lexman you type quick stoned00:00
CorruptTerroristis wubi on the hardy alpha 5?00:00
PriceChildCorruptTerrorist, wubi is not part of ubuntu in any way00:00
sudobashyeah i just cant read as fast00:00
swatTXlex, indeed. and the kicker is i can't figure out why i don't have internet connection to do a 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'00:00
chocolatewithminhola: cam model?00:00
lexswatTX: are you using 7.04?00:00
sudobashoh it is net problem... lol...00:00
swatTXlex, no 7.1000:00
Xorothal7.04 *shudders*00:01
sudobash6.10 *shudder*00:01
lexswatTX: meh i had initial net problems with 7.04; it's why i ask00:01
holachocolatewithmin: 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.00:01
swatTXsudobash, i can use the keyboard however without switching to another screen there is no where to type anything (if i just leave it after logging on)00:01
ubotuwubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://www.cutlersoftware.com/ubuntusetup/wubi/en-US/index.html00:01
marx2k_has anyone ever had an issue with losing their taskbar in xfce?00:01
lexswatTX: so have you configured your dhcp or whatever?00:01
sudobashyeah that is normal for x server problems00:01
n2diyhow do I ring the "bell" on the other end of an SSH connection?00:02
CyntroxIs there a way to install Ubuntu without the CD? Cause the CD doesn't seem to like me... I have Windows and I have a seperate partition for Ubuntu.00:02
NB2000CD doesn't like you?00:02
Brad01Cyntrox, USb00:02
sudobashwhat happens when you type ifconfig... does it just give you loopback and no eth0 or anything?00:02
chocolatewithminhola: oooops! you have the same cam model i have, and i think the only way is compile de hqca (or similar, i don't know) if you have lucky00:03
AshfireCyntrox, there's a web install though it takes a usb drive or something so you have the web installer00:03
CyntroxYeah, I get a lot of errors when trying to install via the CD... No one here could find a solution to the issue. Would an external USB-hard drive work?00:03
wall2can anyone help with setting up a dlink wireless router in ubuntu?00:03
wall2probably the wrong place to ask but i can't get an answer anywhere else00:03
ignace72salut à tous00:03
ahorriblemessi had to reinstall ubuntu recently.... I'm having soundcard issues. My headphones don't mute the speakers. I followed this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=575750 (I actually added to that when I had it working before the re-install) but now it doesn't work at all after everything I've done00:03
NB2000Cyntrox What kind of errors?00:03
holachocolatewithmin: how you do it work00:03
swatTXlex, i edited my /etc/network/interfaces and make it "auto eth1" on one line and "iface eth1 inet dhcp" on the second.00:03
mysterycoolhow can I run a directory as super user?00:03
Brad01What is the Default Gateway, It says I need the default gateway address00:03
mysterycoolhow can I run a directory as super user?00:03
ahorriblemessI have sound, the headphone thing doesn't work, I did everything I did last time... but it didn't work THIS time00:04
Xorothalwall2: what wireless card do you have?00:04
sudobashwall2 yes wrong place to ask but here open firefox and type: or
Ashfiremysterycool, sudo [command], but you can't run a directory.00:04
chocolatewithminignace72: s'il vous plait, il y a un irc pour las perssones phrancophones, usez-le00:04
CyntroxHey, I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 from the website and burned it to a disk, now that I try to start it I get errors - like this: "[  593.999153] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen" and "[  606.0476770] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 0" Anyone know what's wrong?00:04
PriceChild!fr | ignace7200:04
ubotuignace72: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.00:04
Cyntrox(yay for copypasta)00:04
Brad01mysterycool, sudo nautilus00:04
wall2i ran the setup for the router, but i can't get a wireless signal00:04
mysterycoolAshfire: not run, but be able to manage the directory as super user :p00:04
lexswatTX: isn't it usualy start at eth0?00:04
Xorothalwall2: you might be out of range. Can you get a signal in windows?00:05
NB2000Cyntrox I might try burning it at the slowest speed possible.00:05
swatTXsudobash, ifconfig shows eth0, eth1, and (just noticed this one) eth1:avah entry00:05
chocolatewithminhola: no, i didn't have lucky :-(00:05
Anjahi, can anyone help me troubleshoot my speakers?00:05
holachocolatewithmin: ok00:05
wall2i'm only 5 feet from the router00:05
swatTXlex. I've tried swapping out eth0 and eth1. no luck on either.00:05
* speeddemon8803 cries.....my ubuntu cd isnt booting anymore00:05
Anjai have no idea why they wouldn't work... :(00:05
Xorothalwall2: ok, what wireless card do you have00:05
sudobashwall2 you need to connect to router over ethernet cable00:05
wall2i can pick up other wirelss signals, but i can't get mine00:05
CyntroxNB2000, I burned it at 40x I believe... Is that too much?00:05
mysterycoolBard01 & Ashfire: Thanks :D00:05
joecurleeok, so i got my firewire drive mounted (thanks to everyone who helped especially usser) but now when I cd to it I can't see any files. system monitor shows it as 100% full (which it's not quite... there are a few hundred MBs left)00:05
lexswatTX this is with a fresh install right?00:05
chocolatewithminhola: I think it's a bit stupid, but have you tried to install the driver on wine?00:06
sudobashswatTX you probably have a 169. something address dontyou00:06
NB2000Cyntrox  I have had older drives that just don't like a quick burned CD.00:06
sudobashon that eth1:avah00:06
speeddemon8803cyntrox, try burning at the lowest possible speed :)00:06
NB2000Cyntrox I say it might be worth a shot.00:06
joecurleethe exact command i ran was: sudo mount -t hfs -o rw,users /dev/sdb /mnt/myfirewire00:06
swatTXlex, other than getting a few codecs through totem i didnt make any changes00:06
holachocolatewithmin: no and you00:06
wall2i have the router connected to my ubuntu box via ethernet cable, but i'm trying to get the wireless signal on a macbook00:06
sudobashyou need to refresh your ethernet adapters swatTX00:06
CyntroxNB2000: I suppose it's worth a shot. I'll try.00:06
sudobashsudo ifconfig eth0 down00:06
sudobashsudo ifconfig eth0 up00:06
Xorothalwall2: try clicking on the network manager in the system tray, connect to other wireless network, put in details and click connect00:06
NB2000Cyntrox Good luck with it.00:06
chocolatewithminhola: yes, i have tried it, but no lucky00:06
sudobashand the same with the eth100:06
wall2(wrong place to ask i know)00:06
chocolatewithminhola: try it, what can you lose?00:07
holachocolatewithmin: ok.... ihave to change cam so00:07
Brad01Can anyone help me follow this article? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot00:07
swatTXsudobash, i'll try that again and see if it works.00:07
sudobashyou might just want to enable the one ethernet adapter that has the net so you dont get confused00:07
sudobashdown disables up enables of course00:07
sudobashman ifconfig if you get stuck00:07
Xorothalwall2: try a mac channel, perhaps...00:08
Vad1Where is the icon picture for the trash can stored?00:08
sudobashor ifconfig --help00:08
speeddemon8803brad01: man thats an advanced tutorial, ive been using for a few years and even im having trouble following that one :/00:08
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JASONCOhi -- ive got an .avi file that someone sent me in chunks -- one chunk is missing and i cant get it -- ive tried cat-ing all the pieces together -- but it wont bridge the missing piece -- how do i do this?00:08
=== Pinky|Away is now known as Pinky|awayabit
NineTeen67CometHas anyone used f-spot much? I would like to know how to get back to "all" the pictures after I've clicked a tag?00:08
swatTXsudobash, didn't get stuck. up and downed both interfaces and now when I 'ifconfig' the eth1:avah is gone00:08
joecurleeah there we go :) i used -t hfs00:08
sudobashwall2 you need iwconfig00:08
joecurleeneed hfsplus00:08
Anjaanyone?  help with my speakers?  i tried to go online to their site but i didn't find any drivers there.00:08
sudobashtell me what iwconfig say00:08
* NineTeen67Comet #f-spot if empty00:08
joecurleeok cool, thanks for the help :)00:08
Anjaand everything's plugged in/on00:08
Brad01What's wrong with the speakers?00:09
wall2what's iwconfig?00:09
sudobashyeah swatTX keep doing the ifconfig and try a ping google.com00:09
Anjain the correct hole00:09
=== Pinky|awayabit is now known as Pinky49
sudobashwhen you get a good IP00:09
Anjai don't know.... trying to figure it out - they're brand new00:09
speeddemon8803Anja, most speakers dont have drivers, its a sound card that uses drivers that could be screwed up :)00:09
Anjabrand new install of ubuntu00:09
=== Pinky49 is now known as Pinky
sudobashwall2 are you in ubuntu or windows?00:09
Xorothalwall2: #mac00:09
speeddemon8803in fact...i dont think ANY speakers use drivers.00:09
Anjathe sound is part of the motherboard00:09
Anjai had a pair of yamahas that had some00:09
speeddemon8803actually something called your sound card.00:09
sudobashoh ok Xorothal knows apparently00:09
AnjaOK so i should look on the motherboard's disk00:10
speeddemon8803but you got the general idea :)00:10
jerbeari realize it was just released but does anyone have an idea as to when the python 2.5.2 release will make its way into the repositories?00:10
Anjathanks.... :)00:10
Brad01Can anyone help me follow this article https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot ?00:10
speeddemon8803no, you should look at your sound card itself anja00:10
sudobashor you integrated chipset00:10
Xorothalsudobash: he did say earlier...00:10
Anjathank you00:10
wall2well my computer that's connected via ethernet cable is ubuntu00:10
Brad01I don't know how to do step 300:10
speeddemon8803Your quite welcome Anja.00:10
speeddemon8803!sound | anja00:10
ubotuanja: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:10
iKapdoes anyone in here have any experience with the "bluetooth applet"? i have a simple question/problem.. hoping someone can clear me up on what im doing wrong.00:10
speeddemon8803look at that stuff too anja :)00:10
NB2000Brad01 basically what it is asking you to do?00:10
Xorothalwall2: but you say you want to set up wireless on the mac00:11
Anjaum... this might sound stupid but - where do i find driver info on ubuntu?00:11
forreststupid ass grub.....hiya folks im receiving the "starting....." hang when booting my xp from grub, possible solutions/alternative boot loaders/ graphical configurationt tools for grub00:11
swatTXsudobash, that worked. I've got a net connection now.  i'll continue troubleshooting my original problem now. thanks. 420 =)00:11
Anjai'm def. a NOOB user00:11
wall2yes, but i'm getting no response from the mac forum, so i came to you guys00:11
Brad01NB200, I don't know what to put into these00:11
lexi couldn't keep up. movingtoofast00:11
Brad01 dhcp-range=<BEGIN_IP_RANGE>,<END_IP_RANGE>,12h dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,<SERVER_IP> dhcp-option=3,<DEFAULT_GW> dhcp-option=6,<DNS_SERVER>00:11
jakswa /join #ubuntu-us-ga00:11
speeddemon8803Anja, ubuntu comes with a bunch of drivers in the cd itself....it might be as simple as visiting one of the above websites supplied by Ubotu in the text it told you :)00:11
NB2000Brad01 do you really need to setup a dhcp server?00:12
CorruptTerroristum... i have a question... again00:12
iKapdoes anyone in here have any experience with the "bluetooth applet"? i have a simple question/problem.. hoping someone can clear me up on what im doing wrong.00:12
CorruptTerroristwhy does wubi 8.04 download the x64 iso?00:12
speeddemon8803Oh and, anja, we were all new users at one time ;) dont worry about that :P00:12
faileasps aux00:12
Xorothalwall2: keep trying the mac channel, tbh no-one here's going to help you with your problem00:12
Brad01NB200, I want to install ubuntu on a laptop with no other means to boot it and all the tutorials I've seen have mentioned setting up a dhcp server00:12
faileasoops ;p00:12
sudobashhaha im going to have a clone name UbotUisCool00:13
Jordan_U!hardy | CorruptTerrorist00:13
ubotuCorruptTerrorist: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:13
wall2it was worth a shot00:13
Anjaoh hehe, had to scroll way up, i missed the post with the websites... :)  thank you00:13
forrestjesus this channel gets heavier use that eve help00:13
CorruptTerroristBUT WHY THE x64 AND NOT THE x86???00:13
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:13
speeddemon8803!caps | CorruptTerroist00:13
ubotuCorruptTerroist: please see above00:13
sudobashwow they banned me already00:14
symptomAnja: you might want to familiarize yourself with System->Preferences->Hardware Information00:14
NB2000Brad01 You only need one if other machines are going to get access through your laptop.  If you need to it's no big deal.00:14
exneohey are there any search engines with open algarithms00:14
forrestwhats a good bootloader u guys?00:14
exneoI wnt a search engine with open stuff00:14
speeddemon8803!grub | forrest00:14
ubotuforrest: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:14
marx2k_forrest: grub00:14
Rorgo!ldap | rorgo00:14
speartI marked a folder for sharing over NFS with the wizard, how can I connect to it from another linux computer on the LAN?00:15
exneoso anybody know of a good search engine with open angarithm00:15
speartand Hi everybody00:15
speeddemon8803!repeat | exneo00:15
ubotuexneo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:15
speartexneo, want to develop a search engine?00:15
sudobashok so you can can have a clone on freenode but not on #ubuntu00:15
speeddemon8803That would be a cool idea :)00:15
exneono don't know anything other than basic html00:15
forrestwell...im looking for a grub alternative b/c i cant seem to get it configured no matter what i do.00:16
exneobut sounds like a good project00:16
ph0rensicgood afternoon busters!00:16
speeddemon8803Exneo, first learn html..THEN we can talk about search engines :P00:16
exneoI'll go and try00:16
x0rg62afternoon mputer on the LAN?00:16
x0rg62[3] [freenode] 3:#ubuntu(+tncLfJ #ubuntu-unregged 2,5) [Act: 2]                                                         [1215]00:16
x0rg62[01:15:03] février, dimanche 24 200800:16
symptomAnja: example I went to hardware information then found my soundcard vt8233/a/8235/8237 ac97 audio controler and then under the advanced tab it told me i was using the via 82xx audio driver00:16
Jordan_Uforrest, There is LILO, but if you think GRUB is hard to configure ... :)00:16
FloodBot1x0rg62: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:16
lexif what your doing doesn't work, try somethign different00:16
x0rg62scuse me !00:16
speeddemon8803!pastebin | X0rg6200:16
ubotuX0rg62: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:16
PriceChildspeeddemon8803, the bots do that00:16
=== sdflkajsdf is now known as UbotUisCool
x0rg62speeddemon8803: this is a mistake00:16
forrestits easy as pie to config i just cant get it configed to WORK lol00:17
forrestthanks for the tip00:17
CorruptTerroristshould i install the x64 or the x86 if i have an intel q6600 quad core?00:17
forrestx64 continuously pisses me off00:17
forrestx86  is so much easier00:17
ph0rensicCorruptTerrorist, x86 is easiest to deal with00:17
speartexneo, you can embed any search engine into your website00:17
lexx64 if your a masochist00:17
speeddemon8803I am aware pricey, just letting the guy know what the pastebin site was :)00:17
ph0rensicforrest, I actually haven't had problems with gutsy 64 yet!!00:17
lexi used to use it00:17
sudobashyes X86 all the way00:18
forrestph0rensic: srsly cuz nothing will ever install for me and thers bad support and all that jive00:18
Brad01Does x64 have flash support?00:18
* ph0rensic is currently using 64-bit and w/o problems!!00:18
Jordan_U!flash64 | Brad0100:18
ubotuBrad01: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava00:18
speartforrest, what you're trying to do?00:18
Brad01x64 is good for scientific calculations00:18
fvwmnet  /quite00:18
speartBrad01, yeah00:18
rambo3also making people with x32 whine00:19
forrestspeart, as far as x64 is concerned, nada00:19
Rorgoit's good for anything that's designed to natively use x6400:19
* forrest runs away from x6400:19
ph0rensicforrest, here is my desktop: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24040049@N05/2284837943/#preview00:19
speartforrest, it's the attitude, not the system, flash is not a problem00:19
forrestph0rensic, my browsers down, lol00:19
bluefoxxlex, how should i edit my fstab?[srry, was AFK for a bit...]00:20
ph0rensicforrest, haha00:20
spearthow can I browse NFS shares?00:20
CorruptTerroristsince wubi downloads the x64 by itself... can i just download the x86 and put it in the same folder?00:20
sudobashso has anyone here ran Ubuntu on Xbox 360?00:20
lexbluefoxx: if you know what drive you're trying to automount ie /dev/sdba or something add it in there00:20
forrestno chance i can apt-get install lilo is there ph0rensic?00:20
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, you have --32 option00:20
speeddemon8803sudobash, no but im aware of HOW to do it, im scared, dont wanna destroy mine :)00:20
sudobashi like xubuntu and xebian on the original xbox00:20
Anjais one better than the other between the flash player and the gnash flash player?00:20
bluefoxxsudobash, as soon as i can hijack my friends xbox ima try that, lol00:21
CorruptTerroristrambo3, what?00:21
sudobashdonkey kong right?00:21
sudobashI run Xebian on XBOX 100:21
bluefoxxleok, so wear is this fstab i am to edit?00:21
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, you can pass --32 argument on start if you want 32 bit kernel. search wubi forum for that00:21
lexbluefoxx: so it'd be <drive location> <mount point> <file system> <options>00:21
sudobashi hear there are pixel shader exploits in donkey kong that will allow unsigned code to beran00:21
lexbluefoxx: sudo gedit /etc/fstab00:22
x0rg62gnash don't work correctly00:22
Brad01NB200, can you read your pm?00:22
ph0rensicforrest, hmm why you want lilo?00:22
bluefoxxlex, ok, thanks, will check that :)00:22
NB2000Brad01 Sorry brad.  Didn't see one.00:22
Brad01no prob00:22
CorruptTerroristrambo3, you wouldnt happen to have a link would you?00:23
forrestfrub continously busts my balls, ph0rensic00:23
NB2000Brad01 text based server running bitchx.  not sure if it will do that. :)00:23
ph0rensicforrest, what does it do??00:23
sudobashwell the 360 is a 3 core PowerPC running at some 3.XX GHZ each so Ubuntu would be amazing on it Im sure00:23
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, no and i ain't googling for you.00:23
CorruptTerroristi can't find it, really00:23
knicknicI am having a hard time getting my 8600gt to work with the nvidia drivers00:23
brambowhat is the link for the new KDE4 to get it for Ubuntu ?00:23
NB2000Brad01 yes?00:23
ph0rensicCorruptTerrorist, why use wubi??00:24
lexknicknic: what the problem is?00:24
sudobashknicknic what drivers method are you using?00:24
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, ubuntu forums -> advanced search -> amd64 , first hit00:24
Brad01What do you mean?00:24
forrestit wont load my xp no matter how i config my menu.lst and i really want somethign with a gui cuz this kind of text editing bullshit kinda drives me up the wall after it doesnt work the thousanth time, ph0rensic00:24
rambo3i think00:24
lexsudobash: lol we've dealt with this similiar problem how many times in the past two hours? :-p00:24
chocolatewithminplease does anybody know the original name of software source app?00:24
NB2000brad01 mean about what?00:24
sudobashthey should let us get @ or something... at least let us have a bot inhere00:25
Brad01The text server00:25
brambosudobash: what is that link for the new KDE again?00:25
NB2000Brad01 Ah.  unregistered nick.  No priv msg capabilititees.00:25
forrestph0rensic, fixmbr will save me if lilo goes to hell right?00:25
ph0rensicforrest, hmmm.. you are just editing the file instead of reinstalling grub?00:25
forrestph0rensic how do i reinstall grub?00:25
speeddemon8803Sudobash, there IS a bot in here ;)00:25
NB2000Brad01 This is an ubuntu server install.  No graphics to speak of.00:25
lexbut he wants his own STONED bot00:25
speeddemon8803and...everyone having @ would be...catastrophic to say the least.00:25
ph0rensic!grub | forrest00:25
ubotuforrest: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:25
sudobashi know but i could have one in here too ;)00:25
ph0rensicforrest, I think the howto is in there00:25
sudobashor operator status00:25
=== olpc-nn is now known as nn-on-olpc
brambohi again speeddemoon00:26
speeddemon8803hey brambo00:26
ph0rensicforrest, basically you reinstall it and it finds the partitions and filesystems and sets it up for you00:26
NB2000Brad01 25 by 40 lines of brilliant 16 color text. :)00:26
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=628373&highlight=amd6400:26
brambosudobash: whats that link for getting the new KDE desktop?00:26
forrestthank you much ph0rensic and others, now i just have to get my browser back up00:26
sudobashare you afraid of the IRC hacking days coming back because I am afraid those days are gone00:26
lexknicknic: so, still having problems?00:26
forrestok i just need to make sure it auto configs with my other partitions ph0rensic00:27
knicknicyes lex00:27
speeddemon8803sudo...im afraid of flooders and takeovers :/00:27
NB2000Brad01 did you get past the DHCP server stuff?00:27
CorruptTerroristhow DO you start it with that agument?00:27
lexknicknic: and they consist of?00:27
forrestand from what your saying it will, so i shall make an atempt to reinstall it ph0rensic00:27
ph0rensicbrambo, you want just the kde desktop??00:27
Brad01NB2000, no00:27
speeddemon8803but, i think our discussion sudo is becoming offtopic for here..so...we gotta stop :)00:27
norty how do i set emacs to indent '{' to the same indentation as if, while... statements? right now it indents it 2 spaces farther in than where the if is.. ?00:27
bramboph0rensic: yeah just desktop00:27
brambothe new 100:28
ph0rensicforrest, yes, but make a backup first.. sometimes it will give you errors and you have to know your way around it.. or ..00:28
NB2000Brad01 which version are you using and what is the plan for this installation?00:28
lexmeh, game time; laters guys00:28
soulburneri have a Camcorder that streams Via USB, when i lsusb, ubuntu detects it00:28
CorruptTerroristrambo3, how DO you start it with that agument?00:28
soulburnerhow would i go about making it show up in xawtv?00:28
knicknicmy 8600gt doesn't work with X if I use nvidia drivers00:28
sudobashuse synaptic to install kde00:28
sudobashmuch easier for noobs00:29
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, right click on wuby and just append  --32bit00:29
brambowhats it named under in synaptic?00:29
ph0rensicforrest, if that gives you boot error, you can use the install disk to reinstall grub00:29
Brad01Ubuntu 7.10, I want to use this desktop host the files for a network installation on my laptop00:29
brambothe kde desktop for ubuntu i mean00:29
ph0rensicbrambo, I think it is sudo apt-get install kde-desktop  that or kubuntu-desktop   try those00:29
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, right click /properties on wuby and just append  --32bit. and thats just my guess00:29
sudobashbrambo use synaptic it will bemuch easier00:29
CorruptTerroristrambo3, on windows?00:29
sudobashbut sudo apt-get install kde-desktop is correct00:30
ph0rensicCorruptTerrorist, why use wubi??00:30
NB2000Brad01 I see.  Does the laptop have no CD?00:30
brambosudobash: what is it named on synaptic ?00:30
sudobashsearch kde00:30
CorruptTerroristph0rensic, i'm not gonna partition, just dont want to00:30
Brad01NB2000, No optical/floppy drive and no usb booting00:30
NB2000Brad01 ouch.00:30
speeddemon8803brambo: search kde and install all packages, and..you'll have a fully working Kubuntu.00:31
RaelI cannot get Flash Video to work in my browser. It says I need to install the plugin but then when I try to do that it says the plugin is already installed. I tried uninstall and reinstall but it still does not work. I'm using Ubuntu.00:31
ph0rensicCorruptTerrorist, oh... well you might as well use ubuntu in a VM then00:31
sudobashmake sure your repositories are set on the first tab or the repos section of synaptic00:31
* Brad01 regrets getting compact laptop00:31
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, yes. on wubi icon. righ click and there should be options or properties and after wubi-version-33 add  --32bit00:31
cd-rdoes anybody know how to enable the folder view just by hovering the mouse over? i.e. folder size etc etc...00:31
CorruptTerroristrambo3, ok i getcha00:31
brambosudobash: it wont do it from here, I think maybe I have to go back to Gnome?00:31
NB2000Brad01 so even if you came up with an external CDROM it probably wouldn't boot to it?00:31
ASTURIASHello Again00:31
sudobashubuntu makes it easy with synaptic but its nothing really new... its just there is a bunch of support for Ubuntu00:31
speeddemon8803!hi | asturias00:32
ubotuasturias: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:32
sudobashsudo apt-get install kde-desktop00:32
ASTURIASI installed Compiz on Ubuntu 7.10 and the Desktop Effects wont work00:32
Brad01NB2000, It would have to be a specific drive not a usb one00:32
brambobut i already have kde desktop, i wanna install the new one, will that install the new one?00:32
ph0rensicASTURIAS, compiz comes with 7.1000:32
sudobashbrambo what kind of PC are youon?00:32
CorruptTerroristrambo3, still downloading the x6400:32
forresthey ph0rensic, do i need to use the live cd to do THIS https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows,or can i simply do it from my (hd0,1) install?00:32
ASTURIASI reinstalled00:32
brambosudobash: amd sempron 1.6ghz 64bit 1gb ram00:32
ph0rensicbrambo, I dont think the new one is in the repos yet00:33
RolcolHow do I set my location for the Weather report?00:33
sudobashyou installed Ubuntu 64 bit?00:33
ASTURIASBut it seems that nothing works to enable the Desktop Effects00:33
PeloRolcol, the pannel applet ? rightclick properties00:33
bramboyeah 64 bit00:33
AnjaOK so i looked at that page that was given - the bash found my soundcard stuff, but my driver wasn't listed on the alsa page00:33
brambocuz my cpu is 64bit capable00:33
Anjai mean my motherboard wasn't listed00:33
RolcolPelo, strangely, that's the only thing I have not tried.00:33
sudobashthat might be the problem regular install mightnot work00:33
bramboph0rensic the new one is under synaptic so i dunno00:34
swatTXI need help with a wireless problem. My wireless works from a fresh install of ubuntu no problems. However i deleted some files (not sure which ones) and no longer have the option for wireless networking. Any ideas?00:34
NB2000Brad01 does it have a floppy?00:34
brambosudobash: problem being my computer?00:34
Brad01NB2000, no00:34
speeddemon8803Guys, this might be sliding by offtopic, but on the dell computers supplied with ubuntu, do they contain the open source drivers or is it the regular closed source stuff?00:34
NB2000Holy Frijoles.00:34
FJSS127can someone help me with an ubuntu question please?00:34
sudobash64 bit ubuntu but one sec... what does it say when you do sudo apt-get install kde-desktop00:35
ph0rensicforrest, I think you can do it w/o the disk .. I have heard if you play along like you are going to reinstall the OS on the same partition but dont have anything format, grub will install, and fix itself.. thats another method..I actually did it once and it worked00:35
PeloswatTX, try  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop that should reinstall all the files associated with the desktop part , not sure what you need is in there but it is worth a shot00:35
bramboReading package lists... Done00:35
bramboBuilding dependency tree00:35
bramboReading state information... Done00:35
bramboE: Couldn't find package kde-desktop00:35
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, ok00:35
PeloFJSS127, just ask the question00:35
NB2000Any idea folks to get an ubuntu install on a system with no CDROM floppy or USB boot capability?00:35
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, start cli00:35
speeddemon8803!netboot | nb200000:35
ubotunb2000: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:35
ZombineAnyone know what the pause syscall is in Ubuntu?00:35
PeloNB2000, kind of limiting the options there00:36
sudobashyour repos need to be set up one sec00:36
CorruptTerroristrambo3, yep00:36
brambookay thanks00:36
Pelo!install > NB2000  check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu00:36
iceswordspeeddemon8803, net install is painful00:36
swatTXPelo, I couldn't get past the login screen up until I installed ubuntu-desktop, so i should have a fresh copy of that.00:36
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, browse to the folder where you donwloaded wubi00:36
NB2000yeah I agree. :)00:36
CorruptTerroristuh huh00:36
Brad01I'm trying to follow these https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot directions but am stuck on part 300:36
awmcclainHi all... I'm writing a very simple script that can change a bash environment variable (set in an .alias file)... what would be the best way of changing my "export FOO=bar" line? sed?00:36
RaelI cannot get Flash Video to work in my browser. It says I need to install the plugin but then when I try to do that it says the plugin is already installed. I tried uninstall and reinstall but it still does not work. I'm using Ubuntu.00:36
IndyGunFreakRael: are you using ubuntu 64bit?00:37
CorruptTerroristrambo3, shift+rightclick -> command window here?00:37
NB2000Brad01 I have no browser to see that.  Maybe lynx but thats pretty limited.00:37
speeddemon8803!flash > Rael00:37
JorophoseI've helped a friend install Ubuntu as a dual-boot, and everything's working fine, but the windows partition is no longer booting properly. GRUB allows him to boot up into XP, and it goes into the whole "Windows is booting" phase, but then freezes. Any thoughts?00:37
PeloswatTX, I'm sure there is another meta package for the core stuff but I don'T know what it is00:37
speeddemon8803Rael, please check private messages :)00:37
Brad01NB2000, Theres no important pictures00:37
PeloJorophose, can you pastebin his /boot/grub/menu.lst file ?00:37
bramboim a noob to linux and i dual booted it and fixed the partitions still have XP and Ubuntu :)00:37
ph0rensicJorophose, did you perform a defrag before?? Was this a resize and partition deal?00:37
speeddemon8803Rael, your welcome.00:38
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, whats that. did you start command prompt C:\00:38
FJSS127How do I uninstall ubuntu, my first attempt went bad and I want to try again00:38
Jordan_UJorophose, You might try ##windows00:38
Brad01FJSS127, You don't have to00:38
NB2000Brad01  send it again and I will try.00:38
sudobashbrambo: http://www.debianadmin.com/ubuntu-edgy-eft-complete-sourceslist-repository-list-file.html00:38
ph0rensicFJSS127, Just write over it again, and have it reformat00:38
ph0rensicFJSS127, Is there any other partitions on the drive or anything?00:38
JorophoseI don't think it's a problem with menu.lst, because he can boot into windows... It's just windows can't reach anything after that first screen.00:38
ZombineIS there a syscall in Linux to pause a terminal... just somethline like "Press any key to continue" or something like that00:38
CorruptTerroristrambo3, i started command prompt with it pointing to the folder with wubi in (C:\Users\Joe Harrison\Desktop>)00:39
FJSS127yes I have 300:39
sudobashFJSS127 what do you mean? uninstall ubuntu i dont know what this means....00:39
* Pelo still wonders if there is an app that would allow him to split one large video file into multiple smaller files by just setting split points 00:39
FJSS127I want to retry installing it00:39
ph0rensicJorophose, Did you have to resize the windows partition in order to do this00:39
speeddemon8803he means get rid of ubuntu and possibly...yes.00:39
CorruptTerroristrambo3, what steps now?00:39
ph0rensicFJSS127, anything else on the disk?00:39
PeloJorophose, windows issue then , try in ##windows00:39
FJSS127yes vista00:39
underwatercowdoes anyone know why when I type netstat -r, it shows link-local as an entry?00:39
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, did you test to start it : Wubi-version-wahever-.exe --32bit00:40
sudobashjust write over it with your cd and use the automated disk installer00:40
sudobashdont try to partition anything yourself unless you know what you are doing00:40
brambosudobash: and what am i looking for there?00:40
userwald0Hello, I'm a newbe to ubuntu, but I do have linux eperience00:40
Pelouserwald0, welcome to the mad house00:40
Jordan_UPelo, ffmpeg should be able to do that, or do you want something simpler?00:40
CorruptTerroristrambo3, it still downloads amdx6400:40
sudobashdeb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-latest edgy main00:40
sudobashdeb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-355 edgy main00:40
sudobashdeb-src http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-latest edgy main00:40
ph0rensicsudobash, be good idea for him to learn SOMETIME about partitions00:40
speeddemon8803Hi userwald0, what can we help you with?00:40
bramboi didnt know what i was doing partitions to get ubuntu and keeping xp but i did lol i got lucky i guess...00:40
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, fark it then.00:41
PeloJordan_U, split points will be uneven  a gui app that would let me play and pick splitpoints as I go would be nice00:41
ph0rensicbrambo, haha very lucky00:41
CorruptTerroristfark it?00:41
userwald0The problem I'm having is that when I install Ubuntu 7.10, everything works, but as soon as I run the updater and update to the latest kernel, all my hardware stops working00:41
sudobashyeah i learned when i was 1200:41
NB2000Brad01 okay I got it open.00:41
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, yeah it's not working.00:41
CorruptTerroristoh oh ohhhhhhhhhh00:41
userwald0my network card quits, ican't login using gdm, etc00:41
ph0rensicuser__, something wrong with how you are updating your kernel00:41
sudobashbrambo: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:41
ph0rensicuserwald0, ^^00:41
CorruptTerroristcan i download the x32 iso and just put it in the directory?00:41
PeloJordan_U, I know I can do it the long way with avidemux ,  by cutting the extra and then saving the last bit but it would take for ever00:41
NB2000brad you were asking about the ipsetup for a server?00:41
userwald0its like my kernel update doesn't complete00:41
LjLZombine: why would that be a syscall? it seems pretty much a user-level thing. "any key" is tricky, anyway, because of line buffering, but you can easily ask the user to press Enter00:41
sudobashand put in what i pasted above (3 lines)00:42
Brad01NB2000, yeah00:42
speeddemon8803userwaldo, your saying it basically turns your computer into a huge paper weight?00:42
FJSS127I would like to "unpartition" my hdd and then reinstall ubuntu. Is this possible???00:42
* Pelo starts to wonder if avidemux has a splitting script in the filters00:42
NB2000Brad01 well it hopes there are no other DHCP servers on the network.00:42
icesworddamn,i used 10$ cell phone fees in six months00:42
PeloFJSS127, you can delete partitons if that is what you mean00:42
