riba1hi guys,00:17
riba1where do I make compiz active ?00:17
riba1default is instaled after I enabled nvidia00:18
riba1also, emerald themes does not work00:20
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LinuxID10TAny one here03:48
LinuxID10TReally is anyone here03:48
infblissis there a way to install kde in a xubuntu system05:33
jmichaelxi have xubuntu installed on an old AMD K6-2 256MB, but it seems fairly sluggish. in your opinion, would slackware possibly run better on this machine, or should i stick with xubuntu?06:31
maxamillionjmichaelx: technically slackware would be a bit faster, but you will lose a large amount of features (the main one would be a package manager)06:46
maxamillionjmichaelx: you could check out fluxbuntu, its a full featured desktop targeted at being as efficient as possible06:47
maxamillionjmichaelx: its normally recommended for low end hardware (though not limited to low end hardware)06:47
jmichaelxmaxamillion: ty, i appreciate the suggestion while i am weighing options06:48
maxamillionjmichaelx: hop over to #fluxbuntu for more info06:48
maxamillionjmichaelx: i hang out there too ... and the core developer is in the channel at the moment, prime time for questions if you have any :)06:49
jmichaelxmaxamillion: ty i am there06:49
mindframe_is there a plugin that will monitor load for both cores of a dual core cpu?10:11
TheSheepmindframe_: load of core?10:17
mindframe_like a gui for top10:18
mindframe_CPU load10:18
mindframe_percentage meter10:18
TheSheepmindframe_: the system monitor shows you the cpu load10:18
TheSheepmindframe_: system monitor plugin10:18
mindframe_not for both cores :)10:18
TheSheepmindframe_: for both -- summed10:19
mindframe_ah i was looking for individual stats10:19
mindframe_im using the cpu graph plugin now10:19
mindframe_guess it'll have to do10:19
TheSheepmindframe_: there are the veraious cpuinfo, governor, etc. plugins10:25
TheSheepmindframe_: but none looks usable10:25
mindframe_do you know where the boot splash image is defined?  i tried out kubuntu but uninstalled it and now the kubuntu splash image is still showing up during boot10:29
TheSheepmindframe_: it's recorded in your initrd10:50
TheSheepmindframe_: to change it, run update-alternatives to select the splash you want, and then rebuild the initrd with 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)'10:52
sugardrunkis it 2012 already?12:36
TheSheepsugardrunk: no, come back in 4 years12:49
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sugardrunkTheSheep, oh thanks12:54
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sprauekrautHello, I am having a problem with burning audio cds with mp3s using brasero.  Would anyone like to help?14:30
TheSheep!anyone | sprauekraut14:45
ubotusprauekraut: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:45
TheSheepsprauekraut: can you be a little more specific?14:46
sprauekrautokay here we go14:50
sprauekrautso when i add an mp3 file to an audio cd project in brasero, i get an error that says that gstreamer can't read the mp3 file....it says i should ensure that the proper codecs are installed14:51
sprauekrauti have installed the gstreamer ugly plugins14:52
sprauekrautand I have insalled the w32codecs from the mediabuntu repo14:52
sprauekrauti am able to play the same mp3 file in xmms, so I know mp3 playback is supported14:52
sprauekraut<error>"01 - Llama - Phish.mp3" can't be handled by gstreamer: Make sure the appropriate codec is installed.</error>14:54
TheSheepsprauekraut: well, do what it says14:54
sprauekrautwow incredibly helpful14:55
sprauekrauti would have never though14:55
TheSheepsprauekraut: make sure you have the fluendo-mp3 or ffmpeg codecs installed14:55
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines14:55
sprauekrautHere's the thing TheSheep, i wouldn't give you attitude if i wasn't given it14:56
TheSheepsprauekraut: do you have the packages installed?14:57
sprauekrautgettin there14:57
sprauekrautinstalled both you suggested and still no dice14:58
TheSheepsprauekraut: so you didn't have them installed?14:59
TheSheepsprauekraut: do you have the -mad plugin?15:01
