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nijabadid you get your answer?03:54
nijabac1|freaky: cd03:57
nijabac1|freaky: anyway, just use the command rmlist03:58
faulkes-evening nijaba04:17
nijabahey faulkes-, how are you doing?04:18
faulkes-busy busy04:19
faulkes-working on forum stats stuff04:19
faulkes-course, then I need to work on learning more about bzr04:20
faulkes-oh, I read the privacy statement issue you raised04:20
nijabafaulkes-: regarding your wondering on how to push your changes, the key is to know that with bazaar, you push them registering a new branch04:20
faulkes-I'm looking into that, I believe I have a template04:20
nijabafaulkes-: cool04:20
faulkes-nijaba: nods, that's where I thought I went wrong04:20
faulkes-but I've been doing house cleaning all day, making sure LP is setup all proper like04:21
faulkes-signing code of conduct, all that jazz04:21
nijabafaulkes-: to register a new branch, goto the project page and click on "register new branch"04:21
faulkes-yeah, I saw that04:21
faulkes-I didn't do it because of my unfamiliarity with it and I didn't want to cause you more headaches than you might already have had04:21
nijabayes, right, these are pre-requisite04:21
nijabafaulkes-: I am quite new to it to, so am too happy to be able to help ;)04:22
faulkes-nijaba: although I noticed you're based in paris04:22
faulkes-I miss paris04:22
nijabafaulkes-: quite right04:22
nijabayou lived in Paris?04:23
* faulkes- nods04:23
faulkes-for a couple months doing a job04:23
faulkes-hmmm, 1999/2000 area04:23
faulkes-also surprised a now ex-gf one weekend by flying her there for breakfast04:23
faulkes-eh? no IT work, network integration04:24
nijabawhat do you do for a living?  consulting?04:24
nijabafaulkes-: regarding the privacy statement, I think we can promise that04:25
faulkes-for the last two years or so I've been senior architect / director of operations at a web 2.0 startup04:25
nijaba- won't use collected nominal data for other purpose than refining the survey04:26
faulkes-social networking type stuff04:26
nijaba- won't resell04:26
faulkes-prior to that, I was a consultant04:26
nijaba- give right to modify / remove nominal info04:26
* faulkes- nods04:27
nijabaweb 2.0 startup...  cool. succesfull at it?04:27
faulkes-they ran out of funding04:27
faulkes-it happens04:27
faulkes-I still do work for them but I've moved back into consulting to keep the cash coming in04:28
nijabaright... that's understandable04:28
nijabadoing mostly linux gig?04:28
nijababtw, have you considered visiting prague for UDS?04:29
faulkes-nijaba: yeah, mostly linux stuff although some cisco thrown in for good measure04:30
nijabalong time I have not touche a cisco04:30
faulkes-as for UDS, it's unlikely I would be able to attend, I have some travel commitments04:31
faulkes-although I want to go to prague ;)04:31
nijabatoo bad04:32
z5000manfaulkes, do you sleep?05:23
z5000manYou were here when I asked questions 14 hrs ago.05:24
faulkes-yes, I sleep, just at odd hours and usually not for long periods of time05:24
faulkes-I also had server maintenance to do tonight05:25
z5000manGood man.05:55
faulkes-money is money and I'm not cheap ;)05:56
z5000manUh oh.... did it already cost me money just to make those comments?05:57
* z5000man ducks in cover05:57
faulkes-heh, no06:03
rhineheart_mhello! I have this problem.. I can't make my box sends and receives email...11:39
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, what error do you get?11:43
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: This is the first error I got:  Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using example.com  for ServerName11:45
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, that looks like an apache error. whats your mail server?11:46
rhineheart_mm using Postfix Mail Server11:47
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: Postfix version 2.4.511:47
Kamping_Kaiserto fix your hostname you'll need to look at /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname . for the mailserver, you'll probably also want /etc/mailname11:48
rhineheart_mI got them correct11:50
rhineheart_mthe one that handles my DNS is zoneedit..11:50
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: do I need to configure something in the server to point it back to zoneedit.com?11:50
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i doubt it11:51
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: what do you mean of saying such?11:51
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: I have bind9 running.. do I have something to change there?11:52
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i doubt you need to point anything to zoneedit. either your dns is not correct locally, or you dont have your hosts/hostname correctly setup11:53
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: how to do it?11:53
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, do what?11:54
