dholbachgood morning07:09
loolmjg59: In bug #185669, it sounds like upstream is commenting that they'd be willing to merge the cheese patch :)09:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185669 in cheese "Update hildon UI patch for cheese 2.21.5" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18566909:19
AngelusHi guys10:19
AngelusI'm just wondering10:20
AngelusIs ubuntu-mobile usable atm?10:20
Angelusi'm getting a Kohjinsha SH8 Model and i wouldn't mind using it and testing the builds as well10:20
Angelusfrom what i can tell from the repositories its a pretty new project10:21
loolAngelus: It's supposed to startup and whow an UI; depends what you call usable though :)10:24
Angelusoh okay10:24
Angelusbecause i tired to look at the release schedule and it just points to the hardy one10:24
Angelusi was hoping to get something that's more or less customised for the kohjinsha hardware than fiddling with xubuntu10:25
loolAFAIK, we don't test with kohjinsha hardware10:25
Angelusit would be good for me to test with it then, wouldn't it? :P10:26
Mithrandirit's not really a target platform for us, but you're welcome to help make it work well on the platform10:27
Angelusyou're concentrating on menlow?10:27
Angelusoh okay10:27
Mithrandirit should work on the kohjinsha too, but as we don't have the hardware nor the manpower to target it, we don't. :-)10:28
Angeluswill it still allow users to use the full blown ubuntu as necessery?10:28
Mithrandirthe usage model is quite different from normal Ubuntu.10:28
Angelusbecause i'm getting the impression that the kernel will be stripped down of some sort10:28
Angeluswell i'm just thinking suppose i need to get it up and running for like a presentation 10:29
Angeluswill i still be able to grab the required packages from the ubuntu repositories?10:29
Angeluskk :)10:29
Mithrandirthe kernel is slightly stripped down, but it's not completely stripped down10:29
Angelusdoesnt say what the kernel loses on the wiki page though :(10:30
Mithrandirjust try and see if it works for you?10:31
Angeluswill update soon10:31
mjg59lool: Yeah, I just need to send it to them12:58
mjg59(if you haven't already)12:58
mjg59I'm just being shit12:58
loolmjg59: I thought you had rebased on SVN some parts of it12:58
mjg59lool: Hm, yes12:58
loolmjg59: But sure, I can happily open an upstream bug with whatever applies12:58
mjg59I have that sitting around12:59
loolmjg59: Just post your svn diff to some GNOME bug and mention that you're too busy to continue working on it if you don't have the time :)12:59
loolperhaps upstream has an hildon device and will happy to simply do it12:59
mjg59lool: Yeah, I'll try to do that this afternoon13:01
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slytherinMithrandir: ping back if you are free. Need to discuss bluez-gnome13:32
Mithrandirslytherin: yo13:32
Mithrandirslytherin: I uploaded a new obex-data-server this morning, I have a bluez-gnome 0.23 ready to go in once the MIR is approved.13:32
slytherinMithrandir: Cool. That is what I was going to ask. :-)13:33
slytherinMithrandir: Do you know anyone whom we can bribe for the MIR. :-P13:33
Mithrandirslytherin: pitti said he'd try to get it done today.13:34
Mithrandir(he's in CET, like me)13:34
slytherinMithrandir: Great. I will step down then. :-)13:34
slytherinI mean from the 'bugger' role13:34
Mithrandirslytherin: np.  Thanks for asking though. :-)13:35
mjg59lool: Main thing to deal with (based on svn) is that it's shifted from glade to gtkbuilder13:46
mjg59lool: So I'll work out the best way to dealw ith that13:46
loolmjg59: You might recall we discussed not having two glade files but doing the hildon toplevel container dance at runtime13:47
mjg59lool: Yeah13:48
mjg59I need to brush up on gtkbuilder, I haven't played with it yet13:48
loolmjg59: Well if you put your finger in gtkbuilder, I wonder whether you might be interested in implementing that :-P13:48
loolI didn't play with it either; from what I understood it's quite close to glade files with a more gtk-ish API13:49
loolmjg59: You do know about the conversion script I guess13:49
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zer0mdqdoes anyone knows if it will be possible to run ubuntu mobile on a nokia N800 or nokia N810?20:16
inuka_deskping amitk20:18
amitkinuka_desk: pong20:18
inuka_deskamitk, seems like I do not have the permissions to push to ume, who should I request permission from?20:18
amitkzer0mdq: No. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/FAQ20:18
amitkinuka_desk: can you login to zinc now?20:19
zer0mdqthanks amitk ;020:19
zer0mdqi'll promise next time to read the faq before asking ;)20:20
amitkinuka_desk: on zinc, could you execute 'getent groups' and tell me if kernel_ume is listed?20:20
inuka_deskamitk , kernel_ume is listed20:21
inuka_deskamitk, or is there a different group for lUM20:22
amitk_inuka_desk: sorry, got disconnected20:29
inuka_deskamitk_, thats ok...  kernel_ume is listed but not sure if this is the group for lum 20:30
amitk_inuka_desk: drwxrwxr-x 8 robr kernel_ume 4.0K 2008-01-29 21:12 hardy-ume-lum.git20:31
inuka_desklet me try recloning and starting over20:32
amitk_inuka_desk: what is the error?20:32
inuka_deskerror: unable to write sha1 filename ./objects/fe/ee4b07ce73bfa179e73a187041d335361bfb57: Permission denied20:32
amitk_inuka_desk: aaah... THAT is a different problem20:33
inuka_deskalso error: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?20:33
inuka_deskerror: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/master' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/master'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?20:33
inuka_deskI cloned just after you sent out the e-mail about rebasing20:33
amitk_inuka_desk: I found the problem, the hardy-ume*.git directories aren't setgid. So the files and directories are owned by the users instead of the group.20:36
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amitk_inuka_desk: having it fixed now20:41
inuka_deskamitk, thanks20:46
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inuka_deskamitk_ , is the bashrc changes supposed to fix the issue I was experiencing, or is an other fix inprogress? I was wondering since the .bashrc change is not working for me21:40
amitk_inuka_desk: that will avoid future problems. This one was multiple problems - directory not being setgid and jay and you not having umask set correctly21:42
inuka_deskamitk, oh ok21:42
tonyespyamitk: ping... you busy?22:43
amitk_tonyespy: whats up?22:45
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tonyespyjust found out what the DEBUG defines weren't getting picked up...  looks like the sd8688 driver was getting inserted and trying to control things.  not sure exactly why, but time to use the blacklist22:49
tonyespyi mean why...22:49
wirelessdreameris there a howto anywhere if i want to try a hands on of a current build?23:26
burner\-"Flash User Interface" on the ubuntu mobile page caught my attention..23:37
burner\-does that mean that i could develop the UI by creating .swf-files ?23:38
burner\-as in Adobe Flash..23:38
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