TheSheepsprauekraut: check if you have the file /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstmad.so15:01
sprauekrautyes i have that lib15:02
* TheSheep scratches his head15:03
sprauekrautxubuntu 7.10 if that helps15:05
sprauekrautanyways, gotta get running.  Thanks for your help so far, even with my attitude.  We can pick this up later.  See ya :)15:08
jasperGood afternoon15:09
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FreewithHi. My system makes a system bell sound 5 or 6 times everytime I get to the logon screen or issue a shutdown. Anyone know what's wrong?15:53
mindoverflowi got a little problem with xubuntu gutsy15:54
mindoverflowsame with ubuntu15:54
mindoverflowwell, i have to hard disks15:54
mindoverflowwhen i try to run xubuntu from the live cd15:54
mindoverflowit stops at the busybox15:55
mindoverflowwith the modprobe abnormal end15:55
mindoverflowwhat i did is i unplugged my first hardisk15:55
mindoverflowthen it booted correctly15:56
mindoverflowi even installed it15:56
mindoverflowbut once i replug the second drive, and boot from the installed partition15:56
mindoverflowthe problem reappears again15:56
mindoverflowanyone got an idea please ?15:56
mindoverflowi'm running it on a p3 700mhz 256m of ram15:57
mindoverflow2 ide disks the first of 20g partitionned to 6 partiotions15:59
mindoverflowand an other ides of 80 g15:59
mindoverflowa logical partition, the ex3 and the swap15:59
ppppalgum help em portugues16:16
pppp;j #ubuntu16:17
nikinis this the right forum to discuss eeeXubuntu?16:25
TheSheepnikolam: not really, but large number of questions may be relevant17:01
TheSheepnikolam: sorry17:01
TheSheepbah, he left17:01
nikolami`m here17:02
TheSheepbut nikin left17:04
nikolamwhen we are here..17:04
nikolamMy X locks itself every time I logout and restart X. Processes stays (music plays etc) but keyboard is locked..17:05
nikolamI use 690g ati integrated graphics, latest ati owned drivers and xubuntu 64-bit17:05
nikolammaybe i should revert to older ati drivers? (hibernation does not work with them17:06
TheSheepnikolam: I found something that could help you find out what is going on, in 'man xorg', look for the definition of        Ctrl+Alt+Keypad-Multiply17:07
nikolammmm keyboard froze itself.. neither numlock works..17:08
TheSheepnikolam: have you looked at the bug reports? maybe there is a workaround...17:09
TheSheepnikolam: I had something similar with nvidia, disabling agp helped then17:10
nikolamYes, I think that the best workaround is NOT to use ATI products at all..17:10
mindoverflowhi, could anybody help me with my boot problem ??17:11
nikolamIts binary driver after all..17:11
nikolammindframe, shoot17:11
mindoverflowthe system wount boot up even with the live cd it stops at the busybox with  an abnormal modprobe exit17:12
mindoverflowit's due to hard disks, cuz i have  2 and as i unplug one of'em everything goes fine17:13
mindoverflowthen, any clue ???17:13
nikolammaybe you need to adjust boot order of disks in your computer BIOS17:13
mindoverflowi forgot, it's a p3 with 2 ide drives17:13
mindoverflowthe grub loads17:14
mindoverflowbut the problem is when initiating the drivers17:14
nikolamAlso, if you dont`want/cant adjust it in bios, you can install grub boot manager on other HDD and boot to current linux on another17:14
mindoverflowbut there is nothing related to boot order17:14
nikolamdrivers? You were just saying you cannot boot when you add second hdd17:15
mindoverflowcuz i could switch to whatever i want17:15
mindoverflowand i think i know how to deal with those stuff17:15
mindoverflowyes, i mean the boat loader loads17:15
mindoverflowthen here, we're already done with the boot order17:15
mindoverflowas the xubunto logo appears17:16
mindoverflowa few moments later17:16
mindoverflowit says  that there was an abnormal exit of modprobe17:16
nikolamlook at the /boot/grub/manu.lst and /boot/grub/device.map17:16
mindoverflowand i get the the initramfs shell17:16
TheSheepmindoverflow: can you remove the 'quiet' option from the kernel boot options (you can do it when in grub by pressing 'e') and see what it says?17:17
