slangasekthat's interesting, now why would gnome-screensaver be segfaulting on unlock when the disk is full...00:00
cathyais it possible to get ubuntu working on my mac?00:01
cathyadoes ubuntu still have ppc support?00:01
jdongcathya: #ubuntu is for support, please00:03
cathyaim there00:03
cathyaand its a bloody spam00:03
cathyaim in  ubuntu power pc as well00:03
cathyait's pretty dead in there00:03
jdongI'm sorry to hear that, but this channel is for development of Ubuntu and developers need it to coordinate the alpha 5 release. It is not for support00:03
cathyatyo get your question noticed, i have to literally flood the channel else it's a bunhc of garb i keep getting responses from00:04
cathyai just need to know if it'll work on my mac00:04
cathyasince i did hear some months ago that ubuntu stopped work on ppc00:04
jdongthere is still a ppc port of Ubuntu, but I wouldn't be able to tell you whether or not it works on your mac's hardware completely00:04
pkhcathya, you asked the qn in ubuntu, someone immediately answered you with a two line answer and a link to the community port site.  what more were you looking for?00:05
cathyaok jdong00:06
cathyathanks, that'll do00:06
cathyapkh: the two line was some community development as reference and some random user telling me bluntly NO00:07
jdongwhat you heard is that Ubuntu no longer offers ppc as an officially supported platform, though the community has continued to maintain it :)00:07
cathyawhile clearly it does have some form of support as jdong stated00:07
cathyaah ok00:07
stgraberslangasek: it's taking a bit longer than expected. it's currently generating the LTSP chroot, then will compress it and finish the install00:10
slangasekstgraber: ok; I'll still be here when you're done :)00:10
stgraberslangasek: ok, installation completed. LTSP seems to work (I haven't tested with a client but nbd and tftp work) and I successfully installed edubuntu-desktop, inkscape, kalzium and kvoctrain from the Add-on CD00:35
* slangasek pushes the plunger00:35
stgraberI basically only saw one bug with this install and it's far from an critical one :) (bug 193902)00:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193902 in firefox-3.0 "[Hardy alpha5] Firefox launcher is broken (on the top menu)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19390200:36
stgraberprobably the best alpha so far (at least for this computer)00:36
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=== slangasek changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: Feature freeze | Alpha 5 released | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy, #ubuntu+1 for hardy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
slangasekokaratas: hi00:52
okaratasslangasek, hi, how are you ?00:52
slangasekwell enough, and you?00:52
okaratasi am fine, thanks.00:52
okaratasi am a sleep, sorry :)00:52
okaratas[reed], hello00:58
[reed]"Alpha 5 includes several new features that are ready for large-scale testing.  Please refer to http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha5 for information on changes in Ubuntu" <-- except I get Access denied for that URL :)00:58
[reed]hi, okaratas.00:58
okaratasYou are not authorized to access this page.00:59
okarataswhat is the ubuntu web site problem ?00:59
slangasek[reed]: yes, the URL won't be live for another half hour or so; sorry, I ought to have held the mail until it was published00:59
slangasekthe ISOs themselves are available01:00
ffmare packages still accepted for universe for hardy?01:42
pochuffm: if you can convince the motu-release team to grant an exception, yes (for new packages, that is)01:44
ffmpochu: we're on the front page of http://launchpad.net .01:45
ffmpochu: GASP.01:45
ffmnever mind, we'll try with intrepid.01:47
ScottK2lamont: You said to remind you about requesting Postfix 2.5.1 sync.  I'll take care of it.01:52
ScottK2lamont: Postfix 2.5.1-1 sync requested.02:02
ffmMay I ask if we can introduce new packages in universe in hardy 8.04.1?03:30
persiaffm: You've asked before.  The same answer applies.  Hardy is in feature-freeze, and it would need an approved exception.03:32
persia(This is as true for 8.04 as for 8.04.1, although 8.04.1 needs much more justification for the exception)03:32
