fdovingam i the only one with a broken kdm/something on hardy? - it pisses me off when it freezes when i change from X to some vt, and when i logout from kde (to kdm). grr.01:31
nixternaldoes anyone know if the KOrganizer MSExchange Plugin is installed as a part of KOrganizer, or is there a package for it somewhere?02:16
=== santiago-php is now known as santiago-ve
nixternalhas 3.5.9 been backported to Gutsy by chance?02:41
nixternalHobbsee or ScottK: since Riddell isn't around, what do you think about bug 13895002:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138950 in kdepim "[gutsy] Search for 'email' in gnome-app-install does not find kontact" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13895002:53
voriandone with work for the day03:20
vorianman this week was long03:20
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nixternalwoo, up to 106 fixed bugs!04:05
voriannixternal: you teh awesome04:21
ScottK2nixternal: 105.  That akregator thing still happens for me.07:04
nixternalwhich one is that?07:07
nixternalI have worked on so much akregator stuff07:07
ScottK2Bug #8259407:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 82594 in kdepim "Akregrator starts automatically in Feisty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8259407:10
nixternalare you using 3.5.9?07:16
ScottK2I even updated one more time just to be sure right before I tested it.07:17
nixternalhrmm, if I fire up Kontact, it doesn't start..if I fire up Akregator, then log out and log back on, Akregator isn't starting back up07:18
nixternalif it is still doing it, then it is the KDE save state that is getting you and not akregator07:18
ScottK2Start Kontact.  Don't start Akregator.  Reboot with Kontact running.  I get Akregator running after the reboot.07:19
ScottK2That's slightly different than what you describe testing.07:19
nixternalhrmm, I don't get that...it must be a stuck config possibly for you?07:20
nixternalAkregator doesn't start up here until I tell it to07:20
nixternalI even have "Show Icon" selected07:20
ScottK2Unlikely since I've never used Akregator on that machine, I think it's unlikely07:20
ScottK2It's all default and it does it with more than one user.07:20
* nixternal gives it another shot07:21
nixternalOK, does it automatically check your feeds or no?07:23
nixternalit doesn't check my feeds until I actually hit the "check all feeds" button07:24
nixternalnixternal@ShakaDoobie:~$ ps -e |grep akregator07:25
ScottK2Weird.  For me as soon as it's running I have the Akgregator icon telling me how many unread I have.07:25
ScottK2I'll try and fiddle with it some more and see if I can replicate it on another box.07:26
nixternalI have the Akregator icon, but it isn't checking my feeds until I hit the downloads07:26
nixternalhiya serega07:26
nixternalwell, one thing too about Akregator, none of the KDE 3 bugs are going to be fixed upstream apparently either07:26
ScottK2nixternal: If you have the icon, then Akregator is running.07:26
ScottK2That's a bug.07:27
* nixternal thinks it is time to write a solid feed reader07:27
ScottK2I'm outta gas.  I'm off to bed.  Good night.07:27
nixternalScottK2: I can have it not show the icon, but akregator isn't showing up anywhere as running07:27
ScottK2So why does the icon show up?07:27
nixternalcuz I tell it to07:27
ScottK2But I never did.07:28
nixternalahhhh, I see what you are saying07:28
ScottK2Really going to bed now.07:28
nixternalI didn't start it actually before I logged out07:28
nixternalhowever it did show up07:28
ScottKNot there before reboot.  There after.  Not what it should be.07:28
nixternalstill isn't checking anything, and akregator doesn't show in sys info until I run a feed grab07:28
ScottKIt's doing something it wasn't before.07:29
ScottKOff to bed.  No.  Really.07:29
nixternalI see what you are saying, then I guess that is a bug, the icon shouldn't start up, but you can prevent the icon and it not checking by selecting those 2 options07:29
seregawhere to file issues of hardy? I believe there is separate bugtracker07:29
nixternalhehe, g'nite07:29
nixternalserega: all the same bug tracker07:29
seregaScottK: good night07:29
seregaoh, ok, how do we know the issue is about hardy? tags?07:30
nixternaladd the information that is a hardy bug, or start off the subject of the report with [Hardy], or as you said, tag it as hardy :)07:31
