icanhasadminis alsaconf a command? cos it doesn't work00:00
ForzaPalermowhy cant i change it to 2200:00
ForzaPalermoor it has to be 590000:00
neverbluehave a good weekend everyone00:00
LHX2icanhasadmin: it might be alsamixer... let me go look00:00
icanhasadminLHX2:  I have read MANY MANY 20 page threads where people have tried different things to get it working a little00:00
cathyaYBH_1: it wont>?00:00
skaflemForzaPalermo: Yo can change it00:00
ForzaPalermoskaflem, how>00:00
skaflemForzaPalermo: Youst edit the sshd_config file00:00
Jupp2ForzaPalermo, you can change it in the sshd_config file but you have to restart the service /etc/init.d/ssh restart00:00
LHX2icanhasadmin: i'm going to PM you...00:01
ForzaPalermoJupp2, skaflem , i dont see a password anywhere in there00:02
skaflemForzaPalermo: password ?00:02
BullyBallaAnyone have any ideas why I have sound when I get to my user login screen but after I log in it won't work?00:02
theo_anyone aware of any opengl issues under 7.10 when using two 6600GT's in sli? ;/00:02
skaflemForzaPalermo: Change the Port from 5900 to 22 ?00:02
Technoid_Indiaicanhasadmin:: check this link out..its abt ur toshiba laptop >>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63521500:02
skaflemForzaPalermo: save and restart ssh :-)00:02
edd24When I changed the network interfaces file when I was making a static ip, could that be the cause of the slow loading of NFS daemon kernel?00:02
Huffalumpthanks macogw.  I got fstab edited.  Didn't solve my problem, but I'm not quite so a-feared of vi now00:02
skaflemAre you with me, ForzaPalermo ?00:02
ForzaPalermoskaflem, there is no port in that config file00:03
ForzaPalermoskaflem, so no im not with u :(00:03
ForzaPalermoi found it00:03
skaflemForzaPalermo: On line 5 in /etc/ssh/sshd_config you have "Port 5900"00:03
icanhasadminthank you00:03
ForzaPalermook but i dont see a key in there00:03
ForzaPalermoi enver entered one00:04
=== tempeldirne is now known as Miss_Geschick
skaflemForzaPalermo: what key ?00:04
skaflemForzaPalermo: when you logg into ssh just use your standard username and password that you use to logg onto ubuntu :)00:05
edd24mak_: I think i have made progress. I can now open the Desktop folder, and the trash bin. But now all the icons on the desktop are gone?00:05
edd24mak__: I think i have made progress. I can now open the Desktop folder, and the trash bin. But now all the icons on the desktop are gone?00:05
ForzaPalermoskaflem, ok guys we got past that, but now look at this error00:06
ForzaPalermoi put in my login in putty00:06
ForzaPalermonow i get00:06
LHX2icanhasadmin: sheet... i'm blocked from PM'ing you because i haven't reg'd... go here to read about alsa and amixer http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ALSA#Making_sure_the_sound_modules_are_loaded00:06
tekhedzis there a way to bring all minimized windows to the forefront?00:06
ForzaPalermodisconnected. no supported authentication methods available00:06
mak__go to /username/home/Desktop folder00:06
icanhasadmini did00:06
mak__and find out whether there are any icons file or not ..if not then recreate those icons...00:06
skaflemForzaPalermo: Ok, thats strange00:06
LHX2icanhasadmin: that's about all i know00:07
ForzaPalermoskaflem, lol i feel like we are almost there00:07
icanhasadminseems that isn't the issue00:07
skaflemForzaPalermo: try "ssh localhost" and se if you are getting the same error00:07
cens0redgood moaning00:07
nsnaanyone have any clue why glxgears wouldn't display properly on my setup? opengl is enabled and it does give fps rate greater than 7k fps just doesn't display as gear displays as a bunch of boxes scattered accross sscreen00:07
skaflemBah, it's starting to get late here in Norway :P00:08
ForzaPalermoskaflem, sent in IM00:08
NativeAngelscan anyone tell me if theyve had this error b400:08
BullyBallaAnyone have any ideas why I have sound when I get to my user login screen but after I log in it won't work?00:08
NativeAngelsCannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation00:08
prince_jammysNativeAngels: who gives that error?00:09
nsnafgl_glxgears runs great just not glxgears00:09
riba1anybody uses ktoon in xbuntu?00:09
ejerinstall php5-mysql NativeAngels :)00:09
NativeAngelsi have ejer00:09
prince_jammysNativeAngels: you see it in a browser when you load a php file? do what ejer says00:09
NativeAngelsbut im still gettin it00:09
prince_jammysNativeAngels: restart apache and mysql00:09
prince_jammysNativeAngels: did you just install the stuff?00:10
NativeAngelshow do i do that00:10
NativeAngelsbut when i do phpinfo00:10
NativeAngelsit dont show mysqli00:10
mak__hi Bullaballa:: Go to add remove softgware in main menu and install Alxa mixer after installing play with some setting for a while it will work....00:10
prince_jammysNativeAngels: right00:10
AntiUSAsorry, had to go to the bathroom00:10
prince_jammysNativeAngels: first thing to try is restart the servers00:10
johnficcawhat driver do I need to get my  VIA Technologies, Inc. CX700M2 UniChrome PRO II Graphics to work???...please help.00:10
NativeAngelshow do i do that00:10
ejerNativeAngels: /etc/init.c/apache2 force-reload00:10
tininHow could I mount a fat32 usb stick? I do  "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb"   but it asks me for the filetype00:11
Technoid_Indiaicanhasadmin: Taken fm http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=635215&page=3 >>> Re: No Sound for Toshiba A105 - I just fixed this for  someone yesterday. The answer I got from google was to open  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base and at the end of the file in the options area add  this line: options snd-HDA-Intel auto and then reboot. At least I think that's what it was.Good luck.00:11
HuffalumpAnyone have experience with G3 installing xubuntu alt?  I'm at the end of my rope.00:11
AntiUSATechnoid_India: it's a .i386 file I think, how do I view file types?00:11
iceswordtinin, sudo mount /dev/sda /media/usb00:11
AntiUSAit's just called "teewars" and it is NOT a .deb file00:12
theo_did someone say my name just now? :(00:12
BullyBallamak__: thanks I'll give that a shot00:12
theo_because my xchat flashed and I don't see any highlighted messages00:12
Technoid_IndiaAntiUSA: r u sure ???00:12
iceswordAntiUSA, anti what?00:12
prince_jammysAntiUSA: what kind of file is it?00:12
icanhasadminisn't everyone antiusa?00:12
iceswordicanhasadmin, do you have the admin?00:13
icanhasadminsure why not?00:13
AntiUSAwhen I right click it it just says "executable"00:13
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eduardohello, somebody have ubuntu 7.10 with 4GB ?00:13
prince_jammysAntiUSA: in terminal,   cd /path/to/file and then::  file file_name00:14
ejeryes eduardo00:14
theo_hum - which opengl implementation would be best for me to install?00:14
BullyBallamak__: yeah that doesn't seem to work, its blank when it opens and if I choose sound card properties is closes itself00:14
Technoid_India AntiUSA: may be that its a windows .exe file !00:14
eduardoI see 3,5GB only... ejer...00:14
RampdogI have downloaded a NVIDIA driver off the NVIDIA website. It is a .run file and I'm using the command listed in the instructions to execute it but it is not running00:14
iceswordicanhasadmin, that means you can do hack,can you teach me00:14
NativeAngelsprince_jammys yes00:14
AntiUSAteewars: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped00:14
prince_jammysNativeAngels: yes to what?00:14
icanhasadminyes. type sudo reboot00:14
tininicesword no, I'm on an old pc with other linux distro, and when I try to mount the usb stick I need to use sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb -t somethingmore00:14
tininit ask me for filetype00:15
AntiUSAthat's what it says when I do that command prince_jammys00:15
theo_intel 80386?00:15
pipegeekSo, question.  I want /var to be on an encrypted partition, but a number of special filesystems get mounted by default in ubuntu in /var (tmpfs on /var/lock and /var/run, for instance) early in the boot process, before /etc/init.d/cryptdisks gets called.00:15
ejereduardo: running 32bit?00:15
iceswordtinin, sorry,i have no idea00:15
eduardoejer: yes00:15
Technoid_India tinin: whats ur system config... r u using ubuntu on it ??? coz i also wanna try ubuntu on ma damn old pc...00:15
AntiUSAso how do I install a game into the OS that is "teewars: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped"00:15
pipegeekIs there a good reason not to move /etc/init.d/cryptdisks earlier in the boot process?  If so, how is this *usually* handled?00:15
exneohey anybody know of a search engine with an opensource algirythm00:16
AntiUSATechnoid_India, no it's not00:16
tininTechnoid_India 366mhz notebook with 32 of ram, but even fluxbuntu wont run on this00:16
ejerhtdig exneo http://www.htdig.org/00:16
johnficcawhat driver do I need to get my  VIA Technologies, Inc. CX700M2 UniChrome PRO II Graphics to work???...please help.00:16
iceswordtinin, your mem is too low,00:17
tininTechnoid_India only dsl linux and deli linux00:17
Max_-I'm trying to run a Java application (.jar)... I rightclick on it and select "open with 'sun java * runtime'" and nothing happens.... how do I fix this?00:17
danbhfivetinin: damn, thats a tiny amount of ram00:17
AntiUSAand chmod +x filname did nothing00:17
prince_jammysAntiUSA: did you follow the directions from teewars.com?00:17
exneoinstall java 1.6 and open your jar with it00:17
AntiUSAthere were none that I saw00:17
exneoit should be in add remove or synaptic00:17
icesword! java | max_00:17
ubotumax_: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)00:17
tininbut I don't know where to get an old sdram sodimm pc66 memory,   :(00:18
=== Draigfaol-away is now known as Draigfaol
tininnot for sale00:18
mak__hi johnficca: i hope u might already tried it , but just in case, if you not tried visiting there website...just visit offical website of via chipset and search for linux driver, they may not have..but still u can get some information , which might be helpful to u..00:18
Yanch0I have this line in my /etc/fstab but it is not loading the usb parittion on startup : /dev/sdb1 /media/dbhdd extfs rw 0 0 .. i need this partition to load so PostgreSQL can use this partition as its storage space00:18
Draigfaoltirin: Search online.00:18
DraigfaolGoogle search.00:18
nickrudtinin: if you did find one, it'd probably cost more than the machine is worth00:18
iceswordtinin, win98 can run on it,hahah00:18
ejertinin: http://pacificmemory.com/pc-15-2-128mb-pc66-laptop-memory-br-pm-pm08so1664lp128-66.aspx00:18
tininthat's it nickrud00:18
nsnahow do i configure opengl to use fglrx instead of the default one?00:18
Technoid_Indiajohnficca: go n visit >>> www.viaarena.com n download appropriate drivers for ur display...00:18
johnficcamak__: thanks00:18
prince_jammysAntiUSA: apparently this:: http://www.teewars.com/?page=docs&id=29300:18
LHX2Dum de dum dum00:18
tininicesword I have just uninstalled it, and you suck00:18
iceswordtinin, :(00:19
NativeAngelsok i rebooted apache00:19
DraigfaolOkay, back to what I was originally asking for.00:19
AntiUSAprince_jammys: interesting, thanks00:19
ejertinin: will flux not run?00:19
prince_jammysAntiUSA: you probably don't have to "fetch" the files if you have them already.00:19
NativeAngelsbut am still gettin the error prince_jammys00:19
DraigfaolDoes anybody know on how to put this command into the boot sequence?00:19
tininejer not even00:19
=== chiriri is now known as Elda
Draigfaol"toshset -fan on"00:20
tininI'll seek a sdram donator00:20
prince_jammysNativeAngels: did you restart the mysql server?00:20
AntiUSAwell, the version of the game I have is already compiled. they have one that is complied and one that is source on their website. I just want to be able to play the compiled version from my application menu00:20
NativeAngelsi did this to restart00:20
RampdogI have the NVIDIA driver on my desktop [NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.09-pkg1.run] anyone know how to run it? Supposed to be self executable........00:20
ejertinin: i am sure you could do it, but I am also sure it would not be worth the possibly many hours it could take00:20
NativeAngelssudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart00:20
lnsSo what's going on with Nautilus crashing when you try to burn a CD/DVD after the most recent update??00:20
EldaBleh... had a fun time >.< When I had to reinstall the Vista that came on this laptop as XP runs badly due to lack of drivers it wiped my the little pointer thing that said "This is a linux partition" so I had to reinstall >.<00:20
Technoid_Indiatinin: go n visit >>> ebay.com n order ur self a set of SDRAM...00:20
prince_jammysNativeAngels: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart00:21
DraigfaolSDRam is ultra cheap.00:21
iceswordElda, what is up00:21
ownerI'm running Kubuntu and I hozed my Kmenu and I need to know where the Kmenu configuration file is so I can restore it to defaults00:21
EldaI dont know... I was just saying help backward >.>00:21
Steve^Hey, how do I turn colours on in vi?00:21
Sabina-Hello...Do you know if phpbb channels actually work?00:21
ownerand I need to know where the default KDE file is located00:21
prince_jammysNativeAngels: then restart apache also, just for kicks00:21
EldaI managed to get everything working atm :D00:21
fabioanyone familiar with cvs cedega?00:22
mak__hey Elda: remove the xp from your system and install linux totaly and if you need winxp then install in vmware..its totally worth it.....00:22
Technoid_IndiaDraigfaol: ya u get these rams for abt $5 - $20 for 256mb in india...00:22
NativeAngelsno im still gettin the error prince_jammys00:22
prince_jammysNativeAngels: ok hold on00:22
EldaI use MS stuff for my games :s00:22
=== whaley_work is now known as whaley
owneranyone know where it is?00:22
EldaMainly atm Eve00:22
tininejer fluxbuntu seems good, but did not install, now I'm using deli linux or damn small linux. But I need a 2.6 kernel (not 2.4) to plug in a usb wifi stick to connect it to net00:22
ejerNativeAngels: do : sudo tasksel install lamp00:23
mak__fabio: i was just trying to installl cedega in my laptop...but it cost 5 euros /month so skipped.....cedega is used to run windows games in linux....00:23
ownerHello does anyone in here know KDE?00:23
prince_jammysNativeAngels: are you able to access mysql without php?00:23
ejerowner: it is in ~/.kde00:23
fabiomak_: the source is freely available00:23
Yanch0Does postgresql server run from init.d in Ubuntu ?00:23
ownerI looked in there00:23
ownerbut I don't know what I'm looking for00:23
tininTechnoid_India, Draigfaol: Is not easy to find sdram for old notebooks here in spain, few ones had those machines00:23
fabiobut you have to compile it yourself00:24
owneralso where is the original default file00:24
HuffalumpWhat is the filesystem for an Mac OS 9 disk?00:24
ejerowner: rm ~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu00:24
DevourerPackage do I need to compile things with MinGW?00:24
TheDoyleanyone familiar with configuring VirtualBox for Ubuntu using Host Network Interface.00:24
ownerthanks ejer00:24
ejerhmm owner no sorry that won't work i dont think00:24
RaelI am reading this page that tells you how to disable virtual terminals to save memory. it says to edit /etc/inittab but I see no such file.00:24
AntiUSAprince_jammys: did you see my response?00:24
mak__hey fabio: thanks ...may be i can try to compile it myself...can you pass the link to download the source ...00:24
Technoid_Indiatinin: wait i will give ya a website link...00:24
EldaI'm quite proud of myself... I can now reinstall linux on this computer with 0 porblems.  And have even learned how to go about restoring my grub list :D00:24
prince_jammysAntiUSA: no00:24
=== Fyda is now known as Fryda
ejerowner: try 'kbuildsycoca --incremental'00:25
EldaThis being though, because I've broken my Ubuntu install so many times :/00:25
AntiUSAwell, the version of the game I have is already compiled. they have one that is complied and one that is source on their website. I just want to be able to play the compiled version from my application menu00:25
BullyBallaanyone know why Alsa mixer won't find my sound card but its listed in hardware information?00:25
dholbertAnyone know when Hardy Alpha 5 is being released?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule says today, but it's not up yet00:25
fabiomak_: http://www.cedega.com/cvs/00:25
mak__thanks fabio;00:25
eduardojoer ?00:25
NativeAngelsthat didnt do anything ejer00:25
Steve^Hey, how do I turn colours on in vi?00:25
icanhasadminBullyBalla: because you have a toshiba laptop00:25
icesworddholbert, #ubuntu+100:25
* Elda is using a Toshiba >.>00:26
dholbertthanks icesword00:26
BullyBallaicanhasadmin: nope I gots me a desktop00:26
EldaWhat you have to do is get a DSDT patch or compile your own00:26
RaelI am reading this page that tells you how to disable virtual terminals to save memory. it says to edit /etc/inittab but I see no such file.00:26
eduardoI've 2 problem with Ubuntu....00:26
prince_jammysAntiUSA: try this::   chmod u+x teewars(or whatever it's called)   and then ./teewars(the file name)00:26
eduardoit reboot only...00:26
icanhasadminElda: I decompiled my DSDT but i don't see any errors, can you help me out with it?00:26
kr0nus16:26 < Steve^> Hey, how do I turn colours on in vi?00:26
kr0nus16:26 < icanhasadmin> BullyBalla: because you have a toshiba laptop00:26
HuffalumpHow can I probe to locate the /dev/xxxx of another hard drive on my system?00:26
kr0nusoverly sensitive touchpad :(00:27
Eldaurrm I'm by no means a pro with making dsdt files :x00:27
AntiUSAprince_jammys: ok, thanks00:27
eduardosorry, I fall again00:27
iceswordHuffalump, what you mean by another00:27
icanhasadminyes but you seem half way intelligent, can you just tell me what model tosh you have?00:27
EldaMy Toshiba is a P100-st975200:27
icanhasadminah, yeah no where near there, a105-s201100:27
Huffalumpicesword, I have two hard drives.  I have installed on /dev/sda2    and I want to mount the other hard ddrive but first I must find it00:27
EldaWould you like the url for the dsdt patch I obtained00:27
dholbertHuffalump: you could dry "sudo fdisk -l"00:28
tininTechnoid_India:  We have a linux user group to recicle old pcs and give them to non gubernamental ornanizations, I'll ask them first. If not, I'll try to do my first buy on ebay. But I do not want (or could) expend money on this donated pc. I only need it as word processor00:28
EldaIcan, have you looked at the forums?00:28
dholbertHuffalump: That lists all hard drives and their partitions00:28
EldaTHere are a number of fixes on there00:28
eduardohow I can see why me laptop reboot only...in ubuntu 7.10 ?00:28
prince_jammysNativeAngels: while i look around for the solution, try also #mysql00:28
fabiohuffalump: try fdisk -l00:28
EldaI think the dsdt one for the a105 is not that hard to find00:28
Eldalet me look actually00:28
Huffalumpfdisk command not found00:28
iceswordHuffalump, sudo mount -a00:28
icanhasadminthere are many a105 series patches.. i've tried... almost everything. But i'll try again if you have a link00:28
Technoid_Indiatinin: k whats the sys configuration ???00:29
=== ^SteVie^ is now known as |Stevie|
ownerWARNING: The desktop entry file /home/owner/.local/share/applications/%2fhome%2f.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"00:29
HuffalumpIs there any other way to find/probe for my 2nd hard drive,  when fdisk command not found?00:29
EldaWhat is your bios version hun?00:29
Technoid_Indiatinin: u can use xubuntu on a system wid 128mb ram...00:29
ownerthats for you00:30
EldaWell actually00:30
icanhasadminjust flashed it, not sure exact number. a phenix one00:30
ejerok owner, is your menu ok?00:30
icanhasadmini can get it i think?00:30
EldaLet me back up one step; have you tried booting with the command acpi=off?00:30
AntiUSAprince_jammys: ok, that will launch the game from the terminal... but I want to be able to launch this game from the Application menu00:30
ownerno ejer00:30
EldaDoes this give you sound?00:31
ownerI went here ~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu and I found that it is the config file00:31
EldaOkey then, it is indeed not your dsdt file then00:31
icanhasadminwell hold on00:31
ownerI dont' know how to navigate to ~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu00:31
prince_jammysAntiUSA: ok00:31
ownerin a browser00:31
icanhasadminwhere do i drop the command acpi=off? i'll check the file00:31
AntiUSAprince_jammys: and right now, if I make a link to it in the application menu, the game loads up bugged out00:31
ownergot there in the terminal and nanoed the file00:31
icanhasadmini think that was it but it might have been something else00:31
Eldayou do it when you get the grub menu... let me find the instructions for that00:31
AntiUSAI have to either launch it from terminal or browse to it right now00:31
tininTechnoid_India, I think I'll use fluxbox or icewm. I only need the apps, not a desktop. I need a 128mb sdram sodimm pc66 144pin00:32
iceswordowner, your root's kmenu is right,right,you can configure it by yourself00:32
icanhasadminin /boot/grub/menu.lst right?00:32
prince_jammysAntiUSA: one sec00:32
ejerowner: gksudo gedit ~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu00:32
ownericesword the root's menu is fine00:32
ownerbut where is it?00:32
Eldaicanhasadmin: No, you do it in the actual menu when you boot up00:32
prince_jammysis /usr/local in the user's path by default?00:32
iceswordowner, logout,then log in as root00:32
iceswordthough this is not recommended00:33
ejeryes prince_jammys... i think :)00:33
prince_jammysejer: thx00:33
EldaOne sec while I find it00:33
icanhasadminWait, I have apci=off set in my menu.lst, it does it automatically00:33
icanhasadmini just checked00:33
icanhasadminalo pci=noacpi00:33
iceswordowner, ?00:34
prince_jammysAntiUSA: cd /usr/local and see if there's a folder there called "bin"00:34
ownerI did this instead sudo nano ~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu00:34
icesword!tab > owner00:34
icanhasadminSo it's not a dsdt problem?00:34
iceswordowner, i dunno how to edit00:34
nsnai'm getting an error when trying to run opengl based programs, it will scatter the image across screen without properly displaying them.. any ideas?00:35
ownerI don't care about editing icesword00:35
ownerI know how to do that00:35
AntiUSAthere is00:35
ownerI just need to know where the root's file is for kmenu00:35
AntiUSAprince_jammys: there is00:35
ownerso I can copy it over the top of mine00:35
iceswordowner, /root/00:35
ownerwell ya but then where inside the root directory?00:35
prince_jammysAntiUSA: ok sudo mv /full/path/to/game  /usr/local/bin00:35
HuffalumpWhat  is the correct syntax for:  apt-get ftp   ....I am trying to install any ftp command/client through a subshell during an installation00:36
luisaTry SFTP00:36
luisaor FileZilla00:36
prince_jammysAntiUSA: that will stick your executable there... this is where you want to put custom-installed stuff that you didnt get from repository.  best to put it here so as not to make a mess00:36
Huffalumpfilezill does not work in a subshell, luisa00:36
AntiUSAso the game should be a directory in the bin folder or directly in the bin folder00:37
bulkahdo you now any turkish ubuntu chat channel ?00:37
iceswordowner, .kde ,maybe00:37
ownerIf I go into /root/ where is the config file?00:37
prince_jammysAntiUSA: is the game a single file?00:37
ownerI tried that one already00:37
Eldaicanhasadmin:  http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-newbie/44917-apci-off.html00:37
mak__or just type ftp://ftp.address.com in firefox.....00:37
AntiUSAno, it's a folder full of stuff00:37
EldaApparantly you can edit your grub/conf00:37
EldaBut I did it on booting it00:37
prince_jammysAntiUSA: move the whole folder in /usr/local/bin00:37
dholbertHuffalump: I'm confused...  Are you just looking for "apt-get install ncftp"?00:37
samiowner: find /root/ -iname '*kmenu*'00:38
=== magical_trevsky is now known as magical
dholbertHuffalump: That should work to install an FTP client, ncftp00:38
Huffalumpthe answer was apt-get install ftp00:38
Huffalumpthank you00:38
prince_jammysAntiUSA: technically could go anywhere, but this is the conventional place00:38
df00zHey, where is the ubuntu suspend quirks file located00:38
EldaActually icanhasadmin, don't alter your main grub.conf if you have any of the restricted drivers running for you video card or you will muck up your xwindows/gnome startup00:38
AntiUSAk, done00:38
df00zlike chvt, restore vesa bios, etc00:38
EldaTry running with acpi=off when booting the Ubuntu live/install disc00:39
AntiUSAprince_jammys: now what>00:39
Eldaif you get sound like that, then your issue is the dsdt file00:39
ownersami that find thing didn't work00:39
icanhasadminelda, i did00:39
icanhasadminno sound00:39
icanhasadminso my problem isn't dsdt00:39
icanhasadmini don't know if that's good or not :P00:39
prince_jammysAntiUSA: now do whatever you did to create that launcher, replacing the command with the full path of the executable00:40
ownerstill can't find the root's kmenu conf00:40
ownerMaybe the root has none00:40
prince_jammysAntiUSA: you had made a launcher right?00:40
AntiUSAin Edit Menu of the application menu?00:40
AntiUSAno I added a shortcut in the application menu00:40
AntiUSAi also tried the chmod command you told me00:40
prince_jammysAntiUSA: do it in Edit Menu or whatever its called00:41
outofhello to see a list of chanels how to?00:41
ownerI just switched users and added kmenu to the root00:41
samiowner: updatedb; locate kmenu then00:41
df00zWhere is the ubuntu sleep quirks configuration file?00:41
Steve^Hey, how do I turn colours on in vi?00:41
df00zanyone have any idea?00:42
Eldaicanhasadmin: and you still got no sound?00:42
ownerthere sami it's doing something00:42
outofsorry for see the list of chanels what can do?00:42
EldaIf so, you got lucky-ish and it is most likely that you got the wrong alsa drivers00:42
federica90there is anyone that speak italian that can help me00:42
EldaWhat is your lappy model again?00:43
icesword!it > federica9000:43
ejer!it | federica9000:43
ubotufederica90: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:43
AntiUSAprince_jammys: does the same thing, when I use the link I made in Application menu, the games graphics don't load and none of the text is visible. the game is totally screwed up00:43
prince_jammysAntiUSA: Preferences->Main Menu00:43
prince_jammysAntiUSA: but it worked from terminal right?00:44
AntiUSAand it worked if I launch from Nautilus00:44
prince_jammysAntiUSA: you mean when you double click the file?\00:45
ownerUh sami00:45
ownerI did that but it didn't tell me where the file was in root00:45
owneronly in owner00:45
ownerso I'm still lost00:45
samisudo locate kmenu00:45
MarbugI once installed a package from a .deb file00:45
Marbughow can I remove that installation?00:45
prince_jammysAntiUSA: i'm stuck :)00:46
peter121Hello ubuntu users00:46
macogwMarbug: sudo apt-get remove <package name>00:46
macogwMarbug: just like always00:46
ownersami I'm loged in as root00:46
macogwMarbug: or use synaptic00:46
ownerLet me switch users again00:46
ownerjust for the fun of it00:46
samiowner: then there are no files called anything with *kmenu* inside /root00:47
peter121how can i backup files in ubuntu?00:47
EnvoyRisingwhats up fellow 'nixers?00:47
=== dholbert_ is now known as dholbert
RaelI am reading this page that tells you how to disable virtual terminals to save memory. it says to edit /etc/inittab but I see no such file.00:48
icanhasadminElda: i'm trying something, about to reboot, brb00:48
EnvoyRisingpeter121: you have a few options, are you trying to do mass backup or individual files? incremental backup or archive?00:48
nsnahow ya use sh properly?00:48
peter121I am new to ubuntu00:48
ownersami you are right00:48
EnvoyRisingpeter121: you could just copy them and save with ~ after the extension. are you wanting them compressed to save space?00:48
ownerI went back into root00:48
EldaWelcome to the community peter121 :D00:49
ownerand found that it does not save it's menu configuration there00:49
* TigerTails growls at ubuntu..00:49
ownereven though the directory is there00:49
* TrustNoOne growls like a Tiger00:49
EldaUbuntu like any other linux (in my opinion at least >.>) can be quite scary to use at first lol00:49
prince_jammysAntiUSA: when you do it from terminal, does it open a new window?00:49
EnvoyRisingpeter121: are you familiar with the command line (terminal) yet?00:49
peter121yea its much different from windows or mac00:49
MarbugI accidently removed the 2 monitors from System Guard (the thing you can put in you're systembar) how can I get them back those profiles?00:49
TrustNoOneElda, any OS to use at first is scary (even vista)00:49
EldaLearning to use it I broke my ubuntu install about 6 times in the first day00:49
TigerTailsI installed ubuntu earlier today, worked fine, impressed with it, etc.. But i rebooted, and now its on 640 resolution, and the charsets are a little dodgy >.<00:49
ownerWell I think I'm going to give up unless someone else knows what I should look for00:50
EldaBut I have to say that Ubuntu is the first OS I've broken so fast xD00:50
samiowner: It might use some kind of universal config. Something like /etc/kde/blabla.kmenu if there are any.00:50
TrustNoOneElda, although you can't really "break" the installs of windows as easily as linux00:50
TigerTailsyeah, ive managed to break ubuntu too, its not wooorkiiing00:50
EldaThat being because it allows you to do WHATEVER you want lol00:50
EnvoyRisingpeter121: well, if it makes you feel better there are methods similar to mac and windows if you like. in fact, there are a couple of programs akin to mac's time machine00:50
TrustNoOneyeah i know00:50
prince_jammysAntiUSA: i have an idea ... try in the launcher this for "command"::   gnome-open /full/path/to/executable00:50
TrustNoOneits as easy as sudo00:50
TrustNoOnezomg brain freeze00:51
EldaSudo is evil, in that it makes it so easy lol00:51
ZZzzbbssmmHelp - Attempting to install my sierra wireless 881 aircard and can't get it loaded. Followed sierra's instructions and I am failing to succeed.00:51
ownerWell now I'm done00:51
ownerI guess I need to reinstall it and back up my kmenu this time00:51
Elda<3 my Ubuntu now and I find Im usingi t more and more00:51
owneror maybe I can just create a new user00:51
TrustNoOnei never use sudo unless i try a command and it says access denied or gives back an error, then i do it with sudo00:51
TigerTailsi would be using ubuntu a lot .. if it worked00:52
ejerowner: deleting ~/.kde* as a last resort should reset everything00:52
TrustNoOneubuntu works, you just have to know how to make it work, i ran into like 20 different problems, fixed them all but 1 so far00:52
TigerTailsi didnt even DO anything00:52
TigerTailsi only rebooted!00:52
TrustNoOnethen you did something00:52
TigerTailsrebooting shouldnt cause everything to break >.<00:52
RaelI am reading this page that tells you how to disable virtual terminals to save memory. it says to edit /etc/inittab but I see no such file.00:52
EnvoyRisingpeter121: yes, no? anyways, if iust need to do a simple back up, i usually just use a cp command and save with ~ file name. there are scripts for more complicated backup procedures though00:53
AntiUSAnothing happens with that in the Command line00:53
TigerTailsis there a simple way to .. kill everything?00:53
prince_jammysRael: disable ttys?00:53
TrustNoOneTigerTails, hammer00:53
TigerTailsi am NOT waiting hours reformatting the hard drive again :|00:53
iceswordTigerTails, init 000:53
Raelttys? is that in services?00:53
NativeAngelscan anyone tell me how to find the mysql.so please00:53
EnvoyRisingwhatsup TrustNoOne00:53
ejerTigerTails: did the livecd resolution look ok?00:53
prince_jammysRael: i mean is that what the web page is suggesting?00:53
southafrikanseI have 2 problems. First one: Don't have sound00:54
EnvoyRisingTigerTails: it takes you hours to reformat your hard drive?00:54
TigerTailsejer: Yes, and the full install was fine too, until i rebooted..00:54
TigerTailsEnvoyRising: its a pretty old PC00:54
southafrikanseTHis is a fresh Ubuntu installation00:54
TrustNoOnesouthafrikanse, dont have sound at all? or just while doing certain things00:54
TigerTailsi use it as a sandbox, wanted to give ubuntu a tray00:54
ejerTigerTails: try first just CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE00:54
prince_jammysRael: i think i know what the web page you're talking about, and if it's what i think it is i recommend you don't do it00:54
TigerTailsthat disconnected my VNC..00:54
AntiUSAno dice prince_jammys, nothing launch when I add that00:54
TigerTailswhat was it supposed to do :|?00:54
Raeloh yeah00:54
EnvoyRisingTigerTails: where are you coming from? what distro/ os?00:55
southafrikanseTrustNoOne, I have sound when I put my headphones on but that's only that00:55
Raeldisableing the 6 terminals just leaving 200:55
ejerTigerTails: restart your graphics system00:55
TrustNoOne!sound | southafrikanse00:55
ubotusouthafrikanse: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:55
TigerTailsEnvoyRising: XP pro, but i fully reformatted, there was no trace of anything..00:55
prince_jammysRael: you really don't get anything out of that ... just a hack for no reason00:55
TigerTailsejer: ok.. im now gonna walk all the way downstairs because VNC wont connect -_-00:55
TheZealotWhat is the package named for GTK+?00:55
EnvoyRisingTigerTails: i was just asking to get an idea of what paradigms you're used to00:55
prince_jammysRael: unless you have a computer from the 80s, that hack is a waste00:56
reya276need some help with my display drivers, my system is running slow, but just two days ago is was running perfectly fine, I think updates cause it'00:56
TrustNoOneTrustNoOne, i love you00:56
trashguyhundredHello. Is this the channel I should ask questions about the development/translation of Ubuntu or is there another channel for that?00:56
reya276also I get line on my desktop for some reason00:56
kr0nushey all00:57
ZZzzbbssmmOMG this support process is more a CLUSTERF*** than the actual compilation process. Is there anyone here that actually has a cxlue?00:57
kr0nusi'm having an issue with file-roller's drag-drop support00:57
=== tiger__ is now known as TigerT-Ubuntu
EnvoyRisinggtk+ > libgtk2.0-0 and libgtk1.200:57
kr0nusbefore, it used to uncompress stuff dragged to nautilus windows00:57
TigerT-UbuntuHello from the other PC..00:57
PriceChild!ohmy | ZZzzbbssmm00:57
ubotuZZzzbbssmm: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:57
kr0nusrecently, it won't do that anymore00:57
kr0nusonly works when I drag to desktop00:57
TigerT-Ubuntuok so.. what now :|00:57
AntiUSAI need to go prince_jammys, but if you think of anything, shoot me a PM00:58
TheZealotEnvoyRising: thanks a lot00:58
TigerT-Ubuntuwhen i try to change resolution, theres not even any other options now..00:58
TigerT-Ubuntuit went all the way to 1440x900 last time -_-00:58
ejerTigerT-Ubuntu: what video card type? you are currently in low graphics mode, which is a failsafe00:58
prince_jammysAntiUSA: mmm well i'll let you know if i come up with something.. you should repost (update) your question ... post the ELF executable stuff so people can see what file it is. mention that it works from terminal and all that00:58
TigerT-Ubuntuvideo card 'type'?00:58
ejerwhat card?00:58
simgislabis it possible to install ubuntu server on 4g flash drive? Need it for experiments.00:59
TigerT-Ubuntusome old nvidia FX, dont know specificaly00:59
LjLsimgislab: should be.00:59
LjL!install > simgislab    (simgislab, see the private message from Ubotu)00:59
EnvoyRisingsimgislab: there's a howto floating somewhere, but you realize there are linux distros spec tailored for flash disk use, right?00:59
ejerTigerT-Ubuntu: you can try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from terminal00:59
ejerTigerT-Ubuntu: sudo before that command01:00
TigerT-Ubuntuits kinda hard to remember that..01:00
ejeryou can use defaults for most things, you should probably select the nv driver01:00
simgislabEnvoyRising: i didn't really work with linux, wanna start with something...can you suggest something?01:01
