CorruptTerroristanyone here used wubi to install 8.04?00:14
CorruptTerroristas wubi downloads the x64 image instead of the x8600:15
CorruptTerroristshould i install the x64 or the x86 if i have an intel q6600 quad core?00:17
h3sp4wn_Upto you00:17
CorruptTerroristbut wubi downloads the x6400:18
CorruptTerroristcan i get past it just by downloading the 32bit and placing it in the same folder?00:19
h3sp4wn_try it00:22
AmaranthCorruptTerrorist: why does it matter?00:34
AmaranthCorruptTerrorist: wubi is not supposed to be a permanent environment, just for playing with for a couple weeks00:35
Amaranthand you have flash and java support00:35
Amaranththe only thing i can think of you lose out on is skype but there are ways to get that too00:35
h3sp4wn_There is no working java plugin as of yesterday00:39
h3sp4wn_(Simple to just use a 32 bit firefox)00:39
h3sp4wn_actually not as simple as it should be00:39
CorruptTerroristbut can i just download the 32 bit iso?00:42
CorruptTerroristis wubi on the alpha 5 cd?01:24
ethana3i think so, yes01:27
Kunihey everybody, I've got a problem! :)02:06
KuniSeems after using headphones, I no longer have stereo sound.02:07
Kunionly the right speaker works both on my laptop and on my headphones. After multiple reboots, too.02:07
Kunimuting and then unmuting fixed it02:12
Kuninevermind! :)02:12
sn0is there somewhere where the older alphas are kept? i want to install something pre-alpha 5 to confirm a bug report02:28
sn0if anyone else has experienced this, there used to be a launcher icon on the top bar to launch firefox, after upgrading an earlier alpha the icon changed to a launcher icon, which now gives an error as per bug 19492702:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194927 in ubuntu "Error: Could not launch application: Not a launchable item" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19492702:29
wastrelsn0: i got that iirc02:31
wastrelgone now though, and i didn't think anything about it02:32
sn0wastrel you experience the same ?02:32
wastreli did yes but i forget when, and what the error was02:32
sn0it might have been alpha 4, im not 100% sure, but i cannot find a download for alpha 402:33
sn0i just deleted an earlier iso today too :<02:37
wastreli just run hardy i haven't been in "testing" mode02:37
zero-9376is there any way to stop hardy automatically placing 'shortcuts' for shares i access as if i had used the connect to server dialog02:38
sn0it was actually tracker that reminded me, i noticed it doesn't take mouse focus when you click on the tracker icon02:38
Laneysn0: Do you mean bug 193902?02:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193902 in firefox-3.0 "[Hardy alpha5] Firefox launcher is broken (on the top menu)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19390202:38
sn0Laney that looks like it!02:39
zero-9376i access many computers during a day but they are most often not the same ones, im hoping there is a gconf key associated with this behaviour02:39
LaneyIt was on the alpha 5 release notes ;)02:39
wastrelwhat's tracker02:41
sn0Laney that explains firefox, something must have changed as in bug 194927 a similar problem remains on the livecd with the gparted being launched from the menu02:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194927 in ubuntu "Error: Could not launch application: Not a launchable item" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19492702:41
zero-9376anyone know anything about this, i like to keep my desktop sparse with just my drives and regular folders i dont want these network folders popping up there every time i connect to a different computer02:43
Laneysn0: I'd guess they are separate, but I don't know enough about the LiveCD to be sure. It just looks like a problem with the su-to-root program.02:44
sn0ok Laney that makes sense for me, thanks02:44
sn0wastrel traker is the program that index's your hard disk and files02:45
sn0beagle was replaced some time ago, some releases ago maybe02:46
wastreli don't pay attention to those things02:46
sn0Laney any chance you know where to download old alphas ? :) would be useful to know02:46
Laneysn0: I'm not sure... Perhaps you could find an old torrent somewhere. I think they're deleted from the mirrors once superseded02:46
Laneysn0: Yeah, there's a torrent on mininova :)02:47
sn0the internet updates so quick these days that its hard to find older files, pity archive.org doesn't archive isos :)02:47
LaneyYou probably want to verify the md5sum somehow though...02:48
DanaGI get the same right-channel-only thing after suspend and resume.  Twiddling 'mute' does fix it.02:54
BaD_CrCi wonder what the issue is here. i'm running hardy and i don't know if it's a nautilus or ntfs-3g thing, or even a possibility of both, but even on a Intel C2Q Q6600 running x86 version, i get all 4 cores maxed out at 100% and the system becomes very sluggish when copying or moving files between ntfs and ext3 drives.03:03
sn0BaD_CrC have you tried copying files without using ntfs-3g and just mounted with ntfs instead?03:05
BaD_CrCwhen i 'move' files it needs delete permissions and the regular ntfs driver wont be nice to me like that.03:06
sn0well you mention copy too, so it may show where the problem stems from03:07
BaD_CrCdelete=write=!ntfs -> ntfs-3g03:07
LaneyWell you can try using cp to eliminiate (or not) nautilus03:07
LaneyI do see the same slowness using nautilus though :(03:08
BaD_CrC5915 john      20   0  162m  76m  28m S   20  99.0 120:31.24 nautilus03:08
BaD_CrC29825 root      20   0  3944 1236  652 S    4  99.0  23:27.11 mount.ntfs-3g03:08
sn0ouch, is it only in hardy BaD_CrC ?03:09
BaD_CrCjust kinda annoying that when doing weekly backups it brings my system to its knees03:09
LaneyNah, Gutsy too03:09
BaD_CrCsn0: i haven't tried it in gutsy or on my debian/sid box03:09
BaD_CrCi'll play with it on the debian/sid box when i go back to work on monday03:10
DanaGntfs-3g has always been painful when I've used it.03:10
DanaGIt only uses a lot of one core, though -- it leaves my other one free.03:10
sn0compared to captive-ntfs ntfs-3g has been a dream for me personally03:11
BaD_CrCit'd be nice if they'd focus more on the ntfs writing abilities and just incorporate it directly into the kernel tree03:11
BaD_CrCit'd probably have to be a restricted-module though :(03:12
BaD_CrCi'm gonna reboot and try something. :P wish me luck.03:14
Meowi get an error each time i boot the installation03:22
MeowThe installation has failed. Logs have been saved in: /ubuntu/installation-logs.zip.03:23
=== Meow is now known as CorruptTerrorist
nomasteryodanice to see seahorse is installed by default on hardy03:24
nomasteryodathat puppy makes keys so simple03:24
CorruptTerroristany help?03:25
wastrelseahorse and puppy03:29
=== DarthShr1ne is now known as DarthShrine
CorruptTerroristcan anyone help me?03:30
nomasteryodathe question is what?03:31
CorruptTerroristThe installation has failed. Logs have been saved in: /ubuntu/installation-logs.zip.03:31
CorruptTerroristbut i can't find it03:31
nomasteryodai've not had such happen...03:32
CorruptTerroristi'm using wubi btw03:32
nomasteryodawait, maybe its in /home/ubuntu/03:32
nomasteryodaif you are in windows... maybe hidden under your local settings folder03:32
CorruptTerroristwhich would be where?03:33
nomasteryodaif the installer behaves like a normal windows program03:33
CorruptTerroristit boots itself03:33
nomasteryodathe installer starts in windows, makes an image for ubuntu on your system... a single file03:33
nomasteryodaand adds the boot parts to the windows boot loader03:34
DanaGHere's what I need: a WUBI that can install to a partition.03:35
DanaGi.e. I want instlux, but all that that site offers is Dapper.03:36
CorruptTerroristi'll try to get the log... brb03:37
DanaGI just had all my input devices freeze for about 30 seconds... but my panel was still showing stuff animated (such as the tracker icon).03:47
DanaGpsmouse.c: Wheel Mouse at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost synchronization, throwing 2 bytes away.03:47
DanaGOh great, and now all my touchpad settings have all been lost, since apparently my touchpad is no longer a touchpad.03:48
heret1calpha 5?03:48
DanaGI'm using whatever's on the repos.  I don't install specific alphas; I just dist-upgrade.03:49
heret1clikeliest a bug in x, don't u think? what dmesg say?03:50
DanaGSynaptics driver lost sync... got gigantic packet!03:50
DanaGin xorg log.03:50
DanaGviva la ctrl-alt-backspace.03:52
heret1c<fx> rousing cheer03:53
heret1cwonder if I've found a bug my lappy has a physically broken display, so I use an external monitor. jave put a card beneath the screen so that it presses the "screen lid closed" button. so integral display shows, but it shouldn't.03:57
heret1cnot very important, but annoying.03:58
ethana3my ISP is evil04:30
ethana3can transmission use the highest, most powerful level of encryption possible?04:30
heret1cwhere are you?04:33
ethana3so until i move somewhere were i can get service from copowi04:34
heret1cwhat u mean by encryption? ssl?04:34
ethana3man, they might even block encrypted traffic04:34
ethana3it's like RC4 or something04:34
ethana3yeah, RC404:35
heret1cuse tor?04:36
heret1cthe onion router04:36
ethana3i don't want to mess with tor if i can help it04:36
ethana3azureus can do RC404:36
ethana3is it true that transmission cannot?04:36
ethana3bittorent over TCP/IP04:37
ethana3i don't /think/ it's UDP04:38
heret1cgoogle around04:39
heret1cor clusty.04:39
heret1cwwwclustycom - best search engine imo04:40
ethana3ope, no bitcomet for linux04:41
ethana3If transmission would auto-detect ISP evilness and use any level of encryption needed automatically, it'd be awesome04:41
ethana3i think it's very nice, simple, and well integrated..04:42
ethana3..so it'd be great if /I/ didn't even have to worry about it04:42
silent_Hardy seems a bit sluggish04:45
infinitycircuitdid the hardy updates break sudo autocomplete for anyone?04:46
PiciI'm using zsh, so... I don't know :/04:47
infinitycircuitPici, i've never been able to get sudo tab completion to work in zsh on any distro...if you can explain how you did that i'd love to switch over :)04:48
silent_what's up with the multitudes of free music on magnatune?04:48
Piciinfinitycircuit: I didn't do anything special.04:48
DanaGSudo tab-completion has ALWAYS been broken for me.04:49
DanaG(I use bash.)04:49
silent_DanaG: that's weird04:49
DanaGAt least, I think it's always been broken for me.04:50
ethana3silent_: what?04:51
ethana3i use jamendo04:52
ethana3magnatune only for sampling via amarok04:52
silent_ethana3: are these things stores... or are they freely released music?04:52
ethana3magnatune is a store04:52
ethana3jamendo is Free music04:52
ethana3as Ubuntu is Free software04:52
silent_why can I listen to music on magnatune?04:52
ethana3jamendo has over seven thousand albums04:52
silent_without paying cash04:52
ethana3because they Are Not Evil04:53
silent_-_-" Please explain04:53
ethana3i think they can explain better than myself04:53
silent_listen all you want04:54
silent_good enough for me04:54
silent_if I find something I like and I want to download it... there are other ways04:54
ethana3silent_: they acted in good faith, be sure not to betray it05:02
ethana3silent_: if you want Free music that does not already exist, create it05:02
ethana3the next major version of amarok brings jamendo integration05:02
infinitycircuitPici, thanks for the tip it's all working out of the box with zsh05:02
Piciinfinitycircuit: sure thing :)05:03
ethana3wait, does hardy use a different shell than gutsy?05:03
Andre_Gondiminfinitycircuit, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=bash+completation&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch=&field.has_no_package=05:03
DanaGDon't you just love Flash?05:04
ethana3Andre_Gondim: never before would i have recommended pastebin for the transmission of a hyperlink05:04
Andre_Gondimethana3, just one link with the bug in Hardy Bash05:05
ethana3so we haven't moved to zsh?05:05
ethana3i don't know what all the different shells are good for...05:05
ethana3i know we use dash for script files05:05
DanaGgaack, keyboard stuckage again.05:10
DanaGbug 19093405:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190934 in libgnomekbd "[hardy] keyboard modifiers randomly forgotten" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19093405:10
silent_ethana3: creating good music requires substantial amounts of psychoactive drugs. I'm not sure I'm up to the task05:11
ethana3silent_: we need software to do it05:13
ethana3silent_: a good creation suite should create art with three clicks, a random number generator, and a rating system05:13
silent_getting a hold of the software had been no problem, but finding acid and 2 pounds of weed was no easy task at 6:30 on a friday night in hollywood05:13
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu+1. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.05:14
silent_movies being an exception, sorry for not quoting05:15
* heret1c dons his tinfoil hat05:15
