swx_does anyone has news of alpha 500:05
flipstarbugs in ubiquity .. needs to be fixxed..00:06
flipstarand few other bugs00:09
Kuniit's good to actually have answers when people come asking now, huh? :)00:15
flipstaranyone here ever tried ubuntustudio ?00:17
flipstarim trying to find out what ubuntustudio has what *ubuntu have not ..00:17
Kuninever tried it, although I know it's theme is pretty00:17
flipstarthe wallpaper seems so blurred..00:18
flipstarbut theres no live cd for that..thats bad00:20
Kunithe dvd can't boot live?00:21
Kuni(it's a dvd, right?)00:21
flipstarno only an alternate cd00:22
swx_thks for the answer:)00:24
Kuniyou can get all the stuff for Studio in gnome pretty easily I believe00:25
swx_but just tell me... it is delayed to tomorrow00:25
Kuniswx_: well, we really don't know00:26
flipstarKuni: yes..already guessed that :) btw i have kde00:26
Kunithe devs basically told me: "it will be released when it's ready"00:26
swx_pretty good answer00:26
Kuniflipstar: I know, that's why I said gnome. I don't know about KDE.00:26
Kuniflipster: although you can do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to get gnome, but I'm sure you know that.00:27
dholbertAnyone know when Hardy Alpha 5 is going to be available?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule says today, but it's not up yet00:27
flipstartheres also an kde version ubuntustudio00:27
flipstardholbert: day aint over yet :)00:27
Kunidholbert: we don't have an actual release yet. the devs still have a few bugs to work out00:27
Kunidholbert: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all00:28
dholbertKuni / flipstar: K thanks. :)00:28
Kunino problem00:28
dholbertKuni: Is there anywhere I can download an almost-alpha5 iso, and then just get updates when those last few bugs are fixed? :)00:30
dholbertaside from downloading alpha 400:31
KuniI suppose you could get the current test version from that site00:31
dholbertAh, n/m - I was looking for but hadn't found the download link00:32
dholbertbut now I see it00:32
dholbertIf i install from that, will I get updates to bring me on par with the actual alpha5 release?00:33
dholbertk :) I'll just wait then00:33
KuniI suppose you could ask the devs at #ubuntu-devel00:34
flipstardholbert: you dont even need that daily build for that00:34
flipstaryou can also upgrade from alpha1 or so00:34
dholbertflipstar: Yeah, I know, I'm just imagining it'd be better to install from almost-alpha5 than to install from alphas 1-400:35
Kunior gutsy even. :)00:35
crimsun_dholbert: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ for the alternate; http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ for the desktop.00:35
flipstarno its the same thin00:35
flipstar!final | dholbert00:36
ubotudholbert: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.00:36
KuniI'm waiting because I want to test wubi00:36
dholbertah ok00:36
dholbertSo flipstar, just to confirm, if i install today's daily build, I'll get automatic updates to make me match alpha5 + beyond?00:36
flipstarright but you dont even need that daily build for that00:37
flipstardaily build is for testing..00:37
DuninhoHello, i have a problem with instaling ubuntu (alternate) could anyone help me?00:38
Kuniyou can just get alpha-400:38
Kuniif we can certainly00:38
DuninhoYou want short or long description of bug? :)00:39
dholbertflipstar: K, thanks00:39
dholbertHaha -- alpha4 just disappeared off of http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/00:40
Kuniwell, let's start with short00:40
DuninhoAnyway shortly speaking, it dont fails at detecting my cdrom00:40
dholbertand now alpha-5 is there, though just with "source"00:40
KuniDuniho: it doesn't detect your cd-rom drive?00:41
crimsun_it's because the release manager just pressed "the plunger"00:41
KuniDuniho: this is a known bug with hardy alpha-*00:41
DuninhoYes, and then it asks for drivers on floppy disc which i dont have00:41
DuninhoIt happens also on openSUSE00:42
KuniDuniho: have you tried installing gutsy instead of hardy?00:42
dholbertDuninho: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha5#head-e2e103d58e482a75134c06f268e9982e6c3bacde00:42
dholbertThe kernel in Alpha 5 is unable to access CD-ROM devices in some configurations, [...]00:42
DuninhoI tried them both + kubuntu and tommorow i'll try Fedore00:42
dholbertAs a workaround, users can boot the installer with the additional "all_generic_ide" boot option. [WWW] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18156100:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181561 in linux "Hardy alpha 2/3/4 daily-live i386 don't boot" [Unknown,Confirmed]00:43
Duninhoow also i tried to boot it with both noscsi and noapic i'll try with all_generic_ide in few mins00:43
flipstaralternate of alpha5 is availible http://torrent.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/alternate/00:44
cyphasewoot! alpha 5!00:44
Kunihip hip00:44
Duninhoow sorry i tried alpha 4 :)00:44
flipstaruhm desktop also00:45
* cyphase was using a notification program that was checking the page every minute :P00:45
flipstarfor amd at least00:45
DuninhoKuni you think it will work with alpha 5?00:45
Kunipage is up at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/00:45
KuniDuninho: <dholbert> As a workaround, users can boot the installer with the additional "all_generic_ide" boot option. [WWW] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18156100:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181561 in linux "Hardy alpha 2/3/4 daily-live i386 don't boot" [Unknown,Confirmed]00:46
dholbertKuni: thanks00:46
dholbertisos don't seem to be there yet though00:47
Kuniisos are, I'm downloading PC Desktop Live00:47
=== dholbert_ is now known as dholbert
DuninhoThanks Kuni i'll try that, and sorry if im making mess in here but its my first time on a irc, im a irc virgin :p00:47
Kunilol np00:48
dholbertyay, isos are there now00:48
cyphasehmm, 1 seed on the torrent00:51
cyphasenvm, there's more now00:51
flipstarno one on kde ..00:51
Duninhook im going off to try that, thx a lot for help :)00:52
Amaranthflipstar: There should at least be 1 seeder (the server)00:52
* cyphase is downloading via http for now00:53
AmaranthPlease use bittorrent00:53
AmaranthEven if it isn't faster for you you'll help to make it faster for others and reduce load on the server00:53
Kuniamaranth: would you prefer us to use bittorrent to http?00:53
AmaranthKuni: Yes please00:53
Kunik, will do00:54
AmaranthOr download with http then use that download to seed the torrent00:54
flipstarthis is what i'll do00:54
AmaranthJust as long as you're sharing some bandwidth :)00:54
KuniAmaranth: I was actually planning on the latter option, so good. :) Also, by the way, awesome name. Is it for the plant or the song? or some other reason?00:54
Amaranth"cool sounding word" in google long before that band ever existed :)00:55
Amaranthbut I chose it because of the flower00:55
Kuniwe must be thinking of a different song, cause I think Nightwish is older than Google.00:55
Amaranth"An imaginary flower supposed never to fade."00:56
AmaranthKuni: Really? I thought they came about in 200200:56
* Gnine thought some D&D type of name that was00:56
Amaranthah, 199700:56
Amaranthnot older than google :)00:56
AmaranthMy firefox has a "Wikipedia" search engine00:57
Kunimine too00:57
Gninemy firefox is crap right now00:57
Amaranthanyway, i've had this name since at least 200200:58
LaneyAccess denied to the release notes :(00:58
Kuniit's a good name00:58
KuniAlso a great song.00:58
AmaranthEveryone thinks its from the song, I don't like that band :)00:58
Kunireally? wow00:58
AmaranthBefore they made that song they thought I made the "Amaranth" theme00:58
Gninewhoa! my firefox profile is .. back.. wth.. it was gone a day ago..00:59
AmaranthNo one knows what that is anymore, it got removed from the default GNOME themes00:59
Gnineall bookmarks and settings .. gone.. now it seems like they are back01:00
AmaranthWe fixed Intel 965 with Compiz01:00
flipstardownload complete01:00
AmaranthThere is currently no video chip blacklisted by compiz, if compiz won't run your driver just doesn't support 3D acceleration or texture_from_pixmap (old nvidia drivers, via, etc)01:00
* Amaranth cheers01:01
AmaranthThat was a pain in the butt01:01
Gnineseahorse had lost my keys too.. they're there now too..01:01
Gninewhat a hack01:01
flipstartorrent sharing started :)01:01
Amaranthflipstar: Thanks!01:01
KuniThat's awesome. So can I finally run compiz in vmware?01:01
Gninei got an ati update , i have nvidia.01:02
KuniGnine: yeah, me too.01:02
AmaranthKuni: No, you don't have 3D acceleration :)01:02
Habbieis openssh-server on the alpha5 hardy-server-i386.iso? :)01:02
AmaranthGnine: I have nvidia and I have the intel and ati drivers installed :P01:02
Gnineso do i. but why...01:03
AmaranthEven though this is a laptop so there is no way I could ever use those01:03
AmaranthBecause they're pulling in by default01:03
KuniAmaranth: darnit. stupid vmware. :)01:03
Kuniguess I'll just have to stick to one of my hd installs01:04
AmaranthUnlike Windows our drivers aren't 300MB per printer and other such crap so it's 'cheap' to just include every single driver for everything01:04
Gninei buy that.. still a little fishy though01:04
Kunidownload speeds are fluctuating like crazy...I feel sorry for the poor servers01:05
flipstaryes they must have heavy bills :/01:05
Gninebittorrent should be more aggresively 'marketed' to the ubuntu community imo01:06
KuniGnine: I agree. It's not the most obvious way to get the files, to say the very least.01:06
* Gnine nods01:07
flipstarupdates also01:07
swx_thks to the ubuntu dev team for A501:07
Kunidang...3.4 megaBYTES per second over http for a little while there01:07
=== MasterShrek` is now known as mastershrek
=== mastershrek is now known as MasterShrek
Gninethats better than debian's torrents which were unavailable from their very website01:08
Gnineat least that was it a day ago01:09
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
dueryteI am having trouble with my graphics, monitor and display say (libraries libpython2.5.so) not found.01:13
dueryte I am having trouble with my graphics, monitor and display say (libraries libpython2.5.so) not found. It is not seeing my video card, and is there a way I can fix this?01:19
crimsun_do you have python2.5-dev installed?01:19
dueryteI guess not, it says its missing, it also is not found in adept01:20
crimsun_     2.5.1-6ubuntu1 001:20
crimsun_        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages01:20
dueryteok thank you for your time and help01:21
NoelJBHardy Alpha 5 was posted just a little bit ago.  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing hasn't be updated, so go directly to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/01:24
KuniNoelJB: Yup01:24
KuniNoelJB: Thanks01:25
cyphase371 updates between Alpha 4 and Alpha 501:36
NoelJBcyphase: how did you determine that (e.g., what command)?01:42
ffmare packages still accepted for universe for hardy?01:42
cyphaseNoelJB: i have Alpha 4 installed in a VM, and i had taken a snapshot of a fresh Alpha 4 installation01:42
cyphaseso i reverted back to that, and checked for updates01:42
NoelJBAh  :-)01:42
NoelJBI'm running Hardy natively, and prefer to start each alpha with a reformat.01:44
cyphaseNoelJB: if i was running hardy natively, i would too :)01:45
cyphasei reformat for every new version of ubuntu anyway01:45
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
Flannel!away > ajmorris|AFK01:50
coz_hey guys01:57
Habbiehi coz01:57
coz_Habbie, hey hello01:57
coz_so what is the current state of hardy01:58
coz_working?  tolerable? :)  broken ?01:58
Habbieworks for me :)01:58
coz_I am getting tired of fesity01:58
* Habbie is off to bed01:58
Habbiehave fun.01:58
NoelJBcoz_: depends on what you want.  it is tolerable, but broken would be my view, but YMMV.02:00
coz_NoelJB, oh  well I am not expecting anything stable at this point02:01
NoelJBcoz_: exactly.  for me, the regression from gutsy that causes hardy to freeze whenever you pull a drive from a hotswap bay is a serious flaw.02:01
coz_NoelJB, oooo    yeah that is a flaw for sure02:02
coz_NoelJB, I was running it last week or so and the nvidia driver problem I saw reported  not being able to boot back up hit me so i went back to fesity but still it is going to be nice when released as long as some of the things that work now still work after release which didnt happen with edgy or feisty after release02:03
NoelJBcoz_: really?  I've not had a problem with nvidia and not being able to boot.02:08
coz_NoelJB, yeah I read one bug about it and it hit me at some point so I just went to feisty and also because the wacom tablet drivers were not there and java didnt work so it was no big deal02:09
cyphasethat's cool.. the "Install Ubuntu" option..02:24
Flannelcyphase: you mean ubiquity-only?02:24
cyphasei suppose it is02:25
FlannelWhere you don't have the live environment, just ubiquity?02:25
FlannelYeah, thats available in gutsy too, just not advertised heavily02:26
cyphasewell, still.. nice that it's more prominent now02:27
wastreli have hardy02:28
naught101anyone else here using kubuntu hardy+ firefox?02:29
naught101if so, does it look crap?02:29
flipstaryep thats the old gtk thing02:29
naught101any way to fix it?02:29
flipstartry "ln -s ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde ~/.gtkrc-2.0" and then run firefox02:30
cyphasehmm, the new timezone chooser is sort of rough around the edges02:30
naught101flipstar: I got a file exists error02:31
naught101probably left over from when I had gutsy02:31
flipstarthen install firefox-themes-ubuntu02:31
wastrelwoo 194 updates wish me luck02:31
naught101hrrm... tabbing in a terminal doesn't work with sudo anymore02:32
naught101flipstar: didn't change anything, any other ideas?02:33
flipstarextras->addons->themes(in firefox)02:34
naught101flipstar: ahhh... perhaps this isn't working because I'm using FF302:35
flipstarnaught101: you changed it ? then it should work now02:36
naught101what? no, nothing appeared in themes02:36
lime4x4slow transfer speeds to a samba share 1.6 mb per sec both pc's hardwired to a 10/100 router i assume this is still due to the gvs issue also using vnc is also slow on local network02:36
flipstarhm but you did install it ?02:37
naught101perhaps it's only for FF2?02:37
flipstarit should appeare there02:38
flipstarno it must!02:38
flipstarmaybe restart firefox just for fun02:38
naught101I did, twice. all I have is firefox default theme, which is already on02:39
naught101when I say it looks crap, I'm refering specifically to the tabs, but also things in the preferences look the wrong size, as do radio buttons and dropdowns on webpages02:43
wastrelmmm firefox crashed02:43
flipstarthis is not only in firefox also in other gtk apps02:43
naught101just a sec, I'll start gimp and see02:44
flipstarnot all gtk apps..but some..like firestarter02:45
naught101nah, just FF3, gimp looks fine02:45
naught101I only use FF3, thunderbird, and GIMP, I think02:45
flipstaraudacios also claims about brocken gtk-engine ..02:46
naught101the tabs look wierd in thunderbird 2 in preferences, but they always have02:46
naught101maybe I'll just try to download another theme02:46
flipstaryep you could try that.. ColorGnome for e.g.02:47
flipstari personally like that one but doesnt have to mean any02:47
naught101what was the default for FF2?02:48
naught101there doesn't seem to be man for FF3 yet02:50
naught101know if it's safe to go back to 2, in terms of preferences? are they compatible?02:50
flipstarguess yes02:51
cooldevicesmmm whats this about gtk? new bugs with new updates?02:52
flipstarold bugs02:53
wastreli have to reboot now02:53
naught101firefox 2 isn't available in hardy??02:54
* burner is going to find out in about 3 hours after it finishes downloading02:54
Flannelnaught101: correct.  burner: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=firefox&searchon=names&suite=hardy&section=all02:58
naught101ah well. have to suffer then :)02:59
sykewill eclipse (and cdt) finally be updated to the latest stable versions?03:06
wastreli rebooted03:07
cyphaseis displayconfig-gtk going to be fixed for hardy?03:12
* burner would assume so cyphase03:14
cyphasei can't find anything about it.. it's like development just stopped03:14
