MotherLUGAfternoon. Can any one recommend which release of edubuntu would be best for a stand alone desktop & what the minimum hardware specs required would be please.02:38
HedgeMageMotherLUG:  most current (gutsy 7.10) is the way to go :)  I am not sure what the stated requirements are, though.02:54
gendrixhello every one, ... i need help!05:22
gendrixi want to share an intenet connection from a modem to 3 lan cards, eth1, eth2, eth3. how to do it ?05:24
johnnythere are various tutorials online about how to do so05:25
gendrixwhat kind of key word to search them ?05:27
HedgeMagegendrix:  linux router might be a good start05:28
johnnylinux connection sharing05:32
gendrixthanx, i'll try to start searching05:44
johnnyyou will find good things..05:51
johnnyit'd be cool to have a better gui for that05:51
* johnny wishes networkmanager 0.7.0 comes out..05:52
gendrixany gui way for gutsy?05:57
SmytyThorhey all... big crowd!06:04
SmytyThorquiet though... anybody home?06:06
SmytyThorwell i guess it doesent matter so much...06:07
SmytyThorAnyway I'm looking for some good educational games for my kid, i just installed Edubuntu and i want to choose some packages to install for her06:08
SmytyThorshe's 4.. and im looking for some fun games to get her practising using the computer. Any suggestions?06:08
johnnyogra, ogra_cmpc lemme know when you're about09:19
ogra_cmpcRichEd, we need more apps :P ....16:11
ogra_cmpcour cd (while still including 200M windows software) is only 430M big atm16:11
RichEdhi ... as a user need / request or to fill up space16:11
ogra_cmpci just rearranged all the seeds (should be near what we will have as final app set)16:12
RichEdogra: well isn't that a pleasure compared to squeezing and jugggling you had to do before ?16:12
ogra_cmpcso currently edubuntu is only about 250M big16:12
ogra_cmpcindeed it is16:12
RichEdit's not like the users are missing out on stuff they had, it's jsut moved into the ubuntu guts16:13
ogra_cmpci'm still unsure if we want to keep the winfoss software on there16:13
RichEdi think so if there is "unused space" ... it kind of shows we are prepared to accept and support any move towards open source ...16:13
RichEdand that may give us a potential convertee in time, and also shows we are not an all or nothing fanatical bunch16:14
RichEdlike the boys in redmond16:14
ogra_cmpcwell, we need to promote that then16:14
ogra_cmpcwe had the software on that cd since it exists16:15
ogra_cmpcbut it was never announced anywhere16:15
Nubaeok, I checked ps aux and nbdclient is running16:15
Nubaeand the regular stuff is in /proc/mounts16:16
ogra_cmpcRichEd, also have a look at the text here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20080225.1/ we should have something better than just being called "add-on CD" at the top16:16
Nubaei guess I better be specific...16:17
RichEdogra: edubuntu 8.04 - ubuntu education add-on CD16:19
* ogra_cmpc notes that down16:19
ogra_cmpcnot sure we should put the version in there16:20
ogra_cmpcits written at the top already16:20
ogra_cmpcseems somewhat redundant16:21
RichEdwell that was the full name ... trim as appropriate for specific usage16:23
ogra_cmpci think keep edubuntu 8.04 at the top and call it "ubuntu educational add-on CD" in the rest of the text16:24
Nubaethats my /proc/mounts output16:31
Nubaeand nbdclient is definetly running16:31
ogra_cmpcare you sure you didnt make any typos ?16:33
ogra_cmpcunionfs /root unionfs rw,dirs=/cow=rw:rofs=ro,debug=4294967295,delete=whiteout 0 016:33
ogra_cmpclooks worng16:33
ogra_cmpcthere should be a slash in front of rofs16:34
ogra_cmpc(that code didnt change since ages though, i would not know how you lost the slash)16:34
