz_people that have seen it are like, "Wait, what is THAT?  That's AWESOME!"03:21
arrrghhhkaiden, and i think maybe kubuntu sets that keystroke for you.03:21
wease|oz, my box makes xp look like its running on a 486 box03:21
_Oz_And I say, "That's the power of Linux, my feeble friend."03:21
craigbass1976orionr, is this behind a firewall?03:21
_Oz_wease|: yeah, same here03:21
_Oz_It's quite powerful03:21
arrrghhhcan someone in here confirm that?  ctrl-alt-f1 kicks me out to a console.  i use kubuntu.  what is it in ubuntu?03:21
AuraithXuhrm I think someone has changed my su03:21
_Oz_I just wish I could run Photoshop and Illustrator natively in Ubuntu03:21
AuraithXits saying Auth fail with the right pass??03:22
_Oz_If Adobe would release Linux versions of those I'd be totally set03:22
orionrcraigbass1976: no do i need to apt-get install samba?03:22
CarbonfluxPhotoshop runs good in wine03:22
wease|oz,  google is workin to make that happen03:22
_Oz_wease|: explain03:22
MrKnightsIs there a program that can limit the memory of a single process?03:22
arrrghhhCarbonflux, which version of pshop03:22
_Oz_MrKnights: if you find it, let me know03:22
askvictorwhere can I check the temperature of the motherboard etc?03:22
wease|oz, you didnt read that google is working on supporting the photoshop for linux?03:23
_Oz_Carbonflux: it doesn't run well in wine...  I run CS2 in Wine and it is OK but a far cry from native in XP03:23
Carbonfluxhm, well I got 5.5 working a while back03:23
wease|let me find a link03:23
Carbonfluxin Fedora03:23
_Oz_wease|: NO, I didn't!  That is exciting, can you give me a link?03:23
arrrghhhaskvictor, your hardware has to support it, or you have to put temp sensors.03:23
CarbonfluxI have not tried 5.5 in wine with Ubuntu yet03:23
AuraithXsu and root pass are the same thing, right??03:23
Carbonfluxreally I got used to gimp03:23
_Oz_askvictor: do a search for "ubuntu screenlets" and install the "sensors" screenlet03:23
wease|im a slashdot whore03:23
Daisuke_Idogoogle is pouring money into Wine to improve photoshop compatibility.  a small but subtle difference03:23
arrrghhhCarbonflux, that's really old lol.03:23
Carbonfluxand don't need photoshop for anything03:23
_Oz_you can get sensor for GPU processor temp, etc03:23
wease|oz, http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/20/1837204&from=rss03:23
_Oz_jeez, just another reason to love google03:24
Carbonfluxarrrghhh, ya i have basicly stopped using it, I keep it around because its a legal copy and I use it in windows sometimes for basic stuff03:24
NativeAngelsanyone know how you set global and local users in irc ?03:24
Carbonfluxarrrghhh, gimp will do everything I need, I admit my needs are minor heh03:24
askvictor_Oz_: do they provide logging?03:24
wease|gimp just needs to improve on their tool windows03:25
wease|adobe has the one thing up on them03:25
Carbonfluxwell, its not like gimp is Open Source or something ;)03:25
glamanyone using grub2?03:25
poolosconnect irc.EpiKnet.org03:25
craigbass1976orionr, hang on a minute03:25
wease|gimp is pretty schweet03:25
Carbonfluxif gimp was open source someone might be able to fix that problem.03:25
nano__whats a MSWindows equivalent of GIMP?  I haven't used windows in a while03:25
nano__*what is03:25
Carbonfluxthere is none03:25
Carbonfluxunless you buy one03:25
Daisuke_Ido"As part of the Google/Photoshop initiative, Photoshop will now log all changes you make to images and make them searchable from within the program.  They will also be able to be labeled with tags, so all blur changes can be tagged with 'blur' and whatnot."03:25
wease|gimp is windows compatible03:26
nano__CarbonFlux: what can a perons buy?03:26
kaidenarrrghhh, ok i think the confusion was in what i was describing as what i wanted to do, i need to actually install the driver from the website, but i cannot do so until i exit out of Xorg into a regular console to run the installer03:26
Daisuke_IdoCarbonflux: how about the gimp?03:26
CarbonfluxPhotoshop nano_03:26
nano__what about mspaint?03:26
Carbonfluxgimp runs in windows ?03:26
nano__or microsoft paint03:26
Z_o-s-ogimp for windows03:26
CarbonfluxI did not know that03:26
CarbonfluxI want it03:26
wease|gimp has run windows for yeasrs03:26
sweetsinsegrandpa: hows it going03:26
* Carbonflux downloads03:26
maxownzanyone in here use tor?03:26
glamwhat is tor?03:26
Daisuke_Idooh come on, that was funny -_-03:26
grandpasweetsinse, ADD kicked in...still trying to understand the tutorial..03:26
CarbonfluxI always get gimp thru my distro's package manager03:26
CarbonfluxI did not realise there was a windows version03:27
wease|its pretty schweet03:27
edward_i'm downloading a 2.9 gb iso but it keep failing md5 how can i resume it and get it hashed for completeness03:27
maxownzglam: www.torproject.org03:27
nano__Google is paying $$ to the WIne guys to port Adobe Photoshop03:27
_Oz_askvictor: not sure, but probably not.03:27
maxownznano_: yes I saw that, pretty interesting03:27
edward_i tried wget -c already03:27
geniiglam: tor is an anonymizer service. Basically a proxy server.03:27
sweetsinseyou dont have to do every step... mainly just get the packages from his repo.. then make sure you do that font thing or else freenx will crash03:27
Tama00edward_, dump it in a torrent ;)03:27
craigbass1976orionr, ok, where are you at03:27
Tama00edward_, if there is a torrent for that file03:27
Z_o-s-odoes tor really work as advertised?03:27
leprasmurfhello all, I've got videos on my ubuntu server, and I'm trying to watch 'em on my ubuntu laptop over wireless.  These files are about 150megs a piece, but it's very choppy.  any recommendations on how I can improve the performance? (I'm currently watching over nfs)03:27
Daisuke_Idonano__: wrong again.  there is no "porting", google is just putting money into wine to improve compatibility03:28
_bryceI want to install Ubuntu on a thinkpad X61. It has no optical drive. What's the easiest way to install ubuntu on it? I googled, but all I found was some thing that involved using windows (!) to make the bootable thumb drive.03:28
sweetsinsegrandpa what i did was remove all the fonts under node.conf except one03:28
Tama00use the file as the source and it will scan the file and then dowonload the missing bits:)03:28
nano__maxownz: Google is CIA money funded and therefore a pile of crap03:28
arrrghhhkaiden, i know.  on mine, kubuntu, ctrl-alt-f1 gets me to a console where i can kill gdm.03:28
Tama00ahh bittorrent:)03:28
_Oz_well, Photoshop "sort of" ports to Wine right now but it is far from perfect03:28
_Oz_It's a lot slower to load, a lot slower to use and has transparency problems.03:28
maxownzZ_o-s-o: yep, I get a talk from their developers every semester03:28
maxownznano_: is CIA money different from like money you use at 7-11?03:28
craigbass1976orionr, I've never tried to secure samba shares.  I've kept the netowrk secure from the outside world, then lef the sambe share wide open03:28
edward_Tama00, there is no torrent03:28
TrustNoOneHope someone can help: its with my sound. Sometimes I can't hear video sounds like on youtube and porn sites, other times I can, and most of the time I don't hear my login/logout sounds03:28
Z_o-s-omaxownz: sweet ill have to try it03:28
_Oz_If you use Photoshop professionally, Wine is just sort of a neat novelty at the moment.  It's cool that it runs at all, don't get me wrong, but it's not seriously a viable option for professional use yet.03:28
orionrcraigbass1976: i think i got it tanks for your help i just needed to install the samba package. I though i had it because i had the /etc/samba/smb.conf file.03:29
_Oz_nano__: actually, the FBI, not the CIA, funds google.03:29
craigbass1976orionr, weird.... I'd have thought the same thing03:29
nano__maxownz: seriously, cia (much like many other intelligence agency) are trying to get good ground on the internet...... that is why google has had such $$ pouring in.03:29
nano__they are neighbours with NASA03:29
craigbass1976orionr, I guess I never checked before I installed smaba server for smb.conf03:29
_Oz_TrustNoOne: I totally dig that you used the example of "porn site" for problem with your sound drivers.  Two thumbs up!03:29
nano___Oz_: fbi, cia....its all big brother03:30
PsynoKhi0at least he/she is honest03:30
jrib!offtopic | nano__, maxownz03:30
ubotunano__, maxownz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:30
Oloughlin75whats not to love about big brother, nano_ ?03:30
_Oz_craigbass1976: GIMP is a long, long way away from what Photoshop can do.  Sorry, I like Gimp, and I love open source software, but Adobe has everyone beat by a mile (as well they should, they've been developing this application for 15 years!)03:30
craigbass1976I know, just tooting a horn...03:30
_Oz_craigbass1976: =)03:30
ArkoI am trying to follow this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Gutsy . It asks to "1) Open System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager and you will see that under the Firmware drop down arrow it says Firmware for Broadcom 43xx chipset family and under Status it says Not in Use." There is no "Firmware" here. How can I enable it?03:30
edward__I was wondering how do I perform a search03:30
nano__Oloughlin75: i hope ur being sarcastic03:30
matthiasanybody runnih03:30
Kalamansihello how to copy and paste all the updates that ive downloaded? the debs is in the usb flash drive.. i tried to copy it from usb and paste it to archie of the ubuntu desktop 7.10 ... still wont copy using mouse control.....thanks03:31
wease|oz...15 years?? try 25 years at least03:31
edward__i want to search just my cdrom on ubuntu03:31
Oloughlin75nano_, shouldnt we all love big brother ;)03:31
_Oz_wease|: yeah, you're right.03:31
_Oz_wease|: I've been using it for 15 years.03:31
matthiashi anybody that can help me install my wireless from ubuntu 7.1003:31
AuraithXmy firewall just blocked 2 IPs03:31
_Oz_I started with Photshop 203:31
AuraithXcoming thru TCP03:31
craigbass197625?  Didn't we just have atari then?03:31
Kalamansihello how to copy and paste all the updates that ive downloaded? the debs is in the usb flash drive.. i tried to copy it from usb and paste it to archie of the ubuntu desktop 7.10 ... still wont copy using mouse control.....thanks03:31
AuraithXthose hack attempts ?03:31
mEck0_I was just thinking of if there is a website where you can download free ogg music (obviously legal ones!)03:31
Oloughlin75matthias, you can use ndiswrapper if you have the windows drivers03:31
jrib!wifi > matthias (read the private message from ubotu)03:31
_Oz_I remember being so excited about my copy of Photoshop 3.0 arriving at work.03:31
craigbass1976I think I got mine when I was six...03:31
wease|PS 3.003:31
wease|makes me feel so old03:32
craigbass1976$100 at toys r us03:32
nano___Oz_: what all do you do with photoshop?03:32
jribKalamansi: where are you trying to copy it to?03:32
_Oz_How about the TI-99/4A?03:32
_Oz_nano__: print, web, billboards, you name it.03:32
Scunizianyone know how to update Warsow from synaptic version to .41?  I've done the download but am having problems.03:32
nano___Oz_: i never really got into graphic design03:32
nano__or web publishing03:32
Oloughlin75matthias, sudo apt-get ndiswrapper-common (have cd in the drive) then ndiswrapper -i /driver/lic/file.inf, then ndiswrapper -m, and restart03:32
_Oz_wease|: you remember 3.0 when it was new?  I think that was when the layers palette really started being majorly useful.03:33
_Oz_nano__: well...  nothing wrong with that, really.03:33
_Oz_Programming pays better!03:33
nano___Oz_: i don't know about that03:33
blink148uhh i need security help03:33
Z_o-s-obtw, anyone have any experience with setting up a Radeon X1300 in Gutsy?03:33
ubotuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:33
blink148I think I've just had 2 hack attempts03:34
wease|3.0, for pc and mac03:34
_Oz_Z_o-s-o: no...  ATI is pretty rough in Ubuntu right now.03:34
Tama00maybe its your name thats proviking em;)03:34
blink148<--- AuraithX03:34
nano__blink148: its prolly ur torrent client03:34
blink148no its my dads thing03:34
wease|back then photoshop was just ms paint on steroids03:34
blink148oh right i know what you man03:34
wease|we all laughed about it03:34
Z_o-s-o_Oz_ : I know that its pretty sketchy, i try to stick to Nvidia03:34
blink148no i wasnt using the computer03:34
blink148im on the mac03:35
_Oz_So, what's google's angle?  Why do they want to fund Codeweavers' Linux/PS port?03:35
wease|<-- nvidia sli slut03:35
blink148because my accounts keep getting disconeected03:35
_Oz_Z_o-s-o: yeah, nvidia is the way to go (for both Win and Linux, actually.)03:35
nano__blink148: if ur a mac user, then u are in the wrong place03:35
Kalamansijrib : here in var/cache/apt/archives03:35
_Oz_Nvidia is the best for gaming, best for graphics, best for Linux.  Avoid ATI!03:35
jrib!sudo > Kalamansi (read the private message from ubotu)03:35
blink148im auraithx03:35
prince_jammysoff topic city03:35
wease|oz, i concur., i have been nvidia and amd strong for linux for years03:35
blink148im using the mac because noobs are hacking me03:35
PsynoKhi0_Oz_: uh nope03:35
maxownzZ_o-s-o: i have a Radeon 2600HD that I can't get to work very well, but my Radeon 9550 works like a charm03:35
wease|oz....sad thing...amd owns ATi now03:36
_Oz_Yeah, ATI is a crap shoot at best.03:36
wease|tables will turn03:36
Z_o-s-o_Oz_ Yeah even the windows ati drivers are crap.  Everything works right in gutsy cept youtube + compiz = high cpu load03:36
_Oz_wease|: that'd be nice03:36
wease|i hope03:36
wease|maybe amd will force ati to give out driver code03:36
_Oz_Z_o-s-o: I have an ATI card in this dell laptop I'm using right now...  that's one of the reasons I'm not putting Ubuntu on it.03:36
=== jimlay_ is now known as jimlay
Z_o-s-omaxownz : I have a radeon 9200 that works great as well03:36
edward__i want to search just my cdrom on ubuntu?????03:36
PsynoKhi0that's been annouced like 5 months ago03:36
Oloughlin75amd would be willing to spit out decent open source drivers, right?03:36
edward__hows' thats possible...03:37
blink148what is POSIX error03:37
_Oz_Oloughlin75: you never know...03:37
sweetsinsei have an old pc i bought fro the local college for less than $100 that runs gutsy + compiz perfectly on a 32mb grapics card.  haha albeit i had to modify the compiz script to get it to w3rk03:37
Z_o-s-othe support is getting better03:37
blink148can anyone see what im typing?03:37
blink148wtf why does it keep coming up POSIX error03:37
_Oz_blink148: I'm just seeing a bunch of fuzzy/distorted pixelation trailing off to the right of your name03:37
jribedward__: Places -> Search03:37
wease|oz...lay off the white lightning03:38
edward__cmd line based?03:38
_Oz_sweetsinse: compiz runs "perfectly?"  Isn't there a lot of delay?03:38
jribedward__: find /cdrom ...03:38
Oloughlin75_Oz_, it doesnt take much to run compiz03:38
TrustNoOneHope someone can help: its with my sound. Sometimes I can't hear video sounds like on youtube and porn sites, other times I can, and most of the time I don't hear my login/logout sounds03:38
sweetsinseno not at all.. sometimes i get black boxes whrer the vid card doesnt have enough memory to render the texture03:39
jribedward__: see 'man find' though.  Depending on how you want to search, you need to use -name, etc03:39
vrkhansany good program for watching tv on computer03:39
vrkhanslike wintv03:39
Z_o-s-o_Oz_ yeah ive got compiz running on a P3 750mhz 768 ish megs of ram and a Radeon 920003:39
_Oz_Oloughlin75: well, I have a P4 w/ 1gb of RAM and a cheapo on-board card, it runs Compiz without any problems but it's slow when the effects engage...03:40
Z_o-s-oeverything in my house basically has ubuntu installed on it, just one plain XP box the other is dual boot03:40
_Oz_vrkhans: try the slingbox03:40
orkunhey there - is it possible that ubuntu(or better say linux in general) lacks hdtv capabilities? when i try to watch my lost .mkvs every now and then video freezes for maybe 5 seconds and my laptop gets VERY hot - it is a pentium dual core inside(the newest, but the weaker version, although not the celeron version :>) with 2x 1.83GHz. vga is a intel(one of the better models) which makes compiz run flawlessly but lacks hardware t&l for games03:40
orkun like world of warcraft(but this shouldnt effect playback of mkv-files)03:40
Tokaylatwo linux machines.. both using the same samba conf.. with different names etc.. one works perfectly the other just asks for the password to the guest account..03:40
Tokaylais there anything other then the samba conf that configures samba?03:40
lwizardlwhats the best cd ripper that supports ripping to flac audio files?03:41
iceswordcoz,i dualboot before,anyone can tell me 0 ,0 sector' wrong point03:41
vrkhans_Oz how can i download that03:41
geniiTokayla: What part of samba is it that you wish to configure?03:41
orkun"unfortunately" i removed windows some months ago :> so i cant test03:41
_Oz_vrkhans: you have to buy hardware03:41
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
bulazeemi don't want to see my cd rom drive, hard drive, and external hard drive on my desktop.  how do i get them off?03:41
vrkhansi am looking some software like wintv03:41
Nubbiethe only reason windows is still installed on my computer is so i can use my damn softmodem.03:41
Tokaylagenii im basicly configuring guest access to one folder and local user access to another03:42
_Oz_question: where is a list of all the current (free) Linux distros?03:42
Tokaylajust as a simple file server03:42
orkun_Oz_: wikipedia03:42
vrkhansis there any software like wintv in linux03:42
orkunsearch for List of Linux Distributions03:42
IndyGunFreakvrkhans: TVTime03:42
matthiashi anyone that maed it with wireless car installation on broadcom wireless card03:42
PsynoKhi0any expert in USB configuration under ubuntu here?03:42
Kalamansijrib : i am root. still i cannot copy the debs in my usb to my pc  var/cache/apt/archives..if i can see the "copy" portion in usb flash drive but when i tried to paste in var/cache/apt/archives i dont see "paste" in right click03:42
Oloughlin75vrkhans, mythtv is like windows media center03:42
orkun(requires less typing than asking here) :>03:42
edward_jrib, what are u telling me to search for exactly?03:42
bulazeemi don't want to see my cd rom drive, hard drive, and external hard drive on my desktop.  how do i get them off?03:42
prince_jammysedward_: what are you trying to do?03:43
_Oz_orkun: thank you03:43
jribKalamansi: what do you mean you are root?  you are not supposed to be03:43
edward_i'm downloading a 2.9 gb iso but it keep failing md5 how can i resume it and get it hashed for completeness03:43
Oloughlin75bulazeem, its under configure desktop, icons or something03:43
edward_i tried wget -c already03:43
Z_o-s-omatthias : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff03:43
IndyGunFreakbulazeem: open a terminal, put in "gconf-editor" no qutoes, then navigate to apps/nautilus/desktop, and uncheck everything03:43
matthiasthank you03:44
geniiTokayla: After copying the one smb.conf to the other machine and changing the 1 name, did you restart the samba?eg: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart03:44
Z_o-s-omathias that works with gutsy too03:44
prince_jammysedward_: how were you downloading it?03:44
bulazeemthank you Oloughlin75 and IndyGunFreak03:44
edward_from http03:44
IndyGunFreakbulazeem: np03:44
matthiasokey i am running 7.10 now03:44
edward_there isnt any torrent for it03:44
jribedward_: if you want to search for a file named "foo", you do: find /cdrom -name foo  .  I'm just saying that since your question was not specific, you will want to read 'man find' to do whatever it is you want to do03:44
matthiasi will try it, thanks03:44
wease|im ready for hardy03:44
Z_o-s-omatthias : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff03:44
prince_jammysedward_: using wget?03:44
Tokaylagenii of course..03:44
Kalamansijrib : sudo -i ..then copy/paste03:44
Z_o-s-omatthias : it works for gutsy too03:44
Tokaylaeven tried rebooting03:44
edward_i initiallyused firefox03:44
_Oz_After Ubuntu, what's the most popular Linux distro, gang?03:44
speeddemon8803wease|: so are we ;)03:45
jribKalamansi: paste the command you entered03:45
Oloughlin75_Oz_, Kubuntu!03:45
Z_o-s-o_Oz_ opensuse03:45
speeddemon8803_oz_ looks like pclinux according to distrowatch03:45
_Oz_Oloughlin75: not ubuntu flavors. :) Other distros.03:45
geniiTokayla: Do you have any samba users on the machine which keeps asking for guest login?03:45
prince_jammysedward_: wget -c is only going to continue downloads begun by wget03:45
_Oz_pclinux? What's its claim to fame, speeddemon8803?03:45
Oloughlin75_Oz_, PCLinuxOS is popular, too (meant to be super duper user friendly)03:45
edward_after detecting that the md5 was wrong i tried using wget but it stated that the file is already complete03:45
wease|speeddemon8803: ive been runnin gutsy since alpha...im ready for a new OS03:45