ethana3man, i wonder how hard it'd be to find a bumper sticker to break all of those05:16
ethana3meh, not enough room05:16
DanaGo4o?  What does that stand for?05:17
ubotuo4o is <alias> offtopic4offtopic - added by LjL on 2006-12-21 03:36:0905:17
ethana3...so where do i go to discuss politics, drugs, and suicide??05:18
ethana3windows user groups05:18
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:18
ethana3oh, nevermind-- that was two things, offtopic and offensive stuff; different05:19
ethana3i digress05:19
ethana3i'm going to see if alpha5 livecd can handle my machine properly...05:21
DanaGI really like the Heron wallpaper.05:27
heret1coctopussyish. :)05:27
DanaGI actually wish it were a bit brighter.05:28
DanaGI tried color-picking from it to match my theme to it, but it made it darker than I like.05:28
telexiconyea its an excellent background05:29
silent_it's pretty funky05:37
silent_but I'm colourblind, so I probably don't have as much appreciation for it05:37
DanaGWell, it's mostly red and orange, and I don't think there's a red-orange colorblindness, is there?05:39
DanaGRed, orange, and yellow.05:39
DanaGWith some white and grey, too.05:40
nDuffIs it intentional that /dev/vg01 is 0700 rather than 0755? It seems silly to have permissions on the /dev/<vg> directory be tighter than those on /dev/mapper.05:52
nDuff(also... anyone know offhand the udev rule responsible for creating that?)05:52
heret1creset time.06:04
Adysouch; can anyone try something not very safe? Open System -> Sound; Switch Sound Playback to ESD; click test; attempt to click OK (should just freeze there); then try killall gnome-sound-pro and watch the OS die more or less?06:08
=== Wasserstoff is now known as Hydrogen
P2502when i kill frozen game, i often get frozen X06:23
P2502mmm is it possible to run 2 X copies? one for work and one for games, so i will not loose data06:24
infinitycircuitP2502, check out xserver-xephyr06:30
zero-9376is there a way to stop hardy automatically creating desktop icons for the network shares that i access06:31
zero-9376using alpha506:31
infinitycircuitzero-9376, are you using kubuntu or ubuntu? since it's trivially easy in kde but i don't know about gnome06:32
zero-9376no using gnome06:32
zero-9376im hoping there is/will be a gconf key or something06:32
zero-9376its placing a desktop icon as though i had used the connect to server option, which is actually why i dont use that option06:35
zero-9376funnily enough that option doesn't appear in the places menu anymore06:36
zero-9376and the associated panel applet doesn't work because nautilus-connect-server is not available06:40
P2502infinitycircuit: thanks, but how to run it?06:54
infinitycircuitfor example, to start kde4 in a new xsession you would type06:54
infinitycircuitTo avoid having to start a second X server for a full session install xserver-xephyr and run Xephyr :1 then  and run /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde in the Xerphyr xterm.06:54
P2502ok it run in a windows, but nothing here, just gray screen, no xterm06:58
P2502in a window06:58
P2502same with xnest, and with closing them i get "XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0" after 229 requests (229 known processed) with 0 events remaining."07:05
P2502maybe this is mean something07:05
infinitycircuithm sorry but i can't help you there07:06
jgossP2502: you said a window with a grey background comes up right07:06
P2502with mouse pointer looked like cross07:06
jgossin a terminal with that window still opened type, export DISPLAY=:107:06
jgossthen type the command of the game you wish to run, it should open up in that window07:07
vinicius_i've just update to ubuntu 8.04, and that simply made mt wireless connection disappear in my laptop, if I turn on the computer with the wireless antenna button ON, it works, if not, does not works.... how can I fix this?07:08
P2502jgoss: AUDIT: Sun Feb 24 12:08:20 2008: 8277 Xephyr: client 1 rejected from local host (uid 0)07:10
P2502and game says "Sys_Error: GLimp_Init() - could not load OpenGL subsystem"07:11
asdrubalis 2.6.24-9 out yet?07:14
bardyr!info linux-image-
ubotuPackage linux-image- does not exist in hardy07:15
bardyr!info linux-image-generic07:15
ubotulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB07:15
bardyrasdrubal, guess not07:15
asdrubal!info linux-image-2.6.24-907:15
ubotuPackage linux-image-2.6.24-9 does not exist in hardy07:15
asdrubal!info linux-image-2.6.24-807:15
ubotuPackage linux-image-2.6.24-8 does not exist in hardy07:15
asdrubalI guess 8 isn't out either?07:16
asdrubaloh .807:16
infinitycircuit!info linux-image-2.6.24-8-generic07:16
infinitycircuityou need to get the name right07:17
P2502jgoss: ok nvm about previous error, i found explanation, and now apps can run like gedit, but game not, is OpenGL games supposed to work inside Xephyr?07:19
vinicius_anyone can help me with the wireless issue?07:19
Pici!info linux07:20
ubotulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB07:20
jgossP2502: i never tried it before, perhaps running it with Xephyr :1 -extension GLX may help.07:21
P2502(12:14:25) asdrubal: is 2.6.24-9 out yet?   --- why it should? 2.6.24-8 is already based on latest released kernel
asdrubal2.6.24-8 has a broken cx88-alsa07:22
asdrubalso I can't get sound with my pcHDTV 550007:22
asdrubalI'm stuck using 2.6.24-407:22
P2502is it known bug?07:23
asdrubalhow can I find out07:23
bardyrP2502, actually the ubuntu git tree is at version 2.6.24-10.1607:23
P2502ok then07:23
asdrubalbug confirmed but not fixed yet07:24
silent_I'll be banned in like 2 seconds07:24
asdrubalso i guess I'll just wait07:24
silent_how's it goin07:24
bardyrasdrubal, you could try to build the ubuntu kernel git tree07:26
asdrubalbardyr, I find it very difficult to build modules with ubuntu07:26
asdruballirc never builds for me07:26
asdruballirc is a known PITA though07:26
asdrubalotherwise I would probably be running a custom kernel right now07:27
asdrubal Ben Collins wrote on 2008-02-20: (permalink)07:28
asdrubalWe'll be discussing this bug at the Kernel Team Spring next week.07:28
asdrubalUbuntu updates alsa without updating kernel headers or the subsystems that use alsa like v4l07:29
asdrubalso it's now a critical bug I guess07:29
Assidnot really09:05
heret1cassid> BERY early morning, then? 8)09:06
Assid1 of my boxes got owned09:06
Assiddont know what that guy used09:09
Assidpersonally i think its come in through the ftp09:10
heret1cwe don't have any tools to hinder that, do we?09:11
Assidpersonally i dont know how the guy got in09:11
heret1czxept making iptables tight as a wozzit.09:11
Assidits a virtualhosting box09:11
Assidcant iptables ftp09:11
heret1cshame there isn't sygate-like functionality in firestarter09:15
heret1c!bug monitor display09:17
heret1cubotu monitor display09:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor display - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:17
naught101has anyone else noticed the open office toolbars missing their icons?09:25
* heret1c tempts fate by observing that alpha5 runs pretty smoothly -)09:56
heret1ccd /10:01
heret1ccd tmp10:01
Assidsmooth.. well not 100%10:02
Assidit killed my profile remember10:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194998 in ubuntu "Main menu creating application does not allow you to browse the path of a manually edited location" [Undecided,New]10:03
P2502many glitches10:03
heret1csome oldlike newly installed sw failing to register in the k-menu.10:06
heret1cone should think update--menus didit, but it doesn'y10:08
P2502did you run installer with sudo?10:08
P2502or you installing from repo?10:08
heret1cå2502 synaptic. yes, it won't install anything unless.10:08
heret1cinstall from repo, yes10:09
P2502i tried alpha 5 of kubuntu and my sound died after 1st reboot10:10
P2502not sure what it was10:11
pwuertzhi... got a question about a specific package... python-matplotlib10:13
pwuertzin hardy its conflicting with numpy, pulling in gcc3, python2.4, tcl/tk....10:13
heret1cworks fine here.10:13
pwuertzwhen compiling matplotlib from the source.. none of the stated problems above occur...10:14
heret1clast to p2510:14
heret1coh - kappfinder10:16
* heret1c looks sheepish10:16
P2502pwuertz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=python-matplotlib&search=Search+Bug+Reports&field.scope=all&field.scope.target=10:18
pwuertzP2502: i don't see any bug report related to the problem10:25
P2502well you probably should make a new one then10:26
pwuertzso why did you paste that link?10:26
P2502because this is appropriate site and some problems with your package have been already reported10:28
P2502specifically dependencies issues also10:30
P2502pwuertz: well if you dont like my answer you may wait for another one to answer, if it will even happen10:32
pwuertzP2502: it's not like that... I just feel patronized10:34
=== h3sp4wn_ is now known as h3sp4wn
* h3sp4wn wonders why someone would use that when we have octave and scilab11:05
* Tronic uses C++ for mathematics (usually)11:13
pwuertzh3sp4wn: octave and scilab are replacements for numpy / scipy / matplotlib ?11:13
h3sp4wnreplacements for matlab11:20
h3sp4wnTronic: So you can impliment i.e a fft quickly in c++ ?11:20
Tronich3sp4wn: Yes, and I have.11:21
TronicWait a sec.11:21
Tronich3sp4wn: http://rafb.net/p/JZloA671.html11:22
TronicUsage: m_fft = da::fft<FFT_P>(m_buf.begin(), m_window);11:23
Tronicda::fft<P>(data, window) takes P (the size of FFT, 2^P), data (iterator to sample data, has to be reals in this version, IIRC) and the window (iterator to windowing factors).11:25
TronicReturns a vector of complex numbers.11:25
h3sp4wnTronic: Interesting11:26
TronicThere is also a "raw" FFT available, that will take complex numbers and that does not use windowing.11:26
Tronic(or rather, uses rectangular window)11:27
DB44is hardy dumping ipw3945 ?11:32
pwuertzh3sp4wn: ok.. but I was looking for some solution involving python ^^11:33
pwuertzh3sp4wn: numpy/scipy/matplotlib is the way to go then...11:34
=== Odd_Blok1 is now known as Odd_Bloke
DB44how can i merge something from debian unstable ?11:37
DB44i need the iwlwifi firmwaer package ?11:37
h3sp4wnWhy do you need that ?11:38
DB44me ?11:38
DB44because my wifi isn't working well with WPA protected networks11:38
h3sp4wnMine just worked11:39
DB44mine doesn't11:39
nanonymeDB44, which wifi card?11:39
h3sp4wnWhat makes you think its a firmware issue11:39
DB44i dont know11:39
DB44but my sound card wasn't working, and i've manually d/led latest alsa and compiled it to get it to work11:39
DB44so maybe this will have an effect as well11:39
DB44the network manager never connects, and the wicd connects only sometimes (mostly not)11:40
h3sp4wnSo why not just build the out of tree iwlwifi11:40
h3sp4wnwith the right firmware and see if it works first11:40
DB44i tried, it didn't work11:40
DB44something about compatible or so11:40
DB44you are talking about http://intellinuxwireless.org/iwlwifi/downloads/iwlwifi-1.2.0.tgz ?11:40
DB44make compaints11:40
heret1cconvert and install rpm and other packages11:41
heret1cAlien allows you to convert LSB, Red Hat, Stampede and Slackware Packages11:41
heret1cinto Debian packages, which can be installed with dpkg.11:41
h3sp4wnBut its already a debian package11:41
DB44why not use  http://packages.debian.org/sid/all/firmware-iwlwifi/download ?11:41
DB44ahh, i need to d/l the kenrel sourcre to compile that .tar.gz11:42
DB44so i rather used a pre-made noe11:42
h3sp4wnIf you cannot even build the http://intellinuxwireless.org/iwlwifi/downloads/iwlwifi-1.2.0.tgz11:42
DB44so is it ok to try out that deb pack?11:43
h3sp4wnbecause of using a patched kernel11:43
DB44i'm using the default 7.10 kernel11:43
h3sp4wnthen the chances of just installing that firmware doing anything is very low11:43
h3sp4wnwell this is the 8.04 channel11:43
DB44the kernel itself seems to have the iwl support already11:43
h3sp4wnwhich includes iwl11:43
DB44the 7.10 includes the iwl as well11:43
DB44just not the firmware11:43
h3sp4wnNo idea about 7.1011:44
DB44welp, i'll try some experiment and see11:44
h3sp4wnYou might have to blacklist the one that uses the userspace daemon11:45
DB44yeah i know11:45
h3sp4wnDoes the 4965 support n always or sometimes just b/g ?11:46
h3sp4wn(never hardly messed with this yet)11:46
DB44ahh, cool11:46
DB44the 7.10 seems to even have this package builtin 111:46
DB44guess i wont be needed to install anything, just modify the blacklists11:47
heret1c!bug system menu11:48
heret1cubotu bug system menu11:49
DB44welp, gonna disconnect, i'll try to report back :)11:50
* heret1c tips hat at doc11:56
CorruptTerroristurm, peoblem with the wubi installer12:04
dr-rakuhi; has anybody experienced failures writting large [nearly 4.3GB in size] dvd images with brasero and/or nautilus? is it any reported bug on this? [i couldn't find anything in launchpad/brasero regarding this]12:04
CorruptTerroristthe wubi installer gets to 100% of making the image, but it then says "Could Not Access The CD, please make sure other applications are not using it and try again"12:06
