Wulfie_lappyhey folks - I am trying to disable the error about my self signed certificate - any thoughts?04:20
[reed]if you really have to use a self-signed certificate, just add an exception04:26
Wulfie_lappy[reed]: how do I do that?04:27
Wulfie_lappy[reed]: basically everytime I start up thunderbird it tells me that I could be at risk - thats what I don't want04:27
[reed]there's a big "Or ..." link at the bottom of the error page04:27
[reed]in Thunderbird04:27
[reed]you could try using Firefox to add the exception... there's a way to do it in Thunderbird, but I don't know how04:28
Wulfie_lappyhmm that doesn't seem to work04:33
asacWulfie_lappy: accept cert in ffox permanently  and try to copy the cert*db from your ffox profile in your tbird profile dir08:19
Ubuletteasac, email me if you want to close m-d. cu08:40
asacUbulette: thanks08:45
asacUbulette: still there?08:48
asacshould i add a new section in readme?08:48
asacUbulette: ok, mail send. all pushed. if you are happy with the quality of my README additions, close it.09:27
* asac lunch time13:02
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacmozilla bug 18562215:15
ubotuMozilla bug 185622 in Installer "Custom Install over previous installation allows for NO custom choices" [Normal,Verified: duplicate] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18562215:15
jetsaredimasac: you get a chance to take a look at the firebug pkg?15:16
asacjetsaredim: yes. i would like to do them in a batch by the end of the week - hopefully there will be more by then ;) ... is that good enough? (i could take a look later today if you prefer)15:18
jetsaredimdo you have any list of extensions you'd like to see done next?15:19
jetsaredimI think most of the extensions I use daily are either explicitly binary or only release xpi files - no source15:19
asacjetsaredim: xpi files are ok as long as the files have a license header15:21
jetsaredimand i'd find that by unpacking it?15:21
asacjetsaredim: i asked the mozgest guy to add missing license headers. he said that you can use mozgest even without that closed binary component15:21
asacjetsaredim: yes ... you unpack the .xpi (unzip)15:22
asacthen you unpack the .jar files in chrome/15:22
asacinstall.rdf + chrome.manifest don't need a license file15:22
asacsame for contents.rdf as those are just deployment descriptors which could be redone without any brain-power15:22
asacwe mostly care for .js + .xul + .xml (bindings)15:23
asac.dtd + .properties are nice to have, but we most likely could live without them for now15:23
jetsaredimis it ok if I make another section of the FF3Extensions page for extensions I look at, but have no license data15:27
asacjetsaredim: if there is no suitable section, then yes!15:30
asacjetsaredim: maybe add a field that indicates whether a ping about licensing has been send to developer and at what date that happened15:32
asacjetsaredim: if you ask them, there are usually two options: 1. (the simple one), just add a license.txt (or COPYING) in the top-level directory of the .xpi15:32
asac2. add license headers to all source files that matter15:32
asacjetsaredim: ok i bounced the mails with mozgest dev to you now15:33
asac(just to keep you updated)15:34
* jetsaredim reading15:38
jetsaredimalso their version on addons.mozdev isn't readily compatible with FF315:39
jetsaredimtheir latest nightly does work with FF3 though15:40
jetsaredimi replied asking about this15:43
asacjetsaredim:  can you try 1.5.2 with the trick mentioned on the extensions page?15:48
asacjetsaredim: e.g. extensions.checkCompatibility=false15:49
jetsaredim"This gun is loaded"15:49
asacit doesn't exist ... you have to add it15:50
asacoh really?15:50
asacfunny ;)15:50
jetsaredimyea - seems to work15:51
asacjetsaredim: perfect? or are there glitches?15:52
jetsaredimthere's a lot of gestures15:52
asacjetsaredim: if it works well its just a matter of bumping the maxVersion in install.rdf15:52
asacwe can patch that15:52
jetsaredimmeh - looks like it doesn't quite work15:52
jetsaredimZoomManager doesn't exist on FF315:53
asacjetsaredim:  try to steal the relevant files from http://www.mousegestures.org/websvn/listing.php?repname=MozGest&path=%2Fmozgest%2Fchrome%2Fcontent%2F15:53
jetsaredimat least it doesn't appear to15:53
asacmost have a license header ... you can certainly just copy them over15:53
asacjetsaredim: anyway, from what i read the license problem has not changed from 1.5.2 to trunk. so if we find a solution for one, we will find a solution for everything15:54
asac(e.g. just excluding the so)15:54
jetsaredimcan probably just not include the platform directory15:55
asac(and dropping the .xpt in components would be the logical consequence of course)15:57