bcnlthanks team for another great release00:42
bcnl8.04 is installing flawlessly for me00:42
sudobashanyone wanting to mess with partitioning... I recommend that you download and burn Gparted and Super Grub Disk00:43
LjL!gparted > FJSS127    (FJSS127, see the private message from Ubotu)00:43
speeddemon8803!gparted > fjss12700:43
NB2000Brad01 for the range I would use
Brad01NB2000, I can disable the dhcp on my router00:43
speeddemon8803oops :)00:43
userwald0Anyone have any idea why using the automatic updater would cause this?00:43
bcnlsudobash: got a URL for a pre-made disc? that sounds interesting00:43
PeloFJSS127, well assuming there is nothing you want to keep on this hdd, just boot the live cd and goto  menu > system> admin > gnome partiton editor00:43
NB2000the boot server is the IP of the machine you are accessing.00:43
userwald0Is there a better way to manage my kernel than using the default one.  I00:43
speeddemon8803userwald0....in all my years of ubuntu, i have never heard of that happening.00:43
CorruptTerroristrambo3, can i download the x32 iso and just put it in the directory?00:43
NB2000Brad01 default gateway should be the routers IP.00:44
bramboput what in where? please PM me sudobash00:44
rambo3CorruptTerrorist, i don't know ... try00:44
LjLuserwald0: what is the default kernel and what is the version that the updater fetches?00:44
userwald0'm not afraid to compile and manage the kernel manually, but this automatic update is a bit frustrating00:44
TheZealotAnyone know how to clear the played history in the totem video player?00:44
bramboim losing it here in the chat00:44
bcnlsudobash: thnx00:44
NB2000Brad01 DNS server, use same routers IP.00:44
userwald0i think that the default is 2.6.22-1400:44
ubotuGParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/00:44
bcnlyea I use gpartd, just didn't know of a pre-built grub cd00:44
FJSS127after I repaired vista my ubuntu cd won't display a desktop00:44
bluefoxxlux ok, so for this machine does this look OK?http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57140/  line 12 is the one i added00:44
swatTXI need help with a wireless problem. My wireless works from a fresh install of ubuntu no problems. However i deleted some files (not sure which ones) and no longer have the option for wireless networking. Any ideas?00:45
LjLuserwald0: that's the latest one actually as far as i know00:45
LjL!info linux00:45
ubotulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB00:45
NB2000Brad01 looks like all the important bits.00:45
Cew27hey all how do i start gnome from the command line i just installed it and want to start it i tried exec gnome-session00:45
LjLuserwald0, if the two versions are really different versions, the old kernel is not removed when you update. that means you can just boot using the old kernel, by choosing it in the GRUB menu (and you can make that choice the default by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst)00:45
Brad01NB2000, What do I use for server IP?00:46
swatTXCew27. sudo gdm? or init 2... maybe one of those, not sure.00:46
lexbluefoxx: as long as that folder exists in your home directory, it should work00:46
Brad01my ip?00:46
danandCew27 - /etc/init.d/gdm start00:46
Jordan_UCentaur5, gnome-session should do it if X is running, if not then xinit first then gnome-session ( or use startx and it will do both for you )00:46
NB2000Brad01 the desktop that your gonna load the software from.00:46
bluefoxxlex, so meaning if i haven't made it i shoulf00:46
NB2000Brad01 this is all assuming your laptop can boot PXE.00:46
FJSS127does anyone know why when I repaired vista my ubuntu live cd won't display a desktop00:47
sudobashdeb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-355 edgy main00:47
sudobashdeb-src http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-latest edgy main00:47
userwald0LjL, I don't see the old one in grub, only the default and the safe mode ones in the automagic section00:47
Brad01NB2000, It can00:47
NB2000Brad01 Great!!!00:47
lexbluefoxx: yes, the folder your mounting a drive to has to be in your home directory already otherwise there isn't a place to mount it00:47
Brad01inet addr: is that my ip?00:47
NB2000Brad01 No.00:47
iceswordFJSS127, you mean ubunt u don't boot00:47
TheZealotAnyone know how to clear the played history in the totem video player?00:47
NB2000Brad01 Thats your localhost.  Same on all PC's.00:47
bluefoxxlex, ok, so once i save that and make the folder do i have to reboot or not?00:47
LjLuserwald0: then it's the same version. you could always force APT to reinstall the older revision, and then pin it (although i don't know much at all about pinning)00:47
LjL!pinning > userwald0    (userwald0, see the private message from Ubotu)00:48
FJSS127it boots but the desktop is all messed up00:48
Brad01NB2000, How do I find out my ip?00:48
NB2000brad are you putting the PXE server on a windows machine?00:48
lexfor it to auto mount yes00:48
Brad01NB2000, No linux00:48
Jordan_UFJSS127, The two are likely unrelated00:48
CorruptTerroristi guess i'll have to stick with the x64 AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH00:48
iceswordFJSS127, what you mean by messed up00:48
NB2000Brad01 okay.  At the shell prompt type:  ifconfig00:48
NB2000Brad01 Its probably going to be listed under eth000:49
iceswordip addr00:49
sudobashbrambo did you get all that?00:49
bluefoxxlex, also, this drive i added is a external scsi i plan to upgrade soon as i can find a cheap one that is larger, will it be safe to swap them out or should i change the ext3 option to auto?00:49
FJSS127there are horizontal lines running across the screen, orange and black, it happened after i repaired vista00:49
NB2000Brad01 coming from your router its probably going to be some 192.x.x.x number.00:49
j_humphreywhere are the fonts stored?00:49
j_humphreyor how do I install new fonts?00:50
sudobashhaha wow i would vomit on Vista if i could00:50
FJSS127thats why i'm learning ubuntu00:50
lexbluefoxx: generally you don't want to add an external drive to the fstab because if it's not plugged in; problems will ensue when you boot00:50
iceswordj_humphrey, /usr/share/fonts00:50
sudobashyeah no doubt lex00:50
userwald0is it possible to only have the updater install the kernel source, and for me to manually manage the compilation?00:50
kostkonj_humphrey, to install new fonts, the easy way is to put the in ~/.fonts00:51
Brad01public ip or just ip?00:51
sudobashthats a good time... your like ummm what happened?00:51
sudobashoh yeah i unplugged that usb00:51
lexbluefoxx: but if you insist; you can just add the other one later when you get it; it'll likely be /dev/sdb1 then00:51
kostkonj_humphrey, or open a nautilus window and go to the fonts:/// location00:51
NB2000Brad01 should be IP Address under the section eth000:51
bluefoxxlex, its externally connected but through an scsi connector, i plan to daisy chain a bunch of 20 gigs into my system with the drives seperatly powered and in a second tower, then use them to backup to00:51
swatTXI really don't want to reinstall just to enable wifi00:51
bluefoxxlex, ok, tyvm00:51
FJSS127sometimes the desktop will load but its 1/4 the size of my screen00:52
bluefoxxlex, should i reboot after saving it?00:52
Cew27will photoshop cs2 run on wine ok ? last time i tried to install some games it never worked00:52
NB2000brad should be "inet addr"00:52
LjL!fonts | j_humphrey00:52
ubotuj_humphrey: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:52
sudobashkeep in mind old HDD's rust and eventually crap out00:52
Brad01ifconfig output http://pastebin.com/m2f26fb5f00:52
sudobashbest Backup media right not Dual Layer Discs00:52
lexbluefoxx: if you want to test it out00:53
=== weechat_user is now known as AstralSin
Cew27will photoshop cs2 run on wine ok ? last time i tried to install some games it never worked00:53
LjL!appdb | Cew2700:53
ubotuCew27: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org00:53
CorruptTerroristis the x64 version bad?00:53
bluefoxxlex, ok, and if it doesn't work? how would i remedy it?though im guessing boot into recovery and edit it with nano right?00:53
macdI need a way to check for an external IP from cli, any ideas?00:53
sudobashCEW27 i doubt it00:54
swatTX Does anyone know the default drivers that Gutsy Gibbon uses and where I can find them?00:54
LjLmacd: what do you mean check? (and external)00:54
lexbluefoxx: yeah, just comment out the mount option and startx00:54
Brad01Can someone tell me what my ip address is from my ifconfig output here http://pastebin.com/m2f26fb5f00:54
LjLswatTX: drivers for what?00:54
Cew27sudobash: why i heard google were funding wine now so there getting better ?00:54
sudobashswatTX whats up now?00:54
Vaylenceanyone feel like they would just LOVE to help me set up a static IP?00:54
lexbluefoxx: from the command line00:54
bluefoxxlex, ok, thanks00:54
swatTXsudobash, no wifi00:54
lexok, movie time. gl all00:54
userwald0LjL thanks for the link.  I'll look into it00:54
danandmacd - use the dig command ie dig www.google.com00:54
LjLBrad01: your *internal network's* address is
swatTXLjL, wifi00:54
sudobashswatTX what you want is BackTrack 3 drivers00:55
LjL!wifi > swatTX    (swatTX, see the private message from Ubotu)00:55
macdLjL, yeah as in my internet IP, not my lan ip, a way to check a webpage, then grep the output would be good, but Im drawing blanks with lynx and curl00:55
sudobashfind out what it uses and try to find out if it will work in ubuntu00:55
LjLVaylence, what is there to set up?00:55
ricardisimoHey everyone. First time in this room, so forgive any lapses in etiquette. I have a Kodak EasyShare 310 that simply will not upload. There appears to be a problem with libgphoto, and the only solution is a downgrade that is no longer possible (removed from the servers, so far as I can tell). How do I change that camera from PTP to USB mass storage? Thanks.00:55
LjLmacd: www.whatismyip.com00:55
sudobashBack|Track 3 has a lot of support for wifi00:55
Brad01Thanks, LjL and NB200000:55
sudobashbut also madwifi is something to look into00:55
macdLjL, yeah I have a page I can hit, know of a way to grab that output and direct it to console?00:55
macdi.e. I need the script Im working on to have that later...00:56
LjLmacd: you can make a script. what's the page you have? (perhaps it's easier to make a script from that one)00:56
sudobashmacd i will make something for you for $$00:56
swatTXwhatever ubuntu uses as a default works just fine. it just got disabled somehow.00:56
macdLjL, Ive been using checkip.dyndns.org, outputs plain text just the IP00:56
CorruptTerroristis the x64 version of ubuntu bad?00:56
LjLsudobash: don't worry, i think i can make him one for free00:56
sudobashc++ bash script perl whatever00:56
=== theresa is now known as dsfw2
macdI was thinking lynx had a way to direct output to stdout, but I cant find it anywhere00:57
LjLmacd: it does. what's your page?00:57
sudobashcouldnt wget do it or telnet essentially?00:57
macdLjL,   checkip.dyndns.org00:57
dsfw2when i go to settings/screen resolution, and choose different res, the screen flickers, and according to ubuntu, new settings have been applied, but the screen res didn't change at all. what could be wrong?00:57
brambosudobash: please read PM       ?00:58
forresthey i need some help configuring lilo...i get this when i try to run the lilop configuration "WARNING!                                                                  │00:58
forrest │                                                                           │00:58
forrest │ Your /etc/fstab configuration file gives device                           │00:58
forrest │ UUID=1e05022c-f8ac-4d43-9ba3-feff656093d9 as the root filesystem device.  │00:58
forrest │ This doesn't look to me like an "ordinary" block device. Either your      │00:58
forrest │ fstab is broken and you should fix it, or you are using hardware (such    │00:58
FloodBot1forrest: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:58
LjLmacd: w3m -dump http://www.whatismyip.com 2>/dev/null | grep "Your IP Address Is" | awk ' { print $5} '00:58
macdLjL, nice, then I can just sed the Your IP.... is out :) thanks!00:58
Christina18how do I mirror an image with Gimp ?00:58
zedsterdoes anyone know of a good way to stream in real time music to windows pcs?00:59
Brad01What's wrong with this?00:59
Brad01root@brad-desktop:/tftpboot# dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,
Brad01-su: dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0, command not found00:59
macdLjL, wait no sed needed, awk rocks, thanks!00:59
KenSentMeChristina18, mirror? Isnt that swap vertical/horizontal?00:59
LjLmacd: with yours, w3m -dump http://checkip.dyndns.org | awk ' { print $4 } '00:59
zedsterI live in a frat house and want all the rooms to have the same music on00:59
LjLmacd, no, i removed that part using awk00:59
ka2Christina18: try looking under Image>Transform00:59
forresthey i need some help with lilo ..it says something about my /etc/fstab configuration files not looking like an ordinary block device01:00
sudobashbrambo i didnt get any01:00
dsfw2when i go to settings/screen resolution, and choose different res, the screen flickers, and according to ubuntu, new settings have been applied, but the screen res didn't change at all. what could be wrong?01:00
Christina18KenSentMe: dont know, not rotate, but mirror it, so ')' would become '('01:00
NB2000Brad01 Not sure.01:00
forrestsdfw2, have u installed restricted drivers via the restricted drivers manager?01:00
LjLVaylence, if your ISP/router supports DHCP, your static IP address will be set up automatically. otherwise, just set it up in the preferences01:00
sudobashSeaLab.... At the bottom of the Sea!01:00
LjLVaylence: if your ISP doesn't give you a static IP, you won't have a static IP01:01
forresthey i need some help with lilo ..it says something about my /etc/fstab configuration files not looking like an ordinary block device01:01
dsfw2forrest, nothing i've done, maybe sometthing automated via apt-get?01:01
DarkmystereDoes anyone have any idea how to use freewins..01:01
dsfw2forrest, what would restricted drivers have to do with x.org configuration?01:01
VaylenceLjL I think I just need a static IP from my router, not from the ISP01:01
hikenbootgreetings all! Anyone know what ubuntu would offer as an equivalent to Itunes. I am moving my wife to ubuntu but she is a heavy ipod user01:01
dsfw2it's stuck in 1280x1024 and i need 800x60001:02
forrestwait, dsfw2, u were complaining about ur screen res?01:02
dsfw2forrest, yes01:02
LjLVaylence: then you need to set it up in your router. your router almost certainly supports DHCP -- you merely need to tell it to assign your computer always the same address. that's not done in Ubuntu, though, but in your router's configuration01:02
swatTXWell it looks like I will have to reinstall Ubuntu JUST for my wireless internet to work. Ridiculous. Strike 2 Ubuntu, one more and you're out.01:02
NB2000Brad01 that page shows you what to run/restart01:02
forresti dano sounds like ur drivers are unhappy to me but wutever u probly know more01:02
ranbirhi all, I am trying to login to mysql can you help me?01:03
VaylenceLjL right, makes sense, I have my router page open, guess I need to visit a router help area :o)01:03
LjL!players > hikenboot    (hikenboot, see the private message from Ubotu)01:03
LjL!ipod > hikenboot    (hikenboot, see the private message from Ubotu)01:03
Brad01NB2000, my bad01:03
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod01:03
forresthas anybody configured lilo before?01:03
dsfw2when i go to settings/screen resolution, and choose different res, the screen flickers, and according to ubuntu, new settings have been applied, but the screen res didn't change at all. what could be wrong?01:04
speeddemon8803!rockbox > speeddemon880301:04
NB2000Brad01 brb.  mo coffee01:04
speeddemon8803!ipod >speeddemon880301:04
zedsteranyone have any good programs to stream in real time music to either a browser or itunes from ubuntu01:04
ka2!rockbox > ka201:04
VaylenceLjL- Do I need to do anything in Ubuntu for it to recognize the static IP, or will it simply pick up the IP it is handed when I boot.01:04
panfistzedster, vlc01:04
LjLVaylence, it will pick it up01:04
alexmanhow do you see what your root password is?01:04
zedsterpanfist: vlc can encode to browser?01:04
LjL!root > alexman    (alexman, see the private message from Ubotu)01:04
speeddemon8803Rockbox is awesome, you just gotta know the exact model of your ipod or it could get very...painful.01:05
VaylenceLjL- thanks!01:05
forresthey guys i need a COMPLETE dvd/cd burning/creating/managing suite, expecially somthign with abilites to wipe a disk, pretty much i need nero for ubuntu01:05
panfistzedster yes vlc is very versatile for serving/streaming/transcoding all kinds of media01:05
LjL!burn > forrest    (forrest, see the private message from Ubotu)01:05
panfistzedster its a fully featured streaming server01:05
goppk burnh ubuntu installed thanks01:05
forrestthank you LjL, however i was looking for a more complete set of tools01:06
DarkmystereCould some one tell me how to work freewins plugin for compiz fusion...?01:07
LjLforrest, i don't know, but everyone always says k3b is "the best". i'm always dubious of things that are said to be "the best", but that's what gives01:07
dsfw2k3b is the  best01:07
forrestloll, thank you LjL01:07
MedBookHello, any ISO burning software I use only recognizes my CD-RW as only 600MB, but it is 700MB in size, and when I try to burn the ubuntu ISO, it does not fit on the disc. What can I do?01:07
ph0rensicgnomebaker or k3b01:08
ka2k3b sadly does truly seem to be the best01:08
Indiadev_Techie LjL: k3b beats nero on linux platform....01:08
Brad01root@brad-desktop:/tftpboot# invoke-rc.d inetd stop01:08
Brad01invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/inetd not found.01:08
dsfw2when i go to settings/screen resolution, and choose different res, the screen flickers, and according to ubuntu, new settings have been applied, but the screen res didn't change at all. what could be wrong?01:08
forrestdid anybody notice how this operating system is the best thing to happen to computers since aqua interface01:09
disownHi! Can anyone advice how to "uninstall" a manually installed program. I would very much like to overwrite my manual files with latest from the repo.01:09
Indiadev_Techieis ther a k3b channel on freenode...?01:09
dsfw2forrest, linux is been around longer then windows.01:09
LjLdisown, well, that's one of the main reasons why we strongly recommend *against* installing things the manual way: there is no guarranteed to remove them. what is it, and how did you install it?01:09
ph0rensicforrest, ^^ hes right.. just barely younger than unix01:09
LjLIndiadev_Techie: yes. guess its name01:09
jjoreHello anyone, what /dev/ device is the microphone?01:09
fredmvWow... I just hosed my system by trying to upgrade to 8.10... ;\01:10
Brad01dsfw2, I don't think so01:10
speeddemon8803Linux is the oldest and best os around, just not too many people know about it though :)01:10
LjLdsfw2: no01:10
ka2dsfw2: not quite01:10
ph0rensicLjL, haha you know that 8.10 isn't anywhere near ready01:10
disownLjL: I followed the "install latest version of alsa" guide on the wiki to get my soundcard working. I was a complete n00b at the time.01:10
ka2speeddemon8803: not at all. Unix maybe01:10
LjLph0rensic: uhm... did i say it was?01:10
dsfw2well, then again, it's not making billions to be perfected everyday either.01:10
dsfw2or fatten someones wallet.01:10
hikenbootanyone know if it would just be easier to run itunes using crossover office. ...I would like to make this transition seamless as possible for her01:10
Indiadev_Techie LjL: cant guess !!!01:10
fredmvph0rensic, lol, I didn't take that 'nut' config or whatever seriously enough I guess.01:10
LjLIndiadev_Techie: #k3b01:11
caleb_yauhello I need to permanently add a directory to my $PATH variable. How would I do that?01:11
fredmvbut that's part of the learning experience I guess01:11
ph0rensicLjL, no .. Im just saying you might have expected some serious errors01:11
forrestdsfw2, i was referring to apple's aqua interface and yes it was around much before its release, however i did gutsy gibbon was not, and such complete repos were not either, which was the individual feature to which i was referring01:11
LjLcaleb_yau: edit ~/.bashrc01:11
speeddemon8803Ka2 i was typing when they were talking about unix :P01:11
speeddemon8803i hit enter a few seconds too late01:11
LjLph0rensic, 8.10 hasn't even been *started*01:11
ka2hickenboot: maybe wine. i'll just check compatibility01:11
forrestk3b IS THE BEST01:11
fredmvwhen Intrepid coming out?01:11
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:11
disownLjL: But apt-get doesn't override my manual files, so with every kernel upgrade I need to reinstall it manually. It'll be worth the risk to try to override it, because I just want to get rid of my manual version. If it doesn't work, I'll reinstall from scratch.01:11
ph0rensicLjL, I was supposing you were talking about hardy01:12
LjLph0rensic, i was never talking about hardy... and hardy is 8.04 anyway01:12
ph0rensicLjL, right .. Im kinda drowsy01:12
TrustNoOnelooking for a good laptop, with geforce 8800 512 card (at least) with 17 inch monitor and about $150001:12
LjLdisown, files from the repositories *will* at least warn you about conflicts with your own files. unless your own files are in other directories, such as /usr/local instead of /usr01:13
PeloTrustNoOne, this isn'T #ebay01:13
qraebjoaKey combination Fn + F8 doesn't work... pc freezes... can someone help?01:13
fredmvTrustNoOne, I heard about this site called Google.com.  you might wanna check it out01:13
Peloqraebjoa, what is that key combo for %?01:13
TrustNoOnefredmv, whats the address of the site01:13
qraebjoachange screens on notebook01:13
ph0rensicfredmv, wow what does it do! This is interesting!01:13
Peloqraebjoa, dual screens ?01:14
fredmvph0rensic, it prevents Trust from posting nonsense in the channel.  pretty revolutionary01:14
ph0rensicfredmv, hehe01:14
qraebjoahm yes... i want to duplicate or just one bigger screen01:14
Peloqraebjoa,I don'T know much about this but I think it might be a video card issue,  try checking in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org01:15
qraebjoait worked with the normal cd but not now after installing from alternate cd it freezes01:15
NB2000What if its revolutinary nonsense?01:15
Peloqraebjoa, by videocard issue I mean relating to ati or nvidia settings01:15
qraebjoaati ^^01:15
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:15
disownLjL: so you are saying that they should be overridden by default? When i try to issue "apt-get install alsa-base", apt says that alsa-base is already the latest version. Does this mean that I have two parallell versions installed?01:15
caleb_yauLjL hmmm i didnt see anything about PATH in that file. am i supposed to do $edit ~/. bashrc <directory> ?01:16
forresthey fellas i receive this error when trying to erase a cd-rw  /usr/X11R6/bin/wodim: Device or resource busy.01:16
forrestCannot open SCSI driver!01:16
Peloqraebjoa, got the restricted driver installed yet ? it might work well with the vesa driver but not with the restricted one01:16
ka2disown: it means you have it installed allready01:16
qraebjoarestricted yes01:16
forrestas well as Error trying to open /dev/hda exclusively (Device or resource busy)... giving up.01:16
LjLdisown: no, i mean more like that APT will complain about conflicts, so that you know which fiels to remove. but if alsa-base (or any other package) is *already installed* (even though it has been overwritten by your manually installed files), APT will not try to reinstall it. you should explicitly instruct it to « apt-get --reinstall install alsa-base »01:16
disownLjL: thank you, will do. brb01:17
Peloqraebjoa, as a test you might want to revert back to the vesa driver and check if that works ,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:17
ed1thow do i remove apache2? i did apt-get remove apache2 and its still up01:17
Peloforrest, do a search in the forum on those messages01:17
LjLed1t: sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 stop01:17
qraebjoamkay... again :-)01:17
Peloed1t, do it from synaptic,  there might be several other packages that need removal01:18
ed1tPelo: i only have console access01:18
ricardisimoHow do I change my Kodak EasyShare 310 from a PTP to a USB mass storage device? Thanks.01:18
* Pelo always reads mkay as a very hesitant aquiescence01:18
fredmvis anyone currently running 8.10?01:18
Peloed1t, sudo apt-get remove apache2 --purge01:18
LjLfredmv, 8.10 hasn't been *started*.01:18
kostkonricardisimo, there must be an option on your camera to do this01:18
kostkonricardisimo, it's not a ubuntu specific thing01:19
Pelofredmv, the ppl in #ubuntu+101:19
speartI followed the NFS setup guide but other machines on my LAN can't see my server01:19
speartmaybe I need to open a port?01:19
fredmvLjL, yeah I'm talking about the dev version (Hoary).   I screwed over my whole system trying to get it working.01:19
LjL!hardy > fredmv    (fredmv, see the private message from Ubotu)01:19
fredmvOr Heron rather.01:19
qraebjoapelo, yes... cause i did that already and it takes some time but thanks01:20
ricardisimoNo... I was led to believe from the threads I've read that it is a system issue. libgphoto no longer supports certain cameras, and some people were lucky enough to have downgraded while the old version was still available. Not me. :-(01:20
=== speeddemon8804 is now known as speeddemon8803
_{XFCE}_hey i have a question I up graded my graphics card to a nvidia 7300 and if i shut off the computer the monitor saids cant find signal01:20
fredmvLjL, thanks for the heads up.    I think I'm actually referring to 8.4.01:20
fredmvEither way, I just re-installed 7.10/gutsy.01:21
ka2fredmv:Hoary was 5.04. Hardy is the dev one01:21
fredmvYeah, that's what I'm thinking of then.01:21
_{XFCE}_how do i upgrade my graphics card01:21
kostkonricardisimo, yes but libgphoto is for when you have set your camera to work as an PTP device. If you set the camera to work as a usb mass storage device you don't need to care about libgphoto01:21
mage___{XFCE}_: VGA?01:22
daekdroomWhy do i get "Warning: the specified .... directory L"c:\\[....] is not accessible" message 5 times when i try to run winecfg?01:22
mage__it shouldn't say nothing detected01:22
ka2_{XFCE}_: cant find signal. umm you shut the computer off right? if so that is the cause01:22
speeddemon8803!nvidia > _{XFCE]_ XFCE please check pm....01:22
_{XFCE}_i had to put my old card back in so i could see my monitor01:22
caleb_yauso i have tried to add a directory to $PATH via export PATH=$PATH:/media/sda1/linux/arm-2007q3/bin/ but when I restart my terminal and echo $PATH its gone again01:22
Pelo_{XFCE}_,   sudo dkpg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  , select the vesa driver that will get you back the desktop,  you can go on from there01:22
kostkonricardisimo, check your camera's configuration menus for an option to set the camera to work as an usb storage device or ptp device01:22
* Pelo realy hates it when ppl use non alpha characters in the beginning of their nicks 01:23
carwashHi, i get really high cpu-usage from xorg while doing 2D-operations (moving windows, playing flash video) running on a nvidia 570m with the latest nvidia drivers. Is there anyway to fix this? Right now youtube is unwatchable in fullscreen because of this :/01:23
disownLjL: That seem to have made some difference. I cannot see any sound-related kernel modules with "lsmod" however, and starting sound doesn't work. I get errors like "function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device" :(01:23
swatTXseriously... screw ubuntu right now. It's a shame when it's easier to reinstall than correct the problem.01:23
ryan_i love ubuntu!01:24
PeloswatTX, well it doesn only take 30 min to reinstall01:24
LjLdisown, "dpkg -l | grep alsa", reinstall everything from there01:24
LjLdisown: also, "dpkg -l | grep linux", and reinstall everything from there01:24
PeloswatTX, and it's not jsut ubuntu , it's most linux distros01:24
yuracan anyone help me with a problem?01:24
ricardisimoHmmm... I'd never even considered that. I'll look in the menu options as soon as I get home. The only other option I have is through the printer, plugging the flash card into it and seeing if I can somehow extract the images that way. Seems unlikely though. Thanks for your help!01:24
speartto setup new commands01:24
swatTXPelo, IF it makes it through the install, it took me about 4 trys to get it to format all the way01:24
Peloyura, not unless you tell us what it is01:24
speartyou need to export to PATH or create a link01:25
yuraI installed WC3 Frozen Throne, but when I start the game with wine, it lags really hardcore.01:25
disownLjL: Thank you. brb again :)01:25
_{XFCE}_still having troble01:25
PeloswatTX, you can prepartiton before starting the install process it sort of speeds things up01:25
kostkonricardisimo, if it's a proper camera it should have such an option. it's a kodak, so I think it will have it. :)01:25
Brad01Can someone make a command for the bot to say "Don't ask to ask a question, just do it"01:25
Peloyura, try asking in #winehq01:25
yuraalright ty01:25
caleb_yauhow do i permanently add a directory to the $PATH variable?01:25
Pelo!ask | Brad0101:25
ubotuBrad01: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:25
andrejwhere can I find documentation on how to "backport" postgresql 8.3 to edgy?01:26
boyhppydoes anybody know how to install compiz fusion?01:26
MedBookHello, any ISO burning software I use only recognizes my CD-RW as only 600MB, but it is 700MB in size, and when I try to burn the ubuntu ISO, it does not fit on the disc. What can I do?01:26
swatTXPelo, there's nothing really worth saving.. this is a fresh install but I appreciate the advice. I guess i should leave now before i begin to sound biter and prevent anyone from helping.01:26
Peloboyhppy, it is already part of gutsy , just go to menu > system > prefs > appearance,  last tab01:26
ed1tim trying to run tomcat  on port 80 and its giving permission denied for port 8001:26
speartcaleb_yau, ln -s source file /usr/bin01:26
ka2boyhppy: try System > Preferences > Appearance > Desktop effects on gutsy01:26
boyhppyall the parts of it?01:27
speartcaleb_yau, sudo ln -s creates a symbolic link01:27
PeloswatTX,  thwe nice thinkg about linux is you can make your /home folder on a seperate partiton that way fi you need to reisntall you can just overwrite the os and keep the data01:27
ka2boyhppy: think so01:27
PeloswatTX, all your settings will be saved as well01:27
boyhppyok, but how about in 6.06 LTS01:27
swatTXPelo, my settings are what's screwed up i think, lol01:27
speartcaleb_yau, without getting into configuration files and stuff01:27
andrejHow safe is it to update edgy to gutsy?01:28
speartcaleb_yau, being lazy is good :)01:28
Peloboyhppy, that might be a different story, just try asking in #compiz , they probably can point you to a website01:28
ka2boyhppy: install compizconfig-settings-manager for more options01:28
caleb_yauspeart oh so its not actually in the file. Thats awesome i'm having some memory issues so this is a great fix01:28
caleb_yauspeart let me try this01:28
ed1twhy would i get an permission denied in tomcat logs for starting it on port 80?01:28
ka2andrej: i'm not sure but you will have to go through feisty first01:28
PeloswatTX,  I mean the stuff in /home , like applicatiosn settings , wallpaper, general customizing, it won't save your fine os tweaking01:28
Brad01NB2000, You here?01:28
speartandrej, dependes on your configuration01:28
NB2000Brad01 still here01:29
andrejka2: bother01:29
andrejspeart : more specifically?01:29
JoelitoHi all, does anyone know another good web server alternative to apache?01:29
Brad01NB2000, Do you know why01:29
kostkonandrej, indeed, you have to go like this edgy -> feisty -> gutsy01:29
Brad01root@brad-desktop:/tftpboot# invoke-rc.d inetd stop01:29
Brad01invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/inetd not found.01:29
ka2Joelito: nginx, lighttpd01:29
speartandrej, it'll work but you'll need to install 3rd party things01:29
ka2speart: no its in the main repo01:30
PeloJoelito, goto wikipedia,  search for apache , see toward the bottom there are often links to comparison pages01:30
speartandrej, use apt-get only01:30
ka2speart: no its in the main repo01:30
andreji'm getting contradictory messages :}01:30
ka2oops sorry01:30
Joelitoka2, Pelo: thanks :)01:30
andrejspeart: so if I just put gutsy into my sources.list you reckon it will work with an update & dist-upgrade?01:30
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
ka2andrej: just try it its easy if you have the drivers already01:31
speartandrej, if you think that you'll save time than you should try01:31
andrejtime & band-witdh ;}01:31
speartandrej, worked for me before01:31
ph0rensicoops wrong window01:31
ka2andrej: just time - as far as I know its installed by defualt01:31
andrejka2: I had no driver issues with edgy ...01:31
=== alex__ is now known as bibby
ka2andrej: but only if its not been upgraded to gusy01:32
BrickerOkay, back again :P i finally got terminal to work properly, but when i "kill" gdm, it says ok, and when I run the nvidia driver install, it says i need to kill X...but it said it was killed!01:32
NB2000Brad01 did you invoke-rc.d dnsmasq restart01:32
ka2andrej: neither but it could break things so I was covering myself :)01:33
speartandrej, apart from openoffice I don't think it worth the upgrade01:33
rhineheart_mhello.. what is meant with real memory in ubuntu system information?01:33
andrejIf something breaks ... tough luck; that's what I get for the esae ofuse ;D01:33
Brad01 NB2000, yeah01:33
kostkonandrej, the safe way is: upgrade edgy to feisty and then to gutsy01:33
NB2000Brad01 no errors on that command?01:33
andrejspeart: I want a newer version of postgres ...01:33
Pelorhineheart_m, real RAM as opposed to virtual memory, ie swap on a hdd01:33
caleb_yauspeart, ok here is exactly what i typed $ sudo ln -s /media/sda1/linux/arm-2007q3/bin/ /usr/bin and it worked. Still when i tried running arm-none-eabi-g++ binary, it says the command was not found01:34
andrej8.2.4 is too old, lags 2 minor versions behind01:34
NB2000brad that sed command is buggin me.01:34
andrejsignificant bug fixes in 8.2.6, and 8.3 performs better in most cases01:34
ka2rhineheart_m: non swap memory, actual RAM i think, illjust check01:34
rhineheart_mPelo: is there a module/script for Ubuntu that it would degrag its RAM when it reaches to the set limit?01:34
speartcaleb_yau, I generally link the exec file01:34
Brad01NB2000, Why?01:35
andrejkostkon : thanks for the warning, but I'd rather not d/l everything twice01:35
NB2000Brad01 not sure what it is doing.01:35
Pelorhineheart_m, defraging memory ???? never heard of that , never knew that could be done01:35
speartandrej, fixes of what01:35
m1ke_lthere a video chat client?01:35
andrejspeart : postgreSQL01:35
ka2rhineheart_m: what would be the point, RAM has incredibly fast seek times - or more no seek times01:36
NB2000Brad01 but it wont let you stop inetd or xinetd?01:36
Brad01does anyone know what  sed -e '/USE_INETD=/s/true/false/' -i /etc/default/atftpd does?01:36
rhineheart_mPelo: I mean.. not really defraging the RAM but rather freeing some of the memory to increase the available ones..01:36
speartandrej, install from source then01:36