Nubaeah yes sorry there is16:34
ogra_cmpcah, k16:34
Nubaeits busybox so couldnt scp16:35
Nubaewrote down by hand16:35
ogra_cmpcbut there is definately no /rofs in the list16:35
ogra_cmpcthere should be a moount using the nbd0 devie16:35
ogra_cmpccan you try: mount -t squashfs /dev/nbd0 /rofs ?16:36
ogra_cmpc(inside the busybox)16:36
ogra_cmpcnbd-client ${NBD_ROOT_SERVER} ${NBD_ROOT_PORT} /dev/nbd0 && mount -o ro -t squashfs /dev/nbd0 /rofs16:37
ogra_cmpcthats the original command that mounts the squashfs16:37
Nubaeon /rofs failed, invalid argument16:37
ogra_cmpcis /rofs existing16:38
ogra_cmpcand check if squashfs shows up in /proc/modules16:38
Nubaehow is rofs normally created?16:39
ogra_cmpcin the line above the one i just pasted :)16:39
Nubaeyes it exists16:39
ogra_cmpcand squashfs is in your modules list ?16:40
Nubaeand yes it squashfs shows in /proc/modules16:40
Nubaewell at least thats definetly what's failing16:41
ogra_cmpcand your nbd client actually uses the prot thats defined for the image ?16:41
Nubaehow do I check from busybox?16:42
ogra_cmpcyou said you see nbd-client in your processlist16:42
ogra_cmpcit should have the port there16:42
ogra_cmpccheck that is matches the port defined in inetd.conf on the server16:43
Nubaeit does16:43
ogra_cmpci'm running out of ides16:43
Nubaeisnt the issue with mounting to /rofs?16:44
Nubaewhy does it give failed, invalid argument?16:45
ogra_cmpcthats an error from ount16:46
Nubaehttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2007/10/22/%23edubuntu.txt - same issue here16:47
Nubaelooks like its related to x6416:48
ogra_cmpc "No such device" is a compeletly different thig16:49
ogra_cmpcthats failing a lot earlier than yours16:49
ogra_cmpci guess that guy had set SERVER or any other weird thing in lts.conf16:50
ogra_cmpche came from k12ltsp which needed lts.conf ... many people just blindly copy that over without noticing it will break16:50
Nubaeand here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2007/06/21/%23edubuntu.txt16:51
Nubae<ogra> seems like a bug in the ltsp-nbd script ...  from there16:52
stgraberogra_cmpc: hi, do you know of a good XML library for python I could use to easily edit/generate italc's config file ?16:52
stgraberogra_cmpc: that would need to be in main16:52
ogra_cmpcNubae, that script didnt change since gutsy16:54
Nubaeanyway, that was to do with nbdlcient not running16:55
Nubaeso not it either16:55
ogra_cmpcstgraber, python-xml doesnt suffice ?16:56
stgraberwell, it doesn't fit the "easy" point :)16:56
stgraberlast time I played with it I had to write like 5-6 extra functions to make it more or less easy to parse XML (and that was only a read only app :))16:57
ogra_cmpcprobably doko could help16:57
ogra_cmpci try to stay awqay from xml if i can :)16:57
ogra_cmpc(it usually has nothing to offer i cant do by a normal text file)16:58
stgraberyes and normal text file are easy to parse :) (with regexps of course)16:59
stgraberthe idea is to create a LTSP classroom in italc instead of what I currently do which is to basically move the current config file away and generate a new one, then restore it when closing italc17:00
stgraberthat way, one could use italc in a mixed environement (as I currently have in my test school)17:00
Nubaeogra... so the issue is with dev/nbd0 not mounting as squashfs?17:02
NubaeI dont have nbdswap running17:03
ogra_cmpcwell, the issue seems to be with the squashfs module17:05
sexybackwhen i connect to wkstn via thin client manager it pops error "Unavailable (Install x11vnc on terminal) " - how do you do this17:06
ogra_cmpcthere is a wikipage for that ... dont have the link nady atm17:06
Nubaejust chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get install x11vnc17:07
