james_wlifeless: looms look pretty cool to me, thanks again.00:25
james_wlifeless: any direction you want to point me in to do a bit of hacking to start to understand the mechanics?00:25
james_wI think the only difference with what I was looking at was the order of the parents in the merge commits that result from up-thread.00:27
james_wand obviously that you have a working implementation :)00:27
cjbHi!  Is there a way for a repository to specify its submit_to address, such that `bzr send` could send mail to a default address for a pulled repository?04:24
Verterok  04:31
baijumThe "HistoryOfBazaar" wiki page says: "In early 2008, Bazaar became GNU Bazaar when release 1.2 was accepted as part of the GNU project." is there any news or more details available ?04:47
abentleybaijum: Not yet.  I was expecting some kind of announcement, but it's just kind of leaked out gradually.05:05
abentleycjb: Not yet.05:06
PengWait, so that's true?05:33
* bob2 watches bzr climb up to 1gb of ram to check out ikarus.dev05:33
bob2with a healthy 3MB of data in the branch so far05:34
PengSo, what's the point of being a GNU project? Canonical can provide all of the hardware bzr needs, and I doubt they'd want to give up any control over the project...05:39
NichardRixonhomestarrunner.com cool website05:39
PengSo, the big thing for shareware in the 1990s was to be get a Download.com badge, and now FOSS projects are going to go after GNU badges?05:40
Basicmy local repo is messed up, is there a way, other then do do a bzr pull of upstream to just suck down all of upstream and overwrite and conflicts in my local repo?05:40
PengBasic: Conflicts? Like, you've committed things in the branch, or your repo is corrupt?05:41
Basiclike I forgot to commit stuff in local (desktop), hacked code in my laptop, pushed the changes from laptop to upstream, now want local/desktop to be in-sync05:41
Basicbzr merge gives me 138 conflicts and I know upstream and laptop are the changes I want to keep05:42
bob2now hit 1.5GB, nice05:42
PengBasic: Why can't you bzr pull from upstream?05:43
PengBasic: "bzr help pull" says "If you want to forget your local changes and just update your branch to  match the remote one, use pull --overwrite."05:44
Pengs/  / /05:44
Basicexcellent, exactly what I want thanks05:44
bob2with giant red flashing lights "you may lose data"05:44
PengHeh, right.05:45
PengBasic: You can use "bzr missing" to see if you have anything important in your version of the branch.05:45
PengOogh, why do I feel sick?05:46
Pengjelmer: I'm being lazy and not doing research here, but the BzrPlugins page lists bzr-svn as beta. Is it still?06:18
lifelessbob2: 'bzr heads' can recover commits, at leat until a gc.06:41
lifeless16:33  * bob2 watches bzr climb up to 1gb of ram to check out ikarus.dev06:41
lifelesswoops, didn't mean to paste :|06:41
Penglifeless: By gc you mean the revisions being removed from the repo? Does that ever happen automatically?06:42
lifelessPeng: not presently06:42
PengOk, I'm going to go take that nap I meant to take an hour ago. Bye. :)06:43
jeremybPeng: it's at 0.4.x iirc06:53
jeremybPeng: i need to try it...06:53
jeremybPeng: recently saw a bug fixed where it made a remote svn repo unusable by *anyone* on commit fwiw06:54
jeremyb(not all commits)06:54
* jeremyb needs to sleep as well06:55
bob2lifeless: ah, neato07:39
Odd_Blokejelmer: I'm in the Debian room ATM.09:59
jelmerOdd_Bloke: ping11:16
Odd_Blokejelmer: Pong.11:17
jelmerOdd_Bloke: still wandering around on FOSDEM?11:18
Odd_Blokejelmer: Yeah, in the Debian room ATM.11:18
jelmerOdd_Bloke: ah, cool11:19
jelmerme too11:19
jelmerLarstiQ is the guy behind the big camera btw11:19
Odd_BlokeYeah, I ran in to him last night.11:20
Odd_BlokeHis hair was less blue at that juncture.11:20
Odd_Blokejelmer: I'm kinda opposite the door, wearing a red T-shirt using a Thinkpad.11:21
Odd_BlokeA T60, if that helps narrow it down. :p11:21
johnfis there anyone about that understands the smart server code? I'm trying to fix a bug in it11:24
Odd_Blokejohnf: Asking your question makes it more likely that people will respond. :)11:25
johnfOdd_Bloke: ok let me go paste some stuff somewhere11:25
jelmerOdd_Bloke: ah, I think I know who you are then :-)11:25
* jelmer is sitting close to the door with a Thinkpad X60 and wearing a black debian sweater11:26
johnfhttp://pastie.caboo.se/156526. Basically a change was made which meant bzr+https stopped working. I've fixed that but now it looks like _remote_is_at_least_1_2 needs to be set somewhere.11:27
johnfI think just setting it to true like is done in bzrlib/smart/client.py is correct but I'm not sure of the right place to do it11:28
