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macd does anyone have sporatic problems with ppa rejecting uploads due to a key mismatch (although its obviously not) ?03:02
* Fujitsu hasn't heard of anything like that.03:03
macdI can only attribute it to softwares attitude towards me, which in general is uncooperative03:04
macdam I correct in assuming that revu2 and ppa both get your key from LP? or are syncd from there?03:06
Fujitsurevu2 doesn't exist.03:06
macdwell revu in that case03:06
FujitsuREVU syncs keys from LP.03:06
FujitsuPPA uses them directly, so no manual sync of the keyring is required.03:07
macdI'll just have to try and capture some packets next time to see if its just some hiccup on my end, but that answers my question, thanks Fujitsu 03:09
FujitsuWhat's the exact error message you get?03:10
macdlet me rebuild and resign it, just to make sure first03:15
macdtypical, it works now03:24
macdI'll just have to wait until it happens again03:24
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comperrstgraber, ping!05:40
fdrHi! I would like to propose a translation for a string in an application. I reached the launchpad translation page for that application, but I don't understand how to search the string I am looking for. How do I do it? Thanks!08:41
* Hobbsee waves10:36
moomo1if i accidently put a password or sensitive data in my bugreport, i click edit, and remove it, but then it say "This description was updated. View original description." :(10:37
Fujitsumoomo1: You need to talk to an admin about that. You could make it private until you get it fixed.10:37
moomo1is any admin here?10:37
Hobbseenot at this time of day, on a sunday10:38
Fujitsumoomo1: File a request to have the data removed at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion.10:38
Fujitsumoomo1: Then set the bug in question to private.10:39
ubotuMeddle not in the affairs of sysadmins for they are mysterious and quick to anger.10:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about admins - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about administrators - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:58
Hobbseemoomo1: kiko-afk or SteveA 11:00
* sivang tries to guess kiko-afk 's timezone and current time11:00
sivangah okay, so its too early for him I guess11:02
Hobbseesivang: 8.02am would be my guess - but it's a sundya there11:02
sivangah right11:02
sivanghow are you doing Hobbsee ?11:02
Hobbseesivang: i smashed my finger in a window, and i've just discovered that uni starts tomorrow, not tuesday.  on the upside, though, i didn't quite kill anyone today.11:03
sivangHobbsee: anyway good to hear from you, see you later11:03
* Fujitsu hopes his uni does in fact start on Tuesday.11:03
* Hobbsee was looking at the 07 dates.11:03
sivangcheers all11:03
moomo1if administrator is in this room, plz msg me i need help11:09
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Fujitsumoomo1: As I said, mark the bug private, and ask a question at the URL I gave.11:17
FujitsuThat should elicit an admin response.11:17
moomo1fujitsu, but then all everyone who is subscribed to launchpad, can read it11:20
moomo1mark private can anyone who subscribed see, not only admin11:20
Fujitsumoomo1: Who is subscribed, though?11:21
moomo1like 10000 people11:21
moomo1if i have account, im subscribed?11:21
FujitsuTo one bug which you just filed?11:21
FujitsuOnly if you're subscribed *to the bug*.11:21
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LaibschHow can I ask someone to have 2.3 as wordpress series in https://translations.launchpad.net/wordpress/ ?13:13
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JoeUbuntuso, I sent an email to an administrator; is anyone around?17:05
pascal80How can I make a link between https://translations.launchpad.net/brasero/ and https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/brasero/18:39
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pascal80I would like people to translate the Brasero packages in the current Ubuntu development release (hardy) when they click on Translations for the Brasero project18:44
mdkepascal80: I don't think that can be done. Having said that, best to ask during the week or on the mailing list so a rosetta developer can give you a definite answer18:48
mdkebut isn't brasero a gnome project? it's probably better to coordinate translation with the gnome translation team, I would have thought18:49
pascal80mdke, brasero doesn't use Launchpad for translations18:50
mdkeno, nor do most gnome projects18:50
pascal80mdke: but in that case we can still do translations for ubuntu packages, right?18:52
mdkeyes, the Ubuntu translation teams can18:52
mdkethat's the second link you quoted above18:52
pascal80Actually I did register the Brasero project in Launchpad and regullary get emails from people that want to do translations18:53
mdkeright. But I'm not sure the solution is to point them towards ubuntu; surely it's best to point them towards whatever the upstream translation project for brasero is (gnome?)18:55
mdkethat way they can contribute in a more efficient way, and their work is used in all distributions of the project18:55
pascal80mdke: I'm not sure if most people sending me emails are up to the task of doing translations in gnome18:57
mdkebut they are up to doing translations in Ubuntu?18:59
pascal80mdke: the launchpad web interface allows anyone to contribute easily19:00
mdkethat's a good reason to use it for brasero :)19:01
mdkeanyway, my answer is the same - I don't think it's possible to do what you asked for19:02
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pascal80mdke: I agree, but don't think upstream will want to use Launchpad since it is a gnome project19:03
pascal80mdke: thanks for your answer19:05
mdkeI am getting oops when trying to associate a branch with a series. Latest one is OOPS-785EB63 - if anyone happens to be around perhaps they can find out what's wrong?19:06
