Seeker`PriceChild: who is running it?00:06
Seeker`how much RAM does the machine have?00:08
PriceChildi think00:08
PriceChildoh no, he wanted a 12800:09
popeythats ubuntuircstats00:09
popeynot ubuntustats00:09
popeyubuntustats was a n nice ajaxy thing00:09
PriceChildah sorry00:09
PriceChildi meant ubuntuircstats then  :P00:09
popeyubuntuircstats is basically pisg00:09
popeyubuntustats is really very nice indeed00:10
PriceChildubuntustats.com seems down as well00:10
popeythats what i thouhgjt you were getting at with your "forget"00:11
PriceChildi was guessing the name for the factoid00:11
popeywell you gessed _wrong_ hairboy!00:12
PriceChildThere's just no comeback to that.00:12
Seeker`PriceChild: Should you have checked what the factoid actually said first?00:13
popeyyeah, you tell im00:13
PriceChildSeeker`, there is no factoid for ubuntustats.com00:13
PriceChildubotu, search ubuntustats.com00:13
ubotuFound: 00:13
Seeker`these are not the droids you are looking for...00:13
popeyubotu, search ubuntustats00:13
popeyoi oi00:14
PriceChildhe doesn't want to talk to you anymore00:14
popeyis it ignoring me?00:14
popeyit's because of the hair comment isn't it?00:14
PriceChildubotu, search ubuntustats00:14
ubotuFound: 00:14
* popey slaps ubotu 00:14
Seeker`ubotu, search ubuntustats00:14
PriceChildlol popey i have no access to ubotu apart from editors, I didn't do anything :)00:14
popeyooo roast dinner sunday00:14
Seeker`doesn't like me either :(00:14
PriceChildSeeker`, probably too quick00:14
popeyyeah, but nobody likes you Seeker` 00:15
Seeker`ubotu, search uk00:15
ubotuFound: paste-#ubuntu-uk, ops-#ubuntu-meeting, ops-#ubuntu-devel, hr, logs-#ubuntu-uk, ops-#ubuntu-uk, nvidia9, players, pastebin-#ubuntu-uk, gb00:15
Seeker`it likes me :)00:15
popeybah iphone advert00:15
* Seeker` hugs ubotu 00:16
PriceChildLjL, i think there's a read-topic ban on "ubuntu"?00:21
* PriceChild checks00:21
PriceChildappearing in -read-topic anyway, but don't seem to be banned... odd00:22
LjLPriceChild: yes, i've removed it now00:22
PriceChildah good good :)00:23
* PriceChild wonders why he was /away, and why he didn't see anything00:23
LjLPriceChild: erm... i don't know, but there was an exploit :)00:24
* csc`` sits01:43
Picicsc``: Can we help you?01:43
naliothcsc``: did you follow the instructions in #ubuntu-read-topic ?01:43
csc``nalioth: <FloodBot1> csc``: Sorry, but I am unable to test you (are you using your usual nickname?). Please contact the operators (type « /topic » to find out how).01:44
naliothstupid bots01:44
LjLnalioth, perhaps rather than the bots being stupid, it's more like he's not banned at all02:04
LjLthe MetaBot source is not available at https://code.launchpad.net/~ljl/ubuntu-bots/metabot02:07
no0ticstupid router02:08
PiciI thought that said floodbot.02:11
LjLPici: maybe [much] later :)02:15
Moniker42you guys aware of guest2k7?03:10
Moniker42<guest2k7> ftp://anonymous:anonymous@
Moniker42which links to an FTP that has clearly been compromised03:11
Moniker42that was in #ubuntu-uk03:11
Moniker42but i doubt it's any use now, as he seems to have been connected to irc through the compromised system =\03:12
LjLMoniker42, not much we can do about it i guess... i'll tell him if i see him03:14
LjLbut i don't he'll come back with the same nick03:15
Amaranthwatch Irin{0a04:29
Amaranthjust sent me an 'asl' PM04:29
Jack_SparrowWhich channel04:30
naliothanybody in #ubuntu-fr see a nazi spammer?04:52
=== ubot3` is now known as ubot3
Picinalioth: do you ever sleep?06:22
naliothPici: not lately06:22
PiciEeeh :/06:22
no0tic-!- Darksiteevil [n=Darksite@dynamic17-113.MAN-B2-1.cablenet.com.ni] è uscito da #ubuntu-es-ops ["got to my site www.linux-ni.tk!"]06:39
no0ticcan I interpret it as spam?06:39
naliothno0tic: again?06:39
naliothno0tic: did this happen just now?06:39
PiciIs he just joining and parting? Lots of people have websites in their quit/part pessages.06:39
no0ticnalioth, yes06:39
naliothPici: it's not join/part06:40
naliothno0tic: it's a channel text, right?06:40
no0ticPici, no, he stays on channels too06:40
Picinalioth: oh.. a notice?06:40
no0ticnalioth, it's a part message06:40
naliothno0tic: ah, a part message06:40
no0ticok then :)06:40
nalioththat's ok, if he's not join/parting just to show it off06:40
no0ticit doesn't seem so06:41
no0ticwell, I can say he is just an "usual customer" of ours in -es. He seems to get banned frequently06:45
elkbuntusomeone please help me in -offtopic07:13
Myrttithere we go :-D07:14
elkbuntuwe've got way too many loser types in there now :(07:26
Pici03:11:19 <?Arelis> I think #ubuntu's being attacked!08:12
Pici03:11:30 <?Arelis> Every time i join here, i get a segfault with all irc clients08:12
no0ticI simply joined #ubuntu with xchat right now :)08:16
ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu (daba)09:43
ompaulGary, still in Belgium?10:03
GaryI am all pastried out :-)10:04
Garyand have drunk waaaaaaaaay too much coffee10:04
Garyhad a nice romanticish meal last night in a hotel10:04
