dwf_starbandmy setup has been down for over a month so im going to start from scratch, ill have one backend only system and 2-3 frontend only systems, do you guys recomend 7.10 or 8.04 alpha?00:29
Nikas7.10. I had som serius problems with 8.04 and yeah... it's alpha. ;)00:38
Nikasserious even00:38
dwf_starbandwhat problems did you have?00:41
dwf_starbandmy problems have been with 7.10 and an inibility to get lineups from schedules direct00:42
NikasWhere do i find deinterlacing settings? trunk-version (or .21-fixes)02:02
NikasNothing under Mythfrontend->Utilities Setup->Setup->TV Settings->Playback02:02
dwf_starbandhas anyone had trouble getting lineups from schedules direct?  I havent been able to get any since the 1st of the year, i just did  a fresh install of 8.04 alpha and it still wont get the lineups, very frustrating02:54
dwf_starbandits always 401 Unauthorized02:55
dwf_starbandFailed writing HTTP request: Bad file descriptor.02:56
dwf_starbandit repeats this a bunch of times then says Giving up. and finishes with its failure02:57
MythbuntuGuest92Hey everyone!03:13
MythbuntuGuest92Question; I am trying to get my wireless MediaMVP to work...  I need to know what command or where to look in the tables to see if a firewall is running03:14
MythbuntuGuest92*file stucture03:14
Tuv0kMythbuntuGuest92, there is no "firewall" running04:22
Tuv0knew to irc?04:24
confusedguya little04:24
confusedguyok yes04:24
Tuv0kthats fine04:24
confusedguyhow'd u know04:24
Tuv0kpleasantries are normally skipped, to allow answers to be fielded quickly04:25
Tuv0ksoon as you said "hello" I knew04:25
confusedguylol ok04:25
Tuv0khello back at cha04:25
tgm4883_laptoppleasantries aren't bad04:25
tgm4883_laptopbut it was the hello04:25
Tuv0knot at all04:25
tgm4883_laptopthen the waiting for a reply04:25
confusedguywell it seems not too many in this channel04:25
Tuv0kthis is a great bunch in ths channel04:26
confusedguyso do  you all know much about mythtv?04:26
tgm4883_laptopjust FYI, we are still waiting for the question04:26
Tuv0khopefully enough to be users04:26
Tuv0klol , that too04:27
confusedguybecause ive been working on it for weeks and i'm running into problems.. here's the question..04:27
Tuv0klets have it bro04:27
* tgm4883_laptop hums the jeopardy theme04:28
confusedguyhow could i get a standalone front to connect to a back04:28
confusedguyive tried many many things04:28
Tuv0kplease tell me you googled, forums , wiki, docs, during that time?04:28
tgm4883_laptopdid you enable the mysql service in MCC?04:28
confusedguyim not just running for help without research04:28
confusedguyi enabled it04:28
tgm4883_laptopyes to me or Tuv0k04:28
tgm4883_laptopdid you restart the back end?04:28
tgm4883_laptopany error messages04:29
confusedguyyeah. could not connect to database.04:30
confusedguythats what shows if i start the frontend .04:30
confusedguyand it asks for all the mysql stuff04:30
confusedguywhich i've verified many times should be right04:31
Tuv0kthats happening to me as well04:31
confusedguyive been through 3 distros and this is my last04:31
Tuv0kjust have not got around to troubleshooting it yet04:31
confusedguyits worked the best so far04:31
confusedguyi mean, i've googled this for a couple hours04:32
Tuv0kits odd because when the frontend was gutsy with a hrady BE, the FE connected to the DB04:32
Tuv0kbut now that the FE is hardy as well, myth .21, no dice04:33
Tuv0kDB login has not changed04:33
Tuv0kpermission correct04:33
Tuv0kDB optimized04:33
tgm4883_laptopon the remote frontend, what happens when you run the mysql test in MCC?04:33
confusedguyi've reinstalled back and frontend so many times04:33
Tuv0kyet, endless login loop on the FE04:33
confusedguymysql test... let me check04:33
Tuv0kthe backend works like a charm04:34
Tuv0ktgm4883_laptop, I have yet to04:34
Tuv0klet me check04:34
Tuv0kpw was wrong?04:40
presumptious85i just installed drivers for my tv tuner Huappage HVR 160004:42
presumptious85and it seems to have affected my video card04:43
presumptious85i followed the instructions on this page to make the installationhttp://linuxtv.org/repo/04:44
presumptious85the driver is from this page http://linuxtv.org/hg/~hverkuil/cx18/summary04:45
presumptious85anyone help me out here04:49
