nhainesFujitsu: It worked!  Thanks so much!  :D00:01
Fujitsunhaines: No problem.00:01
nhainesI might be able to start packaging other things after all!  ;)00:03
nhainesHmm, actually, it doesn't appear to have built a binary package.00:08
FujitsuIt has.00:12
FujitsuThe binary won't be visible until :20, however.00:12
FujitsuThe UI is confusing in this respect. That will hopefully be improved next release.00:13
nhainesOh!  Well, that's good to know then!  :)00:16
nhainesBinary listings update at every :20, then?00:17
FujitsuNew sources and binaries are published at :00, :20, :40.00:18
FujitsuThat's why it wouldn't build until after :00. Your PPA hadn't actually been published yet, so it couldn't grab a package list from it.00:19
nhainesOh!  That all makes sense!  Yes, and I even see it correctly built a _all.deb, so everything's perfect.00:21
FujitsuVery good.00:22
nhainesCan I make it build for hardy, too?  There shouldn't be any changes necessary.00:26
Fujitsunhaines: Of course. However, the version number must be different. You may want to look into autoppa.00:29
CharlesEdwardPaxDoes anyone have any knowledge they would like to share regarding how "Featured Projects" are selected on the Launchpad front page?00:35
nhainesFujitsu: version must be different.  I will do a Google search on autoppa.00:43
nhainesCharlesEdwardPax: They are handpicked by the launchpad team.00:43
CharlesEdwardPaxOh, that pretty neat the. I'm a developer for Gladex and I just noticed yesterday our project is on the list. Very cool.00:51
LaserJockI just registered a project that uses svn. I edited the source of "trunk" and gave it the URL. Is that the right way to get the vcsimport?01:38
LaserJockand do I need to "ask a question" to get it tested?01:39
lifelessplease ask a question01:41
lifelessthat ensures the right people have a notification that it is actually cared about01:42
ubotuNew bug: #195275 in malone "0 bytes attachments make files not to be attached" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19527501:46
xanalogicanew to launchpad; can't find how to change my settings (pgp key) after logging in;  "action" menu mentioned in launchpad docs just after logging in on root page is not there.  help?01:59
nhainesTry https://launchpad.net/+me/+editpgpkeys02:00
nhaines(You can find this while logged in on your own user page)02:00
Fujitsuxanalogica: The actions menu mentioned is on https://launchpad.net/people/+me02:01
xanalogicasays "Lost something?" no such URL.  How can I get to my own user page.  I go to https://launchpad.net and log in successfully but I don't see anything related to me.02:02
FujitsuOr use nhaines's URL, but with a /people before the /+me02:02
Fujitsuxanalogica: You can probably click your name in the top right-hand corner to get to that page.02:02
xanalogicaah, using that url worked; any idea why there isn't a way to click to my personal page, instead of that url?02:02
xanalogica(or why logging in doesn't take me there?)  thanks for helping!02:03
Fujitsuxanalogica: As I said, the link with your name in the top right-hand corner of any Launchpad page should get you there.02:04
xanalogicasorry, our msgs crossed in time;  thanks!02:04
ubotuNew bug: #123825 in ubuntu "Add search functionality in translation website  of launchpad" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12382504:06
thumperFujitsu: now all you want is an irc bot that knows you, and can log the duplicate :-)04:08
thumperFujitsu: we'd just have to work out how to tell it what it is a dupe of04:09
mwhudsonthat one's bug 4404:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 44 in rosetta "Translations should be searchable" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44 - Assigned to Данило Шеган (danilo)04:09
thumperFujitsu: although if you look at the bug number, ubotu is confused, as it isn't a new bug04:09
thumpermwhudson: how did you know that?04:09
mwhudsonthumper: dunno, see enough references to something and it sticks i guess04:10
mwhudsonthumper: maybe the launchpad bugtask is new04:10
Fujitsuthumper: ubotu isn't confused, it just doesn't know which bugtask it should be showing.04:29
FujitsuI guess that is confused FSVO of confused, but not what you were saying.04:29
pschulz01jamesh: Howdy! Thank you for your email - bug-export.mc06:10
jameshpschulz01: no problem.06:10
jameshpschulz01: can I ask what project this is for?06:10
pschulz01jamesh: Yes :-) but not immediatly helpful I'm afraid. I need to evaluate JIRA and FogBugs for an internal work project..06:12
