superm1at some point did things switch around so that ubiquity doesn't run the whole process as root?03:25
evandsorry, I should've told you that03:27
superm1whew that's not good, a lot of my scripts broke03:27
evandmy apologies03:27
superm1hopefully not a big deal..03:27
evandwell going forward you can control what gets run as root and what doesn't03:27
evandobviously some things need to run as root03:28
superm1were these very recent commits (i'll look over the history to see what you adjusted for items)03:28
evandI'll get you the exact revno03:28
evandbzr diff -r2464..2465 | vim -03:29
evandshould give you most of it03:29
evandthere was one or two changes after that03:29
superm1okay great thanks, i'll let you know if i have some difficulties switching things around03:30
evandyeah, please do03:30
evandbest of luck03:30
CIA-44ubiquity: superm1 * r2481 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/mythbuntu_ui.py): adjust permissions before/after launching external applications from ubiquity04:02
superm1luckily very easy fix :)04:03
evandcjwatson_: if you have a free moment today, can you take a look at the current state of ubiquity-dm?  I'm not entirely confident in the approach and I'd like the reassurance of a trained eye.05:50
evandand yay, CIA is down05:50
* evand kicks CIA-44 05:50
superm1evand, you weren't really consistent with spacing in ubiquity-dm changes.  i'm making a few other changes to that file right now, i'll clean those up for you06:02
evandoh?  Thanks06:04
CIA-44ubiquity: superm1 * r2483 ubiquity/ (4 files in 2 dirs): add mythbuntu to list of possible frontends to look for upon ubiquity startup06:11
CIA-44ubiquity: superm1 * r2484 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-wrapper debian/changelog): check for jockey-gtk instead of restricted-manager06:11
xivulonIf anyone would like to help review the english text in wubi/umenu please see the following 2 files:10:39
xivulonshouldn't take more than 5m10:40
CIA-24installation-guide: cjwatson * r409 ubuntu/ (656 files in 174 dirs): merge from Debian 2008021112:15
CIA-24installation-guide: cjwatson * r410 ubuntu/en/appendix/chroot-install.xml: adjust chroot-install for Ubuntu sources.list12:18
CIA-24installation-guide: cjwatson * r411 ubuntu/ (10 files in 5 dirs):12:40
CIA-24installation-guide: * Bump kernelversion to
CIA-24installation-guide: * Bump GNOME version to 2.22.12:40
CIA-24installation-guide: * Bump release version and names for Hardy.12:40
CIA-24installation-guide: cjwatson * r412 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20080211ubuntu112:57
xivuloncjwatson, evand, is there any interest in having lupin-casper ported to the alternate ISO?13:11
xivulonThat would be mostly to support loopinstallations for distros that do not come with a live CD.13:11
xivulonIf that is something you would like to see, I'd be glad to work on an implementation.13:12
cjwatsonxivulon: well, I did partman-auto-loop as a udeb for a reason; but there's no rush for hardy, I think there are probably more important things to work on for that13:32
cjwatsonspeaking of which13:33
cjwatsonevand: I diagnosed bug 188492 - comment in the bug13:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188492 in ubiquity "console-setup/layoutcode settings are ignored" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18849213:33
xivuloncjwatson, I was thinking of doing it using a udeb anyway, when you say that there is no rush for hardy, do you mean we should target hardy+1?13:48
xivulonfor me too is a low priority, I have a few crashes to debug first...13:49
xivulonthanks for 188492 by the way13:49
cjwatsonxivulon: that's what I meant, yes13:51
cjwatsonI want the hardy installer to be really stable and don't want to rush many more features into it13:52
CIA-24ubiquity: jriddell * r2486 trunk/debian/changelog: set me in changelog13:59
evandcjwatson: oh wow, whoops.  Thanks for catching that.14:02
evandcjwatson: did you happen to see my comments earlier in the day about ubiquity-dm?14:03
cjwatsonevand: yeah, I wasn't sure exactly what was bothering you though?14:04
evandrunning X as root still.  I'm not sure if there are any side-effects of that.14:05
cjwatsonyou pretty much have to, surely14:05
cjwatsonI think that's fine14:05
evandok, works for me14:05
cjwatsondirect hardware access ...14:05
cjwatsonthe one thing that jumps out at me is chmodding the dm log file to 66614:06
cjwatsonwhat's with that?14:06
evandah, right14:06
cjwatsonoh, and strictly we should fish HOME out of getpwnam too, although IIRC ubiquity has the same buglet in other places too14:06
evandand chmodding 666 so that "ubuntu" can write to it.14:07
cjwatsonas a style point I would prefer 'import pwd' and 'pwd.getpwnam' just to make it clear where that function is coming from14:07
