eduardohello, one question: xubuntu is for older computer?00:34
siggjenxubuntu is for computers00:35
siggjenit works like a charm on my p3 70000:35
ceil420it's the lightest flavour of Ubuntu, targeted at aging hardware, yeah00:35
siggjenand on my Q660000:35
ceil420not sure if you can install it on a 300MHz with 32mb RAM, though00:35
siggjenneed 64 MB RAM minimum docs say00:35
eduardowell...I want say that...for example...00:36
eduardoI've a centrino 1,6Ghz with 512MB....but my ubuntu 7,10 goes very heavy...00:36
siggjenit will probably work better on old computers than kubunto or ubuntu00:36
ceil420heh that'll run Xubuntu fine :p00:37
ceil420i have a p4 1.7ghz with 512mb ram00:37
eduardoand I can use however software how in ubuntu ?00:37
eduardowith the same repository ?00:37
ceil420yeah, same repo's00:37
ceil420i think the main difference is that Xubuntu uses the Xfce desktop environment, instead of the bloatier GNOME and KDE DEs00:38
eduardoand how I can change my ubuntu for a xubuntu ?00:38
eduardowithout lost anything00:38
ceil420you might wanna check with the folks in #ubuntu, but i'm pretty sure you just need to sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop00:39
eduardoso it's not a operative sistem, not?00:39
eduardoit's a....00:39
siggjenit is00:39
ceil420it's just a lighter desktop environment00:39
ceil420compared to Ubuntu00:40
ceil420(Ubuntu is an OS)00:40
siggjenyou can install gnome on xubuntu00:40
eduardoubuntu is a OS but Xubuntu is how gnome or kde, no?00:40
zoredacheceil420: I don't think I agree... I would call gnu/linux an os00:40
zoredacheand ubuntu/xubuntu a distrobution of gnu/linux00:40
zoredachebut really it is all about semantics00:41
ceil420yeh, semantics ><00:41
zoredachexubuntu,ubuntu,xubuntu,* are all the same thing00:41
ceil420eduardo, Xubuntu doesn't use gnome or kde. It uses Xfce00:41
zoredachethey just have install cds that choose different packages at install time00:41
ceil420Xfce is a lighter DE than those two; more suited for old hardware00:41
zoredacheeverything availbe on one, is available on another00:41
eduardoso I can do: apt-get install xubuntu ??00:42
ceil420xubuntu-desktop, i believe00:42
zoredacheeduardo: xubuntu-desktop00:42
eduardoahmm...ok, wait I will do it and I tell you what happen00:43
eduardoit's downloading...00:44
eduardohello again!01:01
eduardoIm using xubuntu/desktop....01:01
eduardobut I-ve a problem01:01
eduardowith the keyboard...01:02
eduardoI use es and it-s us01:02
eduardoI cannot change it in System01:02
ceil420Xubuntu > Settings > Keyboard?01:03
eduardoin ubuntu I could do it01:03
eduardoyes, I cannot there01:03
ceil420eduardo, what if you uncheck 'Use X configuration'?01:04
eduardoI dont check it...01:05
eduardoI put the new configuration....01:05
eduardobut don-t save the change01:05
eduardoand I change it, go to the first tab...to check the new configuration...but it-s not in spanish...01:06
ceil420sorry, i've never changed the layout, i just know where the keyboard preferences are :x01:07
eduardocan you try it...01:07
ceil420if no one else is active in here, maybe you can try #ubuntu (being sure to tell them you're on Xubuntu and not regular Ubuntu)01:07
eduardobut when I use gnome I can do it...01:08
ceil420it didn't save my settings either :x01:09
eduardobut when I change to xubuntu...the keyboard it-s not the same...and I cannot to change the configuration01:09
ceil420i just tried setting it from US to UK and it reverted to default :x01:09
eduardoso it does not work, not_01:09
ceil420i don't know how to make it work :x01:09
eduardoI think it can be a bug of xubuntu, not?01:10
eduardoI am reading about it...its a general problem, not only me :-S01:12
ceil420i'm surprised, really :x i'm using 7.10, and Xubuntu's been around since at least 6.1001:13
ceil420wouldn't think there'd be such a bug in it :x01:13
eduardomaybe yes!01:15
eduardoI solve it!!01:17
ceil420congratulations :)01:17
ceil420how'd you fix it?01:17
eduardonow I can use Ñ!!01:17
ceil420i use a compose key to make Ñ :p01:17
eduardoyou must change it in : /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:18
eduardoand to reboot01:18
ceil420glad you got it working :)01:18
eduardoso now is es for default, and I cannot  change it...:-)01:19
ceil420at least you don't have to use us :p01:20
eduardobut I want not change coz now is spanish keyboard :-P01:20
eduardohey!! another problem!!01:31
eduardowhere is my sound??01:31
eduardosorry sorry....I was not a problem...01:34
eduardoit was not a problem....01:34
|Prometheus|hello. Im having a few problems with booting xubuntu. I get a substantially long boot delay caused by a dma timeout on my /dev/hda drive. i have appended the kernel line and added the option ide=noda but i still get the timeout... is there anything else i can do?... when i connect this drive, by boot time increases by 2 minutes01:37