pschulz01.. but if I can get my head around how the schema's for these other bug trackers work, I mige be able to assist in exporters for them as well. 06:12
pschulz01Either way.. a useful intermediate format is well.. useful.06:13
mdkedanilos: quick question. If I correct some broken po files for ubuntu-docs and upload them with the package, will rosetta use the corrected strings? Even if I am not a member of the relevant translation team for a particular language? or do the translation team's strings take precedence?08:35
mdkeobviously, if anyone else knows the answer too...08:36
mdkei'll be away but i'll pick up any answer if it hilights me08:38
ubotuNew bug: #68821 in kdeadmin "Kubuntu System settings window translation broken (dup-of: 133315)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6882109:16
danilosmdke: it should be enough for you to do it09:23
qense_Is this channel also for questions about launchpad?11:15
qense_I'd like to ask how you can set up packages like ubuntu has to file bugs against a part of software11:16
qense_the thing I'm working on has modules and it would really make things easier if I could file bugs against one of those modules11:17
Fujitsuqense_: You have a couple of options.11:21
qense_which? :)11:21
FujitsuYou can create a project group, which could have a project for each module; or you can just use one project with tags to separate the modules.11:22
qense_but the way ubuntu does this? They don't use both ways.11:22
FujitsuWe are a distribution.11:23
FujitsuThat has other caveats.11:23
FujitsuAnd is semantically incorrect.11:23
ubotuNew bug: #195423 in launchpad "Don't send bug watch updates for already fixed bugs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19542313:00
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ffmHow do I get a sprint/meeting added to launchpad?13:23
* Hobbsee ponders whether she wants to be a part of the LP beta team.13:25
ffmHobbsee: you do.13:26
Hobbseeffm: why?13:26
ffmHobbsee: you get all the cool BT benifits.13:27
ffmHobbsee: like mailing lists (for teams), announements..13:27
FujitsuAnnouncements are production, mailing lists aren't dependent on BT...13:28
* Hobbsee is disappointed with a project that deliberately causes users to be harassed, and to lose their privacy.13:28
Hobbseeis that something i *really* want to be associated with, at all?13:28
ffmHobbsee: oh, that.13:28
ffmHobbsee: well, I'm complaining loudly about it.13:28
TFKyleHobbsee: what project is that?13:28
ffmTFKyle: launchpad.13:28
HobbseeTFKyle: launchpad beta testers, and launchpad development in general13:29
ffmTFKyle: ie. "You must use your real name, no chat names"13:29
TFKylehmm, didn't know about any harassing13:29
HobbseeTFKyle: by forcing a real name, you're forcing that some users will get harassed.13:29
Hobbseeso much for freedom, etc.13:29
ffmTFKyle: I was kicked off LPBT for "ffm", even though I had talked to mrevell spesificaly about it and he let me join.13:29
ffmirony is that mrevell kicked me off.13:29
Hobbseeffm: from what i've spoken to him about it a while ago, i suspect he's just following orders....13:31
ffmHobbsee: and this decision was made w/o community input?13:33
Hobbseeffm: of course.  launchpad is a canonical project - since when does the community come into it?13:34
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qense_Wouldn't it be good for launchpad to add some kind of marketplace? Where people can offer and ask for people.13:38
qense_Like 'open-source-project' looks for skilled C++ developer for 'project on launchpad'13:39
qense_or 'launchpad-user' is looking for development function. (s)he knows PHP, C++, MySQL Ogre 3D13:39
qense_that way projects and developers, but also bug managers, template designers and more, can find each other much easier13:40
ffmHobbsee: meh.13:40
ScottKffm: It's an important distinction.13:40
qense_But what's the reason they want to know your real name when being a member of a mail list? I understand that they want to know that from people from BugControl or MOTU, since they're working with important stuff, but for the LPBT mailinglist?13:42
ffmScottK: which is why launchpad should be OSS, so we can have the power to fork.13:42
FujitsuIt's not the mailing list.13:42
FujitsuIt's LPBT.13:42
ffmFujitsu: I'd think just telling the admins would be enough.13:43
ScottKffm: It's not.13:43
ffmFujitsu: mrevell knows who I am, and I spesificaly explained my situation to him, and he agreed to let me join 3 months ago.13:43