dwf_starbandI have not been able to retreive lineups from schedules direct since the beginning of the year, I have tried lots of different things such as changing names and passwords etc.. i just got another trial from them with another email address and it doesnt work either, i am able to log on to their site just fine and can manually retreive info from them, but I cant get it to work with either my existing mythbuntu 7.10 setup or a 805:03
dwf_starbandthat I just tried05:03
dwf_starbandI have googled, searched the forums, asked in here on multiple ocasions, and cant figure it out, schedules direct tech support walked me through the manual retreival and said since I could do it manually that it was a problem on my end not theirs05:04
dwf_starbanddoes anyone know about how to work with this?05:04
foxxbuntudwf_starband, when you say you can pull the data manually wht do you mean?05:06
dwf_starbandum, its been a couple of weeks since i did that, let me find it again and ill show you05:08
presumptious85anyone home05:09
dwf_starbandhttp://forums.schedulesdirect.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=295 shows how to download the raw data05:10
presumptious85dwf_starband: hello05:10
dwf_starbandim here for help, so i doubt i can help you05:11
presumptious85well maybe u can05:11
presumptious85i just installed a module for my tv tuner hauppage HVR 160005:12
presumptious85and now my video card is no longer being detected by ubuntu05:12
dwf_starbandsorry, I have a different tuner, when I have trouble like that I google alot, I would use keyworks such as the names of the tuner and video card together, or tuner video card and trouble your having05:14
dwf_starbandgoogle usually finds stuff in the forums that I cant find even searching the same forum05:14
presumptious85its had for me to browse at the moment cuz everthing is so huge05:15
presumptious85the resolution that is05:15
foxxbuntupresumptious85, what kind of video card are you using?05:16
dwf_starbanddepending on the browser you can change the zoom, I use opra and zoom is an option under view05:16
dwf_starbandfoxxbuntu: you see what i mean by manually retreiving the data?05:17
foxxbuntudwf_starband, I think so05:17
foxxbuntudwf_starband, what does mythfilldatabase show when you run it?05:18
dwf_starband401 error and something else, want me to run it and pastbin it for you?05:18
dwf_starbandoh, i had deleted the video source to try starting fresh, ill set it up again real quick and show you what it says when i try to retrieve lineups, its the same errors as when i was running mythfilldatabase05:21
dwf_starbandi rememver i was able to run mythfilldatabase with i think -file and the data i had manually downloaded and it had inserted it into the database, but it was a pain with multiple steps05:23
foxxbuntudwf_starband, what do you get when you try to do this: ping www.google.com05:25
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=245 time=685 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=245 time=1710 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=245 time=701 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=245 time=628 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=245 time=617 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=6 ttl=245 time=629 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=7 ttl=245 time=629 ms05:26
dwf_starband64 bytes from yw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=8 ttl=245 time=629 ms05:26
dwf_starband--- www.google.com ping statistics ---05:26
dwf_starband8 packets transmitted, 8 received, 0% packet loss, time 45178ms05:26
dwf_starbandrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 617.105/778.900/1710.056/353.098 ms, pipe 205:27
dwf_starbandpastbin doesnt seem to be working05:27
foxxbuntu!patebin | dwf_starband05:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about patebin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:28
foxxbuntu!pastebin | dwf_starband05:28
ubotudwf_starband: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:28
foxxbuntudwf_starband, does that link for you?05:29
dwf_starbandi can browse to it and put in my name and past the stuff in but when i press the paste button it brings up a connection closed by remote server error05:31
