VietnowI'm having another problem, this time with AWN, when I go to click on another window, it doesn't bring auto focus on to it, it will pop up on my screen but it wont be selected, it makes me click it multiple times to make it the focused window00:55
Vietnowanyone know have this problem / know how to fix it?00:55
PsynoKhi0greetings, is anyone here familiar with both xubuntu 7.10 and Puppy Linux?02:43
HeatHawk[LI]Hey there, I am trying to install a laptop that had ubuntu 6 on it, and when I boot the xubuntu 7 cd, no matter the option I select it drops to the Initramfs prompt02:55
PsynoKhi0LTS version currently?02:59
HeatHawk[LI]Thats what was on it ya02:59
PsynoKhi0I'd updtae as much as I can then pop in the alternate Gutsy03:00
PsynoKhi0not the LiveCD03:00
HeatHawk[LI]i dont think that will help the cd work :p03:01
dsmith_initramfs = busybox??03:01
HeatHawk[LI]dsmith_, ya, sorry, it is busybox, the prompt is: (initramfs) tho03:02
PsynoKhi0anyone familiar with both xubuntu and puppy?03:02
dsmith_HeatHawk[LI]: I have seen that before and I can still figure out why that comes up from time to time03:02
dsmith_I *cannot03:02
dsmith_xubuppy linux?03:03
PsynoKhi0my usb works perfectly in puppy but I can't get it right in xubuntu03:04
dsmith_what does lsusb say?03:05
PsynoKhi0Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:06
PsynoKhi0if I plug in an USB key, the device manager sees it but I get no hotplug in xubuntu03:06
PsynoKhi0so no automont... manual mount = HAL whines after a few seconds and disconnects the key03:07
dsmith_ask on #ubuntu03:09
dsmith_expert more then me03:09
PsynoKhi0I've tried changing the grub options to: noapic nolapic pci=routeirq irqpoll... but then my NIC crashes after a few seconds in Firefox, hard reset required03:10
HeatHawk[LI]dsmith_, do you know if the latest xubuntu kernel employs the new drive naming scheme? sd* instead of hd?03:11
dsmith_i am not sure03:12
HeatHawk[LI]because the init script is complaining it cant find /dev/sdb when this is an older ide based laptop, so unless it uses the new scheme, thats a hardcoded error :\03:12
dsmith_create a bug for it03:12
Ultraputzhey, running gutsy, trying to get audacity to work. verified that mic (and audio) work through the sound control panel. audacity set for i/o /dev/dsp (OSS), mic selected, and when you hit record... freeze. ALSA donut work. 1.3.3 beta06:16
Frijoliea lively bunch tonight?06:37
Frijoliei can't get xubuntu to install successfully06:39
Ultraputzthat's pretty specific.06:40
Frijolieon my laptop..hehe sorry I saw that one coming06:40
Ultraputzkeep going06:40
Frijoliei load the LiveCD, click on the install icon follow the prompts. it finishes installing, I click on "reboot now"06:40
Frijoliei'm working on it hang on06:40
Ultraputzok :-)06:41
Frijolieit shuts down, instructs me to remove my CD and press enter. then it restarts and that's it--black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left of screen06:41
Ultraputzdoes it show any startup at all?06:42
Frijoliei leave it for a few minutes, thinking its still loading, and it never wakes up. the HDD light is going like mad but it never wakes06:42
Ultraputzlike, your laptop's startup, etc?06:42
Ultraputzdoes it ever say anything about "Grub" ?06:42
Frijolieyes, I get my manufacturers splash but nothing from xubuntu06:42
Frijolieyeah it says loading 1.5 or something06:42
Ultraputzwhat kind of laptop, how much memory, etc.06:42
Ultraputzthat tells us that the bootstrap made it06:43
FrijolieI have a Toshiba Satellite (about 2 years old) 512MB RAM, 40GB HDD, Pentium M proc, intel pro wireless 2200, ati mobile radeon 960006:43
Frijoliedunno if my partitions are goofing it up...i manually created them instead of "using the entire disk"06:44
Ultraputzthe first thing that comes to mind to do is try to do the installation from the alternate, rather than the live CD06:44
Ultraputzthe live CD did not work for me.06:44
Ultraputzhowever, i have a considerably older and grumpier laptop happily working via the alternate install.06:45
Frijoliei'm DBANning it right now and will try again. alternate install? I'll look for that on the home page.06:46
Frijoliei'm interested in trying out VMWares, VirtualBox, Parallels, etc in Xubuntu. Is this possible? I'd like to run a few distro and maybe the "distro" from Redmond, WA06:46
Frijoliein a VM06:47
Ultraputzits on the downloads page.06:47
skypiloteeehow do i browse samba shares in xubuntu?06:48
Ultraputz( google is your friend :-) )06:51
Frijoliewho's google?06:51
Ultraputzkinda goofy looking kid, googley eyes, you know06:52
skypiloteeeyeah, i looked around, but found various things, and couldn't decide which to use06:52
Frijoliei like Xubuntu because it doesn't have all that system bloat like Ubuntu does.06:53
Frijoliethey really need to get a handle on that06:53
skypiloteeei'm running eeexubuntu currently,06:53
skypiloteeei'm expecting good things from hardy06:53
skypiloteeeit's xubuntu customized for the eee pc06:53
Ultraputzhe has an eee pc06:53
Frijoliei read some of the release notes and there doesn't seem like much to upgrade for...06:54
Frijoliein Hardy06:54
Ultraputzsupport for LUKS, etc. is supposed to improve.06:55
skypiloteeewell, hopefully they nail this one down to a nice release, since they've gained a lot of popularity, and it's their chance to really capitalize on it06:55
Ultraputzeither of you know anything about audio /06:55
Ultraputzer audio under gutsy ?06:56
skypiloteeein linux? no, i'm just happy when i get it to work.06:56
Ultraputzeverything is working except audacity06:56
Ultraputzmic plays through, etc, but when i hit record, audacity takes a shit. totally freezes.06:56
Ultraputzer mic playus through control panel06:56
Frijoliei'm definately not an audio guy06:57
Frijolieskypiloteee: does your webcam work with that machine? my laptop has a built-in webcam as well but I've never been able to get it to work06:58
Ultraputzthis is my first serious roll with linux in about 8 years.06:58
Ultraputzlast time around, i had a slackware box serving as an automation server.06:58
FrijolieI've been Linux exclusive for about 6 months06:58
skypiloteeethe eee pc webcam works flawlessly.06:58
Ultraputzbeen a bsd/openstep/osx guy too damned long, lost track.06:58
FrijolieUltraputz: i've been wanting to try Slackware06:58
skypiloteeeeveryone thinks this thing is worth more than it is06:59
skypiloteeethey always assume it's expensive06:59
Ultraputzthey're like $400 usd , ja ?06:59
FrijolieUltraputz: never tried BSD, that's another I'd like to mess with. I see a lot of similarities in XFCE and OSX06:59
Ultraputz"it's the thinking man's macbook air."06:59
skypiloteee$300 for the base 2g model06:59
skypiloteee$400 for the 4g06:59
Frijolie4GB? What can you put on that HDD? 2 OOo docs?07:00
skypiloteeeSDHC slot takes care of most storage needs07:00
skypiloteeealso, i just freshly installed xubuntu and a couple of apps, and currently at....07:00
Frijoliedoes it have a USB port to attach an external drive?07:00
skypiloteee3 usb ports, and an SDHC slot (SD high capacity, so like 8-16gb)07:01