mrevellHi ffm13:43
ScottKWell that confirms the arbitrariness of the requirement then.13:44
mrevellOkay, I want to clear something up: we're not forcing *anyone* to use their real name. Membership of the beta team is entirely optional.13:45
qense_But why do you want to know the real name?13:45
qense_What's the use of that?13:45
qense_I can understand it for teams like BugControl,like I said before, but for LPBT?13:46
ScottKmrevell: You are if they want to participate in the Deta.13:46
mrevellHowever, I'm definitely up for listening to ideas and reasons against/for it and putting it back to the LP tam.13:46
ScottKmrevell: You clearly don't even care if it's their actual name.  It makes no sense at all.13:46
FujitsuWe have reasons against, but I haven't seen any for it recently.13:46
mrevellScottK: I'm not sure I understand. We're not forcing anyone to do anything. If someone *wants* to join the beta team they can way up whether or not they like the conditions.13:47
HobbseeFujitsu: they're sekrit13:47
mrevellScottK: And of course we care it's their actual name. We trust that people will provide us with their real name. If they choose to be dishonest, that's a shame but we're coming at it from a position of trust.13:47
ScottKmrevell: It's a senseless arbitrary requirement.  If you want to enforce it, it's entirely your business, but don't pretend it makes sense.13:47
ScottKBut if that were the only issue, you'd just need to know it, not use it in LP.13:48
ScottKThe only thing putting it in LP affects is appearances.13:48
mrevellWe've been up-front about this requirement since we introduced it a few months ago. We ask people for their real names because we believe that's the best way to foster openness and trust in the beta team. It's a pretty minor requirement, IMO. We're not asking anyone to sign a NDA and we only ask you to provide feedback if you choose to. Joining and participating in the beta team is optional and carries very few conditi13:51
mrevellWe've had discussions about the relative merits of the policy on launchpad-users list and I know that it makes some people uncomfortable to publish their identity. That's fine and I understand the reasons people give.13:52
ScottKThere's no need to defend it.  It's Canonical's right to establish whatever policies they want.13:53
mrevellIf at some stage we did, for example (and this is just an example off the top of my head) ask people not to post screen shots of the interface, then we believe such an agreement holds weight if we have someone's real name.13:53
ScottKI've yet to see any non-Canoncial employee speak in favor of this.13:53
ScottKIt holds equal weight whether you do or you don't.13:53
mrevellScottK: Of the 800 or so beta team members I've only seen a few speak against it.13:54
Hobbseeyes, we're troublesome people13:54
ffmmrevell: however, you can set up a way for _canonical_ to have our names, but not the world.13:54
ScottKWhat fraction of your team members are women and what fraction of the women have spoken against it?13:54
HobbseeScottK: who says it's just women getting harassed?  and that doesn't delve into privacy alone, either13:54
ScottKHobbsee: Agreed.13:55
ScottKIt's just that, unfortunately, the reality is they are rather more likely to have trouble.13:55
ScottKmrevell: It's rare people that would have trouble with using their real names, so few complaints is what I would expect.13:55
mrevellLook, I'm sorry that some people have been harassed through the exposure of the true identity on the web. However, if you worry that you'll be harassed then simply choose not to join the team.13:56
ScottKSilence is not concurrence.13:56
ScottKmrevell: Certainly.  But that's no answer at all really.13:56
mrevellScottK: It's not silence! These are people who have accepted the terms of the beta team.13:56
Hobbseemrevell: do they apply retroactively?13:56
ScottKJust because they've accepted the requirement for themselves, doesn't mean they think it's generally a good idea.13:56
ScottKPersonally (not in beta-testers) I use my real name on LP and don't care.  I do care about people who don't want to being forced to do it.13:57
mrevellWe're going round in circles. You keep using the word "forced". No one is being forced to do anything. I appreciate that you feel strongly about this. Clearly, the majority of the beta team don't because they have not complained.13:58
BUGabundohi guys and gals13:59
mrevellhi BUGabundo13:59
