kavoorHello, Is it true that Hardy will now feature a new theme and a new makeover is scheduled for Hardy +1 ??05:28
kavoor** not feature **05:29
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troy_skwwii: Seeing as how the Fela Kuti wallpaper seems to have some positive reviews, I modified the version slightly to adjust the reds away from the neck (as per the feedback I have been seeing)22:09
troy_skwwii: Initially I avoided changing anything as it was supposed to be a quick pinch off in the middle of the night22:09
troy_skwwii: The remixed version is22:09
troy_skwwii: _IF_ you choose to run with Fela, at least give a chance for a little polishing on it (Namely for a chance for us to bring the tone of the base wall to GDM into alignment etc.)22:30
hbonstroy_s: will this be the default style?23:00

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