skypiloteeeand that sits almost flush in it07:01
skypiloteeethe reason it's 4gb is because it's a solid state drive, not your typical hard drive07:01
Ultraputzfrijolie -- my largest complaint with most unixen on the desktop is x windows07:02
skypiloteeei have 1.6gb free07:02
Frijolieskypiloteee: solid state = mini stone tablet?07:02
Ultraputzfrij - no hdd07:02
Ultraputzstatic memory07:02
Ultraputzlike the big air07:02
skypiloteeeimagine a usb flash drive, but faster, as your hard drive07:02
Frijoliei was kidding07:03
Ultraputz<- stoned, a little dense.07:03
FrijolieI'd like to experiment with a bootable USB distro07:03
Ultraputzbtw, funny from main ubuntu channel "does anyone know why sound would not work after I upgraded to ubuntu studio 7.10 from gutsy?"07:03
UltraputzDamn Small Linux07:04
skypiloteeeeeexubuntu actually lets you boot off usb, has the usb boot maker thing in it actually07:04
UltraputzI'm setting up this machine to take with me. I'm going to do some travelling for the next year or so, and I want something I can use to keep in touch with people.07:04
FrijolieI've heard of that one before...is it all CLI?07:04
Ultraputzand to write with, of course.07:04
UltraputzDSL is just a definition of a linux that's useful embedded.07:05
Ultraputzit can have a GUI, but typically does not.07:05
Ultraputzhowever, it would certainly not be x-windows based.07:05
FrijolieI think they've got it down to a few MB don't they?07:05
skypiloteeedsl? it's like 55mb07:05
Ultraputzsome very simplified kernals can run in small spaces.07:06
Ultraputzif you're interested in small, look up the L4/fiasco kernal.07:06
Frijolie.rpm, .deb, .tar.gz, or binary?07:06
Ultraputzbinary, of course.07:06
Ultraputzl4/fiasco is really impressive and tiny. If you want to roll your own operating system, there's the magic fairy dust.07:07
FrijolieI would like to use them at school, but I'm sure booting to USB requires administrator account right?07:07
Ultraputzdepends on the machine07:07
Ultraputzand how it's set07:07
Frijoliedon't you have to get into the CMOS and allow USB boot and change the boot order?07:07
Ultraputzif they're stupid (and many are) if usb has priority over hdd for boot, then it will go.07:07
Ultraputzthat's typically not hard, again, because most admins are pretty stupid.07:08
Frijoliethat would leave them wide open for viruses, trojans, malware, etc07:08
Frijoliespecially on a windoze box07:08
skypiloteeehence why he said that most of them are stupid07:08
Ultraputzwe begin with the part where they're running windows -- if you're running windows, then having a virus-free environment is obviously not a high priority.07:09
Frijoliemost campus admins are just rent-an-admin anyways. Mostly students doing "work studies"07:09
Frijoliedon't really care what they have to do to get tuition waivers07:09
Ultraputzthen we move on to the part that most institutional systems are managed by Certified techs/admins. This is different from experience, and tends to produce monstrous and stupid problems.07:10
Ultraputzor in the US, they're basically highly paid phone support that graduated from the telephone.07:10
Ultraputzlittle worker bees.07:10
Ultraputzi left the industry proper  a few years ago07:11
FrijolieI'm taking a computer security class and they did a demo of a bootable distro called BackTrack. Have you heard of that one?07:11
Ultraputzstill do some freelance coding here and there.07:11
Ultraputznope. I've seen all kinds though. My favorite of the 1.44 OSes is QNX07:11
Ultraputzit's unix-like and has good real-time support.07:11
Ultraputzand a much lighter and smarter GUI system than x-windows that's network-retargetable. you can literally drag a window from one computer to another :-)07:12
Ultraputzwell, under certain circumstances.07:12
FrijolieBackTrack is designed to be a system penetration tester. It's amazing how many tools are out there for the "bad guys"07:12
FrijolieNever heard of QNX.07:13
UltraputzI'm trying to catch up in my education on wireless security07:13
* Ultraputz discovered kismet07:13
Ultraputzthat's pretty sweet.07:13
skypiloteeethat reminds me, i was gonna go find how to crack wep, so if i ever absolutely need internet access on the road...07:15
Ultraputzkismet is a part of that equation :-)07:15
Ultraputzthat's precisely my circumstances. i'll have, at least for a while, a vehicle.07:15
Ultraputzapparently, the most important thing is to have a wireless card that can do a little more than simply connect.07:16
Ultraputzsome of them allow a kind of passive monitoring to detect passive networks by scanning for traffic07:16
FrijolieI've heard WPA/WPA2 isn't all that difficult to crack either07:16
Ultraputzi've not heard, but i'd like to know more.07:16
skypiloteeei've heard that cracking a decently strong WPA should take a considerable amount of time07:17
Frijoliewhere I am 80% have open networks anyway so there's no crackin to be done07:17
Frijolieoh the ignorance07:17
Ultraputzhere at the house, i quit worrying about it. I put a bandwidth choke on the firewall machine to a cheap little wifi router, and without the proper mac address, it doesn't give you a useful dns server, and it blocks the local ISP dns servers (preferring the local cache)07:17
Ultraputzthis way, it just seems to be problematic, and suggests you move along :-)07:17
skypiloteeewonder how the wireless in the eee pc will work for wep cracking07:18
FrijolieMAC filtering is worthless just like WEP07:18
Ultraputzwhat kinda slots that bug got?07:18
Ultraputzyes, but this is passive.07:18
Ultraputzit is not an exlcusive filter07:18
Ultraputzit uses my mac to know to give me the correct DNS server.07:19
Ultraputzand the firewall box blocks access to the other dns servers.07:19
Ultraputzat least, locally known ones07:19
Ultraputzso that rather than appearing to be 'guarded', it appears to be a fucked up configuration07:19
Ultraputzso people don't sit on it.07:19
Ultraputzi live right next to a public park, and I can say that WEP does not cover your butt :-)07:20
Frijolieah, kimset does intrusion detection?07:22
Ultraputzkismet. among others.07:23
Frijoliei've got cable internet and have always been tempted to do a little "sniffin"07:23
skypiloteeethere are various unprotected wireless networks at my uni07:25
skypiloteeeif you sniff around, you can find some interesting things in the network shares07:25
Frijoliethat's what I was talking about..."Naughty Babysitter 9" etc07:26
Ultraputzoh man.07:26
Ultraputzthere's no end to crazy shit you'll see watching network traffic07:27
Ultraputzjust watch filesharing search requests.07:27
Frijoliecan sniffers reconstruct the packets?07:27
Ultraputzof course07:27
Frijoliehuh? no way!07:27
Ultraputzit's not difficult at all.07:28
Frijoliethat's interesting07:28
Ultraputzsome things are harder to use than others07:28
Ultraputzlike various binary data streams07:28
Frijoliewireshark a good one?07:28
Ultraputzbut basic cleartext...07:28
Ultraputzwireshark is pretty much a standard tool in the belt, ja.07:28
