tomeranyone ever use cinelerra for movie editing?00:14
tomerdo you know if can import avi files00:14
tomerhow do you install it with apt-gget00:14
swattoplease can somebody help me - im getting Malformed URL system:/ - and i cant open system folders or run commands from k menu00:14
Oloughlin75ubuntu: problems?00:22
ubuntuestoy en el live00:22
Oloughlin75!es | ubuntu00:23
ubuntuI'm stay in kubuntu live00:23
ubotuubuntu: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:23
Oloughlin75ubuntu: You are "on" live.00:23
ubuntuI need activate compiz00:23
ubuntuI need to know if compiz run in this computer00:24
ubuntubut I use ubuntu not kubuntu00:24
ubuntuhere is diferent00:24
martijn81ubuntu: try asking for help in #compiz-fusion00:24
ubuntuthanks man00:25
XenThraLanyone familiar with SWIG?00:27
crazy_busthere is a program that shows you what programs are currently downloading/uploading  Can anyone tell me what it is as I forgot the name00:36
martijn81crazy_bus: was that a commandline tool?00:41
crazy_busmartijn81: I remember it being a gui tool00:41
crazy_busis there a terminal tool that does the same thing?00:41
jesseCan someone please help me with Compiz?00:42
martijn81jesse: best to start asking that in #compiz-fusion00:42
jesseI didn't know there was a separate channel.00:42
jesseThank you.00:43
martijn81there is :)00:43
kieferHey all, When I try to play .rmvb file in Totem it gives me the message "the playback of this movie requires a realmedia demuxer plugin which isnt installed' how do i get said plugin?00:46
Oloughlin75!find grease00:48
ubotuFound: firefox-greasemonkey00:48
Oloughlin75!find firefox00:53
ubotuFound: firefox-themes-ubuntu, mozilla-firefox-locale-af, mozilla-firefox-locale-ar, mozilla-firefox-locale-be, mozilla-firefox-locale-bg-bg (and 71 others)00:53
dbmoodbhi there this might be more of an #ubuntu question, but does anyone know if you can use tracker to search files - like within documents - i know beagle can and - kat is it the kde thing..00:55
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mike18my kubuntu load screen shows then stops very early on... i go to terminal 1 and it shows kinit: No resume image, doing normal boot... and sits there01:11
mike18how can i see a log of what it's erroring on01:12
subspiderhi anyone knows anygame to play like cs??01:37
eirikeylandsbranwhat about, drumrolls, cs!?01:37
subspidercounter strake01:38
subspiderlike counter strike eirikeylandsbran01:40
eirikeylandsbranyes, so play counter strike then01:40
eirikeylandsbranjeez, im to funny01:40
eirikeylandsbransorry, I got no real advice to you01:40
jeffy124hi all, when booting up Kubuntu it shows the Kubuntu logo (Before it loads the login screen). what is this screen called?01:40
subspiderbut in linux i can't01:40
add616how i can fix my apt01:41
add616i can download updates cause error01:41
regeyasorry, add616?01:41
add616please help me to fix apt01:41
add616i can't opened my apt database01:42
add616i can touch my apt for incorrect configuration01:43
jeffy124i think the answer to my question is bootsplash? am i right?01:43
add616please help to fix my apt database01:44
adz21cjeffy124: bootloader its usually called (see grub and lilo)) annd bootsplash is the screen with the kubuntu logo where it starts up linux01:45
add616if i restart the apt database will restore or noit01:46
Piciadd616: What error are you getting?01:47
add616i can't opened my apt database01:47
PiciWhat does the error say exactly01:47
add616in other words my update manager01:47
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:47
add616it cause error configuration01:47
jeffy124adz21c: thought so...01:50
add616nothing happen01:50
jeffy124*my bootsplash doesn't show up, and i'm currently reading bug reports. anyone else had this problem?01:50
add616apt is locked01:50
add616how can i open the apt01:50
add616if possible to fix my apt in kpackage configuration01:52
=== gladier__ is now known as gladier
add616for now i am running kpackage to fix my apt01:53
Piciadd616: I can't help if I don't know exactly what the error message is.01:53
add616the apt database is locked cause wrong configuration01:53
adz21cjeffy124: running x64?01:54
add616i touch the repristory and add the site of compiz is cause by error01:54
add616how can i open my apt database in GUI01:54
Piciadd616: You can only run one package manager at the same time, so close adept, synaptic and any apts you have open and try again.01:55
PiciIf you arent sure what you have open, you can just reboot then try to open adept/synaptic afterwards.01:55
add616for now i the Kpackage to apt fixup do u think it really works to comeback may apt database or open it?01:55
PiciIt might01:56
add616are u sure, how many percent01:57
add616i run the kpackage to fixup apt, do u think it reaaly works01:57
PiciI dont understand.01:57
Piciadd616: What is your native language?01:58
ubotuJoin #ubuntu-ph for tagalog01:58
add616join #ubuntu-ph01:59
jeffy124adz21c: i have an x86 processor... or whatever you call it? i suck with hardware knowledge :S01:59
adz21cjeffy124: ok, thats a no :-) just i not been able to use a bootsplash for a long time for it just doesn't work for me and prevents booting, never got around to solving it, just wondering if u had the same issue02:00
jeffy124adz21c: i guess i'll wait for hardy... lol. screw trying a work around.02:02
add616nothing response in tagalog02:03
add616may pinay po ba d202:03
gundam_rx78nt1I just updated my Kubuntu laptop with the last update and ran into problems02:05
gundam_rx78nt1I was instructed to remove the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic and  in doing so, it removed my wireless card and my audio card.02:05
gundam_rx78nt1I re-installed the linux headers but my ipw3945 and audio driver aren't loaded.02:06
gundam_rx78nt1I already did the restricted modules and activated the  ipw3945 but it doesn't load the drivers and the ipw3945.ko isn't even on the hard drive.02:07
gundam_rx78nt1How can I fix this?02:07
Amaroxgood morning02:08
gundam_rx78nt1help? anybody?02:10
add616how long to fix apt database02:11
add616it takes more hours?02:12
jetsaredimanyone having issues with knetworkmanager in kde3 on hardy?02:12
luccialsalgum brasileiro02:14
mitchells00ok can someone help... i wanna try KDE4 on kubuntu in vmware, i'm following these instructions: http://www.kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php but i can't get past where it says "Install kde4-core" i tryed apt-get install kde4-core and got nothing...02:15
mixedanyone know if kubuntu supports two processors?  I have an old PIII with 2 processors and want to install kubuntu on it02:17
mitchells00it should..... try it...?02:18
jetsaredimmitchells00: hardy or gutsy?02:21
mitchells00nvm i got it ^^02:24
mitchells00forgot to update aptitude02:24
mitchells00gusty i think? :P02:25
mitchells00it's installing ^^ i want to see all the new shiny things in KDE4.. see if it really is able to compete with vista with the majority of the end-user market...02:27
mixedmitchells00, im trying to start my machine with the gutsy CD, it tries to start but then all of a sudden my machine turns off :-(02:27
mitchells00i know it's not really ready to be deployed as such right now, maybe 4.1 or 4.2 but still to see how far it's come :D02:27
mitchells00well then maybe not..?02:27
mitchells00that's the beauty of live cd's02:28
add616if i ru the kpackage and update my apt manager do u think the apt manager will comeback?02:28
mitchells00try it, if it doesen't work, then you didn't damage anything finding out in the process :P02:28
mitchells00don't know.. i'm not that pro ^^;;02:28
mixedmitchells00, I just tried it, it didn't work02:28
mitchells00well then there's your answer02:29
mitchells00if the live cd doesen't work then the chances of the install working are VERY slim02:29
palandiai have a question please02:31
palandiai have downloaded the 7.20 DVD of kubuntu02:31
palandiai mean 7.10 sorry02:31
palandiabut i was wondering that it has KDE 4, when i finished installing my system...my KDE is 3.5.802:32
palandiais there any chance to upgrade to KDE 4... it is much different?02:32
mitchells00i'm doing that at the moment actually02:32
mitchells00it's 30% done :D02:32
palandiamy apps will continue working?02:32
mitchells00erm.. if they don't you can just boot back into kde3.502:33
palandiais KDE 4 faster????02:33
mitchells00it's not replacing it02:33
mitchells00it claims to be, but i haven't had a chance to test it :P02:33
palandiaah ok02:33
palandiai think i better wait for your update notices...02:33
palandiado you have a desktop or a laptop system?02:34
mitchells00plus everything has been rewritten, so not many applications are really designed to take advantage of the new stuff :P02:34
mitchells00but i don't think that would make much of a difference02:34
mitchells00except power management etc02:34
mitchells00if you want you can install it too, but if you don't like it then just choose 3.5 when you log in...02:35
palandiaok...my point was that actually i have a AMD64 with powernow02:35
palandiarunning at 1800 Mhz02:35
palandiaand i was wondering about if KDE4 would be faster....02:36
mitchells00hmm.. don't know what effect that would have... there is a live cd of kubuntu with kde4 as default.. try that02:36
palandiai haver ead that the apps for KDE 3 wont work at KDE4 is it right?02:36
swattoive got KDE 4 installed - there is no system tray icons though02:36
mitchells00most probably02:36
mitchells00some might work02:36
mitchells00but alot might not02:36
=== gladier__ is now known as gladier
mitchells00it's not really ready for full use yet... still needs to grow a bit, but try it and see what you think of it :P02:37
palandiaoh! ok02:37
palandiai see..02:37
mitchells00wait untill KDE 4.1 or 4.202:37
mitchells00i'm only installing it to see what the changes are02:38
mitchells00how far it's claims really do go,02:38
mitchells00and the set of new applications, apparently they work in 3.5 :P02:38
palandiahow much does it will take the rest of your installation by now?02:38
mitchells00well it's 48%02:38
mitchells00says 16 minutes :P02:39
palandiai want to wait to hear your comments about it...02:39
mitchells00i'm only running it in a vmware virtual machine.. maybe you should try that too? :P see for yourself what you think aswell!02:39
mitchells00but i'll tell you in about 20 minutes if it's worth downloading02:40
artur_Hello. I'm running a Win program with wine. In the windows this program, when started, tries to find the Lessons in a CD-ROM, the CD must have a label like AB01_23, a CD with a different label is ignored. So, with Wine, i can make any directory be C:, D:, and so on. But besides this, i need more then the directory be D:, i need that the directory be a Cd-rom with a Label besides the Unit Letter. In the winecfg, in the tab Drivers, there's a place where i can02:41
artur_type some label(i think) but if i do this, when i open the winecfg again, the label field is blank.  So how can i solve this?02:41
mitchells00does wine have an IRC channel?02:41
mitchells00maybe a better place to ask, as people will know more on the subject :)02:42
palandiathanks mitchells00 i will be waiting .... please ping me... when you are done... i will be surfing the net...02:42
artur_mitchells00: thnks dude, now i'm there!02:42
mitchells00ok ^^02:42
mitchells00helping people while-you-wait is fun.. xD02:44
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martijn81silent here03:02
mitchells00ok now i have KDE4 installed and kubuntu won't let me select what DE i wanna use :/03:05
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
ubuntu_Por fin! logre instalar kubuntu :P03:07
mitchells00was that even in english?03:08
mitchells00i honestly can't tell..03:08
martijn81me neither03:10
martijn81mitchells00: there is a menu to the right right?03:10
martijn81in kdm03:10
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=== noodles is now known as nacmacfeegle
palandiamitchells00: do you mean that you cnat roll back to kde 3.5?03:18
mitchells00it doesn't install over the top of kde3.5..03:20
palandiaso? i am not understanding then...03:22
gtti accidentally deleted some files and also emptied the trash can... anyone recommend a way i might be able to recover some of my info?03:22
palandiawhen you boot you will have option for kde4 and another option for kde 3.5?03:22
Oloughlin75palandia: when you sign in, you can choose kde3,4 gnome fluxbox or whatever other desktop evironments you've installed03:24
mitchells00should yeah :P03:25
martijn81mitchells00: but you can't?? please alaborate03:25
gundam_rx78nt1My wireless network card and audio drivers don't work since I updated my laptop...03:43
gundam_rx78nt1I had problems during the update and in the forum, I was instructed to remove the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic package.03:44
gundam_rx78nt1this removed all of the packages dependant with it. Including my restricted drivers.03:45
=== claydoh__ is now known as claydoh
gundam_rx78nt1Now, I have re-installed the linux-headers and the restricted packages but my audio and wireless doesn't work.03:46
gundam_rx78nt1any pointers?03:46
motwhat's a better bittorrent client than ktorrent?03:47
moti read somewhere that there was a new client that was going to become standard in the next version of *buntu03:47
motit wasn't azerus either03:47
gundam_rx78nt1well you asked for what is a better bittorrent client. not which one you read about...03:48
motsorry, apparently it was a big name, i figured somebody'd rattle it off and it'd jump out at me. if i heard it, i'd know it.03:48
LinuxID10TAnyone here?03:49
gundam_rx78nt1My wireless network card and audio drivers don't work since I updated my laptop...03:50
gundam_rx78nt1I had problems during the update and in the forum, I was instructed to remove the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic package.03:50
gundam_rx78nt1this removed all of the packages dependant with it. Including my restricted drivers.03:50
gundam_rx78nt1Now, I have re-installed the linux-headers and the restricted packages but my audio and wireless doesn't work.03:50
icanhasadminanyone like OSS over ALSA?03:50
gundam_rx78nt1any pointers?03:51
LinuxID10TNo pulseaudio is better03:51
tuxwulf_Hey guys ... and girls. whatever. How do I upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 without having to reinstall the whole thing?03:51
LinuxID10TUse dist upgrade03:51
Hirvinen!upgrade | tuxwulf_03:51
ubotutuxwulf_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:51
Hirvinentuxwulf_: Do *not* use apt-get dist-upgrade or aptitude dist-upgrade03:52
tuxwulf_Hirvinen: ... thanks! ... and sorry for still not being able to think of the obvious myself...03:53
seattlegauchois there any way to upgrade in stages if I have not enough disk space?03:53
* seattlegaucho wants to go from 7.04 to 7.10 on his laptop, but hasn't enought disk space03:53
gundam_rx78nt1My wireless network card and audio drivers don't work since I updated my laptop...03:53
Hirvinenseattlegaucho: None that I know of. How much are you lacking?03:53
gundam_rx78nt1I had problems during the update and in the forum, I was instructed to remove the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic package.03:54
seattlegauchoHirvinen: about 200M03:54
gundam_rx78nt1this removed all of the packages dependant with it. Including my restricted drivers.03:54
josephdoes kde have an 'official' scp client?03:54
gundam_rx78nt1Now, I have re-installed the linux-headers and the restricted packages but my audio and wireless doesn't work.03:54
gundam_rx78nt1any pointers?03:54
LinuxID10TBackup and reinstall 7.1003:54
jetsaredimgundam_rx78nt1: what hw do you have?03:54
icanhasadminwhat's the command line command to download a file from a specific http location to a specific folder?03:54
LinuxID10TIf all else fails backup and reinstalll03:54
Hirvinenseattlegaucho: Remove all possible temporary files and if you're still lacking, remove some software and reinstall it?03:55
gundam_rx78nt1It's a HP laptop DV600003:55
jetsaredimicanhasadmin: wget?03:55
icanhasadminsry i'm nub03:55
LinuxID10TIf all else fails...03:55
seattlegauchoHirvinen: hmm, I'm pretty much at that point, I'll have to backup ... delete ... remove and restore03:55
Hirvinenseattlegaucho: aptitude clean, also some stuff under /var can be safely removed if you know what you're doing.03:56
LinuxID10Tjust about03:56
HirvinenBe careful with that though.03:56
Hirvinen/var/log and /var/cache03:56
icanhasadminthe wget help file is REALLY big, you don't happen to know the syntax off hand do you? I want to get it into the /home file. is it like sudo wget http://www.location.com/file.deb /home ?03:56
seattlegauchoHirvinen: btw, part of the problem is that for some reason rdiffback is running and backing up some documents and I can't find the process that runs it03:56
seattlegauchoicanhasadmin: wget <url> should do the basic download03:57
LinuxID10TYou could also get real commercial support from canonical and they might be able to help seattlegaucho03:57
icanhasadminwhere does it download? whatever folder i'm in?03:57
Hirvinenseattlegaucho: ps -efjH shows a tree list of processes. Or ksysguard.03:57
seattlegauchoicanhasadmin: for big man files, use konqueror with man:<command> and you'll be able to scroll much better03:57
icanhasadminit's not that big03:58
seattlegauchoHirvinen: yeah, but nothing shows rdiffbackup running ... I even use htop, looked into cron and anacron, nothing03:58
Hirvinenicanhasadmin: You shouldn't use sudo for wget.03:58
seattlegauchoicanhasadmin: yes, to be sure you can specify '.' as the destination03:59
seattlegauchohola malbo03:59
icanhasadminwhy not? I just did lol, I thought I had to to put a file in /home/? because it wouldn't let me in the browser03:59
malbohola seattlegaucho03:59
malboestoy empezando a descubrir esto del konversation ;)04:00
Hirvinen!es | malbo04:00
ubotumalbo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:00
seattlegauchomalbo: ... no pude prevenirte sobre los canales en español :)04:00
Hirvinenicanhasadmin: You can move it to /home/ later with sudo. And because the whole point of sudo is that only that code which is necessary to be run as root will be run as root.04:01
seattlegauchoubotu: I was about to tell him ... lol04:01
seattlegauchoHirvinen: thanks ... I'll keep hunting04:01
josephdoes kde have an 'official' scp client?04:06
heinkel_111joseph: konqueror will do it04:06
heinkel_111and you should get going04:07
josephyeah, but is there an actual client?04:07
josephlike gftp, for instance04:07
heinkel_111konqueror is!04:07
Hirvinenjoseph: Konqueror is.04:07
josephok, other than konqueror then.04:07
Daisuke_Ido!kioslaves | joseph04:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kioslaves - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:07
heinkel_111joseph: what do you want to do with it?04:07
josephtransfer files from shell accts04:08
seattlegauchojoseph: konqueror behaves like a gui client for ssh protocols using 'fish://<user@host>'04:08
josephyes, i know all about konqueror.  i'm just asking if there are other clients available04:08
heinkel_111joseph: konqueror does that104:08
seattlegauchowell, konqueror is the official client, I'm sure that some of the other ftp clients can do it as well04:09
heinkel_111why on earth bog down your machine with a lot of other programs04:09
maduserfirefox has a good ftp client04:09
josephsmall, sharp tools.04:09
josephthat's the unix way.04:09
josephkonqueror bogs down memory.04:10
josephanyway, thanks :)04:10
Hirvinenjoseph: Small, sharp, easily combinable tools is the unix way. That doesn't really exist in guis.04:10
icanhasadmincan someone give me a command line command to test audio04:10
heinkel_111kde rules my world because of the integration and konqueror is the heart of all that04:11
josephHirvinen: alright04:11
Hirvinenicanhasadmin: cat filename > /dev/dsp or /dev/audio ?04:12
seattlegauchojoseph: you can configure konqueror to minimize use of memory04:12
josephi just used scp from the shell04:12
madusertheres an audio test in the system settings04:12
maduserquite the catchy tune04:12
seattlegauchojoseph: I like rsync better :P04:12
icanhasadminGod. I can't believe this still doesn't work.04:13
icanhasadminI actually want to commit suicide.04:13
icanhasadminI've gotten the volume control to control my speakers, i can hear a little "hissing" when i turn it all the way up. But still no audio from anywhere04:13
josephseattlegaucho: you can pipe rsync through ssh, right?04:14
seattlegauchojoseph: yep04:14
josephthought so04:14
seattlegauchoprovides more options than a simple scp04:14
icanhasadminhow do i force terminate a program i don't see running?04:17
icanhasadminoh n/m04:17
Oloughlin75icanhasadmin: ctrl+esc if you like GYI04:17
maduserthrough ksysguard04:17
seattlegauchoicanhasadmin: htop04:18
icanhasadminlol thank you, very interesting04:18
maduseror learn the pid and kill it as root04:18
seattlegaucho... actually if you can't see it running, I'd like to know the answer ... see my question 'bout rdiffbackup before :?04:19
icanhasadminare you talking to me?04:19
icanhasadminis "sudo apt-get install alsa-base" not reliable for some reason? someone told me not to use it04:20
seattlegauchoicanhasadmin: I've never had any luck with that command, I just went w/ all defaults and dependencies while installing the players and 90% work04:23
seattlegauchosome don't, like 'audacity'04:23
icanhasadmintell that to ati, the SB450 is like death04:24
