mohbanahello anyone ?15:21
mohbanaroldyx, you still there?15:34
roldyxmohbana: tell me16:33
mohbanaroldyx, i was doing my project in fedora, then i moved to ubuntu, but when i try to run i get the following errror ' java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError'16:34
roldyxmohbana: do you move your workspace?16:39
mohbanaroldyx, i basically committed it to the cvs, then when on ubuntu, i replaced the project with the one  currently the lastest in the head16:43
man-dimohbana: you need to recompile your *.class files17:31
mohbanaman-di, how? i am using eclipse it doesn't do it for me17:31
man-diClean your project in Eclipse17:32
man-dithis forces a rebuild17:32
mohbanahm.. same problem, i cleaned the project ... project -> clean17:34
man-diyou are obviously building with a newer major version of Java then you are running your app17:36
man-diperhaps you can reduce the major number in your project settings17:36
mohbanaby the way i am using icedtea17:36
mohbanaok its working17:38
mohbanayou were right17:38
mohbanai think fedora's version is newer17:38
mohbanadoes anyone have a back and forward button on his mouse?21:38

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