jetsaredimhow did you determine which files had proper license headers?15:57
asacjetsaredim: opened in editor15:57
asacand verified if there is a license header at all15:58
jetsaredimthere's no actual build for this tree thoug15:59
jetsaredimits just zip it back up basically15:59
asacwe would need to write a custom build command if we take the full tree15:59
asacbut that should be straigt forward15:59
jetsaredimahh good old makefiles16:00
jetsaredimis this using gmake or something?16:00
asacwhich? the svn tree doesn't appear to have any build infrastructure16:00
asaci would just write a .sh script16:00
asacmake script would be good too16:00
jetsaredimno no - i mean the dbuild16:00
jetsaredimerr debuild16:01
asacyes ... debian/rules is a make file16:01
asacbut with xpi.mk there should be hardly any case where you need to edit anything16:01
jetsaredimok - well - i'll wait to hear back from him on updating those files with license data16:03
jetsaredimbefore i start creating any upstream branches or anything16:03
asacjetsaredim: components/nsGMNotifierService.js is tri-licensed ... so most likely the author intends to release that code unter tri-license16:04
asacdid you contact him?16:04
asac(gmail notifier)16:04
asacjetsaredim: you can always offer him to provide a patch that adds the required license information (to reduce his workload) :)16:06
jetsaredimI could do that16:06
asacmaybe they are more willing to do that if one helps ;)16:06
jetsaredimyea good point16:07
asacanyway, if you already send a question lets wait16:07
jetsaredimi cc'd you16:07
jetsaredimcan't do too many of these at once or real life is going to start to slip :)16:07
jetsaredimwas up till about 3A coding a django website for my mother-in-law16:08
asacthats ok16:08
asacah i see ... thats real-life ;)16:08
jetsaredimwell - only in the sense that happy mother-in-law == happy wife16:08
asacjetsaredim: well ... even if you cannot package it, contacting them about licensing helps a lot16:08
jetsaredimi do have a job too16:09
asacwe certainly can find someone to do the packaging if licensing is sorted16:09
jetsaredimsure - i want to help with the packaging16:09
jetsaredimnot complaining16:09
asacyep! ;)16:09
asacbut if you have extensions you cannot work on that have open licensing, feel free to add them to the page. someone else can do the work then ;)16:10
jetsaredimI'm working on about 3 hours sleep at the moment16:11
jetsaredimso things are a little foggy :)16:11
jetsaredimand being woken up by 4 year old screaming in your ear is not really the most pleasant way to wake up16:12
asacget some sleep then ;)16:12
asacotherwise you will burn out and that won't help anyone ;)16:12
jetsaredimgotta to work for my job16:13
asacwork from home?16:13
jetsaredimnever even met my boss in person16:13
asacah ... always the same ;) home job sounds promissing but turns out to be a 24/7 task ;)16:13
jetsaredimworked for him for about 1.5 years16:13
asacoh really ... thats interesting ;)16:14
asacfreelance or employed?16:14
asaceven more so16:14
asacoh nice ... what kind of stuff?16:14
asacin the guts of database/ApplicationServer? or more high-level tasks16:14
jetsaredimwe have Enterprise Linux - a re-branded clone of RHEL16:15
asacoh. so you work for a distro ;)16:15
jetsaredimI maintain/write the python code that handles the update server16:15
jetsaredimsort of like RHN16:15
asacoh nice.16:15
jetsaredimyea - we have a modified version of the update client that connects to our servers16:16
jetsaredimall managed by an oracle db backend16:16
asacdo you know if oracle supports ubuntu server yet?16:16
jetsaredimwith python as the intermediary16:16
jetsaredimi have no idea16:16
asac(haven't tracked that)16:16
jetsaredimi was thinking about it the other day when there was the server UDW talk16:17
jetsaredimthere aren't any oracle packages in ubuntu that I can see16:17
jetsaredimwhich is kind of sad16:17
asacno not in ubuntu. but maybe on oracle website ;)16:17
asacdoes RHEL ship packages for oracle? i always presumed not, but might be wrong16:17
jetsaredimno - and there are no rpms either16:18
jetsaredimoracle db is this giant behemoth that comes in a tarball sort of thing16:18
asacyeah i remember ... custom installer16:18
asaci did a bunch of oracle installs in the past16:18
jetsaredimi honestly really know nothing about oracle db16:19
phoenix24I've was experimenting, just uploaded myubufox-0.1 ff3 extension to launchpad. Can some please confirm if that's ok ?16:19
asaclucky you :)16:19
asacphoenix24: link?16:19
asac(or lp id)16:19
jetsaredimshould automatically show up in the mozilla-extensions area16:20