caleb_yauspeart cool, i can do that, but if there is an easier way for directories that would be awesome because it has 12 executables in it01:36
edicarloshi peoples01:36
Brad01NB2000, I never tried stopping xinetd01:36
mage__rhineheart_m: thats done automatically01:36
PeloBrad01, replaces strings of characters in the aatftpd file I beleive01:36
demonsporkwhenever I try to launch a second gnome-terminal, it fails to launch. I even try to launch multiple gnome-terminals from xterms, but I can only open one, and the next one just exits without returning any errors, it just fails to launch01:36
NB2000Brad01 do you get any errors on the SED command and the subsequent stop commandds?01:36
speartcaleb_yau, you can try *01:36
andrejspeart: how do I tie a newer version of PG into the debian/ubuntu way of building things?01:36
Pelorhineheart_m, just kill some processes01:37
rhineheart_mka2: have you heard about advanced system optimiizer? It defrags the RAM in windows environment..01:37
ka2rhineheart_m: swappiness is built into the kernel which swaps programs that have been idle for a while01:37
kostkonandrej, if you have bandwidth restrictions you can take such a risk. But if you don't have, then better do it the safe way.01:37
speartandrej, 1 second01:37
andrejI'm quite happy with ordinary source installs, but don't want to break dependencies01:37
prince_jammysBrad01: looks like it changes the value of USE_INETD from true to false01:37
ka2rhineheart_m: no i havnt used windows in a long time01:37
caleb_yauspeart cool I will look that up (linux newb : P) thanks alot!01:37
Brad01root@brad-desktop:/tftpboot# invoke-rc.d inetd stop01:37
Brad01invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/inetd not found.01:37
NB2000Brad01 it might not be anything to worry about.01:37
rhineheart_mka2: the one that you suggest means real monitoring for the resources available in the box... can you manage yourself doing it?01:37
NB2000Brad01 long as one of them works.01:38
Brad01NB2000, ok01:38
ka2rhineheart_m: swappiness is automatic01:38
speartcaleb_yau, me 2, but I learn every day more and more01:38
iceswordhow much disk space is must to install ubuntu 6.0601:38
mage__icesword: theres about 1.2gigs of crap on the livecd01:39
Brad01NB2000,  invoke-rc.d xinetd stop didn't work either01:39
andrejguys, if I lean myselfwide out the window by jumping releaseses ... how stable is hardy?01:39
IndyGunFreakicesword: why 6.06?01:39
ka2rhineheart_m: you can tuneit though: http://kerneltrap.org/node/300001:39
speartandrej, you can try to install the latests .deb01:39
iceswordand small01:39
PixelTricksInstall problem with 7.1, boots from cd, gets to kernel message, pc reboots , suggestions ?01:39
NB2000Brad01 maybe it needs sudo01:39
iceswordIndyGunFreak, how much disk01:39
IndyGunFreakicesword: well, its *small*..01:39
andrejspeart: you mean d/l the 8.3 deb for gtsy and throw that at edgy?01:39
IndyGunFreakits just as small as gutsy/edgy/feisty, etc..01:40
iceswordIndyGunFreak, ?01:40
speartandrej, shorter than upgrade01:40
iceswordIndyGunFreak, how much01:40
Brad01NB2000, That doesn't work either :(01:40
speartandrej, more stable process too, if you think server-wise01:40
IndyGunFreakicesword: are you paying for support, or have some specific need for LTS?  because there's been a lot of improvements between dapper and gutsy01:40
IndyGunFreakicesword: depends on what you want it for.01:40
iceswordIndyGunFreak, i just want 6.0601:40
speartandrej, got gnome on that machine?01:40
* Pelo just realised that epiphany-browser is much faster then firefox, but has slithly less features01:41
iceswordIndyGunFreak, i mean basic space need01:41
NB2000Brad01 does the atfptd restart work?01:41
andrejnuh ... no gnome01:41
Z_o-s-o6.06 yuck01:41
* IndyGunFreak laughs at Pelo's "epiphany" lol01:41
* speart it's the same, benchmarks and everyday use are distinct01:41
iceswordZ_o-s-o, ?01:41
PeloZ_o-s-o,  6.06 got me into linux , do not diss the lts01:41
Brad01NB2000, yeah01:41
andrejthanks guys01:41
disownLjL: Ok, I'vre rebooted now. Have got some kernel modules, but there seems to be some version conflict. Dmesg says stuff like " disagrees about version of symbol snd_pcm_new" or just "unknown symbol x". Thanks for your patience :)01:42
PeloIndyGunFreak, what do you use ? konqueror ?01:42
IndyGunFreakPelo: it was good, 1.5yrs ago.01:42
NB2000Brad01 just press on we'll see. :)01:42
IndyGunFreakPelo: lol, no, Opera01:42
Z_o-s-oicesword i know 6.06 was where I started, but 7.04 or 7.10 is lightyears ahead01:42
iceswordhow much disk space is must to install ubuntu 6.0601:42
Brad01NB2000, ok01:42
speartandrej, dpkg should work01:42
ka2Pelo: the lts will be replaced with new lts soon, and the current one is old01:42
rhineheart_mwhat is the use of virtual memory in ubuntu?01:42
IndyGunFreakicesword: however much you want01:42
* Pelo turns up his nose at IndyGunFreak 01:42
iceswordIndyGunFreak, is 2g enough01:42
ka2i started with 5.04 :), before that I used mandrake01:42
Peloka2, you do know what lts means right ?01:42
caleb_yauspeart worked perfectly, thanks!01:42
ka2long time suport01:42
IndyGunFreakicesword: i would say that is bare, bare, bare minimum, if its enough01:42
speartcaleb_yau, you wellcome01:43
* Pelo points and laughs at ka2 01:43
Z_o-s-ou know what...that reminds me....I started with Mandrake too....it inspired my hate for kde01:43
udonhi, im newbie and i need some help please!!01:43
iceswordwhy linux use so much space01:43
ka2Pelo: but 6.06s support on desktopis only till June after that no security updates01:43
iceswordi will uninstall open office01:43
Peloudon, we need an actual question, please state your problem01:43
x-fakcan you help about vlc under ubuntu? i want to force 5.1 detection for alsa01:43
IndyGunFreakicesword: just install and see what happens01:43
iceswordthat pig01:43
Peloudon I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel01:44
Peloka2, I think you need to read up on lts01:44
udonokie then01:44
iceswordIndyGunFreak, if it says diskspace is not enough:(01:44
pawanhow to open chm files01:44
IndyGunFreakicesword: you should know before you start installing if thats gonna happen01:44
Pelopawan, sudo apt-get install xchm01:44
udonwell, i just state my problem here01:44
awlI recently changed headphones (bought usb headphones); however, when i plugged them in i got now sound, so i changed all the setting in the sound preferences to "usb audio". All my applications have sound, but none of my web browsers do. :(01:44
Peloudon,  in one line if possible01:44
ka2Pelo: no lts does have another year left oops01:45
IndyGunFreakanother year of being behind on everything01:45
rhineheart_mka2: what should be configured in order for the scripts like joomla or drupal handles registration by sending the password to the defined email add?01:45
MedBookHello, any ISO burning software I use only recognizes my CD-RW as only 600MB, but it is 700MB in size, and when I try to burn the ubuntu ISO, it does not fit on the disc. What can I do?01:45
udonI install a pakage and It won't show in "Applications"01:45
udondont know why01:45
aurumawl, I have a similar problem, I have an external sound card that plays all files fine but flash files in Firefox are playing through my laptops default speakers.01:45
ka2rhineheart_m: im not sure what you mean01:45
IndyGunFreakudon: what package, and how did you install it?01:45
iceswordubuntu is built to use much and much resource now!!!!01:45
symptomudon: what package01:46
PeloMedBook, make sure that the rw cd is completely empty01:46
MedBookIt is01:46
Peloudon,  what was the package ?01:46
udonit's call x-unikey01:46
rhineheart_mka2: what I mean..what is needed for the script to send mails?01:46
spearticesword, so what01:46
PixelTricksInstall problem with 7.1, boots from cd, gets to menu, I pick install, displays kernel message 'remapping ' , pc reboots, suggestions ?01:46
awlaurum: i think i'm just gonna return these headphones and get something that i can plug up directly to my sound card01:46
udonfor typing in Vietnamese01:46
Peloudon,  that sounds like it might be in system > prefs , or admin <01:46
chuckdoes anyone know why ubuntu won't install on an ibook g4?01:46
IndyGunFreakicesword: its a natural progression, do you think you could install Windows vista on 2gigs of space?01:46
iceswordspeart, soso ,i want it small01:46
chucki boot from the cd and it just goes black01:46
IndyGunFreakicesword: then why don't you download DSL, or Puppy, or something?01:46
alexmanyou cant install vista on 2 gigs01:47
udonadmins i think01:47
PeloPixelTricks, use the alternate install cd01:47
IndyGunFreakalexman: thats my point.;01:47
ka2rhineheart_m: i dont do much php01:47
ethand_icesword:  try tiny linux01:47
TailsfanHi There01:47
spearticesword, for desktop use kde 4 is going to be good01:47
PixelTricksPelo: the text one ?01:47
PeloPixelTricks, yes01:47
Z_o-s-oi dont get why linux users revolt when a newly released distro wont run on their Pentium II 266mhz and 32mb ram.....01:47
TailsfanDoes Ubuntu support DiscT@2?01:47
PixelTricksOk, will give it a try01:47
iceswordthx for any help01:47
rhineheart_mokay.. can anybody here give me a link on how to install and configure squirrelmail in ubuntu?01:48
aurumawl: quick heads up01:48
ka2Z_o-s-o: because it should ;)01:48
PeloZ_o-s-o, cause we don'T want to be force to buy new hardware by an uncaring linux-distro,  that's why we ditched MS in the first place01:48
TailsfanKDE4 is not complete01:48
IndyGunFreakrhineheart_m: well, sudo apt-get install squirrelmail   should install it.01:48
Z_o-s-oso switch to a distro designed to run on legacy hardware01:48
IndyGunFreakas for configuring, i don't know,01:48
speartTailsfan, it's complete for decent use01:48
aurumawl: found a couple posts that suggested using the asoundconf set-default-card, then found different posts with users that said that using that command blocked all soundcards from sending a signal from anywhere01:48
ka2rhineheart_m: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Squirrelmail01:48
chuckhow old is feisty fawn?01:48
aurumawl: so, basically don't do that >_>01:49
rhineheart_mka2: thanks...01:49
chuckdoes it go feisty fawn -> gutsy gibbon or is there one between them?01:49
PeloZ_o-s-o, puppy linux is getting nice reviews and is very very very light01:49
awlaurum: thx aurum :D01:49
pawanhow to open chm files01:49
Brad01NB2000, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 13552 2008-02-23 19:47 pxelinux.0 does this show a ~14kb file?01:49
kostkonchuck, 10 months01:49
IndyGunFreakchuck 7.04----- released April of 0701:49
speartI have kde4 on a nealy burnt p4, with 256mb ram, of the slow ddr type01:49
* Pelo thinks he can probably run puppy linux on his 20 year old digital watch 01:49
chuckokay that's what i have to install then01:49
ka2Tailsfan: yeah it is 4.0 is out but not really ready and only suitable for developers really01:49
IndyGunFreakchuck: check the version numbers.. 7.04   4th month, yr 0701:49
Pelopawan, sudo apt-get install xchm01:49
speartpawan, sudo apt-get install kchmviewer xchm01:49
Z_o-s-oPelo : I tried it....it would be amazing on an old pc....not a super great interface....but definetly usable01:49
NB2000Brad01 not sure.  Lemme read on in that doc.01:49
IndyGunFreak7.10---- 7yr, 10th month...01:49
chuckIndyGunFreak: can i do apt-get distupgrade     after?01:49
ka2chuck: feisty is before gutsy01:49
awli dont feel like hooking up my speaks up to this computer, so i think i'll go back to the store tomorrow and get some other headphones. My platronics worked perfectly.01:50
speartpawan, it's always good to have many choices01:50
IndyGunFreakchuck: after what?01:50
chuckIndyGunFreak: after i install feisty01:50
IndyGunFreakchuck: why not just install gutsy?01:50
chuckIndyGunFreak: gutsy's install disk won't boot for me, but feisty's does01:50
ka2chuck: gutsy is after feisty yes01:50
Z_o-s-oI thought 7.04 was an great release01:50
IndyGunFreaki guess you can try.01:50
kostkonchuck, you can upgrade to gutsy yes01:50
ka2Z_o-s-o: same01:50
chuckwell what else would i do lol01:51
IndyGunFreakchuck: the alternate install cd?01:51
udonanybody can give me a private chat please01:51
IndyGunFreakthats what its for.01:51
iceswordudon, what is wrong01:51
Peloudon, type the name of your app in the terminal that will at least tell you if it is installed01:51
NB2000Brad01 looks like what they are looking for.01:51
chuckIndyGunFreak: well there's obviously some bug with gutsy's install disk, and i don't want to have to mess with it01:51
udonjus can't read up01:51
Brad01NB2000, ok01:51
Brad01Here we go01:51
IndyGunFreakchuck: what makes you think that?.. i'ev installed gutsy numerous times on many different pc's, never a problem01:51
NB2000Brad01 boot the laptop and we'll see.01:52
IndyGunFreakchuck: i suspect there's a user bug01:52
chuckIndyGunFreak: ever installed it on an ibook g4?01:52
kostkonchuck, indeed you should first try to install gutsy using the alternate install cd01:52
iceswordudon, wht languauge you speak01:52
udonpelo, but the point is..im totally not into linux01:52
saskuatchman this os is not meant for normal people lol01:52
chuckIndyGunFreak: desktop install works on the feisty cd, doesn't work on gutsy01:52
udonpelo, just start today01:52
kostkonchuck, if that fails also, then go for feisty01:52
IndyGunFreakno, but is it PPC?01:52
chuckyes, i have tried burning it numerous times01:52
chuckIndyGunFreak: yes it is01:52
ka2saskuatch: yeah it is once you haveit working its great01:52
IndyGunFreakchuck: didn't PPC stop after Feisty?..01:52
chuckIndyGunFreak: it gets to the yaboot menu, and i hit enter, a little text goes by, but after that, it's blank01:52
IndyGunFreakGutsy, its a community project, not a canonical one.01:52
Z_o-s-ochuck : you have a mac?01:52
chuckIndyGunFreak: nope01:52
chuckZ_o-s-o: yes01:53
udonicesword, i speak Vietnamese01:53
ubotuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code01:53
ka2ppc i think you can get but it isnt officialy supported01:53
Peloudon,  menu > applicatiosn > accessories > terminal ,   type the name of the app,  that will start it if it is installed,  it might just be that the menu need refreshing tho01:53
Z_o-s-ochuck : what kind, and would you recommend them?01:53
IndyGunFreakchuck: its a community project now, not a official poject of canonical..01:53
chuckZ_o-s-o: i have an ibook g4, i love it alot, you would probably want a macbook or macbook pro now, and yes i would recommend it01:53
IndyGunFreak!ppc | chuck01:53
ubotuchuck: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:53
iceswordthat is it01:53
IndyGunFreakchuck: so any bug in it, has little to nothing to do w/ Ubuntu.01:54
ka2http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.10/release/ only available as alternate though01:54
chuckIndyGunFreak: okay, i've got it, thanks01:54
udonpelo, is there another way to run the program? like a graphic way01:54
bluefox83my friend installed firestarter, and his p2p client quit working, so he removed firestarter, but his iptables is still messed up, how can he restore it?01:54
IndyGunFreakchuck: i just think you're missing the point, thats all.01:54
IndyGunFreakand you are, but thats another issue01:54
ka2udon: Alt+F201:54
chuckIndyGunFreak: okay01:54
Z_o-s-oWhat do you guys think will be the next move for Gnome now that KDE 4 is pretty much out there?01:55
kostkonZ_o-s-o, nothing01:55
Peloudon, you can start a program from the menu or from the command line,  starting it from the command line deos not mean it will be a command line program , it's jsut a diffrenet way of starting it01:55
speart!amd64 | speart01:55
Z_o-s-okostkon : no huge improvements or UI changes?01:56
IndyGunFreakchuck: and fwiw, that issue you describe with the gutsy cd, that smells of a burn error.01:56
udonpelo, i see, it's not showing in the application list01:56
PeloZ_o-s-o, gnome is not in competition with kde no matter what some ppl think , they both have different approaches with suit different ppl01:56
amenadobluefox83-> set the default policy to open01:56
ka2Z_o-s-o: why gnome is nice the way is01:56
chuckIndyGunFreak: i've burned it numerous times, same error every time01:56
Z_o-s-oI agree01:56
udonpelo, but when i install the pakage it stated "completed"01:56
IndyGunFreakPelo: only because my Gnome can beat up your kDE.. any day, and twice on sunday01:56
Z_o-s-oKDE is bloated01:56
bluefox83amenado, default policy on what?01:56
Peloudon, open the terminal from the accessories menu ,  type the name of the prog in it , that should start it for you , it will let you at least know if it is installed01:56
amenadobluefox83-> iptables01:57
bluefox83amenado, how do i do that?01:57
IndyGunFreakchuck: have you considered just looking at Debian?.. it has official support for PPC01:57
ka2Z_o-s-o: why I switched to gnome exactly01:57
* Pelo starts hitting IndyGunFreak with his @01:57
kostkonZ_o-s-o, KDE is clumsy01:57
amenadobluefox83-> iptables -F;  to flush it01:57
chuckIndyGunFreak: i have considered it01:57
Z_o-s-oka2 : I always say that the only good program developed for KDE was K3B, which kicks ass01:57
ASTURIASHello again!01:57
Peloudon, are you sure this package is a program and not a service or somethign , look in the system > admin , or system > preferences menu too01:58
ka2Z_o-s-o: same again01:58
ASTURIASDesktop Effects could not be enabled on ubuntu 7.10 Feisty!!!01:58
bluefox83amenado, is that all?01:58
Z_o-s-oka2 : I always say that the only good program developed for KDE was K3B, which kicks ass01:58
ka2Z_o-s-o: braserro looks ok though01:58
udonpelo, okay, let me try01:58
aurumawl: hey!01:58
PeloASTURIAS, install the restricted driver for yoru video card01:58
IndyGunFreakZ_o-s-o: preach on01:58
aurumawl: found something01:58
ASTURIASI did that already!01:58
awlaurum: what's that?01:58
ka2ubuntu 7.10 Feisty!!!: that confuses me 7.04 feisty or 7.10 gutsy01:58
PeloASTURIAS, what video card ?01:58
IndyGunFreakka2: because someone didn't know what they were typing when they said that01:59
amenadobluefox83-> nope, one has to add a default policy or else the flushed command only flushes but have not set the default policy01:59
Z_o-s-o5.04 Feisty Gibbon01:59
aurumawl: hold on, just wanted to grab your attention before you left, let me look at what i typed in terminal01:59
IndyGunFreak8.04 Breezy Fawn01:59
kostkonIndyGunFreak, nice!01:59
aurumawl: ok, this worked for me, first off close all programs potentially using your USB headphones01:59
IndyGunFreak8.04 Edgy Badger..lol01:59
ka2no need to make fun of others01:59
bluefox83amenado, ok, so after flushing, how do i set a new policy?01:59
PeloASTURIAS, It thing you need to install aiglx or somthing like that , not sure,  better check with the #compiz ppl01:59
aurumawl: in terminal, do      asoundconf list     see what your USB headphones are listed as02:00
amenadobluefox83-> i dont want to spoonfed you, have even tried to look for tutorials?02:00
udonpelo, is there anyway i can put the prog into the application menu?02:00
speartany ideas of how can I start Ubuntu user group in my area?02:00
aurumawl: then do     asoundconf set-default-card "External"    external was my SoundBlaster USB soundcard, replace it with what your headphgones were listed as in asoundconf list02:00
awl no headphones just sound devices02:00
Z_o-s-oanyone here beside me and ka2 think that k3b is the best?02:00
ka2udon: yes right click edit menus02:00
bluefox83amenado, this is a ubuntu help channel, we spoonfeed to help here, and no, i'm helping someone else out so i haven't checked...02:01
Peloudon,  yes but first have you found a way to start it ?02:01
ASTURIASI saw a post from someone having the same Video card that solved that provlem downloading xserver-xgl but that does not work for me02:01
udonyes, in the terminal u told me02:01
awlaurum: my headphones are not listed02:01
udonpelo, the prog started02:01
amenadobluefox83-> then take some time to check02:01
ka2ATIs and compiz dont mix too well02:01
awli only get two entries: default and ck80402:01
aurumawl: (dont use quotes) and, damn... how are you getting sound from other programs to go to your headphones from your System> Sounds ?02:02
Peloudon, right click the accessorie menu ,  select  edit menu ,  then make a new luancher in the submenu you want , just use the program name for a command02:02
aurumer, System > pref > sound02:02
ZirodayI have two screens, my computer screen which is connected via VGA and my TV screen which is connected via DVI. The trouble is that on the tv screen the picture does not fit the screen. Any help?02:02
awlaurum: not sure, all i changed was the usb audio and it started working02:02
ka2Ziroday: what video card02:03
aurumYeah, that's what I'm using =/02:03
udonpelo, i got it, but what a bout the icon? can i change it?02:03
ASTURIASA person told me that I could enable Extra Effects on System > Preferences > Appearance but I cannot see Appeareance in my panel02:03
awlaurum: i can try changing it to ck804 to see if it works02:03
Peloudon, click on the icon in the property dialog box02:03
Zirodayka2: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS , with nvidia-glx-new drivers02:03
kostkonASTURIAS, what ubuntu version do you have?02:03
ASTURIASI think is 7.1002:03
ka2ASTURIAS: in 7.10 you can find it there02:03
aurumawl: google search seems like Ck804 is an internal card02:04
ka2ASTURIAS: but in 7.04 look for Desktop Effects instead02:04
ASTURIASI see Desktop Effects02:04
udonpelo, thank you, i got it02:04
* Pelo is jonesing for an oatmeal and cream cookie02:04
kostkonASTURIAS, then you have 7.0402:04
aurumawl: oddly enough NVidia... I wouldn't set it to that :p02:04
awlaurum: that's what i though, i only get that to display besides default02:04
kostkonASTURIAS, not 7.1002:04
ASTURIASGood to know02:04
Peloudon , you are welcome , and welcome to ubuntu02:04
udonpelo, , is it mean that everytime i install a new prog, i need to do it manually?02:04
PixelTricksjust tried text install of 7.1, gets to kernel alive, kernel mapping, pc reboots, ideas ?02:04
ka2Ziroday: I have a 8400 but havnt tried TV out02:04
Peloudon, not usualy02:04
ASTURIASHow can I upgrade?02:05
aurumawl: hm, what's your headphone model name?02:05
udonpelo, i see02:05
ka2ASTURIAS: its under Desktop Effects in 7.0402:05
Peloudon, what this a command line prog ? those often donT' get a menu listing, but gui aps do02:05
ka2not appearane02:05
Zirodayalso in displayconfig-gtk the TV does not show whilst in nvidia-settings it does02:05
ASTURIASI click Enable Desktop Effects but this error appears. Desktop Effects could not be enabled...02:05
kostkonASTURIAS, to upgrade open the update manager and it should give you a option to upgrade02:05
ka2Desktop Effects could not be enabled... and what is the restof it02:05
kostkonASTURIAS, to 7.1002:06
udonpelo, also, ubuntu log out on me twice when i minimize my firefox windows02:06
ASTURIASThat's all the message02:06
ka2ASTURIAS: 7.10 is good but did have some problems with kvm switch02:06
awlmicrosoft livechat lx-300002:06
awlaurum: microsoft livechat lx-300002:06
ka2ASTURIAS: what video card02:06
udonpelo, didn't know how to record the problem or do anything with it02:06
Brad01NB2000, It didn't work02:06
NB2000Brad01 hmmm.  No server found?02:06
fujinhiyas. I'm having some issues with 'screen', and mutt. Namely, when I run mutt inside screen, my status bar disappear and well, mutt display is all funny.02:06
awlaurum: my brother got them for me, or i would've settled with platronics02:06
Peloudon, I don'T know about that , might have to do with some ofhte extension you have in firefox, I realy can'T tell02:07
Brad01The /var/sys/log mentioned dhcdbd not running02:07
Brad01How do I run dhcdbd02:07
copperkidis there a way to start a program remotely to run locally? the forums had a post about using (torrentclient &), but deluge doesnt seem to notice the ()02:07
ka2ASTURIAS: ok that probably wont work well with gutsy either02:07
Peloudon, you might want to look it up in the forum , www.ubuntuforums.org02:07
NB2000Brad01 hmmm.  lemme read on.02:07
ka2ASTURIAS: try searching the forums02:08
ASTURIASMy ATI is enabled, in the Restricted drivers... I can see that my video card is "in use", but nothing fixes the problem'02:08
aurumawl: trying to look around, I'll let you know if I find something, I'm trying to use my solution as inspiration02:08
ka2ASTURIAS: you need to install xgl i think02:08
amenadoBrad01-> are you sure its dhcdbd? not dhcpd ?02:08
PeloASTURIAS, do you hve xgl installed ?02:08
PixelTricksjust tried text install of 7.10, gets to kernel alive, kernel mapping, pc reboots, suggestions ?02:08
ka2ASTURIAS: but check the forums for anything it might be helpful02:09
NB2000Brad01 you added all that stuff to the dnsmasq.conf file?02:09
Z_o-s-oASTURIAS have you tried the new driver from ATI02:09
Phebushi :)02:09
Z_o-s-oyou wont need XGL02:09
awlaurum: appreciate it greatly, but u dont have to go through that trouble02:09
ASTURIASWhat new driver?02:09
udonpelo, also how can i install a prog with the source only?02:09
PeloASTURIAS, possibly, did you try and ask for help on this in #compiz-fusion, they can probably stear you right very quickly02:09
Z_o-s-ofrom the website02:09
Peloudon, check in this link  http://cutlersoftware.com/ubuntuinstall/02:09
=== f4lt3r_ is now known as f4lt3r
ASTURIASNice, I'll go there in a minute...02:09
Pelo!enter | Z_o-s-o02:10
ubotuZ_o-s-o: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:10
Brad01NB2000, yeah02:10
ASTURIASWhat is the new driver for ATI?02:10
Z_o-s-oits version 8-02 from ati;s site02:10
NB2000Brad01 all I can think is maybe a typo in there somewhere.02:10
PeloASTURIAS, stick to what you have now02:10
sleepsterwould anyone know of a command line tool that works just like Internt Explorer02:11
sleepsterthat I could script for Linux02:11
ka2sleepster: you mean a web browser02:11
Z_o-s-oPelo : the improvements make it worth the upgrade02:11
amenadosleepster-> lynx and w3m02:11
sleepsterka2 roger that02:11
udonpelo, thank you i will check that out02:11
Pelosleepster,  you want a text based brower ?02:11
ka2sleepster: wget, curl if you wnat to script it02:11
kostkonspeart, links02:11
ASTURIASOk, thanks everyone, I'll go to #compiz-fusion02:11
kostkonsleepster, links02:11
demonsporkwhenever I try to launch a second gnome-terminal, it fails to launch. I even try to launch multiple gnome-terminals from xterms, but I can only open one, and the next one just exits without returning any errors, it just fails to launch02:11
sleepsterI want a text based browser, but I want it to be multithreaded and to render images (or pretend to render images) just like IE02:12
sleepsterit's for testing purposes02:12
PixelTricksI can't figure this out, I did a fedora install and it worked perfectly, ubuntu 7.10 though reboots the pc02:12
ka2sleepster: no images are possible but links is good for text only02:12
luis_hey everyone02:12
Pelosleepster, did you check in synaptic see what is available in there02:12
ka2sleepster: in emergencies on Archlinux rather than ubuntu ;)02:12
sleepsterI haven't checked synaptic yet.. :(02:12
sleepsterka2 well does lynx still download the images?02:13
Brad01Heres my dnsmasq http://pastebin.com/m50a1cfc702:13
ka2sleepster: images cant be done on command line02:13
Pelosleepster, synaptic and add/remove are your friends02:13
Brad01<warning big file>02:13
NB2000Brad01 maybe try restarting dnsmasq and atftpd02:13
luis_are there any apps that come with ubuntu that burn cds?02:13
sleepsterka2 well as long as the images are downloaded... that will be sufficient02:13
ka2sleepster: also note "links" not "lynx" different browsers links is newer02:13
Jangaribrasero, NB200002:13
NB2000Brad01 any kind of firewall running on the server?02:13
speartkostkon, I'm not a bot02:13
sleepsterka2 oh :)  is links multithreaded?02:13
ka2sleepster: no the images arnt downloaded what do you need it for02:13
ka2sleepster: dont think so02:14
sleepsterI need to do testing.. I need to browse about 10k sites.. and time how long it takes to do it02:14
Jangarioh sorry, i meant luis_, not NB200002:14
ka2sleepster: and what is it needed for02:14
speartkostkon, what's up02:14
Brad01Not thatI know of02:14
NB2000Brad01 shorewall or such...02:14
Pelolater folks02:14
Brad01NB2000, no02:14
kostkonsleepster, no just wanted to recommende "links" to sleepster, but by mistake it went to you02:14
speartsleepster, try to do it in the easy way02:15
ka2sleepster: can you tell me what you need it for02:15
PixelTricksanyone know a fix for 7.10 rebooting on install after kernel alive message ?02:15
kostkonspeart, no just wanted to recommende "links" to sleepster, but by mistake it went to you02:15
NB2000Brad01 it said nothing about adding an additional dhcp server.  So I dunno...02:15
ka2sleepster: i may be able to help02:15
speartkostkon, you woke me up02:15
Jangariluis_: i don't know if it's in ubuntu by default, but brasero is an adequate cd burning rom02:15
kostkonspeart, damn! really??!02:15
luis_how do i ge tit? lol02:15
humanhi room, ive been trying to get my dvd drive to work.  with no luck.  can anyone help?  it shows up as a cdrom but will not mount.02:15
Brad01NB2000, Yeah, I thought my router would be doing dhcp02:15
* speart let's program people02:15
Jangarisudo apt-get install brasero02:15
kazolHow often is Hungarian notation used in open-source development (specifically C++)?02:16
amenadohuman you can not mount a cdrom drive without a disk inside it02:16
sleepsterka2 well any help you could offer good sir02:16
sleepsterwould be taken with the upmost appreciation02:16
NB2000Brad01 You don't want your router doing it.  You might try putting the IP of your server in the gateway and dns options.  So they are all the same.02:16
Brad01How do I check to see if any dhcp servers are running?02:16
ka2kazol: not very02:16
sleepsterBrad01 ps aux | grep dhcpd02:16
Jangarialso serpentine, luis_, that's what i use, i think02:16
kazolka2: It's more common with Windows?02:17
Jangaribut that's for audio cds specifically02:17
luis_for serpentine? sudo apt-get install serpentine?02:17
ka2kazol: it seems to be02:17
copperkidis there a way to start a program remotely to keep running after i log out? the forums had a post about using "(torrentclient &)", but deluge doesnt seem to notice the ()02:17
kazolka2: :( I actually like it.02:17
bastid_raZori like a KDE app.. K3b for burning dvd/cd's02:18
sleepstercopperkid just run it as a service02:18
amenadocopperkid-> man screen02:18
ka2kazol: i used to use it with windows02:18
sleepsterand it will run when your machine boots up02:18
ka2kazol: but now i use python :)02:18
GreatBearummm....does anyone have or know of a Novell client for Ubuntu?02:18
Jangariyes, luis_, but check first whether you have it by looking in applications > sound and video, or by entering "which serpentine" in a terminal02:18
kazolbastid_raZor: That app is very good, like a full commercial app (Nero, etc.)02:18
copperkidill try the service thing; the man for screen makes no sense to me. thanks02:18
amenadoGreatBear-> dyah visited novel site yet?02:18
CeeBeeYaarhhi folks02:18
Jangariif "which serpentine" returns something like /usr/bin/serpentine then you have it already02:19
speartkazol, search for Hungarian projects02:19
bastid_raZorkazol; i agree. most people don't like having to install kde libraries but that doesn't matter to me. functionality is more important02:19
GreatBearamenado, yeah, we have a linux client in house, but it doesn't work with ubuntu02:19
Housefly7kJangari: what does " which" do02:19
amenadoGreatBear-> for which app you need the client for?02:19
Jangarifailing that, you can easily search the repository for the actual name of the package by entering apt-cache search brasero, or apt-cache search serpentine02:19
=== Tiven_ is now known as Tiven
PixelTricksanyone know a fix for 7.10 rebooting the pc on install after kernel alive message ?02:20
GreatBearnovell logons02:20
luis_thanks Jangari.02:20
GreatBearto connect and mapping drives02:20
Jangariluis_: it just returns 'which' program is invoked by using a command, so, where a program is located02:20
Jangaria handy way of checking whether you have a program installed02:20
b4l74z4ris flash still broken in gutsy?02:21
Housefly7klearn something new everyday02:21
Jangaribrasero is better for either/or audio/data, etc.02:21
kostkonb4l74z4r, no02:21
amenadoGreatBear-> if none with .deb, perhaps you can use alien to convert the rpm client  to .deb?02:21
LjL!flashissues | b4l74z4r02:21
ubotub4l74z4r: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »02:21
GreatBearamenado, its been tried, doesn't work02:21
IndyGunFreakb4l74z4r: just download it from adobe.com,02:21
CeeBeeYaarhcan ayone tell me how i access my ubuntu drive from windows?02:21
kostkonb4l74z4r, two updates fixed the problems with flash02:21
amenadoGreatBear-> oh well...02:21
LjLIndyGunFreak: why?02:21
ka2CeeBeeYaarh: its not easy02:21
Brad01NB2000, I did that02:22
ka2CeeBeeYaarh: ill just look it up for you02:22
Housefly7kok, a while back i sit my "super" or "window" key, so that everytime i hit it all the windows minimise02:22
NB2000Brad01 changed em?02:22
b4l74z4rcan i install it via add/remove or should i download it from adobe?02:22
IndyGunFreakLjL: if the installer is still broken, its just as easy to download flash from adobe02:22
Brad01NB2000, Yeah, Should I restart anything?02:22
LjLIndyGunFreak: but it's not broken.02:22
CeeBeeYaarhka2: figures02:22
GreatBearamenado, i've spent lots of time searching and working with our novell guy at work02:22
kostkonb4l74z4r, it will work just fine if you install it from synaptic or add/remove02:22
IndyGunFreakoh ok... well then by all means, install it normally02:22
amenadoGreatBear-> they certainly have a client for SuSE02:22
iceswordIndyGunFreak, if i use dvd image,can i just only install the parts i want02:22
b4l74z4rok, thanks02:22
NB2000Brad01 probably restart both atftpd and dnsmasq02:22
Housefly7kbut i cant remember how i did it, and now want to know if there is an exisiting shortcut to show desktop, or if i can change it so the "super"+D minimizes all02:22
GreatBearamenado, yes i know02:22
bastid_raZorCeeBeeYaarh; you'll need to find a program that will read ext3 format02:22
ka2CeeBeeYaarh:http://www.fs-driver.org/ ok that should work quite easily02:22
kostkonb4l74z4r, the flash breakage exists no more02:23
ka2bastid_raZor: which that does :)02:23
amenadoGreatBear-> then meebee try the SuSE as desktop ?02:23
bastid_raZorka2 i'll make note of that.. thanks02:23
Jangariokay, so flash is fixed? when did this happen?02:23
iceswordIndyGunFreak, if i use dvd image,can i just only install the parts i want02:23
ka2although i havnt tries fs-driver - i dont have windows to test it with02:23
IndyGunFreakice to an extent yes, but you're stil going to have to install a set of OS packages, Gnome or KDE, or whatever, and the space limitations you're putting on this are to much, you're not gonna get a workable system on 2gigs02:23
kostkonJangari, with two updates before ~10 days02:23
GreatBearamenado, i would prefer to run ubuntu02:24
Brad01NB2000, Here we go02:24
sudobashdid it work brambo?02:24
Jangaripays to remember that http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash is a failsafe way to install flash02:24
NB2000Brad01 cool!02:24
ka2Jangari: almost not for 32 firefox on AMD64 - you have to edit the installer script :)02:24
Jangaridoes anyone know where/if you can download the mac os x system sounds in wav format?02:24