mindoverflownot that too17:17
mindoverflowi tell you that some of the drivers loads17:17
mindoverflowthen nothing related to grub settings17:17
mindoverflowi didn't try to remove the quiet option17:17
TheSheepmindoverflow: if you remove the 'quiet' option, you will be able to see what exactly fails17:17
mindoverflowok, ill be traying it17:18
mindoverflowand i'l be back in a while17:18
mindoverflowthank you17:18
nikolamI have 2 hdd`s on sata. I boot from first but i have 2 /boot partitions on both drives (since i use raid1 on second partitions) I installeed grub on second drive with grub-install and copied all data from first /boot to second. All is fine.17:18
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mindoverflowwell, i'm back17:35
mindoverflowemploying the noisy option17:36
mindoverflowit stops at17:36
mindoverflowalert! /dev/disk/...ef60.... doesn't exist dropping to shell17:37
mindoverflowwell, maybe this cuz i installed xubuntu plugging only one drive and know i'm booting with 2 disks17:38
mindoverflowbut before there is the udev-event[2086] modprobe abnormal exit17:39
mindoverflowthe same as i get when loading the live cd17:39
YashyIs anyone aware of an issue on gutsy amd64 where the usb keyboard and/or mouse lock up after some uptime?17:41
YashyAlso, it seems around every 3rd boot I have a fan (HDD? GPU?) running 100% (noisy). Right now it's quiet though.17:42
TheSheepmindoverflow: edit your /etc/fstab and use somethng like /dev/sda1 instead of UUID17:43
mindoverflowok, i'll try17:43
mindoverflowbut what about the udev event 208617:44
TheSheepmindoverflow: and same with the root= option for the kernel in your /boot/grub/menu.lst17:44
TheSheepmindoverflow: no idea, you might want to google for it17:44
mindoverflowcuz it's this one that i'm getting when loading from the live cd17:44
mindoverflowthat's what i'm doing :)17:44
mindoverflowcuz the disk not found is an error that happens only from my installed system17:45
mindoverflowbut prior to this i was getting the modprobe problem17:45
mindoverflowthe thing that i'm still getting but it's being ignored and stops at the final alert17:45
philphotohaving problems with usb, any help?17:48
mindoverflowTheSheep: how would the fstab become ?17:49
mindoverflowactually it's17:49
mindoverflowUUID=ef608042-9080-43ef-96ea-47a980d5671a /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       117:49
mindoverflowthat way probabely17:53
mindoverflow/dev/hdb2 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       117:53
mindoverflowok, gona replug the other disk, and retry17:57
mindoverflowi'll be back17:57
mindoverflowTheSheep: not yet18:09
mindoverflowan other problem i forgot to tell you about wich is18:09
mindoverflowcheck root=bootarg car /proc/cmdline18:10
mindoverflowi'm gona try to fix it18:10
mindoverflowand missing  modules, device cat /proc/modules18:10
mindoverflowis there any module i got to look for it or include it ??18:11
TheSheepmindoverflow: is there anything in /proc at all?18:18
TheSheepmindoverflow: if not, do: mount /proc18:18
crewehey does anyone here have a SAA7130 TV tuner card?18:19
TheSheep!anyone | crewe18:19
ubotucrewe: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?18:19
creweI guess you're right, well I'm just trying to get it to work18:20
creweit's detected, I just cant get it to work with any tv tuner program18:21
TheSheepcrewe: any error message?18:21
mindoverflowTheSheep: yes, /proc/cmdline contain the uuid18:21
TheSheepcrewe: try running these programs from a terminal18:21
creweright now I'm trying tvtime18:21
mindoverflowand /modules have some drivers there18:21
mindoverflowbut how could i edit cmdline18:22
mindoverflowi tryed gedit but it seems to be empty18:22
TheSheepmindoverflow: /boot/grub/menu.lst18:22
mindoverflowbut with cat it displays that line18:22
TheSheepcmdline is read-only18:22
TheSheepit's not a real file18:22
creweno error from command line18:22
TheSheepcrewe: how about dmesg?18:23
crewewhat is that, I've been told to use that before but I don't know what to look for18:24
TheSheepcrewe: just type 'dmesg' in terminal18:24
creweI did18:24
