asac_jetsaredim: apt-get source mozilla-devscripts (with my ppa src in sources.list) ... then in the source dir build:14:32
asac_debuild -S -kYOURGPGKEYID14:33
=== asac_ is now known as asac
armin76!info libmcs15:50
ubotuPackage libmcs does not exist in gutsy15:50
armin76!info libcms15:50
ubotuPackage libcms does not exist in gutsy15:50
armin76!info lmcs15:50
ubotuPackage lmcs does not exist in gutsy15:50
armin76!info lcms15:50
ubotuPackage lcms does not exist in gutsy15:50
armin76!info liblcms15:50
ubotuPackage liblcms does not exist in gutsy15:50
Ubuletteasac, if you commit a small doc for xpi, i can close mozilla-devscripts, it's stable on my side16:41
Ubulette[reed], [Sat 00:40] <[reed]> lots of new Tango icons landing tonight, most likely <= I still can't see it, am I blind ?17:37
[reed]Ubulette: a lot of stuff landed...19:27
Ubulettewhen ? didn't see anything linux related in my bonsai rss feed19:27
[reed]mozilla bug 41886819:53
ubotuMozilla bug 418868 in Theme "M3 Tango" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41886819:53
[reed]see that bug19:53
Ubulette[reed], when is b4 expected ?20:06
jetsaredimasac: I was able to get my firebug scripts build and into my PPA - if anyone cares to give them a whirl - they are available for gutsy and hardy20:20
jetsaredimany thoughts as to which to take a look at next or should I just start with addons.mozdev.org?20:21
jetsaredimI looked at the optimoz mouse gestures which have moved from addons.mozdev to a new site mousegestures.org, the source is available, but will soon be going closed source20:22
asacjetsaredim: soon be closed source? how do you know?21:31
Ubuletteasac, could we close mozilla-devscripts now ? i wont have time tomorrow21:54
[reed]Ubulette: freeze is this week... so, two weeks or so?21:59

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