pochuslangasek: any chance you can sponsor the debdiff in bug 194536?00:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194536 in monodoc "FTBFS in latest archive rebuild test" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19453600:58
TheMusoember_: Got mousetweaks covered.01:00
* ScottK wonders if FTBFS of mono related stuff might be considered a good thing.01:49
pochuI guess not as tomboy is shipped by default01:56
ScottK2pochu: Not in any distribution I use.02:08
pochuheh, you win :)02:11
pochuGNOME rocks btw :P02:12
ScottK2For some definition of the word rock I agree with you.02:15
* pochu wonders why wordreference lists so many acceptions but none of them is like "to be great"02:16
pochuperhaps I didn't get the meaning of it right02:17
pochuOk, I'm off to bed02:17
pochuScottK2: feel free to upload that monodoc debdiff :P02:17
* pochu runs to bed02:17
ScottK2slangasek: If you're around and have a moment, I'd appreciate a bit of bin New on pypolicyd-spf.  I sort of forgot the transitional package the first time around ...02:26
slangasekpochu: that doesn't fix the bug in the handling of cs-errors.zip, which means the package lacks a policy-compliant clean rule (it removes stuff that can't be regenerated).02:36
slangasekScottK2: this is on what suite02:50
ScottK2slangasek: It's an arch all package02:51
slangasekScottK2: accepted02:55
ScottK2slangasek: Thanks.02:58
* jdong figures out how to dynamically have torrent clients punchthrough his firewall....04:05
StevenKjdong: Not run torrent clients seems to be one solution.04:06
jdongStevenK: :P04:06
jdongStevenK: well to protest, I'm writing a hackish ruby script to punch open ports :D04:48
RAOFjdong: You can't get your firewall to respond to UPnP requests?  Or any of the other couple of "I'd like to accept some incoming connections, thanks" protocols?05:03
jdongRAOF: my firewall is a localhost iptables05:03
RAOFRight.  No so much with the UPnP integration.05:04
jdongRAOF: and there's a number of programs that I use which open dynamic  port numbers that I would rather not try to fix05:04
jdongRAOF: now I'm just trying to figure out how the hell to maintain half-decent security and not have ports punched open everywhere05:04
RAOFSurely someone has tried to get iptables to do that?05:05
RAOFIn fact, google says: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Setup_UPnP_with_IPTables05:05
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as Frogzoo
RAOFjdong: Or there seem to be a number of NAT-PMP daemons out there if that floats your boat.05:08
jdongRAOF: I think UPnP is overkill for this, I'd rather not require my program to be modified to support UPNP/NAT-PNP05:08
jdongRAOF: I'm writing a wrapper such that I can run "punchfw cmdname arg1 arg2" and any ports the child process opens will be opened by iptables05:08
slomo_superm1: hm, why was it rejected? :)05:08
slomo_superm1: looking at the new packages now05:09
superm1slomo_, for the exact reason i fixed in  there :)05:09
RAOFjdong: Aaaah.  _That_ makes more sense.05:09
superm1LGPL vs GPL05:09
slomo_superm1: gnar... where? i checked this :)05:09
superm1slomo_, the COPYING file says LGPL05:09
slomo_superm1: and the files say GPL?05:09
slomo_superm1: i hope you don't mind if i remove the -2 changelog? we can upload this as -1 again05:10
superm1slomo_, hm then perhaps upstream has made mistakes in throwing the package together05:10
superm1well the i386 binary was rejected05:10
superm1i didnt get anything about the source package05:10
superm1i wasnt sure if they all came as one upload05:10
slomo_they do05:10
slomo_*building* :)05:11
slomo_sorry that i didn't catch this last time05:11
superm1not a big deal, myself and at least 3 other people missed it too :)05:11
slomo_scary :)05:13
slomo_superm1: gmyth uploaded05:17
superm1k great thx05:17
slomo_erm, not the version you put on mentos 3 minutes ago though ;)05:17
slomo_what did you change?05:17
superm1well it's just the -1 in the changelog instead05:18
slomo_ah ok05:18
superm1like you had said to do05:18
slomo_now -upnp :)05:18
slomo_superm1: hm, but -upnp is GPL05:21
slomo_superm1: and gmyth can link to gmyth-upnp, right?05:21
superm1argh, yeah it should be allowed to05:22
slomo_so this would render gmyth as GPL again...05:22
slomo_superm1: could you talk with upstream to get gmyth-upnp LGPL too? :)05:22
superm1well wait other way around though isn't it?05:22
superm1gmyth-upnp links to gmyth05:22
slomo_gmyth's configure checks for gmyth-upnp05:23
slomo_and the other way around05:23
superm1and gmyth_upnp.c lists itself as LGPL05:23
superm1i'll send a few emails to upstream about this...05:23
slomo_superm1: i expect that gmyth-upnp's COPYING is wrong and should be LGPL05:24
superm1yeah, that's what it looks like to me too05:24
slomo_superm1: please ask them why they have this circular build dependency too :) that doesn't make sense to me05:24
slomo_superm1: and if we know that, ping me and i'll review and upload, ok?05:25
superm1slomo_, sure will do05:25
superm1everything else look kosher?05:25
slomo_superm1: from a short look, yes... will look closer when this is clarified05:26
jdongRAOF: whee, done, and it seems to work :)05:48
slomo_pochu, persia: would be nice if you could get gst-plugins-bad0.10 and wildmidi synced/merged with my latest changes later ;)06:07
superm1pochu & slomo_, i was going to let you guys know, neither MPEG2 TS or MPEG2 PS streams track at all06:57
superm1you had asked for me to try both of them06:57
superm1i can't skip around the recordings in either06:57
slomo_superm1: ok06:57
superm1er seek is probably the better word to use06:57
superm1slomo_, i can however seek in a mpeg2-ps file if its opened directly in totem.06:59
superm1mpeg2-ts i can't06:59
slomo_superm1: yeah, mpeg2-ts doesn't work because the demuxer doesn't support seeking06:59
slomo_superm1: for ps, no idea :)06:59
slomo_it should work in theory06:59
superm1well once upstream gets back to me on the other stuff, maybe i'll bugger them :)06:59
warp10Good morning07:08
dholbachgood morning07:09
emgentheya dholbach :)07:09
dholbachhey emgent07:09
elmargolHow do I see if a package has ubuntu changes?08:01
dholbachelmargol: if the version number has a *ubuntu<n> it should have Ubuntu changes08:02
dholbachelmargol: apt-cache showsrc <package> | grep ^Version08:02
dholbachelmargol: or     aptitude changelog <package>        if you want to know what kind of changes it has08:03
dholbachelmargol: likely to have Ubuntu changes :)08:03
elmargolok this is going to be complicated :(08:03
elmargolHow do I merge a changefile? Do I take the debian changefile and add the latest ubuntu change?08:06
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging might have all the answers08:07
elmargolthanx a lot08:07
dholbachkeep the ubuntu changelog entries08:07
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
emgentmorning \sh :)08:13
_rubenquestion regarding rebuilding a kernel for ubuntu (server) .. with the official kernel package, uname -r will show 2.6.22-14-server .. im kinda confused on which params to use for make-kpkg to make my package end up 2.6.22-14-server-klips08:26
elmargol\sh: Hi. can I help you to merge claws-mail-extra-plugins? Some plugins are not working for me (too old)08:29
elmargolThe only difference I see are those sylpheed-claws dummy packages08:30
