Ubuletteso noone cared about sqlite during hardy and most of gutsy :(00:03
asacUbulette: yeah. lots of stuff still gets synched from unstable00:42
asacthats definitly efficient in general, but can be unfortunate for individual cases00:42
[reed]dholbert: hai! :)00:43
dholbert[reed]: hi! :)00:43
dholbertwhy the []?00:43
dholbertsomeone steal your name?00:43
[reed]yes :(00:43
dholbertno one's taking dholbert from me00:44
[reed]what brings you to the ubuntu mozilla lands?00:45
dholbertJust checking out channels on freenode00:45
dholbertand figured this would be a good one to hang out in00:45
[reed]heh, yep00:45
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Ubuletteasac, ppa are indeed faster to start a build but they are also busier than ever. Seems everyone wants to build a custom kernel there :(00:50
asacnot a mobile kernel?00:56
Ubulettenot 1, but 300:56
Ubuletteor more00:56
Ubuletteright now, it's 2 moblin guys and the mactel team00:57
Ubuletteasac, didn't you say earlier that more builders were expected ?01:00
jetsaredimhow do I get my ppa build to reference the mozilla-devscripts from asac's ppa?04:50
jetsaredimthe debian/changelog from the XPI.ubuntu branch has references mozilla-devscripts >=0.504:51
phoenix24I've generated my gpg key, still get the same key-signing error.07:45
phoenix24I managed doing: debuild -b -k<pbulic-key-id>08:28
phoenix24is that ok ?08:28
phoenix24got it!10:06
asacjetsaredim: just  upload mozilla-devscripts  to your ppa as well12:20
asaci will upload mozilla-devscripts to real archive on monday hopefully12:20
asacok out for sport ...12:26
jetsaredimasac how do I upload mozilla-devscripts to my ppa?14:31
jetsaredimI tried downloading the src from your ppa and then building it and uploading the source.changes, but that didn't exactly work14:31
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jetsaredimasac: ping18:41

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