nickrud_Oz_: distrowatch.org03:45
_Oz_Is it safe to say, though, that Ubuntu is the most popular?03:45
two_bitswease|: you only have to wait a few more months...03:46
speeddemon8803_Oz_:  personally i dont like it03:46
geniiTokayla: What are the permissions of the folder which is being shared?03:46
speeddemon8803_Oz_:  yep03:46
Z_o-s-oI tried PCLinuxOS but I dont really like KDE and it was pretty clunky03:46
Oloughlin75_Oz_, id say so, but try out kubuntu :)03:46
IndyGunFreak_Oz_: either Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS... but I'd say Ubuntu has more users03:46
wease|two_bits: april is coming!03:46
anaxagorusanyone know how to do x11 over ssh with ubuntu?03:46
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789
speeddemon8803IndyGunFreak: Definately, and..we have a forum..that is basically flooded with support, 24/7/36503:46
ng0nquick dumb question: i want to boot hd ubuntu from CD.  what syntax should i use to boot /dev/hda2 ?03:46
Oloughlin75Z_o-s-o, you can modify the hideous gray taskbar, you know03:46
ArkoI am trying to follow this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Gutsy . It asks to "1) Open System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager and you will see that under the Firmware drop down arrow it says Firmware for Broadcom 43xx chipset family and under Status it says Not in Use." There is no "Firmware" here. How can I enable it?03:46
Kalamansijrib : terminal: sudo -i .. then i type my passwd.. then i open the drive of usb flash drive, select all debs and ctrl+c then i go to var/cache/apt/archives then ctrl+v and still not working..i dont see the files copied from usb..03:47
_Oz_oloughlin: it's just Ubuntu with the KDE interface, right?03:47
speeddemon8803_Oz_:  correct03:47
_Oz_Oloughlin75: it's just Ubuntu with the KDE interface, right?03:47
Tokaylagenii all 77703:47
fredmvSup _oz_...03:47
Oloughlin75_Oz_, not really03:47
wease|how not really?03:47
Z_o-s-oOloughlin75 I dont like KDE is all, I think Gnome is better03:47
IndyGunFreakspeeddemon8803: yeah, i wasn't disagreeing with you, but if you looka t Distrowatch, PCLOS is always near the top(but i think that just ranks downloads... so its obviously people trying it, but i think people tend to stick w/ ubuntu)03:47
Oloughlin75_Oz_, its got KDE programs instead of gnome03:47
Oloughlin75alright, they got the same base03:47
_Oz_Yeah, I'd have to say I'm a little happier with gnome03:47
wease|KDE is just a manager03:47
_Oz_a little more stable, a little more user-friendly03:47
speeddemon8803IndyGunFreak:  yeah, i got what you were saying after i read it, sorry :)03:47
Z_o-s-oonly thing good that came out of KDE was K3B'03:48
* IndyGunFreak thinks KDE is the devil03:48
fredmv_oz_: remember that SDL problem I was having?   Still clueless as to what to do... lol.     That's what I get for being a Windoze user for so long.03:48
wease|you can always swap at login03:48
Z_o-s-oK3B is amazing03:48
* speeddemon8803 personally loathes KDE03:48
IndyGunFreakspeeddemon8803: lol, no probl, this channel moves at the speed of light, it happens03:48
_Oz_fredmv: which SDL problem?03:48
speeddemon8803BUT k3b..rocks03:48
jribKalamansi: no, 'sudo -i' only gives you a root shell.  It does not affect the gui.  You would have to use a terminal command like 'mv'.  Alternatively, you should "exit" your root shell and run "gksudo nautilus".  Then do your copying and immediately close that instance of nautilus03:48
Oloughlin75Z_o-s-o, umm, amarok?!03:48
fredmv_oz_: this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70313703:48
xTheGoat121xhow's everyone doing tonight?03:48
ng0nsyntax to boot HD from CD ?03:48
speeddemon8803IndyGunFreak: amazingly i still get a boot up my butt for stuff even with the quick movements.03:48
Z_o-s-oOloughlin75 Amarok is ok, but I like XMMS for music, and banshee for all things ipod03:48
kaiden_ok was trying to work on this a moment ago and didn't get far. I'm running Ubuntu 7.10. Using Gnome as my window manager, and it's using the graphical login run level (Xorg). I cannot get Xorg to close out (ctrl-alt-f1 does not work). I am attempting to drop out of Xorg to install new nvidia drivers from nvidia.com... Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.03:48
fredmv_oz_: if you could lend any insight I'd really appreciate it... I think it's likely something very simple that I'm just not grasping.03:48
wease|i like songbird03:49
wease|it rawks out03:49
geniiTokayla: On the problemmatic machine, please do command: testparm                this will dblcheck the smb.conf file does not have some obvious error03:49
wease|mozilla at its best03:49
fredmvSongbird is sweet.03:49
fredmvit's a great example of Gecko/XUL03:49
fredmvtotally transparent03:49
wease|fredmv: agreed!03:49
Tokaylagenii says the files okay03:49
bulazeemi hope there is a day that all computer software will work on linux operating systems with little to no extra work :(03:49
geniiTokayla: OK. 1 minute to think :)03:49
_Oz_fredmv: can't help you with that one03:50
_Oz_fredmv: keep asking...  someone who knows how to fix it will eventually help03:50
wease|i even use songbird on my work box which is windows03:50
speeddemon8803bulazeem, that will be the day..as 90% of companies love their proprietary crap :P03:50
Tokaylagenii it might be easyer to pm me .. its busy in here >_>03:50
fredmvWill do, _oz_.  Thanks for checking it out regardless.03:50
ng0nanyone want to help me for a sec ?03:50
PsynoKhi0bulazeem: only gotta wiat till microsoft releases something even more bloated than vista03:50
m0u5ePsynoKhi0: is that possible?03:50
_Oz_fredmv: sorry I couldn't be of more help...  good luck03:50
geniiTokayla: OK. If something more comes to mind I will03:50
fredmvthe weird thing is that it used to work before; meaning I evidently changed something to stop it from working.03:50
PsynoKhi0m0u5e: don't underestimate them03:51
Nubbiei'm going to wipe out my vista installation and install XP pro my mom heisted from her job lol.03:51
grandpahello :)03:51
PsynoKhi0m0u5e: they apparently didn't learn from the ME attempt...03:51
speeddemon8803heh, im sorry..i just love seeing that name pop up in here, get good memories :P03:51
m0u5ePsynoKhi0: lol03:51
xTheGoat121xNubbie, be careful installing that.03:51
speeddemon8803yikes, floodbot got activated :(03:51
wease|nubbie, it has a creamy filling that causes most people to become comatose03:52
NubbiexTheGoat121x: why is that?03:52
soulburnerquestion, im trying to configure a server by an XML, you cnnect to a local address, and it uses cybergate config, but firefox won't open it, what would i use to be able to do it?03:52
PsynoKhi0m0u5e: not everything is bad with vista thoyugh... made me look into ubuntu, it's still something positive03:52
Kalamansijrib : okay done typing in terminal "gksudo nautilus" but i dont see my usb drive there in the "desktop" icon inside the gksudo nautilus...03:52
_Oz_Help me understand something, gang.  Will ALL Debian-based distros successfully install/manage updates for applications written for debian-based distros like Ubuntu?  For example, does Firefox "automatically" work in Debian as well as PCLinuxOS and Ubuntu?03:52
fredmvwease|:  you do any XUL dev?03:52
jribKalamansi: it should be on the left or, if not, look in /media03:52
speeddemon8803_oz_ for the most part yes03:52
_Oz_For the most part?03:53
ng0noz.  .deb will install on debian base.03:53
fredmv_oz_: I think they're all one and the same.    At least, any deb package I've used has worked fine on Ubuntu... so...03:53
_Oz_How do you know, before you install, if it will work, speeddemon880303:53
speeddemon8803might have some package dependancy problems in different os's..but should work :)03:53
speeddemon8803if its a deb based os and your installing a deb file, it should work in all debian based system.03:53
Oloughlin75yay, only 10 hours left until my audio is converted!03:53
xTheGoat121xNubbie, it depends on the license for it, and I'm sure that if your mom's company finds out, it could get her fired.03:53
nickrud_Oz_: no. Each distro is compiled as a piece, it's not generally a good idea to swap around. Not all os  package versions have the same dependencies03:53
_Oz_Is there a goal for all the debian-based distros to eventually reach a point where they're all cross-compatible with each other application-wise?03:53
wease|fredmv, nah. i would if i were a full time programmer03:53
nickrud_Oz_: as an example03:53
ng0ntrying to dual boot Vista and Ubuntu is absurdly frustrating.03:53
hdevalenceWhere are the GTK settings stored?03:54
nickrud_Oz_: heh. No03:54
maxownzng0n: i gave up on vista this week and just installed ubuntu instead03:54
Kalamansijrib : i will paste it in var/cache/apt/archives right?03:54
_Oz_ng0n: it's easier if you install Vista FIRST and then add Ubuntu.03:54
jribKalamansi: yes03:54
maxownzi thought maybe something was wrong with my hardware cuz my computer would just crash all the time03:54
_Oz_M$ likes to completely ignore the possibility that the user might dare to run an alternate OS beside theirs.03:54
ng0noz.  i got Vista running.03:54
NubbiexTheGoat121x: it's okay, they gave her her own license for it. it's not a group license. also, they terminated her contract illegally, so they can suck my left nut.03:54
gyaresuanyone had any experience with making livecd or liveusb with nvidia/ati drivers for running 3D accel games from (Tribes2 is what I'm wanting to run).03:54
nickrud_Oz_: at least no active work towards that, I think many think it's a good idea but03:54
fredmvwease|:  yeah, I've only done minimal stuff, but it's pretty easy.  what's cool about it is its minimal XML to get a GUI together, and then if you know JavaScript, you can make pretty robust, cross-platform apps.  Very overlooked stuff for many.03:54
ng0ni just can't get back into Ubuntu  !$#!03:54
ng0nwhat is the sytax to boot /dev/hda2/ from CD ?03:55
xTheGoat121xNubbie, all right then!  LoL  Nice snag on your part, in that case.03:55
Kalamansijrib : 240 debs total. is this fair enough? or i have to download all other "or" there is more updates that i want?03:55
_Oz_nickrud: it's a bit confusing.  How do you know which applications work in which distro?03:55
maxownznow that i have ubuntu installed the system has been up for almost 4 days with no problems03:55
jribKalamansi: seems fine03:55
Kalamansijrib : thanks done copying.03:55
NubbiexTheGoat121x: mmhrmm. and she managed to heist adobe acrobat professional too lol.03:55
Oloughlin75_Oz_, the repos help03:55
phpusmoHow can I back up a partition to a cd?03:55
nickrud_Oz_: ones that have been explicitly built for that distro. Also, nearly all interpreted languages (perl, etc) will swap around03:55
_Oz_ng0n: did you install vista after ubuntu?03:55
_Oz_Oloughlin75: how do they help?03:55
ng0noz.  yes03:56
iceswordanyone is going to work on my starting 63sector of my disk,seems it is not right?03:56
_Oz_ng0n: that's the reason why.03:56
Oloughlin75_Oz_, everything in ubuntu's repos will work with ubuntu03:56
prince_jammys!grub | ng0n03:56
ubotung0n: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:56
_Oz_ng0n: stand by, I'll give you a link to get GRUB back.03:56
Kalamansijrib : thank you =) how to download ahain all the updates of ubuntu 7.10 desktop mate? apt-get install updates+all is not working....03:56
phpusmoBefore installing Ubuntu I want to back up the ghost drive so if I ever need XP back I can just pop in the backed up dvd and restore.03:56
Oloughlin75_Oz_, assuming no dependancy problems03:56
iceswordanyone is going to work on my starting 63sector of my disk,seems it is not right?03:56
speeddemon8803_oz_ no need now :P03:56
ng0nT NX03:56
jribKalamansi: apt-get upgrade   right?03:56
_Oz_ng0n: http://apcmag.com/dualboot03:56
wease|fredmv, right on. i really like how mozilla has worked it out with their projects03:56
grandpasweetsinse, where is the sources.list located?03:56
speeddemon8803!sources | grandpa03:57
ubotugrandpa: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:57
iceswordanyone is going to work on my starting 63sector of my disk,seems it is not right?03:57
ng0nif i could just boot Ubuntu on the hd i could run grub.03:57
_Oz_Oloughlin75: what exactly do you mean by "dependency" problems? I vaguely understand.03:57
Oloughlin75/etc/apt/sources.list i think grandpa03:57
PsynoKhi0my USB hub works fine in puppy linux but not in xubuntu, any idea?03:57
sn00zeri can't login via ssh to my computer, it says permission denied 3 times with the last saying (publickey,password), user is valid user on remote host, password is correct, accepted the rsa key what could be stopping it?03:57
speeddemon8803check out the last part, i do believe thats what you want :)03:57
soulburnerquestion, im trying to configure a server by an XML, you cnnect to a local address, and it uses cybergate config, but firefox won't open it, what would i use to be able to do it?03:57
_Oz_ng0n: read the link I sent you03:57
nickrudicesword: phrased like that, no one even understands what the problem is03:57
ng0ncan't i boot /dev/hda2 from CD ?03:57
ng0nok ok.03:57
_Oz_ng0n: this is what normally happens when you install vista AFTER ubuntu03:57
phpusmoBefore installing Ubuntu I want to back up the ghost drive so if I ever need XP back I can just pop in the backed up dvd and restore.03:57
ng0ni will  tnx very much.03:57
Oloughlin75_Oz_, you cant have some programs install with versions of other programs, or they clash/crash/wont work03:58
_Oz_M$ tramples your bootloader.  Ubuntu is still in there but you have to recover GRUB.03:58
Kalamansijrib : it says there done. but still 240 debs...03:58
prince_jammysng0n: no, you have to repair grub03:58
speeddemon8803M$ is mean03:58
prince_jammys!grub  | ng0n03:58
ubotung0n: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:58
IndyGunFreakOloughlin75: like what?03:58
Kalamansijrib : apt-get install upgrades update is not working too03:58
_Oz_prince_jammys: I've seen that link but I'd have to say the APCmag link is a better tutorial03:58
_Oz_this one: http://apcmag.com/dualboot03:58
Nubbiei usually fix grub using the ubuntu livecd.03:58
Oloughlin75IndyGunFreak, i dont have a specific exampe :/03:58
speeddemon8803im getting kubuntu for christmas..yay!03:59
blink148HEY! somene - I've got three possible attacks and my firewall keeps closing03:59
wease|sn00zer, got a firewall loaded?03:59
speeddemon8803j/k..downloading it right now :)03:59
jribKalamansi: but that's not what I said?03:59
IndyGunFreakOloughlin75: my guess si, there are VERY VERY few, and most users wouldn't run into them03:59
blink148I used sudo so now it shows an error - can anyone help out?03:59
Oloughlin75IndyGunFreak, I have :) i had like 5 updates that would break packages03:59
sn00zerwease|, just default settings i believe03:59
blink148MEMORY ERROR GSlice assertion failed sinfo ->nallocated > 003:59
IndyGunFreakthats an update issue..03:59
IndyGunFreaknot because you're using 2 programs04:00
sn00zerwease|, it wouldn't have anything to do with connecting over wifi would it?04:00
blink148whos who talking to04:00
Kalamansijrib : apt-get upgrade "yah i did this but it does not download all" .. any other way? id like to download it all because i want skype work and yahoo messenger work...04:00
wease|try doin su -l04:00
falloreblink148: try to keep your questions to one long message, much easier to address04:00
edjujoin #gentoo04:00
speeddemon8803omg...my processor is HOT! :(04:00
Oloughlin75IndyGunFreak, cant dependancies from 2 programs conflist with eachother?04:00
jribKalamansi: what do you mean by "download all"04:00
Kalamansijrib : maybe i really need all the upgrades04:01
_Oz_speeddemon8803: cool it down04:01
phpusmoBefore installing Ubuntu I want to back up the ghost drive so if I ever need XP back I can just pop in the backed up dvd and restore.04:01
Oloughlin75IndyGunFreak, like you cant install x program because itll beak another program?04:01
IndyGunFreakOloughlin75: sure they *could*, but its pretty unlikely.04:01
Kalamansijrib : i want to download all the updates...04:01
speeddemon8803_oz_ my cooling pad is broken :(04:01
IndyGunFreakOloughlin75: olike i said, i think those instances are pretty few..04:01
HewusAnyone know how I can remove the giant lost+found folders on each of my partitions?04:01
Kalamansijrib : and im not sure if all updates is 240 files..04:01
phpusmodoes anyone know how?04:01
jribKalamansi: apt-get upgrade  downloads and installs all of the available upgrades for your system04:01
grandpasweetsinse, could you help me set up a secure vnc server...without nomachien?04:01
IndyGunFreakOloughlin75: i will say, 2 full years of running ubuntu, and i've never had an issue like that04:01
speeddemon8803i run a laptop with a belkin cooling pad....the fan seems to always junk on me :(04:01
nickrudOloughlin75: IndyGunFreak: there are some (off hand I don't remember any, but they are more common than you think)04:02
blink148I think someone is purposedly overflowing my firewall - this possible?04:02
grandpasweetsinse, machine*04:02
_Oz_blink148: pretty unlikely04:02
IndyGunFreaknickrud: amazed i've never ran into it.04:02
wease|sn00zer, tried it?04:02
kaidenif one wants to install the libc headers (while installing the nvidia drivers) does anyone know the package name that apt-get calls it?04:02
speeddemon8803blink, unless your running ubuntu server, nobody can really touch your pc as all ports are closed by default in ubuntu desktop edition :)04:02
_Oz_speeddemon8803: FIX it!04:02
nickrudIndyGunFreak: mostly obscure stuff that servers use04:02
speeddemon8803oz...i cant man...i tried :(04:02
jrib!nvidia > kaiden (read the private message from ubotu)04:02
maxownzare there command line tools for ripping dvds? i know i can burn a dvd via command line04:02
_Oz_speeddemon8803: SHUT IT DOWN!04:02
matthiashi anyine have an bcm4328 zip file that is workimng04:02
wease|_oz_, when all else fails...FSCK it!!04:02
_Oz_wease|: heheheh04:03
speeddemon8803oz, dun gotta scream at me :(04:03
IndyGunFreaknickrud: well, that explains why i've never had the issue, idon't mess w/ server04:03
speeddemon8803i think im ok though04:03
PsynoKhi0in xubuntu: hal-device-manager sees an USB key when I plug it in but I get no automount, if I mount manually, the USB disconnects after a few seconds trying to access the key's content04:03
nickrudkaiden: build-essential  and  linux-headers-$(name -r)  <-- those are the kernel headers, you need those as well04:03
_Oz_speeddemon8803: just trying to convey a sense of urgency...  don't let that mother burn!04:03
blink148Ports - 5165342082 47104:03
Kalamansijrib : yah apt-get upgrade.. done that. but i dont receive anything. it says reading dependency : done, building dependency : done, reading state : done04:03
_Oz_speeddemon8803: ok.  Phew04:03
tyler_dI'm looking to find any files that contain "string" need to verify that as root if I run 'grep -r "string" /' this will produce that result?04:03
IndyGunFreaknickrud: but i didn't say impossible, just unlikely04:03
speeddemon8803computer hasnt given me errors so im sure im ok :)04:03
blink148should be a space in there04:03
sweetsinsegrandpa like for session shawdowing, srry i ran to the store04:03
jribKalamansi: then there is nothing left to upgrade04:03
Kalamansijrib : how to force ubuntu website so i could download all the packages/updates?04:03
wease|that would take an act of congress04:04
sn00zerwease|, firestarter is disabled04:04
grandpasweetsinse, i just want to be able to access the desktop elsewhere...simply...securely...04:04
TrustNoOnecan someone help me with a sound issue please? if anyone knows about sound issues04:04
IdleOneKalamansi if it is saying done then it is done. there are no other updates right nopw for your system04:04
prince_jammysnickrud: missing a u (uname)04:04
grandpasweesinse, i'm running out of time...:)04:04
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).04:04
wease|sn00zer, did you try su -l ?04:04
speeddemon8803!sound | TrustNoOne04:04
ubotuTrustNoOne: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:04
IdleOnehide your wallets and peanuts! nalioth is here04:05
nickrudprince_jammys: heh. kaiden a typo:  linux-headers-$(uname -r)04:05
speeddemon8803If that fails, let us know :)04:05
_Oz_I love linux's built-in supremacy over virii04:05
phpusmo Before installing Ubuntu I want to back up the ghost drive so if I ever need XP back I can just pop in the backed up dvd and restore. How can I do this?04:05
Kalamansijrib : hehehe im experimenting. i want "friendsblasterpro" work in ubuntu. also dreamweavercs3,photoshopcs3,directory submitter...04:05
_Oz_and attacks04:05
nickrudprince_jammys: heh means thanks ;)04:05
Kalamansijrib : i cannot afford windows license04:05
speeddemon8803_oz_: Me too! :)04:05
JoshuaRLright on _oz_04:05
prince_jammysnickrud: no prob too lazy to retype and didnt want to butt in04:05
prince_jammysnickrud: :)04:05