tonyyarussoAnyone else noticed Hardy dimming their laptop display when it shouldn't?03:15
* burner pictures tonyyarusso afro'd hackergotchi03:16
wastreltonyyarusso: yes03:18
burnerI'm about 2 hours from running hardy... is it a very bad idea to use hardy on files I care about?  is gvfs still sketchy?03:18
cooldevicescyphase: from what i see it is fixed already03:18
tonyyarussowastrel: Do you know a bug number offhand, or shall I go searching?03:18
wastreltonyyarusso: no i haven't looked into it yet03:19
cyphaseburner: i believe the release notes say something to that effect03:20
cyphaseunder the Caveats section03:21
cyphase"Due to the switch to GVFS, which is not feature complete, the "Network" item in the Places menu doesn't work, and Nautilus can behave erratically, especially in trash operations. Refrain from operating on valuable files with this version. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/185756 "03:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185756 in gvfs "Couldn't display "network:///" - Nautilus cannot handle network:locations" [Medium,Fix committed]03:21
strabeswhat's the deal with alpha 5?03:22
burneri can handle not using network:// or trash://03:22
burnerthanks cyphase03:22
strabesit's not out on the release schedule!!03:22
cyphaseburner: you're welcome :)03:22
cooldevicesnetwork work if you use smb://03:24
burnercool... network:// is for lamers ;)03:24
ethana2hey guys, what distro should i use for a 100MHz PI with ~16MB of RAM and 850MB total HDD space?03:30
ethana2or rather, where should I ask?03:30
stdin##linux maybe03:31
burnerpuppy or dsl come to mind03:33
burnerbut that might be too minimal for puppy or dsl03:33
ethana2dsl looks like it'll do03:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGYeah~ alpha 5!!03:38
cooldevicesethana2: http://www.minix3.org/03:40
ethana2cooldevices, monolithic kernels FTW!03:40
cooldevicesubuntu uses modular kernel03:41
NoelJBnaught101: yes, ff3 looks like crap.  there are bugs opened against it in launchpad.03:49
naught101NoelJB: ahh, good.03:50
strabesis there a reason that hardy alpha 5 isn't listed on the release schedule wiki?03:50
naught101strabes: it is.03:50
naught101aor it was when I checked a couple of days ago03:50
strabesit still says "delayed until 22nd03:50
NoelJBnaught101: which video driver are you using?03:50
naught101NoelJB: intel. should that affect it?03:50
strabeshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule it's not on tehre03:51
strabesor at least, it's not linked to03:51
cooldevicesstrabes: so what?03:51
strabesmaybe it should be so that people know it's released03:51
cooldevicesyou need iso or what?03:51
strabesi'm downloading it right now03:51
strabesi'm just wondering, jeez03:51
NoelJBnaught101: no, actually, that's a good thing because it further demonstrates that it isn't an nVidia specifc issue.  The anti-nVidia camp is constantly trying to shift the blame for everything to the nvidia driver.03:52
NoelJBAnd since nVidia is so common, we need non-nVidia folks to help confirm that there is a defect to be fixed.03:52
* naught101 cant wait for proprietary drivers to become a thing of history03:52
naught101you want me to on launchpad?03:53
* strabes agrees03:53
cooldevicesnaught101 proprietary hardware too?03:53
naught101cooldevices: indeed03:53
* strabes can't wait for ati to release documentation or decent drivers03:53
NoelJBnaught101: yes, but in the meantime we have real work to do, and Ubuntu with some non-Open code is far better than Vista with all closed code.03:53
naught101not to mention copyright, capitalism, and property in general03:53
strabes?? i have no problem with capitalism and property03:53
naught101NoelJB: for sure03:54
strabesjust software patents03:54
naught101why not? what's the difference? it's all power of the few over the many03:54
NoelJBstrabes: +1 on that issue.  Should be eliminated.03:54
NoelJBIn any event, that's a discussion for a different channel.  naught101, yes, I can give you the bug # on launchpad if you want it.03:55
naught101NoelJB: i don't really care, but if you want an intel person to check it out, I can03:55
NoelJBsee bug #19179103:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191791 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox-3.0 zoomed images and webpages" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19179103:56
maccam94do file copies still trash hardy?04:01
maccam94tomorrow is an Ubuntu Massachusetts Team Installfest, and I'm wondering if i should bother trying to demo a Hardy installation04:02
wastrelfile copies?04:02
wastreltrash how?04:03
cooldevicesyou even not trying it and sying it "trash" hardy? i dont know what this mean, but worked fine for me since beta404:03
cooldevicesalpha 4 i mean04:03
maccam94ok, gnome-vfs was being replaced as i recall04:03
maccam94something to do with gnome file operations having issues04:03
cooldevicesyeah and they have warnings about that04:03
wastrelah i don't use the gnome file manager typically04:03
wastrelhaven't seen a problem with cp04:04
cooldevicesi use04:04
maccam94cooldevices: so is it still dangerous or no? or is it in a "once in a while it has an issue" state04:05
[Hardy]TuTUXGthere was issues to connect to network folder due to changing to gvfs04:05
[Hardy]TuTUXGdont know if it's still still there04:06
gaminggeekis hardy in beta yet?04:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGalpha 504:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGand apha 6 and hopefully beta04:06
cooldevicesmaccam94: Refrain from operating on valuable files with this version. - this is what devs said04:07
cooldevicesbut i have no issues04:07
cooldevicesthink for yourself04:07
maccam94cooldevices: ok, but is it stable enough to run on a clean demo machine?04:07
maccam94and is there anything cool to show off vs. gutsy at the moment?04:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGcopy files?04:08
cooldevicesmaccam94:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha504:08
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: i only meant that if i left it up for people to play with, would that be a good or a bad idea04:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaccam94, im using it all the time04:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGso i guess it's pretty stable to play with ^^^04:10
wobboJeej! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/04:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGis kde 4 working in hardy?04:29
[Hardy]TuTUXGget bored, wanna to try it04:30
burnerkde4 was working in gutsy04:30
burneri'd assume it's working in hardy04:30
Tuv0kwell try it, and tell your story04:30
burner4.01 maybe?04:30
* burner wants a working mic so he can create screencasts with audio overlay04:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGi will be the gene pig04:31
maccam94guinea :-P04:31
maccam94unless you want to be a pig made up of deoxyribonucleic acids :-P04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGhow to install it tho04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGhaha, very funny04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGaptitude install kde4?04:33
maccam94there is a kde4 package04:35
RoC_MasterMindis there any way at all to use a pptp VPN while I have a static IP on my nic?04:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGshould i use the kubuntu-members-kde4 repo?04:37
* maccam94 has no idea, doesn't use KDE or hardy04:38
burnerRoC_MasterMind: network-manager's pptp vpn plugin doesn't work?04:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGwell, how about in gutsy?04:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat the different it offers compare to ubuntu's pkg?04:38
burner[Hardy]TuTUXG: see kubuntu.org, it's on the front page i think04:38
RoC_MasterMindno, and neither kvpnc.04:39
RoC_MasterMindNo traffic passes.04:39
burnerbummer, that worked in gutsy... things are installing, i'll be able to bughunt with you soon :)04:40
RoC_MasterMindworked at all, or worked with a static IP?04:40
burnerworked at all04:41
cooldevicesRoC_MasterMind: vpn with static ip requires network manager 0.704:41
burnerI have my ip set by the router based on my MAC address instead of by static ip04:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGburner, it says "in hardy just install kde4-core" but i guess it means hardy kubuntu?04:41
RoC_MasterMindwhat's the best way to get network manager 0.7?04:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGnvm, i will add the repo anyways04:42
burner[Hardy]TuTUXG: i don't get your question, but yeah, just install kde4-core04:42
burnerno no04:42
burnerkde4 packages are just in hardy04:42
[Hardy]TuTUXGthx alot04:42
cooldevicesRoC_MasterMind: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=419781804:42
cooldevicesbut... isnt kvpnc support static ip with vpn?04:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGwat's new with nm 0.7?04:44
RoC_MasterMinddon't think so.04:44
RoC_MasterMindI heard that, but when I try to dial up I get the same symptoms.04:45
RoC_MasterMindalso, pptp goes 100% CPU with kvpnc04:45
cooldevicesyou may have a better luck with old-way of setting vpn04:45
RoC_MasterMindwhat's that?04:46
cooldevicesediting configs, pptpconfig, etc04:46
[Hardy]TuTUXGburner, it removed my kdebase-bin-kde304:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGwill that break kde3?04:48
* burner shrugs, maybe04:49
burneri don't use kde ;)04:49
burner#kubuntu maybe?04:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGnvm, i don't use kde neither ;P04:49
sykeI just updated to hardy, and everything is working great except my ndiswrapper05:14
sykeit doesn't complain about loading, but the wireless doesn't work either05:14
sykewas working great in gutsy just moments ago05:14
burner_any chance the card works without ndiswrapper?05:14
sykeweb search hasn't yielded much other than a suggestion to build ndiswrapper from scratch05:14
sykewas wondering if there was a plan to update the ndiswrapper so it works OOTB05:14
sykeburner: not decently, no05:15
sykeunless b43 support wpa2 and 802.11g05:15
sykewhich it doesn't appear to05:15
* burner_ is updating now to hardy and only on a desktop with no wireless... sorry i'm not much help05:15
sykethe message boards also say that booting into 2.6.22 kernel fixes it05:15
burner_wpa2?  why not just use wpa or wep then?05:15
sykeI'd be happy to test any fix to this issue05:15
maccam94syke: try reinstalling ndiswrapper?05:16
maccam94and reinstall the windows driver...05:16
sykeburner: wep is crackable, we use wpa2 for some reason. but b43 and bcm43xx both don't play well with wpa05:16
syke(lots of invalid crypto errors in iwconfig)05:16
sykemaccam94: that's my next step, but others in message baords said it doesn't make a difference05:16
* burner_ runs an open network and thinks nothing of encryption05:17
maccam94i'd worry if i lived in an apartment in a city05:17
maccam94but here in the suburbs...05:17
sykeburner: I live in silicon valley where ppl jump onto open access points all the time to torrent god knows what05:17
sykeyea ;)05:18
sykeit looks like hardy's ndiswrapper is up to date..05:18
sykeI'll try reisntalling the windows driver05:18
DanaGHow can I prove the security of WPA2 to my parents?  My dad is a bit paranoid, because he (knows he) doesn't know anything about wireless security.05:19
maccam94syke: sudo rmmod ndiswrapper && sudo ndiswrapper -r drivername (i think)05:20
maccam94and then add it again05:20
DanaGOur passphrase is ************************* characters long, with words and underscores, and mixed case between (but not within) words, and two punctuation symbols.05:20
maccam94DanaG: what's being used now?05:20
DanaGBut he doesn't like me leaving the wireless on, so I can't use it.05:21
DanaGI usually use wired anyway, but sometimes I want to use two computers in my room at once (and I don't have enough cables or ports for both in my room.)05:21
RoC_MasterMindbuy a switch05:21
sykedanag: unreasonable ppl generally can't be reasoned with ;)05:22
sykemy dad used to also be ignorant about these things, unplugging the modem at night (and disrupting downloads, etc)05:22
sykemy final response was "if you want to be ignorant, that's fine, but it's fairly irritating"05:23
sykehe backed down shortly after ;)05:23
DanaGWell, at least he leaves stuff up.05:24
DanaGWireless is more of a convenience than a need.05:24
sykeof course, every has computers these days05:24
sykeeveryone, rather05:24
maccam94DanaG: "How secure is Wi-Fi Protected Access? Wi-Fi Protected Access is a very strong wireless security enhancement. While no security solution can ever claim to be "absolutely secure", the protection that Wi-Fi Protected Access provides is significant. Many cryptographers are confident that Wi-Fi Protected Access addresses all the known attacks on WEP. It also adds strong user authentication, which was absent in WEP."05:27
sykeyup, no dice05:34
sykereinstalling the driver doesn't help :( :( :(05:34
sykeI'll try booting back into the old kernel and see what that gets me05:34
sykethanks for the help! :)05:34
kavoor Hello, Is it true that Hardy will not feature a new theme and a new makeover is scheduled for Hardy +1 ??05:36
dareiianyone know how i can get my clock to show regular time instead of UTC05:37
mEck0Hi! I wonder if there is a app which works good with a Ipod Nano 3rd gen in 8.04?05:50
burner_mEck0: rhythmbox doesn't cut it?05:52
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
mEck0burner_, haven't tried any app in 8.04 yet. but some weeks ago I couldn't find any app which worked. and when I googled on it then, I realized that support for 3rd gen wasn't so good yet...05:54
burner_i'd try rhythmbox or banshee05:55
burner_better yet, i'd buy an mp3 player that's not all locked down ;)05:55
dareiiwhat about exaile?05:55
mEck0dareii, haven't try. but will do that05:58
dareiiexaile is best gnome media player for me - i don't like rythmbox06:00
dareiii can't my clock to show correct time06:02
Lilacorhello HH folks06:02
dareiiit's showing utc instead of real time06:02
DarkMageZmEck0, ipod support in most applications is dictated by libgpod. it'd be best to check the libgpod site to see if your ipod is supported06:05
mEck0DarkMageZ, aha, will do, thx06:05
[Gutsy]TuTUXGkde 4 is fun106:08
[Gutsy]TuTUXGexcept it crashed on me when i try to change the fonts06:08
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, is it fully usable now? when I tried a beta of it, it wasn't possible to change properties for panel etc. does all these fundamental stuff works now?06:09
[Gutsy]TuTUXGstill not much stuff you can change as i can tell06:09
[Gutsy]TuTUXGbut i guess it's more stable than beta for sure06:10
mEck0oki, weird why they released it then :S I think it's better to move the deadline forward if isn't fully usable06:10
DarkMageZmEck0, if you've ever used one of the alpha releases of vista? back when it was longhorn ッ that's kde406:11
[Gutsy]TuTUXGwhile it's usable06:11
mEck0oki, maybe I'll try it again06:11
hydrogen4.0.2 has a lot of what you wiould expect06:11
hydrogenbut it's not released yet06:11
[Gutsy]TuTUXGjust not customizable as gnome atm06:11
mEck0DarkMageZ, :D okay06:11
hydrogenwait for 4.0.2 :)06:11
[Gutsy]TuTUXGya, definitely got potentials06:11
[Gutsy]TuTUXGif i am a mac lover, i could say they went to the right direction06:12
mEck0hydrogen, isn't released at all or is it available from a cvs/svn repo?06:12
DarkMageZyeah. i'll admit there is potential. but seriously 4.0 should not have been called a release :P06:12
mEck0yeah, I saw that they have included some good features which mac os has06:12
hydrogenit's availible from svn06:12
hydrogenbut you probably don't want to build it :)06:13
hydrogen4.0 was completely usable for me06:13
mEck0hydrogen, hehe I don't think so, it's kind of a huge thing to build and fix all dependencies for :D06:13
[Gutsy]TuTUXGgnome need to do some catch up i guess06:13
hydrogenwhat-will-be-4.1 is even more completely usable for me, but thats another story :)06:13
mEck0hydrogen, when will they release 4.02?06:13
hydrogenmEck0: sometime in march06:14
hydrogenearly march I think06:14
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, I like gnome, though I think they need to work more with performance now. The system feels kind of slow sometimes. just take a thing like nautilus06:14