pascal80mdke: Another question: do you know how I can remove the accidently added gqview distribution package here: https://launchpad.net/brasero/+packages19:07
mwhudsonmdke: do you happen to have a slightly older oops number for the same thing?19:08
mdkemwhudson: no, sorry - how long does it take?19:08
mwhudsonnot sure to be honest19:08
mwhudsona few minutes19:08
mdkepascal80: sorry, I have never tried that part of launchpad19:08
pascal80mdke: no problem, thanks anyway19:09
mdkemwhudson: I can wait if you can :)19:09
mwhudsonmdke: ah, hm19:10
mwhudsonmdke: can you point me to the series?19:11
mdkemwhudson: I get them with ubuntu-doc/dapper and ubuntu-doc/feisty which were the ones I tried19:12
mdkethat particular one was for dapper19:12
mwhudsonmdke: it's because the import details are still set up, it seems19:12
mwhudsonmdke: do you want me to clear out the subversion details for those series?19:13
mdkemwhudson: ah, I see. sure, thanks (unless I can do it myself)19:13
mwhudsoni'm sure it's easier for me...19:13
mdkeif you can do edgy too then19:14
mwhudsonmdke: how is the ubuntu-doc project finding bazaar?19:14
mwhudsonmdke: imports cleared out19:15
mdkemwhudson: it's working fine afaik - I like it. We use it in quite a centralised way, with bound branches generally19:15
mwhudsonthe ubuntu-doc branches are quite large, aren't they?19:15
mdkeyes, pretty large. they take ages to download19:16
mwhudsoni can see that pushing new branches up to launchpad a lot would be annoying19:16
mwhudson(this is something we need to fix, of course)19:17
mdkemwhudson: well, I haven't tried it, but when you push a new branch to LP, doesn't it use the master branch and just take the new revisions?19:18
mdkeor does it take the whole thing?19:18
mwhudsonmdke: sadly, no19:18
mwhudsonnot yet19:18
mdkewell, the bound branches thing works ok19:20
mdkethe reason they are so large is because we keep all the revision control since the beginning of the repo in each branch19:20
mdkeprobably for the next branch we will jettison that19:21
mdkejust start a new branch from the working copy19:21
mdkemwhudson: any disadvantages to that?19:25
mwhudsonwell, it means that you won't be able to merge from branches made before you did that, etc19:26
mwhudsonhopefully, the stacked repo/shallow branches stuff will ease the costs of having all the history "around"19:26
mdkethat sounds pretty cool19:27
mdkenice adjectives19:27
mwhudsonmaking launchpad work better for large branches is absolutely a priority for the next few months19:27
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mptGoooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!21:02
macdwhen I goto my ppa url, it gives me a 404, though I've uploaded in the past and have packages there 21:06
mptmacd, what is the URL of your Launchpad profile?21:16
macdhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~dzportwood/+archive thats how I navigate, and the actual repo is http://ppa.launchpad.net/dzportwood/ubuntu21:17
macdlast night I uploaded successfully as well21:17
mptwell, that's weird21:18
macdwell, according to p_v.upload  I did21:18
mptUnfortunately neither of the relevant Launchpad developers are around at the moment21:18
mptYou might want to try asking at https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz21:18
gesermacd: did you change your LP nick recently?21:19
philn_is there a problem with the lpia build machine? I've got a build in the queue for 9 hours now21:19
macdgeser, its been the same since I signed up21:19
macdmpt, thanks, I'll submit one there, and/or keep a lookout for them here21:19
macdits no big deal if somehow it got deleted or whatever, I can reupload everything, I just didnt feel like commenting out the line in alot of apt sources.list ;)21:20
macdand it still accepts it, hehe21:23
Fujitsumacd: I think that's normal, as it doesn't have any packages...21:35
macdLast night if you remember I was getting signuature verification errors, then this morning the repo is non-existant :/21:38
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superm1hi, i've got a package I deleted from the web interface of a PPA about a week and a half ago, but they are still there22:43
superm1(and causing failed builds)22:43
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nhainesI have a PPA question.  I did something foolish.  :)23:21
nhainesI uploaded a .changes file, but in setting up my .dput.cf file, I put in the project name instead of the distro name ('pyroom' instead of 'ubuntu') and now I cannot upload the file again to the Ubuntu distro.23:22
nhainesSo I'm either looking for help with the appropriate dcut commands, or help in clearing these files from Launchpad's PPA queue.23:22
Fujitsunhaines: That is a client-side issue. Use dput -f23:23
Fujitsu(or remove the .upload file that dput created)23:23
nhainesAh!  It's my first package so I didn't recognize the new file and couldn't find anywhere else to look for a list of uploaded package status.23:24
nhainesThanks so much.  :)23:24
nhainesFujitsu: I just received an email saying my upload was rejected because there is no pyroom_0.1.orig.tar.gz.  How can I send that along with the changes file?23:38
Fujitsunhaines: Ensure that you run debuild -S -sa, rather than just debuild -S23:39
FujitsuBut only for the first upload of that orig.tar.gz.23:39
nhainesOh?  That's good to know!23:39
nhainesI have a chroot problem.  Can someone help me debug it or should I go to #ubuntu-motu?  https://edge.launchpad.net/~nhaines/+archive/+build/52406423:53
Fujitsunhaines: It was the first upload to your PPA?23:54
nhainesFujitsu: yes.23:55
Fujitsunhaines: Known issue. If you wait 4 minutes and upload something else, it should work.23:56
nhainesFujitsu: Can I upload something else or is it sufficient to retry the build?23:57
Fujitsunhaines: If you have a button to retry it, that will work.23:57

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