Ultraputzalso read up about cable modems and networking.07:29
Ultraputzsometimes your neighbors are easy to see :-)07:29
Frijoliei'm behind a NAT router, will that complicate things?07:29
Ultraputzyou've got some homework to do :-)07:29
Frijolieright now there's 9/11 wireless networks that have no security07:29
Ultraputznevermind the alphabet soup -- networking is not terribly complicated. it's a good to have a basic orientation with theory, rather than have memorized a bunch of procedures relating to the front-end.07:30
Frijolieand a print server?07:30
Ultraputza lot of wireless printers07:30
Ultraputzthey act as a sort of access point, like an airport express07:30
Frijoliean entry point?07:30
Ultraputzyou'd have to read up on the specific devices.07:30
Ultraputzbut it would be fun to print random things on other people's printers.07:31
skypiloteeegoatse anyone?07:31
Ultraputz72 point type: "you need to study network security. -evildoer666"07:31
Frijoliehehe, like those old fax spam messages of old07:31
Ultraputzone of the most spectacular gifts i received was from a friend who was a xerox technician07:31
Ultraputzxerox docucenters are huge copiers.07:31
Ultraputzwell, more like "micro printing plants"07:32
Ultraputzbut they're not old electromechanical copiers.07:32
Ultraputzthey're high speed laser printers and scanners.07:32
Ultraputz... tied together with predictable hardware.07:32
Ultraputzin short, suns.07:32
Ultraputzand they all have the same default password.07:32
Ultraputzfor the technician to maintain them07:32
Ultraputzyet they sit on a network, and they're running a friendly unix.07:32
Ultraputzwhen i worked at certain midwestern university, one of my schadenfreude was running an old text-based MUD off of another department's docucenter07:33
Ultraputzand occasionally looking through their faxes, or randomly inserting things into their print cue.07:33
Ultraputzer queue07:33
Ultraputzat one point, our department was embroiled in a lot of heat due to the firing of bobby knight07:34
Ultraputzthe vice president was constantly sweating07:34
Frijoliedon't mess with the IT guy07:34
Ultraputzso we backoriface'd his machine, and would turn on and stream his mic to listen in, and grab the renderings from his fax-printer.07:34
Ultraputzhe was a chode.07:34
Ultraputzi had fairly late hours, noon to 8. One day, i was a proxy for another fellow who was on vacation, and a problem in his department happened at 9am.07:35
skypiloteeei usually just resort to taking an ss then replacing their desktop with it, and then watch them when they can't click anything07:35
Ultraputzso he called me -- on my office line -- and left one threatening message after another, which i discovered all at once when i arrived, as usual.07:35
Ultraputzwhen he figured out what was up, he decided to yell at me about dress code. that's was it. i joined the darkside. his other IT guy was already there, so we joined forces. :-)07:36
Ultraputzit was also illuminating to realize that basically every 3rd electronic device is basically a bug waiting to happen.07:37
Ultraputzsky -- that is an oldie but goodie -- another one is screenshot some horrid porn so they have a "window that won't close.?07:37
Ultraputzthis is kinda cool, speaking of a small linux07:38
skypiloteeethat's also a good idea.07:38
Ultraputzit's really funny to watch them try to cover for it07:39
Ultraputz"man, you've been working on that spreadsheet all day..."07:39
Ultraputzi handled the creatives, so we had macs. mac users didn't tend to go "fullscreen" with apps.07:40
Ultraputzwindows users running something fullscreen is pretty much normal.07:40
Ultraputzso watching mac users try to cover was funny.07:40
Ultraputzespecially apps with lots of modal dialogs, suddenly carefully arrayed in a tapesty to cover god-knows-what.07:41
Ultraputzthat prank was too good.07:41
Ultraputzi assume you've both tried playing VNC tug-of-war with your users, right :-)07:43
Frijoliecan't say that I have07:43
Ultraputzthat one is fun :-)07:44
Frijolieim not in the industry yet, I'd like to be a network admin or DBA07:44
Ultraputznetwork  admin will have opportunities to dick with people like a mofo :-)07:44
Frijoliemaybe even systems analysit or security guru07:44
Frijoliei can imagine.07:45
Ultraputzif you're serious: learn networking before you Learn Networking.07:45
Frijoliei kant sppel07:45
skypiloteeevnc tug-o-war being?07:45
skypiloteeeyou fighting with the user on their computer?07:45
Ultraputzvnc -- lets you remote control a desktop07:45
Ultraputzmost admins install it to save them from getting up to deal with desktop support07:45
skypiloteeeyeah, i was just asking wha was meant by the tug-o-war part07:46
Frijolievirtual networking client right?07:46
Ultraputzit can be set to more or less allow for surevillance -- not letting them know you're there07:46
skypiloteeeah, yeah07:46
Ultraputzand therefore, not letting them know someone else is using their moues and keyboard :L-)07:46
Ultraputzja, that's the one07:46
skypiloteeeyes yes, it's fun to hit people while their playing games07:46
Frijolieor the shift + arrow keys?07:46
Ultraputzi have it on my pocketpc to control itunes from the porch. :-)07:46
skypiloteee(too much multi tasking while i clean my room)07:46
Frijoliedoesn't that flip the window upside down?07:47
Ultraputzoh hell yeah -- putzing with gamers kicks ass.07:47
Frijoliedown with cyberslackers!07:47
Ultraputzi used to have a newton with a scriptable universal remote control07:47
Ultraputzso for fun, i wrote scripts that would cycle through different makes of television and send "off"07:48
Ultraputzthen i would go to a certain local sports bar during games, and wait for tense moments.07:48
Ultraputzor send change channel for the local pbs station07:49
Frijoliepoor bar tenders taking the heat for it!07:49
Frijolieyou sound like my kinda guy07:49
Ultraputzhey. it said sports bar. that's my sport.07:49
skypiloteeei picked up a tiny universal remote from www.dealextreme.com07:49
skypiloteeelike 2 bucks and free shipping07:49
skypiloteeegreat fun.07:49
Ultraputzever seen those casio universal remote ir watches?07:49
Frijoliesame thing?07:50
skypiloteeenever changed to many public tv's before it died though07:50
Ultraputzbtw, if you go to a school that relies on a lot of video media presentations, don't forget your universal remote and code book07:50
skypiloteeegot a mcdonald's petty good once though07:50
Ultraputzdo tell!07:50
skypiloteeejust get one that sans07:50
Ultraputzmcdeath is a quintessential target.07:50
skypiloteeewell, it had it on cnn, always damn cnn, so i figured i07:51
skypiloteeed change it07:51
skypiloteeebut since i didn't know the cable channels, i had to rely on the people i was with07:51
skypiloteeeso i ended up on static07:51
Ultraputz... porn.07:51
Ultraputzeven better :-)07:51
Ultraputzthere was a guy i used to run around with... crazy guy.07:51
skypiloteeethen turned the volume up, then because they started laughing, i had to decide to get everyone to leave07:51
Ultraputzhe had been a military radar technician07:51
