Riddelldeary me I'm tired00:01
Nightrose;-) wb Riddell00:01
Nightroseso am I00:01
jjesseworking on my 5 for today, halfway done00:50
jjessedoes the 5 a day only count if you resolve them or if you update the bugs w/ things to do?01:15
vorianjjesse: it's each bug you touch/report/patch etc...01:20
jjessevorian: ah that's what i thought01:21
jjesseworking on catching up on my outstanding bugs01:21
vorianfun isn't it :)01:22
jjesseyeah always forgot to go bacck to them01:27
jjesseplus i have like 25235 bug related emails these days it seems like01:27
vorianI don't remember subscribing to backports....01:30
vorianit's very very active lately01:30
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* serega yawns06:21
seregamorning, dudes!06:21
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kristjan_why isn't kde4 kubuntu hardy heron cd still not available?08:53
TheInfinitykristjan_: because kde4 on hardy is not really stable ;)08:55
kristjan_TheInfinity: but we have betas for kde3 cd; how is it planned to make kdd08:55
kristjan_*to make kde4 cd usable08:55
TheInfinitykristjan_: don't know, i'm just a alpha tester, not a dev08:56
kristjan_(if we can't test it)08:56
TheInfinitybut you can install kde4 via aptitude on a kde3 installation08:56
kristjan_correction: we have alphas for kde3 cd, not betas08:58
TheInfinityyea ... i hope canonical will give more devs to kubuntu, its sad to see the difference between kubuntu and ubuntu08:59
Nightrosegood morning :)10:14
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_StefanS_Nightrose: morning :)10:22
_StefanS_Riddell: nuno is making that last buttons for the windeco today. I will post a complete overview of the style+windeco and wallpaper as I would like it to be, then we can maybe discuss it from there (?)10:23
_StefanS_kwwii: ^10:23
Riddell_StefanS_: ok10:33
jussi01Kubuntu Hardy Heron will ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 will be offered by shipit.10:35
jussi01can some one confirm the above??10:35
Riddelljussi01: that's the plan10:36
jussi01Riddell: we are getting that question a fair amount, is it confirmed enough that I can make a factoid out of it?10:37
seregaRiddell: hey, Jon!10:39
seregaRiddell: I continue my work on kaffeine10:40
Riddellserega: what still needs done?10:40
seregaRiddell: I'm on alpha5 now and nothing is working10:40
sereganeither ffmpeg nor dvdcss10:41
seregaRiddell: I'm studying ubuntu packaging so next my patches will be much easier for you10:41
Riddelljussi01: "Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit."10:41
Riddelljussi01: just because things could still go wrong :)10:42
jussi01Riddell: great, Ill add it now :)10:42
kristjan_do you plan to at least release beta kde4 iso? (since it didn't make to aplhas)10:42
Riddellkristjan_: hope so10:43
jussi01!khardy | Riddell10:44
ubotuRiddell: Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit10:44
Riddellit works! it works!12:01
RiddellKDE 4 live CD is go!12:02
Nightroseneeds testing?12:04
* jussi01 hugs Riddell ... can I have one??12:05
Riddellubiquity doesn't seem to want to launch12:08
Riddelland it didn't bulid for amd6412:08
Riddellalternates need testing too http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily/20080225/12:09
Nightrose*downloading kde 4 live cd*12:09
* jussi01 also12:09
jussi01yumm almost 1 mb per second download :D12:11
kristjan_is this like alpha5? or something else? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyHeron/Alpha5/Kubuntu <-- not in news12:49
Riddellalpha 5 is out12:50
Riddellit's kde 3 only12:50
kristjan_wouldn't it make sense to mention hardy-kde4 cd @kubuntu.org ? or this is too early for regular users to test and report bugs?12:54
Riddelltoo early12:59
RiddellI'll fix ubiquity and then probably release it as a first shot eat your children alpha12:59
Riddellmeduxa: what's the name of the guy who was at fosdem?13:00
meduxagonzalo aller13:03
meduxapresident of the canary islands linux companies association13:04
meduxaand probably next vice-president of the spanish linux companies federation13:04
meduxais Richard Dale boss13:04
meduxahe works with me13:04
meduxais a close friend13:05
meduxahe is a ruby fan13:05
meduxaspecially RoR13:05
Riddellthat's the dude13:07
seele"dude"?  I thought only Americans said that, hehe13:37
meduxaRiddell probably doesn't know where is he from any more, too much travelling13:38
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kristjan_heh, this wallpaper resembles tentacles14:44