IndyGunFreakicesword: you may tell it not to install openoffice, or something like that, but still, 2gigs is barely enough...02:24
LjLJangari, i suspect that would be piracy02:25
IndyGunFreakand thats having nothing02:25
amenadoGreatBear how about fedora, it uses gnome02:25
iceswordIndyGunFreak, thank you sir02:25
Jangariokay ka2, well i should qualify and say 'failsafe if you have a 32bit machine02:25
ka2JJangari: yes02:25
Housefly7kok so i found where it is, its in Keyboard shortcuts in the preferences menu, But it will not let me set "Super L + D" as my show desktop02:25
IndyGunFreakicesword: as i said earlier, you need to be looking at puppy, DSL, maybe vector linux..02:25
iceswordIndyGunFreak, but i like gnome02:26
Housefly7k"hide all windows and focus desktop" is the actual title02:26
IndyGunFreakicesword: well, then you need to give ubuntu more space.02:26
GreatBearamenado, because setting up ubuntu is painless....02:26
GreatBeari would have figured that there would be some kind of Novell client02:26
JangariLjL: piracy or not, any clue?02:26
mrpocketsyou guys know of anything i can use to more finely tune my sound, other than Alsamixer?02:26
sudobashTiny Linux02:26
ka2IndyGunFreak: vector nor puppy are as nice as ubuntu though02:26
LjL!piracy | Jangari02:26
ubotuJangari: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o02:26
PixelTricksNeed Help ,  7.10 reboots when trying to install , right after kernel alive message, even with alternate cd02:27
IndyGunFreakka2: i never suggested they were.02:27
Jangariokay then, let me rephrase, "it's *not* piracy, any clue?"02:27
amenadoGreatBear-> using RDP would not do it?02:27
cjaeHi,  Any xorg gurus around, I need help with a xorg.conf question I think I have most of it figured out. It is all explained in the pastebin http://pastebin.ca/91582302:27
IndyGunFreakka2: but whenh you're insisting that an OS be installed on 1-1.5gigs of space, thats just not realistic.02:27
ka2 IndyGunFreak: no just warning people02:27
GreatBearamenado, whats rdp? (a bit of a linux newb here)02:27
chuckhi, my ubuntu installation failed because i didn't make a Apple_Bootstrap partition, but that's not even an option in the partition manager in the installer, how am i supposed to make one?02:27
endoI cannot get my cursor to change, can someone please help me put it back to the default?02:27
williamkidd23Anybody speak spanish in here i neeed help  from a noobie02:27
CeeBeeYaarhsometimes the titlebar disappears when i mouse-over it. any idea why?02:27
IndyGunFreakka2: well, anyone with a rock in their head htat was following what i said, knew the context in which i was stating to use puppy or dsl02:28
williamkidd23 ubuntu fan02:28
LjLJangari: are they under an open license?02:28
amenadoGreatBear-> thats a windows thing  remote desktop protocol02:28
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:28
ka2IndyGunFreak: yes but still it is true :)02:28
Jangarichuck, is bootstrap the thing that allows you to startup a particular os?02:28
amenadoGreatBear-> not even a linux thing02:28
GreatBearamenado pm please02:28
chuckJangari: i assume it's for the bootloader or something02:28
Jangarican't grub suffice?02:28
ka2GreatBear: Microsofts Remote Desktop Protocol02:28
amenadoGreatBear-> nope, un registered02:28
IndyGunFreakka2: why are you attempting to ram your opinion on me, i agree with you, i was telling icesword he was being unrealistic and needed to look elsewhere02:29
chuckbut it's always needed when installing linux on a newworld apple computer for some reason02:29
Z_o-s-oAnyone tried the gOS 2.0 beta / RC thing yet?02:29
Jangarifair enough, LjL, i won't persue it here02:29
IndyGunFreakka2: use common sense, or at least pay attention to the discussion02:29
ka2IndyGunFreak: i do agree with that02:29
b4l74z4rok, i got flash working in firefox, but not in opera, how do i get it working in opera?02:29
mixedanyone know if gutsy supports 2 processors?  I have an old PIII with 2 processors and want to install ubuntu on it02:29
GreatBearamenado, i'm looking for a "secure" setup for our library02:29
jimmygoonIs gnome-compiz-manager trustable...?02:29
GreatBearsomething our users can't mess up02:29
LjLJangari: assuming it's not piracy, i'm sure a Mac channel would know better anyway.02:29
ussermixed: should have no problem there02:29
ka2mixed: yes it does02:29
arnduckyre: all.02:29
endoI cannot get my cursor to change, can someone please help me put it back to the default?02:29
crediblejimmygoon: it's designed for a much earlier version of compiz; I strongly suggest you don't use it02:29
Brad01NB2000, It didn't work :(02:29
Brad01How do I start dhcdbd?02:29
cjaecan anyone please highlighted message me so I know if anyone had time to catch my post02:29
Jangaritrue, LjL, nice subtle clue, cheers02:30
mixedusser,  in that case it must be my motherboard because gutsy tries to start but then it dies02:30
TrustNoOnemy pidgin keeps saying cant send msg because of server connection problem, anyone else get this?02:30
jimmygooncredible, That's what I was afraid of. The lack of a quick enable/disable is very frustrating :/02:30
LjLcjae: remember there is #test02:30
NB2000Brad01 That is yet another program to install, which wasn't mentioned in the docs.02:30
IndyGunFreakTrustNoOne: no.. what service?02:30
chuckanyone know what's wrong with the partition manager?02:30
LjL#test the channel.02:30
ussermixed: did u completely rule out software problem? ie how about any other distribution or even windows?02:30
NB2000Brad01 I think it's sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server02:30
TrustNoOneIndyGunFreak, msn02:30
ussermixed: do they work?02:30
IndyGunFreakTrustNoOne: no issues for me02:30
cjaeLjL, ahh02:31
* TrustNoOne cries02:31
EnderTheThirdCan anyone think of why the nvidia 169.09 (and 169.07) driver isn't detected after a restart after installation?  every time i reboot, I need to stop gdm, reinstall, and restart gdm.02:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apple_bootstrap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:31
mixedusser, it's a spare system, im using an old hard drive that has ubuntu already installed02:31
amenadoGreatBear  try to google for kiosk and LTSP  (terminal server)02:31
NB2000Brad01 bear in mind there is another config file to make happy.  /etc/dhcpd/dhcpd.conf I think...02:31
bastid_raZorTrustNoOne; from what i can see msn is down02:31
mixedusser, i already tried installing XP and the installation dies at some point as well02:31
TrustNoOnebastid_raZor, how do you see that its down02:32
amenadoGreatBear->  a kiosk setup, a user has very limited access02:32
TrustNoOnebastid_raZor, because i can still msg ppl, just every couple msgs i send fail02:32
ussermixed: oh i see... hm well i'd suggest try another distribution, try suse see if that will work02:32
arnduckyCan anyone here walk me through the Gnome desktop config side of an OEM Feisty install?  (A good Launchpad or community.u~.com ´howto´ link would help too.)02:32
CeeBeeYaarh2 issues: 1. sometimes when roll the mouse over the title bar it clears to a white expanse and then redraws, and 2. is it possible to make vista recognise my ubuntu drive?02:32
Jangarichuck, i'd suggest adding a mac os line to your menu.lst02:32
bastid_raZorTrustNoOne; it doesn't let me connect to it.. maybe it is on its way out on your end02:32
cjaeLjL, just wondering in here cause ubuntu tends to modify things a lot and I am not familiar with the new nvidia drivers, but will try #test02:32
mixedusser, will do, thanks for the info, pzzz02:32
b4l74z4ri installed ubuntu and it created a huge swap file at almost 6gb, this is a vaste of space, is there any way i can make the swap smaller?02:32
ahorriblemessI have sort of an interesting little problem this time...02:32
GreatBearamenado, i'm currently using IE as the shell, with everything locked down, thats proving problematic for some websites that the library needs02:32
chuckJangari: menu.lst ?02:33
usserb4l74z4r: sure sudo swapoff02:33
Brad01Why is this so hard?02:33
Jangari!grub | chuck02:33
ubotuchuck: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:33
usserb4l74z4r: and then fire up gparted02:33
PixelTricksNeed Help ,  7.10 reboots when trying to install , right after kernel alive message, even with alternate cd02:33
GreatBearI would like to use ubuntu, most of our users can't screw that up02:33
usserb4l74z4r: delete the swap partition and recreate it02:33
usserb4l74z4r: after its done sudo swapon02:33
chuckJangari: ppc ubuntu doesn't use grub02:33
ahorriblemessI can't empty trash with my alsa driver packages in there. I installed the drivers, I want o get rid of these folders (unless I have to keep them)02:33
chuckJangari: it uses yaboot02:33
Jangari /boot/grub/menu.lst is the boot config file02:33
NB2000Brad01 sure makes boot USB and a CDROM sounds tempting? :)02:33
Jangarioh, alright then02:33
ahorriblemessi downloaded them from the alsa website02:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about yaboot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:33
EnderTheThirdb4l74z4r:  just keep in mind that redoing your partitions *can* backfire (never happened to me), so backup any really important data if you're resizing your / partition02:33
usserb4l74z4r: yes yes backup02:34
Jangarithen all i can do is suggest installing grub02:34
Brad01NB2000, yeah02:34
b4l74z4russer, where is gparted?02:34
usserb4l74z4r: always backup when u do something liek that02:34
LjLahorriblemess: yes, that seems like a horrible mess. why did you install ALSA manually?02:34
usserb4l74z4r: apt-get install gparted02:34
EnderTheThirdb4l74z4r:  "sudo aptitude install gparted"02:34
Brad01NB2000, I think I might just buy the cd-drive02:34
amenadoGreatBear-> you can have a customized system like a customized liveCD..02:34
b4l74z4rthanks again02:34
NB2000Brad01 actually I have never tried a PXE boot system.  Just never needed it.02:34
=== cory_ is now known as CineScope
Brad01NB2000, Thanks for the help02:35
hattaok, I have a tricky one, how do I know which encoding a file uses for its file name?02:35
NB2000Brad01 But from an old laptop point of view, I can see the need...02:35
EnderTheThirdb4l74z4r:  it'll be called "Partition Editor" under System > Administration after it's installed.02:35
hattak3b complains about the encoding of some files, and suggests I use convmv02:35
ahorriblemesscrap i got disconnected02:35
hattabut convmv needs to know what encoding I'm converting from02:35
usserhatta: renaming them in english would be a good idea02:36
hattaand I don't know that, I just see the text of the file name02:36
GreatBearamenado a live cd is too slow.02:36
ahorriblemessI'll post again, I get this error when trying to empty trash with alsa package folders in it /home/jason.../libalisp.a" cannot be deleted because you do not have permissions to modify its parent folder.02:36
hattanot language, encoding02:36
Brad01When I use Konqueror I keep getting a nsplugin error anyone know how to fix it?02:36
amenadoGreatBear-> i did not want you to use liveCD, i said you can customize one,02:36
usserhatta: files in different language often tend to have different encoding so still stands02:36
usserhatta: see if u have funny named files there02:36
ka2ahorriblemess: does your user own the folder02:36
hattayes, I have a file with an ae02:36
ahorriblemesska2: I am the user.. what do you mean?02:37
amenadoGreatBear-> google for remastering ubuntu02:37
usserhatta: rename it02:37
LjLahorriblemess: « sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/.Trash/* » - however, installing ALSA manually is far from a great idea, just for the record02:37
ka2ahorriblemess: your user account02:37
GreatBearamenado, i've seen that02:37
hattano, I want to keep the ae02:37
hattaI want to use convmv to express the ae in an encoding k3b can understand02:37
amenadoGreatBear-> then try your hand at it, customized to your specific needs02:37
b4l74z4russer, i typed "sudo swapoff"and i got this "usage: swapoff [-hV]02:37
b4l74z4r       swapoff -a [-v]02:37
b4l74z4r       swapoff [-v] special ...02:37
b4l74z4r" what should i do?02:37
usserhatta: if u convmv its still gonna convert that simbol to something else02:37
LjLhatta: is your system using UTF-8?02:37
LjL!paste > b4l74z4r    (b4l74z4r, see the private message from Ubotu)02:37
hattaLjL: I don't know02:38
hattahow would I find out?02:38
GreatBearamenado, it still won't give me a novell connefction02:38
LjLhatta: "locale"02:38
usserb4l74z4r: sorry swapoff -a02:38
hattaah yes it is02:38
amenadoGreatBear-> what in novell you require access?02:39
GreatBearamenado, network athentication and file server02:39
ahorriblemes1LjL: what other ways are there to fix my soundcard without manually updating Alsa drivers/utils/lib etc./02:39
GreatBearthe file server can be met with samba02:39
GreatBearand maybe the authentication can be through ldap02:39
GreatBearbut a "normal" client would be easire02:40
amenadothere you go, ldap02:40
ka2GreatBear: are you talking about setting up aserver sorry i havnt been following you02:40
GreatBearka2, no we have the server running....i want to connect to the servewr with ubuntu02:40
GreatBearthats why i need a client02:40
ka2GreatBear: oh02:40
ka2GreatBear: a client for what?02:41
=== kungfu69 is now known as billkungfu
LjLhatta: try burning with Rock Ridge and Juliet filesystem extensions02:41
ahorriblemes1LjL: seriously because before I reinstalled, I had the soundcard working perfectly after manually installing alsa drivers and setting up the system to recognize it. Since I've reinstalled i"ve been having issues. So if manually installing alsa is bad, I'd love to know the good way so I can fix this.02:41
GreatBearka2, a client to communicate with novell services, ayuthentication, files and printing02:41
arnduckyBut its nice to know new generations of codemonkeys learn to eat mangos and cocoa still -- send me a resumes sometime in 2010 wouldja  (maybe youĺl have pounded the heck out of C by them -- objectively speaking)02:41
arnduckyoops -- sawwy02:42
IndyGunFreakahorriblemes1: what is your sound device?02:42
LjLahorriblemes1, i don't know what the problem with your soundcard is, so i don't know. if there is an actual bug with your soundcard's support, then yes, doing things manually might be the only issue - but have you reported that bug?02:42
zedsterI was in earlier but realized the question I asked was worded wrong, can I stream music from my computer using vlc to itunes or to a browser so that vlc dosn't need to be on the 2nd computer02:42
ahorriblemes1LjL: it's been reported, I checked02:42
ka2GreatBear: so it uses ldap & samba02:42
TheZealotis there a directory where the trashbin items are kept?02:42
b4l74z4russer, should i resize the extended partition where swap resides or shoul i resize the actual linux swap inside the extended partition?02:42
LjLTheZealot: ~/.Trash02:42
usserzedster: i'd use shoutcast or icecast for that shoutcast is easier to setup, icecast is more powerful02:42
usserb4l74z4r: are there any other partitions in extended?02:43
GreatBearka2, i've thought about both, i kow we have ldap running, but not samba02:43
b4l74z4russer, no02:43
ka2GreatBear: just looking for more info about the novell client02:43
IndyGunFreakahorriblemes1: what sound device do you have?02:43
ka2GreatBear: seen it but not used it02:43
ahorriblemes1IndyGunFreak:  nVidia HDA MCP67 , I've taken care of this issue before, I even added to a forum thread about repairing it... but this time it's not working02:43
amenadoGreatBear what kind of problems you were having when you converted that rpm to .deb? what did not work or errors were you getting?02:43
ahorriblemes1IndyGunFreak: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=575750&page=1102:43
usserb4l74z4r: can u make a screenshot of your partitions02:43
GreatBearka2, i've seen one too, but its not a simple install02:43
usserb4l74z4r: hard to tell whats your scheme is02:44
TheZealotif ./Trash doesn't exist does that mean there is no trashcan directory> ? I am using crunchbang02:44
b4l74z4russer, ok, hold on a sec02:44
zedsterusser: heres the full story I'm in frat house and want all the computers playing the same music for a party, from ice cast can I send the stream in a format that any other music program can read?02:44
ahorriblemes1IndyGunFreak: that's the thread I used to set up my laptop, it all worked previously, just this sound card thing didn't work this time. But that post I did with the step-by-step set up worked perfectly last time02:44
GreatBearamenado, from what i've read about and asked our novell guy, there are tons of file edits everywhere02:44
IndyGunFreakahorriblemes1: what make/model laptop if you don't mind?02:44
GreatBeari haven't tried it myself yet02:44
ka2GreatBear: hmm http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2067253 it doesnt look like it is very easy :(02:44
ahorriblemes1IndyGunFreak: HP dv6704nr02:44
usserzedster: are there gonna be any shuffling or just a static playlist playing in random?02:45
GreatBearka2, its not, novell doesn't do a very good job of supporting linux02:45
amenadoGreatBear without trying you dont really know then if it works or not02:45
LjLahorriblemes1: i can't find the bug report, do you have it handy?02:45
ahorriblemes1IndyGunFreak: lots of issues with hp's I know, it's frustrating that I had everything set up perfectly last time, and this time it has this lingering sound card problem02:45
ka2GreatBear: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/14906.html maybe?02:45
ahorriblemes1LjL: hold on I"ll search my history02:45
cjaeHi,  Any xorg gurus around, I need help with a xorg.conf question I think I have most of it figured out. It is all explained in the pastebin http://pastebin.ca/91582302:46
usserzedster: yes u can icecast can stream mp302:46
b4l74z4russer, i took the screenshot but how can i show it?02:46
ShapeshifterDoes someone know about the ubuntu xvncviewer package - where there might be a source, how it is patched, and how I can get it to another distro? I'm especially talking about the "real" scrollbars and the nicer OSD. any idea?02:46
ahorriblemes1LjL: I read on these two. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/109838, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/162556 (One is a duplicate and it was recognized as such(02:46
cjaeLjL, I sent back here from #test02:47
cjaeI was02:47
CorruptTerroristwould you say that ubuntu s the most popular distro?02:47
LjLcjae: #test was about asking to be highlighted.02:47
ka2Shapeshifter: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/xvncviewer02:47
IndyGunFreakCorruptTerrorist: its probably the most used.02:47
endohey, im running ubuntu with 512MB of ram, is there any memory tweaks I could do to boost performance?02:47
ka2Shapeshifter: what do you need to get that package onto another disto for02:48
ka2Shapeshifter: oh i see02:48
usserb4l74z4r: upload it to imageshack02:48
cjaeLjL, I was just wanting someone to let me know if they were reading my pastebin02:48
Shapeshifterka2: I want to use it in Archlinux, but it seems like xvncviewer only exists as a binary for ubuntu, while the source on that page simply is "vnc4"02:48
ahorriblemes1LjL: thing is, whatever the deal with it is, I made it work in the past. I used the same installation disc and did everything the same way... unless I missed something but I'm not sure. However, I got some more alsa packages from synaptic hoping something would fix it, but i've been transferring files from my old computer, so I didn't restart yet.02:49
=== mag_mor is now known as Miss_Geschick
GreatBearamenado, ka2, thanks for the help....i'm gonna keep looking02:49
sysdefLjL: he asked a xorg question in #test and told me he was sent to #test for it. i'm confused :]02:49
ka2Shapeshifter: if you want the source code for the ubuntu package you will have to download the whole ubuntu vnc source02:49
arnducky/window close02:49
Peloarnducky, /end02:50
pawanazureus hash missing error02:50
b4l74z4russer, http://img252.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot3jd8.png <--here it is02:50
Shapeshifterka2: I had a look at the files in that source and there's nothing about xvncviewer in there actually. Do I simply need to compile the whole thing and xvncviewer will be available then, or wont that work?02:50
xopeyi'm using this script to suspend/resume (http://pastebin.com/m46504f15). However, after resume, I have a problem with video corruption (nvidia drivers)02:50
Pelopawan, ask in #azureus-support about that one02:50
ka2Shapeshifter: i believe the whole thing yes02:50
=== [1]panfist is now known as panfist
Shapeshifterka2: I'll try that, thanks02:51
LjLsysdef: i probably misunderstood. he had said "can anyone please highlighted message me so I know if anyone had time to catch my post"02:51
ahorriblemes1I keep losing connection02:51
usserb4l74z4r: hm bummer u cant really use any of that free space02:52
usserb4l74z4r: since u have no where to add it to02:52
usserb4l74z4r: u cant modify a running root partition, and u cant add it to ntfs either02:52
b4l74z4rcould i use the gparted live cd?02:52
Shapeshifterka2: as I'm on it, I will use xtightvncviewer. I can't really tell if this is the most recent version: http://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/x11/xtightvncviewer?lang=en but it should be I guess, right?02:52
sysdefLjL: heh, than he's welcome in #test for it. ic :)02:52
Peloahorriblemes1, I recommend checking in the forum on this,  there usualy aren't a lot of wfi ppl in here www.ubuntuforums.org02:53
ahorriblemes1Pelo: on what02:53
usserb4l74z4r: yes u could, but if u do it may bork the installation, playing around with root partition is no joke02:53
Peloahorriblemes1, on loosing connection02:53
Peloahorriblemes1, I might have missread your problem tho02:53
usserb4l74z4r: if u decide to do it get rid completely of the extended partition02:53
b4l74z4russer, i see02:53
ahorriblemes1Pelo: the connection? I'm not too worried about that, I'm on a wireless router transferring like 20gigs of mysic from another computer... I'm just getting booted from pidgin. If it persists I'll look into it. Thank you though02:54
usserb4l74z4r: recreate swap in primary in the end, and add the remaining space to root02:54
ka2Shapeshifter: this would http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/x11/xtightvncviewer but it seems to be the sme version i will just check some more things though02:54
LjLahorriblemes1: interesting bug... (and interesting that a laptop wouldn't use a hardware switch for headphones). i suppose you've tried all the "model=" suggestions on the bug report, so i don't know. you could consider making an early switch to hardy if it's a show stopper for you02:54
b4l74z4russer, any idea why ubuntu would make such a large swap partiton?02:54
Bricke1Anyone here experienced with compiz-fusion?02:54
usserb4l74z4r: twice the size of your memory what u got 3gb?02:54
ka2Shapeshifter: the ubuntu tightvncviewer seems to be outdated maybe try http://www.tightvnc.com/?02:55
b4l74z4russer, 2gb02:55
PeloBricke1, some,  but mostly you want to go to #compiz-fusion02:55
alfermpi hace compiz Bricke102:55
usserb4l74z4r: hm dunno tried to play it safe pbbly :)02:55
usserb4l74z4r: was that the default partitioning scheme?02:55
Bricke1I'm trying to get it to work. Installed the restricted driver, did xserver-xgl, and it still won't enable. any ideas?02:55
ahorriblemes1LjL: yeah it is a strange problem. I've been reading a little about hardy, when I was setting up my wifi I read that Hardy will support newer broadcom chipsets or something... the headphone thing isn't a huge deal, I might get it working...02:55
ka2Bricke1: been using compiz since 2006 starting with ye olde compiz-quinnstorm so i guess i am sorta experienced02:56
ahorriblemes1LjL: Hardy isn't stable though right? I mean, wouldn't I have more issues using an unstable version?02:56
b4l74z4russer, yes, i chose to use the largest continuous free space02:56
ka2Bricke1: but im sure there is plenty i dont know02:56
Shapeshifterka2: k... But it's still irritating me that there's no word of xtightvncviewer in that package or xvncviewer in the vnc4 package. not in the readme, and there's no file like that... I wonder how I was able to just apt-get xvncviewer back then.02:56
LjLahorriblemes1: most likely - i was only suggesting it in case you really considered that bug a show stopper for some reason.02:56
usserb4l74z4r: well thats strange how it partitioned it what can i say02:56
endohey, im running ubuntu with 512MB of ram, is there any memory tweaks I could do to boost performance?02:56
tickyhi. I am reinstalling ubuntu. i have copied all the files under the apt-cache folder, do i need to run any command so when i install i don't have to download them again. i have tried, but it seems it is downloading everything from the server.02:56
TheZealotcan anyone tell me how to use find to find any file with a certain set of letter anywhere in the file's name or expension? I am readon the man page but don't understand which switch to use02:56
ahorriblemessLjL: did you get those last two messageS?02:57
ka2Shapeshifter: odd. but that is the source package xvncviewer was built from02:57
IndyGunFreakendo: you should have moderately good performance as it is.02:57
tickyendo: set something like 2GB for swap memory02:57
LjLTheZealot, perhaps better if you make a practical example02:57
endoticky: how do I go about doing that?02:57
ka2Shapeshifter: as i said you could just try getting tightvnc02:57
b4l74z4russer, i'm gonna give gparted live a try, i can't have this terrible waste of spacce02:57
LjLahorriblemess: "yeah it's a strange problem" and "hardy isn't stable"? yes. i replied: most likely - i was only suggesting it in case you really considered that bug a show stopper for some reason.02:57
tickyend: you already did it when you installed ubuntu02:57
ka2Shapeshifter: or the GNOME terminal services client02:57
Anjaok so are there any boards that ubuntu has trouble being compatable with the sound-card drivers?02:57
tickyendo: i think you can run qparted (the partition editor, under System>Administration)02:58
Anjawas trying to research it, but haven't found anything yet02:58
PeloAnja, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport02:58
IndyGunFreakAnja: only ones that seem to consistently be a major issue, are the Intel HDA chipsets.. but there's fixes and work arounds02:58
cjaeanyone here able to send me there nvidia xorg.conf so I can copy out somethings not generated by sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:59
Shapeshifterka2: there's no xtightvncviewer on the tightvnc page eighter... that's what is confusing me the most... it's like there's no trace xvncviewer or xtightvncviewer "ever existed"02:59
Anjaum how do i know what socket my board is?  i just have the brand and model number.02:59
IndyGunFreaknot socket.02:59
ka2Shapeshifter: its part of the tightvnc package02:59
PeloAnja, look it up on the maker's website03:00
endoticky: my memory is always at 72% in use by programs03:00
IndyGunFreakAnja: open a terminall and type "lspci" no quotes, then hit enter, look and see how it identifies your ssound device.03:00
mage__Shapeshifter: thats what packages.debian.org is for03:00
ka2cjae: just got to find a pastebin to put it in03:00
_roohi all - i've just found out my server has been hacked :(03:00
tickyendo: how big is your HD, and how much have you set aside for swap03:00
Shapeshifterka2: could it be that it's simply vncviewer / tightvncviewer with certain options or a special patch? Yeah but there's no xvncviewer inside that package. at least I can't find something like that.03:00
_rooa root kit.. :( :(03:00
Pelo!pastebin | ka203:00
ubotuka2: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:00
cjaeka2, thanks03:01
frost0anyone play the quake wars demo on linux?03:01
ka2i know what a pastebin is :)03:01
chadanyone know how to switch to svideo out under ubuntu/gnome/compiz+fusion? my normal method of switching via the KB isn't working03:01
ka2my Geforce 8400 xorg conf03:01
cjaeka2, http://pastebin.ca03:02
ka2cjae: thats what i ended up using03:02
Anjait says 00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 A C97 Audio Controller (rev 60)03:02
ka2http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/ looks good though03:02
demonsporkwhenever I try to launch a second gnome-terminal, it fails to launch. I even try to launch multiple gnome-terminals from xterms, but I can only open one, and the next one just exits without returning any errors, it just fails to launch03:02
demonsporkI would really like to run more than one gnome-terminal03:02
Anjai don't know what tha means though03:02
demonsporkI like the transparency03:02
mage__thats a funny problem03:02
mage__did you install ubuntu with the installer?03:03
Bibbiedemon: try hotkeying it maybe?03:03
frost0no one plays quake wars?03:03
frost0the demo?03:03
frost0argh :)03:03
demonsporkupgraded from feisty to gutsy03:03
ka2Anja: its the type of socket for the cpu goes into03:03
demonsporkbut it did the same thing just before the upgrade03:03
mage__demonspork: pastebin strace thecommand03:03
ka2Anja: oops sorry wrong thing03:03
Anjalol i'm such a newb.. help me interpret?  which part?03:04
ka2VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 A C97 Audio Controller (rev 60)  your sound card is an AC97 and should "just work"03:04
mage__hmm i dont even have gnome terminal on my box03:04
samt1hi all03:04
Anjaoh ok ... it's all greek to me, i'm just learning03:04
Anjaoh man03:04
AnjaOK so what next - speakers are plugged in, turned on...03:04
Anjain the right hole03:04
samt1seem to have a problem with libpoppler-glib2 - it's been waiting to upgrade for ages but can't do it because libpango isn't new enough...03:04
Anjabut i don't hear annnything03:04
Bibbieanja what are u trying to accomplish?03:05
DataCrossfor what is | on linux?03:05
PeloAnja, type alsamixer in the terminal and make sure all the sliders are up and not muted03:05
Anjaget my sound on03:05
samt1this is now stopping from installing compiz as well03:05
Bibbie;-) someones already directing ya03:05
PeloDataCross, seperator usualy, depends on the prog03:05
gregoroviusDataCross, | is to redirect output from one program to the input of the next03:05
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
demonsporkmage__, how do I get the output from running that command to go into a text file?03:05
Anjapelo: i didn't even realize the terminal could do color/pictures like that.  :D03:05
ka2Datacross: its called a pipe03:05
Anjaso what am i looking at?03:05
PeloAnja, welcome to 198003:06
ka2Anja: to make sure that nothings muted03:06
endoticky: I've got a 200gb hd, 1.50gb of swap03:06
MrKnightsHello, how can i make file nme with the current date in it for example  mkdir /back(date here)/03:06
mage__demonspork: strace has an -o option03:06
cjaeka2, are you still there?03:06
tickyendo: you should be fine with it03:06
demonsporkthe normal < didnt' work03:06
mage__demonspork: strace -o /tmp/whatever gnome-terminal03:06
gregoroviusMrKnights, see 'man date'03:06
Anjaka2: it will *SAY* muted or something like that, right, not just a symbol or something?03:06
tickyendo: what you should do is to disable the services that you don't need03:06
AnjaMaster is red in <>03:07
tickyendo: there are many articles on this subject03:07
ka2Anja just checking03:07
mage__demonspork: strace goes to stderr, which you'd redirect with like 2>/dev/null03:07
endoticky: alright, will do. I'll read up. Can you link me to some?03:07
PeloAnja, little thingy at the bottom of the slider,   toggle it on and off with the M key03:07
DataCrossgregorovius: | is like &&?03:07
tickyendo: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=ubuntu+improve+performance&btnG=Search03:07
ka2Anja MM seems to mean mute03:07
Anjapelo: is it supposed to be 00 or mm?  mm means mute i would suppose, right?03:07
MrKnightsgregorovius: not usfull i know how to format the date i dont know how to use a command inside of a command03:08
demonsporkmage__, http://pastebin.com/m7889a91f03:08
PeloAnja,  I beleive mm is muted, let me check03:08
Anjaok ok so master is unmuted, so is master m, pcm03:08
Anjasurround is muted though and center is muted03:08
PeloAnja, mm is muted 00 is with sound03:08
Anjado i need those?  lol i have 3 speakers, 2 normal ones and a woofer03:08
ka2Anja: alsamixer is confusing :)03:09
PeloAnja, just unmute everything03:09
gregoroviusMrKnights, try putting " $(date +%F) " wherever you want the date to be03:09
speeddemon880400 is 0 sound mm is muted i think.03:09
Anjasure done03:09
DataCrossgregorovius: | is like &&? (Spanish: | es como &&?)03:09
ka2Anja: does it work?03:09
MrKnightsgregorovius: thanks03:10
speeddemon8804alsa gets confusing after a while of head scratching eh Pelo? :P03:10
PeloAnja, just keep clcking the right arrow, there are a lot more sliders then the half dozen on the one screen03:10
ka2DataCross: no it transfers the output of one program to the input of the next03:10
Anjapelo, ka2 - got all those - everything is unmuted!  but no sound yet - when i do the sound preferences, i should be able to hear something under the "test" button, correct?03:10
Pelospeeddemon8804,  I try to avoid it myself the the volume icon's preference tab doesnt display everytihing by default03:10
gregoroviusDataCross, nope... try something like 'ls /usr/bin' and then 'ls /usr/bin | less'03:10
PeloAnja, yes03:11
ka2Anjo: yes a beep03:11
DataCrosska2 oka03:11
gregoroviusyou're redirecting the output of the first command (ls) to less, a text reader03:11
Anja(sigh) nothing yet - i heard a pc beep, but that wasn't from the speakers i don't THINK03:11
Anjalemme turn it up03:11
PeloAnja, in the menu > system > prefs > sound ,  make sure you have the corect output device selected03:11
mage__demonspork: i'm not seeing anything blatantly obvious03:12
cjaeka2, did you paste that xorg03:12
mage__thats it failing to start right?03:12
Anjait's supposed to be the VIA alsa mixer, yes?03:12
demonsporkmage__, it also seems to leave a running bash shell in the process list every time the terminal fails to launch03:12
PeloAnja, try them all if you need to03:12
demonsporkthat is it failing to start03:12
ka2Anja: that does sound right03:12
cjaeka2, opps I just noticed you are helping someone03:12
frost0Pelo, you play ETQW?03:12
atcla_ubuntuhwo to install firefox flash player ?03:12
ka2cjae: i dont mind i can try to help two people :)03:13
speeddemon8804I love how were all pitching in for Anja, teamwork rocks! :)03:13
PeloAnja, I have all mine set to automatic detection03:13
Pelofrost0, I am not a gamer03:13
sn0frost0 i do :)03:13
AnjaYES indeed, i really *REALLY* appreciate it.03:13
* Pelo does enjoy a bit of frozen bubbles however 03:13
ka2speeddemon8804: it makes life easier03:13
Anjaas a new ubuntu user, i really like it, but some of it is really different03:13
frost0sn0, i downloaded the demo03:13
frost0but, there is an update03:13
speeddemon8804Ka2, totally :D03:13
mage__demonspork: ususally i have troubles with the terminal program not being able to make a pty03:13
ogreanyone know a app for copying websites? something with gui preferably03:13
Anjanavigating hardware and drivers and the like03:13
Anjaso hrm... tried everything in the menu03:14
frost0sn0, can't find the update :(03:14
speeddemon8804Ogre, for offline web browsing?03:14
sn0frost0 you can download the full 1.1 client fyi03:14
Anjai feel like i must be missing something totally simple or something03:14
frost0sn0, i did.03:14