mEck0hydrogen, ok06:14
hydrogenmEck0: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule#Upcoming_Milestones06:15
mEck0hydrogen, I wonder, are the kde4 packages in the ubuntu repo up to date?06:15
mEck0hydrogen, thx06:15
hydrogenmEck0: they are of 4.0.106:15
mEck0ok, good06:15
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthey are just a little bit afraid to change, imo06:15
mEck0you mean gnome ?06:15
mEck0can be so yeah06:15
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthey should introduce some new stuff to take place of the old ones06:16
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, yeah indeed06:16
mEck0which prog. language is most of gnome written in?06:17
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand python?06:17
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmore python would be nice i guess06:17
DarkMageZc & python.06:17
mEck0DarkMageZ, okok06:17
hydrogengnome is mostly written in c06:18
mEck0would be very funny to contribute with programming, though I have a lot of stuff to do now :(06:18
hydrogenand its really ugly because of it06:18
hydrogenlooking at gnome code is asking for a migrane06:18
[Gutsy]TuTUXGhydrogen, hahaha06:18
hydrogenmost ubuntu programs are written in python, using the gtk bindings06:18
mEck0are they so poorly written?06:18
DarkMageZgnome sucks anyway & gtk is an ugly pos...06:19
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand that's y mr.linus doesnt like it06:19
hydrogenmEck0: not so much that as gtk has just grown in a whole lot of different directions by a whole lot of different people over a long period of time06:20
hydrogengnome is kind of pushing more to using mono/c# from what I've read06:20
hydrogenwhich should be better in the long run..06:20
mEck0oki, yeah could be06:20
DarkMageZthat's because of novell's twisted medeling...06:20
[Gutsy]TuTUXGy c# is better in the long run?06:20
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmore support?06:21
DarkMageZi think gnome/gtk needs complete rewrite to compete with kde406:21
[Gutsy]TuTUXGinstead of trying to fix stuff06:21
hydrogenc# is a much nicer language to develop in than c (in my opinion)06:22
mEck0hydrogen, haven't tried C#, is it very similar to C? like C++ is similar to C since it's developed from C.06:23
[Gutsy]TuTUXGexcept c# is developed by ms06:24
[Gutsy]TuTUXGc# is just a ripoff of java by ms06:24
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand now they have j#06:24
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, ok, but if you develop something with mono, does it work on any platform (in theory)?06:24
DarkMageZcept c# performs much faster than java.06:24
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, yes i does06:24
[Gutsy]TuTUXGya, java is slow06:25
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, ok, then it should be a competent competitor to java06:25
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, if ms wants it to be06:26
[Gutsy]TuTUXGno offense to c#, i just think if c/c++ can be more standardize, it's still a nice language06:28
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, from wikipedia: The reference .NET Microsoft implementation is only available on Windows, and its ties to this operating system is seen by some as a drawback[16][17]. There are other implementations on the works for running C# programs on Windows, Linux, BSD or Mac OS X, but they are not complete yet: Mono[18] and DotGNU[19]. In November of 2002 Microsoft released a 1.0 CLI implementation that worked on Free BSD and Ma06:30
[Gutsy]TuTUXGc OS X 10.2, but the next versions were only made available on Windows.06:30
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, oki06:31
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=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
cwilluis there a way to configure dpkg to always run nice'd?06:48
rohananyone here using hardy alpha 5 already?07:00
rohani just wanted to check whether acer-acpi is included now in hardy by default07:00
rohanhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24/+bug/190677 ---> basically i want to check if this bug is solved in hardy alpha 507:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190677 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "Backport acer-wmi to hardy 2.6.24 kernel" [Low,Fix committed]07:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190531 in amsn "amsn crashes X when you try to change display picture with compiz enabled" [Undecided,New]07:08
Assidcan someone confirm this07:08
rohanwill ubuntu hardy have firefox 3 final?07:15
Hewusrohan: alpha 5 has beta 3, so I assume the plan is for release to have firefox 3 final07:18
Andre_Gondimwhere are the tab completation in Alpha 5?07:19
Andre_Gondimwhen I am in terminal the completation tab does not work so well07:22
rohanHewus: lets hope ff3 final is out by that time :07:24
Assiderr.. system monitor is a bit  psycho07:30
Assidthe speed its reporting and the speed im getting while downloading are different07:31
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=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
DarkMageZAssid, how different?07:44
Assiddouble the speeds07:44
AssidFATAL: Error inserting ds1621 (/lib/modules/2.6.24-8-generic/kernel/drivers/hwmon/ds1621.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)07:44
DarkMageZhmm... 2x in overheads is seriously not right.07:45
DarkMageZunless your download manager fails at design.07:45
Assidi think i knoiw why.. i have vbox using bridging to get it on the lan07:46
Assidthat could be a factor07:46
DarkMageZyou're monitoring on the vbox or on your machine?07:47
Assidon the machine07:47
DarkMageZthen no, bridging is no excuse07:47
Assidhrmm trying to think07:47
DarkMageZthe only way that could work is if you were monitoring on the vbox and it was adding both interfaces together in the count ッ07:48
Assidvbox isnt on07:48
Assidor rather wasnt on while the dl took place07:48
DarkMageZi'm having problems thinking of a good reason for it to be counting 2x. without it being some sort of software bug or user error...07:50
Assidused to work fine before.. dont remember when it started showing this07:53
Assidand i know my cap. there no way i can get 2x the speed07:53
Assid0.0.0.0         UG    100    0        0 br007:54
Assid0.0.0.0         UG    100    0        0 eth007:54
Assidthere you go..07:54
Assidlook like because it goes through br0 first and then eth0 .. it doubles it07:54
DarkMageZit's counting both interfaces. poor design.07:54
Assidokay i may get cut off.. trying google earth.. known to crash with compiz07:54
Assidi didnt make it :(07:55
DarkMageZwho was accusing you of :P07:57
Assidone more thing07:59
Assidnetwork monitor / netspeed applet08:00
Assidit doesnt let me change the device08:00
Assidwaitgot that to work08:01
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AnRkeywhen is alpha 5 gonna be out?09:40
rskalready out afaik09:41
AnRkeyok shweet thanks09:43
AnRkeyI wanna start testing again09:45
ethana2hey, does alpha5 pack any new art?10:10
rskethana2: there will be no new theme for 8.0410:12
gaminggeeknot even a new bg?10:13
rskdont know about that10:13
gaminggeekI dont keep the default look of ubuntu anyway10:14
gaminggeekI wish ubuntu had a better look :|10:14
ethana2who does?10:14
gaminggeekinfact I would like it better if they put in the default gnome look10:14
gaminggeekI mean thats what I change it to :)10:15
gaminggeekgnome icon theme10:15
gaminggeekand the gummy clearlooks10:15
ethana2they should ship with the linux mint, ubuntu studio, and fedora themes10:15
ethana2with their own default10:15
ethana2they're good themes10:15
gaminggeeklinux mint looks pretty nifty10:15
ethana2and they already exist10:15
[Gutsy]TuTUXGethana2, no new theme? seriously?10:17
[Gutsy]TuTUXGwell at least there is on new wp as i can tell10:18
SebastianIs there a place to report successfull installs of Hardy Alpha 5?10:40
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=== ipcheck is now known as ajmorris
bullgard4Is the following statement true: "/proc/acpi  is being removed soon - it's  considered deprecated in 2.6.24."?10:53
rskif you have to ask if it's true10:56
rskthen it's probably not10:56
void^a lot of things including /proc/acpi/* stuff is being moved to sysfs, but i'm pretty sure /proc/acpi will still be (optionally) available for a long time11:00
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
P2502omg shift+insert now work in terminal, linux rules11:04
P2502however keyb layout switching is not11:05
h3sp4wn_gaminggeek: The ubuntu studio look is usable did you look at that ? (I do admit the rest are not particularly nice(11:07
gaminggeekh3sp4wn_: I dont want to change distro just because of the theme :)11:19
gaminggeekubuntu studio has a nice theme though but I dont see what it does better than stock ubuntu for what I want11:19
gold44gaminggeek: me211:22
h3sp4wn_gaminggeek: Me neither I am not that bothered (But noticed the ubuntustudio theme is in the repos)11:26
gaminggeekif I was doing audio stuff ubuntu studio would be nice because IIRC it has a tickless kernel  and all that nice stuff11:30
gaminggeekbut I do graphics stuff and ubuntu does that just fine11:30
gold44h3sp4wn_: which theme should i get with apt-get?11:32
* heret1c arrives11:32
h3sp4wn_gold44: ubuntustudio0theme11:33
h3sp4wn_gold44: ubuntustudio-theme11:33
gold44how about ubuntustudio-look?11:34
h3sp4wn_get that as well - there is one bit you don't get with the first package11:34
gold44actually u-look includes u-theme11:35
gold44nee reboot11:35
h3sp4wn_or you could get --without-recommends ubuntustudio-default-settings11:35
gaminggeekthe appearnces takes longer than it should to start for me :/11:36
gaminggeekI dont know if I like the ubuntu studio theme acctually11:38
gaminggeekits better than the default ubuntu one but it looks a little odd with windows with alot of white like banshee and pidgin11:38
h3sp4wn_have you got a black taskbar and whatever they call the top one11:39
h3sp4wn_(If they are still white its not properly installed)11:39
gold44da sound is diff11:40
gold44i got an elephant skin backg11:40
gaminggeekin hardy?11:41
gold44maybe is elephant's ass11:41
gold44i u-studio theme11:41
gold44i just apt-get11:41
h3sp4wn_There is a choice of wallpapers if that is what you mean11:41
gold44i choose elephant's ass11:42
gold44that brown piece of skin, or maybe dried dirt , or whatever it is, it look like elephat's ass11:43
gold44i m setting non-internet distro. i choose debian. 3 dvd iso + 1 dvd iso update11:44
h3sp4wn_Wise choice11:47
gold44wget 1 dvd took 8 houts11:52
nomasteryodaits elephant in hardy11:52
gold44hm....4*8=32 =) for those who needs math lesson11:52
gold44my god. 1.5 days11:53
nomasteryodaso... 1.5*4= 6 days11:58
[Gutsy]TuTUXGgold44, u can download them at the same time11:59
nomasteryodabitorrent would be faster11:59
[Gutsy]TuTUXGalso bittorrent11:59
nomasteryodasince most sites have limited upload12:00
gold44no. 4 dvd, 8 hr each12:00
rskevery site has limited upload12:00
rskit's pure logic12:01
gold44[Gutsy]TuTUXG: the server might only let me download one at a time.12:01
[Gutsy]TuTUXGgold44, i don't think they have only one server12:01
nomasteryodaah ok12:01
gold44one socket12:01
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand have u tried to dl them together?12:01
gold44i m getting all from ome server12:02
nomasteryodaya you can get from like ftp://ftp.oregonstate.edu/pub i believe12:02
[Gutsy]TuTUXGgold44, and u have to do that becuz?12:02
P2502AMD opened specs for 3D modes of videocards... additionaly to general specs released earlier... now this is becoming interesting12:02
gold44no i did not try that12:02
nomasteryodathat's the beauty of mirrors12:02
gold44becuz, i don't care. no in rushy12:03
=== DrPHP is now known as Assid
gold44[Gutsy]TuTUXG: lots of free website, where u get freebies, dont let u, download 2 files at once.  they sort of train me to think this way.12:06
h3sp4wn_As long as the connection is maxed out why does it matter12:07
gold44if i start to download 4 dvd iso the same time, it will total up to 1.5 days anway12:07
[Gutsy]TuTUXGgold44, i know what u saying but it wont hurt to give it a try12:07
h3sp4wn_If it isn't then use another mirror12:07
gold44[Gutsy]TuTUXG: i am almost done anyway.12:07
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand u can choose 1. 4 different severs 2, bittorrent12:07
gold44what prevented me to try first place was, i never read the 'man screen'.  i only use one screen-mount a time.12:09
h3sp4wn_c-a c12:09
h3sp4wn_c-a w and c-a #12:09
gold44yeah, brings back memory haha12:09
h3sp4wn_(where # is a number) of the screen listd by c-a w12:10
gold44'c-a w' new window?12:11
* gold44 read man screen12:11
enych3sp4wn_: i just use   c-a n    c-a w12:11
enych3sp4wn_: i just use   c-a n    c-a p  even12:11
gold44when i "screen -r" which screen will i be at? or does it matter?12:12
gold44i click X to close my ssh windows12:12
h3sp4wn_enyc: I have for the most part have stuff in the same place12:12
h3sp4wn_so don't bother with listing them first12:13
enych3sp4wn_:  make sense12:13
enych3sp4wn_: i wonder how easy it would be to arrange for things like F1 F2 F3 etc. to be equivalent to c-a 0 c-a 1 c-a 2  ;-)....12:13
h3sp4wn_I go thru phases of using split etc12:14
enych3sp4wn_: (assuming xterm -> screen)12:14
h3sp4wn_Its hard enough to just get a status bar permenant (so no need for c-a w) I dunno12:15
enych3sp4wn_: darn12:15
gold44h3sp4wn_: there's a split in vim12:15
h3sp4wn_gold44: but why use that instead of screen's ? or does it provide a verticle split also ?12:16
gold44how to find out how-many screens i created? and how to tell which screen i a m at?12:16
enycgold44: ctrl-a then w12:16
enycgold44: you will see howe many of them (numbered)12:16
enycgold44: you will see the * on the screen you are on12:17
gold44h3sp4wn_: i am just saying, vim has a split.  no vertical split in vim12:17
h3sp4wn_you can rename them with ctrl-a A12:17
enych3sp4wn_: heres what id really like to know ;-) -- how do I connect up multiple connections to the same screen mux?12:17
h3sp4wn_enyc: screen 0x12:17
gold44enyc: ah... thx12:17
h3sp4wn_screeb 0x12:18
enych3sp4wn_: like a "shared" session within the same conneciton12:18
h3sp4wn_screen -x12:18
h3sp4wn_probably that is not what you want though because they are not independant12:18
enych3sp4wn_: thats interesting i have them on diffecent window sizes which is interesting...12:19
enych3sp4wn_: like it resizes them depending whats connected etc.12:19
enych3sp4wn_: hey i ve got in the other way round now so its small window on 1 etc... blah... i get it ;-)12:20
h3sp4wn_Did you read the bit about multiuser sessions ?12:20
enych3sp4wn_: i only want it on 1 user12:20
enych3sp4wn_: which is fine for me12:20
h3sp4wn_I think with that you should be able to use it independant12:20
h3sp4wn_like one is connected to screen 2 - the other is on screen 112:21
enych3sp4wn_: ok now I want to know..... ;-)  is it possible for me to setup screen -x on a certain window with TERM=wy60 on a /dev/ttyS device ;-)12:21
gold44hey.... i have vim Q.  :!pstree  will run the command. is there a way to get a terminal within vim? in mc, you can control-o, to get terminal12:21
enych3sp4wn_: i can see any of the windows on either connection to screen12:21
h3sp4wn_enyc: but changing one changes the other right ?:12:21
enych3sp4wn_: no i can flip windows independantly12:21
enych3sp4wn_: so ctrl12:22
enych3sp4wn_: so ctrl-a (number) is on per-instance12:22
enych3sp4wn_: i *can* have them both on the same or not etc.12:22
h3sp4wn_Ah that doesn't matter then its not something I use alot12:22
h3sp4wn_If I need to show someone something then I use gems12:23
heret1cyo doc.12:25
* heret1c has got a new hd, which doesn't show up in /gev12:25
heret1cdev eben.12:26
heret1cah. bbl12:26
gold44it will be nice if first screen is #1 instead of #0.  zero is all the way next to the 9-key12:26
Dr_Willisname the forst screen ~ :)12:27
gold44i keep have to switch between 1 and 0 .  1 and 2 will be easy to switch.  Dr_Willis ? ~ ??? let me try12:27
Dr_Willisi got no idwea what youa re even doing gold44  :)12:28
gold44oh... but i have to name it every time12:28
gold44since ppl are so hot on screen topic.  how to set color for screen#1 green and screen#2 blue?12:30