TheSheepcrewe: preferably dmesg | less18:24
TheSheepso that you can scroll it18:24
creweyeah, but I still dont' know what I'm looking for18:25
TheSheepthe most recent messages are at the bottom18:25
TheSheepthese are various system messages, mostly from kernel and kernel modules18:25
TheSheepyou can see if you device was detected, and whether the corresponding kernel modules gave any errors about it18:25
creweI'm seeing a lot of Ethernet stuff18:25
crewedropped somethier or the other on eth118:27
mindoverflowTheSheep: would this be correct ??18:28
mindoverflowkernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=/dev/hdb2 ro quiet splash18:28
TheSheepmindoverflow: yes, maybe remove that quiet too18:28
mindoverflowgona try again18:29
TheSheepmindoverflow: best copy whole entry and leave one unedited18:29
crewe[16408.626674] DROPPED IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=00:~:00 SRC= DST= LEN=115 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=255 ID=7578 PROTO=UDP SPT=5353 DPT=5353 LEN=9518:30
creweI see that a lot18:30
TheSheepcrewe: those are logs from your firewall18:30
TheSheepcrewe: it's blocking some packets18:31
creweokay, figured, but other than that, nothing in particular18:31
TheSheepcrewe: I guess you already searched the forums?18:31
crewenothing comes up, well nothing relavant18:32
TheSheepcrewe: you can also ask at #ubuntu, this is a general enough thing and it has much more people18:32
crewewhoa, never thought of that, I was in #ubuntuforums18:33
mindoverflowTheSheep: no progress at all18:55
mindoverflowand i noticed that no partition is mounted18:56
philphotoI've got a problem with usb:  usbdevfs doesn't exist18:57
philphotoany help?18:57
mindoverflowhow could i know wich module did fail in loading ?18:57
TheSheepmindoverflow: see dmesg19:07
mindoverflowdmesg doesn't function if i remember well19:09
mindoverflowi'll be trying19:12
mindoverflowthanks anyway19:12
whyking_at some point in time flash stopped working on my opera.. still works with firefox though.. no error msg, plugin is available and no error msg, the just don't start19:48
LetsGo67When I hold down the direction key, it acts as if I pressed the key and released it.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone help please?19:51
LetsGo67When I hold down the direction key, it acts as if I pressed the key and released it.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone help please?19:53
LetsGo67When I hold down the direction key, it acts as if I pressed the key and released it.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone help please?19:54
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artur_About the Xubuntu CD,what is the difference between the Live CD Desktop and Live CD Alternate. Why the first needs a computer with more RAM, while the second needs less RAM?20:28
TheSheepartur_: alternate is not a live cd20:28
artur_so, just to install20:28
TheSheepartur_: it only has the installer, not a complete working system20:28
TheSheepartur_: but it's fater and needs less ram20:28
TheSheepboth install exactly the same thing20:29
artur_TheSheep: Nice. Could i install in a about 500Mhz computer ?20:29
artur_I'd install with the alternate...20:30
TheSheepartur_: there is no requirement about the cpu speed, but it gets completely unusuable around pentium 20020:32
TheSheepartur_: I guess 500Mhz is pretty good20:32
TheSheep(not unusable as in "doesn't work", unusable as in "it's so slow I think I'll break it into pieces!")20:33
artur_TheSheep: Thank`s very much! ;)20:33
neosixhello! Can anybody tell how can I set single click for desktop icons in Xubuntu?20:54
TheSheepneosix: not possible20:56
crewehow do I use the 'insmod' command to change a variable for my tv tuner card20:58
SchwarzeKrauseHi, all. Is there any service that would allow me to see the versions of packages currently in Xubuntu's repos? Just like Debian's package db22:31
SchwarzeKrauseI mean, I don't have a Xubuntu installed anywhere at the moment22:31
Indiadev_TechieHi evryone here !!!23:51
Indiadev_Techieevryone sleepin !!!23:51

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