eduardowho use edubuntu here?00:48
HedgeMageogra:  ping06:21
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Nubaehi, just installed heron alpha4 and get this message when trying to login to a thin terminal: This workstation isn't authorised to connect to server13:52
Nubaealpha5 sorry13:52
stgraberNubae: sudo ltsp-update-keys && sudo ltsp-update-image13:54
stgraberNubae: that should fix it13:54
Nubaecommand not found13:55
Nubaeah its ltsp-update-sshkeys13:56
stgraberright, sorry I'm not on a LTSP system at the moment13:57
Nubaenice to to see ati drivers are fixed in heron :-)13:57
Nubaethanks stgraber, that worked13:59
FreewithHi. My system makes a system bell sound 5 or 6 times everytime I get to the logon screen or issue a shutdown. Anyone know what's wrong?15:53
HedgeMageping ogra21:23
pygiHedgeMage is here!21:23
HedgeMagehi pygi :)21:24
pygihey ;)21:24
pygihow are you doin'? :)21:24
HedgeMageokay :)21:27
HedgeMagechatting, cooking, working, and watching LittleFish make playdough dinosaurs21:28
freelinuxpcfor anyone with kids, I highly recommend checking out www.glubble.com. The glubble extension for firefox is very cool. I've installed it yesterday and my kids just love it.23:38
freelinuxpcsorry to thrown in a link and leave, but gotta let the kids play...bye23:41

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