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: what needs to be configured locally correct the problem and points the DNS server to zoneedit?11:54
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i dont understand what your asking11:55
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: okay.. what should I point to zonedit? and what file should I modify?11:56
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i dont know how zone edit works, so no idea how to use it. have you tried running `hostname` `hostname -a` `hostname -d` ?11:56
Kamping_Kaiser(and checking they give the correct output)11:57
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: what's the command?11:57
rhineheart_mwhat DNS can you recommend? My domain has been registered at godaddy.com11:58
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, these three commands: `hostname` `hostname -a` `hostname -d11:59
* Kamping_Kaiser isnt convinced you know how dns works11:59
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: do you have a website hosted in your own web server?12:01
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, yes, but not my own mail12:03
Kamping_Kaiser(not public mail anyway)12:03
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: when I type hostname this is the output: tickel.com12:03
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: hostname -a >>>> tickel.com  ip6-loopback  tickel.com  ip6-localhost12:04
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: hostname -d >>>> com12:04
Kamping_Kaiserwhat about `hostname -d` ?12:04
Kamping_Kaiser-d should be your domain name, -a should be all aliases for the system, hostname alone should be just the systems name12:05
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: do you mean..something's wrong the way I configure it?12:05
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, yes12:05
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: okay.. so how could I correct the problem?12:06
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, can you pastebin your /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname and /etc/mailname files please12:07
Kamping_Kaiser!pastebin | rhineheart_m12:07
uboturhineheart_m: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)12:07
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: how to read the files? using cat?12:08
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, that would work. cat/nano/other text editor12:09
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: have you seen it?12:11
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: that's for the /etc/hosts12:12
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, yeah, i got it12:13
Kamping_Kaiseri need the other two as well12:13
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: okay..12:14
Kamping_Kaiseralthough you could paste them directly if you want12:14
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: got its?12:16
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: okay.. so what's the issue there?12:17
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i'm still looking12:17
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, try the one i PMd you12:18
Kamping_Kaiserfor the channel: hes not got his /etc/hosts configured correctly12:19
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: okay..I changed it already. what's next?12:20
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, you reload apache/postfix and see if they stop complaining12:22
Kamping_Kaisermight have to restart even12:22
Kamping_Kaiser(the services, not the server)12:22
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart"12:22
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, yes.12:23
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: please check it out..12:24
rhineheart_mFor the channel...we I still can't have it to work.. but we're trying to modify some codes yet..12:27
Kamping_Kaiseri need to head off to sleep soon. (read effectively now). can someone help rhineheart_m out? he should be almost there12:34
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: He has been doing his best and should be thanked.. Thanks for the efforts you've done. I appreciated it!12:36
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, good luck :) i'll read up and see if anyone could help out when i wake up12:36
Kamping_Kaiserremember, you may have to wait around a bit for someone to come along :)12:36
rhineheart_mGCLERIC:  are you good in this issue?12:38
gclericrhineheart_m:  I'm sorry.  What issue?12:39
rhineheart_mokay..Kamping_Kaiser has been trying to help me..but we can't get it to work still..12:40
gclericrhineheart_m: what issue are you having?12:40
rhineheart_mI sent you the bin already..12:40
rhineheart_mhave you seen the codes?12:40
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay..can you do something on it?12:41
gclericmaybe.  What does your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default look like?12:42
gclericdoes it have ServerName cpacsn.info ?12:43
rhineheart_mgcleric: how to check it?12:45
