staind9383is there another way to test if the box is functioning correctly other than using that priming script?00:02
tgm4883_laptopstaind9383, your cable company may have encrypted every channel00:03
staind9383if that was the case, would priming fail?00:03
tgm4883_laptopi'm not sure about a SA4250HD, but on the motorola boxes, you can check the encrypted status of a channel00:04
tgm4883_laptopbecause it's encypted00:04
tgm4883_laptopand your computer isn't properly responding to the question, "what kind of device are you"00:05
tgm4883_laptopit's all about DRM00:05
staind9383is that normal to have a cable co just suddenly turn it on?00:05
tgm4883_laptopit's happened before00:06
tgm4883_laptopyou might try googling about a diagnostic screen for your STB.  the motorola 62xx ones have it.  Maybe yours does too00:07
staind9383do you know which status page on SA boxes the encyption status is on?00:07
staind9383o ok00:08
* tgm4883_laptop shrugs00:08
tgm4883_laptoplike i said, i've only used the 6200's00:08
tgm4883_laptopbut what you want to look for is00:08
tgm4883_laptop5c implementation00:08
tgm4883_laptopCCI broadcast flag00:08
tgm4883_laptopor a variation of what those say00:09
staind9383ok, i'll look for those00:14
staind9383there is a value: Src CCI00:16
staind9383well, maybe its a flag00:16
staind9383'SrcCCI: Free'00:17
staind9383scrolling through the channels (even premiums) the only values i see are 'free' and  'undefined' for the Src CCI flag00:19
staind9383i think that i am going to try a clean install and setup again.  I just got the box off the ground a month ago and i dont have much on it00:20
staind9383the mythbox that is00:20
* pwnguin solved the XV problem00:44
pwnguinseems like the fallback display config decided vesa was a good option00:45
directhexyes, it does that01:00
directhexby design01:00
directhexvesa's mostly guaranteed to work on anything01:00
Egghead3is vnc broken in 8.04 alpha?01:25
pwnguinthey recently switched the server01:26
Egghead3pwnguin, huh?01:27
pwnguinthe software that serves vnc in hardy01:29
pwnguinused to be realvnc01:29
pwnguinit's been switched01:29
pwnguini donno if they have a migration tool for settings01:29
Egghead3its now vnc4server, like in gusty01:30
npurcifulhey got a question here, if i get a external hdd for mythtv i just tell it to mount via fstab right01:31
Egghead3well it seems to work some what, i connect, password etc, and get a screen, but when i mouse clikc/ ok key anything, it errors out on the client side with error waiting for server message, and the sever side restarts gdm01:31
Egghead3npurciful, donno, is it a usb?01:32
Egghead3was hoping someone else experience the same problem, and its not me, lmao01:34
pwnguini havent been able to set it up right in 7.10 ;)01:35
pwnguinfirewall somewhere i guess01:35
Egghead3npurciful, sorry i dont have any usb drive hooked up, but they arnt too speedy, you sure u want to use that interface?01:35
npurcifulwell it has firewire too01:35
npurcifuli have a firewire port i just have ever used it01:35
Egghead3pwnguin, in 7.10 its a breeze, no pun intended, just make sure u rem out the atp source entry for the cdrom01:36
pwnguini got that far01:36
pwnguinbut i still get an error about connection refused01:36
Egghead3well 2.0 and firewire are ~smae speed01:36
Egghead3pwnguin, ahh maybe in the xorg.conf, under screen section(s)?01:37
Egghead3there needs to be the option for the /root/passwd file01:38
pwnguinwell, we're nearly done configuring it and im fine with the command line ;)01:39
pwnguinssh ftw01:39
Egghead3lol oh yea, cantr get much done w/o the ssh or winscp for tyhat matter01:40
Egghead3so id have to say ssh/winscp ftw01:40
npurcifulalright i am burnt out from trying to fix my audio, going to watch some tv01:43
Egghead3npurcifu, i feel your pain man :)01:43
npurcifulit been rough, i had it working before i just cant rembemer how i fixed it ( my av reciever switch audio modes on new song, fast forward, etc and it causes about 2sec of silence) it is annoy to say the least01:45
npurcifuland system bells, notification do here them there less than 2 seconds01:46