|Prometheus|its as if grub is ignoring the ide=nodma parameter01:38
viddhas anyone figured out why fonts are so increadibly small?01:44
viddI've had to decrease screen resolution to 800x600 in order to read anything01:45
viddit has to have something to do with the desktop environment, because the tty's are fine01:46
viddbut the terminal window fonts are tiny too01:46
viddIts happened on every machine running 7.1001:47
viddall different hardware01:48
viddis there by change some setting in GDM that got changed recently?01:48
ShinjinAnyone here?03:03
KillerPacManI am trying to install ubuntu 7.10 and as it starts toinstall it says "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" failed to load and then it just sits there03:28
KillerPacManalso says firmware/0000"03.00.0'03:29
torusDoes Xubuntu Hardy Heron 5 have KVM, libvirt and virt-manager by default also?03:56
Administrator_i assume most people have seen this, any luck trying it?05:03
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zoredacheis it possible to target a desktop when you start a program?06:23
The-KernelI failed...06:27
ubotudevilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie06:29
ecais it possible to target a desktop when you start a program? i thought thats what stick window does06:42
zoredacheI dunno06:43
zoredacheI want it to be possible06:43
ecamultiple desktops are overrated, is minimizing or alt-tab so hard06:45
zoredachewell I kinda want my music player to auto-start....  Do you know how to minimize it immediatly at startup?06:48
ecaautostart when you login? write startup script, or use tarted apps06:49
eca*autostarted applications program06:50
zoredacheI know how to start the applications06:50
zoredacheI don't know how to get it out of my sight automatically06:50
zoredacheI want to start it and have it be minimized or on a different workspace06:51
ecause mplayer?06:52
zoredacheno, vlc06:52
zoredachebtw devilspie does seem to work, it just takes a bit of work to get the configuration correct06:56
kubuntubuenos dias07:15
kubuntuhablaríase castellano por estos lares?07:15
zoredache[ 3885.548000] usb-storage: device found at 208:28
zoredache[ 3885.548000] usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning08:28
zoredache[ 3885.548000] usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage08:28
kuldeepI need some help in setting up canon IR2016 on ubuntu09:22
floatinghey, anyone who knows unix here ?13:58
floatinghow can i pipe a files text as a message body with mail -s ?13:58
floating mail -s "otsikko" vnaatane@students.oamk.fi < maili13:59
floatingthat dont work13:59
ron_ohad something strange happen. All of a sudden my xubuntu restarted. Never happened before.17:11
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash17:18
ubotuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/17:18
Dan_SRHi, someone can help me? When I change the screen resolution to 800x600 (my monitor is old...), the font size of applications change to a small value... I would like to stay with the same font size. Someone know what is the problem?17:19
|Prometheus| Im having a few problems with booting xubuntu. I get a substantially long boot delay caused by a dma timeout on my /dev/hda drive. i have appended the kernel line and added the option ide=noda but i still get the timeout... is there anything else i can do?... when i connect this drive, by boot time increases by 2 minutes18:21
|Prometheus|could this be related to the kernel i am using? 2.6.22-14-generic18:37
TheSheepit's ide=nodma18:42
|Prometheus|sorry - yes, my i missed the m out :(18:43
|Prometheus|thats what i have tried - but it sees to ignore it18:43
TheSheepI don't have any idea. I suppose you have read about boot options already?18:43
TheSheepYou could try searching teh forums/google for your disk model or motherboard18:43
|Prometheus|yeah, well am doing now - going through the forum finding everything i can18:44
|Prometheus|its just, with slax - the ide=nodma works fine18:44
TheSheepwell, it also depends on the kernel build options18:44
|Prometheus|its just as if its being ignored, cause when booted - hdparm shows dma as 1 not 018:45
|Prometheus|how do i build a new kernel (compile)18:46
TheSheepno idea18:50
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages18:50
aladdinsaneoim using a 250W PSU unit right now, but as im only just using 1 hdd, a lame old video card and a celeron in my computer i wonder if i could use a weaker PSU to save electricity, any tips?19:45
ere4sia 250w psu can provide up to 250w but will only provide what is needed - so the same hardware will use the same amount of power with any psu19:48
aladdinsaneook so a weaker one will not save me any electricity19:50