pochuslomo__: yeah, I'll merge that stuff!08:41
\shelmargol: oh I didn't upload the last packages...08:49
elmargol\sh: the packages are out of sanc08:50
\shelmargol: who did the last upload? give me a min to check this08:50
elmargolyou did the last claws-mail update08:50
\shelmargol: nope08:51
elmargolSteve Langasek08:51
\shelmargol: I merged 3.2.0-2 together with the plugins08:51
\shelmargol: the last upload of 3.3.0 came from morten kjeldgaard08:51
elmargolah ok you did the last plugins merge08:51
\shelmargol: yes for 3.2.0...the version which is not in the archives anymore...claws-mail and claws-mail-extra-plugins are belonging together, so the uploader of the last version need to take action and push the extra-plugins to the very same version08:52
\shI wonder why this wasn't the case now08:52
\shand oh wonder...morten doesn't use launchpad08:55
\shdoes anybody know the ircnick of morten?08:55
\shelmargol: if you be so kind, please merge the new extra-plugins...and I'll happy to discuss with motu-release a FFE08:59
\shelmargol: I'm confident that no one would object the upload08:59
gesergood morning09:01
\shmoins geser09:04
geserHi \sh09:06
persiaslomo, pochu: Thanks again.  Let me know if there is anything leftover that needs attention.09:26
elmargollaunchpad is somehow very slow09:27
slomo__tsmithe: url? :)09:28
slomo__persia: sf2 support... but tsmithe was looking into that09:29
persiaslomo__: If I'm lucky, I'll be able to integrate that patch before you upload :)09:31
slomo__persia: which patch?09:31
persiaAlso, if you're looking at fluid-soundfont changes, there's a candidate Ubuntu debdiff at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mscore/+bug/195179 (although I don't have a URL for a debian-target update).09:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195179 in mscore "Please update mscore to 0.9.1d+dfsg-0ubuntu2 (debdiff attached)" [Undecided,New]09:32
persiaThe sf2 patch from tsmithe.09:32
persia(it doesn't exist yet)09:32
slomo__persia: what's mscore?09:32
persiaslomo__: It's an score-editor to go with the MuSE sequencer.  Let's you edit the staff, and plays it to you with a soundfont.09:33
tsmitheslomo__, i'm thinking sf2 support may be a bit outside of my expertise, but i can persevere if you like. it would just take a while...09:33
tsmitheslomo__, http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/f/fluid-soundfont/fluid-soundfont_3.1-1.dsc09:34
persiatsmithe: If you are willing to work on it, please go ahead.  Feel free to ask me for help (although I've a bit of a learning curve to chase as well).09:34
slomo__tsmithe: if you want... :) would be a nice feature but not too important i guess09:34
\shelmargol: if you can't do it, I'm sitting this evening and do the merge myself...09:34
elmargolI'm done here09:34
elmargoltry to upload the debdiff to launchpad09:35
tsmithepersia, right. i have to leave soon, but i can take a hack at it when i get back later today09:35
persiatsmithe: No big rush.  It would be nice, but having any gstreamer-midi in hardy (even with freepats) is better than none.09:35
* persia suspects lenny may be a more reasonable timeframe for sf2 support.09:36
elmargol\sh: somehow I can not upload the diff...09:36
tsmitheok :)09:37
\shelmargol: just send it to me by email...I'm taking care of it09:37
\shelmargol: sh at sourcecode dot de09:38
elmargol\sh: only the debdiff?09:39
\shelmargol: the debdiff from 3.3.0-?? <debian version> to new ubuntu version09:42
\shelmargol: afaik we only need to add the old transitional packages to -extra-plugins because of upgrade from dapper to hardy09:42
elmargollaunchpad did work now09:43
tsmitheslomo__, would you also be willing to upload my mscore package for debian? (once fluid-soundfont is through NEW)09:45
\shelmargol: cool..bug no?09:46
\shelmargol: I assigned the bug to me...and confirmed it and set prio to critical...(in my opinion it is :))09:52
persiaDoes anyone have any suggestions about who might know about the use of Ubuntu to process CT scans?09:52
\shpersia: decompile "CT scans" please :)09:52
elmargol\sh: yes mail is critical :D09:53
persia\sh: Applied Computed Tomography to successive radial X-Rays for multidimensional rendering of internal organisation (used for either of the big devices at hospitals where you go into a tube, and the technician in the next room makes pretty pictures).09:54
tsmithe\sh, i think he means "computed tomography"09:54
* persia gives tsmithe a gold star for successful acronym expansion09:54
\shpersia: thx :) I just needed a context for it ;) medical stuff is not on my list of acronyms for this channel ;)09:55
tsmithepersia, it would be very cool if there was a package to deal with that (though i personally would have no use for it, not having a personal ct scanner and all)09:56
persiatsmithe: There is such a package (ctsim).  I want to disable the GUI as porting it is painful, and it is the only reverse dependency of a library I'd like to drop.  Of course, I don't want to do this if anyone uses it.09:57
tsmitheahh. is that one of your wx2.4 packages?09:57
persiaThe last one :)  bddebian and I uploaded the other two remaining packages about 12 hours ago.09:58
tsmithewow. that's very good going! and then i suppose we'll drop wx2.4?09:59
persiaRight, as nobody (not even upstream) wants to support it for the next few years.10:00
tsmitheah yes, which they would have to otherwise, as hardy is lts. got it.10:01
persiatsmithe: lenny too.  There are actually two packages left in Debian, but one has a patch in the BTS and is expected to upload in the next couple months.10:02
tsmitheright, but lenny's not too urgent. when is it expected to be released?10:02
persiatsmithe: September or so, but freeze starts in June.10:04
tsmithehmm. the cycles seem to have sped up. etch was released not that long ago, but sarge was back in 2005.10:05
tsmitheanyhow, i'm off10:08
\shoh damn...wtf is going on between keybuk and mjg?10:09
warp10persia: regarding ctsim, I believe we can safely drop the GUI, based on the lack of support upstream, and also since it is just a simulator and not an actual CT appliance.10:10
persiawarp10: Perhaps.  Upstream seems to close most of the bugs that get opened against the package though.  Maybe just for hardy, and bring it back later.10:16
warp10persia: sounds like a reasonable plan10:18
slicerWhen updating a package, should the changelog include a (LP: #xxx) for the bug I'm uploading the diff.gz in?10:18
persiaslicer: Ideally.10:19
fdrhello! I've modified the source in a source package to fix a bug (simply modified a translation...), now how do I make a diff to upload in launchpad? Thanks10:25
slicerfdr: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Sponsorship/SponsorsQueue10:27
coolbhavihello when does development for 8.10 start?10:28
pochu_coolbhavi: when 8.04 is released10:28
fdrsladen, so debdiff is the way to go?10:29
persiafdr: You'll want either diff -urN or debdiff, depending on how you made your patch.  There's a few links and some guide information available from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing10:30
fdrI simply did apt-get source <packagename>, and edited one single line of one single file with vim10:31
