MoheroI have a bugfix for MailScanner - Hardy Alpha 5 installs MailScanner version 4.58.9-2 the latest is 4.66.5-3 - which is out of date - however, that's not a huge issue - as it sort-of works, it gives errors about a Var $FIELD_NAME in /usr/share/MailScanner/MailScanner/Message.pm and I fear a few people may get caught by ty this if they upgrade mail servers from 6.06LTS to 8.04LTS...00:02
Moherothe fix for version 4.58.9-2 is to add an extra line - I'll put it on Launchpad.00:03
lucasvoalex_mayorga: take a look at bug #18088100:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180881 in gdm "Fonts in the GNOME login screen are disproportionately big" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18088100:09
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DanaGDon't you just love those random hard-lockups?00:20
teethdoodfirefox 3.0B3 is the worst beta software I've ever seen00:20
teethdoodit crashes a lot, locks up the comp, random GDM restart, slow scrolling.00:21
asdruballocks up the computer?! wtf00:21
teethdoodAnd somehow the repos took out firefox 2!00:21
asdrubalhow can it do that00:21
asdrubalI'm using B3, but not a .deb.. the tgz in my home directory00:21
asdrubalteethdood, you using any funky plugins?00:22
DanaGI just love Flash.....00:22
Moheroteethdood: FF3 is a strange one - and it acts very differntly on different systems...00:22
teethdoodasdrubal: sometimes it would gray itself then nothing. Other times it would not even gray itself. I could move the mouse but nothing else00:22
DanaGEvery three or so pages on youtube... *segfault*00:22
DanaGSometimes Firefox will go gray while it's frozen for a while, and then unfreeze and stay grey.00:23
DanaGIt's really annoying when that happens.00:23
teethdoodDanaG: yes. How come they took off FF2 from the repos?00:23
DanaGIt really does annoy me that they don't keep around old versions of things.  I mean, WTF are you supposed to do if, say, the new version of HAL breaks battery reporting (and it does!) ?00:24
teethdoodFF3 is supposed to fix the "memory leaks" and makes things a lot faster. Not so. It even removed the HOME button without a trace00:25
nhainesThere's a home button on my links bar.00:25
teethdoodI mean...Home is the quickest way to browse away from that porn you've been looking at00:26
teethdoodhehe erm j/k00:27
cowbudteethdood, there was recently an ubuntuforums post on that. It turns out the removal of home was a distro choice if I recall..00:29
FlannelDanaG: not-upgrade to alpha versions00:30
DanaGBetter solution: read changelogs before you install things!00:33
DanaGI do that.  That's exactly why I haven't updated HAL in a while, and I won't update until the battery bug is fixed.00:33
jw144000I'm having a problem switching between keyboard layouts in Hardy Heron Alpha 5. After I switch to the Hebrew Phonetic layout, it won't switch back to English or any other layout I have. Can anyone help?00:33
FlannelDanaG: You should be able to pin it back00:33
alka_trashis hardy going to use network-manager 7.0?00:59
sarthor I checked gparted, fdisk, but there is no Option for protected usb drive with password? any Help please01:10
DanaGProtected USB drive with password?  That doesn't seem like a standard partition type to me.01:13
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john_is the nvida driver supposed to work ?01:26
john_becuase it does not for me01:26
nhainesCan you be more specific?01:26
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.01:26
john_it installs01:27
john_but sticks me in 640x80001:27
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john_and wont let me change that01:27
DanaGBroken EDID?01:28
thompaanyone know how to enable acer-wmi?01:28
thompasupposidly acer acpi has been backported, but is it a module or what?01:29
john_dana i dont think so01:29
john_i get full resolution with non nvida driver01:29
john_scratch that no i dont01:30
thompaBackport acer-wmi to hardy 2.6.24 kernel ..... says fix committed. but how do i check it?01:31
john_i am going  to enable them and restart my computer again01:32
thompaanyway backported modules dont show up01:32
teethdoodanyone familiar with PS3 as a media center, including using a wireless keyboard with it and Ubuntu/other Distro?01:33
gnomyim back01:43
gnomyit locked me in 640x48001:43
gnomythe screen an graphics preferance area does not work either01:44
gnomydoes this area work for any of you ?01:45
DanaGHmm, dig around in /var/log/Xorg.0.log to try to find anything that looks like an error.  Don't paste anything more than, say, one or two lines, here.01:47
gnomythe terminal says permision denied01:49
gnomyi tried sudo and it says command not found01:49
gnomyi also tried root01:50
gnomydoes that mean i am missing the file ?01:50
DanaGIt's a file, not an executable.01:52
DanaGgo to console and 'less /var/log/Xorg.0.log'01:52
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gnomy(--) NV(0): Trying load detection on VGA0 ... nothing.01:57
gnomydoes that mean there is no monitor plugged in via vga ?01:58
DanaGI don't know what your configuration is.02:00
gnomyjust chrcking02:00
gnomybecuase mine is on via dvi02:00
gnomy(II) NV(0): Output VGA1 connected02:01
gnomybut would that be my dvi ?02:01
DanaGThat seems odd... maybe it's using the analog part of DVI.02:01
gnomythe dvi is connected to an adapter on my monitor that converts it to vga02:02
DanaGAah, then that is right -- it's just vga2 then.02:03
gnomyin that case02:03
gnomythere are no problems    i can find02:04
gnomyin that file02:04
gnomybut i cant read hex02:05
burnercan anyone help me get nautilus as teh default file manager instead of thunar?  When I upgraded to hardy, it switched to thunar on me when I access things via the places menu02:06
DanaGHmm, anything about EDID or DDC on the xorg log?02:07
gnomyis there a way to search the text ?02:09
gnomy(II) NV(0): Probing for EDID on I2C bus 0...02:10
gnomy(II) NV(0): I2C device "I2C0:ddc2" registered at address 0xA0.02:10
gnomy(II) NV(0): I2C device "I2C0:ddc2" removed.02:10
gnomyis that the problem ?02:10
alex_mayorgagnomy, the pref->monitor is broken due to bug 138189 I believe02:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138189 in pykdeextensions "application tries to dlopen /usr/lib/libpython2.5.so (only found in the -dev package) " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13818902:13
DanaGI'm not sure what to do about the ddc thing.02:13
gnomyso i have to install python dev ?02:14
alex_mayorgalooks like it02:15
gnomyi not i kbuntu though02:15
gnomyim using gnome02:15
DanaGhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-219226.html   -- something about monitors.02:16
gnomymine does not flicker02:16
alex_mayorgabut the prefs dont work on gnome either02:17
alex_mayorgaI get that bug is more broad02:17
gnomyi might try gusty again02:20
gnomymy windows install got fubar i think02:20
gnomyi installed on a seperate hardrive02:21
gnomybut windows does not show up in my boot loader02:21
DanaGHmm, that's easy enough to fix.02:21
gnomyi get my windows disk02:21
gnomyand use the recovery console right02:22
Dr_willisYou just need toadd the proper entry to the menu.lst to add windows to the grub listing02:22
Dr_willisdid you install windows first or after linux?02:22
gnomybut i think it was atached to bot drives02:22
gnomylike my boot .ini was on a differant drive than my windows install02:23
DanaGDang, we so need a GDM theme to go with the new wallpaper.02:23
Dr_willisgnomy,  no idea on that. I dont keep windows so complex.02:23
gnomyi can fix it02:23
gnomyi just dont want to02:23
Dr_willisI keeop windows on hd #1  and linux on HD #2. i let grub handle the booting02:23
gnomythats what i would do02:24
gnomyif windows wasnt evil and always installs to both my hard drives02:24
Dr_willisi dont get this 'installing to both' bit.02:25
Dr_willis Ive never seen it do that.02:25
gnomyit's my retarted boot leg copy02:25
gnomyil live02:25
Dr_willisyou mean the 'restore' disks  restore to 2 drives? not actually installing..02:26
gnomymy windows desk is bootleg02:26
gnomyand when used02:26
gnomyit will install on 2 hard drives02:27
mEck0Hi! does anyone know if it works perfectly to connect a laptop running ubuntu 8.04 alpha4 to a projector (vga interface)?02:27
gnomy it might02:27
gnomyi have a bug that would stop me02:27
gnomybut it might not appear for you02:27
RAOFmEck0: It depends on what laptop & drivers, basically.02:27
mEck0RAOF, HP Compaq 6510b, intel gma gfx02:28
RAOFmEck0: The answer should be "yes", then.  The command you're after is "xrandr --auto".02:28
lime4x4anyone here using bluetooth keyboards?02:28
mEck0RAOF, and I don't even need to reboot? (which you sometimes need when running Windows and connect a projector)02:29
RAOFmEck0: You shouldn't need to reboot, no.02:29
alex_mayorgalime4x4, is there a problem?02:29
RAOFmEck0: There's been some work on a GUI frontend to XRandR, but for now you probably just want to check out the various options of the "xrandr" command.02:29
gnomythanks for your help guys02:30
mEck0RAOF, ok02:30
lime4x4using a logitech mx5000 when i try to unlock the computer from it's screensaver mode the keyboard and mouse aren't working no more i have to unplug the bt dongle then reinsert which then puts the keyboard into usb mode02:31
DanaGOh hey, is there a way to get 1024x768 when connected to a VGA device with no DDC pin?02:31
alex_mayorgaold bugger02:31
alex_mayorgalet me digg it for you02:31
DanaGNVIDIA only offers up 800x600 in that situation.02:31
lime4x4i know bluetooth was redone in hardy02:33
RAOFDanaG: Hm, suckworthy.  Have you browsed through "nvidia-xconfig --advanced-help"?  There's undobtedly _some_ arcane option applicable to your situation.02:33
alex_mayorgalime4x4, check bug 32415, see if my comment there helps02:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32415 in bluez-utils "Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Broken in Dapper/Edgy/Feisty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3241502:34
lime4x4ok i'll have a look at it thanks02:35
DanaGHere's something silly: changing resolution on nvdia, by default, changes the perceived panel size, rather than the DPI.02:35
RAOFThat's... odd.  But I suppose not much odder than "Refresh rates <=> twinview modes".02:36
lime4x4hardy no longer uses hidd02:38
* Linuturk is running Hardy alpha 5 on his laptop :)02:44
LinuturkI like the wallpaper02:44
nhainesIt's kinda nice.02:45
alex_mayorgahow do I know what alpha I'm on?02:46
LinuturkI believe if you keep up with your updates, you are on the most recent02:46
Linuturkcorrect me if I'm wrong though02:46
alex_mayorgabut there's not like in RH /etc/release or something?02:49
Linuturkalex_mayorga: cat /etc/issue02:49
DanaGUbuntu hardy (development branch) \n \l02:49
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LinuturkI've got a funny reboot/shutdown bug. This happens in alpha 5, and gutsy. When I attempt to shutdown or reboot, my laptop's screen blanks out, it ignores keyboard input, and my cpu fan kicks on 100% and it won't shutdown until I force a shutdown by holding down the power button. ideas?02:52
Linuturkalso happens in debian etch too02:53
alex_mayorgaLinuturk, thanx02:53
Linuturknp alex_mayorga :)02:53
LinuturkI did have arch on here, and it didn't happen with arch02:53
Linuturkit isn't consistant either. It seems to happen at random02:55
alex_mayorganever realized there was "blood" in there03:13
wastrelare there backgrounds on my system somewhere?03:13
mcquaida question about wubi, it currently says in the faqs that you cannot install it yet, in your remaining harddisk space03:17
mcquaidI thought the whole point was to install in your existing win part and not have to partition?03:17
Linuturkmcquaid: maybe they mean unpartitioned space . . . ?03:32
mcquaidyes they could mean that03:33
RyanPriorI'm having trouble uploading photos to Facebook. Firefox says "Start: applet not initialized" and just shows a grey box where the upload area should be. Does anybody else have it working?03:35
Linuturkwell, that's your problem. You're using Facebook ;p03:41
alex_mayorgaRyanPrior, file a bug to facebook :)03:41
RyanPriorlol, it's obviously a Java problem though.03:43
RyanPriorIt worked in Gutsy, so something about Firefox 3 or the latest Java is screwed up.03:43
bazhangothers have reported that--the jre5 and 6 not working--though a dev said that if you install icedtea7 that fixes it RyanPrior03:51
bazhangfirst uninstalling the others of course03:51
RyanPriorbazhang: I did install icedtea7, but did not uninstall the others.03:52
RyanPriorDo I uninstall everything java-related and start from scratch?03:52
bazhangnot sure--he said to just uninstall the jre5 or 6 (depending on what you use) RyanPrior03:53