nickrudprince_jammys: I give you blanket permission to fix my screwups ;p04:06
phpusmono one here knows?04:06
wease|_oz_, resiliency that the masses have no clue about04:06
matthiashi anybody have an funcional bcm4328 v1 zip file that works ?04:06
grandpasweetsinse, is that possible with remote desktop? secure?04:06
grandpasweetsinse, i haven't been able to get vnc working lately04:06
grandpasweetsinse, actually.....at all04:06
sn00zerwease|, su -l then ssh user@host?04:06
Kalamansianyone tried running "friendblasterpro,directory submitter"?04:06
prince_jammysfriendblaster, wow04:07
prince_jammyswhat's that?04:07
Kalamansijrib : thanks for your help, i appreciate it. =)04:07
speeddemon8803sounds like some form of windows virus :P04:07
_Oz_wease|: yeah, I came to Ubuntu after a virus took down my XP box to the point I had to completely reinstall...  cost me three days of my life...  I already hated Vista so I knew I was either Linux or Mac-bound...  I installed Ubuntu and the rest was history.04:07
prince_jammysgreat name04:07
Kalamansiprince_jammys : its like collecting all friends in myspace04:07
_Oz_They can't get me anymore!04:07
mikedep333hey, I need a quick way to create an HTML photo gallery (on ubuntu 7.10)04:07
Kalamansispeeddemon8803 hehehe04:07
ng0noz: thanks bro.  all fixed  (forgot the root (hd0,1) statement.. uggg04:07
* speeddemon8803 puts it on my windows partition to see if it trashes it ;)04:07
_Oz_Linux is so superior...  just really wish the apps I need were all available in Ubuntu.04:07
speeddemon8803if it does..yay.04:07
_Oz_I'm able to do about 90% of what I need in Linux04:07
sdsheekssn00zer: ssh host -l user04:08
Oloughlin75_Oz_, what cant you do?04:08
_Oz_But for that 10%, I have to keep rebooting into XP which is time-consuming and annoying.04:08
sdsheeks_Oz_: as in?04:08
Kalamansiand also how to work yahoo messenger in ubuntu 7.10 desktop with voice and cam? hehehehe do you think ubuntu can handle this?04:08
speeddemon8803!virtualization > speeddemon880304:08
_Oz_Oloughlin75: photoshop, illustrator primarily.  Also AutoCAD.04:08
sweetsinse_Oz_ yeah as in i was going to say 2 haha04:08
grandpaspeeddemon8803, could you help me set up vnc....maybe w/ a little security :)?04:08
tyler_d_Oz_: try qemu if you have enough horsepower04:08
ng0nyes.. i have WIN aps I have to run.  wish i didn't.  not many...04:08
sdsheeks_Oz_: ah..did you see google is sponsoring something with phoshop for linux?04:08
sweetsinsewhat is so superior about photoshop04:08
tyler_d_Oz_: or you could try an alternative.. ie. gimpshop04:08
Oloughlin75_Oz_, blender is supposed to be a good cad replacment, and we already had the gimp discussion (no experience here with blender, but autcad is awesome)04:09
tyler_d_Oz_: or if you do some hunting I believe there is a guy that got it all working with wine04:09
sn00zersdsheeks, wease| still denying me04:09
_Oz_tyler_d: nonw of the emulators really do what must be doen to make these apps useful in ubuntu.  it's just not happening.04:09
ng0noz. tnx agn.  bye04:09
nickrudgimpshop is based on an old gimp, gimp people say it doesn't have some serious bug fixes04:09
sdsheekssn00zer: what is the exact error msg?04:09
_Oz_sdsheeks: I did see that!  Awesome.04:09
wease|sn00zer, you need to go with single user mode....otherwise you wont get root access04:09
_Oz_ng0n: you bet.04:09
sdsheeks_Oz_: yup hopefully the get something rolling.04:09
Z_o-s-owoo 3days 18 hrs of uptime04:09
grandpasweetsinse, how can i quickly and securely set up vnc?04:09
sweetsinsegrandpa im not sure, i know vnc is used to tunnel thru freenx, and thus 256 bit ssh, but i dont know if you will still be exposed04:09
_Oz_tyler_d: I can't go to any alternate.  It has to be photoshop and illustrator.  "There can be no substitute"04:09
matthiashey everybody where can i funcional bcm43xxx zip file for 7.10 ?04:10
sn00zerwease|, i don't need root access, i'm trying to connect to a regular user04:10
_Oz_Now for M$ Office, I happily substitute it with OpenOffice04:10
Oloughlin75matthias, youll probably need to use ndiswrapper!04:10
tyler_d_Oz_: then search through the wine documentation and start tweeking04:10
nickrudZ_o-s-o: 8 days, 4:16 and that's pitiful ;)04:10
wease|sn00zer, FWIK ssh requires root04:10
sn00zersdsheeks, permission denied, like a wrong password but i know its correct04:10
sweetsinsegrandpa i think you would still be visible to regular vnc clients on the stndard port04:10
_Oz_But if you're a web/graphics professional you absolutely must have Photoshop and Illustrator.04:10
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:10
RedHeron^5 _Oz_04:10
bullgard4Why embraces http://qref.sourceforge.net/Debian/reference/reference.en.txt many expressions with a character` at the beginning and a chaacter ' at the end instead of using two like characters, for example " or ' or `?04:10
matthiasyes but i have that one ...oloughlin ...04:10
Oloughlin75_Oz_, Office is actually pretty good04:10
RedHeronGIMPshop FTW04:10
sdsheekssn00zer: if yo uare getting permission denied it is not even leeting you run ssh04:10
tyler_d_Oz_: no its not a must.....04:10
Raelcan someone please give me a hand reinstalling grub. I followed the intructions on the ubuntu website but nothing is working. (this happend after reinstalling windows)04:10
grandpasweetsinse, here is what i did...i went to pref-->remote desktop..checked all the boxes...went to firewall and opened ports only for my other ip addres...and still cannot access it :(04:10
RedHeron_Oz_: GIMPshop FTW04:10
speeddemon8803someone say my name?04:10
sweetsinsei think ppl ust learned on photoshop an have a harder time going to go04:11
_Oz_tyler_d: it IS a must, unfortunately.  No two ways about it. :(04:11
RedHeronspeeddemon8803: Not that I'm aware of... I could be wrong.04:11
Scunizi_Oz_, have you tried gimp with the mods.. gimpshop.. it rearranges the menu structure to mirror photoshop04:11
speeddemon8803my notification went nuts04:11
wease|thank you captain obvious!04:11
JoshuaRLRael, try supergrub itll install grub for you.  great live cd04:11
* speeddemon8803 shrugs..oh well :)04:11
sweetsinsei have used photoshop once or twice, but have made a number of cool things with gimp04:11
RedHeronsweetsinse: I learned on Photoshop, I now use GIMPshop04:11
_Oz_If I was just playing around and not doing this for a living, gimp would probably be fine.04:11
matthiasi am following and i strucions in the ubunto formuns where telling me to download an bcm43xx zip file but at the point of extraction it tell me  the zip file might not be an zip file ...04:11
sn00zerwease|, i can ssh from the laptop back to the desktop without root involved on either machine04:11
ropieei need to help plss04:11
RedHeron_Oz_: I'm a GD.04:11
tyler_d _Oz_: for you its a must... I have 3 floors of web/graphics developers and only 1/2 of them use mainstream04:11
_Oz_I have not heard of gimpshop, though.  I'm listening.  Tell me more...04:11
Z_o-s-onickrud yeah this is my laptop04:11
speeddemon8803!ask | ropiee04:12
uboturopiee: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:12
RedHeron_Oz_: GIMP w/ Photoshop layout04:12
ScuniziRael, check out http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm04:12
wease|sn00zer one must be setup as single user mode and the other not04:12
ropieehow to full screen remote desktop04:12
sdsheeksWhile i'm here does anyone know of a gui for clamav?04:12
_Oz_tyler_d: (shrug) we don't really need to argue over it. For what I do and the people I interact with, there is no choice but to use photoshop.04:12
wease|my only guess04:12
wease|im off to bed04:12
RedHeron_Oz_: Filters are where you expect them, etc.04:12
wease|night folks04:12
_Oz_redheron: tell me more.04:12
nickrudZ_o-s-o: likewise :p (I do like suspend/hibernate)04:12
JoshuaRLpeace weasel04:12
matthiasoloughlin could my 7.10 be failingh me04:12
=== syc_ is now known as psychode
zelrikriandoI rarely use openoffice04:12
ropieei want remote my other computer04:12
RedHeron_Oz_: That's a "try it and see".04:12
ropieeuse windows 200304:12
speeddemon8803rdesktop -fullscreen04:12
_Oz_Also, tyler_d, what do you propose be done to substitute for illustrator?04:12
nickrudZ_o-s-o: actually I was suprised it was that high04:12
zelrikriandoI have got better tools04:12
tyler_d _Oz_: right... I would suggest you at least give gimpshop a try.... I have it on my tablet and its beautiful04:12
sweetsinsegrandpa did ya get freenx installed04:12
sdsheekszelrikriando: i have to admit I installed crossover for MS office due to work requirements.04:13
Scuniziropiee, terminal server client  applications/internet04:13
ropieethx speed04:13
_Oz_I will check gimpshop out!04:13
_Oz_Can you save .PSDs with it?04:13
Z_o-s-onickrud suspend / hibernate keeps the uptime frozen right instead of setting it to 0 again?04:13
grandpasweetsinse, yes, but vnc is easier...and i certainly want to try it...but, out of time :(04:13
RedHeron_Oz_: Yes.04:13
tyler_d _Oz_: yes04:13
speeddemon8803if that doesnt work ropiee, come back and we can try another route :)04:13
sn00zersdsheeks, i'm pretty sure its running, it prompts for a password to connect to remote host, then rejects the password04:13
nickrudZ_o-s-o: I'm not sure, I think it keeps ticking04:13
grandpasweetsinse, have to catch at least a few ZZZ's before the sun comes up :)04:13
ropieei will try now04:13
_Oz_Will fonts come across exactly the same way in the real PS?04:13
sweetsinsehaha ok04:13
sdsheekssn00zer: then you get permission denied?04:13
_Oz_kerning, etc?04:13
johndbrittoni accidentally deleted the mysql root user, is there any way to restore the user?04:13
sn00zersdsheeks, yes04:13
tyler_d _Oz_: illistrator.. hrmmmm.... thats one you will have to hit someone else up on man04:13
sdsheekssn00zer: could be that no shell is set for that user?04:13
RedHeron_Oz_: I've had to set up kerning tables, but yes.04:13
nickrudZ_o-s-o: when I suspend tonight, I'll check. Interesting question04:14
sweetsinsegrandpa the speed of freenx is phenomenal04:14
_Oz_kerning tables? that sounds scary04:14
sweetsinseso worth the time04:14
grandpasweetsinse, that is what i've heard.04:14
iTF|PrometheusHi - just wondering if anyone is familiar with ffmpeg. My -s option for size does not seem to work output streams are always 640x48004:14
RedHeron_Oz_: Not half as scare as CS3.04:14
matthiasi went to this page but can not extract this file menion ed in step 2d: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff#head-9192b3c227e128044894727c4b85a57abee8a0c904:14
sweetsinsenear local responsveness04:14
speeddemon8803oh, by the way everyone, virtualbox ROCKS!04:14
Scunizi_Oz_, illistrator maybe inkscape or scribus04:14
nickrudjohndbritton: you should ask on #mysql04:14
Z_o-s-onickrud i tend to leave by comps running 24/704:14
tyler_dnow back to my initial question: I want to search all files for "string".... is it 'grep -r "string" /' ??04:14
_Oz_speeddemon8803: what about virtualbox rocks? I haven't tried it yet.04:14
matthiascan you ?04:14
sdsheekssn00zer: okay it might also be with the key04:14
grandpasweetsinse, what is vnc port number?04:14
RaelI tried supergrub but it did not work when I got the the part to reinstall it just locks up04:14
ahorriblemesshey everyone, I was wondering if someone can help me connect (wifi network) to my XP computer... I've read through forums, I have samba, and I can ping the XP box... but I can't seem to figure out how to access the shared files from the Ubuntu machine to the XP machine.I want to download files from XP04:14
sdsheekssn00zer: change to your user home dir and then to .ssh04:14
Scunizigrandpa, 520004:14
RedHeron_Oz_: You can run Windows in a window on Virtualbox.04:14
matthiasmy ubunto 7.10 tells me the zip file is not an zip file ...04:15
_Oz_Scunizi: I could probably stand to switch from Illustrator since I don't use it as much, but I do need the ability to save .AIs and open them04:15
sn00zersdsheeks, ok i'm in .ssh04:15
_Oz_RedHeron: yeah, I knew that...  I was just wondering how well it worked04:15
Scunizi_Oz_, you can run windows in a window on gnome, kde, xfce.. sorry .ai's are tough.. nothing doing here for that.04:15
Z_o-s-odid i mention that K3B is the best linux program ever?04:15
RedHeron_Oz_: Illustrator is the only one I still switch machines at work to use.04:15
sdsheekssn00zer: do an ls and let me know if you see any rsa files in there04:15
JoshuaRLrael, boot into the recovery console in the windows install disk and type "fixmbr" and "fixboot"04:16
prohnahi all04:16
_Oz_redheron: if I have to switch for one I might as well switch for both. :(04:16
Scunizi_Oz_, could you export .ai's as postscript or something and import them?04:16
sn00zersdsheeks, only see known_hosts04:16
JoshuaRLrael, then use supergrub to reinstall grub04:16
grandpasweetsinse, for now is it okay to have vnc running and telling firestarter to only open the ports for my other ip?04:16
grandpasweetsinse, secure enough?04:16
sdsheekssn00zer: who is the owner?04:16
prohnais there a way to wipe my install to a fresh ubuntu without reinstalling the OS?04:16
RedHeron_Oz_: Virtualbox FTW.04:16
grandpasweetsinse, for now? :)04:16
ropieerdesktop -fullscreen <---cant work speed04:16
_Oz_Scunizi: maybe...  but from a practical perspective, probably not.  People expect to exchange those files freely with me.04:16
zelrikriandosdsheeks: what formats are you using?04:16
prohnaas in basically undo every mistake ive done in the past few days?04:16
sdsheekszelrikriando: for what? office?04:16
sn00zersdsheeks, i am the owner04:16
speeddemon8803prohna, not that im aware of04:17
sean_For gedit's external tools, how do I save the open file as a part of the command?04:17
sdsheekssn00zer: try moving it to an old file and try to ssh again.04:17
zelrikriandoI mean what part of office you use04:17
sweetsinsegrandpa i would put oit on a nonstandard port04:17
sdsheekssn00zer: mv known_hosts known_hosts.old04:17
_Oz_redheron: I'll try it...04:17
ropieehello speeddeaemon04:17
sdsheekszelrikriando: project 200704:17
ropieecan u help me pls04:17
_Oz_redheron: how would illustrator run in virtualbox?04:17
Scuniziprohna, if you have a seperate /home just reinstall and don't format /home when doing it.. all your stuff will still be there.04:17
grandpasweetsinse, how would i change that?04:17
prohnai messed my install up its gonna suck to reinstall04:17
_Oz_speeddemon8803, that Q goes for you as well...04:17
RedHeron_Oz_: Install Windows in the virtualbox04:17
sweetsinsegrandpa i set some ppl up before i had freenx ready so i could remote help them, and they started getting random requests04:17
prohnaScunizi: i dont care about my stuff04:17
sweetsinseum dont know of hand04:17
prohnaScunizi: i just want an "undo" button04:17
ropieehow to full screen remote desktop04:17
RedHeron_Oz_: Then install AI on Windows in Virtualbox04:18
_Oz_redheron: heh, would vista install in virtualbox? (not that I'd install that monstrosity, but... would that work?)04:18
sweetsinseropiee are you using vnc04:18
Raelhow do I get into the recovery console? I did not see that option04:18
sn00zersdsheeks, still does it, do i need to do this on the remote host as well?04:18
RedHeron_Oz_: It does.04:18
speeddemon8803ropiee, i did tell you how to do that, did you take notes?04:18
_Oz_I like the idea of containing Vista's evils into a little box04:18
ropieeto remote windows 2003 from my unbuntu04:18
sdsheekssn00zer: you can try04:18
zelrikriandosdsheeks: ok that looks quite specific04:18
sweetsinsenvr mind i know nothing about windoze04:18
sdsheekssn00zer: this is what i was looking at - http://help.unc.edu/?id=622004:18
RedHeron_Oz_: It's not recommended practice (using Vista), but it does work.04:18
matthiashello are you there ?04:18
Scuniziprohna, depends on what you've messed up .. but most things are "un-doable" without a reinstall.04:18
ropieei`m type : rdesktop -fullscreen04:18
JoshuaRLits one of the F-keys i believe rael.  been a while though.  just try to get into whatever options you can.04:18
Scuniziprohna, sometimes it's just quicker to reinstall.. 40 minutes tops.04:18
vrkhansto run terminal what is the command we use04:18
nickrudmatthias: nope04:18
iTF|PrometheusHi - just wondering if anyone is familiar with ffmpeg. My -s option for size does not seem to work output streams are always 640x480. i'm trying to convert some flv files to use on my psp04:18
sdsheekszelrikriando: if there is an alt os program that i can use I would be all for it.04:19
sweetsinse--fullscreen perhaps?04:19
matthiastoo bad04:19
vrkhansi am creating a luancher04:19
speeddemon8803it might be --fullscreen, i might have missed a -04:19
sdsheekszelrikriando: the other pieces word, excel etc..i can use Oo for04:19
vrkhansfor the Terminal04:19
speeddemon8803but im sure its that flag04:19
grandpasweetsinse, how do i change the vnc port though?04:19
nickrudmatthias: you're not the first to tell me that04:19
_Oz_darn, I was hoping to find a screenshot of what gimpshop looks like.04:19
_Oz_Can anyone supply one?04:19
matthiasso you are another lost ppl nickrud04:19
anderswcwhat flag do I use to start emacs in terminal mode rather than graphical mode?04:19
nickrudmatthias: :)04:19
RedHeron_Oz_: Looks like GIMP except the menus are actually in place.04:19
sdsheeks_Oz_: http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=gimpshop+screenshot&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi04:19
_Oz_redheron: realistically I'd just install XP in virtualvox04:19
Scunizivrkhans, Applications/Accessories/terminal  it's already there.04:20
matthiasnickrud :) all on the ice ...04:20
matthiasubuntu ice at least ...04:20
RedHeron_Oz_: That's all you'd need anyway... Vista would be bloat.04:20
sweetsinsegrandpa im looking i dont know off hand04:20
_Oz_oh...  that screenshot doesn't look all too much like photoshop.04:20
grandpasweetsinse, k thx..04:20
_Oz_I have all the hotkeys down pat in photoshop...  etc...  switching to gimp just seems impossible.04:20
RedHeron_Oz_: As I said... GIMP with sensible menus.04:20
Scunizi_Oz_, take a look at krita04:20
JoshuaRLmatthais do you have kzip?04:20
_Oz_RedHeron: re: bloat, agree.04:20
ropieehow use vnc???04:20
speeddemon8803!vnc | ropiee04:21
uboturopiee: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:21
prohna_Oz_: i heard theres a plugin for gimp that makes it like photoshop04:21
_Oz_prohna: yes, it's called "gimpshop"04:21
RedHeron_Oz_: I use GIMPshop, and the keys aren't all *that* different, they just take a *little* getting used to.04:21
matthiaslet me see i do not know..., thank you ..04:21
vrkhansScunizi , i know i am creating a launcher on the panel , and it ask for the command to run04:21
Raelhow do I get into the recovery console? i did not see that option04:21
JoshuaRLidk about looks prohna but it moves the menus to much more like photoshop04:21
_Oz_redheron: your gimp-generated PSDs open perfectly in photoshop?04:21
ropieeok thx04:21
nano__Anybody know of any good gnome-system stats programs that monitor cpu,memory and stuff like that.04:21
speeddemon8803Ropiee, can I ask what is your native language?04:21
sweetsinsegrandpa did ya catch that !04:21
RedHeron_Oz_: Yes, without so much as 1/100pt deviation.04:22
_Oz_nano__: try screenlets / sensors plugin04:22
matthiasjoshua the basic 7.10 does not seems to come with kzip ...04:22
AggortIs there an IRC I can go to for PC building tips04:22
grandpasweetsinse, uhuh!04:22
RedHeron_Oz_: All the basics are there, and writing new macros isn't hard to achieve new effects.04:22
_Oz_redheron: really? OK...  I will try it.  But as I said earlier, if I have boot outta Ubuntu for Illustrator anyway, there's not much point in bothering.  In the spirit of OSS, however, I'll try.04:22
nano___Oz_: yeah, but screenlets are only bits and pieces of what i want...i want a comprehensive monitor program04:22
RedHeron_Oz_: That's why you should get Virtualbox04:22
Scunizivrkhans, just right mouse click the menu item and tell it "add to panel".. from there you can look at the properties and see what the command is.04:23
iTF|PrometheusRael, if you dont have Recon installed - boot from your XP Disc, untouched disc, so no service pack 2 and select recovery console.. If you have it installed - press F8 at boot and choose recovery console (If not in boot.ini)04:23
_Oz_redheron: it just seems like it'd be way too slow.04:23
sdsheekssn00zer: work?04:23
sn00zersdsheeks, not yet04:23
matthiasJoshua will kzip  help me out with unzipping zip files04:23
RedHeron_Oz_: Virtualbox lets you run BOTH Windows and Ubuntu at the same time, and it's slower than normal, but not that bad, really.04:23
speeddemon8803Aggort, i think that would be an off-topic discussion, not sure...you can try asking that in #ubuntu-offtopic04:23
Scunizivrkhans, just looked myself.. gnome-terminal04:23
_Oz_Redheron: yes, I understand what virtualbox is/does.04:23
RedHeron_Oz_: It's about like running AI and Photoshop at the same time, honestly.04:23