gclericnano /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default12:45
gclericit should be listed under <VirtualHost>12:45
rhineheart_mgcleric: have you seen it?12:46
gclericI see what you are posting but ServerName foo.some.domain.foo should be added just under the ServerAdmin12:47
gclericone you add your domain name to that try restarting apache212:47
rhineheart_mto the channel>>>we're almost there to correct the problem..12:49
gclericwhat error are you getting now?12:50
rhineheart_mgcleric: I just restarted the apache2.. I GOT NO ERROR anymore..12:52
rhineheart_mgcleric: thanks! Let me see if I could send email already..12:53
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gclericno worries...glad I could help.12:54
rhineheart_mTo the channel....I think the issue of DNS has been fixed already.. thanks for the help of Kamping_Kaiser and gcleric!12:54
gclericon a side note.  If you plan on doing any .htaccess you need to change the 000-default again.12:55
rhineheart_mgcleric: my Domain is registered at godaddy.com. MY DNS has been handled by zoneedit.com.. What else I need to set-up in order for my DNS locally can communicate with the DNS in the zoneedit.com?12:57
gclericwhat are you using for your local servers DNS?  Your DNS servers are listed in the /etc/resolv.conf12:58
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rhineheart_mto the channel...we're now trying to point local DNS records to my nameservers at zoneedit.com....(with gcleric)13:00
gclericrhineheart_m: are the two nameservers at the bottom who's are those?  Are those zoneedit?13:01
gclericrhineheart_m: are running a DNS server locally on that server?13:01
gclericrhineheart_m: also the second from the top what is that?13:02
rhineheart_mgcleric: Nope.. they're of our ISP13:03
rhineheart_mgcleric: second from the top is the IP of the router13:04
gclericrhineheart_m: I would consider putting a #, or remarking out, the first two DNS servers. Just leaving the ones for your ISP.13:04
rhineheart_mgcleric: how about in the zoneedit?13:06
gclericrhineheart_m: did zoneedit provide you with DNS servers IPs?13:06
rhineheart_mgcleric: I will check it in my account with them.. I am accessing it right now13:07
gclericrhineheart_m: I would add those to you /etc/resolv.conf.13:09
rhineheart_mgcleric: where to add those two? how about the 2 ones already there?13:09
gclericrhineheart_m: create entries...  nameserver thipaddress for each of the zoneedit DNS servers.13:10
gclericrhineheart_m: then consider remarking the other two out.13:11
gclericrhineheart_m: remarking is always better than deleting. =)13:12
rhineheart_mgcleric: Like the one I pasted already?13:13
rhineheart_mgcleric: what's the next command?13:15
rhineheart_mgcleric: how to check if its already working?13:15
gclerictry accessing your site via a browser.13:16
gclericI seem to be able to access you site13:17
gclericcheck your /var/log/apache2/access.log and /var/log/apache2/error.log for any issues.13:18
gclericrhineheart_m: mtr to your domain name completes now.13:22
rhineheart_mgcleric: what's mtr?13:23
gclericrhineheart_m: it's a commandline app that combines traceroute and ping.13:24
rhineheart_mgcleric: I tried mtr...its a great tool! thanks13:24
rhineheart_mgcleric: I guess windows doesn't have it...13:24
gclericrhineheart_m: yes it does.  It's on sourceforge...it's called WinMTR.13:25
gclericrhineheart_m: before making the DNS change to the zoneedit DNS server my mtr's to your domain did not complete.13:26
rhineheart_mgcleric: actually I made some changes with my firewall...try it now...see if you can still mtr my site...13:27
gclericrhineheart_m: yup...13:27
gclericrhineheart_m: still able to access it.13:27
rhineheart_mgcleric: right now?13:28
gclericrhineheart_m: take a look at your /var/log/apache2/access.log13:28
gclericyup...that's me...13:29
rhineheart_mokay... try to mtr again my site..13:30
rhineheart_mgcleric: just for curiosity sake..let see if you can still mtr it..13:30
gclericrhineheart_m: mtr now fails one hop before your server.  I'm guessing at your firewall13:30
gclericrhineheart_m: would you like me to scan your server/firewall for any issues?13:31
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay.. could you recommend it that way? it's more secure right? at least you could still browse..13:32
gclericrhineheart_m: blocking ICMP is a good idea.13:32
gclericrhineheart_m: everything looks good. =)13:35
rhineheart_m to the channel: well, gcleric has been helping me...cheers!13:36
rhineheart_mgcleric: let me check now if I could already send and receive mails..13:37
gclericrhineheart_m: I'm able to telent to port 25 on your server. So you should me able to receive email.13:39
gclericrhineheart_m: have you tailored your postfix config to block smtp relaying?13:40
rhineheart_mgcleric: Thanks for testing.. I intentionally open it for mails..13:40
rhineheart_mgcleric: nope.. what's the advantages for that? and how to do it?13:41
gclericrhineheart_m: advantages: keeping your site from being black listed.13:41