hdevalenceI have some questions about 'wubi'. According to an ars technica article I read, it lets you install without repartitioning. The two questions I have are: can you access the files on your install from Windows, and can you access other files on your Windows from the ubuntu?04:03
alex_mayorgareading from ubuntu the windows files is native, not sure the other way around04:04
alex_mayorgaubuntu can read NTFS04:04
AtomicSpark1. no (unless you install 3rd party software on windows to see linux file systems) 2. yes.04:04
AtomicSparkwait. how does it store it? is it a big image?04:05
Burnninatoris there a known issue with hardy and touchpads?04:05
ethana2can you boot into it from grub?04:05
Burnninatormy touchpad freezes up until i push a key on the keyboard04:05
Burnninatorit is very random04:05
Linuturksounds like a funky driver or config . . .04:05
hdevalenceyeah, it's not actually for me, it's for someone else who's been considering trying x/k/ubuntu04:06
BurnninatorLinuturk, you refering to my quesion?04:06
Linuturksry, yes Burnninator :)04:06
Burnninatordo you have any suggestions?04:06
LinuturkBurnninator: just random speculation04:07
hdevalencetheir main issues are that they don't have good read access for ext2/3 on windows and they're skeptical of ntfs support in Linux04:07
Linuturkhdevalence: there is a great ext2/3 driver for windows, that works great04:08
Linuturkhdevalence: google ext2 windows04:08
Burnninator i switched from gutsy because i couldn't put the laptop to sleep, and now i cant get the touchpad to work properly04:09
hdevalenceLinuturk: there are a couple, apparently she tried one and had a bad time with it04:09
LinuturkBurnninator: I've had a shutdown reboot issue since gutsy :)04:09
RAOFWe should totally put that in the /topic: "Do *not* install Hardy if you want to fix something in Gutsy".04:10
Linuturkhttp://www.fs-driver.org/ hdevalence04:10
Burnninatorit was a last resort04:10
RAOFBurnninator: You may need to mess with /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:10
Burnninatorit was that or downgrade to fiesty04:10
Linuturkheh, backup before you "mess" with xorg.conf Burnninator04:10
RAOFLinuturk: Nah.  If something breaks, just "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf ~/xorg.conf-backup".04:11
hdevalenceah, thank you.04:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGanyone with nv gf8600m can share the xorg.conf? mine seems to be configured incorrectly04:11
LinuturkRAOF: I like to do that before I play around with it :)04:12
Linuturkcept, a cp04:12
RAOFWhereas now moving it out of the way can unbreak X :)04:12
Linuturko yeah, bulletproof in hardy RAOF ?04:12
RAOFBut if you've got a synaptics touchpad our new super-autodetect X doesn't add the SHMConfig option, so gsynaptics (and userspace touchpad config tools in general) won't work.04:12
RAOFLinuturk: Not bulletproof (that was in Gutsy, actually), but proper auto-detect.04:13
Linuturkah, so what would i add for my synampitcs toupad RAOF ?04:13
RAOFLinuturk: Unless you're using a binary blob (or dvorak keyboard layout :)) you should be able to go without xorg.conf.04:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, xorg didn't detect my touchpad at all04:14
hdevalenceLinuturk: thanks for the advice!04:14
[Hardy]TuTUXGhave to manually add it04:14
RAOFLinuturk: Well, the xorg.conf that dpkg-reconfigure generates should have a section for your touchpad (we don't write empty xorg.conf yet).  Just add the Option "SHMConfig" "true" to that section.04:14
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: File a bug? :)04:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, i already fix it...04:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, and that was with alpha 404:15
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: But does it work out of the box?04:16
Linuturklol, RAOF, the default xorg is very sparse in hardy lol04:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, at that time, it didnt, with my new thinkpad t61p and the alternative cd04:16
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: It'd be good if you could test that with a newer livecd.  If it doesn't work out of the box, file a bug so we can fix it :)04:17
LinuturkRAOF: what happened to all the wacom stuff?04:17
Burnninatorim gunna restart x real quick04:17
RAOFLinuturk: We may be autodetecting it correctly now?04:18
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RAOFI dunno.04:18
Linuturkso, run dpkg-reconfigure xorg ?04:18
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, sure, i probly gonna test it when beta out, and i fixed it easily just add few lines04:18
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: Yeah.  Which means that it should be easy to fix :)04:18
RAOFIt'd be nice if you could test it before then, but not critical ;)04:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGill try after next week (midterm) ;P04:19
Linuturklol, RAOF the dpkg configured xorg is identical to the first04:20
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, ya, that was happened to me when i tried it couple weeks ago04:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, do u have usb mouse plugin?04:21
LinuturkHAH, yes I do [Hardy]TuTUXG04:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGunplug it and restart x and try again04:22
Linuturk[Hardy]TuTUXG: still the same LOL04:24
Burnninatordidn't work04:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, well, then i dont know what to do..04:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, what lap u have?04:25
LinuturkToshiba R15-S82204:25
Burnninatortoshiba A135-S2246 is what i have04:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, i can share my xorg.conf with u if u want but it's a thinkpad ;P04:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGso the touchpad just doesnt work at all?04:26
Linuturko, it works, but I don't have the fancy side scrolling stuff04:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGoh, u can add those manually04:27
Burnninatormine seems to freeze when the hard drive is being accessed, and it only seems to unfreeze when i push a key on the keyboard04:27
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk,  and RAOF is right, if u want to use something like gsynaptics u need add the option SHMConfig04:29
alex_mayorgaby the way, gsynaptic doesn't work, right?04:29
[Hardy]TuTUXGnot if u add that option in xorg.conf04:30
[Hardy]TuTUXGnot if u *dont* add that option in xorg.conf04:30
alex_mayorgawhat's the supported GUI for that now?04:30
[Hardy]TuTUXGfor synaptic?04:31
alex_mayorgayes, to configure my touchpad?04:31
Linuturkwell, it's using the "mouse" driver04:31
Linuturkmine* is04:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGif u dont have the SHMConfig option, none of the gui would work04:31
alex_mayorgais that on purpose?04:32
alex_mayorgashouldn't it "just work"?04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGidont know, most likely a bug04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGwell, with the mouse module, it works04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGjust not fully work04:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, http://pastebin.com/m7e2c9f9704:34
Linuturko well, I'll just wait for a few more releases04:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, come on, it's not that complicated04:39
LinuturkI know, but I'm lazy04:39
LinuturkI might go back to arch so I don't have this dang reboot problem04:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGmake sure u change the severlayout section, module section and add inputdevice for touchpad04:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat reboot problem u have?04:41
Linuturkwell, it seems to happen at random when I 1) reboot 2) shutdown 3) or kill X04:41
Linuturkmy machine locks up hard, and my fan kicks on high gear04:41
Linuturkand it stays that way until I force shutdown by holding down the button04:42
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat's wired04:42
Linuturkdoes it with ACPI on and off04:42
LinuturkI can give you one right now, but I can't get one after it locks up, b/c it's . . . locked up04:43
joshmoz_I have an IBM T43 with a synaptics touchpad, I'm wondering why the option to disable tap-clicking is no longer in the mouse control panel as of hardy-alpha-5. Is there a new way to configure that behavior?04:43
[Hardy]TuTUXGif that only happens sometime, it must relate to something u were running04:43
Linuturkgnome term . . .04:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, u dont like tap-clicking?04:44
joshmoz_no, I want to turn it off04:44
joshmoz_I accidentally click on stuff all the time04:45
Linuturkhttp://pastebin.com/m5d24a2cd << [Hardy]TuTUXG see anything?04:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, no..04:46
Linuturkcurious problem04:46
Linuturkhasn't happened in arch yet04:46
Linuturkbut, happens in cli and X04:47
LinuturkI have traced it to the actual reboot command in debian cli04:47
Linuturkshutdown -r didn't do it04:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, add: Option         "TapButton1" "0" ; Option         "TapButton2" "0"; Option         "TapButton0" "0", under ur touchpad section of xorg.conf04:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, make sure to make a backup of xorg.conf first04:48
joshmoz_[Hardy]TuTUXG: doesn't it seem like something of a regression that before I had a nice easy checkbox to hit and now I'm back to editing xorg.conf?04:48
joshmoz_I was so happy that ubuntu got me away from all of that :)04:48
bazhangwell this is alpha04:49
Linuturkjoshmoz_: we are still alpha04:49
joshmoz_should I perhaps file a bug that the option is not there?04:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, um.. since it's still alpha, im afraid it's the most efficient way... for me at least04:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, i don't think it's a bug04:50
joshmoz_why do you think it is not a bug?04:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, maybe becuz the new kernel?04:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, by default, u dont have that much options within xorg.conf04:51
nhainesjoshmoz_: Go ahead and file a bug.04:51
joshmoz_[Hardy]TuTUXG: the UI is there and it works fine by default in stable ubuntu04:51
nhainesjoshmoz_: Just promise me you'll search for a pre-existing bug first.  ;)04:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, ok, ok, file a bug, im not really that expert ;P04:52
joshmoz_nhaines: been doing that for 15 minutes, nothing04:52
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Linuturk[Hardy]TuTUXG: well, arch is cutting edge, but alpha hardy should be cutting edge too, right?04:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, it has something to do with the SHMConfig option04:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, ya... i dont know...04:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGi am not expert~~04:53
joshmoz_[Hardy]TuTUXG: right, I tried to install a trackpad control panel, it worked but I can't open the panel because it complains about SHMConfig04:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, so when u file a bug, search for SHMConfig not turned on by default, if it already exit, then u dont need to file another one04:55
Linuturk[Hardy]TuTUXG: 2.6.24-ARCH and 2.6.24-8-generic Ubuntu hardy04:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGLinuturk, or something to do with gterm?04:56
P2502how to make gterm to use specified (saved) window size?04:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, u have to edit the launcher04:57
joshmoz_nhaines, [Hardy]TuTUXG: looks like bug 15593704:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155937 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "SHMConfig should be enabled by default, and gsynaptics should be installed by default on laptops" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15593704:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, something likeļ¼š gnome-terminal --geometry=130x35+100+20004:58
P2502[Hardy]TuTUXG: thanks04:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoshmoz_, so it's a bug04:59
Linuturko great05:01
Linuturkit's tomorrow05:01
LinuturkI've got to work now05:01
LinuturkI better go to bed05:01
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AtomicSparkanyone having network card issues?05:26
bazhangwhich card?05:27
AtomicSparkanyone that kvm/qemu can emulate lol.05:28
budmangHey guys just installed alpha 5 over my osx install(toshiba sattellite laptop).06:02
budmangEkgia softphone and idefisk wont see my outbound speakers etc... any ideas?06:03