Daisuke_Idotrying to get re-used to kde...04:29
Daisuke_Idoso far so...  okay i guess04:29
=== josh__ is now known as octoolbox
SnoFoxIs there a way I can download the Wine package on Windows and install it from my HDD on Kubuntu? I can't get internet on Kubuntu without Wine... :\04:41
BluesKajDaisuke_Ido, I had to dump konq , nspluginviewer was hogging 90% of the cpu processing , even when it was just idling04:42
Daisuke_IdoSnoFox: you can't wait no what huh?04:45
icanhasadminYeah, so alsa hates me. Anyone know why Im getting the error "WARNING: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.save line 40: ignoring bad line starting with 'options'" ?04:45
GSF1200Sanyone know how to make kubuntu default to uswsusp on hibernate?04:46
Wasserstoffwhy do you need wine to get internet?04:46
Daisuke_IdoWasserstoff: my question exactly04:46
Wasserstoffactually its my question04:46
Wasserstoffi'll let you borrow it though04:46
BluesKajDaisuke_Ido, which kde did you install ?04:46
Daisuke_Idostill using 3.5.804:46
Daisuke_Idoand i'm underwhelmed, honestly04:46
GSF1200Sicanhasadmin: try going to that file and checking line 40 for the right syntax04:47
Daisuke_Idoit feels very detached and piecemeal04:47
BluesKajgood, dont install 3.5.9 ...it's very buggy04:47
icanhasadminGSF1200S: if it helps you i added line 40 manually04:47
icanhasadminoptions snd-hda-intel model=3stack04:48
GSF1200Sthen you must have a syntax error there, hence the error- sorry I cant be more helpful- i havent had any sound issues04:48
icanhasadminlol it's ok, i'm 100% positive the syntax is correct, that's why im confused04:48
Daisuke_Idothat's the module name04:50
icanhasadminAre you kidding me? They are underscores?04:51
* Daisuke_Ido nods04:51
icanhasadminI AM A F***KING idiot face d*** bag04:51
icanhasadminI'm sorry.04:51
icanhasadminforgive me.04:51
GSF1200Swe were both right04:51
GSF1200Snp. haha04:51
Daisuke_Idoicanhasadmin: it's okay04:51
GSF1200Swe all do it sometime04:51
icanhasadminI seem to do it EVERYTIME i type anything04:51
* icanhasadmin facepalms04:51
Daisuke_Idoit'll get better04:51
GSF1200Slet us know if it works...04:52
icanhasadminWell, it gives me the same error lol04:52
GSF1200Summ.. you might need to reload the module04:52
icanhasadminthis is really odd04:53
GSF1200Sa reboot will do this but maybe Daisuke_Ido knows a command04:54
icanhasadminI'm loooking at about 35 threads on ubuntuforums where people fixed their issues with my sound card while adding.. and i say verbatim "options snd-hda-intel model=3stack"04:54
icanhasadminand it seems like 100's of people said this worked for them04:54
icanhasadminwhy is mine erroring out04:54
Daisuke_Idookay, try the dashes04:54
Daisuke_Idosudo modprobe -r snd_hda_intel && sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel04:55
Daisuke_Idothat will unload and reload the module04:55
icanhasadminfatal, in use04:56
icanhasadminand it gives me the same line 40 error04:56
GSF1200Sanyone know how to make Kubuntu default to uswsusp on hibernate?04:56
icanhasadmini swear everyone and their mother uses this command to get their sound working04:56
iclone2FATAL: Module snd_hda_intel is in use.04:57
iclone2i got this also04:57
iclone2i lost my sound after reboot04:57
icanhasadminand even if i didn't i still get that line 40 error.. but i KNOW that's the right syntax04:57
icanhasadminoh and my ubuntu takes about 6 minutes to boot, but I think that's normal for my slowass comp04:57
icanhasadminI seem to be the only one on the planet with this bug. it's a very lonely feeling04:59
* icanhasadmin sobs04:59
Daisuke_Idoclose anything using sound05:00
Daisuke_Idoif amarok's open - even if it's not playing - it'll cause that05:00
Daisuke_Idoi have to do the same thing when i come out of suspend on my laptop half the time05:00
rjunedpkg runs a script to configure ldap when it gets installed, where can I find that script?05:00
icanhasadmineverything is closed mate05:01
icanhasadminsame issues05:01
icanhasadminif it helps, SB450, ALC86105:01
Daisuke_Idoi'm completely lost now :\05:01
Daisuke_Idosorry i haven't been able to be of more help05:01
Daisuke_Idotried in #ubuntu since it's not a kde-specific issue?05:02
BluesKaj2 sound cards icanhasadmin?05:02
icanhasadminno just 105:03
icanhasadminbut it sees my modem as a second sound card i believe05:03
icanhasadminyes #ubuntu seems to just ignore people a lot :P05:03
Makuseruare there any PC-based oscilloscopes in kubuntu/ubuntu?05:03
rjune#ubuntu is busy with folks trying to build routers05:04
iclone2actually it seems SB450 is controller and ALC861 is codec05:05
BluesKajicanhasadmin, then you have to choose a default sound card :asoundconf set-default-card "name of soundcard"05:05
icanhasadminwell not exactly, it seems that way but alc861 is actually a piece of hardware i believe05:05
iclone2isnt i said that?05:06
icanhasadminmaybe, lol sorry i'm a nub05:06
BluesKajSB 450 is a Sound Blaster card , I believe05:07
iclone2no SB is south bridge05:07
tokerI all05:08
tokerHi all.. rather..05:08
icanhasadmineither way doesn't make it better. a hundred people with this card fixed their issues with a line of code that crashes my alsa, it's so odd.05:08
tokerI need to know if there are more repositories for ubuntu?05:08
tokerfor multimedia type software?05:08
tokerI mean I know there is.. I just don't know where to find them so I can add them...05:09
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:09
tokerthanks in advance.05:09
tokerPici: If I was running the latest Beta.. which repo for the media stuff would be the best choice for me?05:10
Picitoker: What kind of media stuff? codec type stuff or media production?05:10
BluesKajicanhasadmin, to know the exact name : cat /proc/asound/cards05:10
tokerI'm currently trying to master some dvd's.. and find myself in need of dvdstyler05:11
tokeror something else that will let me use mpg files.05:11
tokerPreferably with a nice GUI05:11
PiciTake a look at the ubuntustudio-video metapackage05:12
=== eric is now known as ninsurf
tokerHummm Looks like I'm gonna switch distros yet again :(05:20
toker*  Sighs *05:20
mkquisttoker mandvd?05:22
tokerman won't let me use mpg's...??? Or so it seems.05:23
tokerit want's to do the conversion..05:23
tokerand the files are already in the right format.. just need to be put on to a dvd.05:23
tokerI really like Mint.....  I just wish kubuntu.. would add an install option to put in the repositories.. for the multimedia stuff.. during the install.. you know I mean I understand why they don't / can't / won't include some of the codecs and stuff.. but at least add a checkbox to get to the proper stuff that you need. after the install?  That doesn't seem like it'd be breakin' any rules..  since they aren't technically shipping05:25
tokerwith the product.05:25
mkquisttoker: qDVDauthor?05:26
tokerlookin at that one now. mkquist:)05:26
tokerI need to get away from mint..05:26
tokerI'm downloading kubuntu now.05:27
* icanhasadmin molests his soundcard05:27
Roy_Mcan anyone list some things to check that might let me know why my keyboard does not work in Kubuntu KDE3. It is a weird problem becuase the keyboard works in KDE4 and works at the login prompt and on the tty lines but not in kubuntu.05:28
=== alexstorer is now known as alex_storer
=== ubuntu_ is now known as piadinha
Roy_MI have tried both PS-2 and USB keyboards05:32
tokerRoy_M: I have the same issues..05:32
tokerI fixed mine..05:32
=== wildweasel is now known as wildweasel_
tokerby switching to a usb keyboard and mouse..05:33
Roy_Mhow? do tell05:33
tokerand then setting the USB options in the Bios..05:33
tokerfrom OS control to Bios control.05:33
tokerI mean I had that option.. I don't know if everyone will tho.05:33
Roy_Mhmmm. Im not sure If I have that option, ill take a look. thanks05:34
tokerthat way my KB and Mouse were being initialized from Poweron via the Bios.05:34
tokerhope that helps05:34
tokerit solved my problems.05:34
Roy_MIf I disable my USB controller in bios will that mean my usb ports wont work?05:36
tokeryea, disabling..05:36
tokerwouldn't be a good thing05:36
tokerunder the ... "Usb Emulation"05:36
tokerI think it was in my bios.05:36
tokerI could switch it from OS to bios05:36
Roy_Myea dont have that option. I might try and get KDE4 working but that dies with a recent update for me :(05:38
zuluoneis there a way to make d3lphin have two connected panes exactly like konqueror file manager?05:38
tokerRoy_M: Man that just sux..05:39
tokerSorry it didn't help ya.05:39
Roy_Mtoker, no worries. Thanks for trying05:39
ghorsehi there, complete noob to kubuntu.  need some help setting screen resolution.05:40
ghorseI've set the resolution several times now and for some reason it does not keep my setting.05:40
ghorseI am already in admin mode05:40
zuluonedpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:41
tokerghorse: I'd like to help..  but I'm downloading kubuntu now.. myself.. :)05:41
ghorsethanks toker05:41
ghorseanyone else can shed light on this?05:41
zuluoneghorse: ^^^05:41
tokerghorse: I think zuluone.. gave you a tip.. at least I think it was for you.05:41
ghorseI didn't realize that was for me05:42
ghorsethanks zuluone.  Program couldn't auto detect xserver and I don't know how to manually configure05:45
ghorsegotta wait for more knowledgeable friend to come over to help!!!!05:46
tokerghorse: i'd know how to help you in Mandriva..05:47
ghorseI don't know what Mandriva is.  Like I said I am complete novice05:47
tokerbut unfortunately.. I'm also going to be an extreem buntu n00b.. myself here very soon :)05:47
tokerMandriva is another * Flavor * of Linux.05:48
ghorsetrying things I shouldn't try and screwing up my computer in the process05:48
tokerit's the best way to learn..05:48
tokerjust can't be afraid to screw it up.05:48
tokermake lots of backups.. of your stuff. :)05:48
tokerand fiddle away.05:48
tokerif you blow it up.. format and re-install.05:49
ghorseyou are right05:49
tokerit's what I love most about Linux.. 20 min install.. VS 1hr.. for WinDoze..05:49
ghorseI typed "sudo shutdown now" in the console and it did funny things05:49
tokerand then forty thousand updates.05:49
ghorseit restarted and then my screen resolution was all screwed up05:49
tokerwhy would you shut down from CLI anyway?05:50
ghorsecuz I left my mouse at school05:50
ghorselong story05:50
tokerI know how that is.. done that... been there.05:50
ghorsethat's why I need help to fix my resolution05:51
icanhasadminare you kidding me? I sudo reboot every time.05:51
icanhasadminit's actually faster than clicking i think lol05:51
ghorseI got a message saying something like "...type control-D to continue"05:52
ghorsebut when I ctrl D, nothing happens05:52
ghorseit was like that for 2 mins then it restarted and my resolution was all screwed up05:52
ghorsenow I can't change screen size in the system settings05:53
tokericanhasadmin: Does kubuntu.. have an application called. KrandR05:53
tokerit's the tool I use in Mandriva to fiddle with my screen rez.. very nice and easy to use?05:54
tokerIt might help ghorse out..05:54
tokerif you guys have it in one of the kubuntu repositories.05:54
palandiahi, does anyone installed jahshaka in kubutnu?05:55
ghorseI don't see KrandR on my list05:55
tokerghorse.. well that just bites.05:56
ghorsethanks for trying toker05:56
palandiaanyone used jahshaka in kubuntu????06:02
=== Roey is now known as AllaAchbar
=== AllaAchbar is now known as YallaAchbar
tokerafter taking a cruiz through the ubuntu forums..06:07
tokerit seems that krandr  has been removed.06:07
=== YallaAchbar is now known as Roey
tokerbut seems like this is in it's place.   :    krandrtray06:07
tokereither that or from what I am reading here.. krandr.. is included in the KDEbase packages.06:10
tokerso you can just try to run krandr.. in your terminal.06:10
tokeroh.. damn he left.. LOL06:10
azzcoHas anyone else had problems with the newer livecds?06:10
=== Wasserstoff is now known as Hydrogen
azzcoOh sorry found a thread, explaining the same problem as I'm facing06:17
palandiahey guys thank you very much for the help06:18
palandiai'll be back tomoroow06:18
palandiabye bye06:18
pcmax_alguien habla espanol?06:21
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:21
pcmax_no hay nadie :S06:21
pcmax_pero gracias06:21
pcmax_por lo menos me contesto!!!06:22
pcmax_thank, you are the best help that someone do for me06:22
pcmax_sorry mi english06:22
pcmax_ubotu it;s a boot?06:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about it;s a boot? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:23
azzcoYes pcmax_it's a bot06:24
pcmax_azzco you can help me?06:24
stdinyou haven't asked a question yet06:24
pcmax_I no can no't install nothing06:24
azzcopcmax_: graphics issues?06:25
pcmax_alwais kubuntu tell me that it;s anhoter service running06:25
pcmax_graphics isues no06:25
pcmax_by example06:25
pcmax_i try to instal firefox and a message apear06:26
azzcoCtrl+Esc, kill all apt* programs. You have a apt* program running allready most likely06:26
pcmax_thanks men06:26
pcmax_now  i can close the service06:27
pcmax_you are the master, you anderstood mi horrible english06:27
azzcoI miss my kubuntu desktop a bit :(06:28
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:28
azzcoI hope that wasn't for me. Can't install LiveCD and I don't have any more spare CDs to install alternate =/06:29
pcmax_why you don't downloading?06:30
pcmax_or make a reques for a original CD06:31
pcmax_it's free06:31
pcmax_I have 206:31
azzcoI went as far as trying to install using VirtualBox from a debian insall :p06:31
pcmax_ahhh ok06:31
azzcoI know it's free pcmax_ I requested (almost) two years ago and got my nice shiny 6.06 kubuntu =)06:32
pcmax_well, thak  you azzco, i will try to install firefox06:32
pcmax_I will be back :D06:33
=== ubuntu_ is now known as prseton
prsetonquestion does kubuntu support 720p ?06:34
=== prseton is now known as preston
prestonif not how can i make a custom resolution for my screen06:35
=== sputnick is now known as floodmasta
f00fHello :) Just installed kubuntu 64-bit :)06:42
NickPrestaf00f, congrats! Are you enjoying it thus far?06:52
f00fNickPresta: yeah.. :) just updating all my packages right now.. but.. adept_updater was much snappier :)06:52
NickPrestaf00f, aptitude dist-upgrade is even faster ;)06:53
harmentalhey guys...i have a severe problem here after upgrade to 3.5.9...the kded process is eating up mu processor! google didnt....06:53
NickPrestaharmental, does the CPU usage spike or stay constant?06:56
prestonhow can i make a custom resolution?06:57
harmentalNickPresta: now i did killall -9 kded and the problem stopped ...i relaunched kded....and everything seems fine....but kubuntu wont mout my usb drives...06:57
NickPrestaand this is 'kded' (found via `top`)?06:57
NickPrestaharmental, try `sudo mount -a`06:57
NickPrestapreston, what do you mean, 'custom resolutions'?06:58
harmentalNickPresta: i found via conky actually ;op06:58
NickPrestaharmental, heh.06:58
prestonwell nothing in the xorg can match my display and i need it to fit perfect as 1167x664x60hz06:58
harmentalNickPresta: with mount nothing happens06:59
=== us is now known as moj0rising
ForgeAuspreston can't you set a virtual desktop size?07:01
NickPrestapreston, check out: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/x-config.html (specifically the section where they define the Screen block and define a resolution in the Display subsection). Make a backup of your xorg.conf before you edit it (sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak). You can edit the file with: kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:01
prestoni will thnx07:01
NickPrestapreston, remember, you need to restart X after you make the changes (logout and select Restart X Server from the menu or press Control+Alt+Backspace)07:02
NickPrestaharmental, I don't know of any other way to invoke the "automounting" that usually happens. You could try a restart.07:02
harmentalNickPresta: i guess its because my usb drive are not on my fstab?07:02
NickPrestaharmental, that would be it :)07:03
NickPrestaharmental, how do you normally mount them? `sudo mount ...` everytime you want to use them?07:03
harmentali plug them07:03
NickPrestaahh okay.07:03
harmentaland thats about it07:03
NickPrestaI don't know of a fix for that other than restarting. Sorry. =\07:03
harmentalNickPresta: but i think the real problem is kded.....07:04
NickPrestaharmental, we haven't had any other reports in here of high CPU usage with 3.5.9 as far as I have seen. What happens if you restart? Does the problem happen again?07:05
harmentalapparently the kded issue is an old one..and it reappears from time to time07:05
NickPrestaharmental, hmm. I would file a bug report. It will either be marked as a duplicate, in which case you will find your answer, or you will have brought attention to an important issue.07:06
harmentalalso ...when i add the fstab line to include my usb drive i get (after mount -a): mount: mount point /media/IOMEGA_HDD does not exist07:06
NickPrestadid you create a directory "IOMEGA_HDD" in /media/?07:07
harmentalthat was done automagically.....07:08
harmentalNickPresta: ok....at least it works now....07:09
vershow do i transfer files to my ipod?07:09
versanyone know?07:09
harmentalbut its kinda of a pain in the ass to have to create the folder and call for mounting each time i plug my drive....07:10
verswhat program do i use?07:10
versor install07:11
NickPrestaharmental, you can add it to your fstab07:11
NickPresta!ipod | vers07:12
ubotuvers: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:12
harmentalNickPresta: I would like to have my old "windows" behavior...(but only when it comes to plug&play :oP)07:14
NickPrestaharmental, if you restart, you should have that functionality back.07:14
NickPrestaif you don't, ask here in a few hours. Someone else may know the answer.07:14
NickPrestaI'm heading to bed. 02:15 here. Goodnight all :)07:14
harmentalsleep tight....07:15
Daisuke_Idodon't let the bedbugs grind your bones to dust in a bid to take over the planet07:15
* Daisuke_Ido shrugs07:15
Daisuke_Idoit's late, i got nothin'07:15
ForgeAusin with the export environment command is it possible to use wildcards for say the $PATH variable? (ie /path/to/X11R* if you have say a /path/to/X11R5, /path/to/X11R6 and /path/to/X11R7 ?07:22
stdinForgeAus: no, but you can do "for DIR in /path/to/X11R*;do PATH=${DIR}:$PATH;done; export PATH" as one example07:32
ForgeAusstdin, ok07:38
ForgeAusis that allowed in a profile (and/or profile.lcl) ??07:38
stdindon't see why not07:40
ForgeAusinteresting syntax there actually I assume done; ends the for loop...07:44
Daisuke_Idonearing 3 AM, std's getting close to the Ballmer Peak07:49
ForgeAushmm is there meant to be a @ChanServ here? or isn't this chan registered?07:50
Daisuke_Idoit's registered07:51
Daisuke_Idochanserv as a visible user is (on most networks) only around when there is a need.  which is rare.07:52
ForgeAusoh you mean when its used it shows up07:52
Daisuke_Idoeh...  not really07:52
ForgeAushehe oh I was going to say, typical.. that explains why the one in ##Windows is there :)07:52
ForgeAuswell it is a problem magnet channel07:53
Daisuke_Idoit's used for opping and such, but actually seeing ChanServ as a bot/service *in* the channel usually requires something drastic, like a massive netsplit leaving everything in chaos.  that's how it worked elsewhere, i can't say for sure here07:53
Daisuke_Idomakes sense07:53
Daisuke_Idowindows is a problem magnet07:53
Daisuke_Ido...  -magnet07:54
harmentalhey guys...i cant select a different kdm theme from the kde manager.....07:57
ForgeAusDaisuke any OS is a problem magnet07:57
ForgeAusnature of the beast I'm afraid07:57
harmentaland the theme i get is not even on the list!07:58
ForgeAusyes harmental07:58
ForgeAustheres several different elements to a theme, do you mean for the window-decorators? or the widget style (as in QT-styles?) ?07:59
ForgeAuswhichever the case you can set them in kcontrol07:59
harmentalForgeAus: sorry...the login manager07:59
ForgeAuskdm instead of kde? um yeah you can set them too... but I can't quite remember where, probably still in kcontrol08:00
harmentalkcontrol >> System Admin >> KDM Theme Manager08:00
ForgeAus:) see08:00
harmentalthats where i am right now....08:00
harmentaland every time a try to set different login nothing happens...08:00
harmentalthe login screen i get by default is not even on that list08:01
ForgeAusum... then maybe its because you need to use kdesu (or for newer models kdesudo)08:01
ForgeAusto run kcontrol08:01
ForgeAus(in root/administrator mode)08:01
harmentali can log as root from kcontrol....but hey...ill try that...08:02
ForgeAusie, in a konsole type: kdesu kcontrol08:02
ForgeAuswell if your logged in as root then the change should work08:02
ForgeAusI don't know why it does nothing08:03
harmentalill log out to see if it worked out....be right back...08:03
ForgeAuserm not just log out08:03
ForgeAusyou log back to kdm but it probably inherits its defaults from when you logged in08:03
ForgeAusyou need to exit kdm completely08:03
ForgeAus(probably pretty much the X-server completely)08:04
ForgeAus<ForgeAus> you log back to kdm but it probably inherits its defaults from when you logged in08:04
ForgeAus<ForgeAus> you need to exit kdm completely08:04
ForgeAus<ForgeAus> (probably pretty much the X-server completely)08:04
harmentalForgeAus: nop...didnt work08:05
harmentaldo i need to reboot?08:05
ForgeAusyeah I didn't expect it to, restart the computer08:05
