PriceChild!puregnome is <reply> If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>00:00
PriceChild!puregnome is <reply> If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>00:00
PriceChild!puregnome is foo00:00
ubotuI'll remember that, PriceChild00:00
PriceChild!no puregnome is <reply> If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>00:01
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild00:01
PriceChildjussi01, you can't add new factoids with a <reply> immediately.00:01
ubotuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>00:01
jussi01thank you PriceChild 00:01
jussi01PriceChild: ahh, yes I remember. However, i cant add factoids full stop....00:01
PriceChildThings could be worse.00:02
jussi01I understand you have to be extra special to do that.... and Im not extra special it seems ;)00:02
PriceChildSeveas, are you around?00:02
fleebailey33who ows the channel #fubuntu ?00:22
PriceChildfleebailey33, I think you should refer to the ubuntu trademark policy.00:23
PriceChild!trademark > fleebailey33 00:23
PriceChildfleebailey33, As far as I understand it, you are not allowed to use the ubuntu name in a project that is not endorsed by the ubuntu community council.00:23
fleebailey33its not a project00:23
fleebailey33were not making anything00:24
PriceChildSo what is #fubuntu for?00:24
fleebailey33haters of ubuntu...00:25
* fleebailey33 cowers00:25
PriceChildfleebailey33, if you hate ubuntu, either do something to make it better, or ignore it and do something else which is productive.00:25
fleebailey33im not nearly the only one00:26
* nickrud is always amazed at the power of hate00:27
* PriceChild wonders where they're moving to00:30
* TheSheep wonders how long would it take them to get bored if nobody noticed them00:31
nickrudany dark alley would be fine00:31
PriceChildLjL, hmm no complaint... the channel is +z... I don't think he's noticed.01:32
LjLPriceChild, one thing though... support was never *forbidden* in -ot. that factoid was just to make people aware that they shouldn't be *expecting* support01:33
LjLor was he banned from #u?01:33
PriceChildI know, I'm just annoyed with him over several occasions.01:33
LjLyeah i know he's been annoying, but don't set too many precedents for -ot... actually, pm01:34
PriceChildHad other complaints about him also.01:34
tcm_I was fixing some startup scripts for my client and now I'm banned from Kubuntu-kde4. Can someone unban me?01:59
LjLlet me see02:00
LjLtcm_: you can join now02:01
LjLplease test things in #test02:01
tcm_LjL: thx02:03
* PriceChild wonders how long that latest lart has been in the db02:29
jdong21:26 -!- George_3 [n=George_3@] has joined #ubuntuforums02:33
jdong21:26 < George_3> Exotics Forum ::: exotics.heavenforum.com !02:33
jdong^^ in case staff are interested?02:33
jdong(he's gone from the channel now)02:33
Dave2ueah, I've L:line dalreadyuy02:33
Dave2what that meant to say is "yeah, I've K:lined already, thanks"02:34
* jdong tries to figure out the key offset which would cause that transliteration02:35
jdongbut at anyrate, thanks :)02:35
ubotuIn #ubuntu-bots, holyguyver said: !What is the best ubuntu04:29
ubotuIn #ubuntu-bots, holyguyver said: !What is the best ubuntu?04:30
ubotuIn ubotu, holyguyver said: What is the best bot?04:31
naliothubotu: tell holyguyver about yourself04:40
speeddemon8803nick, can i ask your reasoning behind kicking me?06:50
nickrudspeeddemon8803: I was kicking everyone repeating it, everyone was saying 'don't do this, over and over. It needed to stop06:52
speeddemon8803oh, ok.06:52
nickrudspeeddemon8803: nothing personal, or that you were singled out.06:53
speeddemon8803i think i shoulda just posted jdongs  forum post address instead :)06:53