ffmpersia: ah. Well, what I am working on is undergoing a major rewrite, so I'll submit it to ibex.03:33
persiaffm: Thanks.  The worry is that it will destabilise something.  Once it gets into the Ibex, it can be backported to 8.04, so it could be available, but not in universe.03:34
ffmpersia: can  beta software be placed into universe?03:34
ffmpersia: it is a _minor_ python package that won't really harm anything.03:34
persiaYes, if considered of sufficient quality to be release-worthy.  Something getting a major rewrite wouldn't be a good candidate.  Also, the decisions aren't made on IRC (and I'm not one of the decision makers).  You'd need a freeze exception.03:35
ffmpersia: Ok. Thanks,03:36
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lamontScottK2: rock on.  thanks04:15
* lamont messes with bind9 vs apparmor04:15
lamontautoheader: warning: missing template: CALL_PTHREAD_SETCONCURRENCY04:26
* lamont hates auto*04:26
lamontautoheader: Use AC_DEFINE([HAS_PW_CLASS], [], [Description])04:34
lamontanybody know what that actually means?04:34
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GriswoldHello guys.  :)04:44
GriswoldI am working on implementing stuff for Wine04:44
GriswoldI came across a page about things that Wine could do upstream to help you guys out04:45
GriswoldLet me see if I can find it again04:45
Griswold^^ In that page, it says you guys need some type of console configuration.04:55
GriswoldWould a re-implementation of the windows' 'reg' program be enough?04:55
GriswoldSomething like:  reg add 'hkcu\Wine\Direct3D' /v UseGLSL /d 'disabled'      be enough?04:57
Griswold(To disable GLSL and enable ARB shaders, for example)04:57
lamontjdstrand: was there a reason you re-autotool'ed bind9?05:05
GriswoldYokoZar, ping05:06
YokoZarGriswold: pong05:06
GriswoldYokoZar, Can you read the above and give me an answer?  :)05:06
YokoZarGriswold: I think we discussed this before, yes?05:08
GriswoldYokoZar, Perhaps.  I have been busy - can you give a quick summary just to job my memory?05:08
YokoZarGriswold: my only worry is that the interface to reg might change - or the registry itself.05:08
GriswoldThe interface to 'reg' will never change once implemented05:09
GriswoldThe interface to the registry itself might, but not reg05:09
YokoZarGriswold: Though, configuring GLSL is something we probably don't want to do (we're trying to cut down the interface, so accepting Wine's magic default should be best).  Stuff that we'll keep needing to configure no matter how good Wine's defaults are would be stuff like mentioned in the spec - Windows version, whether apps contained in a window or separate (which is similar to managed/unmanaged/desktop)05:10
GriswoldYokoZar, Ok.  :)05:10
GriswoldIt was just an example though - quickest key I could think of that I know by heart05:10
YokoZarYeah.  Would your reg be able to do the uninstallation stuff?05:11
GriswoldI don't know.  Is uninstallation stuff stored in the registry?05:11
YokoZarIt should be yeah05:11
GriswoldThen yes, once implemented05:11
YokoZarWindows looks somewhere when you go to add/remove05:11
YokoZarSo that's the other half of the puzzle, to spruce up gnome-app-install.05:12
GriswoldYou will be able to query, add, delete, etc. registry keys05:12
GriswoldYokoZar, Ok.  Are you able to write the code for Ubuntu once I get reg written?05:13
Griswoldreg will have a built-in help and you could ask me any questions you want about its interface05:13
YokoZarGriswold: Some of it.  Gnome-app-install would be someone else's work.  Adding a new applet for wine configuration I may be able to do.  The trick is it's a bit too late to get that stuff in Gnome/Hardy.05:14
GriswoldAhh, I see05:14
YokoZarGriswold: Anyway, thank you for taking up this feature request, it's very awesome of you and I'll help however I can.05:14
GriswoldOk, awesome.  :)05:14
GriswoldI did some talking in the past few days to see what is the best route for Wine05:14
YokoZarGriswold: It's quite plausible that it can still be done though, especially stuff that would be part of Wine (rather than part of Gnome)05:14
YokoZarFor instance Wine's configuration applet could be a part of Wine package.05:15
YokoZarSo the uninstallation stuff would come later.05:15