ForgeAusI don't know if that will work but thats where I'd expect to notice the change if one is going to happen08:05
ForgeAuswhy can't kdm be ran in Xephyr and/or can it? if so how?08:09
ForgeAus(ie a nested X-server) - which is, I hear how people run whichever of KDE3/4 they don't run primarily...08:10
ForgeAuswb harmental did it work?08:10
harmentalForgeAus: didnt work either08:10
ForgeAusok well I can't help you I don't know why the theme isn't changing :(08:11
harmentalthanks anyway.....08:11
harmentalForgeAus: also ...when i unchecl the "Enable KDM themes" as root...that change doesnt stick either!08:13
harmentalmaybe i can purge+insall kdm?08:13
ForgeAusum you could try, I don't know if thats easy since I think kdm runs constantly in the background while your logged in?...08:14
ForgeAusif not at least I know you can't just run it again from inside a KDM-managed X-session - because it gets locked)08:15
harmentaluninstalling kdm takes down also kubntu-desktop.....08:16
ForgeAusthats ok kubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage08:16
ForgeAusit doesn't uninstall all parts of it08:16
ForgeAusbut I suggest you reinstall kubuntu-desktop afterwards, I'm just curious as to what DM your going to use to log into in the meantime...08:17
fignewright, the only thing you really need kubuntu-desktop for is when you're doing upgrades (ex: 7.10-8.04)08:17
ForgeAus(if you have GDM, WDM, and/or XDM they're alternatives you can use)08:17
harmentalForgeAus: i guess i wont boot until kdm is reinstalled safely again...08:18
ForgeAusI'm not sure what happens if you are without a DM compeltely, perhaps it logs into console instead?08:18
ForgeAus(note: harmental pretty much any element of kde that you take out is likely to take out kubuntu-desktop and KDM is a relatively fundamental element)08:19
ForgeAusat least those from a default installation08:19
harmentalForgeAus: so here's my plan: 1) purge kdm, kdmtheme, kde-kdm-themes, kubuntu-desktop; 2) install kubuntu-desktop (it should also install kdm); 3) reboot08:20
harmentalwhat do you think?08:20
ForgeAusharmental, feel free to try it08:20
ForgeAusI'm just not certain that the purge will matter if you reinstall KDM afterwards since I think KDM may be running all the time your doing that so it might not be as fresh a start as your planning on08:21
ForgeAusalso it might not be a default component thats causing the problem (if its a configuration error for example)08:21
ForgeAusbut, it may be worth a shot... I don't know for sure08:22
harmentali guess i could reboot after purging and login through shell...and install kubuntu-desktop manually...08:22
ForgeAuswell if you login (recovery mode) you should be able to apt-get from there08:23
ForgeAusperhaps its better to purge kdm from there too08:23
ForgeAus(since you bypass kdm by goin to a console in recovery mode)08:23
harmentaldidnt get that last advise...08:24
ForgeAusok you boot from grub right?08:24
ForgeAusin grub there should b at least 2 options, 1 your main (k)ubuntu login08:24
ForgeAusthere may even be a memory test one08:24
ForgeAusand there should be a second (k)ubuntu which is (recovery mode)08:25
ForgeAus(or something similar that means the same)08:25
ForgeAusunless they've taken that out since edgy or so08:25
harmentalyeap its all in there08:26
ForgeAusthe recovery mode should boot up into a console window08:26
ForgeAuserm screen08:26
ForgeAusit doesn't boot into the X-server08:26
ForgeAusand should allow you to apt-get from there08:26
ForgeAus(so KDM isn't an issue)08:26
ForgeAusthis means you can (with any luck) apt-get remove kdm08:27
harmentalok....it hink ill try this then: 1) purge all kdm components; 2) remove kubuntu-desktop; 3) reboot in console; 4) install kubuntu-desktop; 5) reboot; 6) pray08:27
ForgeAusthen apt-get install kdm08:27
harmentalbut whats the point of removing kdm from console?08:27
ForgeAus(proably requires a sudo before the apt-get's depending on your login credentials)08:27
ForgeAusthe point is that your not running it while removing it08:28
harmentalwont it be purged when i reboot?08:28
ForgeAusthats what I'm not certain of08:28
harmentalwell...wish me luck...08:29
ForgeAusand if you reboot you won't have KDM to let you boot up into KDE anyway08:29
ForgeAus(unless you have an alterantive DM like XDM/GDM/WDM/etc..)08:30
ForgeAus(assuming that the purge worked before you reboot)08:30
harmentalForgeAus: its asking if i want to stop the kdm daemon....otherwise "the next version will take effect the next time the daemon is restarted"08:31
harmentalshould i say yes or no?08:31
* ForgeAus shrugs I don't know08:31
harmentalif say yes the X server will be stopped....08:32
ForgeAusthis is one reason I suggested removing it from console08:32
ForgeAusthat sounds right08:32
harmentalso i guess i could say "no" and reboot as planned....08:32
harmentalok...so far so good....08:33
ForgeAusprobably a wiser option again I don't know enough about running programs to know what happens there08:33
harmentaleverything is purged...and im still running my "precious"....08:33
harmentalreboot time.....08:34
harmentalsee you 5 minutes (i hope....)08:34
ForgeAusif it doesn't reboot at least Recovery mode should work08:34
ForgeAusc u when you get back08:34
ForgeAusn good luck :)08:34
ForgeAusyour nick sounds like an oxymoron s_l08:35
MilhousePunkRockGood morning everyone!08:37
MilhousePunkRockI need to add error indicators (standard deviation) to bar graphs. Open Office Calc can't do that. Is there a open source spreadsheet program that? KChart/KSpread? Gnumeric?08:38
antonio_Goooooooooodddddddddd morning Vieeeeeettttttttnannnn08:38
jussi01MilhousePunkRock: I was of the understanding calc would do that.08:41
MilhousePunkRockjussi01: It does, but wrong... If I have three sets of data that I compare in a bar graph, it will take the standard deviation for all of the data, so the error indicator will be the same on all three bars08:46
harmentalForgeAus: ok...sor far so good08:49
harmentalim proceeding with kubuntu-desktop reinstall....08:49
harmentalweird though.....i requirs a bunch of packages that was even install 5 minutes ago....08:49
harmentalhere i go once again....08:50
romunovhow is kde 4.0 working out now?08:56
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
jussi01romunov: try in #kubuntu-kde4 :)08:58
romunovdo you think i'll get my answer there? :()09:00
RingTailedFoxis there a way in the client server relation, (lan). that no client can start up unless its wire connected to the server?09:09
harmentalForgeAus: i worked like a charm!09:09
harmentalthank you09:09
* RingTailedFox waits for an answer09:10
f00fhehe.. 64-bit is great :)09:12
User41950987Hello, I'm looking for a source control program simular to MS SourceSafe which I store my code from my windows machine and any development work i do on this machine.09:13
Sbucatone_hello world,09:15
jussi01hello Sbucatone_09:15
LynoureUser41950987: never used MS SourceSafe, but there are many version control systems for Linux09:16
jussi01User41950987: could you not use somethig like svn or bzr?09:16
jussi01!info bzr09:16
ubotubzr (source: bzr): Bazaar, the next-generation distributed version control system. In component main, is optional. Version 0.90-1 (gutsy), package size 1979 kB, installed size 10260 kB09:16
LynoureUser41950987: Subversion, bzr, git, cvs and so on09:16
LynoureUser41950987: Does SourceSafe have something that lacks from other systems you have tried?09:16
User41950987I've tried CVS with cervisva, but seems more designed for linux development.09:18
LynoureUser41950987: CVS is somewhat old by now, it's not very good with things like moving files around09:18
User41950987Ideally I'm wanting something that I can connect to with my MS machine over LAN directly with Visual Studio, as well as Mono09:20
ubuntuhi there09:21
LynoureUser41950987: do you have somewhere a list of what version control systems Mono and Visual Studio support?09:21
ubuntui want to burn an image with the bash09:22
User41950987:-( no. Shall go do some more research09:22
ubuntubut there is an error: gernisoimage:. No space left on device. cannot fwrite 32867*109:23
* Signil is back.09:23
ubuntuwhat is to do??09:24
ubuntuany idea?09:24
Sbucatone_a bit tooo much general as question09:24
Lynoureubuntu: What was the command you used? and is the cd inside empty?09:24
ubuntui typed: k6overlay iso /hello0109:25
ubuntuand an usb-device is mounted under /hello0109:26
Lynoureubuntu: I have never heard of k6overlay09:26
TimS!info k6overlay09:26
ubotuPackage k6overlay does not exist in gutsy09:26
ubuntui typed also: chmod -R +w /hello0109:27
Lynoureubuntu: but usually you write on the device, not on a mountpoint09:27
ubuntuk6overlay is a script09:27
RingTailedFoxis there a way in the client server relation, (lan). that no client can start up unless its wire connected to the server?09:27
ubuntuthats sound interesting09:27
TimSwhy not go with: cdrecord -v -dao speed=12 dev=/dev/cdrom isoname.iso09:28
ubuntuwhat i have to type to write on divice09:28
Lynoureubuntu: what Tims said...09:29
TimSJust change the iso name and device.09:29
* dana cheers09:29
* TimS welcomes09:29
ubuntudo not tell me what simon says, pls09:29
Lynoureubuntu: cannot really help you with the script you are using, as even google gets no hits on the name, and I have no idea of what it tries to do.09:29
ubuntuok tim09:29
Lynoureubuntu: "11:28 < TimS> why not go with: cdrecord -v -dao speed=12 dev=/dev/cdrom isoname.iso09:29
ubuntujea, thats the point. i use a laptop and there is no other cdrom09:30
ubuntuthat the proplem09:31
Lynoureubuntu: just use the cdrom device you have? Or is there some reason it would not work (e.g. being on livecd which is busy spinning)?09:32
ubuntu(by the way the script k6overlay burnt the iso image)09:32
Lynoureubuntu: ok, if it burned, I guess your problem is solved :)09:33
ubuntuof course yes. i have to use a livecd09:33
ubuntuwait lynoure not so far until now09:34
danaubuntu: could you post your initial problem, as i have not read it =)09:35
ubuntui want to burn an image to an usb device, so far...but then: genisoimage: no space left on device. cannont fw 32768*109:38
ubuntuany idea dana?09:38
Lynoureubuntu: if you are on livecd, and that's occupying your only cdrom, which you want to use for burning, you can either install ubuntu, and then burn, or boot from some other device, like a usb stick, and then burn.09:39
ubuntu(i have to use a livecd-system and use a laptop with just one cdrom)09:39
Lynoureor you can try taking out the livecd and then burn, but I'm almost certain that won't work.09:40
hangthedjis hardy shipping with kde4?09:40
danaubuntu: sounds like your root or tmp drive is full and you are unable to create an iso image09:40
ubuntujea, but there is another problem...i must use aufs09:41
ubuntuand that is on the livecd09:41
danaubuntu: why do you need to create the cdr ?09:41
Sbucatone_hangthedj: right09:41
ubuntui am root09:41
hangthedjubuntu, you don't sound like root.09:42
ubuntusomething in between with the tmp drive i think, too.09:42
ubuntui was root@ttf09:43
ubuntuit's root09:43
hangthedjubuntu, i'm sorry, i was joking with you. we like to have fun where linux is involved.09:44
ubuntu(english is not my mother tongue, but i still do it)09:46
hangthedjubuntu, I'm sorry, I just got here, please explain what you are trying to do again.09:46
danaubuntu: what is it you are trying to burn and what do you want to do with the cdr, maybe there exists another solution without burning09:46
ubuntu(and think i am doing well)09:46
jussi01Hmmm, I cant seem to get sound to play out of my second sound card. Does anyone have a link or tips how to do this? The setup is as follows, onboard sound (working) and an audigy 209:47
Lynouregetting livecd on a usb stick, booting with that, like I said earlier, then burning, that would work09:48
ubuntu(@dana i have to burn this image, because the cdrom is able to boot and i like to make it smaller the image)09:49
LynoureBut piling two cdroms in one drive would not do any good, nor would trying to burn on cd that is currently mounted for reading09:49
hangthedjjussi01, in a terminal, what does lspci | grep audio give.09:49
danaLynoure: you are right that would work for ubuntu09:50
jussi0100:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 04)09:50
jussi0100:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)09:50
ubuntuoh happy there is then an other problem...i do not know how to create an bootable usb-device09:50
jussi01hangthedj: ^09:51
Lynoureubuntu: there are howtos. I can help you to google up one...09:51
ubuntu(no dana then there is another problem with the program aufs which is just on the livecd)09:51
danaubuntu: you might want to look for something on the web, I did it once and it involves partitioning your usb-key09:52
hangthedjAC97, thats fun.09:52
ubuntuthats looks very criticle and i do not want to go this way09:52
jussi01hangthedj: the ac97 works perfectly, its the audigy that doesnt09:52
danaubuntu: i expected that, so why are you not installing the livecd on harddisk ?09:53
hangthedjjussi01, so you do have sound?09:53
jussi01hangthedj: I suspect it just isnt selecting it correctly, and tries to use the onboard card.09:53
jussi01hangthedj: through onboard, yes09:54
ubuntuin fact thats the problem: GENISOIAMGE. NO SPACE LEFT ON DEVICE. CANNOT FWRITE 32768*109:54
hangthedjjussi01, i have two sound cards on my computer, a soundblaster, and ac97.  If ac97 is working, you have to choose it in kde sound preferences.09:55
hangthedjas default.09:55
danaubuntu: i do understand your error message, this is due to the fact that you are running a live system without some slack working space to do real work, e.g. burning and generating iso cds09:55
hangthedjits been awhile since i used kde, but thats what i did.09:55
jussi01hangthedj: in kcontrol?09:55
=== hannes_ is now known as hannes3
danaubuntu: but why do you not install a full linux then, or in other words what is your base problem that lead you to burn a cd from a livecd ?09:56
Lynoureubuntu: you can maybe generate your image on a usb stick, but you still could not burn it as long as there is another disk in your drive!09:56
ubuntubut i want to gerate the iso to the usb-device09:56
hangthedjjussi01, last time i used kde though, was right before edgy.09:56
hangthedjthen i tried feisty on my laptop, but with ubuntu everything just worked. so i used it.09:57
ubuntuyes, here i try to create it on an usb-device09:57
hangthedjbut you can check out what i wrote at http://www.geocities.com/sikofitt.09:57
jussi01hangthedj: curious, when it gives me the option to select the audio device, it only gives me options to for alsa, oss etc. I suspect an alsa setting is needed09:57
danaubuntu: can you describe your hardware, e.g. number & type of harddisks, cdroms, usb-devices etc. and the machine you are running on ?09:58
hangthedji think both are merging soon, could have read it wrong. but, it irritating, because alsa is usually it, but if you want sound in like VMs you need to choose oss.09:58
ubuntu(there were so mandy problems behind me...)09:59
hyakuheiOk, so I'm at fosdem and I've just been convinced that I should give KDE4 a good try - I don't have any KDE stuff installed at the moment, whats the best way for me to get and install kde4 desktop, I don't particularly want lots of KDE3 stuff on my system that I'm not going to use.10:00
hyakuheiMost instructions I have seen for installation presume you allready have kubuntu.... whats the best path for me ?10:01
ubuntui use a laptop, there is just one cdrom, i have to use this livecd, there is an usb-device about 2 gb10:01
jussi01hyakuhei: kde4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 :)10:01
hyakuheilol, Thanks jussi0110:01
ubuntu(any questons, else?? :))10:02
danaubuntu: so you want to install the livecd on your udb-device, and do not have a harddisk ?10:03
ubuntu(@dana no, of course not. i want to delete something of an bootable cd)10:05
ubuntu(@dana and i tried it under windows with many errors)10:05
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ubuntuERROR: genisoimage: no space left on device. cannot fwrite 32768*110:10
ubuntuany idea10:10
danaubuntu: where is the isoimage located, that you want to modify ?10:13
ubuntuthe isoimage is the livecd10:14
ubuntuI'LL BACK LATER.10:17
danaubuntu: well that sounds complicated from within the running livecd, because you have mounted it and it is on a read-only medium!10:22
damhi can anyone tell me why I can't install an tk8.5 upgrade ?10:22
danaubuntu: near impossible, but maybe you do have the image copied somewhere on harddisk to be able to change it ?10:23
DDuiGGi have installed all of the xvid packages via adept... tried opening .avi file with Kaffeine, but no video/audio..... any thoughts10:24
jussi01!avi | DDuiGG10:26
ubotuDDuiGG: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:26
DDuiGGwow thanks10:26
DDuiGGwhat player is the most commonly used10:26
llutzDDuiGG: xine (with kaffeine-frontend), vlc, mplayer10:28
LynoureDDuiGG: kaffeine, probably, but you might be lacking the codecs?10:28
DDuiGGthanks for the help... this will get me going i think10:28
damhi can anyone tell me why I can't install the tk8.5 upgrade ?10:29
Lynouredam: what's the error message you get? before that it's all guesswork...10:29
llutzdam tk8.5 in gutsy? from what repo?10:30
damit says the application adept manager casued by the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)10:30
DDuiGGxine plugin did the trick10:32
DDuiGGtoo bad im so dependent on MS kubuntu makes me smile10:33
=== fideas_ is now known as fideas
* dana says cheerio10:37
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »10:38
RingTailedFox(in a network where some clients are linux and some windows, server is linux) what are the ways by which i can restrict any pc to boot or login unless its authenticated from the server. and the uptime for each pc or login/logof time is recored too. 2. no other computer can access internet that is not in the server list?10:39
* RingTailedFox feels like no one saw him10:41
SSJ_GZHmmm ... Konqueror + nsplugin has been broken for some time on my Gutsy install: All Flash animations are just grey rectangles, and nsplugin always crashes upon closing the page.  Any idea what's wrong? There don't seem to be any updates available.10:42
LynoureRingTailedFox: saw you, just takes time to parse10:42
RingTailedFoxLynoure k10:42
LynoureRingTailedFox: I guess the initial parenthesis made me not note it as a question10:42
jussi01SSJ_GZ: you have the -updates repo on?10:42
jussi01SSJ_GZ: also, have you tried to reinstall flash ?10:42
damI have a problem with the tk8.5 upgrade10:43
SSJ_GZjussi01: I'll post my sources.list in a sec.  I've followed the steps suggested in the !flashissue help.10:43
damit's giving me an error all the time10:43
SSJ_GZjussi01: sources.list - http://pastebin.ca/91611910:44
jussi01SSJ_GZ: yeah, they are enabled10:45
RingTailedFox(in a network where some clients are linux and some windows, server is linux) what are the ways by which i can restrict any pc to boot or login unless its authenticated from the server. and the uptime for each pc or login/logof time is recored too. 2. no other computer can access internet that is not in the server list?10:45
SSJ_GZjussi01: What is at fault - Flash, or the nsplugin?10:45
SSJ_GZkonqueror-nsplugins                        4:3.5.8-2ubuntu3~gutsy1~ppa110:45
LynoureRingTailedFox: sounds like stuff I usually do for money, so just some pointers: ldap, kerberos are commonly used. 2. depends on how safe you'll need it be. Most would probably use mac based firewall, but that's trivial to sidestep. You'd prolly want proper NAC for that10:45
jussi01SSJ_GZ: tbh, Im not exactly sure. you could try purging and reinstalling the ns plugin10:46
SSJ_GZjussi01: Ok, will try that.10:46
RingTailedFox_Lynoure ldap and kerberos can fully do what i want? and log it too?10:48
SSJ_GZjussi01: No joy :(10:49
jussi01SSJ_GZ: Im sorry, I cant help you anymore :(10:49
SSJ_GZjussi01: np - thanks anyway! :)10:50
LynoureRingTailedFox_: I hope your pointers get you started. There are so many ways to use those that it's certainly beyond the scope of my support here, sorry.10:50
RingTailedFox_Lynoure ok10:50
pighunt_hey ppl..  has anyone had any issues with getting Opera to work on 8.04? as in it installs fine and started but will not browse to any pages?10:53
pighunt_i have had it browse to maybe 1 or 2 after a very long time10:54
LynoureRingTailedFox_: You cannot really stop systems from booting. They'll boot to something, as you need something to interact with a server. Or you could use networkboot, but that has downsides too. (and in any case, if your user gets to fiddle with bios boot settings, that's the end of all this)10:55
RingTailedFox_Lynoure i can use ldap setup to auth from server. no auth . no login ?10:55
lyslije parle lol10:56
LynoureRingTailedFox_: That's how it's often done, yeah.10:56
lyslipour la première fois sur ca10:56
lyslienfin orc10:56
lyslina irc10:56
Lynoure!fr | lysli10:56
ubotulysli: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.10:56
LynoureRingTailedFox_: it's not like I sent you on a wild goose chase ;)10:57
Marbughi, the updater said that there was a new version of amsn, so I installed it, but after the installation I couldn't install the previous version, and it saiuys it conflicts with libc6, but I can't install that neither because it conflicts with tzdata, what should I do? :s11:02