Ultraputzer radio07:52
Ultraputzand he knew the theory well.07:52
skypiloteeea few employees looked at it and were like "meh, not my problem..."07:52
Ultraputzthey probably preferred that to the tv07:52
Ultraputzcnn is a 30 minute repeating DJ mix of world misery and stupidity. static sounds better :-)07:52
Ultraputzanyway, this guy used to use a hamset07:53
skypiloteeecnn is barely better than fox these days >.>07:53
Ultraputzand he grabbed a mcdonalds drive thru order box, and separately, the employee headset.07:53
Ultraputzit never was07:53
Ultraputzthe fact that it once looked somewhat benign is why it was so toxic.07:53
skypiloteeeit's owned by turner anyways..07:53
Ultraputzpardon me, i have absolutely no faith whatsoever in commercial or state media to even pretend to tell the truth.07:54
Frijolie i'll take turner over murdoch anydays07:54
Ultraputzi'll take them both on a spit with apples in their mouths.07:54
skypiloteeeFrijolie, that's not saying much07:54
Ultraputzmmm long-pig07:54
Ultraputzdaniel boone, a us congressman, once threatened to eat any man who did not vote for andrew jackson07:55
Ultraputzthere's a long and patriotic tradition of cannibalism in america. I'd help eat rupert murdoch. :-)07:55
skypiloteeei was actually just thinking about cannibalism today07:55
skypiloteeeand how humans probably taste pretty decent07:55
Ultraputzlegalize it!07:55
Ultraputzi've heard it's indistinguishable from pork, and hence called "long-pig' by some.07:56
Ultraputzof course, i'm a vegitarian, but, i'd make a special exception for any of those guys, just as i make exeptions for the occasional reuben.07:56
Frijoliemmm, claireeeeeessseeee07:56
Ultraputznow it puts the lotion on it's skin, or it gets the hose again!07:57
Frijolienow I do love a tasty reuben!07:57
Ultraputzbest reubens on planet earth: madison wisconsin.07:57
skypiloteeereubens aren't so popular out here on the west coast07:57
Ultraputzno, they have fat and meat on them. :-)07:58
Frijoliethey don't have that nasty cole slaw on there do they? just corned beef, sauerkraut, dijon mustard, swiss and rye07:58
Ultraputzthere's kind of a "reuben belt" that starts in the great lakes and sweeps east from the carolinas through delaware.07:58
FrijolieI'm from Utah, we don't have much out here as far as culture is concerned07:58
Ultraputzthat's a reuben.07:59
Ultraputzoh mai. i lived in wyoming for a while. it's similar.07:59
Ultraputzall the burgers and steaks you could eat. try finding a simple fucking can of artichokes.07:59
Ultraputz"ye aint from around here, are ye, boy?"07:59
skypiloteeei'm in portland oregon... we have scenesters, rain, microbreweries, and strip clubs08:00
Ultraputz"we got peas. are they like peas?"08:00
ubotu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:00
skypiloteee(highest per capita in the latter two)08:00
FrijolieBig Kahuna Burger? Now I hear they have some tasty burgers! Do you mind if I give it a try?08:00
Ultraputzok, sheep, you know anything about audacity freezing when you hit record?08:00
FrijolieTheSheep, we're not taking up anyone's precious space08:01
TheSheep_Ultraputz: no, but check your plugin config in audacity and make sure it uses the alsa backend08:01
Ultraputzmebbe they log it to the web or something.08:01
Frijolieand I was having problems with installing Xubuntu on my Toshiba laptop08:01
Ultraputzdid you get alt install downloaded ?08:02
FrijolieDBAN is taking forever!08:02
TheSheep_Ultraputz: also, you can strace it and see what it freezes at08:02
Frijolieyeah i've got it downloaded, just waiting for DBAN08:02
Frijolieruntime: 1:34:18   remaining: 1:27:46?08:03
Ultraputzstrace audacity from shell ?08:05
Ultraputzsheep: is there any kind of oldschool nextstep theme for xfce? :-)08:06
TheSheep_Ultraputz: yes, the default xfce theme is pretty oldskool08:06
Ultraputzi mean, NeXTstep08:07
FrijolieTheSheep: is it true that XFCE is branded to look like OSX?08:07
TheSheep_Ultraputz: xfce uses gtk, it can't use nextstep themes08:07
UltraputzOSX is trying to catch up to XFCE :-)08:07
TheSheep_Frijolie: no08:07
=== TheSheep_ is now known as TheSheep
Ultraputzso gtk themes would work?08:07
skypiloteeeoh, that reminds me, that default xandros distro with the eee pc, so.. freakin... annoying..08:08
TheSheepUltraputz: yes08:08
Ultraputzsky -- check person to person messages :-)08:09
FrijolieUltraputz: you think that the alternate install will fix the problem?08:09
skypiloteeei see none.08:09
Ultraputzfrij - that'd be the first thing i'd try.08:09
Frijolieand the next step if it goes south?08:09
Frijoliedoes the partitioning matter?08:09
Ultraputz"hey guys, it didn't work, now what?"08:09
Ultraputzprobably :-)08:09
Ultraputzwhat have you got set up ?08:10
Frijoliewell I had 1GB for /swap, 10GB for /, and the rest for /home08:10
Frijoliebut I think i messed it up once because i had the mount point for / as \08:10
Ultraputzcan you get the partitioning utility up?08:11
Ultraputzwith the livecd?08:11
Ultraputztake a look and see what you got ?08:11
Frijolienot now, unless it's safe to stop DBAN in the middle08:11
Frijoliei realized my mistake and then quickly went through the install again and it hasn't been the same since08:12
skypiloteeeUltraputz, i never got any private messages.08:12
Ultraputzi don't suspect it would be an issue08:12
Ultraputzskypiloteee -- then something is screwey08:12
Frijoliehowever, i did notice that it kept mounting each partition on my desktop when using the liveCD. is it supposed to do that?08:13
Ultraputzi didn't want to breech the OT rule to ask about the eee pc, as in, how is the keyboard, is it good as a writing tool, or ?08:13
skypiloteeethe keyboard was my original worry, since it's a bit smaller than a normal keyboard08:13
ubotu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:13
Ultraputzi honestly don't know...08:13
skypiloteeeyou adjust to the keyboard in like 20 min - 1hr08:13
skypiloteeei don't have big hands, but it hasn't really been an issue08:14
Ultraputzi used livecd a few months ago with no trouble, but when i did this laptop, it only had a 64 meg stick, so i had to use alt.08:14
Ultraputzi have Hands, but i like tiny keyboards. my concern is about touch and it's tactile.08:14
skypiloteeei have a friend with fairly big hands who reported no problems using his eee pc08:14
FrijolieI have to say that the liveCD for Xubuntu loaded up a lot faster then the Ubuntu one. lighter on the system resources?08:14
skypiloteeeoh, it's just like any other laptop keyboard08:14
Ultraputza lot08:15
UltraputzXFCE compared to gnome08:15
Ultraputzgnome is a pig08:15
skypiloteeea few things are in different places, just from size constraints08:15
Ultraputzso is kde08:15
skypiloteeebut again, you get used to it08:15
skypiloteeejust don't expect to have the eee pc be your home use thing08:16
skypiloteeeit's really best when you are out and about08:16
Frijolieyou know of anyone that is a CLI mad(man/woman)?08:16
Ultraputzi'm gonna be on the road for the foreseeable future.08:16