GriswoldHmm.. you could make a wine-ubuntu-config or something package05:15
Griswold(I don't know the exact naming scheme, obviously)05:15
YokoZarWouldn't really matter if it were a dependency.05:17
GriswoldYeah.  :)05:18
ScottKlamont: You've got mail....05:41
* jdong locally backports mono 1.2.6 just to see what blows up :D05:44
* ScottK still thinks of mono as the disease that wiped him out of an entire semester in college.05:46
GriswoldYokoZar, Hmm... Just thought up something else for you to think about05:48
GriswoldSome users expect a sort of GUI for Wine where you can browse for a .exe and run it, etc.05:48
GriswoldMaybe a little dialog box pop-up explaining how to use Wine might be useful.  (When you install it for the first time)05:48
lamontScottK: yeah... /usr/lib/sasl2 is (uh) wrong - it'll be nice of them to change it.05:48
lamontas for whether we should move from /etc/postfix/sasl to /etc/sasl, dunno..05:49
ScottK2Well that part they don't seem to want to change05:49
lamontI'll worry about it when someone files a bug against postfix. :-)05:49
ScottK2lamont: It's a hard question.05:49
ScottK2If we did manage the move, it'd be one less Debian unique piece of config documentation to keep track of.05:50
lamontpostfix grew the hooks and config directory specifically because the sasl package is wrong.05:50
lamontconfig files do not live in /usr05:50
ScottK2So if we can live in /etc/sasl2 are we happy?  Is that somehow better?05:50
lamontI don't mind living in /etc/sasl205:50
lamontwe just set the path to be $PATH:/etc/sasl2:/etc/postfix/sasl :)05:51
lamontthen document the order of finding things05:51
ScottK2So something along the lines of sure, go for it, we might even move over there at some point.05:51
lamontthat's my thinking, anyway05:51
ScottK2I just finished scripting maintainer scripts for a conffile move in one of my Debian packages, so I have some idea how much fun that is.05:52
ScottK2And if it breaks something we'll just get pitti to fix it anyway ...05:53
lamontScottK: heh... actually, postfix doesn't actually deliver anything in /etc/postfix/sasl. :)05:56
ScottK2Hmmm.  Do I put smtpd.conf in there by hand each time?06:00
ScottK2I guess I must.06:00
* Hobbsee waves06:09
ScottK2Heya Hobbsee06:09
Hobbseeworld blown up yet?06:09
emgentheya Hobbsee :)06:10
ScottK2Not so as I've noticed.06:10
lamontevening Hobbsee06:10
Hobbseeheya lamont06:11
ScottK2I stormed off in a huff about 14 hours ago about ppaput claiming it's part of the Ubuntu sponsorship process (it's not).  Came back and filed 10 bugs against ubuntu-dev-tools.06:11
Hobbseehey emgent06:11
* Fujitsu waners in.06:11
* Fujitsu kicks his D key.06:11
Hobbseeoh nice, someone's finally stepped up again about the LP real name policy06:11
* ScottK2 thought it was Australian for something06:11
ScottK2Hobbsee: What's that?06:12
pwnguini think our hardy heron looks a little sickly :)06:12
lamontScottK: claiming _what_ was part of the sponsorship process? blowing up the world? or tickling Hobbsee ?06:13
ScottK2Some script that uses an LP PPA.06:13
ScottK2It's something it's author and I had discussed before and I thought had reached a clear understanding.06:13
ScottK2My favorite bug was noticing the the AUTHORS file for the package is executable.06:14
lamontit made less sense when I thought ppaput was an IRC ncik06:14
ScottK2I'd be less annoyed about that06:14
lamontAUTHORS to be executed at daybreak.  film at 11.06:14
ScottK2That's about right for some of the stuff in the package.  Some of it's geniunely useful.06:15
ScottK2Unfortunately they're also improving some of the things to the point beyond utility06:15
ScottK2Stuff like improving requestsync to spawn into an editor, but then asking you if you want to edit the bug before they show you what's in it.06:16
ScottK2It's almost like they're trying to get hired as LP developers06:17
lamontjust spawn the &^) editor, already06:17
lamontand _before_ the mail is signed, eh?06:17
ScottK2There was another script in there that was a shebang and a copyright statement06:18
ScottK2It appears the script was meant to do the same thing as dget -x withouth having to type the -x06:18
HobbseeScottK2: the policy which *requires* all lp-beta users to have their real name set.06:18