JoshuaRLmattias, it should04:23
iceswordanyone is going to work on my starting 63sector of my disk,seems it is not right?04:23
_Oz_maybe this is a good excuse to upgrade my mobo/cpu...04:23
RedHeron_Oz_: I did, for less than $30004:24
grandpasweetsinse, thx...g2g04:24
_Oz_icesword: my 84 byte partition is right, on my disk you work on?04:24
_Oz_redheron: you upgraded mobo/cpu for less than $300g?04:24
RedHeron_Oz_: Yes.04:24
RedHeron_Oz_: And RAM, too... Mushkin.04:24
matthiasokey let me search the cd and see, the 7.10 is an pain so far ...04:24
_Oz_Here's a Q: I have an AGP nvidia card, a 7600...  I don't want to replace it right now ($$ reasons).  Is there a FAST, well-supported mobo/CPU I can get with AGP slots these days?04:25
RedHeron_Oz_: No.04:25
sweetsinsenp peace grandpa04:25
RedHeron_Oz_: Everything's going EIDE04:25
celi0us_Oz_ : AGP is dead.04:25
sn00zersdsheeks, i found it, it has a line "strictmodes" under authentication, on the one that works i have allowUsers with usernames04:25
sdsheekssweetsinse: he left in a hurry04:25
Scunizi_Oz_, check out www.tigerdirect.com I saw some today.04:25
sweetsinsehaha ok04:25
genii_Oz_: ASRock still makes some04:25
sdsheekssn00zer: good job04:25
* RedHeron shudders@tigerdirect04:25
_Oz_see, that's my prob04:25
JoshuaRLaw, i hope not matthias.  it just works differently than windows.  if only broadcom were cool with open source you'd be set.04:25
genii_Oz_: I have one with pcie and agp on it04:26
matthiasJoshua tar, unzip and zip only in this distro 7.10 whatare you running ?04:26
_Oz_I think, if I'm going to upgrade my mobo, I will have to upgrade the vid card.  If I do all that, I might as well get a whole new machine.04:26
RedHeron_Oz_: My on-board video is nVidia 840004:26
tdawgedoggcan someone help me fix my display drivers for an nvida 7600 on gutsy04:26
RedHeronEr... 640004:26
sweetsinseif you upgrade the mobo you will obbsolete your processor likey04:26
* RedHeron gives up.04:26
JoshuaRLyeah 7.10 matthias.  i thought you wanted to unzip a zip.04:26
_Oz_tdawgedogg: that's my setup.  Did you use the restricted driver manager yet?04:26
_Oz_RedHeron: heheheh04:26
matthiasjoshua yes ..04:26
_Oz_RedHeron: thanks for the advice04:26
RedHeron_Oz_: np, glad I could help.04:27
tdawgedogg_OZ_: yes I did...nvidia drivers are in use04:27
RedHeron_Oz_: PM you?04:27
matthiasjoshua but the unzip complains that the zip file is not an zip file ...?04:27
sn00zersdsheeks, its still not working... i restarted the sshd server too04:27
sdsheekssn00zer: and it gives you an permission denied eh? what user are you trying to connect as?04:27
sn00zera user on the remote host04:27
sdsheekssn00zer: not root?04:28
JoshuaRLokay matthias, try 7zip04:28
slack_baphometwhat do i install to get sshd working04:28
matthiasJoshua : i do not get it , zip file from the ubuntu forum named .zip and not an zip file ...?????04:28
sn00zersdsheeks, no, i have no reason to connect as root, if i connect as normal user i can sudo after connected04:28
TheFoolI have a rather odd problem and was wondering if someone can look into it.04:28
TheFoolFor some reason I can connect to my server fine from inside the network, but from outside when I try to connect to port 80 I connect to port 81...I know this would normally be in the router somewhere. But I assure you I have port forwarding set up correctly and have not changed it in over a year...I just renewed my domain but I am not sure how that would affect anything. But it is the only thing that has changed recently04:28
sdsheekssn00zer: is this user one you recently created? can you login to the other machine as that user?04:28
TheFoolIt seems this is true of other ports as well, for instance I can ssh via port 2104:28
sdsheekssn00zer: from the actual machine i mean04:29
JoshuaRLnot sure matthias, maybe a KDE problem.  kzip is for that.  Try 7zip04:29
matthiasnot on the cd :(04:29
blink148can I not run 2 firewalls at once?04:29
matthiassorry ...04:30
blink148the GUI for guarddog wont load04:30
ScuniziTheFool, port 80 is usually blocked by your isp..04:30
* sdsheeks is a big 7z fan04:30
sweetsinseis gimpshop in the repos04:30
JoshuaRLno worries matthias04:30
sn00zersdsheeks, my setup: desktop with username1 and laptop with username2, i had sshd running on desktop for awhile now and am able to connect to desktop from laptop as username on desktop04:30
matthiasjoshua i am looked to unzip, zip, uninstall 7.10 ???04:30
sdsheekssn00zer: but not from desktop to laptop?04:30
blink148eh, can I run bulldog and firestarter at the same time?04:31
sn00zersdsheeks, now i want to be able to connect to laptop from desktop but its giving me permission denied errors04:31
matthiasjoshua i am thinking downgrading to 6.06 instead ...04:31
PriceChildblink148, neither of those are firewalls04:31
PriceChildblink148, all they do are edit the rules of the real firewall, "iptables"04:31
biouserGutsy is great imo04:31
matthiasjoshua and hope for the best ...04:31
sdsheekssn00zer: okay understand.  My question was (trying to debug here) can you login to the laptop as the user you are trying to ssh as? IE from the laptop itself?04:31
JoshuaRLmatthias i guess i don't understand what the issue is with 7zip04:31
JoshuaRLand don't reinstall just yet matthias.  what exact type of modem do you have?04:32
sn00zersdsheeks, yes04:32
blink148i think he keeps overflowing firestarter so how can I get bulldog to start up?04:32
blink148as it keeps crashing04:32
sweetsinsematthias you are trying to extraxt a .7z?04:32
matthiasjoshua the 7zip does not exists in 7.10 nor kzip ...04:32
blink148tried gksu gnome-bulldog also04:33
matthiasi have an broadcom wirless intergated card in my dell e1705 thast the system will not detect but it is there in lspci04:33
JoshuaRLokay matthias, go to Add/Remove and type in "zip".  7zip should be the first one on the list.04:33
matthiasjoshua: bcm4328 version v104:33
kaidenIs there any way to easily get the latest nvidia drivers via apt-get (without using the outdated one's that are in 7.10)04:33
kaidenapt-get uses 100.04 which we are up to 169.0904:34
tdawgedoggyeah im having problem with nivida drivers also04:34
sweetsinseyeah restricted driver manager should handle that04:34
sweetsinsethe bcm43xx04:34
matthiasJoshua, i did but 7zip is not on the list of programs to install under synaptic package menager ....04:34
tdawgedoggim using redstricted driver manager and im stuck in 800 x 600 res low graphics mode04:34
kaidensweetsinse, restricted driver manager only has the 100.xx drivers, not the 169.09 drivers04:34
JoshuaRLokay matthias, give me a minute to look it up for you.04:34
sweetsinseah is that where we are at04:34
JoshuaRLokay matthias i think i have a partial fix for you.04:35
tdawgedoggi will try the same thing you do matthias04:35
sdsheekssn00zer: on the laptop run this /usr/sbin/sshd -ddd04:35
matthias jushua okey ...04:35
sdsheekssn00zer: look for any errors04:35
JoshuaRLmatthias: go to System->Administration->Software Sources.  make sure you have everything enabled except for the source code and the CD.04:36
sdsheeksroot :)04:36
matthiasokey hold on ...04:36
soulburnerhow would i go ab out running a ./start script as a daemon?04:36
anniku989can someone help walk me through upgrading grub to 2.2?04:37
matthiasjoshua okey done ...04:37
anniku989I mean Gnome04:37
sn00zersdsheeks, could not load host key rsa_key and dsa_key, setgroups() failed, bind to port 22 on failed permission denied04:38
JoshuaRLmatthias: then go to System->Administration->Update Manager and install everything.04:38
Skullmonkeydoes anyone know if you can install photoshop cs3?04:38
matthiasunchecked my cd and the other thing04:38
matthiashold on ...04:38
JoshuaRLmatthias: there should be a ton of updates.04:38
anniku989can someone tell me how to upgrade gnome to 2.2?04:39
sdsheekssn00zer: okay please hold04:39
root_____wow, has anyone tried andlinux?04:39
tdawgedoggJoshuaRL: I have everything up to date but I still cant get out of low graphics mode in gutsy04:39
Z_o-s-o_anniku989 what version of ubuntu are you using04:39
anderswcis there a file you can edit to add programs to run when the computer turns on? and if so, what's it called? I'm talking about when the computer starts by the way, not when someone logs in.04:39
anniku989I'm not sure04:39
Z_o-s-o_so to system - about gnome04:39
JoshuaRLtdawgedogg: what graphics card do you have?04:39
matthiasjoshua funny to say but says that my system is up to date in  the update manager ...04:39
MethodOneanniku989: gnome 2.2 is a really old version.  You might actually mean 2.2004:39
anniku989sorry about that04:40
Z_o-s-o_go to system - about gnome and itll tell you what version you have now04:40
sdsheekssn00zer: run this on the laptop ssh-keygen -t rsa1 -f /usr/local/etc/ssh_host_key -N ""04:40
=== AelatisLAN is now known as AEgmoney
anniku989hmm, I have 2.20.1....04:40
sdsheekssn00zer: hold up don't run that wrong directlry for ubuntu04:40
Z_o-s-o_I thought you would...are you having an issue04:40
sweetsinsetdawgedogg what does it say when you type:   xrandr   : in terminal?04:41
matthiasjoshua  i have something called p7zip and other things ...04:41
sdsheekssn00zer: run this on the laptop ssh-keygen -t rsa1 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key -N ""04:41
JoshuaRLmatthias: did you make sure that you checkmarked EVERYTHING?  That includes the ones in third party and updates04:41
sweetsinsetdawgedogg does it say something at least04:41
matthiaslet me check again ...04:41
tdawgedoggsweetsinse: hang on04:42
Z_o-s-o_anniku989 : Were you having problems?04:42
anniku989How do I get just one pannel thing, with "applications, places, system, etc" on the same one as the bottom?04:42
tdawgedoggJoshuaRL: I have a 7600 GT04:42
bobbob1016I've been looking around on the forums, and they are saying it is more or less worth it to install 64bit on my new Intel Quad-Core, I just thought I'd ask here, are there any really big issues with 64bit over 32bit?  Is flash still a pain?  Are video codecs?  Are apps hard to install, if they aren't compatible?  Does wine run fine?04:42
sdsheeksbobbob1016: only thing i have seen so far is flash04:42
Z_o-s-o_anniku989: right click the panel and click ass04:42
sdsheeksbobbob1016: everything else "I" need to run works just fine04:42
redshadowherocould someone tell me if there are any good video editing packs on ubuntu?04:43
sn00zersdsheeks, ok ran command, restarted sshd, and trying to connect04:43
Skullmonkeydoes anyone know if you can install photoshop cs3?04:43
reya276does anyone know if there is a channel for hardy alpha, having some issues with my resolution and dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.conf does not work04:43
sdsheekssn00zer: okay04:43
Z_o-s-o_and then choose main menu04:43
JoshuaRLokay tdawgedogg.  http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html04:43
sweetsinsereya276 join ubuntu+104:43
anniku989props 4 you!04:43
sdsheekssn00zer: might want to move known_hosts to an old file on your desktop first04:43
jaramillohow can I see what's the actual VertRefresh and HorizSync being used? i.e: the default res is 1024x768 but i changed it in gnome. However gdm still is at 1024. I want to change it in the xorg.conf but I dont know the exact values.04:43
matthiasjoshua, the update manager does not give me the option to check the settigns where was it again ..04:43
reya276sweetsinse: thanks04:43
sweetsinsei can tell you dpkg is not suppose to w3rk anymore04:44
JoshuaRLtdawgedogg: thats envy and it will install and configure xserver for your card.04:44
* TurtleOfDoom wonders how many people looking to install CS3 on ubuntu own a legit copy04:44
tkoodacan anyone tell me how I can safely ("casper"? "persistant"?) run gutsy server on a flash disk (actual flash disk, not usb thumb drive)?04:44
sweetsinseon xorgserver, its part of the bluprint04:44
bobbob1016sdsheeks, Codecs and things?  Is the 64bit kernel that different that apps would have a difficulty running?  I took a class where they went over processors, and they said the difference is the amount of registers that can be used in 64 and 32, but that shouldn't mess with apps, since they can just run with less registers, right?04:44
Z_o-s-o_matthias : system-administration - software sources04:44
s_unixjaramillo: can see /var/local/X.04:44
sn00zersdsheeks, still denied04:44
matthiasjoshua thanks ...04:44
tdawgedoggsweetsinse: Screen 0: minimum 640 x 480, current 800 x 600, maximum 800 x 60004:44
tdawgedoggdefault connected 800x600+0+0 0mm x 0mm04:44
tdawgedogg   800x600        61.0*04:44
tdawgedogg   640x480        60.004:44
s_unixjaramillo: can see /var/log/x's log04:44
JoshuaRLmatthias: thats only after you're sure you enabled all the repositories in Software Sources04:44
sdsheekssn00zer: very odd and it is a permission denied error right?04:44
sn00zersdsheeks, yes04:45
sdsheeksbobbob1016: yea no issues other than flash...dvds fine etc..04:45
sdsheekssn00zer: alright let me do some more  googling04:45
soulburnerhow would i go ab out running a ./start script without having to keep the terminal open?04:45
sn00zersdsheeks, ok04:45
jaramilloOk, thx.04:45
goblinhello people how to rename the NAME of my USERNAME "goblin" i wants to rename it to "worker" how to do that?04:45
tdawgedoggJoshuaRL: I have envy installed and I'm pretty sure I clicked the update video card or whatever04:45
tkoodasoulburner: `./start &`04:45
matthiasjoshua, thanks a lot, yes now a lots of updates ...04:46
matthiasjoshua i will do this and than try tomorrow ...04:46
JoshuaRLokay matthias04:46
goblinhello people I'm running Linux Ubuntu 7.10 how to rename the NAME of my USERNAME "goblin" i wants to rename it to "worker" how to do that?04:46
bobbob1016sdsheeks, Flash doesn't work well when running the 32bit firefox, isn't that what is suggested?04:46
sdsheekssn00zer: on the laptop run tail -f /var/log/auth.log and then try to connect see if anything pops up there04:46
JoshuaRLtdawgedogg: you'll need to install the nvidia driver, and let it overwrite your xorg.conf04:46
tdawgedoggjoshuaRL: I clicked install nvidia driver again I'll let you know what happens04:47
matthiasjoshua, thanks 100000000000000000 times04:47
JoshuaRLno prob matthias04:47
tdawgedoggIts down04:47
sdsheeksbobbob1016: the issue I have is there is no 64 bit version of the flash plugin04:47
JoshuaRLand welcome to ubuntu04:47
Z_o-s-o_goblin go to system -administration-users and groups04:47
sdsheeksbobbob1016: on a 32 bit install with firefox it runs just fine04:47
JoshuaRLwhats down tdawgedogg04:47
tdawgedoggJoshuaRL: do i want xorg.conf to be auto configged?04:47
Z_o-s-o_goblin : right click on the user u want changed and choose properties04:47
matthiasjoshua no problems ?????, i believe that you are a good resource, i am looking forward to help you when ever you have problem if i can ...04:47
tdawgedoggJoshuaRL: typo sorry04:48
soulburnertkooda, , thanks worked great04:48
JoshuaRLyes you do tdawgedogg.  that is the config file that "runs" xserver.04:48
bobbob1016sdsheeks, Have you tried 32bit firefox on 64bit ubuntu?  I read that worked, not sure how well though.04:48
JoshuaRLmatthias: we all start somewhere.  Once you get used to it linux is actually easier.  much less security issues anyway.04:49
sdsheeksbobbob1016: no i have not04:49
tdawgedoggJoshuaRL....Thanks its telling me to restart my computer now04:49
JoshuaRLsweet tdawgedogg04:49
sn00zersdsheeks, error bind to port 22 on failed address already in use04:49
TrustNoOneI fixed my sound issue :)04:49
sdsheekssn00zer: okay04:49
matthiasjoshua hope to see you another day, 100000000000000000000000000000 thanbks and bye ...04:49
JoshuaRLpeace matthias04:49
sdsheekssn00zer: run on the laptop sudo killall sshd a few times04:50
Z_o-s-o_goblin : did you get it?04:50
sdsheekssn00zer: then sudo /etc/init.d/sshd start04:50
sdsheekssn00zer: then sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start04:50
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JoshuaRLhello sparqzooorx04:52
sn00zersdsheeks, hmmm /etc/init.d/sshd start command not found04:52
sdsheekssn00zer: typo on my part04:52
=== solid_liquid is now known as solidLiq
sn00zersdsheeks, oh ok04:52
sdsheekssn00zer: it is sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start04:52
sweetsinse!hello hehe04:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hello hehe - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:52
SparqzooorzOk so I have this problem. My WM is messed up cause I tryed uninstalling compiz/xgl and now I cant move my windows or nothing anymore is there any way to reinstall the default WM???04:53
SparqzooorzWM=windows manager btw04:53
sn00zersdsheeks, ok server started04:53
sdsheekssn00zer: any errors when it restarted?04:53
sweetsinseSparqzooorz can you Alt+f204:53
blink148how do you get the /list in xchat04:53
sdsheekssn00zer: i noticed sshd will start as a non root but won't load the key files04:54
Sparqzooorzidk one sec04:54
sweetsinserun metacity --replace from there04:54
sdsheekssn00zer: i'm hoping that was the problem with you issue...we'll see04:54
MajorPive a question, why should i use ubuntu server insteed of debian? is there any security significate special fetures?04:54
sn00zersdsheeks, i don't think i had any errors04:54
JoshuaRLsnoozer: try going into the recovery mode and trying "startx"  are they any errors?04:54
=== solidLiq is now known as solid_liq
MajorPi only know sudo and that is not the best solution, i think so04:54
Sparqzooorzmetacity --replace fixes the problem04:54
anniku989why won't gtk2.x themes install but gtk1.x themes will? Gnome is version 2.20.1 btw04:54
Sparqzooorzbut only temporary04:54
Sparqzooorzits not permanat04:54
Kalamansihello after copy&paste the debs in var/cache/apt/archives and reboot the box, when i go to synaptic to install the package skype i dont see it there in the var/cache/apt/archives ...04:54
fuffalowhat's the hotkey in gnome to move to the left or right desktop (but not taking the current aplication with you like ctrl/shift/alt arrow does)04:54
sn00zersdsheeks, still denied04:54
sweetsinseSparqzooorz so when you reboot you have no borders04:55
sdsheekssn00zer: wow04:55
SparqzooorzYes it goes back04:55
Sparqzooorzto no borders04:55
sdsheekssn00zer: on the laptop do a ls -l /etc/ssh who owns those files?04:55
Sparqzooorzthats the only problem though04:55
Z_o-s-o_fuffalo : Ctrl-alt-arrow key?04:55
sn00zersdsheeks, root04:55
sdsheekssn00zer: hrm interesting04:55
sdsheekssn00zer: i'm out of ideas :(04:56
jimlayI have the nvidia drivers installed and working (upgrading to hardy alph4 fixed them - glxinfo: everything checks out; google earth works great) but my X is sucking hard core. gnome keeps freezing. everything feels a little bit laggy. and I do not understand this compiz business. does convincing compiz to work w/o crashing take lots of fixings? Or should it just work out of the box?04:56
fuffaloZ_o-s-o,  ty04:56
anniku989why won't gtk2.x themes install but gtk1.x themes will? Running gnome version 2.20.1 btw?04:56
Z_o-s-o_fuffalo : np04:56
sdsheekssn00zer: it has to be something simple....04:56
SparqzooorzWhat if I just made a start up script to run metacity --replace? would that be suffecient? or should I just fix the problem all together?04:56
sdsheekssn00zer: i suppose you could remove the sshd and move the /etc/ssh to a an old and then reinstall....04:57
=== dibz is now known as mohadib
sn00zersdsheeks, i double checked auth.log and still have the error bind to port 22 on address already in use04:57
Kalamansisdsheeks how to view all debs? other debs that i downloaded is in the var/cache/apt/archives but i dont see them in the desktop synatic gui04:57
sweetsinseSparqzooorz look at the script /usr/bin/gnome-wm04:57
Sparqzooorzaight one sec.04:57
soulburnertkooda, im trying to find it in my processes now, does the & put it under a differant name or something?04:57
soulburnerits still running but i need to kill it to reindex my list04:58
tdawgedogganyone here a mplayer nerd...04:58
sdsheekssn00zer: before you do that..can you try a different user?04:58
tdawgedoggim getting a to many packets in buffer error when i try to play a 1080p mkv movie04:58
anniku989why won't gtk2.x themes install but gtk1.x themes will? Running gnome version 2.20.1 btw?04:58
Sparqzooorzis /usr/bin/gnome-wm an application? because I'm not finding a folder.04:58
sn00zersdsheeks, i only have one user besides system defaults04:58
sdsheekssn00zer: might wan tto add one just to try it04:59
tkoodasoulburner, it backgrounds it.  type `fg` from the same console to bring it back to the front04:59
sdsheeksKalamansi: settings-> repositories -> tthird party?04:59
soulburnerahhhhhh ok04:59
soulburnertkooda,  what if i've already closed that terminal04:59
soulburnerhow would i locate it then05:00
sdsheeksIt's great hanging out here..learn so much..old gentoo user here05:00
Z_o-s-o_anniku989 : have you tried the forums yet?05:00