persiafdr: Well, you've a choice.  You can follow the guidance from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix, or you can act as a member of the maintenance team, and prepare a new revision based on MOTU/Contributing.  It depends on how much time you have, and how familiar you wish to become with the tools.  Participants in this channel would be happy to help you either way.10:32
fdrthank you, I think I will go with HowToFix, since it is just a very simple fix...  But I'll get back with the other way later, since there are a couple of apps that I'd like to see in ubuntu and I'd like to try packaging10:35
persiafdr: Please share the bug number here when you have a patch.  There are a number of people who may be happy to package it and prepare the new candidate.  Thanks for helping to make Ubuntu better.10:37
fdrok thanks. Is it enough to write the bug number here?10:38
emgentbug #19538010:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195380 in lighttpd "lighttpd crashes in some cases and giving a remote DoS possibility" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19538010:42
\shemgent: fixing the hardy stuff the patch is trivial10:44
fdrpersia, it is bug LP: #19474510:50
fdranything else I should do?10:52
phoenix24I'm behind the University Proxy server, How can I use => bzr push bzr+ssh://..10:53
phoenix24 ?10:53
\shphoenix24: blocked outgoing port 22?10:54
phoenix24\sh: yes.10:54
slicerHm. SponsorsQueue on the wiki says that the debdiff should apply cleanly with -p1. However, Recipies/Debdiff says to run debdiff on .dsc's, which will unpack to /tmp/random/package, resulting in a patch that needs -p4. Which is right?10:55
\shphoenix24: there are solution, but they could violate your university security statement ... so I think you know that you could forward port 22 from an outside server to launchpad, and listen on this very same machine on a port which could be opened on your universities FW?10:56
phoenix24\sh: Yes, can be done.10:57
* Fujitsu normally uses an external machine with SSH on 443, and tunnels through some accessible HTTPS proxy.10:58
phoenix24are the there public servers that do port forwarding ?10:59
FujitsuI doubt it.11:00
phoenix24Fujitsu: How do you forward your connection ?11:00
FujitsuI use SSH's port-forwarding capability.11:01
\shphoenix24: nope...you need your own rootserver e.g.11:01
phoenix24In my case, is the server to be reached is : bazaar.launchpad.net ?11:02
\shphoenix24: well, you proxy server is blocking port 22 to the outside...so eventually port > 1024 are opened as destination ports...catch your rootserver which will have an ssh listen on 1025 e.g. and forwars this connection to port 22 of bazaar.launchpad...you can then configure ssh for your rootserver to use port 1025 instead of 22 and connect via bzr to your rootserver which will forward then the very same connection to port 22 of bazaar11:05
\shphoenix24: and this way is eventually a violation of your university security laws (which could give you problems with your universities authorities, as a reminder)11:06
phoenix24is launchpad ID, same as the launchpad login id ?11:07
\shphoenix24: yes11:08
persiabug #19474511:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194745 in language-pack-gnome-it "Misleading Italian translation for UML use-case" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19474511:14
persiaslicer: Either you need to install patchutils, or you've encountered a native package, for which the instructions are not as optimal.11:14
slicerpersia: It includes a upstream version change.11:18
persiaslicer: Ah.  debdiff isn't very good at that.  Just attach your new diff.gz to the bug.11:18
slicerpersia: I did, and was told to not do that but include the debdiff.11:19
persiaslicer: Which bug?11:19
slicerpersia: So I'm confused, and will include .diff, .debdiff and .interdiff11:19
slicerbug 19483611:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194836 in mumble "Update to 1.1.3 (bugfixes)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19483611:19
persiaslicer: No, don't do that.  Let's figure out what you should attach, and attach the right thing.11:19
slicerpersia: Er. Oops. Too late :(11:20
slicerpersia: I thought I'd give the eventual sponsor the freedom of choice. The interdiff is much easier to read through, the debdiff includes the upstream changes, and the .diff.gz is what should be applied to the final package.11:21
persiaslicer: You did exactly the right thing the first time.  When someone complains, and you think you did it right, feel free to check their LP page to see if they are sponsors, and ask again here.11:21
persiaslicer: If the interdiff is easier to read, the sponsor can't use it, because combinediff doesn't support hunking.11:21
persiaThe debdiff cannot reliably be applied because it needs the new orig.tar.gz, and may end up with oddities in the diff.gz that aren't in the original as a result of application of the diff.  The diff.gz is the only bit that can be used.11:22
persiaPutting lots of things in the bug report just confuses sponsors, who really want that first attachment of yours, and should be ignoring the rest of them.11:22
slicerpersia: I understood that, but if the uploader wants to check that I didn't goof up, it's much easier to read. .. Then again, chances are the sponor knows how to use interdiff.11:23
persiaslicer: Right, and the sponsor oughtn't trust your interdiff anyway: they should be reviewing the package themselves (as they are signing off on it being correct)11:23
* slicer nods.11:24
slicerOk, so I just contributed to doing something in the wrong way? Bah :)11:24
slicerAnd no, the commenter isn't a sponsor. Shame on me for assuming such.11:25
persiaslicer: It's OK.  Most of the sponsors check anyway.  You just did a bit of extra work, but at least you know now, and can be more efficient in the future.11:25
* persia notes that many non-sponsor commentors can have good feedback, and should not be ignored, but that when the suggestion runs counter to previous experience, it may be good to get a second opinion.11:26
slicerpersia: *nod*. I did update the .diff.gz to close the bug though. Though it's a bit of circular logic there, as the bug with the .diff.gz in it didn't exist until the .diff.gz was uploaded :)11:26
persiaslicer: That would be bug #17985711:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179857 in malone "Package sponsorships involve awkward bugtracker machinations" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17985711:27
slicerYes it would :) Nice to see it's being addressed.11:28
phoenix24\sh: I've forwarded a local port (2222) to bazaar.launchpad.net (22). How do I configure bzr to use 2222, instead of 22 ?11:40
\shphoenix24: in your .ssh/config normally...11:43
\shphoenix24: not knowing if bzr+ssh uses the normal ssh stack11:43
phoenix24~/.ssh/config doesn't exist ?11:44
\shphoenix24: man ssh :)11:45
\shphoenix24: actually this is a question for #ubuntu :)11:46
phoenix24ok! thanks11:46
persiafdr: My apologies for the long delay.  The patch itself looks good, but that source package is in main, so I believe the translations are pulled from Rosetta (but would appreciate confirmation from someone more familiar), in which case your patch may not be the fastest way to get the fix applied.11:48