h3sp4wnfailures to verify or actual burning failures ?12:07
dr-raku+ gnomebaker did the job but nautilus and brasero are keeping on failing to write large dvd images12:07
CorruptTerroristh3sp4wn, how can i tell?12:07
dr-rakuh3sp4wn, at about 94-97% they [nautilus and brasero] are giving error writing the media12:07
dr-rakugnomebaker succeded to burn the same image on the same dvd-rw medium12:08
h3sp4wnseems quite close to 4gb12:09
h3sp4wncould be they are just not compiled with large file support or something simple12:09
dr-rakuand i have tried to write that image 3 or 4 times with brasero/nautilus; everytime they fail12:09
dr-rakubut gnomebaker succesfully write the whole image [this is the ubuntu official dvd image downloaded from the official torrent and md5 verified]12:10
dr-rakuso.. h3sp4wn, is it possible that brasero is so "dumb" that it can't write ~4.3GB but is succesfully writing compilations of nearly 4 [<4, ~3.8GB] gigabytes in size?12:12
h3sp4wnCould just be a single switch12:13
h3sp4wn(to enable large file support) to whatever burning app its using12:13
dr-rakuthe most annoying thing is that even nautilus is failing12:13
Paladinedr-raku, you writing them to a linux partition type of fat32?12:13
h3sp4wnI use k3b12:13
dr-rakuand nautilus can't be purged12:13
dr-rakuPaladine, i write an iso image of ubuntu on a dvd-rw12:14
Paladineoh, could be that the image is *just* too big for the media12:14
dr-rakuPaladine, it is the official ubuntu 7.10 image12:15
Paladineyou could have corrupt segments on the dvdrw for example12:15
dr-rakuand no, it's not too large! gnomebaker handles to write it12:15
dr-rakuon the same dvd-rw, Paladine12:15
Paladineyes but if the dvdrw is a little buggered, then it won't have 4.3GB of writable space12:15
Paladine<- used to own his own blank media brand so knows a little about optical media12:16
CorruptTerroristwhere can i download the alpha5 md5's?12:16
dr-rakuPaladine, axplain this: nautilus failed to write and then gnomebaker succeded - on the same dvd-rw medium!!"12:16
dr-rakuthe same disk, wtf!12:16
Paladinethe media might not have erased properly12:16
dr-rakuPaladine, i did tried to re-write it with nautilus 3 or 4 times already12:17
dr-rakueverytime nautilus [and brasero, both] are failing12:17
Paladineyeah but everytime you write (or attempt to) you then have to erase before your next attempt12:17
dr-rakuit doesn't matter which one i use; but gnomebaker succeded12:18
Paladinedvdrw are not perfect media by any stretch they are more susceptable to errors than write once media12:18
dr-rakuPaladine, i know and i erased it everytime12:18
Paladineyes but that doesn't mean the media is completely erased12:18
dr-rakuand this must be the hell of a coincidence! only gnomebaker succeded to write the dvd-rw!12:19
Paladinesounds to me like it is the media, nautilus certainly has no problems writing 4.3GB images, I have done it many times12:19
CorruptTerroristurm... hardy-desktop-i386.iso: FAILED12:19
CorruptTerroristmd5 not right12:19
dr-rakuPaladine, have you read what i wrote above? i used THE SAME DISK over and over again! only gnomebaker wrote it correctly!12:20
Paladineit is pointless even trying to help you, you are not listening to anything I have said, so good day to you12:20
dr-rakueverytime i try to write that using nautilus or brasero it's a no go12:20
dr-rakuPaladine, excuse me; what i'm not listening? :|12:21
dr-rakuit just can't be the media's fault! gnomebaker correctly wrote that media before and after12:22
Assidwho jinxed a512:22
Assidjust crashed on me.. i couldnt get abck onto compiz until i restarted X12:22
PaladineAssid, thats the danger of running alpha software12:23
AssidPaladine: i know12:23
Assidheret1c: said he had no issues.. he jinxed it12:23
void^i have no issues! (except missing menu labels in gnome-terminal, hah)12:24
Assidaint got that o\ne12:24
Assidi crashed compiz again12:24
h3sp4wnI have that one - but I use urxvt so it does'nt matter (other than I think Terminal -> should point to the x-terminal-emulator alternative)12:25
Assidwhats the difference12:25
* heret1c looks innocently at assid and raises an eyebrow12:25
Assidyou you!!! your responsible for A5 crashing12:26
* heret1c is in norway. long way to india. 8)12:27
heret1cbesides, the Pauli Syndrome decreases with the triple inverse sqare root minus a factor derived from Dolly Parton's bra-size. so there. :P12:29
* heret1c looks righteos12:30
Assidactually quadruple inverse square root12:30
Assidand dolly partons bra size is probably non-existant, mainly becuase shes gone beyond12:31
heret1csystem menu -> storage media <click> ERROR Malformed URL media:/.12:31
heret1cshe has them specially made by ppl previously occupied with sewing circus tents12:32
heret1ccan anyone replicate that error?12:35
CorruptTerroristheret1c, i would if i could enven get linux installed12:35
bardyrheret1c, it works here, not tried the latest updates trough12:37
bardyrCorruptTerrorist, and why cant you install it?12:38
CorruptTerroristbardyr, i would if i got a proper download12:41
CorruptTerroristas i keep getting wrong md5's or download times out12:41
h3sp4wnnetboot ?12:41
CorruptTerroristno... manual iso download12:41
bardyrCorruptTerrorist, try a different mirror12:41
h3sp4wnwhy not just do a netboot12:42
CorruptTerroristi have a shit connection... i once got 200kb/s12:42
CorruptTerroristsorry for swearing12:42
P2502200 kbytes?12:42
bardyrCorruptTerrorist, i only get 20kb12:43
P2502i used 256 kbits not long ago, now on 51212:43
bardyrCorruptTerrorist, 20mbit*12:43
CorruptTerroristmine's 88.9KB/s usually12:44
CorruptTerroristchanging isp when contract expires12:44
CorruptTerroristi wish i could download it via torrent12:47
P2502whats wrong with torrent?12:48
P2502i ussuale get no seeders12:48
CarlSpacklercuz all the birds ate the seedz!12:48
CorruptTerroristurgh... i know. "i'll happily be part of the community but i won't support the community"12:49
h3sp4wnI dunno I think a fast mirror is nicer to use than torrent12:49
HobbseeCorruptTerrorist: download what?12:49
CorruptTerroristh3sp4wn, i can reach 300kb/s on torrent, whilst 90 via a mirror12:50
CorruptTerroristHobbsee, the isos12:50
h3sp4wnCorruptTerrorist: dunno I get 1.1/MB/s from any reasonably close mirror12:50
HobbseeCorruptTerrorist: few people are downloading them anyway.  is this an alpha, or a daily?12:51
P2502CorruptTerrorist:  actually i just loaded torrent for a5 i360 ubuntu and i got many seeders12:52
Hobbseeprobably still not many downloading12:52
P250250 and keep counting12:52
CorruptTerroristwhere can i get the torrent file then?12:53
CorruptTerroristty P250212:55
Assidi would have put my box to seed it.. but well.. im kinda messed atm12:55
CorruptTerrorist25 seeds conected... 50 in swarm12:55
* Assid only sees Hobbsee when its NEAR release time12:56
Assidhey Hobbsee.. where you hiding?12:56
HobbseeAssid: elsewhere :)12:56
HobbseeAssid: devland, not userland12:56
Assidhehe fair enoigh12:56
Assiderr enough12:56
Assidso now back to userland ? to see what pains we have ?12:57
* Hobbsee tries to stay under 20 channels on multiple networks12:57
heret1canyone have shockwave in hh a5?13:01
bardyrwhy do you need shockwave?13:03
CorruptTerroristit's not used anymore13:03
PiciThere is no Shockwave for Linux.13:03
CorruptTerroristthere is NO SHOCKWAVE AT ALL ANYMORE13:03
CorruptTerroristit is derelict13:03
PiciCalm down.13:04
sodokudoes the new weather and time applet work good with you all?13:04
bardyrsodoku, nope13:05
bardyrsodoku, it works sometimes the rest of the time its just broken13:05
P2502no, week start from sunday, it have no UTC setting13:05
P2502and it is just freeze, trying to add location, and cause to freeze panels13:07
telexiconCorruptTerrorist, really?13:07
P2502they said most bugs for alpha 5 will be fixed :/13:07
telexiconCorruptTerrorist, awesome!!13:07
CorruptTerroristDIABOLICAL SPEED: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html13:10
CorruptTerroristoops wrong link13:10
HobbseeP2502: what do you mean?13:11
telexiconCorruptTerrorist, ouch, im sorry13:12
Hobbseehmm, that's not quite as woeful as i was expecting13:13
sodokuI can't set the default timezone13:13
sodokuI am not able to push the set button13:13
CorruptTerroristHobbsee, how not?13:15
* Hobbsee was expecting a slower uplink13:15
CorruptTerroristHobbsee, i've never got those speeds13:16
P2502Hobbsee: what i mean is 7.10 was buggy and 8.04 will be buggy too13:16
PaladineI couldn'ty live with those speeds13:16
CorruptTerroristthose are over-optimistic13:16
Hobbseeyeah well.  that's to sydney, so...13:16
HobbseeP2502: so, help out, then it shoudl be less so.13:16
CorruptTerroristPaladine, changing to http://www.bethere.co.uk13:16
PaladineI would if the bstards would put kit in our exchange13:17
Paladinethey were supposed to upgrade our exchange last october13:17
PaladineI want their 2.5mb/s upload package13:17
CorruptTerroristhere's the stats for my area... i like this: http://speedtest.net/global.php?continent=3&country=4&region=26913:18
P2502i can remember how i for years used dialup with 3 kbytes/s download speed13:20
P2502and i often get disconnects etc13:20
CorruptTerroristP2502, about a week ago i was maxing out at 10kb/s13:20
CorruptTerroristi had to "illude" their dns servers and get 10 seperate connections13:21
P2502in days of fidonet it was 1.5 kbytes/s, i downloaded by nights, can't sleep because of computer noise13:23
CorruptTerroristthe thudding of the 2gb hard drive?13:24
CorruptTerroristwith 8mb ram13:25
P2502my 1st pc has 40 mb hdd13:25
CorruptTerroristand STEREO sound13:25
AssidP2502:  386 ?13:25
CorruptTerroristwith a 32 color monitor13:25
Assidthat machine costed > $200013:26
heret1c<- acorn archimedes 310.13:26
Assidi had one of those13:26
heret1cblistering 4 MIPS13:27
Assidthen went to 386 - 486 - 486dx2 - 486dx4 - pentium133 - 166mmx  (o/c to 210) - 200 (o/c to 250) - and so on13:27
Assidafter that was crazy13:27
Assidbogomips: 7199.76 per core13:28
heret1cfast in 1986.13:28
Assidand i want more13:28
Assidcant believe we used those systems back then13:28
* Assid still remembers leisure suit larry - 113:29
P2502space quest13:29
heret1cOoooo - 1.185 338 kbit/s13:29
Assidone of the questions to get in was "I have hair on"  and the right answer was "lots of places"13:29
Assiderr.. dialup in south africa was 946byts/sec13:30
Assidindia had 1.1K/sec13:30
Assidi was like AWESOME .. this is the internet!! woohooo!13:30
Assidfirst time i was on irc.. i was like so is this a real chat or are you bots!?13:31
=== azdrubal is now known as asdrubal
Assidi think the server was talkcity13:31
Paladinefirst time I was on irc bots didn't even really exist13:32
Paladine1992 I been ircing since13:32
Assidwell my dad was like its a fake theres nothing there. its like faster version of email13:32
P2502i used to chat on BBS, not sure if irc exist those days13:32
Assidyeah he thought it was  aBBS  of some sort13:32
PaladineI never got into bbs phone calls were too expensive in the UK and modems weren't exactly cheap in the 80s13:33
Assidthere was this company diversion.com back in 94-9513:34
Assidused to give BBS access .. and email services13:34
Assidhad they opened a gui .. they could have had more success than hotmail13:34
Assidnot sure13:34
=== DB42 is now known as DB44
Assidi think  a bbs or somesort13:35
Paladine94-95 I was already an internet veteran hehe13:35
=== DB44 is now known as DB42
Assidi used to be an elite "web designer"13:35
Assidnetscape composer i think13:35
DB42the iwl3945 drivers didn't work, but i got the wifi to work13:35
* popey shudders at the thought of the html he created in '9713:35
Paladinepopey, tables and frames? hehehe13:36
Assidyeah that was the norm wasnt it13:36
HobbseeDB42: don't work, or don't show a LED?13:36
popeyoh worse than that Paladine13:36
CorruptTerroristdoes the wubi installer on the cd work on vista?13:36
* Hobbsee gouges popey's eyes out with a spoon13:36
Assidheck i went to frontpage!!13:36
* popey deserved that13:36
DB42Hobbsee, i was talking abuot wifi problem i had here before (i'm using 7.10) so i moved from ipw to iwl but the latter gave me microcode error in dmesg13:36
PaladineI learnt html from reading website source files lol13:36
Assidthen i finally bought my first domain - assid.com13:36
HobbseeDB42: right.  WFM.13:36
Paladinethen I found w3c13:36
* popey can't remember when he registered popey.com13:37
Hobbseepopey: you always deserve that.13:37
Paladinemy first domain was popoti.org13:37
DB42how do i check which ports are open on my ubuntu ?13:37
Assidpopey:  whois it13:37
Assid1999 first registered13:37
popeyyeah, that sounds right, thats when i changed my online persona name13:38
Assidi got mine almost a year later.. in 200013:38
CorruptTerroristdoes the wubi installer on the cd work on vista?13:38
DB42how do i know if my kernel is tick-less ?13:38
CorruptTerroristDB42, get a flea collar for it13:38
Assidhttp://web.archive.org/web/*/http://equineindia.com -- that was my first professional site13:39
CorruptTerroristpremiere horse racing portal?13:39
