crunchyfroggiehi, is this the right place to ask for an "ubuntu cloak"?03:44
no0ticare you an ubuntu member?03:44
crunchyfroggienot with this nick03:44
crunchyfroggie(a member of the forums, is that enough?)03:45
no0ticno, are you inside ubuntu members in launchpad?03:45
crunchyfroggieoops, no.03:46
crunchyfroggiethanks for the help03:46
no0ticyou're welcome03:46
naliothubotu: tell crunchyfroggie about member03:46
crunchyfroggiethanks guys03:47
naliothInfernuz: what's up?19:43
Infernuz i mute in #ubuntu-es19:43
Infernuzte acordas de la info de ayer que mande19:45
Infernuzmy info the LINUX TOUR 2008 in Nicaragua19:46
InfernuzThey thought it was spam and I ban19:49
InfernuzI did not know that Ubuntu had another salon to give that kind of news19:50
Infernuzsorry my writed ingles it bad, i used google traslate19:50
InfernuzBesides, it was not the only salon to report to / amsn command all salons that I am none baneo only ubuntu -es19:52
nalioth    /amsn es malo  :(19:54
Infernuzi agree with the ban if I had known he had a living for the news important as the Linux Tour, Mr jpatrick I remove the ban but I can not write in the channel, according to your list that I remove leaves, but my computer can not write with anyone ubuntu -19:55
Infernuzok nalioth19:55
Infernuzbut i don now19:55
naliothjpatrick: you around?19:55
jpatrickInfernuz: I've unmuted you twice now, you should be able to write19:56
Infernuzhablame en espaƱol por favor19:56
Infernuzes que no entendi unas palabras19:57
jpatrickInfernuz: que te he quitado el mute dos veces19:57
Infernuztratare de nuevo te avisare si se pudo o no19:57
Infernuzsi thx jpatric19:58
Infernuznalioth thx19:58
=== Infernuz is now known as Darksiteevil

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