ogra_cmpcNubae, there a some more stuff involved17:07
Nubaemaybe in gutsy yeah17:08
ogra_cmpcsince it exists17:08
ogra_cmpcx11vnc doesnt asdd any startup scripts17:08
* ogra_cmpc takes a break now17:09
Nubaethere's something about making sure resolv.conf is correct in the chroot too17:10
sexybacknewbie here, what do you mean with resolv.conf17:12
Nubaechroot /opt/ltsp/i386 nano /etc/resolv.conf and make sure u copy what is in /etc/resolv.conf17:13
sexybackwhat is chroot, is this root?17:13
sexybackalso what is nano17:14
Nubaeand do this chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 nano /etc/rc.local and add x11vnc -display :6 -forever -loop -shared &17:14
Nubaechroot is like a virtual environment17:15
Nubaeand nano is just an editor17:15
Nubaealso, the full howto for the vnc stuff is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=406220&highlight=edubuntu&page=217:16
johnnyogra_cmpc, i'm in my hardy vm, and i don't see ~/.gvfs mounted , is there a reason for that?18:38
ogra_cmpcsexyback, you should rather use https://wiki.edubuntu.org/InstallX11VncOnLtspClients ... the forums are way to confusing here18:38
ogra_cmpcjohnny, how do you mean "mounted"18:39
johnnyin mounts18:39
johnnyerr mount18:39
ogra_cmpcwhy should you see it there ?18:39
johnnybecause that's what i see in my other non ubuntu gnome 2.21 install?18:39
ogra_cmpcfor each user ?18:40
ogra_cmpcthats insane18:40
johnnyit's fuse18:40
johnnygvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/johnny/.gvfs type fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=johnny)18:40
ogra_cmpci dont have that here on my up to date hardy18:40
ogra_cmpcthat looks like some extra thing18:42
johnnyhmm.. well it's causing me an issue working with sabayon in my main development environement18:42
johnnyi'm asking them now18:42
ogra_cmpcwe dont even have gvfs-fuse-daemon18:42
ogra_cmpclook in /usr/lib/gvfs18:43
ogra_cmpcogra@ceron:~/isos$ ps ax|grep gvfs18:43
ogra_cmpc 6014 ?        S      0:00 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd18:43
ogra_cmpc 6025 ?        S      0:00 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-burn --spawner :1.11 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/018:43
ogra_cmpc 6032 ?        S      1:36 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-trash --spawner :1.11 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/118:43
ogra_cmpcthats how it looks on my machine18:44
ogra_cmpci think that daemon is some addon thing or so18:44
johnnynome-base/gvfs-0.1.7 (/usr/libexec/gvfs-fuse-daemon)18:44
johnnyit comes with gvfs is all i'm saying18:44
ogra_cmpcsurely nothing thats even remotely debian/ubuntu related18:44
johnnyit's not an addon outside of the gvfs package18:44
ogra_cmpcogra@ceron:~/isos$ dpkg -l gvfs-backends|grep ii18:46
ogra_cmpcii  gvfs-backends                              0.1.7-0ubuntu5                      userspace virtual filesystem - backends18:46
johnnyaha, guess you don't compile it with the fuse --configure flag18:46
johnnyit seems like a useful feature18:46
ogra_cmpcit defaults to use fuse for everything anyway18:47
ogra_cmpcwhy should we build an extra daemon for that18:47
ogra_cmpci dont think you can even remotely compare redhat to ubuntu here18:48
johnnyoh.. it's enabled by default.. so that's not it18:48
ogra_cmpcwe handle fuse totally differently, i assume the mount you see resembles what we use in the fuse module itself18:48
johnnyi'm using upstream source with no patches18:49
ogra_cmpcwell, that weird libexec path indicated that18:49
ogra_cmpcdebian based systems dont have that18:49
ogra_cmpcand i'm pretty sure you cant compare p18:50