budmangsounds etc.. play flash etc.. works.06:03
heret1ch'm - much hd activity, 100% cpu06:16
Nuke_why might gnome-listen play sound via /dev/audio if gstreamer is set to use PulseAudio via gstreamer-properties?06:21
Nuke_(its a gstreamer app)06:21
dfgasis there a iso of hardy heron?06:25
Tronicdfgas: Install Gutsy and upgrade. It is only a couple of clicks.06:26
dfgasi wanted to check out the new thing to install in windows, heh06:26
TronicBut be aware that Hardy is very broken. You will often have trouble installing something, segfaults, etc.06:26
dfgasyah i know06:27
dfgasstill alpha, heh, its all good06:27
heret1c:~$ uptime06:28
heret1c 07:32:49 up 1 day, 20 min06:28
travisatis vlc currently broke?06:28
* heret1c is impressed06:28
heret1ctravisat: runs here.06:29
travisatinteresting I can't get any video in it, totem works just fine, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I don't see any bug reports about it06:29
alex_mayorgawhat's the LoCo coordination channel?06:55
heret1calex_mayorga: jesuits?06:59
alex_mayorgaheret1c: ??07:00
heret1cwell they have to be _somewhere_, don't they? 8)07:02
heret1coh look, they forgot to put a "home" icon inff3!07:03
* heret1c tips hat at Assid07:17
heret1cgot rid of the intruder?07:18
Assidhe took what he wanted07:18
savvasdid anyone else notice that the software sources package is missing in alpha 5?07:18
Assidim hoping he didnt come back07:19
Assidproblem is i dont know whats using mybandwith again this time.. cause we made soo many changes to the boc07:19
Assidif its genuine traffic or what07:19
heret1csavvas: sources.list?07:19
savvasheret1c: i'm not having a problem with sources, but the software-properties-gtk was not installed by default :)07:20
heret1cAssid: etherape?07:20
Assidtraffic usage went up and down already07:20
heret1csavvas: ah I run kubuntu.07:21
ubotuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams07:23
savvasheret1c: everything ok with adept there right?07:27
heret1csavvas:  hunky dory.07:28
* heret1c uses synapyic and apt, mostly.07:29
P2502omg adobe implementing DRM in flash to disallow copy of flash videos07:30
heret1clibmac is slow in coming.07:30
* heret1c can't play his hifi "ape" files yet .(07:30
heret1cP2502: that's the death of flash, ten?07:31
heret1cI assume that means "digital rights management" or sumpn.07:32
P2502i had read some news about implementing drm in linux also07:32
heret1cP2502: bet it'd be de-implemented rather fastish (by private initiative) 8)07:33
heret1cisn't linux supposed to be anathema to establishment?07:34
P2502this is what Stallman talks about, but i doubt about that07:35
P2502if its going mainstream it will just become another windows07:35
P2502with rich corporations like red hat leading development07:36
P2502and selling services07:36
P2502i'm heretic lol07:37
heret1cP2502: it's a matter of philosophy - bazar or cathedral. can't quite see lin going cat. .)07:39
heret1cdo anyone else lack a "home" icon in ff3, btw?07:40
grumpymoleheret1c: yes07:47
grumpymoleheret1c: there is a fix - just trying to remember how I did it yesterday07:48
grumpymoleheret1c: you have to activate the bookmarks toolbar07:51
grumpymolethen select customize and drag the home icon from there to the toolbar07:51
grumpymoleheret1c: the home icon only appears in the customize list if you have the bookmarks toolbar checked/selected/active07:54
heret1cgrumpymole: doesn't work here (kubuntu)07:55
grumpymolei remember it was simple in the end, but took a bit of filddling07:56
grumpymolewill look around some more07:56
grumpymoleheret1c: when you add the bookmarks toolbar, is there a home item in the toolbar?  if yes, then drag that to your button toolbar08:01
heret1cgrumpymole:  nope. have installed other themes, don't show in ff. must be a path thing.08:02
* heret1c investigates08:02
grumpymoleheret1c: if you have mozgestures, apparently that interferes with this08:06
grumpymoleheret1c: also check here:08:07
heret1cah, that ficed it ta .)08:10
s0u][ighthi ugys08:12
P2502still no fix for wine in repo?08:22
heret1c! wine08:31
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.08:31
P2502heret1c: i just decided to use deb from winehq08:34
P2502but it is not newest08:34
* heret1c looks oot - sunshine!08:34
heret1cP2502: prudent to wait until it surfaces in the hardy repos, dontcha think?08:35
P2502another broken one?08:37
heret1c .. or install gutsy. 8)08:39
* heret1c can't quite see the wisdom of adding beta sw (ff) to an alpha os (hh).08:40
P2502gutsy livecd randomly chooses 1024x768 or correct 1680x1050 res for me :)08:42
P2502never know what will happen08:42
savvasReinstallation of xserver-xorg is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.08:53
savvasI should've kept my old xorg.conf08:53
savvasoh well :P08:53
kristjan_any news about kde4 hardy herdon cd? Then can we dl it?09:06
Habbieis openssh-server on the heron alpha5 server iso?09:06
henkjanHabbie: your first challenge is to boot from hardy cd :)09:07
Habbiewhy? is alpha5 broken, bootwise? :)09:07
savvassome dependency problems but other than that, ok09:08
henkjandon't know about alpha5, booting from cd with alpha4 was broken an many systems09:09
henkjanThe kernel in Alpha 5 is unable to access CD-ROM devices in some configurations, which means some users who were previously able to install Ubuntu will not be able to install this alpha from CD media. As a workaround, users can boot the installer with the additional "all_generic_ide" boot option. https://launchpad.net/bugs/18156109:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181561 in linux "Hardy alpha 2/3/4 daily-live i386 don't boot" [Unknown,Confirmed]09:09
Habbiehenkjan, oh, alpha4 worked for me09:10
Habbieand if it hadn't, i would've found out about that flag quickly, have had lots of cdrom/ide troubles with ubuntu in the past09:10
savvasah there we go.. my main root of problems: rs.archive.ubuntu.com - it wasn't updated :P09:13
P2502wine randomize which apps work with it with every release09:13
SebastianInstallation from both normal and alternate Hardy Alpha 5 CD worked fine here on both my notebook and inside VMware.09:14
* heret1c wonders if blacklisting libata will re-enable dma on his ide hd09:14
savvasSebastian: apt-cache policy bash-completion software-properties-gtk09:15
heret1c IO_support    =  0 (default 16-bit)09:15
heret1c readonly      =  0 (off)09:15
heret1c readahead     = 256 (on)09:15
savvasSebastian: does Installed: say (none) ?09:16
savvashm.. I think the problems with dependencies are localised for some archive mirrors09:17
Mohero|W1rkHi all09:20
Mohero|W1rkbored savvas?09:21
Mohero|W1rkany devs awake at the moment?09:21
savvasSebastian: a german guy reported that software-properties-gtk wasn't installed as well (aka "Software Sources")09:22
Mohero|W1rkI reported bug #195260 and would like to discuss with *someone*09:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195260 in mailscanner "MailScanner won't start due to variable $FIELD_NAME" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19526009:22
Mohero|W1rkI head that software-properies-gtk wasn't installed on Alpha 5 - I can also confirm as I installed off the CD yesterday - it is however there if you go for the upgrade route to Alpha 509:23
=== Mohero|W1rk is now known as Mohero|Work
savvasBug #16231909:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162319 in bash-completion "bash tab completion doesn't list postscript files for kpdf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16231909:26
savvasBug #19512109:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195121 in ubiquity "software-properties-gtk is not installed on Hardy Alpha 5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19512109:26
Mohero|WorkBug # 195260 has messed up my apt - and now I can't install any other apps :(09:26
heret1cpesky rotten silly libata%#*!09:30
* heret1c fumes09:30
savvasMohero|Work: sudo apt-get check09:31
Sebastiansavvas: Thanks.09:31
savvasMohero|Work: paste the output at http://pastebin.ca09:33
savvaswww.gmail.com uses an invalid security certificate.09:34
Paladineyou know I have been getting that from a -lot- of sites over the last week09:34
Paladineam wondering if something is up with verisign or something09:35
Paladineeither that or a lot of certs have run out around the same time09:35
savvasno idea, but it looks like https://mail.google.com works ok09:36
savvasredirection problems?09:36
henkjanPaladine: check your time/date09:37
Paladinemy date/time are fine unfortunately09:37
Mohero|Worksavvas: http://pastebin.ca/91736109:38
PaladineI wish they were wrong because they tell me I have a lecture in 80 minutes09:38
Mohero|WorkI also apt-got amsn to show what happens when an app is installed aswell.09:38
savvasMohero|Work: you installed mailscanner yourself, or it was installed as dependency?09:42
savvasMohero|Work: this is kind of risky for breaking dependencies, but try: sudo dpkg -P mailscanner && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade09:42
Mohero|Worksavvas: I installed myself - used it for years, and I know alot of others running mail servers that use it, so it's a worrying thought if it's going to break a server system on an LTS.09:43
Mohero|Worksavvas: there's a bug in the package, which stops MailScanner from starting up.09:44
Mohero|Worksavvas: no luck - http://pastebin.ca/91736409:46
savvasMohero|Work: I saw the bug report, did you post that bug? if not, confirm it :) that would get the dev attention09:47
Mohero|Workavvas: yeah - I posted it....09:47
Mohero|Work*savvas: ^09:48
Mohero|Workit happened after doing an upgrade from 7.10, I thought maybe something had gone screwy with it then, so I installed fresh off the Alpha 5 iso - and got the same results09:49
Mohero|Workthe package worked fine in 7.1009:49
Mohero|Workand I use it on my main mail server.09:49
SebastianAnybody here use Hardy in VMware and got VMware's drivers to build? Tried to use http://rtr.ca/vmware-2.6.24/ to update the driver sources, but still no luck.09:51
HabbieSebastian, i'm running hardy in vmware without any drivers, what purpose do they serve?09:51
SebastianHabbie: Improved performance and interaction with the host (copy&paste, etc.).09:52
HetaUmaany ideas what does hardy heron stand for ?10:55
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu10:56
heret1c! bug libata10:57
heret1c!bug libata10:57
joerlend_hello everyone. Could you check and see if you're able to use apturl with firefox in hardy? It doesn't seem to be working here.11:08
heret1cbetattesting sw in alpha os seems a bit... odd to me.11:17
heret1c"financial catastrophe of biblical proportions".. wow. 8)11:20
dencryptCan I see which (alpha) version of hardy I am running someway?11:20
heret1ckernel version?11:20
dencryptno just to see if I have alpha 4 or 5... :)11:21
heret1cu can tell by kernel version, ususally.11:21
dencryptwhat kernel is for 5?11:22
heret1c24-8, afaik11:24
heret1cthat bl''dy libata/ide/hdparm issue is affecting all distros - seems to be down to hw.11:25
P2502didnt you demonstrated correct speed for you new hdd?11:26
heret1ctoo slow.11:26
P2502or speed is now ok, but dma still disabled?11:26
heret1c Timing cached reads:   442 MB in  2.00 seconds = 220.78 MB/sec11:27
heret1c Timing buffered disk reads:   62 MB in  3.06 seconds =  20.24 MB/sec11:27
P2502what is your cpu load when you copying file?11:28
heret1ccached should be 2x fatrer, in my book11:28
heret1ccopying. hold on.11:28
heret1chd > hd?11:28
P2502in same hdd11:29
heret1chaven't got any large files on the hd yet (it's 4 days old) - must copy from dvd11:30
heret1cah - "they live" should do it. 8)11:31
heret1c > 13MB/s copying file from dvd (usb2)11:32
P2502actually it seems something is broken in my system too, system monitor itself load cpu by 10%, and copying file made it to 40%. with dma enabled cpu load should be less than 5%, well... its just a linux lol :/11:34
P2502now system monitor itself uses 35%...11:35
TheInfinityhmm. how do i get information about which process access a specific file atm?11:35
heret1cget kcpuload11:37
heret1cit's idling around 10 here - going down to 4, up to 30ish.11:38
savvasdencrypt: < dencrypt> no just to see if I have alpha 4 or 5... :) <- if you update frequently, you have alpha 511:39
savvasand alpha ++ lol11:39
P2502mmm what is cpu load when transferring from dvd?11:39
P2502but disabled dma on dvd-rom may make cpu load high also11:39
heret1cP2502:  yup, cpu is up to 100% while copying. 16-17 MB/s.11:40
P2502well dma definitely not working11:40
savvasbah, i hate the new name: ibex.. it should've been itchy iguana :P11:41
P2502heret1c: what is your cpu?11:42
savvashas anyone else noticed that the tracker search icon keeps pausing and starting?11:43