ScottKmrevell: You're distinction about forced if they want to participate is a distinction without difference from my perspective.13:59
BUGabundois mattew here?13:59
mrevellBUGabundo: I'm here13:59
HobbseeBUGabundo: ^13:59
mrevellScottK: Well, then you're disagreeing with the English language, not me :)13:59
BUGabundoahh, its you.. didn't know the nick13:59
mrevellhow can I help you BUGabundo?14:00
ScottKmrevell: Not at all.  It's the same argument that people make when they say that only people who have something to hide need to be against search and seizure protections.14:00
BUGabundomrevell: shouldn't the nobody username be registered?14:00
BUGabundoit was created by an user on LP!14:00
FujitsuI was wondering about that too, BUGabundo.14:00
FujitsuAs it's special in the email interface, it should probably be blacklisted.14:00
mrevellBUGabundo: You mean should it be a reserved name?14:00
BUGabundoand there are a few other, I've seen along the years14:01
BUGabundoype mrevell14:01
mrevellintellectronica: Hey, intellectronica - BUGabundo asks if the nobody user name should be a reserved name14:01
BUGabundoits already in use14:01
BUGabundoby and andrew something14:01
BUGabundoif the mail interface for bugs uses it to unsubscrive bugs....14:02
BUGabundoit makes some sense14:02
intellectronicaBUGabundo: let me check. that's either a bug, or a bug in the documentation (or both)14:02
BUGabundosee the email I've sent to launchpad ML14:02
BUGabundo> Unassign the bug.14:02
BUGabundo> 14:02
BUGabundo> {{{14:02
BUGabundo>  assignee nobody14:02
BUGabundo> }}}14:02
intellectronicaBUGabundo: yes, that's definitely a bug - it should have been impossible for that Andrew to use this username. the bug email interface works correctly, though14:04
BUGabundoor user: https://edge.launchpad.net/~user14:04
intellectronicaBUGabundo: thanks a lot for pointing that out!14:04
BUGabundothere is a bunch14:04
BUGabundojust try different usernames, and you will fine many14:05
* ffm is away14:05
intellectronicaBUGabundo: why is ~user a problem?14:05
BUGabundointellectronica: shouldn't it be reserved?14:05
intellectronicaBUGabundo: reserved for what?14:05
BUGabundowho knows? future usage14:06
mrevellintellectronica: reserved as in unavailable to register14:06
BUGabundostill, its too common.... shouldn't be a username14:06
BUGabundoyes, mrevell14:06
zasfis this the right channel for questions about launchpad/bzr/branching?14:06
BUGabundoI'm getting better at fiding them14:07
intellectronicazasf: sure14:07
zasfI created my own project with a trunk and releases series (and their branch)14:07
BUGabundocome on!! didn't any one ever notice this??14:07
zasftrunk is wehre I develop, releases is there just for release fixings14:07
zasfI'm now ready for version 0.0.214:08
intellectronicaBUGabundo: most of these are OK. it's just nobody that's a problem, and that's quite a subtle bug14:08
BUGabundolol. there should be a dictionary14:08
BUGabundowith not allowed words / names14:08
zasffrom branch releases I did a 'bzr pull http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~matteozandi/pycw/trunk'14:09
zasfbecause I wanted to pull my new changes and commit a new version of the program14:09
zasfbut bzr says that the two branches diverged..14:09
zasfof course they are different :) but if I intend it well, releases will always be touched only when a new release is out, correct?14:10
zasfwhat am i doing wrong?14:10
BUGabundowho is Daniel Tanham? https://edge.launchpad.net/~me14:10
Fujitsuzasf: You should probably have a separate branch for each release. Having one for all releases doesn't make sense.14:11
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BUGabundointellectronica and mrevell do you guys want me to collect a few exceptional cases, and email them to you, for review?14:11
BUGabundoor is this situation ok?14:12
zasfFujitsu: so I think i didn't get the point about having a releases branch14:12
intellectronicaBUGabundo: i think most of those, other than ~nobody are ok, but if you find something that you think might be a problem then by all means, report14:13
mrevellBUGabundo: That would be interesting to see, yeah! Thanks14:13
BUGabundoisn't ubuntu or kubuntu a prob too?14:13
Fujitsuzasf: As I released 0.1, I'd create a new branch for 0.1.x, and push that to the 0.1 release series on Launchpad. Fixes can happen there.14:13
FujitsuWhen I released 0.2, I'd create a new branch from trunk, etc.14:14
zasfFujitsu: ok thanks14:14