mage__demonspork: but I'm not seeing that in there, its a screwy issue i've never come across before, only possible lead might be it not finding locale info03:14
ogrespeeddemon8804:  well i need to copy the whole site03:14
frost0sn0, it says....new updated version available...download now? and that's my only choice :(03:14
PeloAnja,  I tried ubuntu as an intro to linux in 2006 because It thought it might help with jobs,  took me 5 days to reboot windows and that was just to get my email infor03:14
ka2Anja: im running out of ideas and it does seem so but i cant think of anything :(03:14
drpckenhey guys, i put my touchpad on max sensitivity using gsynaptics, but it doesn't change the mouse cursor speed, any ideas?03:14
drpckentouchpad is SLOW03:15
Anjamight a reboot help?03:15
PeloAnja, in the terminal type  gnome-control-center ,  click the sound thingy in there , set all the audio devices to automatic03:15
Anjahrm :(03:15
frost0sn0, you don't get that error?03:15
Z_o-s-odrpcken : the sensitivity in gsynaptics is touch sensing, not cursor movement03:15
sn0frost0 no i have retail game03:15
PeloAnja, don't need rebootmuch in linux03:15
speeddemon8804Ogre, there is a command, but im not sure exactly how great it will work:  wget -r http://www.website.com03:15
demonsporkmage__, do you know where the gnome-terminal config files are located? I am thinking about just deleting them03:15
yangerhaving some trouble with ubuntu and a dvd drive... i burnt some avi files under windows on another pc, and when i try to play them off the ubuntu system, it warns me that the file i am trying to start (with gnome nautilus) is a text file and to override if needed. when i do override it, it takes forever and i get i/o errors in dmesg... any advise? works fine on windoze pcs03:15
frost0sn0, do i need physical copy of the game to install retail?03:15
ka2drpcken: try the acceleration option in System > Preferences > Moude03:16
sn0frost0 retail is the physical game03:16
frost0sn0, or can i just go to product and buy linux version03:16
speeddemon8804Ogre, type that in terminal03:16
frost0sn0, excuse me...i mean...i don't need windows version right?03:16
sn0frost0 if you buy the retail disc you can use the linux client installer fine03:16
frost0sn0, oh03:16
ka2Anja: do the speakers work?03:16
ka2Anja: sorry just trying to think of things that could cause it03:17
squeea friend at my school just removed /var/lib/dpkg/info/  Is there any way to save the system?03:17
PeloAnja, have you tried this ?03:17
ka2squee: ill just try and find out03:17
Pelo!sound > Anja check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu03:17
sn0frost0 this is a bit off topic, so pm if you like but check http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/etqw/ for latest demo client03:17
=== Colecionador is now known as Kolecionador
Anjayes speakers work - i can hear them turning on and off - and they're new out of the box03:17
floppyshurikenI'm not kidding, it took me 5 min to start ubuntu...03:17
floppyshurikenfresh install03:17
ka2squee: probably not03:18
squeelol ok thanks03:18
Pelofloppyshuriken,  and now ? when you reboot ?03:18
ka2squee: why did they have root access03:18
sn0squee i have a server name after you :)03:18
AnjaOK thank you! going to go try out the suggestions be back in a min with a status report03:19
squeeka2, it's his server i helped set up03:19
squeesn0,  :D03:19
PeloAnja, best of luck03:19
ka2loppyshuriken: livecd :)03:19
ka2squee: oh03:19
mage__demonspork: either something in /etc or a . file in /home/$you03:19
sn0squee fyi http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-server@lists.ubuntu.com/msg00549.html03:19
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
cjaeanyone here able to send me there nvidia xorg.conf so I can copy out somethings not generated by sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:20
ka2sn0: looks interesting03:20
Pelocjae, do you know what settings you need that might be easier to handle, we mightbe able to tell you from memory or somethng03:20
ka2cjae: i gave my config which works 100% for me03:20
Rolcolto upgrade ubuntu do you have to completely reinstall everything?03:21
ka2cjae: and we dont know what you are wanting :(03:21
PeloRolcol, no03:21
ka2Rolcol:  no03:21
sn0squee the 2nd last comment links to a 404, but web archive caught it at http://web.archive.org/web/20070525041031/http://mm.bbspals.org/linux/lost-var-lib-dpkg-on-debian/03:21
cjaeka2, did you post the link03:21
RolcolHow do I upgrade then?03:21
ka2Rolcol: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading03:21
speeddemon8804!upgrade > Rolcol Rolco..please check PM.03:21
squeesn0, awesome, thanks i'll try that03:21
cjaeHi,  Any xorg gurus around, I need help with a xorg.conf question I think I have most of it figured out. It is all explained in the pastebin http://pastebin.ca/91582303:21
ogreanyone know a app for copying websites? something with gui preferably  I need to backup my  pics and videos03:21
ka2cjae: yes ill just get it again03:21
PeloRolcol, but if you upgrade it is a good idea to run  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop first , the upgrade upgrades the metapackage if it is not fullly installed there are issues03:22
sn0hope it helps03:22
cjaeka2, couldn't find it scrolling back03:22
ka2cjae: http://pastebin.ca/91585503:22
cjaeka2, thanks03:22
ka2cjae: it seems to have been about 20 minutes ago03:22
demonsporkmage__, it was something wrong in the config, I deleted the gnome-terminal foler in .gconf and it works fine now ~~~03:23
RolcolPelo: thanks!03:23
guest_hi...i'd like to know, if there any soulseek client for ubuntu?03:23
SpookyETHow do you list the files of a package?03:23
Peloguest_, yes,  check in add/remove03:24
AnjaOOOH ok so i found doing the "lspci -v" command in the shell:03:24
demonsporkoooh, mage__, I figured it out. when I turn on transparency it does it. I have never had this problem on other systems. But when the background is transparent, it will only load one of them03:24
guest_ok thanks...Pelo03:24
PeloSpookyET, check in synaptic, find the package check the properties03:24
cjaeka2, you have nothing under #03:24
cjaeSection "Files"03:24
cjaeEndSection is this new with ubuntu? I does not use any fonts or load anything but glx?03:24
ka2guest_: maybe try http://tinyurl.com/2d8ve303:24
SpookyETPelo: command line03:24
silalahianybody playin nexiuz??03:24
PeloSpookyET, man  apt-cache  there might be someting in there03:25
Anjait says "Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 20, I/O ports at c000 [size=256] Capabilities: <access denied>"03:25
Anjai don't know what that means, but access denied doesn't sound good03:25
ka2guest_: try the nicotine package03:25
guest_is that compatible with soulseek 157 ?03:25
erichello everyone, nice to meet you!03:25
PeloAnja, goto menu > systsem> admin > user. check your users properties make sure you have permissionto use sound device03:26
Peloeric, everyone is not here right now , but we'll tell him you said hi03:26
bulazeemwhen i turn my pc off, the light under my mouse still shines and my external hard drive never shuts off.  does anyone know how to fix this?  it never did it when i used to use windows :(03:26
boltI inserted a new harddrive which I want to use for my /home partition. How can I copy everything over with permissions and all? I mounted both partitions (old and new /home)03:27
guest_what is "beryl" ?03:27
Pelobulazeem, shutdown or suspended ?03:27
* speeddemon8804 looks at pelo...your not right hehe03:27
guest_sorry, i'm very new to linux base os03:27
Anjai did, root didn't03:27
CannedCornhey when you are installing03:27
Anjais it supposed to?03:27
erichehe, thank you anyway. :)03:27
CannedCornand your resizing a partition03:27
CannedCornwhat does the slider pick03:27
`Adrianbulazeem mouse is on USB ?03:27
bulazeemPelo: shutdown03:27
Peloguest_, beryl WAS a composite manager that let youhave special effects on your dektop, it is now called compiz-fuison03:27
bulazeem`Adrian: yes.  usb03:27
CannedCornwhen it says 50% is that how big its going to make the windows partition or the ubuntu partition03:27
CorruptTerroristthe people in #ubuntu+1 are no help03:27
ka2guest_: "Desktop effects"03:28
PeloAnja, give it to root , just in case03:28
`Adrianbulazeem you need to unplug it from power and the plug it back in .. and you solve the problem03:28
`AdrianI have same problem03:28
Anjayeah , boo, no dice03:28
guest_ok..that's means..."beryl" is aditional desktop effects?03:28
PeloCannedCorn, what ?03:28
nickrudCannedCorn: half a dozen one, 6 the other03:28
bulazeem`Adrian: every time i shutdown?03:28
Peloguest_, no beryl no longer exist , it was merged back in to compiz-fusion03:29
ka2guest_: beryl is old. now people use compiz fusion, which is included in ubuntu gutsy as "Desktop effects"03:29
cjaedoes ubuntu not have to point to fonts in 7.10 now as nothing is regenerated under Section Files in xorg.conf?03:29
nickrudcjae: correct03:29
speeddemon8804!compiz > guest_03:30
cjaeand only has to load glx ?03:30
nickrudcjae: or more precisely, X does that for itself03:30
speeddemon8804Guest check your private messages to learn more ;)03:30
caiomeiraHI! I'm another newbie trying to make my sound board work... can anyone help-me03:30
CannedCornno but lets say i set the slider to 90%03:30
`Adrianbulazeem yes every time ...03:30
Pelo!sound > caiomeira check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu03:30
CannedCorndoes that mean windows part is 90 or the ubuntu part is 9003:30
ka2caiomeira: what sound card is it? do you kniw?03:30
bulazeem`Adrian:  ugh.  i guess i could leave them on.  no harm right?03:30
AnjaOK do i need to follow these directions do you think?: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-via82xx03:31
guest_ok....how can i check my ubuntu version?03:31
`Adrianno :)03:31
caiomeiragenius maker value 5.103:31
=== david_ is now known as RastaDave00
arun_anybody used obexftp to transfer files?03:31
nickrudCannedCorn: I don't have the install right in front of me, what exactly does the instruction say?03:31
Pelo!version | guest_03:31
ubotuguest_: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell03:31
CannedCorngot it I think03:31
ka2caiomeira: ill look for more info03:31
speeddemon8804!version | guest_03:31
arun_i am able to list the root folder but unable to cd into the subfolders03:31
cjaenickrud, can you please look over my xorg.conf quick, also what about the having to add 666 to the bottom of xorg.conf? for user permissions?03:31
speeddemon8804oops :/03:31
* Pelo slaps speeddemon8804 on the wrist03:31
cjaenickrud, I have edited out all the crap03:31
speeddemon8804!shell | guest_03:32
mediabuntuhi dose any one know how to use my bluetooth head set for playing mp3s it seems to not work, i only hear noises03:32
ubotuguest_: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:32
speeddemon8804just to be sure we get all our bases covered on this one :)03:32
nickrudcjae: sure. Is it for dri? That's allows all users to use direct rending, those permissions03:32
nickrudcjae: what's the link?03:32
speeddemon8804I know pelo, racing to ubotu gets people trampled :P03:32
drpckenka2, i tried setting the acceleration and sensitivity in both mouse and TouchPad settings,but only my mouse is affected, my touchpad is soooo annoyingly slow03:33
guest_Distributor ID: Ubuntu03:33
ogreanyone know a app for copying websites? something with gui preferably  I need to backup my  pics and videos03:33
guest_Description:    Ubuntu 7.1003:33
guest_Release:        7.1003:33
guest_Codename:       gutsy03:33
earlmredogre: wget03:33
ka2drpcken: i dont use a laptop so I dont know all that much :(03:33
cjaenickrud, yes it is just that my linux installs last for so long that I forget how to explain/do stuff and need a lick start... one sec and ill post link03:33
Peloguest_, please dont, pated to the channel03:33
drpckenka2, thanks for the suggestions :)03:33
ka2ogre: backup picks from where?03:33
earlmredogre: http://www.jbip.net/content/how-create-a-local-copy-a-dynamic-site03:33
guest_ok, sorry03:33
nickruddrpcken: install gsynaptics , add the line   Option "SHMConfig" "1" , restart X and you'll have a gui tool under prefs03:34
lilythI have set my sound device to be my external usb device using gnome, the test works, but when I play something in firefox or amarok it plays out my notebook speakers.03:34
nickruddrpcken: add that line to the touchpad part of /etc/X11/xorg , that is03:34
Peloguest_, no worries,  this is just a busy channel, pasting stuff in here just makes it unreadable03:34
guest_im very new to all this linux stuff03:34
guest_however, i'm the MS insider03:34
Peloguest_, we've all been there03:34
ka2!pastebin > guest_03:34
cjaenickrud, http://pastebin.ca/91586903:34
rhineheart_mhello! I have this error: telnet: could not resolve mail.*****/25: Name or service not known03:35
speeddemon8804grrr, i love pidgin, impossible to private message back!03:35
* Pelo remembers being a slave to windows, 03:35
cjaenickrud, sorry that should say kick start as well03:35
ka2guest_: we all had to start at the beginning03:35
speeddemon8804Windows? Oh...you mean the depreciated OS that was from the 90's? :P~03:35
Pelospeeddemon8804, sorry to hear that, I recomned xchat03:35
speeddemon8804im about to go there pelo :P03:35
sysdefspeeddemon8804: it's from the late 80s03:36
Pelospeeddemon8804, actualy win98 was a nice os03:36
speeddemon8804i love xchat, pidgin just sucks03:36
zcat[1]I kinda migrated from drdos to slackware, never really used windows that much03:36
rhineheart_mCan anybody here tell me what's that error about and how to fix it?03:36
guest_Ka2... where r u from?03:36
speeddemon8804sysdef, yeah, somethingl ike that :)03:36
rhineheart_mhello! I have this error: telnet: could not resolve mail.*****/25: Name or service not known<<<<03:36
nickrudcjae: I'm not at all familiar with dual monitors, especially with tv out03:36
Pelorhineheart_m, do a search in the forum for the error msg03:36
ka2guest_: windows, then mandrake03:36
Pelonickrud, doesnt, he need mythtv for tvout ?03:37
caiomeira!Ka2 > My modo has a onboard sound card (ASUS A7S333), but the mic didnt work, so I bought a genius 5.1. with this card I dont have any sound at all03:37
SpookyETDoes anyone use fish?03:37
PeloSpookyET, what is fish ? and what is your issue ?03:37
nickrudPelo: no real clue. That might be fine for dual monitor. Just don't know03:37
SpookyETPelo:  it's  a shell03:37
Pelonickrud, sucks being poor and not having the snazzy toys doesn't it ?03:37
zcat[1]rhineheart_m: s/\//\ /03:37
guest_what's that now?03:37
ka2caiomeira: i dont think i can help with either :(03:37
nickrudPelo: but mythtv can play to any output, don't think it would require special stuff in X03:37
guest_what is mandrake?03:37
CyntroxHey... I'm using some kind of alternate installer for Ubuntu, and I get the following error: "kernel    c:\boot\linux vga=normal ramdisk=14972 root=/dev/rd/0 rw --" then on the next line: "error 1: Filename must be either an absolute pathname or blocklist". How do I give an absolute pathname if not like that?03:37
rhineheart_mPelo: I tried to google it but I couldn't get the answer03:37
cjaenickrud, do you know if I still need that syntax for direct rendering in there now?03:38
ka2caiomeira: try the forums03:38
* speeddemon8804 is so poor i cant afford windows....yay!03:38
Peloguest_, another distro03:38
nickrudPelo: heh. I'm a minimalist, when I was young I only allowed myself to own 500 possessions. A sock counted as one, as did a spoon03:38
panfisthi im new to linux and im having a performance problem, i'm trying to play frets on fire and the framerate is like 15fps, i have a geforce 4 with restricted drivers, pentium4 2.4ghz, 1 gig ram, the game runs fine in windows...03:38
Pelorhineheart_m, www.ubuntuforums.org , might jsut want to search for the keywords03:38
caiomeira!ka2 > thanks!03:38
Werdnais there a free TTS engine that doesn't suck?03:38
* speeddemon8804 goes back on-topic before i get an off-topic shoved up my tail03:38
ka2guest_: a distro that has since been renamed to Mandriva03:38
Werdnapanfist: using dual-core?03:38
nickrudPelo: I limit myself to one computer, one display, not _just_ because I'm not flush :)03:39
panfistwerdna no single core, old school p4 2.4ghz from when they first came out03:39
ka2vWerdna: what is a TTS engine03:39
legohi, i have a skystar usb plus, i nees help to install03:39
chuckis there any way to make the ibook trackpad work better in ubuntu?03:39
ogreanyone know a app for copying websites? something with gui preferably  I need to backup my  pics and videos (something besides wget)03:39
=== reconnect is now known as recon
chuckaka: disable tap-to-click03:39
Werdnaka2: text to speech03:39
ka2ogre: what is it for?03:39
tomassoim having trouble with libgtk2.0 and libpango1.0, when they are upgraded I get cannot find symbol error, and when they are downgraded i start for example openoffice and it doesnt show the icons :S any clues on that?03:40
ka2Werdna: oh thanks for the expanation03:40
Peloguest_,  I think you got lost in the traffic where are you at right now and what were you tring to acheive03:40
glokogre: HTTrack03:40
speeddemon8804Ogre, yeah..im sorry i shoved wget your way, that was the only one i knew of besides htttrack03:40
rhineheart_mPelo: thanks.. actually I can connect if I will telnet localhost 25...but if I will replace localhost with mail.domain*** the error will appear03:40
Pelorhineheart_m,  a bit over my head I'm affraid03:40
guest_im just a newbies for linux base os...03:40
ogreka2: to back up videos/pics that i have stored from my phone on my t-mo site03:41
guest_and i want to know more about effect stuffs03:41
ka2ogre: ok03:41
Peloguest_, you have ubuntu installed atm ?03:41
charliegmwuhahaha i come to TAKE AWAY your FREE time...03:41
nickrudguest_: #compiz-fusion usually have people that will explain a lot about effects03:41
charliegbridge builder game03:41
charliegnow for linux03:41
FloodBot1charlieg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:41
Peloguest_, goto , menu > system> preference > appearance, last tab03:41
speeddemon8804!offtopic | charlieg03:42
ubotucharlieg: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:42
CyntroxHey... I'm using some kind of alternate installer for Ubuntu, and I get the following error: "kernel    c:\boot\linux vga=normal ramdisk=14972 root=/dev/rd/0 rw --" then on the next line: "error 1: Filename must be either an absolute pathname or blocklist". How do I give an absolute pathname if not like that?03:42
PeloCyntrox, installing from inside windows03:43
drpckennickrud, I did that and used the GUI for Touchpad, but it doesn't work after i set the settings03:43
ka2Pelo: im pretty sure03:43
CyntroxUh, well, sort of, I think it's going through DOS03:43
nickruddrpcken: a sec, I need to reset that again myself. brb03:43
PeloCyntrox, did yo boot from a cd or something ?03:43
ka2Cyntrox: Win NT/2000/XP/Vista dont have DOS03:44
gotenksquestion, how can i make a launcher to do something with admin rights (i have to use sudo command)03:44
gtti accidentally deleted some files and also emptied the trash can... anyone recommend a way i might be able to recover some of my info?03:44
CyntroxPelo, it's not a CD, it's from the hard drive03:44
gtte2undel didnt work for me03:44
* Pelo wonders why he's getting into thins one , install problems realy aren't his thing 03:44
PeloCyntrox, any reason why you can't dl the cd iso and try instaling from that ?03:44
prince_jammysCyntrox: you need to burn the install CD and boot from it03:44
CyntroxYeah. It gives me errors. Hold on, I'll paste them03:45
ka2prince_jammys: there are windows based installers03:45
PeloCyntrox, in a pastebin not in here03:45
prince_jammyska2: how does that work?03:45
ka2!pastebin | prince_jammys03:45
ubotuprince_jammys: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:45
prince_jammysok, now what do i paste?03:45
ka2oops sorry wrong person03:46
Peloprince_jammys, they make a virtual drive inside windows and ir runs as a guest os03:46
maimsterPelo: Which version are you trying to get installed?03:46
ka2!pastebin > Cyntrox03:46
CyntroxPelo, it's just the same errors over again with different values =P So I'll only paste 2 lines03:46
Pelomaimster,  not me, Cyntrox03:46
maimsterPelo: Sorry.03:46
PeloCyntrox, you get that when installing from the cd ?03:46
CyntroxYeah. I get to the graphical menu, but when I press install(or vertify disk) I get errors03:47
gotenksanyone know my issue?03:47
maimsterCyntrox: I used this floppy today called Smart Boot Manager I think and it allowed me to do the install.03:47
ka2gotenks: yes03:47
PeloCyntrox, does the cd work in other computers ?03:47
prince_jammysgotenks: a launcher for a GUI app?03:47
Cyntroxmaimster, I don't have a floppy drive =P03:47
gotenksno, i need to mount my zen drive03:47
ka2gotenks: add gksudo to the front of the command03:47
CyntroxPelo, I haven't tried... I probably should03:48
PeloCyntrox, that should be your next step03:48
maimsterCyntrox: Hmm... thinking...03:48
arnnnwhat virtualization software can run ubuntu from windows xp ?03:48
maimsterCyntrox: You just have to find a good source for the ISO.03:48
dingstarcan someone connect to gravix.ath.cx and see what is wrong with my ssh server03:48
ka2arnnn: VirtualBox (virtualbox.org)03:48
Peloarnnn,  virtualbox,  vmware , most of them I shoud think03:48
gotenkswill try that ka203:48
arnnnthank you03:49
ka2Pelo: but not Microsoft's one03:49
nickruddrpcken: ok, the gui works for me, but it doesn't control touchpad speed.03:49
CyntroxHere are the errors:03:49
Cyntrox[  593.999153] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen03:49
Cyntrox[  606.0476770] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 003:49
CyntroxIt repeats with different values...03:49
maimsterCyntrox: Looks like SATA values.03:50
ka2could be the cd or drive03:50
maimsterCyntrox: Which motherboard?03:50
PeloCyntrox, the emask line without values in the search of the forum www.ubuntuforums.org03:50
ka2good thinking maimster03:50
CyntroxMotherboard: Asus P5P80003:50
nickruddrpcken: the sensitivity controls how hard I have to touch the pad to make it work (and I turned off tap click, I'd almost adapted but since I can easily...)03:50
CyntroxI'll search now03:50
PeloCyntrox, if it is any consolation  p4p800 works well03:51
* Pelo pats his box 03:51
maimsterka2: I got those errors with a new chipset from Intel. However the newer 7.10 fixed it.03:51
ka2should probably go now, been on here for ages03:51
maimsterUsing DG31PR.03:51
=== rat32 is now known as Palace
Shkevecan anyone help me please?03:52
nickrud!ask | Shkeve03:52
ubotuShkeve: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:52
ka2but i just cant leave03:52
PeloShkeve, state your problem03:52
=== Palace is now known as Palace_Chan
nickrudlol, I was about to ask you about that ka203:52
Peloka2, would you like us to ban you ? if that helps03:52
Shkevebut I get just a black screen when I boot gutsy03:52
stefanoCould anyone tell me how to set the tty console keyboard layout without depending on X server being installed?03:52
PeloShkeve, what video card ?03:52
maimsterShkeve: How long did you let the black screen sit?03:53
cycomany idea why upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 kills my display brightness controls and remote?03:53
Shkeveati radeo xpress 20003:53
cycomShouldn't an upgrade make things better, not worse?03:53
nickrudstefano: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup I think03:53
ShkeveI've installed it and have been using it for about a week now with no trouble.03:53
supersakowhats the general chat ubuntu channel?03:53
stefanonickrud, Isn't there a command i could execute without depending on dpkg?03:53
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:54
iKapim having wifi probs.. anyone wanna help me out?03:54
PeloShkeve,   boot the recovery mode and type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg,  select the vesa driver and leave the rest on default unless you know better03:54
nickrudstefano: debconf is the ubuntu configureator, that's how you access it03:54
Pelo!wifi > iKap check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu03:54
Shkevewhat does that do, so I know?03:54
holycowhey guys03:54
stefanoShkeve, give the black screen a few minutes, no more than 5. Some times ubuntu doesn't display the loading screen, but a black screen.03:54
nickrudShkeve: are you using the fglrx (restricted) driver?03:55
iKapPelo, already looked through that.03:55
speeddemon8804dang, before i can even get the i in ikap out youve already blasted it his way...and i use the bot a lot :P03:55
PeloShkeve, it reconfigures xorg for the video card,  the vesa driver is jsut the default for cards with no FOSS drivers,it will get you a gui back so youcan deal with the problem03:55
stefanoShkeve, if you see the lights that indicate HDD usage blinking while this black screen is on, it is probably that.03:55
jnascimentodoes anybody here knows upstart??03:55
holycowanyone here run the eeepc ubuntu install script?  just curious if that is a script that plays nice withubuntu packager or whether or not its one of those idiotic automatix types of things that does its own thing?03:55
nickrudShkeve: it does that, there's a bug listed for it. When you do the reconfigure, use the ati driver. It's better than the vesa (sorry Pelo)03:55
ShkeveI'm able to be on the net right now because I pressed the Prt Scrn button, and opened up help from there.03:56
* Pelo will never forgive nickrud for contradicting him 03:56
nickrudShkeve: I have the same chip as you, and don't use the fancy desktop because of it03:56
ShkeveI'll try that now though.  Thanks for the advice.03:56
prince_jammysdoes sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg have to be run from recovery mode?03:57
=== wasta_ is now known as davidz
Peloprince_jammys, no ti can be run from the termnal03:57
nickrudprince_jammys: no, it can be run any time. It takes effect the next time X is started03:57
prince_jammysjust checking whether i gave the wrong advice to about 150 people03:58
nickrudprince_jammys: suggesting it in recovery is useful if you get a report of black screen, they can't see anything03:58
Peloprince_jammys, been there, sucks when you realise it03:58
tuccii use a screenwriting program called celtx; ubuntu insists on opening celtx as a zip archive, though I've set it to always open with celtx - opening the file from within celtx works fine. Is there another way to set the default program?03:59
prince_jammysnickrud: i see03:59
tomassowhat happens with libgdk libpango and libpng ? there is a big issue with those04:00
Pelotucci, the only way I know is ,  pick the file wiht the corect type, right click properties,   open with , addthe correct app to the list, set it to default , remove the others04:00
SuhailIt is as simple as copying files from an ISO to boot ubuntu from a USB to install on a PC?04:00
nickrudtucci: you should report it as a bug on bugs.launchpad.net , against the package file.  attach a small example file04:00
fredmvAny of you guys run Gentoo at all?04:01
fredmvIt seems like another solid distro.04:01
ka2Suhail: sorry I only just came back what are you wanting to do?04:01
tuccipelo: thanks, did that, except I don't know how to remove the others04:01
PeloSuhail, more or less , make sure they are top level in the folder structure04:01
SuhailI want to install ubuntu on my PC but I don't want to burn the ISO to a CD but to a USB drive instead.04:01
tuccinickrud: there is no package file, AFAIK, I had to download the program from the website04:01
ka2Suhail: you can do that04:01
Pelotucci, in the same dialog, you dhould be able to select the apps and hit a remove button04:01
ka2Suhail: you need a 1Gb+ one04:02
alex_hi guys. is there a limit on the number of files that I can put in a directory?04:02
SuhailI have 2GB +04:02
Pelo!install > Suhail check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu04:02
SuhailWindows says it's empty but I am not sure if it REALLY is :P04:02
[BreliC]anyone here good with python?04:02
[BreliC]for some reason I can't join the channel04:02
nickrudtucci: no, I mean the ubuntu package 'file' . That has the magic stuff that recognizes file types, and it only sees your files as zips.  try    file <oneofyourscripts> to check04:02
ka2Suhail: but you will need linux to do it :(04:02
ka2[BreliC]: I know a little04:02
Pelo[BreliC], you need to be registered on the network ,  type /msg nickserv register help04:02
SuhailMaybe I should just screw it and just install it via burning it to a cd.04:03
[BreliC]i am registered04:03
nickrud[BreliC]: some channels require registration, it cuts down on spammers and trolls04:03
[BreliC]what's the command to log in again?04:03
[BreliC]haven't been on in a while04:03
Starnestommy[BreliC]: /msg nickserv identify <password>04:03
Pelo[BreliC], /msg nickserv identify passowrd04:03
Pelog'night folks04:04
[BreliC]thanks guys04:04
[BreliC]i'm working on a few screenlets and just wanted some python help04:05
tuccipelo: thx, didn't fix it, but thx04:05
ka2[BreliC]: more specific04:05
tuccinickrud: I see, okay, it does say it is a zip archive, needing 2.0 to open, I'll file the bug04:05
nickrudplease take python to python :)04:05
ka2[BreliC]: #python may be of help04:06
[BreliC]ka2, i'll ask my questions in the python channel04:06
nickrudtucci: you should probably search to see if it's already filed, of course04:06
[BreliC]ka2, thanks, that's where i am now :)04:06
tuccinickrud: k04:06
RJ__Does anyone know if Cedega is better than WINE for older games?04:07
stefanoHow to set the keyboard layout / keymap in the tty console in a ubuntu instalation that has no X installed?04:08
ka2 RJ__: which games04:08
ka2 RJ__: it depends04:08
RJ__I want to run steam games, like HL2, and games like Civ 3 and WC304:08
stefanoAnd if possible to work with any other linux installation.04:08
ka2 RJ__: maybe have a look at the wine appdb? htpp://appdb.winehq.org04:09
nickrudstefano: that stuff is scattered all over /etc , each distro will have it's own tools/layout04:09
gotenksthe gksudo doesn't like running the mtpfs command04:09
stefanoI have my own custome layout.04:09
ShkeveI jst did the steps I was told, and now, the screen is the beige color that it is before the desktop loads, but the desktop doesn't load04:09
RJ__Thanks, Ill give that a try04:09
mage__stefano: have you tried messing around with loadkeys?04:10
stefanonickrud, I have my own custom layout, and if I run "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup" will it not depend on X?04:10
stefanomage, that is a temporary fix.04:11
nickrudstefano: then look for boottime.kmap.gz in /etc/console-setup. I played with that stuff so long ago ..04:11
stefanonickrud, ok thanks for the info.04:11
nickrudstefano: no, that setup is completely separate from X04:11
udayhow to install CCSM?is it through synaptic manager...?04:11
nickrudstefano: but it probably won't see your custom stuff anyway04:11
nickrudstefano: the dpkg-reconfigure I mean, in my last04:12
nickrududay: compizconfig-settings-manager04:12
cycomok, so I have ubuntu 7.04 livecd, and right now, my fn-keys work fine on my toshiba a100.  my remote works fine as well.  They will continue to work fine after I install and update.  As soon as I go to 7.10, they stop working.  the keys don't show up in xev. what on earth could be handling them?04:12
Shkevecan someone help me with this problem?04:12
mage__cycom: X might be ignoring them?04:13
mage__I didn't know funky keys show up in xev04:13
cycommage__: they may not. but how would they be handled otherwise?04:14
bnmjosh83Hi, if someone can help me with my internet with ubuntu, PLEASE message me04:14
ka2cycom: try system > preferences > keyboard shortcuts ?04:14
Hirvinen!ask | bnmjosh8304:14
ubotubnmjosh83: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:14
ka2cycom: it can help sometimes to go through and assign them04:14
cycomka2: they don't show up as keycodes. how would I assign them?04:15
mage__cycom: kernel could be ignoring them, kernel could be sticking those buttons as a fancy /dev/ file, or they need to be assigned,04:15
ka2cycom: that could be a problem :)04:15
cycomfn + f7 just shows as f7.04:15
udaynickrud: ya did that.is it sufficient to enable desktop 3d effects.?04:15
tarelerulzI have been have this problem.  I use Ndiswrapper for my wireless card . unstalled the old ndiswrapper and install the new one 1.49 . I still can't get my routers web page.  anyone have any idea what that might be04:15
cycombut in 7.04, my brightness changes04:15
killownthere is any visual tool to create a gtkrc without knowing the syntax of gtkrc?04:15
nickrududay: no, you need to make sure you're using the right video driver, and go to system->prefs->appearance effects tab04:16
cycomhell, even in command line the brightness changes04:16
cycomso it's not X04:16
nickrudkillown: don't we wish04:16
=== _max` is now known as max`
ka2nickrud: it will ask about the video driver & offer to install it04:16
nickrudka2: if it's supported04:16
ka2killown: for murrine ther is04:17
iceswordhi,i got this damn thing,this day i installed debian,which ubuntu is based on,when i got to "install grub" power is off,then i restart after a while,i cannot boot into debian,but already have debian installed to the disk,anyway to fix this04:17
ShkeveMy ubuntu desktop isn't loading.  Can someone help me?04:17
killownka2 thank you04:17
ka2Shkeve: we kind of need more details04:17
udaynicrud: ya its working.thank you.04:17
cycomicesword: lemme guess, you asked in debian and they said 'rtfm'?04:17
Shkevewhat more details can I give you?04:18
Jack_Sparrowicesword: /j #Debian04:18
gotenkska2 thank you, had to put quotes arround the mtpfs -o04:18
iceswordcycom, ?04:18
djznquestion: does Nautilus CD/DVD Burning Engine burns the media as ISO9660/TAO/Sessions or burn the media as UDF/Packet Writing?04:18
cycomicesword: the channel, #debian04:18
Shkeveafter I enter my username and password, I just get the beige screen that shows normally before the desktop loads04:18
iceswordcycom, what rtfm04:18
ubotuAcronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:18
cycomicesword: 'read the friggen manual', somewhat of a mantra in debian04:18
mage__wait a sec04:19
nickrudJack_Sparrow: tag04:20
mage__I've never seen that one04:20
hipekhopanybody can help me??04:20
nickrudgoogle it04:20
mage__you probably made it up last week ;)04:20
Jack_Sparrownickrud: Hi, Im doing better, just thought I needed to check in.04:20
Jordan_UShkeve, Try looging in to a failsafe session04:20
nickrudJack_Sparrow: good to hear04:20
mage__ohhhh, funny04:20
hipekhopi can't good speak english, but i try understand, what you write for me:>04:20
ghostwhat is the command to reconfigure xorg04:20
Jordan_U!anyone | hipekhop04:20
ubotuhipekhop: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:20
ghosti am using the Nvidia restricted driver04:20
nickrudghost: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:21
Jordan_Uhipekhop, What language do you speak?04:21
ghostfor whatever reason I can only display 640x04:21
Jack_Sparrowsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:21
ghostok thanks04:21
hipekhopok... bye;)04:21
iceswordhi,i got this damn thing,this day i installed ubuntu,when i got to "install grub" power is off,then i restart after a while,i cannot boot into ubuntu,but already have ubuntu installed to the disk,anyway to fix this04:21
nickrudhipekhop: there are many language channels, we might have yours04:21
