sadmacKeybuk: ping02:28
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Keybuksadmac: pong12:26
sadmacKeybuk: I was wanting to ask about your current thoughts for the profiles system16:57
Keybuksadmac: sure17:44
sadmacKeybuk: What does your design for it look lik?17:51
KeybukI don't have one17:51
KeybukAlexExtreme has been doing one, iirc17:51
Keybukthe idea being to define profiles in a file17:51
Keybukthat look something like17:51
Keybuk  disable apache17:51
Keybuk  disable squid17:51
Keybuk  disable *17:51
Keybuk  enable foo17:51
Keybuk  enable bar17:51
sadmacI had another idea for it17:52
sadmacmy idea was to add a stanza to the job definitions, one of either "disable unless" or "disable if"17:53
sadmacfollowed by a series of flag names.17:53
sadmacwe could then load a list of set flags off the filesystem at boot time.17:53
sadmacthat does get kind of messy if you have flags with large effects, like single user mode.17:59
Keybukyeah, that's more in line with the "flags" idea18:08
Keybukflags and profiles are two competing ideas for the same functionality18:09
Keybukprofiles implies that profile is a first-class object which includes or excludes jobs18:09
Keybukand maybe that you only have one profile active at one time18:09
Keybukflags is that jobs disable/enable themselves in their own configuration depending on which flags are set18:09
Keybukwith the implication that multiple flags can be set at one time18:09
Keybukthe profiles idea is better for a sysadmin, since they don't need to edit the job definitions18:10
Keybukflags is vaguely better for a distro18:10
sadmacKeybuk: with enough flags built into the jobs they become logically equivalent18:22
Keybukthat's somewhat true18:23
Keybukone of the other inits has a feature whereby kernel arguments turn on/off jobs18:23
sadmacthats easy to do. Doesn't even have to be done in code.18:24
sadmacan early job definition that takes a peak at /proc could do it.18:25
Tornedoes upstart work if it's not PID 1?19:59
Torneas the child of another init?19:59
Torneaw. how come? :)20:01
Keybukyou can run it as another pid by disabling a couple of its features20:03
Keybuk(supervision of forking daemons, mostly)20:03
Tornenothing i run forks anyway :)20:04
Torneis that compile time?20:04
Keybukwhy do you want to run it under another init?20:04
Tornei'm switching distribution20:05
Keybukit's "edit the source and recompile" time20:05
Keybukbasically comment out the getpid() check20:05
Torneah, right. i'll experiment in a bit then20:06
Tornethanks. was just wondering if there was an easier way20:06
Keybuknot really20:07
Keybukit's not something I want to support20:07
Keybuksince people will complain when things don't work because they're not init20:07
Tornehm. if it's just a matter of turnign a few thigns off and disabling the check, surely that's a reasonable compile time option20:08
Torneand anyone who builds one with that on will presumably know what they're getting20:08
Keybukadding an option means supporting it ;)20:09
Keybuk"blah doesn't work when not pid 1" ... "so run as pid 1" ... "but there's an option to not run as pid 1"20:09
Tornei think you're overestimating the chance of that happening, but hey :)20:10
Tornethanks anyway. i'll fiddle with it.20:12

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