Hobbseeapparently it makes them feel better, or something.06:19
ScottK2I get annoyed enough with the production quality LP.  I can't imagine wanting to use it when it's less mature.06:19
lamontScottK2: maybe it's just that they don't get to work on any other pacakges?06:19
FujitsuScottK2: But using ege means you can see the braineadd features an complain about them before they're release.06:20
ScottK2Well they're all (I think) motu, so they've got several thousand choices handy.06:20
FujitsuAn I hate my keyboar.06:20
HobbseeScottK2: heh :)06:20
HobbseeScottK2: at least you can scream faster, and htey tend to listen.06:20
* lamont hands Fujitsu a 'd' key06:20
Fujitsulamont: Thanks.06:21
lamontScottK2: lp-beta is love06:21
ScottK2Fujitsu: Sure.  Then I file bugs and they tell me putting two little triangles in the UI fixes all the confusion.06:21
FujitsuI'll hopefully be able to get a new keyboar from Dell soon...06:21
FujitsuScottK2: Correct.06:21
lamontthere's also the trick of screaming about something and actually having the fix for a while _before_ it shows up in production06:21
* Hobbsee hands Fujitsu another 'd' key, as the last one appears not to work06:21
Hobbseelamont: yeah, exactly06:21
* jdong suggests Fujitsu map unused F12 key to d with xmodmap ;-)06:21
* ScottK2 has been learning the email interface lately06:21
FujitsuI note the more braineadd features are those which we can't test on ege.06:21
FujitsuLike emailing, Soyuz...06:22
ScottK2Any project that doesn't have a solid testbed is doomed06:22
Hobbseei'm not sure that soyuz is an accurate representation of the rest of the project's quality, though06:22
ScottK2The only exception is if you do a huge amount of up front engineering06:22
FujitsuScottK2: It does have a good testbed, just not with users.06:23
* Fujitsu has removed the mechanism from the d key.06:23
ScottK2Fujitsu: Ah, so it's a good internal test bed for developers?06:23
lamontthere are certain issues that show up when a product is designed and built by people who never use it, other than in what _they_ believe is the normal use model06:23
FujitsuThat's why edge is important.06:24
FujitsuAn why specs shoul be public06:24
Hobbseelamont: this is where ScottK2's quote about the LP devs being very happy to show you how you should be using LP comes in, right?06:24
ScottK2lamont: But they all know exactly how it's going to be used and will be glad to tell us how we're doing it wrong.06:25
* Hobbsee grins06:25
lamontHobbsee: yep06:25
* lamont is reminded of a discussion on exactly how metacity keyboard focus should work06:25
* ScottK2 suddenly remembers it's late and he has to wash his hair.06:26
lamontthe most memorable comment from _that_ discussion was "Why do you even use gnome?"06:27
* ScottK2 tends to wonder about that.06:27
lamontin the end, debian/patches/001_strict_focus.patch was born.06:28
lamontand then warty released a couple months later06:28
* ScottK2 is also wondering about how long python-kde3 really takes to build.06:28
lamontScottK2: 'kde' is in the name... figure a couple hours06:29
ScottK2Yeah, well.  Probably06:29
FujitsuScottK2: Why does it have it's own source package?06:29
ScottK2Fujitsu: I've no idea.  I don't make this stuff up, I just try to fix it.06:29
FujitsuIsn't against KDE policy to have a source package that doesn't build 50 binaries?06:29
lamontFujitsu: that's the python implementation of kde, dontcha know06:29
lamontor was it the kde implementation of python... I forget06:30
ScottK2Fujitsu: Probably, but that's less interesting the sylpheed-claws/claws-mail that seems to have a strict policy against have two releases with the same number of source packages.06:30
ScottK2KDE python bindings.06:31
ScottK2Not kidding06:31
ScottK2We lost claws-mail-clamav in the last release.06:31
ScottK2Ironically due to their concerns about freeness of clamav unrar code that Debian removes06:32
* lamont -> bed06:33
FujitsuNight lamont.06:33
ScottK2Fujitsu: Any idea what the [NEW] bit in bug mail is supposed to signify?06:36
FujitsuScottK2: That it's the initial email for a bug.06:37
FujitsuAppeared with 1.2.1, IIRC.06:37
ScottK2I guess I don't get it.06:38
ScottK2I thought it was "Hey. This is a new bug."06:38
FujitsuIt is.06:38