npurcifuldo not\01:46
npurcifulansd it is just PCM not ac3 or dts01:47
mdwildcat04I hve a quick question02:08
mdwildcat04how do I go about getting the cover art and info for my videos in mythvideo?02:09
Egghead3mdwildcat04, you put them in the directory under /var/lib/myth/pictures02:15
pwnguincan i get mythvideo to use stills from the video the way nautilus' gthumbnailer does?02:15
mdwildcat04is there an app or script to automaticly fetch them, like MusicBrainz Picard does for music?02:16
Egghead3donno about that penguin02:16
Egghead3mdwildcat04, you will need to edit the mysql database too02:16
Egghead3using the php myadmin02:16
Egghead3basically its a pain in the butt, i wish i knew of a good script02:18
Egghead3if i had the time id make one, but then again last time i used sql was with r-base, omg im old lmao02:19
=== MythbuntuGuest11 is now known as JoshT
JoshTJust curious, when is the next 8.04 release scheduled?02:54
mdwildcat04april 0802:57
mdwildcat04note, ubuntu version # corespond with their release date02:58
JoshTo, ok i was wondering about anything realated to alphas, just curious about VNC fix and pvr-150 transmitter fix... sorry02:58
JoshTi am aware of the april/october deal, was curious about the alphas or in between fixes02:59
mdwildcat04oh, sorry03:01
Egghead3JoshT, have u heard of any work arounds for the vnc issues?03:02
JoshTno, i was checking here first03:03
Egghead3ahhh, me too03:03
JoshTthere was a password issue with one of the pre-releases for 7.10 that got fixed up, but this is different03:03
JoshTon the pvr-150 transmitter issue i was wondering if it was mythbuntu related or lirc related03:04
Egghead3i need to tackle that issue too03:04
JoshTi use a .pl script to change  channels in 7.10, i never figured out if the lirc could transmit LOL03:05
JoshTand used a serial port changer that i bought for my directv box03:06
superm1JoshT, you're referring to the instability in vnc03:06
superm1as in a keypress crashes it?03:06
JoshThow you been?03:06
Egghead3me too03:06
JoshTor a keypress crashes the session and it ends up at the login screen03:07
superm1eg bug 18422503:07
superm1and bug 18061903:07
* superm1 kicks ubotu ?03:07
superm1don't have much of a plan yet for a solution03:08
superm1if you look closer at 184225, it's across the board on many distros03:08
JoshTi see that03:08
Egghead3ahh so its vncserver?03:08
superm1you can remove vnc4server03:08
superm1and install x11vnc03:08
superm1and use that03:08
superm1which that might end up having to be our "solution" for 8.0403:09
JoshTwhat about the pcr-150 transmit issue?03:09
superm1what's the issue?03:09
superm1not working?03:09
JoshTooops pvr - meant03:09
JoshTyes, when i try to enable the transmit it crashes the control centre, i thnik cause lirc hangs?03:09
superm1this is with the latest versions of everything in 8.04?03:10
JoshTyah i was trying it out03:10
superm1did you file a crash report?03:10
superm1apport should catch it..03:10
JoshTi didnt because i read that there was something with pvr-150 that was unstable or not working 100%03:11
Egghead3i read the same on mythbuntu site03:11
JoshT"Rudimentary transmitter selection support is available for all devices but the pvr-150."03:11
JoshTwas just curious if that is lirc related03:12
Egghead3have u tried installing w/o control panel?03:12
superm1well the missing piece of transmitter support is the transmit script and the firmware03:12
JoshTno i haven't03:12
superm1you shouldn't have been getting that issue03:12
JoshTgood idea03:12
superm1with it hanging03:12
superm1so if you can reproduce it and file a report, that would be great03:13
superm1i'm hoping its just an instability of the pvr-150 module (there is a patch waiting to be applied to the kernel about it)03:13
JoshTi expand the terminal box and it hangs at lirc configuring and then the an crash is detected of the control centre, i will run it again and file a rport03:13
superm1thanks :)03:14
Egghead3superm1, do u know where the startup line is for vnc4server?03:14
superm1Egghead3, it starts with the X server03:14
superm1as in a module03:14
superm1take it out of xorg.conf03:14