skypiloteeeif you buy it for that purpose, you'll love it08:16
Ultraputzmake with the question, frijolie :-)08:17
Frijoliemeaning no GUI OS..all from CL08:17
skypiloteeei use it for taking notes in class, and doing things at my uni08:17
Frijolieother than server...i'm talking end user desktop environment08:17
* Ultraputz owned a commodore 64 :-)08:17
Frijoliewhoa! that's hardcore08:17
Frijoliewell now-a-days08:17
* Ultraputz owned a unix sys 3 machine, too08:17
Frijoliei had an 808608:18
Ultraputzso did all of the other kids whos parents hated them :-)08:18
Frijoliei used to think pong was cool08:18
Frijolieit got me all the chicks back in elementary08:19
Ultraputzwas there a question about cli ?08:19
Ultraputzor shell ?08:19
Frijolieoh yeah, uh..08:19
Frijoliewhat's a good resource to polish my CLI skillz08:19
Ultraputzuse :-)08:19
Ultraputzi'd start by learning to do sh scripts08:20
Ultraputzand then learn to do bash scripting08:20
Frijoliewhat's the difference?08:20
Ultraputzevery unix box has sh08:20
Frijoliebash is a shell isn't it?08:20
Ultraputznot every unix box has bash08:20
Ultraputzboth are shells08:20
Frijoliei was trying to think up where I could use a shell script so I could practice? cron jobs?08:21
Ultraputzthe shell is the text-based interface that lets you tell unix what to do. GUIs are another, typically less powerful abstraction of the same.08:21
Ultraputzfrankly, a mad hobby is the best source08:21
Ultraputzjust creating a lot of tedious problems for yourself to solve.08:21
Ultraputzin my case, it was x10 crap08:21
Ultraputzhome automation08:22
Frijoliethe installation of an application (wget, alien to convert form .rpm to .deb) etc?08:22
Ultraputzscripting things together in clever ways08:22
Ultraputzno, man, make a star trek computer.08:22
Ultraputzsomething talks, turns on the lights, reads your email subjects to you08:22
Ultraputzscript it all together from pieces.08:23
Ultraputzthat's how you learn to script :-)08:23
Frijoliei'm still a noob when it comes to programming/scripting..i worship the scriptkiddies08:23
Ultraputzforget all that08:23
Ultraputzjust find something cool you want your computer to do08:24
Ultraputzand then kick and scream until it does it.08:24
skypiloteee^doesn't work.08:24
Frijolieand script it in emacs or vi?08:24
* Ultraputz set up festival to read rss headlines when they come in08:24
Ultraputzwhatever you want to use.08:25
Ultraputza lot of noobs like nano08:25
Ultraputzi like emacs. it's not just a text-editor, emacs itself is scriptable in a lisp-like dialect.08:25
Frijoliei do like gEdit (speaking from Ubuntu experience)08:25
Ultraputzemacs can be used to read email, browse the web, read nntp news and prolly rss too08:26
Ultraputzsome people have called it a text editor with delusions of operating system.08:26
TheSheepit's an operating system with delusions of a text editor08:26
Frijoliei just don't like the terminal look-n-feel of either08:26
Ultraputzthen you could always write your own :-)08:26
skypiloteeebut then what would he write it in?08:27
Ultraputzoooh, paradox08:27
TheSheepgedit is pretty good, scite is good too08:27
Ultraputzcould just echo straight to a file08:27
Ultraputzecho "int main() {" >> beanedit.c08:27
Frijolieive written a little java in gEdit08:27
TheSheepoh, for java use Eclipse08:28
TheSheepthat's the java way08:28
Ultraputzi wish someone would port golded from the amiga. failing that, what's close to bbedit on the mac and doesn't require kde or gnome ?08:28
Ultraputzre: dban: i can't imagine interrupting it would hurt antyhnig, but i don't know.08:29
FrijolieEmacs vs Vi, Eclipse vs NetBeans, KDE vs GNOME, BSD vs Linux, Linux vs GNU/Linux, Rhythmbox vs Banshee08:29
FrijolieDBAN is 76.81% complete round 1 of 1, pass 3 of 3 and "blanking"08:31
Ultraputzvs mpg12308:31
Ultraputzegads dude08:31
Ultraputzfdisk :-)08:31
FrijolieHD-DVD vs --errr- Blu-Ray08:31
Ultraputzhow about VLC-DIVX-TPB :-)08:32
Ultraputzthats the future media standard! :-)08:32
FrijolieI had some financial data on the HDD I wanted to obliterate, hence DBAN08:32
Ultraputzsounds like a man in need of coffee.08:32
skypiloteeethe geek squad utility cd is actually quite useful on windows computers.08:33
skypiloteeeanyways, time to sleep, gnight.08:33
Frijoliemy bro used to be a geek squad emp and still uses it today08:33
Frijolielater skypilot08:33
Frijoliethis laptop that I'm using now has a built-in HD-DVD drive08:34
Ultraputzsheep -- where's the plugins menu? perhaps i'm blind, but i'm totally not seeing it.08:34
Frijolieanyone try a VM?08:41
Ultraputzon my brother's imac08:42
* Ultraputz works great08:43
UltraputzThesheep -- where is the plugin manager for audacity, do you know ?08:43
FrijolieTheSheep is asleep08:43
Ultraputzor perhaps busy :-)08:43
Frijolieive heard good things about both VMware and Virtualbox08:43
Ultraputzwe used vmware08:43
Frijolieis it a pain to set up multi-boot with a bunch of OSes?08:44
* Ultraputz worked fine for us.08:44
Ultraputzadditionally, a friend mine built a "mac compatible" on appropriate pc hardware w/ vmware.08:44
Ultraputzso he had mac/windows and athenos08:45
Ultraputzor whatever that weird amigaos derivative is that he loves so dearly.08:45
Frijolieah..you guys are hardcore geeks/computer-files. I'm jealous08:45
Frijoliei can't say that I've accomplished 1/18th what you've already done08:46
Ultraputzwhen it's time to have an actual house/home, i'm going to build a new system. and by system i don't mean machine, but set of machines. if this machine works out, i think ubuntu may be the foundation.08:46
* Ultraputz crosses his fingers, think maybe fixed sound.08:47
Ultraputzthere are mini-itx systems that run fanless at 1.2ghz08:47
Ultraputzthat's basically a mac mini08:47
Frijoliewhy doesn't any of the flavors of *buntu offer package selection at installation?08:48
Ultraputzyou can get there with alternate, i think08:48
Frijolieor minimal-install08:48
Frijolieminimal-install = cli server?08:49
Ultraputzdepends on whether their minimal install includes x or not08:49
Ultraputzi would assume not08:49
Frijoliegenerally do they?08:49
Ultraputzgenerally they do not, but i can't speak specifically to ubuntu08:49
Frijoliei wish they had a minimal gui install.08:50
Ultraputzi know that custom builds can be made, just haven't looked at the specifics.08:50
Ultraputzyou need to let go of the gui :-)08:50
Ultraputzthey rot your brain :-)08:50
Frijoliei wouldn't mind apt-getting the rest08:50
PeckaHyou can apt-get the gui and the rest08:51
Frijoliei can't imagine reading rss or email via cli08:51
Ultraputzit ws a big shock to me to realize a lot of the people who are programmers now, professionally, grew up in a world where they never really used a command line for anything, and never coded without a gui-based editor like xcode or visualstudio. that is too freaky.08:51
Ultraputzit works pretty well08:51
Ultraputzi used a text-based mailreader from 1987 through 1998.08:52
FrijoliePeckaH: yeah, Id like an install CD that just had the basic, basic, basic bootable os + x. I would choose the other packages after i get a working OS on my own08:52