presumptious85guess i lost connection there05:31
foxxbuntudwf_starband, it works fine for me, I think your issues are related to your internet connection05:32
foxxbuntupresumptious85, what kind of vid card are you using?05:32
presumptious85foxxbuntu: nvidia 8600 gts05:32
foxxbuntupresumptious85, IIRC thats in the package nvidia-glx-new05:33
foxxbuntuso try reinstalling that package05:33
dwf_starbandis there a way to troubleshoot my connection? im using starband which is a satalite connection (i live in bush Alaska)  Ive recently goten a new modem which is much faster than my previous one05:33
presumptious85thru synaptic?05:34
foxxbuntupresumptious85, no05:34
dwf_starbandthis is the first time ive had trouble with pastebin05:34
foxxbuntupresumptious85, try this from terminal05:34
foxxbuntudwf_starband, I think you are having DNS issues05:35
foxxbuntupresumptious85, $ sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new05:35
foxxbuntuwhats the output?05:36
foxxbuntuthats it already up to date?05:36
foxxbuntuor is it installing?05:36
presumptious85up to date05:36
foxxbuntuok do this05:36
presumptious85already the newest version05:36
foxxbuntupresumptious85, $ sudo apt-get install -reinstall nvidia-glx-new05:37
presumptious85 Command line option 'r' [from -reinstall] is not known.05:37
foxxbuntupresumptious85, $ sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-glx-new05:37
presumptious85Reinstallation of nvidia-glx-new is not possible, since it cannot be downloaded.05:38
dwf_starbandhttp://pastebin.com/d32d35b4 got this one to work05:40
Tuv0kanyone notice tuner sound missing seemingly randomly?05:40
foxxbuntupresumptious85, open up synaptic05:40
foxxbuntuTuv0k, what do you mean exactly?05:41
foxxbuntupresumptious85, under settings > repos05:42
foxxbuntuenable multiverse and universe05:42
Tuv0kno sound from the tuner05:42
foxxbuntuTuv0k, but not always?05:42
Tuv0krecordings with no sound05:42
presumptious85they are already enabled05:42
foxxbuntuTuv0k, do you have sound in livetv?05:42
Tuv0knot always. seems the shows after midnight don't have sound05:43
Tuv0klive tv right now, no sound05:43
Tuv0kI was wondering why some recordings were missing sound.05:43
Tuv0kI just happened to try live tv just now05:44
Tuv0kand much to my chagrin, silent pictures05:44
foxxbuntupresumptious85, close that and open the "Restricted Drivers Manager"05:44
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, just out of curiorisity, if you bypass the mythtv box, do you have sound?05:44
foxxbuntutgm4883_laptop, thanks for jumping in here 3 convos at once was getting a little crazy05:44
foxxbuntupresumptious85, is the NVidia restricted driver enabled and in use?05:45
* tgm4883_laptop sneaks back out leaving foxxbuntu alone05:45
presumptious85also the v4l205:45
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, so is there a time period that the shows dont have sound?05:46
foxxbuntupresumptious85, pastebin dmesg for me05:46
presumptious85although that is not in use05:46
foxxbuntufrom terminal type dmesg05:46
Tuv0ktgm4883_laptop, can't say for sure, I thought it was justa glitch, now I have to pay closer attention05:46
foxxbuntuand then copy and paste it into a pastebin05:46
foxxbuntu!pastebin | presumptious8505:47
ubotupresumptious85: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:47
Tuv0kbut nba fastbreak on espn twice now, has not had sound, and its the after midnight showing05:47
foxxbuntupresumptious85, then paste the link to it in here05:47
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, well technically, all shows are after midnight05:49
tgm4883_laptopso i'm trying to figure out if it's shows between 12 and 2 or what05:49
* foxxbuntu smacks tgm4883_laptop for that large level of /sarcasm05:49
presumptious85foxxbuntu: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57033/05:49
* tgm4883_laptop smacks foxxbuntu for being foxxbuntu 05:50
foxxbuntutgm4883_laptop, I know...your my favorite too05:50
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, do other shows have sound?05:50
foxxbuntupresumptious85, is this a vm?05:51
presumptious85as in vmware, no05:52
foxxbuntuoh...I think I found your issue05:53