P2502it keep running when disabled11:44
P2502thats i noticed11:44
heret1cpentium m 1400MHz11:44
P2502heret1c: nice cpu11:44
savvasmine is active, but pauses every second and every other second starts again11:44
heret1cP2502:  it's in a dell latitude which bios is 5 yrs old. :)11:45
P2502maybe its just animation?11:45
dencryptsavvas: I do. I just wanna confirm that it's been updated.11:46
savvasdencrypt: then the kernel was a good way to sort it out i think: $ apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.24-8-generic11:48
savvaslinux-image-2.6.24-8-generic: Installed: 2.6.24-8.1411:48
dencryptthen all is well11:49
heret1crunning oolite in windowed mode, docked status. cpu is between 50 and 70.11:49
dencryptthough I run -7 since -8 just made the screen black after X starts11:49
* heret1c bops P250211:51
heret1cno dma.11:52
P2502actually you mentioned thread on launchpad about this bug and someone managed to fix it by making custom kernel with disabled libata or so11:54
heret1cit surfaced between edgy and feisty, methinks.11:54
P2502is older ubuntu versions work?11:55
heret1cdapper does.11:55
heret1cnot sure about edgy11:55
P2502just build custom kernel11:55
P2502maybe it will be fixed11:55
dencrypthaha... I dropped my re-registration-form for my website down in my soup.11:58
dencryptwhite paper is now yellow11:58
heret1cP2502:  u mean http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=678153&highlight=libata+hdparm ?12:01
P2502no, launchpad12:03
heret1ctalking about the same thing.12:03
ccookeheret1c: Ah, you're here again12:04
ccookeheret1c: I did some research on that bug of yours12:04
ccookehttp://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined - have you seen this?12:04
heret1c'lo ccooke - looking.12:04
heret1cccooke:  interesting.12:06
ccookeheret1c: I'm posting to the LP bug with that and a request for people to try the workarounds12:07
heret1cccooke:  go4it. :)12:07
* heret1c foods12:08
P2502he said he have 20mb/s now, not 312:09
P2502heret1c: so does it work?12:13
ccooke110636 is the bug, by the way12:16
ccookehmm. Odd. I tried assigning it to linux-source-2.6.24 (It's already assigned to .20 and .22), but it appears to have linked to "linux" instead.12:17
ccookeI wonder if I got something wrong in the interface?12:17
qzioisnt there a apt-ish command to force more custom configuration of a package?12:28
savvasanyone using x86_64/amd64? does your flash bind properly (by itself upon installation of flashplugin-nonfree) to firefox 3?12:31
heret1cP2502: ought that fix to go into the official kernel?12:32
dencryptsavvas: yes.12:33
dencryptno wait. As I recall I had to downgrade one version to actually make it work. First I got just a gray colour over the flash-area.12:34
savvaswell... here it says flash installed.. but it doesn't work in firefox :)12:35
heret1cP2502: "combined_mode=ide" goes into menu.list on the kernel line?12:38
dencryptthat page doesn't work for me either. But youtube works.12:38
savvasnspluginwrapper: /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so is not a valid NPAPI plugin12:39
dencryptsavvas: to get full compability you probably have to install 32bit-version of ff12:40
savvasor firefox 2? :p12:41
dencryptYeah, but then you still won't have java :)12:41
savvaswrong file12:44
P2502heret1c:  oh i was away, ya try menu.lst12:50
heret1cP2502: will. have a few things cooking, must w8 a bit.12:52
savvasdencrypt: wrong, it works when i bind it manually, bug #19542212:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195422 in flashplugin-nonfree "hardy heron 8.04 alpha 5 - flash not installed correctly" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19542212:55
Mohero|Worksavvas: thanks for your help earlier, I now have a working MailScanner and working apt :)12:55
savvasMohero|Work: the unstable from debian sid?12:56
Mohero|Worksavvas: yep.12:56
savvasgreat :)12:56
Mohero|Workbeen on Linux for a little over 10 years now, and I think it's absolutly wonderful, but... when it breaks.... generally it REALLY breaks...12:57
Dr_willisGee - ive always found that more true for windows then linux.12:58
savvasyou're using unstable releases, with which everyone will bleed once or twice :)12:58
Mohero|WorkI think it's true for anything12:58
Dr_willisI have some C64's that are still going strong. :)12:59
Mohero|WorkI think the worst one was the run up to 7.04 (?) when a kernel update stopped anyone with a SATA drive from booting - that was about 2 weeks before release. that was slightly ammusing...12:59
savvasthere was one with a broken kernel also for 7.04 if i'm correct13:01
Mohero|Workwell, I always have a backup of the kernel that works anyway - and after release I rarely run the default kernel, I normally build my own, making it machine specific, I've managed to cut the boot time of my system in half doing that13:03
Mohero|WorkI still like the Gentoo colored console, and would LOVE for that to be on the Ubuntu kernels.13:06
Dr_willisi always disable the framebuffer and other eyecandy. :)13:07
Mohero|Workwell, the Gentoo console colours makes some tasks much easier on the eye...13:07
Mohero|Workand I enable frame buffer - to get 1280x1024 out of my screen in console :)13:07
heret1coi doc13:08
Dr_willisi recall ageas ago when gentoo was new. a 'trick' to make installing faster.. disable the framebuffer. :) on the machines at the time. that gave a big speed boots. heh.13:08
heret1cDr_willis: http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined13:08
Mohero|Workyeah, it does... with machines the speed they are now though.... not a big difference :)13:08
savvasthis is the 90's homesick commitee? :p13:09
void^there's still a huge speed boost if all you have is a vesa framebuffer13:09
Dr_willisheret1c,  you are obsessed with hard drives arent you. :)13:09
repeteAnyone know when "connect to server" will be implemented?13:09
Dr_willisconnect to what server? :)13:10
repeteafaict Ubuntu is moving away from gnome-vfs (using gio?), but I cannot seem to find any solid information on how it should work now13:10
repeteI want to have a link to a webdav share13:10
awalton__repete, someone is actually workoing on it13:10
awalton__but it's not done yet, and webdav isn't either.13:10
repeteawalton__: we have passed feature freeze.  Does that mean it will not be in Hardy?13:11
awalton__GNOME has a standing freeze exception13:11
repetethat's good :-)13:11
repeteawalton__: do you know of any alternatives in the meantime?13:12
awalton__that's probably a good question, but I certainly don't.13:12
awalton__I've heard of people using FUSE for FTP, but I don't know if a FUSE backend for WebDAV exists.13:12
repeteI believe it does... Will have to look at that13:13
savvashey, what happened to the connect to... in places?13:13
savvasCouldn't display "network:///"13:14
Picisavvas: known bug13:14
savvasPici: know the number?13:15
Picibug 18575613:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185756 in gvfs "Couldn't display "network:///" - Nautilus cannot handle network:locations" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18575613:15
savvasthanks :)13:15
hitsame thing here13:15
savvasPici: so I can't create a link to an sftp account?13:17
PiciYou can just go to sftp://user@whatever.com13:17
heret1cpici> seen http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined ?13:18
awalton__savvas, I just committed that code over the past week, it's probably not in ubuntu yet.13:19
Pici"GNOME 2.21.92 is scheduled for Thursday, do I'd say a day or so before that."13:20
savvasawalton__: ah great, I will be able to save and retrieve passwords again in seahorse right?13:20
Piciheret1c: I havent, but interesting.13:20
awalton__savvas, sounds like a different issue altogether, but they did just add gnome-keyring support to gvfs so hopefully.13:21
savvasyay :)13:21
savvasI really loved to click to places and choose my remote account13:22
Dr_willisi tend to use the various fuse type tools more and more for that stuff. :)13:23
Assidanyone know how to simulate a AUTH LOGIN and AUTH CRAM-MD5 for smtp ?13:25
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
savvasis it a known bug that time-admin is not working?15:14
nemotime-admin ?15:15
Skiessitell me some 2d multiplayer games15:15
savvaswhich app starts with "set system time" ?15:15
nemosavvas: no, I mean I thought that worked15:16
nemosshing into my Hardy machine now to check15:16
nemoSkiessi: globulation, wesnoth15:16
Skiessinot turn-based15:16
Skiessiglobulation is just too odd15:16
savvasi press "set system time" in time settings and it just closes time settings15:17
nemooh. now you're inventing parameters15:17
nemoI like globulation15:17
nemosavvas: interesting15:17
nemosavvas: unlock button greyed out?15:17
nemopresumably due to screwup in tagging buttons that require admin privs?15:17
savvashm hold a sec15:18
nemothat's odd though. still does that when I launch with sudo15:18
nemoof course. gnome apps sometimes play badly with ssh -Y :(15:18
savvasnemo: i think it's not time-admin, when you right click on the clock applet -> adjust time & date -> set system time15:23
savvasbah i can't find the name of app15:23
nemosavvas: that is time-admin15:24
nemosavvas: and yes, seems to be acting oddly15:24
budmangHey guys, IntelHDA sound. Everything works desktop/audio/mp3/flash sound wise. I cannot get a voip client(zoiper, kix, ekiga) too see an output option. any simple fixes? Should I upgrade my alsa?15:25
savvasnemo: ah ok, if it's ran with gksu the unlock button is greyed out15:26
nemoor sudo15:26
savvaswithout gksu, plain time-admin works15:26
Mohero|Workbudmang: i'd keep alsa to the repo's I'm using the IntelHDA Driver on an Nvidia chipset, I can have a look when I get home.15:27
nemoand doesn't work at all remotely without sudo15:27
nemoI hate gnome apps :(15:27
DanaGssh -X -Y?15:27
nemoDanaG: -X is redundant15:27
DanaGWhat's the difference between X and Y, anyway?15:27
nemobut ssh -Y right15:28
budmangMohero|Work: what kinda laptop?15:28
nemoDanaG: privileges15:28
Mohero|Workbudmang have you tried wengophone?15:28
nemoDanaG: man ssh ;)15:28
budmangMohero|Work: my USB headsets work fine in all of the listed apps, its just the onboard not working.15:28
Mohero|Workbudmang: not a laptop - high end desktop though upgrading Alsa out of the repo's could mess other things up.15:28
budmangbut I have not tried it.15:28
DanaG     -Y      Enables trusted X11 forwarding.  Trusted X11 forwardings are not subjected to the X11 SECURITY extension controls.15:29
DanaGOkay, but what are the "X11 SECURITY" extension controls?15:29
Mohero|Workbudmang: ok, might be a flag for the onboard, I can have a look when I get home...15:29
budmangOkay. it is a laptop. Ill be on let me know.15:29
budmangOne, or 2 other wierd bugs :). the battery meter doesn't seem to refresh the percentage until the power cord is pushed in or out(not really a big deal but works in 7.10)15:30
nemoDanaG: #ubuntu+1 is the place for JFGI-worthy info? :)15:30
Mohero|Workbudmang: it gives me an excuse to set up my voip service - which I've been finding excuses not to do for about a year now ;)15:30
nemoDanaG: http://www.google.com/search?q=X11+SECURITY+extension15:31
DanaGhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/177570   --- fixed, but now causes this:15:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177570 in hal "[hardy] two batteries display when left clicking on g-p-m" [Medium,Fix released]15:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194052 in gnome-power-manager "gpm does not create the correct profiling files" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:31
Mohero|Workbudmang: that might be specific to a chipset driver on your laptop, my laptop is refreshing, I use the battery meter quite a lot, I had an issue where it had 4 meters (on 2 batteries) but they all read differently, which made it amusing trying to work out how much remaining power there was....15:32
DanaGoopsie, I accidentally hit backslash at the end of that URL.15:32
budmangHa, its never been an issue with this laptop with other versions of ubuntu odd.15:32
simion314hi, can i use .deb packages from gutsy? are applications that have not packages for hardy so can i get them from gutsy?(i assume any risk)15:33
Mohero|Worksimion314 what packages?15:33
simion314<Mohero|Work: xine, vmware-server and other15:34
Mohero|Worksimion314: you can install .debs from anywhere, as long as you're aware of versions - really check to see if there is a package for it, because it could mess with the repo's when you try to install something else from them and the version you have differs.15:34
