ozanichkovskyI have problem with loading LTSP client (Mounting /rofs on /root/rofs failed: Invalid argument)03:11
ozanichkovskyIs there anybody that can help me?03:11
KillerPacMancan somebody help me with an install of ubuntu?03:26
johnnyogra, what happens to the edubuntu chatroom after it's only an addon cd?04:06
keit1hi, i have ubuntu and xubuntu desktops on my machine, and was considering adding edubuntu. what would be the safest way?16:53
keit1or would it make more sense to simply add the packages i find useful to ubuntu16:54
achandrashekarHello...I know its the weekend, but was hoping for some insight with setup related issues. I am trying to setup a lab which direly needs ldap authentication to manage accounts. Unfortunately I am running to into a klog daemon boot issue, which keeps my setup from moving forward. Can someone that is using ldap assist??21:04
johnnythe people who know.. are not here :)21:06
johnnyi told you this before :)21:06
johnnyof course.. if i had that kinda setup, i would help21:06
johnnybut i cannot afford it21:07
achandrashekaryeah...i appreciate it Johnny. I appreciate all the help provided thus far. It was "wishful" thinking that some of those people might be here during the weekend.21:08
johnnyi plan on getting such a setup one day..21:09
achandrashekarIll be playing heavily with my setup today..So, the hope is, that Ill get it working. Ill post my findings if it works out.21:09
achandrashekarWhat I will do is likely NOT use the scripts provided by the samba-ldap script on their website and do it by hand.21:10
achandrashekarsee if that works out.21:10

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