neversfelderyanakca: i am changing our iconset in forum.kubuntu-de.org to oxygen and. I would like to change the "blue" colors of it too, can you send me the colors of the new kubunu.org?00:00
yuriyhmm scribus took some getting used to but it's actually rather nice00:02
yuriyhey Jucato how are you00:11
Jucatodoing ok. I was looking for you last month :)00:12
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* nosrednaekim blinks at the number of kubuntu bugs00:32
Jucatotoo small to read/see? :)00:36
nosrednaekimtoo many00:38
nosrednaekimKDM doesn't have a "wrong password" dialog does it?00:38
Jucatodialog? no. it just says, Login failed at the bottom while graying out the text input boxes for a moment00:39
nosrednaekimwonder what this guy is talking about then https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/+bug/18959400:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189594 in kdebase "KDM login screen freezes when incorrect password is entered" [Undecided,New]00:40
nosrednaekimmaybe kdm-kde4?00:40
Jucatoah haven't tried it00:41
nosrednaekimi'm gunna go try it soon00:42
yuriyjpatrick: still around?00:58
nosrednaekimnah... he left a couple hours ago00:58
ryanakcaneversfelde: sure01:14
ryanakcaneversfelde: did you want the gradient?01:15
* nixternal yawns02:48
* Jucato shoots an M&M into nixternal's mouth02:48
nixternalI am out bug squashing02:49
* ScottK2 performs the Heimlich Maneuver on nixternal02:49
nixternalgot a little bug addiction going on02:49
* Jucato applauds nixternal02:49
nixternalScottK: how was that ice?02:49
nixternalmy daughter messaged me earlier today saying you all had a "snow day"02:49
ScottK2No school today02:49
ScottK2Wife had a slip and fall out front, but is OK.02:49
nixternaldid you feel bad, or did you laugh a little?02:50
Jucatoaw :(02:50
Jucatosadist! :P02:50
ScottK2I felt bad.02:50
ScottK2It's a reasonable quesiton though.02:50
nixternalya, cuz I slipped once and my x-wife laughed02:50
Jucatohehe :)02:50
ScottK2She's not my X yet.02:50
nixternalso when she slipped, I laughed at her02:50
Jucatothat's when she became your X? :)02:51
JucatoScottK2:  not "yet"? O.o02:51
nixternalquite a bit after that02:51
ScottK2Jucato: We're having a tough time right now.  It may go that way.02:51
nixternalhe is just leaving the option open Jucato :p02:51
Jucatohehe it got the ball rolling :P02:51
JucatoScottK2: ah02:51
Jucatonixternal: oh yeah... different cultures sorry :)02:51
nixternalman, when you get hungry, word of warning, don't go to toxic hell02:53
nixternalI mean taco bell02:53
nixternalI think my nacho bell grande was laced02:53
JucatoI had burritos a few days ago02:53
seelenixternal: open a window?02:53
nixternalnot laced like that02:53
* Jucato waves to seele02:54
* seele waves02:54
Jucatoso that's where the smell was coming from...02:54
nixternalit just made me tired02:54
nixternalOK, decibel is making me mad03:06
nixternalthe package that is03:06
nosrednaekimwhat is decibel for? text to speech?03:06
nixternalit is the KDE framework similar to telepathy03:08
nosrednaekimwhich does VOIP?03:08
nixternalall types of communication stuff03:09
nixternaldecibel.kde.org for a better explanation that what I can give :)03:09
nosrednaekimmmk :)03:09
nixternalI am not 100% familiar with it honestly...it works like the Gnome Telepathy stuff does03:10
nixternaltrying to fix the FTBS bug on it03:10
yuriyhey nixternal. apparently i'll be going to chicago for a couple days in april :D03:10
nixternalyuriy: when in April?03:10
yuriynixternal: 20-2303:10
yuriywill probably just be doing touristy stuff03:10
nixternalI should be here that week...the weekend before I will be in Detroit for Penguicon03:11
nixternalactually, I should be coming back to Chicago on the 20th03:12
nixternalman, decibel does not like our cdbs/kde.mk that's for sure03:26
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ScottK2So I didn't do 5 today.  Mine goes to 11.  It was all new bugs filed though.05:55
ScottK210 on one package though.  That was kind of fun.05:55
nixternalthis Decibel FTBS is irritating05:56
nixternalwe are trying to install crap everywhere05:57