seregathanks ;)07:31
* serega masters packaging voodoo08:18
jussi01Riddell: good morning sir!08:42
seregaRiddell: hey, Jonathan08:50
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
seregaI am performing "pbuilder create --distribution hardy". is it right distribution?09:30
seregaI mean doesn't it point to GNOME-based one?09:38
hungerserega: I am no expert, but I think you are doing the right thing.09:44
hungerserega: AFAIK the pbuilder is a very bare bones system that pulls in everything listed as a build dependency in the deb you are building.09:44
Hobbseeserega: it is, yes10:30
seregaoh... I see. The first "pbuilder build" is downloading kubuntu now :)10:33
Hobbseepbuilder is dm-neutral10:36
yao_ziyuanpoor smarter, where r u10:40
yao_ziyuanbut since smarter has pointed out how to install input methods in kubuntu correctly:10:41
yao_ziyuaninstall scim-skim-pinyin10:41
yao_ziyuanyou developers should already know how to fix that bug10:42
Hobbseeyao_ziyuan: patches accepted.10:43
Hobbseesigh back.10:43
yao_ziyuananyone with a fresh kubuntu please do this experiment:10:45
yao_ziyuaninstall the package scim-skim-pinyin10:45
yao_ziyuanthen go to Konsole,10:45
seregaHobbsee: yes, I understand. It's just dependencies of my package :)10:45
yao_ziyuanpress Ctrl+Space, and then type "wo"10:45
Hobbseesarah@saturn:~% apt-cache show scim-skim-pinyin                          9:45PM10:45
HobbseeW: Unable to locate package scim-skim-pinyin10:45
HobbseeE: No packages found10:45
Hobbseesarah@saturn:~% apt-cache search scim-skim                               9:45PM10:46
yao_ziyuanor skim-scim-pinyin10:46
Hobbseefreeflying: did you have a patch still for uploading for skim, btw?10:46
Hobbseeyao_ziyuan: ah yes, that actually exists.10:47
yao_ziyuaninstall that package10:47
yao_ziyuanand "smarter" says he then gets chinese input10:47
yao_ziyuango to a text field like the one in Run Command10:48
* Hobbsee wonders why smarter hasn't provided a patch either yet, then.10:48
yao_ziyuanright-click it, select "Input Method" in the menu10:48
Hobbseesmarter is a dev, no?10:48
yao_ziyuansmarter is someone here days ago10:48
yao_ziyuanbut i haven't seen him since10:48
Hobbseemq, you suck.10:49
yao_ziyuanHobbsee: after installing that package,10:49
emonkeyyao_ziyuan, I've installed that package but it happens nothing if I press ctrl-space and type wo10:50
yao_ziyuanemonkey: in a text box?10:50
emonkeyin a konsole10:50
yao_ziyuanemonkey: maybe a re-login is needed10:50
emonkeyok, then I'll try that later10:50
yao_ziyuanemonkey: in Run Command's text field, right click, and in the "Input Method" menu select "SCIM"10:50
yao_ziyuanK Menu -> Run Command -> Right click in the text box -> Select "Select Input Method" -> Select "Smart Common Input Method"10:51
emonkeyYes I did that10:52
yao_ziyuani think the best way is to go to #ubuntu-devel and call for help10:52
yao_ziyuansince ubuntu developers know better in scim setup10:52
emonkeyo_O I don't need it, i just want to help testing the package ...10:53
yao_ziyuanemonkey: "smarter" said after installing that package he could type chinese ...10:53
yao_ziyuanemonkey: by selecting "scim" in the right click menu of a text box10:54
yao_ziyuanemonkey: and for k apps that don't offer a "Select Input Method" right-click menu item, he can use "QT_IM_MODULE=scim" to solve it10:54
emonkeykonversation offers this option too10:55
emonkeybut I don't how its possible to type chinese ...10:55
blizzzekthat bulletproofx-thing in hardy is half-working. i can configure it, but a blank black screen follows. when i restart kdm via tty, it starts with the configured settings.10:55
yao_ziyuanemonkey: if you ctrl+space and type "wo" and some chinese characters show up in a floating window, you succeed11:01
yao_ziyuani recall now11:03
yao_ziyuanwhat 'smarter' said is this:11:03
yao_ziyuan1. install "skim-scim-pinyin"11:03
yao_ziyuan2. possibily restart your session or computer11:03
emonkeynot done, but I'll do that lazer11:03
yao_ziyuan3. in K Menu -> Run Command, press Ctrl+Space, and type "wo", you should see chinese chars popping up11:03
yao_ziyuanemonkey: you're in kubuntu right?11:04
emonkeyof course I've got nothin else ;)11:04
yao_ziyuani'm watching a downloaded movie now.11:04
freeflyingHobbsee: I prefer to sync from sid11:33