mohbanawhat colour does ubuntu use?13:39
popeyDB42: cat /boot/config-$(uname -r) | grep CONFIG_NO_HZ13:39
Assidno wait.. that one: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://indianhorseracing.com13:40
DB42popey: thanks13:40
CorruptTerroristmohbana, a light diarrhoea-brown13:40
DB42how do i check which ports i have open and which program opened them ?13:40
popeyDB42: netstat13:41
popeyDB42: #ubuntu is probably the place for these questions to be honest13:41
mphill__do you guys use hardy-proposed ?13:41
DB42popey,  nobody is anaswering there13:41
Hobbseemphill__: nothing in it13:42
popeymphill__: there's nothing in hardy-proposed yet is there13:42
CorruptTerroristany help on this issue please? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=439445813:44
TonohonoHey folks, I'm attempting an encrypted alpha 5 hardy install. I get as far as 'configure encrypted volumes' when I receive a error during partitioning- "Failed to remove conflicting files," unable to remove OS files from the install target. An unencrypted installation works fine.13:44
TonohonoHD is blank, so I dont know what OS files its needing to remove from it.13:45
CorruptTerroristoh teh noes: "md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 computed checksum did NOT match"13:45
=== Meow is now known as CorruptTerrorist
CorruptTerroristcan anyone help with this issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=439445813:52
popeyCorruptTerrorist: if the md5sum failed then the only thing you can really do is redownload13:54
popeynot sure what additional help anyone can provide13:54
CorruptTerroristthanks popey13:54
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/13:59
P2502CorruptTerrorist: you just completed download of torrent and md5 fails?14:01
bardyrdoesnt ubuntu have any rsync sites?14:01
CorruptTerroristno, not yet14:02
jpatrickbardyr: yes14:02
CorruptTerroristP2502, it's still not finished14:02
jpatrickbardyr: here's my rsync script: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57197/14:02
P2502actually faild md5 may be related no only to download problems, also memory problem is possible, or other reasons for data corruption14:03
P2502torrent is verifying its md5 in proccess of downloading14:03
P2502so you can't get corrupted torrent, if you get, then its computer problem14:04
bardyrCorruptTerrorist, use rsync to get the rest of the iso14:04
Oli```My keyboard keeps locking up when I use some apps that steal the keypresses (VMware and Wine, mainly but also native games). This usually means the keyboard thinks I'm holding that key down and unfortunately that makes the system almost unusable. Logging out and in again or restarting X (same thing?) fixes this issue but is very destructive to my workflow. Is there another way to fix it? Like resetting the keyboard?14:05
paneb_hi guys14:05
=== paneb_ is now known as punQ-arT
P2502bardyr: are you sure rsync is compatible with unfinished torrents downloads?14:06
bardyrCorruptTerrorist, rsync rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/hardy-desktop-i386.iso hardy-desktop-i368.iso --progress14:07
CorruptTerroristi'm in winblows btw14:08
bardyrwell, then its probably not going to work14:09
CorruptTerroristi have an idea...14:09
CorruptTerroristif ior not14:09
CorruptTerrorist*or not14:09
CorruptTerroristit won't work14:10
P2502how about rsync for windows http://itefix.no/cwrsync/14:11
punQ-arThello i followed the guide in the ubuntu forums for the kernel upgrade and the b43 fixes but i still end up with wlan0_rename can someone help me?14:13
CarlSpacklerhello, I added a new user, non-sudo, to my ubuntu, but every time I click the logout button or choose this from the menu it doesn't allow the non-sudo user to logout, why not and how may I change this behavior?14:14
CarlSpacklersudo users can logout and shutdown but not non-sudo user14:14
CorruptTerroristhow does rsync work?14:15
jpatrickCorruptTerrorist: man rsync14:16
P2502CorruptTerrorist: it will allow you to repair iso by downloading only those parts which incorrect14:16
CorruptTerroristoh ok14:17
AlpoWill Hardy use PackageKit?14:26
thompaanyone know how to enable acer_acpi, it is backported I think14:27
thompawithout it ath pci wont work14:28
markithi, with kernel 2.6.24-5 everything is fine, with -7 and -8, I can't shutdown... seems that is unable to stop services (like kdm, samba, etc)14:28
markitnor I have the startup sound when kde is loaded14:28
markitis it a known issue? I need -5 headers to compile some kernel modules with older, working kernel... how can I do?14:29
CorruptTerroristoh... i have to pay for xchat?14:30
markitno one with issues and that kernel?14:32
thompaof course me14:32
markitwhat do you mean?14:32
thompamine is with building modules14:32
thompai had to install kernel headers14:32
thompabut i can find or compile acer acpi14:33
LukaszI posted a bug in the launchpad for HardyHereon14:36
Meowhow do i run wcrsync?14:37
Lukaszhmm how can I make a bug public?14:37
=== Meow is now known as CorruptTerrorist
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194918 in ubuntu "Can't login Ubuntu 8.04 i386 Alpha 5 Full Install Desktop CD" [Undecided,New]14:38
dencryptAnyone here has got Java to work for ff3b3? Running kubuntu hardy alpha 4 x86_6414:38
CorruptTerroristhow do i run wcrsync?14:38
LukaszThere we go just made it public :)14:38
h3sp4wndencrypt: Works if you use a 32 bit firefox (i.e in /opt) and LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=114:39
h3sp4wnThe latter in /etc/environment14:39
LukaszSo anyone know how to solve my problem14:40
h3sp4wnI dunno why a 32 bit firefox cannot be provided that conflicts with the current one and provides the same stuff (so it doesn't mess with ubuntu-desktop)14:40
dencrypth3sp4wn: ah. Do I have to compile 32-bit ff3b3 myself or is it available through repositories someway?14:40
h3sp4wndencrypt: I just got the binary from mozilla14:40
h3sp4wnand put it into /opt14:40
dencryptI'll check it out. Tnx.14:41
h3sp4wn(same with java installed to the same place)14:41
h3sp4wnthen ln -s the flash and java plugins into /opt/firefox/plugins14:41
LukaszPlease help14:41
dencrypth3sp4wn: yeah. Tried that, doesn't work for 64-bit though :/14:41
h3sp4wnI don't know of anyone with icetea java working atm14:42
h3sp4wn(I don't really like nspluginwrapper either crashes firefox often)14:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194918 in ubuntu "Can't login Ubuntu 8.04 i386 Alpha 5 Full Install Desktop CD" [Undecided,New]14:44
MenZaWhat's with the new desktop CD menu :/?14:49
LukaszI can't login heh MenZa14:49
MenZaNeither can I14:49
LukaszI posted the bug14:49
MenZaI'm getting I/O errors. :/14:49
LukaszMenZa, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19491814:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194918 in ubuntu "Can't login Ubuntu 8.04 i386 Alpha 5 Full Install Desktop CD" [Undecided,New]14:50
LukaszI was like wtf MenZa14:50
* MenZa adds confirmation.14:50
MenZalike that14:50
LukaszIm testing for them so it comesout quick14:51
LukaszMenZa, I can't update in recovery console either14:51
LukaszIm like wondering new background pic in installeR?14:52
LukaszIt isn't working that well the picture MenZa14:53
* Lukasz thinks the picture could be better quality14:53
* MenZa hasn't gotten that far.14:54
LukaszWell the first thing is login heh :)14:54
LukaszI hope they can fix it soon :)14:54
LukaszI wonder how many people are working on it MenZa14:55
h3sp4wnProbably none -> few14:55
h3sp4wnits the weeked14:55
LukaszSo how about Monday h3sp4wn ?14:56
h3sp4wnI would guess more likely14:56
Lukaszgood :)14:56
LukaszI think I was the first one to post this bug was I h3sp4wn ?14:57
h3sp4wnNo idea - I installed from the ubuntustudio alpha 4 alternative cd (without the studio collections)14:57
LukaszSo how does the Alternate one install h3sp4wn ?14:57
LukaszIs it Dos like?14:58
h3sp4wnSame as Debian14:58
Lukaszgood :)14:58
LukaszI think Im gonna downloaded it14:58
h3sp4wnIt installs it properly with apt14:58
LukaszDoes grahpics work on it?14:58
CorruptTerroristhow can i use cwRsync to repair the iso?14:58
Lukaszok i wait then hehe14:58
h3sp4wnIts pretty damn easy to install14:59
h3sp4wnIf you can use the cursor keys then thats all you need14:59
Lukaszh3sp4wn, how can I send bugs from recovery console?15:00
h3sp4wnNo clue - dunno if there is a way to dump stuff to the serial console15:00
Lukaszh3sp4wn, is the stable version coming out in April?15:01
h3sp4wnNo clue15:01
AlpoDoes Hardy use Packagekit?15:01
LukaszNo one can login now Alpo into Hardy15:02
MenZaAre you sure *noone* can login?15:02
LukaszWell some people maybe15:02
MenZaYes, Alpo.15:02
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h3sp4wnwell just change the bootline15:02
h3sp4wnremove quiet and splash and add a 115:03
h3sp4wnshould drop you to a root shell15:03
h3sp4wnchange the password15:03
h3sp4wnexit the root shell then login15:03
CorruptTerroristhow can i use cwRsync to repair the iso?15:03
CorruptTerroristhow can i use cwRsync to repair the iso?15:03
LukaszIf only I could login heh15:03
h3sp4wnYou don't need to login in 1 (single user mode)15:04
h3sp4wnits patched to not ask for any password15:04
LukaszIs fglrx freezing fixed i HardyHeron when Visual effects come in effect h3sp4wn ?15:04
CarlSpacklerhello, I added a new user, non-sudo, to my ubuntu, but every time I click the logout button or choose this from the menu it doesn't allow the non-sudo user to logout, why not and how may I change this behavior?15:04
h3sp4wnNo idea15:05
h3sp4wnCarlSpackler: Is it in all the other groups that the other user is in15:06
CorruptTerroristhow can i use cwRsync to repair the iso?15:06
h3sp4wn(except admin)15:06
LukaszFinally someone replied :)15:06
CarlSpacklerh3sp4wn, yes I added it from sys/admin/u+g15:06
CarlSpacklerh3sp4wn, my other sudo user can login and out and shutdown, but not the non-sudo users15:07
h3sp4wnI have no idea how that works15:07
h3sp4wnAll I care about is the output of groups15:07
CarlSpacklerh3sp4wn, okay thanks, strange no one seems to have encountered this before15:07
CarlSpackleri'll take it to the mailing list, i've spent 5 hrs on here no one knows15:07
CarlSpackleror they have a life on the weekend, whichever15:08
CorruptTerroristi'll ask again... how can i use cwRsync to repair the iso?15:08
MenZaLukasz: I'm not experiencing your bug.15:09
LukaszI dunno how to get it to work15:09
LukaszIt accepts the passwords and logspout15:09
h3sp4wnCarlSpackler: You could configure sudo so everyone can run that application15:10
MenZatry a different desktop manager15:10
SkiessiWhat happened to the new icon theme of Firefox 3.0 Beta 3?15:10
MenZae.g. kdm15:10
MenZaor xdm15:10
LukaszI got only HardyHeron15:10
h3sp4wnIts not all or nothing when it comes to sudo you can add another group i.e fred that can sudo whether that thing is15:10
CarlSpacklerh3sp4wn, thx how would I configure sudo to allow everyone to logout and shutdown and would this introduce any potential security issues?15:11
LukaszWhat has fixed fglrx freezing logout?15:11
Lukaszwhich distro of Ubuntu site15:11
h3sp4wnCarlSpackler: look at man sudoers15:12
CarlSpacklerh3sp4wn, thx15:12
LukaszI get like an fglrx freezing in Ubuntu/Gutsy15:12
h3sp4wnNot sure what the exact app is for that but perhaps its only executable to gid admin15:14
P2502anyone know how to make ping command to visualize missed packets?15:15
P2502similiar to how it does in windows, showing message15:16
void^ping -c4?15:19
Lukasz!fglrx freezing15:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fglrx freezing - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:24
Mohero_Hi to all15:27
Mohero_might be the wrong place to ask - but I seem to have screwed up apt/dpkg with 8.0415:28
P2502void^: no, i want to see missed packets in realtime, no ping just print nothing on them15:28
Mohero_I noticed none of my mail was going through, and when I checked MailScanner wasn't running, I tried to start MailScanner, that failed with "Variable "$FIELD_NAME" is not imported at /usr/share/MailScanner/MailScanner/Message.pm line 6367."15:29
Mohero_after hunting Google the answer appeard to be to uninstall and re-install MailScanner...15:30
Mohero_which gave me  Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should reinstall it before attempting a removal.15:30
Mohero_and it won't let me re-install either15:31
Mohero_I've hunted for answers but..... seems  all the answers aren't working so far...15:31
Mohero_any one got any idea's?15:31
CorruptTerroristum... wubi is throwing out a weird error15:32
CorruptTerroristi have the hardy iso on my desktop.. but the wubi installer, as it should, copies it to the install folder but then says it's getting the ubuntu 7.10 iso15:35
heret1c!Bug #3960315:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 39603 in kde-guidance "Display Module in KDE System Settings "fails to load" [[Update: Only with nvidia twinview]]" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3960315:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bug #39603 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:37
