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* lamont grumbles at -m multiport apparently not liking ipv6 very much14:45
bullgard4What tools does Ubuntu provide to low-level query the SMBus?15:18
amitkbullgard4: i2c-tools?15:23
bullgard4amitk: packages.ubuntu.com doesn't know anything about 'i2c-tools' for Gutsy. 15:27
amitkbullgard4: aah.. I am on Hardy15:34
bullgard4amitk: Are you going to tell me that Hardy will provide a DEB program package 'i2c-tools'?15:35
amitkbullgard4: run 'apt-cache search i2c'15:35
amitkbullgard4: I am telling you it is already available in hardy :)15:36
bullgard4amitk: Excellent! Thank you very much for the good news.15:36
bullgard4amitk: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/46586/15:38
amitkhmm.. I guess Gutsy didn't have libi2c-dev, python-smbus, i2c-tools, etc. But you could try to compile them from source packages from hardy15:40
kighost ride ittttt!17:30
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amitkjayc: I meant this commit: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ume/hardy-ume.git;a=commit;h=1343698dbfde5798b17a56becd663ace088e7cbc18:49
jaycamitk: so, what's the right way to do it?19:08
amitkjayc: keep them in separate patches :)19:11
amitkjayc: I have fixed it now, pushing soon19:11
jaycamitk: ok, patch for a patch :-)19:12
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el_cubanoHello.  I am trying to build the lustre modules for the 2.6.22 kerne.  However, there appear to be some changes because of the AppArmor patch which prevent the lustre modules from actually building.21:51
el_cubanoWould someone be able to give me a pointer on how to go about removing the AppArmor patch entirely?21:51
johanbrShouldn't 2.6.24-10 have appeared in the archive by now?22:35
amitk_johanbr: lum/lrm still need building22:40
alex_joniel_cubano: you probably want apt-get source linux-source-...22:40
alex_jonithen check the patches dir, and remove the patch you don't want22:40
johanbramitk_: Oh, I see. Thanks.22:41
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el_cubanoalex_joni: Really?  There is no patches dir when I apt-get the source.  That is why I am asking for help here.22:46
alex_joniel_cubano: you probably did apt-get install linux-source..23:03
el_cubanoalex_joni: No.  I did 'dget -x http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.22/linux-source-2.6.22_2.6.22-14.52.dsc'23:11
el_cubanoBTW, I am a Debian developer.  I know the difference between 'apt-get install' and 'apt-get source'23:11
mjg59There is no patch system23:12
mjg59It's maintained as a git tree23:12
alex_joniel_cubano: you should listen to mjg59 :)23:13
mjg59el_cubano: You can grab it from git on kernel.ubuntu.com and then revert any of the apparmor commits23:15
el_cubanomjg59: Is there an easy way to see which are the app armor commits?  Or do I just need to read the logs.23:26
mjg59el_cubano: Probably just the logs, I'm afraid23:26
el_cubanomjg59: OK.  Thanks.23:35

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