tdawgedoggim getting a to many packets in buffer error when i try to play a 1080p mkv movie in mplayer05:00
croganyway to get webcam to work in amsn behind a router that i don't have access to? working out of a camp, and their firewall is stopping me from webcamming with wife.05:00
sn00zersdsheeks, still denied with new user05:00
anniku989whats the url?05:00
anniku989ty btw05:00
Sparqzooorzso when I try to run my WM it comes up with this sparq@x6403:/usr/bin$ gnome-wm05:00
Sparqzooorzexec: 140: /usr/bin/compiz: not found05:00
sdsheekssn00zer: okay well at least we know it isn't a user issue05:00
sdsheekssn00zer: try reinstalling sshd and moving /etc/ssh to an old05:00
inertialanyone doing multi seat with ubuntu?05:00
DarkmystereOk, i got internet working on ubuntu some how but network manager still doesnt load..05:01
sdsheekssn00zer: you may want to reask your question to the channel..someone else might know the answer05:01
danbhfiveSparqzooorz: you could trying going back to the default ubuntu05:01
Kalamansisdsheeks : still i dont see the skype there...i already copy and paste it in the var/cache/apt/archives05:01
Z_o-s-o_crog : if its the router thats blocking the traffic id say your out of luck05:01
sdsheeksKalamansi: did you select the archive in third party?05:01
sweetsinseSparqzooorz your problem is in that script05:01
DarkmystereAlso when i try and install gcwid it says it clashes with Network Manager05:01
sdsheeksKalamansi: if you downloaded a .dep you can installed it by sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb05:02
sweetsinseSparqzooorz you could manually set the wm by setting the DEFWM value to metacity05:02
ahorriblemessI'm having some networking issues, I've read the forums. I can connect to my other computer... but how do I browse the shared folders on that computer? I can't see them in "Network">"smb", is there something else?05:02
sweetsinseSparqzooorz i have to leave for a few i will be on in like 1005:02
Waffleis there any programs for ubuntu that can remove the drm formatting from m4a or m4p songs?05:02
sdsheeksahorriblemess: might need to install the samba package?05:03
SparqzooorzI'll try to find what you are explaining05:03
ahorriblemesssdsheeks: I have it already05:03
* _Oz_ screams aloud in a sudden rage!05:03
sdsheeksahorriblemess: is the "other" computer windows or linux?05:03
_Oz_The guy that owes me $350 is avoiding me!05:03
ahorriblemesssdsheeks: yeah it's Windows XP05:04
sdsheeksof course he is ;)05:04
sn00zersdsheeks, if the reinstall doesn't fix it then i'll work on it more tomorrow, thanks for all your help05:04
sdsheeksahorriblemess: in gnome they should show up in place->network05:04
sdsheekssn00zer: yea try it and let me know05:04
sdsheekssn00zer: i'm still curious and still googling but everything so far is saying to do what we have already tried05:04
ahorriblemesssdsheeks: I haven't sen it on there, I"m going to try some packages from synaptic05:04
ahorriblemesssdsheeks: thank you so far thogh05:05
tkoodasoulburner, try `jobs`05:05
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soulburnertkooda,  its not giving me anything05:05
blink148whats the biggest server05:06
sdsheeksKalamansi: you got quiet so i assume you are all set?05:06
blink148or even better, anyone know the bluelight one?05:06
tkoodasoulburner, dunno then.  I don't think it's easy to do if you close the parent term05:06
israfilok I am SOOO fustrated now05:06
shadowbladeCan someone help me revert to Gusty? I'm having way to many problems with the hardy heron alpha and I'd like to avoid a fresh install.05:06
tkoodasoulburner, kill it and start it again05:06
israfilI got my mic working and after i restart, it doesnt work again.05:06
israfilI'm using Alsa, and nothing is muted05:06
soulburnertkooda,  thats what im trying to do, i can't find it though hehehe05:06
israfilInput is selected as Mic05:06
israfilwhat is going on! :(05:07
* Ttech help05:07
TurtleOfDoomshadowblade: you might try asking that in #ubuntu+105:07
sn00zersdsheeks, still isn't working, i'm tired of dealing with it tonight, thanks again for your help05:07
sdsheekssn00zer: np good luck05:07
tkoodasourburner, `ps f -wwweopid,user,etime,args` gives a nice process listing05:07
bluefox83if i were using ssh to forward X, how would i pick up on a currect session of something like amarok, instead of starting a whole new one?05:07
tkoodaanyone here know anything about running ubuntu on a flash drive?05:08
croganyone here know if a canon c555 multipass will work in ubuntu, can't get it to recognize scanner?05:09
bluefox83tkooda, i know there are tutorials for it, but i don't really know how to do it...05:09
Waffleis there any programs for ubuntu that can remove the drm formatting from m4a or m4p songs?05:09
Kalamansisdsheeks : i select archive third party. still nothing happen...05:09
sdsheeksKalamansi: are you simply trying to install skype?05:10
gold44how to enable root passwd?05:10
blink148someoone must know the bigget server?05:10
gold44sudo passwd?05:10
blink148I'm wasted and need to talk to people of my own kind!05:10
* sdsheeks hides05:10
tritiumblink148: stay on topic05:10
TurtleOfDoomWaffle: yes05:11
jennican someone please help meee05:11
TurtleOfDoom!ask | jenni05:11
ubotujenni: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:11
sdsheeks!ask | jenni05:11
danbhfivejenni: mabyyyyy05:11
blink148I'm just asking for a link so I can go post there :S05:11
gold44go t it05:11
WaffleTurtleOfDoom: what05:11
mrpocketsi install wine05:11
mrpocketsi install CS05:11
WaffleTurtleOfDoom: what's it called**05:11
jenniI am trying to get my mic working, but its not working and I want to play world of warcraft with my mic05:11
mrpocketsbut it doesnt launch05:11
tritium!enter | mrpockets05:11
ubotumrpockets: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:11
Kalamansisdsheeks : i already copy and paste it in the var/cache/apt/archives all the debs updates i paste it there.. but when i open Susytem>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager skype where not there even all the updates that ive paste in var/cache/apt/archives05:12
TurtleOfDoomWaffle: I don't remember the name05:12
* sdsheeks hugs ubotu05:12
mrpocketswell, none the less. I installed Wine. Installed CS just like i read. Updated it. its all fine and well, but Steam won't launch05:12
sdsheeksKalamansi: do you have the skype.deb?05:12
Wafflewell that helps about zero much05:12
tkoodabluefox83, can you please point me towards the tutorials for running ubuntu on a flash drive?05:13
sdsheeksWhat are the floodbots for?05:13
tritiumsdsheeks: floods05:13
sdsheekstritium: must work because I don't see any :)05:13
Kalamansisdsheeks : i want to install all the updates including the skype05:13
crogwear short pants and big boots05:13
jenniCan anyone help me with getting my mic to work pleaaase05:13
Kalamansisdsheeks : yes i have skype deb. i paste it there in var/cache/apt/archives05:14
bluefox83tkooda, i'm sorry i really don't know where they are, but if you try googling them, you might have some luck05:14
sdsheeksKalamansi: if you already have the .deb just go that that directory and type sudo dpkg -i filename.deb05:14
sdsheeksKalamansi: or from the gui go to that folder and right click...then choose install05:14
sdsheekscrog: thanks05:15
blink148is there a thing that shows you the most pop servers?05:15
sdsheeksblink148: i think you need some sleep..or go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:15
* sdsheeks botwar!05:16
blink148im just tring to find the bl channel05:16
blink148just rememner it was in the biggest one05:16
Kalamansisdsheeks var/cache/apt/archives and right click "Open with GDebi Package Installer"?05:16
sdsheeksKalamansi: yes05:16
hiddensoultkooda, dont know if this will hlp but here is an article about running ubuntu from USB flash drive http://edoceo.com/liber/ubuntu-live-usb05:16
crogwell, goodnight all05:17
sdsheekscrog: night05:17
jenniI am using ALSA and my mic works sometimes but sometimes it doesnt05:17
danbhfivejenni: have you checked volume control?05:17
jenniAll input sources are set to mic and nothing is muted05:18
Z_o-s-o_jenni : what type of soundcard?05:18
jenninow all I hear is a sort of humming static noice05:18
akafurioushey jenni05:18
akafurioushow are you05:18
jenniI don't really know, but I do know that it doesnt have hardware mixing capabilities05:18
akafuriousdo i know you from somewhere05:19
jenniI just switched to linux like 4 days ago05:19
Tama00Tell me whyy, aint nothing but a heart ache05:19
akafuriouslinux = love05:19
Tama00tell me whyyy, aint nother but a mistake05:19
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jenniand it's so hard to get things set up, but my friend told me that once everything is configured05:19
jenniits easy to use05:19
jenniso far, ive been stuck on the "configuring" part for 4 days05:20
Tama00tell me why... i never wanna hear you say..05:20
Tama00but i want ubuntuuuu05:20
Tama00its my new irc remix05:20
jenniI was messing around with it for so long05:20
jenniand I got the mic to work05:20
blink148other way round for me - instals fine until you need to install a source app :?05:20
Tama00please donate to my pay pal05:20
dnlHow to make a network scanner workable?05:20
jenniand after a restart it doesnt work again05:20
jenniI am using sound recorder to check it05:20
danbhfiveTama00: please leave, you are offtopic05:20
tkoodahiddensoul, thanks.. I'll check that out.  -anyone else have ANY info on running linux on a flash drive?05:21
danbhfivejenni: how do you get it working?05:21
jennii changed the encorder thingy in sound recorder from mp3 to wav05:21
Tama00tkooda, its pretty easy man, just dump linux on the flash drive then install grub onto it and boot up on the flash drive if u pc suports it05:21
Z_o-s-o_i dont see why that would fix it05:22
jennineither do I05:22
Tama00tkooda, you could just boot the live cd and install ubuntu to the flash drive and it would work05:22
jennimaybe because it was working but the encoder is messed up, so it played on wav05:22
blink148whats the othr big server05:22
blink148is it usenat/05:22
jennibut now when i try it its not working05:22
kidemAnyone get the 8800GTS 512 g92 in gutsy?05:22
kidemto work05:22
Z_o-s-o_jenni : open the sound mixer05:23
jennifrom the terminal or the one with the gui05:23
Z_o-s-o_then edit -prefs05:23
Z_o-s-o_are all the ones with Mic in the name checked?05:23
jennii didnt check the front mic ones05:24
Z_o-s-o_try that05:24
jennibecause my mic is plugged in (correctly) in the back05:24
tkoodaTama00, I don't want the OS writing to the flash drive constantly (to avoid dramatically shortening it's lifespan)05:24
Z_o-s-o_the check the levels in the mixer part05:24
Z_o-s-o_jenni L Oh05:24
bazhangtkooda: use ext2 and disable swap then05:24
Z_o-s-o_what do you have listed in the switches tab?05:24
Tama00tkooda, just sym link temp, var home and swap to a fixed drive then05:24
jenniyou mean Analog mix?05:25
Z_o-s-o_go bacl to the gui mixer05:25
Z_o-s-o_theres a tab labeled switches next to mixer05:25
tkoodabazhang/Tama00, I suppose that'd work.. -isn't there some "standard" method of obtaining "persistance" with flash drives though?  ("casper"?? "live-helper"??)05:25
jennithe only tabs i have is Playback, Recording, Options05:25
bazhangtkooda: www.pendrivelinux.com has it all ;]05:26
AnswerGuyI have someting that is driving me completely crazy (which, admittedly is usually only a short stroll) ...05:26
Tama00tkooda, you could do it in a similar way to a live cd and symlink it all into memory05:26
Z_o-s-o_usually theres a tab labeled playback and then nexto it theres one labeled switches05:26
AnswerGuyI want to remaster a Hardy Heron (alpha4) LiveCD using a custom wallpaper05:26
jenniI think that depends on the sound card driver thingy05:27
bazhang!hardy | AnswerGuy05:27
ubotuAnswerGuy: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:27
jennibecause my friend said that Alsa changes its thing according to different drivers05:27
Z_o-s-o_jenni : without seeing it i cant really say for sure05:27
gold44how to check if apache is installed?05:27
tkoodabazhang, p-d-l.org has info on how to mount a (usb) flash drive and copy a livecd+installer.. but I want just a "gutsy server"05:27
Z_o-s-o_i use alsa on all 3 of my ubuntu machines05:27
[chr0n0s]gold44, use whereis apache2 or whereis apache05:27
AnswerGuyBut it seems to totally ignore whatever I put in /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/ubuntu-wallpapers.xml05:28
bazhangAnswerGuy: this is wrong channel for Hardy05:28
tkoodaTama00/bazhang, would it work if I just booted off non-flash-drive, then `debootstrap`'d (and installed "server" packages?) it?05:28
Z_o-s-o_jenni : you might try posting in the forums05:28
gold44[chr0n0s]: ok i guess not. i think it's in /etc/apache05:28
jenniif I turn on the Aux05:29
jenniI can hear myself05:29
jennier sorry I mean the Analog mix05:29
kidemSucks to have ubuntu installed and cant use it or cant stand to use it cause the drivers for my gpu dont work well at all :(05:29
AnswerGuyOkay, where do I go for Hardy?05:29
tkoodaTama00/bazhang, and then tried to symlink /tmp, /var/tmp, /var/spool, etc.. ?  -but then I still gotta kill klogd and sysklogd, etc..05:29
Tama00tkooda, remembing the masterboot record yes05:29
tkoodaTama00/bazhang, thought there'd be a better way05:29
jenniOk so the mic works if I set it to mix05:29
jennibut i hear my mic all the time05:30
Z_o-s-o_jenni : good deal05:30
AnswerGuyAhh, found it.05:30
Z_o-s-o_hopefully itll stay working05:30
Z_o-s-o_mute it when not in use05:30
jenniI guess I can do that :S05:30
Z_o-s-o_i do that with mine as well05:30
tkoodaTama00/bazhang, /.05:31
[chr0n0s]gold44, can you paste the output ?05:31
bazhangtkooda: not really sure how you would do that apart from what pendrivelinux has to say...05:31
TrustNoOnewhere to obtain hardy?05:31
[chr0n0s]TrustNoOne, ubuntu.com05:31
Tama00tkooda, there are guides on the net for this sort of stuff. not to sure about for ubuntu though, theres a good one for gentoo on the gentoo wiki if i remember correctly05:31
TrustNoOneya couldnt find on there05:31
Z_o-s-o_google it05:31
Z_o-s-o_youll find it05:32
tritiumTrustNoOne: #ubuntu+1 for hardy questions, please05:32
tkoodaTama00, I've ben unable to find a decent FAQ/HOWTO..  I'll try the gentoo wiki..  thanks05:32
gold44[chr0n0s]: i just apt-get installed it05:32
nomaSSanybody know, why i cant see the loading bar ? only see black screen05:32
Kalamansisdsheeks i cannot connect the internet after done configuring skype hehe.05:32
bazhangTrustNoOne: just a minute; answer in #ubuntu-offtopic ;]05:32
jennik well thanks Z_o-s-o05:32
[chr0n0s]gold44, give me the output of whereis apache205:32
Z_o-s-o_jenni no prob05:32
jenniI'll probably be back soon lol05:32
Kalamansidig yahoo.com no reponse05:32
[chr0n0s]TrustNoOne, if you cannot find hardy, then you should rethink about installing it05:33
bazhangTrustNoOne: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-4/05:33
Flughafenubuntu isnt recognizing my mp3 player, does anyone have any ideas?05:33
bazhangsorry for the offtopic all05:33
TrustNoOnebazhang, thx, thats latest alpha?05:33
bazhangyes TrustNoOne05:34
TrustNoOnebazhang, thx05:34
bazhang#ubuntu+1 TrustNoOne for more ;]05:34
TrustNoOnebazhang, yup im in there05:35
danbhfiveKalamansi: try cat /etc/resolv.conf05:35
vrkhanshi my wireless usb driver is giving me some trouble, if i leave my computer unattented then my internet connect get froze and  i  have to restart to make it work05:35
vrkhansany solution05:36
nomaSSwhy i cant see the loading bar ? only see black screen05:36
TrustNoOneI need help installing my d-link dwa 652 wireless PCMCIA adapter card, ndiswrapper doesnt support it apparently, its a wireless N card, dlink doesnt have a linux driver for this series of card05:36
sajesHow do I change ghetty resolutions?05:36
danbhfivevrkhans: are you using ndiswrapper?05:37
bazhangnomaSS: you might try the alternate cd--that handles stuff when the livecd chokes05:38
Newbuntu2Anyone know why when I connect to VNC (from XP) it works for 1-2mins and then completely freezes my linux box?? I just installed 7.10 on it..05:39
Kalamansidanbhfive : done cat /etc/resolv.conf still no internet05:39
Z_o-s-o_Newbuntu2 : thats odd...have you installed all the updates?05:39
danbhfiveKalamansi: what did it say?05:40
eTranquilityCan someone direct me to a font installation guide for Feisty?05:40
nickrud!fonts | eTranquility05:40
ubotueTranquility: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:40
Kalamansidanbhfive: $cat /etc/resolv.conf05:40
Kalamansidanbhfive: the reply is only $05:40
Newbuntu2zoso: how do I check that?05:40
Kalamansidanbhfive: the reply is only $ "blank"05:41
danbhfiveKalamansi: are you using dhcp?05:41
eTranquilityThank you, I don't know why I couldn't find that.05:41
Kalamansidanbhfive : yes dhcp which im using right now05:41
danbhfiveKalamansi: (that file is where your dns servers are listed I believe, it being blank may be the problem)05:41
danbhfiveKalamansi: Im guessing a bit here: try dhclient eth005:42
danbhfiveKalamansi: or whatever your internet connection is05:42
bazhangwith sudo05:42
Canzer69hello, i have problem with ubu and sli >_<05:43
amenadoKalamansi-> what have you done this time? why are things not working again?05:43
Canzer69http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=607385 i followed that instructions05:43
Canzer69and it gave me05:44
ahorriblemessI'm trying to transfer files via WiFi network from my XP computer to my Ubuntu computer, can someon help? I've been trying for hours05:44
firefly2442Is there a way to compare two folders on different machines with diff?05:44
Canzer69Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": libgnomebreakpad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:44
Canzer69Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": libgnomebreakpad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:44
Canzer69Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": libgnomebreakpad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:44
Kalamansiamenado : nothing. after we config it yesterday and i after installing now a skype, when i reboot i dont have internet now...05:44
amenadoahorriblemess-> first thing, make sure you can ping both ways05:44
_Oz_ahorriblemess: yes, http://www.europe.eclipse.co.uk/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-on-win-network.htm05:44
ahorriblemessamenado: I've pinged one way, from Ubuntu to Windows05:45
Kalamansidanbhfive : still no internet connection05:45
amenadoKalamansi-> do you have an ip address assigned on both pc's?05:45
Kalamansiamenado : all dhcp..05:45
amenadoahorriblemess-> you tried to ping one way, but what is the result? how about the other way?05:45
libcarteldo you guys recommend using a software firewall?05:45
Flughafendoes anyone know why ubuntu isnt recognizing my clix2?05:45
amenadoKalamansi-> do you have an ip address assigned on both pc's?05:45
mikebotDoes anyone know why ubuntu will suddenly not let me open folders?05:45
Kalamansiamenado : nope05:45
Kalamansiamenado - i use dhcp05:45
Tama00libcartel, only bother using a firewall if your a server and connected directly to the net05:45
amenadolibcartel all firewalls i knew of are software based05:46
mikebotIt says "Cannot display contents of this folder," or something like that...05:46
libcarteli thought routers had firewalls built in05:46
Kalamansiamenado - no need to install dhcp server in ubuntu desktop 7.10 right?05:46
amenadoKalamansi-> it does not matter dhcp or static, you must have an ip address on each machine05:46
danbhfiveamenado: a router with NAT is kinda like a hardware based firewall05:46
amenadoKalamansi no need to install a server if you are not serving05:46
Canzer69can anyone point me to the right direction of tryin to make my sli work?05:47
amenadodanbhfive-> what make its a NAT or makes it a router?  a software...end of story05:47
mikebotOr does anyone know where I can find out why this is the case?05:47
Kalamansiamenado yes. but still i dont have internet. i tried to assign ip still not working05:47
bazhangmikebot are your permissions messed up? have you been running as root?05:47
amenadoKalamansi-> thats just the initial steps, getting an ip address, next is the route table okay? do you  have a route to destination?05:48
mikebotbazhang: I am logged in as myself, so not sure if I am root, and I have been changing the permissions on some other folders, but I haven't lately and this happens all of a sudden..05:48
Kalamansiamenado : im not good in typos script...05:48
mikebotbazhang: Actually, I think it started when I tried to open an image with gthumb..05:48
Tama00amenado, yeah but its a separate peice of hardware not a separate peice of software05:48
bazhangmikebot changing the permissions? that would likely be it then05:49
Kalamansiamenado i use sudo ifconfig eth0 down and up still no internet connection05:49