speeddemon8803about WHY we SHOULDNT do that06:53
speeddemon8803no big deal man, was just trying to figure reasoning.06:53
speeddemon8803and i got it now :)06:54
speeddemon8803thanks for elaboration :)06:54
nickrudno problem. You're usually pretty entertaining :)06:54
speeddemon8803everyone says im "entertaining" "too much of a bot freak"06:55
* speeddemon8803 shrugs06:55
nickrudthe bot is useful. Otherwise it wouldn't be there. See you in #ubuntu06:55
ubotuSNuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()07:33
ubotur0bby called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()07:34
ubotuSNuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (channel spam by bots)07:34
ubotucwillu called the ops in #ubuntu (#ubuntu-offtopic)07:35
Hobbseedid anyone get that?07:44
Hobbseeoh, must have.  i can't read, apparently07:44
Tm_Tnalioth: may ubot3 join #kubuntu-fi ?08:05
Tm_Tleoquant: hi how can we help you?08:06
leoquanthi i want this: ubuntu/member/nickname08:07
Hobbseeleoquant: are you an ubuntu member?08:07
leoquantthe wiki: Just join #ubuntu-ops and ask.......08:11
Tm_Tleoquant: be ready to provide your launchpad link08:11
Tm_Tleoquant: do you have your nick registered and also have secondary nick?08:11
leoquantyes: https://edge.launchpad.net/~leoquant08:12
leoquantreg. on freenode08:12
Hobbseenalioth: can you do that please?08:13
leoquantleoquant  on network irc.freenode.net08:14
leoquantTm_T and Hobbsee is this info ok for now?08:18
Hobbseeleoquant: yes08:18
leoquantok thx08:19
andyp_hello i was banned some weeks/months ago from ubuntu for saying something silly would you consider letting me join again09:54
andyp_i think i may have been bliss_ nick at that time09:56
andyp_thanks for your considerations09:59
GaryFYI NiggPlz (n=l@195-23-162-225.net.novis.pt) has left #ubuntu (requested by Gary) - and a ban done, for ascii art spam10:31
* elkbuntu tries to figure what the ascii was supposed to be10:34
Garya dog/cat or some rubbish10:34
elkbuntuyeah... i suppose at least it wasn't a penis :-/10:34
* Gary is at fosdem10:35
Hobbseemmm...figlet ftw10:36
MyrttiSay hello to Timo J and Niklas L from me if you see them10:44
Myrttioh, he left10:44
elkbuntuAmaranth, convince me you wouldnt have said it in here :Þ11:03
elkbuntuwe dont curtail kurt here ffs, why would we bother with you11:03
Amaranthare you using a compose key for that?11:03
Amaranthneed to set that up11:04
Amaranthi want my smilies to abuse katakana11:04
ompaulI want some time with someone else who has access to the tracker11:19
ompaulabout 20 minutes should do it11:19
* ompaul curses netsplits for all they are worth11:20
ompaulwhich is nothing really, so to really curse 11:27
* ompaul curses netsplits for the pain they cause my brain11:27
ompaulquite a lot11:27
ompaulleoquant, ?11:27
ompaulis there something we can help with?11:28
elkbuntuompaul, he was waiting for a cloak11:33
ompaulohh nooes it is Gary 11:39
Garyfrom brussels too11:40
ompaulGary, ack11:40
ompaulso now some proxy server has your password?11:40
ompaulelkbuntu, as per your info ^^11:44
ompaulnalioth, ^^ 11:44
ompaulI see RMS has stepped down from being emacs maintainer11:44
ompaulohh wrong house :)11:45
elkbuntu<yama> does that mean he's no longer St iGNUcius of the Church of Emacs?11:51
ompaulelkbuntu, answer is: no 11:57
elkbuntuwhat about chief gnuisance?11:58
ompaulhe is still that12:01
ompaulwhy does his stand as maintainer stop him from being as political as he is?12:02
elkbuntuwhy does him stepping down as maintainer make him any less of a saint/god of emacs?12:03
elkbuntuhe did _start_ it and all12:03
elkbuntuooh, i misread your answer12:04
ompaul /dev/sda4             370G  9.8G  360G   3% /data  << interesting population of that directory12:07