cjwatsonchmod> shouldn't be necessary if you pass the fd around; it opens it with elevated privileges, doesn't it?14:08
cjwatsonyou can be handed an fd by root that you wouldn't be able to create yourself14:08
cjwatsonthe file mode just governs new opens14:08
evandI thought that was the case, but my testing seemed to prove otherwise14:08
evandI'll take another look14:08
cjwatsonsomething else going wrong then, I guess14:09
cjwatsonnot a big deal under the circumstances, just jumped out14:09
xivulonevand re english^14:11
cjwatsonwhoa, how did the code behind bug 194688 ever work?14:12
ubotuBug 194688 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/194688 is private14:12
evanduhh odd. I know I've seen it work for me.14:13
cjwatsonit's only the popup menu that's broken14:13
cjwatsonit passes two extra user parameters that on_partition_list_edit_activate doesn't expect14:13
cjwatsonr2452 broke it14:13
cjwatsonI think you forgot to update the popup menu code too?14:14
cjwatsonthough he says later on in the report that he actually meant to report a different bug he also encountered14:15
evandah looks like it, but how on earth did I not run into that in UI testing.  argh.14:15
cjwatsontwo different ways to do it ...14:17
evandyikes, so far not a great morning14:18
cjwatsonplenty of time before the next alpha ;-)14:20
evandheh, that's one way of looking at it14:21
evandxivulon: can you elaborate?14:21
evandoh nevermind14:21
xivulonI mentioned the 2 english files that would need to be reviewed as we discussed earlier, no rush whatsoever14:21
evandindeed, I didn't see that at first14:22
evandI'll take a look after I fix the above mess.14:26
cjwatsonevand: is bug 77966 handled by your fix for bug 48355? IIRC your solution was fairly general in the end and covered both14:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 77966 in ubiquity "MASTER: Should warn about insufficient disk space (manual partitioning)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7796614:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48355 in ubiquity "MASTER: partitioner should warn about too small disk while autopartitioning (some_device)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4835514:29
evandthat would cover resizing as well, right?14:30
cjwatsoneventually, though the resize might well fail first14:33
evandI figured, though never looked, that commit.d is run in all cases, but I'm pretty sure I fed partman a partition size that was too small using the resize widget and it let me go through.14:35
cjwatsonit isn't run at resizing time; it would be run later when you actually try to finish off the partitioner14:38
cjwatsonCIA is slow today14:38
evandbetter than last night when it didn't work at all14:38
evandright, but I'm saying I got all the way through to an ENOSPC on that one, I think.14:38
evandI should probably test again to be sure.14:39
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2489 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py):15:13
CIA-24ubiquity: * Update partman_popup with respect to other recent changes (LP:15:13
CIA-24ubiquity:  #194688).15:13
evandwelcome back, CIA-2415:14
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2490 ubiquity/debian/changelog: Whoops, make sure launchpad-bugs-fixed picks up the previous revno.15:16
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2492 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/console_setup.py):15:27
CIA-24ubiquity: * Regain root when moving /etc/default/console-setup out of the way15:27
CIA-24ubiquity:  (LP: #188492).15:27
cjwatsondoes CIA just not like me?15:28
cjwatsonah, it would help if I set cia-project15:29
cjwatsonI was switching over to a bzr repository and it got lost along the way15:29
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2493 ubiquity/debian/changelog: Credit where credit is due.15:29
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2487 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog partman/check.d/03partition_too_small):15:29
CIA-24ubiquity: * Slight shell efficiency improvement in15:29
CIA-24ubiquity:  partman/check.d/03partition_too_small.15:29
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2488 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): bump to 1.7.1215:29
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2491 ubiquity/ (37 files in 10 dirs):15:29
CIA-24ubiquity: * Use 'autoreconf -fi' so that Autotools files reliably get upgraded.15:29
CIA-24ubiquity: * Upgrade to gettext 0.17.15:29
cjwatsonthere you go15:29
evandxivulon: "Reboot into a new world..." sounds too evangelistic.  Perhaps somewhat replicate the text from the button, "Try or install Ubuntu"?15:45