Ultraputzfrom '91 onward, i had a NeXT, so there was graphical mail there.08:52
Ultraputzthe thing is, that's not all that minimal, it's kind of a contradiction08:53
Ultraputzmost of the gui packages are in turn built on other packages08:53
Ultraputzyou can't show text without a text renderer, a text render needs a graphics and maths library, and of course, fonts, etc.08:53
Ultraputzso you have this big tree of dependencies that makes it anything but "minimal."08:53
Frijoliethats true08:53
UltraputzAPT is a tool that makes package management possible for mere mortals due to the sheer complexity of the dependancy tree.08:54
Frijoliei guess i mean "minimal" in a sense of getting rid of all this bloat you never use08:54
Ultraputzthe moment you install x and "basic apps," say hello to bloat.08:55
Ultraputzthe basic apps ARE bloated.08:55
Frijoliee.g. I don't have bluetooth on my laptop, however Ubuntu decided to bundle it so I have two apps that allow me to connect via bluetooth08:55
Ultraputzmore and more of the key apps are becoming semi-commercial projects -- that is to say, commerical in all but name and license, like mozilla.08:55
Ultraputzthey have to be because of their own sprawling complexity.08:56
Ultraputzsure, but would you rather that that you had to manually set up your networking just to get started?08:56
Ultraputzif so, there are linux distros for you :-)08:56
Frijolieorca, xsane, EVOLUTION, rhythmbox, cdparanoia, recording level monitor, gnomce-games, gnome-pilot, et08:56
Ultraputzsomeone has to pick and choose. ubuntu desktop is built to be braindead easy, or as close to that as possible08:57
Ultraputzit's what you pick when you don't want to mess with it and just want it to work08:57
Frijolieyeah, the solution that works for the majority of the population08:57
Ultraputzif you want to be able to pick and choose and needle every little detail, there are plenty of distros for you08:57
Frijoliejust wish there was a way to tailor it to your specific needs. I guess theres a better distro out there for me.08:57
Ultraputzthere are08:58
Frijolie*buntu does make it pretty easy, i have to give them that08:58
Ultraputzthere are tools that let you build your own distro on the site08:58
Ultraputzand there are tools to customize ubuntu installations08:58
Ultraputzas in, make your own custom install CD08:58
Frijolielinux from scratch08:58
Ultraputzthere's that too08:58
Frijoliei don't think i'm ready for that undertaking08:58
Ultraputzyou can take a kernel and wrap shit around it08:58
Ultraputzit's a good project, it doesn't have to be comple.08:59
Ultraputzif you think about it, getting rid of the desktop-oriented features of any unix distro sheds most of its weight08:59
Frijoliewhere's an example of a "build your own distro" or "customizable ubuntu installations"?08:59
Ultraputzi saw a build your own distro feature on one of the linux distro sites when i was doing my homework (before selecting ubuntu)09:00
Frijolieyeah i know the desktop environment is the 100 lb monkey09:00
Ultraputzstart here09:00
Ultraputzit's dated09:01
Ultraputzthat was my first hit googling "customize ubuntu"09:01
Ultraputz :-)09:01
Frijolieive seen the ones where its just an .iso of your installation09:03
Ultraputzthere's that, too09:04
Ultraputzmaking roll-out images09:04
Ultraputzman this audacity thing is pissing me off.09:05
Ultraputzrunning strace09:06
Ultraputzon this machine, booting it is going to take all week :-)09:06
Ultraputzit's a 512mb machine -- tomorrow. it's still a 64 meg machine.09:06
Ultraputzhrm. strace appears to have helped freeze the machine.09:08
Ultraputzno software will ever change the fact that computers are very special. the kind of special that often requires a crash helmet, wheel chair and social worker.09:09
Frijoliealternate install CD in drive and loading up.."install in text mode"?09:10
Ultraputzi'd recommend it09:10
Ultraputzbut i'd first look at the partitions09:10
Ultraputzget to the partition tool asap in either case.09:10
Ultraputzif it's a laptop09:11
Ultraputzyou might set up encrypted.09:11
Ultraputzthat was one of the big sales points for ubuntu -- point and click secure install. you steal my laptop, but you don't get the data. that's important.09:12
Frijoliemeaning different filesystem?09:12
Ultraputzalso, a friend of mine found out that, no matter how funny it sounds, you probably should not set a bios password like "tsalicksballs" :-)09:12
Ultraputzthere's support for an encrypted file system09:13
Frijolieit's asking for my WEP key, I have WPA should i leave it blank?09:14
Ultraputzit's not smart, it's thorough.09:14
Ultraputzbe careful with the keyboard setup, too09:14
Frijolieyeah that was nuts09:14
Ultraputzthat fucked up on me and i had an international keyboard for a week :-)09:14
Frijolienetwork autoconfiguration failed --expected, there was not an option for WPA. thats dumb09:15
Ultraputzquote-space to get a quote, ~~ to get a single ~09:15
Ultraputzdon't worry about that.09:15
Ultraputzyou know how there are lines on forms that say, "skip if not applicable" ? pretend that's present when it asks a stupid question. that is not the same as a question to which you do not know the answer, of course. :-)09:16
Frijolieok here we are at the partitioning part09:18
Frijolieguided - use entire disk09:18
Frijolieguided - use entire disk and set up LVM09:18
Frijolieguided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM09:18
FrijolieLVM = linux volume manager?09:18
Ultraputzi think so09:18
Frijolieoh, or manual09:19
Ultraputzi used guided, set up encrypted lvm09:19
Ultraputzthat way, it's hard to fuck up, and you get straight to using your computer faster. :-)09:19
Ultraputzcrypto does have a speed penalty, btw.09:20
Frijoliewhen encrypted is it password protected each and everytime you log in09:20
Ultraputzit won't boot without a password09:20
Ultraputzand it is non-recoverable -- you lose it, its gone.09:20
Frijoliewon't boot? like a BIOS password?09:20
Ultraputzgrub comes up, and loads a loader, the loader asks for a password. without it, it cannot decrypt the discs to load the rest of the system.09:21
Frijoliethen, everything on the HDD is encrypted?09:21
Ultraputzso if it gets stolen, no one can read sh.09:21
Ultraputzer shit.09:21
Ultraputzi mean, just basic shit like keeping passwords in autofill09:22
Ultraputzor downloaded email09:22
Ultraputznevermind porn collections and whatever else traditionally makes people nervous.09:22
Ultraputzwhat i'd like to do now is come up with some webdav or webdav-like scheme -- desktop intergration with a remote disc that doesn't present a security nightmare on either end, preferrably works over an SSH tunnel.09:23
Frijoliei've never used an ssh tunnel before. however, I'd like some practice using them.09:25
Frijoliewhat do you answer, "is your system clock set to UTC"?09:26
Frijoliei always say, "yes" but don't know what they mean by "system clock".09:27
Ultraputzthe computer has a bttery backed clock09:27
UltraputzUTC is universal time09:27