* nixternal thinks that Decibel isn't KDE 4 only and might think about removing the decibel-kde4 portion05:58
nixternalFTBS? For all The BS!06:00
nixternaldamnit, who said Riddell could leave06:03
ScottK2Don't worry.  I think I may be about to break python-kde3, so the heat'll be off you.06:06
nixternalpeople still use pykde3? :p06:08
nixternalthat is like people coding in Visual Basic...get with the times already06:08
nixternalmhb: do you like C#? I have been debating on taking a couple of free classes on it06:09
* ScottK2 is just fixing bugs in it.06:09
DaSKreechnixternal: they teach Vb at my Uni06:11
nixternalsame here06:11
nixternalI just never had the urge to learn it...seems useless to me06:11
yuriythey teach programming languages at your uni's?06:12
ScottK2Sure.  Why not?06:12
yuriywell, ours is quite strictly a computer *science* program and they only teach you enough of something here and there to complete some assignments06:13
bobesponjayuriy: but they do teach C and asm right?06:25
bobesponjaand lisp? :)06:25
DaSKreech_Not lisp06:26
yuriyJava and scheme06:26
bobesponjano lisp?06:26
ScottK2What's scheme?06:26
bobesponjalike lisp06:26
yuriyand C for some electives06:26
yuriyno asm :(06:27
* ScottK2 did Pascal and Z80 assembler in university a long time ago.06:27
bobesponjawell you're lucky it's horrible asm06:27
yuriyoh and apparently python for the AI course if you get the right professor06:27
bobesponjashouldn't that be lisp for AI?06:27
yuriyi got the matlab/"use anything you want" guy (in other words, he ain't gonna teach it to ya)06:28
yuriyhmm i'm thinking this was too late to start this experiment06:29
* yuriy is testing the KDE 4 runs on old hardware theory06:29
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nixternalScottK2: you still awake?07:04
nixternalhey, with FF, are sync requests still possible?07:05
nixternalanything special need to be done at all?07:05
ScottK2If it's just a revision with a fix of some kind, just do it as usual.  If it's a new upstream with feature changes, subscribe motu-release instead of the archive and add the extra bits for an FFe07:06
nixternalthere is a sync request by someone for smb4k but they never subscribed the right people07:06
nixternalnew upstream with major feature changes07:06
ScottK2If it's a bugfix upstream release then just add the new upstream changelog entries07:06
ScottK2Then it needs a full FFe request07:06
nixternalya, don't know if it will totally be worth it since there aren't many bug reports, 1 actually on the package07:07
nixternaland it is a huge change over the version we have in our repos07:07
nixternalI wish this guy would have read the sync rules and subscribed the right people last month07:07
nixternalheh, I should reply in the bug report that if he wants to see it in hardy bad enough, he should file the FFe request :)07:08
nixternalactually, that is exactly what I am going to do07:09
nixternaldangit, I totally forgot to add kubuntu-docs-kde4 prior to the freeze....argh argh argh07:45
nixternalone of you core-devs get ready...I will have a crack package for you to upload here in a few (kubuntu-docs)07:46
nixternalneed to fix a FTBFS and a couple of bugs07:46
ubuntuHey, guys!07:51
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seregaI've recently downloaded and booted hardy alpha4... IT IS GREAT!!!07:52
* serega bows07:52
seregayou all rock, guys!07:52
nixternalwhy thank you, but isn't alpha 5 out now? :)07:54
seregaO.o alpha 5??07:56
seregathere is work for me: looks like codec autoinstallation is broken :]07:58
seregaI was confused by kubuntu.org. latest release-announcement is about Alpha4 :(08:01
Hobbseealpha 5 was only released today08:02
seregaohh... nice :)08:03
seregawhere can I get Alpha5?08:05
Hobbseeserega: just upgrade from alpha4?08:07
seregaok, thanks08:07
* yuriy just installed alpha 5 + kde 4 on a 350mhz machine08:07
seregayuriy: how it behaves?08:08
yuriyserega: well... it works. haven't played around with it much. took a couple hours to get it set up, time for bed08:08
nixternalHobbsee: http://www.nixternal.com/~rj/kubuntu-docs/    <-- there is some crack that needs to be uploaded :)08:16