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BUGabundomrevell: here is a funny one: https://edge.launchpad.net/~palerma14:17
BUGabundopalerma is portuguese for sucker14:17
BUGabundohttps://edge.launchpad.net/~administrator or https://edge.launchpad.net/~admin, is a small problem, I guess, right intellectronica ?14:18
intellectronicaBUGabundo: that's not, technically, a problem - it doesn't collide with anything like ~nobody does14:19
BUGabundobut it might create confusion to users14:19
BUGabundolike ~login14:19
qense_is it possible to do an advanced search in the projects? Like all projects with 'string' in their name and PHP as programmin language?14:19
mrevellBUGabundo: Thanks :) I think that, unless a name is offensive or could be confusing, we wouldn't want to prevent someone from using it. presumably palerma isn't offensive :)14:27
BUGabundoonly to him self14:27
BUGabundobut since I guess HE was the ONE to choose it, I see no prob14:28
BUGabundobut if someelse is doing a dirty job, and somekind of google bomb, it wouldn't be nice14:28
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BUGabundoby the way, mrevell14:30
BUGabundois staging able to receive and process test emails ?14:30
ubotuNew bug: #195446 in launchpad "`nobody` should be an invalid username" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19544614:31
BUGabundosomething like, new@bugs.staging.launchpad.net ?14:31
BUGabundomrevell ?14:34
BUGabundono prob...14:34
mrevellBUGabundo: I'm not sure, let me check.14:35
mrevellintellectronica: Does the email bug interface work on staging? See BUGabundo's question above.14:35
intellectronicaBUGabundo, mrevell: yes, it can receive emails14:35
mrevellthanks Tom14:35
intellectronicabut it doesn't send out emails, for obvious reasons14:35
BUGabundooh no? so how can I see it working?14:35
BUGabundolet me give it a test14:36
intellectronicaBUGabundo: what do you need it for?14:37
BUGabundocan't see my bug report (via email) on staging, intellectronica14:47
intellectronicaBUGabundo: let me check14:48
intellectronicaBUGabundo: bear in mind that it doesn't happen immediately. it take a couple of minutes14:50
BUGabundook... I'll await14:51
intellectronicaBUGabundo: b.t.w https://launchpad.net/~nobody :)14:51
BUGabundosaw it, and subscrived to it... see me in the bottom: Fernando Pereira14:53
BUGabundointellectronica: will staging bugs show up on my edge home/bug page?14:53
BUGabundohttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~bugabundo or only in https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/~bugabundo ?14:54
intellectronicaBUGabundo: no - it uses a different database. that's the whole point in staging - to allow us to test without polluting the real data14:54
BUGabundomrevell: any bug against LP, for making a version available that groups bugs/blueprints/code for diferent projects?14:55
BUGabundothanks intellectronica, I'll keep cheking it every few minutes-14:55
mrevellBUGabundo: Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean14:56
BUGabundowell, I'm in several projects14:57
BUGabundobut if I go to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~bugabundo14:57
BUGabundoall bugs are layed out there,, with no easy way to see to which project they belogn14:57
BUGabundothere should be a way to group them by the "In" field14:58
BUGabundobrb, seller at the door.14:58
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matsubaraBUGabundo, intellectronica: there was an error in the email you submitted to the staging mailbox.15:03
matsubaraintellectronica: BUGabundo's email looks correct though, can you check the error message? It seems to be using the correct syntax but the mail interface replied with an error15:05
matsubaraintellectronica: https://pastebin.canonical.com/2754/15:06
intellectronicamatsubara: yes, i know, i subsequently sent an email that should be ok15:07
BUGabundoback, let me see intellectronica15:40
BUGabundointellectronica: I didn't get any email form staging15:42
intellectronicaBUGabundo: as i already said - staging doesn't send any email15:43
BUGabundoactually comment should have gone to matsubara15:43
BUGabundoeither that, or it is on gmails spam box... I'll have to check it latter15:43
BUGabundoyeah, I forgot, intellectronica15:43
BUGabundoso how can I check the error?15:44
BUGabundobrb, password mess downstairs! 15:44
matsubaraBUGabundo: I checked already and for some strange reason your email didn't get through. It seems to be using the correct syntax15:44