Garyfree hotel room too, thanks to a hants lug cancelleeeee10:04
* ompaul larts self for the s/lol/haha 10:08
ompaulI know a few guys who went to it 10:08
GaryI was really happy someone could not make it, the hotel was nice10:11
ompaulGary, care to comment in -offtopic10:11
ompaulabout say the events themselves10:12
Hobbsee[21:53] [Whois] Iv^a_na is i=simeon@c-76-106-232-9.hsd1.fl.comcast.net (powered by spambuster v2.6)10:53
Hobbseewhat is that?10:53
PiciProbably some custom irc client script thing.  Probably mirc10:54
Hobbseethey've been querying me10:59
MyrttiI'm really starting to dislike this LinuxID10T feller on -ot10:59
jussi01Myrtti: sounds like an apt name for him...11:00
ompaulthat seemed to work 11:10
MyrttiI've got my finger on the trigger11:10
ompaulwith some look he may go away before the game is over11:19
ompauli.e. his 15 mins11:19
jpatrickguys having fun in #ubuntu+1 I see12:21
* LjL hates forward-evading exploit victims14:04
grubhey LjL 14:10
grubLjL, need some help here, does ubuntu have a webpage/wiki citing all its +ves like an article or something?14:11
naliothFor tips and information on channel and user modes and management, see http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml grub 14:11
grubnalioth, umm, oook i know that thanks anyway14:11
LjLgrub: +ves?14:12
naliothgrub: so what were you asking?14:12
grubi actually have a presentation to give tomorrow regarding "Why you should use Ubuntu/Linux"14:12
LjLgrub: that's a little out of the scope of this channel. i don't think ubuntu goes to brag around much about how good it is ;) but if you try asking #ubuntu-offtopic, i'm sure you'll find plenty of opinions14:12
grubok thanks!14:13
jpatrickLjL: this RindTailedFox guy repeated the same thing in #k, #k-ot, and #u-ot14:17
naliothso he's asking for help14:18
LjLand #u14:18
ompaulgrub, is that as in the boot manager or the local for food in .ie14:46
ompauland then second up is there anything else we can help you wit?14:47
ompaulgrub, is there anything else we can help you with?14:51
ompaulhmm guess not15:19
Seveasmunch munch15:24
ubotubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu (rickyfingers)15:38
ompaulSeveas, ;-)15:40
ompaulthat by the way was for racist comments by insaneboy` in pm based on my earlier actions15:41
ompaulfool gets what fool wants15:41
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore16:40
jpatrickah, good16:40
jpatrickstdin: can I remove the ban *!*@CPE00012e15cab6-CM00194757ed42.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com in -kde4? He was klined16:43
stdinyeah, if they were k-lined then it's a pointless ban :)16:43
jpatrickjust checking, it was yours ;)16:44
PriceChildubotu, no wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://wubi-installer.org/16:46
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild16:46
ompaulno XXXX are <reply>   <<<< typo of the decade so far16:57
LjLPriceChild, please use ! rather than ubotu, so ubotwo picks things up too16:58
PriceChildwhoops sorry LjL 16:58
PriceChildubotwo, no wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://wubi-installer.org/16:58
LjLjust saying16:59
ompaulLjL, where do you want that done?16:59
LjLwhere *is* ubotwo for starters16:59
ompaulnot here16:59
LjLi should put it on crontab some day16:59
PriceChildah he isn't here17:00
jpatrickLjL: take a look at #k-ot - this guy is nearing trolling17:40
jpatrickhello leogg, how can we help?17:51
leogghi jpatrick, I want to request an ubuntu/member cloak17:52
jpatrickleogg: are you an ubuntu member? Link to your launchpad page please17:53
jpatrickah, everything appears to be in order, please idle here till nalioth comes back :)17:54
leoggok, thanks jpatrick :)17:55
jpatrickleogg: have you set up your nick as described in http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup ?17:59
leoggjpatrick, yes17:59
PriceChildnalioth, ubuntu/member cloak for leogg please.18:00
PriceChildnalioth, I'm just going through ubuntu-irc-cloaks and matching with ubuntumembers using a handy python snippet. Checking manually also, "robitaille", "lucasd", "meyer", The following is online and I've PMd to see if they are going to be renewing: "dous". Finally "naamanc" has also expired, but nolonger lists an irc nick so I've no idea what their username was on here after obvious tries have failed.18:07
ompaulPriceChild, what do you think of this18:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about troll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trolling - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:36
PriceChild!search troll18:36
ubotuFound: troll*, a troll, don't feed the troll, nl-troll, feeding the troll, nl-troll in een internetomgeving, feedthetroll18:36
ompaula troll18:36
jdongwhat's special about the nl-troll?18:37
ubotunl-troll is In een internetomgeving is een Troll een persoon die slechts als doel heeft: het zaaien van onrust en het krijgen van reacties en aandacht.18:37
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)18:37
jdongPriceChild: ja...18:37
ubotutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubotu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel18:37
PriceChildwhat's going on..18:38
ompaulPriceChild, I am thinking of /msg ubotu atroll > PriceChild  (read a message from the bot)18:39
PriceChildWas that just lagging on the bots?18:39
jdongI'd like to point out that "behaviour" is spelled wrong.18:39
* jdong ducks18:39
TheSheepen.US or en.UK?18:40
ompaulwow lag18:40
stdinI think #3 is lagging, didn't see #1 as +o18:40
ompaulkick #3 and let it clean itself up ?18:40
jdongwhen in doubt, kick it out...18:41
jdongsounds like US diplomatic policies18:41
PriceChildit said "clone flood" thouhg...18:41
PriceChildi don't see clones18:41
stdinI can't see a clone flood, and from the users I checked it seemed to be muting users that had been connected a while18:43
ompaulPriceChild, pm18:43
PriceChildLjL, are you around?18:44
_Oz_Hello, all.18:51
_Oz_I have been defeated by ompaul, who kicked and then banned me from #ubuntu for not following the rules.  Rather than be humbled/humiliated by being forced to arrive here and beg for reinstatement, I attempted to get along without #ubuntu.18:52
_Oz_But I have discovered that it is difficult to do that.  #ubuntu is a great resource.18:52
_Oz_So I come here to humbly ask for forgiveness, and for reinstatement.18:53
_Oz_I stand ready to prove that I will stay on topic better next time, although I do feel ompaul was unnecessarily hard on me by banning me for something which seemed very insignificant to me at the time.18:53
PriceChild_Oz_, one moment please.18:54
_Oz_However, I realize that #ubuntu is a resource, and with such great interest in the OS it is occasionally necessary to be heavy-handed to keep the channel on an even keel.18:54
PriceChild_Oz_, remind me what you actually did?18:55
_Oz_A person came into the channel and changed his nick.18:55
_Oz_ompaul told him not to change his nick in the channel due to scroll.18:56
_Oz_The person explained that the server forced him to change his nick due to a nick collision or something.18:56
_Oz_ompaul wouldn't let it drop, and I tried to (politely) tell ompaul that in this case this person had no other choice than to change his nick.18:56
_Oz_ompaul then banned me.18:56
_Oz_Next time I will not mention it.18:57
_Oz_I simply wish to use #ubuntu as a resource both to learn and help others.  I will not engage in conversations related to anything but that.18:57
ompaul_Oz_, I last said to you --  Feb 16 23:55:31 <ompaul>        now read the guidelines and drop into #ubuntu-ops when you are done cheers18:58
ompauldid you?18:58
_Oz_I did indeed.18:58
ompaulnow in fact the reason you made the channel scroll was?18:59
_Oz_Getting offtpic.18:59
ubotuIn ubotu, sinbox said: !pizza is An oven baked circle of dough topped with tomato sauce and whichever favourite toppings you like18:59
PriceChild_Oz_, I do not see ompaul replying to you for 10 minutes, and then you attempting to send him !patience, after you have just been warned for offtopic chatter by another op?19:00
ompaulno actually being a pain19:00
ompaulreally you were told you were offtopic19:01
ompaulyou played a little game trying to guess an anagram 19:01
_Oz_That's right, I forgot about that.19:01
_Oz_I did do that.19:01
_Oz_It's been awhile now.19:01
_Oz_Definitely not in the rules.19:01
PriceChild_Oz_, you forgot that? What I just said kind of goes against what you thought happenned? "ompaul wouldn't let it drop"19:01
ompaulthat is exactly how you endear yourself to other19:01
_Oz_Like I said, I just want to stick to Ubuntu topics only. NO anagrams, no discussion about rules, etc. I apologize for being rude if that was perceived as such.19:02
PriceChild_Oz_, have you read the ubuntu guidelines?19:02
_Oz_They are sitting on my screen right now!19:02
ompaulDon't be annoying19:03
ompaul    *19:03
ompaul      Flooding, away messages, repeating and bot abuse are not the only ways you can be annoying. Personal attacks when things don't go as planned, continued misbehaving after you have been advised against, and similar behaviour will be rewarded with a ban.19:03
_Oz_I was not aware that ompaul was an op and thought !patience was appropriate at that time because he was, in my view at that time, needlessly needling a person about an unavoidable nick change.  I recognize in retrospect I was bein rude and, er, annoying.19:03
ompaulyou were warned off and told you were offtopic19:04
ompaulit does not matter who tells you 19:04
ompaulyou need to respect all those around you - and they will more than likely do likewise19:04
_Oz_I stand ready to be flagellated further.19:04
ompaulno you don't19:04
ompaulwe are not beating you u19:04
PriceChildI've just noticed that jrib was caught with the mutes. I am removing all of those now.19:04
_Oz_Bottom line is this: #ubuntu-offtopic is fine for chatter and #ubuntu will only be used by me either to help others or to ask specific questions.  Period.19:05
ompaulwhy did you get banned from -offtopic?19:05