nixternalyuriy: you are sick, put any DE on a 350mhz machine is just wrong :)08:25
nixternalwhose idea was it to change /etc/sensors.conf to /etc/sensors3.conf?08:25
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freeflyinganyone would like test skim for me? package is here http://ppa.launchpad.net/zhengpeng-hou/ubuntu/pool/main/s/skim/09:40
seregaupdate alpha4 -> alpha5 is 288M :(10:06
seregawill there be an alpha5 install CD?10:07
yao_ziyuanthat 'smarter' seems to have changed his nick...12:31
yao_ziyuani want to track the progress on that bug12:31
yao_ziyuanthe chinese input methods one12:31
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blizzzekwhat is the current state about alpha 5? gondim blogged about the ubuntu release and linked to Kubuntu iso as well12:39
Hobbseeblizzzek: it's done13:10
blizzzekHobbsee: though there is no official announcement and the release notes are rather ehm decent?13:14
Hobbseeoh, i thought there'd been an annoucement13:14
Hobbsee#u-d says it is13:14
blizzzekthere is no kubuntu announcement i mean13:15
blizzzeklast news on kubuntu.org is about koffice13:15
Hobbseeblizzzek: it's a weekend.  riddell isn't around.13:18
blizzzeki.e. there wont be a news until monday?13:20
seeledear god.  compared to yast adept is SO GOOD13:21
vorianblizzzek: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hardy/alpha-5/13:23
seelevorian: is alpha-5 the same as today's daily build?13:23
freeflyingseele: yast is not only a package manager :)13:24
vorianseele: i don't think this is the same13:24
blizzzekvorian: i know this site, but i am more interested in release notes ;)13:24
Hobbseeblizzzek: something like that13:24
seelefreeflying: yes, it's supposed to be oh so much more -- that it's not doing for me13:24
Hobbseeseele: probably.  or similar13:24
freeflyingHobbsee: any time do me a sponsor upload now?13:25
blizzzekHobbsee: isn't nixternal working on the notes?13:25
Hobbseei've no idea13:25
* Hobbsee hasn't really been around...13:25
blizzzekHobbsee: ok, ty13:26
seelelove how it installed the driver for my wireless card but not the scripts to configure it13:26
seele"Please insert CD"13:26
seelehead -> desk13:26
seeleso much for testing that.  alpha5 will be on here as soon as it downloads :P13:26
jpatrickyuriy: sorry, went to sleep13:55
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buznixternal: thanks for the long explanation why smb4k could not be added. unfortunately, i'm nearing my masters thesis deadline (end of next week) so i doubt i can spare the time to prepare what would be required to get it in :(14:32
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jpatrickemonkey: bist du da?14:54
jpatrickor any #k-de ops14:55
blizzzekjpatrick: i am here14:57
jpatrickblizzzek: please kick carate from #k-de14:57
jpatrickblizzzek: he is a far-to-well-known network troll14:57
jpatrickblizzzek: that I've had to kick from 5 channels..14:58
blizzzekjpatrick: currently, he is silent14:58
blizzzeki waill have an eye on him14:58
jpatrickblizzzek: context: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57061/14:59
jpatrickwell, we're trying to get me kline-d14:59
blizzzekdunno what kline-d is :(15:00
jpatrickforcifully kill a user from the network15:00
blizzzekah ok15:01
* blizzzek is gonna kill er kick him15:01
blizzzekjpatrick: done15:02
jpatrickblizzzek: /mode +b *!*@99.242.28.* :)15:02
blizzzekjpatrick: [16:02:48] [Fehler] +b: Kanal unbekannt. (== channel unknown)15:03
jpatrick /mode #kubuntu-de +b *!*@99.242.28.*15:03
* jpatrick forgot his irssi is smart15:04
jpatrickblizzzek: danke schön :)15:04
blizzzekjpatrick: your welcome :)15:05
* jpatrick adds #k-de to autojoin15:06
blizzzekjpatrick: feel at home in there :)15:07
emonkeyjpatrick,  looks like the troll issue is already fixed :)15:14
jpatrickemonkey: now he's trolling in #freenode15:14
emonkey^ ^15:14
nosrednaekimthat ain't gonna get him anywhere:)15:14
nosrednaekimcept globally banned15:15
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yuriyjpatrick: i'd just wanted to show you my version of the flyer i'd linked to earlier15:19