BUGabundoit must. I've copy paste from the help email16:14
BUGabundomaybe it is the sign key, matsubara16:15
matsubarawe have a specific message for errors in the sign key, so I don't think that's it16:16
BUGabundoshould I send a new email, trying to change something to help catch the error?16:16
BUGabundoI know16:17
BUGabundoI assinged my self the bug, but I'm not a member of the FF team16:17
BUGabundocould that be it?16:17
matsubaraBUGabundo: don't think so.16:21
matsubaraI'll grab some lunch now and will look into this later on.16:21
BUGabundook, could you try emailing staging and see if YOU get an error ?!16:21
BUGabundome hungry too16:22
matsubaraI did that. I'm waiting the error email :-)16:22
BUGabundobut staging doesn't email back16:22
BUGabundoat least that is what intellectronica told me twice16:23
matsubarasorry if I wasn't clear. I have access to the mailbox where all the errors go to16:28
matsubaralunch time!16:28
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BUGabundook matsubara-lunch. thanks for the update16:38
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wbradycan somebody please help me with question number 25435 in launchpad?17:05
BUGabundobug #2543517:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 25435 in pyorbit "pyorbit: new changes from Debian require merging" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25435 - Assigned to Sebastien Bacher (seb128)17:05
wbradyits not a bug, just a question in launchpad answers17:06
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mathiazhi - is there a way I can get all the email addresses of the members of a team I administrate ?17:32
Rinchenmathiaz, not as a big list, I don't think so. You certainly will not be able to see emails from those members who have chosen to hide them.17:37
mathiazRinchen: right - I've changed the contact address of the team from nothing to a mailing list.17:38
mathiazRinchen: I'd like to invite all the members to the new mailing list.17:38
Rinchenah I see. There's a bug filed that barry is working on17:38
Rinchenwhich will alert all users to the availability of a new mailing list17:38
mathiazRinchen: right - but this is not a LP mailing list.17:38
mathiazRinchen: it's a ml on lists.ubuntu.com17:39
RinchenI see. Ok. well....17:39
Rinchenthat's a tough one at the moment17:39
mathiazRinchen: the contact address for ubuntu-server is ubuntu-server-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com17:39
Rinchenyou could always email the old list17:39
mathiazRinchen: there wasn't an old email list.17:39
Rinchenand edit your team's  description17:39
Rinchenmathiaz, I face the same problem with the Ubuntu EO translators.  17:40
mathiazRinchen: the bug mails were sent to every members17:40
Rinchenmathiaz, I was going to use the LP list once that notification item was completed.17:40
Rinchenmathiaz, you could work the system I suppose and file a bug against your team without the mailing list as a contact. All the members would get the bug announcement which could be "we have a new mailing list"17:41
mathiazRinchen: good suggestion.17:41
Rinchenmathiaz, we know it's a problem and we've chosen the LP mailing list notification as the first way to address it. 17:41
mathiazRinchen: isn't there a bug in LP about the ability to email all the members ?17:41
Rinchenmathiaz, there might be other provision in the future17:42
mathiazRinchen: ok - thanks for the suggestion.17:42
Rinchenmathiaz, an Answers ticket might also work if you have that setup17:42
Rinchenmathiaz, sorry I couldn't be of more help.17:42
mathiazRinchen: thanks - it seems that I won't have to open 94 web pages to gather all of the email addresses.17:43
Rinchenmathiaz, yeah, that would most certainly ....um...how do they say it these days? ... sux0rs ?17:44
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slangasekcan anyone tell me if there's a way to un-target bugs from a release (e.g., https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+bugs)?  ISTR this was possible before, but now I can't find a button for it anywhere.17:55
kikoslangasek, the bug targeting needs to be rejected17:56
kikoslangasek, what's the bug?17:57
slangasekkiko: how can a reject an already-accepted bug?17:57
kikoslangasek, I think it can be denied; give me a bug #?17:57
VadiCan someone offer me help on 'pushing' code into a branch?18:21
kikoslangasek, mark the task as invalid. 18:25
kikoslangasek, the main ubuntu task goes back to being alive when that happens.18:25