Frijoliewell how do you know if it's set to universal time? UTC = Greenwich time?09:30
Frijolie82% complete with the install09:31
Frijolie"select and install software"09:32
Frijoliealthough there is no selecting going on at the current moment09:33
Ultraputzgood luck frijole :-)09:48
nuxygenset mask10:17
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brew76HELP IDENTIFY10:48
TheSheephello kuldeep12:00
kuldeepneed some help setting up network printer in ubuntu. The problem is as follows :12:00
kuldeepi had made configuration with the help of cups using url http://licalhost:631/admin12:01
kuldeepit shows printer named Canon_iR2016_192.168.1.14812:06
kuldeepIn next step it requires drivers/model no   or  ppd file12:08
kuldeep& everything is configured12:11
kuldeepbut nothing is printing12:11
kuldeep& it shows job is complete12:11
kuldeepi am not able to figure out ,how to make printing possible12:12
kuldeepcan you help me to sort out the problem12:13
TheSheepI have no experience with cups myself, but there should be some instructions12:16
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows12:16
kuldeepthanks i will look for it:)12:16
_Vortek_hi there12:32
_Vortek_i installed xubuntu in portuguese but only half the stuff is in portuguese12:32
_Vortek_can someone help me with this? please12:33
TheSheep_Vortek_: it's probably not fully translated yet12:33
uboturosetta is a Web-based system for translating open source software into any language.  See https://launchpad.net/rosetta/+about12:33
_Vortek_previously i installed ubuntu alternate (this is a P3 1GHz) and it was the same12:33
TheSheepyou can help translating them12:34
_Vortek_firefox is in english for example12:34
_Vortek_but i have ubuntu 7.10 in another machine in PT12:34
TheSheepah, go to system->languages and download all the language packs12:34
_Vortek_when i was installing it said the CD did not have the fuill language support12:34
_Vortek_thats it ;)12:34
_Vortek_let me see then12:34
_Vortek_Portuguese has a tick12:35
_Vortek_so i believe i have it12:36
_Vortek_i only have ticks in English and Pt12:36
TheSheep_Vortek_: well, try to select it as the system default12:46
_Vortek_i did12:50
creweanyone have an idea why I would lose audio in everything except my movie player after installing compiz?12:50
TheSheepcrewe: open a terminal, type 'alsamixer' and see if the channels are not muted12:52
crewe"alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device"12:52
TheSheeplooks like your system is somewhat mutilated12:53
TheSheepwhat about 'alsamixer -c0'12:53
crewewrong -c argument '0'12:54
_Vortek_im now trying apt-get install language-support-pt12:54
_Vortek_but it doesn't find it12:54
TheSheep_Vortek_: do you have all the repositories enabled?12:54
_Vortek_hmm don't know12:55
_Vortek_software sources?12:55
TheSheepcrewe: what movie player works?12:55
TheSheep_Vortek_: no, just main, universe, multiverse, etc.12:55
_Vortek_none were12:56
TheSheep_Vortek_: ah, sorry, it's called 'software sources' in the menu12:56
_Vortek_so main,uni and multi?12:56
_Vortek_no restricted?12:56
_Vortek_and no source?12:56
TheSheep_Vortek_: well, you can use restricted too12:56
TheSheep_Vortek_: and you can remove the cd from the list, once you are there12:56
_Vortek_woh thats a big list12:56
_Vortek_im going to lunch tks ;)12:57
_Vortek_its updating12:57
TheSheepcrewe: sorry, I'm out of ideas, are you sure all that happened was installing compiz? you installed it from the repositories?13:14
creweI'll try switching back to xfwm and see what happens13:16
crewebut i think the same thing happened to my laptop13:16
creweno nm, haven't gotten it working yet13:16
crewecompiz i mean13:16
iTF|Prometheushello - can someone help me please. today i loaded xfce and all i get is a blank orange page - no application menu or desktop icons i have had to failsafe to terminal to load xchat14:37
iTF|Prometheusdoes anyone know how to repair xfce?14:44
_Vortek_TheSheep: The software sources were outdated. Updated and now installing support-pt ;) tks so much14:45
iTF|Prometheushello - can someone help me please. today i loaded xfce and all i get is a blank orange page - no application menu or desktop icons i have had to failsafe to terminal to load xchat14:46
iTF|Prometheusis there a way to repair this?14:46
=== maxamillion is now known as notMax
_Vortek_what did u use before xfce14:47
iTF|Prometheusxfce - thats all i have used but when i started up this morning - it appears to be blank14:47
_Vortek_:o don't know sorry14:48
iTF|Prometheusim using xubuntu 710 gutsy14:48
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: deleting the ~/.cache/sessions may help, if not, you may try removing your panel configuration in ~/.config/xfce4/xfce4-panel , this may be caused by a broken panel plugin14:48
iTF|Prometheus:) - its ok.. thanks for help.. do you know the default packages for xfce - i could try reinstalling them14:48
iTF|PrometheusTheSheep, thanks - will give it a try14:48
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: also, switching to text console with alt+ctrl+f1 and running top to see what's running may give you some clues14:50
iTF|PrometheusTheSheep, just dropped to alt-ctrl-f2, removed the sessions and the x0-lock and startx again. and it loads fine - thank you very much14:52
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: thought it would be nice to know why this happened14:52
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: in case it happens again14:52
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: btw, you have two instances of X running now14:53
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: you can switch to the previous one with alt+ctrl+f~14:53
iTF|PrometheusTheSheep, yeah.. i've no idea - i didnt install any packages yesterday - xserver did crach once, but i continued working in textmode.. didnt try x again until this morning14:53
TheSheepif you want to actually kill an X session, use alt+ctrl+backspace14:53
iTF|PrometheusTheSheep, ahh, thanks14:54
iTF|PrometheusTheSheep, im getting there... been using it for a couple of days now.. like it very much14:54
TheSheepglad to hear14:54
TheSheepiTF|Prometheus: what were you using prevously?14:55
TheSheepout of curiosity14:55
iTF|Prometheuslol  - xp14:55
iTF|Prometheusive used slax in the past - well. backtrack a slax 6 distro14:55
iTF|Prometheusand had hoary hedgehog on my old drive... but this is prob the fastest distro i have used14:56
iTF|Prometheusanyways - gonna shoot - thanks fr the help again14:58
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KutaghHey, is here anyone who can help me with getting proper Nvidia Geforce FX drivers? :)17:04
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:04
=== totalwormage is now known as totemwormage
Kutaghok, need to restart the PC then now17:06
ShinjinCan anyone here help me with a small problem?19:21
zoredacheis there a way a launcher can set the cwd before starting an application?19:29
ere4sizoredache, what's the "cwd"?19:56
TheSheepCurrent Working Directory20:15