jpatrickyuriy: ohh, let's see15:19
yuriyjpatrick: http://www.yktech.us/temp/KDE4Flyer2.pdf15:20
yuriysorry, that's KDEFlyer2.pdf15:21
yuriybut seems to redirect anyway15:22
jpatrickyuriy: nice, apart from the "K desktop environment" at the buttom, bit fuzzy15:23
MidMarkhi guys is there chance that for hardy alpha6 all system settings bugs will be fixed? Who have hardy have different problems just testing resolutions and so on15:26
blizzzekjpatrick: txwikinger fears that with banning 99.242.28.* a lot of people (actually 255 adresses) could be excluded since this belong to one of canadas biggest isps15:39
jpatrickblizzzek: it's too keep him out if he resets his router15:40
jpatrickblizzzek: you can remove it in 24hr or something15:40
blizzzekjpatrick: yes, that was the question how long this ban has to be kept upright15:41
txwikingerjpatrick: It is not the biggest issue in the German channels... but you potentially ban a legitimate people in Ontatio15:41
jpatrickhmm, yeah, but do you want trolls?15:41
txwikingerIt's just a thought.. I understand what you are doing :)15:41
jpatrickyou're the ops, not me :)15:42
jpatrickI'm just a messenger from the ubuntu-ops team :)15:42
txwikingerjpatrick: No problem.. just a thought as I said15:42
blizzzeki think 24h is not the problem... you arent moving thereto in that time, txwikinger, do you? ;)15:43
txwikingerNo  :D15:43
seregahow do you think, should the kaffeine block until codecs are installed?15:44
emonkeyyuriy, nice flyer, is the source of it avalaible? Maybe it would be cool to translate it for local events around here15:45
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jpatricktxwikinger, blizzzek ,emonkey /msg SeenServ seen carate15:58
jpatrickyou may now remove the ban :)15:58
blizzzekjpatrick: ty16:01
nixternalbuz: maybe I can find the time to get it done16:25
buzwell it's not that important16:26
buzmaybe i'll give a shot at building it and trying to get a PPA working :P16:27
nixternalfor some reason, I thought there were more smb4k bugs than the one you had and then another one16:34
nixternalanother funny thing is I never saw it come across merges or email that it had been updated in debian16:35
blizzzeknixternal: are you working on alpha 5 release notes?16:37
nixternalblizzzek: isn't it to late for them? I didn't get a chance to16:43
jjess1why do i feel like every saturday i clean out my work bag, and try and re organize the study16:45
blizzzeknixternal: we had some questions about alpha 5 the last days, imo some pr work would be good. at least, we (k-de.org) would make a german announcement, even a small one, but the information given are low :(16:46
ScottKnixternal: On a wiki it's never to late.16:47
nixternalScottK: get to doin' it :)17:00
nixternalblizzzek: how's this, I will have one up for you a little later? will that be cool...today I planned on coming up with an easy system for our Release Notes so it not only makes it easier on myself, but also easier on those who want to help with the notes as well as translate them17:01
nixternalI have to do a little bit of cleaning here and I will work on it17:01
blizzzeknixternal: that sounds good :)17:03
nixternalwhat channel is the developer week stuff going on in?17:04
nixternalor was rather17:05
ScottKnixternal: My only input for release notes would be KDE
jpatricknixternal: we lost Riddell17:07
nosrednaekimnixternal» ubuntu-classroom17:08
jjessewhere did we loose riddell to this time?17:10
jpatrickjjesse: FOSDEM17:11
jjessebummer, he seems nice and relaxed in the front row of the fosdem pic17:12
nosrednaekimmhb» ping17:23
yuriyemonkey: i'll edit the flyer to include attributions and will post the scribus file in kubuntu-promo bzr17:39
emonkeyyuriy, cool nice thx17:39
jpatrickyay, people using kubuntu-promo, finally17:47
nixternalcome on now...anyone here a Wubi dev?17:59
jpatrickdon't think so..18:00
nixternalso let me guess, we replaced the other Windows CD stuff with Wubi now?18:00
nixternallast test, Wubi didn't work on Vista18:00
nosrednaekimWe put Wubi on the liveCD?18:01
nixternalit looks like it, someone added to the release notes page for me to write up18:01