evandOf course that suffers from the same problem that a few of the other strings have, that is explicitly naming the distribution.15:45
xivulonahah loved that sentence15:47
xivulonI can name the disto by the way using a variable, at that stage I'd know the distro name anyway15:51
evandDoesn't that get you in trouble with translations?15:51
xivulon"Reboot and try ?buntu..."15:51
xivulonShould be ok15:51
xivulonIf you look into wubi english.nsh there are a few $xxx variables within translation strings15:52
xivulonI will put a note not to translate $stuff15:52
evandI'd also change "booter" to "boot helper"16:00
xivulonevan pull both and feel free to change the text directly16:01
evandAccess doesn't seem right, but I face the same problem when you asked me that originally.  I cannot think of a word for acessibility that fits in such a small space.  How many characters is the maximum for a button again?16:01
xivulonI will see if I can make the button larger, not sure about that.16:03
evandassistive would probably be better if you can fit it.  Though I wont make the change until we have confirmation of that.16:04
xivulonuser32::SetWindowPos might do the trick16:06
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CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2494 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-dm debian/changelog): * Minor changes to ubiquity-dm from suggestions by Colin Watson.17:04
xivulonevand got a log from the amd64 user17:40
xivulondoes not look to me like it is the same issue (freeze around console-setup), but the error is strange:17:41
xivulon1) no swap (not sure why, does that cause a failure-command by the way?)17:42
xivulon2) I/O error, dev fd0 (not sure if that is very relevant)17:42
xivulon3) unsupported locale setting (LANG=en_US)?17:46
* xivulon likes failure-commands17:47
xivulon...would be even better if we could split out non critical warnings though...17:48
xivulon"interactive" warnings that is17:50
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2495 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog desktop/ubiquity-gtkui.desktop.in): * Remove suffix from icon path in .desktop file (LP: #188221).17:50
evandhooray for omni-completion.  Thanks for hacking that up, cjwatson.17:50
xivulonevand I was thinking that ubiquity should have 3 modes: interactive, automatic, semi-automatic.17:52
xivulonthe last if for wubi type installation where the user is not supposed to answer any question, but he might be shown a failure message.17:53
xivulonafter the failure message we can still trigger a failure-command17:53
evand1) because it's asking a question.  As I explained in a post on ubuntuforums, we had intended to split failure_command into a complete failure and an "automation failure" (when ubiquity requires human interaction for something)17:58
evandYou can avoid this question by preseeding it away.17:58
evandwe had intended> I had intended to do it at the start of the Hardy cycle, but I completely forgot.  It's fairly straightforward and I've added it to my todo list.17:59
evand2) No, don't worry about that.18:00
evandoh, I missed that comma.18:00
evandSo yes, it does cause a failure_command.18:00
evandback to 1) now that I've reread it18:02
evanddebconf (developer): <-- GET partman-auto-loop/recipe18:02
evanddebconf (developer): --> 0     /ubuntu/disks/root.disk 3000 30001 30001 ext3 method{ format } format{ } use_filesystem{ } filesystem{ ext3 } mountpoint{ / } .18:02
evandso it looks like you're not preseeding swap creation in that case.18:02
evandreally not sure why, as I imagine that's always done in your code, not just sometimes.18:03
evand3) that should be en_US.UTF-818:05
evandoh hrm18:05
evandyou do set it as that18:05
xivulonhmm really strange, that should be in the preseed file18:08
xivulonMaybe it would help to copy preseed.cfg config.dat (other?) in the failure-command zip file.18:08
xivulonI mean swap recipe18:08
evandpreseed.cfg> That would end up pulling in their password.18:09
xivulon3) Isn't the preseeding supposeed to be "locale en_US"?18:09
xivulonmight sed the password out18:09
xivulonwould that be in config.dat too?18:10
evandno, it wouldn't18:10
evandbut I don't really see the need18:10
xivulonof config.dat?18:10
xivulonI'll add a sedded preseed then18:10
evandwell, I don't see the need of either of them18:11
evandyou already have debug enabled18:11
xivulonbut in the case above how would I know the exact recipe string?18:11
cjwatsonevand: you're welcome18:12
evandYou'd look in debug, just as I did18:12
cjwatsonpreseeding should be en_US.UTF-8 not en_US18:12
xivulonevand does that contain the original "raw" string?18:13
evandDid we stop writing passwords to the debug output at some point?18:13