Deep_Oceanwho can tell me why i insert my install cd,the computer tell me i should input the user and the password?05:49
mikebotbazhang: But I can't open /any/ folder, and I was only changing the permission on one folder.05:49
Kalamansiamenado ifoncifg eth0 down / ifconfig eth0 up05:49
mikebotbazhang: And once I chagne the permissions on that folder back to 777 I still can't open it..05:49
amenadoTama00-> your argument is what? what controls the hardware? software..end of story for you too.05:49
amenadoKalamansi-> do you have a working dhcp server?05:50
bazhangmikebot why change permissions at all? this sounds very serious indeed05:50
Tama00glad your not doing my home network amenado05:50
Kalamansiamenado : i dont know. i dont even install a dhcp server.05:50
Tama00lets just call a cpu software as well because its controlled by software05:51
mikebotbazhang: Well it was just one folder on my desktop with personal contents.05:51
komputeswhat do I need to "tail -f" to see the usb devices I plug in05:51
amenadoKalamansi-> lets step back, draw the layout of your network now, as it exist, tell the whole story again..paste in pastebin please05:51
bazhangmikebot backed up?05:51
amenadoTama00 you have toyed with microcode ever?05:52
mikebotbazhang: No, but this has happened before, and when I restarted it was OK.05:52
pmCan anyone help me - I have an IBM T23 running Ubuntu 7.1, and I'm trying to run some graphics intensive programs like Celestia - thinks are very slow.  I think I need to enable Direct Rendering, but I'm not sure how that's done.  I'm not a Linux expert.  Thanks for any help.05:52
Tama00amenado, yes i program atmel microcontrollers05:52
workmanhello people i just have installed my unbut and, why when i type "sudo apt-get update" i have this error   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56924/plain/ please can somebody help me?05:52
bazhangmikebot then try rebooting to see if that helps05:52
mikebotbazhang: I was hoping there was a longer-term solution.05:53
amenadoTama00-> excellent, i have no argument with you05:53
bazhangmikebot there is--dont change permissions05:53
Tama00amenado, why dont we just call everything software then and call it even05:53
workmanhello people i just have installed my unbut and, why when i type "sudo apt-get update" i have this error   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56924/plain/ please can somebody help me?05:53
workmanplease can somebody help me?05:53
mikebotbazhang: But the permissions were for a different folder...why would that affect all my folders?05:54
amenadoTama00 you win okay? you happier now?05:54
gold44how to check installed packages?05:54
Tama00amenado, not really05:54
workmanello people i just have installed my ubuntu and, why when i type "sudo apt-get update" i have this error   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56924/plain/ please can somebody help me?05:54
tritiumgold44: dpkg -l05:54
gold44tritium: thanks05:54
Kalamansiamenado : ok reboot05:55
bazhangmikebot no idea--what other things have you been doing that might lead to this? opening a thumbnail/photo would not be it05:55
workmanPLEASE PEOPLE05:55
bazhangworkman could you please briefly describe the problem?05:55
danbhfive!enablesources | workman05:55
tritium!patience | workman05:55
mikebotbazhang: Nothing that I'm aware of.05:55
ubotuworkman: Enable the standard Ubuntu repositories by going to System > Administration > Software Sources - See !repositories for detailed information05:55
ubotuworkman: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:55
erpoI need an IPv6-capable VNC client.05:56
bazhangmikebot heh well how about odd repos, envy automatix something like that05:56
tyler_derpo: try looking into realvnc05:57
komputeswhat do I need to "tail -f" to see the usb devices I plug in05:57
amenadotry /var/log/messages05:57
tyler_dkomputes: lsusb05:58
mikebotbazhang: Uh, I wish I could tell you something, but I haven't really done anythign recently other than download stuff05:58
bazhangmikebot reboot (not as root) delete that folder; then see if that does it05:58
Frijoliewhen you get an error from synaptic "the following packages have been kept back: [list of packages]" is that a bad thing?05:59
mikebotbazhang: How do I login as root? Instead of my username put in "root"?05:59
komputesTyler, I fant follow (tail-f lsusb)05:59
cefsounds like he had synaptic or the update manager running05:59
cefor: he wasn't root05:59
tyler_dmikebot: by default you cannot log in as root05:59
Flannel!sudo | mikebot05:59
ubotumikebot: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.05:59
Frijoliemikebot: Ubuntu doesn't have a root account, you are granted temporary root privliges05:59
tyler_dctrl-alt f2 to log into term... sudo -s to switch to root then /etc/init.d gdm stop05:59
tyler_dthen start as root06:00
mikebotbazhang: Oh, you said not as root.06:00
iscreamdoes anyone knoe how to open a virtual hard drive to see the contents in it??06:00
tyler_dkomputes: just type lsusb06:00
mikebotbazhang: Does this mean I have to delete the contents?06:00
tyler_dmikebot: rm -rf06:00
bazhangmikebot your system permissions sound seriously compromised--try rebooting as normal user delete the folder and see what happens--who knows what you have done so a reinstall may be in order06:00
komputesTyler, but that is not what i'm looking for, i need somethin live, always open that shows me what device i plug in06:00
ObsidianXhey folks, for some reason wine keeps on segfaulting when i try to run an exe06:00
tyler_dmikebot: as root of course..... r(recursive) f(forced)06:01
Flanneltyler_d: no, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop, not sudo -s06:01
ObsidianXanybody else get this?06:01
tyler_dsorry Flannel06:01
Flanneltyler_d: no worries06:01
erpotyler_d: I did. The version of vncviewer I have installed is from RealVNC (version 4.1.1). When I type vncviewer my:IPV6:addr:ess, it says "unable to connect to host: Invalid argument (22)"06:01
mikebotbazhang: Oh, a real fast update, the folder in question now opens, and two of the sub-folders are present, but nothing else is...I'm going to reboot and let you knwo what happened..brb06:01
tyler_derpo: what others have you looked into?06:01
amenadokomputes try /var/log/messages06:02
firefly2442How do I use diff on a remote folder?06:03
Frijolieis there a way to find out what packages depend on another package?06:03
cefwhat sort of 'remote' folder?06:03
erpotyler_d: http://jungla.dit.upm.es/~acosta/paginas/vncIPv6.html (compiles but has the same problem)06:03
firefly2442cef: on another machine/computer06:03
Frijolieeg I have libqt4-core installed and I want to find out which application needs it and why it's installed on my computer06:03
komputesamenado, thanks06:03
firefly2442Frijolie: go into synaptic, right click on the package, goto properties06:04
ceffirefly2442: either mount the fs across the network and then treat it the same as if it's local, or export the filesystem using rsync and use rdiff (not 100% sure that's a good idea though)06:04
firefly2442cef: can I do it over SSH?06:05
tyler_derpo: why ipv6?06:05
tyler_derpo: not mainstream, although better.... or are you just testing?06:05
gold44where is cgi-bin 's default location?06:05
mikebotbazhang: OK, all folders seem to be opening properly...But I kinda need to keep the contents of the folder that I started messing with...can I remove the contents and then delete just the folder?06:05
bazhangmikebot check the permissions on it, and in the future do not change them if you dont know what you are doing06:06
Frijoliefirefly2442: that doesn't really give me a list of what applications are using it, is there a way to do that?06:06
mikebotbazhang: What's the command for checking permissions? Just "chmod <folder>"?06:06
Frijolieisn't libqt4-core the KDE libraries?06:07
mikebotbazhang: And I thought changing permissions was pretty self-explanatory..rwx06:07
erpotyler_d: Both machines have IPv6 and IPv4, but IPv4 has annoying NAT issues. I want to circumvent that by connecting directly via IPv6.06:07
roger_hcWhere can I configure the password security level requirements such as minimum length and character types for user passwords in Gutsy?06:07
danbhfiveFrijolie: thats qt, isnt it?06:07
amenadomikebot ls -la  shows you the file perms,06:07
firefly2442Frijolie: if you go into the dependencies, you can change to dependent packages, is this what you want?06:07
tyler_derpo: your better off resolving NAT issues as I am not showing alot in regard to ipv6 support06:08
mikebotbazhang: drwxrwxrwx06:08
tyler_derpo: and your router... does it support ipv6?06:08
Frijoliedanbhfive: that's what I thought. libqt4-core sounds a lot like it...06:08
erpotyler_d: Not an issue. Both machines are using the gateway6 client.06:08
mikebotbazhang: Should it not be that?06:08
kaushalhow can i know the apache version on ubuntu 7.0406:08
tyler_derpo: whats your nat issue?06:09
tyler_derpo: if I may inquire06:09
cefkaushal: you want to find out what apache versions are available in 7.04?06:09
roger_hckaushal: what do you get if you type "apache -v" into terminal?06:09
tacoboyedoes anyone know where I can find out info about laptop wireless06:10
erpotyler_d: NAT is being used, so I would have to set up port forwarding. Additionally, both computers have dynamic public IPs, so I would have to set up some kind of dynamic DNS garbage.06:10
Kalamansiamenado : still cannot connect net06:10
tacoboyeI'm having a terrible time with my 64 bit install laptop06:10
kaushalapache2 -v06:10
kaushalServer version: Apache/2.2.306:10
amenadoKalamansi-> once more, does your pc have an ip address?06:10
kaushalServer built:   Feb  4 2008 20:16:2706:10
kaushalroger_hc: Thanks06:10
Frijoliefirefly2442: yeah i can see the dependent packages, but none of those are installed on my system06:10
Kalamansiamenado : ifconfig : its dhcp06:11
tyler_derpo: try looking into hamachi06:11
firefly2442Frijolie: hmm dunno, sorry06:11
tyler_derpo: let me know what you think06:11
Kalamansiamenado : dhcp "wired:06:11
erpotyler_d: Closed source, no?06:11
Frijoliefirefly2442: but didn't know that option existed, thanks for pointing it out in synaptic06:11
amenadoKalamansi->  you are not answering me, does it have an ip address assigned to it?06:12
mikebotWhat are the permissions for a normal folder?06:12
Kalamansiamenado : no ip. i set it to dhcp. so no ip06:12
tyler_derpo: started open source... purchased.... free version available however yes(closed source)06:12
Frijoliewhat's the purpose of Applications --> Add/Remove over Synaptic, if Add/Remove can't really Remove all that many packages?06:12
amenadoKalamansi and you forgot to explain the network layout you have..06:12
erpotyler_d: Gross.06:13
Kalamansiamenado : modem - router linksys - switch - pc1 ubuntu and pc2 win06:13
tyler_dFrijolie: scaleability.... add/remove is simple, little to no control over versions etc.. synaptic allows further control06:13
mikebotbazhang: I think I'm going to chmod 644 the folder06:13
erpotyler_d: Wait. I thought it had been closed source from the beginning.06:13
amenadoKalamansi-> is your dhcp server working? is it dolling out ip addresses? which of those devices are acting as dhcp server?06:13
mikebotbazhang: Or should I refrain from further chmod'ing folders..06:13
bazhangmikebot heh your call ;]06:13
mikebotbazhang: Haha, OK06:14
EnTServerhi all06:14
EnTServeri'm back06:14
Frijolietyler_d: why not just grant Add/Remove Synaptic's power and have one to rule them all instead of an annoying little cousin who claims to be as great?06:14
tyler_derpo: alternatively, port forwarding=5mins, static ips = 10mins for 2 machines......... vs. tweaking out vnc for ipv6..... who knows06:14
brambohow can i get codecs for totem movie player to play avi and mpeg videos?06:14
brambothrough terminal or otherwise..06:14
EnTServercan someone tell me how cani install nvidia drivers?06:14
RolcolWhy does the gnome dictionary close after a small amount of time?06:14
erpoEnTServer: It's pretty much automatic on 7.10.06:14
Kalamansiamenado how to know that? im not good in scripting typos...06:15
mikebotbazhang: What's the 'd' or 'c' before the rwxrwxrwx?06:15
iscreambrambo get VLC it doesnt need codec06:15
bazhang!nvidia | EnTServer06:15
ubotuEnTServer: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:15
EnTServerit doesn't detect my 8800gt06:15
tyler_dFrijolie: scaleability.... multiple users.. different skill levels etc etc etc06:15
ahorriblemessi'm back..06:15
brambohow can i get VLC ?06:15
roger_hcIn Gutsy, how can I set minimum password requirements for user passwords (such as minimum passwd length)06:15
amenadoKalamansi what scripting typos are you referring to?06:15
Leonhi, there is a problem with my javascripts, it doesnt work properly.. like when i go to dell to customize a laptop.. the picture disappears and many other websites its just blank06:15
EnTServera few more things06:15
firefly2442brambo: sudo apt-get install vlc06:15
tacoboyewhat can I do about the fact that my wireless card is detected but isn't connecting to networks?06:15
VulcanisYay, I'm back with useless questions.  So, again, in windows, I can get a fairly good signal from my AP from my room.  In ubuntu, I walk 10 feet away from the router, signal dies06:15
EnTServerhow can i run this line "sudo apt-get install compiz.settings.manager"06:15
brambowhat is it, a player?06:15
VulcanisI'm running an atheros card, all of #madwifi appears to be asleep06:15
EnTServeri can't seem to run it after i updated my gutsy06:16
firefly2442brambo: it's a media player, http://www.videolan.org/06:16
amenadotacoboye-> does your AP uses wep/wpa/wpa2 kind of encyption?06:16
iscreamopen the terminal EnTServer06:16
ahorriblemessI'm trying to figure out this networking thing.. my XP machine can see my Ubuntu machine... but can't connect. I set up Samba with name and passoword, but the XP machine doesn't ask for it in My Network Places>View Workgroup Computers06:16
brambooh thanks, also plays mp3's?06:16
iscreamit does brambo06:16
ahorriblemessUbuntu machine is on there, but can't connect because it doesn't ask for a password06:16
firefly2442brambo: yep06:16
tacoboyeI've tried reading the forums so many times06:16
ubotuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview06:16
tacoboyeit drives me nuts06:16
tyler_dk, going back to work for a bit.. sorry peeps06:16
bazhangsee above mikebot06:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hda_nvidia - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:17
tacoboyeI used to be able to connect but now I'm screwed for whatever reason06:17
tacoboyebrb doggies06:17
bluefox83!sound nvidia06:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sound nvidia - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:17
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers06:17
Kalamansiamenado : i dont know about dhcp server. i just install ubuntu desktop 7.10 and after that i can connect internet. but when i reboot i cannot connect internet. so we fixed it yesterday right? then this morning i installed skype after i reboot i cannot connect again to the internet...until now.....06:17
ahorriblemessI know a little about HDA Nvidia, I had a problem with mine... who's asking?06:17
judgenAnyone using Audacity or XMMS here?06:17
brambois  Juk any good?06:17
iscreamive used XMMS06:17
roger_hcVulcanis: what do you get when you type "lspci | grep -i net" into terminal?06:17
Z_o-s-o_xmms rocks06:17
bramboI am using XMMS06:17
rgsteel1judgen: I've used Audacity06:17
brambofor streaming radio06:17
iscreamits a winamp clone06:18
judgeni need to test my skin in linux but i dont got linux installed, only BeOS06:18
amenadoKalamansi-> lets do this step by step, does your pc1 have an ip address?06:18
EnTServersomehow i'm unable to set my desktop effects to extra06:18
iscreami think it uses winamp skins06:18
VulcanisRoger: Geh.  That involves two reboots, since wifi is not working up here06:18
brambowhat, juk is winamp clone?06:18
EnTServerit just stays at the lowest06:18
Vulcanisone sec.06:18
iscreambut only classic 1's06:18
EnTServeraccording to !nvidia06:18
iscreamXMMS is a winamp clone brambo06:18
brambooh okay06:18
EnTServeri don't seem to need restricted drivers06:18
judgencould anyone test it for me, and see if it works in  linux too?06:19
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:19
iscreamit does06:19
iscreamjudgem it works fine in linux06:19
bramboim new to unbuntu but im into it totally now i only boot windows for 1 game that i can't seem to run with wine :)06:19
judgeniscream, awsome. could you make a screenshot that i can use on the descriptions page.06:19
iscreamsame brambo06:19
judgeniscream, im making the skin for the ZeBuntu distro06:20
tyler_dbrambo: cedega06:20
iscreamjudgen are you talking about XMMS or something else?06:20
Z_o-s-o_judgen ur skin works fine06:20
mikebotDoes anyone here know how I would be able to turn an animated gif into a screensaver?06:20
iscreamcrysis doesnt work in cedega06:20
judgenZ_o-s-o, thanks.06:20
amenadoKalamansi if it does not have an ip address, can you try  sudo dhclient eth0  and see if it acquires an ip addres from your linksys06:20
Kalamansiamenado: pc1 ubuntu's ip eth0: avah Link: inet addr: ... where my router is
ahorriblemessDoes anyone know what I should enter after "smb:///"to see the XP machine I'm networked with? I can see my Ubuntu machine on my XP machine........06:21
serachtis there a limewire equivalent in Ubuntu06:21
tdawgedogghey guys the max resolution I can get is 1680 by 1050 when my screen really supports resolutions of 1920 by 1200 natively...I set lcd panel 1920 x 1200 for model but only gives me the max option of 1680 by 1050 for resolution....this is under screen and graphic preferences06:21
amenadoKalamansi-> those 169.x.x.x are invalid..type sudo dhclient eth006:21
workmanMedia change: please insert the disc labeled06:21
serachtalso what's the best VM application06:21
workman 'Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)'06:21
judgenZ_o-s-o, could you make a screenshot? are you using XMMS or audacity?06:21
workmanin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter06:21
EnTServercan someone pm me?06:21
iscreamcould i make wine more compatible if i copied tha contents from a native windows c drive into the wine c drive?06:21
EnTServeri seriously need help with the drivers06:21
seracht!vm | seracht06:21
workmanwhen i install sudo apt-get install build-essential i have the error ( Media change: please insert the disc labeled   'Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)' in the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter )06:21
workmancan somebody please help me?06:22
xTorTmy friend does not have audio, i am ssh-ed in, and i am trying to figure out how to setup his soundcard, i am used to gentoo where u do compile a kernel and i am unsure of how to approach this in ubuntu, can anyone point me in the right direction or help me get it working for him?06:22
judgeniscream, sometimes, but if the files are uncompatible youll ruin your cedega installation06:22
firefly2442workman: do you have internet access on the machine?06:22
workmanof course06:22
workmani'm on irc06:22
iscreambut cedega has more then 1 c drive06:22
roger_hcworkman: Here, hold this hammer.06:22
serachtWhat VM app can you guys recommend?06:22
iscreamit has multiple06:22
firefly2442workman: ok, didn't know if it was the same machine, go into synaptic06:22
iscreamfor each game06:22
Z_o-s-o_im using XMMS06:22
Vulcanisroger_hc: can you repeat the command I need to run?06:22
tyler_dworkman: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:22
bramboi cant get XMMS to find my My Downloads directory on my other hard drive to play it contents..06:22
judgenworkman, just outcomment the CD apt repo in the sources.lst06:22
tdawgedogghey guys the max resolution I can get is 1680 by 1050 when my screen really supports resolutions of 1920 by 1200 natively...I set lcd panel 1920 x 1200 for model but only gives me the max option of 1680 by 1050 for resolution....this is under screen and graphic preferences in gutsy06:23
tyler_dworkman: place a # in front of anything listing reference to cd06:23
roger_hclspci | grep -i net06:23
Kalamansiamenado : No DHCPDISCOVER received. No working leases in persistent database - sleeping06:23
workmantyler_d, ok i type that i will paste on that paste ubuntu06:23
amenadoworkman when you are in synaptic manager, and selected settings-->repositories, you can de-select your cdrom06:23
judgenZ_o-s-o, did transperency work too?06:23
roger_hcor just "lspci" and look at it till you figure out what your network card is06:23
workmantyler_d, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56925/ this is it.06:23
tyler_dworkman: type that in term06:23
alpharhythm /msg ubotu etiquette06:23
workmanso what to edit there?06:23
Z_o-s-o_i didnt see any transparency06:23