Hobbseefreeflying: right.  did that get done?11:33
freeflyingHobbsee: yes, it hit the archie today11:34
Hobbseeoh good11:34
freeflyingHobbsee: and also I hope to drop skim out of cd, and make it install after scim, then it can work fine in kubuntu now11:35
freeflyingHobbsee: or we'd have a postinst in language-pack-kde-zh, make it call the configure of skim, then everything will be ok(for CJK user)11:36
* Hobbsee nods11:36
freeflyingHobbsee: do we need to talk with pitt11:37
Hobbseefreeflying: unsure.  ask him anyway11:38
freeflyingor ArneGoetje, he is the right one now in charge of CJK support in canonical11:38
freeflyingHobbsee: can we have a stable kde4 livecd now?11:40
Hobbseeunsure, tbh11:42
Hobbseei think so11:42
seregaevery "pbuilder build" it reinstalls a bunch of packages, is it normal?11:47
freeflyingserega: pbuilder has a bit difference between buildd11:49
seregado you mean somebody made changes to some packages between two builds?11:50
freeflyingserega: no, I mean the way they work11:50
freeflyingjpatrick: hi11:51
seregajpatrick: hi11:51
seregafreeflying: so I should just ignore that?11:52
seregabtw, very nice book "The Ubuntu Packaging Guide"11:52
freeflyingserega: not sure :)11:53
jpatrickserega: there's a book on that?11:54
seregafreeflying: oh... I'll dig on that :)11:54
seregajpatrick: yes, it is. nice PDF11:55
jpatrickserega: where?11:55
seregajpatrick: as I can see it is formed from several ubuntu wiki articles11:55
seregajpatrick: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/pdf/ubuntu/C/packagingguide.pdf11:56
jpatrickserega: ahh, that's _old_, I helped write bits of it11:56
seregajpatrick: well done, it's really very good11:56
jpatrickserega: might be a bit outdated..11:57
seregajpatrick: how do you think, doesn't it outdated?11:57
seregajpatrick: what can you advice to absolute beginner?11:57
seregain packaging11:58
jpatrickserega: wait, I'm trying to get one I wrote on alioth11:58
jpatrickserega: enjoy: http://alioth.debian.org/~jpatrick-guest/kubuntu-tutorials-day-packaging.pdf12:00
seregajpatrick: thank you!12:00
seregaI think it is the first thing to read for newcomers12:01
seregamy greatest troubles and delays was about misunderstanding of packaging issues12:01
jpatrick"tutorials day"12:01
jpatrickpackaging is an art :)12:01
seregajpatrick: it a magic :)12:02
jpatrickany problems just ask us :)12:02
seregathanks, guys12:02
jpatrickand hopefully you day you'll join the...12:03
ubotumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU12:03
seregajpatrick: kool))12:05
seregaI have some packages to add to universe...12:05
jpatrickoh, we're in feature freeze right now, so they'll be for ibix12:05
seregait's ok, the main problem I have no packages at all and cannot make it :)12:06
seregadrivers for my printer12:06
blizzzekw00t, in hardy, every mouseclick is a doubleclick...12:14
yao_ziyuani've done watching that movie12:41
yao_ziyuanglad to see you guys settle that bug12:41
yao_ziyuanso i can quit bothering this channel any more12:46
Hobbseenixternal: you're on crack12:51
Hobbseenixternal: please use bughelper for finding crash dupes.12:52
Hobbseefor your own sanity.12:52
Hobbseethere are recipes on hwo to do it - ask dholbach, or look them up yourself12:52
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ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!12:56
Hobbseethese crazy people who do by hand what there are tools for.12:58
iRonQuassel alpha is out! Trying it now..13:23
=== marseillai_ is now known as marseillai
jpatrickiRon: ooh, quassel14:44
iRonyep :)14:44
* jpatrick still prefers irssi14:44
seregajpatrick: is there a centralized store of "Packaging 101" logs? I would like to make a russian translation for them15:06
jpatrickserega: I have the latex source if that's what you want15:07
seregajpatrick: It would be great15:07
* jpatrick msgs15:08
jpatrickgah, everyone loves my latex15:15
jpatrickJucato: http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dragonplayer.html15:16
Jucatowoot :)15:16
jpatrickserega, IppatsuMan: please send your translations to jpatrick@kubuntu.org so I can tell everyone else15:18
seregajpatrick: okay15:19
IppatsuManjpatrick: ok :)15:20
Jucatojpatrick: okies15:22
jpatrickJucato: ?15:22
Jucatooh I thought we were playing a game.. "say 'ok' to jpatrick"15:23
jpatrickJucato: rofl15:23