\shanyone from motu-release online? :)11:50
\shclaws-mail-extra-plugins needs to be updated..the merge was done by elmargol, the merge looks good, and the new upstream release would solve a bug, which prevents latest claws-mail from working with the old version plugins11:51
\shis it ok to just upload and fix this bug, or should I file a FFE for it as reference?11:51
persia\sh: From what I hear of policy, I believe the new upstream is supposed to not have any new features.  If there are also new features, it needs approval.  I believe the motu-release team is still discussing whether it needs a bug anyway, but it's probably safer to open and close a bug at least, even if you don't seek approval (and it never hurts to ask).11:52
\shpersia: I'll fil12:02
persia\sh: Seems the safest way.  If you're still not sure, maybe wait ~12 hours before running dput to see if any of motu-release respond.12:02
fdrpersia, thanks for your remark. Anyway, I think doing the fix with Rosetta is almost impossible, since it does not have a search function and I don't feel like browsing all the messages in the language pack... Or is there any alternative I am missing?12:10
FujitsuGood old bug #44.12:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 44 in rosetta "Translations should be searchable" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4412:11
persiafdr: My apologies, but I have no idea.  I did one translation on Rosetta several years ago, and haven't used it since.12:12
fdrok, thanks!12:13
\shmotu-release was the right team to subscribe for FFEs I hope12:16
persia\sh: Yes.12:19
\shok..bug #195369 :)12:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195369 in claws-mail-extra-plugins "[FF Exception] Please merge claws-mail-extra-plugins <3.3.0+dfsg-2> (universe) from Debian <unstable> (<main>)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19536912:20
\shI adjusted the bug actually12:20
persia\sh: Now you just have to wait for either two ACK's or one not-for-us :)12:22
\shpersia: well, not-for-us gives many angry users, including me ;)12:23
persia\sh: "not-for-us" means not-for-motu-release, meaning not--a-FFe, meaning, "Just upload, already".12:23
\shpersia: ah...;) I thought "not-for-us" means "no, we don't want this in" ;)12:24
persia\sh: No, I've seen a couple FFe requests that were unsub'd as not-for-us because a member of motu-release didn't think they needed an exception.12:25
frenchyfdr: As I'm sure that you've already read, just download the po to find the translation that you want.  Then fix it either online or in the po and re-upload.12:28
fdrfrenchy, mmm... thanks, but either I am missing something, or it takes particular privileges to re-upload the .po file...12:30
frenchyWould I be wrong in assuming that getting a FFe for an "extra" would be easier than an "optional" or "recommended" priority?12:31
frenchyfdr: well I can on my project ... let me try someone else's ... does the "Upload a file" option come up for you?12:32
persiafrenchy: Assuming the package has the correct Priority, likely, but it's really a matter of avoiding possible regressions or transitions, as there's not much time left for testing.12:34
frenchyfdr: Yeah, LP can sometimes be a bit confusing.  I subscribe to the Brownian motion theory of just start clicking till stuff works ... i.e. Click the "View Template & All Languages..." to get the upload link.12:34
frenchyfdr: Go figure.12:35
fdron dia, when I select the "translation" tab it says that the project is not set up to manage translations with launchpad, while when I can't find the page for language-pack-gnome-it12:35
fdrmmm I *hate* LP. It seems just to be trying to stand in my way and nothing more.12:36
frenchypersia: Thanks again.  Your continued effort amazes and inspires me.  I'm sure that a lot of developers get caught in this pattern of minor bugs fixes that they want uploaded (80-20 rule).12:37
frenchyfdr: I hear you.  Somethings it does really well and I haven't really found a better alternative.12:39
fdrwell, I did no real work with either, since I only reported some bugs, but I liked bugzilla much more :)12:39
persiafrenchy: Yep.  Personally, I tend to look at different packages after the freeze starts than I was chasing beforehand.  There are lots of easy bugs and simple packaging tasks that need doing that often get missed because nobody is paying attention to some package.12:40
* persia turns on all the lights12:40
frenchyHobbsee: boo who12:41
frenchyHobbsee: Don't worry .. that was a joke ... I laughed, so it hit its intended audience.12:42
frenchypersia: Yeah, I'm now aware of the amount of work that you guys put in to hold this thing together.  3 Cheers for MOTU.  I have enough trouble with one.12:44
\shHobbsee: my dear release member :) could you provide your opinion to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/195369 , please? :) thx :)12:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195369 in claws-mail-extra-plugins "[FF Exception] Please merge claws-mail-extra-plugins <3.3.0+dfsg-2> (universe) from Debian <unstable> (<main>)" [Critical,Confirmed]12:52
* Hobbsee is playing with shiny things, and is therefore distracted12:55
\shHobbsee: diamonds? :)12:55
joejaxxhttps://launchpad.net/~joejaxx/+packages is looking sparse :( i need stuff to do lol12:57
persiajoejaxx: There's about 200 packages that need maintainer mangling.  There are about 750 patches that need review and new candidate revisions prepared.  There's about 40,000 bugs available to be fixed.  You might also look at the output of `apt-cache unmet -i`.  Let me know if you run out again.13:07
mruizhi all13:08
=== doko_ is now known as doko
DaveMorrisI've been using the opensg libs I created for hardy, and I've just noticed that a couple of install dependencies have been missed off, whats the policy for fixing this?13:25
DaveMorrisFile a bug, and attach a debdiff I assume13:25
ScottK2DaveMorris: Yes13:27
DaveMorrishow do you create a deb diff?13:28
slytherinDaveMorris: debdiff oldversion.dsc newversion.dsc13:34
DaveMorriswho do I need to subscribe to get it fixed?13:44
\shScottK: thx13:47
ScottKNo problem.13:48
\shScottK: two acks are needed, right?13:49
ScottK\sh: Approved.13:52
DaveMorrisScottK once the bugs been fixed, who do I need to subscribe to it?13:56
* DaveMorris makes notes for next time :)13:56
sistpoty|workhi folks14:01
mok1ScottK, have you had time to cast an eye on bug 156100 ?14:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156100 in storm "[hardy] please upgrade storm to version 0.12" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15610014:07
mok1ScottK: ah, you did14:08
ScottKmok1: Did you see my comment?14:08
mok1I will go ahead and do the update, then14:08
loolHi folks; I'm pondering pushing gstreamermm (C++ bindings for GStreamer) which is a very new module to universe; I just pushed it to Debian experimental and thought it might be nice to have it in hardy for backports, third party devs etc. but would like to hear from you14:10
mok1ScottK: I will assign the bug to me, ok?14:10
sistpoty|worklool: any reason, why it's not yet in unstable, but only in experimental?14:12
loolsistpoty|work: Because we avoid publishing unstable API in Debian unstable in pkg-gnome/pkg-gstreamer14:13