Mohero|Workvmware-server normally comes into the repo's at the last moment (and sometimes after) - so that's a "watch this space" thing. Xine - I couldn't tell you - I don't really use it.15:35
simion314Mohero|Work: but how i can do that? can i add gutsy repositories in my repositories list?15:36
Mohero|Worksimion314: no no no !!!!15:36
Mohero|Workdownload the .deb file, then "sudo dpkg -i {yourpackage}.deb"15:37
DanaGgdebi works, too.15:37
DanaGJust double-click the deb file in Gnome.15:37
Mohero|WorkDanG: true - i'm a bit old school for most of the gui's :)15:37
Mohero|Work* DanaG ^^15:38
simion314i am thinking to read more about installing from source code on linux,  i am afraid that i can't undo those installation, it would be nice a tool like total uninstaler in case something will not work do completly remove the program15:38
Mohero|Worksimion314: it will be easier to undo an install from a .deb than it will from source code ;)15:39
heret1cbrb (hopefully)15:40
nemosimion314: aye. that's the thing that frustrates me about .rpm and .deb products15:41
nemomaking your own packages from the source specs15:41
savvasBug #19147115:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191471 in gnome-panel "Set System Time crashes Time Settings" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19147115:41
nemosimion314: gentoo makes it waaaaay easier to create a managed source-based package15:41
savvasI don't get it, there is no crash report15:41
simion314Mohero|Work: i know that but the problem is that i want to use some programs that are not packaged(or the latest version is not packaged) i know to install the programs but i don't know how to remove the changes15:41
nemosimion314: I usually just install under $HOME if possible, and don't erase the actual build dir to make "make clean" easier15:42
DanaGPut stuff in /usr/local, perhaps.15:42
Mohero|Worknemo: Gentoo does do that - but keeping your system up to date is very hard to do... or at least, more work than ubuntu15:42
DanaGI do that when I compile git compiz-fusion.15:42
nemoMohero|Work: naw.15:42
nemoMohero|Work: I invest no more time in staying updated under gentoo than I do ubuntu15:42
Mohero|Worknemo: it depends what i'm updating, I've broken Gentoo a few too many times :)15:43
nemoDanaG: thing about /usr/local is you still need to install as root, and some system stuff gets put there15:43
nemoDanaG: that's why I prefer $HOME for my own junk. just to avoid mingling with the system managed stuff15:43
DanaGI haven't found anything system-managed in /usr/local.15:44
DanaGANyway, I must go to class soon.  Bye.15:44
nemoDanaG: yeah. ubuntu is pretty good about that15:44
nemobut it does happen15:44
Mohero|Workis it just me or is gb.archive.ubuntu.com Hardy being incredibly slow!?15:44
Mohero|Worki'm down to about 1/6 of the speed I normally download from there at...15:44
simion314nemo: but many programs install with sudo and i do not know where those programs copy all the files, i will learn how to package but i belive that i must read the entire install script to corectly make a .deb package , i refer  at dependencies and other details15:44
squeeIs network manager broken for anyone else?15:45
hydrogenMohero|Work: then one could assume that it's being slower than usual for you..15:45
Mohero|Workhydrogen: yeah, just wanted to see if anyone else see's it, it could be my ISP - they're cheep and nasty :)15:45
nemosimion314: programs that install with "sudo" are probably only doing this 'cause you specified on build a system location :-p15:46
nemosimion314: for example. what program are you building right now?15:46
simion314nemo i am thinking on mono15:47
simion314i upgradet to hardy for it15:47
simion314i want recent versions15:47
nemowow. there's a nightmarish one to be building from source15:48
nemowhat with its gac15:48
nemoand general fragility15:48
hydrogenmono is pretty bad15:48
simion314usualy it should just copy some files in a folder and set some enviroment variables15:48
heret1c$ sudo hdparm -d1 /dev/sda15:48
heret1c setting using_dma to 1 (on)15:48
heret1c HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device15:48
nemonot hdparm15:49
nemowhat on earth would DMA do to a SCSI device? :)15:49
nemoor AHCI15:49
heret1cnemo> it's an ide hd15:49
nemoheret1c: are you sure? not AHCI?15:50
nemoheret1c: check your bios15:50
nemoif it says /dev/sda...15:50
nemoor SATA15:50
simion314is there a way to get a package with all dependencies from gutsy? if i try to download a package and try to install it will be missing other packages and i will have to download each of them and so one15:51
nemonot totally sure the AHCI thing would trigger use of the scsi interface frankly15:51
nemomight still do it for SATA15:51
TheInfinitysimion314: most cases not because of dependencies on different versions of the same package15:52
nemoheret1c: anyway. still. if it is /dev/sdX you have to use sdparm15:53
simion314TheInfinity: and the solution is in the end to compile my own programs,15:54
nemoassuming the drive supports it15:54
nemoheret1c: or figure out a way to switch to the IDE code :-p15:54
heret1cnemo: hdparm -i /dev/sda: ...  Drive conforms to: ATA/ATAPI-7 T13 1532D revision 0:  ATA/ATAPI-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ... look like a scsi drive to u? 8)15:54
simion314can i cheat and make an installer or an install script to install without root15:54
simion314and place them in a folder in home and edit only my own enviroment15:55
TheInfinitysimion314: or to wait until hardy is more stable15:55
simion314it will be easy to remove15:55
nemoheret1c: it may be an IDE drive15:55
nemoheret1c: but the INTERFACE is the linux scsi one15:55
heret1cnemo> Model=SAMSUNG HM080GC15:55
nemoheret1c: I believe linux has always used SCSI for SATA.15:55
simion314TheInfinity yes  but always it will be a step behind mono witch is in development15:56
budmangMohero|Work: freaking wierd, I half followed a ALAS forum upgrade last night. seems a reboot right now fixed it for zoiper at least.15:56
nemoheret1c: and I don't think using DMA on SATA is meaningful15:56
budmangit sees a bunch of surround#s dix default etc.. but it works :)15:56
heret1chemo> hold on.15:56
TheInfinitysimion314: if you need an absolute state of the art dirsto -> sidux or gentoo15:56
simion314and those guys only package as rpm15:56
nemos/scsi/the scsi modules/15:56
TheInfinityalways latest apps - and always lots of bugs ;)15:56
nemoTheInfinity: well. gentoo does allow you to set at what level to upgrade packages to :-p15:57
nemoTheInfinity: gentoo's main problem these days is lack of direction and maintenance.15:57
TheInfinitydebian, too. sidux is your solution :)15:57
nemoTheInfinity: just noting that "always lots of bugs" is not accurate.15:57
TheInfinitynemo: perhaps because most ppl want to work and not to compile ... most gusys i know switched back to another disto because its really difficult to work with gentoo15:58
savvasit's weird that a window crashes and there is no /var/crash/ report15:58
nemoTheInfinity: been using it since '02 - some things are harder. some things are a lot easier15:59
TheInfinityhehe :)15:59
nemoTheInfinity: for a developer, gentoo has a lot of advantages15:59
nemoTheInfinity: for an admin with special requirements gentoo is also hugely advantageous15:59
savvasyeah, time is not one of them15:59
nemosavvas: I spend less time these days updating my gentoo boxes than my ubuntu ones...16:00
nemoTheInfinity: I drove myself mad trying to setup a stable/maintainable setup under Fedora Core for a jabber server with various IMs hooked in16:00
nemoTheInfinity: ton of hand-managed RPMS. Fragile16:00
nemoTheInfinity: switched to Gentoo - was a breeze.16:00
nemosavvas: at the moment, my tally is 3 ubuntu, 5 gentoo, formerly 2 fedora core.16:01
nemothose have been ditched.16:01
savvaswell i guess emerge does the trick :)16:02
nemosavvas: two of those gentoo boxes are a PI and PII laptop.16:02
heret1cne seen http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined ?16:02
nemosavvas: one with 96MiB of memory, the other with 64MiB :)16:02
heret1c  mo>16:02
savvasnemo: you use crontab for your updates right? :p16:02
nemosavvas: naw.  I just don't update as frequently...16:02
nemosavvas: I like updating. is like a little christmas :)16:02
nemosavvas: I think crontab for updates on servers is a bad practice anyway16:03
savvashehe ok16:03
nemosavvas: gentoo on ancient hardware seems counterintuitive. but is easier to blacklist memory hogs, and build packages with size optimisations.16:03
savvasnemo: I use it to notify me of updates, crontab + email :)16:03
nemosavvas: I could theoretically build binary packages for 'em on one of the servers, but I find it more entertaining to NFS mount /  :)16:04
nemothen build off server that way :D16:04
savvaskewl :P16:04
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budmangMohero|Work: did you catch that its some how fixed :) I half followed: http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69094216:11
heret1cerk that wasn't very sucessful.16:14
Mohero|Workbudmang: excellent! guess I'll be finding excuses to not setup my voip service again then ;) :D16:15
budmangI cant have audio playing and zoiper see the sound but I can make do one or the other.16:16
budmangIs there anything to talk to mac users on ichat yet?16:17
HydrogenFa telephone.16:19
Mohero|Workbudmang: yes, another Mac ;)16:19
Mohero|Workl0l @ HydrogenF - guess we're on the same lines then... :)16:19
budmangLol I mean with video, I installed ubuntu over osx :)16:19
Mohero|Workwith video - I doubt it.16:20
bullgard4I would like to install the DEB program package 'i2c-tools' in Gutsy. But this is only provided for Hardy. What do I have to obey that the installation and use in Gutsy will be successful?16:20
HydrogenFYou can't.16:20
muszekweird thing is happening to me16:21
budmangTouchpad horizontal scrolling :) any easy how-tos or quick fixes?16:21
Mohero|WorkMuszek - Maybe you're in the wrong channel, unless you mean something weird is happening to your ubuntu install?16:21
heret1cmuszek: start a club? 8)16:21
muszekI had gutsy and then installed debian etch on some other partition... so the grub menu was from debian.  I dist-upgraded gutsy to hardy... right now uname -a tells me "Linux bobek 2.6.22-14-generic "16:22
Mohero|Workbumang: have a look at synaptics driver for X the readme is far too long for me to look at while i'm err.... (pretending to) work...16:22
budmangHa, where do you pretend to work @?16:22
muszekdoes that mean I'm running on gutsy's kernel?16:22
Mohero|Workbudmang: oh, I work for an APL Development company - but I'm the IT guy, so I just pretend i'm looking at security fixes when I can't really be bothered to do much else....16:23
Mohero|Worki'm the IT Manager - so I CAN get away with it :P16:23
Mohero|Workmuszek it would appear you're running Gutsy Kernel16:24
Mohero|Workmuszek - did you compu your new kernels to the Debian/grub partition, and setup menu.lst there? you don't want it to do it automatically for you from there - it won't work - trust me16:25
muszekMohero|Work: what's the best way to change it?  I was thinking of running the recovery mode and making grub boot from ubuntu partition once again16:25
Mohero|Workmuzsek: s/compu/copy/16:25
budmangMohero|Work: anyway to let multiple applications access the sound @ once? insert smart ass replies here :)16:26
=== HydrogenF is now known as Hydrogen
=== Hydrogen is now known as HydrogenF
Mohero|Workbudmang: I don't think the IntelHDA has hardware mixing, so it's down to allowing Alsa to have enough channels, and the apps not taking them all up... I'm not sure I'll be of much help i'm afraid.16:28
muszekwell... I guess I'll try what I said I will... cya guys16:29
Mohero|Workwhoops - didn't see Muszeks comment - I guess he'll be back in a bit :)16:30
budmangMohero|Work: I ran sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base alsa-tools so possibly im not using alsa ?16:31
Mohero|Workbudmang: the howto: downloads Alsa from Alsa-project.org so you'll still be using it16:33
budmangI stopped after that uninstall line and passed out is what I mean :)16:35
coz_hey guys is java and wacom tablet driver working in hardy yet/16:35
budmangthen just rebooted today, and my sound is working in the voip clients now(oddly enough).16:35
Mohero|Work(sorry I have to get on with some work, and then I might go and buy a lottery ticket, as I just managed to pick a random number between 1 and 4^16 which was the same random number as someone else picked out of 40 people, so I guess my chances are up16:37
Mohero|Workback later :)16:37
muszekthere's no recovery mode when you  boot up the CD (I used it like 2 years ago).  how to I "reinstall" grub?16:41