CorruptTerroristany help on this issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=439495215:42
CorruptTerroristany help on this issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=439495215:45
jpatrick!repeat > CorruptTerrorist15:46
CorruptTerroristyes... 3 minutes is quickly15:47
bazhangCorruptTerrorist: what is the issue?15:51
bazhangheya Mohero_15:51
CorruptTerroristbazhang, it's the wubi installer on the cd15:51
bazhangwhat is your exact question CorruptTerrorist15:51
LukaszI think My issue is fixabole :)15:53
CorruptTerroristone sec15:53
* Seveas fixes bazhang 15:53
* bazhang just installed hardy alpha 515:53
CorruptTerrorist"Could Not Access The CD, please make sure other applications are not using it and try again"15:53
bazhanglol Seveas15:53
LukaszAnyone know how I can change the assigne if I can't login?15:53
bazhangCorruptTerrorist: could you please state what you are trying to do and how you are doing it? some details would be helpful15:54
MenZabazhang: me too :)15:54
LukaszMenZa, do you know how I can change the assigne If I can't login?15:54
bazhangMenZa: you in here? early birds and all ;]15:55
MenZathe what?15:55
MenZabazhang: :D15:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194918 in ubuntu "Can't login Ubuntu 8.04 i386 Alpha 5 Full Install Desktop CD" [Undecided,New]15:55
MenZaWhat assigne?15:55
LukaszIts in the bug topic15:55
LukaszI posted the url again15:55
LukaszThe person has replied15:56
CorruptTerroristbazhang, after opening up the rev 431 wubi installer on vista, the installer successfully loads the hardy iso (which i have md5 checked and burned) and it then comes up with that error msg15:56
MenZaOh, on Launchpad.15:56
Lukaszyeah MenZa :)15:57
MenZaLukasz: press the arrow next to your name in the “Assigned To” column, then select “Assigned to: Nobody” and press submit15:57
LukaszIs that for HardyHeron login MenZa ?15:57
MenZaNo, that's for /Launchpad/, the website15:58
Lukaszno I meant for HardyHeron15:58
MenZaYou've assigned the bug to yourself, meaning YOU intend to fix it15:58
MenZaThis is nothing to do with the software, this has to do with the website.15:58
MenZaYeah, that looks better15:59
Mohero_is anyone able to help - or even respond to my apt/dpkg problem?15:59
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LukaszMenZa, how do I copy to D:\ Drive the logs of Hardy?16:01
MenZaI have no idea.16:02
Lukaszln -s displays drives right?16:02
LukaszI be right back16:02
CorruptTerroristbazhang, you get that error msg?16:02
MenZaSomething tells me Lukasz should /not/ be using Hardy.16:05
bazhangCorruptTerrorist: yeah sorry away for a bit; you are trying to install over Vista, dual boot, or what16:06
CorruptTerroristit's an installation within vista16:06
CorruptTerrorist!wubi | bazhang16:06
ubotubazhang: wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://www.cutlersoftware.com/ubuntusetup/wubi/en-US/index.html16:06
bazhangMohero_: what is the issue? please be precise16:06
Mohero_bazhang: I noticed none of my mail was going through, and when I checked MailScanner wasn't running, I tried to start MailScanner, that failed with "Variable "$FIELD_NAME" is not imported at /usr/share/MailScanner/MailScanner/Message.pm line 6367."16:07
bazhangCorruptTerrorist: yeah I know what wubi is; you are installing from within vista--what is the goal though?16:07
Mohero_which gave me  Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should reinstall it before attempting a removal.16:07
CorruptTerroristto make an installation alongside vista16:07
CorruptTerroristone sec while i make a video of the error16:08
bazhangMohero_: really no experience with that program, but if it is advising a reinstall best to listen ;]16:08
Mohero_bazhang: sorry google search led me to a post about removing and re-installing - but Apt gives me errors:16:08
bazhangCorruptTerrorist: so you want to have vista and ubuntu dual boot correct?16:08
CorruptTerroristbazhang, yes16:09
CorruptTerroristplease wait... i'll be about 3 mins16:09
Mohero_bazhang:trying to remove told me: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should reinstall it before attempting a removal.16:09
CorruptTerroristoh wait... it seems to have successfully completed16:09
bazhangCorruptTerrorist: and you know that hardy is totally alpha (now 5) and will most definitely break/mess up at some point?16:09
Mohero_bazhang: and re-installing gives a similar error - and I now have a broken package in APT which I can do nothing with16:09
CorruptTerroristbazhang, i know that16:10
CorruptTerroristbazhang, i dont want 7.04, and 7.10 will not even install via wubi, so i'd rather have to install every weekend16:10
Mohero_bazhang: using apt-get -i {debpackage}.deb also tells me the same thing (as does -r)16:11
bazhangMohero_: well the devs do read this channel; just doubt it on Sunday morning ;]16:11
Mohero_bazhang: it's afternoon/evening here :P16:12
bazhangMohero_: just because I am awake does make me knowledgeable ;]16:12
bazhangerr not16:12
bazhangcorruptterrorist well if you are using wubi I am guessing you are fairly new to linux; you might want to dual boot with gutsy and get to know it before alpha testing Hardy ;]16:13
Mohero_it's actually just nice to get a response... I'm getting tired of unresponsiveness... I've posted bugs - right back to the alpha's of 7.10 - about the fact that the NV gforce 8 series cards haven't been setup in the kernel and/or in usplash - they're still marked as new - the problem still exists16:15
Mohero_sometimes I wonder if people read the bugs posted by non-devs16:15
bazhangyeah that is hard to know Mohero_16:16
Mohero_well the NV bug I know should be fixable - I also run Gentoo on the same system - and it works fine on there...16:17
Mohero_though that's using gensplash and not usplash.16:18
bazhangthough Gentoo did get the vmsplice bug in less than an hour ;]16:18
Lukaszdoes anyone know how can I copy the logs to D: drive from external hdd16:18
LukaszIn recovery console16:18
Mohero_what's drive D: ?16:18
bazhangin Vista?16:19
LukaszIts Internal disk anothe rpartition16:19
LukaszWindows XP16:19
LukaszWindows XP C:\16:19
LukaszExteranl HDD Hardy16:19
LukaszAnd D:\ extra partition from internal16:19
bazhangwhy not boot into xp copy it over then boot back into ubuntu, plug in usb key and there you have it16:19
LukaszI only have Hardy bazhang16:20
bazhangor make the shared partition available to both of them16:20
LukaszI installed Hardy heh16:20
LukaszI used the cd instalation16:20
bazhangoh from ubuntu to xp?16:21
Mohero_Lukasz - how much do you know about Linux? because we don't use these c: / d: etc extentions....16:21
Lukaszextarnal hdd Hardy Only I on xo atm16:21
Mohero_Ubuntu can read / write to NTFS / Fat32 partitions but it won't be named c: or d:16:21
LukaszThe problem Im having with Ubuntu is fglrx is freezing Mohero_16:21
jgrahamanyone here running 64 bit and using firefox beta 3?16:22
LukaszWhenever I enable the fglrx and visual effects it freezes on logout Mohero_16:22
Mohero_hgraham - I am16:23
Mohero_well, when it doesn't crash :)16:23
jgrahamand if so, could they check out http://www.portlandhousingcenter.org/ and tell me if it looks weird?16:23
Lukaszbazhang, do you know how to get new kernel and custom restricted modules working?16:23
bazhangLukasz: to accomplish what?16:24
LukaszIt should fix fglrx freezing16:24
Mohero_jgraham: define "Weird" looks OK to me16:24
LukaszSomeone update it the kernels and it worked for the on Ubuntu forums16:25
bazhangah ok--not really into 3D effects as this is still an *alpha* not sure how to go about that right now Lukasz16:25
LukaszI will try ask in forums16:25
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CorruptTerroristi have the error bazhang16:26
bazhangI got the 3d effects working for about 5 seconds and then it went black, had to blindly get to a terminal and disable it and then re enter x server16:26
bazhangstill very early days Lukasz16:26
bazhangthis will be a LTS so most of that they will have fixed--especially the 3D stuff Lukasz16:27
Lukaszgood :)16:28
Mohero_but probably not the NV boot stuff...16:28
* Mohero_ rolls eyes16:28
bazhangmaybe they will even get network-manager to work! ;]16:30
Mohero_i'm hoping for that - I use fixed IP at the office...16:30
bazhangI was using wicd for wireless after a bit--network manager in gutsy just did not do it for me on my particular hardware16:31
bazhangread a blog post and the first step was remove n-m ;]16:32
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nemoincredibly annoying and highly repeatable ubuntu hardy bug16:33
nemohold down an arrow key while clicking repeatedly with left mouse button16:33
nemo(a very likely thing when playing many kinds of games)16:33
nemoon my machine, USB keyboard and mouse, the arrow key "jams"16:34
nemomaking everything unusable until X is restarted16:34
Assidfound a bug in php16:34
LukaszIm gonna try something16:36
* bazhang holds his breath16:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 55843 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Erratic keyboard repeat" [Undecided,New]16:37
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!16:37
oliver_g4in Hardy, how can I open the updater configuration? There's no icon in system -> administration for this as was in Gutsy :-/16:38
bazhangto check if you have updates?16:38
oliver_g4no, I want to enable proposed-updates repo and such stuff16:39
bazhangjust add them in synaptic16:40
oliver_g4I suppose the updater icon has such a menu point in context, but my system is up-to-date right now so there's no updater icon16:40
Mohero_oliver_g4 system -> Administration -> software sources16:41
Mohero_same place it was...16:41
oliver_g4Mohero_: no, it's not there16:41
oliver_g4Mohero_: I expected it to be there and didn't find it16:41
Mohero_hmm it *is* there on mine......16:42
oliver_g4maybe a regression in Hardy Alpha 5?16:42
Mohero_i'm also Alpha 5..16:42
oliver_g4this is a fresh install (in Virtualbox) from Alpha 5 ISO16:42
Mohero_hmmm ok - mines passed through updates, so maybe there's something there...16:42
bazhangsame here--updated a bunch of packages and it is there16:43
oliver_g4I have 16 entries in system -> administration16:44
oliver_g4and menu editor doesn't show any disabled entries16:44
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fir3_how well does pulseaudio work with older (opensound system) apps/games?16:53
Mohero_not tried, so can't comment i'm afraid.16:54
Mohero_but if you try - let us know won't you ;)16:54
wastrelalpha 5 ?16:55
wastrelis that the latest?16:55
oliver_g4do you know the command for starting the repo GUI from terminal?16:55
bazhangjust yesterday wastrel16:55
fir3_i could try, but i guess it wouldn't run so well from the livecd16:56
bazhanggksudo synaptic16:56
Mohero_oliver_g4: the shortcut points to: gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/software-properties.desktop /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk ;)16:56
Mohero_I think you could get away with just the sudo and the last part:  /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk16:57
oliver_g4Mohero_: thanks - /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk doesn't exist on my system!? I'll dig a bit into this...16:58
Mohero_oliver_g4 run synaptic click settings -> Preferences17:00
oliver_g4looks like /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk belongs to package software-properties-gtk which is not installed here17:00
Mohero_oliver_g4 no, settings -> Repositories17:01
Mohero_ahh interesting17:01
oliver_g4Mohero_: thanks, but I like the other GUI more :-)17:01
oliver_g4and I want to know why it's not there17:01
Mohero_oliver_g4: to be honest I like vi /etc/apt/sources.list and aptitude ;)17:02
oliver_g4is there a log file from the installation?17:02
oliver_g4Mohero_: I do that on my debian system (but with zile) but on Ubuntu I want to trust the nice GUI :-)17:03
wastreli just upgraded i assume now i'm running alpha 5?17:03
Mohero_rule #1 never trust a gui ;)17:03
Mohero_especially in alpha builds :)17:04
wastrelit seems the same17:04
bazhangkeep updating for the next two months and well be final ;]17:04
oliver_g4Mohero_: it seems that the GUIs in Ubuntu do much more than just editing a single file...17:05
oliver_g4or to put it other way: if you don't use the Ubuntu tools, you risk making your system deviate too much from the "intended" state which breaks updates :-(17:06
Mohero_oliver_g4: Alpha builds have a tendancy to break themselves anyway :)17:08
nemogah. this X bug is driving me mad17:08
Mohero_nemo: which X bug?>17:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:12
nemoit might be this17:12
Mohero_ahh that one...17:12
nemofor me, if I hold down a key while clicking on mouse, necessary in games...17:12
nemoit happens, and I get to log out17:12
Mohero_yeah... annoying for FPS games ;)17:12
nemono kidding.17:12
nemonot playing an fps though, as it happens17:13
nemobut still.17:13
