troy_shbons: No idea.  Well beyond my guesswork.00:02
troy_shbons: I believe that the Fela Kuti wallpaper has a _lot_ going for it.00:03
hbonsyeah, it's very cool00:03
troy_shbons: 1) It steps us in the right direction away from the absolutely amateur monochromatic rubbish we have been seeing.00:03
hbonsmuch better indeed00:03
troy_shbons: 2) It is a deft application of artistry (Ash did a good job)00:03
hbonsis there a deadline for art packaging?00:04
troy_shbons: 3) It is at least a _step_ in the right direction regarding content -- a migration away from the overly fearful and completely abstract 'blah' wallpapers.00:04
troy_shbons: And yes, there is a deadline, but I think that kwwii could probably apply 'tweaks' on the given packages assuming they are settled.00:05
hbonsi'd like to propose this one as an alternative icon set, like Tangerine: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Discovery00:05
hbonsi think it goed well with the Fela Kuti wallpaper;)00:05
troy_shbons: Have you been working on anything?01:11
hbonstroy_s: only icons01:11
troy_shbons: Is discovery yours?01:11
troy_shbons: Oh how interesting.01:11
troy_shbons: Have you created any icons outside of the Tango style?01:12
hbonsnot very much01:12
hbonsbut i think i could:)01:13
troy_shbons: Do you have a link with more of your bits online?01:13
hbonstroy_s: well there's my blog http://bomahy.nl/hylke/blog/(but most images don't work at the moment) and http://hbons.deviantart.com/ not very much01:15
mohbanahey guys13:34
mohbanaanyone here?13:35
mohbanaplease use my name when texting back14:00
troy_smohbana: What's up?15:45
mohbanatroy_s, what hex does ubuntu does for that orange?15:46
troy_smohbana: That should all be on the wiki15:46
mohbanado you have the ling?15:46
mohbanalink lol15:46
troy_smohbana: Bear in mind that the colour is a logo colour.15:46
ArthurArchnixhiya... I've just spent the last six hours making a custom theme, but I've only managed to do the 48x48 folder. I was wondering how you guys scale this down. I'm hoping there's a program that will recursively scan a directory, resize pngs, ignore symlinks.... and so on. Is there such a magical creature?21:24
ArthurArchnixOh, and by making, I mean taking all my fav's and putting them into one. :P21:25
nothlitgrr, the wiki is full of clutter21:25
nothlitthere is a set of icon naming utils from tango21:26
nothlityou need to optimise the smaller sizes by hand depending on the ratio21:26
ArthurArchnixOh yeah...? I was thinking of just using convert or this alpha program here called phatch, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46659821:28
nothlitArthurArchnix: http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Theme_Guidelines#Sizes21:34
ArthurArchnixReading through it now nothlit, thanks for that link. I started by copying the human icon theme. I like the human theme, but I wanted to sub in my own icons for some things, like folders and apps. Net status. Battery. Etc. Reading that link, it seems like I can maybe delete some of the more obscure folders. Like maybe delete the 8x8 entirely from the theme. I'm also checking out that naming script... but man do I wis21:39
nothlityour words were cut off as 'man do I wis'21:44
nothlityeah, i get lazy and delete raster sizes from a duplicated folder and rely on the svg for personal quick edits as well21:45
ArthurArchnixok... just fyi, phatch rocks my socks. Thanks for the links nothlit.21:59
ArthurArchnixOne more question... for now ( :)  ), I've rename the theme in the index.theme file, removed all the folders I'm not using (e.g., scale). Once I create a tar.gz and drop it into the theme manager in ubuntu it's not gonna mess up my default human theme is it? My first try at this yesterday required a sudo apt-get remove --purge human-icons && apt-get install human-icons --purge. I can't remember the exact command. But22:07
nothlitdropping it in22:09
nothlitis basically extracting it into ~/.icons/22:09
nothlityou can do that manually as well22:09
ArthurArchnixProbably safer then, to copy it in manually.22:09
ArthurArchnixahh... I see what you mean now about optimizing the smaller sizes... you mean physically editing the icons so they make sense at smaller sizes.... yeah. Well, that's the trick isn't it? I mean, I'm an academic not an artist, but I have fun coming up with my own personalized icons scheme. But then, creating the smaller versions is a little (read: way, way) beyond my skillset. I don't mind though. I think the human the22:15
ArthurArchnixphatch created this barely recognizable icons at 12x12. :) But still, what a great program.22:16
ArthurArchnixIf I delete icon.cache will it be recreated automagically?22:25
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nothlitif in doubt, move instead or make a backup22:38
troy_snothlit: Apparently ArthurArchnix and the other phatch guys don't know about imagemagick.22:49
nothlittroy_s: it doesn't use a backend?22:54
troy_snothlit: I can only assume it does... I don't know how you get any simpler than the actual program however.22:54
troy_snothlit: Mind you, just looking, Ubuntu's imagemagick is hideously out of date.22:55
troy_snothlit: Sad really.22:55
nothlitimagemagick is difficult for people without cli experience to use, that would be part of the reason graphicsmagick exists to begin with22:55
nothlitbut its incredible to have all those algorithms :)22:56
nothlitbtw: to anyone listening, sinc and lanczos are the best for downsizing without moire22:56
troy_snothlit: You can script a stair interpolation relatively quickly too.22:57

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