jussi01hi mikiael11:07
mikiaeljussi01: :)11:07
mikiaelnon non, je n'ai pas kubuntu, que ce soit bien claire ! xD11:07
jussi01!fr | mikiael11:08
ubotumikiael: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.11:08
jussi01mikiael: English only in here11:08
mikiaeljussi01: oh, yeah ^^, i didn't seen the name of the channel, sorry :)11:09
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lysli /join #kubuntu-fr11:11
lyslifais comment :'(11:11
jussi01lysli: take away the space at the start :)11:11
=== mosta is now known as musti
jussi01!nickspam > musti11:12
=== musti is now known as mosmos
mikiaellysli: sans espace11:14
mikiaelshe won \o/11:15
xxBasYxxIs it possible to save videos from several USB webcameras connected to one PC with Kubuntu?11:15
jussi01mikiael: thank you :)11:15
mikiaelxxBasYxx: in sad case, you can use a logiciel like xvidcap, but i think a better way exist ^^11:16
=== floodmasta is now known as sputnick
tass1412how to set that i have to double-click to open a folder (or any other object in dolphin)11:19
jussi01!doubleclick | tass141211:20
ubotutass1412: You can find the mouse-related settings at: KMenu -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Mouse11:20
tass1412jussi01, thx :D was looking in the wrong place11:21
harmentalhey guys..how can i change the image that appears after the login screen and before my actual wallpaper???11:22
tass1412how to use "nodeadkeys" ?11:24
=== ubuntu is now known as iRONSTYLE
mikiael(it's an idle channel? :) )11:32
iRONSTYLEim NOOB in Kubuntu... Can someone learn me something? xP11:32
iRONSTYLEit my first time11:32
tass1412iRONSTYLE, read a lot :D11:33
iRONSTYLEOkay.. About:P?11:33
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ubuntuhi there11:57
ubuntui want to mount an usb-device with the bash, maybe i make a mistake11:58
ubuntuany help, pls11:58
lysli /join #kubuntu-fr11:59
lysli /join #kubuntu-fr12:00
lysli /join #ubuntu-fr12:00
jussi01mikiael: ^12:01
mikiaeljussi01: ^^12:02
mikiaeljussi01: xD again ^^12:02
lyslij'ai encore un problème ?12:03
lysliah on parle12:03
mikiaeljussi01: i'll put that in my quote.txt :D12:03
mikiaellysli: /join #ubuntu-fr, without space12:04
lyslimikael je dois taper ca ?12:04
mikiaellysli: yes !12:05
mikiaellysli: and speak in english plz :)12:05
lyslimikael : why ?12:06
mikiaellysli: because only english is allwed here :)12:06
Dr_willisNo hoblo.12:06
lyslimikiiiiial :ok :-/12:06
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:07
erbanqualcuno parla italiano12:08
jpatrick!it | erban12:08
ubotuerban: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!12:08
ubotuAIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. Supported cards: Nvidia: GeForce3 or newer; ATI: Radeon 7000 through X800; Intel: i810 or newer. Howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/AIGLX. For older Nvidia or newer ATI cards see !xgl12:09
walmikhi all... can anybody please help me with a compiz install? it says i shud have aiglx with composite and i dont know how to check that or get that. I m using a amd64 laptop with a nvidia card12:14
Dr_willisnvidia cards  just need to have the nvidia drivers installed.12:15
walmikDr_willis: hi.. does that mean i dont need aiglx?12:16
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cafkahi!! i have broadcom 4311 card and somethimes i get this error Ndiswrapper doesn't support monitor mode. :S  can i fix it???12:23
DDuiGGwow kubuntu & compiz-fusion is mind blowing... any package recommendations to capture screen video/audio?12:26
jpatrickDDuiGG: ksnapshot?12:30
aLeSDhi all12:37
jpatrickhola aLeSD12:37
aLeSDhow can I change the theme of kde based application in ubuntu12:37
aLeSDwithout install kde12:37
aLeSDjpatrick: hi12:37
DDuiGGjpatrick does ksnapshot do audio & video capturing?12:38
jpatrickDDuiGG: no, just screenies12:38
TimSI am installing using the text based installer on a virtual machine. I want to use the entire disk, should I go "entire disk" or "entire disk and set up LVM"12:38
TimSWhat is LVM and do I need it12:38
DDuiGGtrying to get recordmydesktop instaleld12:38
martijn_nerdanyone experience here with ipod+kubuntu ?12:40
martijn_nerdi am thinking of buying one, but i want to be sure i can use it without hacking the ipod itself12:41
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod12:41
RindTailedFoxin a network where some clients are linux and some windows, server is linux, what are the ways by which i can restrict any pc to boot or login unless its authenticated from the server. and the uptime for each pc or login/logof time is recored too. 2. no other computer can access internet that is not in the server list?12:50
martijn_nerdhey jussi01, why not?12:51
jussi01martijn_nerd: why not what?12:51
martijn_nerdwhy not ipod12:52
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod12:52
martijn_nerd(is ubotu a bot?)12:52
jussi01the !calls the bot12:53
jussi01!bot > martijn_nerd12:53
mrEigerhi! i'm loocking kubuntu bootscripts in separate package. is there any?13:16
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=== rro_ is now known as rro
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AnonManc21why is it firefox doesn't come preinstalled by default?13:51
popo-bobowhy wifi is such a pain on kubuntu13:52
UnksiAnonManc21: Kubuntu's default browser is Konqueror, that is part of KDE. Firefox is based on GTK (which is used by gnome)13:52
Unksithat is probably why13:52
popo-bobowhy o why i have re-configure wifi setting at every reboot ????13:52
Unksipopo-bobo: which card/chipset? it works wonders here with Atheros, I just plugged the CD in and it worked out of the box :)13:53
popo-boboits intel chip13:53
Unksiwhat is the exact model?13:54
Unksiyou can get it with lspci13:54
Unksilol wait13:54
Unksiso it works?13:54
popo-bobo06:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)13:55
swattoanyone know if there is a program i can get that minimizes windows intot he systray?13:55
popo-bobomy problem is wifi works but i have reconfigure after every reboot13:56
Unksiand you use gnome?13:57
popo-boboand is wpa -psk shared key supported in kubuntu ?13:57
Unksii guess i really should get to bed :D13:57
Unksipopo-bobo: yes, i use wpa2 myself13:57
Unksipopo-bobo: have you set the knetworkmanager to save your wlan password?13:58
=== eddy is now known as eddy-san
popo-boboUnksi: where do i enter wpa key ?14:00
popo-boboall options i get are regarding wep14:00
Unksipopo-bobo: do you have that little icon in your system tray?14:00
Unksiit looks a little like there is some small device that has a cable in the other end14:01
IppatsuManswatto: try kdocker or alltray14:01
eddy-sanhi... can i become a documtent .odt of open office to .doc of microsoft office.14:01
Unksior was it an ethernet connector, but something like that anyway14:01
Unksipopo-bobo: right click that icon, do you get a list of wireless networks?14:02
RindTailedFoxin a network where some clients are linux and some windows, server is linux, what are the ways by which i can restrict any pc to boot or login unless its authenticated from the server. and the uptime for each pc or login/logof time is recored too. in such a way that i can count for how much time the pc was loged in and used for the whole month. 2. no other computer can access internet that is not in the server list?14:04
DexterFaccording to the ntfs-3g man page "silent" prevents the driver bitching about not permitted chmod ops and such. I put that option in the fstab line, unmounted, mounted, still get errors14:07
popo-boboUnksi: i dont get a list of networks when right click on cable icon14:09
popo-bobobut in wifi-radar yes14:09
walmikhi.. how can i find out if beryl is installed on my system?14:19
jpatrick!beryl | walmik14:20
ubotuwalmik: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz14:20
jpatrick!compiz > walmik14:20
walmikjpatrick: thnks.. i have installed compiz... i just dont know if its compiz fusion or not14:21
max_I have a problem with adept manager14:21
max_I need to install gcc but adept manager don 't install this package14:22
LjLmax_, try with apt-get, might be easier to troubleshoot. sudo apt-get install build-essential14:22
max_the error is: there was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages....14:24
max_apt-get in the command line?14:24
knowbothow do i open in comandline a folder?14:27
max_go in system and click konsol14:28
max_I need to go root mode in the console14:29
max_what is the command?14:29
Ketobisudo su @ max_14:29
jpatrickmax_: sudo -s !!!14:31
jpatrickKetobi: ^^14:31
jpatricknever do sudo su14:31
Ketobiwhy not? works for me14:31
max_it works for me14:32
max_why not?14:32
jpatrick!wfm | Ketobi14:32
ubotuKetobi: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/14:32
jpatrick!noroot | Ketobi14:32
ubotuKetobi: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)14:32
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.14:32
knowbothow do i open a risticted folder like: /usr/share/vlc/http in sudo14:32
max_I need it, it's ok for me14:32
Ketobigood to know jpatrick but it desn't answer our question14:33
jpatrickKetobi: su doesn't use your evn variables, or something like that14:34
Ketobiahh ok thank you14:35
knowbotdoes annybuddy know how to open a folder in super privaliages14:35
jpatrickKetobi: and can messed up permissions with your config file14:36
jpatrickknowbot: sudo -s and cd there14:36
knowbottanx, going to try14:36
max_I have a problem with KDevelop.... do not compile hello world program... it says Exited with status : 77   error : C++ compiler cannot create executables14:39
aleksanterimax_, sudo apt-get install g++14:40
max_mmm ok , I will try it14:40
jpatrick!b-e | max_14:41
ubotumax_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)14:41
knowbotjpatrick: can i do the same in x or open a x windo in the terminal14:42
jpatrickknowbot: kdesudo konqueror14:42
gundam_rx78nt1_can somebody help?  I did the last update and ran into problems.  I had to remove the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic packages which removed my restricted drivers package also.14:42
gundam_rx78nt1_I have installed the packages back but my audio and wirless will not work.14:43
Dr_willisOther then reruning the restircted-manager tool and let it reinstall them.. Not sure what to tell ya.14:43
gundam_rx78nt1_Dr_willis, I have already done that.14:44
gundam_rx78nt1_I can't even find the ipw3945.ko file to modprobe it so I can activate the wireless.14:45
max_thanks a lot people ! NOW IT WORKS... my first program in Kubuntu Kdevelop suite...14:46
Dr_willisIn theory if there was a new kernel update that broke things.. the old kernel entries in the grub menu should still work14:46
Ketobigreat! congratulations14:46
swattois it necessary to have a firewall/antivirus installed on kubuntu?14:48
emilsedghswatto: not really14:50
emilsedgh!virus | swatto14:50
ubotuswatto: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2114:50
jussi01!firewall | swatto14:52
ubotuswatto: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).14:52
knowbotjpatrick: tanx it workt14:54
numeralwenas !!!14:56
swattothanks all14:56
swattoif i have a router i dont really need a firewall though?14:57
RingTailedFox i heard some alternatives are not free but their source is. you have to compile it to use. true?14:57
jussi01swatto: always a good idea, and its built in anyway14:58
swattoill get guarddog to configure it - cause im quite new to linux but learning new things everyday :P15:00
BluesKajhowdy all :-)15:02
Ketobithanks emilsedgh for the link ( http://librenix.com/?inode=21 ) that is something i ever wanted to know15:09
emilsedghKetobi: so have fun with Kubuntu GNU/Linux ;)15:09
Ketobii have :)15:10
PolitikerALTIs there a mirror server for kubuntu because the standard server seems to have blocked me :-(15:16
BluesKajPolitikerALT, pls explain kubuntu server15:19
PolitikerALTthe server where I get the kubuntu packages from, e. g. pl.archive.ubuntu.com15:20
Ketobihe's talking about a download server for the kubuntu CD15:20
Ketobiahh k15:20
PolitikerALTabout the package server15:21
PolitikerALT - connect (111 Connection refused)15:22
BluesKajahh PolitikerALT your source repositories /etc/apt/sources.list15:22
PolitikerALTok, but please don't complain that I have gutsy and hardy servers in it - i know, but I need some hardy applications like OpenOffice 2.3.115:22
user5somebody a programa for encoder video in mp4 ?15:23
user5or other tipe video clip?15:24
user5I using kine15:24
gundam_rx78nt1_can somebody help?  I did the last update and ran into problems.  I had to remove the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic packages which removed my restricted drivers package also.15:25
gundam_rx78nt1_I have installed the packages back but my audio and wirless will not work.15:26
gundam_rx78nt1_I can't even find the ipw3945.ko file to modprobe it so I can activate the wireless.15:26
=== atomicpotato is now known as Arwen
fungosis there any known problem with hitachi notebook harddisk with linux?15:31
gundam_rx78nt1_fungos: what model?15:31
gundam_rx78nt1_it's a sata drive correct?15:32
fungosyes, its sata15:32
fungoslet me get the correct model15:32
gundam_rx78nt1_fungos: was this the error: "No Drives Found: An error has occurred. No valid devices were found on which to create new file systems. Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem"?15:35
fungosgundam_rx78nt1_: no, its weird, because sometimes it works, sometimes it just freeze.15:36
fungosgundam_rx78nt1_: and when it freezes it doesnt show any message15:37
gundam_rx78nt1_that sounds more like a hardware issue.15:37
gundam_rx78nt1_I had that problem with an hitachi 120GB drive and had it exchanged.15:37
gundam_rx78nt1_Haven't had any problems since then.15:38
=== eric_ is now known as ninsurf_not_in_h
fungosgundam_rx78nt1_: the problem is when booting to windows it never freezes. its something with linux15:39
fungosgundam_rx78nt1_: The model is Hitachi HTS541612J9SA0015:39
Daisuke-Idoyou're dual booting or just using linux?15:41
fungosdual booting15:41
BluesKajPolitikerALT, you have several repositories commented that may be useful , as far your inability to connect to them is not clear , but you srill ahve the cdrom deb as listed as a source , that could be part of the problem , comment that line out with a # in front.15:41
BluesKajerr comment that line rather15:42
fungosi think this is AHCI related problem, what are the kernel options that I can try to disable it?15:46
Arwenyou can't disable AHCI at the OS level15:48
Arwenyou need to turn it off in the BIOS15:48
ForgeAushey arwen do you know if you can run linux binaries in OSX (the same way as in older FreeBSDs)?15:49
fungosI will try to find it15:49
ArwenForgeAus, they need to be recompiled15:49
ForgeAusyeah but source isn't binaries is it?15:49
ForgeAusI know the ELF thingy vs Mach-O15:50
Daisuke-IdoForgeAus: Fink15:50
ForgeAusbut isn't that what FreeBSD did, just add ELF?15:50
ForgeAusfink is basically redhat for OSX right?15:50
ForgeAusRPM + some packages?15:50
Arwen"In computing, the Fink project is an effort to port Unix programs to Mac OS X. Fink uses dpkg and APT (Debian's package management system), as well as its own frontend program, fink (which is implemented as a set of Perl modules). It is maintained by a community of contributors."15:50
Arwenstill recompiling15:50
ForgeAusI'd rather macports.org15:50
ForgeAusoh its debian! interesting15:51
ForgeAusdpkg/apt-get for mac! hmmm not as bad as I thought15:51
ForgeAus(I thought it was rpm instead)15:51
Arwennote that this is not the same as running Linux binaries in OS X15:52
ForgeAusMacports is like BSD ports (tarballs I thinkt hey're source tho???)15:52
Daisuke-Idono, it isn't, but that seems to be the best easy option15:52
ForgeAusyes Arwen they're linux source recompiled for OSX15:52
ForgeAusand packaged15:52
Arwenyes... I already know that (/me refuses to use the proprietary bag of garbage known as Apple)15:53
user5samebody halp me in encoder video in kubuntu?15:53
Arwen!en | user515:53
ubotuuser5: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:53
ForgeAushehe I don't use it either15:53
ForgeAusI was just trying to help someone out15:53
user5using kino but only encoding in fmpg15:53
FreewithHi. My system makes a system bell sound 5 or 6 times everytime I get to the logon screen or issue a shutdown. Anyone know what's wrong?15:53
ForgeAusand it would have been alot easier to use linux binaries with their OSX15:53
BluesKajuser5, what kind of video15:54
user5ok tk15:54
ForgeAusof course theres also the x86 vs ppc issue15:54
=== xRaich[o12x is now known as xRaich[o]2x
user5from flv to mp415:54
ForgeAusbut theres still lots of linux PPC binaries even if it is a PPC mac15:54
user5but I encode in ffmpg15:54
user5only this format15:55
user5with kino15:55
user5in kubuntu15:55
BluesKajnot familiar with kino, user515:55
BluesKajffmpeg ?15:55
user5other packet?15:55
user5yes in ffmpeg yes15:56
Arwen!enter | user515:56
ubotuuser5: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:56
fungosthis Acer notebook doesnt have AHCI option on bios .. :S15:56
BluesKajuser5, I use ffmpeg, mencoder and tovid ...so, what's the problem in ffmpeg?15:56
Arwengo complain to the manufactuere :S15:56
user5tk u15:56
Arwenuser5, #ffmpeg may be more helpful15:57
fungosArwen: yeah :(15:57
user5for cellular15:57
* Arwen could try and debug encoding-related issues, but this isn't the place for it15:57
BluesKajno experience with cellular either15:58
user5tk u15:58
user5very gentleman15:59
user5I call from italy15:59
BluesKaj!it | user515:59
ubotuuser5: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!15:59
user5thanks all here15:59
user5I use bethuin16:00
user5also in ubuntu-it16:01
=== tim is now known as tim__
=== tim__ is now known as a_posse_ad_esse
mindoverflowboot up problem, anybody could help ??16:06
a_posse_ad_essewhat is the problem mindoverflow?16:06
mindoverflowwell, i cant boot even the live cd16:07
mindoverflowi guess it's due to the hard disks16:07
mindoverflowcuz i have 216:07
mindoverflowas i unplug one of'em16:07
Daisuke-Idomindoverflow: did you change the boot order in the bios?16:07
mindoverflowit boots fine16:07
mindoverflowi even installed it16:07
mindoverflowbut when i replug it the problem reappear16:08
mindoverflowit ends at the busybox16:08
a_posse_ad_essewhat about the jumper settings?16:08
mindoverflowwith modprobe abnormal exit16:08
mindoverflowyes, the boot loader runs16:08
mindoverflowi get the menus and all16:08
mindoverflowwhen it starts initiating that the problem happens16:08
mindoverflowthe one i unplugged is set to be master16:09
mindoverflowthe second is slave16:09
mindoverflowboth on primary16:09
mindoverflowactually it's installed on the slave16:09
mindoverflowand now i'm connecting from it16:09
a_posse_ad_essefrom my experience, installing on the slave is generally not a good idea16:10
a_posse_ad_esseif it were me, I would put the "good" disk in the master slot and have the other in the slave position16:11
a_posse_ad_esseI assume you aren't going to RAID them16:11
a_posse_ad_essecomment out the fstab entry for the slave so you could then make the necessary changes to the disk16:12
a_posse_ad_esselike "shred" or whatever to zero out any potential problems, put the filesystem back on, and be good to go16:13
a_posse_ad_esseI'm also having an issue with running a command via ssh... the program being run needs to use rsync (ssh) to create a connection back to the original client machine, and it creates a hostkey error... any ideas why this might happen or a workaround?16:15
jinzougenSo I told adept to update all my packages yesterday and it blew up. Now when I start adept it says another process is using the package database. When I tell it to resolve the problem it crashes. Could a lockfile have not gotten deleted when it blew up? Can I remove it manually?16:20
a_posse_ad_esseyes, you can safely remove the lockfile through the terminal16:20
jinzougenwhere is it?16:20
a_posse_ad_esseoh, it doesn't say something about waiting for a lockfile?16:21
martijn81!aptfix | jinzougen16:21
ubotujinzougen: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:21
jinzougenIt says "Another process is using the packaging system"16:21
a_posse_ad_esseI would say that the easiest way to remedy the problem would be to reboot and then run the command given by ubotu16:23
jinzougensudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock # returns nothing.16:23
a_posse_ad_essewhat about the dpkg --configure -a?16:23
a_posse_ad_esseor is the zombie process still present?16:24
jinzougenI'm running the configure script...16:24
jinzougenor program...16:24
a_posse_ad_esseif dpkg is running, then it is picking up where apt left off16:24
jinzougenalright cool, it works now.16:25
a_posse_ad_essegood to hear16:25
jinzougenOh I have another random question. :)16:25
jinzougenIs it possible to have the root password be different from mine, yet retain sudo access?16:26
jinzougenI tried changing the root password but sudo behaves strangely when I do.16:26
jinzougenSpecifically, when it asks for a password, it prints what I type! and doesn't work.16:27
a_posse_ad_essewhat command are you running?16:27
jinzougenOh, maybe more importantly, Is it possible to have the root account enabled, and have the password be different, and have sudo access.16:27
jinzougenJust something like `sudo ls`16:27
jinzougenI like to be able to use both su and sudo16:28
