j1mcnixternal: you still around?  would <ulink url="../../add-applications/C/add-applications.xml">adding applications</ulink> work?  would that cause probs with the translations?00:29
nixternalstill here00:41
nixternalthat is fine j1mc, no translation issues there00:42
j1mcthanks, nixternal00:56
nixternalno problemo01:01
sleepsterhow would I know which docs need to be updated?02:18
sleepsterI want to write docs02:18
USN1520hello, joined the mailing list (rwainscott), registered at launchpad, now what?03:41
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j1mchi all... how would i do a ulink to a subsection of another document?  i'm trying to link to the musicvideosphotos.xml file, section <sect1 id="onlinemedia" status="complete">, subsection <sect2 id="onlinemedia-plugins" status="complete">17:56
j1mcis that possible?17:56
mdkeyes, it's possible.18:00
mdkeyou do <ulink url="path">link text</ulink>18:01
j1mci know how to link to a different document: <ulink url="../../add-applications/C/add-applications.xml">Add Applications</ulink>18:02
j1mcwould i just add something like ... add-applications.xml#sectionname>18:02
j1mcok.  thanks.  i'll give that a try.18:02
mdkebut that method you are using causes problems for translations18:02
mdkeif you don't translate the documentation for xubuntu, it will be ok18:03
j1mccrap.  i asked in here about that yesterday.18:03
j1mci was told no.18:03
mdkeah, I see it18:03
mdkeyeah, that's wrong I'm afraid18:03
j1mcthat it didn't cause translation probs.18:03
mdkebecause the url contains "C" so all translations will link to the English version, the url doesn't get translated18:03
j1mcany suggestions?18:04
mdkehow is the documentation viewed in xubuntu?18:04
j1mccurrently in firefox.18:04
mdkehmm. There isn't a solution18:04
j1mcif we did it in yelp, then it would work, correct?18:05
mdkeif you ned translations you would probably have to use sed of something to correct the urls for each language18:05
j1mcthere would be a fix, right?18:05
mdkeyelp has a workaround yeah18:05
j1mcwhat is the yelp workaround?  an xref link of some sort... ? i think i've seen those.18:05
mdkedocuments are registered in /usr/share/gnome/help/documentname, and then links such as <ulink type="help" url="ghelp:documentname#section"> will work18:06
mdkexref is only for cross references withina  single document18:06
mdkekde has a similar trick to gnome18:06
mdkethe only other technique would be to use some kind of entity in place of the "C", and define it for each language at the beginning of the document18:07
mdkewe tried that for some time but it threw up all sorts of other problems so we had to jettison it18:07
j1mcok...  i'll talk it over with the xubuntu team, and see what they think about the translation issues.  i'm not sure how much xubuntu docs are translated.18:07
mdkeafaik, not much at the moment :)18:08
mdkeat least, in gutsy there aren't any translations that I can see18:08
j1mcyeah.  i'd hate to have it completely broken for translators, though.  ok.18:08
j1mcbut... getting docs to validate is good, too.  and the team has been resistant to more gnome-based apps.18:09
mdkewhat did you mean by the validate part of that?18:09
j1mcwell, ./validate.sh xubuntu/internet/C/internet.xml is throwing up validation errors.18:10
mdkeI think that's a separate issue to the issue of cross-document linking18:10
j1mchrm, no... when i correct the cross-document linking, the errors go away.18:11
j1mcand the new links work in yelp18:11
mdkeI'll explain better18:12
mdkethe document isn't valid because there are broken links18:12
mdkeyou need to fix those regardless of what application you use, and regardless of how you fix them...18:12
mdke"linkend" is broken because it is supposed to refer to a section inside the same document as the link18:12
mdkein that case, there is no section in the internet document with that name18:13
j1mcthat is how the docs were for gutsy.  :)  i'm just trying to clean them up and get them working.18:13
mdkebut it's not like if you leave them as they are, they work for translators18:14
mdkethey are just broken for everyone ;)18:14
mdkeso you might as well at least fix them for english18:14
j1mcright.  :)  i guess i'll go ahead with that for this release, and then talk with the team about other options for later releases.18:15
j1mcwe did have someone working on a doc browser similar to yelp... https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-documentation-browser/+branches18:15
mdkeif xubuntu isn't going to be translated, we should remove the "pot" files, because they will result in the translators working away on rosetta18:16
mdkeand then translations not getting imported18:16
mdkebut if there are going to be translations, I can't think of a solution to the link issue; except for not having links18:17
mdkeor sed18:17
j1mci think we were able to do translations before when we just had the desktop guide.18:17
j1mcit would be a shame to not have translations be possible if this version is going to be available for a longer time.18:18
mdkeI agree.18:18
mdkewell, it would be quite an easy thing to do with sed18:18
j1mci could look into it, but i'm not very fluent with sed.18:19
mdkeyou build the html for each language, then replace each instance of "/C/" in a document with "/lang/"18:19
mdkeI am rubbish with sed, but I can help with that18:19
j1mcif i couldn't get it to work, i'm sure i could find someone to help... yeah.18:19
mdkewe do something similar for help.ubuntu.com, to fix the "ghelp" links :)18:19
j1mcah, cool.18:19
mdkefor that, the ghelp links don't work so we need to convert them to regular links18:20
mdkeso, either way, there is no perfect solution18:20
j1mcwould the sed option allow us to keep the pot files (which i know i have to move, btw)18:20
mdkeI'll certainly help out with this stuff18:21
j1mcok.  thanks.18:21
j1mci'll continue with getting the links in order for now then... there are still a couple of docs that don't validate, so i want to get that fixed before i keep updating content.18:22
mdkenice to see xubuntu docs taking off18:22
mdkedo you integrate xfce docs at all?18:22
j1mcno, we haven't integrated xfce docs, but i'd like to eventually.18:23
* mdke nods18:23
mdkethey are in html too iirc18:23
j1mcthey are shipped with xubuntu.  i suppose that i could just link to them from our own docs.18:24
mdkeif it fits18:24
j1mcas an additional resource.  they are kind of spotty, though.  and there isn't a single xfce repo for docs.  each app has its own repo.18:24
j1mc(for docs)18:24
mdkei see18:24
mdkeis xubuntu pretty good? my computer isn't fast enough to handle ubuntu, I ought to transfer it18:25
j1mci like it, yeah.  my computer is pretty new, but i just like how it's more simple.18:25
mdkeI'll give it a go18:26
j1mcok, well... thanks for your help.  i gotta get ready to head out.  have a good rest of your day.18:27
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