Dr_WillisHmm. I would say use of the ansi color codes. and  perhaps some fancy bash prompts12:31
h3sp4wn_Look at any complicated screenrc online12:33
* gold44 reading man page12:33
h3sp4wn_and spend ages decyphering it bit by bit12:33
h3sp4wn_The nethack error messages are better12:33
cwilluwine working yet?12:34
enyccwillu: was it not workingL12:35
cwillusegfaults on mine12:35
cwillusome people were saying the same yesterday12:35
Dr_Williswatching my updates scroll by.. :)12:36
Dr_WillisHow can this thing update xchat,, while im running xchat anyway...12:36
Dr_WillisI always found that..  amazing. :)12:36
cwilluDr_Willis, files aren't locked;  it'll be the new version when you restart it12:36
h3sp4wn_you can see I think with lsof12:37
h3sp4wn_kde doesn't like being updated while its running12:37
Dr_Williscwillu,  yea guess so.   it just seems that with some 'other'os's out there. Ya have to shut down everything and stand on your head when yoyu update. :)12:37
cwilluDr_Willis, there's ways around that too :p12:38
cwilluso, wine works on some people's machines?12:40
P2502try wine 0.9.5612:45
cwilluP2502, aka, the wine is hardy is currently broken?12:45
P25020.9.55 was broken for everyone12:45
cwilluP2502, seg fault broken?12:46
cwilluokay, thx12:46
P2502i'll wait for 0.9.56 in repo12:51
cwilluanyone know of a config option'ish thing to make dpkg always run niced?12:53
=== afflux_ is now known as afflux
Dr_Willis wine Death\ Worm\ v1.4.exe12:56
Dr_WillisSegmentation fault (core dumped)12:56
cwilluDr_Willis, I just downloaded  wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/archive/ubuntu/gutsy/wine_0.9.55~winehq0~ubuntu~7.10-1_i386.deb12:57
cwilluworks fine12:57
Dr_Williswonder what happened with the one in the repos then.12:58
heret1ccwillu> ran AIDA from a system rescue cd - wouldn't detect the hd.13:02
cwillu!package wine13:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package wine - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:02
cwilluwhat's the syntax for that?13:02
Dr_Willis!info wine13:03
ubotuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.55-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 34871 kB, installed size 108000 kB13:03
cwilluheret1c, you didn't do something silly like disabling the ide controller in the bios did you? :p13:03
cwilluah, thx13:03
heret1c>msg cwillu can't change BIOS - haven'tgot pwd.13:04
heret1cmust afk13:05
cwilluwhat mobo do you have?13:05
P2502mmm another os for 16 mb of ram and Pentium 1 http://www.thinstation.net/ and it is linux (1st one is minix3, but its not linux)13:05
P2502someone asked13:05
Dr_WillisPuppylinux is good for low end machines.13:07
Dr_Willisand/or DSL13:07
s0u][ighthello is the alpha 5 released?13:07
P2502Puppy Linux has been run in a PC-100 Mhz 32 MB RAM machine with hard disk13:10
P2502dosnet count13:10
P2502question was about 16 mb of ram13:10
P2502"Memory requirement is at least 64 MB, which can be aided by a swap partition in hard disk if RAM is lacking."13:11
P2502man i wonder when epic released unreal tournament 3 for linux13:12
s0u][ightis the new hardy alpha 5 released?13:12
s0u][ightwhere can i find info about it?13:13
s0u][ightwow murat gunes it sounds like a turkish name :D13:16
s0u][ightcan i contact those men from the credits thing?13:16
affluxs0u][ight: you can, but depending on what you want, they're probably the wrong people to contact13:18
s0u][ighthehe ur right but it's nice to know that people from different nationalities work on the same project ;]13:18
affluxyes, that's right13:18
s0u][ighti got a question is that b43 interface name issue fixed?13:19
h3sp4wn_what exactly is the issue13:19
h3sp4wn_I would guess if there is an issue its not with b4313:19
s0u][ightthe interface name is weird13:20
s0u][ighti got for the same interface 2 names13:20
s0u][ightone is eth113:20
s0u][ightand the other is wlan0_rename13:20
h3sp4wn_no wmaster0 ?13:20
s0u][ightno wlan0_rename13:20
h3sp4wn_usually if you have wlan0 you have with it wmaster013:21
s0u][ightand i can connect to networks with it :s13:21
h3sp4wn_could be udev though that is breaking it13:21
s0u][ighti normally have eth113:21
h3sp4wn_afaik all mac80211 drivers should be as i said above13:22
h3sp4wn_the wmaster is for handling multi ssid13:23
h3sp4wn_yeah my laptop has wlan0 + wmaster0 (and another ralink device I had also did)13:24
h3sp4wn_this is intel 4965 (never used it yet)13:25
P2502!bug 18497613:25
affluxwill intrepid ibex' short name be intrepid or ibex?13:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184976 in ubuntu "Hardy: b43 driver not working (Upgrade from Gutsy)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18497613:25
sn0a whopping 35K from cdimage today :) must be busy13:29
P2502try spreader.yandex.net13:30
sn0n1 P2502 , 10x quicker13:34
Assidmy systems acting realllly strange13:37
Assidfor some reason.. the drives dont come on the desktop anymore13:37
Assideven like my usb storage etc13:37
Assiderr whats the keyboard shortcut for pasting in terminal ?13:46
sn0ctrl+v / shift + insert13:46
sn0hardly a hardy question though Assid13:46
heret1ch'm- my new hd doesn't register in /dev. may the controller be broken?13:47
Assidyeah i know.. my keyboards changed13:47
sn0please ask support questions in #ubuntu , this channel is for hardy.13:47
Assidtrying to figure out what the old one was.. cause now i gotta see what im pressing till i get used to it13:48
heret1csn0> hd went bing testing hardy alpha 4.13:48
sn0heret1c alpha 5 is out, could you try that please and see what happens?13:48
Assiderr.. i run hardy.. just forgot what it was.. you know when you do something soo much that you have no idea what exactly you you do anymore13:48
sn0all the time Assid :)13:48
Assidhence the question13:49
heret1csn0> bit tricky, not having a hd to put the iso on... 8)13:49
Assidtry changing the keyboard to something where the insert key is in the same line as the Function keys all of a sudden13:49
Assidokay as of hardy issue.. my desktop doesnt show any of the mounts anymore13:49
scizzo-Assid: runing KDE or GNOME version?13:49
scizzo-Assid: and the devices are mounted in df -h?13:50
Assidyeah i just accessed it from nauutilis13:50
scizzo-Assid: and they are showing in Nautilus normally?13:50
Assidodd eh13:50
Assidwas working till this morning.13:50
scizzo-Assid: what happens if you restart nautilus?13:50
Assidnothing.. same  its there in nautilis13:51
scizzo-Assid: that is killing the process running and restart it13:51
scizzo-Assid: and you are sure you haven't told nautilus not to show in the desktop?13:51
Assidas a matter of fact.. right now when i booted.. i saw nautilis going all wonky on me13:52
scizzo-Assid: you have tried killing it and start it again?13:52
Assidhold.. let me explain13:52
scizzo-Assid: tried with a different user?13:52
scizzo-Assid: you see there is a lot to test.. ;)13:52
Assidwhen it starts,  i can see nautilis loading up (and showing in the avant dock). and trust me it went nuts opening a new one closing one. opening closing.. etc13:52
Assidfinally i geta  desktop, and i see nothing13:53
Assidby which i mean no mounts13:53
scizzo-avant *twiches*13:53
scizzo-well can you test to start it normally without avant with a different user?13:53
Assidwill be doing that.. first im trying to figure out if one of my debian boxes were compromised or what13:54
Assidi see alot of transfer in there13:54
scizzo-Assid: download iftop13:54
scizzo-Assid: check in /var/log/auth.log to see success logins13:54
scizzo-Assid: sorry you probably know all of it already13:55
PaladineI have come across a major issue you guys might be interested in13:55
Assidyeah.. iftop no.. didnt13:55
PaladineI understand hardy is planned to be released with pulseaudio as the default sound daemon?13:55
scizzo-Assid: iftop is mostly to see the transferrate and so on from the devices (eth0 etc)13:55
Assidaah.. i used to use iptraf13:56
scizzo-Paladine: seems like it yes13:56
scizzo-Paladine: why?13:56
Assidthing is.. i need to check my logs what went out so much13:56
Paladinewell you might be interested to know that I can't get a single softphone to work with pulseaudio running despite using the workarounds in asound.conf13:56
PaladineI have tried kphone, ekiga and twinkle13:56
scizzo-Paladine: hmm sound wise...you are sure that you are using a duplex soundcard also?13:57
Assidokay well it definitely wasnt emails.. so no spammer attack13:57
Paladineyes they work fine with pulseaudio not running13:57
scizzo-Paladine: I think there is still problems with sound using 2 channels if the soundcard does not support it or something13:57
Assidpulseaudio + vlc = bad idea13:57
h3sp4wn_with pulseaudio running .asoundrc is not used13:58
h3sp4wn_as far as I can see13:58
scizzo-Paladine: since I have a old Live card set in my machine I have to disable the sound in the bios to actually getting it to work properly in Linux overall13:59
scizzo-Paladine: so it all depends on the channels AFAIK13:59
PaladineI am using a USB mic in my webcam14:00
Assidcompiz + kopete = bye bye X14:00
Paladineworks fine with pulseaudio disabled14:00
Paladinebut none of the softphones can access the device with pulse running14:00
scizzo-Paladine: sounds like another soundserver is running14:00
scizzo-Paladine: to be honest14:00
scizzo-Paladine: ps -ef | grep asound14:00
scizzo-Paladine: if asound is running at the same time as pulseaudio that might be the cause of the problem14:01
Paladinesec have to restart pulse14:01
scizzo-Paladine: since they are 2 different sound servers14:01
scizzo-hmmmm I might be wrong here14:02
h3sp4wn_what is asound ?14:02
h3sp4wn_esd is really pulse emulating esd14:02
scizzo-h3sp4wn_: yeah14:02
scizzo-h3sp4wn_: like I said I might be wrong14:02
h3sp4wn_I really think using pulse audio is the wrong way to go about things anyway14:03
Paladineps -ef | grep asound returns nothing at all14:03
scizzo-Paladine: yeah I know14:03
h3sp4wn_oss4 uses vmix and its kernel based and works really well14:03
scizzo-Paladine: what kind of soundcard do you have?14:03
PaladineI am using 2 cards14:04
scizzo-Paladine: whot?14:04
Paladineone for output and one for input14:04
scizzo-ummm then that is beyond me14:04
PaladineI will pastebin sec14:04
scizzo-2 different cards sounds.....ummm strange14:04
h3sp4wn_My usb audio appears as 2 cards to the os14:05
scizzo-h3sp4wn_: haven't checked much with pulseaudio only thing I know is about the channels that cards need to support for multiple sounds or something like that14:05
Paladineignore 3 it is a dummy14:05
Paladineyou can find my default.pa and asound.conf in that launchpad answers thread14:06
Assidokay  i need help finding out what went out14:06
h3sp4wn_scizzo-: I don't know enough about it either - All i know is oss gives less hassle most of the time for anything non standard14:06
scizzo-h3sp4wn_: true14:06
scizzo-h3sp4wn_: alsa has worked good though14:07
scizzo-h3sp4wn_: but not sure how pulseaudio works towards alsa really14:07
h3sp4wn_dmix always gave poor quality output14:07
scizzo-Paladine: ummmm.....well not really 100% sure about how it all works here.....however I would maybe try to only use one source for doing in/out sound to see if that actually works14:08
scizzo-Assid: hard to know really.......syslog might have some info or messages?14:08
Paladinescizzo, it isn't possible to do one source for in/out my webcam has no speakers and my main sound card has no mic hehe14:08
h3sp4wn_but just adding more and more layers of stuff seems stupid to me14:08
Assidfrom what i "can" see.. its uploaded via http14:08
Assidmy personal bandwith chart for http transfer is empty14:09
Assiddont know if its cause of the software going nuts.. or what14:09
Paladinescizzo, most people use the USB mic on their webcam I expect for VOIP14:09
Paladinethose that are not using a VOIP phone14:10
P2502any reason for iftop to not work? its all zeroes here14:12
scizzo-Paladine: I am mostly interested if the selftest in ekiga or something like that goes through without problems using only one source...however IIRC ekiga should recognize 2 sources.....14:13
Paladinethere is only 1 source14:13
scizzo-P2502: looking at the right device?14:13
Paladinesource = input, I only have 1 input defined14:14
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
PaladineI have 2 cards defined, only one is source14:14
P2502scizzo-: ok it works with ppp0 but not with eth0 (which is ethernet card connected to ppp0 adsl modem)14:14
scizzo-Paladine: well the question is really if you hear anything or you can't say anything with the devices you have added....?14:16
Paladineno the software crashes as soon as it attempts to access the device14:16
Paladinewhether in test mode or on an incoming call14:16
Paladinesec I am trying something with my default.pa14:17
scizzo-P2502: I am not really a expert of the iftop program....I only knows it is good to check what is going on14:17
scizzo-Paladine: hmmm14:17
* Assid cant find it14:17
P2502i usually use netstat -punta to see what is connected14:20
martijn81where is alpha5?14:20
h3sp4wn_Would anyone say that Terminal (the link should link to the x-terminal-emulator alternative ?)14:20
P2502martijn81: where it should be14:21
martijn81P2502: it's not on the front page of kubuntu.org14:21
P2502martijn81: alphas not go to front page14:21
scizzo-martijn81: probably has not been fixed for kubuntu just yet....14:22
jpatrickP2502: they do14:22
martijn81got it already, thanks guys :)14:22
mphillanyone know if automatix releases the source?14:23
P2502how to make monday 1st day of the week in gnome applet?14:24
scizzo-mphill: isnt medibuntu the new way to use for those things?14:24
mphillis that canonical sponsored?14:25
P2502and how to use local time? in the past i edited rcS file, but not i'm not sure gnome obey it14:25
scizzo-mphill: http://www.medibuntu.org/14:25
P2502its just uses UTC no metter what14:25
mphillscizzo-: thanks.14:27
P2502i wonder why PCLinuxOS always on 1st place on distrowatch.com14:31
mphillthey cheat14:32
mphillin my opinion14:32
h3sp4wn_popular with people who change every 5 mins ?14:32
mphillthey are never ranked on any independent polls14:33
h3sp4wn_they are pretty new user friendly14:34
PaladineI know no-one who uses PCLinuxOS14:34
mphillthey are dropping fast on distrowatch too14:35
Paladinealthough I have to say, if someone told me they used it I would probably remove them from my roladex14:35
mphillwhich leads me to believe they stopped cheating14:35
mphilleven if you go to their channel there are like 40 people14:35
mphilloh sorry, 3314:36
mphillincluding me!14:36
mphill#ubuntu has over 1000 everyday!14:36
mphilldebian has like 700 usually14:36
h3sp4wn_its a much more useful livd cd14:36
Paladineyeah but debian users are all called sid and I have heard they can be a little unstable ;)14:37
mphilli don't think thats an argument for their rank on distrowatch though14:37
P2502i dont like that openoffice is included in ubuntu livecd, waste14:37
P2502of space14:37
mphillP2502: that put all the fucking windows apps on too14:37
mphilltalk about a disservice14:38
h3sp4wn_People mostly install from the alternative cd anyway though right ?14:38
mphilli don't think so14:39
mphillthe default option is to get the live cd, so i think most regular users get that14:39
P2502xubuntu dont have openoffice, it have abiword and gnumeric14:39
h3sp4wn_hmmm when it was called the install cd I guess more people used it14:39
h3sp4wn_But xubuntu has to fit on a 640mb cd14:40
mphillpeople bitch about linux when the installer is not a  GUI, but for the record windows XP has that nasty blue installer they have had since windows 3.014:40
h3sp4wn_thats only the first bit14:40
h3sp4wn_dunno about the vista installer14:40
mphillh3sp4wn_: its a full GUI14:41
P2502i never used openoffice, and never used MS Office, i wrote all my essays in DOS Navigator14:41
P2502too heavy14:42
P2502long startup14:42
TheInfinityessay -> latex ftw :)14:42
h3sp4wn_Staroffice makes Openoffice just work better14:42
h3sp4wn_(But its only free for solaris and windows)14:42
h3sp4wn_dunno what they provide extra though looks almost the same until you come to trying to read some ms crap14:43
mphillwine still segfaults :( I will make a 0.56 .deb and put it on my website14:45
P25020.9.56 segfaults?14:47
=== vorian_ is now known as vorian