a_posse_ad_essehonestly, I don't know what to tell you there.  I've always just used "sudo" in Ubuntu...  Quite an adjustment from Gentoo, but it works just as well IMHO16:29
jpatrick!noroow | jinzougen16:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about noroow - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:30
jpatrick!noroot | jinzougen16:30
ubotujinzougen: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)16:30
stdinjinzougen: it's possible but unsupported, and I can't think of a reason you'd need su16:30
jinzougenWell sometimes I'll do a few things as root, and it's annoying to type sudo before each one.16:30
jpatrickjinzougen: sudo -s16:30
hydrogensudo -i16:30
stdinjinzougen: sudo -i16:30
stdin-i wins, 2/116:31
hydrogenjpatrick is overruled16:31
hydrogenthat is all16:31
a_posse_ad_esseI think of it as an insurance policy... makes me think about what I am trying to do16:31
jpatrick-s has more security and runs only for 15mins (or something like that)16:31
hydrogenI also think the security difference between having root and not having root is a bit exagerted16:31
hydrogenbut meh16:31
stdin-i just runs the shall, -i runs the shell as a login shell16:32
a_posse_ad_essesorry to spam, but for those who have just joined: I'm also having an issue with running a command via ssh... the program being run needs to use rsync (ssh) to create a connection back to the original client machine, and it creates a hostkey error... any ideas why this might happen or a workaround?16:32
stdinerm, replace the 2nd -i with -s16:32
hydrogenswap it around16:32
hydrogenthe first -i16:32
stdinyeah :p16:32
hydrogen-i resets the env, -s just gives you a root shell on top of the current env16:32
stdinI tend to use "sudo -H -i" when I wan a "root shell" anyway, makes sure $HOME is right16:33
=== hydrogen is now known as root_________
jinzougenwait a sec... I just changed the root password. But the password that sudo wants is my password...16:33
jinzougenThis seems counterintuitive to me.16:33
jinzougenWhat's the point of having a root password if mine suffices?16:34
stdinwhy, sudo always uses your password, thats' the point16:34
root_________`su` uses roots password16:34
stdinjinzougen: exactly, there is no point ;)16:34
rjunewhy would you add a root password?16:34
root_________sudo is a way to configure limited amounts of access to the user16:34
root_________using sudo as a free ticket to root does not add any security16:34
root_________unless you like to set passwords like `1234` and run ssh16:34
jinzougenIt's just always been the case that there is a _different_ root password afaik.16:35
LjLroot_________: no but it encourages good habits16:35
LjLroot_________: such as not staying root all the time16:35
root_________LjL: how? it encourages the user to use "sudo" any time they get told they don't have enough priveledges otherwise16:35
stdinthere has never been a default root pass in k/ubuntu16:35
root_________that doesn't teach them the difference16:35
root_________if I awnted to write a rootkit16:35
a_posse_ad_essesudo also allows a real administrator to cut off access to users16:36
root_________all I'd have to do was say [[ $UID -ne 0 ]] && echo "You don't have enough priviledges, please run with sudo"16:36
root_________and the security benefit is gone16:36
root_________as people will blindly go "okay!"16:36
a_posse_ad_esseI speak of a business setting16:36
jinzougenSo, do you need to be part of a certain group for sudo to work?16:37
stdinyou can give people access to specific root-only commands or commands that need to be ran as a certain user, that's when sudo comes into it's own16:37
root_________thats what I said16:37
jinzougenI come from FreeBSD, you need to be in group 'wheel' to use su there.16:37
root_________"using sudo as a free ticket to root does not add any security"16:38
jinzougenWhich group do you need to be in for sudo to work?16:38
root_________admin I think?16:38
a_posse_ad_essethat sounds right16:38
root_________%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL16:38
jinzougenand people can't add the 'admin' group to themselves right?16:38
stdinyou need to be in "admin" to gain root access with sudo, but any user can _use_ sudo16:38
root_________any user with a rule in the sudoers file16:39
root_________that is16:39
jinzougenjpatrick says yes, root_____  says no..?16:39
jpatrickjinzougen: ?16:39
jinzougen<jinzougen> and people can't add the 'admin' group to themselves right?16:39
jinzougen<root_________> nope16:39
jinzougen<jpatrick> !es16:39
jinzougenI assumed the ! was a typo for 'y'16:39
jpatrickjinzougen: that's the spanish trigger for ubotu16:40
stdin!bot | ! are triggers for ubotu16:40
ubotu! are triggers for ubotu: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots16:40
jinzougenoh then :)16:40
BluesKajroot_________, or whoever you are stop this sillt underscore on yer nick , it's annoying16:40
prince_jammysroot_________________________________________________: right, and when your rootkit came out with that message, i would think twice about what i'm running16:40
jinzougenSo if I change the root password, will I ever need it?16:40
jinzougenI can just use sudo -i to gain access...16:40
a_posse_ad_esseyou should not need the root password16:41
jpatrickjinzougen: yes16:41
stdinthe only case the root passwords need to be set is to login as the actual root user16:41
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:41
a_posse_ad_esseyay Matrix reference!16:42
prince_jammysalso try "sudo echo $UID"16:42
stdinthe shell will intercept $UID before sudo16:42
jinzougenThis is a foreign concept from FreeBSD for me.16:42
a_posse_ad_esseone last shot at the ssh hostkey issue:16:43
a_posse_ad_esse I'm also having an issue with running a command via ssh... the program being run needs to use rsync (ssh) to create a connection back to the original client machine, and it creates a hostkey error... any ideas why this might happen or a workaround?16:43
prince_jammysi see, "sudo id" shows it16:43
jinzougenWell thanks guys you were helpful.16:46
a_posse_ad_esseAlright, back to the thesis.  Have a good day, all.16:49
holaim not able to configure my webcam16:50
HaskearHi all, I'm using 7.10 and it seems that Firefox is locking up quite often! Is it just me or is it a known issue atm? ty16:50
Sbucatone_Haskear: mm try firefox 3.0 or use konqueror16:51
=== root_________ is now known as Wasserstoff
BluesKajSbucatone_, that' not helpful16:51
Haskearcheers Sbucatone_ is it an known issue though?16:52
jinzougenmore questions! I noticed that apt-get can install packaes which don't show up in adept, why?16:52
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: well...keep firefox in that way then ...16:52
BluesKajFF3 is still buggy16:52
prince_jammysHaskear: i see a lot of people having trouble with firefox, yes16:52
Haskearok! cheers prince_jammys16:53
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: well it has less problem than firefox...on gutsy for me...16:53
jinzougenAlso, I want the put jdk on kubuntu, which distro should I use?16:53
jinzougenIs there a package?16:53
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.16:53
Sbucatone_Haskear: use konqueror...it's nice :)16:53
BluesKajI used FF3 for a week and it kept hanging and unresponsive at times16:53
prince_jammysmmm maybe that's not it16:53
MagiSuHello, I need some help while using KDevelop
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: for me and other is better firefox3...of couse i have installed adobe plug in...16:54
MagiSuI have a hand-written project, with multi subdirectory, I do not know how to put the files in the subdirectory without linking them to the project/src. Could anyone please give me some help?16:55
BluesKajHaskear, did you recently upgrade kde ?16:55
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: anyway i use konqueror :) and youtube-dl that what i need and of couse flvget16:55
BluesKajkonqueror in kde 3.5.9 is broken on my setup, it consumes 90% of my cpu at idle16:57
Sbucatone_omg i use stable version.16:58
=== trixon is now known as tictoc
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: unsupported is unsupported software...16:58
jinzougenWhat are the benefits/drawbacks to installing icedtea vs. sun java?16:59
sigma_1234i rate sun java is more stable17:00
hola0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. is not recognize.../dev/video is not created17:00
Sbucatone_hola: what are you trying to do ? dv vido cam ?17:01
holaSbucatone_: i would like that the system recognize the cam in order to use that with amsn camorama etc17:01
BluesKajSbucatone_, kde 3.5.9 is supported software , it's an upgrde and it's in the repos.17:02
ForgeAusgood to know theres still 3.5.x development going on17:03
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: i think no...because i have only official repo turned on17:03
ForgeAusI like that system ...17:03
ForgeAusbut I do believe kde4 will come into its own at some stage, its still early days yet17:04
RingTailedFox i used g4l, ghost 4 linux to restore my backup image. i did that before too , went fine. but this time it gets stuck on ' checking file system' what can be wrong?17:05
tass1412where are the text-files for wallpapers and other settings?17:06
BluesKajSbucatone_, I'll let this site speak for itself : http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-359.php17:07
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: i install only when it appear on my desk update notice, if not i leave that stuff where is . infact i have not problem...17:09
jinzougenmy /usr/lib/jvm directory has java-6-sun and java-6-sun-, which do I put at the top of /etc/jvm?17:09
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: anyway i think one can do what he want17:09
BluesKajSbucatone_, then don't make blanket stattements about unsupported applicayions17:09
PhilRodhi, I'm on kde 3.5.8 on kubuntu 7.10, and whenever I go to a page with flash in konqueror, I get an nspluginviewer crash dialog. Any suggestions for what I could try? (update to 3.5.9? update some flash package?)17:10
jinzougenprobably the one output by update-java-alternatives -l ...17:10
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: i think is better...use default software...only that17:10
PhilRodflash appears to work fine in firefox, so I guess it's an nspluginviewer, rather than the flash plugin17:10
NOBODYsis there any means of writing/creating a vcd/dvd movie which can play only in linux or vcd/dvd player but not in windows17:10
BluesKajPhilRod, 3.5.9 is buggy as well , nspluinviewer does the same17:11
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: if you update in some way and then you have problem you cut off a lots of software, example your konqueror17:11
BluesKajSbucatone_, did you look at the site, it includes the address to an official repository17:12
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: i will not update , that stuff... i will use only offical repository . i don't want cut off my software with that update.17:13
Sbucatone_BluesKaj: you said your konqueror is buggy in 3.5.9 xD i want keep my konqueror17:14
Sbucatone_becuase i think is better than firefox.17:14
Sbucatone_anyway i don't want talk about that,17:15
RingTailedFoxi used g4l, ghost 4 linux to restore my backup image. i did that before too , went fine. but this time it gets stuck on ' checking file system' what can be wrong?17:15
PhilRodBluesKaj: thanks for the info17:15
PhilRodhrm, that's rather annoying17:16
NOBODYsis there any means of writing/creating a vcd/dvd movie which can play only in linux or vcd/dvd player but not in windows?17:16
BluesKajPhilRod, yes and it's hard to pin down what is causing the problems , I thought it was my upgrade to kde 3.5.9 , but now 3.5.8 is having similar problems with konq17:17
Sbucatone_NOBODYs: i think there is no meaning, what have you used to do that stuff ?17:17
NOBODYsSbucatone_ so that nobody copies it easily17:19
Sbucatone_which software ?17:19
NOBODYsnot a software but a movie17:19
PhilRodBluesKaj: does the flash player actually work for you in konqueror? It doesn't seem to work correctly here anyway17:20
Sbucatone_NOBODYs: i have not clear  what is your problem you have a movie and in linux is playble and win no ?17:21
Sbucatone_PhilRod: on my desktop works great17:22
ICMBleargh, I can't find out how to figure out what wireless card I have in my KUbuntu box (freshly installed). doing 'lsmod' just simply says 'airo' (I know it's a Cisco Aironet Wireless-B card of some sort...)17:22
ICMIs there any exactly way to go about finding what it is without opening the computer up?17:22
BluesKajPhilRod, I had it working with the older flash version and before I realized an upgrade did my konq/flash in , so i've been using FF since then for flash sites17:22
NOBODYsSbucatone_,not like that.17:24
PhilRodSbucatone_: 3.5.8?17:24
Sbucatone_PhilRod: right17:24
NOBODYsSbucatone_,i want a movie that can be played in dvd/vcd but cannot be copied or playable on a windows17:24
BluesKajPhilRod, I've had to dump konq totally since 3.5.9 upgrade due that problem with nspluinviewer that you mentioned earlier17:24
PhilRodBluesKaj: hrm, this could do with some investigation17:25
hola0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. is not recognize.../dev/video is not created17:25
PhilRodI'd really like to have flash working in konqueror17:25
Sbucatone_NOBODYs: mm  i think is a bit impossible17:25
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »17:25
BluesKajPhilRod, that cli command didn't work for me , BTW17:26
wimpiesMy firefox produces GNOME dialog boxes (for file open etc.)  How can I force it to use KDE boxes ?17:26
PhilRodany way of telling when that bot text was updated?17:26
Cherub23kann mir jemand sagen wie ich bei kubuntu meine auflösung ändern kann ich kann momentan nur bis 1024X768 hoch gehen und jetzt weiss ich nicht wie ich die grundeinstellung was meine grafikarte bzw treiber umstellen17:26
Sbucatone_Cherub23: we are in english channel17:26
BluesKajPhilRod, a couple of weeks ago17:27
Cherub23oh sorry17:27
NOBODYsSbucatone_ thank y17:27
NOBODYsSbucatone_ thank u*17:27
BluesKaj!de | Cherub2317:27
ubotuCherub23: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de17:27
ICMI have a Cisco Aironet 350 Series (I *think*)... how do I install drivers for it?- The KUbuntu 7.10 box on which I intend to install the drivers isn't hooked up to the internet (and the onyl way to do so is via the wireless card)17:31
ThecksHardy is now in alpha version 5 - anybody know when the final is due to be released?17:31
Sbucatone_Thecks: 23-24 april17:32
Daisuke-Idowell, sometime after the betas and the release candidates...17:32
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=== Hydrogonous is now known as Hydrogone
=== Hydrogone is now known as Hydrogen
compiHi guys, how do i set my resulotion to 1024x786 in kubuntu.. it does not want to set higher than 640x480 in system settings17:36
ThecksHas anybody tried Hardy? Does it seem pretty stable?17:37
Sbucatone_Thecks: i have tried hardy on live... i have had no problem :) i have solved some old problem hahehehe17:38
martijn81Thecks: stable enough here17:38
martijn81compi: you might wanna try sudo dpkg reconfigure-xserver-xorg17:39
ThecksDownloading :)17:39
martijn81yeah, the http download was really slow yesterday17:40
martijn81the bittorrent download is going well though, although the frontpage of kubuntu.org isn't even updates yet17:41
fungoshow can I stop the kernel at boot time to use ahci kernel module? its not on /etc/modules neither /etc/modprobe.d/*17:41
rodolfoHola Ubuntu en español?17:41
ThecksAnybody tried GoodOS?17:41
jpatrick!es | rodolfo17:41
uboturodolfo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.17:41
Sbucatone_!spanish | rodolfo17:41
compimartijn81... i get an error when trying that... something -r -t17:42
martijn81compi: and this one?? sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:43
ICMAnd now for the death question: Linux and a wireless card. It's a Cisco AIR-PCI350 Series card, and I know I've gotten it to work in Linux (KUbuntu, I believe) before...17:44
ICMCan somebody please assist me in trying to get this set up?17:44
BluesKajcompi, have you checked your graphics & monitor drivers in system settings/monitor&display17:45
alfonsoalguien de este canal habla español17:50
jpatrick!es | alfonso17:50
ubotualfonso: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.17:50
compiBlueKaj... tried that and the max setting is 640x48017:55
BluesKajcompi, which graphics card & monitor ?17:56
miladenDivx webplayer... is that impossible for linux?17:56
fungoswhy livecd boots ok and installed gave problem with ahci?17:56
BluesKajmiladen, vlc and mplayer should play divx17:56
miladenwebplayer, in browser...17:57
Groxgot a weird problem, some program is playing a song in my mp3 folder, but i dont know which one17:57
miladenbut divx homepage says for windows17:57
Arwenmiladen, why would you want your web browser to be a mdedia player?17:57
Groxi mean which program17:57
compibluekaj.........Laptop LCD and onboard intel graphics card17:57
miladenArwen stage6.com17:57
Arwenand last time I checked, mplayer-plugin can do that (doesn't mean it should, but...)17:57
Arwenmiladen, um.... feed the URLs into a media player17:57
BluesKajxine plugin17:57
miladenthey are regular urls not urls to movie files17:58
Arwenmiladen, go read the page source17:58
Arwenfind the ".divx17:58
Arwen".divx" file17:58
Groxgot a weird problem, some program is playing a song in my mp3 folder, but i dont know which program17:58
Groxi tried ps -e to look for amarok17:58
Groxbut nope17:58
BluesKajmiladen, which browser ? .. type about:plgins inthe adressbar for the xine plugin for your browser17:59
=== Noq^ is now known as Nookie^Away
BluesKajoops about:plugins17:59
miladenArwen my kaffeine player cant play .divx17:59
Arwenum.... ".divx" == AVI18:00
chandoluspircht man hier deutsch :)18:01
jussi01!de | chandolu18:01
ubotuchandolu: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de18:01
miladenxine cant run the divx file BluesKaj18:01
Arwenmiladen, um... that's a good thing, seeing as how DIVX is not an executable format.18:02
ArwenOr are you trying to crash your system?18:02
miladenso what do i do?18:02
Arwenmiladen, go back to using Windows? Or take the time to learn about what you're talking about?18:03
miladengrow up Arwen18:03
martijn81i crashed my kicker, how do i get it back?18:03
Arwenmiladen, that was real mature.18:03
compithanks guys... came right.....18:03
BluesKajmiladen .' about:config ' in the browser addressbar ...do you have the xine-plugin installed and enabled?18:05
MrJigsawive installed winxp on another partitation now, but my grub loader is gone, how do is start kubuntu now ?18:11
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:12
Vrathahi there18:13
Vrathain kubuntu 7.10, i have two NICs, and both of them keep coming up, even though i disable one of them in the KDE network manager18:13
Vrathais there a way to get the other NIC to stay off and not come back up?18:14
BluesKajVratha, check in /usr/share/autostart, you may have 2 setup there18:16
Vrathahmm, i don't see anytyhing about ath0/wlan0 in there18:20
iboui have a problem with streamtuner: when i use the search tool, i can use it just one time after the installation but after i can't use it anymore ...18:21
BluesKajibou , amarok does a much better job of streaming network radio then streamtuner18:22
Zimoi have one fast i installed my kubunto about a year ago or 6 monuts can i upgrade it (only if its easy)18:24
ibouBluesKaj: maybe but i can't find any search tool in amarok for radios. Do you ?18:25
Arwenibou, that's because there isn't one18:26
ibouArwen: :)18:27
regeyadang it, now I have to fire up amarok18:28
* regeya usually uses quod libet18:28
regeyayeah, ibou, other than magnatune and last.fm, you'll need to use something like shoutcast.com to find streams18:29
martijn81i crashed my kicker and cannot get it back, anyone with help?18:30
BluesKajstreamtuner used to work well in the older distros but it seems buggy in the last couple of releases18:31
rich1hi.  i cannot make changes to network settings stick.  i want to change to opendns settings but every time i shutdown and restart the settings are lost.18:31
walmikhi all... how can i increase the brightness on my laptop.. when it was vista, it had the fn+f8 to do that, but that does not work in kubuntu18:31
solid_liquidwalmik, there's an applet at the top of the screen for that18:34
solid_liquidwalmik, usually the fn buttons work too, but maybe they're not setup for you laptop by default yet18:35
walmiksolid_liquid: ok... thanks,. i ll try that18:35
Wiggleshi all18:36
Wigglesi'm trying to install kde4 but I have a problem18:36
PhilRodWiggles: weird. I installed kde4 three days ago and it worked, so probably not broken packages18:38
PhilRodcan you install kdebase-kde4? (ie, does it really exist)18:38
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
martijn81have you done a apt-get update18:38
PhilRodoh yeah, that too :-)18:39
WigglesI have updated18:40
rich1hi.  i cannot make changes to network settings stick.  i want to change to opendns settings but every time i shutdown and restart the settings are lost.  can someone help me please?18:40
Wiggleskdebase-kde4 is broken too18:40
ubotuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.18:40
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:41
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:42