loolFor example we don't publish the gtk or glib dev series in unstable because of this14:14
ScottKlool: If it's not stable enough for unstalbe, it seems unlikely it'd be stable enough for us to drop in late in the release cycle.14:14
sistpoty|worklool: I guess it would be better to get it in hardy+1 then, and backport it to hardy from there, what do you think?14:14
loolScottK: Ok; I was wondering whether it was too late for this cycle too14:15
ScottKlool: We are past Feature Freeze.  It's need good justification.  I think, without knowing a lot on the topic, it would likely be better to wait.14:15
loolI think we tend to merge unstable apps and unstable which are going to stabilize before release, but as I can't tell for gstreamermm it might be best to wait after release14:15
lool"we tend to merge unstable apps and unstable libs which are going to stabilize"14:17
\shHobbsee: thx...14:24
\shelmargol: uploading14:24
\shScottK: btw...the bug was the original merging bug, and I set it to me and confirmed it...14:25
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
sistpoty|work\sh: we use bug states for state of an FFe, confirmed means "granted"... (and bugs being confirmed will hence not show up on the working list of motu-release)14:31
\shsistpoty|work: yepp...next time I reset the bugstates :)14:36
=== kdu1 is now known as kdub
joejaxxpersia: where do i get this grand list of non-mangled maintainer packages?14:37
joejaxxthe funny thing is14:38
joejaxxi could probably write something up to fix all of those and build source packages for them14:39
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
joejaxxhello dholbach and zul14:39
sistpoty|workhi dholbach and zul14:40
dholbachhey sistpoty|work14:41
dholbachsistpoty|work: awesome work on the library packaging session14:41
sistpoty|workthanks dholbach... w.o. slangasek it wouldn't have been that good however ;)14:42
dholbachyou guys rock, both :)14:42
sistpoty|workhi RainCT14:43
=== asac_ is now known as asac
staniI need help to fix pychecker. Is there someone experienced in Python around ( ScottK )?14:56
RainCTstani: just ask14:56
staniThe problem is that the test suite of pychecker supposes a python2.4 install, which leads to a FTBS.14:57
geserstani: I once looked at pychecker14:58
staniI am quite familiar with Python, but don't know how I can adapt the code so that all python 2.4 references are transferred to 2.514:58
geserstani: but I don't know if patching the test output of pychecker with python2.5 is the correct way14:59
staniBetter would be that pychecker tests against the current python versions and that version numbers are not hard coded in the test suite.14:59
geserchanging the path in the test suite isn't hard, but I don't know if the other test failure are a regression or not15:01
stanigeser: I am willing to review and fix all the tests, if someone can explain me how the test suite works. Especially where the expected output is defined.15:03
geserthe development version of pychecker mentions support for python2.5 in its changelog but last I checked it, it failed in the test suite too15:03
staniSome tests may be related to the python version number, other tests might be due to a bug in pychecker. Probably I can fix them, but I just need to know how the information I asked above.15:05
geserstani: see test_input/ for the tests and test_expected/ for the results15:05
geserstani: debian/regression.sh is the script doing the tests15:06
staniok, geser, I'll start and will ask questions here if I get stuck.15:07
stanigeser: is there any information you still remember, from when you looked at pychecker?15:08
bddebianHeya gang15:12
\shmoins bddebian15:13
=== mgallagh_ is now known as mattva91
bddebianHi \sh15:14
=== mattva91 is now known as mattva01
sistpoty|workhi bddebian15:14
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work15:16
geserHi bddebian15:16
geserstani: not more than I already told you15:17
sistpoty|workbddebian: /me hopes to see ufoai in debian soon... strange enough, I downloaded it on the same day, before the thread started and am currently busy testing it *g*15:17
bddebianHeya geser15:18
bddebiansistpoty|work: Yeah, is it good? :)15:18
sistpoty|workbddebian: well, I *loved* the old ufo - enemy unknown, and ufoai is even better :)15:19
mok1ScottK: I've uploaded the diff.gz file for python-storm. Should I change bug status to New?15:27
* mok1 wonders why LP doesn15:27
mok1' do this by itself15:27
bddebiansistpoty|work: I'll have to check it out.  Though it sounds like there's going to be licensing issues and I HATE those :-(15:29
sistpoty|workbddebian: yeah... license issues in *data* files are a nightmare :(15:30
stanigeser: ok, fixed one test already ;-)15:30
warp10gpe-mixer has an unmetdep on gpe-icons  >= 0.23 since Hardy ships gpe-icons 0.20-1.1. I was wondering if this could be worth to ask a FFe, since gpe-icons 0.25-1 (in sid) isn't changed so much and I would avoid to add an ubuntu1 delta to gpe-icons.15:34
warp10("delta to gpe-mixer", of course)15:35
mruizHi all. Where can I find information about debian/control fields supported by Ubuntu?15:35
sistpoty|workwarp10: if it's an unmet dependency, sounds sane to me15:36
warp10sistpoty|work: good. I'll report a sync request soon, at a first look gpe-icons has just some minor changes15:37
sistpoty|workwarp10: since it's an icons package, it also doesn't fall under FFe's imho but rather under ArtworkDeadline. ScottK, Hobbsee, TheMuso: agreed?15:39
hellboy195sistpoty|work: time for some questions about sensors-applet?15:41
sistpoty|workhellboy195: what's up?15:42
hellboy195sistpoty|work: as I see on the homepage currently there is only nvidia support. also ati support planned?15:43
sistpoty|workhellboy195: no idea... actually... maybe asking upstream?15:44
hellboy195sistpoty|work: ah thought you know it maybe .. :) nvm. and I should also ask upstream why the indicator for my graphics card is red though it's running at 47°?15:45
warp10sistpoty|work: if we consider it under ArtowrkDeadline it should be fine syncing it before UIF, shouldn't it?15:46
sistpoty|workhellboy195: yes, please ;)15:46
sistpoty|workwarp10: yes15:46
hellboy195sistpoty|work: ^^ k, anyway. thx :)15:46
hellboy195afflux: ahoi ;)15:54
affluxmorning hellboy195! :)15:54
ScottKsistpoty|work: Since it's not Ubuntu artwork, but more general, I think it needs an FFe, but I don't see a problem with giving it.16:15
sistpoty|workScottK: ok, makes sense16:21
bobbodoes anyone have any docs on syncing packages from Debian? I'd like to add ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager to Universe to fix Bug #194686/Bug #19506516:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194686 in funguloids "Error installing Funguloids: ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager doesnt exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19468616:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195065 in ubuntu "Please sync ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19506516:32
RainCTbobbo: You have to do some changes in the "Please sync..." bug and then subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors. If a MOTU thinks that the sync is OK he will change the status to confirmed and subscribe ubuntu-archive, and then an archive admin will do the sync16:42
geserRainCT: what about the needed FFe?16:43