_Oz_I don't know what else to say other than that.19:05
_Oz_I'm not banned?19:05
_Oz_I'm in there right now.19:05
* ompaul read it as such19:05
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.19:06
PriceChild_Oz_, "I was not aware that ompaul was an op" - why should that have any bearing on the situation?19:06
ompaulyou got removed from there19:07
_Oz_Because, pricechild, sending !patience to an op would be construed by most to be disrespectful and intentionally rude.  At that time I thought ompaul was just another user getting a little too prickly with a person who was clearly not tryuing to break any rules.  In retrospect, I should have remained uninvolved.19:07
PriceChild_Oz_, We are *all* just other users.19:08
_Oz_I understand.19:08
PriceChild_Oz_, the fact that we have access in #ubuntu should have no relevance. I don't think its acceptable to treat anyone else in there worse than you would me.19:08
ompaulhowever you were continuing to behave badly trying to guess that anagram - and as I said already: mpaul> you need to respect all those around you - and they will more than likely do likewise19:08
_Oz_ompaul: I apologize for that.  I don't know what else to say.19:09
_Oz_there wasn't much chatter at the time, someone invited me to guess what their name meant as an anagram.  A light-hearted moment.  However, it's not the way it works in #ubuntu as I can now see.19:09
ompaul_Oz_, I have issues with lifting your ban - it seems to me that you missed the point of what is going on and still do let me think for a few mins please 19:09
PriceChild_Oz_, I would like to suggest you are a little more sparing with the bot in future.19:10
PriceChild_Oz_, to be very blunt, I have found complaints directed at the *entire* #ubuntu channel on ubuntuforums.org, using quotes of your participation.19:11
ompaulbrb - give me two or three mins19:11
_Oz_What does that mean?19:11
PriceChild_Oz_, People have posted on ubuntuforums.org, saying how #ubuntu is rubbish, because of a bad experience at getting support in which you were involved.19:12
_Oz_Really?  Can I see the URL?  I have helped a number of people.19:12
PriceChild_Oz_, In future please read users statements more fully before sending bot commands. In the past they have not been suitable, the "!patience" factoid to ompaul earlier would be a prime example.19:14
_Oz_Yeah, I'm not using !patience ever again.19:14
_Oz_In fact, I'm only going to use stock answers for specific questions such as !medibuntu and such.19:14
PriceChild_Oz_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70299019:15
PriceChild_Oz_, I'm not saying don't use these factoids, I'm just suggesting you are more careful.19:15
PriceChild_Oz_, We value every user in #ubuntu that gives support and don't want you to limit the valuable support you can give.19:16
_Oz_What in the world? I had nothing to do with anyone posting on that thread.19:16
_Oz_That certainly wasn't me, in the OP's original example.19:16
PriceChild_Oz_, my logs match you up as "User2"19:17
_Oz_Well, I think I can provide some help.  Not as much as some others, because I don't know as much, but I'm starting to learn more.19:17
_Oz_That was NOT me.19:17
_Oz_I will admit to what I've done wrong, and have done so, but I never said those things.19:18
ompaul_Oz_, see the thing is we are all involved in various aspects of the Ubuntu project 19:18
ompaulanyway - give me a moment19:18
_Oz_It's an awesome project.19:18
PriceChildIts irrelevant.19:18
PriceChild_Oz_, we would like to let you back into #ubuntu, but please listen to my suggestions above.19:18
_Oz_I have heard them and I will abide by them, Pricechild.19:19
PriceChildGood to hear.19:19
ompaul_Oz_, the door is open 19:20
ompaulplease part this channel19:20
_Oz_Thank you all.19:20
PriceChildMy logs show someone using that nickname this past month on two hostnames.19:20
PriceChildthat one, and adsl-210-201-198.ard.bellsouth.net19:21
PriceChildit is adsl-210-201-198.ard.bellsouth.net which was the subject of the complaint i linked to.19:21
PriceChildmy logs show him as accessing using rr.com, swapping for a few days then coming back as the original one with no swapping in between if I'm not mistaken so I'd be willing to bet it was him.19:24
ompaulPriceChild, i think he may have gotten a fright there 19:27
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!19:28
ubotuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()19:28
SeveasI could be paranoid, but that looked too much like a join flood19:29
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)19:29
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)19:29
Seveasby now I'm sure19:29
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)19:30
Myrttiwhat the heck19:30
PriceChildSeveaz ?19:33
PriceChildI think we should -m19:33
PriceChildwith +i they can't join19:33
Seveasfirst someone needs to explain why +im was dropped19:33
PriceChildthe floodbots... odd19:34
Seveas floodbot should NOT mess with modes ops set19:34