firefly2442workman: put a # pound sign in front of the line(s) that have the CD06:24
amenadoKalamansi-> now check your cable between your switch and your pc1 and between switch and linksys06:24
judgenZ_o-s-o, its next to the yellow part, should show up as a tab-06:24
workmanwhich one ?06:24
workmantell me the line06:24
ritzcrackerHello Can anyone please help me, I am trying to install 7.10 on my dual g4 PPC and when it oots of the cd i just get a grey video screen, i do not even get to anykind of menu06:24
workman1 2 3 5 6 ?06:24
tacoboyesafe graphics?06:24
ahorriblemessahhhh issues06:24
workmanfirefly2442, on the 1st one?06:24
amenadoworkman you see the line that has CD ..comment that one out06:24
ritzcrackerI have tried the stable release and the alternitive cd06:24
ritzcrackernithier work06:25
tacoboyehave you tried safe graphics....06:25
judgenritzcracker, i think the last ppc version is 6.10 but i aint sure06:25
workmanit works now:D06:25
workmanthx guys06:25
tacoboyeI'm a nub as well, but safe graphics worked for me06:25
tdawgedogghey guys the max resolution I can get is 1680 by 1050 when my screen really supports resolutions of 1920 by 1200 natively...I set lcd panel 1920 x 1200 for model but only gives me the max option of 1680 by 1050 for resolution....this is under screen and graphic preferences in gutsy06:25
Z_o-s-o_judgen to the right of the yellow part its just blank....like a cutout06:25
xTorTanyone wanna help me with my soundcard not working?06:25
xTorTcertif13d, u smell weird06:25
firefly2442workman: now it will just grab the necessary package from online instead of asking for the CD06:25
judgenZ_o-s-o, thats how its supposed to look =)06:25
tyler_dworkman: in term type cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak06:25
alpharhythmwhen i try to start synaptic from the menu i get this error: Could not grab your mouse.06:25
alpharhythmA malicious client may be eavesdropping on your session or you may have just clicked a menu or some application just decided to get focus.06:25
alpharhythmTry again.06:25
ritzcrackertacoboye: how would you suggest I try safe graphics i cannot type anything once it boots of the cd is there another way to do it06:25
ahorriblemess"you might not have permission to use this network resource" "network path was not found" is what it says on my XP machine when trying to connect06:25
ahorriblemessxTorT: what sound card, what computer?06:26
judgenZ_o-s-o, could you still make a screenshot for me, that would be very nice.06:26
tacoboyeritz: I'm a nub, ask someone who knows something06:26
Z_o-s-o_whats ur email address06:26
Z_o-s-o_ill send it over06:26
xTorTonboard AC97 card06:26
ahorriblemessxTorT: are you getting no sound, or something else?06:26
xTorT00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)06:26
xTorTahorriblemess, nothing06:26
xTorTalsamixer returns....06:27
ritzcrackerAnyone else have any ideas?06:27
Kalamansiamenado : the cable tester says cable is 100% okay.. i tried to swap it to other pc2.06:27
xTorTalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device06:27
Z_o-s-o_1 sec judgen06:27
tyler_dworkman: then you can create your own sources.list or try mine posted here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56926/06:27
xTorTahorriblemess, sry i just posted the output of alsamixer06:27
amenadoKalamansi-> are you sure you are plugged in to a working port on the switch? how about your nic card on pc1 is it good?06:27
xTorTcertif13d, hop in if u need more info or if he asks questions i cannot answer06:27
dnlhow to change the defult wall paper?06:28
Z_o-s-o_k judgen check your email06:28
Kalamansiamenado : checking06:28
ahorriblemessxTorT: did you check the forums? I had different problems with a different sound card, I thought I coudl help06:28
tdawgedoggdoes anyone wanna help me out with a video problem with my 7600 GT?06:28
xTorTahorriblemess, thanks anyway06:28
amenadoKalamansi-> what are you testing on your cable tester? are the pin positions correct? straight cable or cross-over?06:28
alpharhythmand choose change wallpaper06:28
judgenZ_o-s-o, nice it works perfectly. BTW nice osx cloning.06:29
Z_o-s-o_its not 100% yet but its close06:29
xTorTahorriblemess, i am learning about ubuntu now, i am used to compiling the kernel with support for it, i think it might just be that the module is not loaded but i do not know the name of the module06:29
ritzcrackerI am running a Dual G4 1.25Ghz PowerPC and I am trying to install ubuntu 7.10 PPC desktop version.  When trying to install I get nothing but a grey screen. Does anyone have any ideas.06:30
Kalamansiamenado : straight. white orange,orange,white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown,brown06:30
rgsteel1ritzcracker: Can you boot from other CD's?06:30
ritzcrackerI can boot osx 10.4 and 10.506:30
judgenritzcracker, as i said, ppc isnt tsupported in latest. Try to install 6.10 and then try to uptade you way up to lateast supported version06:30
tdawgedoggguys im a nub...is there any video cards nerds that can help up in here06:31
instatdawgedogg: just ask06:31
ritzcrackerjudgen, ubuntu's website has released the lattest version of 7.10 for ubuntu, was this just the latest packes non tested? last stable tested version is 6.10?06:31
tyler_dtdawgedogg: i'm not a nerd, I don't make enough money06:31
tdawgedoggi did....everyone ignores me :( I can't get full 1920 by 1200 res i can only get 1680 by 105006:32
instatdawgedogg: what chipset?06:32
judgenritzcracker, gimme a few sec, i have to check06:32
tdawgedoggnvidia 7600GT06:32
ritzcrackerhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/gutsy/release/ thisi s where i am downloading 7.10 for PPC06:32
instaoooh ...06:32
DreamsingI have a d600 running Ubuntu 7.10 and a docking station with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected.  when i dock the laptop, all the stuff hooked up to the dock works, but if i close the laptop, the monitor goes dark.  How can i fix this?06:32
* SystemFailure saluda a toda la gentita ubuntu06:32
tdawgedoggI already used envy to install my driver06:32
instatdawgedogg: you might have to make a modeline :(06:33
instaare you using the binary driver?06:33
judgenritzcracker, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.10/release/ubuntu-7.10-desktop-powerpc.iso did you use that one?06:33
EnTServercan someone help me with my driver problem?06:33
tdawgedogginsta: I have no idea06:33
ritzcrackerI have also tried fedora core 6 PPC same problem. Though glad fedora didnt work i am really sad that i am having issues with ubuntu06:33
EnTServercause i can't seem to set desktop effects to extra06:33
ritzcrackerjudgen, yes i did06:33
=== Vulc|Sleep is now known as Vulcanis
judgenritzcracker, should work.. have you got any odd cards or upgrades in your machine'?06:33
tdawgedoggall i know is where i choose the type of lcd i choose 1920 by 1200 lcd and the resolution underneith it....it only gives me the max option for 1680 by 105006:33
instatdawgedogg: run 'xdriinfo' in a terminal06:34
instadoes it say mesa or nvidia06:34
instaara: shut up06:34
rgsteel1dreamsing: might be a setting under system>preferences>power management06:34
amenadoKalamansi-> and if you redo that dhclien eth0  you get?06:34
EnTServerfeeling ignored..06:34
=== forsaken__ is now known as forsaken
ritzcrackerjudgen, no it is all stock. it seems like for some reason it can not decide what video driver to use hence the screen being grey06:34
amenadoKalamansi-> and if you redo that dhclient eth0  you get?06:34
judgenritzcracker, what gfx card are you using?06:34
instaEnTServer: sorry to ignore you, there's only so many people answering06:34
instayour question will be dealt with in the order it was received  :|06:35
tdawgedogginsta: terminal says that libGL is too old06:35
Dreamsingrgsteel1: thanks :)06:35
ritzcrackerATI Radeon 850006:35
instatdawgedogg: install nvidia-glx-new then06:35
tdawgedoggsudo get nvidia-glx-new?06:35
instatdawgedogg: yeah mostly :)06:35
tdawgedoggwhat command do i type into terminal06:35
judgenritzcracker, have you tried installing in VESA mode?06:35
Z_o-s-o_sudo apt-get install06:35
Z_o-s-o_sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new06:36
tdawgedoggand why dont i have the latest drivers...i used envy06:36
ritzcrackerIs there a way to force it to boot in VESA mode? Directly after i boot in the cd i get a grey screen i do not get a normal screen that lets me type install or choose an install06:36
instatdawgedogg: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new06:36
tdawgedoggunsta: it says its already the newest version06:37
instaEnTServer: what does 'xdriinfo' tell you?06:37
instatdawgedogg: well that sucks06:37
judgenritzcracker, are you holding C while booting up?06:37
tdawgedogglol YES!06:37
instatdawgedogg: what kinda fps do you get with glxgears ?06:37
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg what the problem youre having06:37
xTorThow do i exit vi?06:37
baumgcIs anyone here experienced with Ubuntu Studio?06:37
instaxTorT: hit escape a few times, then colon q exclamation point enter06:38
tdawgedoggIm using a 1920 by 1200 monitor06:38
tdawgedoggand i can only get max res of 1680 by 105006:38
xTorTinsta, thanks :)06:38
ritzcrackerno, I am using an external drive so I am holding option so i can select my usb device. it sees the external drive along with the ubuntu cd but once i press it, everything goes grey06:38
ahorriblemesswow I'm really having a terrible time here setting up this network, my girlfriend and I have been trying this for about 4 1/2 hours.. no exaggeration06:38
instaahorriblemess: brief summary?06:38
Z_o-s-o_ur sure the 8800 supports 1920X1200?06:38
tdawgedogginstra: why does fps matter06:38
instatdawgedogg: it's a general indication of if the driver is working06:39
instaif you're getting 1000fps or lower then you're in software mode06:39
judgenritzcracker, have you tried installing in terminal?06:39
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-0_: I have a 7600 GT and yes it supports that res06:39
tdawgedoggthats what i always used in windows06:39
Kalamansiamenado: No DHCPDISCOVER received. No working leases in persistent database - sleeping06:39
ritzcrackerto be honest only os ive ever installed via term is gentoo06:39
ritzcrackerhow would i go about doing that with ubuntu06:39
ahorriblemessinsta: Ok, I set up Samba on my Ubuntu machine, we have an XP machine which has been set up, we can see the Ubuntu machine from My Network Connections, but we can't access the Ubuntu machine, it doesn't even prompt for a passowrd06:40
amenadoKalamansi-> ping  and response is?06:40
judgenritzcracker, if you use "live-nosplash-powerpc video=ofonly" at boot when using the minimal install cd you should be able to install. the problems seems to be with usplash06:40
tritiumritzcracker: you prefer a text intall?  The alternate intsall CD supports that.  Of course, the default install is the graphical Live CD.06:40
instaahorriblemess: pastebin your smb.conf06:40
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:40
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg are you familiar with editing you Xorg.conf?06:41
Kalamansiamenado : i received data reply06:41
amenadoKalamansi can you set a static ip address for your pc1 ?06:41
ritzcrackerproblem is I do not see a minimal cd download for PPC06:41
Kalamansiamenado : ok sec06:41
ahorriblemessinsta: command not found06:41
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-0_: not at all06:41
instaahorriblemess: command?06:41
ritzcrackerunless there is a file i can edit in the ISO to tell it to boot with the option you just gave me06:41
ahorriblemessinsta: i typed "smb.conf" and that's what I got06:41
instagedit /etc/samba/smb.conf06:41
Kalamansiamenado : reboot?06:42
instacopy -> paste to a pastebin06:42
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg - go to to system-admin-screens and graphics06:42
ahorriblemessinsta: command not found again06:42
judgenritzcracker, gimme a little while and ill hunt it for you06:42
instagedit isn't found?06:42
Kalamansiamenado : still no internet06:42
amenadoKalamansi no, dont reboot,  what is the ip address you assigned?06:42
instaare you using kubuntu instead of ubuntu?06:42
ritzcrackerthank you i apprcaite this06:42
judgenritzcracker, btw had you tried that options with the alternative cd?06:42
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-0_: there06:42
ahorriblemessno it's ubunty gutsy w/ gnome06:42
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : does it list your screen correctly06:43
Z_o-s-o_brand and such?06:43
ritzcrackeri have used the alternaitive cd and right when i try to boot of cd06:43
ritzcrackeri get the same issue06:43
ritzcrackergrey screen06:43
Kalamansiamenado : is .. mask
instagedit /etc/samba/smb.conf says "command not found"?06:43
tdawgedoggno just says lcd Panel 1920 by 1080 (widescreen)06:43
Z_o-s-o_browse through there and find your model if you can06:43
amenadoKalamansi-> try pinging
ahorriblemessinsta: didn't put gedit, sorry ahha06:44
TKingdomOkay, so I got a Windows user on my Network.  Is there a way to send them a popup message?06:44
Kalamansiamenado : i dont received data from
Z_o-s-o_if not just choose generic 1920X120006:44
Kalamansiamenado : host is unreachable06:44
judgenritzcracker, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/installer-powerpc/current/images/powerpc/netboot/mini.iso06:44
judgenritzcracker, try booting from that one06:44
amenadoKalamansi->  type route -n and paste it in pastebin06:44
judgenritzcracker, then you can install ubuntu-desktop manually. thus skip that problem06:45
ritzcrackerthank you i will try that real fast06:45
ritzcrackerill let you know in a moment06:45
judgenritzcracker, its an massive 8mb download =P06:45
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-o_: I PM'd you :) also they dont have westinghouse i guess ill try generic06:45
ahorriblemessinsta: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56927/plain/06:45
EnTServeri can't run xdriinfo06:45
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg try generic06:45
rgsteel1tkingdom: I think there is, give me a minute to look it up06:45
EnTServersomehow after i tried installing drivers myself it got worse06:46
H4ck3rxPlease help me with Realtek r8169 problem06:46
amenadoKalamansi-> basically am looking for a gateway in the route table06:46
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-o_: oh crap under generic it did have 1920 by 120006:46
tdawgedogglet me restart and ill let u know if it worked06:46
Z_o-s-o_i saw that06:46
instaahorriblemess: dumb question i know, but do you have a firewall running?06:46
rgsteel1tkingdom: smbclient -M computername06:47
rgsteel1then type your message and press ctrl-d06:47
Darkmysteredoes updating linux image via update manager mess up anything that has to do with the last kernal you had?06:47
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : any success?06:47
mdk[]Wanting a program to record screen, anyone know of one?06:48
ahorriblemesswow i keep getting kicekd off06:48
ahorriblemessinsta: got booted again.. letting you know i'm still here, incase you responded06:49
instaahorriblemess: just asking if you have a firewall on the ubuntu box06:49
Darkmysterez_o-s-o_: Err whats the package for the GUI Recordmy desktop called?06:49
ahorriblemessinsta: yes, firestarter06:49
alpharhythmwhen i try to open synaptic i get this error message: http://rafb.net/p/MirlU457.html06:49
ahorriblemessinsta: i disabled it, you think we should restart both computers?06:49
Z_o-s-o_darkmystere : if you go into add/remove its in there06:49
Kalamansiamenado : http://pastebin.com/m3935fa9406:50
ahorriblemessinsta: we had firewalls on both computers disabled, nothing changed06:50
instaahorriblemess: maybe restart the workstation service on the xp box06:50
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:50
bodobin das erste mal hier, also noch am Testen06:50
mdk[]ty :)06:50
Z_o-s-o_darkmystere : just type gtk in the box and it should come up06:50
instaahorriblemess: are you behind a router?06:50
ahorriblemessinsta: yes a wireless router06:50
instabecause you really don't need software firewalls if you are06:50
instajust make sure you've got a good password on the router06:51
Z_o-s-o_or people like me will leach your wireless connection06:51
ahorriblemessinsta: I've read that, we just got the router today, I've been using Ubuntu for a month or so06:51
amenadoKalamansi from that it looks okay06:51
bullgard4What popular programs do need a 'scrollkeeper database'?06:51
tyler_dnight all06:51
tyler_dgood luck06:51
amenadoKalamansi but if you cant ping your your are not out of the woods yet06:52
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-o_: I didnt work...I was able to sucessfully switch to 1920 by 1200 but no when I get to the bottom of the screen it drags down or whatever06:52
Kalamansiamenado : dig yahoo.com no reply too06:52
H4ck3rxCan anyone help me with Wake-On-Lan problem :(06:52
tdawgedoggZ_o-s-o_: like it wont display the whole 1920 by 1200 until the screen auto scrolls06:52
instaahorriblemess: definitely disable the firewalls at least to test06:52
bullgard4Welche bekannten Programme benötigen eine 'scrollkeeper dataqbase'?06:52
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : Im not sure what else you can do.....06:52
instaif the xp box can't ping the ubuntu one then it's very unlikely that filesharing will work06:53
instahow many xp boxes do you have?  it might be easier to use services for unix and do nfs sharing :p06:53
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : so you chose the 1920X1200 monitor, but are you sure it was in the correct res?06:53
Ultraputzhey, running gutsy, trying to get audacity to work. verified that mic (and audio) work through the sound control panel. audacity set for i/o /dev/dsp (OSS), mic selected, and when you hit record... freeze. ALSA donut work. 1.3.3 beta06:53
ritzcrackerlol same video problem using mini06:53
judgenritzcracker, darn.06:53
roger_hcWorkman: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:54
rgsteel1Ultraputz: Try changing the resolution. I haven't been able to get Audacity to record at anything but 44.106:54
judgenritzcracker, as mini does not include any display drivers or usplash, im very preplexed about the outcome06:54
Ultraputzrg - did you have the freezing problem ?;06:54
ritzcrackeryes this is very wierd06:54
rgsteel1no, it seems to me it was doing something else, can't remember what though06:55
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: it didnt work06:55
noizehas anyone had any success with an acer travelmate 230/280? or some laptop with a intel 82845G graphics, or it still a pain?06:55
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : hmmm then Im out of ideas06:55
=== Co_Skate_Punx is now known as ce_fbc
gold44how to check ubuntu version?06:56
AntiUSAhow do I compile/install software that is still in the form of sourcecode? (tar.gz)06:56
Z_o-s-o_system - about ubuntu06:56
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: it displays the full 1920 by 1200 resolution but it auto scrolls to the left and down to view the content06:56
amenadoKalamansi-> how did you even get that gateway in there, did you type it in via  the route add command?06:56
NAbreuhow to get sound working on ubuntu studio even though sound worked in regular ubuntu?06:56
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : im not sure why it would do that.....06:57
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: so i guess it worked in a way but i wanna view the whole 1080p are on the screen and not have to scroll over06:57
xybloris there a shell command to open a file with the program associated with that extension type?06:57
tdawgedogg_ya im confused to06:57
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : i would say go to system-prefs-screen res and dbl check...if you havent06:57
Kalamansiamenado : i use the gui right in the upper06:57
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: I know ive had 1920 by 1200 before...in my last install of ubuntu gutzy but i had to wipe it and start over cuase some error06:57
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: yep it says 1920 by 120006:58
AntiUSAhow do I compile/install software that is still in the form of sourcecode? (tar.gz)06:58
tdawgedogg_can anyone else help on this issue?06:58
amenadoKalamansi-> can you remove that entry from the gui and add it manually via the  route add command?06:59
instatdawgedogg_: is there an #nvidia ?06:59
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : id say post in the forums06:59
instaAntiUSA: extract the archive first06:59
instaAntiUSA: make sure you have the build-essentials package installed06:59
tdawgedogg_yeah forums take to long...im looking for sucess before i go to bed :)06:59
Qwelgedit launches the GUI for editing txt based applications, is there a prompt command for launching an image editor?06:59