nosrednaekimI think we should just use all of it for linux packages :)18:02
iRonnixternal: You could add to release notes that we have Bulletproof-X implemented for KDM..18:02
nixternaliRon: thanks for that input! you have a wiki page that has information as to what exactly Bulletproof-X does for Kubuntu?18:03
nixternalI have an idea, but I would like to have the real info18:03
nixternaland is it really bulletproof?18:03
iRonnixternal: it need to be tested :)18:04
nixternalI would hate to try and bulletproof X18:04
nixternaland when you say implemented for KDM, you mean KDM 3 and not for KDM 4 right?18:04
iRonkdm3 and kdm418:04
nixternalwhoa, nice job!18:04
nixternalno doubt, if it works you get 2 cookies!18:05
iRonnixternal: this is how it works in Ubuntu -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BulletProofX18:10
nixternaliRon: thanks!18:16
iRonbut... right now displayconfig tool (graphic tool for configuring video devices) doesn't work in Kubuntu.. so i'm calling displayconfig-gtk18:18
iRonas in GDM18:18
nosrednaekimiRon» why isn't it working... I might be able to hack it into working for you.18:22
iRonnosrednaekim: actualy it just missing libpython2.5.so symlink18:23
iRonnosrednaekim: this bug is already in LP18:24
nosrednaekimoh :)18:24
yuriyconsidering all the bugs against it i would think that's only the tip of the iceberg of not working18:24
nosrednaekimI forgot about that18:24
yuriybut i would think most of the bugs would affect displayconfig-gtk equally since they are supposed to use the same backend18:25
iRonhm.. something was changed with latest updates.. now displayconfig and displayconfig-gtk works fine for me18:28
iRoneven without libpython2.5.so symlink18:29
ScottKiRon: Do you have python2.5-dev installed?18:36
iRonScottK: no18:39
ScottKiRon: OK.  Then something might have actually gotten fixed.  That's the usual work around for libpython2.5.so missing.18:40
nixternalOK, someone come up with 25 bugs that need to be worked on today so I can add them to my 100-a-day :)18:44
* nixternal tries the silly wubi18:44
nosrednaekim100 a day? whew :)18:44
nixternalya, 5-a-day is for n00bs :p18:44
nixternalhey, Wubi is actually pretty cool19:07
nixternalit has the potential of ending the "Dual Boot" nightmare, though dual-booting has never been a nightmare for me :)19:08
nixternaland it crashes first thing!19:08
ScottKSounds perfect for Vista19:09
nixternalmy god is it slow19:10
* nixternal continues waiting for it to start up19:11
* serega doesn't follow19:12
seregawhat is Wubi?19:12
nixternalWindows Ubuntu Installer19:12
* emonkey thinks there should be an old 1GHz PC with w2k in the basement ... maybe I can do some wubi testing with them. I think I should look for it tommorrow19:12
nixternalit is on the new CDs19:12
nixternalHost '3LockBox', running Linux 2.6.22-14-generic - Cpu0: AMD Athlon 2200 MHz; Up: 8d+10:47; Users: 1; Load: 0.00; Free: [Mem: 115/941 Mio] [Swap: 863/863 Mio] [/: 10695/14084 Mio] [/boot: 93/122 Mio] [/home: 36752/41301 Mio] [/media/maxtor: 139122/150230 Mio]; Vpenis: 93.4 cm;19:13
nixternalemonkey: the system I am testing on...umm isn't that one19:13
ScottKWindows Ultimate BASH Interpreter?19:13
nixternalit is a Core 2 Quad, 4GB of ram19:13
emonkeySysinfo for 'tartaros': Linux 2.6.22-14-generic running KDE 3.5.9, CPU: Intel(R)Core2DuoCPUT7500@2.20GHz at 2201 MHz (4388 bogomips), , RAM: 1691/3026MB, 165 proc's, 1.8d up19:13
emonkeyonly dualcore and 3GB RAM19:13
emonkeybut there is a nvidia quadro card inside19:13
nixternalI just have the mouse X you get before KDM starts up19:13
seregaWindows User Begins Inspire19:13
emonkeyand it's a laptop19:14
nixternalfor 10 minutes now while the harddrive continues working19:14
* nixternal wonders who idea it was to add "ALPHA" quality software to an LTS release supposedly19:14
nixternalwell, Vista is finally faster than another operating system19:16
nixternalit just rebooted itself and told me to "Please remove the disc, close the tray (if any) and press ENTER to continue19:17
nixternalumm. there is no disc19:17