superm1if you dont want it to start up03:14
superm1(thats what MCC does)03:14
Egghead3ahh cool, ill tryout that x11vnc :)03:15
superm1Egghead3, if you have good luck with it please let us know03:15
superm1we need an alternative solution :)03:16
Egghead3ok will do :)03:18
superm1it's either that or vino03:18
superm1as an option03:18
superm1but i'd hate to have to install that big gnome package vino lives in03:18
Egghead3in xorg.conf, it just calls out module option "vnc", is that a config file, if so u know where it lives?03:19
tritiumsuperm1: I just ordered an HDHomeRun today, and a DB2 antenna.  I'm looking forward to their arrival!03:19
superm1tritium, wonderful :)03:19
superm1Egghead3, its not a config file03:19
superm1its an xorg module03:19
Egghead3ahh, so if i uninstall vnc4server, and ilstall x11vnc, itll find x11vnc instead of vnc4server?03:20
superm1Egghead3, unfortunately not03:21
superm1nothing else but vnc4server provides vnc.so03:21
superm1that module03:21
Egghead3hehe didnt think so lol03:21
superm1so x11vnc is a process you would need to start on login03:21
superm1and experiment with options and stuff03:21
superm1(hence why we haven't switched over to it) - that has to all be explorer03:21
Egghead3k, ill tuck it in rc.local and see it that flys :)03:22
superm1that won't fly unfort03:22
superm1it needs to go in after x starts03:22
superm1you can however place it in ~/.mythtv/session03:23
superm1that file is launched at login if it exists and is executable03:23
Egghead3superm1, x11vnc worked great, i added it to the /etc/gdm/xsession startup script, thanks :)04:08
superm1Egghead3, did you have to configure much?04:08
superm1or how did you go about it?04:08
Egghead3this site walked me thru it04:09
Egghead3real easy, x11vnc doesnt seem as fast, but it might just be me04:10
superm1oh well this is good, it appears it can use the standard vncpasswd to generate a password04:10
superm1it is slower i'm pretty sure04:10
superm1make sure that your recordings still work well04:10
superm1and that performance of the session is good04:10
superm1because that was my biggest worry switching to this04:10
Egghead3my recordings?04:11
superm1like from the tv04:11
superm1try to play them bak04:11
superm1and make sure they dont skip04:11
superm1cut out etc04:11
Egghead3never could play video across vnc04:11
superm1well yeah that wont change but i'm saying that having the x11vnc process running may have negative effects04:12
Egghead3using mythvideo, never tried watcing a recording04:12
superm1when you just try to watch them "normally"04:12
superm1so just make sure04:12
Egghead3ahhh ic04:12
Egghead3well, i cant now, mythbackend is broke too :(04:12
superm1so you have x11vnc installed but not vnc4server at all right now right?04:12
Egghead3yes, unistalled in mmc, then using synaptic installed x11vnc04:13
superm1okay great -can you check one more thing then04:13
superm1do you have a /usr/bin/vncpasswd?04:13
superm1and if you do, can you do a:04:13
superm1ls -l /usr/bin/vncpasswd04:13
superm1and see where it points04:13
Egghead3its there but just sez elf04:14
superm1not ld04:14
Egghead3the passwd work im using for x11vnc is in /root/.vnc/passwd04:15
superm1right, i'm just looking to see if this registered with the alternatives system04:15
superm1if it did, then that will mean very little source changes necessary to use it04:15
Egghead3not sure what ld vs ld means04:16
Egghead3oops ld vs ls04:16
superm1just tyle04:16
superm1ls -l /usr/bin/vncpasswd04:17
superm1er type that, not tyle it04:17
superm1and see the output04:17
Egghead3ahh ic hehe04:17
superm1i think you just mistyped it the first time and typed "ld -l /usr/bin/vncpasswd"04:17
Egghead3lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    27 2008-02-23 21:43 /usr/bin/vncpasswd -> /etc/alternatives/vncpasswd04:18
superm1so do the same thing on04:18
superm1and see where that one points04:18
Egghead3lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 19 2008-02-23 21:42 /etc/alternatives/vncpasswd -> /usr/bin/vnc4passwd04:20
Egghead3and so on?04:20
superm1well so according to that you still have a vnc4 package installed04:20