PriceChildat least one got lagged off...19:34
SeveasLjL, please fix this19:35
Seveasthis caused the attack to do far more damage19:35
PriceChildCould we please -m ? Think we need to kick the floodbots?19:35
Seveasif the attack happens again, first thing to do is kick them19:35
PriceChildwtf were they just doing then?19:39
Seveasno idea, but I don't like it19:39
PriceChildhmm -monitor shows them as on "emergency mode" still19:39
Seveasoften two of them do the same19:40
PriceChildi guess 1 was reset when it excess flooded19:40
Seveasif they're still in emergency mode, shouldn't we kick them?19:40
PriceChildno that's what they're meant to be in19:40
PriceChildfloodbot1 must not have known what was going on when it rejoined... and tried to undo emergency things19:40
PriceChildcausing 2 and 3 to throw their toys out the pram and reset them19:41
ompaulnote the convo in -ot19:41
PriceChildbut what do i know19:41
PriceChildthere we go again19:41
Seveasbots are going crazy19:44
* tomaw would kick them rather than the people complaining about them...19:44
SeveasI kicked them, they kept on setting/resetting +J19:47
ompaul<FloodBot1> daedalus2: Please wait a minute or two...19:50
ompaulit meant it19:50
PriceChildompaul, we need to do those ourselves now19:51
stdinsomeone should watch -monitor and remove bans when they are cleared19:51
ompaulPriceChild, I just copped that and removed the ban19:52
ompauldaedalus2, your ban is removed 19:52
ompaulplease part from here19:52
CorruptTerrorist CorruptTerrorist: Sorry, but I am unable to test you (are you using your usual nickname?). Please contact the operators (type « /topic » to find out how).19:54
ompaulehh you are already in #ubuntu 19:55
stdinyou aren't banned19:55
ompaulso what are you playing at?19:55
CorruptTerroristit wont let me join19:55
CorruptTerroristjust realised... change router ports... sorry eveyone19:56
ompaulstdin, did I use the word "special219:56
ompaul"special"  even?19:56
stdinyep, very "special" indeed19:56
stdin<FloodBot1> frold has been removed from the exploit quarantine 19:59
LjLyou should mind the exploit victims19:59
ompaulsomeone suggested that we explain +m in the topic of the channel ... your call20:02
stdinI don't see the point personally, +m isn't set that often20:03
LjLabsurd idea20:03
stdinjust give them !modes if they ask20:03
Seveas<XzEn> Hello! ppl click here to make my city grow plz! http://xzen.myminicity.com/20:07
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)20:07
LjLwhat happened at 18:37 was *much* worse than what happened during the 19:30 attack...20:07
tomawSeveas: gone20:08
Seveasir arnducky apologizes in a sec, unban please20:15
Seveastold him to come in here, he's not malicious just one stupid action20:16
arnduckyUm, hello.  I got myself banned by mass-pinging a channel...  =oC20:18
ompaularnducky, can we help you20:18
ompaulehh was that clever?20:18
arnduckyuh, no, not clever20:18
ompaulguess you won't do it again?20:19
ompaulban lifted 20:19
ompaulplease /part this channel20:19
arnduckysorry, I just wanted to see if other users were affected by that DoS attack or just my host20:19
arnduckythanks bye20:20
SeveasI told him it'd be a week, but he's very reasonable20:20
Seveasno need for punishment20:20
Seveasthanks ompaul :)20:20
ompaulSeveas, np20:21
ompaulnalioth, ?20:21
CoasterMasterThe automated testing for the fix of the DCC exploit hasn't worked.  I typed in test me and it sent me a malformed packet, but I don't know if it passed me or not20:32
stdinjust wait a while20:33
CoasterMasterah, ok20:33
PriceChildCoasterMaster, you pass, but you also had another ban on you... let me just check why that was.20:34
ubotubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot20:35
CoasterMasterPriceChild, ok20:35
PriceChildmy mistake20:35
PriceChildCoasterMaster, you've cropped up in #ubuntu-read-topic a couple of times. Please make sure your settings are saved :)20:36
PriceChildYou may rejoin #ubuntu.20:36
CoasterMasterPriceChild, yeah, I reformat every once in a while and I always forget to change the setting back :(20:37
CoasterMasterbut thanks20:37
jdongPriceChild: hopefully the new default settings on Hardy will help20:38
PriceChildjdong, yup... xchat's been fixed but no-one's picked up xchat-gnome afaik :(20:38
PriceChildjdong, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat/+bug/19169120:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191691 in xchat-gnome "To prevent dcc exploit, default port should be 8001 for irc.ubuntu.com" [Medium,Confirmed] 20:39
jdongPriceChild: interesting20:39
jdongPriceChild: that's in main isn't it?20:39
jdongwell I'm afraid I'm powerless to fix it20:40
PriceChild!info xchat-gnome20:41
ubotuxchat-gnome (source: xchat-gnome): a new frontend to the popular X-Chat IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.18-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 313 kB, installed size 816 kB20:41
PriceChildI wonder why they uploaded one fix but not the other... especially when both were provided.20:41