rhineheart_mgcleric: I sent an email to my squirrelmail.. and I got this error..13:42
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay.. so how to block smtp relaying?13:43
gclericrhineheart_m: edit your /etc/postfix/main.cf13:44
gclericrhineheart_m: take a look at http://www.postfix.org/basic.html13:45
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay m on it already...what's the next?13:46
gclericrhineheart_m: also look at http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html13:47
gclericrhineheart_m: postfix is big topic and is worth reading a little before you jump in and make changes.13:50
gclericrhineheart_m: how are you going to use your mail server?  Are user only going to be sending and receiving email from your internal network?13:51
rhineheart_mgcleric: nope...for external as well...I want them to receive and send mails to from and to other domains like yahoo.com and hotmail.com13:52
gclericrhineheart_m: sorry,  I meant how are they going to be connecting from a cliet stand point.13:53
gclericrhineheart_m: are the users only going to be connecting their email clients from inside your network?13:54
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay...I want them to connect to their mail box wherever they are....not just using the internal network13:54
gclericrhineheart_m: Ok...here a better howto...http://www.howtoforge.com/virtual_postfix_antispam13:56
gclericrhineheart_m: before making any changes to the files involved with postfix make backup copies BEFORE changing them13:57
gclericrhineheart_m: i.e.  cp /etc/postfix/main.cf  /etc/postfix/main.bak13:58
gclericrhineheart_m: take a look at your /etc/postfix/main.cf  and the myhostname =  entry13:59
rhineheart_mgcleric: how to change back to the original setttings if failed?13:59
gclericrhineheart_m: cp /etc/postfix/main.bak /etc/postfix/main.cf14:00
gclericrhineheart_m: again make a backup before changing.14:00
rhineheart_mgcleric: thanks for the advice.. DONE.14:01
rhineheart_mto the channel: gcleric has really helped me a lot..14:03
gclericrhineheart_m: no worries .=)14:04
gclericrhineheart_m: what does the file /etc/mailname look like?14:04
rhineheart_mgcleric: is something wrong with those entries?14:04
RindTailedFoxin a network where some clients are linux and some windows, server is linux, what are the ways by which i can restrict any pc to boot or login unless its authenticated from the server. and the uptime for each pc or login/logof time is recored too. in such a way that i can count for how much time the pc was loged in and used for the whole month. 2. no other computer can access internet that is not in the server list?14:05
gclericrhineheart_m: change that/etc/mailname too...backup first.14:05
gclericRindTailedFox: are you talking about Samba?14:07
RindTailedFoxnop. i dont know whats samba14:07
gclericRindTailedFox: how are the windows clients authenticating to the server?14:08
RindTailedFoxthats what i wana set up14:08
gclericrhineheart_m: again make a backup before change the setting  mynetworks = to reflect the IP of the server.  This should ne the ip that it is using behind yor firewall14:10
rhineheart_mgcleric: what do you mean?14:11
gclericrhineheart_m: also take a look at your /var/log/mail.log file14:11
gclericrhineheart_m: mynetworks = is a setting in your /etc/postfix/main.cf14:12
gclericrhineheart_m: it's only listing localhost14:12
gclericrhineheart_m: take a look at http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/postmaster/550-bl21.html14:14
gclericrhineheart_m: basically yahoo is saying that it will not talk to your server becasue it is a dynamic or residential IP.14:15
rhineheart_mgcleric: but its a static IP..14:16
gclericrhineheart_m: "If you think that your IP address has been listed in error, you or your email administrator should contact Spamhaus. Once your IP is de-listed by Spamhaus, Yahoo! Mail will automatically unblock your IP within 48 hours."14:17
rhineheart_mgcleric: are you suggesting that my networks  should be localhost? e.g. my networks = localhost14:17
gclericrhineheart_m: no,  it should also contain your internal subnet i.e. or whatever the subnet is that the server sits on.14:18
gclericrhineheart_m: something like....14:19
gclericmynetworks =,,
gclericrhineheart_m: but back to your yahoo issue.14:21
rhineheart_mgcleric: what does it mean? like this?
gclericrhineheart_m: /32 would only be one host.  If you have a subnet of you should make it /2414:22
gclericrhineheart_m: but back to your yahoo issue.14:23
gclericrhineheart_m: you need to contact Spamhaus and have them delist your IP.14:24
rhineheart_mgcleric: thanks. I appreciate it.14:24
gclericrhineheart_m: no worries.14:24
rhineheart_mgcleric: back to mynetworks:   I will use since my subnet is correct?14:25
gclericrhineheart_m: yes..14:25
gclericrhineheart_m: I have to jump off pretty soon.  Our Ubuntu LoCo is going to be building a Ubuntu network this morning for a local homeless shelter.14:27
rhineheart_mgcleric: how about in "/etc/network/interfaces"14:28