* ompaul wonders when it is done how much of that room will be used12:09
ompaulonly time shall tell12:09
ompauldamn second time I pointed someone in #gentoo at useful docs12:28
elkbuntuompaul, i wouldnt worry. we're all on the same team in the end12:29
ompaulelkbuntu, I don't - I was about to hit someone with !repeat when I copped I was in #gentoo12:29
ompaulit was too late I already helped them get it together12:30
Tm_Tany staff up?12:59
Tm_Tor if anyone can check what Zl0at5a n=Veska62@d-c232-75.ext.adsl.uqconnect.net is13:00
elkbuntuTm_T, ask in #freenode?13:01
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
jpatrickSeveas: that guy did the same thing in #kubuntu14:30
LjLhe CTCP'd #gentoo as well14:30
LjLSeveas: you banned a guy14:30
jpatrick~travkin [n=travkin@] requested CTCP VERSION from #kubuntu14:30
LjLjpatrick: that's automatic14:30
ubot3jpatrick: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:30
SeveasLjL, ah, the CTCP autokick14:31
jpatrickLjL: ah, clever14:31
* jpatrick just uses the /ar :)14:31
Seveas☠☢☣ 14:31
jpatrickbut that name sounds familiar..14:33
=== vorian_ is now known as vorian
jpatrickNOT AGAIN: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57061/14:49
ubotujpatrick called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (carate)14:50
jpatrickkciked from #k-kde4, #k #k-ot14:50
jpatrickand now #u-es14:51
ompaul!staff (as per above14:51
ompaul!staff | (as per above14:51
ubotu(as per above: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)14:51
jpatrickis that guy going to keep coming and going?14:52
LjL[15:52:47] <carate> what are you doing?14:52
LjLafter i followed him in the channels he's in14:53
LjL(although he might be simply referring to the ban perhaps)14:53
LjL[15:53:16] <LjL> nothing?14:53
LjL[15:53:36] <carate> whya re you stalking me and banning me14:53
jpatrickcos you're winning a record for trolling14:54
LjLjpatrick: which channels do you know for sure he did it? the 4 you mentioned?14:56
jpatrickLjL: yeah14:56
jpatrickLjL: all of them14:56
jpatrickand #u-ot14:56
ompaulkibble, how can we help?14:56
kibbleompaul, just making sure I gave a user who complained about getting banned the right channel name :-)14:57
jpatrickI've warned the #k-de guys about above14:59
LjLping me if you catch him doing it in other channels please15:01
jpatrickkicked from #k-de15:02
jpatrickjust a pre-caution15:03
ompaul[carate] #freenode #defocus #debian-de ##crawl #ubuntu-de-offtopic #blendercoders #ubuntu-fi #ubuntu-de #politics 15:06
LjLyeah we have the whois... :P but i want to catch him in a non-ubuntu channel if at all possible15:06
LjLthat is, spamming in one15:06
* jpatrick just saw #freenode backlog15:07
LjLfunny huh15:07
jpatrickWHY does he have to type that all out and say it in different channels?15:07
LjLbecause he's a troll?15:08
LjLhe knows about #freenode, knows he might be banned from the whole network, knows everything there is to know15:08
ompaulLjL, na trolling #ubuntu space15:08
* jpatrick thinks he may even be kline evading15:09
ompaulwell we called staff15:09
ompaulwe can do no more15:09
LjL[16:02:51] <carate> stylus he or someone else might ban me from whole network15:09
jpatrick"not my fault"15:10
jpatrickLjL: I have access in -motu15:15
LjLjpatrick: no need to do anything unless he insists, i think15:16
jpatrickhe left :)15:16
jpatrickno, he's in #k15:16
ompauldo we need more ops in -offtopic standards seem to be slipping15:22
LjLompaul, pm15:23
Myrttithere's again too much new people there15:25
Myrttithey need to be trained15:25
Myrttilet me take out my emp cannon15:25
Myrttian op roulette?15:30
PriceChildleoquant, Could you please ensure that you have set up 2 nicknames with nickserv, linked them together, and set an email. Once that is done please ping me.15:33