PriceChildah because xchat is in universe20:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xchat - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:46
ompaul!info xchat20:46
ubotuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.4-0ubuntu5 (gutsy), package size 300 kB, installed size 808 kB20:46
ompauldisgusting to be honest -gnome should be beyond multiverse - as in only available for gentoo20:46
* ompaul thought that was funny20:47
SeveasAny staffer around for a cloak request?20:48
SeveasDave2, leoquant wants an ubuntu/member/leoquant cloak20:48
ompaulmy mind warps 20:48
SeveasI've verified that he has a linked nick and email set20:48
Seveas(he gave me his pass to do the setup for his nick ;))20:49
PriceChildSeveas, one for leogg too please?20:49
SeveasDave2, if you don't mind, leogg wants one as well apparently20:49
SeveasPriceChild, ompaul: have you checked that one?20:49
PriceChildSeveas, yes.20:49
PriceChildSeveas, https://edge.launchpad.net/~leogomez7220:49
ompaulSeveas, I watched PriceChild check it20:50
* ompaul watches lots20:50
Dave2both done20:50
PriceChildSeveas, he decided to email the council ML to request it... despite that email not appearing on the "how to get an ubuntu/member" document anywhere...20:50
SeveasDave2, I don't see a cloak on leoquant20:51
ompaulSeveas, he ain't online but he has one 20:51
Dave2yeah, not online.20:51
SeveasDave2, ah nvm, he changed nick, identification dropped20:51
ompaulwell if they don't do the password they don't carry the cloak20:52
ompaulwhere is pici the master of factoids20:52
ompaulohh well20:52
SeveasDave2, after telling nickserv who he is, leoquant is cloaked, thanks :)20:53
ompaulSeveas, that is always a good thing :) 20:53
Dave2no problem20:53
LjLchange the topic in -r-t20:55
LjLthe "test me" is hardly going to work now20:55
SeveasLjL, can't the bots be restarted to make them in a less chaotic state?20:57
PriceChildIs there any factoid for "3rd party repositories kill everyone you've ever loved"?20:58
ompauland more20:58
ompaul!automatix 20:58
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »20:58
ompaulhow about 20:58
nickrudsomething very like: <PriceChild> white_eagle, now imagine if instead of being badly packaged to work with ubuntu... it was instead maliciously packaged and wiped all your documents, photos and music. Don't trust 3rd party repositories lightly.20:58
PriceChildnickrud, there's a thread on the forums, where someone who was put on trevhinio's sources.list decided to package something in ubuntu, and edited it to change their wallpaper to something like "don't trust 3rd party repos" and disabled sudo access... taught them a lesson.21:00
PriceChild(trevinhio's sources.list was basically his recommended list that everyone should copy)21:00
ompaul!3rdparty is <reply> third party applications are not in main for a reason, supposing instead of being badly packaged and not working exactly as intended they deleted your home directory, 21:00
ubotuI'll remember that, ompaul21:00
ompaulPriceChild, add that http the end of that21:00
nickrudwhoa. I hope that person was banned everywhere21:01
SeveasPriceChild, that was ivoks :)21:01
PriceChildnickrud, which?21:01
SeveasPriceChild, he did not disable sudo though, just the wallpaper thing21:01
PriceChildThere was someone that disabled sudo I'm sure... wasn't as popular though perhaps.21:01
* PriceChild looks for the thread.21:02
nickrudPriceChild: ivoks? I remember a case in debian where some irc developer did something similar, so the packager got screwed. The package was dropped iirc21:02
leoggSeveas, PriceChild, thank you for your help :)21:02
* nickrud doesn't think screwing someones machine on purpose is ever funny21:04
ompaulnickrud, I can think of one exception 21:04
nickrudompaul: heh. never say never, that's true. What exception?21:04
ompaulnickrud, if you are removing data before you kill off the box to do clean install or some such21:05
Seveasthe one we're talking about is an exception21:05
SeveasI'd do the same if I had found out sooner that trevino had included me21:05
Seveasbut I'd hide it better21:05
PriceChildhehe and they couldn't change the wallpaper21:08
ompaulevil totally evil 21:08
ompaulbut bad also 21:09
ompauland windows mindset aside adding repos to do this to your machine21:09
ompaulthe full story is needed21:09
ompaul!no 3rdparty is <reply> third party applications are not in main for a reason, supposing instead of being badly packaged and not working exactly as intended they deleted your home directory,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29781421:09
ubotuI'll remember that ompaul21:09
nickrudompaul: it shouldn't be main, but ubuntu 21:10
PriceChildone second...21:11
ompaul!no 3rdparty is <reply> third party applications are not in Ubuntu for a reason, supposing instead of being badly packaged and not working exactly as intended they deleted your home directory,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29781421:11
Seveas!3rdparty =~ s/main/ubuntu/21:11