NightroseRiddell: tested the kde 4 live cd - where do you want me to report problems? here or on the iso-tester site? (I don´t know if the problems I found are known/are important enough yet)15:30
RiddellNightrose: here15:31
Nightrose1: I get the language selection menu when I boot into the live cd - without pressing any buttons to get it15:32
Riddellthat's a featur15:33
Riddellthat's a feature15:33
Riddellit looks ugly as everyone agrees15:33
NightroseoO don´t like it really - but ok15:33
Nightrose2: konqueror crashes when I want to open any folder from the start menu15:33
Nightrose3: gwenview crashes on startup15:34
Nightrose4: fonts look strange15:34
Nightrose5: I can´t lock the session - "no sutible greeter plugin found"15:34
Riddellthey aren't anti-aliased15:34
Nightrose6: help is empty15:35
Nightrosethat´s it :)15:35
Riddellthanks, we can live with those for a first alpha but we should look into them15:35
Nightroseoh and: user is called "ubuntu" - maybe rename to kubuntu?15:35
RiddellNightrose: are you still running it?  can you test if ubiquity starts?15:35
Nightrosenope already booted back into my normal system :(15:35
Nightrosecan boot back into the live cd tonight if you want15:36
Nightroseneed to work now though15:36
Riddellhopefully we'll have new ones later for testing15:36
jussi01Ill be booting into it as soon as it downloads here at home.15:36
Nightroseping me when it needs testing15:37
jussi01nice to see the amd64ones finally built15:37
Riddellthey did?15:37
Riddelljussi01: where?15:37
Riddelljussi01: oh, that won't work I'm pretty sure15:37
jussi01oh...ok then :(15:37
Riddelljussi01: but keep downloading, we'll get fixed ones in a few hours then you can rsync15:38
jussi01Riddell: Im not on amd64 here, only at work15:38
toscalixshould I installe ir or is a live cd?15:38
toscalixinstall it15:38
Riddelltoscalix: same as normal, choice of live CD with installer or text based installer15:39
Riddelltoscalix: which one?15:40
toscalixany other one?15:40
Riddelltoscalix: it won't work15:40
toscalixah, which one can I try then?15:40
Riddelltoscalix: you can try the live desktop CD http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily-live/20080225/15:40
toscalixok, downloading15:41
Nightrosebtw: Riddell - please share some fosdem pics when you find the time :)15:41
toscalixat 300 Kb15:42
Riddelltoscalix: and you can try this patch to see if it fixes the installer running http://muse.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/ubiquity.diff15:42
toscalixok, I'll try it while working here15:43
Riddellhi _Sime_, you missed a rocking fosdem16:02
RiddellNightrose: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jriddell/16:35
Nightrosewohooo thx Riddell :)16:35
NightroseRiddell: last pic is from may last year :/16:36
Riddellhrm, digikam has set them to private16:43
RiddellNightrose: try now?16:46
Nightroseworks :)16:47
Nightrosenice pics16:47
RiddellI'll get bart's in a bit16:48
iRonpics? from fosdem?16:48
NightroseiRon: jep16:49
NightroseiRon: I forgot my camera :(16:49
RiddellNightrose: do you have e-mail addresses for neil and manual?16:50
Nightrosejep - give me a second16:50
iRonRiddell: could you please post link to pics again? i missed it..16:51
toscalixNetwork settings17:17
toscalix* Trying to configurate the network with a static IP, I get in network settings a windows that says :17:17
toscalixthe shared library was not found. Library not found, so I cannot configure it17:17
toscalixthis is with hardy alpha17:18
toscalixGeneral desktop issues17:18
toscalix* I have 4 desktops, it would be better to have only two, like in the others kubuntu distros17:18
toscalix* In new K menu, I would change the word "leave" by the more international word "exit"17:18
toscalix*  When I try to enable the desktop effects....it does not let me.17:19
toscalix* When i try to test screenservers...it won't let me (the ramdom one)17:19
ScottKtoscalix: File bugs please.17:19
ScottKBTW, the # of desktops is configurable.17:19
Riddelltoscalix: this is kde 4?17:20
ScottKMay not be configurable in KDE4 then.  Dunno.17:20
toscalixwhere do I send them?17:20
Riddellnumber of desktops will be changed when kubuntu-default-settings-kde4 works17:20
jpatrick!bugs > toscalix17:21
toscalixI have 4 or 5 more17:21
Riddelltext needs to be changed upstream or it'll break all the translations17:21
Riddelldesktop effects is down to kwin and X17:21