richardhas anyone had any luck getting phun to work, or know how to sort out "Couldnt find matching GLX visual" errors?18:42
MrJigsawNow ive been using the first link there, and it dosent work ;(18:42
fungosis there a (beta/alfa/test) repository with newer kernels?18:44
mrunagiMrJigsaw: why did you install windows after ubuntu?18:45
ICMHow do I get three monitors to work in Kubuntu? I've odne this in Windows.. Two of the monitors (both SyncMaster 955DF's) are hooked up to my PCI-E NVidia 7600GS, and the other is an eMachines monitor hooked up to the onboard 6150LE. How... do I set it up so I can use all three monitors (like I could in Windows)?18:51
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX18:51
ICMNot VNC, these are all connected to one computer18:52
mik18oh haha i was just looking for me ;)18:52
ICMoh, good, you scared me :p18:52
jussi01!dualhead | ICM18:54
ubotuICM: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama18:54
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead18:54
ICMThanks :)18:55
=== rjb is now known as drbobb
richardnote to self: dont list the channels on this server ever again...18:56
ICMI did that on DALnet once. I was sorry.18:56
BluesKajrichard, or use a filter :)18:56
richardBluesKaj: damage is done :P18:57
drbobbhello, i'm looking for someone with experience hooking up a samsung mobile phone to a kubuntu pc18:57
drbobbbluetooth, usb file transfer and so on18:57
richardanyway, back to what I came on here to ask: anyone know anything about phun/no matching glx visuals?18:57
mik18have you guys experienced the bug with nvidia card and scrambled video?18:58
mik18like pink / green scrambled look... i found in some nvidia forums that it's a known bug, but didn't see a good fix18:58
drbobbi'm looking for someone who has done it specifically with a samsung, don't bother to give generic answers18:59
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX18:59
drbobbi had all i needed working with my old sonyericsson, but nothing seems to work with my new samsung18:59
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=== patnicoo is now known as conorn_
swattoanyone know if there is a program that i can use so that programs get automatically minmized to systray rather than taskbar19:00
twosouls82where can I find info on the next LTS for Kubuntu?19:01
richardtwosouls82: isnt that hardy?19:01
=== conorn_ is now known as patnicoo
richard8.04 or something?19:01
ubotuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.19:02
BluesKajrichard, no that was the intention at first, but the rumour is not until the Oct release19:02
richardah, my mistake19:02
richardactually, i heard that kubuntu wouldnt be carrying on?19:02
vltHello. Any idea how to tell the kernel to re-scan for new IDE devices? When I connect my noteook to the docking station the cdrom drive isn't recognized.19:03
BluesKajHardy isn't getting LTS afaik19:03
twosouls82BluesKaj: did you read that somewhere? (it would be nice to have a link, if you have it)19:03
twosouls82a no for Hardy indeed19:04
richardany use?19:05
stdinthe beginning of the thread is https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2007-December/002066.html19:06
hansyi have added a sound blaster audio card after kubuntu install... how do i add drivers for it??19:09
hansyis there a easy way to mod the kernel or something like that?19:09
ubotusoundblaster is If you need help with setting up your soundblaster card, then visit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundcardsWithHardwareSynth19:09
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
drbobbok, nobody able to give some helpful hints about my samsung phone?19:18
=== arnl is now known as Aranel
drbobbor is it the case that connecting this phone to a pc positively requires booting into windows?19:20
hansythe repos in SB guide don't have a GPG https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo19:20
Aranelhow schedule fsck  for next boot ?19:21
Hydrogentouch /forcefsck19:22
drbobbit's kind of weird, looks like the kde bluetooth utils can talk to the phone, but i can't get any operation at all to complete successfully19:28
snarksterIm looking for an app.. it is called convert it19:28
Aranelhow can I see kernel logs ?19:28
AranelI have a kernel panic :/19:29
Dragnslcrdrbobb- I've had the same problems with a Samsung phone. It used to work well, but not recently19:29
drbobbyou mean same phone, same kde version, used to work and stopped working?19:30
DragnslcrAranel- /var/log/kern.log maybe19:30
drbobbDragnslcr: how did you operate w/ the phone when it did work?19:31
Dragnslcrdrbobb- mine is a D40719:31
BluesKajsnarkster, convert what to what ?19:31
Dragnslcrdrbobb- I think I could just transfer files with Konqueror19:31
drbobbDragnslcr: i have no idea what the model name implies, there are way too many of them19:32
drbobbmy q was: usb or bluettoth?19:32
drbobbbluetooth even19:32
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
philphotousing a new install of 7.10 on a new hdd after my old one crashed.  now i  have no usb.  any help?19:33
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto19:33
drbobb'cause it seems even though my phone has a usb port, it can't be mounted as usb storage19:33
snarkstervideos to videos19:33
grulati :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((19:33
snarksterbut i cant locate it19:33
drbobbit uses some sort of proprietary protocol instead19:33
snarksterI had it on my kde 3.5.8 then i dumped the hard drive and installed a new version of kde4 and lost it19:34
drbobbwhich really sucks even for windows users19:34
snarksterdrbobb what kinda phone?19:34
drbobbsamsung L76019:34
snarksterRazor and Blackberry are the same way..19:35
snarksterto mount razor you need 40 dollar software19:35
snarksteroh and windows19:35
snarksterMaybe the same thing for yours19:35
drbobb(it seems that i can't walk up to any random windows pc and d/l my photos to it, cause it won't work without samsung's drivers)19:36
drbobb(not to mention a linux pc)19:36
regeyaand that's the problem with proprietary hardware.19:36
drbobbif i had known i wouldn't have bought this phone19:36
philphotoany help with usb problem?  new install 7.10 on new hdd and now no usb19:36
Jahromeohi anyone around to help me with an install issue? my install is stuck on 82% on scanning mirror - im not online but it keeps trying to scan19:36
Jahromeocan i bypass that?19:36
drbobbbut good luck getting that sort of info out of the phone company saleslady19:36
hansyhow do i modify the kernel?19:38
snarksterdrbobb: the sales lady probably has never heard of linux19:38
Jahromeomy installer is stuck on 82% - configuring apt - scanning the mirror... - pc isnt even online how can i bypass that - if i dont it screws up apt-get19:38
drbobblooks like the best option is uploading pics from the phone to flickr by http;)19:38
Jahromeodone this on 2 diff discs one i had conical mail me , the other i downloaded19:38
snarksterdrbobb: yup19:38
drbobbsnarkster: like i tried to explain, it's not an issue that affects linux users only19:39
snarksterdrbobb Im agreeing with you19:39
philphotoany help with usb problem?  new install 7.10 on new hdd and now no usb19:39
ubotuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:39
philphotoi had a hdd crash and loaded up 7.10 on another hdd and now have no usb at all.  /usbdevfs doesn't even exist.19:41
hansy!custom kernel19:41
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages19:41
=== martijn is now known as martijn81
mrunagimy partitions dont show up on the desktop anymore, anyone know why?19:42
snarkstermrunagi are you kde4?19:42
hansytry fdisk -l /dev/[hdd]19:42
martijn81!compiz-fusion > martijn8119:42
coggzhi al19:43
IceGuest_7_Need a distro for a low spec HP. Celeron 733 with 192 megs.19:43
drbobbhow about bitpim - anyone tried that?19:43
martijn81IceGuest_7_: go for sidux, also debian based and comes with kde and fluxbox19:43
philphotoIceGuest_7_: try xubuntu19:43
regeyayay I got myself banned from #ubuntu19:44
regeyaso how's opensuse these days19:44
alenhello does now any why oh HH5 Kubuntu not work amarok19:44
martijn81then you must have not behaving pretty well19:44
mrunagiIceGuest_7_:  just add more memory and run kubuntu19:44
mrunagiperma breaks?19:44
IceGuest_7_I had kubuntu running on it but it was an earlier version19:44
regeyacoggz: I may have been bitching about floodbot1 spewing messages (thus flooding the channel) :->19:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about capslock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:44
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.19:44
philphotoregeya: that's why I left #ubuntu, too many bot msgs19:45
regeyaI believe the final offense was me typing 'SHUT THAT STUPID THING DOWN' so heh I deserved it :->19:45
coggzcan i ask offtopic question here, as offtopic chanell is ignoring me19:45
mrunagicoggz: no19:45
coggzreally quick, about xbox19:46
mrunagicoggz: no19:46
regeyais it kubuntu-related?19:46
hansywhere is it all the modules are located?19:46
philphotoso anyone out there have any advice re:  new install of 7.10 not having usb at all?19:46
Jahromeoit screws my apt-get19:46
Jahromeocaus it tries to find sources when im offline during install19:47
Jahromeoand breaks the 2.bin files19:47
coggzno, but it is really quite important19:47
Jahromeofor apt-get19:47
Jahromeoand no frontend19:47
mrunagigo online during install?19:47
regeyaimportant or no, coggz, it's not kubuntu related :> and I don't really think anything xbox-related is 'important19:47
Jahromeoi cant that machine is offline for the moment19:47
mrunagiregeya: he cant play fable.........thats disasterous19:48
martijn81is there a composite support channel for kwin too?19:48
Lynourecapiira: did not see you ask a thing on #kubuntu-offtopic...19:48
stdinmartijn81: #kde19:48
coggzlol, no, i just got it and i need to know if regualer power cable works... lol19:48
Lynourecapiira: oops, sorry, was for coggz19:48
BluesKajcoggz, depends where you live19:49
snarksterBluesKaj: Got any clue on the convert program?19:49
capiiramy nick is often auto completed19:49
BluesKajsnarkster, nope,I checked around , never heard of it before , either19:50
Lynourecapiira: Thanks. Anything I could help you with, by the way?19:50
martijn81thanks stdin19:50
capiiranah no thanks, I'm happy :D19:50
Lynouresnarkster: convert program as in   convert   or something else?19:50
BluesKajsnarkster,  you can use tovid, ffmpeg, mencoder , there any number ways to convert video19:51
BluesKajsnarkster, give me a clue what you're trying to convert from to ?19:52
snarksterBluesKaj: Yah I did ffmpeg and it looked like total crap19:52
BluesKajworks well19:52
snarksterBluesKaj: from avi to mpg.19:52
snarksterfriend of mine said here watch this movie.. cant play it on the dvd player but mpgs can19:53
LetsGo67When I hold down the direction key, it acts as if I pressed the key and released it.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone help please?19:53
drbobbhmm i just noticed that the bluetooth icon that used to be under system:/remote is no longer there (in gutsy)19:53
LetsGo67When I hold down the direction key, it acts as if I pressed the key and released it.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone help please?19:54
Jahromeo! medibuntu?19:55
snarksteris there a gui application that can convert avi to mpeg19:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about medibuntu? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:55
Jahromeo! medibuntu19:55
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org19:55
LetsGo67When I hold down the direction key, it acts as if I pressed the key and released it.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone help please?19:55
Lynouresnarkster: usually, if you can convert it, you could already play it, too19:55
Lynouresnarkster: do you have the codecs?19:56
snarksteryes I do, its for conversion to the DVD player on my TV19:56
BluesKajsnarkster, this worked for me before i bought a dvdplayer that would play dvix/xvid : ffmpeg -i myfile.avi -target ntsc-dvd /home/user/dvd.mpg19:57
snarksterhmm Ill try thzat19:57
BluesKajsnarkster, or check this site : http://www.smorgasbord.net/2007/06/29/converting-video-in-linux-using-ffmpeg-and-mencoder/19:59
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.20:04
Daisuke-Laptopservices for unix (unix interoperability stuffs for windows) and nfs is the way to go20:05
Daisuke-Laptopand a lot less of a headache as well20:05
snarksterBluesKaj: last time i converted with ffmpeg it looked all blocky on the computer screen20:06
=== reprez is now known as marcocec
alexrudd0Is anyone else experiencing KDE4 startup crashes?20:09
jussi01alexrudd0: KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 :)20:09
alexrudd0ah, thanks20:09
snarksterBluesKaj: Thanx Ive bookmarked that20:10
=== jerome_ is now known as Jahromeo
crashedYee. Installed Kubuntu over windows again.20:13
newGuyHey, how can I check the IP address my network adapter has been assigned?20:13
stephanhi, is there somthing like katapult but with easy implementable catalogs, f. e. es python script?20:15
crashedHey guys, how do I update my ATI x800 drivers?20:15
stephancrashed: you can try envy http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html20:16
newGuyHey, how can I check the IP address my network adapter has been assigned?20:16
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »20:16
jussi01stephan: we dont recomend envy here20:17
BluesKajcrashed, you may want to check the default restricted drivers in system settings/advanced first ,they might work better than new offerings by ati.20:17
stephanwhat to do if you what the bleeding version?20:17
stephanBluesKaj: yes your right20:18
crashedI just installed the fglrx drivers.20:18
crashedI should reboot immidiately, this nasty refresh rate is breaking my eyes.20:18
newGuyHey, how can I check the IP address my network adapter has been assigned? (I asked before but no responce)20:18
stephani removed envy after some testing, restricted manager works better20:18
jussi01newGuy: ifconfig20:18
newGuythanks, synergy works now. :)20:19
newGuyI kept doing 'ipconfig', because I'm a moron.20:19
* newGuy just spent 18 hours writting C code, he has an excuse.20:20
newGuymy professor thought it would be fun to ask us to write our own MIPS assembler. Two weeks is good, right? :P20:20
crashedDoesn't look like this fixed anything.20:21
* jussi01 pokes newGuy and asks if he would like to continue the discussion in #kubuntu-offtopic maybe :)20:21
jussi01crashed: I assume you did it throught the restricted manager?20:22
stephanis katapult supported in kde420:22
crashedThe what a what?20:22
jussi01stephan: you can have it and run it, but its not ported yet afaik20:22
ForgeAusI think it was a launcher20:22
crashedForgot to set driver to fglrx in xorg.20:23
=== ekokolob is now known as ejojo
ForgeAuslol jussi that didn't sound very useful20:23
jussi01crashed: hehe20:23
ForgeAusrofl crashed :)20:23
crashedRebooted for nothing. Is it possible to just restart xorg without having to restart my entire system?20:23
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto20:24
fdovingcrashed: yes, logout and at the login prompt hit 'alt+e'20:24
tass1412crashed, ctrl+alt+backspace20:24
jussi01hmmm, not the cleanest way20:25
tass1412it works ^^20:25
jussi01!wfm | tass141220:25
ubotutass1412: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/20:25
tass1412so tell me the difference20:26
crashedGreat, changing resolution didn't work.20:26
crashed!X resolution problems20:26
jussi01!fixres | crashed20:26
ubotucrashed: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto20:26
BluesKajcrashed, admin mode ?20:27
crashedWhat is admin mode?20:28
ForgeAuswhat is informix?20:28
jussi01ForgeAus: the company or the ibm server?20:29
crashedI'm stuck at the Configuring xserver.org screen.20:29
crashedIt says 'Okay', and I hit Enter and Space and it's not doing anything.20:29
jussi01crashed: tab ?20:30
ForgeAusjussi no idea? whats both?20:30
=== aleksanteri_ is now known as aleksanteri
jussi01ForgeAus: google knows as much as me...20:30
ForgeAusoh IC relational database software20:31
crashedhttp://img246.imageshack.us/img246/4739/snapshot1xk4.png help?20:31
BluesKajcrashed if you din't enable restricted driver in system settings/advanced in admin mode (permissions ) then the driver won't be enabled20:32
jussi01crashed: yeah, tab should hilight the ok, then enter or space20:32
ForgeAusok I was heading in the wrong direction anyway I was more interested in IBCS - Intel Binary Compatibility Specification Module20:33
crashedI closed the terminal and now it says the file is locked. Restarting again :P20:33
ForgeAuswow emulates Xenix! :)20:33
ForgeAussparc and unixware!20:34
crashedStill getting the error.20:35
crasheddebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process20:35
* BluesKaj repeats , crashed if you din't enable restricted driver in system settings/advanced in admin mode (permissions ) then the driver won't be enabled20:35
crashedBluesKaj, sorry, but I don't understand what you mean.20:36
jussi01crashed: system settings -> advanced _> restricted drivers20:36
BluesKaj!adeptfix | crashed20:36
ubotucrashed: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:36
crashedI do not see restricted drivers.20:36
jussi01under advanced?20:37
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
ForgeAusBSD binaries don't work under linux right?20:37
=== ubuntu_ is now known as sMonk
crashedThis is Edgy20:37
crashedNot 7.1020:37
drbobbnope, bitpim seems to have no idea how to talk to my phone over usb20:37
crashedSorry forgot I was using edgy :P20:37
BluesKajnow he tells us20:37
ForgeAusibcs-base  is a debian package that fixes that!20:37
crashedI just remembered.20:37
jussi01hi sMonk20:37
sMonkI am in need of some assistance20:38
crashedI ran that command "sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a" -- it does not fix the locking problem.20:38
BluesKajyou prolly still have the xserver-xorg process open20:39
* BluesKaj takes a break20:39
daSKreechAlpha 5 is out?20:39
sMonkWhen I try to start my 7.10 system this is what I get..     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57257/20:40
stdincrashed: "sudo fuser -vki /var/cache/debconf/config.dat ;sudo dpkg --configure -a"20:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xres - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:40
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto20:40
jetsaredimis there an easy way to setup an nfs mount such that it would automatically mount on boot, but not complain so much as to cause a problem during boot when the mount is not there?20:42
ibouis it possible to configure kubuntu to open files or foldes with double click (not simple) ?20:43
jussi01!doubleclick | ibou20:43
ubotuibou: You can find the mouse-related settings at: KMenu -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Mouse20:43
crashedOkay, went through that update.20:43
crashedHit enter on everything.20:43
iboujussi01: ty20:43
crashedSweet, it worked. :]20:44
sMonkThe last thing I did was try to run my Virtualbox system and I got an error "VBox status code: -1909 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_ACCESSIBLE)"   so I found a site and I typed in "Sudo chmod 666 / dev / vboxdrv" I got a few errors, Ktorrent shut down and gave me errors.. so I rebooted.. this is when it happend20:44
sMonkthis is what I get now..     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57257/20:44
iboujussi01: that bot can really answer to everything. Amazing.20:45
crashedHm, what repository has wine in it?20:46
sMonkwish the bot had a fix for my problem.. lol20:46
fdovingsMonk: you should generally never chmod anything in /dev/20:47
fdovingsMonk: you should rather add users to the correct groups.20:47
sMonkI wasn't aware how... (at the time)20:48
fdovingsMonk: to use virtualbox you need to be in the group 'vboxusers'20:48
sMonkany suggestions on how to get my system running again?20:48
BluesKaj!wine | crashed20:48
ubotucrashed: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.20:48
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org20:51
marcus_aureliusis it me, or does kde4 look a lot like vista?20:51
sMonkmy system is hanging on   "Starting Hardware Abstraction layer hald"20:51
sMonkand a start-stop-daemon seems to be failing20:51
sd523just installed kubuntu, restarted and it went to a flashing cursor in  the upper left  hand corner, any ideas?20:52
crashedRefresh rate on this display is still kinda noticable.20:52
crashedAnd burning my eyes.20:52
crashedIs it possible to update from Edgy to 7.10 without having to burn 7.10 to a disc or anything?20:54
heinkel_111you should burn the disc...20:54
crashedI have no discs :P20:54
crashedOnly 6.10 disc.20:54
crashedAnd a broken CD-RW from trying to burn Windows to.20:54
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
heinkel_111upgrading is a complex process and may cause you trouble20:55
=== aleksanteri_ is now known as aleksanteri
heinkel_111trouble is best to fight with backups20:55
crashedI don't like complex.20:56
crashedHopefully I can get WINE to work this time.20:57
crashedOr else installing Kubuntu would be another waste of time. :20:57
heinkel_111crashed: complex does not mean bad to the user20:57
=== filippo is now known as fcalat
crashedComplex means too bad linux newbie (me).20:58
heinkel_111a new car like a Volvo XC 90 or so is a complex machine compared to a T-Ford20:58
crashedIt would suck if you were a car mechanic.20:58