jetsaredimerr firefox-extensions16:20
asacyeah right ... thought he referred to a Ppa package ;)16:20
jetsaredimphoenix24: ppa not enabled?16:20
asacphoenix24: 1. you should have named the branch myubufox.ubuntu (not upstream)16:21
asacphoenix24: 2. you missed a bunch of files (from XPI.TEMPLATE) ... maybe you forgot to bzr add them?16:22
asactry bzr st16:22
asacto see if they are still untracked16:22
asac(e.g. there is just debian/rules in your branch afaict)16:22
jetsaredim(the howto page does mention uploading the upstream branch)16:22
asacjetsaredim: yes, but that should be a) an upstream branch and b) only applies if there isn't any yet16:23
jetsaredimi know - just saying - maybe he was just following the howto16:23
asacphoenix24: welcome back ... network problems?16:24
asacdid you get my comments?16:24
asac17:21 < asac> phoenix24: 1. you should have named the branch myubufox.ubuntu (not upstream)16:25
asac17:22 < asac> phoenix24: 2. you missed a bunch of files (from XPI.TEMPLATE) ... maybe you forgot to bzr add them?16:25
asac17:22 < asac> try bzr st16:25
asac17:22 < asac> to see if they are still untracked16:25
asac17:22 < asac> (e.g. there is just debian/rules in your branch afaict)16:25
phoenix24Network problems : Yes. Comments : checking.16:25
asacphoenix24: for the name: you can still rename the branch in launchpad, so not a real issue16:25
phoenix24Comments nope, where do I check them ?16:26
asacread above16:26
asaci wrote them here ;)16:27
phoenix24yep, got it.16:30
asaccool ;)16:30
phoenix24doing : bzr st16:31
phoenix24it lists couple of files.16:31
phoenix24implying, I missed them ?16:31
asacyes ... you need to bzr add <files> them ... then commit16:31
asacphoenix24: yes16:31
asacyou missed the step after copying TEMPLATE16:31
asacbzr add debian/16:31
asacphoenix24: but do that after your source tree is clean16:32
asacfakeroot ./debian/rules clean16:32
asacthen bzr add debian/16:32
asacotherwise you might include garbage16:32
phoenix24doing again.16:34
asacanyone here with screen dpi > 144 ?16:54
jetsaredimhow would i check that?16:57
* jetsaredim 75x7517:00
asacthats not even close :-P17:07
* armin76 yawns17:09
armin76did you guys fix the failure on sparc? :D17:09
phoenix24asac: I've just uploaded myubufox.ubuntu, could you please check17:31
=== wulfram__ is now known as Wulfie_lappy
jetsaredimasac: that 75x75 is my 3200x1200 desktop - just checked my laptop and its 120x12018:39
Ubulette3200x1200? waoo, what's that? wide screen?18:59
Ubuletteasac, [reed], I still can't paste an url in a page/tab (empty or not), started soon after b3. Any hint on how to debug that ? (works at work, fails at home)19:08
[reed]Ubulette: you could pull old builds and figure out when it started working again19:09
[reed]track down a regression range19:09
phoenix24Could anyone please review my, branch https://code.launchpad.net/~csharma/firefox-extensions/myubufox.ubuntu19:09
* phoenix24 is a n00b :)19:09
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Ubulettedamn, it doesn't work with the current b3 from hardy19:47
phoenix24Hi Ubulette19:48
phoenix24Ubulette: can you review my branch, https://code.launchpad.net/~csharma/firefox-extensions/myubufox.ubuntu19:49
Ubulette1/ you can now build-dep on 0.5 (without the ~)19:53
Ubulette2/ you need to configure whoami in bzr (bzr whoami "foo bar <foo.bar@something.org>")19:55
phoenix24can you explain 1.19:56
Ubulette3/ XS-Vcs-Bzr needs to point to a real url (so ~LPID needs to be replaced with either your lp id if you plan to continue to support this extension in the future or to ~mozillateam otherwise19:56
Ubulettemozilla-devscripts 0.05 is now in hardy so you no longer need the one from asac's ppa (called 0.05~something)19:57
Ubulette4/ you need to edit debian/copyright and put the real content in there19:57
Ubulettei think that about it, i didn't try it, I just read the code in debian/*19:59
Ubuletteyou're welcome20:00
Ubulette5/ you used version 0.1 in debian/changelog (which means "native"), it should match the real version from the extension (see install.rdf), probably with -0ubuntu1 at the end if it's not native20:04
phoenix24How did you check I had used mozilla-devscripts from asac's ppa ?20:04
UbuletteBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), cdbs, mozilla-devscripts (>= 0.5~)20:04
phoenix24Those were from the XPI.TEMPLATE20:05
Ubuletteit's ok like that but now that 0.05 has been released, you can drop the ~, it's no longer needed20:05
phoenix24do I need to use "dch", for editing the debian/* files ?20:06
Ubulettethe template has been made a few days ago, before 0.05 was released20:06
Ubulettenot necessarily; i use vi20:06
Ubulettedch is just for d/changelog20:07