Jack_Sparrowghost: Be sure to setup your monitor v/h refresh rates too04:21
djznquestion: does Nautilus CD/DVD Burning Engine burns the media as ISO9660/TAO/Sessions or burn the media as UDF/Packet Writing?04:22
mage__icesword: fire up the live cd, mount the disk and continue from there?04:22
Jack_Sparrowicesword: How did you install ubuntu... which version?04:22
mage__djzn: I'd guess the first one04:22
nickruddjzn: 2.0 udf on dvd's I think04:22
iceswordhdd install04:22
mage__my linux box wont read whatever UDF vista uses on dvds04:22
ka2hdd install - but from alternate or live04:22
cycomicesword: you said debian like 10 seconds ago.04:22
nickrudmage__: that's 2.504:23
cycomicesword: don't lie to get help dude.04:23
Jack_Sparrowicesword: Which option at the first menu.. and there are several currect releases...04:23
nickrudmage__: I think :)04:23
mage__icesword: debian and ubuntu have crazy different booting stuffs04:23
ka2icesword: is there a debian irc chanell04:23
iceswordthany you all04:24
iceswordi will stop04:24
nickrudeventually ;p04:24
[BreliC]anyone here know where i can find the API description for the python screenlets module?04:24
[BreliC]the #python channel is not that helpful04:24
ka2[BreliC]: on the screenlets site I think04:24
ka2[BreliC]: i will check04:25
[BreliC]ka2, i looked, but didn't find it anywhere04:25
Shkevedoes anyone else have any ideas on how to recover a desktop that won't load?  I'm using ubuntu 7.1004:25
nickrud[BreliC]: http://www.screenlets.org/index.php/Documentation#Developers ?04:25
[BreliC]i'd like to know the class descriptions, etc.. i can't even find it on my machine!  weird.. it's not in the python mods directory04:25
Jack_SparrowShkeve: what were you doing the last time it worked04:25
ka2oops a little late04:25
bluefoxxok, so i sucessfully edited /etc/fstab on my other computer to auto mount a pair of extra 6 gig hdds under the home folder's to Documents and Music, and i changed it so user owns them and theres 666 write permissions on them, but i tried draging and dropping a file into one and it says "Error: you do not have permission to write to this folder" so im thinking i need to change it so the user owns the extra hard drives instead of roo04:25
bluefoxxt. how do i change the owner of a hard disk though?04:25
nickrud[BreliC]: sorry, those aren't links, only placeholders I guess04:25
new2ubuntuHi I cannot delete some files on a MMC card. I get an error message "rm: cannot remove `/media/disk/delme//someFile': Read-only file system"04:25
[BreliC]nickrud, exactly.. that's what i ran into last time04:26
panfistshould i expect to get awful performance in a game like frets on fire with a geforce 4?04:26
ka2panfist: probably04:26
mage__new2ubuntu: if you cock up a file system on a flash card, might be a good idea to offload it, format it, and throw stuff back on04:26
nickrudbluefoxx: ext3 or ntfs/vfat?04:27
[BreliC]nickrud, ka2 do you guys know where the screenlets module actually resides on the machine?04:27
[BreliC]even a search doesn't bring it up, yet it doesn't cause an error when i import it in a *.py program04:27
n2diyhow do I ring the "bell" on the other end of an SSH connection?04:27
panfistka2 so what graphics card do i need to get smooth performance...right now not even 640x480 is playable04:27
vitamin-carrot*falls asleep*04:27
ka2panfist: i am only guessing04:27
nickrud[BreliC]: I can read only simple python, so I'm not the one to help04:27
new2ubuntumage__: I was thinking of doing that. Is there a way to tell what the file system is so that I can reformat it with the same one? (I use it for a cell phone)04:27
Bossmanbetabluefoxx, sudo chown -R freddie:freddie /nas2 where freddie is your username ... and /nas2 is your mountpoint... then sudo chmod -R 755 /nas204:27
vitamin-carrothow are we all today?04:27
[BreliC]nickrud, haha, no sweat04:27
ka2panfist: i assume you have the nvidia drivers04:28
mage__n2diy: uh, do you want to beep thier PC speaker?04:28
n2diymage__: yes04:28
mage__new2ubuntu: type mount, no args04:28
panfistka2 i believe so, restricted drivers are enabled and i get about 1000fps with glxgears, so i assume its working right?04:28
mage__mount | grep /mnt/disk if you love typing04:28
mage__n2diy: maybe try freshmeat?04:29
nickrudmage__: ubuntu does automounting  that under /media04:29
bluefoxxnickrud, the drives are both ext3 formatted with "sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdb && sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdd", as i cant get a new aptoncd disk without a burner and the one i had with gparted on it doesn't have the extra libs needed[the other comp has no net access, i need a router]04:29
ka2panfist: im getting 2600fps04:29
vitamin-carrotoh dear i need a better emerald theme04:29
n2diymage__: freshmeat!? I thought it was ctrl-g?04:29
ka2vitamin-carrot: still using emerald?04:29
new2ubuntumage__:  I got the data vfat,, with a lot of parameters (rw,nosuid,nodev,shortname=.......) will I need to know these parameters to correct format it?04:29
vitamin-carrotwhy is there somehting better?04:30
ShkeveI just installed gutsy about a week ago.  Since then I had been trying to get wmv support, so I was installing and removing different media players, trying to get it to work.  I rebooted the computer today and the desktop won't load.04:30
Shkeveany ideas anyone?04:30
panfistka2 what kind of hardware do you have04:30
mage__n2diy: well try sending a ctrl+g to /dev/console04:30
bluefoxxand i figured out why i can't connect all my computers to the net. my "router" as it was labled is a mere [read:useless] hub/switch04:30
ShkeveI also installed gnutella04:30
ka2vitamin-carrot: with modern compiz you just use metacity themes04:30
mage__new2ubuntu: nope!04:30
nickrudbluefoxx: ok, with the disk mounted, do sudo chown <yourusername> /path/to/mount/point , then you can write there as your usual user04:30
vitamin-carrotmetacity aye?04:30
ka2panfist: Geforce 8400GS, cheap04:30
vitamin-carrotpumpkins of doom aye?04:30
n2diymage__: roger that.04:31
nickrudbluefoxx: yup, switches are not routers, but do have uses04:31
panfistka2 yeah i could use one of those04:31
new2ubuntumage__: sorry one last question, I'm not familiar with vfat,, I thought it would have said fat16,04:31
Jack_SparrowShkeve: wmv is as easy as enabling the restricted drivers, what all did you try to install manually.. can you get to recovery mode and a cli prompt04:31
ka2vitamin-carrot: most people dont use emerald anymore04:31
bluefoxxnickrud, like if i wanted to print to several networked printers at once?04:31
ka2panfist: i used to have a geforce 4 though04:31
nickrudbluefoxx: no, expand your router ports04:31
vitamin-carrotsorry i sill use emerald cause i had it on fedora04:31
ka2panfist: it was ok for planetpenguinracer & compiz04:32
Shkevesorry, but I'm completely new at linux, and I don't understand all the jargon.  But I installed mplayer, vlc, totem, xine, etc. at different times04:32
nickrudpenguinracer rule(d)!04:32
Shkevetrial and error04:32
ShkeveI can't say if that was definitely the cause of the problem either04:32
bluefoxxnickrud, allready done that command, typed in "sudo chown user:user /home/user/Documents && sudo chmod 666 /home/user/Documents" for both documents and music folders, to no avail04:33
ka2nickrud: now there is extremetuxracer04:33
vitamin-carrotawwww now i have to go into sunaptic and remove emerald04:33
new2ubuntuShkeve: I really like vlc,, I've never had a problem04:33
bluefoxxnickrud, ah, that could be usefull04:33
mage__new2ubuntu: for some reason vfat works better than the other choices like msdos, fat1604:33
nickrudka2: gotta check it out.04:33
ka2vitamin-carrot: no i am getting a link to some themes04:33
vitamin-carrotpizzza for dinner04:33
ShkeveI had also gotten an error saying that 'User's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored.'04:33
new2ubuntumage__: thanks for the help!!04:33
vitamin-carrotcheers ka204:33
BossmanbetaShkeve, what's the issue?04:33
vitamin-carrotanything awesome on the forums?04:33
ShkeveI checked a forum and got a few commands to enter into the terminal, and I did that.04:33
Jack_SparrowShkeve: Do you get to a "DOS "like prompt?04:34
Shkevenow, I don't get the error, but the desktop still doesn't load04:34
ka2vitamin-carrot: try here http://tinyurl.com/3bc2xb04:34
nickrudShkeve: that you need to fix,   sudo chown <yourusername> ~/.dmrc && chmod 600 ~/.dmrc04:34
ShkeveI can get to the terminal, yes04:34
Shkevebut I have to reboot to do it04:34
mage__n2diy: I got nothing on this :)04:34
bluefoxxShkeve, theres several usefull threads on that error in the forums, i had that error a while ago when trying to edit home folder permissions04:34
Jack_SparrowShkeve: sudo dpkg-reconfigure-xserver-xorg  set to vesa card and 1024 max res to get basic gui04:34
nickrudShkeve: you really need to fix the .dmrc problem first, see my last04:34
vitamin-carrotlol indirection04:34
vitamin-carrotcheers ka204:35
ShkeveI did that step already, the xorg reconfigure04:35
n2diymage__: OK, thanks?04:35
Shkeveand I believe I fixed the .dmrc problem, since I don't get the error anymore04:35
Shkevebut my desktop still won't load04:35
bluefoxxsay, anyone wanna lend me $60CDN? i need a second LCD moniter and i got a source selling me one for 59+tax04:35
mage__n2diy: well if you come up with something tell me please ;)04:35
DarkmystereErr, i changed my mouse to DMZ Black and it keeps going in and out of DMZ  Black and White if i use firefox its black other then that its white..04:35
Jordan_UShkeve, Have you tried the failsafe session yet?04:35
LapointeI'm in the process of upgrading from 6.10 to 7.04. However, in Software Updates, every time I attempt to do the upgrade I get an error message that says "Authentication failed." Any suggestions?04:36
n2diymage__: Ok, you want to know how to ring the bell?04:36
Shkeveyeas, jordan, and it didn't work04:36
nickrudLapointe: do sudo apt-get update first04:36
Jordan_ULapointe, Hit the "check" button04:36
Jack_SparrowShkeve: http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/                       or try this line in cli    rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity04:37
nickrudLapointe: or check :)04:37
Shkevewhat is cli?04:37
amenadon2diy echo -e "\a"04:37
Shkeveis that the terminal?04:37
mage__amenado: we're trying to do it remotely04:37
ka2Shkeve: yes04:37
Jack_Sparrownickrud: Already fading.. goodnight...  tell the others I said Hi...04:37
mage__like ssh and have someones computer grab thier attention04:37
nickrudJack_Sparrow: wll do04:38
amenadomage__-> if you are ssh'd in to a remote location, what you display is the remote end04:38
Lapointenickrud: nothing came up. I've already installed the 277+ upgrades that it had listed.04:38
n2diyamenado: thanks04:38
nickrudJack_Sparrow: get some rest, see you 'Monday'04:38
rhineheart_mThis is the log I got accessed by my box: 123.. anybody has the idea about this?04:38
nickrudLapointe: try the sudo apt-get update, it should show a bunch of files that it downloads or 'hits'04:39
amenadomage_ but off course that is your terminal, for someone else, you have to be allowed to write to their pty04:39
ka2ok i am really going this time :)04:39
=== Firefox is now known as SnoFox
* nickrud takes bets04:39
mage__haha maybe I dont have a speaker hooked up to my linux box04:39
amenadorhineheart_m-> what is that ip address?04:40
Lapointenickrud: okay, a list came up04:40
Onyxhow can I get full root in ubuntu?  Not sudo, but full root.04:40
nickrudLapointe: now, do sudo apt-get upgrade04:40
amenadoOnyx sudo is full root access04:40
rhineheart_mamenado: that's the one being accessed by my box by her own..04:40
Bossmanbetaonyx, type "su" from bash04:40
Lapointenickrud: again?04:40
zcat[1]sudo -i04:40
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:41
nickrudLapointe: upgrade , not update this time04:41
Anjai am so at a loss.  D':04:41
Onyxamenado: No it's not.04:41
Lapointenickrud: ah04:41
zcat[1]Onyx: yes. it. is.04:41
amenadoOnyx noh? can you come up with what command a root can execute that you can not do in sudo?04:41
Onyxzcat[1]: Really?  It gives root privileges.  It's not root dude.04:41
Lapointenickrud: 0 upgraded, 0 new instal 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded04:42
nickrud!noroot | Bossmanbeta04:42
ubotuBossmanbeta: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:42
zcat[1]Onyx: yes it is.. sudo -i is a root shell, exactly the same as you would get setting a root password and logging in as root04:42
rhineheart_mamenado: IP location tells me that it is in UNITED KINGDOM using canonical -core as the hostname04:42
nickrudLapointe: do you have some third party repos?04:42
Lapointenickrud: repos?04:42
mage__n2diy: have you tried beep?04:42
Onyxsudo -s will give root btw04:42
nickrudLapointe: like medibuntu , places to get software other than from ubuntu itself04:42
amenadorhineheart_m-> so you are accessing a remote box, the issue is?04:42
Anjaanyone else have any idea to troubleshoot a soundcard that's built in to my motherboard?04:43
Lapointenickrud: nope, I got one of the free CDs that get sent out04:43
Lapointenickrud: from ShipIt04:43
vitamin-carrothrm is there a screenlet for irc?04:43
nickrudLapointe: Odd that you don't have the current key for the repositories. A sec.04:44
mage__Anja: what sort of trouble shooting?04:44
=== osxdude|overhere is now known as osxdude|laptop
Anjamage - OHk, was in here earlier, i am having trouble getting anythig except for a pc beep, soundwise04:45
nickrudLapointe: do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-keyring04:45
Anjait recognizes it when i do a couple different commands in the bash04:45
Anjaeverything is unmuted and plugged in the correct holes04:45
Anjaspeakers are turned on, and brand new out of the box04:45
Lapointenickrud: ubuntu-leyring is already the newest version04:46
bluefoxxok, found the problem with the other drives on the other computer. i needed to chmod 774 not chmod 666 them, after a quick couple changes to the command i can now write to them again:) my only concern is i might lose write privliges upon rebooting, as they are internal 6 gig volumes automatically mounted to these points upon bootup by my edited fstab file04:46
rhineheart_mamenado: no.. m accessing the box remotely.. but it logs tells me that it accessed that IP somewhere in UK.. do you think its a threat?04:47
mage__bluefoxx: what?04:47
GSF1200Sanyone know how to make uswsusp default?04:47
nickrudLapointe: a sec again04:47
mage__bluefoxx: the /dev/sda1 should be 666 but the mount point should be 7??04:47
mage__Anja: hah i dont have sound on my ubuntu box either it seems04:47
Anjayeah i'm really disappointed, i just got a new monitor and wanted to try out some of the films i have04:48
Anjaand i have a couple sites that i frequent with video04:48
amenadorhineheart_m-> and you were expecting an ip from where? the box you are trying to access is from where?04:48
Anjai cannot figure it out, for the life of me.  is driving me insane04:49
mage__Anja: pastebin lsmod and lspci04:49
Gibbhow can I tell what color my video card is set at it gutsy gibbon? I dont see if its 16 or 32 in any of the interface screens04:49
rhineheart_mamenado: no.. my point is..the box is accessing an IP by her own well in fact I didn't use it to access such IP..04:49
Anjalsmod: Module                  Size  Used by04:49
Anjaipv6                  273892  804:49
Anjaaf_packet              24840  404:49
Anjabinfmt_misc            12936  104:49
Anjarfcomm                 42136  204:49
Anjal2cap                  26240  11 rfcomm04:49
FloodBot1Anja: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
gorbierdcan I pause my cp process in console?04:50
mage__gorbierd: ctrl+z?04:50
udayhow to install emerald themes04:50
iceswordwhy you should do that04:50
ZaschHello. How do I get music off of my ipod and onto my computer?04:50
amenadorhineheart_m-> you have a web browser active at the time this is logged? and were browsing a site?04:50
mage__gorbierd: ctrl+c would stop it04:50
gorbierdthanx mage!04:51
bluefoxxmage__, i edited my /etc/fstab to automatically mount a pair of internal hard drives to the user[thats the acutal account name] /home/user/Documents and /home/user/Music folders, then when i tried to acess them it wouldnt let me read them, much less write to them.. so i used chown user:user /home/user/<either of the folders> then chmod 666 /home/user/<folders> but it didnt let me write, so chmod 774 fixed it. these are internal IDE04:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGZasch, try gtkpod?04:51
bluefoxx hard disk drives, not external usb/firewire mounted volumes04:51
Flannelgorbierd: to start it up again, `jobs` and then %# where # is the job number04:51
mage__bluefoxx: you can set a umask or something really similar in the fstab04:52
Zasch[Hardy]TuTUXG: I did. A dialogue window pops up that asks me for the name pattern, but I don't know what it all means and so I just press "OK", and then it says the pattern doesn't match the file and it freezes04:52
bluefoxxmage__, how so?04:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGZasch, so find out the name of ur ipod partition and try again04:52
GibbCan anyone tell me how to see the color in ubuntu? Im not sure where to see if its set to 16 bit or 32 bit04:53
bukkHello there04:53
mage__bluefoxx: umask=000, a umask is the opposite of uh, 777, so 774 is 003 i think04:53
Anjaok was floodbotted so here's one of the thingy's04:53
nickrudLapointe: try this, it will make sure you have the latest authentication key from ubuntu:  gpg –recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B5 && gpg –export –armor 40976EAF437D05B5 | sudo apt-key add -04:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGZasch, by the way i think u should try gtkpod from medibuntu repo04:53
bluefoxxmage__, my main concern is i'll have to do it all over again upon reboot, so i think i'll make a shell script and remove the user password[comp is used mainly by my grandfather who has a tendancy to not remember passwords]04:53
mage__bluefoxx: it sets the same permissions for files and dirs, which is a tad annoying04:53
Anjaand then the other : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57150/04:54
bluefoxxmage__, wear in fstab does this go? in the "options" column?04:54
mage__order doesn't matter, but no spaces04:55
bluefoxxmage__, ok, will try that tvm :)04:55
udayhow to install emerald themes?04:55
mage__its kinda funny how many questions i can answer with a single google search04:55
Rolcolin how many years do you believe linux will overtake windows?04:56
mage__uday: theres no button? you've tried drag and drop?04:56
nickrudmage__: cuz you know what to search on ;)04:56
bluefoxxmage__, do i replace the "user=oldguy" with the username?04:56
sdsheeksRolcol: you aren't serious are you/04:56
lexRolcol: why ask?04:56
mage__bluefoxx: that, or name his account oldguy, he wont notice either way ;)04:56
RolcolBored =\04:56
nickrud!offtopic | Rolcol sdsheeks lex04:56
ubotuRolcol sdsheeks lex: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:56
rjunedpkg runs a script to configure ldap when it gets installed, where can I find that script?04:56
sdsheeksnickrud: hey now04:57
bluefoxxRolcol, give it another decade before the consimers get sick of inflated prices for beta-testing a cruddy OS04:57
nickrudsdsheeks: :)04:57
bukkIs there anyone who can be very nice and help me setting up some iptables, I ruined our network's router today, so now I have to make up for it, and its 6 in the morning :(04:57
mage__bluefoxx: also if you cant find an auto login setting anywhere, look in the gdm.conf under /etc04:57
lexnickrud: pfft04:57
nickrudbluefoxx: mage__ there's an autologin option in system->admin->login manger, I think the security tab04:57
RJ__can someone guide me through installing a p2p.tgz file?04:57
bukktar xzvf XX04:58
bluefoxxmage__, no problems with logon stuff, except for this computer's face rowser never works[but thats to solve later]04:58
bukktar xzvf XX.tgz04:58
udaymage_: emerald theme manager contains no themes.i did not try to drag & drop04:58
mage__nickrud: yea i figured there was something, I just have never seen those fancy menus04:58
RJ__thanks, ill try that04:58
RolcolRJ__: you will need the build-essential package04:58
sdsheeksanyone ever used remastersys with ubuntu?04:58
mage__nope, whats it do?04:58
nickrudmage__: you hang around here very long, you'll learn them for convenience's sake04:58
Anjamage_, did you get those paste links that i posted?04:58
RJ__where is the desktop located, filesystem wise? >_>04:59
sdsheeksmage__: makes a live cd install of your system04:59
mage__Anja: actually no you pasted something into here and got banned for awhile04:59
nickrudRJ__: /home/username/Desktop04:59
nickrudRJ__: caps matter04:59
RJ__Thats why04:59
GSF1200Sanyone know how to make uswsusp default instead of what gutsy uses by default?04:59
Anjayeah then after i got unblocked i put links04:59
moidekarHi all, I'm trying to get a UTStarcom UT300R2U working on Ubuntu via USB. The Ethernet connection works fine, but I have a desktop which I also want to connect, and this modem has only one Ethernet port... any pointers?04:59
Anjai didn't know about the pasteboard thingy04:59
=== bra1 is now known as Brad01
mage__Anja: pastebin lsmod and lspci <-- coulda asked what that extra word was ;)04:59
infinitycircuitGSF1200S, you need to edit /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-{suspend,hibernate}-linux05:00
amenadomoidekar-> get a hub or a switch05:00
Lapointenickrud: gpg: can't open `40976EAF437D05B5'05:00
mage__nickrud: im in here to ask and answer questions that aren't in the menu05:00
infinitycircuitGSF1200S, and replace their contents with the correct uswsusp commands05:00
nickrudmage__: a choice, and a welcome one, really05:00
evilbughey,how's linux mobile?05:00
amenadomoidekar-> and another nic card for your pc05:00
mage__Anja: got that link still?05:00
GSF1200Sinfinitycircuit: thank you- checking now05:00
Anja http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57149/05:01
RJ__So after I install the tgz file, I can run it using the original program? (I am installing a cedega engine, but I have Cedega installed already) or does it need to run in the same directory as cedega?05:01
bukkIf anyone could guide me trough "make ubuntu to a router", pls priv msg me05:01
moidekaramenado, desktop has NIC, laptop does too; modem has 1 Ethernet and 1 USB. Trying to avoid buying switch. Any way to use USB net connection on my laptop?05:01
bukkhard to hold track her05:01
nickrudLapointe: hm, are you sure you did gpg -recv-keys <number>? It should go to the net and find the key05:01
Lapointenickrud: wil try again05:02
cfeddemoidekar: you can drop a second nic into the desktop and bridge.05:02
amenadomoidekar-> what is the usb port on the modem for? do you know for what purpose it is for?05:02
bukkMy box got 3 NIC's05:03
moidekarcfedde, thanks, but I want to be able to use them independently; Mum uses desktop only, I use lappy only, both not on at same time (necessarily) :-)05:03
amenadobukk easy to make your ubuntu act as gateway/router05:03
cfeddemany modern mother boards have more thean one.05:03
bukkconnected to one router and one switch05:03
Anjamage_, did those translate alright?05:03
bukkamenado, : Could you please guide me05:03
Anjanever used that before05:03
mage__Anja: if you run alsamixer it complains about no device?05:03
moidekaramenado, it's an alternative network connection according to the manual05:03
Gibbno one has a command to see my current color setting?05:03
amenadobukk you echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward05:03
udaymage__: emerald manager contains no themes.how to add..?05:03
sdsheeksnickrud: do you know of ubuntu saves the downloaded files to a temp directory when you apt-get something?05:04
moidekaramenado, supp to be able to use either Ethernet or USB connection to the modem to connect out05:04
Brad01I'm trying to install linux on a laptop with no drives05:04
Anjamage_, no it finds everything05:04
amenadomoidekar okay then use it05:04
Brad01can anyone help me?05:04
nickrudsdsheeks: it downloads to /var/cache/apt/archives , keeps the last 500mb of downloads05:04
Anjai'll run it again just to make sure05:04
cfeddemoidekar: I'm not sure I get the question then,05:04
cfeddegood luck!05:04
sdsheeksnickrud: my backup is 8gb need to do some cleaing :)05:04
bukkBut it dosnt work05:04
Lapointenickrud: same thing again, double checked05:04
moidekaramenado, cfedde, I tried, and Ubuntu doesn't detect the network connection when I plug USB into laptop05:04
nickrudsdsheeks: sudo apt-get clean is the tool05:04
amenadobukk-> you have to do it as root, so sudo and the command above05:04
moidekarI was hoping someone could give me some tips05:05
sdsheeksnickrud: thx05:05
mage__Anja: first result on googling your soundcard is a silly guy who plugged into the wrong jack, but when I install gutsy it always sets up the mixer at the top wrong05:05
nickrudLapointe: I don't know what's wrong then.05:05
moidekaron how to get an uptodate driver05:05
Darkmystereuday, Go to www.gnome-look.org and go to search then search in the description thing for Emerald05:05
bukkI have done sudo ./rc.firewall restart 100 times05:05
hotmonkeyluvI get an interesting error whenever I try to install anything, i still can install stuff and it works, but the error still comes up: Setting up runit (1.6.0-1) ...grep: /etc/inittab: No such file or directory grep: /etc/inittab: No such file or directory Adding SV inittab entry...cp: cannot stat `/etc/inittab': No such file or directory dpkg: error processing runit (--configure): subprocess post-installation script returned05:05
hotmonkeyluv error exit status 1Setting up bzr (1.0-1~gutsy1) ...Setting up gnome-common (2.20.0-0ubuntu1) ...Errors were encountered while processing: runitE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:05
Quantzhi there, just wondering if it is possible to mount Fat32 filesystems under ubuntu05:05
amenadomoidekar you have to figure out what you get from the usb port of that modem, a serial link?05:05
Anjamage_, i have master, master m, pcm, surround, surround, center, lfe, line, cd, mic05:05
Lapointenickrud: k, thanks for the help though man!05:05
moidekarfor the USB connection; driver CD for BB modem has old 2.4 kern driver source05:05
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE05:05
Anjaand a plethora of others05:05
Anjathey're all unmuted05:05
rjunebukk: there are router distros available, IPCop is one, if I remember.05:05
moidekaramenado, I tried modprobing usbserial and cdc-acm and a few other modules, but nothing05:06
hotmonkeyluvQuantz: yeah, you can05:06
moidekarI wasn't thinking that would work, since Ubu is darn good at doing that detection itself :-)05:06
bukkIPcop: takes a whole HD05:06
amenadobukk then you have to  sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o EXTERNALINTFHERE -j MASQUERADE05:06
mage__Anja: try cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp that should either error or get ugly stuff coming out of speakers05:06
bukkand its hard to wmware it with several NICS05:06
Anjayeah i have no clue, i have read through the troubleshooting sites that were given me, on ubuntu's stuff05:06
Anjaok brb05:06
moidekaramenado, any ideas how I can figure out what the link is supp to give me?05:06
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: /etc/inittab is depreciated in gutsy, that package shouldn't be trying to work with it. It's a bug. You could probably do sudo touch /etc/inittab , run sudo apt-get -f install to fix that error. You should remove that package immediatley afterwares05:07
rjunebukk: the router should be separate from your servers.05:07
bukkamenado, : Ok, sec05:07
sdsheeksdonkey: hello05:07
amenadomoidekar->  assuming that usb port gives you serial access, then you need to activate ppp on your ubuntu, a config you must do05:07
brambocan someone remember that if sudobash comes back on brambo is looking for him, thanks fellow unbunuter's :)05:07
amenadomoidekar visit the vendor's web site and get a description05:07
Bibbiewhats the terminal command to list specific hardware?05:07
Lapointenickrud: found the solution. http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2007/03/upgrade-ubuntu-610-edgy-eft-to-ubuntu.html05:08
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: oh, yes, get right of it05:08
sdsheeksBibbie: something like lspci?05:08
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: s/right/rid/05:08
PiciBibbie: lshw05:08
Bibbie:-) thats the one05:08
bukkArm: it is05:08
moidekaramenado, ok, will check out mfrr's website, but just for the record, PPPoE is alread running on the BB modem... I don;t use it when I use the Ethernet connection05:08
bukkrjune even05:08
nickrudLapointe: hah. You didn't have the gpg trust.db to work with, that's the file not found. I'll remember that05:09
amenadomoidekar you have way too many connections, you have to explain what they are05:09
Anjamage_, how long does it take?05:09
guest_why it always shows that my password is wrong?05:09
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: so, i run sudo touch /etc/inittab, then apt-get -f install. then how do i remove it?05:09
mage__Anja: its usually noticably immediately05:10
amenadoguest_-> you entered it wrong?05:10
mage__an error would be instantanious05:10
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: sudo apt-get remove --purge runit . I only hope that the ubuntu startup didn't get hosed.05:10
Quantzhotmonkeyluv: i can see all my filesystems like ntfs and ext3, however not the fat32 ones. running 7.10 off the DVD05:10
mage__Anja: are your speakers hooked up properly? maybe theres two outs and only one works in linux05:10
Makuseruare there any PC-based oscilloscopes in kubuntu/ubuntu?05:10
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: and what does the "touch" command do, and what does the -f do? (so I learn it)05:10
guest_tamenado: i use this password for 2 years05:10
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: shouldn't have been, it's a lot different than what runit is modifying05:10
amenadoguest how do you know that you did type in the correct one?05:11
guest_amenado: i use this password for 2 years05:11
Anjamage_it's just sitting there - and um... i only know of one outlet.  :(05:11
mage__Makuseru: that might be a bit too specialized for this chatroom05:11
amenadoguest_-> but it is not taking it now yesh?05:11
guest_ok...i'm wrong sorry05:11
nickrudhotmonkeyluv:  touch on an existing file changes the access date to the current date and time, creates the file if it doesn't exist. -f means fix05:11
hotmonkeyluvQuantz: hm, live dvd? not sure about that05:11
guest_my layout keyboard default Thai05:11
bluefoxxoh, i was also wondering...how can i moniter my eth1 port?it is the main one used to connect to the net[onboard] and i want to see what processes are using it and how much of my average of 30kb/s are being used by it, as even when i have no internet programs running it seems to average an average of 5kb/s out and 12kb/s in...and i want to know whats using them05:11
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: cool05:11
mage__Anja: odd, because it has sound going somewhere05:11
Makuserumage__: where should i ask?05:11
Anjai know lemme check again05:11
guest_sorry :(05:12
RJ__Okay, I give up. How do I install a cedega engine onto cedega?05:12
infinitycircuithotmonkeyluv, note that the file created by touch will be of zero size, so it cannot test if a disk is full05:12
Anjamage_ does it end?  it hasn't gone back to the normal bash-prompt05:12
mage__Anja: nope05:12
hotmonkeyluvinfinitycircuit: k05:12
mage__Makuseru: do a google for linux oci, see I cant even spell that word! :)05:12
RJ__I have Cedega installed, but no engine, so I did the tar thing with the engine file05:12
bukkamenado, Done05:12
mage__Makuseru: if it exists on linux theres either source, or a ubuntu package05:12
RJ__But I cant put it in the directory of cedega05:12
RJ__I cant access it05:13
amenadobukk working now?05:13
moidekaramenado, I have an ADSL modem/router which does connection to ISP running onboard PPPoE; has firewall etc; I have one laptop and one desktop; both are not on simultaneously; switching Ethernet connection from laptop to desktop is a pain and Mum has no clue how to do it if I forget it connected to my laptop and leave for work; I would like to connect Ethernet port of ADSL modem to desktop permanently, and connect USB port of ADSL modem to laptop, so al05:13
moidekarl we have to do is turn on either machine and ADSL modem and can use Net.05:13
guest_how can i change keyboard lay out by using keyboard05:13
rjunebukk: that link should help you out some, but it probably isn't exactly what you want05:13
sdsheekscool created a live cd install of my existing system..ran it in virtual box and all my stuff is there05:13
bukkfirewall_clean() {05:13
bukk# clean tables05:13
bukk        iptables -F05:13
bukk        iptables -t nat -F05:13
bukk#firewall_start() {05:13
mage__Anja: how many audio jacks ya got?05:13
bukk# enable ip forwarding05:13
bukkecho "1" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward05:13
hotmonkeyluvnickrud:  sweet! it worked (of course)05:13
mage__!flood | bukk05:13
bukkiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE05:13
ubotubukk: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:13
moidekaramenado, hope that was clearer than my earlier query :)05:13
rjune_bugz_: http://support.imagestream.com/iptables_Firewall.html <-- and some more05:13
sdsheeksbukk: pleas use pastebin05:13
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: now boot :)05:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGRJ__, #cedega?05:14
guest_how can i change keyboard lay out by using keyboard??05:14
hotmonkeyluvnickrud:  boot?05:14
bukksorry :(05:14
bukkdidnt know05:14
Maimstermoidekar: You might have problems with the MAC addresses.05:14
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: why reboot?05:14
icanhasadminSo I've been having a huge ongoing problem with ALSA and an SB450, anyone want to help?05:14
sdsheeksbukk: do you have the pastebin info?05:14
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: reboot, make sure runit didn't break anything.05:14
sdsheeks!pastebin | bukk05:14
ubotubukk: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:14
rjunebukk: and you'll want to look at /etc/sysctl.conf rather then echo 1 > /proc/foo05:14
Maimstermoidekar: Modems like to stick to one MAC address.05:14
moidekaramenado: however, Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize any sort of network connection when I plug the USB into the laptop05:14
moidekarMaimster, how do you mean?05:14
mage__Anja: my crappy builtin has three ports, microphone, headphones and line out05:15
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: do this he says, it'll be good for your computer he says. then: oh, check and make sure it didn't kill it he says05:15
amenadomoidekar-> i suggest a inexpensive  router with dhcp capabilities..solves lots of headaches05:15
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: no, runit might have broken it, not the fix05:15
Maimstermoidekar: Normally you get one MAC per connection if you are not using a router.05:15
amenadomoidekar-> do you run ubuntu on your laptop?05:15
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: I'm being alarmist I think though05:15