foxxbuntuwait a min05:53
foxxbuntupresumptious85, $ sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf05:54
foxxbuntuadd this line:05:54
foxxbuntuthen reboot the machine05:55
Tuv0kdefinately a problem05:56
presumptious85should i just add the line anywhere?05:56
presumptious85and save?05:56
foxxbuntuat the end of the file05:56
foxxbuntuand ctrl+x05:56
foxxbuntuthen Y05:56
Tuv0kall the shows with no sund05:57
Tuv0keven a show I just was watching with sound05:57
Tuv0kthinking it may be pulse?05:57
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, interesting05:57
Tuv0kI have audacious running05:57
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, are you using 8.04?05:57
Tuv0khad to use the oss plugin lastnight, just switched it back to alsa05:58
Tuv0kyes 8.0405:58
Tuv0kyeah, this is pissing me off now05:59
Tuv0kI've deleted two shows thinking it was an isolated event05:59
tgm4883_laptopand you watched a recording earler that worked?05:59
tgm4883_laptopreboot and see if it works06:00
Tuv0kbookmarked so I could finish watching06:00
Tuv0kreboot, argh06:00
Tuv0klets try a BE restart first?06:00
presumptious85foxxbuntu: i'm back06:00
foxxbuntupresumptious85, any luck?06:01
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, first try playing something outside of mythtv06:01
Tuv0kthe system has sound fine06:03
Tuv0kmyth won't play anything now, not even music06:04
foxxbuntuTuv0k, check the internal player audio controls06:04
Tuv0kI did06:05
foxxbuntuTuv0k, nothing on mute is it perhaps06:05
foxxbuntupresumptious85, I am still thinking it over...give me a min06:06
Tuv0kmute, hmmm its never worked before06:06
Tuv0kI've restarted the BE06:06
Tuv0kto no avail06:06
tgm4883_laptopTuv0k, well it would be the frontend that needs restarted06:07
Tuv0kthe speakers crack like they want to play06:07
foxxbuntuTuv0k, mute is FE only06:07
Tuv0kI'm on tthe naster BE06:07
foxxbuntuTuv0k, have you checked alsamixer?06:07
Tuv0kso the FE as been restarted at least 8 times in our conversation06:07
foxxbuntuTuv0k, is PCM muted or all the way down/up?06:08
Tuv0ksystem sound has not changed06:08
Tuv0kall leveled up06:08
foxxbuntuTuv0k, ok...sorry for my basics here...everyone is at different levels when asking us for support06:09
Tuv0kI know, I'm fine, thx06:09
Tuv0knot that I don't need help, but your questions I understand the drill :)06:10
presumptious85foxxbuntu: why wouldnt a make unload of the drivers work?06:16
foxxbuntupresumptious85, its a possability, but I am trying to avoid that06:17
dwf_starbandhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4913/ here are my errors when trying to retrieve lineups do you still think its dns?06:17
foxxbuntudwf_starband, no, that leads me to believe you are having issues with your connection to the SD server, however since you had issues with pastebin as well it still leads me to believe you might be having and issue with a firewall or modem dropping or blocking packets06:21
dwf_starbandso its possible that i have two issues, i would really like to solve the issue with connection to SD06:22
Tuv0kI really don't want to reboot06:22
foxxbuntupresumptious85, try this...using the restricted drivers manager uncheck the nvidia reboot and then do it again to re-enable it and reboot once more06:23
foxxbuntuTuv0k, still thinking06:23
Tuv0kme too06:23
foxxbuntudwf_starband, this looks like one issue06:25
foxxbuntudwf_starband, looks like it fails to authenticate each time it tries to connect06:25
dwf_starbandyes, but why?06:26
foxxbuntudwf_starband, not sure06:27
foxxbuntucan you login to the website from that machine?06:27
dwf_starbandyes, there is no problem loging into the website06:27
dwf_starbandi have tried changing my username and password, i have tried a different trial account, (I have a paid subscription), ive searched and searched06:28
presumptious85no luck foxxbuntu06:30
foxxbuntupresumptious85, have you tried adjusting the resoution?06:31
presumptious85but its only the 800 x 600, and 640 x 480 that shows up06:31
foxxbuntuTuv0k, did that post help you?06:32
dwf_starbandif i gave out my test user id and password could someone else test it? or is that not really done?06:32
presumptious85i normally run on 1440 x 900 but its not long available due to this problem06:32