phoenix24ok, In what fashion I need to postfix  "-0ubuntu1" to package names ?20:08
phoenix24I guess, for most of the new extensions it would be "-0ubuntu1".20:08
phoenix24considering native to be the latest release, which becomes 1st ubuntu derivative.20:09
phoenix24thus, 0ubuntu1 ?20:09
Ubulette(not to name but to version)20:10
Ubuletteif you're the author of the extension and that you maintain the debian/ dir in the same source tree, it's native, hence no -XubuntuY (or -X for debian)20:12
phoenix24for eg. an extension speeddial - 0.9.620:13
Ubuletteotherwise, you take the version from upstream (in install.rdf for an extension) and you append -X (debian) or -XubuntuY (ubuntu)20:13
phoenix24it would be : speeddial-0.9.6-0ubuntu1 ?20:13
phoenix24or speeddial_0.9.6-0ubuntu1 ?20:13
phoenix24Which Licence Templates do I use for extensions from mozdev.org ?20:15
Ubuletteeach extension is different. Somewhere, the author must have a licence file or reference20:17
Ubulette[reed], my b4pre and b3 failed, i dled a nightly from f.m.o, it worked, back to my b4pre build, it worked. problem fixed. Strange. maybe something weird in my profile.20:25
Ubulettephoenix24, "Package: myubufox.ubuntu" in debian/control looks weird to me, is that from the template ?20:28
Ubuletteasac, why ? ^^20:29
Ubulette(the .ubuntu part)20:29
Ubulettei'm not even sure "." are allowed there20:30
phoenix24I thought, extension was packeged for ubuntu.. thus naming it to myubufox.ubuntu20:30
Ubulettefor a bzr branch name, ok but for a package name, hmm, i don't think so20:30
Ubulettehm, of course "." is allowed, silly me. I've used that for firefox-3.0 :)20:31
phoenix24ah! yes, such renaming would be errorneous on my part.20:32
phoenix24can I use <extension>.xpi  for packaging, instead of the CVS or SVN  source code ?20:33
Ubulettei still think .ubuntu in package name is unnecessary and should be removed20:33
Ubulettei'm more for source code instead of binary xpi. but asac may think otherwise20:34
phoenix24Accessing CVS behind the proxy is pretty messy, so I wanted to use the .xpi instead.20:35
asacUbulette: does the problem persist if you try a fresh profile?22:53
Ubulettei thought it was fixed but problem is back :(22:53
asacPackage: myubufox.ubuntu? the idea was to name the branch like that22:54
asacnot the package22:54
asacthe package was just myubufox ;)22:54
asacmyubufox.upstream  + myubufox.ubuntu ;)22:54
asacUbulette: how do you paste and where do you paste?22:55
Ubulettefor ex from an xterm (mutt) to an empty tab22:55
Ubuletteworked for ages22:56
Ubulettestill work with the exact same debs at work22:56
asacUbulette: set middlemouse.contentLoadURL=true in config22:57
asacUbulette: if that helps I can tell you exactly when it started ;)22:59
Ubulettewhen ?22:59
asacit is an explicit override i inherited from previous ubuntu firefox23:00
asaci moved them to ubufox ;) before it was patched in the source23:00
asaci think someone claimed that turning this on would have bad usability impact23:01
Ubuletteand you made me install ubufox, now I remember23:01
asacyeah ;) .. i think we should review the settings made in there23:02
asacmost likely discussion on devel-discuss23:02
asaci think the argument was that if you are a n00b and paste next to a textfield you would get shocked because you get to a new page23:04
Ubuletten00b paste with the menu, not with middle click. they roll that middle button23:05
Ubuletteanyway, now that I know, i feel better23:06
Ubulettemozilla bug 41734523:07
ubotuMozilla bug 417345 in Networking: Cookies "build broken on sparc" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41734523:07
Ubulettei can't try the patch23:07
Ubulettemozilla bug 33330823:16
ubotuMozilla bug 333308 in Build Config "make clean and make distclean miss various files" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33330823:16
Ubuletteohoh fixed23:16
Ubulettei may have to revisit our clean is not clean fix23:17
asacmost likey23:18
asacjetsaredim: mozgest guy appears to be pretty careless about licensing :(23:21
Ubulettebtw, tb3 is crashing on startup, probably a packaging issue as it's ok from dist/bin23:30
asacyep ... missing file?23:31
Ubulettedonno, i didn't have time to investigate further23:32
Ubuletteno error message, 5 attempts in gdb, 5 different crashes23:33
asaccool artwork ;)23:40
Ubuletteyep, according to compare, lots of missing files23:43
Ubulettei'll check that another day23:43
Ubulettebtw, I've merged compare2 into compare, in case you still wonder23:43
Ubulettehmm, i'm not sure about that xpt thing. same as in the bug. seems we have mega xpt in debian/tmp ??23:45

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