gclericrhineheart_m: I'll be happy to jump back on later this evening to help you some more.14:28
RindTailedFox whats the most easy and featureful ldap ?14:29
gclericrhineheart_m:  /etc/network/interfaces only edit that if you are going to be changing your servers IP and Subnet info.14:29
rhineheart_mgcleric: is there another file that i need to edit to control the network of
gcleric RindTailedFox: Take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64076014:30
gclericrhineheart_m: no. not for postfix.14:30
gclericrhineheart_m: why?14:31
RindTailedFoxgcleric ok14:31
rhineheart_mgcleric: just asking...are you from where?14:31
gcleric RindTailedFox: no worries.14:31
gclericrhineheart_m: Albuquerque, NM USA14:32
gclericrhineheart_m: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GrammatonCleric14:32
rhineheart_mgcleric: why is it that the emails I sent from the box tool a little while to arrive at yahoo.com?14:33
gclericrhineheart_m: how long is a little while?14:33
rhineheart_mgcleric: about an hour14:34
faulkes-yahoo does it's own filtering and in fact may delay your message if it meets a certain threshold14:34
gclericrhineheart_m: take a look at your mail.log look for the message in question.14:34
faulkes-that threshold is based upon several factors, such as SPF records, Domain Keys record, your hosts history of mail traffic and spam ratings14:35
faulkes-usually they temporarily defer messages which don't meet the above qualifications14:35
faulkes-and it does log the reason, including a url for an explanation14:35
faulkes-at least in every instance I've had to deal with yahoo mail issues14:36
gclericrhineheart_m: also to add what faultes- said your IP being listed by Spamhaus didn't help.14:37
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay.. I've seen you wiki... that's  great!14:37
faulkes-yes, an ip in spamhaus would certainly cause issues14:37
gclericrhineheart_m: not to toot my own horn...I just got Offical Ubuntu Membership on Thursday... =)14:38
rhineheart_mgcleric: That's great! Congratulations...14:40
gclericrhineheart_m: thanks. =)14:40
faulkes-gcleric: congrats14:41
gclericfaulkes-: thanks. =)14:41
faulkes-I'll be doing that process shortly myself14:41
gclericfaulkes-: have a summary statement to paste in ready.  They like that.. =)14:42
gclericfaulkes-: and be ready to answer questions.14:42
faulkes-already have one and adding to it consistently, along with people to support it14:43
gclericfaulkes-: even better.  I should ne in attendance at the next meeting.14:44
gclericfaulkes-: Oh they are working on having regional approval boards.14:44
faulkes-I'm not overly concerned with the process, however they manage it14:45
rhineheart_mgcleric: I can't anymore send a mail from squirrelmail14:45
gclericrhineheart_m: what does you postfix main.cf look like now...14:45
gclericrhineheart_m: are there any errors in the mail.log?14:46
faulkes-I will apply based upon my contributions/support from other members, etc. and I'll accept whatever decision they make, it wouldn't stop me contributing if they said "come back in 3 months" or some such14:46
gclericfaulkes-: it took several Community Council meetings before they got to my application so be patient.14:47
faulkes-I'm an old man, I've learned to be patient ;)14:47
gclericrhineheart_m: you need to have in the mynetworks in addition to your local subnet info.14:48
rhineheart_mgcleric:  just like it?14:51
gclericrhineheart_m: i'd list it before the local subnet.14:52
gclericrhineheart_m: then /etc/ini.d/postfix restart14:52
rhineheart_mgcleric: /etc/init.d/postfix restart?14:54
gclericrhineheart_m: Oh, about yahoo yes I use pidgin drop me an email at th3.grammaton.cleric@gmail.com and I'll send you my yahoo and gmail ids14:54
gclericrhineheart_m: yes sorry for the type-o14:55
rhineheart_mgcleric:  np. :)14:55
gclericrhineheart_m: are you in a place where I can jump off?  Can we pick this up later?  I need to get ready for our Ubuntu install.14:58
rhineheart_mgcleric: okay... thanks..14:59
gclericrhineheart_m: no worries.  Again drop me an email at th3.grammaton.cleric@gmail.com and I'll send you my yahoo and gmail ids15:00
gclericwell got to jump into the shower and load up the car.  For anyone interested Ubuntu NM LoCo Team is building an Ubuntu based network today for a local homeless shelter.  Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Endorphin_Power_Company_Ubuntu_Install_and_Support for details.15:02
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AnRkeywhen I try and run a command with sudo I get  "sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Feb 25 01:07:45 2008"17:20
AnRkeywhat can I do to fix this?17:20
AnRkeyit's a bit of a catch 22 as I can't change the time either, need sudo for that too17:25
AnRkeyahhh, ok never mind, I rebooted the box via ssh17:28
AnRkeyall fine now17:29
faulkes-install the ntp package to make sure your machine stays sync'd to an ntp server17:40
* faulkes- grumbles at perl DBI17:41