heinkel_111but a new driver would still do better in an XC90 :P20:58
crashedI guess :P20:59
heinkel_111anyway I don't think it is a problem to get WINE to work in general20:59
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:59
crashedWell, getting WINE to work is very easy.20:59
crashedGetting WINE to work with the app I want it to is tough.20:59
crashedAnd I won't attempt that until I finish these 214 updates.20:59
MrJigsawNow i tried this guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows but it dosent help me, how do i get grub startet agian so i can boot up my kubuntu partitation? :(20:59
heinkel_111the question usually is if you can get it to do what you want to do with it, my thoughts exactly20:59
heinkel_111in edgy i think wine was as easy as sudo apt-get install wine21:00
crashedIt is.21:00
crashedAfter you un-comment one of the repositories.21:00
sMonkAny one have some ideas on how to help me get my system running again?  When I try to run my Kubuntu 7.10 with KDE on it, the system hangs when it gets to "starting Hardware Abstraction lyer hald"  and a few items before it I get a failure on Start-stop-daemon: unable to start /sbin/klogd : permission denied21:00
crashedMrJigsaw: I think the Live CD will have a boot fix. Just a guess.21:01
_Enissay_what's the most important applications that i have to install.. just for fun... :)21:01
MrJigsawwhere crashed? :S21:01
MrJigsawi cant find anything..21:01
crashedWell, there must be boot fix software for that specific problem.21:01
crashedThat XP killing Linux GRUB is like the most common problem in the face of computers.21:02
MrJigsawuhm okay..21:02
mrunagito anyone that remembers my problem with the zoom effect thing on my icons not working i fixed it if you care to know what it was21:02
crashedCrap, that progress bar was just for downloading the files.21:02
MrJigsawIll try booting up on live CD..21:02
SlimeyPetemrunagi: you can use the Alternate CD to boot from the hard disk21:03
|MrJigsaw|dosent help me with the grub problem ?21:03
=== |MrJigsaw| is now known as MrJigsaw
mrunagii can?!21:03
SlimeyPeteonce you're in you can run grub-install21:03
ForgeAusMr Jigsaw I'm sure I have before21:03
SlimeyPetemrunagi: heh, sorry21:03
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:03
MrJigsawi used that ForgeAus..21:04
ForgeAusthe link there shows you how to set grub up21:04
MrJigsawgrub dosent show up..21:04
crashedLet's throw out random people's names for fun. amigo.21:04
ForgeAusthen maybe your doing something wrong?21:04
MrJigsawi follow the guide..21:04
_Enissay_can someone gives me some useful applications to install please...21:04
amigocrashed: ???21:04
ForgeAusenissay what do you want to do with them?21:05
* crashed giggles like a little school girl.21:05
ForgeAusMrJigsaw, can you run qtparted from the live CD?21:05
MrJigsawi can run gparted live cd ?21:05
MrJigsawqtparted isent on my live CD?  :S21:06
crashedIt's not?21:06
crashedIt's on Edgy Live CD.21:06
ForgeAusit should be if its a Kubuntu one21:06
MrJigsawIts the latest kubuntu live CD21:06
ForgeAusif its UBUNTU then your in the wrong place kinda21:06
ForgeAuswell then qtparted should b on it21:06
ForgeAusunless they changed it21:06
crashedIt's odd that QParted is in the Live CD Utilities section, but it doesn't get installed when you install Kubuntu.21:06
MrJigsawin the start where ic an choose 'install' ?21:06
mrunagiqtparted dshould be ther21:06
crashedInstall / Start Live CD MrJigsaw.21:07
ForgeAusMrJigsaw, run a konsole window21:07
ForgeAusand type sudo qtparted21:07
mrunagithe same happens with gparted and ubuntu21:07
mrunagibut im pretty sure qt parted installed for me21:07
ForgeAusKDESUDO qtparted sorry21:07
MrJigsawim doing that now crashed.21:07
ForgeAus(just don't type it in caps like I did)21:07
heinkel_111sudo apt-get install qparted if it is not installed21:09
heinkel_111works on the live dvd as well21:09
heinkel_111and if you use reiser file system21:09
crashedHow do I turn on VideoOverlay?21:10
MrJigsawI do on my kubuntu partitation heinkel_11121:10
Makuseruhi, i just got a new moniter, and now i cant set it above 800x600 resolution, i go into the monitor setting in system settings and thats as high as it will let me set it, how can i fix this?21:10
heinkel_111reiserfs must be installed also (not installed but on the DVD)21:10
crashedSection "Device" Option "VideoOption" "On" <-- was it like that?21:10
MrJigsawMakuseru: install GFX driver ?21:11
drbobbdamnit, are motorola's phones as broken w/r to phone-pc communication as samsung's?21:11
heinkel_111MrJigsaw: sudo apt-get install reiserfs (works when using liveDVD)21:11
MakuseruMrJigsaw: why would getting a new moniter cause me to get a new graphics driver?21:11
drbobb'cause nothing available on kubuntu seems to work with my samsung21:12
MrJigsawmeaby the one you use dosent support the high resuloution21:12
crashedThat's a freaky coincidense.21:12
MakuseruMrJigsaw: i had 1280x1024 on my old moniter, which was smaller than my new moniter21:12
heinkel_111drdobb i have two samsungs and they work...relax21:12
crashedSomeone named MrJigsaw in here, and I trapped my finger in a trap like the one in Saw 2 just now.21:12
drbobbheinkel_111: define work, please21:12
MrJigsawheinkel_111: i can see my kubuntu partitation now in qtparted..21:13
MrJigsawSo how do i fix grub ? :]21:13
drbobbheinkel_111: everything i tried to get my photos off the phone and on my pc has failed21:13
MrJigsawexplain please crashed :-)21:14
crashedI don't know I'm just tossing out random ideas that I heard ealier. :P21:14
heinkel_111drdobb: ah sorry i thought you were in the monitor discussion..didn't notice you said phones21:14
crashedBoot into Kubuntu Live CD, and run grub-install I think.21:14
MrJigsawyou cant run that crashed..21:15
MrJigsawit just gives some text21:15
SlimeyPetebest to boot via the alternate CD and run grub-install21:15
MrJigsawWhy the alternate now ?21:15
crashedFinished downloading and installing 214 updates. Finally.21:15
SlimeyPetebecause it lets you boot from your hard disk21:15
crashedWould it be a good idea to reboot?21:15
MrJigsawill put that cd in then21:15
heinkel_111MrJigsaw: i can't help you any further just now...must go back to work, just remember that when using the live cd or dvd with reiser systems you must do sudo apt-get install reiserfs every time you reboot. Good luck21:16
martijn81strange, my mouse get detected very lately21:16
MrJigsawSlimeyPete: should i do a 'rescue a broken system' ?21:17
=== Nookie^Away is now known as Nookie^
Makuseruhi, i just got a new moniter, and now i cant set it above 800x600 resolution, i go into the monitor setting in system settings and thats as high as it will let me set it, how can i fix this?21:17
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto21:18
SlimeyPeteMrJigsaw: "Boot From First Hard Disk" if it's available, but the rescue mode might work I guess (I've not tried)21:19
MrJigsawbut first harddisk is windows ;|21:19
crashedHey guys, if a certain application is complaining about missing DLLs, what's the best way to install the DLLs?21:19
crashedCrap wrong window.21:19
daSKreechcrashed: Wine?21:20
MrJigsawHow lame that grub want work!21:21
MrJigsawAnd first harddisk is windows suddenly :(21:21
MrJigsawSo theres no way to fix grub ?21:21
crashedMrJigsaw: First harddisk has to be windows.21:21
aharooni cannt open synaptic it says unable to get exclusive lock it says anothe app manegment is running but nothing is running21:22
MrJigsawI just want GRUB up running!21:22
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:25
MrJigsawffs i pissed at grub atm..21:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fising - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fissing - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:25
arigoldHi everyone. Have a question about loading a distro on Xeon proc server.. anyone have experience with this?21:26
=== josh__ is now known as JoshOvki
aharoonwhat is the command used when crashed db and couldnt installing app21:27
=== milian__ is now known as milian
jpatrick!aptfix | aharoon21:27
ubotuaharoon: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »21:27
crashed!ad nevermind21:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ad nevermind - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:28
aharoonubotu:dpkg: status database area is locked by another process21:29
MrJigsawHow do i: 5. Reboot (to hard drive).  ?21:29
aharooni tried sudo dpkg --configure -a and get this error dpkg: status database area is locked by another process21:30
arigoldcan anyone suggest a server admin channel on irc?21:30
JoshOvkiaharoon: might sound silly but have you tried restarting?21:31
arigold338 logins and almost no activity |-(21:31
aharoonjosh0vki: its my last solution i want to use command more and more to remember them if no ones knows what is the solution noprp21:33
MrJigsawHow do i: 5. Reboot (to hard drive).  ?21:33
JoshOvkiaharoon: the other option is to see if adept is running in the background21:34
arigoldMrJigsaw - you mean reboot to root - on X11?21:34
arigoldor no graphics?21:34
MrJigsawno.. the guide says: 5. Reboot (to hard drive). Grub should be installed and both Ubuntu and Windows should have been automatically detected.21:34
stdinrestart without the disk in the system21:34
crashedHow do you search the repositories for a certain program?21:35
arigoldMrJigsaw - explain more - have you just installed and you cannot see GRUB?21:35
MrJigsawstdin: LOL.. i cant ?21:35
stdincan't ?21:35
MrJigsawits a partiation21:35
MrJigsawi cant just remove a harddrive from my system21:35
JoshOvkiMrJigsaw: restart normaly, surely it will then boot from the disk21:35
stdinI meant disk as in boot dist, if you don't have a boot disk then you are already booting to hard drive21:35
aharoon josh0vki: i run top command to see if adept running or not i didnt find it21:36
MrJigsawill try..21:36
MrJigsawDont think so tough..21:36
MrJigsawso should the kubuntu Cd stay in or out ?21:36
arigoldMrJigsaw - if you have live CD you can just restart the machine with the power switch. If you installed the OS, it should have partitioned the hard drive. If you want to install on the hard drive, then21:36
arigoldyou should have GRUb installed already21:37
MrJigsawarigold: im trying to fix grub.21:37
MrJigsawwindows fucked it up21:37
stdin!language | MrJigsaw21:37
ubotuMrJigsaw: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:37
Rukuswhats the network manager for KDE4?21:37
MrJigsawXP arigold21:37
stdinRukus: there is none, use the KDE3 version21:37
JoshOvkiMrJigsaw: if you are currently running off CD restart and eject the cd21:37
arigold(that was a bot comment try F#$ked up :-))21:38
Rukusit wont dock itself in my systray21:38
stdinarigold: that's not acceptable either21:38
FlatsI have a Kubuntu system with a secondary HD.  I would like to install XP on the second HD and do a dual boot.  Is that possible or does Windoze have to be first?21:38
MrJigsawagain, grub dosent load UP21:38
arigoldstdini - :-P21:38
stdinarigold: it's quite obvious what it means, and if you have to disguise it, why say it at all?21:38
arigoldMrJigsaw, Did you boot from LiveCD?21:38
MrJigsawwhat term yo use instead of fucked up then ?21:38
Rukusis kde4 going to get better?21:38
MrJigsawYes arigold21:38
crashedAnyone know how to turn on video overlays?21:39
MrJigsawand followed the guide here:21:39
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:39
MrJigsawfirstl ikn21:39
sverii cannot connect to uw-imap on my server, does somebody know a howto or something to set up uw-imap?21:39
MrJigsawand DOSENT work21:39
stdinMrJigsaw: messed up maybe, don't keep using that language21:39
MrJigsawyou guys are so holy in here..21:39
Rukusis kde4 going to be more functional like  kde3 eventually, after you quit worrying about the flashiness?21:39
arigoldDid you run the installation when you booted the desktop? Did you run through the installation wizard?21:40
MrJigsawokay listen..21:40
MrJigsawI got a kubuntu Partitation working JUST FINE, but then i installed windows on another partitation, and now grub is GONE21:40
MrJigsawand it keep booting up in windows..21:40
stdinRukus: it takes time to port applications over to kde4, knetworkmanager is not even part of KDE, just uses the KDE GUI21:40
arigoldohhh... you installe dwindows AFTER Xbuntu21:40
crashedAnyone know how to turn on video overlay?21:40
JoshOvkiRukus: its still under development and is only v4.0.1 not even v4.1 yet. It will get there but you must understand its stull being build21:40
arigoldthat is a difficult clean up... so to speak..21:40
Rukusok cool21:41
MrJigsawwhat if i removed the windows partitation, would that help grub to work? :|21:41
Rukusif i dont have kde3 installed, how do i get knetwork manager? can i install is seperately?21:41
arigoldhow important is your user data? Do you have it backed up?21:41
siofwolvesMrJigsaw, no21:41
stdinRukus: yes, just install the package "knetworkmanager"21:41
Rukus thanks21:41
MrJigsawarigold: formatting the kubuntu partitation is NOT an option21:41
arigoldMrJigsaw - do you have backup of the important data on kubuntu or not?21:42
MrJigsawi dont21:42
siofwolvesMrJigsaw, boot off the kubuntu cd and re-install grub from there21:42
lordraydenhi, I triied apt-get install a beautifull blonde and nothin happened :)21:42
crashedYou should always back up when doing partitions and the likes.21:42
crashedlord: you can have me instead.21:42
MrJigsawsiofwolves: ffs.. dont you think ive tried..?21:42
sverilordrayden: try apt-get install real life ;-)21:42
crashedGoogle doesn't help. I need to know how to turn on video overlay :(21:43
lordraydenon the other hand, my kopete dont work with firestarter :(21:43
Rukusalso, i used to be able to right click on my secondary ext3 partition and my USB Hard drive to gain root access so i could mount and change permissions.  now i cant in KDE4, so how can i do that in kde4?21:43
Rukus(in dolphin)21:43
siofwolvesMrJigsaw, sorry. erm. try gag bootloader http://gag.sourceforge.net/21:44
lordraydencrashed - apt-get you hou :)21:44
=== ubuntu is now known as sMonk
JoshOvkiim just installing all the updates now after screwing up my grub while trying to install backtrack2, but i have all my data on a seperate partition to my install21:45
crashedI turned on VideoOverlay.21:45
arigoldMrJigsaw - did you look over the info or resources mentioned at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3951321:45
lordraydeni also am in need af a decent dc++ client 4 linux, linuxdcpp doesn't seem to do its job till now on kubuntu 71021:46
MrJigsawno arigold ?21:46
MrJigsawwhat should i use that for?21:46
MrJigsawdident think that a simple windows partitation would screw grub up, it dident at my laptop.21:46
arigoldit discusses what you SHOULD have done, I believe. It also gives links to resources for this kind of installation that may help21:47
=== mik18 is now known as mike18
MrJigsawWell.. i dont live in the past.. so its to late ;)21:47
MrJigsawill try gag thingy now21:48
sMonkwhat should be the correct permissions for /sbin/klogd21:48
arigoldMrJigsaw. you want a quick fix for something you messed up. If you can't destroy the Linux part and you do nto want to read ... what do you expect this IRC channel to do for you?21:48
MrJigsawwell arigold..21:49
MrJigsawfirst ill try gag then ill read :)21:49
lordraydenhow can i get dc++ in kubuntu? :)21:49
drbobbbluetooth worked better in feisty, blah21:50
MrJigsawlordrayden: use wine and a windows dc++ client?21:50
lordraydenfeisty is better? I'll get win98 then :))21:50
JoshOvkiohohoh i have a question:  I am currently install updates via Adept Updater. I am not going to have time t get all of them down before i have to relocate which will mean my connection dies. Is there anyway to safley stop the updates without killing my database?21:51
lordraydentnx jigsaw, will try21:51
drbobbmostly gutsy is better, but kbluetooth seems to have regressed21:51
jussi01JoshOvki: afaik you can safely stop in the download phase no probs21:51
JoshOvkithanks jussi0121:52
MrJigsawis 'screw' er bad word inhere?21:54
jussi01MrJigsaw: it depends on the context21:54
jussi01As with most things.21:54
MrJigsawits very very anyoing that grub just want install again..21:55
MrJigsawstupid windows21:55
sMonkI'm having a problem with my Kubuntu 7.10 box.. It wont start, it has a failure on startup  "start-stop-daemon : unable to start /sbin/klogd : permission denied"  then it passes a couple of more processes then it gets to "starting hardware abstraction layer hald" and it neither passes or fails.. it just hangs, and the system won't start21:56
jussi01MrJigsaw: so what have you followed? Have you tried the suggestions in !grub?21:56
jussi01MrJigsaw: If so, does it complete properly, if not, what error does it give?21:57
MrJigsawno error21:57
MrJigsawit completes21:57
MrJigsawbut still it boots up windows21:57
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Crashed
JoshOvkiMrJigsaw: so it wont boot anything BUT windows?21:58
CrashedGuys, when I boot into Kubuntu, what do I press to stop X from booting?21:58
CrashedI broke X somehow and now my system fails to start.21:58
jussi01MrJigsaw: are you sure you installed it to the correct hdd/patition  ?21:58
lordraydenconsole login crashed21:58
Ketobiyou can switch to the terminal by pressing strg+alt+f121:58
Crashedstrg = the windows button? :P21:58
lordraydenfrom kdm manager, where u input pass21:59
jussi01Crashed: ctrl21:59
Crashedctrl + alt + f1. alright, thanks.21:59
Crashedany tips on how to fix x?21:59
MrJigsawjussi01: i installed as it says ?21:59
MrJigsaw(hd0) ?21:59
lordraydendpkg reconfigure xserver xorg21:59
MrJigsawor should i setup it to what this command finds: /boot/grub/stage1 ?22:00
JoshOvkiMrJigsaaw: can you pastebin your menu.lst incase there is something in there thats wrong22:00
MrJigsawJoshOvki: i cant.22:00
MrJigsawdont know how to say this in english ;S22:00
ubotuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot22:00
mrunagiln: `fusion-icon/': hard link not allowed for directory whats this mean22:01
drbobbwow, hardly what i'd expect! turns out digikam is the only kubuntu program capable of communicating with my phone...22:03
JoshOvkiMrJigsaw: you cant access your linux partition with a live cd can u?22:03
swattowhats the shortcut key to kill an app22:03
npurciful_Okay i am going to shoot a question at you, I have a AV reciever that is feed buy digital coax (this works) the problem is that when i play something my reciever tries changing modes and thus 1-2 without audio ( its not out of sync), it was working fine and now it has started this again ( i have fixed it before just dont remember how) any ideals22:03
Rukusman i am having some simple problems, that i have never had before22:04
sMonkI'm having a problem with my Kubuntu 7.10 box.. It wont start, it has a failure on startup  "start-stop-daemon : unable to start /sbin/klogd : permission denied"  then it passes a couple of more processes then it gets to "starting hardware abstraction layer hald" and it neither passes or fails.. it just hangs, and the system won't start22:04
Rukushow do i mount a volume!?!?22:04
CrashedGuys, CTRL + ALT + F1 didn't work.22:04
CrashedI seriously broke X :(22:04
jussi01Crashed: try starting with the recovery option in grub22:05
Crashedjussi: that option is only visible for 2 seconds.22:05
CrashedSo I gotta be ninja-like to get to it.22:05
CrashedBut I'll try.22:05
jussi01MrJigsaw: in anser to your question, yes, use the result of that command22:05
regeyarofflecopters.  still banned in #ubuntu.22:06
regeyathin-skinned mods in #ubuntu these days, eh?22:06
jussi01regeya: please join #ubuntu-ops to discus it22:07
regeyahow many channels does one linux distribution need???22:07
aleksanteriregeya, note ubuntu being four "distributions" (ok one distro with four variants), and the popularity of ubuntu ;)22:08
regeyaheh even22:09
lordraydennote ubuntu - is debian and take it from ther :)22:09
regeyaI still don't agree that kubuntu/xubuntu need to be darn near totally separate, but that's just me...eh, I guess I don't have a problem with people discussing kde and gnome in the same channel...but heh yea, I could see how that could cause problems if everyone used the same irc server/channel/etc.22:10
jussi01regeya: this is not the right place for this discussion, kindly follow what I said :)22:10
BluesKajregeya, so what is your question besides the one above ?22:10
regeyaI went to the proper channel to discuss it...just me and jussi01, who hasn't responded yet22:11
lordraydenapt-get install sexy lady retunes an error :( :)) still, maybe in the next distro it will be better :)22:11
regeyathe clear message, after using ubuntu since the first release, has been 'give another distro a try' for a while now :->22:12
lordraydenshould I try sexy lady --in my rom ?22:12
jhutchins__regeya: THe philosophy behind separating the channels the way they are is that the desktop you choose largely determines your primary experience with the system, and the questions and problems, as well as their solutions, may be specific to the interface.22:12
CrashedI was able to get into recovery mode, but wasn't able to fix X when in it.22:12
CrashedWhat do you guys suggest I do?22:13
jussi01regeya: you havent joined #ubuntu-ops yet22:13
lordraydenapt-get install --reinstall xorg  crash22:13
jhutchins__Crashed: Well, from there you'd be able to edit your xorg config.22:13