xivuloncjwatson is the locale going to be *.UTF-8 for all languages?18:14
cjwatsonxivulon: unfortunately not quite. You need to know the actual locale from /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED not just make it up18:14
evandcurious, I don't see the user's password in this debug log, and I doubt he stripped it out18:14
cjwatsonI'd suggest incorporating that file in your build process somehow18:14
xivulonwill do18:15
evandand xivulon doesn't appear to be sed'ing the passwords out of the debug log before zipping, as far as I can tell18:15
evandah duh18:15
evandbecause it didn't get that far18:15
evandok yikes, so using debug is probably a bad idea18:15
evandwe've talked about enabling this by default before18:16
xivulonevand I don't sed anything at the moment, just zip the whole /var/log18:16
evandbut the situation is even worse for wubi18:16
evandbecause there's no bold text warning them that their password will be in the logs18:16
cjwatsonright, debug mode definitely isn't appropriate for any kind of default18:16
xivulonlet me know if I need to exclude / sed any file in failure-command18:17
evandI think you should not use debug mode by default and add a command line option to wubi that enables it.18:18
evandthat still doesn't address the lack of a warning in the UI that their password is going to be in the logs18:18
xivuloncjwatson I am looking at SUPPORTED, for US I have en_US.UTF-8, en_US, and en_US.ISO-8859-1518:20
cjwatsonuse the one with 'UTF-8' in the second column18:20
xivulonevand you mean for failure-command?18:20
xivulonor in general18:21
xivulonre pwd in the logs, isn't it possible to simply sed it out?18:21
cjwatsonyou could if you're careful. I did ask about including a patch to debconf that makes it never be included, but Joey noted (rightly) that it was fundamentally utterly awful18:22
evandI don't think so.  The text could change and you'd end up missing the password.18:22
cjwatsonwe have had very high-profile installer vulnerabilities before regarding leaked passwords, and it deserves the highest possible level of care18:23
cjwatsonyou don't get away with this sort of thing a second time18:23
xivulonI remember that news18:24
xivulondo all language have a second column with UTF-8? I also noticed that some lanugages have multiple @ variants all with UTF-818:26
xivulonwhat shall I do with the log? is an (english) warning sufficient?18:27
xivulonI will copy the log only if the user selects debug mode at boot18:28
xivulonre (ubiquity) debug, that is not really enabled by default18:34
xivulonthe user has to hit esc and select verbose mode18:34
evandah, I had no idea18:34
xivulonis that good enough (+pwd warning)?18:34
evandyeah, I think if you can fit it, a password warning would be great18:35
evand"(password included in logs)" perhaps18:35
xivulonhmm that should be localized too... bugger18:35
xivulonthe password is only in /var/log/installer/debug, correct?18:36
cjwatsonall languages should have a UTF-8-encoded locale; if they don't you can safely ignore them18:36
cjwatsonfor ones with multiple variants containing @ or . there should be one without those modifiers and you should use that18:36
cjwatsonca_ES.UTF-8@valencia is the only one I can think of offhand18:36
xivuloncjwatson thanks, will do that18:36
cjwatsonoh, I see there are a few others18:36
cjwatsonbut yeah, looking through them, it's fine to just use the unmodified version; I suspect Windows does not have much in the way of Valencian support anyway and I don't think d-i does either18:37
xivulonby the way I'd need a mapping of windows registry keys to keyboard variants18:38
xivulonI have the code to use that info, and dvorak in as an example18:38
xivulonbut not sure where to grab such mappings18:38
cjwatsonI think somebody might have to invent them18:38
xivulonThere is an hkl value in the registry, for instance 0x00010409=dvorak18:40
xivulonbut do not know how to get the others18:40
xivulonah http://softserv.murdoch.edu.au/pub/mswin/Citrix/Citrix4.21.779/MODULE.SRC18:43
xivulonthere is also the issue of preseed.cfg18:58
xivulonthat countains the pwd18:58
xivulonnow it gets deleted upon successful installation18:59
xivulonbut not upon unsuccessful installation18:59
xivulonshould probably comment that in failure command too?18:59
CIA-24ubiquity: jriddell * r2496 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py): Fix QApplication args in ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py19:02
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bdmurrayevand: I'm planning on adding some bugs to the DebuggingUbiquity Known issues section and possibly try to make the page look more like the DebuggingTemplate page.  Does that sound alright to you?19:30
evandbdmurray: works for me, thanks for doing it19:32