mookidWhat should I be looking for if I want to learn about build an SMTP server? =)20:00
mok0_mookid: install a box with ubuntu server edition and install an smtp server on it20:01
mok0_mookid: sendmail/postfix/exim ... plenty to choose from20:02
Nafallomookid: ehrm. reinventing the well are we? :-)20:02
lamontmok0_: you actually suggested sendmail???20:02
mok0_lamont: yep20:03
lamontmookid: the server CD has postfix on it, iirc.  might have exim4 as welll20:03
lamontmok0_: there's a reason that sendmail is in universe...20:03
lamontwell, several reasons.20:03
mok0_lamont: a matter of taste20:04
lamontnot the least being the security team promise to veto it if anyone does an MIR...20:04
mok0_lamont: MIR?20:04
ScottKMain Inclusion Report20:05
lamontmookid: most of the ubuntu-server docs focus around using postfix.  exim4 is also quite popular20:05
lamontmok0_: that's a required step for migrating something from universe to main.20:05
ScottKPostfix is the standard for Ubuntu and Exim is standard for Debian (our upstream).20:05
* mok0_ has been using sendmail the last 15 years and is a happy camper20:06
lamontwhich means that if you don't have an SMTP server on the machine and install something that requires it, you're likely to wind up with exim420:06
lamontI was using sendmail until I accidentally switched production over to postfix in 1997 and no one noticed for 2 weeks.20:07
lamontfortunately, when sendmail died, there wasn't any mail in the queue20:07
mok0_lamont: you mean no one received email in two weeks ;-)20:07
mookidpostfix it is then20:07
lamontmok0_: no20:07
lamontsendmail was listening on one IP, postfix on INADDR_ANY20:07
lamontwhen sendmail died, postfix just picked up the load20:08
lamontseamless and totally accidental conversion20:08
Nafallolamont: nice :-)20:08
lamontand that was with non-public alpha postfix20:08
Nafallonow we just need SQL-backend storage ;-)20:08
lamontNafallo: why?20:08
lamontsounds like a LDA thing20:08
Nafallocause it would be fun :-)20:09
Nafalloshould be pretty fast as well I imagine20:09
lamontheh. you propose it... I haven't seen a good beating in quite some time.. :-)20:09
Nafallonot without proof-of-concept code and benchmarks I will not :-)20:10
mok0_Nafallo: isn't that what dbmail is for?20:10
Nafallolooks like it :-)20:10
* Nafallo looks up documentation20:11
mookidcan i setup DNS, SSH, FTP, and SMTP on the same box?20:12
Nafallothere are no limits in what you can do really20:13
mookidok - I just wanted to check there were no ghosts in the machine20:13
mookidbill gates has brainwashed me20:13
mookiddid I just go through the process of englightenment?20:14
mookidwoha? :D20:15
Nafallomok0_: looks quite kewl. just want to use dovecot rather then the dbmail imapd :-)20:15
mok0_Nafallo: I understand, me too20:15
mookidwhat package should I be using for DNS ?20:15
lamontiptables -nvL | wc -l20:15
mookidah yes sorry I already knew that20:15
mookid! :D20:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:15
lamonthrm... maybe that's a bit excessive20:15
ubotuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.20:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bind9 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:16
lamontubotu: you say the kindest things20:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bind - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:16
mok0_! named20:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about named - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:16
lamontmok0_: named is an implementation of BIND.  kthx. :-)20:17
mok0_lamont: just testing ubotu's knowledge...20:18
lamonttry talking to it directly... it's too embarrassed to say it's a bot in public20:18
mok0_bind9 can be a bit daunting to configure20:18
lamontmok0_: depends...20:19
lamontthe default install just works for most people20:19
lamontbeing authoritative does require some knowledge.20:19
* mok0_ hasn't ever used the default install20:19
mok0_lamont: Right. I quietly assumed mookid wanted to be authoritative20:20
lamontthat's generally true20:20
ScottKmok0_: Since you use Sendmail and were looking for productive stuff to do, you might want a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sendmail/  I suspect there are some things you could fix there.20:21
mok0_ScottK: I haven't had that kind of troubles, but the mail server runs debian lenny20:23
ScottKmok0_: modulo any changes made since Debian Import Freeze the packages are the same.20:24
ScottKPerhaps you could do a little triaging and see if we have stuff that needs to be fixed up.20:24
mok0_ScottK: My guess is that this is a local configuration error and not a bug20:24
ScottKWith Sendmail configuration error is generally a safe guess.20:25
mok0_ScottK: ... and having network-manager is sure to screw things up20:25
mookidyeha I do want to be authoritative =)20:25
mok0_ScottK: it's responsible for all kinds of boot failures20:25
ScottKOK.  Fix that too then ... ;-)20:26
mookidcan I point mail.mydomain.com to the machine itself?20:26