aladdinsaneoim not an electricity expert as you might see :) but why is my PSU getting so hot then, when i just use a small amount of its capability?19:53
ere4siis the fan working?19:54
ere4sihow old is it? is it a cheap brand?19:54
aladdinsaneoyes, i have no problems with it, i was just wondering19:55
aladdinsaneoi mean if i just use a small amount of its capabilities couldn't i shut off its fan then?19:55
ere4sino - the fan is necessary to cool the psu at any working load and it helps to move air out of the pc as well19:57
aladdinsaneook, you are probably right, i just thought it was funny when my psu got really hot when i shut it's fan down, although i couldn't be using much of it's capabilities20:01
aladdinsaneoere4si: i also thought that that in a way was the way the fan-less PSU's work20:04
aladdinsaneoi mean that they work far under their capabilities and in that way can work without a fan20:04
aladdinsaneere4si: dont know if u answered me, got disconnected20:07
ere4siwhat's your cpu aladdinsane ?20:08
aladdinsaneceleron 2.1GHz20:08
aladdinsanesocket 47820:08
ere4sican use up to 90 w - the fan is needed unles the psu was designed without one20:09
aladdinsanei have a temp regulated fan there, runs very slow20:10
ere4sifind an online power consumption calculator and you will be suprised20:10
aladdinsaneere4si: no i believe you, but i just thought cause it is designed to be able to handle up to 5 hhd's, or at least there are 5 cables for it, it must be working a lot under it capabilities right now20:14
zuzmaI'm sort of confused about manual partitioning could someone help me out?21:12
zuzmawell that and I'm completely new to linux21:12
zoredachewhat are you confused about?21:12
zuzmaI'd like to setup an install on three drives21:12
zuzmaI want full read write access to a 500 GB one and a 200 GB one, but it stuck them in root for some reason21:12
zuzmathen I want the os on my 80GB one21:13
zuzmawhat would be the best way to configure that?21:13
zuzmaoh that and I'd like to use JFS for the file system21:13
zoredachewhy jfs?21:14
zuzmawell I wanted something fast and it said it was when I looked at all the other file systems through wikipedia21:14
zuzmaI download a lot of movies and stuff21:14
zuzmashould I use something else?21:14
zuzmait's for desktop use mainly21:16
zuzmaI guess21:16
zoredacheext3 is far more well tested and reliable...  generally, I think, you should stick with that unless you have a really good reason21:16
zuzmaokay.. hmm21:16
zoredacheI doubt there will be a noticeable difference in performance for just watching movies21:17
zuzmawhat about opengl games?21:17
zuzmaoh also what should I make the mount points for the two larger drives21:17
zuzmaI accidently made one /media21:18
zuzmaon my first try21:18
zuzmabut I'm going to reinstall everything21:18
zoredachezuzma: make them whatever you want.... perhaps /home, or perhaps something in /srv21:18
zuzmawould that give me full read write access?21:18
zuzmaif i made those two drives /home?21:18
zuzmaI kinda want to treat them as a dump for my videos and games21:19
zoredacheyou can't have two volumes mounted in a single folder without using something like lvm or something else21:19
zuzmaoh I see21:19
zoredacheanyway, whereever you mount them you can change the permissions so that you can write there21:20
zuzmawhat about making the mount point /home/desktop/video ?21:20
zuzmadamnit I should of known it was that easy : (21:21
zoredacheI suspect I set some manual mountpoints like /shared/500g, and /shared/200g21:21
TheSheepyou can also change the mountpoints without reinstalling (or even restarting)21:22
zoredacheonce mounted simply do something like a chown -R username:username /shared21:22
zoredachewhere username is your username21:23
zuzmawow confusing, but I think I'll just do it a simple and not use a mount point the system needs :P21:23
zuzmaI tried fixing it through fstab, but that didn't work21:23
sprauekrautxubuntu 7.10 - can't use brasero to burn audio cd from mp3 files, any takers?21:23
zuzmaah well thanks so much for the help guys. I'll give it a go again :D21:24
taggartbg2i have a 2.5 gig "unallocated" section of my hdd that i'd like to install xubuntu on, the xubuntu installed calls this space "unusable" - how do i go about making this usable?21:24
zoredachetaggartbg2: I would guess it is unusable because of the layout of your other partitions...  You would need to figure out what is making it unusable and then change things21:25
zoredachedo an 'sudo sfdisk -l' and post that on pastebin21:26
taggartbg2how do I get the output of a command to output to a file again?21:27
aladinsanocan i get my xp to be the standard boot? right now it boot directly into xubuntu21:28
sprauekrautaladinsano: do you use the standard grub bootloader?21:30