muszekmeaning it currently "runs" from debian's partition and I want it to use ubuntu one16:42
sn0muszek im not sure this is a hardy question but you can use the recovering grub link on the wiki16:42
muszeksn0: the problem is that after dist-upgrading to hardy I'm still using gutsy kernel16:42
sn0for eg https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#head-9e881d9c5bd9a6de1c9b91c4ad388cdd131d0cea16:43
Mohero|Workmuszek - you have grub, because you're booting.16:43
sn0muszek did you use the upgrade notes to upgrade to hardy?16:43
muszeksn0: that's probably what I'm looking for16:44
sn0To upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10, run "update-manager -d" using the update-manager package from Gutsy.16:44
sn0on the release notes for hardy alpha 516:44
Mohero|Workthe issue is you are not using a standard install, so you'll need to copy the info from the /boot/* and /boot/grub/menu.lst in your hardy install to the debian grub...16:44
Mohero|Worksame as I have to do with my Gentoo grub install16:44
muszeksn0: yeah, that's how I've done it16:46
muszekMohero|Work: but this way I'll have to do it after every kernel upgrade, right?16:46
sn0strange that you would have the old kernel-image muszek , are you sure your sources.list is correct? verify that and then try reinstalling the "linux-image" package which should install
Mohero|Workmuszek yes you will, you really won't want it to do it automatically if you boot another linux on the same box16:48
muszeksn0: sorry, I skipped the first part of the story  (wrote it 15 minutes ago).  I had gutsy, then installed etch on another partition (it's overwritten the bootloader) and then I dist-upgraded gutsy to hardy16:48
sn0muszek you keep saying dist-upgrade but thats not the same as update-manager -d, etch wont stop the kernel in hardy being installed16:49
sn0maybe your upgrade didn't complete, or something else happened16:49
sn0ill read up16:49
muszekthe funny thing is that all that (installing etch, early dist-upgrade) was done for the sole purpose of getting away  from 2.6.22 (ipw3945 freezes my laptop)16:49
sn0etch uses 2.6.18, its possible to get 2.6.24 from backports or the kernel build repository, but thats another story (and not on topic in here)16:50
Mohero|Workahh i missed the dist-upgrade..... that won't do anything until after reliease....16:50
muszeksn0: I'm pretty sure the kernel is installed, the problem is that menu.lst on etch's partition doesn't know that16:50
muszekI guess I'll be fine after reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows16:50
Mohero|Workmuszek can you ls /boot16:51
Mohero|Workand paste in there16:51
muszekboth 2.6.22 and 2.6.24 are present16:52
wilhart-please, what was command to upgrade from gutsy to hardy ?16:52
sn0wilhart- if you can't read the upgrade notes, don't upgrade to hardy no offense16:52
Mohero|Workcan you paste your /boot/grub/menu.lst in there?16:52
sn0see topic16:52
muszekMohero|Work: one sec16:54
EmmerPmore people facing X problems at the moment? Mine starts up but freezes on my first action (run terminal ie)16:55
EmmerPafter a lastest dist-upgrade16:56
muszekI'm about to run 'grub-install --root-directory=/ /dev/sda --recheck' ... is that ok?16:57
muszeksorry, without that --recheck16:58
Mohero|Workok muszek that's not got anything in it from Debian Etch, so on another drive somwhere you have another grub partition, that will have the debian stuff.... you need to copy from line 140 to line 150 from your menu.lst to the debian one, and copy your kernel files to the right drive.16:58
Mohero|Workif you switch grub to booting the ubuntu grub stuff, you'll lose your debian stuff, unless you copy and paste pretty much manually16:59
muszekMohero|Work: I'd rather re-install grub, so that it loads stuff from ubuntu's  menu.lst... I'm not using etch17:00
Mohero|Worklinux + windows seems ok, linux + linux on a dual boot, is still something boot loaders dont' like too much17:00
muszekweird :)17:00
Mohero|Workmuszek ok, then if you don't want the debian stuff then I don't see why not...17:00
Mohero|Workahh 5PM already :)17:01
Mohero|WorkI've done some work today, honest :)17:01
muszeksame here :)17:01
wilhart-tell last17:03
Mohero|Workok all, I'll talk to you later - time to go find out why I'm only downloading at 40KB/s at home...17:05
budmangshitty isp.17:05
muszeklittle prayer and a reboot.  cya and thanks for help.17:08
EmmerPto specify my problem more: I got 'tossed event which came in late' lines in my xorg.0.log17:09
arcticpenguin380will kernel changes affect ndiswrapper?17:10
muszekproblem solved :)17:14
ZambeziAnyone have a good idea how to print when FF and Epiphany crashed after "85% processing"?17:15
muszekdo you guys also have ugly fonts in some apps (skype, picard in my case) after upgrading to hardy?17:18
EmmerPI had it with skype yes17:19
nemoskype is a Qt app no?17:19
muszekalso, firefox 3 uses different fonts than ff2 in gutsy (while rendering websites, I'm not talking about menus)17:19
muszekyes, skype is qt17:19
nemomuszek: and I think FF3 has moved to greater host integration - maybe it is using your font settings in gnome?17:19
muszekEmmerP: did you do something about  it?17:20
muszeknemo: hmmm.... that might be it17:21
muszekyeah... I just tried epiphany and it looks the same (while opera is different)17:23
budmangDoes it show me reconnecting over and over on irc?17:23
muszekbudmang: nope17:25
nemomuszek: so whatever config Qt uses is messed up...17:25
EmmerPmuszek: no17:26
EmmerPright now my whole X is freezing so ...17:26
nemo /etc/qt3/qtrc ?17:26
muszekEmmerP: yeah, that looks like a slightly more important problem :)17:26
budmangwould there be anything making my harddrive hot :)17:27
ZambeziFun. I need to print two tutorials, but can't since cups is crashing all the time.17:28
ZambeziOr at least FF3b3 and Epiphany.17:28
h3sp4wnTry a static opera :?17:29
Zambezih3sp4wn: Not sure I want to install a third browser.17:29
h3sp4wnwell the 2 you have are almost the same code17:30
muszekZambezi: stop using Eco edition :)17:31
Zambezimuszek: Sorry?17:31
muszekj/k ("ubuntu goes green and prevents you from wasting trees")17:32
ZambeziNow I need to find repos for Opera. Is there even one for Hardy?17:32
muszekZambezi: get a .deb from opera.com17:33
muszekthat's the quickest solution17:33
Zambezimuszek: Already there.17:34
ZambeziThere isn't for Hardy.17:35
h3sp4wnjust get static .deb work on anything17:35
muszekI've never had problems with using debs for "previous" releases17:35
h3sp4wn(as long as its x86 or amd64)17:35
muszeka year ago or so they didn't even have packages labelled "ubuntu"... there were just "debian" packages17:36
DanaGbug 12183317:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183317:36
Zambezih3sp4wn: Where's the static?17:36
h3sp4wnunknown distro perhaps I don't remember17:36
muszekyeah, there's a "other/static deb"17:38
ZambeziSorry. I didn't know it was in the distrolist. Thansk!17:41
ZambeziOh. New cupsys.17:44
budmangwhy is my laptop hardrive running so hot :)17:50
=== azdrubal is now known as asdrubal
h3sp4wnIs it one you upgraded yourself ?17:55
budmangI fresh installed. no factory laptop.17:56
budmangWorked fine with xp/osx just seems hot here in ubuntu.17:57
martijn81guys, both current alpha 4 and 5 boot into a busybox on one of my computers (not on my laptop).... where should i report this?18:02
h3sp4wnlaunchpad I guess18:04
Unksihmm, does anyone else have 61 instances of /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon running?18:13
Unksijust wtf is that lol18:14
ubotuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.18:14
savvasAl-oh-Al .. heh :)18:15
dencrypttla ftw18:15
savvasmartijn81: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu18:17
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_oxygene_Hi everyone. I'm usually not into promoting my own bug reports, but I wonder why bug 195063 got triaged as low importance.  The bug can cause data loss without any error message.18:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195063 in file-roller "[hardy] file-roller silently omits files upon .tar(.gz,.bz2) creation" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19506318:21
nemoanyone using file-roller to archive data, and without checking contents...18:25
nemoor any other similar tool...18:25
nemobut yeah, low seems wrong18:26
_oxygene_well, I've checked contents and thus I discovered the bug in the first place. But what should someone not knowing how to use the command line do?18:32
asdrubalkill themselves?18:34
_oxygene_errrm... well18:40
martijn81savvas: done https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/195524 , thanks!18:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195524 in ubuntu "[alpha4 and 5] I get a busybox on one of my computers" [Undecided,New]18:43
wobbowhat restricted fglrx driver is included atm in alpha 5?18:43
wobbois it the same as in 7.10 atm?18:44
wobboi guess yes and it doesn't work =S18:45
wobboomg, will ati ever stop sucking18:45
* slackern licks his x1950pro agp card18:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alpha5 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:51
Piciwobbo: No, its at least the one that doesn't require xserver-xgl, but I don't know the version number offhand.18:53
wobbowell it does weird things18:53
wobboi can't click anything18:53
savvasn/p martijn81 :)18:53
wobboit starts ubu by saying "safe graphics mode"18:53
budmangwhat could be making my harddrive so HOT!19:17
martijn81budmang: i use silentmax hd silencers19:18
budmangThat is an application?19:19
martijn81makes them cooler and more silent19:19
martijn81those are aluminium cases for a hd19:19
martijn81and i put one 120mm fab on this too19:19
budmangmy other OS's on the same laptop are not hot.19:19
martijn81i see19:20
squeeIs there any reason that whenever I malloc in hardy, all memory is set to \0?19:31
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theunixgeekIs it true that LTS was moved to 8.10?19:36
h3sp4wnI doubt it (i.e noone else has mentioned it)19:37
Arwennot according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades19:37
theunixgeekThanks. I must be thinking of Kubuntu ;)19:38
h3sp4wnIf it doesn't say it on the devel mailing list or such I wouldn't believe it19:38
martijn81afaik 8.10 will just be the next (second) LTS to follow the roots of dapper19:38
h3sp4wnI don't think kubuntu can change those type of things19:38
theunixgeekh3sp4wn: because of KDE 419:38
h3sp4wntheunixgeek: Yeah but for such as the kernel they would have to support another release for longer19:39
h3sp4wnand all the other apps which would mean may as well do 2 LTS releases in a row19:39
Arwensorry to be stupid, but how do I do upgrade to Hardy on Kubuntu? Can't figure out adept...19:40
jussi01theunixgeek: kubuntu will not be a lts for 8.04 but ubuntu will be19:40
jussi01Arwen: its not there yet...19:40
Arwenyes, I know19:40
h3sp4wnI wonder how they plan to do that kubuntu would need alot more paid devs19:40
ArwenI always use pre-releases19:40
jussi01Arwen: last time it was update-manager -c -d IIRC19:41
h3sp4wnUse aptitude or update-manager19:41
h3sp4wn(don't use adept)19:41
h3sp4wnIf you want to break your system go ahead and try to dist-upgrade with adept19:42
Arwenoh yeah, I still have to install kde4 manually afterwards, right?19:43
Arwenthere an easy way to get rid of kde3 when doing that?19:43
h3sp4wnAfaik there is no amarok kde4 yet19:44
dencryptwell beta is out19:45
h3sp4wn(dunno about k3b and other apps) and last I checked the fonts were messed up19:45
h3sp4wnIs it packaged ?19:45
Arwenand oh yeah, when kde4 becomes default, will that -kde4 suffix be removed from the package names?19:46
h3sp4wnand they will be in the usual places - I am sure moving them caused some issues19:46
Arwengah, it wants to install firefox3. NO.19:48
* Arwen gives up19:48
h3sp4wnkonqueror4 is very nice19:50
nemoArwen: what's wrong with FF3?19:50
Arwenit has that hideously-huge popup when you type in the address bar19:50
h3sp4wn(Really quick and seems to display anything I tried)19:50
nemoArwen: you could restyle it in userChrome.css :)19:53
nemoArwen: give it a smaller font, different colours19:53
ArwenI want the old one >_>19:53
nemowell, I have gotten used to the new one myself19:53
nemoI like being able to type any part of a URL or title19:53
nemothat used to exist as an addon, but was always slow19:53
Arwenit's still slow...19:54
Arwenanyway, why isn't the default character encoding Unicode? wtf...19:54
nemoArwen: in ubuntu?19:55
Arwenin firefox319:55
nemothat is inherited from system19:56
nemoit is for me.19:56
nemomy default is UTF-8 - but then my system locale is en_CA.UTF-819:56
nemowhat is your locale?19:56
nemoen_US I presume you mean19:57