Riddellhere is fine, I'm as likely to read it as bugs17:22
toscalixI prefer if you don't mind to write them here for now17:23
toscalixand with more time read about how to report bugs in kubuntu in launchpad17:23
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Riddelltoscalix: ok17:25
toscalixsome of these are suggestions17:25
toscalix* Maybe the default font size is too small17:25
toscalixDate and time17:25
toscalix* I cannot change any settings17:25
toscalixMouse settings17:26
toscalix* Left handed config do not works properly on the left menu of that config screen17:26
toscalixHome directory17:26
toscalix* Cannot open home directory. konqueror crashes with a SIGABRT signal.17:26
toscalixthat's it for know17:26
Artemis__Fowlwow. are you trying to crash your system? :-) where did you get all this errors?17:27
toscalixdesktop CD http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily-live/20080225/17:28
* ScottK hands toscalix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug17:28
jpatrickScottK: "I prefer if you don't mind to write them here for now" ;-)17:28
ScottKjpatrick: Yeah.  Handed it to him for later.17:29
toscalixok, I'm trying to file them in launchpad,    let's see how it goes..17:31
yuriydon't forget too check if they're already filed17:32
Riddelltoscalix: well, many of those are upstream issues17:32
Riddelltoscalix: Date and time, Mouse settings are17:33
toscalixI'll check first17:33
toscalixwhick alpha version is this, alpha 4?17:34
Riddelltoscalix: it's not an alpha17:36
jpatrickDaSkreech: hello again17:37
* DaSkreech bows17:37
toscalixhow do I report it then so you know wich release I'm refering to?17:38
Riddelltoscalix: bugs in launchpad don't take version numbers17:38
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toscalixI can do more tests tomorrow...17:38
jpatricktoscalix: but you can write down: version x.y.z17:38
toscalixok, I see17:38
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toscalixI can put the daily-live/2008022517:39
Riddelltoscalix: pl17:42
toscalixwhere do I put the suggestions?17:46
Riddellhere is best17:48
blizzzeksomethings wrong with the translation tab in Systemsettings/KDE3 about-dialog... the email adresses do not stand next to their contributors, but another one. same for d3lphin. dunno about kde4 apps since i did not install i18n packages17:48
toscalixok, so I'm done for today. More tomorrow17:48
Riddellthanks toscalix17:49
toscalixthank you. I wish I could have more time to do things like this....17:49
toscalixI enjoy myself17:49
seregaI saw russian translation bug in ubiquity17:58
Riddellserega: if it's just a bad translation you can change it in launchpad translations18:06
seregaok. it's tiny mistake of word form, I'll ask someone to guide me later18:10
seregaor google18:10
blizzzekRiddell: i am going to publish the german translation of the alpha 5 announcement. is it ok to include the "traditional" introduction, new in x.y and feedback, as it has been in the former announcement? since it is not in the original announcement of alpha 518:21
Riddellblizzzek: sure, if you want18:22
blizzzekRiddell: ty18:23
nixternaljeesh, another winter storm warning...do these things ever end18:25
seregagod, I've built a .deb!18:32
jussi01Riddell: I am now in a vmware instance of the kde4 live cd, if there is anything you want to know/have tested18:36
nixternalthe old gutsy cd?18:38
jussi01no, the new hardy one18:38
nixternalis there some linkage to it?18:39
nixternalfound it18:39
jussi01too late :D18:39
nosrednaekimjussi01» toscalix has been beating that one up and finding the holes :)18:40
jussi01nosrednaekim: hehe ok18:40
nixternalI am grabbing the alternate to install on my desktop18:40
yuriyno 64-bit yet?18:41
nixternalthat is what I am downloading18:41
jussi01it didnt build18:41
jussi01only alternate 64 bit18:41
nixternalya, that is the one I am dl'n ;)18:41
jussi01btw, if you guys didnt see earlier, I added a factoid for the 2 cd hardy thing, (so you dont have to type it so  much when people ask :)18:42
ubotuKubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit18:42
nixternalheh, my daughter told me not to say groovy anymore, as it isn't cool18:43
nixternalI should say tight, I guess that is the new word, but I told her I am to cool to say tight18:43
nixternalso now she is saying groovy18:43
jussi01and how old is she?18:44
nixternalya, usually I don't win with her18:44