prince_jammysRael:  basically people are blogging to make some bucks from advertising, and they have to have some kind of content, so some of their tweaks are pretty useless, and sometimes even dangerous01:01
TigerT-Ubuntuany chance you could repeat the command?01:01
ejerTigerT-Ubuntu: you could try using the restricted driver manager in admin menu to see if it will offer a new driver01:01
TigerT-Ubuntuit went out of screen -_-01:01
ejerTigerT-Ubuntu: you can try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from terminal01:01
EnvoyRisingsimgislab: a lot of people like puppy linux for usb installs. theres also dsl (damn small linux) but it's kinda ugly01:01
drowner_I get a random freeze with most music players (Banshee, Rhythmbox). It playsn for a few minutes (or more) and then just stops - and the program eventually hangs. I have no idea whats wrong.01:02
ejersimgislab: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:02
EnvoyRisingsimgislab: there are plenty of others (too many to count)01:02
=== james899 is now known as james
EnvoyRisingejer: the default nv driver is crap. then, he's using an fx, so maybe he'll be alright01:03
fredmvcould  someone check out my thread possibly?01:03
fredmvI hate to keep bumping it..01:03
TooShort4Can someone help me out really quick? i need a lot of help01:03
ejerwell it is all some have EnvoyRising, i use it all the time01:03
simgislabEnvoyRising: thanks, the link by ejer looks good, I'd go with something well documented01:03
TooShort4I have a older laptop and im trying to install ubuntu. When i put in the disc and restart it, it doesnt boot up. how do i boot it up01:03
ejeri use that simgislab works great01:03
ScarEyeHey guys is there a video card test in ubuntu ?  The reason why I ask is I think my video memory is bad is there any way of testing this ?01:04
EnvoyRisingejer: my system wouldn't function with it. had to use proprietary (8600m gs)01:04
simgislabejer: thanks! I'll try that01:04
prince_jammysms support answers questions?01:04
fredmvIf anyone could take a look at this I'd appreciate it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70313701:04
TigerT-Ubuntuforget it... ill just reformat for the 5th time today -_-01:04
ejerTooShort4: http://www.pcguide.com/byop/byop_SettingtheBIOStoChecktheCDDriveWhenBooting.htm01:04
fredmvTigerT-Ubuntu: what's wrong?01:04
TigerT-Ubuntuit didnt sort anything..01:05
EnvoyRising!ignore ZZzzbbssmm01:05
tockitjis there a program i can use to place rss feed on desktop ? :-)01:05
=== james is now known as jamesx
prince_jammysms support:: "check if your computer is plugged in"  "still doesnt work: reinstall"01:05
simgislabejer: I assume I need regular ubuntu server iso to begin, right?01:05
TooShort4it already has windows installed. i want to change from windows to ubuntu01:06
jarasi need to have wvdial terminal window open all the time is there any way i don't have to have that terminal window open all the time???01:06
EnvoyRisingtockitj: screenlets and gdesklets has a widget for adding rss feeds to the desktop. so does karamba (kde)01:06
ejersimgislab: i used desktop edition, but yeah you need an iso01:06
tockitjEnvoyRising, that is all i need. thanks a lot :-)01:06
SamusManwhere can i get glibc?01:06
drowner_sorry to ask twice:01:07
EnvoyRisingSamusMan: repos :P01:07
EnvoyRisingdrowner_: twice? i didn't even see the question01:07
drowner_I get a random freeze with most music players (Banshee, Rhythmbox). It playsn for a few minutes (or more) and then just stops - and the program eventually hangs. I have no idea whats wrong. Interestingly, it also appeared to unmount some partitions on the usb drive plugged in01:07
drowner_(but not the one it was playing off.01:07
SamusManEnvoyRising: i'm not finding it...what universe is it in?01:07
simgislabejer: i'm not sure, I need to practice a little with installation of different web server stuff, I guess server will suit me better, right?01:08
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=== mastershrek is now known as MasterShrek
SamusManenvoyrising: i can't find it under the name glibc01:08
ejersimgislab: a virtual machine is excellent for this01:08
EnvoyRisingSamusMan: package name libglib2.0.0, located in ...01:08
mikespicI need help installing ubuntu over PXE boot.01:09
simgislabejer: you mean on my pc desktop?01:09
monkeyBoxHi all. for some reason I have two network managers in my notification area.  I've tried to remove all instances of it from my session, but they keep coming back! How do I remove it for good?01:09
EnvoyRisingSamusMan: did you find it using that package name i gave you?01:09
NativeAngelsi still cant get phpmyadmin to work01:10
SamusManenvoyrising: yes...and i already have it installed...when attempting to make ndiswrapper, i am receiving alot of errors pertaining to the glibc header being missing01:10
EnvoyRisingSamusMan: oh, easy fix: you need the dev package as well, lol01:10
SamusManthank you very much envoyrising :)01:10
NativeAngels i need help01:10
mikespicmy ubuntu alternate install CD contains '2fsprogs-udeb_1.40.2-1ubuntu1_i386.udeb' but it is looking for 'e2fsprogs-udeb_1.40.2-1ubuntu1.1_i386.udeb' so it bails and won't continue installing :-(01:10
ctothejNativeAngels: explain the issue.01:11
HuffalumpThanks to everyone for your help all night.  It took some serious hackery well beyond my skills, but I actually got it done.  A G3 now running Ubuntu01:11
WhoaItsPhilanyone have a clue about an issue with a laptop? i've got ubuntu 7.10 on it and when i start it, it says something about "cannot allocate resources to region 7....blablabla" i can't catch the rest it just flashes up and then goes black for about 30 seconds before it starts...takes a lot longer to bootup than it should...it's an HP laptop01:11
drowner_no ideas then guys?01:11
mzanfardinois there a way to initiate a suspend from cli?  I've started using fluxbox and I want to suspend my session....01:11
NativeAngelsi keep gettin mysql not installed read documentation01:12
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: i get the same message (also on an hp laptop), but i don't boot all that slow01:12
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
WhoaItsPhilyeah it goes black and hangs for at least 30 seconds before booting...quite annoying01:12
mikespicAnyone know how to increase the timeout for the installer to wait while grabbing packages?  If I do a netinstall it keeps timing out on random files.01:12
TooShort4i stil lcant get it to work =[01:12
NativeAngelsmysql is installed01:12
WhoaItsPhilcause it boots on my desktop lots faster even though my laptop is newer with decently better hardware01:12
NativeAngelsbut its still sayin its not01:13
ctothejWhoaItsPhil: I get the same thing for my desktop. The OS doesnt recognize a hardware device on the motherboard. It should just ignore it.01:13
EnvoyRisingdrowner_: no clues but could you start the music player with the command line, reproduce the error, and paste teh command line output to a pastebin?01:13
mzanfardinois suspend a dm/wm-specific feature?01:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:13
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: which hp is it?01:13
WhoaItsPhilhmm...but what would it not be recognizing? any way to find out? and does that mean that there is something in my laptop that won't work?01:13
TooShort4Gahhhh. Someone help me install ubuntu over windows xp01:13
WhoaItsPhilit's a HP dvr-5115nr01:13
WhoaItsPhilsorry dv-5115nr01:13
MasterShrekTooShort4, just let the partitioner do its thing, use entire disk, format entire disk01:14
jscinozhey guys, i want to back up to a universally read/write cifs share, and encrypt my data, I'm planning on making a truecrypt volume on this share and mounting it then using rsync to mirror my filesystem to this truecrypt volume, would this be a good idea?01:14
TooShort4i dont know how. i just bought an old laptop with windows xp, and it doesnt boot up01:14
mikespicmaybe I just have to tell the installer ethat I'm installing from CD instead of from a full mirror.  Anyone know how to do that?01:14
TooShort4it doesnt boot from the disc01:14
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: thsi is going to sound really retarded, but do you have any usb devices plugged in on boot? i used to get funky errors when trying to boot with a usb hard drive plugged in01:14
ctothejNativeAngels: did you follow any tutorials?01:14
drowner_envoyrising. i've tried that01:14
drowner_but of course, now it hasn't happened hahaha01:14
NativeAngelsyes ctothej01:14
ctothejNativeAngels: which? specific to ubuntu?01:15
NativeAngels7.10 server ed01:15
WhoaItsPhilhmmm...i was about to say no but then forgot i have had my wireless keyboard/mouse plugged in...let me try unplugging and rebooting it01:15
jester7WhoaItsPhil:  type dmesg in terminal and you shold be able to see what the exact message is01:15
EnvoyRisingdrowner_: lol. hmm.. i'll need more info to give you any kind of useful help. otherwise i'm left with "try google" lol01:15
prince_jammysNativeAngels: so you cant access mysql?01:15
WhoaItsPhilhmm ok i'll do that in a sec...its rebooting now01:15
ctothejNativeAngels: so it took you through configuring apache, mysql, and phpmyadmin?01:15
TigerTailsSandbox is now reformatting.01:16
ctothejNativeAngels: can you link me to the tutorial?01:16
prince_jammysNativeAngels: are you getting a mysql error?01:16
NativeAngelsi did everyting to finding the mysqli01:16
WhoaItsPhilhmmm nope its still giving me the error on boot even with no USB devices plugged in at all01:16
drowner_envoyrising: the external drive i have music on once became corrupted - i had to reformat it. I *think* maybe some files became corrupted, and i understand that some of the gstreamer things have issues if the song length it expects is different to what it seems - maybe some of the files became a bit spazzed.01:16
fevelI cant fix a problem with apt-get01:16
bluefox83has anyone here got anything to do voice chats with google talk?01:16
drowner_i'll see what happens.01:16
prince_jammysNativeAngels: you get an error about sockets?01:17
NativeAngelsCannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration01:17
fevelcan omeone help me? it tells me to run -f install but returns an error and the problem persists01:17
jscinozHey guys, im trying to play a video in totem, and it states the sound device is already in use, what was the command to check what is accessing /dev/dsp?01:17
prince_jammysNativeAngels: have you tried to access mysql directly (without php)?01:17
mikespicjscinoz, lsof01:17
southafrikanseMy internal speakers are not working. Only when i put headphones on.01:17
EnvoyRisingdrowner_: try vlc player just to see if its uniform across all players01:18
prince_jammys!who | NativeAngels: type the first few letters "princ" and the tab key to autocomplete01:18
ubotuNativeAngels: type the first few letters "princ" and the tab key to autocomplete: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:18
NativeAngelsthats what i folloed01:18
WhoaItsPhilhmm ok i'm gonna say my first estimation of 30 seconds to boot it is a little bit of an under estimation...it's more like a minute and a half or two minutes...but apparently i can just press ctrl+alt+f1 and it forces it to boot at any time? i found this link in google with something very similar to my problem if not identical http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-632131.html01:18
jscinozmikespic, strangely it says nothing is accessing /dev/dsp >_<01:18
mikespicif you use ls, do you have a /dev/dsp?01:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about prince_jammys - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:19
prince_jammysNativeAngels: :) no exclamation01:19
jscinozwoaltsphil, if you want to check boot time more accurately, try sudo apt-get install bootchart, it will autogenerate a png graph of boot time and active processes during boot01:19
jscinozmikespic, yes01:19
S4nD3rj #gnome01:19
S4nD3rj #debian01:19
WhoaItsPhiljscinoz, thanks that sounds cool i'll check it out01:19
drowner_envoy rising - its been playing pretty consistently now, so, meh LOL01:20
drowner_its weird.01:20
prince_jammysNativeAngels: have you tried asking at the channel #mysql?01:20
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: whats the output from ifconfig in command line?01:20
NativeAngelsi know the mysql is runnin01:20
jscinozdoes the boot sequence take advantage of multiple cores?01:20
WhoaItsPhilwant me to paste bin it?01:21
mikespicjscinoz, you are using 'lsof /dev/dsp', right?01:21
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: please01:21
jscinozmikespic, yes it returns nothing01:21
mikespicjscinoz, yes, it should.01:21
mikespicjscinoz, could be a permissions thing .... try using 'play' on a .wav file in /us/share/sounds as your user, then try again with sudo.01:22
mikespicok, gtg.01:22
|Prometheus|hi - how do i make a script, or command run right after grub, as the system boots - before any other script runs?01:22
jscinozmikespic, neither work01:22
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EnvoyRising|Prometheus|: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/01:24
ctothejNativeAngels: were you able to create the database and a user for it?01:24
ctothejNativeAngels: can you add or remove entries in the database with that user?01:24
fevelgot it!01:24
TooShort4Grr how do i make my laptop boot to a disc when i turn my laptop on01:25
fevelhd to remove kde4 repo and then run -f install01:25
fevelthis kde4 is full of caca booboo01:25
EnvoyRisingTooShort4: you'll have to change device boot order in your bios01:25
southafrikanseis it possible to when rebooting go straight to Ubuntu without going to the Grub menu first?01:25
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: what about sudo lshw -v ?01:25
TooShort4I did.01:25
fevelsouthafrikanse: yes it is you gotta configure grub01:25
TooShort4it sounds liek it loads01:26
TooShort4but it doesnt01:26
IndyGunFreaksouthafrikanse: i guess you could set grub to only run for 1sec, and then default to Ubuntu01:26
prince_jammysNativeAngels: ctothej:  ok so it seems this is strictly a problem connecting php to apache, right?  mysql seems to be set up otherwise01:26
TooShort4is there anything i need to press to boot it?01:26
prince_jammysNativeAngels: ctothej i mean connecting php to mysql, not to apache01:26
|Prometheus|EnvoyRising, thank you. but i think i need the script to run before anything else... Ill explain my problem. I am getting DMA timeouts on y old hdd (/dev/hda).. i have appended kernel string to use ide=nodma, but still get the timeouts.. i have also tried /etc/hdparm.conf and added /dev/hda dma=off but still get the timeout. its very frustrating as it has increased my boot tie by almost two inutes01:27
WhoaItsPhil-v isn't a switch for it01:27
ctothejNativeAngels: right, the error seems more like a php incompatibility error. Maybe a php5 vs php4 incompatibility issue?01:27
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
|Prometheus|{blasted M key isnt working properly on this keyboard - sorry}01:27
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: guess i'm thinkin lspci -v lol01:27
WhoaItsPhilhaha its ok01:28
TooShort4it wont let me uninstall windows01:28
ctothejNativeAngels: do you have the php5-mysql package installed?01:28
NativeAngelsyes clothej01:28
NativeAngelsits installed01:28
EnvoyRising|Prometheus|: could always just recompile a kernel without that module, right?01:29
prince_jammysNativeAngels: ctothej:  i have had this problem and don't remember the solution.  other than the compatibility issue, which seems unlikely if you followed the tutorial, there *might* be a configuration file that needs to be edited (a guess)01:29
lordleemoNativeAngels: http://www.wallpaperama.com/disp-post91.html fond that maybe helps01:29
PriceChildEnvoyRising, modules can be unloaded...01:29
drowner_hey envoyrising:01:30
drowner_did a bit of googling - *similar* problems may have been solved with the installation of jackd, whatvever that is01:30
prince_jammysNativeAngels: ctothej: the other thing to triple check is your php code01:31
drowner_so, i suppose i'll try that (of course, it hasn't crashed for ages now)01:31
TooShort4this is so stupid01:31
the7thmagusmy GRUB menu.lst file keeps resetting after every kernel update. I configured it to point to my ubuntu install on my current partition, but every time the kernel upgrades and the grub updater does its thing, it keeps wiping the menu option that I added01:31
EnvoyRisingPriceChild: i know they can be unloaded, but my point is that if he removes the module intirely, it'll eliminate the assumption that his kernel options are getting ignored at config01:31
FuriousMojoArgh... I just tried installing Nvida driver through restricted driver manager and now it does not boot past running local boot scripts01:31
EnvoyRisingPriceChild: ie, if he still has the same errors, then obviously he's passing the wrong params, right?01:32
prince_jammysNativeAngels: did you try a reboot, just for kicks?01:32
FuriousMojoany ideas?01:32
PeloFuriousMojo, boot the recovery mode and type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ,  select the vesa driver when you are asked use the defaults for everyting else01:32
EnvoyRisingdrowner_: strange you'd need jack installed, especially since ubuntu moved to esd01:32
prince_jammysNativeAngels: unlikely to work, but worth a shot if you haven't tried it01:32
EnvoyRisingdrowner_: anything is worth a shot though i guess, right? lol01:33
the7thmagusany clue on my grub list problem?01:33
PeloFuriousMojo, that will get you back the gui so you can try with the binary driver01:33
necodemusahahaha....ubuntu help...01:33
FuriousMojoPelo: ok, that'll take me back to basic driver.  Any ideas to get it successfully installed w/ my 2 screens01:33
NativeAngelsprince_jammys i looked at that b401:33
drowner_i'm not going to do it yet, in case it works.01:33
PeloFuriousMojo, not realy01:33
necodemushow do i get 7.10 to access a bin download ( googleearthlinux.bin )01:33
drowner_ive got rhythmbox -d running in a terminal01:33
Pelothe7thmagus, please restate you problem I just joined01:33
drowner_so i want to see what goes wrong01:33
the7thmagusmy GRUB menu.lst file keeps resetting after every kernel update. I configured it to point to my ubuntu install on my current partition, but every time the kernel upgrades and the grub updater does its thing, it keeps wiping the menu option that I added01:33
drowner_although, knowing my luck it will run for 4 days without hanging now01:34
Pelonecodemus,   cd to the folder where the .bin is,   sudo chmod 777 filename.bin ,  sudo ./filename.bin01:34
EnvoyRisinghey, where is output from boot saved?01:34
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: will need that to isolate your issue :P my guess though ,from what you sent is you're boot is hanging on wifi detection01:35
eyyYoI have a tv connected to my computer. Until now i have used a DVI-cable to connect the TV to the computer, which have been working great. Now, i want to connect a HDMI to the TV. I use an adapter from the DVI output on my grapic card, to an HDMI-contact which i connect to my TV. The problem is that there is no picture on the TV. (Yes, i have changed to the proper channel)01:35
EnvoyRisingEnvoyRising: i know mine did under fedora01:35
tiiduzHello, im having great trouble with xserver, if someone who could help would query me (because im with my mobilephone and cant read fast text with it)01:35
eyyYoSo, my question is, how do i do this?01:35
Pelothe7thmagus, it does that ,  sorry can't realy be helped,  you can make a copy of the lines you realy need further down , after the  place where it says   end of automaticvaly added lines, or something similar01:35
Pelonecodemus, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel01:35
WhoaItsPhilwill need what to isolate my issue? did you get my pastebin?01:35
the7thmagusPelo: k, thanks I guess01:36
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: i got those, but they tell me what you're running, they dont tell me what errors you're getting :P or were they identical to the errors posted in that thread?01:36
TooShort4how do i manually boot it up from a disc? isnt there a button to push01:36
WhoaItsPhilah...yes they were identical01:36
kazol_How do I mount a directory to a FTP server? Ubuntu's "connect to server" option only uses passive FTP, not active.01:36
WhoaItsPhili have an idea of what may be wrong...gonna feel stupid and lazy if i'm right...testing right now01:37
Odd-rationaleTooShort4: Usually it is f10 or f12 or esx while booting01:37
Pelothe7thmagus, towards the end of the /boot/grub/menu.lst file,  it says , end of automaticaly generated lines or something like that,  what ever is after that does not get changed when the kernel updates01:37
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
EnvoyRisingWhoaItsPhil: oh ok then, i'll leave you to it then :P01:37
EnvoyRisingbazhang: whats up bro?01:37
jscinozhey guys, i want to back up to a universally read/write cifs share, and encrypt my data, I'm planning on making a truecrypt volume on this share and mounting it then using rsync to mirror my filesystem to this truecrypt volume, would this be a good idea?01:37
WhoaItsPhilhmmm nope nevermind i was wrong...still no clue what it is lol01:38
necodemusok...how do I cd to my desktop01:38
WhoaItsPhilyeah, the errors are identical to http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-632131.html01:38
tpratt_hello everyone01:38
Pelonecodemus,   cd Desktop ,    linux is case sensitive01:38
Odd-rationalenecodemus: cd ~/Desktop01:38
tpratt_i'm new arround here01:38
TooShort4f10, esc. or f12 didnt work01:38
WhoaItsPhili can bypass the long hang time by pressing ctrl+alt+f1 but it just seems stupid that i should have to do that lol...if anyone knew what the problem is or how to fix it, it would be awesome01:39
Pelotpratt_, welcome to the mad house, ask your question in one line, breifly and hope for the best01:39
bazhangEnvoyRising: heya!01:39
Odd-rationaleTooShort4: Can you get to the bios settings?01:39
fabioCould not open '/dev/kqemu' - QEMU acceleration layer not activated01:40
TooShort4I dont know how. I just got this laptop today. I pressed F2 at startup and it said boot from primary drive or whatever, and it said something disc01:40
tiiduzplease, anyone able to help me in query? Im with my mobilephone, cant keep it up here. :)01:40
EnvoyRisingbazhang: we must be working shifts becuase when you come i go ,lol01:40
necodemussorry about the private...irc just scrolls fast :)01:40
threefcatahow to set a server as preferred in mldonkey?01:40
Pelonecodemus,  just use the nick of the person you talk to in each line,  it helps keep track01:40
FuriousMojoCan someone help me install my nvidia driver?  Using restricted driver manager did not work01:40
EnvoyRisinglater guys01:41
Pelo!nvidia > FuriousMojo01:41
needhelpHelp please! (alpha) At-sign doesn't work longer on the keyboard!01:41
Odd-rationaleTooShort4: There was no option to boot from the cd drive?01:41
Odd-rationaleneedhelp: This one? @01:41
Peloneedhelp, change the keyboard layout in  menu > systsem> prefs > keyboard layout or someting01:41
needhelpOdd-rationale: exactly01:41
TooShort4this is for my laptop. it says dell computer configuration. Boot First Device: Diskette Drive01:42
WhoaItsPhilare there any plugins or browsers out there that would allow firefox or some other program to view a live feed that only seems to work with windows media player running in internet explorer? for example, www.channelsurfing.net none of the live feeds on there work with anything i've tried except on my windows machine with internet explorer01:42
needhelpPelo: have already set it to the right layout (norwegian)01:42
ffmare packages still accepted for universe for hardy?01:42
Maddethis there a UGA irc?01:42
Peloneedhelp, do the other symbols on that key work ?01:42
Odd-rationaleneedhelp: Like Pelo said you need to change you keybaord layout. Either there of in your xorg file.01:42
fabioFuriousMojo: download the binary from nvidia and run it in init 301:42
ffmMaddeth: ask in #help01:42
Peloffm, wrong place to ask , try #ubuntu-dev01:42
kazol_WhoaItsPhil: You could open the stream manually using vlc.01:42
prince_jammysNativeAngels: try installing ::  sudo apt-get install php5-mysql01:42
needhelpPelo: yes, '2' works01:43
Peloneedhelp,  did it use to work ?01:43
kazol_WhoaItsPhil: Find the link, copy it, open vlc, click on "open-network stream" and paste it.01:43
pawanany good kde distro of ubuntu01:43
TooShort4 i dont know where to go to boot from cd drive01:43
prince_jammysNativeAngels: if you have php501:43
* Pelo waves to pawan 01:43
kazol_pawan: Kubuntu: #kubuntu01:43
needhelpPelo: yes01:43
Pelopawan, kubuntu ask in #kubuntu01:43
WhoaItsPhilthe link, when i click on properties is a javascript...how would i get the exact address for it?01:43
Peloneedhelp, on my keyboard I need to use the alt-car key wth 2 , on the right side of the space bar, donT' know if that helps01:44
needhelpPelo: same here, but nothing appears01:44
Peloneedhelp, try in different txt editor ,it might be part of the issue,01:44
TooShort4if i just burn the image as a bootable disc and load that up would that automatically load up?01:45
Peloneedhelp, also the watchamacall it , codepage , ( utf-8) and stuff,  that might have some bearing on it01:45
Odd-rationaleTooShort4: It should.01:45
needhelpPelo: same everywhere. Neither in irc, not in gnome text editor, not in firefox....01:45
TooShort4il try it, but i dont know how to boot the actual ubuntu disc01:46
Peloneedhelp, did you change the language of the os or the watchamacall it ?01:46
|Prometheus|I'm having some problems with my kernel.. and am pretty new to linux in general.. the  kernel 2.6.22-14-generic does not seem to recognise the ide=noda parameter. Can i go to an older kernel that does support this, without having to reinstall or lose any data01:46
needhelpPelo: what is 'watchamacall' ?01:46
needhelpPelo: have changed it to norwegian (At login window)01:47
Ashfire908TooShort4, if you burn the iso and have it in when the bios begins to boot, it will load the cd, and you can either select the first option or just wait 30 sec for it to auto pick the first option01:47
Peloneedhelp, I don't remember what is it called,  the character set or someting01:47
moDumasshey all, um, how would i update inkscape to the latest release in ubuntu?01:47
needhelpPelo: where do I adjust the charset ?01:47
Peloneedhelp, goodquestion01:47
TooShort4i dont know how to boot from the cd drive tho. i dont have that option, i dont think01:47
Peloneedhelp, before ,when it worked, what language were you using ?01:47
sdsheeksTooShort4: is your cd drive the first boot device?01:47
TooShort4it says Diskette Drive01:48
prince_jammysneedhelp: so i take it that what you did the other day didn't work?01:48
sdsheeksTooShort4: do you see an option to change it to cd?01:48
Ashfire908TooShort4, if you have a cdrom drive and havn't messed with the bios settings it should work...01:48
sdsheeksTooShort4: if you can do that all you'll need to do is put in the cd rom and reboot01:48
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
Ashfire908TooShort4, al you need is for the cdrom to be higer on the list then the hard drive01:48
TooShort4then how come the real ubuntu disc doesnt do it?01:48
sdsheeksTooShort4: do what?01:49
Ashfire908TooShort4, "real" ubuntu disc?01:49
deephey every one01:49
needhelpprince_jammys: after what i did yesterday - 3 letters/characters now works properly. But there are still a few left that still doesnt appear ..01:49
needhelpPelo: norwegian also01:49
Peloneedhelp,  can you get any other 3rd level symbols from your keyboard ?01:49
deep OK, I have a few questions, Im useing ubuntu gutsy and Im trying to acces a windows shared folder on my LAN , I can see the computer in network but when I try to open it I get an error msg that says "The folder contents could not be displayed. Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "Windows Network: cap"." Please help me or direct me to the solution to my problem.01:49
sdsheeksTooShort4: you have downloaded the ubuntu iso and burn it to cd right?01:49
Ashfire908TooShort4, just pop the cd in and then reboot/boot the comp. it should just work.01:50
needhelpPelo: the AltGr -symbols ?01:50
Radiergumm1can i find a plug for write img files ?01:50
Peloneedhelp,  yes01:50
deepIs there some setting or program I need to view windows network shares?01:51
Flannel!samba | deep01:51
ubotudeep: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:51
TooShort4yes. i put it as make bootable01:51
prince_jammysneedhelp: i see01:51
Pelobrb , afk01:51
Radiergumm1samba://ip or pc name01:51
sdsheeksTooShort4: have you tried it?01:51
TooShort4not yet01:51
needhelpPelo: No.  only level 1 and 2 (shift)01:51
deepCool I heard that samba sucks is it true?01:51
sdsheeksTooShort4: well give it a try..leave it in the cd drive and reboot01:51
Ashfire908TooShort4, just try it.01:51
sdsheeksTooShort4: we'll be here if you have problems.....1156 users online01:51
Radiergumm1there. can i write .img files in ubuntu?01:52
Flanneldeep: no.  It works as advertised.  There are better methods, but windows doesn't support them01:52
TooShort4its burning right now01:52
deepFing windows01:52
southafrikanseI only have sound with my headphones. From my internal speakers forget it01:52
sdsheeksdeep: what do you mean samba sucks?01:52
Ashfire908TooShort4, if you burn the iso it will automaticlly make it bootable?01:52
up_the_ironsanyone here have a thinkpad T61 with 7.10 on it?  If so, does the screen brightness, even at "reported" maximum, stay dimmer when the power isn't plugged in?01:52
MaddethRadiergumm1 should just be able to right click the image and burn it to disc01:52
|Prometheus|I'm having some problems with my kernel.. and am pretty new to linux in general.. the  kernel 2.6.22-14-generic does not seem to recognise the ide=nodma parameter. Can i go to an older kernel that does support this, without having to reinstall or lose any data01:53
TooShort4I used Roxio Creator Premier and hit make bootable and then burned the iso01:53
tiiduzcould someone help me with edid and gdm in query, please?01:53
TooShort42 minutes left on the burn so il try it then01:53
sdsheeksTooShort4: hrm not sure what that will do, but the iso is already bootable01:54
TooShort4eh, worth a try anywho01:54
TooShort4I have the ubuntu 6.06 disc from the ubuntu website01:54
sdsheeksTooShort4: this is what i use when in windows - http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm01:54
Ashfire908TooShort4,are you just burning the iso file itself to the disc?01:54
TooShort4and that didnt boot01:54
TooShort4Ashfire908: yes01:54
sdsheeksTooShort4: then just right click on the iso and choose "write image file"01:54
FlannelTooShort4: When you view the contents of the disk, do you see a single "iso" file?01:54
Ashfire908TooShort4, you need to burn the iso image01:55
sdsheeksFlannel: he's still burning it01:55
Ashfire908TooShort4, not the file itself01:55
|Prometheus|TooShort4, get IMGBurn if that fails mate - it will automatically discover the cd as bootable. its totally freeware too.. www.imgburn.com Open the iso with it.01:55
FlannelTooShort4: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:55
Ashfire908TooShort4, go get a burner with a burn from iso image feature.01:55
FlannelTooShort4: that has freeware for windows if your current burning software wont work with isos properly.01:55
techqbertwhy isn't noatime default?01:56
TooShort4it booted to windows01:56
sdsheeksTooShort4: then download one of the programs we provided links for and reburn01:56
kr0nusis it possible to redirect a window that's already opened locally to another computer that's ssh'd in with X11 forwarding?01:56
unholymarriageis your bios set to boot from cd ??01:56
sdsheeksTooShort4: and check your bios and make sure cd is the first option prior to harddisk01:56
TooShort4i dont know., i dont know how to view that01:57
TooShort4it syuas first boot diskette drive or something01:57
Ashfire908unholymarriage, sdsheeks, he isn't burning hte iso image but instead the file itself.01:57
TooShort4is there a porgram i can download that i can change the bios to?01:58
TooShort4or how do i view it01:58
Ashfire908TooShort4, read above for info on getting a burning program that supports burning iso images.01:58
TooShort4mine does01:58
SamusMandoes anybody here have any experience with the broadcom 4318?01:58
unholymarriageum...when you first boot it will say at the bottom to change sytem settings press F10....or it may say F12...or something else01:58
TooShort4Roxio Creator does. this is an older laptop though01:58
necodemushas anyone here tried Google Earth on Ubunto 7.10?01:58
TooShort4the only thing mine says when booting is System Setupo: F201:59
unholymarriagethat get s you into bios01:59
Ashfire908TooShort4, i thought you said you burned the iso file and not the image01:59
sdsheeksAshfire908: understand that is why he was provided several freeware links to iso burning software01:59
|Prometheus|TooShort4, i think you have put the iso directly onto the disc though - you should not have to choose make cd bootable. it should be detected as a bootable iso01:59
needhelpprince_jammys, Pelo: so any ideas how to make the AltGr-characters work ?01:59
TooShort4oops. i gotta burn the img and not the iso?01:59
unholymarriagewell f2 is what you push...before it boots to windows01:59
Ashfire908TooShort4, yes.01:59
sdsheeksTooShort4: the iso is just a container that you burn...there are many many files inside of the iso01:59
TooShort4ah woops01:59
sdsheeksTooShort4: :)01:59
moDumasshey all, so i have an appt from synaptic, but there is a newer stable version, how do i update what i have to the newer stable version?02:00
Ashfire908TooShort4, :)02:00
gardenhosequestion: how do you add something to an autoboot process?02:00
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:00
|Prometheus|TooShort4, get imgburn from igburn.com - open it after installing (its 1.96mb) - select burn iso to disc... select your 7.10iso and notice it automatically selects bootable.. burn that with verify selected - then try :)02:00
SamusMani have attempted https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4318_%5bAirForce_One_54g%5d?highlight=%28broadcom%29 as well as several other howto's, but none have worked for me02:00
prince_jammysneedhelp: i've been away, but did you look at this?: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=13903902:01
sdsheeksSamusMan: ahhhh02:01
necodemusNoneone has tried google earth on 7.10?02:01
sdsheeksSamusMan: got mine working but took me an hour or so02:01
unholymarriageI have02:01
sdsheeksSamusMan: just to make sure we are talking about the same thing...wireless device right?02:01
G1015I have a hard drive with about 400 gigs of data on it.. is it possible to use truecrypt to encrypt that drive without moving/erasing the data from the drive first?02:01
SamusMansdsheeks: yes, a wireless card.  how did you get yours working?02:01
LukeLCTooshort4, its imgburn.com incase you didn't guess. great software =)02:01
sdsheeksSamusMan: honestly? not sure02:01
necodemusunholy -- did you have any problems when it boots up it kicks you out of the system then relogs on?02:02
sdsheeksSamusMan: and i've been using linux since 96..it was a pain02:02
cobolfoogardenhose, check /etc/rc.local file02:02
sdsheeksSamusMan: let me go back through some of my bookmarks02:02
unholymarriagei had no problems with it myself02:02
SamusMansdsheeks: thank you :)02:02
gardenhosethank you02:02
|Prometheus|i use the bcm43xx driver also - its the firmware you have to enable as its locked by default.. you need bcm43xx-fwcutter02:02
necodemusunholy -- crapola then...02:02
needhelpprince_jammys: yes, seen it, done it, but still...02:02
sdsheeksSamusMan: here is the page I followed -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19017702:02
sdsheeksSamusMan: do note that you will need to reboot02:03
necodemusunholy -- np...02:03
prince_jammysneedhelp: check this (also relates to norwegian)::  http://forum.beryl-project.org/viewtopic.php?t=136602:03
needhelpprince_jammys: I AM able to write norwegian letters now, it's only the "3rd level chars" (altgr+2)-type characters that dont appear02:03