sprauekrautwould anyone like to help me with a brasero audo cd burning issue?21:31
taggartbg2zoredache: can you read an abiword document?21:35
zoredache!pastebin | taggartbg221:36
ubotutaggartbg2: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:36
zoredacheno need to create a document, just use pastebin21:37
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:38
taggartbg2ah, i see, ok21:38
taggartbg21 partition is vista, 1 is a dell recovery partition, 1 is dell bios settings, 1 is for Dell Media Direct, 1 is unallocated where I want to install xubuntu21:39
zoredachetaggartbg2: I don't see any unallocated partitions...21:41
taggartbg2zoredache: in vista i shrunk the recovery partition and according to vista disk manager there is a 2.5ish gb unallocated partition21:42
zoredachethere is a hole between 967 and 1315, but you won't be able to use it21:42
taggartbg2in xubuntu when i tried to install, sda4 says "unusable"21:42
taggartbg2how do i go about making it usable?21:42
zoredacheyou can only have 4 primary partitions, or three partitions and an extended partition21:43
zoredacheyou already have 3 primary + extended... you can't have another21:43
taggartbg2what's the difference between an extended and a primary?21:43
zoredachean extended partition can contain logical drives21:43
zoredacheit is kind of a sub-partition21:44
taggartbg2ah, i see21:44
zoredacheyou can have many of those21:44
taggartbg2so can you tell which (sda1-5) is what vista calls the "unallocated" partition?21:44
taggartbg2its either 4 or 521:44
zoredachesda5 is your recovery partition21:45
taggartbg2sda2 is the recovery, because thats the 8 gig one21:45
zoredacheif you have a backup on cds you could delete that21:45
taggartbg2hmm, ok, thanks for all the help, i'm going to consult with dell and see what recovery options they provide for me other than that partition, i don't know exactly how all of their disks and such work21:47
taggartbg2i'm new to dell21:47
zoredachehrm...  well I am not entirely sure then...  But I am sure that you aren't going to create any more partitions right now21:47
zoredacheit might be easier to simply install a second drive21:48
zoredacheif you have or can afford a spare21:48
taggartbg2its a notebook :-\21:49
sprauekrautI'm having a problem burning mp3s as an audio cd using brasero.  Its weird, because i have no problem playing them.  Would anyone like to help me with this issue?21:50
taggartbg2i'm seeing another problem here21:54
taggartbg2the window manager is not recognizing all of the space on the partitions21:54
taggartbg2it says RECOVERY is less than a gig, but its 8 gigs21:54
taggartbg2it says OS is only 111 gigs, but its over 13021:54
taggartbg2DellUtility is about right21:54
taggartbg2and MEDIADIRECT is missing a gig as well21:55
taggartbg2GParted recognizes all of the space though, so I'm not sure21:56
zoredacheI wouldn't worry about it too much21:56
taggartbg2ah, ok21:57
taggartbg2so just to verify, there's no way to have 4 primary partitions and an extended?21:57
taggartbg2what about installing xubuntu on an extended partition?21:59
zoredachetaggartbg2: you mean logical-drive...  you could do that, but you dont' have space in your extentded paritition22:00
taggartbg2i have 2.44 gigs of unallocated space22:00
zoredacheyes, but it isn't in your extended partition... it is between two other partitions22:01
taggartbg2is it possible to partition that to be a second extended partition where i could install xubuntu on a logical drive?22:01
zoredachetaggartbg2: no, only one extdended per drive is allowed22:01
taggartbg2what about using Acronis or something to move OS and the extended partition leftwards, and extended the extended partition, and partition another logical drive onto the extended partition?22:02
zoredachetaggartbg2: yes, that is possible... I am not familar with those tools...22:03
taggartbg2nice, there is hope!22:04
taggartbg2i'll play around with Acronis and see what i can get out of it22:04
zoredachewell, I strongly suggest you get some kind of external backup system before you start using those... I have heard of those tools trashing things22:04
taggartbg2good call22:04
penguinoi already have my drive partitioned going into xubuntu installer from cd, but it won't detect the drive from the partitioner23:28
penguino7.10, is this a recurring problem?23:28
zoredachepenguino: generally that means that your disk controller isn't supported23:31
penguinoi've been able to install 6.06 before, this is the first time with this problem23:33
Obscuratihey, having an issue with audacity freezing when i hit record. everything else works, mic works. audacity record and play (and playback works) through oss layer of alsa (default config.)23:35
* eldalion 23:50
* eldalion prout23:51

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