ogra_cmpclain upstream to ubuntu either18:50
ogra_cmpcelse we wuldnt have to pay seb128 for integrating upstream stuff to match the ubuntu setup18:50
ogra_cmpci'd suggest to use ubuntu for ubuntu development ;)18:51
johnnyi'm not doing ubuntu development18:51
johnnynot until they pay me for it :)18:51
ogra_cmpcwell, you try to fix ubuntu bugs , else i see no point that we discuss here atm18:51
johnnyno, i try to fix upstream bugs18:52
johnnythe ubuntu bugs are all upstream bugs18:52
ogra_cmpcobviously not18:52
johnnythe ubuntu sabayon bugs i mean18:52
ogra_cmpcsince that one is gvfs related and there are massive differences in ubuntus gvfs and upstream18:52
ogra_cmpcso thats cleqarly not an upsytream bug18:52
* ogra_cmpc rips the y out of the classmate ke_board18:53
johnnyi'm working on sabayon , to ultimately be used on ubuntu systems obviously18:53
johnnybut i don't use ubuntu on my desktop . only on my laptop18:53
ogra_cmpcthat involves that it works with the mechnaisms used in ubuntu18:53
johnnyonly in the packaging of sabayon itself18:54
ogra_cmpcwhich is in case of gvfs different18:54
johnnyi was just trying to undersstand how ubuntu does things so i can figure out where ubuntu has differences18:54
johnnyand mentioning to you why i'm having trouble doing anything useful with sabayon atm18:55
johnnyand wondering if you had any insight18:55
johnnynow i know18:55
ogra_cmpci dont know how exactly we do gvfs but accoreding to your initial error it works very different here18:55
ogra_cmpcwe dont have the mount you asked for ...18:56
johnnyobviously :)18:56
johnnyi mean it obviously works different than upstream18:56
johnnynow i know somewhat how18:56
johnnynow time to look at the deb..18:56
ogra_cmpcbut i can imagine that its similat to the fusecontrol fs we use for fuse18:56
johnnyyeah, i didn't know about that :)18:56
johnnygood to know tho18:57
johnnyto clarify tho, the sabayon bugs in launchpad are all bugs that affect upstream18:57
johnnyif they are specific to ubuntu, i will get them fixed for my deployed env as well18:57
ogra_cmpcthe solution might be differnt though18:58
johnnyas i am able18:58
johnnythus why i have a hardy and gutsy vm18:58
dash192_Hey all, I'm thinking about writing a proposal for an edubuntu lab, what kind of thin clients should I be looking at?18:58
ogra_cmpcsince you always have to see them in context to the system18:58
johnnyubuntu does so many mods, it takes awhile to grasp them all18:58
ogra_cmpcdash192_, something >= 500MHz, 128M .... preferably intel videocards18:59
dash192_Does it matter what comes preloaded on them?18:59
dash192_(first time dealing with thin clients)18:59
johnnydash192_, preloaded how?18:59
ogra_cmpcthin clients dont need disks18:59
johnnyon a flash thing?18:59
dash192_Was reading about HP thin clients that come with HP connect or something19:00
ogra_cmpcgood for other OSes :) as long as they can to PXE or etherboot you can ignore it19:00
ogra_cmpcno need for such stuff on ubuntu19:00
johnnyor ltsp in general..19:01
theunixgeekIs it true Edubuntu is changing names to "ubuntu educational edition"?19:39
LaserJockI'm not quite sure where we are at with that19:40
LaserJockthere has been some discussion about that19:41
LaserJocktheunixgeek: do you have any opinions about a possible name change?19:41
theunixgeekLaserJock: not really :)19:42
johnnyogra_cmpc, the xnest issue is still outstanding for sabayon20:00
johnnyin gnome-settings-daemon20:01
johnnybug is filed20:01
johnnyresponses made20:01
johnnyturns out to be the keyboard plugin20:01
johnnyi'm going to test the new release when it is uploaded20:01
* johnny looks for a new video card20:11

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