superm1okay that will have to be sorted out then still04:20
superm1we'll see what ends up being the solution04:20
Egghead3well in synaptic it wasnt listed as installed04:20
superm1but for now this should work for you at least :)04:20
Egghead3hehe thanks for that :)04:21
Egghead3as long as i have u here, my mythbackend is broke too04:22
Egghead3well at boot up it starts the config script, then sez it cant fine the upnp database04:23
superm1is this a secondary backend?04:23
superm1or primary04:23
Egghead3it also happens when trying to run frontend04:23
superm1have you checked sql tables for consistency problems?04:23
superm1eg repair/optimize04:24
Egghead3no, but it started right after i let it update, then when firing up front end it asked to redo the database to another build level or somthing like that04:25
superm1do the consistency check then04:25
Egghead3i tried running the optimize script in the contrib directory, but it failed04:25
superm1run it from mcc04:26
superm1that should work04:26
superm1also make sure your disk(s) aren't full04:26
Egghead3ok till try that04:26
Egghead3another thing , it seems that mythbackend is running, and itll spin the hd for like 5 mins stop and do it again every now and again04:27
superm1see what the results of the optimizing are first before you worry about that04:27
Egghead3root@myth1-desktop:~# vnc4server --help04:32
Egghead3The program 'vnc4server' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:04:32
Egghead3i just check to see if vnc4server was still there04:32
Egghead3but anyway, i optimized database in mcc, and than ran frontend, it still end up with same error, cant find upnp database, then finally it sez cant logon to database, wrong password?04:34
superm1Egghead3, i found its from vnc4common04:34
superm1not a worry04:34
superm1Egghead3, restart mysql and then restart the backend after optimizing04:34
Egghead3i think vnc4common was still install as far as synaptic saw it04:34
superm1and then check the log (/var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log)04:35
superm1yeah it is04:35
superm1its a dependency for a few things04:35
Egghead3how do i restart backend?04:35
superm1/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart04:36
Egghead3holy, my mythback end log is 750mbytes04:38
superm1so is that perhaps your issue :)?04:39
Egghead3i donno, kinda large id think04:39
Egghead3can i just delete it?04:40
Egghead3thats probably what its writing to all this time04:41
superm1tail the end of it04:41
superm1tail -n 1000 file04:41
superm1or so04:41
superm1to see whats up04:41
Egghead3hmm, i thinkits a password problem04:43
superm1dont be quick to expect that to be it04:45
superm1especially if it was working before04:45
superm1you didnt change the password, and neither did anything else04:45
Egghead3umm id like to say that, but yes i did change the password :(04:46
superm1okay well then have fun :)04:46
Egghead3thought id be easier to have it somthing i could rember , lol04:46
Egghead3well its a new install so loosing the database ist a worrie04:47
Egghead3whats the easiest way to dump the database?04:48
superm1dump as in drop it?04:48
Egghead3will deleting it, setup to make a new one, with new password?04:49
Egghead3will deleting it, cause mythtv setup to make a new one, with new password?04:50
superm1easiest way is to remove mythtv-database and mysql-server-*04:52
superm1via a purge04:52
superm1apt-get remove --purge PACKGE04:52
superm1and then reinstall them04:52
Egghead3cool, sounds good04:52
Egghead3well tried all that, purged and reinstalled, but same thing05:20
Egghead3its wierd the log keeps growing, as if somthing keeps running the mythconfig script, same thing over and over05:20
Egghead3well time for bed, superm1 thanks for all your help :) you the man!05:29
superm1no prob, night05:29
msfreerunning 7.10 the internal player and mplayer give blocky techno colored playback but xine works fine with a -V opengl has anyone seen this before?06:10
pwnguinis there seriously no way to add your own rss feeds to the news thingy?07:06
pwnguinfun. i set up a new folder for games in /var/lib/mythtv07:43
pwnguinand set it on share07:43