nemo... just rebooted again17:14
nemotried someone's suggestion of unplugging mouse plugging back in.17:15
nemos/reboot/logged out/17:15
nemoanyway. didn't work17:15
nemojust like unplugging keyboard didn't work.17:15
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Assidff3 is broken\17:20
Assidi cant see yahoo mail (ajax version)17:20
Mohero_Assid: ff3 isn't actually released yet - so quite possibly...17:23
Mohero_I can't speak for Yahoo mail - I don't use it, and will now never use it with the M$ stuff going on....17:23
bazhanga beta on an alpha =broken?17:23
rambo3i have problem with slow connection. i desabled ipv6.17:24
* bazhang joined this channel way too early ;]17:24
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wastrelevolution-data-server is hogging my cpu17:24
wastreli hate it17:25
Mohero_bazhang: the sence of humor is always a good thing17:25
bazhangmy beagle or tracker wont stop indexing, but heh is alpha 517:25
bazhangMohero_: have to have it Linux, and alpha in Linux especially ;]17:26
bazhangerr in17:26
Mohero_yep - agree'd17:26
Mohero_I wish I could get this apt thing sorted!17:31
Mohero_the only email I get on that domain is junk - but that just means I know my email is working ;)17:31
bazhangMohero_: you will wish it was broken when it is fixed ;]17:32
Mohero_no I won't the package that is broken, is the spam filter ;)17:32
alex-weejanyone know how to get Java applets working in Hardy?17:32
bazhangyou mean flash?17:33
alex-weejno, Java17:35
alex-weejit just doesn't work, Firefox asks me to install one of the four available JREs17:35
alex-weeji have both sun jre 5 and 617:35
alex-weejand i've tried uninstalling one or the other17:35
bazhangwhat applets do you mean?17:35
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alex-weejany applets17:35
=== Hydrogonous is now known as Hydrogone
bazhanghaha thanks for the precision17:36
alex-weejsee that?17:36
alex-weej"Click here to download plugin."17:36
=== Hydrogone is now known as Hydrogen
bazhangwhy have both? wont there be some conflicts there?17:36
alex-weeji didn't have both17:36
alex-weeji was just trying it to see if it fixed it17:36
alex-weejtell me, does it work for you?17:37
crimsun_WFM, but I use icedtea-java7-plugin and neither of sun-java5-plugin nor sun-java6-plugin.17:37
bazhangI have both sun jre5 and 6 (above)?17:37
alex-weejwhat's icedtea?17:38
crimsun_look in ~/.xsession-errors; you'll likely see the xcb locking bit.17:38
crimsun_alex-weej: based on openjdk, "java 7"17:38
alex-weej** (epiphany-browser:8635): CRITICAL **: void gtk_moz_embed_get_nsIWebBrowser(Gt17:39
alex-weejkMozEmbed*, nsIWebBrowser**): assertion `GTK_IS_MOZ_EMBED(embed)' failed17:39
alex-weejnothing to do with that17:39
alex-weejERROR: ld.so: object 'libjvm.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.17:39
alex-weejERROR: ld.so: object 'libawt.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.17:39
crimsun_remove sun-java5-plugin and sun-java6-plugin, and install icedtea-java7-plugin17:39
alex-weejcrimsun_: i will try thanks17:40
alex-weejman, the mirrors have been so slow for me for months17:41
alex-weeji get about 60 kB/s from them17:42
bazhangfast here17:42
crimsun_which mirror are you using?17:43
alex-weejeither the UK or the main mirror17:43
alex-weejthey're both exactly the same17:43
alex-weejeven when i wget the files, same speed17:43
bazhangmaxes out my dsl ;]17:43
crimsun_then don't use either, alex-weej.  If you can accept the 6-hr delay for se's mirror, use that one.17:44
Hydrogenor pick a different one17:44
alex-weejwill try]17:44
Hydrogenthere's a giant list of them17:44
jadacyrusHI, i upgraded to 8.04 and now wireless is gone.17:44
alex-weejit's also happening on mac os17:44
alex-weejmaybe it's my network17:44
alex-weejany other server is fine though17:45
bazhangwhich card jadacyrus17:45
Hydrogenyou didn'r really want wireless anyways.17:45
Hydrogenadmit it17:45
alex-weejyeah, SE is 100 times faster17:45
jadacyrusbazhang: i think its an intel wireless17:45
jadacyrushow do i check again17:46
bazhangyeah there is a problem right now--it shows wlan0 and wmaster017:46
bazhangsame here17:46
jadacyrusi just dont get a wireless extension at all17:46
bazhangme neither17:46
jadacyrusis there a way to fix it17:47
bazhangstill this is only alpha 5, so some time for a fix17:47
bazhangbest to stick with gutsy for a bit if you want flawless performance ;]17:47
Assiderr gutsy isnt flawless17:47
Assidive broken it soo many times.. made more sense to go alpha17:48
bazhangthe /topic here does mention breakage iirc ;]17:48
jadacyrusso is there a thread or something that i can refer to about this or?17:48
bazhangAssid: thus my ;]17:48
bazhangjadacyrus: file a bug report17:48
bazhangit will be fixed though17:48
Assidatleast i can blame it on alpha17:48
Assidhardy eats too much cpu on my laptop17:49
Assidatleast compared to gutsy17:49
bazhanghehe alpha 3 had a lost and found with around 300 items in it17:49
alex-weejVirgin Media host a mirror17:50
alex-weejand it's 200 times faster :D17:50
jadacyrusbazhang: does yours show up in restricted drivers?17:50
bazhangnay jadacyrus17:50
jadacyrusme neither17:51
oliver_g4alex-weej: Java6 plugin doesn't work here as well17:52
jadacyruswhere do I go to report a bug17:53
Hydrogen!bug | jadacyrus17:54
ubotujadacyrus: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots17:54
EnselicHas anyone made RealPLayer work in FF3b3 in Hardy?17:55
heret1censelic> did u try?17:56
Enselicyes and I fail17:58
Enselicthere are links to the realplayer plugin files in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, but FF doesn't pick them up17:58
=== Noq^ is now known as Nookie^Away
jadacyrusbazhang: here is my bug report fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19513618:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195136 in ubuntu "No wireless for Intel 3945 in Hardy" [Undecided,New]18:01
bazhangjadacyrus: thanks! I will subscribe ;]18:01
jadacyrus:) np18:01
Enselicheret1c: to my understanding it should work18:06
Enselicheret1c: but I suspect that the RP plugin simply don't work with ff318:06
jadacyrushey bazhang look what i found http://nikolasco.livejournal.com/395899.html18:07
heret1censelic> patience, then. or create a gutsy partition. :)18:08
oliver_g4btw. do you also have the broken Firefox launcher in panel?18:08
oliver_g4in Alpha5?18:08
mohbanacan i watch packets?18:09
oliver_g4mohbana: what do you mean?18:09
heret1cnaw. on a separate partition. sda2/3/4...18:09
jimmygoonHow is the artwork team doing?18:09
mohbanaoliver_g4, watch traffic on my local NAT i.e. router18:09
oliver_g4mohbana: try Wireshark18:10
bazhangjadacyrus: so wlan0 and wmaster0 is the new thing? nice link--thanks!18:10
heret1censelic> if ur hd is large enough: back up, use qtparted, create partition, install gutsy to it.18:11
Enselicheret1c: or.. I could just install FF218:11
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heret1censelic> naturally.18:12
jadacyrusbazhang: not sure i dont have either wlan0 or wmaster0 but it mentions that in the new kernel no longer using ipw3945 and switching to something called iwlwifi ?18:12
Enselicheret1c: btw your IRC client probably has Tab-completion18:12
* heret1c is lazy 8)18:13
Enselicif you were lazy you would do Ens<Tab> rather than enselic> ;)18:13
bazhangjadacyrus: right, I had heard about that--though probably not fully implemented yet is why we get the two nics in iwconfig etc18:13
jadacyrushmm i dont even get any nics in iwconfig18:14
bazhangis your hardware switch set to on?18:15
heret1cah. so :)18:15
heret1cEnselic: Enselic18:15
bazhangfront of laptop perhaps?18:15
jadacyrusoh yeah18:15
jadacyrusit is18:15
jadacyrusbut i dont even have the iwl3945 module, do you?18:16
heret1cEnselic> there are benefits to having separate partitions for system and home.18:17
Enselicheret1c: aaaah! please don't use > after nicks :(18:17
heret1cEnselic¤ okay.18:18
Enselicheret1c: haha :d18:19
Yarozedoes pulseaudio work in ubuntu 8.04?18:19
bazhangjadacyrus: I searched for anything like that in apt-cache search but came up with nada18:19
EnselicYaroze: there is a deamon running by default at least18:19
EnselicYaroze: but I haven't figured out what good it's for18:19
jadacyrusbazhang: same here, check ur lsmod for anything with 394518:19
YarozeEnselic: no sound using flash :) i have to download the flashmovie and watch it in mplayer for it to work18:19
heret1cphew. been at this for twi weeks straight, including a hd crash.18:19
Yarozeno sound in totem either18:19
Enselicheret1c: when I have two distros, I generally don't want them to use the same ~-data18:19
jadacyrusi get nothing18:20
bazhangme neither18:20
jadacyrushmm wierd18:20
jadacyrusi wonder why you have an interface and i dont18:20
bazhangnah early alpha ;]18:20
jadacyrusyah guess so18:20
EnselicYaroze: works for me, but I had to reconfigure sound first18:20
Enselici.e. automatic reconfigure of sound18:20
Enselicunfortunately I don't remember the command I used. dgpk-reconfigure someting maybe18:21
bazhang -a?18:22
Yarozealso my drives are missing from nautilus even tho theyre mounted :)18:23
* heret1c tips hat at DanaG18:33
alex_mayorgaanyone that knows a way to run win32 from the existing ntfs partition using qemu?18:35
heret1cis it just me, or has sound quality improved with 8.04?18:43
jimmygoonalex_mayorga, not sure if qemu can but I know that vmware can, but you have to do some setup with the windows partition first otherwise you have driver problems18:43
TronicQuite possible. There's a new kernel and that means bugfixed for ALSA.18:43
alex_mayorgajimmygoon, any pointers?18:44
jimmygoonalex_mayorga, nope, just google sorry18:44
alex_mayorgaDanaG, have you had any luck browsing bluetooth devices?18:44
DanaGHmm, I haven't tried in a while.18:44
alex_mayorgaI still have bug 148712 over here :(18:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 148712 in gnome-bluetooth "Gusty, Hardy: Not seeing bluetooth services even after pairing" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14871218:45
sarthor Hi, i am using gutsy, i have created new user in my gutsy, but there is no voice, the msg is there "No volume control, Gstramer plugin and/or device found", please help, on other user acc. the audio work fine18:54
void^add user to audio group?18:56
hmullerJust added strace output for usplash (hardy desktop i386 and amd64) to bug 14762318:56
hmullerif there's anymore that I can do to help ...18:57
sarthorvoid^, i have added as "adduser sarthor audio" but still that msg, shuld i have to relogin??18:58
sarthorvoid^, the volume is working now, but 1 other problem, my cmoputer my headphone is plugged in the front pannle of the audio, but the computer built speaker also have sound there. how fix this. there is no problem on xp, but on linux its prob, friends are sleeping so i want to make it silent19:03
void^no idea19:03
crimsun_DanaG: ping, do you have time to try a new build?19:03
DanaGI think so.  New build of ALSA?19:04
crimsun_right.  How familiar are you with bzr?19:04
DanaGI haven't used it, actually.19:05
DanaGI've fetched stuff with hg and with svn, though.  I'd assume bzr is somewhat similar.19:06
crimsun_apt-get source alsa-driver && bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/alsa-driver/ubuntu.new && rm -fr alsa-driver-1.0.16/debian && mv ubuntu.new alsa-driver-1.0.16/debian19:06
crimsun_apt-get build-dep alsa-driver && fakeroot alsa-driver-1.0.16/debian/rules binary19:07
crimsun_you _only_ need to install the created alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu3~_all.deb19:08
crimsun_then, apt-get install module-assistant debconf-utils && m-a clean,a-i alsa-source19:08
DanaGCurrently installing bzr.19:08
DanaGNow it's running the rules file.19:12
AtomicSparkNothing to do with hardy but my question is, i have this folder outside the home directory that is use for samba sharing. now id like to also beable to access it via ssh. i know how to set permissions but my question is how is the best way to do it? right now it seems to be root user and root group, 777.19:13
Yarozehow do i make pulseaudio work?19:13
AtomicSparkYaroze: what is wrong with the pulsing of your audio?19:13
crimsun_Yaroze: grab an Alpha 5 desktop cd?19:13
alex_mayorgaDanaG, I've considering give bzr a try, what are you testing?19:14
Yarozecrimsun_: hmm?19:14
crimsun_Yaroze: it works out of the box (OOTB) in Hardy Alpha 5.  Have you tried Alpha 5?19:15
DanaGOdd.... cpio was trying to copy lots of random unrelated stuff.19:15
crimsun_DanaG: yeah, that's quilt.a19:15
DanaGI'll make a new dir to put the stuff in before running 'rules'.19:15
Yarozecrimsun_: when was alpha 5 released?19:15
DanaGIt was copying everything in the current directory, which was my general 'downloads' directory.19:15
crimsun_Yaroze: last week (a few days ago)19:16
* heret1c repeats - is it just him, or has sound quality improved with 8.04?19:16
abarbacciahey all - i've experienced some problems with hardy and i was wondering if others were having the same issues19:16