FujitsuOr it might be `Hey. This is a new bug task."06:39
ScottK2No.  It's "Hey.  This is the first time I've spammed you about this bug."06:39
FujitsuI'm not sure.06:39
ScottK2Bug may or may not be new.06:39
ScottK2I just assigned myself a 5 month old bug and it came in as [NEW]06:39
FujitsuYou in't create a new task?06:39
persiaI've only seen it when the bug is new or the bug is newly non-private, or the bug has a new task, or the bug is against a new package/project/milestone, or the bug newness was unintentionally reset.06:40
persiaScottK: For that, you got the NEW warning because the bugmail you received was the top part.  Just add a comment when assigning to avoid it (and make the bug less new)06:41
ScottK2Just assigned the bug06:41
FujitsuThat woul be YALPB.06:41
persiaThere were other comments in the bug?  that's a NLPB for me.06:41
FujitsuI woul presume that [NEW] woul indicate newness.06:42
FujitsuNot newly-notifiedness.06:42
ScottKAcutally I did include a comment06:42
ScottKAnd there were other comments06:42
ScottKIt's Bug 14449006:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144490 in python-kde3 "autopkgtest gutsy python-kde3: erroneous package!" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14449006:43
persiaFujitsu: In my experience, it comes from the bug being "New", which doesn't mean recent.06:43
ScottKStatus is New.06:43
ScottKI'm not sure why that needs bold blinky subject lines06:43
persiaStatus oughtn't define newness for bug notification.  That's a bug.06:43
Fujitsupersia: I have no replies that are marked [NEW], other than those that are done through the email interface, so it's not marke by Status.06:44
* ScottK2 has already filed his LP bug for the day. 06:47
* ScottK2 looks around for an LP developer...06:47
ubotuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.06:48
pwnguinits also like midnight or later in the us / euroland06:49
pwnguinthough maybe germany's close to wake up time ;)06:49
pwnguindoes keybuk hit irc much anymore?06:49
ScottK2Nevermind.  I'll file the bug.  It's even more annoying than I thought.06:55
ScottK2I get a copy of the entire bug marked new and then another mail with my comment.06:55
FujitsuThat's what I'd expect, except without the [NEW] bit.06:55
ScottKI don't need a copy of the ficking bug in my inbox.  I already read it before I assigned it to myself.06:56
warp10Good morning06:56
persiaScottK: That behaviour is a workaround for the previous issue that subscribing people after leaving a comment didn't send them an email notification (as I understand it)06:57
ScottKpersia: Not my problem.  It's a bogus design06:58
persiaSure, just sharing my impression of history hoping it might cause your use case to be better written to avoid being rejected out of hand.06:59
ScottK2I filed the bug.  I managed to mostly contain my sarcasm.07:17
ScottK2Have a good night/day as your circumstances and timezone permit.07:19
persiaGood night ScottK07:19
ScottK2Good night persia07:20
FujitsuNight ScottK2.07:20
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toresbehttp://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2008-02/msg02140.html what!07:46
ion_Yeah, he switched to Vim.07:49
toresbefinally took to his senses, huh!07:49
toresbeI guess this is one of those "where were you when ..." things07:49
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Chipzzwho is (coming to|at) FOSDEM? :)10:16
rohanhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/190677 --> in this bug report, what does LUM stand for?12:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190677 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "Backport acer-wmi to hardy 2.6.24 kernel" [Low,Fix committed]12:10
persiarohan: linux-ubuntu-modules12:10
persiarohan: Also, #ubuntu-bugs is generally the best place to ask about bugs.12:11
rohanpersia: i'm sorry!12:11
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affluxpitti: could you have a look at bug 193533? It looks like the var/run/PolicyKit stuff in policykit's postinst script should be handled in policykit.init as var/run/PolicyKit is created first in the init script13:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193533 in policykit "mkdir /var/run/PolicyKit" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19353313:15