SamusManah, that's one i haven't tried yet, sdsheeks.  thank you :)02:03
tiiduzok, so, i need to get EDID reinstalled, and GDM, as X wont start on startup, says "get-edid not installed".02:03
tiiduzXserv is off, and it should be restarted once GDM is in order. Im not able to connect to internet, so i need to use the livecd. Would be nice if someone could help me with this :)02:03
sdsheeksSamusMan: couldn't get it to work no matter what I tried....but then I read to reboot and poof it worked so try that if it looks like it isn't working02:03
prince_jammysneedhelp: gotcha. i am searching for that specific problem02:04
necodemusok then...here is another one for ya'll...how do I get 7.10 to recognize my home network.02:04
sdsheeksSamusMan: is this a laptop?02:04
deepHey thanks for the links, When I try the command " sudo mkdir /Ebooks/EbooksCAP" I get an error that says "mkdir: cannot create directory `/Ebooks/EbooksCAP': No such file or directory02:04
unholymarriageum you mean a windows based network ??02:04
jack-desktopmy terminal iss02:04
cobolfoodeep that mean that /Ebooks does not exist02:05
TooShort4do i click create image file from file/folder and then select the iso then burn it?02:05
deepAny suggestions is this a syntax error or somthing else02:05
WerdnaHi, I have two machines on the same wireless network. They can both get to the internet itself, but I can't ping either from the other, nor ssh from one to the other. I just upgraded one from Kubuntu feisty to Kubuntu gutsy - and the problem's existed since then.02:05
jack-desktopgoing slow, is that... a problem? lol02:05
necodemusunholy -- yes02:05
cobolfoodeep: check the case02:05
dn4I have a txt file, how do I get my computer to read it to me?02:05
Werdnadn4: festival <textfile>02:05
Ashfire908TooShort4, yep02:05
deepcobolfoo What do you mean "check the case"?02:05
cobolfoodeep: on Linux, Ebooks and ebooks, or EBoOks is not seen as the same folder02:06
Ashfire908TooShort4, oh no02:06
jexmexanybody know what a good site for streaming movies/tv shows is?02:06
|Prometheus|TooShort4, no.. you already have the image created - you want to choose burn image file to disc02:06
Ashfire908TooShort4, sorry.02:06
sdsheeksdeep: in other words..it is case sensitive02:06
Ashfire908TooShort4, you need to... do what |Prometheus| said.02:06
TooShort4so write image file to disc?02:07
|Prometheus|Ashfire908, I saw you just realised yourself :)02:07
|Prometheus|TooShort4, Yep02:07
deepok so with this command I should be entering the name of the shared folder on the windows box, is that correct?02:07
simgislabwill ubuntu server install and run ok under virtual pc?02:07
Werdnanever mind, the IP just changed02:07
TooShort4its an iso though, dont i have to make it a .img02:07
Ashfire908|Prometheus|, just before you corrected me... i need to not skim...02:07
deepmkdir: cannot create directory `/Ebooks/EbooksCAP': No such file or directory02:08
|Prometheus|TooShort4, no buddy - the iso is an "image" file - of a cd02:08
jon_high9000hi there. i was wondering is there any way of downloading ubuntu for powermacs?02:08
|Prometheus|Ashfire908, :) I do it all the time02:08
cobolfoodeep, does Ebooks exists in your / directory?02:08
SamusMansdsheeks: still no wireless support...there was only one step in that list i hadn't tried02:08
ropieecant help me pls02:08
TooShort4ok im burning it02:08
sdsheeksSamusMan: did you reboot?02:08
SamusMansdsheeks: yes, that's what i was just doing02:08
unholymarriagenecodemus try this http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy ...read the samba section02:08
gardenhosedoes ubuntu have an /sbin/chkconfig file?02:09
sdsheeksSamusMan: oh didn't notice :) hrm okay where did you get your drive.inf file?02:09
gardenhosecause i'm not getting anything on my system02:09
SamusMansdsheeks: from my windows partition02:09
ropieei cant u browse website02:09
sdsheeksSamusMan: is this a laptop?02:09
deepcobolfoo: No there is no ebook directory on my u-box02:09
SamusMansdsheeks: yes02:09
|Prometheus|SamusMan, to get my bcm43xx card working was simply a case of "sudo apt-get install bcm43xx-fwcutter", then "sudo apt-get install bcm43xx-firmware"02:09
sdsheeksSamusMan: brand/model02:09
ropieebecause cant resolv to host02:09
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: you're lucky that didn't work for me02:09
TooShort4i just wanna make sure it will boot though. i dont know how to check the bios02:10
SamusMan|Prometheus|: that was the first thing i tried02:10
Ashfire908ropiee, can't resolve the host? check your dns servers.02:10
necodemusunholy -- thanks, loading it up...floodbot3....makes me think of the old warfare stuff we did on IRC back in the day02:10
cobolfoodeep you cannot create a folder inside a  unexisting folder :)02:10
TooShort4sorry, im probably a real bother, but im a n00b.02:10
SamusMansdsheeks: dell inspiron 142002:10
ropieehow to generate resolv.conf by networkmanager???02:10
sdsheeksSamusMan: i would go to dells website and get the latest drive for your wireless device and unzip to a tmp folder..then use the inf that comes with that.02:10
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, don't know if that method unlocked the restriction - i went to restricted drivers in system-> restricted drivers manager and ticked allow on the bcm firmware too02:10
Ashfire908ropiee, right click the network icon in the top right of your screen and clikc the net info option02:10
sdsheeksSamusMan: i tried from my vista partion, but it didn't work..had to go get an xp version02:11
dn4wait Werdna wow do you by chance research AC?02:11
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: it never showed up there for me02:11
SamusManah, ok, that might be my problem02:11
mad_max02how do you remount dvd drive without ejecting it ??02:11
ejerropiee:  sudo dhclient02:11
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: only thing that would show in restricted was my nvidia driver02:11
SamusMansdsheeks: i had disregarded that my .inf ended in 6 instead of 5, assuming i had a newer version, but i guess that's the difference02:11
sdsheeksSamusMan: possibly yes..in my case there was02:12
sdsheeksSamusMan: my laptop came with vista and i tried that one first.02:12
deepcobolfoo can I pm you?02:12
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, ahhh - don't know then buddy. its prob a newer chipset than my card02:12
cobolfoomad_max: something like: "sudo umount /media/cdrom0", then "sudo mount /media/cdrom0"02:12
sdsheeksSamusMan: it will work..just takes some tweaking...very stable at least for me been up for days without an issue02:12
cobolfoodeep: not having time for PM :]02:12
TooShort4the reason im installing ubuntu is cause i bought this lapopt for $20 but it came with XP and it was made for 95. next best thing is ubuntu02:12
ropieeejer....sudo dhclient??...02:13
TooShort4so it was uber slow02:13
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: i'm an old gentoo hack...so i knew i would get it....just had to go the hard route02:13
Ashfire908ropiee, are the primary and secondary dns servers in the net info ""?02:13
TooShort4is diskette drive the same as cd drive02:13
Ashfire908TooShort4, no02:13
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, :) cool bud02:13
sdsheeksTooShort4: no02:13
TooShort4the primary is diskette. how do i change it to cd?02:13
dn4No default voice found in ("/usr/share/festival/voices/")02:13
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: started with slacker .04 or something like that back in 94-96 range02:13
dn4any ideas on how to solve this?02:13
SamusMansdsheeks, i have found information saying that i should be using bcmwl5a.inf instead of bcmwl5.inf, but i can't seem to find it anywhere >.>02:14
ropieeok thx02:14
Ashfire908TooShort4, the cd drive does not need to be the complete top. it just needs to be above the har drive entry02:14
unholymarriagedo you have primary highlighted ??02:14
ropieecan resolv right now02:14
TooShort4how do i set it there?02:14
sdsheeksSamusMan: not even from dells website?02:14
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, wow... I havent been using Linux long at all... Hoary was when i made the switch over from doze02:15
cobolfoodn4 : check for package named: festvox-kdlpc16k02:15
Ashfire908TooShort4, from the bios setup screen. reboot and when it says "press F2 to enter setup" or whatever hit f202:15
SamusMansdsheeks, i'm on my way there, but their website has some loops to jump through02:15
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: i have been off and on for 10+ years now02:15
TooShort4i did02:15
sdsheeksSamusMan: yea tell me about it....so does HP02:15
TooShort4but i dont know how to change it when i get there02:15
TooShort4it goes diskette drive, internal HDD, none02:15
unholymarriageuse your arrow keys02:15
TooShort4i did. it wont move02:15
sdsheeks|Prometheus|: ubuntu is pretty neat though..just have to get use to the layout02:15
HazardXwell, you made it creeps02:16
creepshaha yeh02:16
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, Yeah I know what you mean... I'm getting there - pretty much I think... Too used to Slax 6 (backtrack build)02:16
TooShort4so it wont let me change it02:16
Ashfire908TooShort4, select none and hit enter or whatever and chant it to cdrom drive, then hit + (that usally moves it up)02:16
jon_high9000hi there. i was wondering is there any way of downloading ubuntu for powermacs?02:16
HazardXFunny how my name mutates a little accross networks...oh well.02:16
unholymarriageyes jon ... you need the ppc version02:17
ejer!ppc | jon_high900002:17
SamusMansdsheeks: it's an exe; should i wine it to get the files i need?02:17
ubotujon_high9000: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ02:17
TooShort4not working02:17
Ashfire908TooShort4, there should be some key of what buttons do at the right or bottom of the bios screen02:17
sdsheeksSamusMan: you can try to unzip it02:17
creepshow do i go root or set root password?02:17
WhoaItsPhilanyone know a way to get a video stream to work through firefox or VLC that i can only seem to make work on my windows machine with internet explorer?02:17
sdsheekscreeps: sudo su02:17
SamusMansdsheeks: are you saying it might be a zip folder in disguise?02:18
Ashfire908!root | creeps02:18
ubotucreeps: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:18
TooShort4it says <>  change values, but when i go over it doesnt change it02:18
sdsheekscreeps: normally you would just put "sudo" in front of the command though02:18
sdsheeksSamusMan: might be yea..some are02:18
J-_Has anyone had any problems with the Toshiba U300-NS6 that were not fixable?02:18
sdsheeksSamusMan: HP's are02:18
codenameWell last night my Video card was working fine. I dusted my computer out today with a can of compressed air, and It was probably on not even a couple of hours, until I clicked on the Synaptic Package Manager to update, and then it said "Please Check Signal Cable" I noticed my fan on my Video Card was not moving anymore, I got it back going, then it did the same thing, but this time the fan was moving, I noticed there was a Wireles02:18
codenames card basically RIGHT under the Video Card practically touching the Video Card, I removed that, I havn't had any more problems, oh by the way, it would say "Check Signal Cable" every 4-6 Min, I've been on it atleast 20. I also noticed the Monitor cable was loose, but again I tightened that up, and still same result, it's only when I removed the Wireless card that my Video Card worked, my question is, do you think that sovled the02:18
SamusManit sure is, sdsheeks02:18
Ashfire908TooShort4, so "<" and  ">" doesn't do anything02:18
sdsheeksSamusMan: :)02:18
sdsheeksSamusMan: i need to jet for a few..wife is yelling at me about something02:19
sdsheeksSamusMan: |Prometheus| should be able to help :)02:19
SamusMansdsheeks: there is a setup.exe inside it02:19
TooShort4it doesnt change it. neither does enter02:19
sdsheeksSamusMan: ick!02:19
SamusMansdsheeks: ok, thanks for your time02:19
SamusMansdsheeks: i'll just wine it02:19
creepsright now to install ntfs-3g02:19
Ashfire908TooShort4, hmm.02:19
Ashfire908TooShort4, did you just try booting the cd?02:20
TooShort4i got a webcam and msn/aim on this computer i can show you if02:20
TooShort4booting it in regular windows?02:20
|Prometheus|TooShort4, if you cannot get your bios to change to boot from cd - in windows, download sbminst (smart boot manager). start a cmd window and use the command "sbminst -t us -d 128 -y" from the directory it is located in. this will install the smart boot manager to your first hdd mbr. it has a list of options and one of them is boot cd rom02:20
Ashfire908TooShort4, no just insert the disc and restart.02:20
jscinozhey guys, i want to back up to a universally read/write cifs share, and encrypt my data, I'm planning on making a truecrypt volume on this share and mounting it then using rsync to mirror my filesystem to this truecrypt volume, would this be a good idea?02:20
TooShort4Ash yes i tried that02:20
TooShort4Prom thanks a bunch il try that now02:21
deepHellow Im trying to edit my Fsatb file to mount a drive with samba how to I access this file as the root?02:21
|Prometheus|TooShort4, np buddy02:21
speeddemon8803!fstab | deep02:21
ubotudeep: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:21
TooShort4but hey i got this laptop for $20. can't beat that. its in great shape02:21
Ashfire908|Prometheus|, which then adds a boot manager that might get destoried by the ubuntu installer...02:21
jon_high9000unholymarriage:  I also have a 2006 Athlon 64 bit Compaq Presario that had by accident the ethernet card was fried by an electrical storm three weeks back. i imagine it would fairly inexpensive to get a  replacement ethernet card eh?02:21
cobolfoodeep: ALT-F2 : gksudo gedit /etc/fstab02:21
* Ashfire908 is going02:21
jscinozHey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, (i bought it with windows preisntalled, wiped it and put ubuntu on), i'm wondering if dell maintains a repo with dell specific tools (e.g. bios updaters) as they sell ubuntu-preinstalled computers.02:21
deep<speeddemon8803 : where deep is my user name?02:22
pretenderanyone running koverartist on ubuntu 7.10 i installed through synaptic but cant find the program any where HELP02:22
unholymarriagetype sudo nano /etc/fstab02:22
|Prometheus|Ashfire908, it will get destroyed by the ubuntu installer - yes, but grub will detect the windows partition and add that to the list, then over writing the sbinst manager with grub and the options to boot kernel, recovery, memtest and windows02:22
speeddemon8803yes deep :)02:22
speeddemon8803dont type deep: just read the information and follow it.02:22
TooShort4so i just download that then run cmd and put sbminst -t us -d 128 -y and it should let me boot from cd?02:23
Ashfire908|Prometheus|, would problay be better to later just try to fix the bios settings02:23
speeddemon8803sudo gedit /etc/fstab is all you need to do02:23
|Prometheus|TooShort4,  yep - it'll show a blue screen before windows boots - dont be scared of it - just select boot cdrom from the list of options02:23
speeddemon8803unholy your helping deep too?02:23
TooShort4haha okay.02:24
TooShort4that usually scares me02:24
speeddemon8803if so, ill back up :)02:24
|Prometheus|TooShort4, :)02:24
creepsright i have dl  ntfs-3g to my desktop and when i type in command to install it says no target specified and no makefile found02:24
TooShort4after i run that do i manually restart?02:24
fredmvwell cause it's usually a BSOD02:24
unholymarriagei guess i did not see the other fellows entry02:24
creepshow do i get it to install ?02:24
|Prometheus|TooShort4,  yes - it should give confirmation of it installing02:24
SamusManbah, dell gave me the wrong drivers02:25
erUSUL!ntfs-3g | creeps02:25
ubotucreeps: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:25
cobolfoocreeps : sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g (no need to compile the driver)02:25
creepsinc wots in ()02:25
iceswordwhat you wrote in linux,windows will treat it as fragile02:25
southafrikanse"configure: error: this packages requires a curses library" how can I solve this?02:26
jramseyanyone know if there's a joomla channel?02:26
erUSULsouthafrikanse: install libncurses5-dev  ??02:27
jribsouthafrikanse: what are you compiling?02:27
southafrikanseI was compiling alsa-utils-1.0.1602:27
Hilikushey guys, how do i expand a ext3 partition??02:27
jon_high9000unholy: no reply necessary.  understand you busy helping others. besides thank you very much for the help. it is appreciated.02:27
creepsright im on ubuntu 7.10 but my ntfs storage drves cant been found02:27
deepHow do I enter directories with spaces in them?02:27
ubotujoomla information can be had here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Joomla02:27
southafrikansejrib, I was compiling alsa-utils-1.0.1602:28
Hilikusdeep in the console?02:28
speeddemon8803deep like home/speeddemon8803/Desktop/What_is_this02:28
erUSULdeep: scape the espaces dir\ with\ space02:28
Hilikusdeep cd "dir with spaces"02:28
Hilikusor escape the spaces with \02:28
speeddemon8803or...any of the following after ;)02:28
deepIll try the "dir with spaces" method02:29
erUSULdeep: easier use tab completion ;)02:29
Hilikusdeep dir "with spaces, not "dir with spaces"02:29
=== SkuLL is now known as Mr-K
cobolfoodeep: You can also drag&drop the folder from the graphical interface into your console, it will happen the full directory at the end of the current command02:29
WhoaItsPhilanyone know a way to get a video stream to work through firefox or VLC  on gutsy that i can only seem to make work on my windows machine with internet explorer? trying to get www.channelsurfing.net content to stream on my gutsy machine...won't even run in firefox on windows...only thing that works is internet explorer :-(02:30
dn4festival myearlylife.txt  SIOD ERROR: unbound variable : I.02:30
unholymarriagephil does the stream require direct x ??02:31
TooShort4it wont let me type it in02:31
TooShort4it loads up, and then files come up, and then it closes02:31
creepsright ivehit a nouther prob02:31
necodemuswell, I broke something now02:31
WhoaItsPhilunholymarriage, i'm not sure...doesn't say02:31
WhoaItsPhilhow could i find out?02:31
TooShort4it loads up a bunch of stuff in cmd comes up then it closes02:31
creepsmy sata drive is stopping it mounting my drives02:31
necodemus"an error occoured" in add./remove programs and synaptic manager....02:32
creepsits my windows drive02:32
|Prometheus|TooShort4, OK - open a cmd window02:32
necodemusE: Type 'wget' is not known on line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list02:32
necodemusE: The list of sources could not be read.02:32
necodemusGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.02:32
necodemusE: _cache->open() failed, please report.02:32
|Prometheus|TooShort4, now navigate to the path where you saved the sbminst.exe file02:32
KnifaIs there anyway to install ubuntu with just the base command line tools? I suppose it goes against the point of Ubuntu but I'd like start off with a minimal system and not all of the extra stuff it installs.02:32
prince_jammys!minimal | Knifa02:32
ubotuKnifa: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:32
erUSULnecodemus: the line 56 on your /etc/apt/sources.list is bogus check it wirth a text editor02:33
|Prometheus|TooShort4, now type sbminst.exe and tell me the output please02:33
unholymarriagephil it requires a directx plug in so....unfortunatly its my understanding its windows only...02:33
TooShort4wait so in cmd do i type the path02:33
prince_jammys!alternate | Knifa02:34
ubotuKnifa: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal02:34
Knifaprince_jammys, is this an actual minimal install or just a smaller CD that downloads from the repositories instead of getting it from the CD?02:34
WhoaItsPhilugh...no way at all to get a directx plugin for linux? hmm...is it possible to install internet explorer through wine or cedega on ubuntu and get it to work that way?02:34
|Prometheus|TooShort4, I mean navigate to where the file is located... so if its on @ c:\sbminst do cd \02:34
prince_jammysKnifa: you make it as minimal as you want by choosing the packages02:34
erUSULKnifa: begin with a server install and add packages from that02:34
deepNow the console says that line 11 of ect/fstab is bad. line 11 of ect fstab is "//CAP/"10 Ebooks" /usr/ebooksCAP cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  0" where //cap/"10 Ebooks" is the computer name and directory im want to mount02:34
Knifaprince_jammys oh ho, thank you02:34
pipcokeWho is watching ChrisPirillo?02:35
KnifaerUSUL that also sounds good, i will look into that too :302:35
prince_jammysKnifa: or you can begin with a server install as suggested above02:35
Knifaokay excellent.02:35
unholymarriageyou can get ie on linux...but directx wont work , as far as i know02:35
southafrikanseI've just done this: http://thio4linux.wordpress.com/2007/10/06/intel-hda-intel-corporation-82801g/02:35
|Prometheus|TooShort4, or if on desktop - do "cd \" then "cd "documents and settings\YOURUSERNAME\desktop"02:35
southafrikanseAnd it doesn't work =/02:35
dn4festival myearlylife.txt SIOD ERROR: unbound variable : My <-- Any ideas why this is happening?02:35
cobolfoodeep replace " with ', if not working replace "10 Ebooks" with 10\ Ebooks02:35
jramseymysql SET PASSWORD: is 'root'@'localhost' enough or do i need to explicitly specify my host name?02:35
pipcokeyou know what works good in winedoors opera02:35
TooShort4ok it came up02:35
prince_jammysKnifa: you dont even have to install the server components in the server install02:35
creepswooo it works thanx fellas02:35
|Prometheus|TooShort4, ok - what did it say02:35
|Prometheus|TooShort4, did it run through the options?02:36
WhoaItsPhilhmmm...so the only way i'm ever gonna watch streams on that site is with a windows box through internet explorer? that sucks...what about mac users? my friend has a macbook and he can never get it to run on there either...just doesn't make sense...why so little support?02:36
necodemuser -- it says I cant change it...I see the wget02:36
prince_jammysjramsey: localhost is fine02:36
jramseyprince_jammys, txs02:36
pipcokedid you get flash and or divx02:36
TooShort4ok i did what you said and it said an application attempted to directly access the hard disk and it isnt allowed. click close or ignore02:36
necodemusit says I dont have permission02:37
pipcokeoh you have my permission02:37
prince_jammysnecodemus: editing sources.lst?02:37
unholymarriagewell if your friend has a intel mac he could use parralles to see it, but there are many sites that use windows drm that are windows only.... I have to watch netflix on windows....02:37
necodemusthanks pip :)02:37
|Prometheus|TooShort4, You may have to restart in sfe mode and do the command from there... disable your antivirus before you run the command as its probably protecting your disk mbr too02:37
necodemusprince -- yes02:38
|Prometheus|*safe mode02:38
TooShort4okay cool.02:38
WhoaItsPhilbleh...thats terrible02:38
prince_jammysnecodemus: in a terminal or in gui?02:38
pipcokemeh i want some coke02:38
jramseyprince_jammys, have you used joomla?02:38
prince_jammysjramsey: no02:38
unholymarriageyes it is unfortunate02:38
necodemusprince -- gui02:38
deepIm still getting the line 11 bad02:38
cobolfooWhoaItsPhil, have you tried installing directshow filters/codecs ? http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/en/mplayer-codec-update/02:38
WhoaItsPhilno but i'll try it02:39
cobolfoodont forget to restart firefox after installing the codecs02:39
WhoaItsPhilk thanks i'll let you know if it works02:39
deepWhen trying to edit this line do i need to put the workgroup name in there somewhere?02:39
runemaste644how would i go about adding root to the fuse group from a command line?02:39
prince_jammysnecodemus: close it and  in a terminal:: gksudo _name_of_file      and it'll re-open and you will have permission02:40
pipcokeponzi mandy kat and michelle02:40
prince_jammysnecodemus: you can't edit that file as normal user02:40
demonsporkjust want to spread the good news, I am mirroring the whole gutsy repo02:40
demonsporkon an external HDD02:40
southafrikansehttp://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h61/southafrikanse/Screenshot-9.png WHat happened??02:41
cobolfoorunemast644: edit the file: /etc/group, go to the line fuse:x:106: add root at the end, you have to edit this file as root02:41
prince_jammysnecodemus: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list02:41
cobolfoochanges are not active until you relogin02:41
prince_jammysnecodemus: do that, not what i said the first time, i forgot "gedit"02:42
pipcokei tried to put a screensaver on my desktop and i have the wrong version of compiz and the wrong version of ubuntu now my screensavers wont play02:42
deepNow Im having the same problem as before-------> The console says that line 11 of ect/fstab is bad. line 11 of ect fstab is "//CAP/"10 Ebooks" /usr/ebooksCAP cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  0" where //cap/"10 Ebooks" is the computer name and directory im want to mount02:43
TooShort4it does the same thing in safe mode02:43
necodemusim in the file...wha should I change the line to say?02:43
Dr_willisdeep ivve never been able to put shares with SPACES in the names in the fstab properly.02:43
jacob_i'm having problems using postgresql as my database for amarok02:43
deepI get this when I try to sudo mount -a02:43
necodemuswget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O-02:43
jacob_how do i set it up?02:43
Dr_willisdeep it may be best to rename that share to 10_Ebooks02:43
|Prometheus|TooShort4, what virus software are you using?02:43
Dr_willisdeep or use the smbfuse tools to access the share.02:44
deepIll try mounting to a share with no spaces02:44
|Prometheus|TooShort4, do you have a floppy disc drive? and a blank disc?02:44
deepsmbfuse? where can I find this?02:44
pipcokeis anyone else using enlightenment02:44
TooShort4i have a blank disc. no floppy02:44
Dr_willis!info smbfuse02:44
ubotuPackage smbfuse does not exist in gutsy02:44
TooShort4its a laptop, remember that02:44
pipcokeor extasy02:44
Dr_willis!info fusesmb | deep02:44
ubotudeep: fusesmb (source: fusesmb): filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.6-1 (gutsy), package size 29 kB, installed size 140 kB02:44
deepwill try it thank you02:44
Dr_willisdeep theres a ubuntu wiki page on fusesmb also that walks ya through it. Its very handy.02:45
sean_I have have a folder on my main partition (ntfs) for torrents and when I copy them to my music partition (fat32) I seem to lose ownership of them and my media player doesn't pick them up when it scans. It didn't used to do that, any thoughts?02:45
cobolfoodeep: I remember a tool called: smb4k (a KDE package), when you choose a share, it does all the mount thing for you02:45
|Prometheus|TooShort4, yes... one second - let me boot my windows machine and try to get sbm working02:45
ASTURIASI installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy, I installed it with the alternate ISO and when the installation completed and the computer restarts I see a menu with the Operating Systems, there is Ubuntu... generic and Windows XP because I have two OS installed on my laptop but this error occurs:  Checking root file system... fsck /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY RUN fsck MANUALLY and when I run it manually, this appears... Group 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with s02:45
Dr_willisdeep  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb02:45
TrustNoOnedoes geeksquad suck?02:46
deepDr willis is fusesmb somthing I can use insead of samba or does it work with samba?02:46
andyCan someone help me get my wireless, and get my resolution past 800x600?02:46
Dr_willisTrustNoOne,  from bestbuy? Yes - they really do.02:46
FuriousMojoTrustNoOne: they're terrible02:46
pipcokewow you guys should really pay for your distros02:46
TrustNoOneDr_willis, i got hired there as a tech02:46
Dr_willisdeep it allows the user to access the samba server on the other box.02:46
andyCan someone help me get my wireless, and get my resolution past 800x600?02:47
Dr_willisTrustNoOne,  They totally rip off people - from what ive seen/my friends have seen.02:47
necodemusprince...you still there?02:47
clubsi need to run XMACRO, but i can't find a shortcut or and executable. how do i run it?02:47
deepI dont have samba running on the windows box02:47
prince_jammysnecodemus: yes02:47
prince_jammysnecodemus: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list02:47
pipcokedo you have a video card andy02:47
Dr_willisTrustNoOne,  Document/keep notes. so you can make a  blog later about it. :)02:47
necodemusdid that...02:47
TrustNoOneDr_willis, was referring more to how they treat employees, I know their service isnt that awesome, but you can't expect much if your taking your comp in to get fixed02:47
necodemuswget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O-02:47
=== stevie__ is now known as |Stevie|
ASTURIASI installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy, I installed it with the alternate ISO and when the installation completed and the computer restarts I see a menu with the Operating Systems, there is Ubuntu... generic and Windows XP because I have two OS installed on my laptop but this error occurs:  Checking root file system... fsck /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY RUN fsck MANUALLY and when I run it manually, this appears... Group 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with s02:47
necodemuswhat do I need to change?02:47
andyA video card?02:47
Dr_willisdeep samba IS  the linus name for how windows shares the folders.. samba = windows sharing (sort of)02:47
prince_jammysnecodemus: let me see ...02:47
andyHow else would my monitor work02:48
TrustNoOneDr_willis, i can tell you one thing right now, they ask you technical questions in the interview but you don't have to know all the answers (from what ive seen with the other applicants) and they still hire them02:48
deepthanks dr willis will take a look at the wiki and try connecting to a share with no spaces02:48
pipcoketo get past 800x600 you need at least 256mb of video memory02:48
clubsi need to run XMACRO, but i can't find a shortcut or and executable. how do i run it?02:48
andyHow do I dedicate more to it02:48
rabidsnailSuddenly I get "no such device" in alasmixer for my soundcard, and mplayer and xmms don't work either! It's a neomagic 256zx, and I'm running gutsy. The drivers (snd_nm256) still show up in lsmod, and I don't see anything suspicious in dmesg.02:48
pipcokeno it cant be virtual memory02:48
andyI think its capabale of 1 gig02:48
nickrudpipcoke: that's crap, I've run 1600x1200 with 32mb on voodoo302:48
andyThen let me ask again02:49
andyCan someone help me get my wireless, and get my resolution past 800x600?02:49
pipcokereally on what type of screen?02:49
Dr_willisTrustNoOne,  its all about Profit.   :)  they chargeed my friend $50 to remove all the 'crapware' off his new Vista Laptop....  so for 4 min of work running some cleanup app.. they made $50 - and they still missed it all.. and if he restores the machine..its all back02:49
prince_jammysnecodemus: where did that line come from? did you copy it from somewhere in the internet?  it's a command -- that file shouldn't have commands02:49
nickrudandatche: what kind of video card do you use?   if you're not sure   lspci | grep -i vga will tell you (in a terminal)02:49
rabidsnailandy: have you tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?02:49
prince_jammysnecodemus: if you put a # at the beginning of the line, it will be ignored02:50
pipcokehe uses an onboard video card intel to the extreme02:50
nickrudandy: heh. tab completion, see my question above02:50
ASTURIASI installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy. I installed it with the alternate ISO and when the installation completed and the computer restarts I see a menu with the Operating Systems, there is Ubuntu... generic and Windows XP because I have two OS installed on my laptop but this error occurs:  Checking root file system... fsck /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY RUN fsck MANUALLY and when I run it manually, this appears... Group 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with s02:50
clubsi need to run XMACRO, but i can't find a shortcut or an executable. how do i run it?02:50
necodemusi was following the instructions on http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#How_to_install_Google_Earth_.28World_map_utility.29 ---it didnt owrk :)02:50
deepOK i changed the share to //CAP/FileShare and I got this error after sudo mount -a "mount error: could not find target server. TCP name CAP/FileShare not found02:50
deepNo ip address specified and hostname not found02:50
andynick let me private chat you02:51
necodemusprince -- ok02:51
prince_jammysnecodemus: ok let me check it out02:51
andyits crowded02:51
pipcokeandy if you have ubuntu try right clicking the network icon02:51
prince_jammysnecodemus: delete the line02:51
necodemusprince 10-402:51
ASTURIASI installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy, I installed it with the alternate ISO and when the installation completed and the computer restarts I see a menu with the Operating Systems, there is Ubuntu... generic and Windows XP because I have two OS installed on my laptop but this error occurs:  Checking root file system... fsck /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY RUN fsck MANUALLY and when I run it manually, this appears... Group 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with s02:51
nickrudclubs: install the package xmacro (if you're looking for something that plays keystrokes in X)02:51
nickrudandy: I prefer to stay on mainline, so someone can catch me if I give bad advice02:52
necodemusprince -- deleted and saved...let try it again...02:52
prince_jammysnecodemus: something went wrong when you cut and pasted that stuff02:52
Dr_willisdeep you do have the ip# of CAP in the /etc/hosts file? if not use its ip# instead of its name. Or edit the hosts file.02:52
necodemusprince -- i figured.02:52
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!02:52
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:52
pipcokei read your scroll drool so many times i forget what it said02:52
nickrudandy: you running pidgin?02:52
necodemusprince -- I downloaded the bin file from Google but it crashed the system when I load it up...I guess Im giving up on googleearth02:52
|Prometheus|TooShort4, ok - i do not appear to be able to get around that either.. its been a while since i have installed this so i did not think this error would occur02:52
prince_jammysnecodemus: what's the line after that?02:53
andywhats that02:53
ASTURIASHere it is... I installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy, I installed it with the alternate ISO and when the installation completed and the computer restarts I see a menu with the Operating Systems, there is Ubuntu... generic and Windows XP because I have two OS installed on my laptop but this error occurs:  Checking root file system... fsck /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY RUN fsck MANUALLY and when I run it manually, this appears... Group 0's inode table at 4 co02:53
gollMemTotal:      4149100 kB , this is what I got from cat /proc/meminfo, do I just divide 4149100 by 1024 to get how much ram do I have ?02:53
prince_jammysnecodemus: just to check if some other stuff made it's way in there02:53
pipcokei have an idea reinstall02:53
nickrudASTURIAS: you need to shorten that question down, and not repeat so often02:53
andynick whats that?02:53
prince_jammys*its :)02:53
Dr_willisnecodemus,  google earth was in oneof the alternative ubuntu repos. i recall.02:53
deepDr willis i can get the ip BUT i use dhcp for that sort of thing and I dont want to have to reconfigure the mount every time, where and on which box do i need to edit the host file.02:53
necodemusprince...same error...hang on.02:53
|Prometheus|TooShort4, whats the make / model of the laptop02:53
Dr_willisnecodemus,  i just dont rember where. :)02:53