RainCTbobbo: a sync request should look like this : a) bug title: "Please sync <package name> <version> from Debian unstable (<main/contrib/non-free>)";  b) explain what the changes in Debian are and if there were any Ubuntu changes why they can be dropped (this isn't applicable in this case); c) include a rational about why it should be synced16:45
RainCTand in this case as geser says you'll also need a Freeze Exception16:46
sistpoty|workjdong: can you comment on bug #195389 please?16:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195389 in deluge-torrent "Please sync deluge-torrent (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19538916:46
bobboRainCT: ok, im on it16:49
RainCTgeser: for the freeze exception, should contributors subscribe motu-release before u-u-s, or just subscribe u-u-s and let the sponsor subscribe motu-release?16:51
jpatrickRainCT: before to allow acking16:53
bobboOk, ive fixed up the description, im guessing i subsribe motu-release now for the FFe?16:54
* jdong grumbles at deluge's large diffstat16:54
geserRainCT: I'd say motu-release and if the FFe got granted u-u-s (if it's still needed, perhaps the FFe counts as an ACK)16:54
RainCTjpatrick, geser: thanks16:55
jpatrickbobbo: yes16:56
bobbojpatrick, RainCT: right thats the title/description updated and motu-release subscribed, anything else I need to do?16:56
jpatrickbobbo: wait :)16:57
sistpoty|workRainCT, geser: well, at least for what I ack with the motu-release hat, I don't consider this necessarily an ACK for sponsoring (as I don't test-build the package)17:00
jdongsistpoty|work: commented...17:01
sistpoty|workjdong: thanks17:01
jdongsistpoty|work: though let the record show that's an ok with a grumble attached17:02
=== bobbo is now known as bobbo[away]
gesersistpoty|work: doesn't the FFe needs a build log?17:04
sistpoty|workgeser: yes, though I'm not too sure why (and looking at a build log and building it myself is still a difference (e.g. buildlog outdated))17:06
emgentheya blueyed :P17:13
blueyedHi emgent :)17:13
=== bobbo[away] is now known as bobbo
bobbosistpoty|work: in bug #195065 you said you can only sync source packages, where do i get the source package?17:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195065 in ubuntu "Please sync ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager 1.4.6-1 from debian unstable contrib" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19506517:20
bobbosistpoty|work: wait, doesnt matter, found it17:20
sistpoty|workbobbo: apt-cache showsrc in an unstable chroot is what works for me... others than that there is also packages.debian.org/packagename with links17:21
bobbosistpoty|work: thanks, got the package and added it to the report17:23
sistpoty|workbobbo: also the necessary build log, diffstat and diff of upstream changelog?17:24
bobbosistpoty|work: not got that yet ;)17:24
sistpoty|workthen please add it ;)17:24
jpatrickbobbo: see bug #192350 for an example17:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192350 in semantik "[Feature Freeze Exception] New upstream release" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19235017:26
bobbojpatrick: thanks :D17:27
bobbojpatrick, sistpoty|work: is the diffstat etc between the Debian Version and Current Ubuntu version?17:27
jpatrickbobbo: between the two releases17:28
\shDktrKranz: Re: bug #185513 -> the dh_strip in our sbuild chroot needs a fix...adding this to the amd64 part of debian/rules in wine doesn't help actually17:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185513 in wine "Wine packages overly large" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18551317:28
bobbojpatrick: the package isnt in Ubuntu though...17:28
jpatrickbobbo: then no need I guess17:29
sistpoty|workbobbo: ogre-contrib is in hardy?17:29
DktrKranz\sh, I tested only in i386 and it worked. I haven't any amd64 boxes to test it out.17:30
\shDktrKranz: on i386 it works without any problem :)17:30
\shDktrKranz: it's only on amd6417:30
bobbosistpoty|work: it is but not building ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager17:30
DktrKranzso, it's just half-a-fix :)17:31
sistpoty|workbobbo: aha... because it obviously failed to build17:31
* bobbo goes to check logs17:31
sistpoty|workbobbo: which could be related with that old changelog entry: " * Bootstrapping will be done manually."17:31
DktrKranz\sh, anyway, main issue is segfaults. I tried to look at them, but got no useful details, even with dbgsym17:31
\shDktrKranz: it looks like that something is terribly wrong...when invoking wine from != a direct wine src tree dir17:32
\shDktrKranz: there are some messages on wine-devel ml...17:32
sistpoty|workbobbo: nope, looks like s.th. different is making problems: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11901495/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.ogre-contrib_1.4.5-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:32
* bobbo never gets the easy bugs :/17:33
jpatrickbobbo: there are none17:34
DktrKranz\sh, so it's not just us... this is good and bad at the same time17:34
bobboheh :)17:34
hellboy195bobbo: start with merging ^^17:34
\shDktrKranz: yeah...17:35
geserbobbo: there is a nvidia-cg-installer in multiverse but it won't work on the buildds as it wants net access (for downloading) and the buildds have no net access17:35
* bobbo is now yoyally confused over ogre-contrib bug :/17:40
jpatrickbobbo: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57358/ - it's missing a libraby17:48
geserbobbo: the last version in Debian has "* Specify Build-Depends and Depends on nvidia-cg-toolkit (>= 2.0)" so it might work now17:49
bobbojpatrick, geser: so the original plan of merging in the current debian version might work?17:49
DRebellionhow can i get pbuilder to use a hardy enviroment for building packages? I have changed the DISTRIBUTION= variable in /etc/pbuilderrc but it seems to still build under gutsy =/17:52
DRebellioni am running gutsy btw17:52
jpatrickDRebellion: you sure it's not DIST=hardy? :)17:54
DRebellionjpatrick, from /etc/pbuilderrc:17:55
DRebellion# specifying the distribution forces the distribution on "pbuilder update"17:55
jpatrickDRebellion: hrmm, then I have my pbuilder set up differently17:55
HighN1DRebellion: did you 'reinit' pbuilder after changing the distribution?17:56
DRebellionHighN1, erm, no?17:56
HighN1DRebellion: wait a sec...17:56
HighN1DRebellion: sudo pbuilder update --distribution hardy --override-config17:57
DRebellionHighN1, i did that, but when i go to build a package it starts to download all of the gutsy packages again!17:58
HighN1DRebellion: hm, how do you bulid your package?17:58
DRebellionHighN1, sudo pbuilder build --logfile ~/pbuilder3.log package.dsc17:58
HighN1DRebellion: just a try: sudo pbuilder build --distribution hardy --logfile ~/pbuilder3.log package.dsc17:59
bobbosistpoty|work, jpatrick: What information do i need to add to the FFe/Sync request?18:00
DRebellionHighN1, i'll give that a shot. its just that i shouldn't have to specify on the cmd line every time right?18:00
jpatrickbobbo: the ones in the example I gave you18:00
HighN1DRebellion: Right. I can't tell - I did it the other way - sudo pbulider login  gives you a full chroot environment with a bash, there you can do the debuild manually. that works for me all the time...18:01