nixternalguess it was installing Kubuntu w/o even telling you19:17
nixternalI can tell you this now, everyone who tries this, will think their PC is locked up19:17
nixternalthis is scary, Kubuntu Filesystem Type: NTFS19:18
seregadoes wubi provide an option to "completely substitute current shit"? :]19:18
nixternalonly thing you can change is: Partition Size, Username, and Password :p19:19
seregait could be a small revenge19:19
jjessehello nixternal19:19
nixternalhowdy jjesse19:19
ScottKnixternal: I took an hour to file 10 bugs on ubuntu-dev-tools yesterday.  Your turn on wubi.19:19
nixternalI have to admit though, it has potential19:19
nixternalScottK: I don't think I should file a Wubi bug...cuz I just might cuss someone out19:20
ScottKMy favorite one was "AUTHORS file is executable"19:20
seregaI have vista on laptop, I could help with testing19:20
ScottKnixternal: Maybe that's what they need.19:20
nixternalhehehe, Wubi, Install Ubuntu in only 2 reboots!19:21
nixternaland 32048328043248032 dcopserver crashes19:21
seregawhat a precision!19:21
jjessehrmmm i need to work on my 5for today19:22
* serega cannot rebuild a package for hardy :((19:23
nixternalScottK: while you are here, mind uploaded http://www.nixternal.com/~rj/kubuntu-docs19:24
nixternalit is crack and will destroy the world19:24
seregawhy ubuntu-wiki is not multilingual?19:24
ScottKnixternal: Sure19:25
nixternalserega: the question should be "Why hasn't the Ubuntu Wiki been updated to a newer release over the past 3 years"19:25
jpatrickserega: it is, in a way19:25
seregait's good I have good skills in wiki article translation19:26
ScottK2nixternal: Is there a reason your tarball isn't orig.tar.gz?19:27
nixternalplus, everyone should just learn and use English as well as support a free democratic government...jeesh, don't you people listen to the US government?19:27
nixternalthat was a joke btw before you all start beating me up19:28
nixternalScottK2: never is19:28
ScottK2nixternal: Why?19:28
nixternalhasn't been an orig.tar.gz since Hoary19:28
seregayou are just in time!)19:28
nixternaldon't know, I just follow the line on it19:28
* ScottK2 presses the "I believe" button and moves on.19:28
nixternalif you want, I can do an orig.tar.gz for ya19:28
* nixternal uninstalls Wubi19:29
ScottK2nixternal: For the next upload, I'd suggest a lintian over-ride for native-package-with-dash-version19:29
ScottK2It makes sense to do it in this case19:30
nixternalno prob19:30
ScottK2Test building now.19:31
ScottK2nixternal: Filed a bug for you to make it easier for you to remember19:33
nixternalrock on!19:33
nixternalyou want to know something funny...I was going to say "you tell me that now, but I will totally forget on the next release"19:34
ScottK2nixternal: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu ;-)19:35
nixternalhaha, yay I have finally contributed something back!19:36
nixternalcan I become a member nwo?19:36
nixternalthanks btw19:36
ScottKNo problem19:36
nixternaljjesse: just knocked out all of our kubuntu-docs bugs with one swipe...gotta love them docs :)19:36
ScottKThat's my 2nd Main upload since i got core-dev19:37
nixternalOK, for my 5-a-day, which bugs do I pick? the ones under "Not a developer?" or the ones under "You're a developer?"19:37
* nixternal contemplates the easy way out19:37
* nixternal instead chooses to find all of the *K* dev boogs19:38
ScottKnixternal: First was Scribus.  It needed some more .desktop cleanup.  Turns out one of our patches was using the /debian .desktop and the package was installing the upstream one.19:38
ScottKnixternal: wubi is calling you.19:38
nixternalyou know what, I seen that too19:38
nixternalfork wubi!19:38
nixternalno don't fork it19:38
nixternalactually, I think I like Wubi19:38
nixternalit needs some fixing, but for being "Alpha", it wasn't all that painful19:39
ScottKAnyway, it's all cleanup up.  I also mailed the Debian Maintainer and he incorporated some of our changes.19:39
jjessewhat is wubi?19:39
ScottKWindows Ultimate BASH Interpreter?19:39
nixternalI will blog a "The Good, the bad, and the ugly" though on it19:39
nixternalisn't that cygwin?19:40