sean_I have have a folder on my main partition (ntfs) for torrents and when I copy them to my music partition (fat32) I seem to lose ownership of them and my media player doesn't pick them up when it scans. It didn't used to do that, any thoughts?02:53
* solid_liq wavess at Dr_willis 02:54
|Prometheus|TooShort4, i will try to find the bios setup02:54
pipcokedid you know it only takes me 6 mins to install ubuntu02:54
* Dr_willis pokes solid_liq 02:54
nickrudandy: the instant messenger. If you install   xchat   (not xchat-gnome) any post with your name in it will show up red, that makes it easy to follow a convo02:54
TooShort4it is a Dell Latitude model PPS02:54
ASTURIASSomeone have an answer for this question? - When I turn on the computer and Ubuntu is loading the File System check fails...02:54
prince_jammysnecodemus: same error after doing what?02:54
TooShort4PPL* sorruy02:54
necodemusprince -- sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update02:54
necodemussudo aptitude install googleearth02:54
|Prometheus|np :)02:54
nickrudASTURIAS: and give the complete error, not one that's cut off short :)02:55
pipcokethe file system check fails and ubuntu still boots?02:55
necodemusprince_jammys delete those also?02:55
prince_jammysnecodemus: say bye to that line too, and paste the next one02:55
andynick: im on vista right now02:55
TooShort4Prometheus, do you happen to have aim or msn?02:55
prince_jammysnecodemus: yes, those commands where supposed to be executed, not printed to that file02:55
nickrudandy: ah. So, look at the hardware stuff, tell me exactly what video card you have02:55
TheLoraxthis question has probly been asked 100000s of times but, where is the compiz settings manager? I know it's running but I can't change the settings.02:55
prince_jammysnecodemus: that file only contains urls02:56
pipcokehe has an on board intel to the extreme02:56
deepDr willis i can get the ip BUT i use dhcp for that sort of thing and I dont want to have to reconfigure the mount every time, where and on which box do i need to edit the host file.02:56
EldaHmmm, here are some amusing screenshots:  the first is before I activated the restricted drivers, and the next is after xD  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v366/BlueSprite/Linux%20SSes/before.png  - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v366/BlueSprite/Linux%20SSes/After.png02:56
necodemusprince -- delete both lines?  paste what?02:56
nickrudTheLorax: install compizconfig-settings-manager , it will be in prefs as advanced desktop settings02:56
andynick: my display adapter is the mcp67m02:56
prince_jammysnecodemus: delete the wget line and the sudo blah blah line and paste whatever comes after that, if anything02:56
TheLoraxnickrud, thaks02:56
archangelpetrohas anyone tried to setup a microphone on an AudigyZS?02:56
pipcokeno dont install compiz what ever you do02:56
necodemusprince -- ok...nothing comes after that02:56
ASTURIASThe error is: /dev/hda2: Resize inode not valid /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY: RUN fsck MANUALLY but I run it and a Grouop 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with some fs block occurs02:56
prince_jammysnecodemus: ok good now save it02:57
EldaWhat's wrong with compiz? >.<02:57
solid_liqandy, boot with a live disc, and run  fsck -Cr  on it from there02:57
andywhat'll that do?02:57
clubsI need to run XMACRO, but i can't find a shortcut or and executable. how do i run it?02:57
pipcokenothing something is wrong with his computer02:57
andysolid: i also am dualbooting ubuntu, should i just go into ubuntu then?02:57
prince_jammysnecodemus: you know how to pastebin here?02:57
solid_liqandy, that'll fix your filesystem corruption02:57
archangelpetroElda, any time you try to run anything 3d it buggers up :D02:57
necodemusprince -- its up and running02:57
prince_jammysnecodemus: what is?02:58
wease|hello folks02:58
andysolid: i have filesystem corruption?02:58
clubsI need to run XMACRO, but i can't find a shortcut or and executable. I HAVE IT. how do i run it?02:58
necodemusprince -- just wish I could get googleearth to work, im tired of winblows and want to get away from it02:58
archangelpetrohas anyone tried to setup a microphone on an AudigyZS?02:58
nickrudandatche: yes, boot into linux02:58
solid_liqandy, no, you need to use a livecd to fsck the root partition of the ubuntu install...  the install disc you used for ubuntu will probably work as a livecd for that02:58
ShinjinCan someone help me mount a harddrive?02:58
_icesword_if i download alternate cd,could i install the parts what i only to install02:58
pipcokeonly $400 to get my compiz running02:58
|Prometheus|TooShort4, ok - we will just have to use trial and error to get your bios setup02:58
necodemusprince -- synaptic manager, whats a pastebin?02:58
TooShort4okay cool02:58
|Prometheus|restart and enter into your bios again02:58
|Prometheus|f2 or delete02:59
TooShort4F2 right?02:59
nickrudandy: Ok, I've found something that describes what you need to do02:59
andyok great02:59
solid_liqandy, oh crap, wrong person heh02:59
jramseyanyone know where configuration.php might be? it's unwriteable and an install is failing02:59
TooShort4ok im there02:59
prince_jammys!paste | necodemus:: sorry, paste the contents of the file you were editing here so i can check it and make sure02:59
ubotunecodemus:: sorry, paste the contents of the file you were editing here so i can check it and make sure: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:59
pipcokemy sisters win 98 is TAB-Delete to get in the bios02:59
WhoaItsPhilany idea how to get my external usb HDD to mount? it says it had an unclean shutdown and so i do sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o force to force mount it but it tries to then says FUSE mount point creation failed02:59
ShinjinSomeone mind helping me mount a hard disk02:59
solid_liqASTURIAS, boot into your system with a livecd and run  fsck -Cr  on the root partition02:59
|Prometheus|TooShort4, right goto the boot priorities page - or boot sequance. something along those lines03:00
ASTURIAS My CD does not work and I'm using an USB Flash Drive03:00
pipcokea usb flash drive!!!!!!!!!!03:00
|Prometheus|TooShort4, if you dont see one tell me what you have. start ay page 103:00
TooShort4then what03:00
andynick: can you send me a link? if you found something lol03:00
|Prometheus|ok cool03:00
nickrudandy http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=562767 describes it.  In a terminal,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  . Hit enter for everything, but select the video03:00
|Prometheus|right whats the curtrent order?03:00
TooShort4Diskette Drive, Internal HDD, None03:00
necodemusprince...ahhhh...hang on03:01
pipcokecan you get to the os choices on boot?03:01
|Prometheus|and your cdrom drive is connected now?03:01
gabemy wireless internet connection will only work for about 2 minutes after each startup on ubuntu 7.10, any ideas?03:01
ASTURIASWell to the installation again03:01
nickrudandy: That should get you to a 1024x768 screen. At that point, you can take another step.03:01
pipcoketype lower case e03:01
deepI tried to edit my fstab with the ip address and floder of the shared drive and now im getting "mount error: can not change directory into mount target /usr/ebooksCAP"\03:01
TooShort4in windows when i put ubuntu in it came up03:01
andynick gona go try that03:01
TooShort4so yes it is working03:01
|Prometheus|what happens when you press > on disk drive?03:01
TooShort4Modular Bay says CD_ROM if that does any good03:02
pipcokeno intiende espanol por favor03:02
|Prometheus|yes. but you should be able to select that as a boot option unless the bios doesnt support booting from modular device03:02
needhelphow do I use gimp to rotate a picture less than 90 degree ?03:02
|Prometheus|and thats gonna be the problem03:02
clubsI need to run XMACRO, but i can't find a shortcut or and executable. I HAVE IT. how do i run it?03:03
prince_jammysneedhelp: how did the other problem go?03:03
TooShort4it wont let me select anything else03:03
TooShort4BIOS version says A1003:03
|Prometheus|walk e through everything you see on the page03:03
needhelpprince_jammys: gave up for a while :-\03:03
prince_jammysneedhelp: argh sorry03:03
=== server_ is now known as shaary
GFreejust popped into say - ubuntu seems pretty cool. so there you go. :)03:03
deepCan anyone help see question above03:03
ASTURIASDo I have to run a fsck -Cr or fsck -cr when the installation loads?03:04
WhoaItsPhilany idea how to get my external usb HDD to mount? it says it had an unclean shutdown and so i do sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o force to force mount it but it tries to then says FUSE mount point creation failed03:04
cjaehey how do I check if the pci VIA 6421 sata/esata controller is working in ubuntu 7.10, the online company was not nice enough to send cords when I bought a controller and a esata external hdd, maybe they thought it would work w/o them03:04
TooShort4Diskette Drive A: Not Installed Diskette Drive B: Not Installed.  BIOS Version A1003:04
iceswordubotu, come on i love,give me something about alternate cd03:04
pipcokehow about just fsck of format c03:04
necodemusprince -- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57026/03:04
sykeis this where I can ask questions about hardy?03:04
gabemy wireless internet connection will only work for about 2 minutes after each startup on ubuntu 7.10, any ideas?03:04
nickrudclubs: dpkg -L xmacro  will list all the files in the package, one of them should be it03:04
Scunizi__syke: #ubuntu+103:04
ASTURIASof format c?03:04
cjaethere was no package contents listed on the website as well03:05
sykescunizi: thanks!03:05
GFreeis there a way I can change the sensitivity of the volume control on my keyboard? I want it to move less per tick03:05
nickrudWhoaItsPhil: first choice: boot into windows and use windows tools to fix windows formats. second choice, install nftstools and use ntfsfix03:05
necodemusprince -- you get that?03:05
prince_jammysneedhelp: sudo apt-get install grokking-the-gimp   and view the manual in /usr/share/doc/grokking-the-gimp/html/index.html03:05
prince_jammysnecodemus: yeah hold on03:05
prince_jammysnecodemus: use my full nickname in your messages here so they're highlighted on my end (type the first few characters and the tab key to autocomplete)03:05
iceswordan,i remember03:05
NETWizzI need help with PDF Reader03:05
necodemusprince - k03:05
cjae02:02.0 RAID bus controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6421 IDE RAID Controller (rev 50)03:05
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal03:05
TooShort4it says Dell Latitude CP 166ST Setup03:06
necodemusprince_jammys: I knew there was a trick :)03:06
WhoaItsPhilthanks nick03:06
NETWizzIncorrect version of Adobe Reader was found in PATH.  Please make sure Adobe Reader >= 8.1.2 exists in PATH.  If the problem persists, please reinstall the application03:06
ASTURIASSo that should fix the problem when booting?03:06
pipcokeAnybody watching the google android phone give away on live.pirillo.com03:06
|Prometheus|1###right - give e two minutes.. i'll take a look for the 166st support03:06
prince_jammysnecodemus: the file looks fine03:06
needhelpprince_jammys: thanks03:07
iceswordnickrud, can i install from alternatecd part by part,i mean only install the parts i want03:07
prince_jammysnecodemus: now follow the instructions again but paste only one line at a time in the terminal03:07
nickrudicesword: no, but there's a net install you can do that with. A sec03:07
prince_jammysnecodemus: don't retype, paste03:07
needhelpprince_jammys: invalid url03:07
untermenschcan someone help me with burning my ubuntu iso onto a disk ?03:07
iceswordnickrud, netinstall is not a good choice03:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about minimall - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:07
nickrudicesword: the 10mb disk?03:08
prince_jammysnecodemus: when do you get that error?03:08
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:08
nickrudicesword: you've used it? I used the equiv in debian by choice03:08
untermenschcan someone help me with burning my ubuntu iso onto a disk?03:08
necodemusprince_jammys: i did cut and paste...one line at a time...03:08
iceswordnickrud, i only want the parts i need to use03:09
deepI tried to edit my fstab with the ip address and folder of the shared drive and now im getting "mount error: can not change directory into mount target /usr/ebooksCAP" the line I entered in ect/fstab is "// /usr/ebooksCAP cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  0"  How do i mount this network share?03:09
necodemusprince_jammys: the error popped up when I tried to load synaptic package manager or add/remove03:09
necodemusprince_jammys: its fixed now03:09
WhoaItsPhilnickrud, i installed ntfsprogs but how do i go about using ntfsfix to fix my external hdd/03:09
ASTURIASuntermensch: Use any software that can record ISO's like, PowerISO or MagicISO03:09
marceloalguien sabe si los repositorios de http://ubuntu.nooms.de/ estan para gutsy?03:09
ASTURIASor NEro03:09
untermenscho ok03:09
untermenschthat's the thing03:09
untermenschi asked my teacher to help me03:09
cjae02:02.0 RAID bus controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6421 IDE RAID Controller (rev 50)03:09
cjae        Subsystem: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6421 IDE RAID Controller03:09
cjae        Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 32, IRQ 2103:09
cjae        I/O ports at 9000 [size=16]03:09
cjae        I/O ports at 9400 [size=16]03:09
cjae        I/O ports at 9800 [size=16]03:09
untermenschand he used nero03:09
cjae        I/O ports at 9c00 [size=16]03:09
nickrudicesword: you've used it before?03:09
cjae        I/O ports at a000 [size=32]03:09
untermenschand same thing happened with him...03:09
marcelodamn, is me error03:09
cjae        I/O ports at a400 [size=256]03:09
cjae        [virtual] Expansion ROM at 50000000 [disabled] [size=64K]03:09
cjae        Capabilities: <access denied>03:09
untermenschcd came out blank...03:09
pipcokedid he just give a german repository in spanish?03:10
|Prometheus|TooShort4,  doe pressing enter on the boot optio thats disabled not let you select cdrom?03:10
ASTURIASDid you try using PowerISO?03:10
TooShort4yea,. it wont let me do anyting when i hit enter03:10
untermenschjust nero03:10
untermenschand w\e came with my compy03:10
untermenschis poweriso free ?03:10
ASTURIASTry it, and see if the ISO is not corrupted03:10
doctor_thunderif I backup my home directory, and install ubuntu 64, and then unzip my home directory on the new ubuntu's home dir, what can I expect to happen?03:10
marcelothe repo for ubuntu of http://ubuntu.nooms.de/ are available for gutsy gibbon?03:10
linux_trojancorrect me if I am wrong, but am I able install software as normal user? and not necessarily as root in Ubuntu?03:10
untermenschi got it from the ubuntu web site03:10
pipcokeyes linux trojan03:10
nickrudWhoaItsPhil:   sudo ntfsfix /dev/<device>  , but read man ntfsfix first03:11
pipcokewinows update rulz03:11
necodemusprince_jammys: thanks for all the help, time to put the kids to bed.03:11
linux_trojanpipcoke: isnt that a little dangerous?  security issues?03:11
nickruddoctor_thunder: you will have the same personal desktop you had to begin with03:11
cjaeso being that it listed in lspci does that mean the generic kernel is recognizing it?03:11
|Prometheus|I'm afraid that i do not think there is a way to boot from your modular bay... it should default to it by standard... i do not know why it is not doing. And you dont have the modular floppy drive to use?03:11
prince_jammysnecodemus: ok... you should be able to install google earth now03:11
pipcokenot really unless you want my ip?03:11
nickrudcjae: yes03:11
doctor_thundernickrud: Do I need to keep the same username?03:11
TooShort4it doesnt let me change the modular bay03:11
linux_trojanI can get your ip in this room I think03:11
linux_trojanor I can get it if you go to my webserver03:12
pipcokeok linux user03:12
iceswordnickrud, no,i haven't used miniiso before,the basic system,no03:12
NigelSlinux_trojan: no, you don't install software with the permissions of the normal user; you use sudo to escalate your permission temporarily03:12
ASTURIASThis is free: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm03:12
linux_trojanor my ftp server03:12
pipcokewhats your webserver?03:12
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: no, only admin users can install software03:12
TooShort4so i cant install linux?03:12
sean_I have have a folder on my main partition (ntfs) for torrents and when I copy them to my music partition (fat32) I seem to lose ownership of them and my media player doesn't pick them up when it scans. It didn't used to do that, any thoughts?03:12
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: a regular old user cannot sudo03:13
* wease| shakes his head03:13
iceswordTooShort4, what is your problem03:13
linux_trojanprince_jammys: I am installing software by using my regular user password03:13
pipcokei sudo all the time03:13
acee1234my ubuntu crashed and now it cant seem to detect my graphics card any ideas03:13
nickruddoctor_thunder: the user id (1000 by default for the first) is what is stored, not the name. If you user id is 1000 ( grep <yourusername> /etc/passwd will tell you) whatever username you chose will be the new one03:13
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: you are an admin user :)03:13
TooShort4my laptop wont let me boot from a disc so i cant install ubuntu03:13
pipcokenew graphics card?03:13
cjaenickrud, so why does it say [virtual] Expansion ROM at 50000000 [disabled] [size=64K]03:13
cjae ...       Capabilities: <access denied>03:13
linux_trojanin a terminal my user has a $ not a #03:13
iceswordlinux_trojan, do you make trojan for linux?03:13
|Prometheus|icesword, he cannot set his bios to boot from cdrom and he doesn't have a floppy drive03:13
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: you can set up normal user accounts, and they wont be able to sudo03:13
ChapulinAnyone using a bluetooth headset to listen to audio/video etc?03:13
nickrudcjae: sudo lspci will show you that data03:13
deepI tried to edit my fstab with the ip address and folder of the shared drive and now im getting "mount error: can not change directory into mount target /usr/ebooksCAP" the line I entered in ect/fstab is "// /usr/ebooksCAP cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  0"  How do i mount this network share?03:14
NigelSlinux_trojan: that's not the same thing as the question you posed - no software exercising the authority of your user account could install software - the whole point of sudo is that you escalate your permissions to those of root, the admin user03:14
icesword|Prometheus|, what about hd install03:14
icesword!hd install03:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hd install - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:14
acee1234i get the following from fglrxinfo http://pastebin.com/m642f3ef703:14
nickrudicesword: so, why would the minimal not be right?03:14
pipcokemy headphone cabe is 6 feet long and does reach my bedc03:14
linux_trojanI am confused, honestly03:14
ChapulinHey nickrud::03:14
|Prometheus|icesword, from within vmware? - thats the only way i think he can boot fro the cdrom03:14
ASTURIASCan this command "fsck -Cr " fix this problem when booting Ubuntu: /dev/hda2: Resize inode not valid /dev/hda2: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY: RUN fsck MANUALLY but I run it and a Group 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with some fs block occurs03:14
doctor_thundernickrd: will it save my bookmarks too?03:14
cjae [virtual] Expansion ROM at 50000000 [disabled] [size=64K]03:15
cjae        Capabilities: [e0] Power Management version 203:15
cjae thanks nickrud03:15
iceswordnickrud, if i can install what i want,then it is good,but takes time03:15
nickrudicesword: unless it does the complete install (in which case I see your point). Do the server install to get the minimum03:15
TooShort4il try anything03:15
linux_trojanI type in my user password at synaptic prompt03:15
nickrudChapulin: hey03:15
cethey this is what i use in my cifs //brent-pc/C$   /var/www/internal/brent-pc      cifs exec,credentials=/etc/cifspw 0 003:15
ceti mean what i put in my fstab03:15
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: an administrative user can  use his password to temporarily act as root.  your user is an admin user, so you can make those changes... you can create other user accounts (non admin) and they wont be able to install anything, nor make any system changes03:15
pipcokecharlie chaplin was a friend of mine why did you do it johnny depp03:16
linux_trojanmy normal user account doesnt have # though in terminal03:16
linux_trojanhow can it be a admin account?03:16
TooShort4is there a way i can boot it from a folder?03:16
nickrud!rootsudo | linux_trojan03:16
ubotulinux_trojan: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.03:16
pipcokestfu dil hole03:17
cetmake a file with 2 lines one with username= and the other with password=03:17
nickrud!stfu | pipcoke03:17
ubotupipcoke: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.03:17
cetcall it cifspw an put it in your etc/03:17
pipcokehow about the word Period?03:17
acee1234if no one has any ideas who might i ask03:17
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: it's admin in that it can excercise temporary root priviliges (without actually being the user "root")03:17
* nickrud feels superseeded ;)03:18
linux_trojanprince_jammys:  I think I see, you mean ubuntu comes that way out of the box?03:18
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: if you were the user "root" you would have the # and never have to type a password, except  on login03:18
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: yes03:18
wease|ubuntu is built to prevent anybody being a root all the time03:18
linux_trojanok I see03:18
linux_trojanthats pretty neat03:18
acee1234linux is reminding be of the days of win ME03:18
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: so that people think twice before destroying their box03:18
TooShort4is there any way i can install linux without booting from a cd?03:19
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: among other things03:19
|Prometheus|TooShort4, I think its possible.. but soeone with more experience using vware virtual machines might be able to help you. I know you can create a physical link to your actual hdd in it, and it will overwrite data - i think if you resized your partiton, and installed ubuntu under vware onto the free space on your actual disc then it might be possible... i don't know about grub installing to the mbr under windows though -03:19
|Prometheus| or through a virtual machine... its something i would have to try myself, before advising you to do. so if nobody here can hlp you with that procedure, i will try it tomorrow and tell you tomorrow night03:19
wease|root + linux + novice = disaster03:19
|Prometheus|sorry fror the flood03:19
wease|windows tried to foolow suit with vista but they went a bit beyond the means to the point of irritation03:19
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: you can't even run a program that attempts to install something without being prompted for a pass.... if you were root, you could download some trojan and have copy files into your system, no questions asked03:20
linux_trojanlol I been using rpm based distros for a long time, I even have installed knoppix on my hd but this is kinda different03:20
=== regeya_ is now known as regeya
ahornerhow do i change my screen resolution to the one i want when it doesnt show up on the list03:20
wease|ahorner, change drivers03:20
wease|or build one03:20
acee1234im assuming no one has any ideas on how to fix fglrx03:20
prince_jammyslinux_trojan: makes sense?03:20
linux_trojanoh yes03:21
nickrudacee1234: what fglrx problem do you have?03:21
ahornerbtw, im running ubuntu in a virtual machine if it makes a difference03:21
linux_trojanI feel a little nervous that  ubuntu does install a firewall at first03:21
nickrudacee1234: do you have xserver-xgl installed ?03:21
iceswordharddisk install is possible03:21
wease|ahorner, if its on a VM then change the settings on the main machine03:21
NETWizzHow do I install acrobat reader in Linux?03:21
iceswordjust use grub for dos03:21
NETWizzI need some help03:21
acee1234nickrud: ill check synap03:21
=== IceGuest_7 is now known as KillerPacMan
ahorneri have to change it from inside ubuntu03:22
sdsheeks|Prometheus|,  did you ever help out samus with his bcm card?03:22
linux_trojanNETWizz: the package manager has tones of acrobat readers03:22
TooShort4icesword could you help me install linux without a cd?03:22
ng0nthe more i use VISTA the more i like UBUNTU.. ugggg !$#!$#03:22
justinmiller87Hypothetically speaking, how would one install the entire Ubuntu repository on a system? Selecting every package in the package manager locks it up and sudo apt-get install * does not do it either.03:22
|Prometheus|icesword, he cannot write to the mbr in windows though, and does not have a floppy drive to boot to dos03:22
ahornerfrom like 800x600 to 1440x900 on my ati radeon x1550 pro03:22
wease|ahorner, yer runnin it VM but you HAVE to change it in ubuntu?03:22
icesworddl grub for dos03:22
ahornerfloppy drives ftl03:22
wease|the VM makes the changes03:22
acee1234nickrud: no03:22
nickrudjustinmiller87: in reality, you can't install every package in the repos, some conflict with each other03:22
iceswordcheck it yourself03:22
ahornerim running it in ms virtual pc 200703:22
wease|ubuntu has no real control over the VM03:23
iceswordi have something to d o nw,wait a min03:23
nickrudacee1234: ok, pastebin  /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:23
linux_trojanvmware is great for pr0n03:23
cetwhat ? how?03:23
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, no, he left i think and i havent seen him since which means he got it working or he has given up..03:23
ahornerthe window resizes to what ubuntu is set at03:23
KillerPacManI am trying to install ubuntu 7.10 and as it starts to install it says "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" failed to load and then it just sits there03:23
linux_trojanif your OS gets hacked just delete the vm and start over03:23
acee1234nickrud: gxl>fglrx?03:23
seyacathijoo ubuntus03:23
sdsheeks|Prometheus|, alright...felt bad I had to take off for a few03:23
wease|ahorner, no, before you VM into ubuntu check the settings03:23
necodemusprince_jammys: mike@mike-desktop-linux:~$ chmod +x ~/Desktop/GoogleEarthLinux.bin03:23
necodemusmike@mike-desktop-linux:~$ sudo ./~/Desktop/GoogleEarthLinux.bin03:23
necodemus[sudo] password for mike:03:23
necodemussudo: ./~/Desktop/GoogleEarthLinux.bin: command not found03:23
ahornerfine... gimmie a min03:23
TooShort4i dont quite understand. if i download that, and have the image on my harddrive, will it let me install it like that03:23
KillerPacMancan somebody please help me?03:24
necodemusprince_jammys: what am I doing wrong?03:24
nickrudacee1234: xserver-xgl is used with fgrlx to allow compiz to run; but it causes errors with fgrlxinfo when it's installed03:24
justinmiller87nickrud thx for the info. I was just curious how much space it would take up if it were all downloaded and uncompressed.03:24
linux_trojanI have found that only vmware player can in stall in ubuntu, I couldnt install vmware workstation, dont know why03:24
|Prometheus|sdsheeks, Its ok buddy.. i have a feeling he got it working...03:24
cethahah yeah i see03:24
KillerPacMani am willing to pm for help03:24
IndyGunFreakNETWizz: now that was dumb03:24
seyacati have a problem with bluetooth conection, i need to use pin helper to acept automatic pin without input, but it not works03:24
KillerPacManI am trying to install ubuntu 7.10 and as it starts to install it says "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" failed to load and then it just sits there03:24
linux_trojananyone actually installed vmware workstation with a licence?03:24
NigelSnecodemus: a . references the current directory - so you're saying look for ./<home dir>/03:24
linux_trojanI am using workstation 5.5 maybe thats why?03:25
acee1234nickrud: http://pastebin.com/m2e4daf9503:25
cetwhat is a licence03:25
boneyendoplasm_whats up all03:25
deepIm trying to mount a windows network share when i do a sudo mount -a nothing happens?03:25
ahornerhow come my driver won;t change from vesa03:25
linux_trojanI dont know03:25
wease|linux + license? what?03:25
nickrudacee1234: well, you're not using the fgrlx driver, you're using vesa03:25
NETWizzI have a quick question03:26
sdsheeksdeep, have samba installed?03:26
linux_trojanno, vmware workstation with a license03:26
acee1234nickrud: i am now that only happened after it crashed03:26
wease|linux dont need no friggin license03:26
IndyGunFreakNETWizz: before youf looded off-topic, i told you the answer.. its in the medibuntu repository03:26
prince_jammysheh, linux does have a license03:26
sdsheekssure you do..gpl03:26
wease|a license to drive it freely03:26
cetno i never have03:26
boneyendoplasmhow's everybody doin03:26
nickrudacee1234: hm. Did you use envy to install the driver? or did you use the restricted manager?03:26
wease|but the license is virtually non existent03:26
linux_trojansmbmount //windowsbox/windowsfolder /home/user/mnt/myr0n03:26
sdsheeksdeep, if you have a windows share on another machine and you want to mount it you can use the following03:27
deepsdsheeks i have it installed and have edited my fstab file so that it points to the ip/sharedFolder on the network and the directory03:27
acee1234nickrud: both at one point or another03:27
prince_jammysno - the license is very important03:27
sdsheeksdeep, sudo mount //ipaddress/sharename /mntpoint03:27
wease|prince, no it isnt03:27
linux_trojansmbmount //windowsbox/windowsfolder /home/user/mnt/mypr0n03:27
CVD-PRwhere the hell i gparted in the menu?03:27
sdsheeksdeep, try mounting it manually first and see if it works03:27
TooShort4if i use grub for dos will i still have windows?03:27
TooShort4or can i get rid of it03:27
nickrudacee1234: ah. You have what's called an 'undefined' system then. I've never used envy, so I don't know how to back out of it.03:27
necodemusYeaaaaa...its uncompressing...lets see if it crashes my system once it installs.03:27
sdsheeksTooShort4, perhaps a vmware image would be best for you so you can get use to linux03:27
wease|torvalds even says it isnt important to follow the license03:27
wease|its just a statement03:28
acee1234nickrud: joy03:28
nickrudacee1234: true. If this is a recent install, I'd start over.03:28
acee1234nickrud: reinstall linux for the 5th time this month?03:28
linux_trojanso has anyone actually installed a firewall software for ubuntu?03:28
prince_jammyswease|: well i don't know if you are referring to "linux" as only the kernel or as all the GPL software you have in your OS03:28
demonsporkdoes the ubuntu repo server throttle your bandwidth if you download too much?03:28
linux_trojanwhat is a good easy gui configureable one?03:28
ahornerhow do i change from a vesa driver03:29
nickrudacee1234: yes, but this time use only ubuntu sources. I've run the same install since I started.03:29
Z_o-s-olinux_trojan have you tried firestarter>03:29
Flanneldemonspork: It shouldn't, no.03:29
sdsheekslinux_trojan, i use a seperate server and route my traffic through that03:29
necodemusacee1234: that sounds like me an win, every 30 days fresh install so it will keep running :)03:29
prince_jammyswease|: but the license is key to open source03:29
warriorforgodahorner: restricted drivers manager03:29
nickrudacee1234: what kind of video card do you have?03:29
KillerPacMani am trying to install ubuntu on a laptop03:29
ahornersays i dont need any03:29
Flanneldemonspork: of course, the mirrors are free to do whatever, they may even be being throttled03:29
linux_trojanno, I will give it a try03:29
KillerPacManand keep getitng an error03:29
warriorforgodahorner: What graphics card?03:29
os-manhi guys!!  i'm trying to use winFF  and i get an error   can anybody help???03:29
thiblahuteI can't use vlc-mozilla-plugin03:29
os-manecho -n "\033]0; Converting 3.mpg (1/1)\007"03:29
os-man/usr/bin/ffmpeg -i "/home/al/Documents/back up/video/3.mpg" -r 29.97 -vcodec h264 -s 640x480 -aspect 4:3 -flags +loop -cmp +chroma -deblockalpha 0 -deblockbeta 0 -b 1250k -maxrate 1500k -bufsize 4M -bt 256k -refs 1 -bf 3 -coder 1 -me umh -me_range 16 -subq 7 -partitions +parti4x4+parti8x8+partp8x8+partb8x8 -g 250 -keyint_min 25 -level 30 -qmin 10 -qmax 51 -qcomp 0.6 -trellis 2 -sc_threshold 40 -i_qfactor 0.71 -acodec aac -ab 112k -ar 4800003:29
os-man -ac 2 -s 480x272 -aspect 4:3 "/home/al/Documents/3.mp4"03:29
os-manrm "/home/al/.winff/ff080222192822.sh"03:29
ahornerati radeon x1550 pro on ms virtual machine 200703:29
linux_trojanI have a router but still, I want a local firewall03:29
deepsdsheeks i dont know how to mount it manualy and I tried  sudo mount //ipaddress/sharename /mntpoint03:29
Z_o-s-olinux_trojan : its basically a control panel for Ubuntu;s IP tables03:29
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:29
demonsporkFlannel, I have been mirroring the ubuntu gutsy repo to an external hdd, and I have gotten about half way through and the download rate seems to have cut from 350 to 10kbps03:29
wease|prince_jammys, i run open source and i disagree completely. the "license" is just a small agreement that you will do well to to the software and community in promoting changes and sharing said changes03:29
sdsheeksdeep, what did that command do for you?03:30
thiblahuteI uninstalled other video plugins, but it doesn't work03:30
thiblahuteany idea?03:30
warriorforgodahorner: I don't think virtual machines accept accellerated drivers03:30
linux_trojangod am I hungry, I mean hungry03:30
linux_trojanI am out, thanks03:30
ToddEDMhey guys, im loading a USB stick into my laptop, but it says i can delet anything , whats goin on ?03:30
ahorneri think they might :-/03:30
prince_jammyswease|: and not being able to change the software without it becoming open source03:30
wease|prince_jammys, the license is key to closed source more than it is anything in the open source movement03:30
nickrudwease|: it's a bit more than that, it's a legal document defining how you are allowed to use the software03:30
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:30
acee1234nickrud: i just uninstalled the sti driver through envy03:30
thiblahuteToddEDM>>check if it's no blocked in writting03:30
NigelSacee1234: as far as fglrx is concerned I would direct any opprobrium strictly towards ATI03:31
NigelSacee1234: it's very buggy03:31
sdsheeksdeep, ?03:31
Z_o-s-ogpl is very important03:31
deepit asked me for a pw i enterd my root pw and nothing happend its still sitting idle, my console does not have a prompt03:31
acee1234nickrud: going to attempt to reinstall03:31
necodemusevery one, I have an announcement to make...if I crash off here its because I am killing my computer for crashing :)03:31
sdsheeksdeep, when it asks for a pwd just hit enter03:31
nickrudacee1234: ok. I'll be around most of the evening03:31
ToddEDMthiblahute:  i dont understand03:31
warriorforgodahorner: I am not aware of any functionality like that.  Maybe someone else is03:31
ahornerk gotta log03:31
wease|nickrud, no. its called GPL. open for everybody and malleable at will03:31
nickrudwease|: you must never have read it03:31
sdsheeksdeep, also note that whatever you set for the mountpoint must already exist03:31
acee1234nickrud: i would gladly burn my ati card to ash had i  to replace it in my laptopa way03:31
duniais it important to have firewall sets up in a regular desktop env ?03:32
Z_o-s-oif you dont think GPL is important...take a look at the BSD liscence and all that03:32
acee1234nickrud: mouse mixed that one03:32
sdsheeksdunia, security is always important in my opinion03:32
wease|nickrud, i have and it isnt binding like a normal license with major software03:32
nickrudacee1234: I have an ati 200m, I don't use the fglrx at all ;)  Open source all the way03:32