nixternalshe isn't a fan of KDE 4 right now though18:44
* serega feels so sorry... :(18:44
nixternalnah, she is doing fine with Kubuntu + KDE Edu18:45
jussi01hmmm, nothing seems to work on here18:45
nixternalon the livecd or after installing?18:45
jussi01I haven found an app that loads yet18:45
jussi01cant install as ubiquity does not load...18:45
nixternalhopefully the alternate will install18:46
Riddellnixternal: alternate will not install18:46
* nixternal hits cancel18:46
nixternalthanks for telling me now instead of an hour from now when it finished downloading :)18:47
jussi01nixternal: it wouldnt have been a big problem though, you could just have rsynced it tomorrow...18:48
nixternaljussi01: true, but it was downloading really slow18:48
nixternalhowdy jjesse18:48
nixternalman are you lucky you are in the ATL18:48
jjessehello nixternal18:48
jjessewhy am i lucky i'm in the atl?18:48
nixternalO'Hare is already cancelling flights18:48
jjessewow for what?  fog ?18:48
nixternalanother winter storm going to be hitting us tonight through tomorrow18:49
nixternal6 to 12 inches18:49
jjesseah that sucks18:49
nixternaltell me about it18:49
jjessei'm sick of snow18:49
nixternalour snow had almost melted too18:49
jjesseits even worse when you leave it and then go back to it18:49
* jussi01 is glad he isnt flying anywhere today18:49
nosrednaekimand we'll be getting rain....18:49
jussi01nosrednaekim: Uk?18:49
nosrednaekimand since he ground is frozen.. its gonna be mud soup18:49
nixternalit is supposed to start out as rain here then turn over to freezing rain, then to snow18:49
nixternalnosrednaekim: I think you guys got nailed last week hard enough anyways18:50
* jussi01 has had about 15cm snow in the last day or so18:50
jussi01but then again, thats normal...18:50
nosrednaekimyeah... it was nasty, and to make it worse, our power went out for 10 hours18:50
seregabye, guys18:51
nixternalI know ScottK's area got nailed with ice last week, I seen some pictures from southern Maryland from that storm, that was a lot of ice18:51
nosrednaekimbye serega18:51
nixternallater serega18:51
* jpatrick has only had sun18:52
jussi01oh shsshhhh18:52
jussi01you will ruin our moaning session...18:53
nixternalRiddell: as for the printer-config stuff, that is a mess....maintenance_command was a little goofy to figure out18:56
nixternalI need to figure out where the "clean printer heads" button is located if it is located anywhere and get to testing18:56
Riddellit's in the printer configuration bit18:57
nixternaljust hidden I take it18:57
nixternalOK..I will play a little more with it today18:57
nixternalbah, it is right there in plain view..I didn't even see it18:59
jussi01watch out, it might bite you19:00
ScottKThe ice didn't seem so bad, but then when you work from home you perspective can be a big skewed.19:00
toscalixjjesse we have reached 25ºC today (sunny day). That's why we should celebrate aKademy or the ubuntu summit here, in the canary islands.....19:02
toscalixand I also save a lot of money...jeje19:02
jussi01toscalix: oh stop making me jealous.... goes to corner and cries19:03
nosrednaekimtoscalix» Akademy was going there last I heard19:04
Riddellno, that hasn't been decided19:04
toscalixwe are only making a proposal19:05
toscalixhopefully it will be official (our proposal) march 30th19:05
toscalixwe are working on it19:06
NightroseRiddell: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10224223@N04/ <- nikolaj´s photos19:20
Riddellthere's none of me!19:25
buzanyone ever seen plasma starting to chew up massive amounts of cpu shortly after login and causing xorg to do the same?19:27
buzit did that the second time in a row for me today19:28
NightroseRiddell: there is if you count an arm on http://www.flickr.com/photos/10224223@N04/2290982371/ and 1/2 head on http://www.flickr.com/photos/10224223@N04/2291774834/ ;-)19:29
jussi01Riddell: Im thinking to add a peice to the !khardy factoid about the LTS non event for kubuntu, would you agree?19:42
Riddelljussi01: you can say "KDE 3 CD commercially supported for 18 months.  KDE 4 community supported."19:43
jussi01Riddell: ahh, thank you - so no explicit mention of LTS?19:45
jussi01!khardy | Riddell19:49
ubotuRiddell: Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported.19:49
RiddellNightrose: many more photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/jriddell/20:48
Nightrose\o/ thx20:49
nosrednaekimooo... Quassel LOOKS nice20:51