lamontmookid: adding a zone is pretty trivial actually20:26
mok0_ScottK: ah, the fix is apt-get remove network-manager :-)20:26
lamontmok0_: you forgot --purge20:26
ScottKActually I've had no real trouble with network-manager on my laptops in Gutsy.20:26
lamontalternatively, make sendmail DTRT when network-mangler switches things around20:26
mookidok so I can run an entire home domian with SMTP and SSH, FTP, the works.. all off the same box20:26
lamontScottK: I finally re-added network-manager to my gutsy laptop (the new one, from switching jobs), and haven't found the need to hit it over the head too hard20:27
mok0_ScottK: No, but if you run any kind of network services like nis or autofs it will screw you up20:27
lamontmookid: many of us do20:27
ScottKmok0_: It wouldn't suprise me.20:27
lamontyellow plague, is well, it's own kind of screw up20:27
lamontmookid: although since I turned my home network into a complicated mess, things are somewhat separated20:28
mok0_ScottK: btw, who is "Valyander"?20:28
ScottK? mok0_ ENOCONTEXT20:28
ScottKI see.20:29
ScottKNo idea.20:29
mok0_ScottK: he seems to be subscribed to all Ubuntu bugs in LP20:29
lamont11: eth2.2@eth2: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,10000> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue20:29
mok0_ScottK: spooky20:29
lamonthrm.. does that mean that tc won't actually do anything on that, and I need to put it on eth2 instead?20:29
lamontmok0_: obviously he wants lots of mail20:30
mok0_lamont: I am guessing it is someone harvesting active emails20:30
* ScottK has used the same address since 1998, so I think I'm already on all he lists. I don't really worry about it.20:31
mookidok thanks alot for all your advice guys.. I'll see you around I guess =)20:31
lamontmok0_: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ken-paulsen20:32
lamontor without the edge. :-)20:32
mok0_lamont: well ken is very closed about the circumstances of his interest20:32
lamontno wiki page, but he's been around for 2+ years20:32
mok0_lamont: not very productive though20:33
* mok0_ welcomes all to the Ubuntu "Who is Valyander" project...20:34
lamonthave fun.  better things to do20:37
lamontspeaking of which.  wife calling.  bl20:39
alstoneanyone here?21:26
alstoneam I supposed to get mail through my server if the ip in the postfix conf is
lamontalstone: which IP?21:30
* lamont grumbles at how long it takes to do sha1sums on 600GB21:33
alstoneso where to go for postfix help?21:44
lamonthere works21:44
alstoneI tried #unbuntu-postfix21:44
lamontserver includes an MTA, after all.21:45
lamontthere are several places where an IP could be in the config...21:45
lamontprobably the easiest thing to do is to /query me the contents of main.cf, or pick your favorite pastebin21:45
lamontfwiw, I am the postfix maintainer for debian and ubuntu...21:46
alstonewell I followed the instructions for installing got everything working but all mail is refused now I know that 127.0.01/8 won't work but if I change it I'll get spamed like the dickens21:49
lamontand exactly which parameter are you setting to
lamontand which "instructions for installing"?21:51
lamontthe ones I give are "apt-get install postfix, answer the questions, and if you want more, see the book or ask"21:51
arigoldhi all - which distro do I load for a Xeon proc 5300 series?21:51
lamontarigold: well, if you try to load amd64 and it fails to boot, then you load i38621:52
lamontarigold: that's without bothering to even look to see if Xeon 5300 series supports 64-bit21:52
arigoldI see.. I suppose the i386 is not going to utilize the full potential of the CPU... ?21:52
lamonti386 == 32-bit x6421:52
lamonter, 36-bity x8621:52
lamont32-bit x8621:53
lamontstupid keyboard21:53
arigoldit does support 64-bit and is optimized for Virtualization21:53
lamontthen throw the amd64 install on it21:53
alstoneummmm sorry I am at work21:53
lamontalstone: ah.  when will you be back at the problematic machine?21:53
lamontand how did you install it (where did you get "the instructions for installing"?21:54
arigoldthank you, lamont....21:54
alstoneummmm 11 est21:56
alstonethe instructions are https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix21:57
alstoneI guess it is instructions to configure postfix22:02
lamontah, ok.  that is for mynetworks.22:03
lamontso you'll relay mail from your machine, but not anyone else22:03
lamontare you just trying to do email from that machine, or do you have other machines that want to send outbound mail through it?22:03
lamontand I expect that you changed "server1.example.com" to your host, yes? :-)22:06
alstoneyeah but not the ip22:06
lamontthat shouldn't matter.22:07
lamontfor local mail anyway22:07
alstonealso I need to set it to use an smtp server so I can send email through my isp22:07
lamontare there more machines using this one?22:07
alstonewell I have a home network and acct for each on the server22:07
lamontthat's just a matter of telling it: relayhost=[nameofserver] (yes, with the [])22:07
lamontthen mynetworks needs to include the home network IP block22:08