mphill__i didn't get 0.9.56 in the repos yet14:47
mphill__wine-0.9.55 is still on my box14:47
P2502i know, and you said "I will make a 0.56 .deb"14:48
mphill__once i compile it here in a few minutes14:48
P2502ah ok14:49
mphill__wine takes a little bit to compile14:51
P2502how you make debs? checkinstall?14:51
h3sp4wn_yuck - why not just make a tarball and rpath it so it can live in /opt statically linking when necessary14:56
P2502what software i may use to access DSLAM network?14:59
h3sp4wn_What do you mean ?15:00
h3sp4wn_Normally you admin such hardware with telnet or ssh15:00
P2502btw Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: fail15:00
dr-rakuhi; my intel integrated [laptop] wireless card doesn' work anymore; i just upgraded to hardy [alpha 5]; are there built modules for the new kernel [in hardy] for intel wlan cards? please help15:01
h3sp4wn_Or the answer could be an adsl terminal adapter15:01
h3sp4wn_strange question to ask ... Only the telco usually accesses the dslam directly15:01
mphill__h3sp4wn_: with wine is wine the only binary that make install moves?15:02
P2502h3sp4wn_: admin what? i want to access other computers services like smb or so in same DSLAM as me15:02
P2502is it possible or dslam is not lan?15:03
h3sp4wn_read what a dslam is15:03
P2502already did15:03
P2502well brief interlude15:04
heret1cdoes update-manager -d work for alpha4 -> alpha5?15:04
dr-rakumy intel 3945abg wireless card doesn't work after upgraded to hardy alpha 5; it isn't listed in "restricted drivers" neither; what should i do?15:06
h3sp4wn_P2502: afaik you cannot do what you want -15:06
P2502h3sp4wn_: in my modem interface mentioned something called "DSL provider network", thats i want to have access to, not only internet15:07
h3sp4wn_You could with jumpered phone lines run baseband over them though15:07
h3sp4wn_Unless they have something setup wrong you shouldn't be able to get access to that15:07
dr-rakucan anybody help with info on intel 3945abg in hardy alpha 5?15:08
h3sp4wn_what is wrong with it ? my 4965 works fine15:09
dr-rakuh3sp4wn_, i just upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04 alpha 5 and my wireless card doesn't show anywhere15:10
h3sp4wn_Thats probably the issue (switching from the old driver with the daemon to the new mac80211 one)15:11
P2502!bug 18547015:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185470 in linux "iwl3945 not functioning : microcode error" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18547015:12
dr-rakuh3sp4wn_, so it is a "no go" for me?15:12
dr-rakucan i make it work again?15:13
dr-rakucan i have your advice on this? what should i do? reinstall?15:13
schubikihello, how can i use german language in firefox 3?15:14
h3sp4wn_I would guess there is someone in this channel who has had and fixed the same issue (that person is not me though as I installed alpha4 onto this laptop blank)15:14
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
schubikican nobody help me?15:19
schubikiis there no way of adding language support to firefox manually?15:19
P2502schubiki: well... it think language in FF should switch if you switch language of OS15:25
P2502did you tried that?15:25
schubikiallright, i just had to install http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0b3/win32/xpi/de.xpi15:25
Mark_MillimanSo has Alpha 5 hit yet?15:28
Mark_MillimanI haven't seen it through update manager.15:29
CubitusHi, I have some problems with encrypted file systems and the alternate cd of hardy. If i want to create a encrypted file system, he says something like:" Cannot create file system, because I cannot delete data on device". Can somebody help me?15:29
heret1ctry adept15:29
Mark_Millimanunless the updates came incrementally from alpha 415:30
P2502!release | Mark_Milliman15:30
ubotuMark_Milliman: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases15:30
P2502mmm wrong command15:30
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes15:30
Mark_MillimanI'm already on alpha 4 and want to get to alpha 515:31
P2502you already on alpha 5 congrats15:31
Mark_Millimanso it was upgraded incrementally15:32
Mark_Millimanme dumb15:32
Mark_MillimanI have been using *nix for 20 years but the whole package management is new to me15:32
dr-rakuh3sp4wn_, thanks anyway; i'll wait for a patch for wlan15:34
* heret1c installs alpha 4 to his brand new hd15:34
tuliohello... ich have installed ubuntu hard in virtual box and want to change the graphic-diver an the resolution. the way i used by ubuntu 7.10 (reconfigure xserver-xorg) dont run... what can i do?15:35
P2502heret1c : is it beyond that point where it should die?15:35
P2502nvm bad joke15:36
heret1cp2502> 75%15:36
gnubieInteresting, I installed kde on my gnome alpha 4 and I got KDE4. I d'ld,installed alpha5(gnome) and got kde 3.5 when I did a kde install15:37
P2502heret1c: what speed you get?15:38
P2502transfer rate15:39
heret1cinstalling system...15:39
P2502you may run test from livecd...15:39
P2502well before starting installation probably15:39
heret1cbrand new hd.15:40
P2502to test if your problem with ide controller (?) fixed or not in hardy15:40
heret1cbrb,must get beer before roo late15:41
P2502you said you was getting 3 mb/s15:41
P2502or so15:41
P2502tulio: to have advanced resolutions in guest OS in virtualbox you should install Add-on from virtualbox interface15:43
P2502mmm probably you done that?15:44
tulioi had installed the stuff after reboot there no changes15:46
Laneybash-completion isn't installed by default any more? Why's this?15:47
P2502tulio: is it your problem http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=3621 ?15:52
Assiderr brb15:54
tuliono the additions are installed but how can i change the resolution... xorg is new and the old way isnt possible15:54
P2502tulio: i think xorg.conf still may be used for overrides, but you should see resolution in change resolution applet, you also may test if you using vbox videodriver or not15:56
P2502if its loaded lsmod15:56
P2502sudo modprobe vboxvideo15:57
tuliothe applet fpr chabge the resoluion is empty...15:57
Solarionwhat is needed in order to see trackpad config options in the mouse capplet?16:00
P2502tulio: also you may find info in logs like dmesg, /var/log/Xorg.0.log ...16:01
Assidhrmm.. im gonna have to make a new account and try this.. it seems crazy16:01
P2502tulio:  also it is not clear what you mean: " (reconfigure xserver-xorg) dont run"16:06
P2502it probably should describe what error is16:07
P2502world of padman?16:07
heret1c Timing cached reads:   616 MB in  2.00 seconds = 307.78 MB/sec16:08
heret1c Timing buffered disk reads:  148 MB in  3.06 seconds =  48.30 MB/sec16:08
* heret1c grins16:08
P2502now use smartmontools to check load cycles16:08
heret1cmysr w8 - apt's busy.16:10
Solarionso, what triggers trackpad options in the mouse capplet"16:10
JDahlI am tempted to upgrade to Heron to get a newer kernel and fixes for my laptop,  but there are 3 packages that are critical to me:  openafs,  latex and acroread.  Can anyone here comment on the current status of those packages in Heron? (I know that acroread is 3rd party software)16:15
P2502you may check availabilty and version number at packages.ubuntu.com16:16
virtuelvare there any problems reported with logging in to Hardy?16:16
virtuelva fresh install on a machine I have refuses to log users in, except in to failsafe gnome16:16
JDahlP2502, yes,  but especially with openafs I would like to hear first hand experiences,  since it oftens fails to compile with brand new kernels16:17
Assidmy profile somehow shows corrupted16:20
heret1c <- new hd16:20
Assidi deleted all the .g* and still it doesnt work right16:20
Assidthe new profile i loaded i get the mounts and stuff to load correctly16:20
Assidnew profile as in new user16:21
Assidanyone have any suggestions?16:21
heret1cmust restart, brb16:21
Assidheret1c: wait wait16:21
coz_ah oh16:21
Assidi dont see the mounts on my desktop anymore. new user created gets it tho16:22
bullgard4Is the following statement true: "/proc/acpi  is being removed soon - it's  considered deprecated in 2.6.24."?16:22
Assidi even got rid of .nautilis16:22
Assidanyone ?16:24
* Assid goes to try and fix this16:24
=== MFen` is now known as MFen
EnselicMy Xorg is using ridicious amounts of the CPU for no appearent reason. Any clues why this might be?16:33
MFeni'm having problems with getting my network to come back to life after resume-from-suspend16:33
MFeni'm using madwifi-ng drivers from a recent nightly16:34
MFeni think i know the procedure that needs  to run.. but i don't know where to put it16:34
MFeni've been typing manually "rmmod mod1 mod2; sudo iwpriv ath0 bgscan 0; modprobe mod2" and that usually does the trick16:34
MFenbut i don't want to have to *type* it .. i figure there must be some place to put hooks of this kind, any hints?16:35
InsClusoeHi everyone... I am running hardy alpha 4 on a toshiba portege tablet pc. Does ubuntu have support for stylus? I would like to use stylus to draw in GIMP. Any ideas?16:35
MFenand in case anyone doesn't know that one, i'm having trouble with my mute key as well. sometimes mute decides to mute the alsa "Front" channel, and sometimes the "Master" channel.  when it mutes "Front", the only way to unmute is to manually run alsamixer. any hints there either?16:36
MFenEnselic: you're probably not using an accelerated driver. what's your video card?16:36
EnselicMFen: Intel, and this performance issue started recetnly, I've been using the same hardware without problems16:39
Enselicexcept that my bluetooth also has stopped working after having worked, also that for no appearent reason. that was a months or so ago though16:40
MFenEnselic: sure, but it's possible a recent change disabled your accelerated driver somehow :)16:40
EnselicMFen: hmm I guess, yeah16:40
MFeni don't know much about intels though16:40
EnselicIntel have good open source support16:41
MFenyeah, i figured16:41
EnselicWPA wirless works flawlessly16:41
Enselic(also Intel laptop stuff)16:41
MFencheck /etc/X11/xorg.conf and make sure there's something in there that looks like an intel driver?16:41
Assidokay someone wanna help me please16:44
Assidi deleted all my .g* files .. and .config file to no effect16:44
Assidi cant get the mounts to launch up when i login (the way it used to). Also the startup has a few nautilis popping on and off16:45
EnselicMFen: yep, driver is "intel", and it was last changed 5 months ago anyway :)16:45
EnselicAssid: mounts are configured in /etc/fstab, not .g*16:45
AssidEnselic: not if they arent in the /etc/fstab16:46
Assidthey are supposed to pop up on your desktop16:46
Assideven if you put in a dvd/cd .. its supposed to pop on your desktop16:46
Assidatm, none of that happens16:47
P2502Assid: i guess you should try fresh install of alpha 516:48
P2502or at lease livecd16:48
Assidthats not the problem.. if i create a new user.. it works under that user fine16:48
P2502at least16:49
moomo1please add wine 0.9.56 to repostitory!!16:49
heret1c225 Load_Cycle_Count        0x0032   100   100   000    Old_age   Always       -       4816:49
Assidso its not anything to do with alpha5/416:49
moomo1please fix so mouse fx shizzle plugin for compiz works16:50
P2502Assid: i see16:50
Assidits a userprofile gone haywire16:50
moomo1when is alpha5 out?16:50
heret1cages ago16:50
Assidheret1c: any idea on my issue ?16:50
heret1cat least 7 hrs.16:50
Unksifor about 18 hours already :P16:50
InsClusoeHi everyone... I am trying out hardy alpha 4 on a toshiba portege tablet pc. Does ubuntu have support for stylus? I would like to use stylus to draw in GIMP. Any ideas?16:50
heret1cassid> botched account?16:51
Assidneed to fix it16:51
Assidany idea what/hjow ?16:51
EnselicInsClusoe: Wacom tablets works nice afaik16:51
moomo1i need alpha5, but when i type 'update-manager -d' it dont come, why?16:51
heret1cwhat's wrong?16:51
Enselicmoomo1: you alrady have alpha5 then16:51
InsClusoeEnselic: You mean, it works out of the box?16:51
Assidnautilis doesnt load up my drives and stuff onto the desktop16:51
Unksimoomo1: you only need to use normal apt-get dist-upgrade ;)16:51
moomo1Enselics, oh strange, i dont remember installing it16:51
moomo1unksi, oh16:52
Assidalso when the system boots.. nautilis shows up 1/2 a dozen times (im guessing its mounting the drives there)16:52
InsClusoeEnselic: I am on live cd session now. Thought I will check everything's sorta ok before installing..16:52
EnselicInsClusoe: I would think you need some configuration, but it should be easy to find information for that16:52
Unksiif you use hardy, that is16:52
Enselicmoomo1: if you just keep updating your system, you will get the latest stuff of the Ubuntu development16:52
moomo1sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -- 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:52
moomo1oh okie16:52
Assidand no i didnt change the settings to NOT show on desktop. it just went off on its own16:52
moomo1but the mouse fx thing in compiz dont work16:53
moomo1please fix it16:53
InsClusoeEnselic: Would be good if you can show me the direction. A link or two would be greatly appreciated.16:53
EnselicInsClusoe: google.com16:53
Assidheret1c: any idea?16:53
Enselicwacom gimp16:53
EnselicAssid: looked at settings in Nautilus?16:53
InsClusoeEnselic: Thanks. I found a howto on ubuntuforums tutorials and tips section. Hope it works.16:54
heret1cassid> I'm a kde  man - but I hazard it's a permissions issue.16:54
AssidEnselic: i didnt change anything16:54
moomo1hardy heron is a bit buggy, sometimes stuff crash16:54
AssidEnselic: nevertheless i dont see anythingf ro that16:55
Assidfor that even16:55
Enselicmoomo1: that's why it is called "alpha" and "development version"16:55
Assidheret1c: new user works perfect16:55
Assidi dont want to have ato backup  my homedir everytime something stupid like this takes place16:55
heret1cassid> erk. a groups issue then?16:55
moomo1enselic, ya my Wine dont work, and not the "show mouse" plugin for compiz either, and i cant put refresh rate to 85 or 100 hz, so now its only 50 hz :(16:56
Assidheret1c: nope why would this stop working on this user on its own16:56
heret1cassid> must confess ignorance. ask cwillu when he arrives.16:57
P2502ghost in the machine16:57
moomo1for ubuntu to succeed in the market place, it needs to better support porno16:57
P2502whats wrong with porno?16:58
moomo1P2502: the media players doesnt have so good quality16:58
heret1cp35> pauli syndrome? 8)16:58
moomo1the playback is not so good, its not easy to skip in movies, and it doesnt always work16:58
Assidwill backup my user account and move it back16:58
moomo1and quality isnt "smooth" it looks a big rough16:58
P2502moomo1: try vlc16:58
moomo1i have vlc16:58
P2502work ok for me16:59
heret1cmoomoo1> what hdparm say?16:59
moomo1and the post-processing isnt enabled by default, so by default the porno looks horrible16:59
Assidi think i will just backup evertything and dump it back17:00
* Assid needs to stop storing stuff in his homedir17:00
* heret1c dips hat at ellie17:00
QwertyMWhere else would one store stuff?17:00
Assiderr is there a nice little gui to setup software raid ?17:00
Assidnerdygirl ?!!?17:00
P2502nerdygirl_ellie: hows in kanzas?17:00
Assidone in a million17:01
moomo1yeah we should make society rules and a school that produces nerdygirls, just like the muslims do17:01
nerdygirl_ellieQuestion::  I'm having issues with HH and Firefox, but I'm not sure who to bugticket.  It seems that I'm getting some display corruption if FF in random spots, which looks related to IMG tags resized by css.17:01
heret1cassid> have a sep partition for /home?17:01
Assidheret1c:  nah17:02
Assidi kinda screwed up17:02
nerdygirl_ellieThe display corruption is an "echo" of the title bar and headers, and if FF isn't maximized, the windows underneath it.17:02
Assidbut i want only 20GB partitions for my mails and projects..17:02
heret1cassid> sep home part is beneficial.17:02
Assidi can resize the partitions right?17:02
* nerdygirl_ellie is in Tennessee.17:02
* nerdygirl_ellie has a separate home partition.17:03
Assidheret1c: yeah i know.. but at present.. just want to raid mails and projects only17:03
* nerdygirl_ellie makes backups and isn't muslim. :)17:03
nerdygirl_ellieOk, that catches me up, what's new?17:03
P2502nerdygirl_ellie: i has noticed white lines or dots or something when i start firefox, before firefox window show itself, but now its maybe gone17:03