crimsun_heret1c: well, PulseAudio uses the speex resampler instead of ALSA's linear one.19:16
Yarozeheret1c: i get sound errors when playing games so dunno about that19:16
abarbacciaanybody lose keypad functionality on their keyboard?19:16
abarbacciaoh, i also lose sound when the volume drops below 33%19:16
Yarozeabarbaccia: yes.. and i disabled the keyboard mouse :)19:17
crimsun_Yaroze: which games?19:17
Yarozecrimsun_: UrbanTerror19:17
abarbacciaYaroze: what do you mean? did you resolve it19:17
heret1chaven't tried games. just playing shoutcast streams.19:17
Yarozeabarbaccia: check your keyboard settings19:17
crimsun_Yaroze: quake2-based?19:17
Yarozecrimsun_: quake 3 based19:17
abarbacciaYaroze: I have. everything seems corret...19:17
Yarozeabarbaccia: keyboard mouse not on?19:17
crimsun_Yaroze: so you need to use pasuspender -- q3a19:17
abarbacciaYaroze: son of a gun19:18
abarbacciaYaroze: 12345!! thanks -- :0)19:18
Yarozecrimsun_: the sound can work for hours.. then suddenly the quality of the sound goes away :)19:18
AtomicSparkapparently ubuntu 8.04 A5 doesnt have drivers for the ne2k_pci nic. :\19:18
DanaGinstall: cannot stat `debian/alsa-source.rules': No such file or directory19:18
Yarozeabarbaccia: :)19:18
DanaGLooks like I need to chdir first.19:18
Yarozecrimsun_: thought my new headphones was broken :P19:18
Yarozebut only the game sound gets weird19:19
crimsun_DanaG: oh, into alsa-driver-1.0.16 probably19:19
DanaGYup, I did that and it worked.19:19
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Yarozecrimsun_: i have a audigy 2 card so no soundcard locking :P19:20
abarbacciaanybody lose all sound when volume drops below 33%19:20
crimsun_Yaroze: meaning EMU10k-driven?19:20
Yarozecrimsun_: i installed 8.04 yesterday so i must be using alpha 5 then19:20
Yarozecrimsun_: yes19:20
AtomicSparkabarbaccia: yes. more like 40-50% here. :P i'm on 7.10 though.19:20
crimsun_abarbaccia: no, what happens?19:20
DanaGOh hey, do you know anything about the ADI 1981(HD)?19:21
crimsun_some.  What in particular?19:22
abarbacciacrimsun_: When you lower the volume below 33%, all sound cuts out.19:22
DanaGI'm pondering a laptop for summer, and one option I'm thinking of (HP Compaq 8510p) has that chip.19:22
crimsun_abarbaccia: no, I mean programmatic repetition, meaning "how are you reproducing it?  with what apps?  under what environments?  alsa-native or pulseaudio-native?" etc.19:22
DanaGIs there good linux support for that chip, or does it come down to the individual laptop?19:23
abarbacciacrimsun_: I have rhythmbox playing audio right now, and when i lower the volume below 33% in teh volume-applet the audio cuts out19:24
DanaGI'm also curious about Asus's Xonar PCIe sound card; I'm considering getting a mini-PCIe-to-PCIe adapter and using that soundcard with the laptop.19:24
Yarozecrimsun_: i can see audio playing with pavumeter but i hear nothing :)19:25
crimsun_abarbaccia: / Yaroze: I need details, really.  Run the alsa-info.sh debugging script on wiki/DebuggingSoundProblems.19:27
DanaGOh yeah, I figured out something odd about the Audigy2: it does S16LE and Float32LE, but not S24LE.  That confused me when I was trying to use surround51:CARD=Audigy2 in pulseaudio.19:27
abarbacciacrimsun_: this just started happening too, btw. I'm looking at that script19:27
crimsun_DanaG: Xonar support is in .16, a bit improved in the snap I've tweaked for you19:28
abarbacciacrimsun_: http://pastebin.ca/91656119:29
DanaGI would've thought Xonar would be just a variant of CMI8788, but I guess not.19:29
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crimsun_no, it's an entirely new set.19:29
DanaGHmm, arecord still simply hangs.19:30
crimsun_DanaG: ok, good.19:31
crimsun_DanaG: as for the 1981, it has ups and downs.19:31
crimsun_it's fairly well supported, but of course there are a billion quirks.19:32
crimsun_with any luck, the model you'd purchase doesn't need new pin configs.19:32
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abarbacciacrimsun_: did you get my pastebin?19:33
DanaGHere's a service manual for the laptop:  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=3&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.tigerdirect.ca%2Fpdf%2FHP_8510p_8510w_NotebookPC-MnSG.pdf&ei=pcbBR7o9mYiEA8vc4cEH&usg=AFQjCNHd7uDKvVeDbwFYX7CyD3uh3eEb-Q&sig2=IgodItdqhx4raIBuiAYJ7w19:34
DanaGargh, I hate how Google now mangles URLs.19:34
AtomicSparkthe other room is being spammed. they set out all the ops. XD19:34
DanaGTwo cool features:  "fan always on when on AC power" is a BIOS option, and "swap fn and ctrl" is a BIOS option.  I'd like to meet the people who thought of those two features, because they are very useful and rarely-thought-of.19:35
heret1cDanaG: tried www.clusty.com ?19:35
AtomicSparkDanaG: hey buddy, fan always on doesnt seem to work for me. :\ maybe that was just vista taking over.19:37
DanaGYou have that model?19:38
AtomicSparkwhat model? thought we were talkinga bout laptop options lol.19:39
alex_mayorgaOn buying new laptops, anyone knows someone at Dell that can sell *N laptops outside the US?19:40
MenZaE1505n laptops are sold in the UK too19:40
MenZaGermany as well, I think19:40
MenZaAn array of countries anyway19:40
crimsun_abarbaccia: you need to try the new code I've posted.19:41
alex_mayorgaI've asked for those models here in MX to no avail19:41
heret1calex_mayorga: canada/lat.am. coming soon.19:42
alex_mayorgaand I really would like to make my money talk for Ubuntu this time19:42
alex_mayorgalast time pesky Dell woulsn't even let me get a refund on my non used Win CD19:42
alex_mayorgaheret1c, thanks, how soon is soon? where did you get that from?19:43
alex_mayorgaI guess I need to add a comment on bug 1 about it19:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119:43
abarbacciaanybody get the "nautilus can't display network:/// locations" error?19:44
heret1calex_mayorga: linux part of www.softpedia.com19:44
DanaGThe "this model" I was thinking of is the one of which I linked to the service manual.19:44
AtomicSparkabarbaccia: everyone gets it. you didnt read the memo.19:44
DanaGHP Compaq 8510p.19:45
alex_mayorgais there an official way to contact Dell on this matter?19:45
AtomicSparkabarbaccia: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha519:45
DanaGThey actually sell laptops with FreeDOS, and take off 75 bucks (base is Vista Business) for doing so.19:45
AtomicSparkabarbaccia: read the "caveats" part.19:45
DanaGHP also exposes interesting rules about stickers.  For example, Intel Wireless card requires "Centrino" sticker; "Centrino Pro" (Intel AMT) requires "Centrino Pro" sticker.19:46
DanaGWhat is it that makes capture hang rather than simply recording silence?  Also, what's the difference between "Oxygen" and "Virtuoso", that mandates separate drivers?19:47
abarbacciaAtomicSpark: very good. thanks19:48
* heret1c discovers linux has a Plug 'n Pray relationship with mobile phones.19:53
* AtomicSpark knows linux invented Plug 'n Play19:53
* DanaG wonders if an ISA SB16 with IDE controller would be at all useful nowadays.19:54
DanaGProbably not.19:54
heret1cAtomicSpark: not necessarily the same. 8)19:54
* AtomicSpark thought thats what they called it in windows19:55
crimsun_DanaG: yes, useful.19:55
crimsun_there's always _some_ use case.19:55
* AtomicSpark has a ibm ps119:55
DanaGWe used to have some of those RAM-on-a-stick thingies with the actual row of pins on the bottom.19:56
DanaGI also have a non-plug-and-play Ensoniq Soundscape, an old ISA VGA card of some sort, and a Voodoo3 2000 PCI.19:57
heret1cis youtube down?20:00
stdinapparently so20:01
CorruptTerroristloads for me20:02
heret1cCorruptTerrorist: .co.uk?20:02
DanaGThat reminds me of why I so hate flash:20:03
DanaGclick, back, *segfault*20:03
DanaGIt's really annoying.20:03
h3sp4wnsure its not flash not nspluginwrapper or badly written flash codde20:03
DanaGFirefox crashes almost every two or three pages on YouTube... and it's actually crashing on page UNload.20:04
DanaGI'm also on 32-bit, so nspluginwrapper isn't an issue.20:04
DanaGOd... somehow Timidity manages to bypass PulseAudio even though it's the default ALSA device, and it also manages to bypass the "PCM" slider of my sound card.20:06
h3sp4wninteresting - I wonder what they changed recently20:06
abarbacciaokay i have a pet peeve with hardy. The very top and bottom of the panel bars aren't mart of the menu. Meaning, if i click on the very top of the screen by the word "applications" the menu doesn't open. repeatable on others machines?20:06
h3sp4wnSeems ok on 32 bit firefox 220:06
heret1cff3 is cwer a cpu hog.20:07
heret1c     cert20:07
abarbacciacan someone test this so i can file a bug if needed?20:09
abarbacciaclick the applications menu, but at the VERY top of your screen. Does the menu open?20:09
AtomicSparkabarbaccia: give me 5 mins. :P the bottom doesnt work in gutsy20:10
abarbacciahurm. i never had the problem in gutsy...i don't think at least20:10
DanaGThe top one pixel is eaten by the "edge flip" features in compiz.20:11
AtomicSparkmy mouse has to be at least 5-6 pixels up from the bottom edge20:11
DanaGThat's what's going on.20:11
DanaGOh, you have your menu at the bottom?20:11
abarbacciaDanaG: I have my menu on the top20:11
abarbacciaDanaG: The top pixel is claimed by compiz you're saying -- because its KILLING me right now20:12
abarbacciashouldn't it be passing that even through if its not calling any action?20:12
alex_mayorgatalking on video problems, anyone else seeing the display "refresh" diagonally20:12
AtomicSparkabarbaccia: i am reinstalling hardy because it couldnt detect my net2k driver. ill check when its done.20:13
abarbacciaalright, great.20:13
abarbacciait just doesn't seem right to me20:13
abarbacciai hope its a bug and not a design choice20:14
AtomicSparkassuming the alt install works for me. didnt for 7.10. :\ stupid freeze at loading boot scripts.20:14
DanaGTurn off all the edge-flip triggers and the pixel-eating will go away.20:14
alex_mayorgaIs there a way to re-install a different kernel, but keep the data intact?20:14
alexrudd0which data?20:15
alex_mayorgalike doing a repair install in win32 or something of sorts20:15
DanaGI wonder..... what could I use a Smart Card reader for?20:15
AtomicSparkwhat :|20:15
alex_mayorgaI'd like to test amd kernel on my turion laptop20:15
h3sp4wncopying junk to sd / mmc cards ?20:16
alex_mayorgaDanaG, to use disk encryption maybe20:16
alexrudd0you mean you have x86 and you want to try amd64?20:16
P2502alex_mayorga: you may install as much kernels as you want and switch betwen them20:16
alex_mayorgaP2502, can you tutor me, n00b here, sorry20:16
DanaGAah yes, you got the difference betwen smartcard and any memory format.20:16
sarthoryoutube is Back20:16
AtomicSparkSD is winning the card "format war"20:17
abarbacciaDanaG: Do i disable them in the compiz configuration tool? and do you know what effect specifically20:17
DanaGAre you using wall or cube?20:17
alex_mayorgaalexrudd0, right20:18
sarthorsorry i pasted off topinc20:18
DanaGAnyway, it'd be "edge flip {pointer,drag,move}"20:18
alex_mayorgaactually I seem to have generic as of now20:18
alexrudd0alex_mayorga: that's not just a kernel - you have to recompile/reinstall *everything*20:18
alex_mayorgaalexrudd0, what do I do?20:18
P2502alex_mayorga: just backup your data and do anything20:19
h3sp4wnDanaG: Actually do you mean a smartcard reader like I have on my sparc ?20:19
alex_mayorgaP2502, anything being?20:19
h3sp4wnThose ones you use instead of having to logon you just put the card in20:19
AtomicSparkalex_mayorga: is there a reason you want 64 bit? i accepted the fact that I don't need it yet. most of the apps that run on it are just 32 bit recompiled, not optimized at all.20:19
alex_mayorgaI'd like to have smart card if only for authentication purposes20:19
h3sp4wnsecureid is quite nice to use but you need an aceserver somewherre20:20
DB44is 8.04 coming out with alsa 0.16 and eclipse ?20:20
alex_mayorgaAtomicSpark, just trying to be a "good citizen" and test thoroughly :)20:20
DanaGThat HP laptop I linked to has a true SmartCard reader.20:20
alex_mayorgaDanaG, does HP do ubuntu right out of the box? or freeDOS at least?20:21
DB44is 8.04 coming out with alsa 0.16 and eclipse ?20:22
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h3sp4wnHP does SLES only at least for my new laptop20:22
AtomicSparkalex_mayorga: HP doesnt have ubuntu afaik. you can get freedos on the "configurable" ones, no smartbuys.20:22
DanaGI just hope they replace the HD2600 with a 3xxx-series card by summer.20:22
alex_mayorgais there a formal team to push ubuntu to OEMs?20:23
h3sp4wnDanaG: Does the slot have SC next to it (I think I have one if it does) no idea where to buy the cards from though (got a finger print scanner as well I will probably never use)20:23
abarbacciaDanaG: Thanks, I switched to cube and there are no problems with edge flips or anything. Should i file a bug for the wall?20:23
AtomicSparki have a compaq 6820s. its their new business laptops. pretty. works well. i don't get all the hp bashing.20:24
