pwnguinso is there some magic i need to get myrinet working?02:57
nijabahey faulkes- :)03:12
nijabajust replied to your email03:12
nijabaI have setup an lp project for the survey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/server-survey/03:12
nijabafaulkes-: some good info for you on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BzrMaintainerHowto03:29
faulkes-nijaba: thanks04:46
peanutbMy apache2 install is dyeing every half hour for an unknown reason06:26
peanutbthe error.log shows no reason it would crash06:26
peanutbwhat is the next step in trying to figure out the problem06:27
faulkes-peanutb: consider using strace06:40
faulkes-or check /var/log/syslog /var/log/messages06:41
faulkes-for any unusual messages06:41
Kamping_Kaiserpeanutb, turn up apaches loggin06:41
achandrashekarHello, I have been on off and on, and am working in ubuntu 7.10 ltsp 5 (edubuntu). I have been fighting a ldap installation which uses libnss that causes a system lock up on boot when it hits the klog daemon.Has someone else run into this? And what can be done??07:28
achandrashekar I tried to get on in the morning with no responses07:28
achandrashekar thanks in advance.07:28
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mookidhello friends15:54
jjess1hello9 mookid16:06
mookidif I16:06
mookidwoops :]16:06
mookidif I16:07
mookideeepc keyboard :D16:07
mookidif i'm trying to learn to use server properly - is it wise to avoid gnome/kde and stick to command line?16:08
mookidwhat are everyone's thoughts on that?16:08
mookidI'm learning it to go into web dev if that makes any difference16:09
faulkes-mookid: yes, learning how to do things via the cli will be immensely useful to you16:15
faulkes-I wouldn't say avoid gnome/kde, they do provide useful apps and such, but if you are planning to run a server (or many servers), understanding the command line is vital16:16
mookidok I think i'll stick to the cli for now then - just wanted to check i wasnt cutting off my nose to spite my face =)16:16
ScottKFundamentally while GUI apps can make things easier to do, they make it harder to understand your system.  If you want to administer servers, you really want to understand your system.16:17
mookidyeah that16:17
mookidthat's one of the things i hate about MCSE16:17
mookidis there a way i can see which of the optional packages were added on the install?16:19
mookidi.e. DNS , LAMP stack etc..16:19
AstralSinanyone know if its possible to install ubuntu server over the network instead of via cd?16:38
mookidI would've thought so16:38
AstralSinhmmmm surely this server has a PXE nic16:40
AstralSinim having strange problems, i'm hoping a network install will fix it, i've tried burning 2 cds with 2 different isos where the md5sum checks out on everything, but i keep getting an error about corrupt packages16:41
AstralSinoh, found the network install instructions, btw16:41
peanutbit looks like from syslog that somoene is makeing an abnormally large number of connects to my ftp server16:44
peanutboh doh thats my checkiing if online service16:45
c1|freakyis there a tool which reads a file and after it has read it deletes the content?16:48
AstralSinwhat do you mean? what type of file?16:48
AstralSinjust a text file?16:49
AstralSincat file; rm file; touch file16:49
c1|freakyok, thx16:49
AstralSinthat'll read the file contents out to screen, remove it, create an empty file in its place16:49
AstralSinif you want the file gone completely, remove the touch file part16:49
peanutbim not finding anything in /var/log/messages16:51
peanutband /var/log/syslog doest go back far enough16:51
peanutbgah... i posted that last night16:51
peanutbok... Apahce is randomly crashing on me16:51
peanutbadn i cant find the cause16:52
peanutbas far as i know, nothing has changed16:52
c1|freakywhat i want to do is monitor a directory recursively of file changes, creation etc. using inotify and post it to an IRC channel16:52
faulkes-peanutb: use strace17:08
faulkes-it will output a whole bunch of stuff you probably won't understand but when it dies, it'll pretty much give other people the information to tell you why17:08
faulkes-i.e. strace -f -o mystracelog.txt -p <primary id of apache>17:09
faulkes-primary pid that is17:10
faulkes-if you do a "ps -ef17:10
faulkes-err, "ps -ef | grep apache" you will see all apache and all it's children17:10
faulkes-the primary pid will be the one who's owner is root17:10
peanutbi got it from a top17:10
faulkes-the others will be www-data17:11
peanutbrunning it right now17:11
* peanutb waits for the apache died email which will show up in an hour or so17:11
peanutbok it crashed17:28
peanutblets look at this log17:28
peanutbfaulkes-: if you are still around ^^17:30
faulkes-err, I thought you said this was apache?17:35
faulkes-however, the last line of that file17:35
peanutbi ran it from /etc/lighttpd17:36
peanutbit is apache17:36
peanutb(I was going to get it up in the mean time but didnt get it working)17:36
peanutbyeah the last line is curious17:36
faulkes-5679  +++ killed by SIGKILL +++17:36
peanutbcould it be a cron job?17:36
faulkes-which makes me think something is automatically killing your httpd process17:36
peanutbbecause i know i didnt send it a kil signal17:37
peanutbso what would do such?17:37
* faulkes- shakes his magic 8 ball17:38
faulkes-I would first start by checking /etc/cron.d/ and /etc/cron.hourly17:38
faulkes-as well doing a crontab -u root -l and a crontab -u www-data -l17:39
faulkes-that would be the first step in trying to eliminate if it is something the system is running17:39
peanutbi just deleted a few weird php ones in there17:41
peanutbjust now17:41
peanutbthough nothing had really changed17:41
peanutbwe shall see if that had anything to do with it17:42
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AstralSini think the latest ubuntu server iso is borked, it kept telling me there were corrupt packages but i used an older iso for an install and it worked fine18:34
z5000manI'm having issues right now with Ubuntu Server 7.1020:53
z5000manI'm trying to installed ISPConfig, but I haven't even made it through the pre-requisites.20:53
z5000manIssues with bind, telnet, and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with /etc/network/interfaces20:53
z5000manAny thoughts would be appreciated.20:53
faulkes-could you perhaps better describe said "issues"21:29
z5000manhttp://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_server_ubuntu7.10p4 step 12, bind won't stop.  RDNC connect error.22:07
faulkes-that url gives a permission denied message22:27
z5000man http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_server_ubuntu7.10_p4, sorry forgot the underscore22:30
faulkes-at what point in that tutorial, in the dns section, does your error message occur?22:31
z5000manright after I try to stop bind22:37
z5000manrdnc connect error22:37
z5000manI think my problems lie in my LocalHost and DNS, but i wouldn't know what to check for22:38
faulkes-iirc rndc is a control facility for named and options for it are setup in named.conf23:01
c1|freakyis there a tool which can tell me how a directory changed since the last execution of the program? inotify/iwatch etc. report in realtime or run as daemons23:01
c1|freakyi dont want that i need23:01
faulkes-z5000: man rndc & man rndc.conf23:02
faulkes-you might also want to check that iptables is allowing connections to port 53 to localhost23:02
faulkes-c1: I am not aware of any such tool unless you were to write one yourself23:03
c1|freakyhow can i remove a mailman mailinglist?23:40
faulkes-sudo aptitude remove mailmain23:44
faulkes-sudo aptitude remove mailman23:45
c1|freakyheh, just a mailinglist not the package23:52

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