moidekaramenado: hehehe... I suppose so... better to pay for that05:15
bukkRealy what I am looking for is something which can route my dsl connection to the rest of the network05:15
Joe_Swats up??05:15
icanhasadminSo I've been having a huge ongoing problem with ALSA and an SB450, anyone want to help?05:15
Maimsteramenado: That is the correct answer!05:15
bukkas simple as possible05:15
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: thanks for the help, brb (rebootin')05:15
yuraHi, I tried downloading steam, but it downloads the file as a .msi05:15
mkquisticanhasadmin: no luck in kubuntu huh... whats up05:15
moidekaramenado, yes, of course, that's why I'm asking here :-)05:15
ka2icanhasadmin: what problem05:15
amenadoMaimster-> what is correct answer?05:16
bukkthen I can try out diffrent things when I know it works05:16
caluchardhi all05:16
icanhasadminMy HDA SB450 doesn't work. I've tried.. basically.. everything. But i'm open for suggestions05:16
Maimsteramenado: Your asnwer to moidekar's question. Get a router.05:16
rjunebukk: then you'll want to make sure ip_forwarding is on. as well as need an SNAT rule05:16
moidekaramenado, I also run Ubuntu 6.10 Ultimate Game Edn on the desktop, but that isn't gonna have the USB connection05:16
amenadomoidekar i dont know, you could have ubuntu on the desktop...05:16
Joe_Shey i need help with my ipod05:16
nickrud!hdaintel | icanhasadmin (maybe you haven't seen this)05:16
bukkrjune, : can I privmsg?05:16
ubotuicanhasadmin (maybe you haven't seen this): For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto05:16
Joe_Scan they fix the old ones still05:16
amenadoMaimster I agree, solves lots of headaches05:16
icanhasadminYep, I have. And down it all. 4 times now.05:17
Makuserumage__: and thats what im asking05:17
Joe_Slike imes a mini and the little spinny thing is like broken05:17
Maimsteramenado: Plus laptop's love the wireless features that comes with some routers.05:17
Joe_Si have a laptop05:17
Joe_Sit has a pink roxy heart on it05:17
* sdsheeks is confused05:17
amenadomoidekar-> i suggest a inexpensive  router with dhcp capabilities..solves lots of headaches..this should not be that expensive..05:17
MaimsterJoe_S: lol05:17
mage__Makuseru: xoscope looks like a good shot05:18
nickrudmoidekar: or something like smoothwall.org , if you are dedicating a machine05:18
mage__and its even in apt!05:18
Joe_Si hate linuz05:18
Joe_Swell i dont care for it05:18
Makuserumage__: thanks, ill give that a look05:18
moidekaramenado, Maimster : thanks anyway - I guess I need to go google some more :-( Manuf's website sux. If I still can't find anything, then I'll buy a 4-port switch I guess05:18
ka2Joe_S: why?05:18
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: how do i tell if it's broken?05:18
nickrudJoe_S: nothing requires that you do05:18
caluchardmoidekar, what was your question?05:19
KolecionadorMp3: 18_-_A_Song_Of_Storm_And_Fire (4:02/9.27MB) (BS)05:19
Joe_Swell i just dont05:19
Maimstermoidekar: Good luck05:19
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: you're back, that means all is well :)05:19
Joe_Sand i hate vista05:19
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: sweet05:19
moidekarnickrud, no, I don't have a system tha twill be running all the time, so smoothwall probably is out05:19
amenadomoidekar select a unit that has an integrated firewall and dhcp server if possible05:19
PiciKolecionador: Please turn off those sort of scripts in this channel, thank you.05:19
mage__Kolecionador: im sure theres a rule against telling the room what song you're listening to05:19
ka2Joe_S: i think everyone hates vista05:19
KolecionadorSorry for this :P05:19
moidekarcaluchard, I have an ADSL modem/router which does connection to ISP running onboard PPPoE; has firewall etc; I have one laptop and one desktop; both are not on simultaneously; switching Ethernet connection from laptop to desktop is a pain and Mum has no clue how to do it if I forget it connected to my laptop and leave for work; I would like to connect Ethernet port of ADSL modem to desktop permanently, and connect USB port of ADSL modem to laptop, so05:19
moidekarall we have to do is turn on either machine and ADSL modem and can use Net.05:19
=== Stargazer is now known as Rezagrats
moidekarcaluchard, I cannot get the USB connection working on my Ubuntu laptop05:19
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: perchance do you have kiba-dock or AWN installed? if so, which do you think is better05:19
amenadomoidekar right,05:19
* icanhasadmin crys05:19
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: neither, I don't use compiz on my crappy ati express 200m05:20
guest_how can i change keyboard lay out by using keyboard??05:20
Cpudan80Hello all05:20
Joe_Si have a question about linux...05:20
ka2Joe_S: what for?05:20
Cpudan80I am trying to duplicate one system to another, but for various reasons I cannot just do a straight up clone05:20
Joe_Show do u change the wallaper?05:20
rhineheart_msquirrelmail channel is not responding.. is anybody here knows this error: Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.05:20
koshari does anyone know why when i try to launch a binary from xterm in fluxbox i get a sinhal handler 11 error but it will launce from nautilus ok?05:20
ka2Joe_S: under Ubuntu?05:20
moidekaramenado, the ADSL modem has both a firewall and DHCP server; USB connection also gets a DHCP address (in Windows, which pisses me off 'cos it won't work in Ubuntu... grrr.. that's why I'm trying hard :-)05:20
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: really? I can use it on my laptop (i945gm)05:20
Cpudan80So, is there a way to list all the non-baseline packages on a machine?05:20
mkquisticanhasadmin: have u given this a check?  It always help me get sound problems worked out... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544905:21
rjunebukk: I'm assuming you had a question05:21
ka2Joe_S: Right click change desktop background05:21
sdsheeksCpudan80: check this out http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-linux-mint-livecd-with-remastersys05:21
MaimsterCpudan80: I used to do it with partition Magic.05:21
Joe_So haha i knew that05:21
caluchardmoidekar, when you un-plug and plug your modem, what do you see in the last lines of dmesg command?05:21
icanhasadminmkquist: I'll look now, thank you05:21
Joe_Syour a big help05:21
ka2Joe_S: well dont waste peoples time05:21
storm-zenWhat is the name of the graphical installation utility in ubuntu?  ( I'm brand new to it. )05:21
Joe_Sim not!!05:21
Cpudan80All I want to do is list the packages though?05:21
Joe_Si dont know how to do it05:21
nickrudhotmonkeyluv: aiglx support in the latest ati sucks, xserver-xgl with it is slooowww, and fglrx in ubuntu doesn't support suspend05:21
mage__storm-zen: like synaptic?05:21
amenadomoidekar are you saying in windows both the ethernet port and the usb port work at the same time?05:21
storm-zenThat's probably it, mage__.05:22
ka2storm-zen: Add / Remove Applications & Synaptic05:22
moidekarcaluchard, using the same lappy with Ethernet right now, so won't plug in the USB now, but in general, it says it found a new  high-speed USB device and is selecting config 1 out of 1 possible.05:22
Joe_Swats the difference between linux and windows?05:22
mage__http://www.ubuntugeek.com/clone-your-ubuntu-installation.html <-- who asked a really simple to google question about this?05:22
hotmonkeyluvnickrud: sucks, sorry :(05:22
Joe_Sim only 1405:22
sdsheeksJoe_S: please stop05:22
ka2Joe_S: but you said you did05:22
Joe_Sthis is my dads thng05:22
ka2Joe_S: hmmm05:22
moidekaramenado, no! :-) If I install the Windows USB conn driver, then Windows can use _either_ the Ethernet or the USB conn, but Ubuntu seems limited to Ethernet :-(05:22
bluefoxxmage__, ok so i edited the fstab on my other computer again and after a breif transfer of it via diskmail[aka floppy disk] here it is for corrections if you care to help, as the edit didn't  work>http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57156/05:23
bukksorry, how did you use that "anti flood" command05:23
storm-zenI have weirdness going on right now.  I had to use alternative install to access my LVMs from a prior distro, then had to install X-Windows by hand using synaptic, I think... How does one access the "universe / multiverse" with synaptic? ... I have no gnome icons... just a desktop.05:23
bluefoxxmage__, its the last two lines i added05:23
NetEchodoes ubuntu have support for resizing NTFS?05:24
NetEchothe installer that is05:24
amenadomoidekar-> what am asking are both ports on the modem, ethernet and usb port are active at same time? so you can plug a windows on one (ethernet and you get access to the net) and also plug on usb port (you also get access to the net ) at same time?05:24
sdsheeksCpudan80: well, do you think that will work for you?05:24
zcat[1]NetEcho: yes05:24
cfeddeNetEcho: you can use gpartd for that.05:24
nickrud!gutsysources | storm-zen05:24
ubotustorm-zen: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).05:24
NetEchocfedde is that on the installer?05:24
caluchardmoidekar, i think your modem not support the use of the two ports simultaneously05:24
zcat[1]NetEcho: yes05:24
Cpudan80mage__: That page doesnt work05:25
* NetEcho is gonna give it a spin on the laptop and see how she runs05:25
Cpudan80sdsheeks: What?05:25
sdsheeksCpudan80: the link i gave you.05:25
ian_Konqueror is driving me up the wall.... i must be blind but can't find a setting anywhere to disable the login remembering info05:25
zcat[1]NetEcho: by default if you have NTFS with windows, the installer will resize it, and it suggests about 50:5005:25
sdsheeksCpudan80: check this out http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-linux-mint-livecd-with-remastersys05:25
cfeddeNetEcho: make a backup of anything important.05:25
storm-zennickrud: Heard the part about not having any gnome incons or menus and installing x-windows by hand, did you? ;)05:25
sdsheeksCpudan80: I thought it was you looking for a way to mirror a system...could be wrong05:25
cfeddeNetEcho: insurance. not a prediction.05:25
Cpudan80sdsheeks: No, all I need is a list of installed packages to echo to the other machine05:25
lexbluefoxx: using rw under the options didn't suffice?05:25
icanhasadminmkquist: yep, been through all that05:25
moidekaramenado, caluchard: oh, I see... no, when I tried to plug USB into laptop, desktop was off; but good point, they might not both work together so after struggling and getting it working it might be of no use... yikes.. didn't think of that :-(05:25
sdsheeksCpudan80: ah okay :)05:25
Cpudan80sdsheeks: I cannot do your thing because the archs are different05:26
nickrudstorm-zen by installing X by hand, what exactly do you mean? I assumed you used the ubuntu packages05:26
Cpudan80one is 64 bit05:26
mohadib_evening folks05:26
zcat[1]NetEcho: I've never had a resize fail yet, but it's still a good idea to have backups of anything you couldn't easily replace05:26
bluefoxxlex, apparently not, before i had it set to "default"05:26
sdsheeksCpudan80: okay.  I'm a paranoid backup freak so I'm always looking for ways to do what you are wanting to do.  let me know what you find out.05:26
storm-zennickrud: I found something called "ubuntu--desktop" ( I think ) in synaptic ( I think was what I used. )05:26
amenadomoidekar-> however if you do get an extra router box, most likely it will work05:26
storm-zenBut there are no gnome menus or icons...05:26
caluchardmoidekar, don't worry, you always can buy a chep ethernet card to share the connection or a router, maybe with wireless05:27
lexbluefoxx: I have one set as "/dev/sdc1 /home/<user>/music reiserfs rw 0 0" and it works as it should05:27
nickrudstorm-zen: ok, good. That's more than X, and that's the exactly right way to install the desktop. So, what do you mean, no gnome icons?05:27
ka2storm-zen: the ubuntu-desktop package installs gnome, openoffice and stuff05:27
amenado!clone > Cpudan8005:27
bukkmy routing scripts is here now:
bukkand a upload05:27
storm-zennickrud: I have a camera and a speaker on a little bitty panel... and that's it.05:27
mkquisticanhasadmin: and it all seems to work? but no sound, like no errors?05:27
moidekaramenado, yeah... as I said earlier, I think that is the way of least pain... :-) Thanks, amenado, cfedde, caluchard, all: signing off shortly.05:27
NetEchozcat[1] the laptop is just basicaly a backup system for when I can't use this one05:27
bukkif somone could take a look05:27
bluefoxxlex, theyr internal IDE harddrives not external usb volumes or scsi/sata volumes05:28
Cpudan80amenado: Hey thanks05:28
amenadobukk your web server is up05:28
Cpudan80amenado: Would it be bad to do this if the archs were different?05:28
bukkI know05:28
rjunebukk: chmo d 644 on that file05:28
bukkor it should be05:28
cfeddezfs on ubuntu?05:28
nickrud!resetpanels | storm-zen: run this, tell me what you see afterwards. It should reset all panels to the default: 0ne on top, one on bottom.05:28
ubotustorm-zen: run this, tell me what you see afterwards. It should reset all panels to the default: 0ne on top, one on bottom.: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:28
storm-zenI have the graphical version of synaptic... I might be able to get this to work..05:28
amenadoCpudan80-> i think so, different arch would use different libraries05:28
lexbluefoxx: so the only difference would be /hdd (which you have) instead of /sdd or the like05:29
bluefoxxlex, also thats the exact copy of the fstab as i edited it, with the new options it didn't mount them but i can mount them manually, with the options set to "default" they did auto mount05:29
NetEchozcat[1] I know its also a good idea to defrag and chkdsk before resizing05:29
riloyou can use ZFS with FUSE I believe05:29
nickrudstorm-zen: synaptic is itself, there's no other version.05:29
ka2there was a fuse ZFS port05:29
lexbluefoxx: so open your mtab and see what it looks like in there05:29
ka2i can confirm that05:29
storm-zennickrud: Ok.  I used some tui to install X-WIndows.  Guess I don't know what it was, then.05:30
zcat[1]NetEcho: so they say; I've never bothered.. but it is really, really critical that you shut windows down cleanly. Linux won't even try to resize a dirty filesystem05:30
SuhailSo I have windows installed on my computer, would editing the partion with windows on it erase it?05:30
amenadobukk i thought you want to share the internet access between your pc's ?05:30
icanhasadminmkquist: I have one strange error. I added "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" and it gave me a line 40 error when i ran modprobe snd_hda_intel05:30
nickrudstorm-zen: apt-get ?05:30
lexbluefoxx: that is assuming you've mounted them to the right location manually first05:30
NetEchozcat[1] good to know05:30
Z_o-s-oIs there a known problem with tracker in Gutsy......mine is prone to epically fail05:30
rjunebukk: that's a cisco config. that's not a firewall script05:30
storm-zennickrud: No... it had an interface.. menus...05:30
lock1hi, how do i upgrade from feisty to gutsy, I'm trying but am getting 302 errors while it tries to fetch and quits05:30
J-a-k-edo we have any sound gurus here?05:30
nickrudZ_o-s-o: yes05:30
chrisb1609i need help with graphics driver setup for an ATI Radeon HD 385005:30
Z_o-s-onickrud : hopefully resolved in hardy05:31
bluefoxxlex, mtab? im still learning to admin the system, and this is the first time i actually managed to get a second computer going that doesnt carry any valuable data, one i can mess around on05:31
J-a-k-ehave you done all the updates for reisty first?05:31
ka2chrisb1609: with what part?05:31
chrisb1609ka2:  every part05:31
rjunebukk: You don't run HDLC over ethernet either.05:31
lock1J-a-k-e: me? i doubt it05:31
storm-zennickrud: That command to reset the panels worked like a charm.  THanks.05:31
nickrud!training | storm-zen05:31
ubotustorm-zen: A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training05:31
storm-zenOn my way.05:32
bukkThere is the right version05:32
ka2chrisb1609: try System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager05:32
bukklook at rc2.firewall05:32
lexbluefoxx: first, mount the drives to the folders you want them at; manually. Then sudo /etc/mtab. in that file it should have exactly what you'll want to copy to your fstab file05:32
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
chrisb1609ka2:  I've got it open05:33
lock1I am getting this error trying to upgrade from feisty to gutsy Failed to fetch http://medibuntu.sos-sts.com/repo/dists/feisty/non-free/source/Sources.gz 302 Found05:33
mkquisticanhasadmin: whats the 'auto' for I havent used that one?05:33
lexbluefoxx: sudo gedit /etc/mtab that is05:33
J-a-k-elock1 i've never done it myself, but i'm quite sure you need to update before you upgrade05:33
nickrudlock1: disable that repo, it doesn't exist for gutsy05:33
ka2chrisb1609: is your video card there?05:33
bukkISP= eth1 network=eth005:33
chrisb1609ka2: the only driver in there is a VMware kernel driver05:33
chrisb1609ka2: so no05:34
lock1nickrud: k thanks05:34
ka2chrisb1609: are you running it under VMware?05:34
chrisb1609ka2: no05:34
amenadobukk this is missing    iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o EXTERNALINTFHERE -j MASQUERADE05:34
nickrud!medibuntu | lock105:34
ubotulock1: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:34
ka2chrisb1609: or are you running vmware under your ubuntu05:34
bluefoxxlex, wait, im confused...[i think ill just go with the script to run at startup and toss the user password away].05:34
lock1ubotu: ok cool thanks05:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ok cool thanks - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:34
chrisb1609ka2:  yes i am, but i'm not running the radeon from vmware05:35
lock1whoops wrong person my bad ;x05:35
lexbluefoxx: do you know how to mount the drives with the terminal console?05:35
ka2chrisb1609: ok05:35
icanhasadminmkquist: it doesn't really matter. i get the same error with ANY of them05:35
icanhasadminmkquist: any ideas? everyone seems to use that "options" command but it always gives me a line 40 error. I don't understand why.05:35
bukkAnyone tried to get a Nvida 7800GTX512 to work under Ubuntu05:36
ka2chrisb1609: im looking05:36
nickrudicanhasadmin: do you have it in quotes ?05:36
caluchardanyone knows some good password manager, need to be multi plataform (Linux and win32 it's ok)05:36
amenadobukk you are jumping all over, you took care of that internet sharing?05:36
ka2bukk: should be the same as other nVidia cards, shouldnt it?05:36
icanhasadminnickrud: no sorry, i'm not THAT much of a nub, thank you for asking tho :)05:36
chrisb1609ka2:  that's fine, thanks for the help05:37
mkquistwell when i use the options its more like options snd-maestro3 index=0, but then again I'm running two soundcards and have to make sure the correct one gets used.05:37
nickrudicanhasadmin: no offence meant, it's the only thing that looked hinky to me :)05:37
chrisb1609ka2:  i completely messed up my xorg.conf file twice05:37
bukkamenado, : no, but I stopped getting any response so05:37
icanhasadminnickrud:  no prob, thank you for trying to help05:37
amenadobukk you were not paying attention to my suggestions05:37
bukkmy scripts is at my web server, rc2.firewall is the one I want to use05:37
=== gregorovius_ is now known as gregorovius
ka2chrisb1609: oh thats not good :(05:37
amenadobukk this is missing    iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE05:38
nickrudicanhasadmin: I have that chip, I used it in feisty and used that exact line05:38
chrisb1609ka2:  i know, its fixed now, but it was a huge problem originally05:38
c0yoteDoes anyone here use anti-virus with ubuntu?05:38
ka2chrisb1609: try installing the xorg-driver-fglrx  package05:38
chrisb1609ka2:  i ran the reconfig command for the graphics server05:38
Maimsterbukk: amenado: Been years since I've seen an Iptables script.05:38
bukkAt what line should it be05:38
chrisb1609sudo apt-get xorg-driver-fglrx?05:39
HewusHi. I want to share a folder to another Ubuntu machine on my LAN. I can add its details to Shared Folders, but it does not seem to commit this change in exportfs. Anyone know what to do to push this change?05:39
chrisb1609ka2:  sudo apt-get xorg-driver-fglrx?05:39
ka2chrisb1609: yes that would do it05:39
caluchardQuestion : i have a tv decoder (Philips Semiconductors SAA7133/SAA7135 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev d1)), with the latest ubuntu don't work very well, anybody has the same problem?05:39
amenadobukk before your closing  }05:39
bukklast one?05:39
chrisb1609ka2:   didn't work,  maybe just fglrx?05:40
rjuneamenado:  why do you think he needs that line?05:40
bluefoxxlex, ok, yes, i figured it out =)thanks[i just had to stop and re-read and think XD]05:40
icanhasadminnickrud:  which line? 3stack?05:40
bukkafter this ?05:40
rjunebukk: that's-j MASQUERADE isn't a really good idea.05:40
ka2got to go for now05:40
* bluefoxx shakes fist at floppy disk that keeps losing metal dust cover05:40
amenadorjune  to allow it to do a masquerading05:40
rjuneamenado: eth0 is his WAN interface, not eth005:40
ka2chrisb1609: it is xorg-driver-fglrx05:40
nickrudicanhasadmin: yes, but that's for my gateway laptop. There are a boatload of different models05:40
rjunegah, eth0 == wan, not eth105:40
amenadorjune could you care to elaborate on why it is not a good  idea?05:41
lexbluefoxx: yeah, i realized in hind sight that I didn't explain that well. espically after having gone through that myself some time back05:41
bukkamenado, : Have you looked at my second script05:41
chrisb1609ubuntu returned:   E: Invalid operation xorg-driver-fglrx05:41
icanhasadminnickrud: in your opinion.. i have an sb450 alc861.. what's the chance ONE of them will work?05:41
bukkamenado, : That should work, and it have worked, I just cant find out whats wrong05:41
amenadorjune okay he change it to eth0 , i have it posted to him as  EXTERNALINTFCHERE05:41
nickrudicanhasadmin: good. Try asking on #alsa , if you're not sure what model to use05:41
rjuneBecause it'll assign whatever address happens to be there, it's better to use -j SNAT --to IP05:41
=== BaconBits is now known as I
bluefoxxlex, hehe, it sok, i just need to slow down, im too used to being able to read something once then understand it imideatly, being the geek i am...05:41
Cpudan80icanhasadmin: The SB will work05:41
rjunewhich he has right up at the top of the script05:42
icanhasadminnickrud:  holy sh.. didn't know that existed lol05:42
ISomething is weird05:42
icanhasadminCpudan80: do you have any more specific advice? although i appreciate your confidence05:42
lexbluefoxx: humbling no?05:42
chrisb1609ka2:   sorry, forgot install part of command05:42
[chr0n0s]is there a tool to publish blogs.. the current ones aren't good05:42
Cpudan80icanhasadmin: It didnt require any config for me, worked out the box05:42
ISomething is weird because no other channel on Freenode is active....05:42
amenadorjune but he has it configure to pick off the assigned ip address on eth0  so effect is same noh?05:42
Yossarian_join ubuntu05:42
[chr0n0s]publish to blogs i mean*05:42
chrisb1609ka2:   got the newest version05:42
bluefoxxnow...anyone know of a way i can moniter the i/o of my eth1 port?>i want to know whats using it when i seemingly have no net apps running05:42
Iexcept ubuntu none the less.05:42
icanhasadminCpudan80: kk, thx :)05:42
bluefoxxlex, everyone should be humble :305:42
Cpudan80icanhasadmin: I dont have that exact card though --- mine was an audigy (real old)05:43
rjunein this case yes. don't assume it will always be the case. the only time MASQUERADE is better is if his IP is subject to change.05:43
rjunewhich may be true as well05:43
bruce__ok i have an unknown partition in my partition editor and want to mount it also windows recognizes it and my music is still on there  any ideas05:43
lexbluefoxx: it used to be called ethereal or something like that but they changed the project name, google should tell you; i'm just watching anime05:43
Maimsterbluefoxx: Maybe ethereal05:43
Maimsterlex: That's right.05:43
bukkPlease look at the script which is there now:
amenadorjune i never assumed anything on his setup05:44
Yossarian_i just found alien arena - i love it.  Any other cool, free online fps like that out there?05:44
nickrudlex: Maimster wireshark now05:44
Maimsternickrud: Thanks.05:44
lexthere we go, haven't had a need for it in years05:44
nickrudYossarian_: I hear some people like tremulous05:44
lexaka back when it was ethereal haha05:44
MaimsterSame here.05:44
amenadobukk i think this line iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s -d -j SNAT --to $OWNIP  maybe the issue, what if that -s and -d is removed?05:45
Maimsterlex: They also had a commandline version called Tethereal I think.05:45
lexbluefoxx: wireshark incase you may have missed it05:45
bluefoxxlex, anime is awesome huh?my friends and i were devistated when windows ate my hdd and lost all the 30 gigs of it on my hard disk05:45
bukk line number?05:45
rjune10.23.0.0/24 is your network right? if so that's good then.05:45
rjune-d is just extraneous. it won't hurt or help anything05:45
* nickrud checks his backup schedule again05:45
lexbluefoxx: at least it was only 30; if mine crapped i'd lose ~130gb05:46
amenadobukk look it up, your paste did not have line numbers05:46
lexbut a loss is tragic05:46
Maimsterlex: What are you using for a backup program?05:46
rjunegah, yea 1605:46
rjune10 works out the ip05:46
bluefoxxlex, fortunatly i managed to get a sata drive up long enough to save about 20 gigs of video and 10 of music, i just recovered 18 gigs of the video and 6 of the music[bloody cable is faulty, made the drive full of disk errors]05:46
lexMaimster: raid 1+0 and a nas05:46
bukkMy network is realy 10.0.23.X05:47
rjuneok, so fix that05:47
lexbluefoxx: nice05:47
bluefoxxmethinks i have overclocked to much for my sata controller...05:47
bukkBut does it matter if change it?05:47
Maimsterlex: I have been using bu, in my cron.daily. Seems to work pretty good.05:47
rjuneiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s -d -j SNAT --to $OWNIP05:47
novato_brwhat is the problem?  I've tried to install stardict, but there is a error: "Dependency is not satisfiable: libart-2.0-2 . how can I solve this problem?05:47
lexMaimster: cool05:47
bruce__i have a partition that i can use in windows but when i look at it in gparted it says unknown partition type..how can i mount it in linux05:48
amazen720anybody knows the best video driver for compaq EVO1020v05:48
rjuneyes, that line says change the source address of all traffic going out eth0 with a source address of initially
rjuneso yes, that's relevant.05:48
zulerdonglehi. I have ubuntu 7.10 and for some reason whenever i put logout or switch user, and leave the computer at the login screen for a few minutes the screen goes blank, well it turns a yellowish orange shade, and i can move the mouse but see nothing.. any idea on how to fix this or if there is an update to fix this ? Thanks05:48
amazen720i've been struggle to get this working for days05:48
rjuneand its better to be as specific as reasonably possible when doing IPtables. that way you are less likely to run into unforseen side-effects05:49
amazen720meaning desktop effects05:49
nickrud!gutsysources | novato_br (try this, then repeat the install)05:49
ubotunovato_br (try this, then repeat the install): gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).05:49
rjunebukk: also, without QoS rules, your marking iptables rules won't do you any good. I'm guessing you knew that already05:49
amazen720and google earth05:49
mkquistbruce__: is it ntfs or fat?05:50
rjunererun your firewall script and see if you can get out.05:50
bukkI havent wrote the script, a geek friend of mine which shall write everything as hard as possible :P05:50
Maimsterzulerdongle: Well the monitor work as long as it does not go into sleep mode?05:50
amenadorjune but the QoS cannot be seen from iptables noh? it would be from his route tables?05:51
rjunebukk: well, if you were a customer, you would have a phone number to call any time of day to have somebody write it for you.05:51
mkquisti thought ubuntu would mount those parts automatically, but if need be install ntfs-3g05:51
novato_brnickrud, i'm not gutsy user05:51
zulerdongleMaimster: sorry but im not sure i understand your question05:51
novato_bri'm feisty fawn user05:51
nickrudnovato_br: ah. What version05:51
bruce__mkquist: ntfs05:51
rjuneamenado: right, tc does QoS, iptables does firewall. but they work together.05:51
nickrudnovato_br: the setup is similar enough, main is the one you seem to not have enabled05:51
Maimsterzulerdongle: It sounded like you were saying that when your monitor goes into sleep mode it doesn't come out correctly. Displaying a yellowish color.05:52
mkquistbruce__: i thought ubuntu would detect those parts automatically but if need be install ntfs-3g in ubuntu05:52
novato_bri'm going to try05:52
awli get no input, go to power save with the restricted drivers. i dont think the hardware is a problem since the card works perfectly with windows xp. any ideas on what the problem could possibly be05:52
rjunebukk: can you see the world now?05:52
zulerdongleMaimster: yeah, i guess thats it, i can see the mouse icon and move it but i cant see the login screen, just a yellowish whitish color05:52
Maimsterzulerdongle Don't quote me, but it sounds like a power management problem.05:53
donomarEnter text here...hello05:53
bukkI get to the router but not longer05:53
bukknot nameservers either05:53
bruce__mkquist: ntfs 3-g is already installed05:53
donomarhello bukk05:53
zulerdongleMaimster: you mean a problem with my monitor or something i can change in my power management options?05:54
donomarany spanish girl05:54
bukkrouter = my machine05:54
nickrud!offtopic | donomar05:54
ubotudonomar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:54
rjunebukk: update your rc2.firewall file?05:54
Maimsterzulerdongle: I would check for things like S1, S2, and S3 settings. I think they are sleep settings. I think your monitor is fine.05:54
bukkjust take a look05:54
mkquistbruce__: might check your fstab see if its correct05:54
bukkPlease look at the script which is there now:
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
shanhow to enable desktop effects?It says "composite not enabled " when I click on custom, in appearance->effects05:55
donomarany girl05:55
donomarany pretty new yorker05:55
donomarfrom queens05:55
zulerdongleMaimster: thanks. sorry, but where can i change those s1, s2 and s3 settings05:55
jrib!offtopic | donomar05:55
ubotudonomar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:55
nickruddonomar: this is not a dating channel, try somewhere else05:56
amenadobukk you have not change nothing05:56
chrisb1609ka2:   thanks for the help so far, i'm afraid i'm at my time limit for the evening,  i'll probably be back05:56
bukksure I have05:56
rjuneiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s -d -j SNAT --to $OWNIP <--- that's still wring05:56
donomarwhat is this for05:56
jribdonomar: ubuntu support05:56
donomarif its not a dating room05:56
nickruddonomar: it's for helping users of the ubuntu linux operating system05:56
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:56
donomarwhat is it for than05:56
rjunedonomar: welcome to /ignore. you're an idiot.05:56
Maimsterzulerdongle: Very good question. Hold.. checking for you. Your using Ubuntu 7.10 desktop?05:56
Picidonomar: stop.05:57
shanhow to enable desktop effects?It says "composite not enabled " when I click on custom, in appearance->effects05:57
donomari'm not an idiot05:57
Cusoon959donomar: You're a very stupid idiot >.<. Welcome to /ignore from me as well.05:57
bukkthere it is05:57
zulerdongleMaimster: yes thats right05:57
bukkI had it saved in my ~/05:57
mkquistbruce__: what happens when u type mount in terminal?05:57
donomarEnter text here...hello05:57
donomarfor that05:57
amenadobukk after this change, what happened?05:58
jribdonomar: keep the discussion related to ubuntu support only05:58
donomaryes sir salute05:58
bluefoxxO.o if i stop the fan on the front of my computer the case temp goes to 60^o Celsius, with the sisth fan on the front of my computer it drops to 30!05:58
Maimsterzulerdongle: Gnome or Kdesktop?05:58
bluefoxxi think i have a small heat problem...XD05:58
amenadobukk and where are you testing it from? from which box?05:59
rjunebukk: that looks fine.05:59
bukkvista box, fedora box and slackware05:59
zulerdongleMaimster: i really wouldnt know and do not know how to check05:59
rjuneyour router can see the world and your LAN, right?05:59
rhineheart_mcan you recommend webmin?05:59
bukkNo, not the whole lan05:59
bluefoxxis 64 deg C a healthy temp for a cpu overclocked by about 60% thats on 24/7?05:59
Maimsterzulerdongle: Check to see if you have a kcontrol.05:59
Maimster<-- Knew he should have installed a GUI.06:00
amenadobukk and i assume your vista, feodar and slackware is on the secure side of this firewall?06:00
rjunebluefoxx: the question is, is 64C a healthy temp. the overclocking part is not relevant.06:00
bukkbluefoxx, : just keep it below 7506:00
lexbluefoxx: it's a bit warm..06:00
bukkthey are all connected to the same switch06:00
shanMaimster: how to enable desktop effects?It says "composite not enabled " when I click on custom, in appearance->effects06:00
bukkthe DSL line is in one of the NIC's on the server06:01
bukksame as one line to the switch06:01
Maimsteramenado: Do you know where to configure the power management settings under Gnome? Probably the control panel.06:01
zulerdongleMaimster: well apparently i dont have kcontrol installed because when i type it in the terminal it says so but says i can install it by typing sudo apt-get install kcontrol06:01
bukkfrom the server that is06:01
amenadobukk between dsl and your server nic card, no switches?06:01
Maimstershan: I don't use the desktops.. sorry.06:01
rhineheart_mBukk: what is your problem?06:01
Frogzoobluefoxx: most cpus are rated 70C max - so 64's not too good06:01
bukkmy iptables06:01
Maimsterzulerdongle: Then your using the default Gnome install.06:01
chuckhi, is there some sort of metapackage to install gcc and things i need to compile like debian has?06:02
ste-foyI don't have some problem rhineheart_m06:02
Maimsterzulerdongle: Can you find the Gnome control panels?06:02
bukkamenado, : dont need that, I have net on the server06:02
Frogzoochuck: build-essential06:02
amenadoMaimster i dont know, i have not played with power management, i have them de-activated, the apm are turned off on my bios06:02
bazhangbuild-essential chuck06:02
degresevenCan anyone help me with an Xorg problem? I am having a video problem where all I see is brightly colored stripes when X starts. The console is displayed fine. I had to use the alternate cd to install because I had this problem on the livecd. After installing nvidia drivers, I see the nvidia logo, and then the same bright colors. I'm using a geforce 4 mx440 with svideo out to my tv.06:02
bluefoxxwell considering its an 3 yr old socket 478 celeron d that naitivly runs at 2.93 ghz and is overclocked to about 3.7 ghz...and it ran for about a good hour w/o the heatsink on it properly in the origional comp it came from back in 12/0606:02
Maimsteramenado: I think zulerdongle should do the same.06:02
zulerdongleMaimster: i can try to or look it up06:02
bluefoxxi think its rather amazing i have'nt burnt it out yet XD06:02