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jpatrickRiddell: I have a problem with kubuntu-es.org..17:23
jpatrickhi jjesse18:23
jjessehello jpatrick18:24
jjesseany suggestions from anyone on how to troublshoot sounds not working after resuming hibernation or suspend on gutsy?18:24
ryanakcaAny suggestion from anyone on how to run amarok in KDE4?18:28
jjesseryanakca: it just runs in my gutsy kde418:28
jjessebut that is the kde3 version of amarok18:28
ryanakcaeh, nevermind, bug 191327 also happens in hardy18:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191327 in kdelibs "7.10: en_CA causes KDE apps to fail to start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19132718:28
ryanakcajjesse: umm... d'you know if its kernel related or ?18:31
ryanakcajjesse: try running this and then checking for anything unusual http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Aadebug18:32
jjesserunning script now18:35
jjessewhat am i looking for in that script?18:36
crimsun_that's the wrong script18:37
crimsun_you want the one mentioned in the DebuggingSoundProblems wiki18:37
ryanakcajjesse: crimsun_ == sound genius, don't listen to me :)18:38
jjessecrimsun_: ok working on that script18:40
jjesseinterseting getting an unxpected operator when i run that script18:42
crimsun_you need to run it with bash as noted.18:43
jjesseah sorry missed it18:44
jjessesould problely read everything18:44
jjesseinterseting script appears to be just sitting after i run it18:54
crimsun_did you use --no-upload?19:00
jjessecrimsun_: yes i did19:01
jjesseand it "sits" after i hit yes to run the script19:01
crimsun_ugh, so we need a sane state.  Are you able to reboot, then run that script?19:01
jjesseyeah i could19:01
jjessebut sound works after i reboot19:02
jjesseits only after resuming from hibernate/suspend19:02
crimsun_right, but we need a debugging starting point.19:02
jjesseok rebooting19:02
crimsun_if we can't pull the necessary info, it doesn't really matter19:02
nixternalHobbsee: I do use bughelper, not the biggest fan of it, but when it works it works19:04
jjesseand back19:05
jjesseok ran script where does it dump the data?19:05
nixternalsound problems I take it if you are dumping data for crimsun_ to look at19:06
nixternalthat's where I always put it19:06
jjesseyeah i ran the script w/ --no-upload19:06
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:06
jjessenixternal: don't have to go thorugh chicago today to travel... heading directly to atlanta :)19:08
jjesseok time to get ready to board be back when in hotel19:09
ryanakcaheh, he's always flying / travelling19:13
crimsun_I thought I would be doing less travelling, but oh no.19:18
crimsun_I guess that's what happens.19:18
nixternalanyone with gutsy able to confirm bug 19483019:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194830 in kubuntu-meta "usb stick not displayed anymore" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19483019:31
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nixternalhey, on a good note, all of those krunner crashes that delt with threading, well aseigo has seemingly fixed them and we should see them in 4.0.3! wooohoooo!20:55
nixternalon a bad not, using images2mpg in kipi-tools sure can stress a cpu20:56
nixternalScottK: on another good note, the akregator icon issue has been fixed in trunk :) but we won't see that until 4.120:56
ScottK2nixternal: Sounds great actually.20:59
nixternaland on one more note, the mpg I just created, well it doesn't work in any player I have :p20:59
nixternalbreak time20:59
jpatrickanyone know a good ssh host with irssi?21:13
jpatrickwb stdin21:21
stdinfor some reason kwin thinks I've got a key constantly pressed and only logout/in will fix it21:22
stdinnot fun when it thinks that key is F12 and I have yakuake running21:22
jpatrickerr :-/ :)21:22
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xRaich[o]2xHi. Is it normal that a lot of kde4 apps link against glib?22:21
xRaich[o]2xI think it's pretty odd because the KDE team wanted the avahi team not to depend on glib.22:27
* Nightrose is back home from fosdem22:37
Nightroseit was great :)22:37
nosrednaekimwere you in that KDE group photo?22:41
Nightroselying next to riddell22:41
Nightrosewe had _a lot_ of fun22:41
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