Tuv0kfoxxbuntu, not in the least06:32
foxxbuntudwf_starband, sorry, and not a good idea in a public irc channel06:32
Tuv0kvlc gave no picture, and hissing sound06:33
foxxbuntuTuv0k, figured not but not sure what you were driving at06:33
Tuv0ktuner in myth shows video, no sound06:33
Tuv0kshooting in the dark06:33
* Tuv0k ##$%#$@^$#$!!!!!!! rebooting06:33
foxxbuntuTuv0k, this sounds like an issue I had a long time back but trying to think what it was06:34
foxxbuntudwf_starband, sorry, if I still had my VMWare server up (blew a hdd recently) I would test it06:34
dwf_starbandno worries06:34
foxxbuntubut I dont think thats the issue since you were able to get data with the SD guy06:35
presumptious85i think i'm just gonna have to get a new tv tuner06:36
foxxbuntudwf_starband, its a really strange issue...are you using wireless? or running the traffic through a firewall/router?06:36
presumptious85this one is alot of hassle06:36
foxxbuntupresumptious85, I havent seen much luck yet with that particular model06:36
foxxbuntupresumptious85, if your going to switch I suggest an HDHomeRun06:37
presumptious85does it run on windows too?06:37
foxxbuntupresumptious85, should06:37
dwf_starbandi have satalite internet, two cables go from the dish to the router, from the router i have it going to a belkin wireless router, but all of computers im working with myth are wired to the router06:37
dwf_starbandthere are no security settings or firewalls set on the router06:38
presumptious85i'd search on that06:38
presumptious85but first i have to restore my settings06:38
foxxbuntupresumptious85, I personally use the HDHR06:38
presumptious85i dont mind a make unload but that didnt work earlier06:38
presumptious85The HDHR works out of the box?06:39
foxxbuntuwell...with Mythbuntu06:39
foxxbuntuwe enable the config utility it requires be default06:39
foxxbuntuthen you just set it up like any other tuner in the BE06:40
presumptious85someone last night help me with thie situation i'm in06:41
presumptious85'but i forgot what he did06:41
presumptious85it had to do with deleting a certain type of cx18*.ko files06:41
foxxbuntupresumptious85, im not totally sure on that one...so I don't want to cause a reload :)06:43
presumptious85i'm gonna try a make unload and a reinstall of my nivdia drivers06:44
dwf_starbandis there someone I should keep an eye out for that might have an idea what my problem with SD is?  Where do I go from here? Ive asked in the ubuntu forum with no real help, ive searched all I can on my own.  what do you recomend?06:49
foxxbuntupresumptious85, sounds like a good place to start06:49
foxxbuntudwf_starband, im not sure....it sure stirkes me as an issue with your internet/network but idk how to start helping you troubleshoot that06:50
dwf_starbanddo you know whos speciality that might be so I can keep an eye out for them in here?06:51
Tuv0ksound back06:53
foxxbuntuTuv0k, what did you do? reboot?06:53
foxxbuntudwf_starband, I would just keep trying and post in the forums, I don't know who specificly will be able to help06:54
dwf_starbandok, i appreciate  your trying06:55
foxxbuntudwf_starband, yup...sorry I couldn't fx it06:55
Tuv0kreboot> then fix the backend ip because I have a remote FE I just started testing tonight, and finally had to change from /dev/video0 to video1, because after reboot I guess the webcam for zoneminder stole the tuners parking spot06:55
dwf_starbandno worries, its pretty cool that guys like you hang out here to  help,  when I first set up i was in here for a week or more with questions and couldnt have done it otherwise06:56
foxxbuntudwf_starband, spend allot of time in or around here :)06:57
foxxbuntujust do the same if you can06:57
foxxbuntuyou will learn as you go06:57
dwf_starbandyeah, i try with the little time i have06:58
foxxbuntuI hear that, Im in process of starting a business and working two jobs06:58
foxxbuntuand spending time on this project06:58
dwf_starbandgota sleep sometime06:59
foxxbuntulol...sleep whats that?06:59
dwf_starbandmy wife is already pretty jealous of the time i spend on here06:59
foxxbuntumy wife is over it06:59
foxxbuntuI have been doing consulting for far too long06:59
Tuv0ksound is dead in myth again07:51