Assidntfs is soo damn slow :(17:03
heret1cellie> a5?17:04
nerdygirl_ellieYou have your /home on ntfs?17:04
nerdygirl_ellieGood.  The permissions would be "wacky".  Or nonexistent.17:04
Assidbacking up my profile/user dir onto a ntfs partition17:04
Assidmy account seems kinda messed up atm17:05
Assidif i can17:05
nerdygirl_ellieAssid: one sec.17:05
moomo1i was about to say "what idiot users ntfs for /home", but then i thought... hey thats a good idea, then i can access my files from windows17:05
void^there are ext2/ext3 drivers for windows, by the way17:06
nerdygirl_ellie... except it's going to eat your permissions, and you won't be able to chmod anything in your home directory executable. which would drive me absofrickinlutely nuts.17:06
* nerdygirl_ellie is a bash queen.17:06
P2502nerdygirl_ellie: do you have hurricanes in Tennessee?17:06
nerdygirl_ellieApparently they don't like tornadoes.17:08
nerdygirl_ellieP2502: Tornadoes, not hurricanes.17:08
heret1c>msg nerdygirl_ellie How's Ron Paul doing in T.? :)17:08
moomo1do anyone here use compiz and get pink dropshadow?17:09
moomo1heret1c, when you talk to girls, dont start talk about politics17:09
nerdygirl_ellieheret1c: afaik, he dropped out of the race.17:09
P2502nerdygirl_ellie: like this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Dszpics1.jpg17:10
heret1cmoo> gooshnargh.17:11
jpatrickcould we please take the offtopic talk to #ubuntu-offtopic17:11
=== afflux_ is now known as afflux
P2502 jpatrick: ok sorry17:12
moomo1do anyone here use compiz and get pink dropshadow?17:13
burnercan anyone help me set nautilus back as the default file manager?  somehow thunar took over when I upgraded to hardy17:13
* nerdygirl_ellie causes people to slip ot. :)\17:13
mellery_hello! just updated to hardy the other day17:18
moomo1is tex broken in hardy?17:19
moomo1when i open "hardware drivers" (restrcited) it ask me for password, before i open it, even if i dont want change anything, just look17:21
mellery_Theres a transparent square in the lower middle of my screen that seems to appear randomly, i think its the screen brightness widget, how can i track down why its popping up, or make it stop?17:21
sofiankrtis this the random chatter channel?17:22
moomo1that is #ubuntu-social17:22
sofiankrtwhich one is?17:22
moomo1i think17:22
sofiankrtok, great17:22
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!17:22
s0u][ighthi guys17:32
P2502i would like to see comparison livecd vs dvd, what apps included in dvd17:37
P2502does dvd ship with both gnome and kde?17:38
KalpikP2502, the DVD has extra packages from the repos.. so you dont have to download a lot17:38
Kalpikbut the install is same for both DVD and CS17:38
moomo1http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown <-- when does countdown for 8.04 hardy start?17:39
hath_thee_thoucan anybody tell me if there is a newer kde to be released in april or may 2008?17:40
moomo1ask #kde17:40
moomo13.5.9 is released and 4.0.117:40
hath_thee_thousome one told me of a nwer onr that will have a 3 yr support, but its not on kde site.....17:41
teprrrhath_thee_thou, 3.5.9 was just released17:41
teprrrand 4.0.2 will be released next month, don't know the exact date though17:42
hath_thee_thouthats the one, can you link me please??17:42
teprrrand no, kde doesn't provide anything like 3-year support17:42
teprrrit's up to the distro to do that, if wanted so17:42
hath_thee_thouhas the problem " libraries "libpython2.5so" not found in paths,     been resolved yet??17:44
hath_thee_thoucan anyone tell me if this problem has been resolved yet??    -->>   Library files for "libpython2.5so" not found in paths17:49
mellery__are windows supposed to jump to maximized if i try dragging them in hardy?17:50
s0u][ightwhat window decorator?17:51
mellery__just gnome17:51
h3sp4wn_I noticed that but didn't think it was a bad thing17:51
h3sp4wn_I still don't see the point in compiz if it means I have to switch to the performance governor to get it working smooth17:53
mellery__i'm also having problems with my cursor dragging tabs in gedit into their own windows, it gets stuck in drag mode it looks like, if its related17:53
h3sp4wn_(and hence have the fans on full pelt all the time)17:53
s0u][ighth3sp4wn_ i had no problems with compiz?17:53
s0u][ightbut they should include the compizconfig-settings-manager17:54
s0u][ightu have to download it :|17:54
DanglyBitshow do i install the latest nvidia drivers for hardy?17:54
h3sp4wn_s0u][ight: Its not as smooth as the normal window manager17:55
h3sp4wn_(I have an nvidia quadro 1600m with 512MB so it aint the video card)17:55
s0u][ightmy intel doesn't show any bad things :s17:55
RoC_MasterMind!nvidia > DanglyBits17:56
h3sp4wn_Its fine if I stop powernowd17:56
Andre_Gondimwhen I use aptitude the tab completation does not works, there is something wrong?17:57
DanglyBitsif i try restricted drivers it does not give high screen res option nor allows monitor selection17:57
s0u][ighti have bugs with my b43 driver (my interface has a weird name :| wlan0_rename ) i followed the hardy upgrade howto on the ubuntu forums but didn't help for the name17:58
h3sp4wn_Andre_Gondim: running as root ?18:02
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, with sudo18:03
h3sp4wn_Thats strange - are you using bash ?18:03
h3sp4wn_try manually source /etc/bash_completion18:03
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_,  source /etc/bash_completion.d/18:05
Andre_Gondimbash: source: /etc/bash_completion.d/: é um diretório18:05
h3sp4wn_no its the file in /etc/ you wnat to source18:06
h3sp4wn_ls -l /etc/bash_completion18:06
h3sp4wn_or just use zsh its completion is better anyway18:07
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, maybe source bash.bashrc, may i try?18:08
h3sp4wn_. /etc/bash_completion18:08
h3sp4wn_if that file doesn't exist the problem is the bash completion is not installed18:08
h3sp4wn_but it is supposed to be part of bash18:09
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, but only does not work with aptitude to completation others command work18:09
h3sp4wn_Its working for me here (with bash)18:10
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, let me reboot here..18:10
=== dmb__ is now known as dmb
moomo1i get pink dropshadows18:31
moomo1in cmopiz18:31
h3sp4wn_installed some zomg ponies edition ?18:32
Paladinemagic pink maybe? issue with transparency18:36
forsakenyey, firefox and rhythmbox can share sound again! :)18:36
h3sp4wn_I have never had any sound from rhythmbox since installing hardy here18:37
PaladineI bet I know why ;)18:38
h3sp4wn_Because I use amarok anyway ?18:38
Paladineno because of the alsa-plugins bug I have been trying to fix for the better part of 20 hours which makes things break if pulseaudio is running18:39
h3sp4wn_I use oss4 on this box anyway18:39
h3sp4wn_without pulse18:39
Paladinein hardy?18:39
PaladineI thought pulse was the sound daemon in hardy?18:39
Paladineyou disabled it?18:39
burnermy mic broke ever since I installed pulse in gutsy... it sucks my balls right now18:40
h3sp4wn_don't need it with oss418:40
h3sp4wn_vmix handles it all in the kernel18:40
fferthere should be a "watch this bug" or "I think this bug affects me too" option in launch pad =)18:40
h3sp4wn_I just don't worry about it anything is fine (salsa emulates alsa for flash)(18:41
h3sp4wn_there is a watch this bug isn't there18:41
h3sp4wn_I think I could use oss4 with pulse as well but its not built against oss4 so its too much effort18:42
Paladineburner, sounds like the same problem18:42
Paladineif you diable pulseaudio you should be ok18:42
Paladinedisable too18:43
burnerhow do I disable it?18:43
burneruninstall it or just disable via some checkbox somewhere18:43
h3sp4wn_I just moved it to /usr/bin/pulseaudio-disabled18:43
underwatercowWhen I try running the 64bit live CD, it doesn't seem to want to display anything after the initial menu... anyone know why this is or what I can do to fix it?18:44
h3sp4wn_try removing splash and quiet18:44
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: will that help fix it? or just help identify the problem?18:45
h3sp4wn_underwatercow: My laptop won't work at all with usplash18:46
h3sp4wn_(it has a 1900x1200 screen that just goes black)18:46
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: alright, let me try that18:46
Paladineyeah same here18:46
Paladineusplash won't work on 1920x120018:46
h3sp4wn_It could also tell you the answer (try  boot with noapic or irq=poll)18:46
underwatercowh3sp4wn_, Paladine: why does the splash cause problems? I did try with noapic and irqpoll18:47
h3sp4wn_I still think the best one is "IRQ 19: nobody cared"18:47
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: what does that refer to?18:47
h3sp4wn_I think you need irqpoll in that case18:47
Paladinebecause it tries to resize the screen to 1280x1024 I think (iirc) and most 1920x1200 monitors only support 1920x1200 as their native res18:47
h3sp4wn_Its a hack if you are going to do stuff like this you shouldn't hardcode anything18:48
underwatercowWhat is the difference between the options "try without changing" and "install" on the livecd now?18:49
underwatercowand on the options, it ends with quiet splash --.... does the -- do anything?18:50
h3sp4wn_Don't think it makes a difference if its removed or not18:53
mikedep333I'm trying to figure out weather hardy is using nv or nvidia. What is the command to see your X info from a graphical session?18:54
h3sp4wn_mikedep333: does /proc/driver/nvidia/version exist ?18:55
h3sp4wn_(If it doesn't its definately nv if it does it may or may not be nv)18:55
mikedep333it doesn't exist, so it must be nv18:56
h3sp4wn_system administration -> hardware drivers should be able to enable it18:56
mikedep333I asked because restricted drivers manager is confused about whether I'm running nvidia or not18:56
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: removing quiet and splash fixed it... it brought up gnome settings daemon error, but other than that seems ifne...18:57
mikedep333ok, I loaded the package list off the server and now restricted drivers manager detects that it is not installed18:57
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: what is the deal with the bird thing? is that the new artwork? I thought they went with the elephant skin...18:57
h3sp4wn_mikedep333: try sudo update-pciids18:57
h3sp4wn_underwatercow: No idea I use the ubuntustudio theme18:58
mikedep333it's installing nvidia-glx-new now18:58
mikedep333so I'll just let it go18:58
mikedep333what's with the new synaptic repos menu?18:59
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: ah... do you use ubuntu-studio? or just the theme?18:59
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: thanks for your help btw18:59
h3sp4wn_underwatercow: Just for the theme at the moment - too busy with other stuff19:00
h3sp4wn_getting jackd working is alot less of a pita than it used to be though19:00
DuninhoWelcome everyone, yesterday someone here told me to boot instalation with all_generic_ide option so it will detect my cdrom, but it didnt again, a friend of mine told me to use the old drivers but i dont know whats the command for it, couse the problem is when it tries to use pata_sis19:02
Paladineso when is Canonical gonna do a deal with Intervideo to include LinDVD with Ubuntu (like Dell do)19:02
h3sp4wn_That won't happen will it if its a commercial product19:03
Paladine*cough* cups**restricted drivers**cough*19:03
PaladineLinDVD is not actually a commercial product19:04
Paladineit is a proprietary product but it is not available for sale19:04
Paladineonly available under license to manufacturers19:04
h3sp4wn_Then ubuntu wouldn't be freely redistributable19:04
h3sp4wn_as you would have to have a license to redistribute lindvd19:05
Paladinethats debateable, Dell seem to have no problems with it19:05
Paladineyou don't pay dell for ubuntu19:05
h3sp4wn_You pay dell money and they give you ubuntu + extras19:06
PaladineI didn't just build a 64bit .deb for lindvd about 12 hours ago either, thats just a nasty rumour *cough*19:06
h3sp4wn_You have the source ?19:06
Paladinebut rpm + alien is your friend19:06
h3sp4wn_I would rather have that sort of stuff in /opt19:06
moomo1im only one who use compiz and get pink shadows?19:07
h3sp4wn_I think the users of the ubuntu for women project may have them19:07
Paladinedude that was so unCoC19:07
Paladinebut still funny19:07
underwatercowmoomo1: I remember something was funky with the shadows... but I think mine were red...  Iforget19:07
PaladineCoC = Code of Conduct19:08
h3sp4wn_Its from a launchpad page so it does exist I think19:08
Paladineyeah it exists19:09
Paladinebut I couldn't look at that all day19:09
Paladinenay not even 5 minutes19:09
PaladineI think even a blind person would have problems looking at that for more than 5 minutes19:10
Paladineseriously it sounds like an issue with transparency19:11
h3sp4wn_Does that satanic edition still exist ? I remember Mark shuttleworth commenting about it19:11
moomo1that was dumb, ubuntu christian edition lolz19:12
PaladineI think it became a full blown distro19:12
Paladinethe satanic version19:12
Paladinestarted out as a joke and became really popular iirc19:12
Assidmoomo1: you mean that backgorund lighting ?19:12
Assidyeahi get that as well19:12
PaladineI remember jesux19:12
Paladinefrom waaay back in the 90s19:12
h3sp4wn_I was running freebsd for that period of time so I guess there was some devil influence19:14
Paladinebit of Linux cult history for you there :)19:15
Paladineit actually started out as a hoax, but if I remember correctly someone actually did build a source tree for it eventually19:15
Paladinethat page is rather funny though :)19:15
affluxwill hardy+1 shortname be intrepid or ibex?19:16
moomo1Assid: maybe19:16
Assidwould like to get rid ofit frankly19:16
moomo1assid, you have pink shadows too?19:17
Assidcomes with human i think19:17
Paladinechmod(1) accepts hexadecimal modes, such as 0x01B6  ;)19:18
moomo1oh finaly someone else who get it too!!19:19
moomo1assid, why are the shadows pink, shouldnt they be gray?19:19
Assidno clue19:19
moomo1assid, you can disable them in compizconfig settings manager, in "Window Decorator" plugin19:19
Assidwell thats the thing.. its on by default. and fixes itself with compiz19:20
Assiderr anyone know why the middle click of the mouse doesnt behave like an "auto scroll"19:22
Assidand how to enable it19:22
moomo1yeah, i wonder that too19:23
moomo1i guess its cuz they use middle-click for strange stuff like drag-and-drop, menus, copy&paste, etc19:24
Assidi had it.. beforei deleted my profile and made it again19:24
moomo1i came from windows, so i expect it to be auto-scroll19:24
timing02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications, Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)19:24
timingI have that card19:24
timingand the Hardware drivers is saying i have a proprietary driver loaded19:25
moomo1i have mouse with 5 buttons, 2 on side, i want them for browse forward/back like in windows, but linux they not like that :(19:25
timingbut ifconfig -a doesn't show a wlan0, or any other device next to eth0 and lo19:25
s0u][ighttiming, what driver are u using19:26
s0u][ightatheros chipsets need madwifi19:26
timingwhat's that?19:26
h3sp4wn_yeah but whether you need trunk madwifi or not19:26
timingshouldn't that be used automatically  ?19:26
s0u][ightit a driver19:26
s0u][ightnormally yes but it is possible that it is not in ur ccase :s19:27
h3sp4wn_Its not usual that ubuntu will use an svn version19:27
h3sp4wn_if something like madwifi19:27
timingso apt-get install madwifi-tools?19:27
timinglinux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-8-386 - Non-free Linux 2.6.24 modules on 38619:27
timingor that one?19:27
s0u][ighti have no clue perhaps ask in #madwifi19:28
h3sp4wn_look at dmesg and - try modprobe ath_pci19:28
timingokay, i'll go there19:28
h3sp4wn_don't ask there without reading the wiki19:28
h3sp4wn_and compiling the latest snapshot19:29
timinghah aokay19:29
timingthanks for the tip19:29
h3sp4wn_(unless you want to be flamed or ignored)19:29
h3sp4wn_Its not that difficult19:29
h3sp4wn_I think I would go for - http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-dfs-current.tar.gz19:30