xivulonevand what's your take on preseed.cfg password? ^19:32
evandhrm, yeah, I'd do what you can to strip it out in that event19:36
xivulonhmm the issue is that in many case the user will try to reboot and select "Ubuntu" to redo the installation if something goes wrong19:39
xivulonif I strip out stuff from preseed.cfg, then the user will need to start windows and reinstall again to regenerate a new preseed.cfg19:39
evandhrmm, indeed.19:39
xivulonpreseed.cfg will be deleted on successfull wubi installation and of curse whenever wubi is uninstalled19:40
xivulonthe problem are is if wubi installation fails and the user just keeps it around19:40
evandI guess we don't have any other option but to leave it in on a failed install then.19:40
xivulonI could add a note in failure-command, but if the error happens before (grub4dos / initrd) the user will not see that19:41
evandunless I split failure_command into failure_command and automation_failure_command.  Then stripping the password out and showing the user-setup page wouldn't be an issue.19:42
evandIt'd be ugly though, as they wouldn't be expecting that.19:42
xivulonyou mean asking for username/password in ubiquity as opposed in wubi?19:43
evandI'm not too keen on the idea though19:43
evanddon't get me wrong, I'd like to split failure_command19:43
xivulonpros and cons, might be a bit late for that though19:43
evandall it would take would be splitting failure_command.  ubiquity already handles showing a page when you haven't adequately answered all of the questions.19:44
evandI think we're fine with our current approach though, at least for the time being.19:45
xivulonI asked cjwatson whether we should ask for username/pwd in ubiquity and he rejected the idea.19:45
xivulonI guess also because it would look akward to have to go through 2 installer interfaces19:45
xivulonBut on the other side, that would make wubi a true 1 click installer, and I like that!19:46
evandindeed, mind you only in the case where the install failed once, but still like I said, I'm not keen on the idea.19:46
xivulonah I see19:46
xivulonHmm I'd say either we do it always or never19:46
evandI vote for never19:47
evandwait a minute19:48
evanddon't you use MD5 hashes anyway?19:48
evandso then I'm confused19:49
xivulonby what?19:49
evandhow is the password exposed in preseed.cfg?19:49
xivulonin hashed form19:49
xivulonso the fact that preseed stays around on failure is half damage19:50
evandhalf damage?19:51
evandI don't think there's anything to worry about if you're using user-password-crypted.19:51
cjwatsonwhat are the permissions on preseed.cfg?20:01
CIA-24debian-installer-utils: evand * r650 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog update-dev):20:02
CIA-24debian-installer-utils: * Avoid sound events as they will trigger audio to be played on every20:02
CIA-24debian-installer-utils:  call to udevtrigger; udevsettle (LP: #178057).20:02
xivuloncjwatson do you mean on the windows side? I think anyone can read it20:05
cjwatsoncan it be given stricter NTFS permissions somehow?20:05
xivuloncan try that20:06
xivulonnot that I think that will limit an attacker ability to access it anyway...20:06
cjwatsonright, but if they have sufficient access on the Windows side they can do whatever they want anyway20:08
cjwatsonwhat I want to avoid is the file being left around such that unprivileged users created on the Ubuntu side can read it20:08
cjwatsonbut if it's only on failed installs anyway, it's not a big deal20:09
xivulonyeah I'd skip that if possible it would involve adding an ACL plugin just for that20:09
CIA-24debian-installer-utils: evand * r651 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.50ubuntu220:17
bdmurrayevand: are there test cases documented for testing Wubi?  Actually is it testable yet?20:26
evandbdmurray: It is testable, there are no documented test cases yet.20:27
evandumenu should also replace WinFOSS testing20:28
bdmurrayIn the test lists at iso.qa.ubuntu.com?20:29
evandyes, WinFOSS is no longer used.20:29
evandI'll add Testing/Cases/umenu and Testing/Cases/Wubi pages to the wiki if you'd like.20:30
bdmurrayevand: that'd be great and I'll get them added to the iso testing tracker20:31
xivulonhow do those tests work? can I help on my side?20:32
bdmurrayIs that arch specific at all?20:32
evandamd64 and i38620:32
evandworks on both kubuntu and ubuntu (edubuntu is now an add on CD)20:33
evandxivulon: The test cases are linked from http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com . bdmurray can talk to stgraber to get them added.  The tests themselves are on the wiki20:34
* xivulon reading20:34
stgraberevand: I'll need to rework the testcases list anyway, so just put a list of what's wanted on the wiki Testing/TrackerUpdate (or something similar) or e-mail me20:35