thiblahuteToddEDM>>You  don't have a button on the mp3 player to block it when you don't use it? Sometime you can't write on it because of that function03:32
nickrudwease|: I think the writers of it would disagree03:32
acee1234nickrud: xgl?03:32
deepsdsheeks i just created a dir with mkdr is there a command to make a mountpoint?03:32
nickrudacee1234: no, the ati driver.03:32
prince_jammyswease|: read the leaked MS documents that show how GPL ruins what would be their attempts at using, rebranding and closed-sourcing opensource software03:33
sdsheeksdeep, nope what happens if you just hit enter when it prompts for the password03:33
acee1234nickrud: what do you use03:33
nickrudacee1234: open source ati driver, xserver-xorg-video-ati03:33
Z_o-s-onickrud : the ati drivers are open source, or at least partially03:33
acee1234nickrud: ah03:33
sdsheeksdeep, then change to the mountpoint you indicated and do an ls03:33
DiploCatis there a fix for Firefox using up to 90% processor when idle?03:33
ToddEDMthiblahute:  its not an mp3 player, its a USB stick and i think its set as read only, how do i change it03:33
sdsheeksdeep, after you mount it it will just return you to the prompt03:33
duniasdsheeks, i've been use ubuntu for about 5 months without firewall, what's the worse could happen ?03:33
thiblahuteLook in the doc about fstab03:34
nickruddunia: you running any servers open to the world?  If not, nothing.03:34
sdsheeksdunia, identity theft would be the worst for me..i like my identity03:34
Z_o-s-odunia : Ubuntu, out of the box comes with iptables, and stock, doesnt listen on any ports03:34
sdsheeksnickrud, you can't say that for sure..03:34
SkapareI'd like to run the Ubuntu 7.10 CD as a live CD (e.g. not install) on my brother's new computer.  But it comes up with a yucky video mode ... I tried to change the resolution but the correct value was not in the list03:34
SkapareHow can I rebuild the CD so it includes 1440x900 in the video mode list?03:34
thiblahuteYou can mount it with th e writting permissions if it didn't automaticly03:34
Z_o-s-odunia : but to be safe you could install firestarter03:34
sdsheeksmy theory is if someone wants something bad enough they will get it03:34
ToddEDMthiblahute:  it worked last night , i transferred files to it03:34
thiblahuteANy idea about VLC_plugin?03:34
nickrudsdsheeks: yes I can. Firewalls in linux protect ports, they are not virus protection03:35
cetme to but since i been going in irc which is about 1 day my computer keeps crashing and i had up time of more than 60 days beofre that so i think some nasty people are in irc03:35
acee1234nickrud: why is ubuntu so unstable03:35
thiblahuteToddEDM>>Try to unmount it and remount03:35
dunianickrud, like httpd ? it's only run on localhost:80 and polipo on localhost:8123 ...03:35
DiploCatwhy is stability in Gutsy so much worse than previous Ubuntu versions?03:35
sdsheeksnickrud, okay :)03:35
nickrudacee1234: it's not03:35
wease|prince_jammys, that is my point...GPL allows for changes and includes SOURCE....other software does not include and is not inclined for including source. the GPL is open to anybody willing to participate in using it and making changes at will as they see fit. Ubuntu wouldnt be around without it. so you can argue it is very important but it really is a very miniscule event when you call it a license.....it is a free agency license that a03:35
wease|llows freedom to the OS, software, etc for ways to work it how you see fit03:35
CVD-PRhey there, i want to create a 2gb partition for /home and move the current home to the new partition and make it default, how to do that?03:35
EADGI'n using the free wifi at the hotel I'm in and I need to do some online banking. Potentually "the guy next door" could see my banking data right? Would I be safer to ssh -X to my server back home and do my banking from there?03:35
nickruddunia: that means they are only listening to the local machine, so not open to the world03:35
duniaZ_o-s-o, i'll try to03:35
acee1234nickrud: just a bit frustrated i guess..03:35
dunianickrud, k thanks03:36
ASTURIASMy system have an error when booting Ubuntu, How can I edit /etc/fstab and put /home as read-only?03:36
prince_jammyswease|: plus the key item: that all changes must also be open source03:36
sdsheeksdeep, get it?03:36
SkapareEADG: your bank doesn't use HTTPS?03:36
wease|prince_jammys, exactly03:36
Z_o-s-odunia : its pretty light, its basically a config gui for iptables that ubuntu has by default03:36
DiploCatEADG, banking sites use 128bit encryption, no-one can read that information03:36
ToddEDMthiblahute: , that is not working03:36
cetlol doesnt use https03:36
sdsheeksEADG, pull your curtains shut and turn off the lights03:36
wease|prince_jammys, anybody using open source keeps it as such. we're not talkin SCO03:36
Z_o-s-onever say never Diplocat03:36
nickrudacee1234: the thing about linux is it's so open to the user, the user can screw things up without realizing it :)03:37
nickrudacee1234: the dark side of having total control03:37
DiploCatZ_o-s-o, well... I didn't say never... but no-one can read that info yet03:37
sdsheeksnickrud, you can do the same in vista..it will just ask you if you are sure :)03:37
EADGhehe.. K, . I'm taking off my tin foil hat too. Yes, bank does use 128bit...03:37
sdsheeksEADG, no leave it on!  :) j/k i travel every other week and have been fine so far.03:37
deepno sheeks03:37
cethow can i make all the 7960s in my work ring ARE YOU THERE ?? all at the same time? any cisco people??/03:37
SkapareEADG: then the guy next door better have access to the NSA key cracking server farm03:37
sdsheeksdeep, using gnome?03:38
Z_o-s-oits not that you CAN'T...it takes TIME03:38
DiploCatthousands of years03:38
acee1234nickrud: just seems like my ati graphics card kills ubuntu ....compiz doesnt work properly it freezes when i log out glitchy video etc03:38
deepafter a while this is what returned03:38
DiploCatwith current technology03:38
deepmount error 110 = Connection timed out03:38
deepRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)03:38
EADGSkapare: true dat. K, forget banking for a moment, what about watching my irc session?03:38
sdsheeksdeep, try to ping the ip of the windows machine03:38
acee1234nickrud: and thats been the case from install03:38
CVD-PRcan i have  .home woth fat32?03:38
nickrudsdsheeks: I think we're talking about two different things, I'm talking about firewalls protecting vulnerable servers listening to the world03:38
prohnajust did a fresh install of gutsy and after installing emerald nautilus crashes on boot03:38
wease|super E makes me smile03:38
NigelSacee1234: the problem as I say is often fglrx itself - ati can't write drivers it seems03:38
nickrudacee1234: that's ati, not linux, not ubuntu.03:38
sdsheeksnickrud, we are and that's fine.  He was talking in terms of a normal everyday user...03:39
SkapareEADG: now that you could do SSH for ... I actually do that from home to my server via SSH so Comcast can't spy03:39
ASTURIASHow can I edit /etc/fstab and put /home as read-only since Ubuntu wont load an an UNEXPECTED  INCONSISTENCY running fsck occurs03:39
Z_o-s-odiplocat : google "how to crack 128 bit security in 60 seconds"03:39
acee1234nickrud: true but it all has to work or none of it does03:39
SkapareZ_o-s-o: doesn't that go to a spammer web site?03:39
acee1234nickrud: ill reinstall...03:39
DiploCatI would, but I had to close Firefox to stop it using 90% processor when it was idle... now I have to reboot to use it again... I may as well use Winblows03:39
Z_o-s-oi dont think so i was just at the link03:39
nickrudacee1234: That's why I use open source. I know who to talk to, and they're responsive. Closed source usually isn't03:39
deepsheeks pinging now it looks as if its hittig the win box "64 bytes from icmp_seq=36 ttl=128 time=0.373 ms03:40
SkapareEADG: I take it you know how to do the SSH port forwarding03:40
=== kathryn_ is now known as crunchyfroggie
EADGSkapare: K, the more I think about this the more I feel I've sortta answered my own question, but thanks for the confirmation guys.03:40
sdsheeksdeep, are you using gnome?03:40
sdsheeksCVD-PR, hi03:40
EADGSkapare: hmm, nope.03:40
ASTURIASCan I find a Linux expert here?03:40
wease|anybody messin around with firefox 3.0bpre?03:40
wease|its pretty schweet03:40
sdsheeksno we are all mac users03:40
acee1234nickrud: agreed their i love the freedom i just cant seem to get my system up to par with the abilities of windows without something crashing03:40
IndyGunFreaksdsheeks: lmao.. good one03:40
ASTURIASBecause my questions seems to be hard to answer...03:40
sdsheeksj/k yes of course ;)03:40
icesword|Prometheus|, is him stiil there03:40
CVD-PRCan i make /home in fat3203:40
deephow can i tell03:41
cetyes it is a great improvement all the little things that shit me with ff2 are fixed in ff303:41
SkapareEADG: ssh -L 6667:<IRCserverIP>:6667 -N username@hostname03:41
* wease| vomits03:41
sdsheeksdeep, ummm well...did you install ubuntu or the kubuntu?03:41
EADGSkapare: I'm ssh'd into my server now...03:41
acee1234nickrud: restarting brb03:41
cetim chatting using irssi03:41
* sdsheeks hides03:41
iceswordnickrud, how can i see who taught lately?03:41
nickrudacee1234: we're heading way off topic here, so I'll say this and stop. Would you blame adobe or microsoft if photoshop didn't work?03:41
Les_CaesarsIs there a way to use Global Hotkeys with songbird?03:41
SkapareEADG: do it the way I showed so you get the port forwarding ... the -N will make NO SESSION ... do it in a separate window03:41
cetif your sshd into your server type irssi03:41
|Prometheus|icesword, no he has gone i know what you mean by grub4dos now as well i did not think you could write to the mbr of your main drive through windows with it but you can forgot about the boot.ini aswell - being able to insert grldr in there03:41
sdsheeksdeep, yes i would assume that...do you have a gui?03:42
EADGSkapare: lemme try that now... sec03:42
nickrudicesword: I don't understand the question03:42
SkapareEADG: then run IRC specifying as the IRC server03:42
|Prometheus|icesword, i was about to walk him through it03:42
ASTURIASCan someone answer a question?03:42
deepalso sdsheeks i just tried sudo mount // /usr/ebookCap and got "retrying with upper case share name03:42
deepmount error 6 = No such device or address03:42
deepRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)03:42
nickrud!language | cet03:42
ubotucet: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:42
deepyes i have gui03:42
wease|yes. there. i answered03:42
chilloh hai guise03:42
chillhow are you03:42
sdsheeksdeep, okay at the top left do you see "System"?03:43
iceswordnickrud, i mean i want to see who talk to lately,use what command or something,coz this chan is too busy03:43
prohnajust did a fresh install of gutsy and after installing emerald nautilus crashes on boot03:43
sdsheeksdeep, click it and do you see "about gnome"?03:43
icesword|Prometheus|, here you go03:43
prohnai have to restart nautilus from terminal every time03:43
nickrudicesword: ah. No, there's no help provider tracker. Would be nice, though03:43
chillyou should uninstall emerald03:43
boneyendoplasmhas anyone successfully installed apache2 and php5 and gotten them to work together?03:43
sdsheeksdeep, okay you are using gnome..just to the left of system is something called "places" click that and go to "network"03:43
chillyou can use compiz with metacity03:43
ASTURIASUbuntu is having problems booting, an UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY occurs while running fsck and when I do it mannualy a Group 0 inode table at 4 conflicts occurs too03:43
sdsheeksdeep, anything show up there?03:44
roddersgcan anyone explain what would happen if I have 2 network cards (different ip addresses) on a system.  Will they share the bandwidth?03:44
prohnachill: all i installed what the emerald theme manager03:44
prohnaand avant window navigator03:44
cetif you have two nics ? no03:44
chillprohna: what graphic card do you have03:44
nickrudASTURIAS: sounds like you might have a bad disk.03:44
cettwo interfaces wont share the bandwith do you have two seperate connections?03:44
Z_o-s-oasturias : how old is the disk?03:44
prohnachill: not a good one03:44
ASTURIASRegardless that the Installation finished successfully?03:45
chillnvidia or ati?03:45
prohnachill: im not even sure how to find out03:45
rhineheart_mHello! How to monitor login attempts in SSH?03:45
SkapareASTURIAS: or a bad connector on an IDE cable ... there is a way an error can occur in IDE that causes writes to the wrong sector than intended and this goes undetected03:45
EADGSkapare: server asked for password, but it's just sitting there, hung. Slow connection I fear.03:45
JoeyyoooHello, This is a automated from me Pc Gamer 2007, I have noticed that you are on my contact list and would like to present you with my brand new website! The website is a great site! cheack it out http://web-cave.net we offer image hosting http://image.web-cave.net and file hosting http://file.web-cave.net Thanks Have a superb day!03:45
Jobiasa bit of a technical question...i'm trying to compile a program that uses strlcpy(). it works fine on my mac and on my campus slackware machines, but on ubuntu i get an error: "undefined reference to 'strlcpy'". when i compile to object files first with a makefile, it throws a warning: "implicit declaration of function 'strlcpy'", and the subsequent compile fails with the same error as before. i'm reading that this may be a *BSD thing, which explains03:45
alex_I am trying to install something but I think it wants me to compile it... and I really have no idea what to do.  Can someone give me a step-by-step in PM?03:45
cettoo check that look in var/log/ssh???03:45
iceswordnickrud, on that minimalcd image page,one part is called cell ,what is it for,cell phone03:45
DiploCatZ_o-s-o, that's cracking the password isn't it? as opposed to the encryption... so to do that to a banking site you'd need to try 50,000 user/pass combinations?03:45
chillyou can uninstall emerald, with sudo apt-get remove emerald03:45
ASTURIASSomeone had the same poblem,and he fixed it editing /etc/fstab and making /home read-only03:46
SkapareEADG: no ... the -N made it "hang" ... that means NO SESSION ... go to another window now and do IRC to server
SkapareEADG: of course substitute the necessary parts in the example command I gave03:46
JoeyyoooHello, This is a automated from me Pc Gamer 2007, I have noticed that you are on my contact list and would like to present you with my brand new website! The website is a great site! cheack it out http://web-cave.net we offer image hosting http://image.web-cave.net and file hosting http://file.web-cave.net Thanks Have a superb day!03:46
prohnayou think its emerald doing it?03:46
nickrudASTURIAS: that's not a fix, that's a proof of problem.03:46
chillcould be03:46
blake_Hey, Is it possible to connect to ventrilo through xchat?03:46
chillmy nautilus crashes some times when i have compiz active03:46
EADGSkapare: off to anouther window.03:46
alex_Will someone help me compile a package?  I really need a piece of software.03:46
deepsdsheeks yes i can see all of my pcs, how ever the on i want i have to navigate to windows network>r-net(workgroup name)>CAP(name of the computer with the shared drive) when I click on that i get an err msg that says "Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "Windows Network: cap".03:47
speeddemon8803!compiling | alex_03:47
ubotualex_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:47
rhineheart_mHello! Is there a way to monitor login attempts via SSH in UBUNTU?03:47
sdsheeksdeep, i would go to that pc and make sure the share is setup properly and the firewall isn't blocking you03:47
ubotuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!03:47
cetirssi is better than x chat03:47
chillor use adept, a pretty good package manager03:47
speeddemon8803I see your no stranger to ubotu eh alex?03:47
SpookyETI've been messing with the shell prompt http://img131.imageshack.us/my.php?image=archlinuxscreenshotpk1.png03:47
blake_Hey, Is it possible to connect to ventrilo through xchat?03:47
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, i suppose you could do tail -f /var/log/messages03:48
ASTURIASWhat about running fsck -cr booting from the installation?03:48
Z_o-s-odiplocat : honestly Ive never tried cracking a bank so im not 100% sure, and really I dont care to find out03:48
deepok will do03:48
EADGSkapare: repairing a mistake.03:48
seyacatwhere is passkey agent in ubuntu??03:48
rhineheart_msdsheeks: what would be the command?03:48
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, just gave it to you03:48
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, tail -f /var/log/messages03:48
prohnachill: that sucks this theme is nice too03:48
deepbte sdsheeks how do i tell windows fierwall to let my unix box in03:48
wease|ubuntu has a passkey?03:48
chillyou could substitude nautilus also03:48
speeddemon8803do you mean gpg passkey seyacat?03:49
dondonghi,does ubuntu have software like mac time machine?03:49
chillthere is pcman, a very good and super fast file manager03:49
iceswordtoo flooding,i am going to have a rest03:49
sdsheeksdeep, just make sure filesharing is on and go to the firewall in control panel and make sure it is selected there.03:49
DiploCatdoes nobody else experience Firefox chewing up all processing resources while it's idle? or is this just me?03:49
cetok to check that SSH AUTH logs look in auth.log03:49
nickrudicesword: wait till april 25th :)03:49
prohnachill: would i need to remove nautilus or not even bother since it doesnt start anyways03:49
sdsheeksDiploCat, i've heard of it, but have not experienced it sorry03:49
SkapareDiploCat: it does not do that for me03:49
rhineheart_msdsheeks: will it show the IP add and the password being used?03:49
dev1nI am a mac user, trying to help my PC friend put ubuntu on an old PC laptop03:49
blake_What is the best why to connect to Ventrilo if you are using Ubuntu 10.4?03:49
alex_speeddemon8803, That compiling stuff is all greek to me ...03:49
dev1ni downloaded ubuntu live cd...03:49
blake_What is the best why to connect to Ventrilo if you are using Ubuntu 10.4?03:49
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, hrm....might try it give it the wrong pwd and see03:49
dev1nwhich i tested on a newer PC...03:49
nickruddev1n: what are the specs of the machine?03:49
cetIP yes not the password they are trying for obvious reasons03:49
chillyou can't remove nautilus without removing thousand packages more03:49
=== j_ack_ is now known as j_ack
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, but i wouldn't think it would show the pwd03:49
wease|ubuntu 10.4? you on crack?03:49
chillwhat you can do is use pcman instead of nautilus03:50
dev1nbut took forever to load on the laptop, so we gave up03:50
Bossmanbetaalex.... try this: http://monkeyblog.org/ubuntu/installing/ the part you want is about 60% down the page03:50
speeddemon8803alex_: Me too ;)03:50
dev1nit hang at 100% booting the kernel03:50
rhineheart_msdsheeks: are you familiar with honeypot in redhat?03:50
prohnachill: thats what i thought, ill give that a shot, thanks.03:50
wease|there is no ubuntu 10.403:50
Skapareif there is an Ubuntu 10.4 then I want it now03:50
alex_speeddemon8803, Ha, well... at least I have company :P03:50
chillthere is a nice installation package in getdeb.net03:50
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, i know what a honeypot is, but never worked with it03:50
speeddemon8803I know the websites like the back of my hand alex_...still doesnt help me out sometimes :P03:50
seyacatpasskey agent manages default pin in bluetooth, i see it launch at default but i dont know where a config it03:50
blake_Hey, Is it possible to connect to ventrilo through xchat?03:50
chillwith the latest pcman, get it from there03:50
SkapareEADG__: is that you?03:50
nickrudwease|: there is, it just hasn't been made yet :)03:50
cetspeaking of sshd logs probly about time i checked my own03:50
EADG__Skapare: Aye03:50
RoC_MasterMindis there any way at all to use a pptp VPN while I have a static IP on my nic?03:50
wease|nickrud, hahaha does it have ponies??03:50
alex_speeddemon8803, Yeah... I am trying to add music to an .avi video I made... I really am trying to find a video editing program!03:51
rhineheart_msdsheeks: Is ubuntu doesn't have like it?03:51
SkapareEADG__: you are on Shaw cable w/o reverse DNS03:51
chillbut wait03:51
sdsheeksrhineheart_m, not sure buddy ask the channel.03:51
dondonganyone know if ubuntu  has a software same as mac time machine?03:51
Jobiaswease|: of course. haven't you heard? ubuntu 10.4: promiscuous pony03:51
demonsporkwhere are the kernel source files contained after installing them?03:51
chillyou need to do a little hacking to substitute completly nautilus03:51
speeddemon8803!video | alex03:51
ubotualex: Ubuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications03:51
sdsheeksdemonspork, usually in /usr/src/03:51
wease|jobias, LMAO that was awesome03:51
EADG__Skapare: I think thats right. Gimme a sec to jump in from the hotel.03:51
nickruddemonspork: /usr/src03:51
chillwait a little03:51
sdsheeksnickrud, to fast for you!03:51
speeddemon8803i missed out on the _ in your name but you know im talking to you :P03:52
alex_speeddemon8803, UBUNTU can play my avi file... but "kino," what I am using currently to edit video files, can't import avi files.03:52
nickrudsdsheeks: you said usually, I was definite ;P03:52
sdsheeksyou guys handle the touch questions..i'll do the simple ones! :003:52
rhineheart_mIs there such thing as an application/script that works like a honeypot in redhat?03:52
Bossmanbetaalex -- if you dont know how to compile a package.... video editing in Linux will be beyond your abilities... (not a putdown, just a fact) ... Linux video editing apps aren't .... userfriendly...03:52
sdsheeksman i can't type tonight...tough!03:52
SkapareEADG__: so rather than the hotel and its guess spying on you, your rather have shaw and your neighbors spy on you :)03:52
sdsheekslol u too03:52
alex_Bossmanbeta, I am sure I can handle it once I get into the program.  I just don't really want to stress my brain learning to compile a package.03:52
speeddemon8803bossmanbeta, i was trying to get around saying that, but that is a fact :/03:52
deepsdsheeks My firewall is set to allow fileandprint shareing03:52
littlepinkdotCan someone tell me whi this isnt working? xclock -display :0 -geometry 96x96-0-0 &03:53
chillprohna: http://lifehacker.com/software/linux-tip/change-gnome-menus-to-use-pcman-file-manager-288616.php03:53
speeddemon8803sorry alex, bossman is right :(03:53
presumptious85 /msg NickServ IDENTIFY gangsta8703:53
EADG_Skapare: diffrent or same as EADG?03:53
cetgeez im getting demolished by brute force my sshd03:53
alex_speeddemon8803, I can't compile it because mainly I am too lazy to learn too, not because it's too hard.  "Kino" is very user friendly, but I don't know how to COMPILE THE UPGRADE that lets me import avi!03:53
Bossmanbetahave fun then alex... But before you try .. let me sprinkle some Holy Penguin Water on you .... In naminae Padre, Spiritu Linus, amen.03:53
PriceChildpresumptious85, please identify and change your password asap.03:53
rhineheart_mows..be careful of showing your pass presumptious8503:54
wease|bossmanbeta, LMAO03:54
SkapareEADG_: EADG_ is same as EADG__03:54
nickrudlittlepinkdot: it does, shows up lower right here03:54
speeddemon8803alex, eventually you do realize you will have to learn compiling, fact of life :P03:54
alex_speeddemon8803, Ugh... is there an easy way to do it.03:54
ArpaHi I installed irc2(IRCNET Irc server) and it runs correctly but I wan to add some IRC Services like ChanServ and set a user in IRC to be Operator what I have  to ?03:54
alex_Bossmanbeta, I don't get it.03:54
wease|this place is funny afterall03:54
presumptious85not sure how to change pass though03:54
speeddemon8803alex, not really.03:54
ArpaHi I installed irc2(IRCNET Irc server) and it runs correctly but I wan to add some IRC Services like ChanServ and set a user in IRC to be Operator what I have  to do ?03:54
killowndoes ubuntu has any repository with gnome 2.20.4 packages?03:54
BossmanbetaI know alex... it's ok :)03:54
EADG_Skapare: hmm, that means both are coming from the hotel.03:54
SkapareEADG_: the hotel is shaw?03:55
* speeddemon8803 looks at bossman, i hate being so blunt with the users..but...someones gotta be :/03:55
alex_Bossmanbeta, i am too lazy to learn how ... maybe I will just tough it out03:55
EADG_Skapare: after giving ssh the password I opened a new win and typed irssi
alex_Bossmanbeta, Will you answer my questions as I compile or no?03:55
nickrud!info libgnomeui-0 edgy03:55
DancerGirl06hi guys03:55
ubotulibgnomeui-0 (source: libgnomeui): The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interface) - runtime files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.16.1-0ubuntu2 (edgy), package size 347 kB, installed size 832 kB03:55
EADG_Skapare: looks like I travel 1100Km in the same province to get the same provider. EADG should be Telus.03:56
wease|alex, lazy and linux =/=03:56
SkapareEADG_: and that should be going through the SSH session ... if you ^C that ssh command it will kill the connection going through it03:56
alex_wease|, Well, it's mostly for compiling.  It just seems so tedious.  will you help me do it?03:56
EADG_Skapare: ... and one of the EADG will die :)03:56
SkapareEADG_: tell me the IP address of the computer you SSH'd to (priv msg OK)03:56
Bossmanbetaalex, if you think about it ... the amount of time you're spending trying to get someone to do it for you, you could be spending learning how to do it ..... then next time you need to compile something, you'd have no need to ask anyone... so it's actually less work to learn it that to ask for step-by-step handholding... oh and to answer your question, no.03:56
DancerGirl06i am trying to install ubuntu...03:56
DancerGirl06and it keeps crashing03:57
dsmith_does anyone know if HP is still talking about coming out with ubuntu machines?03:57
alex_Bossmanbeta, Thanks anyways.03:57
dsmith_DancerGirl06: what sort of machine do you have?03:57
Bossmanbetabesides, I saw 2 or 3 links, one of which I posted that would help you just fine.03:57
DancerGirl06its a laptop03:57
nickrudDancerGirl06: have you run the disk check on the startup menu?03:57
alex_dsmith_, I know DELL has ubuntu only machines03:57
wease|alex_, compiling requires your own intelligence to what you are doing. i cant hold your hand and wait for the outcome only to fix it further. my suggestion is to RTFM03:57
dsmith_alex_: I know that lol03:57
DancerGirl06an HP laptop03:57
DancerGirl06it has vista on it03:57
alex_wease|, RTFM?03:57
dsmith_DancerGirl06: did you test the cd?03:57
alex_dsmith_, Okay.03:58
dsmith_whats the model HP laptop?03:58
kr0nusanyone know of a way to convert dvd-format files to .avi?03:58
SkapareEADG: then your first session is going through that IP ... hmmm03:58
nickrudwease|: that's another vorboten acronym :)03:58
demonsporkI can't get the nvidia-glx-new package to install, so I am trying to use the driver directly from the nvidia website, and it is having trouble finding the kernel source, even though I went in and installed it in synaptic03:58
Bossmanbetadsmith_, I actually bought the Dell Nseries box (w/ubuntu) .. I wiped it in favor of Gutsy ... but damn if it's not a nice box03:58
dsmith_DancerGirl06: did you try to install with the alternate cd?03:58
DancerGirl06pavillion tx 1000 ?03:58
edjuDancerGirl06, What crashes?  The install?03:58
dsmith_Bossmanbeta: hmmmm... I am still waiting till one other major player comes out03:58
DancerGirl06yes the install03:58
wease|nickrud, i apologize03:58
DancerGirl06it will start to install03:59
SkapareEADG: you are currently running irc from a shell at the hotel?  or the ssh shell to home?03:59
Bossmanbetawell from 1st hand experience, the box is sweet.... good video card .. the 1 I got has 4gigs of ram... really runs smooth03:59
nickrudwease|: no problem at all, the advice was good03:59
EADGSkapare: Yes, I'm ssh'd into that box from hotel... just regular, plane ol' ssh.03:59
DancerGirl06it says "Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available or load failed" then a few lines later it locks up03:59
wease|alex_, you know enough to compile. you chouldnt require me to help you when there is a manual that can help you do the things you want to do.03:59
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, i just picked up an HP limited edition with 4gb 64bit very nice03:59
Bossmanbetasdsheeks, 64 bit ....... nice....03:59
Sonjawhere do fonts go? what folder?03:59
presumptious85i need help building building a module03:59
alex_wease|, Okay, thanks.03:59
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, yup only issue is that darn flash player :)04:00
EADG_Skapare: this nick is using the hotel connection straight to irc.freenode.com04:00
dsmith_DancerGirl06: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS232US232&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=ubuntu+tx1000&spell=104:00
SkapareEADG: then maybe something in your setup is too odd for me to see ... I'll need too much info about what you have set up to diagnose this04:00
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:00
rhineheart_mhow to shutdown gutsy using ssh?04:00
Bossmanbetai actually have a hauppauge capture card I put in it .... I watch TV with Mplayer... and stream it over SSH to watch from work with VLC   :-)04:00
dxdtSo I tried to install the sun-java6-plugin package and it says it doesn't exist to install?  Like no package is in the repos?  I'm so very confused.04:00
SkapareEADG_: and yet this nick did irc to ??04:00
dsmith_rhineheart_m: sudo reboot?04:00
DancerGirl06thanks dsmith04:01
prince_jammys!info sun-java6-plugin04:01
ubotusun-java6-plugin (source: sun-java6): The Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 6. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6-03-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 1 kB, installed size 80 kB04:01
Bossmanbetasdsheeks, what isue w/flash player?04:01
rhineheart_mdsmith_: thanks but it will just reboot the server.. it won't shutdown04:01
dxdtprince_jammys: so very werid04:01
SkapareEADG_: the ssh connection maybe doubled back on you?04:01
nickruddxdt: 64bit?04:01
prince_jammysdxdt: you checked that "multiverse" is enabled?04:01
dxdtnickrud: yeah :(04:01
EADG_Skapare: I tried to in a new window on this laptop in the hotel, but I think it used the same IP as this nick when I did /connect irc.freenode.com in irssi.04:01
wease|6.03 + 7.10 on 64bit is iffy at best on 32 bit04:01
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, well the adobe flash player doesn't support 64bit04:01
nickruddxdt: yup, it doesn't exist. Sun doesn't have a 64bit browser plugin04:02
Bossmanbetadidnt know that -- but then again I'm running 32bit04:02
dxdtnickrud: sigh I knew you were going to say that haha04:02
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, i can live with it04:02
SkapareEADG_: doing /connect irc.freenode.com will bypass the ssh ... do /connect
cjaecan one make synaptic use aptitiude instead of apt?04:02
Bossmanbetanot much speed diff between 32/64 is there? I never saw much04:02
codenameI got a question?04:02
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, can't tell...it's just FAST :004:02
codenameis there anything like a Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Icon Theme pack04:02
Bossmanbetathe dual cores seem to help though04:02
dxdtthat's the only thing I think the "64bit?" question can lead to04:02
nickrudcjae: it doesn't use either04:02
codenameI want my 7.10 to look like Dapper04:02
EADG_Skapare: don't sweet it. Now I've got something to keep my busy for a few days... finding out about port forwarding.04:02
wease|bossmanbeta, diff is in the processor more than anything04:02
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, yea it is the turion dual core 64bit04:02
cjaenickrud, what does it use?04:02
pretenderhave installed Koverartist in ubuntu but how do i run it04:03
dxdtwell... thanks a lot sun microsystems............... hmm.04:03
EADG_Skapare: ahhh, K, I'll give it anouther go :)04:03
EADG_.... this is cool :)04:03
Bossmanbetawell I mean experientially-speaking... does it "feel" faster... I've run fedora on a 64bit box... didn't seem much faster04:03
wease|i run 64 bit 7.10 but running 32 bit apps with java 6.03 wont work04:03
SkapareEADG_: OK ... but -L is what you want to make a local connection come out at the remote point04:03
ubotusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto04:03
dev1nanyone want to give me some pointers on how to get a live CD to boot on a Dell Laptop?04:03
nickrud!flash64 | cjae04:03
ubotucjae: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava04:03
sdsheeksnickrud, you're my hero04:03
dev1ni put it in, rebooted...and hit F12...04:03
dsmith_rhineheart_m: shutdown -r now04:03
wease|no need for that04:04
nickrudsdsheeks: mine too ;p04:04
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, can't really say..had the laptop for an hour and put ubuntu on it...64 bit never tried the32 bit04:04
EADG__Skapare: umm, so use L or stick with the -N?04:04
dev1nbut it hang for 20+ mins loading the kernel04:04
dev1nthink it's bad ram or what?04:04
Arpa 04:04
SkapareEADG__: both ... as I described04:04
Arpa o04:04
dev1nthere's about 8 gigs free on it04:04
ArpaHi I installed irc2(IRCNET Irc server) and it runs correctly but I wan to add some IRC Services like ChanServ and set a user in IRC to be Operator what I have  to do ?04:04
nickrud!flash64 | dxdt04:04
ubotudxdt: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava04:04
cjaenickrud, ??04:04
rhineheart_mdsmith_: I think it will just reboot...it won't shutdown.. are you sure with it?04:04
Bossmanbetamust suck tho ... no YouTube browsing...04:04
nickrudcjae: yeah, typo sorry04:04
dsmith_dev1n: hit f6 after it starts04:04
VvWolverinevVsoo, anyone know when flash is going to be fixed again?04:04
presumptious85anyone willing to help me install a module04:04
dev1nok, what does f6 do?04:04
dsmith_or perhaps alt-f604:04
alex_This compiling stuff is rather confusing.04:05
nickrudcjae: got lost in the scroll for a bit :)04:05
sdsheekshrm kind of hackish..you are not really running the 64bit you are running 32bit04:05
dxdtnickrud: Yeah I'm looking around there right now.  I actually already have flash installed, so hopefully I can do this really quickly04:05
sdsheeksbut i'll give it a try04:05
cjaenickrud, :p04:05
SkapareEADG:  ssh -L 6667:<IRCserverIP>:6667 -N <username>@<hostIP>04:05
dsmith_rhineheart_m: local or remote box?04:05
EADG__Skapare: ssh -L 6667:irc.freenode.com:6667 -N my@myipaddy   is what I'll use, then on local machine fire up irssi and type /connect
rhineheart_mdsmith_: remote box accessible thru putty04:05
wease|alex_, before you attempt to compile you need to know exactly what youre doing and why you are doing it04:05
nickrudsdsheeks: nice thing about 64bit, you can run 32bit as well04:05
wease|it is hard to reverse04:06
sdsheeksnickrud, yea04:06
SkapareEADG: if you leave out the -N you also get a shell session ... no big deal, but a bit harder to quickly take down if you need to04:06
Bossmanbetaeek 32but emulation libraries............... that sounds like fun ................. (not)04:06
killowndoes ubuntu has any repository with gnome 2.20.4 or 2.20.3 packages?04:06
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, :)04:06
alex_wease|, Oh, then I suppose I should scratch my "try-random-stuff-in-terminal" plan04:06
dsmith_rhineheart_m: look around on google04:06
cjaenickrud, so it is not possible04:06
nickrudkillown: no04:06
EADG__Skapare: K, here goes...04:06
dsmith_I have a book here but its not handy04:06
SkapareEADG__: sounds workable ... doesn't irssi have a way to specify server on command line and auto connect?04:06
dev1ndsmith, are you suddgesting hitting F6 instead of F1204:06
Z_o-s-oDoes anyone know why my firefox always crashes when watching flash video, I havent been able to solve this04:06
wease|alex_, that would be inherently worse, you may as well play roulette with the command line04:07
SkapareEADG__: you should be able to configure that in your setup if an icon04:07