Maimsterzulerdongle: Cool I will wait.06:02
rjuneamenado: he's using vmware to virtualize the router.06:02
amenadobukk i want to verify with you, between your dsl and your server nic, its not going  through the switch?06:03
bukk-j SNAT06:03
rjunewhat about SNAT06:03
bukkwas just wondering if it was a typo06:03
bukkamenado, : No, but it goes a cable from the servers second NIC06:04
rjuneSNAT == Source NAT aka, make the LAN look like it comes from the world IP06:04
bukkto the switch06:04
amenadorjune one heck of a complex setup, each interface vmware provides external is natted, so each guest has a separate ip address and usually in different subnet06:04
bukkbut does I still need to connect it to the switch06:04
rjuneamenado: not my network.06:05
bukktried with VMware, but I just went back to this06:05
bukkmade more sence06:05
jimHow do I create a NTFS file system on my dual boot hard drive ?06:05
rjunebukk: so that's on the raw hardware?06:05
amenadobukk, i dont have a clear picture of what you got, can you elaborate and make it clearer please, a drawing would be nice too06:06
VisitorQuestion: Is there a disk editor for Linux that can edit NTFS? I cant't seem to find any... I want to modify WinXP boot sector so it runs from an extended partition...06:06
zulerdongleMaimster: ok i was able to access the control center06:06
rjuneyou aren't running your router on a vm, you're running it on the actual hardware.06:06
Ubuntu_noobhey guys, could you help me out a bit,06:06
amenadorjune i thought so ...having switches in there didnt seem to make sense if he was using vmware06:06
Maimsterzulerdongle: Did you find anything there dealing with power management?06:06
bukkADSL > Eth1 ------- ETH0 > SWITCH, PC 1 2 3 connected to switch06:06
Ubuntu_noobi installed ubuntu using Wubi on my Acer Extensa 5420 laptop06:07
Ubuntu_nooband the wired net nor the wifi will work06:07
=== Visitor is now known as stranded
Ubuntu_noobi have to manually config the wifi, but can't understand why the wired net won't work :S06:07
=== stranded is now known as visitor
amenadobukk sorry, adsl eth1 port?  or is that your servers eth1 ?06:08
yurahey do you guys help with installing skins?06:08
zulerdongleMaimster: yeah, i actually had already opened a power management menu  under preferences power management and had set it to never display to sleep ( i did this when you first mentioned power management)06:08
bukkConnection from ADSL modem to ETH1, then from ETH0 to the switch06:08
Maimsterzulerdongle: Now we just have to wait to see if it will happen again.06:08
taggartbg2Hey, so i have 2 primary partitions and an extended partition already, how do I go about installing gusty onto a 10 GB space between two primary partitions?06:08
bukkwhich have the other clients06:08
amenadobukk you are not answering me straight, eth1 is eth1 of your server? or is that eth1 of your adsl modem?06:09
zulerdongleMaimster: ok , its just that i was under the impression i had to mess with other settings (s1, s2, s3?) well thanks for your help then .   ; )06:09
bukketh1 is connected with a cable to the modem06:10
Maimsterzulerdongle: I have found Linux to be funny when dealing with APCI, (automatic power control interface).06:10
Maimsterzulerdongle: I just hopes that cures it.06:10
bluefoxxso, i tried wireshark but it tells me "dumpcap: There are no interfaces on which a capture can be done" what do i do?06:10
=== User894 is now known as Scorpio33M
bukketh 1 inet addr: Mask:
amenadobukk okay, and eth0 ip address is?06:11
MaimsterI really have to install a GUI before trying to help others with it. Jeez.06:11
bukkshould be the default gw for the other client06:11
rjuneso eth1 is WAN?06:11
taggartbg2what's the advantage of having a swap partition?06:11
bukkI can switch06:11
amenadobukk then it doesnt make sense to me to have that -s on that MASQUERADE line06:11
shanjust installed ubuntu .But no sound06:11
Pici!sap | taggartbg206:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:12
Pici!swap | taggartbg206:12
ubotutaggartbg2: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info06:12
bullgard4Synaptic writes: "Sysfs is a virtual file system in the Linux kernel that provides a tree of system devices." What does 'virtual' mean here?06:12
rjunebukk: I don't care from a technical standpoint06:12
rjunebut you've got your script written as if eth1 is LAN and eth0 is WAN06:13
VisitorI had a Ubuntu/XP dualboot system but then I converted C: to an extended partition, now I get an error 12 trying to boot XP in GRUB. I heard this can be fixed by modifying the windows boot sector, however I cant find a disk editor...06:13
=== Visitor is now known as Visitor13
amenadobukk you're making me pull my hair of what is left of it.. be consistent and clear will yah06:13
bukkI dont have any line with masqurade now06:14
MaimsterVisitor13: I think your looking for the boot.ini file.06:14
bukkamenado, : I have made a upload dir there, if you wanna change something06:14
Visitor13Maimster: Editing that would help?06:14
rjuneamenado: I do tech support for this crap. this is my day in, day out.06:14
amenadobukk nope i dont want to change anything06:14
bukksorry, I havent done this  many times06:14
Z_o-s-oanyone here tried gOS?06:14
MaimsterVisitor13: I am wrong as you are using grub.conf as your bootloader.06:14
rhineheart_mHELLO! Is antivirus needed in ubuntu gutsy gibbon server ed?06:15
pcmaxcan you speak  spanish?06:15
J-a-k-eHi all, does anyone know if it's possible to do bass redirection through ubuntu?06:15
amenadorjune, i knew, i have done it far far too long..thats why the thin hairline..haha06:15
rjunebukk: ok, so eth1 is really your WAN06:15
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2106:15
bukkrjune, : you want a account?06:15
MaimsterVisitor13: You might be able to just edit the grub loader.06:15
rjunebukk: nope.06:15
bukkrjune, : then you can see it all yourself06:15
bukketh1 = WAN06:15
bukketh0 = LAN06:15
rjunebukk: I'll help you learn for free. you want me to login, I gotta charge.06:16
Z_o-s-onot always bukk06:16
rjuneok, then change eth0 to eth1 in your script.06:16
pcmaxi new with kubuntu06:16
rjuneZ_o-s-o: please don't help. he's telling us how his network is.06:16
pcmaxcan you help me?06:16
Z_o-s-o:( sorry06:16
phac3buk:it can be vice versa06:16
rjunephac3: see above.06:16
taggartbg2If i'm installing ubuntu, do I need 1)the main partition 2) the swap partition and 3) anything else, I think i read something about a boot partition?06:17
teeshephi. in gnome, i have CCSM installed, and i installed the 3D windows plugin. but whenever i change the settings in the options, they dont actually change. so what's up?06:17
rjunebukk: -o eth0 traps traffic going out eth0. if that's not where you have your internet connection. then it'll NAT the wrong traffic.06:17
pcmaxcame on men..... can you help me?06:18
rjunebukk: iptables --help is actually quite useful in explaining all the basic options06:18
Maimstertaggartbg2: That's sounds right. The default setup is 3 partitions.06:18
Maimstertaggartbg2: The /boot partition will reside on the / partition.06:18
bukknot realy, I have used many hours reading before asking for help06:18
amenadorjune i wish you were the support guy i have to work with all the time at the distant end..you know your stuff equally as me.. :P06:19
rjunebukk: also, if you use long options (--source instead of -s, etc.) it helps explain what's going.06:19
bukkall changed06:19
rjuneamenado: http://www.imagestream.com06:19
gregoroviusdo usb drives/mp3 players' partitions have an UUID or some way to recognize them uniquely?06:19
* rjune builds routers.06:19
taggartbg2doo i need the /boot partition?06:19
pcmaxcan u tell me how I can install a program whit out the adver of tha another service its running?06:20
bukktaggartb: not as a partition06:20
bukkdirectory is enough06:20
amenadorjune cool..if you need one to support you here in sf bayarea, i can work with you..06:20
taggartbg2bukk: how would i go about adding that directory?06:20
bukksudo mkdir /boot06:20
rjunebukk: /boot should be created at install.06:20
bukkand add it to /etc/fstab06:20
rjunebut yeah, that command is correct.06:21
SCXtyler Hi, I have a question about the bootloader in ubuntu, can I choose which OS is first on the list so that I dont have to wait to get past bios to scroll down within 10 secconds or be forced to reboot?  thanks06:21
bukkyah, but like slackware dosnt06:21
rjunebut you dont' need to add it to fstab. that's only for devices that get mounted.06:21
amenadoSCXtyler-> default is the one that selects amongts the labels06:21
taggartbg2the problem is that i'm chock full of primary partitions and only have room for one, i read up on making a swap directory and thats all good, i'm just worried about how to make that boot directory and have it functional if i'm using a manual partition06:21
SCXtylerbut how can i change that?06:22
teeshephi. in gnome, i have CCSM installed, and i installed the 3D windows plugin. but whenever i change the settings in the options, they dont actually change. so what's up?06:22
SCXtyleror can i change it?06:22
bukkrjune, : and the netmask can be ?06:22
rjunebukk: netmask of what?06:22
Maimstertaggartbg2: You could just let Ubuntu make your filesystem for you. That is if your installing new.06:23
amenadoSCXtyler-> yes you can change it to point to label number 5 if you wish, assuming you have label 506:23
cyphasedoes anyone know of a GUI PAM configuration tool?06:23
rjuneamenado: we have a reseller in CA, don't know if he's hiring or not.06:23
taggartbg2maimster: i only have 10 gigs of free space, i have vista, a dell-required partition, and a MediaDirect partition, i only have room for one more06:23
rjunebukk: is your script working now?06:23
SCXtylerthanks amenado06:24
Maimstertaggartbg2: Sounds like a dell laptop.06:24
amenadorjune I'll send you an email through your web site..06:24
rjuneok, let me see the update.06:24
mage__taggartbg2: swap is overrated anyways06:24
bukkall eth0 is changed to eth106:24
phac3does anyone know a good site where i can download IT Ebooks06:24
rjunewikibooks has some useful content06:25
zcat[1]phac3: oreilly have lots available06:25
amenadophac3-> mininova06:25
rjuneas does wikipedia06:25
Rolcolis it safe to install KDE programs?06:25
mage__taggartbg2: but if you really want swap, make an extended partition, and then you can make a couple more partitions06:25
ubotupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:25
bukkthepiratebay.com have about 3GB in Linux books06:25
phac3i will check them all out :)06:25
jimhow do I create a NTFS file system on my dual boot hard drive ?06:26
zcat[1]bukk: I think that !piracy was aimed your way :)06:26
Maimstermage__: I think he did this and lost his XP boot.06:26
* rjune waits for the /kick06:26
bukkzcat[1], : 4 persons mentioned piracy sites before me :P06:26
rjunebukk: update the script on your webserver?06:26
Maimstermage__: I thought the grub loader could be edited to find his XP partition though.06:26
mage__jim: boot into windows? ;)06:26
mage__Maimster: yea06:27
zcat[1]bukk: hmmm.. too lazy to scroll back, I guess I believe you06:27
jimmage, I can boot in to win and linux now, I have extra space on the drive I want to share with both os06:27
bullgard4systool lists 'acpi' as a supported sysfs bus. Can you explain why systool considers ACPI a bus?06:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-spy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:27
Maimstermage__: The extended partition should start at something like 5 or /dev/hda5 I think.06:27
mage__Maimster: I dont have a suitable grub.conf to crib off of, but basically you can boot from the grub menu, dont even need to edit anything06:27
Maimstermage__: You mean by hitting the tab key at the menu?06:28
rjunebukk: just for giggles. put an 'exit 0' at line 1706:28
zcat[1]!ops j-t-w06:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops j-t-w - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:28
rjunebukk:  right after the SNAT line06:28
* Sleepy_Coder stabs J-T-W in the face06:28
mage__Maimster: the XP partition has a boot loader thingy06:28
mage__jim: well you need to make ntfs in windows, theres no mkfs.ntfs06:29
zcat[1]where did !ops go?06:29
Nubbiehi, just recently reintalled ubuntu... however it didn't properly detect my windows installation. i have windows and ubuntu on the same (and only) sata hard drive. xp professional is installed on sda5. in grub, i set it to (hd0,4), yet it still isn't working. any suggestions?06:29
Picizcat[1]: You forgot the |06:29
stdinzcat[1]: wrong syntax, missing |06:29
bukk; ?06:29
zcat[1]ahhh, 'k06:29
Maimstermage__: Yeah but he is not using it. He is letting grub do the boot loading. He should try to find out the partition through dmesg.06:29
zcat[1]was too slow anyhow.06:29
rjunebukk: you really only need the SNAT line to browse the web06:29
rhineheart_mubuntu won't send email thru dovecot.. I just don't know why.. any idea?06:30
rjuneeverything gets in the way.06:30
rjuneso strip it out, reload, then do iptables -n -t nat -L06:30
jimmage_ Yes I found that, I did use cfdisk to make the part but thats it. Ubuntu can now write to NTFS correct ?06:30
bukkbut does it exit there now?06:30
rjunebukk: and save the output into a file , it'll tell amenado and I what the script does.06:31
rjunebukk:  it should. that's what it's told to do.06:31
Rolcolis it safe to install KDE programs?06:31
amenadobukk yes that will exit out of your script..upon inserting that exit()06:32
rjune"bukk: iptables -t nat -n -L  > /var/www/iptables.txt 2>&1"will save you some time.06:32
rjunebukk: "iptables -t nat -n -L  > /var/www/iptables.txt 2>&1"will save you some time.06:32
rjunethat'll write the output directly to iptables.txt in the root of your webdir06:32
Maimsterrjune: If I ever have Iptables issues I know where to go.06:33
=== dibz is now known as BigDaddy1
=== BigDaddy1 is now known as mohadib
Maimsterrjune: You bring back pre-linksys router days.06:34
Visitor13Maimster: Where is the grub.conf?06:34
rjuneMaimster: I do it still.06:34
=== prseton is now known as preston
tempest130Does any one the best way to clone a ubuntu harddrive to a bigger harddrive/06:34
bukkrjune, : what you added to me06:35
MaimsterVisitor13: I think the /boot folder.06:35
amenadoMaimster you mean like the ISC cisco routers?06:35
bukkand syslog there also06:35
ce_mlhi cmus06:35
bukkwith the last 5 mins or so06:35
Maimsteramenado: Ahhh your hurting me.....! lol06:35
amenadolol @ Maimster06:35
bukkA good iptables/masqurading script is better than any router I have tried06:36
prestondoes ubuntu sopport 720p?06:36
rjunebukk: what is your ip address?06:36
Maimsteramenado: I bow to anyone that speaks ISC cisco.  I have a 871W and I barely use its full power.06:36
prestonif not how can i customize a screen resolutiong06:36
rjuneof your server.06:36
bukkI sat 12 hours every day for a week06:36
rjunethe webserver.06:36
tarelerulzIs gezmo  in Ubuntu's repository ?  I am tried Ekiga and it  is ok ,but it is missing some features like voice calls to yahoo.  My main problem is Gizmo seem to be i386 and I have a 64 version of Ubuntu .  Is there anything I could do to install gizmo i386 ?06:36
amenadoMaimster that was my first hands on..06:37
Maimsteramenado: God bless you. I still do not use the wireless section at all. Gives me a headache.06:37
icesword how to tune the character display,no it is in wrong type,i mean it is not rightly displayed06:38
Maimsteramenado: Easier to run a 299 foot cable! lol06:38
rjunebukk: that is not  the output of the command I asked for.06:38
amenadoMaimster am referring to a circa 1990  version..isc06:38
Maimsteramenado: See now your being mean.  Jeez.. I have much to learn.06:38
rjunebukk: "iptables -t nat -n -L  > /var/www/iptables.txt 2>&1" will write the file to the root of your web directory06:38
icesword how to tune the character display,no it is in wrong type,i mean it is not rightly displayed06:39
amenadoMaimster too bad i never got around to picking up my certifications :(06:39
Maimsteramenado: I should send you the two old Cisco 2700 routers I have here.  They are doing ab-so-lute-ly nothing.06:39
Maimsteramenado: That would have brought you a good penny on the market.06:39
rjunebukk: iptables -t nat -n -L  will print it to your screen06:39
amenadoMaimster that predates even that06:39
Maimsteramenado: I know.06:39
bukkok, sec06:39
icmpUbuntu is showing my dual-core as 1 processor at 800Mhz, is it still utilizing both cores though?06:40
Maimsteramenado: I got them free when I upgraded clients systems.06:40
amenadoMaimster-> oh well .thats life for me.06:40
amenadocud da wud da..06:40
icesword how to tune the character display,no it is in wrong type,i mean it is not rightly displayed06:40
Maimsteramenado: True.06:40
rahalhi everone, i need som help with a php5 install throw apt-get.. i need to enable  bundled gd support..06:41
Maimsteramenado: I got the RHCE, used it for two years then dropped it.06:41
demonsporkwhere do I find out my current processor clock speed?06:41
bukkrjune, : the output is there now, named iptables06:41
amenadoMaimster may i interest you on a blackbox 20 ma current loop? hehe06:41
icmpNvm, I see.06:41
prestonhow can i get this screen resolution? 1167x664?06:41
Maimsteramenado LOL06:42
Maimsteramenado: Good one.06:42
rjunebukk: good.06:42
amenadothats when their catalog is like only 8 pages or so06:42
bukkstill dosnt work tho06:42
rjunebukk: sudo cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward06:43
rjunewhat does that say? should be 1 or 006:43
Visitor13Maimster: nope, grub.conf is not in /boot. I tried searching for it with the gui (places->find files), seems like it doesnt exist. (it does find other files).06:43
MaimsterVisitor13: Hold checking...06:43
MaimsterVisitor13: I don't think they call it that anymore. I see the /boot/grub folder.. checking the files there.06:44
Maimsteramenado: Has grub.conf changed its name?06:45
amenadoMaimster from where? grub.conf is sometimes linked to menu.lst06:45
bukkits one06:45
amenadoVisitor13-> look in  /boot/grub/06:46
bukkshould I take away the exit 0 ?06:46
rjunedo a traceroute
Visitor13I got menu.lst...06:46
Maimsteramenado: My Internet connection is so slow. Jesus 9kbps06:46
Maimsteramenado: heheh.. dam U comcast.06:46
amenadoVisitor13-> thats okay then,06:46
rjuneleave the exit statement there06:46
taggartbg2just to let everyone know, Installing ubuntu on one partition was successful.  The /boot partition was unneccisary, and I set up a swap file rather than a swap partition, all is well, thanks :)06:47
Maimstertaggartbg2: Good man!!06:47
demonsporkwhere do I find out my current processor clock speed?06:47
Picidemonspork: cat /proc/cpuinfo06:47
rjunedo a traceroute from one of your systems on the far side of the router. mtr -n works better, but isn't always installed06:47
bukkeh, unknown host06:47
Visitor13The xp entry says root  (hd0,4) which is correct... the extended aprtition with xp is sda506:47
Maimstertaggartbg2: Once you get more familiar with ubuntu you can do what you want with the file system. In the begging though keep it simple.06:48
demonsporkthx Pici06:48
Visitor13after that its savedefault, makeactive, chainloader +106:48
MaimsterVisitor13: Sounds right.06:48
bukkrjune, is the man06:49
rawbeefHello :O06:49
deadly_onehi, anyone can help me to configure HANNS.G HW191D monitor? I dont know how to make 1440x900x75 resolution :/06:49
bukkNow Im gonna hit the bong06:49
Visitor13I get an error 12 when i select that. I've just installed ubuntu after using partitionmagic 8 in windows to convert the former primary C: to an extended partition06:49
rjuneso you can see out by IP, but not by name? your DNS information is wrong06:50
rawbeefjust installed ubuntu, anyone feel like helping me with broadcam wifi drivers?06:50
Visitor13I suspect theres some problem with the volume boot record but I cant confirm it06:50
bukkboth work06:50
amenadobukk can you try to resolve alibaba.com from one your clients06:50
bukkcan I remove the exit 006:50
prestonhow can i get this screen resolution? 1167x664?06:50
bukkso I can have the QoS06:50
rahalcan anyone check this problem ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38254906:50
rjuneit should work too06:50
cyphaseTake a look at this. It's sort of a one time pad technique, but not really. It's implemented as a PAM module: http://code.google.com/p/ppp-pam/06:50
MaimsterVisitor13: I think that the XP partition when just moved to another partition number. Grub needs to know where to look.06:51
amenadobukk okay cool..06:51
Visitor13Anyway, that code should load xp from an extended partition?06:51
amenadoyou are good to go06:51
Visitor13well it says root (hd0,4) savedefault makeactive chainloader +106:51
MaimsterVisitor13 We have to find someone here that knows how to edit the grub loader. It should be looking at /dev/sda506:52
sp0roHow do you start up/restart PHP on 7.10 after PHP5 is installed? It currently isn't functioning properly on the LAMP server I am running and shows PHP pages as source code.06:52
taggartbg2where's gparted in the menu?06:52
bukkThanx a lot guys, I still have 800x600 on a 24" screen tho, but its 8 in the morning06:52
amenadotaggartbg2-> its an extra you have to install first06:52
taggartbg2amenado, ah, thanks06:52
prestoni'm haviing problems with my 32in screen lmao06:52
Visitor13doesn't "root (hd0,4)" mean it looks in dev/sda5?06:52
deadly_onehow to configure xorg.conf for 1440x900x75 resolution?06:53
rjunepreston: send it my way, I won't complain06:53
prestontry hd1 thats the sepperate hard drive your saying that windows is still on that dirve as that06:53
lancerwhat does cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-fwritable-strings" mean when I run "make" on a program?06:53
prestonyoud liked that rjune06:54
lancerI think I need some package to rectify it but which one?06:54
amenadodeadly_one-> just curious how is that Hanns G. ? btw is that made in germany or china?06:54
rjunepreston: yup, I'm working on a 15"06:54
bukkrjune, : If you can comprehend this, we have two DSL connections, one SDSL 2Mb, and one ADSL 20Mb06:54
prestonhd0,5 that means its on partition 4 of that same hard06:54
rjunebukk: I can.06:54
bukkhow can I use both at the same time depending on port06:54
MaimsterVisitor13: I think that means the root partition is /dev/hd0 partition 4. Not sure though.06:54
demonsporkpreston, hd0,5 is the 6th partition on the hard drive06:54
rjuneas in web traffic to one, voip traffic to another06:55
demonsporkpreston, hd0,0 is the first06:55
bukkif I go web I get pointed to sdsl, etc06:55
prestonhmm thats backwards to me on gentoo lmao06:55
bukkI have searched for weeks for a guide or a forum for that but its to hard to explain to search for06:55
Maimsterdemonspork: Do you know how to edit the boot loader grub? Looking for a XP partition.06:55
amenadobukk 20Mb ?06:55
rjunesomething akin to source routing I would imagine06:56
deadly_oneits good for me, made in china:D nice 19' monitor06:56
bukk20 Mega BIT06:56
MaimsterVisitor13: According to demonspork your right.06:56
rahalIs there a way to configure php5 --with-gd using apt-get so I don't have to resort to compiling from source?06:56
rjuneyeah, that's have an e3 IIRC06:56
demonsporkMaimster, can you access the partition atm?06:56
rjunebukk: I'm sure it's possible, never had anybody ask.06:57
amenadobukk your backbone is several t1 or half an t3 ?06:57
MaimsterSorry about that, nasty comcast connection.06:57
bukkrjune, : could you give me a example on one line which would connect IP (ADSL), IP (SDSL), and when I open a web page I get GW
rjuneamenado: he's in europe, e1 or e3. e1 == 2Mb, I forget what an e3 is06:58
bukkT3 you mean06:58
bukkno, its a T1`06:58
rjunebukk:  you're in europe, right?06:58
amenadot3 is about 45meg so 20meg is ruffly half06:58
rjunee3 is about the same.06:58
bukkNot mega BYTE06:58
demonsporkMaimster, can you access the partition atm?06:58
rjunebukk: yes, we know.06:58
Maimsterdemonspork: I was helping another user.06:59
rjune20Mb is fast for over here.06:59
Maimsterdemonspork: I think he's gone now.06:59
amenadoway mucho fast06:59
bukkGetting slow :)06:59
bukkbut I live 200meters from the university06:59
bukkand they have T306:59
prestonbal i have t106:59
rjuneamenado: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-carrier07:00
Maimsteroptonline.net now that's a fast connection.07:00
prestonand thats dedicated line too hehe07:00
bukkbut I  have zero out tho07:00
amenadoi was just reading a news on a new japanese satellite launch to provide wireless coverage at 1.2gig07:00
bukkYah, but what about upload?07:00
amenadorjune thanks,07:00
Maimsteramenado: 2k upload, lol.07:01
prestonand its running throuh fiber optics07:01
rjunepreston: unless you can upload and dowlowd at 1.54Mbps, you have ADSL07:01
amenadohaha..1.2 gig down 2k up..07:01
bukkWe got fiber here also07:01
Maimsteramenado: Crazy right. lol. Just jk07:01
bukkBut not for single houses07:01
Visitor13Maimster: Usually grub can load xp from extended partitions? Or does that never work?07:01
geiiehuui .07:01
amenadothis news was just today, i guess japanese launch the satellite yesterdaay07:01
MaimsterVisitor13: I was looking for you. demonspork had a question for you.07:02
bukkrjune, : but could you give me a example07:02
Maimsterdemonspork He's back, Visitor13 is the one with the problem.07:02
Visitor13demonspork: hi07:02
rjunebukk: nope. never tried to do it.07:02
bukkIf I just did know one line which forwards port to special GW07:02
`mac`hello all,07:02
`mac` using iptables how well i "only" grant 1 ip ? iptables -A INPUT -s MyIP/ -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT07:02
MaimsterVisitor13: He might be eating a peanut butter & Jelly sandwhich.07:03
Visitor13I'll wait a bit07:03
MaimsterVisitor13: Cool.07:03
rjune night folks. I gotta be up in 6 hours07:03
bukkNight, and thanx rjune07:03
MaimsterVisitor13: He asked me something about access the xp partition through atm, I think.07:03
bukkBut if anyone know how you can have two WAN's to one LAN07:04
bukkand GW is controlled by the port07:04
MaimsterVisitor13: Your not makingme lie, I have no idea what he is referring too.07:04
MaimsterVisitor13: We will just wait like good noobs.07:04
rhineheart_mcan you recommend ISPconfig for ubuntu gutsy?07:05
MaimsterHe's gone again...07:05
Visitor13I accidentally closed the IRC07:06
Visitor13I'm back07:06
MaimsterVisitor13: Ohh, I thought you had a bad connection.07:07
bukkIs it possible to put up a WINS server in linux07:07
vinicius_i've just update to ubuntu 8.04, and that simply made mt wireless connection disappear in my laptop, if I turn on the computer with the wireless antenna button ON, it works, if not, does not works.... how can I fix this?07:07
MaimsterMy putty app keeps droping me.07:07
Pici!hardy | vinicius_07:07
ubotuvinicius_: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:07
bukkcause I find 2/10 clients07:07
nano__Does anybody know where i can configure my default windows manager in ubuntu fiesty?07:07
vinicius_Pici, thank you!07:08
rhineheart_mVISITOR13: can you recommend ISPconfig for ubuntu gutsy?07:08
bardyrIs it possible to redirect a port transparently to a application, like sftp://host:22 goes to port 332 but ssh still thinks it goes to 22?07:09
bukkhmm, yah?07:09
bukkAll forwarding works like that, one port on one side, and one on the other07:10
bukkNormaly you want the same tho07:10
Maimsterbukk: I was just praying he was not asking to do this in IPtables.07:10
jimcooncatbardyr: most people do that with their routers07:10
sp0roHow do you start up/restart PHP on 7.10 after PHP5 is installed? It currently isn't functioning properly on the LAMP server I am running and shows PHP pages as source code.07:10
robbins61does ubuntu support kde4?07:11
bardyrjimcooncat, i want to do it witht he local out going ports07:11
robbins61are their packages for it?07:11
robbins61because in fedora it's still relatively unsupported07:11
Cusoon959fuckinggoogleit.com << great site about KDE/Ubuntu07:11
jimcooncatbardyr: I don't know how, but it seems you could add another ip address to your eth card07:11
jimcooncatbardyr: then you can nat your port07:12
Visitor13rhineheart: Sorry I just installed this today...07:12
bukkiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth1 -d $OWNIP --dport 22000 -j DNAT --to
rhineheart_mis there anybody here who runs ISPConfig in ubuntu box?07:12
bukkthere you are07:12
jimcooncatbardyr: you couldn't just add port 322 to your ssh server?07:12
Frijoliewhy would synaptic want me to downgrade my version of OpenOffice.org from 2.3.1 (a version I downloaded and installed myself via tarball from OOo website)to 2.3.0 (the version in the reops)07:13
bardyrjimcooncat, wont NAT only work with people connecting to me i want, ssh host -p 22 to go to host on port 32207:13
bukkJust change the order07:13
bukkforward LAN instead of ISP07:13
bardyrjimcooncat, the problem is that gvfs/scp is broken on all ports except 22 and i need a workaround :)07:13
FrijolieEverytime I boot my compuer I get update manager saying there's updates and it has the older version of OOo set up to be upgraded07:13
bukkI -think-07:13
jarrettgreenHey guys. I just lost the ethernet connection on my box. I'm quite a newb, so I don't even know where to start07:14
Frijolieanyone have an idea of how to fix this?07:14
jarrettgreenI have the box set up with a static ip, within the DHCP range of my router07:14
bukkjarrettgreen, : dhclient07:14
jarrettgreenbukk how do I access that?07:14
jimcooncatbardyr: then you'd have to use 22? sorry, I don't get it, why broken?07:14
bukktype it, be root07:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ispconfig - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:15
jimcooncatbardyr: something upstream blocking 22?07:15
bardyrjimcooncat, hardy gvfs bug07:15
bardyrjimcooncat, and everything except port 22 isnt working07:16
bardyrjimcooncat, so i need gvfs to think its port 22 but its actually 32207:16
jarrettgreenit worked07:17
jimcooncatbardyr: this really is a #ubuntu+1 question. Sorry, I only know up to gutsy07:17
ChrisULManybody using bashpodder?07:17
jarrettgreenI'm bound to .6 now rather than the .20 I put in my interface ocnfig07:17
jarrettgreenwhat does dhclient do exactly?07:17
bukkYou dont have static IP07:18
bardyrjimcooncat, well its not so much hardy because i just need a local port redirect howto thing07:18
jarrettgreenI am now able to SSH in07:18
jimcooncatbardyr: does this happen with command-line ssh?07:18
bukkfew ISP's give you that07:18
bardyrjimcooncat, nope, its a nautilus/gvfs bug07:18
jimcooncatit looks like the bug is with gui apps07:18
bukkYou can max have the same IP in 7200 seconds, if you reboot07:18
jarrettgreenBukk - I'm behind a router07:18
jarrettgreenand I do have a static IP07:18
jarrettgreento that router07:19
jarrettgreenwhich should right to port 80 of this box07:19
jimcooncatbardyr: if you just want file access, use sshfs07:19
rhineheart_mI've been asking since then..but nobody answers...is there anybody of you here uses ISPCONFIG...a web based configuration?07:19
jarrettgreen# The primary network interface07:19
jarrettgreenauth eth007:19
jarrettgreeniface eth0 inet static07:19
jarrettgreen        address
jarrettgreen        netmask
jarrettgreen        network
FloodBot3jarrettgreen: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:19
bukkIm not the man to ask here, I would just start with dhclient07:19
jarrettgreenwhat does dhclient do exactly?07:20
icmpI'm hacking your base.07:20
icmpdisregard that, idiot people touching my computer.07:20
Visitor13Maimster: Is he still eating or did he leave? (what was the name again?)07:20
rhineheart_mjarrettgreen: just remove the network...and replace gateway <you should use the IP of your router)07:20
=== laura is now known as laurica
jimcooncatbardyr: other than that you need to NAt it somehow, perhaps with another ip address as I suggested07:20
bardyrjimcooncat, hmm i could use sshfs, thanks :)07:20
MaimsterVisitor13: I don't really know what he is doing.  His name is demonspork.07:20
devrethmanhow do I black out my screen?07:21
devrethmanI'm going to sleep, and I want to leave my comp dling stuff overnight07:22
rhineheart_mjarrettgreen: are you still having problem configuring your box to make it static?07:22
infinitycircuitdevrethman, my default closing the screen should cause it to blank07:22
jimcooncatbardyr: just make sure there's nothing left in the cache before the boss snoops around lol07:22
kostkondevrethman, maybe pressing the on/off button of the screen.07:22
bukkIm not the man to ask here, I would just start with dhclient07:22
Visitor13demonspork: Maimster said you could help me getting grub to boot xp from an extended partition?07:22
devrethmanlaptop desu07:22
kostkondevrethman, nevertheless, check this: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/12/13/create-a-virtual-monitor-power-button/07:23
bukkdhclient makes your machine ask the whole LAN for a IP07:23
devrethmanand closing it makes it overheat...07:23
devrethmanI'll go stick a book on the little closed switch07:23
jarrettgreenbukk - got that, but what does dhclient do?07:23
bukk-man dhclient07:23
devrethmanyeah... I'm tired now. Howtos take time07:23
bukkAsk for a IP07:23
kostkondevrethman, it's a very short how-to07:23
jarrettgreenthat's what it does, or that's what your now telling me to do?07:24
Visitor13so much for him07:24
devrethmanshorter than sticking a PSP on a button?07:24
* devrethman can't find any books07:24
devrethmannight all07:24
bukk E-bøker Over 1100 General Computer Ebooks07:24
=== LiraNuna_ is now known as LiraNuna
kostkondevrethman, of course not07:24
MaimsterVisitor13: Try asking again. I mean the channel users.07:25
demonsporkVisitor13, do you still need help07:25
jarrettgreenAnybody know why the static IP in my interfaces file isn't taking? Could a router efuse something like that?07:25
demonsporksorry, I was playing and crashed out of X07:25
Visitor13demonspork: Yep.07:25
demonsporkVisitor13, what exactly is your problem?07:25
Geoffrey2has anyone in here run ubuntu inside of virtual box?07:26
Visitor13demonspork: I have XP set up under grub, but when i try to boot into it I get an error 12. XP is on an extended partition (/dev/sda5)07:26
robbins61the ubuntu 8 install didn't request a root pass, what is it and/or how do i set/change it07:27
demonsporkVisitor13, did you set up Grub to boot XP yourself? or was it done during the Ubuntu install?07:27
Geoffrey2robbins61: there is no root pass in Ubuntu07:28
Visitor13demonspork: I've just installed ubuntu (to the primary dev/sda3) after using Partitionmagic to convert C: from primary to extended and move it to the back of the drive07:28
Visitor13demon: It was automatically07:28
robbins61how the hell do i get root in terminal then?07:28
jarrettgreenCan anyone help with a static IP issue?07:28
Geoffrey2robbins61: sudo07:28
nachosanyone here know how to read from /proc/$pid/mem ?07:28
Visitor13demon: The menu.lst says root (hd0,4) savedefault makeactive chainloader +107:28
jimcooncatjarrettgreen: maybe07:29
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.07:29
demonsporkVisitor13, were you able to boot into XP after moving the partition?07:29
demonsporkVisitor13, are you able to access the XP partition from Ubuntu?07:30
jimcooncatjarrettgreen: I need your question again please07:30
tarelerulzWhat are some good sip programs ?  LIke gizmo07:30
Visitor13demonspork: No, but I didn't have windows bootmanager in the MBR at the