nemowell. add the .UTF-8 then19:57
nemothat'll be healthier for system apps anyway19:58
Arwenalso, where did the forward/back buttons go in firefox3?19:58
Arwenand my fonts look oddly un-antialiased19:58
P2502is it normal that i have cpu load of 80% when moving windows fast?20:02
heret1cArwen: did u do a clean install from cd, or upgrade from hd installation?20:02
Arwenhuh? I just downloaded a firefox3 tarball to examine20:02
heret1cP2502: goes to 100 here.20:03
ArwenP2502, using compiz?20:03
Arwenactually, it's the same without, so never mind20:03
P2502Arwen: no20:03
P2502isnt drawing of windows supposed to be offloaded to videocard?20:04
dareiianyone know why my battery status monitor isn't reading power correctly20:04
Arwenff3 tabs look a bit funny... hmm20:04
heret1cArwen: hardy?20:04
ArwenI don't wanna upgrade till I know what I'm getting...20:04
Arwenand yeah, man the tabs look broken here.20:05
_oxygene_looks good for me20:06
_oxygene_and my fonts are okay also20:06
Arwendunno, they look slightly uneven20:06
Arwenbut this is with KDE20:06
Arwenmy fonts are definitely b0rk3d though20:06
_oxygene_my installation is a clean setup started a week ago20:06
nemoArwen: are you using the "small" theme?20:07
nemoArwen: firefox 3, the small button theme eliminates forward/back for default theme20:07
nemoArwen: and the font thing is probably related to it using system fonts20:07
=== acuster is now known as avc_wet
nemoArwen: or whatever it thinks the system font is20:07
Arwenanti-aliasing works everywhere else...20:07
Arwensame with fonts20:07
nemounder kde, maybe the gtk font20:07
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ i2cdetect -l; i2c-0   unknown  SMBus I801 adapter at 18e0  N/A."  man i2cdetect: " i2cdetect -l: Output a list of installed busses." What busses are installed?20:07
nemolooks fine under gnome ;)20:08
muszekmy fonts (hardy ff3) are different then under FF2/gutsy, but I think it's because of FF is more "native" now20:08
muszektake a look at epiphany - ff3's fonts look the same20:08
Arwenapt needs support for dist-downgrade :-\20:12
HydrogonalPrismpeople need to not do dumb things.20:12
Assiddoes  update manager ask you to do partial updates?20:12
Yarozeanyone know why xqf is unstable with hardy? it "hangs" after it has started a game20:13
Assidits askin for partual updates here20:13
Yarozeusing all cpu left :)20:13
ArwenAssid, you've got a problem then20:13
Arwenhmm, I suppose I'll be spending a while recompiling software after hardy...20:14
AssidArwen: are packages being rolled out?20:16
bardyrw00t now libc-linux headers, now i just need the kernel :D20:16
ArwenAssid, don't know, in the middle of an upgrade right now20:16
Assidyour upgrading ?20:17
Assidhrmm k20:17
Assidlet me know if any packages are pending20:18
ArwenI suppose I'll need to recompile: mkvtoolnix, vlc, mplayer, smplayer, and20:18
Arwenwait, is that all? GENIUS20:18
Assidwhy do you need to recompile?20:18
Arwento make them not broken20:18
alefteristhe missing software-properties-gtk from the alpha 5 installation of ubuntu hardy is n known problem?20:19
=== calc_ is now known as calc
=== avc_wet is now known as acuster
heret1cAssid: seen http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined = xplains the dma hassle.20:23
Assidheret1c: interesting.. but why does it affect linux only20:25
Assidts a simple thing. if another OS can handle it, linux should as well20:25
P2502linux is special20:25
Assidand by linux i mean LINUX itself, not distro specific20:26
heret1c..a particular configuration of Intel motherboard devices" - as if they were rare as wozzits. aaarhg.20:26
AssidDisable libata (CONFIG_ATA) entirely, and enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA.20:27
Assidwhy cant they just deprecate config_ata20:27
heret1cgies in menu.list somewhere?20:27
heret1c o20:27
ArwenGAH, Firefox 3 -- how do I make the close buttons on the tabs die?20:30
ArwenI HATE THOSE20:30
heret1cAssid: they're not v good at providing examples.20:30
heret1carwen> poke about in about:config and ye shall find. maybe.20:31
Arwenheret1c, they're not organized in any particular way :-(20:32
nemoheret1c: aye. bunched "tabs" into about:config and found a likely value20:32
Arwenhey cool, found it20:32
heret1cnemo> wotcha. 8)20:32
yeagerhas anyone noticed any problems with compiling against SDL?20:32
pipatronQuestion: If I want to find official information about ubuntu+1 on the web, where do I go?20:35
nemoArwen: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.tabs.closeButtons :)20:35
pipatronI've been trying for quite some time to browse around on the ubuntu.com website, but it's impossible to find anything there20:36
Arwennemo, yeh, I found it20:36
nemoI don't like that behaviour though *switches back to default*20:36
Arwennow to kill the location bar thingy...20:36
* Arwen closes tabs by middle-clicking anyway20:36
Arwenyou can only close the foreground one that way :-P20:37
pipatronYes :/20:37
heret1cEr "Disable libata (CONFIG_ATA) entirely, and enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA" - where?20:37
h3sp4wnor oldconfig or by editing .config direct (last not recommended)20:38
nemoyeah. too slow to clean up tabs without the X20:39
nemodon't like having to focus on 'em20:39
nemoand I definitely avoid middle click since that is very useful for opening URLs and I don't want to get my reflexes confused :)20:39
pipatronalt+f4 is good for cleaning :)20:40
h3sp4wnMy mouse has 7 buttons but I only use 3 atm20:40
heret1ch3sp4wn: apparently I don't have one (menuconfig)20:40
h3sp4wnWhat do you mean those are relevent only when you are compiling a kernel20:40
h3sp4wnperhaps you need the ncurses dev package20:41
heret1ch3sp4wn: didst mean menu.config?20:42
h3sp4wn??? No I am confused now20:42
heret1cheretic@heretichq:/$ locate menuconfig20:43
heret1cheretic@heretichq:/$ locate menu.config20:43
h3sp4wnI really think you don't have a clue what "Disable libata (CONFIG_ATA) entirely, and enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA" means20:43
h3sp4wnRead how to build a kernel20:44
h3sp4wnThose can only be changed from the .config file20:44
heret1ch3sp4wn: what it does is clear - how's another metter.20:45
h3sp4wnI would say its perfectly clear what to do but it requires knowing how to build a kernel20:45
heret1ch3sp4wn: blank there.20:46
h3sp4wnDon't be lazy how to do what you do want is really well documented20:47
* heret1c has much the same relationship with building kernels as brain surgery20:47
pipatronRocket surgery20:47
heret1ch3sp4wn: of it a) concerns certain intel motherboards and n) can only be ficed by fiddling with the kernel, doesn't that imply that c) someone responsible (and preferrably competent) ought to put it there?20:50
heret1ctried both 2nd approaches (menulist modification) described in http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined with no result20:53
martijn81is there a function in launchpad where one can properply list the last filled/touched bugs?21:01
heret1chttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ - Latest bugs touched21:03
LilacorHow do I stress test HH?21:06
heret1ch3sp4wn: there's an old saying which goes "if I wanted to go THERE I wouldn't start from HERE".21:06
EnvoyRisingis dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg broken in hardy?21:07
hitnot for me21:09
hitis imwheel only way to get 5 buttons to work?21:09
EnvoyRisinghit: no. there is another way, but imwheel was the less complicated of the two from what i remember21:10
martijn81heret1c: thanks, but that list is way too short for general use21:10
_oxygene_imwheel is buggy21:10
hitimwheel sucks imo21:10
hit_oxygene_, right21:10
_oxygene_which mouse do you have?21:10
hitsome trust production along with keyboard21:11
_oxygene_and whats the problem?21:11
hiti just want those back/forward buttons21:11
hitremoved imwheel a while ago21:11
_oxygene_do you know the "xev" program?21:12
hitused to set up imwheel, yes21:12
budmangI have to remove the alsa-base for my mic to work odd :)21:12
_oxygene_what does it say if you move your mouse over it and click on the prev/next buttons?21:12
heret1cmartijn81: seatch *, sort "newest 1st"21:12
_oxygene_hit: it should say 6 or 7, respectively21:13
_oxygene_(which it won't say for you, cause then it'll be working)21:13
hit_oxygene_, 8/921:14
_oxygene_that was the same for my microsoft mouse21:14
_oxygene_open your xorg.conf21:14
_oxygene_locate the section with the  "Configured Mouse" identifiert21:14
_oxygene_Ensure that Protocol is set to "ExplorerPS/2", Buttons to "5" and "ButtonMapping" to "1 2 3 6 7" and "ZAxisMapping" to "4 5"21:15
martijn81heret1c: wayyyyyyyy, thank you!21:15
_oxygene_the ButtonMapping-part is important. You might to add this option first21:15
Arwen7 minutes till upgrade commences...21:16
ArwenMay god have mercy on my soul...21:16
hitno Protocol there, this shouldn't be importrant (?)21:16
_oxygene_not sure21:16
_oxygene_it was important back then21:16
heret1cBug #110636 is fixed by the kernel team reading http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined then.21:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110636 in linux-source-2.6.22 "hdparm - cannot set dma on IDE hard drive that works via pata" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11063621:16
martijn81when will my bug get threated?21:16
_oxygene_you can try it with buttonmapping only first and try to add the other lines21:17
_oxygene_hit: http://pastebin.com/d40f6d6b421:17
ArthurArchnixI was checking out the roadmap... what is this now, Hardy Alpha 3? Are there still 6 planned before Beta?21:17
_oxygene_this is how it looks for me21:17
heret1cArthurArchnix: 521:18
hitbuttonmapping for me is "1 2 3 8 9" then21:18
ArthurArchnixheret1c: You're on 5 already, or there are going to be 5?21:18
_oxygene_hit: no21:18
_oxygene_hit: thats the point =)21:18
martijn81isn't a busybox on the live-cd a critical bug?21:18
hitoh, ok, got it..21:18
heret1cArthurArchnix: 5 is the latest21:19
ArthurArchnixheret1c: Gracias...21:19
_oxygene_its a bit similar to the xmodmap-howto in conjunction with imwheel21:19
Arwenmartijn81, haven't the CDs always had busybox on them?21:19
PriceChildArthurArchnix, alphas are just points in time... hardy is constantly developing and changing and updates have added lots since alpha 521:19
hitok, restart x21:19
martijn81Arwen: well, i guess so, but this one actually boot into it21:19
thompaanyone know how to enable acer-acpi or wmi-acer?21:20
ArwenT-minus 3 minutes and counting... Kyrie Eleison...21:20
martijn81on one pc here that is (not on my laptop)21:20
h3sp4wnheret1c: Why not I would start from where I am and go to where I need to be21:20
thompai heard acer acpi has been backported. so i installed backports but i can get wireless without acer acpi21:21
PriceChildthompa, why do you think you need it?21:21
ArthurArchnixPriceChild: Yeah... I just wanted a sense of where things were at before beta... I've recreated my partition table because I wanted to do a few laptop install tests for the laptop team with the betas... just wondering when that would be rolling around.21:21
Arwenany devs here? why have ffmpeg and mkvtoolnix not been updated to more sane revisions?21:21
martijn81arwen-> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19552421:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195524 in ubuntu "[alpha4 and 5] I get a busybox on one of my computers" [Undecided,New]21:21
PriceChildi've got an acer and use acerhk21:21
ArthurArchnixExcuse... not table... you know... the partitions.21:21
PriceChild!bug | Arwen21:21
ubotuArwen: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:21
Arwenthat's not really a bug...21:21
PriceChildArthurArchnix, don't wait for the betas to do that.21:21
martijn81not? busybox is dramaticly i though....21:22
PriceChildArwen, of course it is... but we're in feature freeze now anyway.21:22
PriceChildArwen, I'd guess many changes have been backported meaning the current revision isn't accurate21:22
thompaPriceChild: how you get acerhk, is it just a backport module?21:22
hityay _oxygene_, buttonmapping did the trick21:22
Assidmy stupid brightness levels doesnt sit21:22
PriceChildcheck the changelog and patches to get a more accurate representation21:22
_oxygene_hit: great21:22
ArwenPriceChild, eh? the source package for both are the exact same ones used in Gutsy21:22
Assidit goes up and down like a yoyo21:22
PriceChildthompa, what do you want to work that isn't now?21:22
PriceChildArwen, what's broken about it?21:23
Arwenit's oooooooooold21:23
_oxygene_hit: i also was very happy with it.  I learned this method last week21:23
Arwenvery much so21:23
thompaPriceChild: wireless in acer aspire21:23