killownnickrud, I know where I got full source of gnome 2.20.3?04:07
nickrudcjae: java in 64bit firefox? No, but you can run 32bit java in 64bit os. I do myself. Don't really know why, I never use java plugins04:07
dsmith_dev1n:  from what your saying the gui is hanging when your booting?04:07
nickrudkillown: gnome.org04:07
alex_wease|, I see.  I wasn't really going to type in random stuff, but I don't know how purposeful it would have been :P04:07
wease|nickrud, i run 6.03 in 64bit04:07
wease|it works fine04:07
prohnaZ_o-s-o: ive had the same problems04:07
fredmvAnyone well-versed in mic problems under Ubuntu?    The should be *relatively* simple...04:07
cjaenickrud, no make synaptic use aptitude instead of apt04:07
dsmith_20-minute hang is way too long04:07
prohnaZ_o-s-o: try removing and reinstalling firefox04:07
EADG__Skapare: Yep, it does. I'll look it up, I have it in screenrc04:07
threefcatais there a way to let mldonkey keep connected to a certain number of servers?04:07
nickrudkillown: look up jhbuild, it will make compiling relatively painless04:07
prohnathats what i did04:07
fredmvBasically, sound-in works, but evidently only under 'sound-recorder'.04:08
prohnaand it seems to not do it AS much04:08
dev1nyep, the progress bar get's to 100% loading the kernel...and then it hangs there.04:08
fredmvSkype, gnome-sound-recorder, etc. can't capture sound.04:08
Z_o-s-oprohna : have you found a solution?04:08
wease|alex_....its all all about super cow powers04:08
dev1nso i should hit F6 then?04:08
nickrudcjae: ah, brain re-engages. synaptic, apt-get, and aptitude all use the same backend, apt.04:08
prohnaZ_o-s-o: just reinstalling firefox04:08
fredmvI've tried messing with alsamixer... and it doesn't seem to be doing much.04:08
dev1nwhat does it do?04:08
dsmith_DancerGirl06: your welcome, your not the only to have had that problem04:08
prohnaZ_o-s-o: and it still does it sometimes, just not as much as before04:08
codenameis there anything like a Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Icon Theme pack04:08
Z_o-s-oprohna : I never thought of that04:08
alex_wease|, I think I am going to go ahead and give up.  Let me know if you know of any pre-built packages that will edit avi files (add music/transitions/etc.)04:08
Bossmanbetahe doesn't need super cow powers........ I've already blessed him with penguin water04:08
dsmith_Bossmanbeta: ol04:08
panfistcan i run ubuntu without any kind of graphics driver running locally and control the thing exclusively over the network?04:08
cetyes you can control over network04:09
nickrudcjae: in fact, the ubuntu devs are 'strongly' recommending not using aptitude since they are adding functionality to apt-get that may or may not get to aptitude04:09
dsmith_panfist: yea, vnc?04:09
fredmvalex_: have you considered Kino or PiTiVi?04:09
dsmith_nickrud:  since when?04:09
Bossmanbetaa blessing with penguin water gives +5 INT and +7 Bash scripting abilities .. with Keyboard of Might you also get +2 on even-die rolls04:09
panfistcet, dsmith_ my question is not how can i control it remotely, i know how to do that, my question is can i disable all of the local graphics hardware, and physically remove it04:09
cetyou mean without a gui ssh apt-get install sshd04:09
EADG__Skapare: Hehe, it worked, look at this nicks' ip, should be same as EADG04:09
wease|alex_, i think Audacity can edit AVIs04:09
nickruddsmith_: I was told by one of the official ubuntu support team04:09
cjaenickrud, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3773604:09
dsmith_nickrud: interesting04:10
SkapareEADG__: yay!04:10
alex_fredmv, the prebuilt kino package does not import avis.  I was actually trying to compile the updated kino that can indeed edit avis04:10
ropieehelp me pls04:10
SkapareEADG__: you should set up your laptop to "phone home" with a cron job that makes an ssh connection with key authentication to a dummy userid on your home computer, with port forwarding back to the laptop (-R) in case it gets stolen04:10
ropieehow to install file kerberos04:10
alex_fredmv, I haven't tried pitivi... I'll try it.04:10
BossmanbetaI guess no one ever played D&D :)04:10
EADG__Dam!! how sweet is that?!?04:10
alex_wease|, Thanks, I'll check it out.04:10
fredmvalex_: ah, alright... yeah--look into it--it's decent.04:10
dsmith_Skapare: I kindly await your thesis on how to do that :)04:10
cetskapare thats cool04:10
nickrudcjae: I've been using aptitude since the first day I used debian. Even wrote the AptitudeSurvivalGuide on help.ubuntu.com. I love aptitude04:10
fredmvwease|, you familar with mic input problems under Ubuntu?04:10
dsmith_panfist: while its still running?04:10
dev1ni'm going to try getting out of a GUI hang with F6, but i'm still wondering what it does...or is supposed to do.04:10
ropieehow to install file kerberos04:11
wease|fredmv, like what? input issues?04:11
alex_fredmv, i am not necessarily justifying my laziness here, but I think it is developers' responsibiliy to prebuild packages to make ubuntu more user-friendly and thus more popular.04:11
BossmanbetaAlex, have you looked at Cinelerra ?04:11
panfistdsmith_ no not necessarily while its still running. i am just wondering if its possible to run a file server without any graphics hardware using power04:11
cetdev1n what do you want it to do?04:11
dsmith_dev1n: i had that issue with two laptops, you just need to boot verbosely04:11
nickruddsmith_: the only thing I've seen myself that may fit the bill is the authentication stuff that's going into hardy04:11
fredmvwease|: Well, yeah.   I can get input but nothing captures output (well, except sound-recorder [command line sound recording app]).04:11
fredmvprimarily I'm trying to use Skype04:11
alex_Bossmanbeta, No I haven't, thanks though.  I'll check it out after I check out pitivi and audacity04:11
dsmith_panfist: yes, the mobo vga port should work fine04:11
EADG__Skapare: I knew Linux was good for something besides robotfindskitten and nethack :P04:12
pretenderhave installed Koverartist in ubuntu but how do i run it04:12
dev1nok, cool dsmith...what is booting verbosely?04:12
panfistdsmith_ there is no mobo vga port, only add-on graphics04:12
wease|fredmv, so skype doesnt give output?04:12
dsmith_panfist: wont need an x-server04:12
Bossmanbetahttp://heroinewarrior.com/cinelerra.php3 probably the best I could suggest (handholding unavailable)04:12
codenameis there anything like a Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Icon Theme pack04:12
wease|fredmv, try akiga?04:12
alex_Bossmanbeta, Do I have to compile it :P04:12
dsmith_panfist: hmmmm, I would leave the thing in the box04:12
nickrudcodename: it's called human-icon-theme04:12
* dev1n googles 04:12
fredmvwease|: doesn't seem to... I was testing with echo123 and it doesn't seem to work.   But the weird thing is that not even gnome-sound-recorder can capture sound...04:12
Skaparedsmith_: set up a dummy user with no privs ... make a key pair for the laptop to do this with ... authorize that key in the dummy user ... cron this: ssh -R 34567: -f dummy@myhomecomputer04:12
Bossmanbetaactually I *think* you can apt-get it04:12
dsmith_what happens if you need to get access back into the machine later?04:12
BossmanbetaI haven't played with it in a few yrs so.....04:12
codenameThat's the dapper theme?04:13
nickrudcodename: or something very like that04:13
wease|alex_, i dont think that word means what you think it means04:13
cjaenickrud, so I you recommend using aptitude to install alternate desktop environments04:13
pac1how do you configure sound in ubuntu?  I have an ensoniq 1371 sound card and can't seem to get any sound...04:13
prince_jammysdev1n: verbosely is when you set you it so that all the messages show up as you boot04:13
codenameIt has the blue Firefox logo as well right?04:13
wease|compile is different than installing04:13
fredmvalex_:   I agree with you to an extent.      It sure is damn nice when you can just sudo apt-get install stuff...04:13
codenamecause im used to dapper lol04:13
cjaenickrud, -I04:13
dsmith_I suppose you can instal it then turn it off and yank the card, like you do with a crt and keyboard04:13
nickrudcjae: I'm not recommending aptitude in this channel any more04:13
Bossmanbetawease|, compile<make install04:13
prince_jammysdev1n: rather than a logo splash screen04:13
dev1nok, so i should hit f6 when?04:13
dev1nafter it hangs?04:13
Bossmanbetaegg b4 the chicken04:13
panfistdsmith_ i will do all access remotely, if i need to access the physical box i would rather just rmeove the hard disks and put them in another known working system. accessing this box through vga is unneccessary, i will never need to do it, and i would rather save power by disabling any video hardware, if possible04:13
wease|bossmanbeta, im old skewl. compiling requires a lil effort and programming04:14
dev1nor earlier...when i select the CD to boot from04:14
GuyFromHellISO dlna-3 server solution?04:14
doobeydoohi, does anybody know a shop where they sell e840004:14
panfisti do not want to yank the card. that is bad. no thank you04:14
mjsnickrud, what's the problem with aptitude?04:14
nickrudcodename: might. You'd probably have to go to packages.ubuntu.com , search for the human-icon-theme in dapper, and download it from there04:14
prince_jammys!who | dev1n04:14
ubotudev1n: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:14
dsmith_skapere: lets create a package and sell it for $5, lol04:14
Bossmanbetawell I'll take a precompiled kernel any day over that Gentoo B.S.04:14
Skaparedsmith_: if laptop gets stolen, watch for dummy user to get logged in ... if it happens capture its IP then login to the laptop via port 3456704:14
ubotuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html04:14
wease|the problem with aptitude is that it no longer has super cow powers04:14
* wease| cries04:14
dev1nuboutu: good idea04:14
wease|no more cow invader04:15
cetcan i get an addon with super cow powers04:15
wease|no more cow screen splash04:15
alex_wease|, what compile means?04:15
wease|aptitude just went weird04:15
Skaparedsmith_: we have to test it first ... send me your laptop :)04:15
prince_jammysdev1n: ubotu is a bot, by the way04:15
nickrudmjs: nothing is 'wrong' with it, as one of the official canonical support team members told me, the 'uber-geek' dev are strongly pushing apt-get over it04:15
dev1nprince_jammys: thanks, i didn't know that.04:15
wease|nickrud, i miss the cow04:15
* sdsheeks hugs ubotu04:16
ceti use apt-get anyway so i dont care04:16
prince_jammysdev1n: you can type the first few characters of someone's nick and then tab to autocomplete04:16
dev1nprince_jammys: sweet04:16
sdsheeksprince_jammys, great now he is dangerous!04:16
dsmith_Skapare: could you everything in laymans terms I kinda get everything you just told me04:16
nickrudwease|: I only saw the cow when I wanted to root out a package hierarchy, like   apt-get remove libglib2.0-0 :)04:16
prince_jammysdev1n: i sent you the message from the bot cuz what you were typing was gettinglost04:16
CVD-PRwhat options to put in the fstab for my new /home partition?04:16
dbmoodbhi there anyone know how i can get my media players to use opengl - seem to be having problems with compiz-fusion and direct rendering meaning videos go orangy04:17
Skaparedsmith_: define layman04:17
dsmith_Skapare: that would make an awesome .deb for everyone04:17
prince_jammyssdsheeks: :)04:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about layman - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:17
dsmith_Skapare: noob04:17
presumptious85help here pls04:17
Skaparedsmith_: needs to just bee a HOWTO04:17
nickrudSkapare: clueful user04:17
=== _max` is now known as max`
dsmith_Skapare: yes, agreed. I dont know how to code or I would create a .deb from what you just told me04:17
wease|nickrud...sudo aptitude -v-v-v-v-v04:18
dsmith_but I think its a great idea04:18
* wease| frowns04:18
mjsnickrud, I really never came to a conclusion what was the best, i've read it somewhere that aptitute has better dependencies resolver dunno if that's true, but my favorite is still yum :P me likes the progress bars :)04:18
wease|they killed the cow04:18
presumptious85anyone willing to help a noob04:18
Skaparedsmith_: problem is lots of references need to happen ... like for example someone that doesn't know how to create a crontab entry ... do I need to teach them how to do that, too?04:18
prince_jammys!anyone | presumptious8504:18
ubotupresumptious85: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:18
wease|6.06 had a screen splash and a game04:18
sdsheeks!ask presumptious8504:18
* sdsheeks bangs head on keyboard for doing that wrong04:18
prince_jammysbot attack04:18
nickrud!botsnack | mjs04:18
ubotumjs: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!04:18
dsmith_Skapare: hmmm, i don;t know how to that myself04:18
sdsheeks!ask | presumptious8504:19
ubotupresumptious85: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:19
sdsheeksin other words..just ask the question04:19
speeddemon8803feeding the bot?04:19
soulburneranyone know how to fight with the 'device eth0 is not ready' error within firestarteR?04:19
presumptious85so i just made an install of a module04:19
Skaparedsmith_: something to learn ... sure there is some GUI app to do it ... else read the man pages and do it from commandline04:19
presumptious85from linuxtv04:19
dsmith_man pages..04:19
Lorenzo_Hello, I had Ubuntu 7.10 64bit for a month and all  worked fine. Then I reinstalled it (still Ubuntu 7.10 64bit, same live cd install) and now I cant get rid of one big issue: any application i execute will take forever to start. I am talking 10 secs for Nautilus, 16 secs for Firefox). The CPU load and the RAM usage are very low, i cant figure out what is wrong. I installed again to see if there had been some mistake while installing, bu04:19
presumptious85i wanna know wat to do next?04:19
nickrudLorenzo_: you probably have a bad /etc/hosts , put a copy on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org04:20
Skaparedsmith_: Windows is the OS for people that don't want to learn how to use a computer04:20
sdsheekspresumptious85, you created a .deb?04:20
LycusIf I am using screen, and a particular application uses ctrl+whatever, how do I send that while in screen to the app?04:20
dbmoodbno windows is for windows04:20
Newbuntu2I need help with raid, anybody good at that? I migrated from gentoo to ubuntu, but the setup is different...04:20
dsmith_Skapare: YEP, totally agree04:20
Lorenzo_nickrud: ok thanks a lot! I will04:20
aceraxonhey all, I'm running Hardy, after the latest update Firefox disappeared from my launcher, anyone else have that problem?04:20
presumptious85i took the .bz file from http://linuxtv.org/hg/~hverkuil/cx18/rev/03d4d8d84c4f04:20
dsmith_Newbuntu2: 3ware card04:20
dbmoodbNewbuntu2: should be simpler no ?04:20
untermenschi need help burning the ubuntu iso onto a cd04:21
sdsheekspresumptious85, did you extract it?04:21
bullgard4What is a 'uevent'?04:21
presumptious85and followed the instructions on http://linuxtv.org/repo/04:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGaceraxon, so can u still launch firefox with command line?04:21
dbmoodbuntermensch: what are you running now - what kind of computer is it ?04:21
presumptious85i extracted04:21
Skaparewhat's really scary is my 5.5 year old niece knows how to enable administrator privileges on Windows04:21
sdsheekspresumptious85, okay then I don't get what your question is.04:21
presumptious85wetn to the directory from terminal04:21
aceraxonHardy, I sure can04:21
untermenschi'm using a compaq. with an amd turion 64 processor04:21
untermenschwith windows xp04:21
dsmith_Skapare:  haha, no way04:21
presumptious85after i make install04:21
dbmoodbso you want the 64amd version ?04:21
presumptious85and there was no error04:22
[Hardy]TuTUXGaceraxon, so just readd the launcher04:22
prince_jammyspresumptious85: you want to watch tv on your computer, right?04:22
Newbuntu2I'm using software raid. I used raidtools in the past, and my drives showed up as hdb1 - hdd1; now in ubuntu I only have mdadm, and my drives are sdb-sdd04:22
presumptious85i wan to know wat to do next?04:22
dbmoodbhave you downloaded it ?04:22
untermenschand i have the iso on my computer04:22
untermenschbut i can't get it on a cd04:22
dsmith_Newbuntu2: get yourself an actual raid card04:22
dbmoodbok what burning software do you have ?04:22
aceraxonHardy, will do as soon as I remember the command line04:22
Lorenzo_nickrud: here it is, thank you http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57031/04:22
prince_jammyspresumptious85: did you search on the internet to find linuxtv?  why linuxtv?04:22
Skaparedsmith_: that girl is very smart ... for example she hooked up the new DVD player to the TV ... via RGB component cables ... correctly!04:22
untermenschi tried... nero, some crud that came with the compy, and poweriso04:22
nickrud!enter | presumptious85 untermensch (help keep down the scroll)04:22
ubotupresumptious85 untermensch (help keep down the scroll): Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:22
dbmoodbneuro or poweriso should do it04:22
speeddemon8803!hardy > aceraxon04:22
untermenschi tried them both04:22
untermenschdidn't work04:22
EADG_Night all. 37hrs on the go, need sleep. I appreciate your time for the port forwarding lesson Skapare, it's something I'm going to look at abit more in depth.04:22
untermenschdidn't work for me, or my teacher04:23
Bossmanbetawb Alex04:23
dbmoodbdid you select burn iso to disk ?04:23
untermenschon four seperate computer04:23
sdsheeksEADG, take care.04:23
mjsuntermensch, download cdburnerxp and choose wrte data cd and then click on file menu and choose burn iso from file04:23
Skaparedsmith_: I need to get her turned on to Linux ... trouble is, she likes her Dora and Hello Kitty games04:23
FloodBot2untermensch: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:23
wobboJeeeeeah! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/04:23
Newbuntu2dsmith_ I need to get my data off it first04:23
dbmoodbso.... that is interesting - is the iso high quality04:23
nickrudLorenzo_: what does  /etc/hostname have in it?04:23
sdsheeksSkapare, same with my daughter04:23
* EADG_ the EADGs have a smile as the 2 extras type /q04:23
presumptious85because i had to get the driver for my tv tuner on linuxtv04:23
untermenschconfused on that one ?04:23
untermenschhow would i know ?04:23
prince_jammyspresumptious85: you can include my nick in your response by just typing the first few characters and the tab key to autocomplete04:23
dsmith_Newbuntu2: dump everything onto a usb drive04:23
dbmoodbcheck the md5 sum...04:23
Bossmanbetahello kitty games... how .. interesting :)04:23
sdsheeksBossmanbeta, heh kids love em04:23
* dsmith_ doesn't have kids04:23
dbmoodbwell what happens when you burn it ?04:23
sdsheeksdsmith_, have two.04:24
prince_jammyspresumptious85: like that :)04:24
dbmoodband then put it in...04:24
Newbuntu2dsmith_: sure, but first I have to mount it to access the data, right?04:24
Lorenzo_nickrud: lorenzo.laptop04:24
SkapareEADG: goodnight04:24
prince_jammyspresumptious85: otherwise the messages get lost04:24
presumptious85yeaa i get you04:24
dsmith_should automount if it is formatted  to ext304:24
sdsheekswe can tell04:24
nickrudLorenzo_: edit /etc/hosts , so it's the same (without the .@liberolight)04:24
* sdsheeks hides04:24
untermenschok. i'm a total idiot... how do i check that ?04:24
* alex__ seeks04:24
presumptious85prince_jammys: so yeaa, i got the drivers from linuxtv04:25
dbmoodbthe md5 sum don't worry about that what happens when you put the disk into your computer after you have burnt it04:25
prince_jammyspresumptious85: anyway, what i was asking is why this specific software?  i don't know linuxtv, and there's probably easier stuff to install for watching tv04:25
BossmanbetaType cat vmlinuz > /dev/audio to hear the Voice of God.04:25
ubotuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out04:25
Newbuntu2dsmith_: how do I mount the drives?04:25
prince_jammyspresumptious85: ok i take that back04:25
untermenschi click to burn it.. it takes the time to burn it.. says the iso should be on the cd... i go to put it in my computer.. and it shows up as blank04:25
dbmoodbireally Bossmanbeta and what happens to vmlinuz after that ?04:25
prince_jammyspresumptious85: :)04:25
* alex__ waves04:26
presumptious85prince_jammys: lol04:26
dbmoodbreally untermensch ?04:26
Bossmanbetalol nothing04:26
dsmith_Newbuntu2: as I said if the usb drive is formatted in ntfs or ext3 it generally should come up on its own04:26
Bossmanbetajust a joke ...04:26
presumptious85prince_jammys: was about to corect u04:26
dsmith_if not you need to mkdir in .media and possibly edit your fstab04:26
dbmoodbseems a bit odd04:26
Lorenzo_nickrud: that looks like something that has to do with the Internet connection, does that affect Nautilus and Firefox and all of the other apps?04:26
untermenschit does04:26
nickrudLorenzo_: did you say  lorenzo.laptop, or lorenzo-laptop?04:26
untermenschthat's why i'm so conused04:26
dbmoodbwell have you tested it  on another computer04:26
Newbuntu2dsmith_ the problem I have is how do I mount the raid drives to get the data off them.04:27
presumptious85prince_jammys: so maybe u understand04:27
nickrudLorenzo_: that's only used internally by ubuntu, it won't affect internet access04:27
untermensch3 other computers04:27
untermenschmy teacher tried it aswell04:27
dbmoodbyou are buring a cd - which iso image and where did you get it from04:27
untermenschsame thing.. could download to the computer. but couldn't burn it04:27
dbmoodbwhat version of neuro04:27
ubotuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:27
Lorenzo_nickrud: i am not sure, I'll check again04:27
wease|im back04:27
untermenschi got it from the ubuntu website ?04:27
wease|im sure i wasnt misse04:27
presumptious85prince_jammys: iguess all i need to do is reboot04:27
prince_jammysif somebody knows how to set up ubuntu box for watching tv please -- newcomer presumptious85 is having trouble04:27
nickrudLorenzo_: I'd recommend  lorenzo-laptop  in both.04:27
Lorenzo_but I cant get into Terminal anymore, it crashes upon start04:27
Lorenzo_nickrud: ok04:28
dbmoodbuntermensch: go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:28
wease|nickrud...apt-get moo04:28
nickrudLorenzo_:   ctl-alt-f2 , log in there, do your work, then clt-alt-f7 to get back04:28
dbmoodbsudo in here weasel04:28
prince_jammyspresumptious85: beats me... i don't know this tv business, as you can see04:28
=== badboy is now known as bad_boy
nickrudwease|: if it wouldn't scroll, I'd put up the graphic :)04:28
presumptious85i should get to mythtv room04:29
=== bad_boy is now known as bad-boy
prince_jammyspresumptious85: what you need is to post a detailed question (all on one line) and someone might know.. it's too hard to read questions when their all split up ... and yeah try that channel also04:29
* bad-boy ciao a tutti04:29
prince_jammyspresumptious85: *they're   .... grammar lol04:30
wease|sorey, im not much help tonight. im just here for the fun04:30
CVD-PRcheeese, i dont remember the last time someone here answer me04:30
Bossmanbetaprince_jammys, I stopped correcting grammar... I found it really angers people when you point that stuff out :)04:30
presumptious85prince_jammys: how do i get on that channel #mythtv04:30
nickrudCVD-PR: it does get hectic, some questions get lost in the scroll or the right person isn't around at the moment04:30
pauljs75_2Anybody know anything about getting .inf files for Linksys WMP54G? Got some suggested driver to Ralink Technology, but I'm lost now.04:30
prince_jammyspresumptious85: /join #mythtv04:30
cjaehey how may I change my gdm theme in gusty? ... Is theme what you would call it... I like stuff that looks like the ps3/psp theme if anyone has seen them04:31
duniacjae, ALT+F2 --> "gksu gdmsetup"04:31
prince_jammyspresumptious85: but you should also post a question here04:31
presumptious85thanks prince04:31
konansomeone speak spanish? :)04:32
CVD-PROne quest, what to put in the fstab for my new /home?04:32
Lorenzo_nickrud: it says gedit cant open display, and it suggests i enter gedit --help04:32
* bad-boy ciao a tutti04:32
konan?¿?¿ somenonse04:32
mjskonan, portuguese here04:32
konanmm so so jaja04:32
cjaedunia, do you know where to get alternate ubuntu gdm themes04:33
Lorenzo_*bad-boy: sei nel canale inglese :) quello italiano è #ubuntu-it-chat04:33
wease|nickrud....sudo apt-get install cowsay....then type cowsay what the04:33
konanbetter tock in english is more diff portuguese04:33
=== adante_ is now known as adante
pauljs75_2Now if there was someone who could speak ndiswrapper. :s04:33
konanfor me :P04:33
nickrudLorenzo_: do  ctl-alt-f2 , log in there, make sure that /etc/hostname has lorenzo-laptop in it, and /etc/hosts has the line  lorenzo-laptop. (use sudoedit ). Then reboot ( sudo reboot)04:33
mjskonan, speak in spanish i understand it :)04:33
cjaedunia, they do not have to say ubuntu of course actually would be preferable04:33
duniawease|, apt-get moo04:33
konana ok :) de donde sos?04:33
nickrudLorenzo_: the /etc/hosts line shouldn't end with a period, that was a sentence ending period :)04:34
wease|apt-get moo is funny but cowsay what the is better04:34
duniacjae, gnome-look.org04:34
konanes en portugal?04:34
Flannel!pt | konan04:34
ubotukonan: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:34
cjaeare those .deb or taarballs dunia04:34
mjskonan, yes I am04:34
RoC_MasterMindis there any way at all to use a pptp VPN while I have a static IP on my nic?04:34
Lorenzo_nickrud: ok, thank you very much, i will try that!04:34
konanokay im from argentina :)04:35
Brickerfirst off, ubuntu fucking rocks my socks. but I made a big booboo :P i messed with my graphics card (GeForce FX 5200) and messed the res up and cant login to fix it. Is there a way to change it from console? ie change it from using builtin VGA to the PCI one and change the res?04:35
duniacjae, no but easy to install -->> cd /usr/share/gdm/theme ; tar xvf theme.tar.gz04:35
duniacjae, */usr/share/gdm/themes04:35
bibbybricker, blacklist it04:35
bullgard4What is a 'uevent'?04:35
Brickerpardon the language if its not acceptable, but ubuntu so far is my favorite distro04:35
mjskonan, I understand written spanish just don't obligate me to writte it :P04:35
konana okay jaja yo soy de argentina conoces?04:36
nickrudbullgard4: it's an event (like plugging in a usbstick) that udev handles04:36
mjskonan, no unfortunatly not!04:36
konanpero sabes donde queda argentina?04:36
mjskonan, just know where it is never visit it04:36
mjskonan, claro!04:37
Bossmanbetabricker you can log in from cmd line and edit your xorg.conf file from VI04:37
konanaa okay, q hora es en alla?04:37
bnmjosh83ello everyone :D04:37
pauljs75_2Anybody  know anything about configuring wireless to work?04:37
plantainHey, how can I just download the .deb files from the repos without installing them?04:37
bullgard4nickrud: I will think ybout what you said. --  Thank you or commenting.04:37
BrickerBossmanbeta: awesome, thanks boss.04:37
mjskonan, 4:34 de la manhana04:37
* Bricker loves his KVM switch LD04:37
bibbyboosman, cant he just blacklist the vga?04:37
nickrudbullgard4: http://vrfy.org/log/recent-state-of-udev.html is a little old, but still relevant04:37
konanmjs, aca son las 2: 3704:37
mjskonan, mui tarde, deveria estar a sleep :)04:37
konanjaja de q equipo sos de alla?04:38
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat04:38
BossmanbetaBricker, try ctrl-altF2 if the display doesn't come up ... then login and sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:38
CVD-PRis this right for my new /home /dev/hda7       /home           ext3    defaults        0       2?04:38
Bulwinkleanyone using exaile?04:39
vonunovHi, all. I've managed to hide the Preferences and Administration menus in the System menu. Is there any way to undo this or launch the Main Menu preferences window from a command line? I tried looking for an answer elsewhere, sorry if this is already written in something.04:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGused to use it04:39
DiploCatBulwinkle, yeah I use exaile04:39
konanmsj, de que equipo sos alla?04:39
BossmanbetaBricker, then to get back to the X display... hit ctrl-alt-F704:39
nickrudCVD-PR: looks right to me, but you might want to use UUID instead of /dev/hda7  blkid shows the uuid's for all your devices04:39
konanmsj, what foolball team ? :)04:39
BulwinkleDiploCat: any idea why it isn't saving my settings?04:39
mjskonan, enlish channel this one, http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat go there and u ill find spanish speakers channel04:40
DiploCatahh... is there a .exaile/ directory in your home dir?04:40
konangracias :)04:40
konancuantos años tenes?04:40
CVD-PRnickrud, i dont understand what you mean with the UUID04:40
BulwinkleDiploCat: yes04:40
BulwinkleDiploCat: and it contains a settings.ini04:40
konanjaja yo tengo 16  :p  soy adolescente jaja04:40
nickrudCVD-PR: what version of ubuntu are you using? Gutsy uses uuids, you'd see an example in the /etc/fstab04:41
ubotuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:41
=== l7_ is now known as l7__
bnmjosh83 04:41
=== tuan_takur is now known as tempe_penyet
CVD-PRnickrud, gutsy04:41
DiploCatBulwinkle, if you do ls -l ... does that file looks like it's been updated recently? are the permissions ok?04:41
vonunovNever mind, right-click: Edit Menus did it. XD04:42
* vonunov lurks04:42
nickrudCVD-PR: the idea behind uuid's is they are permanent identifiers of a partition, if you change your partitioning (causing hda7 to become hda8 for example, by splitting up hda6) you won't have to rewrite your /etc/fstab to match04:42
BulwinkleDiploCat: -rw-r--r--  1 bmoore bmoore    1598 2008-02-22 16:42 settings.ini ....04:43
DiploCatBulwinkle, err... what settings isn't it keeping?04:43
BulwinkleDiploCat: I had to exit manually (quit) it doesn't seem to do it when I just exit Gnome....04:43
mjskonan, what's jaja means?04:44
Bulwinkleand why is my clock set to GMT and not my local time?04:44
mjsto late04:44
wease|jaja = haha04:44
mjslol, ok04:44
livefonikskonan, what is best in life?04:44
BulwinkleDiploCat: You'll have to pardon me, I'm a KDE convert and so I'm used to Amarok04:44
mjshes gone04:44
wease|best in life = retirement04:44
=== dunia is now known as jaja-miharja
DiploCatBulwinkle, not entirely sure why it wouldn't keep them after Gnome logout... perhaps it's just bad code04:45
mjswease|, u are kind in a hurry no?04:45
wease|mjs, yes i am!04:45
deepTo All: SWEEEEEEEEEEET i got it to work i got it to work I can now see my fing windows sharefiles thank you  thank you  thank you  thank you  thank you  thank you  thank you  thank you04:45
mEck0Hi! one non-ubuntu question. I wonder if the network address of an ip-address always has a 0 (zero) as the last octet? and if the broadcast-address always has 255 as the last octet?04:45
BulwinkleDiploCat: for example...  when I used to log out of KDE it would kill Amarok and when it started it would start out with the same song at the same place04:45
ubotuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)04:46
wease|mjs, i am trying to get on a fast track to retirement04:46
deepmecko it will if its not subnetted04:46
bibbyMeck0: no04:46
DiploCatBulwinkle, I'm not sure if exaile does that... it should keep the playlist, but I don't think it remembers the place04:46
mjswease|, u'll get bored! :P04:46
mEck0bibby, hmm, okay, how does it work?04:46
deeponce a network is subnetted the net id and broadcast id can change04:46
DiploCatto be honest, I'm not a huge fan of exaile... it seems to be the best of a bad bunch04:47
mEck0deep, aha, the network id is always first host -1 and the broadcast is last host (last octet) -1?04:47
wease|mjs, nah...ill just be worse of a geek than i am now04:47
Carolinai am boreddddddd!04:47
BulwinkleDiploCat: my problem is that if I logout before quitting exaile, it doesn't remember anything that has changed since the last time I quit.  Does that make sense?04:47
bibbyMecko: sorta hard to explain, each oct. can be up to 255 just depends on how the ip is set. and depending on the adress gives you the subnet04:47
cjaewhat happened to dunia04:48
mEck0bibby, okay04:48
DiploCatBulwinkle, well... what you're saying makes sense... but why that is happening I am not quite sure04:48
wease|dunia is still here04:48
deepmecko if the network is subnetted then the net id and broadcast id will change04:48
bibbyMecko: look up a subnet calculator and mess with it, ull understand after a few minutes.04:48
BulwinkleDiploCat: no problem, thanks for your help04:48
=== syc_ is now known as psychode
Brickeryou know what, im going to do a fresh install of ubuntu cuz this thing is killing me, and it hates my graphics card anyway :P04:49
Bulwinklewhat other music players are there that are as close to Amarok in features?04:49
Brickerthanks for the help guys, talk to you later04:49
bibbybi bricker04:49
levanderBulwinkle: banshee and rhythmbox are two popular GNOME ones04:49
wease|xmms is pretty schweet as well04:49
Lorenzonickrud: hi, i am back just to say thank you! You solved my problem, it was bugging me to death. Thanks!04:50
Bulwinklelevander: yeah, I've checked them both out...  banshee has promise04:50
nickrudLorenzo: you're welcome04:50
deepmecko try http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb726997.aspx Microsoft explains how to subnet well04:50
cjaeok I went to gnome look and downloaded a gdm tar file and extracted it to /usr/share/gdm/themes and now it is not in login window preferences04:50
Lorenzonickrud: none of the people I had talked to so far had been able to help me. I'm glad you solved this, have a nice day04:50
levanderBulwinkle: what was wrong with rhythmbox?  that's what i'm using, but haven't tried anything else04:51
deepnow that I can see my network folders time to setup an apache intranet server any sugestions on where to start?04:51
Bulwinklelevander: to be quite honest the only reason I've stuck with KDE for so long was Amarok....04:51
nickruddeep: sudo apt-get install apache2 , put your html in /var/www04:51
levanderdeep: 'sudo apt-get install apache2'04:51
bibbydeep: buy the server.04:52
Bulwinklelevander: I'm looking for something that is going to be as close to Amarok as possible.  I'm looking at songbird now.04:52
wease|you people need to try songbird.04:52
rilowhat's the difference between the two double quotes in regards to bash scripting? “ and "04:52
BulwinkleI also don't want to load a bunch of KDE stuff in GNOME (just like I didn't load GNOME stuff in KDE)04:52
levanderBulwinkle: Why is amarok so great you use an entire windowing environment because of it?04:52
prince_jammysrilo: the difference between " and what?04:52
levanderwease|: But it in the hardy repositories, and when hardy is released I will.04:53
bullgard4nickrud: http://vrfy.org/log/recent-state-of-udev.html gives a nice overview.  --  Thank you very much for referring me to it.04:53
levanderrilo: I don't think that first one has any meaning at all in bash.04:53
jaja-miharjawhat is songbird?04:53
riloprince_jammys: the slanted double quote, I don't know the name or code for it offhand04:53
Bulwinklelevander: I run compiz-fusion on top of either one anyways...  the two have equivalent apps, except for amarok04:53
wease|levander, it is an easy install regardless of what is in inclusive to the release04:53
Bulwinklelevander: I'm changing now, sue me :)04:53
levanderrilo: the second one can be used around a phrase so that no shell expansion is done04:53
rilolevander: well they are in these scripts I'm reading lol04:53
anonamarok works fine in gnome though?04:53
rilolevander: I've read that, what does that actually mean04:54
levanderBulwinkle: why is amarok so much greater than rhythmbox?  i'm just curious04:54
anoni havent had too many problems running it in gnome04:54
prince_jammysrilo: go to #bash and type !quotes04:54
levanderrilo: #bash  - it's too much to answer in here with all the traffic, i'll come in too04:54
wease|levander, amarok actually has a lot more options04:54
Bulwinklelevander: mysql, last.fm04:54
jaja-miharjawhy not sonata ?04:54
CVD-PRany has tried superGrub Disk  http://supergrub.forjamari.linex.org/?04:54