TheSheepzoredache: launch a script that sets it and starts the application20:16
zoredacheTheSheep: thanks...21:25
iwandii today installed a fresh xubuntu 7.10 but if i go to add/rmove Applications i always get the error "Connot istall '****' This application confilicts with other installed software21:30
zoredacheiwandi: what are you trying to install?21:31
iwandijust now i have seen a starting point to fix the error21:32
iwandican some post me all default sources.list entrys in xubuntu 7.10 pelace ?21:34
iwandithe installer commenet out most of the entrys in sources.list21:36
iwandifixed ;D21:39
LetsGo67How come Xubuntu shows two nm-applets when I start up?  How can I permanently remove one?21:43
LetsGo67How come Ubuntu shows two nm-applets when I start up?  How can I permanently remove one?21:45
zoredacheLetsGo67: I don't know why, but I found that if I did a 'killall nm-applet', then logged out, and made sure the 'save-session' box was checked the problem went away21:46
LetsGo67zoredache: do I check nm-applet in autostarted apps?21:48
LetsGo67I'll try, thanks.21:50
Aw0Lis it me, or was the xfce interfaced changed to look just like gnome?22:05
Aw0Ldefault xfce isn't like that correct?22:05
TheSheepAw0L: xfce is very flexible, you can customize it how you like it22:11
Aw0Lbut why is everyone in love with the gnome look?22:12
TheSheepAw0L: who said that?22:15
Aw0LTheSheep, no one, but I think it's funny that xubuntu out of the box looks just like ubuntu w/ a different color scheme22:15
TheSheepAw0L: it's intentional22:16
TheSheepAw0L: it's a solid layout that was tested and is familiar for a lot of ubuntu users22:16
TheSheepAw0L: you can easily change it to suit your needs/tastes22:17
Aw0LI didn't think there's that much of a learning curve22:17
Aw0Lbut I suppose user-friendly is the marketing point22:17
TheSheepAw0L: the users who need it the most are the newbies, experienced users are able to change it22:17
Aw0LI get it22:18
TheSheepmany users don't even know that they can add something to the panels22:18
Aw0Lstill in windose mode huh?22:19
Aw0Lsad sad22:19
TheSheepit's one of the freqently asked questions here22:19
TheSheepbut they learn22:19
TheSheepand we need to help them if we want them to learn22:19
Aw0LI suppose so22:20
TheSheepreally, there is a lot of gnome-hate FUD out there recently, and it makes me sad22:21
TheSheepnot that gnome is any good or anything ;)22:21
Aw0LI don't hate it22:23
Aw0LI'm just not fond of it22:23
Aw0Lto each his own22:23
Aw0LI'm a kde person myself - it just bugs me when people say kde is too slow22:23
Aw0Lat least on gentoo, you can do a minimalistic kde install, and it's every bit as fast as gnome22:24
Aw0Lplus, linus likes kde :)22:24
Aw0Lxfce is perty though22:24
iwandii cant get falsh wirking in opera 9.2622:43
iwandilibflashplayer.so is in /usr/lib/oper/plugins22:44
zoredachedid you follow the directions on the opera web page?22:44
iwandifirefox works fine22:44
ron_owhy isn't tovid in the repos?23:11
zoredacheI would guess that it uses codecs that are non-free.... either that, or someone hasn't built a package yet23:14
ron_oyah.. just weird. It thought that Tovid was a popular program. I see it probably isn't.23:15
ron_oI found something that I will try, however.23:16
ron_oyah, it's non-free.23:16
ron_oyuk.. I hate all this non-free stuff. Ubuntu, however, is just following the legality of it all.23:16
ron_obetter off keep it clean considering they are quite popular.23:17
zoredacheyou could always submit a bug requesting that it be packaged...  Or if you are really adventureous you could try and build a package yourself23:17
zoredachethen submit your work23:17
zoredachesee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages23:18
ron_oI was just so used to gentoo. It just has everything. :/23:18
ron_othanks.. I'll look into it.23:18
ron_ohere's a request for tovid: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/10959823:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109598 in ubuntu "[need-packaging] Package reqest: Tovid" [Wishlist,Fix released]23:24
zoredachethat seems to indicate it will be in Hardy.23:25
zoredacheif that is the case you probably could download the hardy source-package and rebuild it for gutsy...23:26
catomannenerhm.. i need some help..23:27
ron_oor I could just upgrade to hardy. :)23:29
zoredacheron_o: that is an option too23:29
ron_o1.5 months early..23:29
ron_othat's pretty desperate however. I just need a machine that works. I'm so sick of issues. :/23:29
catomannenIs it my shitty carma and ineptitude, or is ubuntu flavours hard to install on dual core amd mobos?23:30
* zoredache shrugs23:31
zoredacheI don't have an amd motherboard23:31
zoredachewhat exactly is your problem?23:31
ron_ohave intel dual core cpu and it works fine.23:31
catomannenI get apic error, kernel panic when trying to isnatll ubuntu, xubuntu or kubuntu23:32
ron_ocatomannen, how new is it? a year ago mine needed the very latest kernel which few of them had.23:32
catomannennot able to deactivate apic in bios23:32
catomannentried to type nolapic noapic as strings in boot, no luck23:32
ron_oisn't there a no-apic flag..errr23:32
catomanneni got a december 07 distro, came with linux user mag23:32
catomannentried ubuntu 7.10 as well23:33
ron_olook there. that may be your issue.23:33
ron_omaybe your string had the wrong syntax.23:33
catomannenmaybe, i tried every string i could google up, got as far as to get the message " two cpu's brought up-- kernel panic" then it all just hangs23:34
catomannentried : irqpoll pci=noacpi noapic nolapic acpi=off23:35
catomannenspposed to do the trick, but not for me though23:36
catomannenSuSe and pclinuxos installs fine23:36
catomannenBut i want the xubuntu23:36
catomannenMaybe i could find a bios image where acpi can be turned off23:37
zoredachecatomannen: so does the installcd boot?23:38
catomannenyes, but it hangs after the boot menu23:39
catomanneni get the nice boot meny with all the options, i press f6 for extra options and type in a string, but i get errors that the kernel panics and it has nothing to boot..23:40
catomannenObviously i am using the wrong string, or it is incomplete23:40
zoredachecatomannen: maybe... it is possible that the kernel on the install CD is incompabtible with something on your system and there is nothing you can do23:41
zoredacheyou could try a newer or older version of ubuntu23:41
LetsGo67How come Ubuntu shows two nm-applets when I start up?  How can I permanently remove one?23:43
catomannenok, maybe an older version then, i think i got the latest release wich i downloaded yesterday from ubuntu. This is really some pain, amd 64 x2 dualcore-schmualcore. thanks though. ill just try an older versoin, perhapsi can upgrade if i get it running23:43
catomannenBye all23:43
LetsGo67How come Ubuntu shows two nm-applets when I start up?  How can I permanently remove one?23:45
TheSheepLetsGo67: try deleting the contents of ~/.cache/sessions and re-logging23:55
LetsGo67Thanks TheSheep23:56

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