bobbojpatrick: ive lost the link (embarrased), can you send it again?18:01
jpatrickbobbo: https://launchpad.net/bugs/19235018:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192350 in semantik "[Feature Freeze Exception] New upstream release" [Undecided,Fix released]18:02
bobbojpatrick: thank you!18:02
* sistpoty|work heads home18:03
DRebellionHrm, still can't get this hardy pbuilder to work properly... could someone talk me through the steps to get a hardy pbuilder enviroment? HighN1?18:17
bobbojpatrick: that should be everything that needed up for Bug #195065 if you are interested18:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195065 in ubuntu "Please sync ogre-contrib (1.4.6-1) from debian unstable contrib" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19506518:19
james_wDRebellion: you might like to try pbuilder-dist from ubuntu-dev-tools, but I think that might mean you creating a new chroot.18:19
DRebellionjames_w, that's not a problem, I only need the default (and only) chroot to be hardy.18:20
=== HighN1 is now known as HighNo
HighNoDRebellion: hm, I did everything according to this wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto18:23
DRebellionHighNo, same.18:23
HighNoDRebellion: brb18:25
james_wDRebellion: pbuilder login --save-after-login18:26
james_wDRebellion: then edit /etc/apt/sources.list to say hard, then run update; dist-upgrade and log out18:27
jpatrickbobbo: see noresetto's comment on the bug :)18:37
bobbojpatrick: just got the email, checking it out now18:41
tsmitheslomo__, thanks for the upload18:58
bmhmhi all19:01
bmhmI'd like to mention THIS backport URGENTLY: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gutsy-backports/+bug/19275119:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192751 in gutsy-backports "Backport of network game "pioneers"" [Undecided,New]19:01
pochu_bmhm: what's urgent from it?19:02
slangasekwow, pioneers is urgent, how far we've come19:02
bmhmpochu_: I've been waiting for... weeks =)19:02
bmhmpochu_: can't I provide MY packages?19:02
bmhmI can provide gutsy amd64 and edgy x8619:02
pochu_no, you can't. packages are built in ubuntu buildds19:03
bmhmI see. Anyway, thanks for the tipp regarding prevu. Wounderful tool.19:03
ScottKbmhm: Once it's tested, set the bug to Triaged.  I don't even look at New backports requests.19:06
bmhmthanks ScottK19:07
bmhmScottK: What is "Triaged"?19:07
ScottKIn general terms it means that the bug has been evaluated and a root cause has been determined (it's ready for a developer to look at fixing)19:08
ScottKWe use it in backports to mean it's fully tested and ready to be looked at for approval.19:08
bmhmI didn't see the option "Triaged"19:09
bmhmSo i picked confirmed instead19:09
ScottKConfirmed is fine.19:10
ScottKTriaged has some restrictions on it.  I look at confirmed too.19:11
=== andrea-bs is now known as andrea-bs_
=== andrea-bs_ is now known as andrea-bs
LaserJockRainCT: ping19:30
RainCTLaserJock: pong19:33
LaserJockRainCT: I had a chance to test pbuilder-dist19:33
RainCTLaserJock: evil again? ;)19:33
LaserJockwell, kidna19:33
LaserJockI needed to fix something19:33
RainCTLaserJock: ya?19:34
LaserJockRainCT: at the very bottom of the actual pbuilder command, it sets the aptconfdir19:34
LaserJockand the quoting is incorrect I believe19:34
LaserJockwhen I tried to do a pbuilder create it actually added a " to the path19:35
LaserJockso I just made that line: $( [ $ISDEBIAN != "False" ] || echo "--aptconfdir ${BASE_DIR}/etc/${DISTRIBUTION}/apt.conf/" ) \19:35
LaserJockand it seemed to work fine after that19:35
RainCTLaserJock: can you try if      $( [ $ISDEBIAN != "False" ] || echo "--aptconfdir '${BASE_DIR}/etc/${DISTRIBUTION}/apt.conf/'" ) \      works, please?19:36
RainCTLaserJock: I think it wouldn't work if the basedir contains spaces if it has no quotes at all19:36
LaserJockRainCT: no go, it still puts ' in the path19:51
* RainCT is pondering if rewriting the damn think in Python might help :P19:52
geserRainCT: it can't get worse :)19:53
hellboy195geser: quick question. I'm doing bug 195532 is bug 186130 really necessary?19:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195532 in libnxml "Merge libnxml 0.18.1-4 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19553219:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186130 in libnxml "libnxml needs a versioned build-dependency on cdbs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18613019:56
LaserJockRainCT: honestly, I think it could be much simpler as well19:57
RainCTLaserJock: I'm adding the original script as pbuilder-dist-simple right now ;)19:57
LaserJockdoing it in Python is an idea though19:57
geserhellboy195: if you do the merge please also the second bug19:58
* ScottK2 cheers simplicity19:58
LaserJockit seems like right now though it's too easy to break it19:58
geserhellboy195: *fix the second bug19:59
RainCTIndeed. I think I'll have a go at converting it to Python, that should make it much more robust19:59
hellboy195geser: so it's necessary though he has a gutsy machine and I suppose on hardy there aren't problems?19:59
geserhellboy195: on hardy it's no problem (else it would FTBFS), only when backporting20:01
hellboy195geser: . so I suppose cdbs (>= 0.4.5)20:01
geserhellboy195: check the cdbs changelog when it was introduced20:03
hellboy195geser: k, thank you :)20:03
geserhellboy195: cdbs (>= 0.4.49ubuntu5)20:03
hellboy195geser: ah. again thx :)20:03
dsopdoes revu notice when the version number of an not yet approved package changed?20:12
LaserJockdsop: how do you mean?20:14
joejaxxthe next version of ubuntu is called Intrepid Ibex ?20:15
LaserJockuhh, yeah, where have you been? ;-)20:15
joejaxxhello LaserJock :)20:16
LaserJockhiya joejaxx20:16
LaserJockhow's it going?20:16
joejaxxit is going well :D20:16
dsophmm LaserJock my upload wsa rejected but i had revu upload rights two month ago20:18
LaserJockdsop: did you use the same name & address in the changelog entry?20:19
=== calc_ is now known as calc
dsopLaserJock: in the debian changelog, yes20:19
LaserJockdsop: you probably need to talk to a REVU admin20:20
LaserJockif it was two months ago that you last uploaded I'd think it'd be ok20:20
mok0_ScottK: I uploaded a diff.gz to bug 156100 .20:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156100 in storm "[hardy] please upgrade storm to version 0.12" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15610020:26
RainCTdsop: what's your email?20:29
dsopRainCT: sn_@gmx.net20:29
dsopRainCT: i got Signer has no upload rights at all to this distribution.20:31
pochu_dsop: are you sure you dput to revu? ;)20:33
RainCTyou're in the database20:33
pochu_(if you just dput, it will go to the ubuntu archive)20:33
dsoppochu_: okay, man i should read better the wiki nexttime20:34
pochu_dsop: it once happened to me the other way round, I dput'ed to the archive instead of to revu ;)20:38
RainCTpochu_: you're not the only one ;)20:38
HighNohehe - i guess one is a real motu only if you have done that at least once...20:39
jdongspawn new motumedia_member()20:41
pochu_jdong: who's him?20:41
jdonglooking for any :)20:41
jdongor anyone else who knows what happened to xvidcap20:41
* pochu_ hides from jdong ;)20:41