prohnaman compiz fusion is rad04:54
Bulwinklelevander: feel is totally different.04:55
nickrudCVD-PR: yes, it's marvelous04:55
CVD-PRcan i unmount / right know?04:55
levanderBulwinkle: i've never been overly impressed with rhythmbox, but it does what i need it to do, maybe amarok is just a lot slicker in how they've arranged the UI?04:55
wease|you can kill-9 too04:55
nickrudCVD-PR: you need that to run :)04:55
wease|oh wait, that doesnt work anymore04:56
CVD-PRso how ca i use gparted to create a partition from /?04:56
thinman1189I'm having some trouble with azureus. I opened it up and I got a message saying to download an update. then when I went to reopen it gave me the option again, this time a window popped up in the corner saying it had shutdown wrong. now whenever I open it it closes within 2 seconds of showing the main screen.04:56
prettyrickyHey guys where can I get kiba-dock and a how to install??04:56
nickrudCVD-PR: get the gparted live cd04:56
levanderbanshee looked a touch better than rhythmbox, but banshee is written on mono, so I stuck with rhythmbox04:56
Bulwinklelevander: it isn't it is just that I'm so used to it and so opposed to iTunes and the way they handle things04:56
nickrudCVD-PR: http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/04:57
alanddI have a problem installing emdebian-tools.  'apt-get install emdebian-tools' fails with 'Unable to determine apt-cache policy for Debian main! at /var/lib/dpkg/info/emdebian-tools.postinst line 132.'  I don't know how to get around it.  Anyone have thoughts?04:57
CVD-PRok Thansk04:57
levanderBulwinkle: You're really intimate with your music player apps.04:57
BulwinkleI'm loving pidgin...  although it isn't as feature rich as kopete04:57
wease|bulwinkle, i concur04:57
Bulwinklelevander: when I listen to music 8 hours a day I get that way04:57
wease|i love pidgin, i wish it was as feature rich as kopete or aMSN04:57
nickrudalandd: why are you using debian main?04:57
levanderi listen that much too sometimes, but i like to put it on one thing, like a Pandora station I've made, or a radio program I listen to and jsut let it go, not fuss with it all day04:58
Bulwinklethe problem as I see it is that unless you've used KDE you really don't appreciate what you are missing in configurability with some of the gnome equivalents...04:58
nickrudah, KPLU . Listen to that all day, no problem04:59
prettyrickyHey guys where can I get kiba-dock and a how to install??04:59
nickrudor KPIG04:59
deepis there a keyboard shortcut to open terminal?04:59
CVD-PRits there a better way to copy old-home to new-home than cp?04:59
Bulwinklebut I really don't use 5% of what KDE does anyways (as a GI)04:59
wease|bulwinkle, i will argue to a degree...i love KDE but i still am a big fan of Gnome. i will swap constantly between both04:59
BulwinkleIm also making a big switch in distros so that isn't helping04:59
deepis there a keyboard shortcut to open the terminal?04:59
prohnafor some reason05:00
alanddnickrud: I found debian main for endebian-tools first and tried from there.  Then i took it out seeing it could come from ubuntu repos.  I guess I may have messed up the repository and mixed dependencies now.05:00
prohnawhen i open an app05:00
Bulwinklewease|: yeah...  I've been a KDE guy for the longest but to be honest, if you're running c-f on top, what difference does it make.  I can make GNOME looks exactly like KDE and vice-versa05:00
prohnaalot of the time its possible for it to start with the top bar up off screen05:00
prohnaalmost like it thinks my monitor is bigger than it is05:01
Bulwinklewease|: once KDE4 gets to where it isn't crashing all of the damn time, maybe things will change05:01
nickrudalandd: probably. If you only tried getting that one package, disable the debian repo , do sudo apt-get update and try again05:01
bibbydeep: system>prefrences>keyboard shortcuts05:01
wease|bulwinkle, exactly. but KDE has been unstable for me so i kept to Gnome so i agree...i am waiting on the stable KDE05:01
bibbydeep: last one in desktop if you cant find it05:02
Bulwinklewease|: KDE has had issues with stability from day 105:02
alanddnickrud: That one package pulled a bunch of dependencies at the same time.  Now without debian main configured as source, it still errors.05:02
wease|bulwinkle, i grew ill of the constant crash messages05:02
presumptious85back again05:02
wease|bulwinkle, it worked pretty stable in other distros05:02
Bulwinklewease|: I don't run my graphical linux system for longer than 8-12 hours at a stretch without rebooting anyways05:03
presumptious85so i installed a module and now ubuntu won't detect my video card, how do i reverse this installation05:03
Bulwinklewease|: I moved from kubuntu to opensuse and it was MUCH more stable05:03
wease|bulwinkle, i have kept my system up with graphics for 40 days or until the kernel image needs an update05:03
Bulwinklewease|: My primary desktop is a laptop so it goes where I go.05:04
* alandd finds this a very busy channel. :^)05:04
wease|bulwinkle, KDE worked best for me under suse05:04
nickrudalandd: about all I can suggest is install apt-rdpends, and work your way through, switching to the ubuntu version from the debian.05:04
* bibby waves05:04
nickrudalandd: not an easy task05:04
MilitantPotatohow do you get messages from ubotu?05:04
presumptious85i'm screwed05:04
alanddnickrud: Well, I made the mess now I get to clean it up.05:05
Bulwinklewease|: I'm on day 5 of my ubuntu experiment05:05
CVD-PRuptime[2h 38m 42s]05:05
aceraxonanyone get emerald themes to work on Hardy yet?05:05
nickrudMilitantPotato:  /msg ubotu nvidia   for example05:05
CVD-PRos[Linux 2.6.22-14-386 i686] distro[Debian lenny/sid] cpu[1 x AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 2800+ @ 1000MHz] mem[Physical : 504MB, 46.0% free] disk[Total : 120.57GB, 77.30% Free] video[nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 440]] sound[]05:05
aceraxonwell emerald/beryl themes05:05
thinman1189I'm having some trouble with azureus. I opened it up and I got a message saying to download an update. Then when I went to reopen it gave me the option again, this time a window popped up in the corner saying it had shutdown wrong. Now whenever I open it it closes within 2 seconds of showing the main screen. The update seemed weird because it mentioned OSX but I wasn't sure.05:05
wease|bulwinkle, i stick to usin the tower cuz i like to pick it apart and change it on the fly as needed hehe05:05
Bulwinkleaceraxon: yes05:05
MilitantPotatonickrud: thanks :)05:05
nickrudMilitantPotato: now, in the window that opened, type   ati05:05
Bulwinkleaceraxon: what problem are you having?05:05
wease|bulwinkle, im on my 3rd year with ubuntu hehe05:05
Bulwinklewease|: I've tried them all...  literally05:06
aceraxonBulwinkle: what do I need to get it running?  I have compiz and emerald but nothing to gets the themes running05:06
wease|bulwinkle, name them and i have tested them05:06
deepHey is there a way to read microsoft help files in ubuntu(.chm files) I have some ubuntu ebooks in that format05:06
astro76deep: gnochm05:06
CVD-PRa better  cp way to duplicate a folder contents to another folder?05:06
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:06
wease|bulwinkle, with exception to redhat. i had no interest in that05:07
nickrudthinman1189: I'd suggest #azureus-support05:07
Bulwinkle!compiz | aceraxon05:07
ubotuaceraxon: please see above05:07
presumptious85so i installed a module and now ubuntu won't detect my video card, how do i reverse this installation?05:07
aceraxonthanks all!05:07
Bulwinkleaceraxon: I05:07
thinman1189nickrud thanks, didn't know it existed.05:07
Bulwinkle'm there too05:07
nickrudthinman1189: neither did I, but google to the rescue ;)05:07
thinman1189nickrud I hate being owned by google05:08
alanddnickrud: 'apt-get install apt-rdpends' fails to find the package.  Not knowing what apt-rdpends is, I must be doing something wrong there.05:08
* alandd goes to learn about apt-rdpends...05:08
prohnaanyone have the compiz cube working?05:08
nickrudalandd: sorry, typo:  apt-rdepends05:09
nickrudalandd: my typo originally05:09
alanddnickrud: It's going now.  thanks.05:10
prohnai think i set up compiz right for the cube05:10
prohnabut when i activate it05:10
wease|thinman1189, how are you pwn'd by google?05:11
Odd-rationaleprohna: Do you have compizconfig-settings-manager?05:11
prohnait just zooms out and i get four desktops in a row on the screen05:11
prohnainstead of a cube05:11
codenameneed some help getting a Dapper theme in 7.1005:11
Bulwinklewho suggested songbird?05:11
prohnaOdd-rationale: yeah05:11
wease|bulwinkle, i did05:11
codenameneed some help getting a Dapper theme in 7.1005:11
prohnaits just not actually building a cube when i hit ctrl alt and a direction05:11
Bulwinklewease|: it looks super sharp05:11
prohnait lays out all the desktops flat05:11
wease|bulwinkle, it is pretty awesome and it was developed by mozilla05:11
prohnamaybe something else is on too05:11
Odd-rationaleprohna: Try this. Open ccsm. Go to General Option. In Desktops, Set H=4, V=1, and #=1.05:12
codenameneed some help getting a Dapper theme in 7.1005:12
toddi want to run an application when I login to X, where do I do this at again?05:12
alanddnickrud: OK.  It appears that apt-rdepends shows various dependencies.  Having found the 'broken' ones, I'll have to 'apt-get remove' them as I go, right?05:12
Odd-rationaleprohna: Also make sure that you have the Desktop Cube plugin enabled and the Rotate Cube plugin enabled.05:12
prohnano change05:12
nickrudtodd: system->prefs->session05:12
prohnaboth are enabled05:13
prohnawhen i hit ctrl alt left arrow05:13
prohnathe screen rotates05:13
prohnalike a cube05:13
prohnai just cant zoom back and see the cube05:13
Odd-rationaleprohna: Do ctrl+alt+leftmosebuttin05:13
thinman1189wease|: nickrud found the azureus channel using google and told me to try there. thus, I was owned by google.05:13
nickrudalandd: that's one approach. Without actually putting myself in your shoes (not very likely :) I can't really tell you what steps you want to take05:13
Odd-rationaleprohna: Hold and move the mouse05:13
TrichomeKidDoes anyone know if there are special settings to use in the xorg.conf file for using a TV for a monitor?05:14
prohnayou were corrent05:14
prohnathanks :)05:14
prohnaOdd-rationale: this is awesome05:14
Odd-rationaleprohna: np, enjoy compiz!05:14
wease|thinman1189, we are all pwn'd by the omnipotent g00gle05:14
prohnai tried it with beryl and it just locked up my laptop05:14
CVD-PRcp -u  /media/files/documents/ /media/backup/documents/05:14
CVD-PRcp: omitting directory `/media/files/documents/'?05:14
prohnanow its smooth and working great05:14
wease|g00gle has all the answers05:14
wease|we must pray to the googleplex05:14
* prohna bows to google05:14
TrichomeKidlive at the googleplex05:15
CVD-PRgoogle dont tell me the next lotery numbers05:15
livefoniksViva Viagra!05:15
astro76CVD-PR: need -r too05:15
nickrudalandd: but I will say that I'd use aptitude in interactive mode as my main tool. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide , and at the bottom of each package description both the debian and ubuntu packages will be listed. You can choose which version to install there05:15
Odd-rationaleprohna: Here's some good tips on setting up a cool compiz config: http://forlong.blogage.de/article/2007/8/29/How-to-set-up-Compiz-Fusion05:15
=== lian_ is now known as Pacifik
thinman1189wease|: yes but it doesn't stop me from hating it05:15
prohnahow do i zoom out?05:16
prohnais that possible?05:16
wease|thinman1189, we all hate the beast...that is why we look to the wiki!05:16
Odd-rationaleprohna: Have you enabled Cube Reflection?05:16
TrichomeKidI had some card come with my motherboard that has an S-Video out and VGA out..  My TV will output the bootup text but won't get past the Ubuntu progress bar..  anyone know why?05:17
prohnanot yet05:17
Odd-rationaleprohna: Try05:17
prohnaOdd-rationale: this laptop is pretty old im surprised alot of this working so im taking it slow05:17
prohnaOdd-rationale: yup working05:18
* prohna is amused05:18
wease|i just go with super E05:18
wease|beats installing those cheesy 3d things05:18
* bibby afk05:19
Housefly7kmy compiz doesnt work, although Beryl worked on Fiesty, after installing gutsy it just would not work tried everything possible05:19
codenameneed some help getting a Dapper theme in 7.1005:19
prohnaHousefly7k: thats weird cause i had the exact opposite problem lol05:19
prohnaberyl wouldnt work but compiz is05:20
livefoniksCompiz is a bit lighter.05:20
wease|super E is even lighter!05:20
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz05:20
wease|it requires no software05:20
Housefly7kDell inspiron  8500 laptop05:21
Odd-rationalewease|: Super E? Link?05:21
Housefly7kVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 01)05:21
wease|no *additional* software05:21
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:21
wease|odd-rationale - windows button + E05:21
wease|its good enough eye candy for me05:21
Housefly7ksome people claimed it worked for them using the same video card, but i have had no luck following countless guides and how-tos05:21
nickrudah, expo . that is almost enough by itself to use compiz05:21
Odd-rationalewease|: A gnome thing?05:22
Housefly7kwease|: what is Super E?05:22
nickrudccsm, enable the expo plugin.05:22
prohnaHousefly7k: what does it do? can you enable any compiz effects?05:22
Survivormanwindows key and e05:22
wease|odd-rationale, AFAIK it is a gnome thing05:23
wease|housefly7k, windows button + e05:23
Odd-rationalewease|: OK. Didn't do anything on my KDE...05:23
wease|im not big on the compiz, beryl thing05:24
Odd-rationalewease|: Me neither05:24
Housefly7kprohna: no, none if i try from the System -> pref -> Appearance to enable Visual effects05:24
livefoniksExpo doesn't work without Compiz.05:24
nickrudwease|: windows-e, that's expo in compiz :  the desktops all in a row, able to drag windows around?05:24
Housefly7kprohna:  then it doesnt work it just says it was not able to switch or something like that, wait let me try05:24
wease|nickrud, i dont run compiz05:24
nickrudwease|: ah, so it's that minimal effect: nothing :)05:25
CVD-PRhow to make my new home the default? or ubuntu know that automatically?05:25
nickrudwease|: I don't run compiz either05:25
prohnaHousefly7k: install the compiz config manager05:25
Bulwinkleyeah, songbird has a LOOOOONG way to go05:25
wease|nickrud, it shows a nice display with water reflection05:25
nickrudCVD-PR: if you mount it in /etc/fstab, /home/you is /home/you05:25
Bulwinkleit is basically iTunes made over05:26
Housefly7kprohna: "Desktop effects could not be enabled"05:26
wease|its prettier than alt-tab05:26
nickrudwease|: hm. Not in any gnome I've used. How'ed you set it up?05:26
rexWho can speak Chinese~~~~please help me~05:26
CVD-PRnickrud, i have to put /home/me, not just /home?05:26
nickrudCVD-PR: /home for the mount point05:27
CVD-PRo ok05:27
wease|nickrud, i went from preinstall 7.10 to stable 7.10 and that is what i got05:27
faileas!cn > rex05:27
Housefly7kprohna: installing now05:27
nickrudCVD-PR:  assuming you're doing the standard05:27
faileasor was that pipe...05:27
Housefly7kprohna: although i have pretty much given up hope05:27
nickrudwease|: bet you're running compiz & don't even know it :)05:27
Housefly7kprohna: installed ccsm05:28
rex<faileas> !cn > rex   //////what05:28
prohnathen see if advanced desktop effects is in there05:28
emmajaneI want to look at the channel's warning text for language... I'm not sure how to send it only to myself though. Does anyone know?05:28
prohnaOdd-rationale: the focus window effect is rad too05:29
rexcan you speak Chinese05:29
nickrud!cn | rex  (chinese spoken there):05:29
uboturex  (chinese spoken there):: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:29
faileasrex: no but i think there's a chinese channel. i made a mistake with the command05:29
rexthank you05:29
wease|nickrud, only if it defaulted to it when i installed the nvidia drivers...during the aplha and beta i installed compiz and beryl and had a blast but when i was forced to install the stable i just let it install and never added to it as far as the gui went05:29
emmajane!language | emmajane05:29
nickrudwease|: ps -A | grep compiz05:29
astro76emmajane: /msg ubotu whatever05:29
emmajaneastro76: thanks.05:30
rexoh~~~~~thank you05:30
* wease| shakes a finger05:30
wease|it must have installed by default05:30
Housefly7kprohna: but what would installing ccsm help if the basic desktop effects wont work?05:30
emmajaneastro76: Hrm. it doesn't seem to send me the warning text when I do /msg ubotu !language05:31
prohnaHousefly7k: idk worth a shot05:31
wease|cuz i never saw it running nor do i have the ability to adjust it in the usual place (system)05:31
Odd-rationaleemmajane: Try without !05:31
prohnaHousefly7k: mine acted wacky till i got it working05:31
emmajaneLinuxID10T: hey :) I'm happy to help out. But I find "IDIOT" screamed at me sort of offencive. Can you pick a new nickname? Thanks!05:32
prohnaHousefly7k: especially switching that setting yer trying to change would lock me up for 15+ seconds sometimes05:32
emmajaneOdd-rationale: tried that first...05:32
wease|nickrud, interesting it is there and i never manually installed it05:32
bra1I want to install Ubuntu on a laptop drive05:32
LinuxID10TSorry about the nickname I have used it in forums for at least 8 years05:32
=== bra1 is now known as brad1
=== brad1 is now known as brad01
faileasbra1: external or in a laptop?05:33
nickrudwease|: it's a default install in gutsy, I think it's enabled by default for some nvidia cards05:33
Odd-rationaleemmajane: Hmm. Are you !registered?05:33
emmajaneOdd-rationale: my nick is registered, yes.05:33
kavoorHello, Is it true that Hardy will not feature a new theme and a new makeover is scheduled for Hardy +1 ??05:33
brad01I have an adapter to hook it up and the ubuntu live cd see's it05:34
emmajaneDoes that mean I'm supposed to not find it offensive, LinuxID10T? I'm confused.05:34
nickrudkavoor: I've seen a link to a new desktop background somewhere ...05:34
Flannelkavoor: #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic05:34
Housefly7kprohna: so now that ccsm is installed...should i disable all the effects and try enabling some? is that what you suggest....and what effects should i try first?05:34
wease|nickrud, thats why i was thinkin it may have been done by me installing the drivers but the standard compiz button is nonexistent05:34
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:34
brad01but when I try to install it it either has an error or when I connect it to the laptop it won't boot from it05:34
wease|so i guess i never thought much about it05:34
nickrudwease|: system->prefs->appearance, effects tab05:34
kavoorFlannel: OK sorry05:35
prohnaOdd-rationale: where do i go to set the cube to be hollow?05:35
prohnaHousefly7k: does it let you open ccsm?05:35
wease|nickrud, not the same as a compiz tab in the pre-release05:35
Newbuntu2If I want to stream video (using VLC) can I use a (multicast reserved) address? This is all within a private (home) network; but I I'm not sure a 192.168 address would work for multicast05:35
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
Odd-rationaleprohna: Go to Desktop Cube --> Transparent Cube and adjust the transparnecy durin rotation05:36
Housefly7kprohna: yeah05:36
prohnaHousefly7k: try some of them then05:36
prohnasee what happens05:36
devrethmanHow do I get on a wireless network with WPA encryption?05:36
devrethmanit's not one of the options on the thingy05:36
RaelI'm trying various lite window managers...I'm in icewm which seems to be running fine but now my mp3s sometimes skip, its like the mp3 player is not given as much cpu priority in icewm05:36
devrethmanwhen you try to connect05:36
=== cE_cRi_cO__ is now known as ce_sma
=== slaytani2 is now known as slaytanic
nickrudemmajane: there was no reason to chase him off05:36
Housefly7kprohna: but the desktop effects are not enabled...i am not sure i understand05:37
emmajanenickrud: I didn't. It was a valid question.05:37
emmajanenickrud: I honestly didn't understand the response. :/05:37
nickrudso ignore him.05:37
Odd-rationaleprohna: Did that suit you?05:38
emmajanenickrud: I thought it was like a conversation where we each had a turn.05:38
dareiianyone know how i can get my clock to show regular time instead of UTC05:39
nickrudemmajane: seems to me that you were picking an argument.05:39
Bossmanbetadareii, just rt click the clock05:40
Housefly7kthe !compiz suggested #compiz-fusion but the channel is empty...is that right or its just not a busy channel?05:40
lamalexCan anyone here help me trouble shoot key based SSH authentication?05:40
dareiii did there's no option for it in the window05:40
Bossmanbetago to preferences...........05:40
lamalexfor some reason I can't get it working05:41
dareiidid that too - i'm using latest updates on  hardy05:41
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: There is about 180 peeps in #compiz-fusion05:41
Bossmanbetaoh hardy05:41
Bossmanbetawell it should work on hardy also... but I'm running gutsy05:41
wease|bring on hardy!05:42
dareiithe gui in the preferences has changed and no utc option05:42
Odd-rationale!hardy | dareii05:42
ubotudareii: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:42
wease|i loved testing out gutsy in prerelease mode05:42
Z_o-s-owhat do you guys think about Hardy so far05:42
wease|i wanna do the same with hardy05:43
Housefly7kOdd-rationale: thanks i just realised i connected to it on a different server... sorry for the inconvinience new to irssi05:43
dareiiso far hardy rules it's the only ubuntu i can get to boot on my laptop05:43
Lartza_what is ide?05:43
wease|i havent installed hardy yet as it is unavailable for me as of right now05:43
brad01darelli, what laptop?05:43
dareiiacer aspire 552005:44
wease|IDE = integrated drive electronics05:44
Lartza_what it does?05:44
dareiithe only other distro i can get to work on it is opensuse 11.005:44
wease|IDE makes your computer have an extended brain05:44
wease|so to speak05:44
wease|IDE is the friggin hard drive05:45
Lartza_so my hardrive spins if ide0 or ide1 shows on powertop05:46
wease|your drive will spin until it finds a point that the software finds a start05:47
simplyubuntuhas anyone seen the optimus maximus?!?! its amazing! http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/optimus/05:47
frost0can someone point me in the direction of a linux version of free allegiance?05:47
frost0i know there is a version..05:47
wease|optimus maximus is schweet05:47
frost0but, i can't find it :(05:47
Lartza_well i have powertop and it constantly show me ide1 so i was wondering what it was05:48
wease|but it isnt linux firnedly and is a very expensive piece05:48
simplyubuntuwease| it isnt?05:48
simplyubuntuthats what i was hoping to figure out :P05:48
simplyubuntuso much for that!05:48
wease|simplyubuntu, it is for windows and mac as of now05:48
Lartza_why doesnt linux run well on laptops?05:48
duniawease|, it's very very expensive for me05:49
Z_o-s-oit depends on the laptop05:49
wease|but it is too much eye candy and for so much money05:49
Odd-rationaleLartza_: Runs just fine on my tablet.05:49
Lartza_well yea, but linux runs almost in any desktop computer, but number of laptops arent supported05:49
Housefly7kLartza_: I had mixed experiences with that, and it runs great on some05:49
wease|dunia, some schmuck bought it on ebay for 2750 bucks05:49
simplyubuntuits 400 dollars...05:49
simplyubuntupretty expensive05:49
Lartza_wow 371euros!05:50
Housefly7kToshiba a100 and a900 it worked beautifully... everything just did05:50
Lartza_for keyboard!!!05:50
wease|keyboard is not something i would consider spending tons of money05:50
simplyubuntudoes anyone know if ubuntu works with those new colurful dell notebooks?? :P05:50
Lartza_me neither05:50
Lartza_what model?05:50
Odd-rationalesimplyubuntu: You mean the xps?05:51
wease|dell actually offers the latest xps with ubuntu 7.1005:51
simplyubuntuyep thats what i mean05:51
wease|they start at just under 1 grand05:51
wease|very schweet setup05:51
simplyubuntureally wease|?05:51
simplyubuntumy mom was thinking of buying one05:51
wease|ill give you a link05:51
simplyubuntujust checking out05:51
wease|brb to find it05:51
simplyubuntuthanks :)05:51
Lartza_XPSTM  M133005:52
Lartza_XPS  M133005:52
Z_o-s-oid rather get a macbook pro05:52
Lartza_i love mac and linux05:52
Lartza_they beat windows anytime05:52
Z_o-s-oi have an HP right now and I like it alot....specially with Gutsy05:53
Z_o-s-oVista sucked05:53
Lartza_except mac costs, but its still good05:53
Lartza_Vista REALLY sucks05:53
Lartza_xp is ok in emergy situation05:53
Lartza_for playing commercial games etc.05:53
Z_o-s-othe problem with laptops and Ubuntu so far is that laptop makers like to add lots of hokey buttons a features that you really dont need05:53
wease|there you go05:53
simplyubuntuthanks wease|05:53
Lartza_Zoso: so then they just wont work? or whole system doesnt work?05:54
Z_o-s-ono...it takes more work to get the little things to work correctly05:54
Z_o-s-osony is notorious for adding unnecessary junk to the Vaio laptops05:55
Lartza_ok, i wouldnt need those05:55
simplyubuntuwease| isnt there a red one too?05:55
Housefly7kanywhere else i can go for compiz help, #compiz-fusion is full of very silent ppl :)05:55
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:55
=== Lilly is now known as Lilacor
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: Make a lot of noise! :P05:55
latinoguyhelp with cairo-dock05:55
latinoguyi can not see it05:55
wease|simplyubuntu, you can customize it05:56
Lartza_wow, http://www.geekabout.com/2008-02-19-479/40-most-disastrous-cable-messes.html05:56
latinoguyplase help with cairo-dock05:57
LilacorWhat is a simple system information application I can have always running on my desktop?05:58
Odd-rationaleLilacor: conky05:58
Lartza_Lilacor: what it needs to do? show cpu usage?05:58
Lilacorcpu, memory, network, i/o...etc05:59
Odd-rationaleLilacor: or grekm (sp?)05:59
Lartza_there is one applet to the panel05:59
LilacorI mean one that updates and is almost like part of the background graphic.. . . .06:00
Odd-rationaleLilacor: Then use conky06:00
Lartza_i dont know then06:00
Lilacoroh cool that's exactly what I was looking for :D06:00
Lilacorthanks folks06:00
=== Fryda is now known as sure
Housefly7kmy fan is also constantly running on a Dell inspiron 8500...06:02
Housefly7kconstantly ... i tune it out but if i can find a way for it to work properly i wouldnt mind06:02
aurumHey, I just installed on an external HD but my BIOS doesn't give me the option to boot from a USB drive, even though it seems to recognize it before the actual boot... anyone know how I can make it happen? (Sony VAIO VGN-550G)06:03
simplyubuntuhey does anyone here use an iphone with ubuntu?06:04
Lilacorsimplyubuntu: that'd be a trick I'd like to see. . .06:04
fredmvsimplyubuntu, have you seen the docs regarding it?  It doesn't look too hard to do actually.06:05
simplyubuntuLilacor, why?06:05
fredmvsimplyubuntu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone06:05
Lilacorsimplyubuntu: I think it'd be interesting to see...that's all06:05
iceswordubuntu phone?that is interseting06:06
simplyubuntufredmv ive seen them too... have even transferred music wirelessly. i was, however, wondering, if i could transfer music with a cable, wireless b is pretty slow (10 secs per song)06:06
fredmvshould work fine via USB06:06
simplyubuntuhow fredmv? mount it at media/ipod and let banshee see it?06:07
presto_wow...that's a lot of people06:07
fredmvsimplyubuntu, I've done something similar with my iRiver.06:07
fredmvWas a pain, but I eventually got it to work.06:07
fredmvNot too familar with Apple stuff though.06:07
fredmvThere seems to be plenty of docs available though.06:08
simplyubuntui see... what about syncing contacs etc06:08
fredmvtake a look at gtkpod06:08
fredmvVery solid app.06:08
simplyubuntufredmv that doc you just linked was the only one ive been able to find!06:08
fredmvHave you taken a look at gtkpod?06:08
simplyubuntui know about gtkpod, but it doesnt offer the library support that banshee does... at least for me06:08
CVD-PRnickrud, command to view the UUID's06:08
nickrudCVD-PR: blkid06:09
fredmvAudacity might also be an option.06:09
fredmvI wish I could help further but I never really bought into the Apple thing.06:09
Jewsus_Is it normal for both xgl and xorg to be running at the same time06:10
simplyubuntuthanks anyway fredmv06:10
fredmvNo prob man.06:10
cjaehey is this going to work with nvidia 5500 and 7.10 ??06:10
fredmvI'm sure you've taken a look at ubuntuforums?06:11
pawan_what is kde 406:11
cjaenot sure what changes have been made to the new nvidia driver06:12
Odd-rationale!kde4 | pawan_06:12
ubotupawan_: KDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:12
pawan_how to upgrade gutsy to kde 406:12
Odd-rationalepawan_: See the first link06:13
cjaeused to work fine under edgy with this card but the auto detect capabilities of nvidia driver didn't go over so well this time through06:13
cjaeplus I don't like xineramam06:13
cjaeor twinview06:14
iceswordnickrud, i am woking on mini ubuntu 6.06 now06:18
nickrudicesword: cool. What do you plan on adding to it?06:19
iceswordnickrud, gnome,mac4lin,haha06:19
nickrudicesword: sounds big ;P06:20
iceswordnickrud, you said big,why,i will give up open office sort of thing ,too big06:20
nickrudicesword: gnome, one of the biggest things in the repo :O Anyway, off to eat. See you later06:21
iceswordnickrud, yeah06:21
cwilluis there a config option to make dpkg always run niced?06:23
CVD-PRhow to remove a non-empty directory?06:23
cwilluCVD-PR, rm -r /dir/name06:23
cwilluCVD-PR, but be careful with that06:23
cwilluCVD-PR, or just use nautilus, although currently that won't help much if it's a system folder (in which case, be super careful with anything resembling sudo rm -r /path/to/folder)06:24
ac1dneed some help06:24
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:24
ac1dhow do i set up a network card?06:24
ac1di mean as in network settings thro the command line?06:24
cwilluac1d, /etc/network/interfaces holds most of the settings06:25
ac1dhow do i edit it thro the CLI... bit of a newb here06:25
cwilluchanging it to pretty much anything by hand will disable network manager though06:25
speeddemon8803gedit /etc/network/interfaces06:25
cwilluac1d, you can also run ifconfig ... and related commands to directly change the current settings06:25
ac1dim trying to set up an ubuntu server here, just very new to it all and learning06:25
Neutralisetry rm -rf *06:26
cwilluac1d, dhclient eth0 will use dhcp to configur eth0, for instance06:26
ac1di want to configure it statically because i want to be able to SSH into it06:26
cwilluac1d, I usually use static dhcp still06:26
ac1dother question, how do i page up in CLI? lol06:26
Raelanyone know how to turn off opening things with a single click...its driving me crazy and I want to go back to doubleclicking06:26
speeddemon8803I am going to say this once and once only...NEVER tell a user to rm -rf * as root or even as a regular user.....06:26
devrethmanDoes wireless lan assistant thingy not support WPA or am I stupid?06:27
speeddemon8803Not even as a joke!06:27
cwilludevrethman, depends on the chipset, some of them have issues with dpa06:27
wobblywuwhat happened to ubuntu bounties?06:27
cwilluwpa rather06:27
ac1dso i would set up a network card statically by...06:27
zoredacheis it possible to target a workspace when starting an application?06:27
astro76zoredache: devilspie06:27
devrethmancwillyu: I've got an oldish laptop, so if it's not on the dropdown thing it means I can't do it?06:27
cwilluac1d, look at 'man interfaces'06:28
presto_yeah...speeddemon he thought he was clever06:28
astro76!devilspie | zoredache06:28
ubotuzoredache: devilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie06:28
cwilludevrethman, do you know what chipset you have?06:28
devrethmancwillu: nope06:28
zoredacheah, thanks06:28
devrethmanhow do i check06:28
devrethmanwould lspci show it?06:28
cwilludevrethman, yep, although it's a somewhat chicken and egg problem that way :p06:29
ac1dso how would i set up the settings on a network card (eth0) statically?06:29
cwilludevrethman, lspci|grep -i wlan might do something06:29
cwilluac1d, type 'man interfacse06:29
cwillu'man interfaces'06:29
cwilluread that06:29
cwilludevrethman, try 80206:29
cwillu(instead of wlan)06:29
devrethmani just read the list, nothing looks like wireless06:30
Raelanyone know how to turn off opening things with a single click...its driving me crazy and I want to go back to doubleclicking06:30
ac1doaky i really do need some linux help06:30
ac1dhow do i quit out of man pages now?06:30
cwilluac1d, q06:30
ac1dcan u set up a network card by using ifconfig06:30
ac1di dont know how to edit text files using the CLI06:31
cwilluac1d, only temporarily (i.e., till the next reboot)06:31
Odd-rationaledevrethman: lspci | grep Net ?06:31
loslalfos(actually, it depends on thze pager you are using ;) )06:31
cwilluac1d, sudo nano /path/to/file06:31
cwilluloslalfos, safe assumption that a cli newbie won't have customized the pager :p06:31
devrethmanintel 82801 ethernet controller06:31
DiploCatac1d, if you are using gnome, you can do it through the GUI... System > Administration > Network06:31
ac1dim in Nnano06:31
loslalfoscwillu: that's why i put a smiley... ;)06:32
devrethmanIt's just the hardwire one though06:32
ac1dnow how do i change stuff? lol06:32
ac1di need to be shown once then ill remember how to do it for next time06:32
ubotuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code06:32
rikkimaru_When I open alsamixer, and try to increase  Front Mic and Mic Boost on the capture tab, it resets when i open alsamixer again06:32
cwilluac1d, nano is pretty self explanatory06:32
cwilluac1d, if I was mean, I'd point you at vim :p06:32
speeddemon8803Are there any op's around?06:32
Odd-rationaledevrethman: What wireless do you have?06:32
ac1dhow do i open the file then?06:32
devrethmanwireless in a Toshiba sattelite 510506:33
cwilludevrethman, I think that's the wired card06:33
devrethmanI do to06:33
ac1di did the whole sudo nano etc/network/interface and its got nothing06:33
cwilludevrethman, try lsmod|grep bc06:33
cwilluac1d, /etc, not just etc?06:33
devrethmanmbcache and usbcore06:33
devrethmannot wireless06:33
Odd-rationaledevrethman: You're trying to find your chipset, then?06:33
DiploCatetc/network/interfaces -- with an s on the end06:33
cwilluOdd-rationale, yes06:33
bazhangspeeddemon8803: what is the issue?06:33
ac1ddw im closer :p06:34
devrethmanodd-rationale: WPA doesn't show up on the dropdown06:34
speeddemon8803may i private message you bazhang?06:34
devrethmansupposedly some chipsets fdon't support06:34
GSF1200SFor anyone new in here: DO NOT do sudo rm -rf anytime anywhere until you know EXACTLY what it does06:34
devrethmanso I'm trying to figure out if I have one of them06:34
loslalfoscwillu: actually, i wasn't just putting a smiley in for the people "in the know". i think i wanted to hint that there's more to know. anyhow... :)06:34
bazhangspeeddemon8803: sure06:34
Raelanyone know how to turn off opening things with a single click...its driving me crazy and I want to go back to doubleclicking06:35
cwilluRael, there might be an option in the prefs somewhere, you can do it from gconf-editor as well06:35
cwilluRael, open a file browser, go to edit|preferences | behavious, and change double to single06:35
DiploCatGSF1200S, sudo rm -rf will do nothing... if you put a / at the end though..06:36
GSF1200Swell yeah, thats what I mean- we had a troll in here who wrote that down06:36
iceswordrm -rf / em,that is a good command06:37
ac1dokay so im typing sudo rm -rf /06:37
ac1dthanks guys for all ur help06:37
GSF1200Sis this channel mad?06:37
=== rikkimaru_ is now known as rikkimaru
Raelcwillu thanks I checked there but double click is already enabled...this was happening in windows too...maybe its the mouse06:38
=== fubu16________ is now known as fubu16
bazhangac1d dont do it06:38
GSF1200Shes gone already06:38
GSF1200Sand sadly06:38
GSF1200SI think he was "joking"06:38
* speeddemon8803 sits here still steaming06:38