Z_o-s-o_wishful thinking :D06:59
instaAntiUSA: then make sure you have the dependencies06:59
Z_o-s-o_lemme keep looking for ya07:00
instaAntiUSA: then cd into the directory of source code, and run "./configure"07:00
Tankadohow can i copy a directory from my library to my /usr/include/ dirs?07:00
instathen "make"07:00
Tankadoi need root premission07:00
instathen "sudo make install"07:00
Ultraputzrgsteel1 - nope. :-) i set it to 16/44, had it at 16/2207:00
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: wait, it worked for res 1920 by 105007:00
AntiUSAthakns Insta07:00
tdawgedogg_what is the res of 1080p again?07:00
ritzcrackerthis is interesting lol07:00
Qwelgedit launches the GUI for editing txt based applications, is there a prompt command for launching an image editor? Anyone?07:01
tdawgedogg_frack...maybe this monitor is 16:9 and not 16:1007:01
tdawgedogg_crap im an idiot07:01
amenadoTankado-> do you really need to copy, can you not use a symlink?07:01
Z_o-s-o_so now it should work07:01
Tankadoi dont know what a symlink is, i just need it in my c++ includes for projects07:01
amenadoTankado man ln07:02
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
AntiUSAInsta: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory07:03
NAbreudoes anyone know why sound would not work after I upgraded to ubuntu studio 7.10 from gutsy?07:03
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: im checking native resolution for the monitor07:03
amenadoNAbreu-> gutsy is 7.10 isnt it?07:03
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : k07:03
Qwelgedit launches the GUI for editing txt based applications, is there a prompt command for launching an image editor? Anyone?07:04
instaAntiUSA: just try "make" then07:04
NAbreuamenado: yes07:04
breodjehi, how would you install a small KDE, e.g. just an entry in the KDM, and not all the stuff like amor akregator and so on07:04
Tankadoamenado : just for knowledge what does "cp: omitting directory `/home/user/poco-1.3.2/'"  means?07:04
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: ok its only 16:9 so 1920 by 1050....it works not thanks so much dude07:05
ckin2001Tankado, cp -R07:05
AntiUSAahmm.... there's actually an executable in here... I guess it's already encrypted? I don't install this? How do I put it in my Games menu?07:05
breodjewhen i type aptßget install kde he likes to download 250 MB, but i need only kicker and kdebase and of course startkde in the KDM07:05
amenadoTankado-> it did not copy it because you did not have a recursive option or all in the copy command07:05
AntiUSAalready compiled***07:05
AntiUSAbrainfart, hahaha07:05
Tankadoahh ok thanks07:05
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: are you good with soundcard chipset drivers also lol...still havent gotten my 5.1 working yet07:05
instadoes sudo make install work?07:05
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : not so much....what kind of card is it?07:06
workmanpeople can i create a mail box on my Ubuntu 7.10 ? to have amail address like workman@(myip-orworkman).org.blabla.. ?07:06
o7andrewanyone know about mac ibook g3's and ubuntu??07:07
instaAntiUSA: sorry lemme catch up07:07
bullgard4What popular programs do need a 'scrollkeeper database'?07:07
ritzcrackerwhat issue are you having07:07
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: Realtek ALC850 chipset....its intrigrated on the board07:07
instaoh you didn't say anything07:07
ritzcrackerif its the same as me join the party07:07
instaball is in your court AntiUSA07:07
mdk[]how can you make icons large on the desktop without them becoming pixelated?07:08
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : id say open the mixer and go to edit-prefs....and see if theres anything regarding surround in there07:08
bullgard4AntiUSA: Ubuntu is a familiy-friendly community. Please choose another nickname and not one which is discriminating a nation.07:08
workmanpeople can i create a mail box on my Ubuntu 7.10 ? to have amail address like workman@(myip-orworkman).org.blabla.. ?07:09
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: under device HDA Nvidia (Alsa mixer) i see surround07:09
tdawgedogg_ but under device i dont see realtek alc85007:10
tdawgedogg_im looking under default mixer tracks right?07:10
Z_o-s-o_so you have an nvidia chipset then07:11
tdawgedogg_yes NVIDIA nForce 550 MCP07:11
Z_o-s-o_ok tick the box for surround07:11
Z_o-s-o_then go back to the main mixer07:11
Z_o-s-o_you should see sliders for it now07:12
tdawgedogg_wait where is main mixer07:12
tdawgedogg_im under default mixer tracks07:12
tdawgedogg_under sound preferences07:12
Z_o-s-o_the main mixer is just double clicking the volume icon07:12
Z_o-s-o_where u set the volume07:12
tdawgedogg_i only see pcm front mic and line in07:13
tdawgedogg_also where did everyone else go lol07:13
Z_o-s-o_yeah but from that window go to edit-prefs07:13
Z_o-s-o_and select surround07:13
notyetahey, room, i wanna install ubuntu from an iso image but i didn't burn it into CD.07:13
tdawgedogg_oh snap i can add center and surround07:14
tdawgedogg_is LFE the subwoofer?07:14
Kalamansiamenado : how to add in route add command?07:14
tdawgedogg_ok ill test this07:14
Z_o-s-o_but when u select surround, it should add volume sliders for it07:14
z5000manI got a problem with my Gutsy install, can someone help?07:15
tdawgedogg_yeah it did!!!07:15
Z_o-s-o_turn it up07:15
Sonicadvance1I seem to be having troubles. I've compiled and installed a kernel (2.6.25-RC2) and it runs fine. But When I try compiling the Nvidia Driver's. It fails because it can't find Linux kernel headers. Anyone have experience in getting the headers installed correctly and/or the nvidia driver? :D07:16
Sonicadvance1I never had this problem before >.>07:17
ol_dude67Sonicadvance1, why did you up date the kernel?07:17
Sonicadvance1ol_dude67, For some reason, it wasn't seeing both cores of my CPU. The new kernel I compiled myself does though07:17
tdawgedogg_stupid amarok not having mp3 functionality07:18
tdawgedogg_downloading plugin now....ill let u know Zoso07:18
tdawgedogg_download rate 4000b/s lol07:18
amenadoKalamansi route add -net netmask gw
tdawgedogg_wait wtf im sure i was playing mp3s this morning with amarok wtf x 1007:20
workmanpeople can i create a mail box on my Ubuntu 7.10 ? to have amail address like workman@(myip-orworkman).org.blabla.. ?07:20
amenadoKalamansi  if this gives you an error, it means is unreachable07:20
tdawgedogg_what do you guys use to play musik...what program?07:20
Z_o-s-o_xmms here07:20
Sonicadvance1tdawgedogg_, I use gtkpod to play music :D07:20
workmantdawgedogg_, with xmss type sudo apt-get install xmms07:20
workmanxmms rulz :P07:20
Kalamansiamenado : $route add -net netmask gw ... done.. ping is unreachable07:21
Z_o-s-o_ive been using XMMS / Winamp for a long time07:21
tdawgedogg_oh snap xmms is already installed on my system07:21
tdawgedogg_sonic whats so good aboot gtkpod?07:21
amenadoKalamansi that signifies you have a problem with your cable or the switchport you are using is a problem07:21
=== OjeEtybgN is now known as deko
Z_o-s-o_i use banshee for my ipod07:22
Sonicadvance1tdawgedogg_, Nothing really. I just implemented the music playing capabilities by myself. I like using my own work ;)07:22
dekoanyone able to help with getting GDM to start on a sun blade 2000 with a pgx64 gfx card ?07:22
tdawgedogg_heh okay....isnt amarok suppossed to be the l33test program for linux?07:22
Sonicadvance1eh, Don't care for Amarok, too bulky07:23
Z_o-s-o_xmms is the perfect size07:23
tdawgedogg_bulky meaning uses to much memory?07:23
Z_o-s-o_and its fast07:23
Sonicadvance1Both GUI and Memory07:23
tdawgedogg_ah okay07:23
Sonicadvance1GTKpod + my gstreamer player = around 5MB average07:24
dekoanyone able to help with getting GDM to start on a sun blade 2000 with a pgx64 gfx card ?07:24
Z_o-s-o_now thats tough07:24
z5000manDoes anyone know of any common problems with the bind setup on gutsy?07:24
bullgard4What popular programs do need a 'scrollkeeper database'?07:24
z5000manim getting rdnc connect error07:25
Z_o-s-o_no idea07:25
dekoi take it as a no then. am i invisible ?07:25
Z_o-s-o_i have no idea07:25
* deko disables his invisibility cloak07:26
Sonicadvance1Wish I had a Sun blade 2000 with a pgx64 gfx card :D07:26
Z_o-s-o_is the server old?07:26
z5000manhey look everyone dekos here07:26
Z_o-s-o_Sun Blade 2000 isnt as sexy as an Apple Xserve07:26
dekothis is a desktop workstation not a rack mount so not that sexy07:27
z5000mancan you direct me to a channel with help on gutsy then?07:27
AntiUSAbullgard, the very existence of the USA is not family friendly07:27
AntiUSAamerica is an oppressive imperialist empire, it is not "discriminated again"07:27
tdawgedogg_wow guys the menu affects are awesome in xmms!07:27
AntiUSAboo hoo, poor americans, they're so oppressed!07:27
tdawgedogg_like when u right click07:28
Z_o-s-o_where u from AntiUSA07:28
AntiUSAthe USA07:28
Z_o-s-o_ahha very good07:28
tdawgedogg_whats the best graphical musical program lol....i love the lil effects and shit07:28
AntiUSAthat arguement is like white people complaining about racism against them07:28
Z_o-s-o_so move to canada and be done with it07:29
Z_o-s-o_no use complaining07:29
tdawgedogg_lol white power..wait i thought this was an ubuntu room lol07:29
doylehey, all.07:29
tdawgedogg_ODOYLE RULES07:29
doyle::yawn:: what's up, all?07:29
AntiUSAZ-o-s-o: moving to another country doesn't change the relation of the USA to the world. The us has killed over a million Iraqis. If I move to Canada will they stop?07:30
tdawgedogg_zoso...thanks u helped me fix it07:30
doylei'm having a hell of a time with my wireless card.   basically, it works; works with WEP.07:30
TrustNoOneNeed help with wireless. I have a D-Link DWA-652. It has the ID of 168c:0023. I installed ndiswrapper and the driver and my card is recognized, but when I try to connect to a network it does not connection, my router is configured for WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal for AES and TKIP, and only my intel card is working (doesnt use ndis)07:30
|GaiJin|hey guys... I was hoping one of you might like to tell me what package I have to reinstall to get my icons and stuff to work, just installed ubuntu 7.10 and NEtwork Manager applet is getting a error, and I have almost no icons07:30
doylewhat in the hell does it take to make WPA fckin' work ? :-)07:30
biouserdoyle, I forget, but it does...07:30
doyleyea, trustnoone...   having similar problem.07:30
doylewpa_gui  and wpa_supplicant don't seem to work right.07:31
AntiUSAInsta: if something has an executable file does that mean it's already compiled?07:31
Z_o-s-o_AntiUSA : so you disagree with the US stand on terrorism....07:31
tdawgedogg_when ur downloading at 2kb a sec u get so excited when u see a jump at like 40kb/s for like 2 seconds07:31
Pieti managed to let my virtual hosts work. but i still got 2008] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:0 has no VirtualHosts07:31
doylei got it to finally CONNECT to the router, and an IP address is assigned, but i can't ping anything..07:31
biouserdoyle, just use NetMan to start07:31
instaAntiUSA: yeah07:32
biouser(NetworkManager or whatev it is)07:32
tdawgedogg_anyone know how i can get some more compriz fusion plugins07:32
biouserI always just Net <tab>07:32
TrustNoOneya my card wont even connect to nothing, i could try using WEP instead but... i have both versions of WPA with both types of encryption on my router and those arent working soooo07:32
biouserI wish I could remember how I did it to help you guys07:32
biouserit took me a couple of days though... then when I finally figured it out it took 5 minutes07:33
TrustNoOnesn00zer, you good with wireless?07:33
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : you mean more than it caME with?07:33
|GaiJin|is there a command I can give apt to get it to reinstall all the entire thing, seem to be missing some icons and sheit07:33
doylei am using network-manager;  works for WEP connections.  WPA doesn't seem to connect, or doesn't connect and then work.07:33
AntiUSAok, so how do I add software that is compiled into my Application menu07:33
sn00zerTrustNoOne, not really, i only use it at my school and i vpn don't use wpa07:33
biouserdoyle, does it ask for a key?07:33
TrustNoOneI dont like wep, it only supplies encryption for wireless network, not hard wired07:34
doylenot anymore.07:34
doylei had ran wpa_passphrase and supplied the ssid and the passphrase07:34
doylenow it does not ask anymore.07:34
Pieti managed to let my virtual hosts work. but i still got 2008] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:0 has no VirtualHosts , someone knows why? i dont have in any file NameVirtualHost btw..07:34
biousermine asks for a key every time but it took so long to get it to work I decided not to play with it further07:34
macogwAntiUSA: just right click the menu and hit "edit menu" then add a thing for it and in the command part put the path to it (if you compiled it in your home directory, youll have to figure that out yourself, but if when you did "./configure" you didn't set a prefix, just putting the name will work)07:34
sn00zerTrustNoOne, vpn and wep are different07:34
doylehow do you 'clear' the saved WPA key.07:34
TrustNoOnesn00zer, i know, vpn has nothing to do with what im doing, and i hate wep, im trying to get WPA to work07:35
Z_o-s-o_WEP is a type of encryption07:35
comradjohnHello folks, anyone got a moment for an installation question?07:35
Z_o-s-o_VPN allows you to access a remote network from another network07:35
macogwTrustNoOne: i think wep and wpa are both wireless encryption protocols.  for wired youd need a vpn07:35
FloodBot3nix: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:35
Z_o-s-o_ok comrad john07:35
TrustNoOnevpn = virtual private network, that has nothing to do with connecting to a wireless connection07:35
doylehow can i clear the entered password for a wpa connection, so it will ask again?07:36
tdawgedogg_z_o-s-o_: how do i choose what extension is opened with what application07:36
macogwTrustNoOne: right so if you want an encrypted connection regardless of whether you're using wired or wireless, you need to use an encrpted vpn tunnel07:36
TrustNoOnemacogw, no, wep is wireless encryption, and so is WPA, but WPA provides wired encryption as well, its more secure than wep07:36
sn00zerTrustNoOne, in my setup the school offers unsecured ap's but you can only open one page with directions on using vpn to get full internet access07:36
Z_o-s-o_comradjohn : whats your question07:36
macogwdoyle: if you install seahorse it should let you delete it from your keyring07:37
TrustNoOnemacogw, im talking about encrypted on my home network, not over the internet07:37
tdawgedogg_I still have to go to open with Xmms07:37
doyleok. let me check; thanks.07:37
tdawgedogg_instead of dobule clicking07:37
comradjohnI've just installed Ubuntu using a burned copy of the downloaded live DVD07:37
bazhangwired encryption via wpa? ;]07:37
comradjohnand I'm trying to install a number of different development suites07:37
comradjohnfor example, an Erlang package07:37
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : right click the mp3 and go to the opens with tab07:37
sn00zerTrustNoOne, wpa is available and i connect to it with M$ but i haven't found anyone that was able to connect reliably so never tried it myself07:37
macogwTrustNoOne: why does it need to be encrypted between your box and the router on a wired network? do you usually have crackers, script kiddies, and wardrivers using wired connections within your LAN?07:37
Z_o-s-o_comradjohn : ok07:37
comradjohngetting the source to Erlang was easy enough07:37
comradjohnrunning ./configure like normal it says "you have no curses lib"07:38
comradjohnso I go looking for one of those07:38
comradjohnfind it supported in system->(one moment while I look for the rest of that)07:38
macogwcomradjohn: why not just install it from the repos?07:38
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs07:38
macogwcomradjohn: system -> admin -> synaptic07:38
ph0rensicwhat up folks07:38
comradjohnyep, synaptic that was it07:38
comradjohnso I try and install it07:39
doylei installed from the liveCD and it ran right the first time. even picked up my stupid softMAC wifi card.07:39
comradjohnncurses that is07:39
macogwcomradjohn: why dont you just install erlang from synaptic?07:39
comradjohnOh I did07:39
comradjohnbut we're getting to that07:39
bazhang!info erlang07:39
ubotuerlang (source: erlang): Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:11.b.5dfsg-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 26 kB, installed size 72 kB07:39
TrustNoOnemacogw, thats not it, im trying to connect my wireless adapter to my router using ndiswrapper, but i am having no luck, my router is set to use WPA personal or WPA2 personal with either TKIP or AES encryption, i didnt try WEP but i dont want to use WEP anyways, but everytime i try to connect it just times out and doesnt establish a connection even tho the driver was installed correctly and is recognized07:39
comradjohnThat's the one07:39
doyleyea, synaptic does a really good job with making sure you dont get caught up in a dep-hell.07:39
comradjohnExcept that it didn't work07:39
comradjohnHere's the problem07:39
comradjohnJust about every other thing I've tried to install from any of the three package managers that have come with ubuntu07:40
doylei get it to connect to the WPA/WPA2 , but i can't ping anything -- can't even ping the gateway IP07:40
macogwTrustNoOne: oo i see... im just not sure ndiswrapper does wpa then...07:40
comradjohnhas failed07:40
comradjohnwith this message:07:40
comradjohn(one moment finding a copy)07:40
macogwcomradjohn: is it telling you it wants the CD? go to sytem -> admin -> software sources and uncheck the CD07:40
TrustNoOnemacogw, according to my device ID and the list on ndiswrapper site, that it should be working, although my specific card is not listed, other cards that are similar and have the same device ID and chipset are supposedly working with WPA07:40
comradjohnFailed to fetch cdrom:[Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071017)]/pool/main/t/tcl8.4/tcl8.4_8.4.15-1build1_i386.deb  Hash Sum mismatch07:40
comradjohnE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?07:40
comradjohnso yes, sounds like it is telling me it wants the cd rom07:41
brian_hey guys where do i go to install the cube?07:41
macogwcomradjohn: yeah do what i just said07:41
macogw!ccsm | brian_07:41
ubotubrian_: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion07:41
comradjohnwait a minute07:41
comradjohnif I'm unchecking this cdrom thing that means it'll download from the internet right?07:41
TrustNoOnemacogw, also read on a forum that this guy has the same card as me, installed this distro of linux with ndis already installed and he just installed the inf file for the driver and he said it worked perfectly, he didnt say what encryption method he was using though, but im stumped because I tried all combos of WPA and WPA2 encryption07:42
Z_o-s-o_comradjohn yes07:42
comradjohnSee, that's what exactly what I was trying to avoid by using the DVD version07:42
tdawgedogg_hey how do i tell .mp3 files to be opened by a certain program?07:42
comradjohnBut I guess if that's not possible I'll just have to hope the lappy stays good for a year :)07:42
biousersorry I can't help doyle, off to sleep.  I found my solution in the user documentation eventually I think07:43
Z_o-s-o_tdawgedogg : right click an mp3.....go to open with......expand command line thing....and type Xmms07:43
macogwcomradjohn: if you disconnect from the internet and what you want is on the disk, it should work from the disk07:43
Survivormanright click, properties, open with07:43
Z_o-s-o_thatll make mp3s open in Xmms07:43
macogwcomradjohn: but you have to have the disk in teh drive07:43
comradjohnnow I am confused07:43
comradjohnright the disk is in the drive07:43
comradjohnthat part I got07:43
comradjohnit's mounted too07:44
sofiankrtwhich command can I use to copy all the .iso images in different directories in my home directory to a directory called Distros?07:44
doyle    no problem biouser .  thx anyways.07:44
cishpixHow can I run public file server from kde4 in ubuntu??07:44
comradjohnbut what you're saying is that I can either be connected to the internet and trying to get apps that way, or have the disc in the drive and try and get apps that way, but not both simultaneously?07:44
tdawgedogg_Z_o-s-o_: expand command line thingy...in gutsy?07:44
doylei like installing 'base' from the CDROM.07:44
macogwcomradjohn: i usually just install everything from online and take the disk out of my sources because of that error... but if youre offline and run "sudo apt-get update" the internet ones should be ignored and only whats on the DVD will be available07:44