lamontand if you don't have a hostname that's in the actual DNS, then life gets a bit more painful.22:08
mok0_alstone: you want your machine to use a smarthost?22:10
lamontmok0_: that's what he said22:15
mok0_alstone: look at http://origo.bioxray.au.dk/drupal5/node/2122:16
mok0_alstone: you should be able to use that as example22:17
lamontmok0_: myhostname should be an fqdn, not just one component of it..22:20
alstoneI am looking at it right now22:20
mok0_lamont: whatever. Doesn't matter for us22:20
lamontmok0_: it does the first time you talk to a machine that has the same name...22:21
mok0_lamont: hm22:21
lamontso yeah, as long as your machine is the only one with that name and a broken config, it'll work just fine.22:21
lamontrelayhost = mail.bioxray.au.dk22:22
lamontand note that you are sending your mail to the MX host list for mail.bioxray.au.dk22:22
lamontthat _MIGHT_ not be quite what you want either.22:22
alstoneso the smtp server would be the relay host22:22
lamontsmtp servers that deliver mail off-machine _are_ relays22:22
lamontthe ISP's smtp server would be what you put in brackets in relayhost=22:23
mok0_My advice is to forward mail downstream if you can.22:24
lamontalstone: as long as your machine has a real (in the DNS) hostname, it's trivial to set up22:24
lamontand writing up what to do if it isn't is on the list of things that (1) should be done and (2) probably has if I knew where to look22:25
* mok0_ updated blog entry to include fqdn for myhostname22:30
AlferedHichcokiam new at this ldap stuff. how shouldi setup the server and client in the most secure manner. so that if any other clients tries to pluge the cable to the server he wont get connected.? how do i do networking that way?22:34
alstoneso what is the number that follows
alstoneserver is gateway is
lamontit's the prefix length of the subnet22:54
lamontfor, I'd expect to see "24"22:54
lamontthat assumes that the netmask on the interface is
AlferedHichcokiam new at this ldap stuff. how shouldi setup the server and client in the most secure manner. so that if any other clients tries to pluge the cable to the server he wont get connected.? how do i do networking that way?22:55
lamont(rather, it's a restatement of same)22:55
lamontAlferedHichcok: your question requires a lot of refinement before it will be answerable22:55
lamontldaps with with binding being required is the short answer22:55
lamontand whether or not a machine can talk to your ldap server is a completely separate question from whether or not networking works22:56
lamontmookid2: does that mean it workedA?23:04
mookid2no that means i'm pooping about with irssi on my eeepc cos i'm bored waiting for ubuntu-desktop to download23:04
lamontAlferedHichcok: based on my guess as to what the most likely interpretation of your questions is...)23:04
lamontmookid2: heh23:04
lamontalpha5 I assue?23:05
lamontassume.  tehre,.23:05
lamontstupid keyboard23:05
=== mookid2 is now known as mookid
lamontreal    7m11.567s23:06
lamontuser    17m32.150s23:06
rhineheart_mIs anybody here who could assist me? my postfix won't send/receive mails...23:08
lamonthow does it not send/receive?23:09
lamontthat is, what is the error?>23:09
JDStoneI'm running Ubuntu server edgy and was wondering how to make my external USB hard drive auto mount when I plug it in?23:12
lamontJDStone: probably pmount, then again, your machine goes out of support in about 2 months, and I'm not sure many remember specifics about edgy...23:14
lamontlikewise, you could do something in udev to automount it, I expect23:14
JDStoneyeah, I figured I could do something in udev23:16
JDStonebut I don't know what nor how23:16
JDStonewhy would it matter if it goes out of support in 2 months23:16
JDStonejust pretend I'm using gutsy23:16
JDStonethere's got to be an easy way, it's done in the desktop version of Ubuntu23:17
JDStoneI might as well just upgrade to gutys23:18
rhineheart_mlamont: this is the message I got from yahoo.com when I tried to email squirrelmail in my box...23:20
AlferedHichcokhow to make ldap network having windows (client)account folders in a linux server (openldap) so that everytime client boots. it has to auth from server?23:20
JDStoneI just want to learn how to set up openldap correctly, lol23:23
JDStonebut seriously23:23
lamontJDStone: I think pmount + gnome-volume-manager is what does it in desktop, dunno for sure though23:24
Nafallonot pmount anymore.23:26
lamontNafallo: see.  I don't pay attention to gnome/desktop stuff so much... :-)23:27
lamontanyway, wife dragging me off for a while23:27
Nafallolamont: later :-)23:27
JDStonelamont: Nafallo what about in Kubuntu?23:29
JDStonewhat's used?23:29
NafalloJDStone: I don't use KDE.23:29
JDStoneI don't use Gnome23:31
JDStoneeveryone is different23:31
JDStoneis there an easy way to set up OpenLDAP?23:31
rhineheart_mwich is better? sendmail or postfix?23:53
faulkes-rhineheart: you'd need to refine the question a bit more23:59

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