h3sp4wn_dfs has some other fixes not merged into the trunk yet19:30
emet!info wine19:31
ubotuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.55-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 34871 kB, installed size 108000 kB19:31
s0u][ightwine is nice :D got wow under wine :D19:31
h3sp4wn_Can wine run pretty much anything these days ?19:32
Paladinedefinitely no19:32
emetI was checking if .56 was uploaded19:32
Paladinemost things requiring .net for a start19:32
h3sp4wn_I used crossover office a few years ago and that was pretty good for what it supported19:32
h3sp4wn_.net should work with mono though right ?19:32
Paladineif it doesn't need windows.forms19:33
Paladinewhich most .net stuff does19:33
emetPaladine, mono supports most of winodws forms19:33
h3sp4wn_yeah but wine shouldn't concentrate on that19:33
moomo1should i put 'Option "BackingStore" "True" in my xorg.conf ?19:33
Paladinenaaah the mono implimentation is still pretty tatty19:33
emetyou can also install wine for windows  under wine :o19:33
emetmono for  windows19:34
h3sp4wn_And does that help any ?19:34
h3sp4wn_Can visual c++ express run under wine19:34
h3sp4wn_(and currently downloadable version)19:34
PaladineI avoid windows carp as much as is humanly possible so i wouldn't know19:35
s0u][ightare there no linux alternatives?19:36
h3sp4wn_There is tons of Linux alternatives but it doesn't change the fact that my project has to compile under that junk19:36
h3sp4wn_(as that is what the person marking it uses)19:36
Paladineh3sp4wn_, I had to do some c# crap last summer and -had- to use sharpdevelop (not the linux version)19:37
Paladineman was a pissed19:37
h3sp4wn_The annoying thing is this is C19:37
h3sp4wn_(But he wants it to build under visual c++ and its no end of messing around)19:37
Paladinecoding in c# in windows in virtualbox just makes the entire process even more intolerable than doing it in windows natively19:38
Paladinetalk about -slow-19:38
s0u][ightcoding in a vm?19:39
Paladineoh I had to do some prolog stuff also in a windows editor/pseudoIDE19:39
Paladinejust as bad19:39
Paladinewell yeah you think I am gonna install windows in anything other than a sandbox?19:39
s0u][ightwell i got a dual boot ;]19:40
Paladinedual booting is like being bisexual19:40
Paladineit is for people who can't make up their mind19:40
* Paladine ducks19:40
s0u][ightnaah i have a dualboot cuz of my father19:40
s0u][ighthe refuses to use linux19:40
Paladinefortunately my father is dead, because if he was alived and tried to get me to install windows he would be soon be dead19:41
s0u][ightwell i'm 16 so my father is pretty young aswell19:41
s0u][ighti think he's 37 or 3819:42
PaladineI'm old19:42
h3sp4wn_That doesn't necessarily follow19:42
s0u][ightur never too old for linux :D19:42
h3sp4wn_My grandfather uses slackware19:42
PaladineI been using Linux (and Unix before that) for almost 20 years19:42
s0u][ightomg respect19:42
Paladineso I feel old19:42
s0u][ighti have slackware installed in a vm19:43
h3sp4wn_I have used BSD/UNIX/Linux for ~ 10 years19:43
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, do you use aptitude?19:43
h3sp4wn_Andre_Gondim: always19:43
Paladinefirst system I ever used was vms19:43
Paladineman that was hell19:43
Paladinethen sys v19:43
s0u][ightwhat's the difference between apt-get and aptitude?19:44
Paladinethen sunOS (later known as solaris)19:44
Paladinethen slackware19:44
h3sp4wn_First UNIX I ever used was IRIX19:44
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, I reinstalled Alpha 5, and the completation does not work =/19:44
[CroX]Does anyone else have a problem with FF3's rendering? I'm getting some really weird errors, where the toolbar repeats itself as the background of the site(s) I'm visiting.19:44
s0u][ightwell i started easy ubuntu19:44
Andre_Gondims0u][ight, aptitude is more smart19:44
h3sp4wn_Andre_Gondim: try switching to zsh19:44
h3sp4wn_It definately works with zsh19:44
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, how may I do this?19:44
s0u][ightthen backtrack (based on slax ==> slackware)19:44
h3sp4wn_sudo aptitude install zsh19:44
s0u][ightgentoo and slackware etc. followed19:45
melleryi keep getting this box appearing on my screen, can anyone help? http://img170.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotit3.png19:45
h3sp4wn_then logout and backin and go thru the setup thing19:45
PaladineI would rather pull my teeth out with MS Branded pliers than use gentoo hehe19:45
h3sp4wn_You might want to install the zsh-lovers package19:45
h3sp4wn_If you use paludis gentoo is pretty ok19:46
underwatercowwhen I'm installing programs like kate now, am I supposed to install 'kate'? or 'kate-kde4'?19:57
Andre_Gondimh3sp4wn_, with zsh everything works, but I really like the bash, is there anything I can do?19:57
h3sp4wn_Dunno I don't use bash but you can with a little effort make zsh do anything you want19:58
underwatercowkate and kate-kde4 seem to be different versions...19:59
h3sp4wn_underwatercow: well the default is kde3 stil20:00
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: so should I install kate? or kate-kde4? or does it matter?20:00
h3sp4wn_Doesn't matter20:01
h3sp4wn_Unless you are already using kde3 apps only20:01
h3sp4wn_(then maybe the kde3 one makes sense so you don't load all the kde4 stuff for just one app)20:02
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: I have a fresh install of ubuntu alpha 520:02
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: will kde4 be default in 8.04?20:02
h3sp4wn_underwatercow: no20:05
jussi01Any updates that are broken at the moment? anything I should avoid?20:16
Paladinewomen with itchy loins?20:18
DanaGUgh, way off-topic, and inappropriate, too.20:19
DanaGHere's a valid issue I have:  bug 19093420:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190934 in libgnomekbd "[hardy] keyboard modifiers randomly forgotten" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19093420:19
DanaGIt's a rather severe PITA (pain in ... ...).20:20
jussi01hmmm ouch20:21
Paladinesoftphones donut work either20:22
Paladineand several other apps which get broken by alsa's pulseaudio plugin20:22
jussi01Paladine: my skype is working fine atm20:23
Paladineskype is the exception20:24
Paladinebut since I don't want to use a softphone which has a feds backdoor hardcoded into it, I don't use skype20:24
h3sp4wn_Can you not just get a softphone that plugs into the network20:26
h3sp4wn_and run asterisk somewhere and avoid the problem20:26
DanaGOdd: I keep finding a random "xmp:-" file on my desktop with random images.20:26
Paladineh3sp4wn_, nope not if you are using pulseaudio20:27
h3sp4wn_Why ? if the phone is a discrete piece of hardware20:28
h3sp4wn_(perhaps running embedded Linux)20:28
h3sp4wn_It means you don't need to care about your desktop/laptop20:28
DanaGEkiga doesn't work?20:29
DanaGWengo doesn't work?20:29
Paladineif it is standalone sure, but if it is just a usb softphone (basically USB audio) and you use a client (such as ekiga) you got no chance20:29
PaladineI have spent the last 20odd hours trying to get it to work with help from the pulseaudio and the ekiga guys20:30
Paladineits proper busted20:30
h3sp4wn_Yeah we have different definitions of softphone then (mine is anything that has a general purpose cpu)20:31
h3sp4wn_a mips or arm etc etc20:31
Paladinea softphone is simply any software or device capable of making/receiving sip calls20:31
DanaGNone of my friends even use softphone apps.  :(20:32
h3sp4wn_I think you could have a device that could make sip calls in hardware20:32
DanaGDD-WRT router supports some sort of VoIP thingy (perhaps asterisk).  What's the purpose of that?20:33
PaladineDD-WRT is asterisk afaik (or a flavour of it)20:34
h3sp4wn_I think there is just about enough power to run an end point20:34
mikedep333I know there are routers with built-in vonage support20:34
h3sp4wn_But running the main server on that is suidide20:34
mikedep333you might need an optional phone port on that or whatever20:34
mikedep333it might also be to give priority to VoIP traffic over other traffic20:35
Paladineh3sp4wn_, single line asterisk server can use quite modest hardware20:35
h3sp4wn_Paladine: 16MB ram mips with 4mb of storage ?20:35
h3sp4wn_where exactly would the voicemail go20:36
Paladinethe voicemail is stored on your voip suppliers server20:36
Paladineat least thats how most of them work20:36
Paladineskype/vonage/sipgate etc20:36
Paladineall store voicemail on their own servers20:36
h3sp4wn_You can run all of that yourself20:37
Paladineyes you can, but you don't have to20:37
PaladineI think the way things like BT's home hub etc work (vonage examples too) is they just have an FXS/FXO port to deal with the connection tfrom POTS and then forward to their own servers over braodband20:39
DanaGekiga: pcm_params.c:2351: sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0' failed.20:40
DanaGAborted (core dumped)20:40
Paladineding ding20:40
Paladinetold ya :)20:40
DanaGUsed to work in Gusty... or at least it didn't core dump.20:41
Paladineno do pkill pulseaudio20:41
Paladineand try again20:41
Paladinenope doesn't work in gutsy, thats what I am using atm20:41
DanaGI know I've pulse'd Ekiga one time, but I don't remember how.20:41
Paladinegutsy doesn't have pulseaudio as the default sound daemon20:41
Paladineso unless you have pulseaudio installed it works20:42
Paladinehardy on the other hand does have pulseaudio as the default sound daemon20:42
Paladineso most softphones (and lots of other things) = epic fail in default hardy setup20:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112948 in alsa-lib "Ekiga hangs when using pulseaudio" [Unknown,In progress]20:43
Paladinecan you get aplay to work?20:43
silentThe requested URL /releases/hardy/alpha-4/ was not found on this server.20:43
h3sp4wn_use alpha 520:44
DanaGaplay works for me with pulse.20:44
Paladinejust using aplay whatever.wav20:44
Paladineor do you have to use the +D arg?20:44
Paladine-D whatever20:44
DanaGI have done asoundconf set-pulseaudio20:44
Paladineaye so have I20:44
Paladinebut aplay still donut work20:45
Paladineexactly the same error20:45
Paladineworks when I kill pulse though :)20:45
DanaGWorks fine for the login wav for me, though.20:45
h3sp4wn_Try oss4 with pulse20:45
DanaGPlaying WAVE '/media/XP/DVD-Audio/03 -- Jeff Trott - No Substitute .wav' : Signed 24 bit Little Endian in 3bytes, Rate 96000 Hz, Channels 620:45
DanaGaplay: set_params:901: Sample format non available20:45
DanaGI tried it, and PulseAudio wouldn't even use it.20:46
DanaGPlus, the mixer controls were severely confusticating (yes, misspelled on purpose).20:47
h3sp4wn_I think its simple to use you have to rebuild pulseaudio though20:47
silentdoes hardy have any really incredible new features?20:47
h3sp4wn_and make sure it uses the right soundcard.h20:47
DanaG"Right soundcard.h"?20:47
h3sp4wn_well there are multiple versions of soundcard.h20:48
DanaGOh yeah, and I'd be using two cards with it: HDA and Audigy.20:48
h3sp4wn_from the old kernel oss implimentation and oss420:48
[CroX]Pidgin requires something called "msgfmt" to be built. Anyone know what package I should install for that?20:48
h3sp4wn_hda is brilliant with it - I haven't used an audigy for a long time20:48
h3sp4wn_usb ones should work fine20:49
h3sp4wn_what is confusing ossmix or ossxmix20:49
DanaGI use two sound cards exactly for the purpose of using the awesomeness of pulseaudio.20:50
Paladinedoes oss4 run as a module or do I have to rebuild my kernel and reboot?20:51
PaladineI use pulseaudio cos I am too cheap to buy speakers for my media server20:51
h3sp4wn_I choose sound quality and being as transparant as possible20:52
h3sp4wn_over gimmicks20:52
h3sp4wn_Paladine: It runs as a module20:52
[CroX]Found it. It was "msgfmt", for reference.20:52
DanaGI'd hardly call sending different apps to different speakers a "gimmick".20:53
DanaGIt lets me play music to offboard speakers, while leaving most stuff with onboard speakers.20:53
DanaGThat way I can mute annoying things easily.20:53
aguitelhow works hardy?20:53
h3sp4wn_I just have a visual bell20:53
h3sp4wn_and music going to the speakers and the onboard audio disabled20:54
h3sp4wn_well muted20:54
Paladinepulseaudio is more environmentally friendly20:54
h3sp4wn_Its a solution to a non existant problem20:54
h3sp4wn_and adds another layer20:55
DanaGI like using onboard audio.  My IM buddy notification sounds go there, too.20:55
Paladine1 set of speakers <> near infinite number of systems20:55
DanaGAnd the "clone" thingy is useful for watching stuff with friends.20:55
Paladinespeakers sue power20:55
Paladineergo pulseaudio is more environmentally friendly20:55
h3sp4wn_You can send stuff to different speakers without pulseaudio20:56
Paladineover a network?20:56
Paladinewith what?20:56
h3sp4wn_I can do that with NX20:57
h3sp4wn_But I ment just locally20:57
Paladinemy media server is not "local"20:57
Paladineit is only 2 foot away from local but it still isn't local20:57
h3sp4wn_My NX server is a vps on another continent20:58
Assiderr anyuoneknow any client for vpn connection over pptp ?20:58
h3sp4wn_poptop ?(or is that the server)20:58
Paladineits also horribly inefficient as a sound server20:58
PaladineNX is designed for x forwarding iirc?20:58
Paladineso thats a huge waste of bandwidth for just audio20:59
h3sp4wn_Its like citrix its pretty decent for both20:59
Assidh3sp4wn_: server20:59
Paladineassid, openvpn?21:00
h3sp4wn_Paladine: I don't use it for just audio but I guess I could21:01
AssidPaladine: pptp !21:01
Paladineassid, thats why I used a question mark21:01
AdysIs it hard to downgrade from ubuntu 8.04 back to 7.10?21:01
AdysI got a 7.10 install atm, and Im thinking about testing the 8.04, was waiting for the sound problems to be fixed21:02
Assidwell i need pptp21:02
h3sp4wn_what does apt-cache search pptp say21:03
h3sp4wn_looks like - networkmanager-pptp21:04
h3sp4wn_or pptp-linux21:04
Jewfro-Macabbianyone else have gnome go wonky?21:05
Jewfro-Macabbiright click doesn't function properly21:07
Jewfro-Macabbiicons on the toolbar will not launch21:07
Jewfro-Macabbilog out doesn't work21:08
h3sp4wn_Sure its not a compiz issue not a gnome one21:08
tinohmm, yes, more or less21:08
hydrogenprobably because of your nickname.21:08
Jewfro-Macabbiwhat? my nickname? nor really relevant21:08
Jewfro-Macabbiis there a way to fix it - remove or disable compiz?21:09
tinoi'm reinstalling to see what package upgrade caused it.21:10
h3sp4wn_You should be able to just select none form the appearance window thing21:10
Jewfro-MacabbiI already had - I don't care for the fancy effects21:11
h3sp4wn_Yeah well I don't think its a compiz issue then21:11
Jewfro-Macabbithat's right - I changed my graphics card - uninstalled/re-installed the nvidia driver21:13
Jewfro-Macabbibefore the problem occured21:13
tinoI had just done an apha5 install, and after the first upgrade, it showed problems21:13
Jewfro-Macabbiit's only in gnome - I'm in fluxbox w/no issues21:13
jsavwoo, my dad's jewish. thats pretty cool21:15
jsavhey all, im interested in testing pre-release versions of ubuntu. do I have to run the beta versions from an actual hard drive, or can I boot from a flash drive?21:16
h3sp4wn_You can setup the livecd to boot of a flash drive21:17
h3sp4wn_I did that with alpha4 as I didn't have a cd drive to hand21:17
Lukaszhey people I need help upgrading to HardyHeron from Ubuntu21:18
Assidisnt sudoers more secure than just letting users su - ?21:18
h3sp4wn_Assid: No21:18
Assidwhy not21:18
h3sp4wn_Why would it be21:18
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:19
Assidright but in general21:19
Assidwhats better/safer ?21:19
LukaszI have problems On Ubuntu/Gutsy with fglrx freezing and people say that HardyHeron is fine with fglrx21:19
h3sp4wn_If they can get physical access then you are fscked anyway21:19
h3sp4wn_with su they need 2 passwords - sudo only one21:19
h3sp4wn_There is advantages and disadvantages to each ...21:20
LukaszI know that HardyHeron can like crash from time to time since its beta21:20
LukaszSo what should I do?21:21
h3sp4wn_What should anyone do ? whatever you want21:21
LukaszI found upgrade thing21:21
LukaszIts in the title topic :)21:21
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, it's still a bit buggy - but mostly useable21:24