Crashedjhut: I tried editing it back, didn't fix it.22:13
Crashedlord: alright.22:13
jhutchins__Or you could boot to normal mode, log in to a console, kill kdm and work up from there.22:13
lordraydendid u try dpkg reconfigure?22:13
CrashedAnything else I should know before rebooting *again*?22:13
jussi01!tab > Crashed22:14
CrashedI know about tab. :P22:14
lordraydenspecifically what is the mater?22:14
CrashedNot sure.22:14
Rogeis there a way to change the clock from 24 hour to normal22:14
CrashedI start X, X doesn't boot./22:14
lordraydenresolution? freq?22:14
jhutchins__Crashed: How are you starting it, and what DOES happen?22:14
CrashedI type 'X' to start it.22:15
mrunagiirssi | crashed22:15
jhutchins__(What doesn't happen is hardly ever of interest.)22:15
CrashedAnd it starts loading.22:15
lordraydentry startx22:15
CrashedIt gets to 100%, then the progress bar comes back and it's stuck at 90% forever.22:15
mrunagistartx will tell you more of why it wont load22:15
CrashedAh, okay.22:15
CrashedCTRL + ALT + F1 didn't put me in a terminal by the way.22:15
jhutchins__Progress bar... I never had a progress bar on plain x.22:15
CrashedI'm running Edgy.22:15
jhutchins__WHat's on the screen when you're done?22:15
CrashedI'm never done.22:15
CrashedIt's stuck at 90%.22:15
jhutchins__Crashed: Could be keyboard map issues then.22:16
lordraydenctrl alt backspace will do :)22:16
jhutchins__lordrayden: Might - unless his I/O is hosed.22:16
CrashedI'll try startx, then apt-get install --reinstall x22:16
BluesKajRoge, right click on the clock , choose date & time format, then times&dates tab and you'll see the drop down dialog choices there22:16
lordraydenreinstall xorg22:16
tcm_Hi I can't get 3d acceleration working. Can someone help me. It's a Compaq Evo N410c. http://pastebin.com/m725495a9 for lspci and xorg.conf22:17
AlferedHichcokin adept package manager. a package is "slapd"          is it the same as in http://www.openldap.org/software/download/   ? should i download slapd instead. ?22:19
fdovingAlferedHichcok: yes.22:19
The_ManU_212how to create a mp3 file out of a wav file with konqueror?22:20
AlferedHichcokfdoving,  ok. you sure. completely ?22:20
fdovingAlferedHichcok: yep. totaly.22:21
jussi01The_ManU_212: I dont think konq does that, try soundkonverter22:21
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto22:21
AlferedHichcokmrunagi,  yes ?22:21
The_ManU_212jussi01: are you ssure, because tehre are options for lame....22:22
mrunagisee above link22:22
BluesKajAlferedHichcok, fdoving , the slapd on the website DL is anewer version than the one in adept22:22
jussi01The_ManU_212: Im not sure that it doesnt do it, however, Iam sure soundkonverter does22:22
jhutchins__The_ManU_212: I believe there's a wav2mp3 util, but you should use something like ogg.22:22
bkmzDoes sombodey speak russian?22:22
jussi01!ru | bkmz22:23
ubotubkmz: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke22:23
bkmzÏî-ðóññêè êòî-òî áåëüìåñàåò?22:23
AlferedHichcokBluesKaj,  ok22:23
The_ManU_212jhutchins__: yes ogg is better but mp3 is mainstream :S so ogg is bad for sharing22:23
=== owner is now known as owner_
bkmzjussi01^ What have you just said?22:23
AlferedHichcokBluesKaj,  but iam talking only about stable release22:23
=== owner_ is now known as owner__
jussi01bkmz: /join #ubuntu-ru22:24
BluesKajyes AlferedHichcok the website release is stable22:24
bkmzok thanks :)22:24
AlferedHichcokBluesKaj,  shouldnt i must add repo of that in my adep. its always good to have apps from repo22:24
CrashedReinstalling Xorg didn't work22:24
mrunagiCrashe what is the problem22:24
AlferedHichcokCrashed,  whats your problem?22:24
lordraydenok, installed wine+dc++, now how do i fire dc++?22:25
CrashedX appears to be broken.22:25
jpatrick!nickspam > owner__22:25
mrunagimore infor please22:25
CrashedI ran some wacky commands that I saw ona a website to turn on VideoOverlay, and when I rebooted Kubuntu wouldn't boot up anymore.22:25
BluesKajAlferedHichcok, using the one in the repos should be fine, i was merely pointing out the difference.22:25
=== edulix_ is now known as Edulix
AlferedHichcokBluesKaj,  ok22:25
lordraydendid u try dpkg reconfigure blah blah?22:25
CrashedNo lord :|22:26
nosrednaekimCrashed» thats simple to fix.... boot up recovery mode and run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"22:26
CrashedAlright, I'll try that.22:26
CrashedEighth reboot here I come. :P22:26
mrunaginosrednaekim: remember that zoom icon problem i was having?22:26
lordraydendpkg reconfigure xserver xorg crash22:26
CrashedLooks like I'll need a pad and pen for that command.22:26
The_ManU_212ok i use lame22:26
nosrednaekimmrunagi» no....22:26
mrunaginevermind then22:26
nosrednaekimmrunagi» the setting for that is in "launch feed back"though ;)22:27
mrunagilaunch feed back?22:27
CrashedHere we go.22:28
lordraydennomatter how bad u do it at least ull gat a decent desktop to go configure with the mouse crash :)22:28
BluesKajmrunagi, in kcontrol22:28
nosrednaekimmrunagi» in kcontrol22:28
mrunagiwhat am i looking for in launch feed back22:29
AlferedHichcokBluesKaj,  iam new at this ldap stuff. how shouldi setup the server and client in the most secure manner. so that if any other clients tries to pluge the cable to the server he wont get connected.? how do i do networking that way?22:30
lordraydenhow do i start wine dc++?22:30
lordraydencomand line22:31
lordraydeni suck at wine22:31
jussi01lordrayden: wine file.exe22:32
=== dia is now known as dia_
BluesKajAlferedHichcok, i hate to say this , but I have no idea about server networking :(22:33
lordraydenk, i'll try reboot linux, kox i tried it and no dc++:)22:33
mrunagigood lord kwd crashes alot22:33
AlferedHichcokBluesKaj,  ok22:34
BluesKaj!ldap | AlferedHichcok22:34
ubotuAlferedHichcok: LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer22:34
lordraydenfiresttarter is a good place to start in server networking /w kubuntu :)22:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ksmoothdock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:34
* lordrayden rebootin22:34
=== ubuntu is now known as sMonk
PsycoshotThis si sorta embarassing >.>22:36
PsycoshotBut what do I put for a space in konsole ?22:36
adz21cPsycoshot: put a \ infront of the space22:37
Psycoshot:S I was right.22:37
PsycoshotWHy didn't it work T.T22:37
CrashedGuys, that didn't work.22:37
Crashedsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.22:37
CrashedI went through the dialogs and encountered the same problem.22:38
CrashedI've spent so much time on this small problem that it would've been quicker to reinstall Kubuntu.22:38
acemowhen i put vlc to full screen it puts the movie on my 1st screen, how do i get this on the 2nd screen?22:38
CrashedI may as well just reinstall kubuntu22:39
Psycoshotacemo: can you not just move stuff to your second screen and watch vlc on your first one?22:39
mrunagiwhy do  my ntfs drives not sit n the desktop anymore =(22:39
acemoPsycoshot: i have the 2nd screen near my bed and if i turn it 45 degrees i can watch a movie from my bed.. but with the 1st monitor i'd have to move it first.. so was hoping to get it to work on 2nd screen..22:41
Crashed2nd screen is porno screen? :P22:41
PsycoshotI dont knwo then. :P22:41
acemoCrashed: nah 2nd screen is for alot of things, not just movies22:42
acemoi'd use kaffeine.. but it doesnt likes this subtitle it seems..22:43
=== blackbox is now known as org
Ahmuckwhat do i need for games cedega or crossover office?22:46
Ahmuckwine won't do some windows apps22:46
Psycoshotcrossover is what I use the most.22:46
Ahmuckms access?22:46
PsycoshotIt doesnt work wiht everything but what it works with it works GOOD22:46
richardrandom noob question: in Konsole is there a shorthand way of referring to long file names?22:48
richardlike the Longfoldernamethingy becoming Longfo~1 in windows?22:48
acemorichard: tab22:48
=== jeremie is now known as jeremie_
=== jeremie_ is now known as jeremie__
Ahmucksome\ long\ filename22:49
Ahmucksome\ long\ [tab]22:49
Ahmucki always tab complete in yakuake22:50
richardah, i like22:50
=== dia_ is now known as diana
acemowhen trying to open a movie with subtitles in kaffeine i get these 2 errors: http://i25.tinypic.com/jshp90.png http://i32.tinypic.com/2ni5xmf.png there are the files tlf-hofd.cd1.avi tlf-hofd.cd1.idx and tlf-hofd.cd1.sub all in the same folder what am i doing wrong?22:53
Mojo_risinhi. there is an easy way to downgrade from 3.5.9 to 3.5.8?22:54
dhqwhen i link a file in apache directory why doesnt the file show22:55
Rukuswhen i enable dektop effects in KDE4, my videos play, but they are blacked out. if i move VLC around with my mouse, the video shows! but only as a imove it22:56
Rukusanyone help?22:56
Mojo_risinJoshOvki: aptfix?22:57
jussi01Rukus: kde4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 :)22:57
Rukusif i disable dekstop effects, videos play fine22:57
AhmuckJoshOvki: pcm is sound22:57
mrunagiis there a command to see if my cpu is sse3 enabled?22:57
JoshOvkiMojo_risin: just testin ubutou its not responding22:57
AhmuckJoshOvki: it's a ripped dvd?22:57
Mojo_risinJoshOvki: ok22:57
JoshOvkiAhmuck: it was Rukus22:58
Ahmuckah, actually acemo22:58
daSKreechAre the Alpha 5 cds having issues?22:58
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:58
user5somebody using amrok22:58
Rukussorry what was?22:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cpu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:59
user5amork bout?22:59
RukusJoshOvki, ?22:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sse3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:59
=== r0uzic is now known as r0uzic_ausente
JoshOvkiRukus: asking the question about the video, he thought it was me23:00
Ahmuckuser5: yes23:01
Ahmuckuser5: what are you after?23:02
PsycoshotAny of you know the hardware that can put graphics on 2 monitors from one PC.23:02
PsycoshotVideo splitter or something?23:02
jussi01Psycoshot: video card....23:03
PsycoshotYeah but what if you want to hook up 2 monitors?23:03
Ahmucktwo video cards or a card that does dual23:03
jussi01mine has dvi+vga+svideo23:03
DragnslcrA lot of modern video cards have two outputs23:03
PsycoshotMine oldddd :P23:04
PsycoshotATI radeon 920023:04
DragnslcrYou can probably get a VGA splitter, but you'd have the same display on two monitors23:04
Psycoshotthats close :P23:04
DragnslcrIf you want to different displays, you'd need a video card with two outputs23:04
PsycoshotTHats the only way?23:05
xxBasYxxhow to restart cupsd ?23:05
jussi01Psycoshot: I have a 9250, and that has the 3 ports23:05
PsycoshotOh, Well I have one VGA and one Digital23:05
jussi01Psycoshot: you can get dvi -> vga23:06
Ahmuckor vga to dvi23:06
PsycoshotOh I have a VGA DVI and VID OUT23:06
DragnslcrThen what's the problem?23:07
=== ubuntu is now known as sMonk
jussi01Psycoshot: and what do you need? 2xvga?23:07
PsycoshotIs that 3 different outputs?23:07
jussi01Psycoshot: yes23:07
Psycoshotsweet :D23:07
PsycoshotI tohught it was like one.23:07
sMonkanyone here up for a challanging problem?23:11
daSKreechNever mind23:11
daSKreechsuddenly started downloading23:12
crashedIs there an apt-get search command, or something similar?23:12
_amermodapt-cache search23:12
daSKreechsMonk: Just ask23:12
_amermodI'm trying to troubleshoot bluetooth, anybody may help?23:15
_amermoddriver is loaded23:15
_amermodfirmware is - I think - up to date23:15
jussi01Does anyone know if its possible to save a document on linux as an MS office 2007 doc? (docx)23:15
_amermodbut hcitool dev gives nothing23:15
_amermodI don't know where to start...23:16
_amermodsee dmesg & lspci output here http://rafb.net/p/dRdndh15.html23:16
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup23:16
karl_i'm getting the ./configure error "configure:1782: error: C compiler cannot create executables but I have Build-essential installed"; anyone know how to remedy?23:17
_amermodubotu: thx I almost know it by heart, at least up to "23:17
_amermod    *23:17
_amermod      hcitool output:23:17
_amermod        Devices:23:17
_amermod              hci0    00:11:95:00:1A:CF23:17
crashedAnyone know how to install wxPython?23:17
_amermodbecause I get output "Devices:" and that's it23:17
karl_crashed: apt-get install python-wxgtk2.823:18
crashed2.6 you mean? :P23:18
_amermodso I guess it's a device related problem. how to investigate?23:18
crashedAlready have that installed, but my wx script isn't working.23:19
karl_2.8 is out23:19
karl_iunno how it works, just telling you23:19
jussi01!bot > _amermod23:19
crashedOkay, thanks.23:19
crashedI'll stick to using my tk version. :/23:19
=== _amermod is now known as amermod_
draikHello all23:20
AlferedHichcokhow to make ldap network having windows (client)account folders in a linux server (openldap) so that everytime client boots. it has to auth from server?23:20
karl_that's a bit complex to describe in irc23:21
karl_google it23:21
karl_it's out there for sure23:21
draikI was looking for a new laptop (my 3rd) and saw that HP is shipping with SUSE. I have an HP laptop already. How are they nowadays with Linux compatibility?23:22
mrunagi /j #osx8623:22
Daisuke-Idodraik: i still recommend the dellbuntu option23:23
Daisuke-Idothey make sure everything works23:24
karl_i wish they had it on the m1330 model23:24
amermod_jussi01: do you have a "!something" for troubleshooting bluetooth device? ;-)23:24
draikDaisuke-Ido: Dell makes sure it works? That's going to be a first with me and Dell.23:24
jussi01amermod_: sorry23:25
Daisuke-Idokarl_: look at their site again23:25
draikSpeaking of Dell laptops, I cannot get more than 700 kB/s transfer on USB 2.0. Where should I begin to look for a resolution?23:25
karl_i'll do that now, but i'm pretty sure it isn't there23:25
xxBasYxxHi when i start to print document from openoffice writer only 1 page was printed and after that i can't print anything else... Im on Kubuntu... How to restart cups, plz?23:25
karl_do i have to go to the dellbuntu site, or is it just an option during the configure process?23:25
Daisuke-Idothat looks like an m1330 to me23:26
Daisuke-Idohttp://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/linux_3x?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs loaded quicker for me23:26
sMonkIf you like a challange, I have a problem posted here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57274/23:26
karl_awwww sweet23:26
crashedDangit, I forgot how to configure TV Time. :(23:27
karl_i wonder how they are offering dvd playback23:27
Daisuke-Idothey're probably paying for the license23:27
karl_you think there is any real benefit to buying it with linux vs buying it with windows?23:27
karl_i can get it cheaper with more addons with windows23:28
karl_think they developed closed drivers or something?23:28
Daisuke-Idokarl_: you're not supporting windows23:28
karl_i'm not sure if that's worth the extra $20023:29
Daisuke-Idothe ubuntu 1330 STARTS $50 cheaper than the windows one23:30
daSKreechsMonk: You borked your permissions23:30
karl_yeah but if you buy the ubuntu m1330 red model it comes with 3gb ram and is cheaper23:30
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Daisuke-Idothere is no ubuntu red model, that's windows, and it IS $200 more than the ubuntu version23:32
karl_not if you plan on buying a warranty of equal value23:32
karl_what i want with 1gb ram, linux model: 185223:33
karl_what i want with 3gb ram, red model: 190023:33
sMonkdaSKreech: what do you mean?23:33
vladhi people23:34
vladcan i ask for help here_23:34
daSKreechsMonk: I mean you did something to mess up all your permissions23:34
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ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)23:35
sMonkGreat.. now how do I fix this23:35
crashedHm, anyone know how to setup TV Time?23:35
crashedI've got the program running, it's just displaying a black screen.23:35
vladwhen i finish my ubuntu installation my audio sounds like cutted, i got audigy se23:36
vladhow can i solve this problem_23:36
karl_i agree with you on supporting linux23:36
karl_wish it was as good of a deal23:36
BluesKajwhat tvtuner card do you have , crashed ?23:36
crashedPowerView/LifeView PCI TV Tuner.23:37
crashedSAA7130 decoder23:37
crashedI had TV Time working with this same system only a week ago, but I don't remember what I did.23:37
BluesKajdo you see a input config menu ?23:37
daSKreechsMonk: If I could see your history file I might be able to guess if you did something wrong23:39
daSKreechOther than that it's going to be fun unravelling broken permissions23:39
prince_jammyssMonk: who is the owner/group of /dev/vboxdrv  ?23:39
vladany suggestion with my sound problem?23:40
BluesKajclick on input till you find a pic23:40
sMonki don't know23:40
crashedBlues: I tried that, the input is stuck on 'default'23:41
prince_jammyssMonk: do you have access to the drive?23:41
prince_jammyssMonk: are you able to view files on that drive right now?23:41
sMonkright now? no,23:41
prince_jammyssMonk: you're on the live CD?23:42
crashedAny idea BluesKaj?23:42
BluesKajcrashed, maybe there's linux software for your tvcard , do some searches23:42
swattoAnybody know how i can play .wmv and .mov files please?23:42
crashedTV Time used to work great...23:43
crashedStream live TV, that's all I wanted.23:43
BluesKajswatto, yes use VLC23:43
prince_jammyssMonk: from what i've been seeing on the internet (and i know nothing about vbox) -- it seems that the problem might be that you were not a member of the group "vboxusers"23:43
swattoi can install it from synaptic?23:43
BluesKaj!vlc | swatto23:43
ubotuswatto: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs23:43
crashedOh well.23:43
draikWhere should I look for a resolution to fix the slow USB 2.0 transfer rate? It's no more than 700 kB/s (low-mid 600s average)23:43
crashedBluesKaj: How does VMWare work?23:43
prince_jammyssMonk: now what happened after that ... i don't know23:43
crashedI install VMWare server on this machine, then install VMWare client?23:43
crashedAnd run Windows?23:43
sMonkYeah, I found that out just a min ago.. but how would setting that command cause the errors and kick me out?23:43
karl_crashed: vmware server costs $$23:44
karl_get virtualbox23:44
BluesKaj!vmware | crashed23:44
ubotucrashed: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers23:44
karl_i would say just do virtualbox23:44
prince_jammyssMonk: i'm not sure23:44
karl_as easy and you don't have to dick around with easyvmx23:44
prince_jammyssMonk: meaning i don't know :)23:45
sMonkok I just found this Ubuntu log.. can some one tell me if it's worth a shot? and sum it down into normal talk    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62961323:45
prince_jammyssMonk: you need to mount the filesystem so we can look at it from the live cd23:45
swattohmm im new to linux, how do I install it blueskaj?23:45
swattoor do you refer to just a type of media player? because i have amorak and it doesnt play on there23:45
sMonk3/4 down the page some guy had the same problem.. he seemd to solve it on page 2.. but I don't understand.23:46
swattoah its ok i found it blue23:46
BluesKajswatto , first you have to do this : Open Adept Package Manager.  On the menu of that screen, click on Adept -> Manage  Repositories. Click the "Kubuntu Software" tab, check all the boxes ["X"]. The same goes for the "Third Party Software" tab. Close Adept, and then in the terminal: "sudo apt-get update" .Now you have more sources for applications other than the defaults that came with Kubuntu.23:46
crashed Couldn't find vmware-player. :/23:46
sMonkprince_jammys: ok, how do I do that?23:49
crashedI really want TV Time to work right now.23:49
prince_jammyssMonk: ok open a terminal23:52
BluesKajcrashe you don't need a tvtuner for streaming video from the internet23:52
sMonkprince_jammys: ok done, btw did you look at that link I posted? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=629613 and goto page 2, it could this help?23:53
sMonkbut continue23:53
prince_jammyssMonk: maybe23:53
sMonkterminal open23:53
prince_jammyssMonk: sudo -i23:53
vladcan someone help me?23:53
prince_jammyssMonk: mkdir /mnt/workspace23:54
crashedHm, how do you install MythTV?23:54
SlimeyPetevlad: just ask your question. If anyone here knows the answer then they will help you :)23:54
crashedsudo apt-get install mythtv doesn't work.23:54
SlimeyPeteoh right, you did ask a while ago23:54
prince_jammysfdisk -l23:54
BluesKajcrashed, if you have an antenna , cable or satellite feed then you use that input to the tvcard23:54
crashedI have a cable feed.23:55
prince_jammyssMonk: do you see your disk?23:55
=== scorpion is now known as Scorpion54
crashedWhat is 'that' input?23:55
BluesKajMythtv is complicated and difficult to setup , goto #mythtv for help23:55
sMonkI have 2 disks.. one with the system on it, the other disk has my /home folder23:55
Scorpion54the cable or satellite23:55
BluesKajtvtuner card input23:56
prince_jammyssMonk: can you tell which /dev is which?23:56
BluesKajanyway it's tv time for me and wifey , BBL23:56
karl_sMonk you need to edit your fstab folder and make it mount the home partition to /home23:56
karl_fstab file, rather23:56
prince_jammyssMonk: what is the /dev/xxxx for you root partition?23:57
sMonkit's /dev/sda123:57
sMonkhome folder is /dev/hdb223:58
prince_jammysmount /dev/sda1 /mnt/workspace23:58
prince_jammyssMonk: mkdir /mnt/workhome23:58
karl_then just look in /mnt/workspace23:58
prince_jammyssMonk: mount /dev/hdb2 /mnt/workhome23:59

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