iceswordwhat if i setup miniubuntu to my disk,what os i will gain06:38
DiploCathe must have been joking (?)06:38
GSF1200Sthis is not funny06:39
cwillucan we just kick everyone who's suggested that command in the last 5 minutes?06:39
GSF1200Swhat if there is a curious new user in here and he deletes his home folder or worse?06:39
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:39
bazhangnot a bad idea cwillu06:39
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:39
speeddemon8803guys, rm -rf is NOT a command you want to do unless you absolutely know what the heck your doing! PERIOD! if someone tells you to do this to a folder like /home...DONT!06:39
iceswordwindows supports format system disk too,hahah06:40
devrethmanokay, so it I sudo rm -rf /home/devrethman my wireless will work?06:40
bazhangdevrethman: no dont do it06:40
presto_Dev...quit trolling06:40
thinman1189I'm having some trouble with azureus. I opened it up and I got a message saying to download an update. Then when I went to reopen it gave me the option again, this time a window popped up in the corner saying it had shutdown wrong. Now whenever I open it it closes within 2 seconds of showing the main screen. The update seemed weird because it mentioned OSX but I wasn't sure.06:40
presto_that's obvious enough06:41
ac1dhey guys okay lol06:41
ac1dneed some more help06:41
DiploCathello ac1d06:41
ac1dmy /etc/network/interfaces looks like this:06:41
nickrudac1d: don't paste here06:41
ac1doh wait06:41
ac1di see the problem lol06:41
DiploCatat least it's still there :)06:41
iceswordarch.ubuntu.org.cn is org.cn,it is damn slow06:41
speeddemon8803why did i get booted?06:42
devrethmanso how do I tell what my wireless chipset is in order to see if it supports WPA or not?06:42
nickrudspeeddemon8803: don't be repeating that here, same for you devrethman . Not a humorous subject06:42
speeddemon8803i was saying NOT to do it06:43
speeddemon8803if you were reading it very closely06:43
iceswordnickrud, i am installing base system,now at 6%06:43
nickrudspeeddemon8803: I read it.06:43
bazhangnickrud it was Neutralise06:43
faileasdevrethman: most chipsets support WPA...06:43
zcat[1]is there something like apt-get or aptitude that I cal install a downloaded package which isn't in the repos, and it will sort out the dependencies .. I used gdebi at home but the server has no GUI06:43
devrethmanit doesn't show up in the dropdown in the wireless thing06:43
bazhangspeeddemon8803: no worries mate; he knows who did it06:44
devrethmanand somebody earlier (cwillu) said it might be cause my chipset doesn't do it06:44
faileasdevrethman: thats... odd06:44
devrethmanI didn't think that made much sense, butI'm going with it anyway06:44
DarkmystereErr, is it possible to update wine without removing my C Drive...? like from source06:44
devrethmani've got an older laptop06:44
speeddemon8803i listed my reason why not to do it :) oh well water under the bridge :)06:44
devrethmanwith an 802.11b06:44
devrethmanno G or anything06:44
Darkmysteremy wine is still ver 0.9.46....and i want to update to 0.9.5506:44
Starnestommyzcat[1]: dpkg -i packagename.deb?06:44
fredmvI hate to keep spamming this question, but does _anyone_ know how to fix the following problem:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=438554106:45
iceswordDarkmystere, have you tried to build it from source,06:45
cwilludevrethman, faileas, some cards didn't have good driver support, wpa was one of the trickier things to get working in my experience (mostly broadcom cards, which I don't think he has though)06:45
zcat[1]Starnestommy: that takes care of the 12 other libraries that the package depends on (which are all in the repos) or do I have to take a note of everything gdebi installed and do them manually?06:45
bazhangdevrethman: what does lspci show--just tell us dont paste it here06:45
TrustNoOnewhat is there fun to do on linux06:45
faileascwillu: ahh06:45
=== quantum is now known as quaternary
presto_Darkmystere msg me for a moment06:45
bazhangTrustNoOne: sauerbraten06:45
faileasbazhang: depends on your idea of fun06:45
devrethmanbazhang: nothing that looks like a wireless card06:46
faileaser TrustNoOne even06:46
devrethmanjust like video card, ethernet card, modem, the usual stuff06:46
zcat[1]saurbraten sucks.. try urban terror or world of padman or even tremulous..06:46
Starnestommyzcat[1]: I think it still checks for dependencies06:46
bazhangdevrethman: this is pci card or usb dongle?06:46
fredmvTrustNoOne:  check out stellarium and hydrogen06:46
Reenenhi all06:46
bazhanghi Reenen06:46
devrethmanIt's internal06:47
devrethmanso I'm assuming PCI06:47
ReenenI started a bit torrent download (by clicking on the link in firefox), and now I want to continue it...06:47
Reenenhow do I do it06:47
bazhangdevrethman: what computer make and model06:47
simplechatRedHeron, ?06:47
devrethmanToshiba sattelite 5105-S90106:47
faileasReenen: just start your torrent client again06:47
devrethmanif it's come down to looking up specs, i can do it06:47
simplechatdid you start the .torrent in azerus? or what?06:47
Darkmystereicesword, did you get my query?06:47
iceswordDarkmystere, you follow the read me06:47
simplechator did you just download the .torrent to your computer?06:47
bazhangdevrethman: does ifconfig return anything like wlan0?06:47
zcat[1]Starnestommy: no it doesn't, I just checked06:47
ReenenI have no idea what that is06:47
simplechatbecause remember kids: the .torrent only lets your computer find the file. It isn't the file itself06:48
devrethmaneth0 and eth106:48
devrethmanI only have one ethernet card, so one of the is wireless06:48
iceswordDarkmystere, usually ./configure06:48
devrethmanand it works fine on WEP06:48
devrethmanso the card itself works06:48
ReenenI'll bet it was azerus... I'll try it06:48
zcat[1]can I use aptitude or apt-get but install a deb that I have in ~, not in a repo?06:48
* speeddemon8803 sits in the room and doesnt say a word to anybody...aparently thats what im supposed to do ;)06:48
iceswordDarkmystere, if you don't have some packages,it will stop , and ask for it06:48
Reenenno result when az{tab} in terminal06:48
bazhangdevrethman: is there a hardware switch on the machine to control the wireless? my laptop has one06:48
zcat[1]like how I could use gdebi except as I mentioned, this is on a server and has no gui06:48
nickrudzcat[1]: use sudo dpkg -i <debfile>06:48
devrethmanyeah, it's on06:49
devrethmanthe card is working fine06:49
devrethmanit sees the SSID06:49
thinman1189 I'm having some trouble with azureus. I opened it up and I got a message saying to download an update. Then when I went to reopen it gave me the option again, this time a window popped up in the corner saying it had shutdown wrong. Now whenever I open it it closes within 2 seconds of showing the main screen. The update seemed weird because it mentioned OSX but I wasn't sure. I'm using ubuntu gutsy.06:49
devrethmanand everything06:49
Darkmystereicesword, oh ok i thought compiling from source removed wine and all its things and installed the new one..06:49
devrethmanI just connect and it says "this network is encrypted"06:49
zcat[1]nickrud: it wants a shitload of dependencies.. gdebi takes care of them fore me.. there must be something in the command line that can do the same job06:49
bazhangdevrethman: the card is working just wont get wpa is that it?06:49
devrethmanand WPA isn't one of the options06:49
iceswordDarkmystere, you must uninstall the former install mannula06:49
=== carlo__ is now known as carlo
devrethmanI don't even know if WPA is working, the only way I know how to use wireless is through that wirelss assistant06:50
devrethmanI hate it, so It's not something I've become an expert in06:50
bazhangdevrethman: then you will need to do it via cli06:50
Darkmystereicesword, so backup my fake C: Drive and then reinstall it..06:50
GSF1200Sthinman1189: move the .azuerus folder to a location on your desktop and open it again. It will reset all your options, but it will regenerate the folder06:50
iceswordDarkmystere, you must carefull y read README06:50
devrethmanbazhang: okay.........06:50
zcat[1]is there something like aptitude install --local-package=~/whatever.deb    instead of having to get it from a repo?06:50
Darkmystereicesword, its talking about a patch....all i really see about update06:51
simgislabdoes anybody ubuntu under virtual pc 2007? Can't figure out how to copy text from it to the main machine06:51
bazhangdevrethman: I have had very mixed results with the network-manager; another option for gui would be to try out wicd06:51
devrethmanman cli redirects to man mono, which AFAIK isn't a wireless anything06:51
GSF1200Szcat[1]: sudo dpkg -i testname.deb06:51
nickrudzcat[1]: you can use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal to create a local repo, then apt will pull in the dependencies06:51
iceswordnickrud, where is cn.archive.ubuntu.com,i am installing base system.now at 6%:(06:51
thinman1189GSF1200S: I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both with add/remove and with synaptic (full remove).06:51
nickrudicesword: china06:52
icesword:( too slow06:52
devrethmanWICD isn't in aptitude06:52
bazhangicesword: try tw.06:52
GSF1200Sim not sure if that will remove the config folder in home thinman118906:52
zcat[1]GSF1200S: I tried that, it spews out a bunch of package names I don't have. and then exist. gdebi goes ahead and sorts them out for me.. I want something that sorts them out for me..06:52
zcat[1]but not gdebi.. something I can use with no gui06:52
ReenenIn synaptic, I have bittorrent installed...06:52
iceswordbazhang, then i will have a ubuntu-tw?06:52
Reenenbut how do I run it again?06:53
zcat[1]surely this exists somewhere?06:53
bazhangicesword: no just faster repo06:53
thinman1189GSF1200S: according to synaptic a full uninstall removes config files as well06:53
Odd-rationaleReenen: gnome-bt-download ?06:53
GSF1200Szcat[1]: after trying sudo dpkg -i testname.deb, try sudo apt-get -f install06:53
bazhangdevrethman: just a moment let me check something06:53
iceswordbazhang, then i have to reinstall:(06:53
Reenenthe package name is "bittorrent"06:53
Odd-rationaleReenen: Yes, I know06:54
zcat[1]hmm, ok...06:54
GSF1200Shmmm thinman1189.. I had the same problem, and removing that folder worked for me, so I would try it. Obviously something isnt being completely removed...06:54
zcat[1]Hey, that worked... yay!! thanks.06:54
Odd-rationaleReenen: Try running it with gnome-bt-download (I think that is correct)06:54
GSF1200Szcat[1]: yeah that automatically retrieves all dependencies that dpkg couldnt find trying to install the deb package06:55
ReenenOdd-rationale: Oh, I see... but it's not continuing the download06:55
bazhanghttp://www.ventanazul.com/webzine/articles/fix-wireless-connection-problem-gutsy-gibbon devrethman look at this06:55
Odd-rationaleReenen: Or Unhide it from your gnome menu.06:55
bazhangicesword: nay; just restart the update with the new repos enabled06:55
fredmvWhat would you guys say the best lightweight IM client is?   gAIM?    Or is there something superior?06:55
Reenenwhere will it save the "bittorrent" metafile?06:56
iceswordbazhang, are you from tw?06:56
Odd-rationaleReenen: Open your torrent and point it to your half-donwloaded file06:56
bazhangaye icesword06:56
faileasfredmv: pidgin or kopete IMO.06:56
squeaksfredmv, pidgin btw06:56
Darkmystereicesword, thanks synaptics wasnt showing the updates for wine but doing an sudo apt-get upgrade showed the update and its doing it :), Would you know why my network manager applet doesnt show if i reboot i have to reinstall it (its still installed) but to be able to connect to internet i need to reinstall it to get the applet back... its adding a new applet every time could this be a malfunction with the applet?06:57
iceswordi pinged the tw.ubuntu.org.com.it is 300ms06:57
Reenenhmmm: Error: Got bad file info06:57
fredmvI'll look into Kopete.  Thanks guys.06:57
Odd-rationaleReenen: Maybe you do. :)06:57
iceswordDarkmystere, not sure06:57
bazhangicesword: just a suggestion; you cn connection may pick up--mine usually slows down then speeds up again06:58
ReenenOdd-rationale: Thanks...06:58
nocluequick question... i'm thinking of upgrading my video card. Given that the only graphic intensive things i'll be doing is playing WoW, running MythTV frontend, and possibly running Compiz Fusion/Beryl, which manufacturer's card/driver has the best support/performance on a linux machine? ATI or Nvidia?06:58
ReenenOdd-rationale: I'll restart it, it was only 10mb in06:58
fredmvMan, SDL is a freaking headache.06:58
Darkmystereicesword, it gets annoying having to go into synaptics and reinstalling it every reboot just to use internet...its just about the only netowrk manager ive tried that works for me wifi-radar never worked for me neither kwifi-manager06:58
bazhangnvidia noclue06:58
Odd-rationaleReenen: no p06:58
saffhey all, i've been messing around with my vid drivers and xorg.conf file today, and i just realized that NO videos are playing... trying vlc and mplayer... just get a screen of green static, with sound06:58
bazhangDarkmystere: you tried wicd?06:58
saffdoes that sound familiar to anyone?06:59
saffthey were working fine yesterday06:59
nocluefinal answer everyone? thanks bazhang06:59
bazhangsaff what happened in the meantime06:59
Darkmysterebazhang, i never could get it installed kept saying it meshed with network-manager..06:59
iceswordDarkmystere, what you use to get online now06:59
saffbazhang, i've reinstalled my nvidia prop drivers many, many times06:59
bazhangnoclue the ati is a real pain to get working; trust me on this ;]06:59
saffwith different methods06:59
nocluebazhang:  haha okay. thanks a lot!06:59
rohananyone know why this is not working?! http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-386/filelist06:59
saffand really messed around with xorg.conf... using a custom one, and various generated ones07:00
bazhangDarkmystere: want a link?07:00
Darkmystereicesword, network-manager...it has 3 applets open for some reason...it adds one it looks like everytime i reinstall07:00
saffit's the same whether or not i use compiz07:00
Darkmysterebazhang, i have source and package07:00
bazhangDarkmystere: a how to?07:00
saffand it's cross-vid format...07:00
VvWolverinevVhi, is there any way to do videochat over in ubuntu?07:00
Darkmysterebazhang, sure07:00
saff.avi, .mp407:00
bazhanghttp://www.ventanazul.com/webzine/articles/fix-wireless-connection-problem-gutsy-gibbon Darkmystere07:01
fredmvhow would I search all files in the system for a certain string via grep?07:01
fredmv(yeah, I'm a newb)07:01
bazhangsaff when you say 'different methods' what would those be?07:01
safffredmv, a sting in the file, or part of the file name?07:01
fredmvin the file...07:01
saffbazhang, the ubuntu restricted manager, envy, and by hand07:02
iceswordDarkmystere, no,i mean what link you use,adsl?07:02
iceswordDarkmystere, what app do you usually use to gain ip addr?07:02
Darkmystereicesword, yea07:02
saffbazhang, i've been trying to get my drivers working properly... i thought i was back at square one till i noticed this video problem07:02
fredmvThis SDL problem is killing me...07:03
bazhangsaff and then you removed the previous ones before installing subsequently? care to pastebin your xorg-conf?07:03
saffsure 1 sec07:03
Darkmystereicesword, dhcp07:03
iceswordDarkmystere, dhcp,that is it,but do you have to use some apps to to dial or something to gain ip addr?07:03
saffbazhang, http://pastebin.org/2085307:03
Darkmystereicesword, no i dont think network-manager does it all..07:04
fredmvsaff, are you familar with this type of problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70313707:04
fredmvit's killing me07:04
fredmvthis is the closest answer I've found: http://www.devolution.com/pipermail/sdl/2001-October/039456.html07:04
fredmvbut it's still not working for any [SDL] games07:04
iceswordDarkmystere, oh,i got it,you got the link plug in,then you get online,right07:04
safffredmv, no clue man07:05
Darkmystereicesword....., i just used what was installed by default although i did accidentally install the VPN Plugin07:05
safffredmv, looks like a bizzare problem07:05
saffsorry they aren't helping you much on the forums07:05
rikkimaruWhen I open alsamixer, and try to increase  Front Mic and Mic Boost on the capture tab, it resets when i open alsamixer again.  Thus I can't use my mic.  Any suggestions?07:06
iceswordDarkmystere, did you have some program running that conflicted with your system,like input method07:06
saffbazhang, any ideas general?07:06
fredmvsaff: it's all good. I appreciate you checking the thread out.    I guess this is what makes Linux so fun.. lol.07:06
safffredmv, haha you got it07:07
bazhangsaff just a moment, looking at my xorg.conf ;]07:07
fredmvrecompiling the SDL source again as we speak but with 'make distclean'07:07
safffrustrating as hell, but once you fix it you feel like a champ07:07
thundercleshey guys07:07
Darkmystereicesword, err...i did try and run a partioned installed OS from Vmware Workstation...and my file system was complaining about read-only and i had to do fsck  on /dev/sda5 (ubuntu partion) from Backtrack 3 beta...and then it wasnt reconizing the group root....07:07
fredmvsure beats the stagnant, brain-melting feeling of Windoze07:07
iceswordDarkmystere, for now,i am not sure what caused your problem,eccept your give a better description07:07
Darkmystereicesword, i tried it with root privs...07:08
saffbazhang, sure thing professor, i've got all night07:08
Darkmystereicesword, running hte partion in VMWare Workstation that is07:08
rikkimaruWhen I open alsamixer, and try to increase  Front Mic and Mic Boost on the capture tab, it resets when i open alsamixer again.  Thus I can't use my mic.  Any suggestions?07:08
iceswordDarkmystere, you told me so much,but i am still not sure what is your problem?:(07:09
elbermungsterseshi guys, how do you remove a PPPoE connection?07:09
Darkmystereicesword, it was acctually complaining about unknown usr group "root"07:09
ste-foyThank for your help icesword07:09
elbermungstersescan anyone help please?07:10
HewusMy ext3 partition has 7GB "free" that is not "available" for me to use. What is using this space? How can I recover it so it can be used?07:11
* speeddemon8803 backspaces my "ask" flag as i see you did ask :/07:11
ubotuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE07:11
sean_I have have a folder on my main partition (ntfs) for torrents and when I copy them to my music partition (fat32) I seem to lose ownership of them and my media player doesn't pick them up when it scans. It didn't used to do that, any thoughts?07:11
slopi have a problem: adept notifier keeps telling me i have an update.  when i get the update, it says update complete, but the adept notifier is still there. when i click it again, it gets the same update, then tells me its complete...and the process continues. NOTE: i've already done 'sudo apt-get -f install'07:11
saffsean_, fat doesn't support ownership07:12
saffwhen you say "media player scans"07:12
sean_saff: Why can't Songbird scan them then?07:12
saffyou mean like to add to a library?07:12
safftwo thoughts occur..07:12
saff1. the fat partition isn't getting scanned07:13
saffor 2. you dont have the right permissions07:13
sean_It scans stuff fine when I extract it from archives to put there07:13
LiemptMuch like your mother?07:13
saffnot sure i know what you mean.. it does scan some stuff on the fat partition, but not everything?07:14
ajmorrisplease dont do that here Liempt07:14
sean_Yup. Everything that was already there is fine, it's just the new stuff, specifically the new stuff I took from the ntfs partition07:14
saffwhat i mean is, can you manually add songs from the fat partition to your player?07:14
LiemptPlease don't do what here?07:14
sean_insult people07:15
saffyour mother07:15
LiemptI was just saying it was hard to understand.07:15
elbermungstersesyeah, but i need to remove my pppoe connection.07:15
prasannaanyone here use songbird?07:15
meureunelbermungsterses, look at /etc/ppp/peers/07:15
saffsean does07:15
Darkmystereicesword, well....i cant seem to get a game called lastchaos to run in wine... its soppose to work by default with the 0.9.55 version07:16
saffsean this is getting over my head... when you copy them from your ntfs partition, do you own them?07:16
sean_When I go to add the folders in songbird the folders are gray, all of them in the fat partition are. but some of them get added when I do the whole drive07:16
sean_I would assume so yes, I'll check07:16
prasannatryin to get songbird workin, but not sure how much ppl here use it07:16
sean_yeah I do...07:16
iceswordDarkmystere, wine is not a end solution,if you cannot forget your games,i recommended you go back to win07:17
sean_Just make a songbird folder in your home and extract everything there then run songbird, it's pretty straight forward07:17
prasannacould you get the album art working?07:17
prasannano i can get it running07:17
prasannabut i cant view album art07:17
sean_Nope, but I haven't tried07:17
Darkmystereicesword, yea...but its rated platinum and windows doesnt want to boot right now..07:17
Darkmystereicesword, i havent been in windows in just about 3-4 weeks07:17
sean_do you have the albumapplet add-on?07:17
saffok sean so you transfer a song from ntfs to ext, then to fat07:17
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:17
saffand you can't view it?07:17
prasannayea just dont know how to turn that view on07:18
sean_saff: no, it never goes to ext07:18
Darkmystereicesword, here's the terminal output if i try and run it07:18
saffstraight to fat07:18
elbermungsterseswhere is the root trash directory?07:18
iceswordDarkmystere, cannot boot windwos,what caused it,will you give a better description07:18
sean_prasanna: yeah I havent ben able to either07:18
saffwell, technically permissions shouldnt even enter into the equation, afaik07:18
prasannaoh ok, cause they claim you can07:18
iceswordDarkmystere, just give me msn?07:18
saffexcept mount permissions07:18
prasannabut i have yet to find someone who was able to do it07:18
arbiranybody uses Prozilla ?07:18
saffcheck the mount permissions in your /etc/fstab07:18
Darkmystereicesword, simple, i was foolish enough to take a pieace of a windows install with Gparted07:18
saffyou want to make sure users can read/write to your partitions07:19
iceswordDarkmystere, wait07:19
saffor maybe just read, whatever you prefer07:19
Darkmystereicesword, and to anyone who can help here's terminal output. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57036/07:19
bazhanghttp://paste.stgraber.org/894 saff here is mine; yours seems to have some issues--you can compare07:19
ph0rensicWell hello mayteeees07:19
arbiris looking for a good download accelerator and resumer07:20
hawkecan anyone explain what this process "system-tools-backends" is doing running all the time?07:20
sean_on the ntfs partition it says i'm not the owner just like the fat partition07:20
HewusHi. Anyone know the difference between "free" and "available" disk space on my ext3 partition? There seems to be several GB of space I cannot access!07:20
saffsean_, yea, the files dont have owners, but you still need permission to read/write to the partition07:21
iceswordDarkmystere, your msn is not online07:21
ph0rensicsaff, whats up holmes07:21
saffbazhang, glx is the only module you load?07:21
Darkmystereicesword, oh lol i forgot was logged off for a sec07:21
saffheyyy ph0rensic07:21
saffstill alive07:21
thunderclesHewus: the filesystem has to use space for stuff too07:21
sean_# /dev/sda5   *line break*    UUID=F889-2C34  /media/sda5     vfat    defaults,utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0       107:21
bazhangsaff aye07:21
thundercleslike journaling07:21
saffstill messing with X07:21
ph0rensicsaff, thats good ... whats the word?07:21
ph0rensicsaff, really? good lord!07:21
ph0rensicsaff, nvidia card right?07:22
mage__hmmm I keep seeing stuff that tells me how to port forward based on knowing my WAN ip, but can I set a rule that works regardless?07:22
bazhangsaff it seems that there are some 'leftovers' from what ever envy did07:22
saffyea man it's a never ending joke07:22
thunderclesHewus: so you can't take up all the space on the drive, or the filesystem wont be able to do what it needs to do07:22
saffyea nvidia 760007:22
Hewusthundercles: I'm missing 7GB on one partition. Any idea what it's being used for, and how I could go about recovering it?07:22
saffbazhang, no, envy didnt touch my xorg.conf07:22
sean_Ugh, messing with xorg.conf is the most annoying thing ever. lol I have a 780007:22
thundercleswell how big is the whole drive07:22
saffthats all nvidia-xconfig07:22
Hewusthundercles: I would have thought a few MB was reasonable for this purpose. FAT doesn't seem to have the same issue07:22
ph0rensicsaff, hmm yah where did we leave off last time? I believe you said screw the restriced manager yo were using envy right?07:22
Fuzzyhow do i give X a custom resolution in ubuntu?  I looked in xorg.conf where i would normally expect to see resolution listings and I see none.  I go into display preferences from gnome's menu's and I see 3 resolutions listed.  I guess my question is also if gnome believes that these three resolutions exist where does it store this list so I can edit it?07:23
mage__ext2 defaults to allocating like 10% or something to root, which doesn't show up as free in df -h07:23
thunderclesno, on really big drives, the filesystem tends to need more space07:23
saffph0rensic, yea, tried envy, installing by hand, and the restricted-manager07:23
bazhangsaff well there are just a ton of modules in yours; that eludes me how they got there07:23
Tharsishello all07:23
thunderclesyeah, all the exts do that too07:23
thunderclesthey do allocate filespace just to root07:23
saffonly thing that seems to work for me is uninstalling with restricted, cleaning up with envy, then installing by hand with the nvidia installer07:23
Tharsisneed some help07:23
ph0rensicsaff, I still think that when you tried the restricted manager there must have been something left over from envy07:23
sean_Fuzzy: Why do you want a custom resolution? Can't you just take an assigned one from System > Admin > Screens And Graphics?07:23
mage__Fuzzy: check the logs, its probably auto detecting. gnome just lets you change resolutions that the window manager is configured for07:24
saffi think something was left over by the nvidia installer07:24
Fuzzyit's an lcd wide screen tv with vga input07:24
Tharsiscan u tell me where to find a RTL8187 drivers?07:24
niosanyone got Geforce 8400 nvidia problems07:24
Fuzzyit uses a special resolution for it's native resolution07:24
bazhangsaff yeah might be that as well07:24
saffi get this weird problem where when i start X, the "nvidia" module it loads is different than the X version07:24
thunderclesHewus: that is actually what I'd try07:24
saffso i have to rmmod nvidia07:24
saffthen when i start X07:24
Fuzzysean_: how do i add to that list?07:24
mage__Fuzzy: be lazy and google a modeline for it ;)07:24
saffit loads a different module07:24
rikkimaruWhen I open alsamixer, and adjust my microphone capture input (default 0).  It does not stick when I restart alsamixer.  Can anyone help me?07:24
niosi have also nvidia problems07:24
saffand it works07:24
thunderclesHewus: I'd go into the options for that partition, and see if it'll let you scale down the space saved for root07:25
thunderclesI usaully don't mess with filesystems much when they are made07:25
thunderclesafter they are made I mean07:25
sean_Fuzzy: Hmm, there are no resolutions at all in xorg.conf?07:25
Fuzzybut the xorg.conf which i would normally expect to have these resolutions listed has none.  last i checked X wouldn't boot without a resolution07:25
saffbut in the good news, i got direct rendering=yes07:25
Fuzzysean_: want a pastebin?07:25
Fuzzyheck if your running 7.1007:25
ph0rensicsaff, I basically use what the distro has setup to use if at all possible and if not, I build from source or try to find another repo somewhere, that way I can always have apt remove the files if something goes wrong07:25
Fuzzylook it's the default x.org for 32bit07:26
Hewusthundercles: neither. but I have a lot of space around on my system. My 200GB partition has 10GB I cannot use, which I think is unreasonable. Any idea where these options are?07:26
* TrustNoOne hugs everyone in the channel07:26
thunderclesHewus: but usaully they do things like that for good reason, if the partition is your root partition, I wouldn't use up too much of the space allocated for the root07:26
thunderclesbut yeah 10GB is quite a bit07:26
saffyea... i should do it from source. i think the problem is that i just cant clean up well enough.. something is getting left behind07:26
thunderclesummm yeah, go into the options for that partition07:26
sean_Fuzzy: I'm running a modified one on 64 :-P07:26
saffdespite my purges and envy cleans07:26
Hewusthundercles: it happens on every partition, on creation. I have about 6 ext3 partitions over my drives07:27
thunderclesyeah it does that07:27
Fuzzysean_: no worries, i'll pastebin07:27
thunderclesHewus, and it's not really important for partitions not system critical07:27
ph0rensicsaff, If you use apt to install stuff, you can clean everything, but if you don't you can have problems removing what was done07:27
mage__Fuzzy: the installer made one for you, because the default is no xorg.conf ;)07:27
rikkimaruWhen I open alsamixer, and adjust my microphone capture input (default 0).  It does not stick when I restart alsamixer.  Can anyone help me?07:27
* bazhang recommends pastebinit to everyone07:27
Tharsishi people can u tell me where to find drivers for RTL 818707:27
ph0rensicsaff, You probably dont want to reinstall and start with a fresh restriced setup no?07:28
Fuzzymage__: how do i get the installer to remake it?07:28
thunderclesHeuws: I'm pretty sure the point of it is that if you fill up your hard drive and the root can't even write do it, then you'll have some issues like not being able to download and install critical updates07:28
saffph0rensic, i really don't, but i'm afraid that's what it will come to07:28
Hewusthundercles: I have partitions just full of data (like the 200GB one) and that 10GB could really be useful :S. Sorry, where are these partition options?07:28
TrustNoOnewhat was that channel for talking about random stuff? i feel like being random07:28
saffthis install has been a little wonky since i upgraded from edgy eft07:28
ph0rensicsaff, Fortunately the install doesn't take anywhere near the windows install!07:29
Hewusthundercles: my root partition isn't an issue, I'm happy for it to have its allocated space. It's my data partitions which are much larger that I need the space for.07:29
sean_Fuzzy: ATI or nVidia?07:29
bazhangtharsis is that the madwifi atheros rtl8187 or the ralink rtl 8187; they changed chipsets midway through07:29
thunderclesHewus: well, when you make an ext3 filesystem, that's where I generally set that kinda stuff and don't really mess with it after that, but it's probably07:29
mage__Fuzzy: whats the native resolution07:29
ph0rensicsaff, Oh yah dist-upgrades seem to have problems.. atleast ones from especially edgy07:29
thunderclesyou're using gnome?07:29
saffyea...i actually enjoy reinstalling linux most of the time.07:29
rikkimaruWhen I open alsamixer, and adjust my microphone capture input (default 0).  It does not stick when I restart alsamixer.  Can anyone help me?07:29
TrustNoOneph0rensic, depends, sometimes can take just as long depending on disc speed that it was burnt to, disc drive speed, hard drive speed etc..., mine was on 4x disc, took me a while to install07:29
Fuzzy    1366 x 76807:29
astro76Hewus: you might consider using a non-journaling filesystem like ext2 instead of ext307:29
astro76Hewus: because that's what's taking up the space07:30
Hewusthundercles: yes. I've just made some more using gparted.07:30
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic TrustNoOne07:30
slopi have a problem: adept notifier keeps telling me i have an update.  when i get the update, it says update complete, but the adept notifier is still there. when i click it again, it gets the same update, then tells me its complete...and the process continues. NOTE: i've already done 'sudo apt-get -f install'07:30
DDragonanyone here know how to manually set the screen resolution using the command line?07:30
Hewusastro76: ah ok, thank you!07:30
ph0rensicsaff, Yah I would certainly recommend getting the gutsy disk07:30
saffph0rensic, yea i heard upgrades are bad business, but i really wanted to keep my setup07:30
sean_Oooh, that's tough.07:30
ph0rensicTrustNoOne, I suppose your right.. real fast for me though07:30
niosin my Apperance  -> Visual Effetcts i have now "none" but it looks really shitty when i close a window07:30
sean_nvidia-settings is really nice. :-\07:30
bazhangDDragon: reconfigure or write manually?07:30
Lartza_which is the most lightweight? icewm, fluxbox or jwm?07:30
saffactually ph0rensic maybe this latest problem means something to you07:30
ph0rensicsaff, Gutsy has been best desktop for me so far, well worth the clean reinstall for me07:30
=== Liempt is now known as StevenMacGregor
thunderclesastro: that's what I thought at first too07:31
nioswhere can i find nvidia-settings ?07:31
DDragonbazhang: reconfigure07:31
saffsince messing around with X, i just noticed that i can't watch videos...07:31
bazhangflux Lartza_07:31
thunderclesAstro: that it was the journaling07:31
TrustNoOnebazhang, thx07:31
saffjust get a green static screen07:31
CVD-PRWhy the .dmrc get corrupted?07:31
niossaff: i got that to yesterday07:31
Lartza_whats the difference between flux and jwm?07:31
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg DDragon07:31
thunderclesAstro: but I'm pretty sure it is the space reserved for root usage only, and ext2 does that too07:31
safftried different videos (avi, mpeg)07:31
saffand different players07:31
ph0rensicsaff, hmm weird... and you have all the codecs?07:31
saffnios, oh yea?07:31
WGGMkis it possible to use the Ubuntu RDM drivers for nvidia chipset graphic cards and use the nvidia drivers configuration? to specifically enable TwinView for a KVM switch on a Laptop???07:31
sean_Fuzzy: I'm not sure how it works but maybe you could use nvidia-settings ?07:31
DDragonthanks bazhang07:31
bazhangLartza_: you can google for screenshots07:31
saffph0rensic, yea, was working fine even earlier today... just been messing with drivers07:31
thunderclesAstro: the filesystem wont display the space used for journaling even as free space07:32
niossaff: i had a geforce 6100 but now i try with geforce 840007:32
rikkimaruCan someone please help me get my microphone working?07:32
saffthought maybe i lost something in linux-restricted, but they're installed07:32
thunderclesAstro: and with a lot of data to sort through, I would use journaling if I were wanting to slog through alll that data07:32
ph0rensicsaff, what do you have on your setup that would take a while to get it back after a reinstall?07:32
niossaff: nvidia are really shitty for ubuntu07:32
ph0rensicnios, no way dude07:32
bazhangsaff and win32codecs from medibuntu in there as well?07:32
astro76thundercles: I would too, and I wouldn't worry about 5% of my hard drive ;)07:32
saffnios, way better than ati07:32
ph0rensicnios, I've never had a problem with my nvidia card and ubuntu all the problems seem to be from ati07:33
bazhangnios language please07:33
saffbazhang, yea both.. like i said, it was working even a few hours ago07:33
saffi've just been playing with the drivers07:33
thunderclesastro: do you know where you can edit options for the filesystem after it's created tho, cause that's what Hewus needs07:33
saffand my xorg.conf07:33
Hewusastro76, thundercles: I just made an ext2 partition of 67GB to test, and 1.1GB is immediately used :S. It has a lost+found folder there, is that using the space somehow?07:33
mage__ugh too tired too think07:33
iceswordbazhang, what to do after i finish base system install?07:33
thunderclesHewus: no a lost and found folder wont07:33
ph0rensicsaff, All this time messin with the drivers, could have had done a reinstall with clean dist disk and be over it07:33
niosI run nvidia-glx-new07:33