ompaulright I am out of here - some coffee and car wash15:38
PriceChildThe ultimate combination.15:41
naliothleoquant: as requested, you need to identify to services and set your nick up15:47
naliothfreenode recommends setting up your nick in this fashion: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup leoquant 15:47
leoquanta moment plz15:49
nickrudompaul: sounds like you're in seattle15:53
leoquant /msg nickserv link leoquant wr90HSRR15:57
LjLleoquant: possibly15:57
jpatrickleoquant: change passwd fast15:58
LjLbut right now, i suggest you change the password15:58
LjL/ms nickserv set password <newpw>15:58
LjL/msg nickserv set password <newpw>15:58
LjLwithout any leading space, in the status window15:58
leoquantdone newpass16:00
LjLleoquant: ok, be careful in the future about not posting your password into channels16:01
LjLleoquant: no need to be sorry, the risks are all yours16:05
LjLleoquant: now anyway, what you need to do to link nicknames is to login to your *secondary* nickname, and then link to the primary using the command you gave above16:05
* jpatrick uses 'mkpasswd' for passwords16:05
LjLi should have told him about /nick16:06
LjLleoquant, you can change your nickname by just typing /nick <newnickname>16:07
LjLthis is going to be complicated16:11
PriceChild<MLP> like swimming in shark-infested waters18:00
ompaulirc is an alien concept which is why ubuntuers find it so hard to register :-) {rpm rpm csh} (bad pun 7001)18:01
ompaul(with 7001(a) included for a different measure)18:01
SeveasLjL, your friend joined -offtopic :)18:29
LjLnoticed... myself i forgot to join something else18:32
jpatrickLjL: -youth18:34
LjLjpatrick: yes, that too. actually, i know i'm not there. my stupid proxy parts channels when i disconnect, and every day i have to rejoin a ton of them... tis annoying18:34
jpatrickLjL: :)18:35
jpatrickLjL: so, how many are you on?18:38
LjLuhm, 4118:39
jpatrickhmm, me 4418:39
jpatrickkinda annoying18:39
* jpatrick wishs there was a way to send /bans to server window18:43
no0ticjpatrick, /mode +b #channel mask  I think18:47
jpatrickno0tic: hmm? that's banning someone18:47
no0ticjpatrick, ah, /bans, ok :)18:47
no0ticjpatrick, uhm.. I think that could be done 18:48
jpatrickbetter than flooding one's view of the channel18:48
no0ticI'll investigate18:52
* LjL has a nice tidy window for that19:08
ompauldon't ask me just cos I am there 20:23
ompaulheads up for "theatom" who was in -offtopic21:16
jpatrickhe's no longer conected21:17
ompauljpatrick, I expected as much21:18
nickrudthat definitely qualifies as off-topic21:19
ompaulit appears 21:19
ompaulthe site was owned by PETA21:19
ompaultroll from start to finish 21:19
ompaulbloody fool of one too21:20
ompaulask mr n21:20
naliothPeople (for) Eating Tasty Animals  ?21:24
ompaulyou got the idea21:26
PriceChildubuntuircstats is going22:43
jdonglike, to the bathroom?22:44
* ompaul looks22:46
PriceChild!forget ubuntustats22:47
ompauljdong, did you have to?22:47
ubotuI know nothing about ubuntustats yet, PriceChild22:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about stats - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:47
ubotuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (SpunkWang)22:56
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:56
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:56
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:56
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:58
popeyhmm, what happened to ubuntustats?23:51
PriceChildthe machine hasn't enough ram to process the logs and he can't afford to upgrade23:54

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