jussi01oooh, are there gutsy debs somewhere?20:54
Riddellwhat is it?20:54
iRonnosrednaekim: yeah.. especially with oxygen style20:54
jussi01Riddell: a new irc client20:54
nosrednaekimjussi01» compuled from sourse20:54
iRonRiddell: QT4 irc client20:54
NightroseRiddell: Manuel is one of its developers ;-)20:54
jussi01Riddell: http://quassel-irc.org/20:54
RiddellI knew I'd heard of it20:56
jpatrickjussi01: I think apachelogger had some debs somewhere20:56
Nightroseyea he is packaging it20:56
Nightrosehe should be on his way home from brussels right now20:56
Nightroseor sleeping ;-)20:57
jpatrickor both20:59
buzhttp://quassel-irc.org/node/41 wow that looks confusing :P21:01
buzi've always loved the sheer simplicity of konversation21:02
nosrednaekimI like the idea of the quassel-core21:02
nosrednaekimand qt4 themeing21:02
jussi01I wonder what its like for scripts...21:03
nosrednaekimno script support yet21:03
buzi'm not sure whether i like or loathe the idea of a client server irc client21:03
jussi01nosrednaekim: not for me then :(21:04
buzsounds almost like an oxymoron :P21:04
nosrednaekimjussi01» its still alpha... but its lookin nice.21:04
Nightroseand you can use it without a server as well21:05
jussi01nosrednaekim: yeah, Ill give it a go, but not for general use, at the very least I need my auto_bleh.pl :)21:05
NightroseRiddell: I will have a look at ksniffer tomorrow - thx :)21:08
jpatrickbddebian: who uploaded kguitar for you? I wanna try my luck getting the new release in21:09
bddebianjpatrick: Frank Lichtenheld (djpig)21:12
jpatrickbddebian: email I can spam?21:12
jpatrickgotcha, thanks21:14
* jussi01 waits for quassel to build21:14
jpatrickbddebian: I *hope* he has no obsession with "relibtoolizing"21:19
nixternalwho's buying lunch? I am hungry, sushi work? if so, I eat about $50 USD worth21:24
nixternaland that doesn't include the $20 of Sapporo nor the $10 for Sake :p21:24
nixternalthose of you with the Euro, you can pay, $80 USD worth of food is cheap for you now :)21:25
jpatricknixternal: well, Canonical's buying lunch for us in UDS by what I've heard21:25
nixternalwell, I have to graduate that Friday, so it isn't looking good just yet for me21:26
nixternaland I can't wait until May!21:26
nixternalI am hungry now :p21:26
ScottKFood was good at the last UDS.21:30
nixternalScottK: wth is up with the airports in DC?21:33
nixternalfirst RN and now Dulles with plains colliding21:33
ScottKReally.  I hadn't seen that.21:34
* ScottK usually flies out of BWI anyway.21:34
nixternalthey are talking about it on Fox News right now21:34
nixternalI usually try to fly into Dulles and if not Dulles, then BWI21:34
nixternalI hate RN, I hate flying in over the Potomac21:34
ScottKIt's even more fun when you think about all the SAMs set up in DC post 9/11.21:36
ryanakcajpatrick: ping, are you currently working on the website? if not, mind commiting your changes please?21:37
jpatrickryanakca: I've contacted someone I know experienced with this, still waiting for his reply21:39
* ryanakca reminds jpatrick that the link and host is to be kept as hushed up as possible :)21:39
jpatrickryanakca: yeah, don't worry about that :)21:40
jpatrickryanakca: but he's been the one designing the kubuntu-es.org theme for the last three years more or less, so I think he's experienced ;)21:41
nixternalScottK: you can see some of the missile systems if you are on the right side of the plane when flying in from the west, the ones that sit on the base across the river21:43
ryanakcajpatrick: I guess I can commit for you then?21:44
jpatrickryanakca: one sec, trying to connect with ssh and pbuild at the same time21:44
ryanakcaah :)21:44
neversfeldemhh, KDE4 installation via alternate cd fails after choosing KDE4 desktop to install22:09
neversfeldewhere should I file a bug report?22:09
neversfeldeor is it still to early to do that22:09
nixternalalready known22:13
Riddellneversfelde: what CD version?22:17
neversfeldeRiddell: downloaded ist a few hours ago, seems to be outdated22:18
neversfeldeI think it was the first one from today22:18
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nixternalRiddell: it is OK to remove the sticker on your laptop that IBM placed on there letting you know what the specs are..I know stickers on laptops are cool, but that sticker isn't :p23:41
Riddellumm, I don't mind23:46
nixternalRiddell: did the iso's for kde4 get fixed yet?23:58

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