* HighNo is out since he still uses feisty...20:42
pochu_jdong: ah, so you aren't recluiting :)20:42
jdongpochu_: ha like I have the power to recruit ;-)20:42
pochu_HighNo: that's old!! ;)20:42
jdonghmm FFe for a FTBFS'ed package since like Feisty.20:43
jdongshouldn't be hard to grant, right?20:43
jdong</famous last words>20:43
HighNopochu_: true, but it is still working. Updating would be nice but only 150MB free atm. Updating would require like 1GB... :-(20:44
pochu_jdong: if it builds with the new version, I don't think so :P20:46
jdongLocal variables:20:46
jdongmode: debian-changelog20:46
jdongWTF is that stuff?20:46
jdongfound it at the end of debian/changelog20:46
jdongI'm guessing some of marillat's editor cruft?20:47
man-dijdong: for emacs20:47
jdongman-di: is it supposed to be at the bottom of debian/changelog or should I snip it out?20:47
man-diif its there emacs uses that settings for that file20:47
HighNosnip it - that should not be there20:48
man-diif its not there, it uses its default settings20:48
bobbohi, ive got a fix available for Bug #195196 but dnot know whether i should forward it to Debian or add the patch to the Ubuntu bug20:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195196 in graphmonkey "graphmonkey: Upgrade to new upstream release (1.7)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19519620:48
man-dijdong: there are many many packages with this20:48
jdongman-di: so it's safe to leave in?20:48
man-dijdong: yes, doesnt hurt20:48
HighNoman-di: there are?20:48
man-diHighNo: I have seen this a couple of times in Debian packages20:48
jdongok, then I'll leave it in. I was concerned because *cough* vim puts it in syntax error red :)20:49
man-dijdong: vim is not optimal either20:50
HighNojdong: I guess vim is not debian compliant here :-)20:50
jdonglol here we go... :)20:50
man-ditoo many false positive errors for debian/control files20:50
jdongyeah vim does seem to be chicken little with that20:50
dsopplease, is some of the motus willing to review gcutils?20:51
jdongurgh I made the most retarded upload ever21:02
FujitsuDoes anybody else find that Thunderbird hangs when gnome-settings-daemon crashes?21:04
hellboy195Hi, I want to merge nspluginwrapper from Debian. With the -1ubuntu1 version people suffer from crashes like bug 195170 . The problem is that I have no idea if new Debian revision fixes these issues. So merge or wait?21:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195170 in nspluginwrapper "npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in g_slice_free_chain_with_offset()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19517021:04
FujitsuNeither. Test.21:05
hellboy195Fujitsu: well, personally I don't usw nspluginwrapper. Maybe I find a person who is willing to test :)21:06
albert23RainCT: Thanks for sponsoring gcal. Regarding forwarding the changes to Debian, can I send them the Ubuntu debdiff or should I make a Debian version?21:12
RainCTalbert23: You're welcome :). You choose, the main thing is that they get the changes.21:13
albert23RainCT: OK, thank's, I will make a Debian version then21:13
Flare183What does this mean: create all leading components of DEST except the last, then copy SOURCE to DEST21:14
Flare183I don't get it21:14
Flare183bug 17540421:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175404 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Nemo" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17540421:15
Flare183that is the one I am working on21:16
LaserJockFlare183: I think you need to describe your question more, I can't quite figure out what you're asking21:22
Flare183LaserJock: ok on the Man page for Install it says that the "-D" syntax means this: create all leading components of DEST except the last, then copy SOURCE to DEST; What does that mean?21:24
Flare183esp. the part about except the last21:25
Flare183correction "except the last"21:25
LaserJockI guess it's just "create the directory structure, then copy"21:27
Flare183LaserJock: ok thanks21:30
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macdwhats the best way to take an existing package, add an init script to it and repackage? I've read a bit about dh init but I can't seem to discern howto use it, I've looked at a few packages that have init scripts, but they're pretty big can someone recommend a smaller package to peep out?21:50
mok0_macd: look what's in /etc/init.d21:52
macdIm not sure how that helps me use dh init?21:52
mok0_macd: all you need is to put it in debian and call it <package>.init21:52
macdif its that simple I feel like a fool21:52
macdthx :)21:53
mok0_macd: you just call dh_init in debian/rrules and it takes care of it21:53
mok0_dh_init is in the rules template, iirc21:53
macdok, another question, if a package exists, and the only thing it needs is an init script to add alot of functionality, is it better to just repackage with included script, or package the script seperate?21:56
macdI should mention, it has an init script already, but this gives the ability to start one or more instances, so it really expands the existing one21:57
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LaserJockslangasek: your sync bugmail always munges the title of the email to be [Bug #] Synced, would it be possible to have it not do that?23:04
slangasekLaserJock: to what mail are you referring?23:06
LaserJockwhen you do syncs23:06
slangasekI don't send mail when I do syncs23:06
LaserJockwell, I'm assuming the script you use does23:07
geserslangasek: but you add a comment to the sync bug which gets then mailed23:07
LaserJocktake bug #19503223:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195032 in starplot "Please sync starplot 0.95.4-3 from Debian(Unstable)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19503223:07
LaserJockthat's the one I got today23:07
slangasekyes, all I'm doing is adding comments to the bug in launchpad. If that generates mails with wrong subjects, I would think that's a LP issue?23:07
LaserJockI was assuming it was a script23:08
slangasekthere is a script.  but it works by adding comments to LP, not by sending email.23:08
LaserJockahh, perhaps it sets the "Subject" line in the comment23:09
geserthat's what it does23:09
LaserJockI remember seb128's sync seemed to do that when he first became and archive admin23:09
slangasekwell, ok, so what are you suggesting the subject should be instead?23:10
LaserJockno subject23:10
slangasek(anyway, pitti maintains this script, not me)23:10
LaserJockthen it just get's the bug's subject23:10
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LaserJockI need a MOTU for a huge favor23:28
StevenKLaserJock: You're all out of favours23:28
* geser hides23:28
LaserJockI actually need somebody to look over 5 Multiverse packages I'm going try to upload23:30
LaserJockI think they should be pretty ready to go23:30
LaserJockbut I'd like to get a 2nd opinion23:30
* geser says good night23:31
Legendariowhat am i supposed to do to pack a source which has only an install script?23:57
RAOFLegendario: Write a debian/rules file which has an empty build: target, and call the install script in the install: target?23:58
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LegendarioRAOF, what is an empty build?23:59

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