johnfthe transport/http/_urllib doesn't feel like it would be the right place to do it11:28
jelmerjohnf: you may want to bring this up on the list11:31
jelmerI don't think there are any smart server ackers about11:31
johnfthat was my next move :)11:31
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james_wjohnf: one moment11:42
james_wjohnf: I thought this came up on the list the other day, but I can't find it now.11:44
james_wjohnf: are you using latest bzr.dev?11:44
johnfjames_w: opps too late. Just emailed the list with some potential fixes. Stupidly didn't check archives. I'm testing with latest bzr.dev11:45
james_wjohnf: no loss, I just thought there was a tentative patch you could apply, but as I can't find it a mail to the list is best.11:45
johnfjames_w: The patch I just email works. First part I know is right. Second part does the job but I'm not sure that its appropriate. As I learned while debugging it today there is a lot of codebase involved in getting the smart server to do stuff!11:47
james_wjohnf: I can't confirm I'm afraid, but you should get a response either way tomorrow.11:50
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hsn_someone with sf.net shell acount with installed bzr here? I need bzr path16:39
ubotuNew bug: #195133 in bzr-loom "Please notify when a thread becomes empty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19513318:01
ubotuNew bug: #195134 in bzr-loom "Lots of up-threads are tiring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19513418:05
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Janzertdoes "bzr tag blah" tag the most recent revision committed or get applied to the next commit?20:18
datoJanzert: the most recent committed revision20:19
shagbagCan anyone help me with bazaar.launchpad.net?    I'm trying to checkout some code but it's taking AGES to connect and then it gives me the error: bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn't resolve host 'bazaar.launchpad.net' (-2, 'Name or service not known')20:30
awmcclainHey all... can someone enlighten me why, when I try to push my changes back to my mainline, I get bzr: ERROR: No push location known or specified.20:34
jdongawmcclain: it doesn't know where to push?20:34
awmcclainjdong: How does that get set? I can pull fine20:35
jdongawmcclain: the first push has to have an explicit destination. Afterwards bzr will remember that destination. Also see push --remember20:35
awmcclainjdong: I see. So, the first time you have to specify.20:35
jdongawmcclain: right.20:35
jdongawmcclain: hte last paragraph in bzr help push explains it better than I can :)20:35
awmcclainjdong: Got it.20:36
jdongawmcclain: also, bzr info can show you the various remembered locations, if you forgot or need something to copy-paste from20:36
awmcclainjdong: Is there an easy way to convert a branch into a checkout w/o overwriting the files I've changed?20:38
jdongawmcclain: bzr bind20:38
jdongawmcclain: any differences you've made will show up as a merge when you first bzr up20:39
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lifelessshagbag: sounds like a dns error at your location21:28
lifelessshagbag: what does 'host bazaar.launchpad.net' say ?21:28
lifelesshi poolie21:42
pooliegood morning lifeless21:57
james_wmorning lifeless21:58
james_wmorning poolie21:58
james_wlifeless: I might be being silly, but can you confirm that setting tree.branch.nick doesn't change the thread you are on?22:28
james_wI'm looking at test_up_thread_preserves_changes in blackbox.py22:28
lifelessjames_w: it changes the pointer at the current thread22:30
lifelessjames_w: in the TODO there is a note that this should be replaced by it renaming the current thread.22:30
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james_wlifeless: thanks.22:47
lifelessjames_w: most of TODO can be made bugs now22:48
lifelessjames_w: for hopefully obvious reasons, using malone was a little tricky before the release.22:48
james_wlifeless: of course.22:53
james_wlifeless: you abandoned the rename to warps?22:53
igcmorning all22:56
lifelessjames_w: mixed minds22:58
lifelessI think the accuracy of warp and weft reference will be beyond most folk;22:58
lifelessthat is not actually helpful22:58
lifelessbut most everyone knows what a thread is in fabric terms22:59
lifelessOTOH warp and weft are a more detailed analogy with richer (and useful) implications23:00
lifelesspoolie: today I am doing ui for shallow branches23:00
igcpoolie: call now?23:01
james_wlifeless: I might spend some time sorting out the TODO and moving some stuff to Malone then.23:07
james_wpatch sent anyway, that's all for tonight.23:07