DanaGHave I linked to HP Japan's wallpapers?     http://h50146.www5.hp.com/products/portables/personal/zen_wallpaper/20:24
h3sp4wnI have a 8710w20:24
DanaGDo you know anybody who has the 8510p?  I'm curious what the fan behavior is like.20:25
AtomicSparkneato. i enjoy my 17" notebook. mm full keyboard.20:25
h3sp4wnIt seems pretty good so far decent screen and a quadro (hopefully less mesing around with drivers)20:25
AtomicSparkthat samon wallpaper is what shipped with mine.20:25
alex_mayorgainspiron 1501 here20:26
DanaGOh, and HP subtracts 5 bucks if you choose Broadcom wifi.20:26
h3sp4wnMine is 17" as well I don't have a full keyboard though (the home end part is squashed up)20:26
AtomicSparkh3sp4wn: i have a numpad. yes. go me.20:26
* AtomicSpark finds pics20:26
alex_mayorgahow bearable is a 17" to take to bed and stuff?20:26
h3sp4wngot a numeric keypad and normal jeyboard20:26
DanaGI currently have a Gateway M685; I'm sick of carrying around the 7.5 pounds PLUS the power brick.20:26
h3sp4wnbut home end pg up pg dn is moved20:27
h3sp4wnI don;t int20:27
DanaG(M685 is also known as nx860{,x,xl})20:27
alex_mayorgaI still believe 12" is the right size20:27
AtomicSparkmine is 6.5 lbs. not bad for a 17".20:27
h3sp4wnend to carry this around I have a thinkpad X31 that is indistructable20:27
alex_mayorgadoes Lenovo sell no OS models?20:28
h3sp4wnWell not totally but its survived 6 months of punishment so far and its fine20:28
h3sp4wnI think you can get suse now - I dunno this is on of the last IBMs20:28
* AtomicSpark doesnt like opensuse20:29
DanaGOh yeah, I'd assume the 8710w has the same audio chip as the 8510p....20:29
alex_mayorgaback in college I had friends that step on their alloy thinkpads to test ruggedness20:29
h3sp4wnDanaG: Seems to work there is no hardware mixer which is a bit crappy though20:30
alex_mayorgathey survived20:30
h3sp4wnand it seems to like un muting itself under some circumstances (that could be gnome though)20:30
alex_mayorgabut these were pre-lenovo models, I wonder if they still put magnesium alloy around the LCD20:30
AtomicSparkyou have to be kidding me! it doesnt see that driver either. X(. stupid ubuntu in kvm.20:31
h3sp4wnhttp://rafb.net/p/uvkxh225.html (That is the lspci) dunno whether its the same or not20:33
DanaGOh hey, have you used Windows on the laptop?  Does Speedfan work?20:35
DanaG(The HP 8710w)20:35
h3sp4wnNever booted Windows even once20:35
h3sp4wnI have the recovery partition still though - maybe I will want / need to one day20:36
AtomicSparkrecovery partitions make me sad. i demand cd's.20:36
h3sp4wnI don't care I don't want windows anyway20:37
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AtomicSparkwhy not? good for things.20:39
TronicThere seems to be a bug in the new librsvg that just appeared on Hardy (2.22.0-1). The older version (2.20.0-1) worked fine, but this one segfaults in _rsvg_acquire_xlink_resource.20:40
alex_mayorgaonly win app I miss is Joost20:40
alex_mayorgaI've recall I read about a easier integration of wine20:41
AtomicSparkwow. hp updated their website. not bad.20:41
alex_mayorgabut don't recall the name of it, any wine experts20:42
AtomicSparkmaybe if they finally have a single username and password for the entire site, i wont hate them as much.20:42
Kunihey everyone20:44
KuniI've got an issue with the Wubi installer20:44
KuniAbout halfway through, it claims that it is unable to access the CD. Anyone know how I could fix this?20:44
alex_mayorgaKuni, did you ckecked the media for errors?20:45
Kuninot yet20:45
Kunibut I've been able to boot from the disc and use the livecd session on another machine20:46
alex_mayorgaduring the install you might exercise part of the CD that are not used on a live session, might be worth a check20:49
Kuniyeah, my friend (whose system this is) says it fails at the same point every time, so I'm guessing that's it, I'll check20:50
heret1cappears like many have problems with the monitor/disply module in system settings.20:56
heret1cgoing back quite some time, too.20:57
alex_mayorgaheret1c, bug?20:58
heret1calex_mayorga: spot on.20:59
heret1c"libpython2.5.so not found in paths"21:01
heret1c!"libpython2.5.so not found in paths"21:02
heret1c! libpython2.5.so not found in paths21:02
Kuniheret1c: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-kde/+bug/19009121:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190091 in meta-kde "SYSTEM SETTING MONITOR AND DISPLAY  LIBPYTHON2.5.SO NOT FOUND IN PATHS in hardy herron (dup-of: 138189)" [Undecided,New]21:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138189 in pykdeextensions "application tries to dlopen /usr/lib/libpython2.5.so (only found in the -dev package) " [High,In progress]21:04
alex_mayorgawell, I can confirm it :)21:05
Kuniyeah, me too.21:05
Kunitwice over.21:05
alex_mayorgaheret1c, do you want me to test anything?21:06
heret1cKuni: thanks. that's it.21:06
Kunithere's a seperate one for kubuntu, too, I forget which one it is21:06
alex_mayorgamine is gnome tough21:06
nhaineswrong window, sorry.  :)21:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189999 in kde-systemsettings "[hardy] kubuntu libpython2.5.so (dup-of: 138189)" [Undecided,New]21:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138189 in pykdeextensions "application tries to dlopen /usr/lib/libpython2.5.so (only found in the -dev package) " [High,In progress]21:07
heret1cbroken symlink?21:10
alex_mayorgaheret1c, do you know the fix?21:11
heret1cal> enlighten me?21:12
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alex_mayorgayou enlighten me :)21:13
heret1cCorruptTerrorist: u wouldn't happen to live in Pennsylvania Av. 1600 / Wash. DC? 8)21:13
DanaGOh hey, with that HP 8710p, what are the quicklaunch buttons?21:14
DanaGI mean, what logos are there?21:14
heret1clocate libpython2.5.so21:14
CorruptTerroristheret1c, why?21:15
CorruptTerroristoh hahahahah21:15
heret1cCorruptTerrorist: 8)21:16
heret1cthe minkee-in-chimp 'isself!21:16
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crimsun_hmph, we broke g-p-m.21:17
* crimsun_ looks at bugs.lp/u/+s/g-p-m21:18
alex_mayorgaheret1c, I found it21:19
alex_mayorgalibpython2.5.so.1 -> libpython2.5.so.1.021:19
heret1cso mon/disp expects a pointer to those from somewhere.21:20
alex_mayorgathese are under /usr/lib21:20
* heret1c nods21:20
crimsun_well, that's a step in the right direction21:24
crimsun_at least g-p-m from ted's ppa can tell if I'm on AC vice battery (using linux 2.6.24-10.16-generic)21:25
crimsun_now to figure out which set of patches need to be reverted/rediffed21:25
lucasvoI have an ubuntu base system installed (edgy) is it save to upgrade to heron directly? should I use dist-upgrade or upgrade? I want to install ubuntu-desktop, should I do that before or after upgrading?21:26
crimsun_lucasvo: edgy->feisty->gutsy->hardy21:26
lucasvoI have reasons not to install HH directly from an alpha image :)21:26
crimsun_any other migration path is unsupported currently21:27
crimsun_when hardy is released, both gutsy->hardy and dapper->hardy will be supported21:27
lucasvocrimsun_: even with only the base system?21:27
lucasvocrimsun_: and I imagine installing ubuntu-desktop afterwards is a wiser(faster) choice?21:28
crimsun_now - that said, it is possible to do feisty->hardy21:28
crimsun_I haven't tried edgy->hardy21:28
lucasvocrimsun_: ok21:28
crimsun_yes, that's the recommended path21:28
crimsun_err, not the _supported_ path, to be clear.21:29
lucasvocool, thanks.21:29
crimsun_but you can if it tweaks your jimmies.21:29
lucasvocrimsun_: I've been using development versions all the time. since edgy21:29
crimsun_lucasvo: I'm only saying that for posterity.21:29
lucasvoI'm used to the fixing and that stuff21:29
lucasvocrimsun_: sure21:29
lucasvocrimsun_: I'm glad that I finally found the time to remove the crappy vista from my tablet pc21:30
alex_mayorgacrimsun_: haha posterity21:30
heret1ccrimsun_: any news/rumors as to when ide hds will be hdparmable again?21:30
crimsun_heret1c: no idea and beyond my area.  Sorry.21:30
heret1ccrimsun_: ah.21:31
lucasvocrimsun_: is me testing LTS upgrade any help? (only with ubuntu-base installed)21:31
crimsun_lucasvo: absolutely!21:32
Flannellucasvo: update-manager-core should still work (and you'd be testing it)21:32
Flannelcrimsun_: How does the dapper upgrade work anyway?  I noticed there weren't proper transitional packages in hardy.21:33
alex_mayorgaheret1c, anything else you need me to check?21:33
crimsun_Flannel: err, _which_ packages are missing transitional ones?21:34
Flannelcrimsun_: Kernel ones21:35
lucasvouhm actually I don't run LTS anyway. I'm on edgy already.21:35
Flannelthere's no -686, for instance, or any of the others21:35
Flannel-base, -standard, and -desktop are all there (obviously) and I haven't checked any others, but the kernel ones aren't21:36
FlannelI suppose those are metapackages anyway, but the kernel will need a transitional21:36
crimsun_well, u-m should handle those21:37
Flannelno, kernels are dependant on -minimal21:37
Flanneler, other way around21:37
Flanneland, arent, even.  sheesh.  u-m doesn't depend on linux-generic21:38
crimsun_it shouldn't21:38
crimsun_u-m should handle them.21:39
Flannelwhat is u-m then?21:39
Flannelso, what exactly does it do?21:39
crimsun_that said, if you feel like filing a wishlist bug against linux to add those transitional packages for -[56]86, feel free21:39
Flannelsince, its not the same as it has been (check third parties, check metapackages, change sources, dist-upgrade)21:39
FlannelI'm just trying to understand what update-manager(-core) does, since I'm going to have to support botched upgrades in #ubuntu once april comes around21:40
Flannelcrimsun_: File against which package?21:41
crimsun_see update-manager's README.dist-upgrade.  You'll find the code in AutoUpgradeTester/ and DistUpgrade/ fairly informative.21:42
crimsun_ok, food time.21:44
Flannelthanks crimsun_21:44
alex_mayorgadoes anyone have wine working?22:35
alex_mayorgaI get Segmentation fault (core dumped) when running winecfg22:35
bardyralex_mayorga, i downloaded the lastest release (deb) from there site, and it worked22:36
alex_mayorgawill try that,22:36
alex_mayorgait's bug 19157522:39
MenZaIS anyone here having issues with flashplayer not playing videos on YouTube properly? Mine stops after af few seconds, despite buffering completely.22:46
MenZahmm, I think it was a sound server issue - I closed Banshee and now it works.22:47
wolverianhow are you supposed to create new virtual machines in virt-manager? the buttons are greyed out.22:48
wolverianam I missing a package? :)22:49
wolverianrunning virt-manager --show-domain-creator doesn't launch the app at all22:49
wolverianI *did* install KVM.. I wonder what else I need.22:51
wolverianah. I need to manually connect first. nevermind, then..22:52
alex_mayorgabardyr, so wine 0.9.56 needs packaging then?23:19
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jadacyruscan't change my desktop wallpaper in hardy..23:25
unenoughIt should be called Hardly! not hardy.23:37
unenough(for now).23:37
alex_mayorgajadacyrus, I just changed my wallpaper23:39
lucasvoI just installed hardy heron.23:40
lucasvoone "bug" I noticed: when I enter my username on GDM the font is way to big and doesn't fit into the box.23:40
lucasvothe same is the case in guifications of pidgin. they use the same font style23:40
lucasvois that a bug at all, is it because I have a broken system or is it even intended? :)23:41
MenZaSounds like a bug. Did you install a fresh version?23:41
alex_mayorgayou mean you see big dots instead of small ones?23:41
lucasvoalex_mayorga: no23:41
lucasvothe font size is to big23:41
lucasvo20px instead of 12 or whatever23:42
alex_mayorgawhich results on big dots on the password fields23:42
alex_mayorgaI've seen that certainly23:42
lucasvoaha you mean these dots23:42
lucasvoalex_mayorga: I meant you were asking for big pixels or something23:42
alex_mayorgaby the way FF3 seems to get that right, normal dots23:43
lucasvoalex_mayorga: it's not only the dots, also the username23:43
lucasvoand the notifications23:43
alex_mayorgalucasvo, if you file it please subscribe me please ;)23:43
lucasvocan I make a print screen in gdm?23:44
lucasvoalex_mayorga: how can I take a screenshot?23:46
lamalexI'm having an issue with the new gnome-clock applet23:47
lucasvoalex_mayorga: did you search for it on LP?23:47
lamalexwhenever I click it, my panel freezes23:47
unenoughwhy is my background white? and icons are hidden but there?23:47
alex_mayorgalucasvo, dunno, not really I don't even know how to describe it23:47
lamalexis there a spot in gconf it would be?23:48
lamalexfound it nm23:50
lamalexbut no dice23:53
lamalexis there a way to reset it back to the stock default?23:55
sarthorHi, there is a lot of traffice on port udp 137, what problem my users will if i blocked 137 udp/tcp port?? shuld i have to block this??23:57
MoheroHi all23:58
Moherobazhang: don't know if you're still here - but I managed to fix the problem I was having.23:59

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