_oxygene_before this, I had to use imwheel21:23
heret1ch3sp4wn: roight. by that approach it'd take me months to learn to do something which will be fixed in weeks or days. not a rational approach ask u me. :)21:23
Arwenupgrade in progress.... and there is no god but allah and mohammed is his prophet21:23
thompaPriceChild: works in gutsy, and I needed acer-acpi first21:23
PriceChildhave you flicked the hardware switch to turn it on?21:23
_oxygene_but had problems with horizontal scrolling and zooming in using the scrollwheel in gimp or evince21:23
_oxygene_hit: did you just add the buttonmapping or also the other entries?21:24
hit_oxygene_, also used imw but it didn't go well with my compiz and sometimes took 100% cpu and so on..21:24
hit_oxygene_, only buttonmapping, nothing else21:24
_oxygene_good to know21:24
thompaPriceChild: acerhk is not found as a module21:25
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
PriceChildacuster, i downloaded compiled and installed it myself21:25
rakehourinstalled hardy using wubi from the cd reboot and i get error 15 file not found what am i needing to change in menu.lst21:26
hitonly good thing about imwheel was the possibility to define those buttons differently for each program21:26
* Arwen hates multimedia on Debian/Ubuntu for this exact reason... everything's obsolete..21:28
thompaPriceChild: from the hardy buglist ..Backport acer-wmi to hardy 2.6.24 kernel  fix released, but how to i ad it21:28
thompai can load acer-wmi but still no wireless21:28
PriceChildthompa, i'd guess your hardware switch is off21:28
thompaPriceChild: could be yes21:29
thompaits bios related i know21:29
PriceChildits a hardware switch21:29
PriceChildpress it21:29
PriceChilddoes a light come on?21:29
thompano and it never did before21:29
thompain gutsy i compiled acer acpi then latest madwifi and it worked21:30
hit_oxygene_, every tried btnx-config?21:31
_oxygene_hit: no, what is it?21:37
hitalso some thingy to configure all those mice21:38
hitfor me wasn't working tho21:38
_oxygene_i just don't understand while side buttons seem to be buttons 8 and 9 by default21:39
tretlehi, just installed alpha 5 on my system from cd, was using just a normal upgrade to hardy from gutsy before i did the fresh install... Now I have a problem though, Im stuck in 640x480 and when i go into screens and graphics from the system/administration all the options in it are blank21:50
tretleAlso I noticed software sources seems to have disappeared and the repository option in synaptic seems broken21:51
tretleI only noticed because it defaulted to the irish ubuntu servers which seem to be down so i was going to change it to the main ones21:52
tretleI went into xorg config file and I can see where to change the color depth but am unable to see where I can change the resolution manualy21:53
tretlecan anyone help me out?21:53
Arwennooo..... dist-upgrade failed me21:53
Arwenapport couldn't install21:53
Arwenis there a way to recover from a failed upgrade? or is it nuke and reinstall?21:54
tretle640x480 is completely unusable in hardy21:55
nemotretle: rerun the xorg dpkg config tool21:55
nemotretle: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:56
nemoArwen: you know, I actually didn't want to re-download everything, so I copied the download temp dir over :)21:56
nemonever needed to try it to see if that would have worked, though21:56
Arwenurgh.... I don't wanna reinstall :-(21:58
h3sp4wnwell the fact you said dist-upgrade implies to me !aptitude so I am not surprised21:59
Arwenno, dist-upgrade as in... update-manager-core21:59
tretlenemo, that only asked if i want to reconfigure the keyboard21:59
Arwenh3sp4wn, well, is there anything that can be done?22:01
h3sp4wnask people who know about update-manager (not me) and provide them with some useful output22:03
lime4x4latest version of hardy with all updates locks up when pairing my phone using bluetooth. Anyone else having issues when using bluetooth?22:05
nemotretle: really?22:05
nemotretle: one-sec22:05
nemotretle: you did it as sudo right?22:06
h3sp4wnIf you go to init 1 then you get a debconf screen where you can select to configure X22:06
h3sp4wnthere is also that cli displayconfig thing22:06
h3sp4wn(Not seen that since I stopped messing with xrandr)22:07
nemotretle: yow. well. lemme see.22:07
nemoI'll try on my hardy machine22:07
* nemo backs up his xorg config22:07
tretleshould all the options in screens and graphics be blank too22:08
h3sp4wnlime4x4: you mean just the app or hardlock the box ?22:08
nemotretle: you're right. interesting22:08
nemotretle: that is a recent change22:08
tretlescreens and graphics?22:09
nemotretle: your old xorg config is around there, and you could probably merge it from that, but...22:09
nemowhy did they remove that22:09
h3sp4wnlime4x4: I just get nautlus cannot handle obex22:09
nemotretle: no. that's very bad. :)22:09
tretlei did a fresh install so i cant use my old xorg config22:09
nemowow. pulling a diff, the dpkg-reconfigure clobbered a bunch of stuff22:10
nemotretle: now why on earth would you do that...22:10
nemotretle: anyway, unless you reformatted the filesystem, old xorg.conf miiiight have been backed up22:10
* nemo restores his old xorg.conf22:11
nemotretle: say, do you use nvidia?22:11
tretlewait I found a backup on an external harddrive22:11
nemointeresting. soo, clearly they assume hardy users will configure xorg.conf by hand22:13
h3sp4wnNo they assume it will just work without22:13
lime4x4h3sp4wn hardlocks the box22:14
tretleI have a nvidea 760022:14
tretleright im gonna test the new config out22:14
h3sp4wnlime4x4: It didn't for me but I don't fancy pressing it further just got that obex error (got loads of work I need open atm)22:14
tretleif I'm not back in a sec then something went horribly wrong :D22:15
blue|palmis wine broken for anyone else in current hardy?22:15
lime4x4yeah right after entering the passkey i get the dialoge box that says paring then the computer hardlocks22:15
nemoh3sp4wn: why on earth would dpkg-reconfigure exclude the display config stuff though?22:15
nemoh3sp4wn: the xorg file it generated was missing a lot of useful stuff22:16
nemoh3sp4wn: the nvidia and screen sections - or do you mean they expect xorg to automagically probe all that on startup these days?22:16
tretlethat's the screen resolution fixed :D Thanks for the help22:17
tretlenow could someone tell me where software sources has gone?22:18
nemofoudn here22:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188951 in xorg ""dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" aborts prematurely" [Undecided,New]22:19
nemohm. I suppose I will (carefully) give that a shot22:19
nemotretle: clearly it didn't work too well in your case ;)22:19
tretlenot at all :D22:20
tretlewhy fix something thats not broke22:20
nemotretle: well, if you read that page, it is clear they were trying to simplify upgrade of new hardware22:20
nemoamong other things22:20
h3sp4wnPeople have issues with it either way22:21
h3sp4wnJust writing one by hand has never been too much of an issue for me22:21
h3sp4wn(and means it ends up more readable)22:21
tretleso does anyone else have the software sources problem or is it just me?22:22
Arwennever mind, onnly one of my packages is fubar22:22
Arwengah, the fglrx version in hardy doesn't work...22:24
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
SarthorHi, i have ip conflicting problem on my network, while there is not ip conliction in real. please check here, to help me. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57379/22:26
heret1cBug #110636 in linux-source-2.6.2222:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110636 in linux-source-2.6.22 "hdparm - cannot set dma on IDE hard drive that works via pata" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11063622:27
Arwendpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg creates an xorg.conf that looks way too short22:28
Arwenit has no entries for screens, monitors, cards, or anything22:28
Arwenis that right?22:28
h3sp4wnso read the specs22:28
tretleby any chance are there 11 held packages?22:36
budmangAnyone in :)22:38
tretlecould someone confirm the lack of software sources settings in hardy alpha 522:41
Milos_SDHi all... I upgraded Gutsy to Hardy ... And now, nvidia-glx-new is version, but kernel is, and driver is not working.22:41
Milos_SDAnd my numeric keyboard is not working too. :(22:42
h3sp4wnAnyone enlighten me as to how I might have got on my right click menu a link to open terminal ?22:42
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
h3sp4wn(2 hardy boxes one has it one doesn't :/)22:42
pipatronHey folks, what's the right place to report Hardy bugs/regressions?22:45
Milos_SDcan anyone help me with ?22:47
pipatronwith ?22:47
Milos_SDwhy my numeric keyboard is not working22:47
pipatrontry numlock :)22:47
Milos_SDand nvidia-glx-new is version, but kernel is
Milos_SDand I can't use that driver22:48
=== HydrogonalPrism is now known as msirPlanogordyH
tretleright so i needed to install software-properties-gtk to fix it22:49
Milos_SDnumlock is on22:49
pipatronMilos_SD: thinkpad?22:50
Milos_SDdesktop PC22:50
Milos_SDPCALL keyboard ...22:50
Milos_SDit is X problem ... becouse I had this Hardy kernel on Gutsy, and everything was working22:50
pipatronWell does the numeric keyboard work in the console?22:51
pipatronSo probably not a problem with X?22:52
Milos_SDaaa... ctrl+alt+F2 console22:53
Milos_SDI didn't try that22:53
Milos_SDand yes... "+" on numeric keyboard is doing "right mouse click" :S22:53
Milos_SDit is working in the virtual console22:54
pipatronSo hm, how come that I can boot and use the CD-rom in this ye olde laptop, until it comes to the "Detect and mount CD-ROM" part where it can't find any CD-ROM.22:57
Milos_SDI fix the problem22:59
Milos_SDwith numeric keyboard22:59
pipatronMilos_SD: Good, now fix my missing CD-ROM23:00
pipatronThat's not missing in the Gutsy installer but is missing in the Hardy installer23:00
Milos_SDthat must be some bug in the installed ... install Gutsy and do distribution upgrade23:01
pipatronSounds like work23:02
Milos_SDhow is your CD-ROM missing ?23:02
Milos_SDcan you boot Hardy LiveCD?23:03
pipatronHaven't tried, this machine only has 64MB RAM23:03
pipatronTrying to install Hardy server23:03
pipatronBut it wants me to "Load CD-ROM drivers from a driver floppy"23:03
pipatronKinda fun, since the installer is running from that same CD at the moment23:04
ibkanati was sent here to try and figure out a bcm wifi problem in Hardy Kubunutu23:23
ibkanatis there something that i can grep to find out if its installed correctly?23:24
ibkanatstill waiting for an answer23:30
tretl1would be nice if instead of the panels just appearing on the screen on start up the has an animated movement23:42
tretl1the top panel would slowly move into place from the top23:43
pipatronbah, bloat23:43
tretl1the bottom would slowly move into place from the bottom23:43
tretl1its not bloat23:43
tretl1bloat would be having them spin around before going into place23:43
pipatronhow about this instead: the installer would find my cd-rom :/23:44
tretl1that worked for me23:44
pipatronwhere did you type that?23:44
tretl1if its the busybox problem your talking about23:44
tretl1in extra boot options23:45
tretl1press f623:45
pipatronDon't know where the problem is really, just that I get the "No common CD-ROM drive was detected."23:46
pipatronI'll try that23:46
pipatronDoesn't help23:51
peanutbis this the correct channel for KDE4 help23:51
peanutbif so, how would i start plasma after it has crashed?23:51
pipatronHow could this be the KDE4 channel?23:51
peanutbit would be the kubuntu channel23:52
pipatronI thought KDE4 wasn't even used in kubuntu hardy heron23:52
FlannelYes it is, although only half of them23:52
peanutbits going to be in the final relese correct?23:53
FlannelBoth 3.5 and 4.0 will be supported in Hardy, which is why Kubuntu won't be LTS for Hardy23:53
tretl1pipatron - kde4 is the reason kubuntu hardy wont be an lts release23:53
pipatrontretl1: Ah.23:53
peanutbFlannel: that make sense23:54
peanutbshall i ask in #kde then23:55
FlannelAnd support for both is in #kubuntu, although there may or may not be a #kubuntu-kde4, but #kubuntu will let you know23:55
pipatronask in both23:55
pipatronYou already asked here :P23:55
peanutbah that is whee the confusion arrised. I was on efnet's #kubuntu and it sAID to go away23:56
Flannelpeanutb: freenode's #kubuntu is the official. EFnet is... well... EFnet.23:57
pipatronefnet is mostly for people who smoke a lot of weed23:57
peanutbFlannel: i know.. in irssi its hard to distinguish23:57
* peanutb knows a few efneters who just use perscriptions23:58

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