pwnguinand now the others wont show (on share)07:44
DiggThishi all13:34
DiggThiswas wondering if anyone knows how to 'fit' mythtv display to a 16:10 monitor? cant work it out13:34
directhex|worknot sure i understand the question13:38
DiggThisok well ill explain13:39
DiggThismy monitor is 16:10 aspect ratio and runs at 1680x1050 resolution but when i start mythbuntu and watch tv it defaults to 16:9 ratio and therefore appears letterboxed on my screen13:40
DiggThisi want it to fill the screen with no cropping13:40
directhex|worksomewhere in the frontend settings you can force 4:3 or 16:9 aspect14:00
DiggThisthx but no go with that setting14:01
DiggThisany other suggestions?14:01
directhex|workfiddle with DisplaySize in xorg.conf, to mess with your DPI, to make mkyth think you're 19:9 not 16:1014:06
DiggThisill try that14:07
Rigologood afternoon14:40
Rigologgrrr  screen is messing up my keys ...14:41
jarle__unable to upgrade database schema after upgrading to lastet mythbuntu build: http://pastebin.ca/917574 Any help?14:44
DiggThisnothing seems to work when i try to stretch mythtv screen to 16:1015:23
DiggThisanyone know anything?15:23
tpddWith the most current mythbuntu i get slotchy or multicollored blocks when i playback mpeg2 or from a dvd using the internal player or myplayer18:26
tpddhas anyone seen this before18:27
its_me_gbhi, when i try to run mythbackend i get these errors, what should i do? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4979/18:32
directhexsuperm1, has an unbroken amd64 build appeared yet?19:51
foxbuntudirecthex: *POOF*19:52
directhexliar. i have a wife!19:52
foxbuntuoh the number of ways that could be taken19:53
npurcifulwell i just ordered a HDHomerun19:56
npurcifuli think Silcondust has it price fixed 169$ everywhere but newegg and it is 189$ there19:57
npurcifulhum no new weekly yet19:58
=== bq is now known as toorima
jakemonOhow do i debug/troubleshoot mythfilldatabase? it doesn;t run automagically...I have to manually start it?21:13
huhligcould someone help me with a small sound problem21:31
huhligI get sound but even with a poweramp at max and alsamixer at max its hard to hear21:32
directhexhuhlig, try changing your frontend to use alsa instead of oss21:34
huhligit is using alsa21:34
directhexthe default mixer in the frontend is alsa:default ?21:35
huhligim not even there21:38
huhligI am at the command line trying to get it to play21:39
huhligdirecthex: any ideas?21:43
directhexnot really21:44
jakemonOany help w/mythfilldatabase?21:44
huhligany idea how I can crank up the volume21:57
sslashesany idea what the module name that would handle loading the xvideo extension(s) in xorg is/are?23:15
staind9383where can I get the kernel docs that contain the  get_dvb_firmware script?  linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic doesnt have it.  unless of course i am looking in the wrong place23:18
directhex-headers- is just headers23:19
directhextry linux-doc-2.6.2223:20
directhexlook in /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/Documentation/dvb/23:21
staind9383no linux-doc in there23:24
staind9383i got it, thx23:25
sslashesxvmc: anyone up to offering sa crash course for me? 1) i need to figure out if i need to do anything special in xorg.conf to load xvmc; 2) mythtv and xine are already setup to use it23:51
sslashesi have an nvidia 8600 GTS using ubuntu's package of the nvidia proprietary drivers23:52
huhligcould someone help me with a quick sound problem, I have a sound blaster audigy LS and it has nearly no volume now(Just upgraded ubuntu), If I turn all the volumes way up it you can hear it but barely.23:52
sslasheshuhlig: have you fiddled with alsamixer?23:53
huhligsslashes, yes23:53
directhexsslashes, if you have a cpu to match a 8600, you don't need ot want xvmc23:55
huhligvolumes are at max23:55
huhligdigital output is off23:55
npurcifulhey can someone type my nick23:57
npurcifuli have managed a work around for my sound issue23:58
npurcifulplay a silent wav file 24/7 to keep my reciever from changing modes on every sound it receives23:59

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