Tuv0kall I did was watch one show, started the second, and out goes the sound07:51
Tuv0kthis is a problem07:52
Tuv0kseems when this happens, I have to restart pulse08:00
Tuv0kmy initial guest was correct, I could have saved my uptime...ugh08:01
Tuv0know the question is, how many times does one have to restart pulse to use myth flawlessly?08:02
Tuv0kIs the bug in myth or pulse?08:02
rockhoundgood day09:01
rockhoundcan someone help me track down, why I have a high idle load average on my master?09:01
rockhoundanother question: is it possible to have two different DVB sources (in my case -C and -T) use the one EPG data (ex. from DVB-C)? I can not seem to get this setup correctly. Any hints?09:51
directhexcross-sourced eit is theoretically possible, as long as channels actually have the same name/number09:59
directhexwhich they mostly don't09:59
rockhoundwell ... I usually renumber my channels, but I have tried numbering both sources the same ... it will not work ... so the only solution is to use an external provider for programm data?10:01
Tuv0ksound issues, and mythweather map oversize issue17:25
Tuv0kthe 18 hr forecast does not fit peoperly either17:25
Shred00so is the plan for weekly builds to have a "flag day" cut-over from 0.20-fixes to 0.21-fixes or will you reorganize the repo to have weekly builds from both branches for some period of overlap?18:33
Shred00anyone have any idea if the 0.21 FE will work with an 0.20 BE currently?  i'm currently holding off on updating my myth packages on Hardy for fear of having a FE stranded waiting for the BE to go to 0.21.  historically myth has not had interversion compatibility between BE and FE.18:34
tgm4883_laptopShred00, .21 is not compatible with .2018:49
Shred00tgm4883_laptop: damn18:57
Shred00i hate when they do that18:57
directhexwhat, like all the time? hell, 0.21-fixes fro a week ago isn't compatible with 0.21-fixes from a fortnight ago19:06
Rigologood evening19:25
sab13flin 0.21.0~fixes16174-0ubuntu1 I can't switch chanels by selecting a chanel# anymore. Is this a known bug?19:41
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:47
Rigoloor search trac at svn.mythtv.org :-)19:47
tgm4883_laptopsab13fl, check here  https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/19:48
Rigolotgm4883_laptop: what can I do to get bug #3640 included in 0.21?19:51
Rigolodvb-c scanning and usage here in the netherlands is "broken" at the moment if you do not know how to completely manually setup all transports and channels19:52
tgm4883_laptopRigolo, included in what?20:13
tgm4883_laptopare you trying to report a bug?20:13
Rigolonope, there is already a bug in trac for mythtv20:13
Rigoloat the moment it is flagged for 0.22 .. but it would be extremly usefull in 0.2120:14
tgm4883_laptopwell, you might have to report that it is a problem in .21.  Try talking to someone over in #mythtv-users as they would know better about something like that20:14
tgm4883_laptoplet us know what you find out20:15
RigoloI'm already there .. :-)20:15
Rigoloat least .. in #mythtv it self ... this is a development related question20:15
sab13flTheree is a bugreport from 16feb2008 which still is undecided, Bug #192476, first reported on 2008-02-1620:19
gumby600mHi, I'm using mythbuntu 7.10 and I can't get my channel listing from schedulesdirect.org.  The mythsetup finds the correct "Data Direct lineup", but the "Channel Scanner" doesn't find any channels.   I'm using a DCT6200 + firewire & an analog ATI TV Wonder card.  Any ideas???20:39
Rigoloquestion: I would like to compile mythtv with the patch that is included in mythtv bug #3640. Is it possible to get the script that is used to generate the weekly autobuilds from svn?20:49
Rigolofound them :-)21:14
ViakenHow can I debug an IR reciever that's not working? It works on my Gentoo machine downstairs, where I don't need it. ;) However, I modprobe lirc_serial upstairs, it detects an active low device, and then doesn't return any signals with irrecord.22:31
egghead3i just changed my mythbuntu to weekly builds, and now alot of the modules dont work, do i have to rebuild all of them or is there a way to change the apt sources to redownload them?23:40

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