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jeromegScottK: hello, are you available ?14:59
ScottK2jeromeg: I'm here15:29
jeromegScottK2: what did you decied for the brasero backport ?15:30
ScottK2I didn't yet (I agreed about backporters for the maintainer)15:31
* ScottK2 looks for the bug.15:31
jeromegScottK2: ok, I think this is really an important backport15:33
jeromegunofficial repos are being created in a lot of places15:34
ScottK2OK.  What's the impact of the dropped dependencies?15:34
jeromegScottK2: none15:34
jeromegit just removes a feature that is not in gutsy15:35
jeromeg(it was added for hardy)15:35
jeromegScottK2: i'm also working on a backport for pidgin15:36
jeromegwhich has even more unofficial buggy packages15:36
ScottK2jeromeg: I'm unlikely to touch that one without a lot of backing from jdong.15:36
jeromegScottK2: yep, yep I know it's a tough thing, that's why I set up a ppa to have some feedback15:37
jeromegi'm testing all plugins at the moment, quite boring :)15:37
ScottK2Fair enough15:38
ScottK2jeromeg: Where do I find usr/share/gnome-pkg-tools/1/rules/uploaders.mk?15:43
jeromegScottK2: why do you need this ?15:43
ScottK2Because the source package won't build for me for the lack of it.15:44
jeromegin Gutsy ?15:44
jeromegI'll have a look15:44
jeromegyou have gnome-pkg-tools installed right ?15:45
* ScottK2 neither uses nor develops for Gnome.15:46
jeromegScottK2: this is during build or during debuild ?15:47
ScottK2Building the source backage.  That's probably what I need.15:47
ScottK2Yep.  That was it.15:47
jeromegyep you need to install gnome-pkg-tools15:47
jeromegScottK2: works ?15:55
ScottK2jeromeg: Your patch applied, the source package built and I'm doing a test build now.15:58
jeromegScottK2: thank you very much15:58
ScottK2jeromeg: For the future, use gutsy-backports as the target in debian/changelog, not gutsy.16:07
jeromegScottK2: oh yep, sorry for that16:07
ScottK2jeromeg: Uploaded.16:09
jeromegScottK2: great !16:10
jeromegthank you so much !16:10
ScottK2Now we need to wait for an archive admin to publish it.16:10
jeromegScottK2: the pidgin backport seems to work pretty well16:10
jeromegonly one plugin remaining to test16:10
jeromegtook me 1h and a half...16:11
ScottK2jeromeg: Convince jdong first.16:11
jeromegScottK2: yep :)16:11
ScottK2jeromeg: You should have gotten a waiting for approval mail on brasero (I think)16:11
jeromegScottK2: not yet16:12
ScottKjeromeg: Maybe just the uploader gets that one.  I'm not sure.  I got it, so it's confirmed the upload made it.16:17
jeromegthank you very much16:18
cheddarcheeseisyis JFS supported?16:51
mjg59Supported in what way?16:52
mjg59I don't believe you can install to JFS with the standard installer, but the alternate will do it. The kernel certainly has support.16:53
cheddarcheeseisyget bugfixes and all that in ubuntu16:53
mjg59It's in the kernel, so yes16:53
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andrea-bsCould somebody tell me which is the difference between MOTU and Ubuntu Developer, please?20:02
KeybukUbuntu Developer includes core developers20:03
KeybukUbuntu Developer := ( MOTU + Ubuntu Core Developer )20:03
andrea-bsKeybuk: thanks, but on Launchpad I see that MOTU is a member of ubuntu-dev20:05
Keybukthat isn't inconsistent with what I said :-)20:06
andrea-bsoh, yeah20:06
andrea-bsI read too quickly, sorry :D20:06
slangasekhar, no one commented on the fact that my feature freeze announcement linked to the gutsy list of blueprints21:34
Keybukslangasek: everyone's already running intrepid ;)21:40
slangasekah, good. :)21:41
Kopfgeldjaegerbtw, are we running intrepid or ibex?21:46
KeybukKopfgeldjaeger: we use the adjective21:47
Kopfgeldjaegeryeah, i know... but intrepid.. OK21:49
Keybukit's a secret plot to get everyone to just call it "8.10"21:49
siretartdoes 'intrepid' sound strange to native speakers as well?21:50
j1mcKeybuk: "it's a secret plot . . ."  hehe21:56
Fujitsusiretart: I think it's slightly less strange than the rest of the adjectives that have been use.21:57
slangaseksiretart: no, why should it sound strange?21:59
Amaranthsiretart: it's better than hoary22:53

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