lifelessthat would be good23:07
james_wthe code looks very clean from what I have seen, and the documentation is great as well, so thank you.23:08
james_wThe only thing I am not that clear on is "record", but it seems that is a temporary solution according to the TODO.23:09
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lamontI wonder if there's already a bug in the system about bzr not tracking file permissions23:16
lamont(git does)23:16
james_wlamont: git doesn't23:16
james_wlamont: which permissions would you like tracking?23:16
lamontgit diff 8e16fa6ff4f1bd3e42febd166f3e1074c6f87bdb..7fca3ff2f2ab0774d4a92c2bd40bfc7c4d596e4c23:17
lamontdiff --git a/cron.d/cache-git-status b/cron.d/cache-git-status23:17
lamontold mode 10075523:17
lamontnew mode 10064423:17
lamontjames_w: I beg to differ.23:17
lamontalthough just tracking the last 12 bits would be plenty.23:18
lifelesslamont: git doesn't track full modes; it just cheats for what it appears to record23:18
lifelesslamont: see git-fastexport's stream format for instance23:18
lamontwhile bzr just plain ignores mode23:18
lifelessbzr tracks exec23:18
james_wlamont: that just means executable, which bzr tracks as well.23:18
lamontah, just not rw?23:18
lifelessanyhow, for sysadmins see the discussion I'm having with elmo & co about a plugin23:18
james_wlamont: make it 750 and try again.23:19
lamontjames_w: hrm.. thanks23:20
lifelesslamont: score one for git...not :>23:21
james_wlamont: no problem. You can see etckeeper for some wrappers and stuff around git(?, maybe others) that tracks full (?) permissions for versioning /etc23:21
fullermdIt's easy to make it 750; you just have to change your umask   ;)23:21
james_wlamont: but in general it is a headache to track them, so most systems don't.23:22
lifelessjames_w: the canonical sysadmins would love a etckeeper for bzr; I have a spec23:22
james_wlifeless: you mean a plugin, rather than using etckeeper?23:24
james_wI doubt etckeeper is VCS specific, but a plugin may make for a better experience.23:24
jelmerlifeless: I have the implementation23:25
jelmerlifeless: see http://gitweb.samba.org/23:25
james_wright, that really is all from me. Thanks all, and good night.23:25
jelmerhowever, it hsn't been merged yet because bzr doesn't have a start-commit hook23:25
jelmerso it's not totally functional, which is why it hasn't been merged yet23:26
lifelessjelmer: could you be more specific; thats just a web page list23:26
lifelessjelmer: also, I'm talking about not using etckeeper but doing a plugin23:26
jelmerthere's only one etckeeper repo there :-)23:26
jelmerit basically boils down to being a plugin since it requires a plugin that calls out to etckeeper23:27
lifelessis it just me or that web ui ugly?23:27
jelmerof git web?23:27
jelmerI like it better than loggerhead23:27
lifelessloggerhead is ugly too23:28
lifelessin differnet ways23:28
lifelessnone of the web uis I've seen for vcs introspection feel nice23:29
jelmeryeah, there aren't any really good ones yet23:29
mwhudsonif anyone can come up with a nice design for loggerhead, i'm permanently volunteered to do the coding to make it happen, btw23:30
ubotuNew bug: #195245 in bzr-loom "'record' is too generic a name, and is possibly a conflict with another plugin" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19524523:31
lifelessmwhudson: I think its basically too static and too slow23:34
lifelessmwhudson: the visuals aren't the issue, the coarseness of the interface is.23:34
mwhudsonlifeless: 'too static' ?23:34
lifelessmwhudson: I'd like fast drill-downs, pivots between files/history/annotations23:34
lifelessgoogle maps for the vcs data23:35
mwhudsonoh right yes23:35
lifelessnow theres an idea; if we built maps tiles from a  branch we could literally point maps at it23:35
mwhudsonwell, i see the point but don't really have a clue how this would work well23:35
mwhudson(even out of a browser, truth be told: 'bzr viz' is pretty nice, but not completely there)23:36
awilkinsIs there a plugin which will allow you to commit selectively by deleting lines from your commit log "line below" section?23:36
lifelessI believe so23:37
lifelessselective commit I think its called23:37
awilkinsCould also use gcommit I suppose, but not as vimtastic :-)23:38
lifelessjelmer: so when should I expect a patc to review for a commit start python hook ?23:58
jelmerlifeless: when I find the time :-(23:59
jelmerlifeless: My time for bzr is somewhat limited at the moment and the time I do have I spend on the plugins I'm maintainer for23:59
lifelessyou're coming next week ?23:59

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