xivulonah those are human tests20:35
stgraber(following the Edubuntu changes and LTSP being now part of Ubuntu Alternate)20:35
xivulonre Edubuntu I do have it in the wubi list of desktops20:35
evandstgraber: ah, I had no idea you were in here :).  Will do.20:35
xivulonis it available as a Live ISO so that it can be targeted by wubi?20:36
xivulonI mean I can see: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily-live/current/20:37
xivulonand http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/8.04/alpha-5/20:38
xivulonfirst link seems to indicate a full ISO, second link an addon20:39
evandI'm not sure how long cdimage will continue to generate full live CD images.20:40
xivulonah pls let me know, in case we have to take it out of wubi20:40
xivulonI hope they'll keep doing full CDs of course20:41
stgraberwell, the live CD for edubuntu isn't that usefull as we don't have enough place on it to put the educational softwares20:46
stgraberand it ends up being just an ubuntu with a different artwork20:47
stgraberthe add-on CD contains all the educational stuff and is then installed on a standard Ubuntu20:47
stgraberso if we wanted to install everything out of the box we would need ~900MB on the LiveCD (as the add-on contains ~200MB of usefull stuff at the moment)20:47
xivulonstgraber: 900MB would not be an issue for wubi since no CD is burnt ;)20:48
xivulonbut of course that would be too much of a special case I guess20:48
evand15:45:28 < slangasek> my understanding was that edubuntu desktop would remain a discrete image, only server was being  rearranged into an ubuntu-server adjunct?20:49
xivulonso my understanding is that it will be around but not too usueful because of lack of packages20:49
stgraberyes, we'll keep edubuntu desktop, it'll just be as usefull as it was in Gutsy20:49
xivulonmy point is that someone uses wubi to demo edubuntu might get the wrong impression since it won't be fully loaded20:50
evand15:50:06 < slangasek> evand: that's my understanding; plans may have changed when I wasn't looking20:50
xivulonfor me it's fairly easy to add/remove distros, and I am not binded by ISO size restrictions, just let me know what you want to have in!20:51
evandI'll let stgraber and the rest of the edubuntu people speak for their distribution and needs.20:53
evandand its*20:53
xivulonabsolutely, stgraber, let me know what you decide20:53
evandand then I can flip the necessary bits on cdimage, if any changes are needed20:53
stgraberxivulon: we have a meeting this wednesday at 12:00 UTC. I'll ask here (you can also attend it depending on your timezone)20:54
xivulonI'll try to.20:55
xivulonas mentioned, 900MB ISO, is still an option as far as wubi go20:55
bdmurrayevand: was bug 48355 fixed in dapper updates or just Hardy?21:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48355 in ubiquity "MASTER: partitioner should warn about too small disk while autopartitioning (some_device)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4835521:32
bdmurrayThat's weird the comment on the wiki pages says it was fixed in 6.06.121:32
evandperhaps a different bug?  Or does it explicitly reference that bug number?21:33
bdmurrayThat number explicity, I'll change it though.21:34
cjwatsonevand: do you know what happened to the notes from the USB stick production thing we discussed at UDS?22:22
cjwatsonxivulon: we've already stopped doing full Edubuntu CDs; the desktop is just an accidental hangover that nobody has got round to disabling yet, AFAIK22:23
cjwatsonbdmurray: we probably ameliorated it in 6.06.122:23
xivuloncjwatson, I cannot do multiple ISO installations at this stage, if edubuntu is to be added the only option is to have a 900MB ISO22:25
evandcjwatson: I'll look through my laptop for it.22:25
evandxivulon: you wouldn't have to.  They install Ubuntu using wubi, then use the edubuntu addon CD.22:25
xivulonyeah that would be good enough22:26
cjwatsonbdmurray: I seem to have added that text deliberately but it was a long time ago22:26
xivulonI will remove edubuntu then22:26
cjwatsonevand: ta22:26
cjwatsonthe gobby notes may be available from IS if need be22:26
xivulonre USB stick, I have vague memories and remember that Wubi was involved somehow22:26
xivuloncan you remind me briefly what was the objective?22:26
* cjwatson -> bed, sorry, wife will be annoyed otherwise :)22:27
cjwatsonanother day22:27
cjwatson(it's not urgent)22:27
xivulonI'll be glad to hack something together anyway22:27
xivulonI'll wait wednesday meeting before removing edubuntu from wubi, I guess there is no rush22:29
xivuloncjwatson quick q22:34
xivulonmight be good to use low swappiness as well?22:34

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