LukaszJewfro-Macabbi Is it possible to play games and chat msn webcam?21:25
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, I've had no problems w/most games - I don't use a webcam though - but if kopete, or amsn is working It should also21:26
Lukaszthnx I only need like for games and webcam chat21:26
LukaszShould I update server Jewfro-Macabbi? on hardyHeron?21:27
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, you mean point your sources.list to hardy? I used the upgrade cd - so not sure how that works21:27
Jewfro-MacabbiCan't you also just apt-get dist-upgrade?21:29
LukaszIm back Jewfro-Macabbi21:31
Assiderr.. firefox 's gone nuts21:31
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, hey21:32
LukaszWhere can I get the download of HardyHeron Jewfro-Macabbi21:32
h3sp4wn_Is there satanic ubuntu isos for alpha 521:33
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:34
LukaszThank You Jewfro-Macabbi :)21:34
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, you are welcome21:35
LukaszJewfro-Macabbi, I need a tutorial for Ati fglrx for HardyHeron21:35
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, you can find all the guides for installing particulars in the ubuntu wiki21:35
LukaszI would like the Visual Effects to work as well Jewfro-Macabbi21:35
Lukaszok thnx Jewfro-Macabbi21:36
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, but I think now days you just click 'enable driver", and that's about it21:36
LukaszIn Ubuntu Gutsy viusla effects don't work that way21:36
LukaszSo is HardyHeron gonna be free Jewfro-Macabbi ?21:36
Jewfro-Macabbithat's just enabling the driver - the effects are in compiz21:37
LukaszI hope you won't have to buy HardyHeron21:37
Jewfro-Macabbioh no no21:37
LukaszLike no trail or something like that21:37
Lukaszok :)21:37
LukaszThat saves me a lot of time knowing Visual effects work and fglrs ain't freezing21:38
Jewfro-MacabbiI'll warn you though - gnome is a bit buggy in hardy right now21:38
Lukaszok hehe I live21:38
LukaszIm getting the i386 one21:39
LukaszShoud be less buggy21:39
Jewfro-Macabbioh that's what I'm running - it's still buggy :)21:39
LukaszI have amd athlon by the way21:39
LukaszWhen is it going to be released Jewfro-Macabbi ?21:39
Jewfro-Macabbiapril I think21:39
LukaszIm gonna test it for sure21:40
LukaszWhere canI post bugs Jewfro-Macabbi ?21:40
Jewfro-Macabbilaunchpad - but it comes w/bug report software - if something crashes it gives the option to send the crash report21:40
LukaszIm having trouble finding fglrx Alpha 521:41
Jewfro-Macabbiwhat - just fglxr is the ati driver - not the name of the upgrade cd21:42
Jewfro-Macabbiyou install that after21:43
Lukaszyes Jewfro-Macabbi the fglrx is the driver21:43
LukaszI also hope can use Control center for Ati Radeon 200 Intergrated/Motherboard Jewfro-Macabbi21:43
Jewfro-MacabbiI dunno about that - I don't think it's quite the same as the windows version21:44
LukaszUbuntu/Gutsy works that way21:44
LukaszLinux edition21:44
Jewfro-MacabbiI still wouldn't know - I'm nvidia21:44
Lukaszthe link you gave me for HardyHeron is that alpha %?21:45
Lukaszthe link you gave me for HardyHeron is that alpha 5?*21:45
Jewfro-Macabbiit's the latest build - so I guess21:46
Lukaszoki :)21:46
LukaszIs there a better mirror Jewfro-Macabbi ?21:47
J-_Will the Intel GMA X3100 GL960 work in hardy?21:48
LukaszI found this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/21:48
Jewfro-MacabbiLukasz, that looks good to - maybe that's what you want21:49
LukaszJewfro-Macabbi, I use the torrent link21:49
LukaszCause http is slow21:50
Jewfro-Macabbieither works - well I'm off - I've the flu I'm going back to bed - good luck21:50
Lukaszthnx Jewfro-Macabbi :)21:50
LukaszI will work on it toomarow :)21:50
nblracerhey when will kubuntu hardy 5 with kde be relased22:05
nblraceri ment to say kde 422:06
jpatricknblracer: there already is a KDE4 CD22:07
nblraceralpah 5?22:07
jpatricknblracer: they're seperate CDs22:07
jpatrickyeah that22:08
nblracerits not in there22:09
nblracerlook at the struchture of kde 3, there is a release dir.22:09
jpatrickoh, right, there'll only dailys for KDE422:11
nblracerso is that the same?22:12
Rincewindhi. I just installed hardy and now I can't use aptitude or apt-get. I am behind a proxy. I found a bug regarding this on launchpad but no infos how to solve this. Is there a known workaround?22:12
nblracerlike what is the diffrence between hardy 5 releases of kubuntu 3 and a daily22:13
underwatercowCan someone please help me? I'm trying to get java working on web pages in 64 bit hardy and I don't seem to be having any luck22:19
underwatercowI installed the sun-java6-jre/jdk and icedtea-java7-jre/jdk, and the best I can get a gray box on a web site for java apps22:20
h3sp4wn_Broken for me here as well22:21
h3sp4wn_(And I think everyone I was told yesterday)22:21
underwatercowshould the sun-java6-jdk and jre work in 64 bit?22:22
Unksiworks at least in sid with netbeans, havent tested on hardy yet22:23
h3sp4wn_They do but there is no plugin22:23
Unksithough, java6 doesnt have plugin22:23
underwatercowh3sp4wn_, Unksi: is there any way to fix that?22:23
h3sp4wn_I dunno I am going to just get a 32 bit firefox22:24
underwatercowh3sp4wn_: how hard is that to do?22:24
h3sp4wn_dunnno how I will handle needing a 32 bit gcc-3.3 base though22:24
h3sp4wn_Its documented but I dunno whether I would use those methods22:24
underwatercowWhy is there no plugin?22:24
Unksiunderwatercow: the gray box? icedtea has plugin, but no idea how to get it work22:25
underwatercowUnksi: I installed icedtea and that's when it gave me the gray box22:25
h3sp4wn_well sane operating systems (solaris) only use 64 bit where it matters (i.e not for the browser)22:25
underwatercowUnksi: think it has anytihng to do with firefox 3?22:25
Unksino idea22:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177514 in icedtea-java7 "firefox 64-bit IcedTea java not working." [Medium,Confirmed]22:27
Unksitheres a bug report for that22:27
h3sp4wn_I usually get the java plugin working by default I dunno of anything I use that actually needs it though22:29
h3sp4wn_except the java ssh client I have22:29
h3sp4wn_(that runs from a webpage)22:30
underwatercowstupid bugs22:30
underwatercowlooks like there might be a way to turn it into a deb and install it?22:32
h3sp4wn_I would just set it up in /opt its all statically linked so shouldn't matter22:33
h3sp4wn_the question is do I want firefox 3 or 2 or granparadiso 3.0b4 or trunk22:34
h3sp4wn_Could do I still need the 32 bit java though22:36
h3sp4wn_I guess I would need the static linked opera22:36
Assiderr whats safer rsa/dsa?22:38
nemo*sigh* I miss having wine22:44
h3sp4wn_Assid: rsa22:46
Amaranthnemo: my wine works perfectly :)22:53
Amaranthnot sure what the bug with the package is but i used that package to build my own patched version (needed for a game I play) and it works fine22:53
underwatercowMy wine doesn't work wither22:55
KuniSo I've found an issue with Hardy. I have no way to describe, no logs of it, no information of what causes it, other than the symptoms. While annoying it doesn't bug me that much, but I thought I'd let y'all know about it. Every now and then, everything just stops. Period. It's a lot like what happens when linux runs out of RAM, except that my swap is untouched and my ram usage is always less than 50%. Like I said, I have no idea what cau23:07
Kunises it.23:07
nemoAmaranth: I don't really use it enough to bother with that.23:07
nemoAmaranth: I wish someone would push out a patched version...23:08
Amaranthnemo: Well, it's a weekend23:08
ompaulKuni, did you try sshing in from a remote box?23:08
nemoAmaranth: has been about a week23:08
nemoAmaranth: actually maybe more. 2 ?23:08
Kuniompaul: heh, nope. Never done that in my life.23:08
AmaranthNo, I think it has only been a week23:08
nemoKuni: do you use a virtual machine?23:08
Kuninemo: nope.23:08
nemoKuni: also, does the system respond to magic sysrq?23:08
Kunimagic sysrq?23:09
AmaranthEither way, we also just had the alpha 5 release so the repos was in a 'slushy' state23:09
nemoKuni: look into it.23:09
Amaranthmeaning mostly frozen :)23:09
ompaulKuni, sudo apt-get install openssh-server  << do this and see if you can access it from another machine23:09
nemoKuni: can you ssh into it?23:09
Amaranthand now it's a weekend23:09
nemoKuni: thing to isolate is, is X freezing, or is it a kernel panic23:09
nemoKuni: and is it magic sysrq responsive if the latter. and can you get a dump and did anything get logged beforehand and what are your settings...23:09
AmaranthKuni: nvidia?23:10
Kuniwell, I don't think it's x. ctrl+alt+f(1-6) does nothing, nor does ctrl-alt-backspace23:10
KuniYes, nvidia23:10
nemoKuni: you might want to also see if there is a report on your hardware that will force something like disabling ACPI or similar23:10
AmaranthKuni: Aren't driver bugs awesome?23:10
Kuniheh, it's a driver bug?23:10
nemoAmaranth: ah. well. that's an easy one to test :)23:10
nemostop using nvidia :)23:10
AmaranthYou'll more than likely only see it when compiz is running23:10
AmaranthSo of course compiz get blamed23:11
AmaranthWhat happens is compiz gets stuck in an infinite loop so your screen stops updating and your mouse and keyboard are locked23:11
Kunithat would explain it23:11
AmaranthBut I've had this a couple times and it always gets stuck calling something in the X server or at some random point where it's not really possible for it to be stuck23:11
Kuniwell at least it's already a known bug23:12
nanonymetried ssh'ing in from another computer and killing X server, btw?23:12
Amaranthalt-sysrq-k will kill your X server23:12
Amaranthassuming it's just X/compiz stuck and not the whole system23:12
nanonyme(so there *was* a better way. nice)23:13
Kuniproblem with sshing is that I don't exactly have access to any other system (well, my roommate could help, but he went home for the weekend).23:13
Amaranthsometimes nvidia will take down the whole system either right then or when you kill the X server23:13
Amaranththis actually happened to me last night, when I killed the X server I ended up with most of my vista wallpaper on the screen and it died23:13
Amaranthmy last boot into vista was a week and 3 restarts ago23:14
Amaranthi guess it was still in VRAM23:14
Amaranththis is a laptop and even though i have shut it down in that time once i never pulled the battery23:14
KuniThat's pretty impressive actually23:14
h3sp4wn_Not had one problem with this quadro (I guess you really do pay for the fact its tested)23:15
Amaranththere is another fun bug with nvidia 7xxx series cards (mobile and desktop) and dual core processors23:15
Kuniwell that's me23:15
Amaranth20,000 wakeups per second and sluggish 3D, completely randomly23:15
KuniGeForce Go 7900GS and a Core 2 Duo23:15
Amaranthunless you lock your CPU into one speed (lowest or highest)23:16
Amaranthif you let it do freq scaling this bug happens23:16
Amaranththe fix is not to restart but completely power off the system23:16
Amaranthyou could also turn one core off but then 3D is still jerky23:16
Amaranthand then there is the fun blinking23:16
Kunioh I have another one (I don't know if I've seen it in hardy yet but it happened in gutsy alot)23:17
Amaranthwhich happens if you let the GPU do freq scaling23:17
Amaranththe fix for that is to switch to VT 1 then switch back to X23:17
Kunivideo is all pink and full of lines. I know that's an nvidia bug, too. Dunno if there's a fix yet23:17
Amaranthpretty sure the 169 driver fixed that one23:17
Kunicause it was annoying in gutsy23:17
Amaranthyeah, although it was random23:17
Amaranthbut once it happened you had to restart X23:18
Kuninot even that worked for me23:18
KuniI had to reboot23:18
Amaranthbut then sometimes when it got into the state restarting X would lock the system23:18
AmaranthI hope nouveau gets something I can run compiz on soon23:18
AmaranthI can already play openarena with full 3d acceleration using nouveau but it is of course buggy23:18
Amaranthnouveau is an open source driver for nvidia cards23:19
Amaranthright now they have 2D acceleration for every card from NV04 to NV40 (7xxx series)23:19
Amaranthalong with randr 1.2 support, etc23:19
Kuniwe're lucky enough to have a company that makes drivers for linux, but we still need to make our own. :)23:19
Amaranthand experimental 3D acceleration for NV40 cards23:19
Amaranthwe're making our own for ati too23:21
Amaranthbut they're helping us there23:21
Kunii know23:21
Amaranthapparently they assume we'll never reach the performance of fglrx23:21
Kunithey don't make their own for linux, do they?23:21
Amaranththey do23:21
h3sp4wn_And at the end of all that XiG's drivers will still be the best23:21
h3sp4wn_(More interesting to see what they do with the specs than anyone else imho)23:21
h3sp4wn_They have had the best ati drivers for decades23:22
AmaranthThose guys that bought a license to get access to the X Consortium then decided they had better start making money and closed off all their stuff?23:22
h3sp4wn_(but they won't do anything without specs)23:22
Amaranthah, yep, that's then23:22
AmaranthThey started out as guys working on open source stuff but in order to get the X Consortium to listen to them they had to buy into in as a company23:23
h3sp4wn_The fact still remains they make vastly better drivers than anyone else23:23
Amaranthh3sp4wn_: This I doubt23:23
AmaranthThat'd be Intel23:23
KuniIntel makes ATI drivers? :P23:23
AmaranthThe XiG guys only make drivers for the R100 and R200 cards23:24
h3sp4wn_Amaranth: Nah intel still uses xorg23:24
KuniCause I coulda sworn they hated AMD...23:24
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AmaranthWhich ATI gave us specs for long ago23:24
h3sp4wn_Yes but they wouldn't give specs to anyone for anything more recent23:24
AmaranthYeah, I guarantee they don't do better than us there23:24
AmaranthBecause if they don't do anything without specs then they don't have Hyper-Z support23:24
h3sp4wn_Have you compared the things its like completely different hardware23:25
AmaranthHyper-Z is crucial to getting good performance out of those cards because they have such low bandwidth23:25
nanonymei've been hearing rumours that the AMD cards they'll be at some point releasing would be open-spec'd though23:25
Amaranthand with gallium we're going to have drivers that blow everyone else out of the water23:25
Amaranthnvidia, amd, whatever intel does on vista23:26
h3sp4wn_Never happened before ever23:26
Amaranthwon't stand a chance23:26
h3sp4wn_(for those ati cards with specs) - no reason to think its likely to happen now23:26
Amaranthgallium uses LLVM to optimize shaders on the fly23:26
Amaranthso you can write really crappy shaders and LLVM will still make them really fast23:26
KuniI sure hope that happens. Because I'd love to say that gaming on a linux box has better graphics than windows.23:27
Amaranthand tuned specifically for your card23:27
Amaranthand, as i'm sure you know, basically everything is shaders these days23:27
Kuni"You say linux is bad for gaming? Take THIS"23:27
h3sp4wn_"everything ?"23:27
h3sp4wn_Most of what I care about is just opengl23:28
Amaranthh3sp4wn_: the R600 (Radeon HD) doesn't even had special 2D hardware23:28
Kunih3sp4wn_: yup! even models and textures are really just shaders in disguise now.23:28
Amaranthit's all the 3D engine23:28
AmaranthKuni: haha, you know what i mean23:28
Amaranththat's data23:28
KuniI know I know23:28
KuniI love being a smartass though.23:28
Amaranthh3sp4wn_: and afaik on the R600 the fixed function stuff (regular OpenGL commands) will have to be implemented using the shader engine23:29
Amaranthhave you seen OpenGL 3?23:30
KuniNo, but I've seen the fiasco that was DX10.23:30
Kuni(so far)23:30
tinoFound itah, it was xserver-xorg-video-ati version 1: that was giving23:30
Amaranthheh, same kind of thing23:30
tino1:6.7.197 is fine23:30
h3sp4wn_I am more interested in using this gpu as a co processor23:31
h3sp4wn_If such as cadence can offload stuff to that and make my simulations faster then its worthwhile23:32
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h3sp4wn_underwatercow: you can just put firefox into /opt and java 32 bit (use the .bin) you need LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=1 in /etc/environment or java won't work23:36

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