ubotuI'll remember that ompaul21:11
ubotuNothing changed there21:11
ompaulwhat I don't want is someone linking that to automatix and envy by all means link them to it21:12
PriceChildPackages contained in 3rd party repositories are not included in Ubuntu for a reason. Whether this be poor packaging standards, bugs or malicious authors. You should trust the maintainers of these repositories before using them. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=297814 for consequences.21:12
nickrudah, very nice21:12
ompaulPriceChild, +1021:12
hischildgood morning, i've been send here. I'm not sure wether the automated test succeeded or not since no reply to that has been given21:17
PriceChildhischild, ah sorry, one moment.21:18
ompaulplease part here hischild 21:18
ompaulPriceChild, done21:18
PriceChildHey Ximal, how can I help?21:29
XimalUmm how do u file a complaint against an op for kicking u for no reason ?21:29
XimalBecause if u look my question in Off Topic didn't include warez..21:29
PriceChildXimal, one moment please.21:30
XimalI was going to see if anyone in there wanted to do a link on multiplayer is all..21:30
XimalAnd ok...21:30
SeveasXimal, fair enough, sorry then21:30
Seveasmost people asking for software want warez21:30
PriceChildXimal, in future, its always best to PM the operator for simple misunderstandings :)21:30
Ximalfair enough... Just wanted to make sure he knew... and wouldn't auto kick me upon re-entry21:31
LjLSeveas, not right now, because 1) i'm watching tv, 2) it's not just a matter of the -i, look what they did one hour before, that's far worse21:32
SeveasLjL, ok21:32
LjLunfortunately the paste protection is bound to do pretty awful things when the bot lags21:34
Seveasincoming troll21:34
LjLthey don't mute people when they're in emergency mode now, but they can still realize they're lagged too late21:34
LjLalso, they didn't unban they people they muted, and that's a seriously worrying bug21:34
PriceChildSeveas, where from?21:35
SeveasPriceChild, #ubuntu21:36
KibblesSeveas: could you re-think?21:36
PriceChildAh I saw that.21:36
Kibblesi thought a princeton hack of RSA and DES and AES was newsworthy21:36
PriceChildKibbles, they did not crack RSA and DES and AES.21:36
PriceChildKibbles, nor is #ubuntu for any news.21:36
SeveasKibbles, no. #ubuntu isn't a chatchannel and trying to stir up the channel by announcing that pretty much all encryption mechanisms have been cracked (which they have not been) is useless21:36
Kibblesdid you read the link?21:37
PriceChildKibbles, Yes I have actually. Have you?21:37
PriceChildKibbles, please read it again, and rethink your wording.21:37
Kibblesi've been pouring over it for 2 days now.21:37
SeveasKibbles, then read up on chryptography. A cryptosystem isn't cracked if you manage to retrieve secret keys through completely different channels21:37
PriceChildKibbles, also /msg ubotu guidelines, and read those, paying special attention to the offtopic bits.21:38
Kibblesyeah yeah, but honestly i think you're over-reacting. off-topic is one thing. i left a link for ppl to read up on it - they can reach their own decisions21:38
ompaulofftopic is offtopic not one thing21:39
PriceChildKibbles, please re-read what I have said.21:39
ompaulwrong is aother21:39
ompaulanother that is21:39
Kibbleswhatever. thought i was doing a service21:39
* PriceChild headdesks21:40
ompaulehh I will read that 21:40
ompaullike this21:40
ompaul<Kibbles> whatever. thought i was doing a disservice21:40
ompaulKibbles, you were out of place, and wrong to boot21:40
ompaulKibbles, in case (A) you should not have even if it was true21:41
ompaul(B) it is not true21:41
Kibblessorry, i thought hacking into RSA keys in 25 minutes from a USB key was kind of a security flaw21:41
ompaulyou are hurting my brain21:41
PriceChildKibbles, please read again. the keys may be recoverable because of a rubbish current implementation, but RSA has not been cracked.21:41
Kibblesperhaps i'm not as enlightened. i want to naively believe that encryption protects me and my data. 21:41
Kibblespricechild: that's not the way i read it.21:42
ompaulKibbles, you can have a 1024 bit key21:42
PriceChildKibbles, Please also understand #ubuntu is a ridiculously busy channel and is very strictly support only.21:42
LjLbots are back but they won't do anything to stop attacks or mute flooders21:42
mc44and everyone read the story on slashdot four days ago21:42
Kibblesprice - i didn't intend on making a scene. figured whoever was interested would look into it and make up their own mind21:42
SeveasKibbles, learn. to. read. What has been discovered is that memory retains content longer than we thought. No cryptosystem is cracked21:42
ompaulKibbles,  and you could have it generated by rot13 .. the fact that the tool was wrong 21:42
ompaulKibbles, has no impact on other things!21:43
PriceChildKibbles, if i lock my safe with the best lock around... then leave my key on my doorstep, then you pick up that key and unlock my safe... is the safe lock broken?21:43