slangasekkiko: sorry, I don't see where in the UI I can do that18:26
kikoslangasek, just expand the hardy task.18:27
pascal80I would like people to translate the Brasero packages in the current Ubuntu development release (hardy) when they click on Translations for the Brasero project18:29
pascal80How can I make a link between https://translations.launchpad.net/brasero/ and https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/brasero/18:29
slangasekkiko: this?: http://people.ubuntu.com/~vorlon/Screenshot-Bug%20%23184210.png18:31
slangasekkiko: I don't see anything on there that looks like "invalid"18:32
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VadiCan someone offer me help on 'pushing' code into a branch?18:39
kikoslangasek, the status.18:49
kikochange it from confirmed to invalid.18:49
* slangasek tries this18:50
slangasekno, that still shows it tracked in hardy...18:50
slangasekor am I meant to mark it 'invalid' there, and add another?18:50
kikoslangasek, hmmm. try it won't fix?18:51
slangasekkiko: aha, that seems to have done it18:52
kikoslangasek, live n learn!18:54
slangasekyes, I hope to continue doing both. :)18:54
slangasekthanks :)18:54
kikoslangasek, you're welcome. this nominations stuff. the UI needs clarifyin'18:58
VadiI copy/pasted the example bzr push command, but I get a "Not a branch:" error.. is there any special setup I need to have on the folder that's on my laptop?18:59
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db-keenI'm writing a desktop bug/issue tracker, and I'd like to be able to pull bug tracking information from Launchpad into my program. Where should I look for documentation related to this?20:01
db-keenIs there a soap / json / xml-rpc interface?20:02
db-keenIf there isn't any, I suppose I'll have to scrape the web pages, but I can't say I'm fond of the idea...20:21
thekorndb-keen, you might want to have a look at https://edge.launchpad.net/python-launchpad-bugs/20:24
thekornif you are using python20:24
db-keenthekorn: ruby, actually20:25
db-keenbut I had rather expected if there was anything convenient it would be in python20:25
mptGooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!20:29
mwhudsonhi mpt 20:33
CaioAlonsomorning? 17:33pm here! =D20:33
CaioAlonsoops, 5:33pm *20:33
db-keenas far as I can tell python-launchpad-bugs scrapes the html. Can someone confirm that is correct?20:44
thekorndb-keen, that's correct, it parses the html or text interface of lp20:45
db-keenthanks, I guess I'll do the same in Ruby20:45
ubotuNew bug: #195570 in malone "`Unknown` importance shouldn't appear as a search value for targets that use Launchpad for bug tracking" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19557021:26
mptbdmurray, is the presence of "Unknown" in the status menu in the Ubuntu Bugs advanced search form really hurting Ubuntu QA people?22:02
mptin the Importance menu, I mean22:02
bdmurraympt: no is that how the ubuntu-qa tag is interpreted?22:05
mptbdmurray, I understood it to mean that Launchpad developers should prioritize a bug higher because it's affecting Ubuntu QA22:06
mptIf that's not correct, I don't know what it does mean :-)22:06
bdmurraympt: I was using the tag as a way to indicate bugs that we have encountered and should all be aware of.22:16
bdmurraywe being the Ubuntu QA team - not all of them necessarily block workflow like bug 165283 for example22:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 165283 in malone "The +txt listing for a bug is missing mentoring information" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16528322:17
mptbdmurray, ok, well it's important that LP developers know whether they should take it into account for prioritization22:18
bdmurrayOkay, I've unmarked bug 195570 as ubuntu-qa and I've just subscribed myself to it22:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195570 in malone "`Unknown` importance shouldn't appear as a search value for targets that use Launchpad for bug tracking" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19557022:19
bdmurrayAnd the rest of the list looks reasonable to me except possibly for bug 594322:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 5943 in malone "can't search for numbers in Malone" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/594322:21
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bdmurrayReasonable as in the tag could be interpreted as hurting Ubuntu QA.22:25
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