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CarlSpacklerhello, I added a new user, non-sudo, to my ubuntu, but every time I click the logout button or choose this from the menu it doesn't allow the non-sudo user to logout, why not and how may I change this behavior?14:25
naliothCarlSpackler: see /topic here     ( support is in #ubuntu )14:25
CarlSpacklernalioth, i can't join it tor users are banned, i've asked this question for 4 hours in other ubuntu channels but no one knows14:26
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ZelutWe're going to have a short meeting in here to revive the ubuntu-classroom team. Beginning in 18 minutes.16:42
* herlo is here just because Zelut asked16:56
* Zelut gives herlo a big gold star for participation.16:58
Zelut##### Ubuntu Classroom Revival Meeting - BEGIN #####17:00
ZelutIf you're wanting to participate in the meeting to revive The Ubuntu Classroom, you may want to join us in Gobby as well for the agenda17:00
herloZelut: oh, gobby too?17:01
Zelutherlo: gobby too.  gobby.ubuntu.com - 'classroom' document.17:02
herloalready logged in17:03
ZelutLet's give a minute for anyone else to get gobby and get joined17:03
herloZelut: I should mention, I've been working on the gig for fedora, its coming along nicely, but its not updated on the wiki yet...17:05
herloI'll drop what i have in the ubuntu gobby if you like17:05
visualdeceptionhello all17:06
TheZealothey VD17:06
TheZealotwhere is the gobby info?17:06
visualdeceptionaptitude install gobby17:06
TheZealotits installed17:06
visualdeceptionalt+f2 then run gobby17:07
visualdeceptionthen put in classroom.ubuntu.com17:07
herlovisualdeception: you put in classroom?  I put in gobby17:08
Zelutvisualdeception: gobby.ubuntu.com, open the document (within gobby) called 'classroom'17:08
TheZealotyeah, thats what I needed, the hostname17:08
TheZealotgood deal17:08
Zelutlets go ahead and get started.  may as well just hold the meeting inside gobby with its chat feature.17:10
ZelutTheZealot: it looks like you're in gobby but not in the document with us.  Need any assistance?17:15
TheZealotwhich document are we viewing?17:15
TheZealotI came in after it was said I think17:15
TheZealotgot it thanks17:15
pleia2Zelut: I can't participate inside gobby, sorry :(17:17
pleia2so uh, just poke me if you need anything I guess17:17
herlopleia2: why not?17:18
pleia2I'm on my very very very old laptop that won't run it17:18
Zelutpleia2: ohh, forgot about that.17:18
pleia2hrm, it's slow but I'm trying17:20
pleia2ok, seems I can do the chat bit anyway :)17:22
* visualdeception is seth18:16
* Laney rocks out18:16
LaneyOK, back to Haskell. Dissertation = :(18:16
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