Kibblesno - but it's compromised21:43
Kibblesand so for no more intelligent a reason than to warn people about not leaving their safe key on their front doorstep, it was a service21:44
Seveasanyway, this is all way offtopic in here as well21:44
PriceChildKibbles, so if used the same lock mechanism... but used a differently cut key/lock... it would be fine?21:44
Seveasanything else you want in here Kibbles? If not, please leave, this is not a channel for idling21:44
PriceChild!guidelines > Kibbles 21:45
PriceChild!offtopic > Kibbles 21:45
Kibblessheesh you're harsh. all of you. thanks for the supposed reeducation, but i think you're censoring21:45
PriceChildcensoring sheesh...21:45
ompaulstopping the rot21:45
Seveasstock troll reply #472: we're censoring21:45
PriceChildSeveas, you nazi.21:45
SeveasPriceChild, fascist21:46
jpatrick... :-/21:46
Kibblesstock op defence: ban21:46
ompaulPriceChild, you don't say?21:46
ompaulKibbles, get out now21:46
SeveasKibbles, correct. The other one is kick21:46
ompaulyou got 10 seconds21:46
Kibblesmy pleasure21:46
Kibbleslol or what?21:46
ompaulyou get banned here but that must have just occurred to you 21:47
stdin"i didn't intend on making a scene" " a reason than to warn people about not leaving their safe key on their front doorstep" < yeah, that makes sense21:47
jussi01wth is going on here????? o.O21:47
jpatrick!ohmy > jussi01 (:O)21:47
stdininsert a "'s not" after "that"21:47
ompauljussi01, we had a class C troll21:47
jussi01I walk in and see [02/24/08 23:43:53] <+PriceChild> Seveas, you nazi.21:48
SeveasI'd say class D21:48
Seveasclueless, not necessarily harmful21:48
Seveasjussi01, heh :)21:48
ompaulSeveas, he had the lip of a C21:48
* jussi01 lols at the reponse from ubotwo...21:48
stdinsame class as the "Oh noes!!!!11 there's a bug in the Kernel!!11!1" ones21:49
jussi01[02/24/08 23:45:41] <ubotwo> How should I know?21:49
ompaulstdin, have you got hardware X cos it does not work with ubuntu class21:49
stdincos is a C function, I only use std::cos :)21:52
ompaulstdin, at your perl you do stuff like that21:53
* ompaul growns21:53
ompaulsorry folks stdin made me do it21:53
stdinnah, gcc 4.3 has better template functions than 4.221:53
PriceChildSeveas, still around?22:41
Seveassort of22:41
PriceChildSeveas, could you request a cloak removal on dous? membership expired and he won't be renewing.22:42
ompaulwjhere is ubotu22:42
Seveasompaul, rejoining22:43
ompaulahh thanks22:43
Seveas!staff | see above22:43
Seveaserr, of course we need ubotu for that 22:43
SeveasDave2, could you take care of PriceChild's request?22:44
Dave2Yup, PMing first to see if they want to switch to unaff.22:44
SeveasWARNING 2008-02-24T23:40:17 Ping sent at 2008-02-24T23:38:16 not replied22:45
Seveas        to.22:45
SeveasINFO 2008-02-24T23:40:17 Error message from freenode: Ping sent at22:45
Seveas     2008-02-24T23:38:16 not replied to.22:45
SeveasINFO 2008-02-24T23:40:17 Reconnecting to freenode.22:45
SeveasINFO 2008-02-24T23:40:17 Sending PASS command, not logging the password.22:45
SeveasINFO 2008-02-24T23:40:17 Connecting to chat.freenode.net:6667.22:45
SeveasWARNING 2008-02-24T23:40:27 Error connecting to chat.freenode.net:6667:22:45
Seveas        timeout: timed out22:45
Seveasthat's ubotu22:46
Seveasneed to get that µbot into shape so we have a proper failover setup for ubotu22:47
Seveasgot most of the annoying bits working now22:47
Dave2PriceChild, done.22:48
PriceChildDave2, thanks.22:49
jussi01Seveas: should you not make it connect via 8001? (just asking... ;) 22:52
Seveasjussi01, it's not affected with that bug22:52
jussi01Seveas: ahh, ok22:52
Jack_SparrowGuys, just booted up to check mail.. you might want to keep an eye on MrPockets..22:54
jussi01Seveas: ubotu seems to be not responding (yet) something Im missing?22:56
PriceChildjussi01, probably still joining channels22:57
PriceChildjussi01, i've seen some come through in another channel22:57
jussi01PriceChild: ahh, got you22:57
Seveasjussi01, it simply needs to join an insane amount of channels22:58
jussi01Seveas: yeah, i can imagine :D22:58
Seveasit's still joining, almost 10 minutes after the reconnect22:58
SeveasI've asked for a flood exception but didn't get one22:58
jpatrickSeveas: how many?22:58
Seveasdennis@binaries4all:~$ grep ^supybot.networks.freenode.channels ubotu/ubotu.conf | sed -e 's/[^#]//g' | wc -c23:00
Seveasyeah, joining all channels takes a while :)23:01
jussi01I can imagine23:01
Seveasit doesn't help that it tries to respond to things already23:01
Seveasone thing µbot won't do :)23:01
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:02
* jussi01 hugs ubotu 23:02
Seeker`Seveas: what was the reason for not getting one?23:12
SeveasSeeker`, no reason given23:12
Seveasit makes life quite a bit harder23:13
LjLattack attempt in #freenode now23:28
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu (LoooooongCat troll)23:57
ubotuLoooooongCat called the ops in #ubuntu (stdin narc)23:57

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