nixternalnote to self: Samba + KDE 4 == total suckage19:40
ScottKCoulda told you that after the first part of that equation19:41
ScottKjjesse: It's the Windows Ubuntu Installer19:41
ScottKnixternal: Accepted: kubuntu-docs 8.04-1 (source)19:42
nixternalwell, thanks to you, kubuntu-docs now has 1 bug...and I just worked so hard to close 4 or 5 at once :p19:45
jpatricknixternal: 4-5 is for noobs as someone once said19:46
nixternalI never said that :p19:46
jpatrickhttp://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dragonplayer.html - woohoo19:46
nixternalokular needs some work19:47
nixternalI can't get it to crash, but scrolling a file gives me 100% CPU19:47
jpatrickwhy is aplg never here any I want to tell him something^19:47
ScottKHe's smart?19:48
mhbnosrednaekim: what was it?20:02
nosrednaekimmhb» some guy found a huge memory leak in gdebi-kde20:05
nosrednaekimhe filed a bug though20:05
mhbdid he specify the remedy?20:05
mhbbecause if he meant that gdebi-kde leaks quite a lot of memory on some archs, that is known, but I don't think the Python code is guilty20:06
nosrednaekimwell, dpkg certainly didn't use as much memory20:08
nosrednaekimhe said gdebi-kde was using 1.1 gigs,while dpkg used 20MB20:08
mhbyes, I'm not denying it20:09
mhbbut IIRC we traced it back to the konsole KPart bindings for python20:09
nosrednaekimso its a known problem?20:09
mhbit is.20:10
mhbis it reproducible on your machine?20:10
nosrednaekimI didn't try. the deb he was using was too big for me to grab20:11
mhbnosrednaekim: you do not have it installed on your system?20:12
jpatricknosrednaekim: what did he except if he was opening a huge deb?20:12
nosrednaekimjpatrick» it was 15MB deb.....20:19
jpatricknosrednaekim: ...20:20
nosrednaekimand I have dial-up20:21
jpatricknosrednaekim: ah, you meant to hilight mhb (?)20:21
nosrednaekimmhb» well, gdebi on my machine doesn't use over 50MB20:24
mhbnosrednaekim: indeed20:43
mhbnosrednaekim: which means something arch-dependent is causing it20:43
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
nixternalbug 18115221:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181152 in kdegames-kde4 "KMahjongg generates non-solvable boards (at least when pressing shuffle)" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18115221:11
nixternalyou have to read that, it is so unbelievable21:11
nixternalunbelievable that Gnome would allow you to win every game of Mahjong you played :p21:12
nixternalthe funny thing about this21:13
nixternalin Philosophy class we learned all about Mahjong21:13
nixternaljust because Confucius invented it21:13
nixternaland the book of Mahjong said in most cases, 90% of the people who try it, can't solve it21:13
nixternalbut Gnome lets you win all of the time21:14
nixternaljust goes to show that Linus was right, Gnome has dumbed everything down :p21:14
emonkeynixternal, but maybe it should be configurable  to cheat, that would be the KDE way. ;)21:24
blizzzekemonkey: a gnome-mode?21:25
emonkeyyes something like htat XD21:25
ryanakcanixternal: lol21:28
jpatrickhey, evening ryanakca21:29
ryanakcahey jpatrick21:30
* ryanakca grumbles at working 14 hour days... oh well, the festival ends tomorrow :D21:31
ryanakcajpatrick: how're you?21:31
jpatrickryanakca: not bad, mostly policing channels..21:32
yuriydidn't get to do my presentation :-\21:33
jpatrickAn access level of [25] is required for [SET] on #kubuntu21:35
jpatrickyuriy: which presentation?21:35
yuriyjpatrick: MA loco is having an installfest today. i've been sitting here with my kubuntu/KDE4 table21:43
yuriynobody else here uses KDE21:43
yuriyand i was going to do a presentation on KDE4 too but we haven't had more than 2 non-loco people here at a time so it didn't seem worth it21:44
yuriybut i do have KDE 4 running on a 350mhz machine ^_^21:44
ryanakcawow :)21:59
ryanakca350mhz :D21:59
neversfelderyanakca: is this new theme for drupal 5 or 6?22:01
blizzzekyuriy: how much mem?22:04
yuriyblizzzek: 256mb22:06
blizzzeki know that number :D22:06
ryanakcaneversfelde: drupal 5.6 .. since thats all Canonical wants to give us :)22:30

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